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Loohan's blog for February, 2011
Feb. 1, '11: (10:40am) Yeah, the Rigelians seem to be much less active, and the Zetans have stepped in. After i woke up this morning they attacked me (remotely) en masse and tried to implant me. The main bad area is in the lower right corner area of this pic.

(5:15pm) Feeling inexplicable optimism and well-being today? The reason might be that the formerly evil Annunaki completed their therapy yesterday. They have removed a bunch of weird black magic stuff from our world, and have been re-arranging the position of the Moon and Earth. Remember last month i mentioned that ETs had shifted the Moon and Earth? (Jan 21 on the moon page.)
I suspect that the Annunaki have been moving planets and moons for ages. Originally they were good, then corruption and evil seeped in. Eventually most of them were evil, and a minority of good Annunaki left and formed their own civilization. But most of the hefty hardware remained in the possession of the evil ones.
Now that hardware is being used to correct things.

If you are into astronomy, you might monitor the moon to see if its position shifts. Also, if it shrinks over time.
I think they are moving its orbit out a tad, and will continue to gradually move the Moon further away from Earth for the next 4 centuries to wean the Earth from it. Then they will put it around Mars. But Mars is not that much bigger than our moon, and there are already 2 moons there (probably also artificial). The Annunaki will gradually rearrange things so that eventually all these Mars bodies will be in paths around each other. Why exactly that's desirable i don't know.

(5:40pm) Another CIAtanist "orgone enthusiast": Genghis Kilroy AKA John Kilroy (his music site). He posts on the Navy site warriormatrix, heartily recommending products from NSAtanists Carol Croft and Cesco.
An artist who made good: his humble Academy is here.

(6:10pm) Another little pocket of satanist tyrants: the Alabama Alcoholic Beverage Control Board. I caught onto this from this article featuring a ski-mask clad satanist ninja cop from there.

(6:15pm) Another sleazy CIA man: Ismail Omar Guelleh, president of Djibouti.

(6:40pm) Damn, what a diverse bunch these spooks are. Check out the CIAtanists at Aleister Crowley 2012.

(6:45pm) MI2 satanist yoga instructor: Stefan Cunnington, another person who raves about Cesco coils.

And i think i may have mentioned these years ago, but can't find it: NSAtanist wimmen at (pic). Why is the NSA so heavy in Australia?

Feb. 2, '11: (9:55am) I still don't know what Odin and Bragi are doing down there, but they have been moving NE and are presently here.

Those 5 Ta'l are still ripping DC.

And i just uploaded the Venusians page with an update: Valiant Thor & Co. are now on Venus! And the NWO boys better start quivering. We got bases on Mars, Venus, the Moon, and a few unspecified ones on Earth. Quiver!

Hey guess what? I seem to detect that the following discerning individuals are among the many who avidly follow my blog now: Janet Napolitano, Joe Biden, and William Daley.

(10:55am) I got a real hot vibe off this article: Wikileaks Bombshell Points To 9/11 Stand Down. Mainly off the last 7 words of this sentence: "Hotel staff have told investigators they saw pilot uniforms in their room along with computer print outs detailing pilot names, flight numbers and times and packages addressed to Syria, Afghanistan, Jerusalem and Jordan."

Wherever those packages were addressed to, is hot stuff:
  • Syria, where i sense 4 satanist Al CIAduh.
  • Afghanistan, where there were 35 more underground.
  • Jerusalem, where i sense 2 male IDF satanists who work as civilians at the Israel Museum.
  • Jordan, where i feel 6 male CIA-connected satanists in these 2 houses. Strangely, i think these are Afghani thugs.

    (11:15am) Hey, i was just reading about Zio-slut Merkel's Israel visit. Feels like she's still in Tel Aviv, perhaps having an Alternativ snack here (map).
    So i suggested that some of my guys hassle her. And a few minutes later felt the newly restored Annunaki smacking the bitch with special energies from 4 ships.

    (4:40pm) Those Annunaki are still blasting Tel Aviv targets. At one point i noticed they had left for a spell to protect the Venusian base from a bunch of Zetan attackers.

    Wow, i just read about National Prayer Breakfast, a "The Family" event, which happens tomorrow morning here. Even Obummer is supposed to be there.

    Don't think i'll dash out there now to do some more busting, but i will take consolation in the fact that i have done a lot of busting in the general area, including, just on my last outing, a good bit of focus on the Kalorama Heights area just a few blocks west. So the Hilton is kind of zinged.

    (5pm) Should be exciting. I can't find the schedule online for when it starts, but according to an announcement by GLBT, there will be a protest from 6-8am EST tomorrow:
    In front of the Washington Hilton Hotel (1919 Connecticut Avenue, NW) from 6:00am – 8:00am (ET), civil rights activists, faith leaders, human rights organizers, and LGBT advocates will gather during the National Prayer Breakfast...
    The GLBT people don't seem to realize that The Family is far fruitier than they are.
    Anyway, this looks like a major illuminati party, and i have a lot of friends that will be sending loving vibes during the breakfast. There is already some preliminary spiffing up of the Hilton going on.

    (8pm) Back in Tel Aviv, i think Merkel's room is right near the middle of this pic. A bit below the middle.

    Feb. 3, '11: (12:20pm) I couldn't do it. I couldn't stay away from that scene of divine rapture. I got up in the wee hours and was over in the Hilton area long before dawn. Kept working it until almost 11am.

    Never saw so many cop cars in my life. Also a bunch of cop motorcycles with sidecars. They eventually blocked off traffic for some distance around, but with my Earthshaker et al, i get fine results several blocks away. And i did get up close before they closed things off.
    Drove past the gay, etc. protesters a few times. Gave them a smile and a wave. I like it when leftists notice Obama's little contradictions.

    All this did little to diminish the DC morning gridlock, which was fine for me as i just wanted to loiter anyway. I even parked several times for lengths of time.
    And the sky overhead was decorated to reflect the spirit of festivity and piety as well.

    That area feels real zinged now.
    I also did some more work in VA coming home.

    (9pm) Since last night, there have been 2 Venusian craft of 20 men each cruising around Earth and nailing grays and repts.
    There are now 6K+ people at the Venus base, of several allied races.

    (11:15pm) I just updated the Venusians page with news about a "new" species in need of blasting.

    Feb. 4, '11: (1:45pm) Did some more busting today. Hit around Fairfax, Arlington, south DC, Crystal City, Pentagon, Pentagon Row...
    Most notable target hit is the George Washington Masonic National Memorial in Fairfax [correction: Alexandria].

    (9:40pm) That sucker was worth hitting. It is a notorious MPD joint. In fact i saw an ensouled Beta Model young brunette walk up to the entrance. The Ta'l and Annunaki are not amused.

    Alright, another positive announcement. There is a race of humans that probably look like us but live underground in spots around the world, who are good guys from the center of this pic of the Bullet Cluster of galaxies. They are working with the Venusians, etc. and are old friends of the Venusians. There are over 3 million on Earth, and 95% live underground most of the time. Maybe half are in China.

    Feb. 5, '11: (9:05am) Drizzling here. Heavy chem yesterday.

    Balmoral Castle is "The Scottish holiday home of the Royal Family." The Annunaki are blasting it now. Not that the royal fambly is there now; i just read about the place. Strong power spot. And this whole cluster of bldgs actually has the illuminati vibe. So do all these area hotels on both pages, except for the Auld Kirk, which seems clean.
    Kinda feels like a pedophile mecca to me.

    (9:40am) Yesterday Mordok found a chain of command of perps behind this incident: Jewish Voice for Peace activist threatened by unknown “cowards”. Which included a bunch of unfortunate U bases and eventually led to Jesuits in Rome.

    Lower down on the chain is a USAF satanist who resides here. That's the USAF Academy in CO. Not that big, but the satanic vibe is concentrated. And we are mopping up grays underground.
    Feels like all the residents of the area on the SW side of the base are satanists. You don't even go to this academy unless you are an "insider".
    Their site.

    (3:05pm) Still faint drizzle.
    I went back to the George Washington Masonic National Memorial late morning today, and busted the crap out of the area for a long time. I even gifted the reservoir next to it.
    It was real busy. The parking lot was overflowing, and some people were parking at the bottom of the drive and hiking uphill maybe 1/3 mile to make it to the temple. I sensed 600+ satanists, and oddly, about 80% were women. I only saw a couple kids, who are MPD of course. I didn't notice any non-satanists other than those kids.
    People were coming and going, and trundling around the parking lot looking for parking, so i fit right in.

    That massive edifice sits right on a real major power spot.

    (3:25pm) Very evil vibe: Duvdevan.

    (8pm) My gmail has been out all afternoon, so if you've emailed me, i don't know when i'll be able to answer.

    On Jan. 1 i wrote:
    (10:10pm) There's an interview up at Project Avalon, today's entry, that is intriguing. I guess. I got 45 minutes into a 2-hour video without hearing much of substance. Maybe i'll read the transcript when it comes out. The guy's got a Cockney accent that i often find a bit unintelligible.
    But what is interesting is that in the blog entry says
    'Charles' has explained that the extraterrestrial race who initiated this project are letting everything unfold with a philosophy of non-interference.
    When i read that, i nailed this race of ETs. They are here, the galaxy on the right, and they have a good vibe. Probably humans. I think they are called Lold.
      *   *   *   *  
    I still have not pursued this further. The Charles guy has no soul and i'm not drawn to spend time delving more. I don't know if he has any connection to the Lold. I doubt it. I may have caught their vibe because Charles was aware of them while falsely promoting someone else as the party who initiated whatever unspecified project.

    In any case, i just checked Kerry Cassidy's blog a bit, and read:
    Although I have very little information to go on, I have been told via Bill, who was told via Charles that my long response entitled Fighting the Good Fight (see below) has upset some of the group that Charles represents.
    When i read that i caught the vibe of 3 evil guys who were upset. They were in a U base in Russia, which has been dealt with now, along with 5 more Russian U bases of this group. They were reptilians from NGC 0507. And their pals there are now hitting me feebly. They are kind of outnumbered there by good humans who are of the same "nation" as our M51 allies.

    Feb. 6, '11: (10am) New for me [deactivated]. My Gmail has been down since yesterday afternoon with no explanation. The 2 addies i have are forwarded to gmail automatically and it may be a while before i can reset that due to other technical difficulties.
    I am unable even to open I do not know whether this is permanent and deliberate. Nobody else seems to have this problem right now.

    (6:05pm) I was able to get into my account using my dad's PC, but still can't even begin to open their homepage with my laptop, despite clearing cache, cookies, etc.

    There are 4 Jesuit priests living here that seem to be the key DORmasters of the George Washington Masonic National Memorial.

    (6:25pm) Right here is a complex of bldgs containing 32 nasty guys of the Egyptian General Intelligence Directorate and dozens of torture victims.

    (6:35pm) And here are 2 higher-ranking dudes.
    And these 2 bldgs are where 42 more agents work, and there are also dozens of incarcerated and tortured political prisoners.
    This complex as well as the 2 bldgs to the SE, are where 50 more work. I think prisoners are kept in all these bldgs.

    (9pm) Now my gmail is back to normal. However, i will probably keep the new one and use gmail less. Kind of makes me nervous to have all my correspondence at the whim of the NSA. I thought we had a gentleman's agreement that in exchange for unfettered access to my emails, they would at least treat me like any other customer. But i don't know what happened for the last 24 hours plus there.

    Alright, back to James Rink, the guy that gets mysterious needle marks, cuts, etc.
    He's still getting this shit. We knocked out the Rigelian machines, and then the Zetans took over with theirs. We took out the Zetan machines, and i was feeling smug, but i just heard he's still getting this stuff.
    Now it's Abell 2218ers that did it, and we have found 640 of their machines so far. But there may be many times that many, and there may be many other species that have these machines.

    Jan. 7, '11: (6:35pm) Please don't use my hushmail addy now. I have exceeded the limit for the free version, and don't want to buy the premium version until and unless they respond to my question about a significant malfunction. I may have to deep-6 that acc't. Gmail seems to be working at the moment.

    (6:55pm) There are maybe 48 universes that have the abduction machines, and we have been systematically putting a dent in them.

      *   *   *   *  
    Two days ago i mentioned the Charles material that Bill Ryan has been duped into promoting.
    Somebody told me that Charles mentions a "master". This master is located here in Illinois. He must have an upstairs apt in that barn. His top 2 guys also live in that complex, in the house to the east.

    Feb. 8, '11: (7:25am) A few hours ago a UK-based CIAtanist named Robert Bauval started hitting me with some kind of black magic attack. I have the impression he knows Charles personally, and is connected to Charles' elite masters via him.

    As for Charles, he seems to be staying in the bldg just to the east of his master's barn.

    And here's another CIAtanist disinfo agent: Lieutenant Colonel SC (youtube).

    (7:40am) Here's an intriguing place the CIA desires me to out for some reason. Aerial view. The green arrow points to the location of Robert Bauval! He doesn't live there, but he's doing some mysterious evil mojo against me there.

    What is in that complex east of him? 22 DORy satanists. 25 child slaves, most of which are underground with 62 Zetan greys. Under the square white parking lot at 61-76' dept.

    (7:45am) I dunno if the CIA wanted those grays removed or what. There are 2 Ta'l down there killing them. There are tunnels all around under the property.

    (8:20am) Satan is actually a pure soul and great warrior. It was a huge coup, ages ago, when the darkside took him over by archonic possession. But since I killed the archon a few years ago, Satan has been stomping nazi filth all across the cosmos. He's pissed. He has a grudge. He's an extremely powerful hyperdimensional 50' reptilian.

    Introducing the new, free Satan Program for crystals and resin. It is still in beta phase development, just having been conceived a few hours ago.

    Just ask The Committee, or if unsure, email me. It is good for quartz crystals and quartzite. Any size, at least up to grapefruit size. I have a big quartzite i'm trying out now.
    Just hold it and think of some scuzzy grays, black magicians, etc. and say silently "Die in the name of Satan!"
    Works passively for protection, too.
    This one is sitting on an orgonite disk i had with me (strontium-barium and violet flame layers).

    (11am) If you're like me, you probably always assumed the reason Israel has so much material wealth is solely due to U.S. subsidies. But here's an interesting article: Israeli Economy For Beginners.

    (7:45pm) That is one potent new program that is helping a lot. For one thing, there is an attunement to enable one to stream this energy in a powerful way. The bad news is that only angels (hyperdimensional winged humans) are able to do it. Unless The Committee works out a way to get it to work on lesser beings like you and me.
    There are now hundreds of angels hovering in trouble spots beaming this energy down.

    (9:30pm) Doku Umarov takes credit for Russian airport bombing. He lies.
    I looked for his agency connection, and found a female here in Denmark. CIAtanist. Her CIAtanist lover lives here. A CIAtanist couple here. Another CIAtanist couple here. What's interesting is the workplace of the last couple, where a total of 54 CIAtanists work. [It's that whole area bordered by Bredgade, Peter Bangs Vej, Lundgaardsparken, and Elmevej.] Fancy layout; wonder what they do there. Maybe something with electronics. Microchips?

    Got some grays underground, and 3 small CIA U bases nearby. Above them on the totem pole is Langley.

    I think the CIA and FSB are working together here. The CIA is renting out a terrorist in exchange for... hmmmm... well, as part of a package deal involving CIA cocaine and heroin being imported into Russia.

    So i found 6 U bases in Russia for receiving and storing drugs, and weighing middleman portions. Also each had labs for meth and downers.

    And BTW about Putin. For a long time i couldn't figure out what was up with him. Originally he was the incarnation of Rasputin. Not human soul but archon. I bagged the archon. Since then i have felt a good Pleiadian in his head. But i don't know what influence this being has. None seems in evidence.
    But he felt relatively "clean" after i bagged the archon. Even when i saw a vid of Putin after the bombing, i couldn't dowse squat off him. Was he in on it? Does he know who did it? Is he mystified? Is he investigating? Did he put Medvedev up to it? I couldn't get a read on a damn thing.

    So i have been blasting him a bit here and there since, to see if i could break something loose. It didn't seem he was responding to that for a while. But finally, i nailed him. He's a-vibrating with orgone conflicts now, the dirty dog.

    Feb. 9, '11: (8:20am) I found a key witch in Abeokuta, Nigeria here that seems to be a major source of issues some friends in Lagos are having.

    (9am) A new batch of Rigelian grays has been hitting me this morning. They are among those stars at the top of this pic near the left corner.

    (9:45pm) I was just noticing how sylphed-out the chem outside is, when i realized something. For years the number of sylphs over the DC region has been 3232. But now there are 5555!

    (9:50am) I just realized why that new batch of Rigelians seemed so strong: they were being covertly fed by Abell 2218 repts! That's a first. Usually these repts back up Jesuits and the like, but i've never noticed them feeding the attack grays before.

    (12:30pm) What a hoot: After Hurricane Katrina: Vatican Sued for 'Acts of God'. It's like they insitinctively know where the blame belongs.

    Mazatlan: I saw this post on a thread about Mexican Ferromex trains in Seattle. Ferromex BTW has the serious nasty vibe.
    Before i even noticed the map under the post, i dowsed the Mazatlan area as where he was talking about. There is a bunch of CIA activity all around there! Got several U bases already. The whole town (map) has a CIAtanist vibe. I feel 422 CIAtanists living in houses all over there. I think the vast majority are Mexican nationals.

    (5:40pm) New 'Montauk Monster' spotted in Panama. Mordok figured out that these are actually farmed for food by reptilians. The little chemmer repts especially seem to be into them. They are soulless cloned GMO "cattle". I think one of the bigger farming operations is right below the center of this pic.

    (5:50pm) It feels as though both Charles and his master are dead. Mordok says the master went into a U base. Maybe; their stupidity tends to defy belief. Not sure what happened to Charles. Mordok had the impression Charles was a prisoner in that bldg towards the end.

    (6:30pm) It's odd about Mazatlan. There are no "loud" spots that feel particularly important. Apparently only lower-echelon agents there. I get a vibe here. It is possible that this yellow house contains an entrance to underground tunnels. I have the impression of maybe 60 CIAtanists that use it.

    I went looking higher up, and got this house in DC where 2 male CIAtanists live.

    (8:10pm) I am starting to detect a pattern:
  • Many magick supply shops are run by black magicians. Some do not have the real blood-rite vibe, but are more like wiccan parasites.
  • Many people who are into wicca and magick are fine people. When they go into one of these shops, the BMs hook onto them and later psychically attack them and/or cast spells. It's not just parasitism: they are trying to hurt people just for being disgustingly positive and STO, perhaps.
  • Sometimes they are even overtly rude to their victims.

    This place says Angelo's Beauty Salon, but i'm told now it is actually a magick shop called Botanica Monte. 2 evil gay males and an evil woman work there. The 2 guys live here. The woman lives here. Another one of this bunch lives here. Gay male living with 2 soulless guys that might be harmless.
    There are a few others. They have been ruining at least 1 person's life for years.

    Feb. 10, '11: (6:10pm) Got about 1/2" of snow last night, which has mostly melted. Noticed a perfectly clear sky this afternoon.

    It appears that what the CIA activity is largely about in Mazatlan, is, duh, drugs, especially heroin. Our forces have taken out numerous U heroin labs with CIA, DEA (i think there are still ~500 DEAtanists in the area), and even occasional Rigelian grays in them.
    I guess they figure Mazatlan is perfect for this because it's right by the Fast Track NWO Nafta station. They can pump tons up into the northern US and Canada.

    Also they are involved in smuggling exotic kidnapped children to northern connoisseurs. The infrastructure for this included at least 4 U bases, each with hundreds of children. The first one i found, depth 221-242' with 441 kids. These days the Ta'l jump down such places and kill the bad guys.

    (7:50pm) Here's some offensive pro-GMO satanist with CIA connections who is crying for a spanking: Alex Daley.

    (8:05pm) I just found another evil reptilian race that is backing the Nigerian black magicians in their attacks on innocent people. I think they are 6' tall and mainly reside in the center of this pic of the Large Magellanic Cloud.

    (9:15pm) Even more interesting, we have discovered that there is a Jesuit connection to the Nigerians after all! Back around 1850 a Jesuit started training under Nigerian black magicians. He learned their "gods" and methods. Then the Jesuits added more black magic to it, but not the usual archon worship like the illuminati practiced. Nor did they hook the Nigerians up to the grays or Abell 2218ers. (There are some grays under parts of Nigeria, tho.)
    Then they fed the potentized indigenous magic back to some natives via their institutions.
    These bad Nigerians are also reptilian hybrids like the Jesuits, except that the Nigerians' repts are in NGC 5127. And incidentally, the NGC 5127 repts seem fairly vanquished and i haven't noticed trouble from them in a while.

    Right now the witch i mentioned Feb. 9 who lives here, and whose name is Seila Iya Ramota, is being backed up by a jez here in Abuja. In that bldg i also sense 10 more jezs and 44 other Catho-satanists.

    Plus now Mordok noticed physical repts from Universe O that have, er, had, a base here in Nigeria, that are backing up the Nigerian Catholics.

    (9:25pm) Lots of underground grays around that Abuja site, being taken out. Also this bldg has an evil vibe. The vibe of all those same guys i sense at the first bldg. I think they work at the 1st and live in the 2nd bldg. In fact most are in the 2nd bldg now, as it is 6 hours later there.

    Feb. 11, '11: (12:10am) The wildest thing just happened: I think we got rid of all the little physical greys.
    Yesterday afternoon Antuvozy programmed a piece of local quartzite for me. Apparently, although the "physical" greys had a physical phase they could manifest in, they also had an etheric phase they could be jailed in. But it required unusual advanced programming.
    This stone sucked them all in, with the help of Antuvozy and myself putting our attention on it. Then all grays everywhere, a far as i know anyway, were in the stone!

    Then i connected God's Recyclers to the stone, and they cooked down the grays.

    (8:55am) I didn't realize what that stone was doing to the grays until they were all in. It was an incredibly powerful pgm. But now it's obsolete (sniff).

    Pinch me, i must be dreaming. This really shifts the balance of things. Those grays were a royal pain, and so peppered the landscape that it made it harder to find evil repts and humans. Now they show up much better.

    Since i read a John Lear article yesterday, we have been doing a lot of cleanup in at least a 10 mile radius around this spot and this one.
    There are still more Abell 2218 DUMBs in these areas. And possibly other unidentified oddities.

    (9:05am) Antuvozy is now working on a pgm to do the same thing to a race of reptilians i was unaware of. They reside in many galaxies, including many in the Bullet Cluster where we have friends as mentioned on the 4th.
    Apparently this race is like the grays in terms of being "physical" yet jailable with advanced tech.
    The beauty of these pgms is that they bag the ETs even in their "physical" manifestation.
    I am getting there are a few species we can do this to. Probably no more of the main ones troubling us, though.

    (9:15am) Who was this? Is the lost city of Atlantis on Google Maps? No, it wasn't Atlantis, but it was a city. And 3 miles under it was a base, probably of a different species than in the city. And probably in a different era. Both may have been benign civilizations. I get a good vibe from the U base. Apparently it is flooded, though, as only my astral allies are checking it out.

    (9:25am) I guess i was wrong when i said we have a base in the moon with M51ers, etc. There are actually 2 close to each other (pics). (Their "larger expansions" link does not work.)
    If i'm not totally deluded, these are now used by 24K M51 humans, 20 Ta'l, 130 Venusians, 20 Annunaki...
    I think they are large craft that have been parked there.

    (9:30am) I don't think all these people actually live in the structures, as most have their own craft that they park nearby. In this pic, the smaller dot is a Venusian ship that can carry 4K people. In case more arrive.
    I don't know what the resolution is of the main pic. It seems to say 0.70 something. I get the feeling that the 2 bases are 1.4 miles apart; over 2 km.

    (10am) Has Moo-Barack left town? article. I could not find the article in Statfor that they neglected to link to. I did find on Stratfor that allegedly Mooby is in Sharm El-Sheikh on the Egypt coast.
    However, i would be more inclined to go looking for him in Saudi Arabia at the Riyadh Palace Hotel, say in a room in the right wing. See the tall palm tree? Right at the top left "corner" of that tree.

    (10:50am) OK, back to the fascinating subject of Nigeria. What first alerted me to to Vatican connection there is that a couple days ago the person i am helping in Lagos mentioned that a bunch of her harrassers all went to St. Peter's Clavers Primary School (crappy map link). Now, one noteworthy thing about Nigerian black magic is that they use energy cords a lot to feed energy to each other. One person will attack but be covertly fed by another, who is fed by another, etc. These cords feel "substantial". Antuvozy is real good at dismantling such things.
    Anyway, there were bunches of cords connecting this school to the Vatican, present and former students, and many other schools and churches.

    Some of the juicier connections:
  • Redeemed Christian Church. Pastor is Vatican agent Enoch Adeboye.
  • Holy Cross Cathedral Church. Pastor Cardinal Olubunmi Okogie.

    (11:20am) The Lagos Mafia. There is a big organized crime network in Lagos that is connected to the Vatican and into black magic. The center of operations seems to be the Eko Hotel (map). This hotel is managed by white mafiosi types who have 6 white ensouled female sex slaves they keep there, largely as a perk for themselves. I think the girls are 11-20 years old.

    There is an elite group of 30 men within this mafia that meet 3X a year in the Banquet Hall. The mgr keeps videos of all the other men in the group having sex with the 11-yr old, so he can blackmail them if they get out of line.
    There is also a Casino.
    This mafia is also involved in heroin. It came from a U lab here in Turkey, run by Romans.

    AGDC is composed of mafia black magicians.
    As is the Chagoury Group.
    And very close to the Eko is the Lagos Civic Center (left side in this pic) which has 42 of them working there!

    (4:30pm) Perfectly clear, mild day here.

    Antuvozy reprogrammed the same stone for jailing that rept species, and it didn't take long to bag them all and have them Recycled.
    Then she soon had the stone reprogrammed for those Venusian mutants i mentioned in the Venusians page. And soon they were gone too! I feel only demons now in their former hive galaxies.
    Now she's working on another experiment.

    (5:25pm) I think some of the CIA and DEA are clearing out of Mazatlan now. I think they will be groomed as cannon fodder to throw at me :-)
    Good riddance. Now, here is a CIA bldg where 42 or so of them work. Note it says Coca Cola. I suspect an underground entrance is in the bldg that leads to a cocaine-refining base under the parking lot.

    (5:30pm) Those Universe O repts Mordok found have been covertly attacking the health of my friends in Nigeria, so now Antuvozy programmed a stone that is jailing them!
    Oops, got 'em all. Deleting...

    (5:40pm) Unbelievable! Maybe i'm hallucinating, but it seems Antuvozy just "did" the Abell 2218 repts! And now she's working on the little chemmer repts. Wonder if that will make any difference in the skies...

    (6pm) And now Saudi King Abdullah has died, according to rumor. He sure feels nonexistent to me.

    (6:15pm) The chemmer repts are gone. Wonder who will take over the spraying.
    Now Antuvozy is targetting the hairless black (non-negroid) slimeballs that the Ta'l have long been fighting in many places.

    (9:25pm) Next, she took care of a species of 4' humanoid also in the Bullet Cluster that had been annoying our friends there. Then i stopped keeping track. She says that so far she has done 24 species. Have i mentioned i am wild about Antuvozy? Yeah, a couple years ago. Still holds true. I like smart chicks.

    Can this stuff be real? Where will it end? What are the parameters of who we can do this to? Can we do Jesuits? Pretty please?
    Well, it doesn't matter much. If we take care of most of the other gnarly ETs that our allies have been embroiled with, that suddenly frees up a lot of resources to be brought to bear elsewhere. Like onto this warped, perverted, hell-planet that seems so mysteriously important.

    Feb. 12, '11: (10:30am) Of course, with the bad "physical" ETs mostly gone, the remaining "astral" demons have stepped up attacks. Luckily they are a miniscule fraction of a percent of what they were 5 years ago.

    Heavy chem-couds here earlier this morning, but now it's clear in the immediate area at least.

    I just uploaded the offishul release of the Satan Program with a bit more info about it.

    (11:40am) Pedophile satanists busted in Philly: Three Priests and a Teacher Arrested. Yeah. Get used to it. You're next, you murderous bitch Janet Napolitano, with your twice-per-month pedo rape-murder rituals. I see something, and a lot of us see something.

    (12:15pm) Yech! Talk about some disgusting CIAtanists! Joel & Victoria Olsteen. Whatever happened to the practice of making agents honest-looking? There must be a section of the population that only falls for the most flagrant greaseballs. I mean look at these faces! Especially some of the shots of him.

    (10:45pm) And dig the streaky skies in the background. Just like with that other gov't satanist cult leader Miscavige.

    I figured out that what Antuvozy is doing does not work on humans. The only exception so far is the Venusian mutants, but their DNA was way freakier than the ordinary human-rept hybrid (like me) that passes for human on negative worlds.
    It seems to have worked on all the other bad "physical" ETs she's tried. She's even doing something to Obama, or trying to. Something with a similar pgm, but i don't know what it's doing. Perhaps it will turn him into an amorphous glob.

    (11:55pm) For some reason i just had the urge to follow up on something i wrote years ago:
    Dec. 29, '06: So who killed scientist David Kelly, some people are wondering. Well, Swami Loohan can tell you there is a strong Swiss connection. He was killed by 3 male Swiss Luciferans who were not Freemasons. These had been hired by a group of 6 Masonic Swiss businessmen who did not particularly represent the interests of any government or banking institution. And yes, Blair is connected to them, and knows them personally.
    I could get more details if i knew what questions to ask.
    [Update Oct 2017: David Kelly is still alive, an Egpytoid agent.. There was some connection to these dudes, but they did not harm him.]
    The leader of the hit men lives here in Zurich, alone i think. And he has a job here doing something medical that involves running all around that medical center. And he has personally spoken to Blair maybe 20X on the phone.
    Another of the killers lives here with 3 satanist females. All the killers as well as the 6 businessmen are male.
    The 2nd man works here on the 2nd floor, in an airport. He works for an airline (Alitalia?) in some capacity i think.
    And the 3rd hit man lives here alone.
    The last guy works here, at a school, as a teacher (math?).

    How interesting. I get these guys have done dozens of hits, yet each has a professional job.

    This whole bldg shaped like a rectangular 0 has a bad vibe. Living there are some 331 satanists that are connected to the killers and the 3 women that #2 lives with.
    And we have an evil church nearby that many of these people are involved in.
    The 6 businessmen are parishioners here, too.
    I get the heavy vibe here too... like 200+ of these people frequent whatever's behind that wall. Ah, sez Bahnhof. So viel verstehe ich. Train station. I wonder where these people go?
    Why, they were going to a U base nowhere near the track! In fact 344 of these people are meeting their doom there as i type. Including 1 of the 6 suits but none of the hit men. I think 41 of the deceased were residents of that large bldg like a rectangular 0.
    Took out 70 in another U base.

    This whole complex has 40 of them working there.

    Feb. 13, '11: (9:35am) Yesterday afternoon it clouded over again with what looked like real clouds with chem around the edges. Later most blew off except for a few chem wisps. This morning is overcast.

    I just realized i've been jinxed by one of the Nigerian witches. Antuvozy is undoing it.
  • My gmail was down without explanation for over 24 hours.
  • I got a free hushmail acc't, but it's buggy and hushmail support doesn't respond, thus ensuring that i won't become a paying customer.
  • My camera says MEMORY CARD ERROR even tho i bought new card.
  • My paypal has been malfunctioning so that it is very difficult or impossible to spend my acc't money, and paypal ignores my questions.
  • My ISP at home in AR has a bug in its mail forwarding, but the support team just ignores all my complaints.

    (12:35pm) Serious satano-corporate astroturf group:

    (12:45pm) The Annunaki have been pounding DC with energy like mad. I can feel the tremors here in VA.
    More Ta'l have been arriving on Earth. More Venusians on the moon. Etc. Things are heating up. I got psi-attacked hard earlier from myriad little underground groups (usually 3 individuals) of CIA and NSA satanists. Many of the bases were in the DC area, but they were also in many other places. Several of the CIA bases were under Russia.
    I get this feeling of a big zit coming to a head worldwide.

    (5:15pm) Heavy chem-spraying going on here. My impression is, there are numerous reptilian species that have the hardware to do this "virtual" spraying or whatever it is, and Antuvozy just needs to "process" them all. We got lists. There is a backlog.

    DIA in SLC: The DIA has a presence in Salt Lake City. I found out because someone in the area wrote me for help with etheric implants. These traced to 6 DIAtanists who work here. And their boss works here. That is Levolor, a DIA proprietary firm.

    Another DIAtanist works here (high school?) and is involved in MPD/pedo stuff there.
    This bldg has some kind of ET transmitter in it. Abell 2218 tech put there by DIA.
    Two more DIAtanists work here at the Hillside Rehabilitation Center. The link on the map goes to Mission Health Services, a DIA proprietary. Lookit that sweet old satanic couple. That one is in Tremonton, UT, a town that feels like one could spend a lot of time going over as well.

    (6:35pm) The most DORy thing in Tremonton is this house where resides 1 female DIAtanist who must be the town DIA honcho.
    And here's a map of the Bear River Valley Care Center, one of 5 locations of Mission Health Services.

    Big U base under hospital and to the NW a bit being addressed. 322 DIA satanists and 24 soulless super-soldiers down there.

    (6:45pm) There is a new mag out called Tea Party Review. And they have a website on which i could find no hint of the name of any person involved in putting out the mag. But i feel one very DORy CIAtanist heading it up. And he is not feeling well. He is here in the center of this pic of Suburban Hospital. His right testicle has sharp bad energy in it. His liver feels bad. Left lung too, poor fella. Please send healing energy.

    (6:55pm) So who all is on the moon now? These Venusians and ~3400 more.
    Thor, Odin, Hoz, Necao, Natan. (Bragi is under Vaxholm, Sweden.)
    2K Annunaki, 40 Ta'l, 5K M51ers, 400 of the good reptilians from Galaxy Group Hickson 44.

    (9pm) Jos, Nigeria is another DORy town. I sense ~3,400 black magicians. There is a Catholic Diocese that accounts for 5 dozen or so of these.

    (10:05pm) Then there's the Rwang Pam Stadium. Why does it feel so nasty? There's a "privately owned" Mighty Jets Football Club that has always been all black magicians owned by the Vatican interests, and the whole scene is full of parasitism cords that Antuvozy will need to clean up.

    Feb. 14, '11: (4:45pm) Check this out. Er, David, John was also a child-molesting satanist, and Yoko still is. They were very informed about how the game is played, esp. mafia MPD handler Yoko. No wonder they felt Trudeau was such a dear soul.

    It was clear this morning, then a few little chem-puffs drifted in, then a bunch of those "real&fake" type clouds.

    After the severe blasting of DC by the Annunaki, it feels a lot better on the map. I haven't been back there yet, but even here in VA it feels a lot cleaner and the natural good Earth energies are more evident.
    Plus now there are 7777 sylphs in the skies above the region.

    (4:50pm) Oh yeah, i meant to mention, there are also 20 Plejarans on the Moon. They are staying in that Venusian ship.

    (6:05pm) That Jesuit in Abuja here has been a real pain. He is continually backed up by Jesuits in Rome to do more evil like implanting, putting out new vamp cords, etc.

    (7:55pm) More weirdness. That guy in UT that's been implanted by the DIA wrote me:
    This morning a yellow looking garbage truck (with no opening anywhere that I could see... Very odd for a garbage truck) pulled in a street upwind from the house 50 feet away and proceeded to spray some sort of yellow/brownish mist/smoke into the air. It would back up, pull slightly forward and spray a ton and do the same process at least 5 times, no lie. It had regular diesel exhaust and from the yellow compartment a completely separate, different colored, fume. Also before I went to an interview (that I think went pretty darn well) I saw a -larger than a cargo van- white van with no windows and an A/C unit on top pull right next to the property and stay there for a few minutes.
    I think the "garbage truck" is here (George A Sanders Construction), where 43 DIAtanists work. I don't know where the van is, but suspect there were 2 of them in it who normally work here with 22 more DIAtanists.
    Come to think of it, this whole block in the center has the DIA vibe. I think 62 more work here.

    (8:40pm) Is it just me, or is this explanation by Google of the lines i mentioned on the 7th, utterly nonsensical?

    (10:25pm) There are a bunch of Charles' "elites" trying to kill Mordok. 3 of them are here 3rd floor i think, and 3 more here.

    Feb. 15, '11: (8:55am) Feels like winter is over lately. Clear sky again this morning. And i have a suspicion that the sylphs hope to bump their local population up to 8888 soon.

    So many weird things happening lately. Last night i wanted my astral wife Gina to do some healing on someone, but i noticed she was already busy working on 2 of my Yiz girls. What happened to them? They were fried by the NSA. What?
    There was a U base in Big Cypress National Preserve, FL with a few NSAtanists and some energy weapon. Apparently my Yiz girls were around there and got nailed by some weapon that harms good astral beings.
    What were my Yiz girls doing in far south FL? Well, that area has 300K of our allies from the Bullet Cluster living underground in most of the area south of Hwy 75, and some of their spots were under intense demonic attack that many of the Yiz girls were helping with.
    (Those 2 Yiz girls are with me now, all fixed up and in a good mood.)

    Apparently the NSA has been aware of this "ET problem" for years.
    Also, there were and to some extent still are numerous little NSA U bases in this whole area for instance. I think the reason there were so many has to do with these good ETs.

    (10:40am) Another DEA/CIA indiscretion: Argentina to protest illicit US cargo.
    I figured i should pull up Ministro Pistarini International Airport on a map. First thing i noticed was a nasty DEAtanist vibe here. This looks like a place where planes unload cargo to be picked up later by trucks. And vise-versa. DORy DEA footprints all around there. They're doing outgoing cargo.

    Next i am guide to this spot in western Argentina. Unfortunately map resolution is poor. I don't think there's a bldg there. I have the impression that refined heroin and cocaine are brought there from 2 locations, to be loaded onto the truck that goes to the airport. The DEA is buying it from independents that may not know they are dealing with the US gov't. And whom the CIA can raid anytime if they feel it is in their interest.
    I am not picking up on the agents, though. Possibly they were in a U base that already got hit, i don't know.

    (10:40am) Is opium even grown in Argentina? I don't know. According to the CIA's own FactBook, Argentina is
    a transshipment country for cocaine headed for Europe, heroin headed for the US, and ephedrine and pseudoephedrine headed for Mexico; some money-laundering activity, especially in the Tri-Border Area; law enforcement corruption; a source for precursor chemicals; increasing domestic consumption of drugs in urban centers, especially cocaine base and synthetic drugs (2008)

    (11:05) Another interesting tidbit: remember how months ago i mentioned that "impossible" numbers of Jesuits were attacking from under the Rome area (if i recall correctly)?
    Well last night i found vast numbers of Jesuits all under seemingly the whole area of Egypt, in small bases. What these "Jesuits" were (most of them have been mopped up now): hybrids of Abell 2218 repts with Earth humans, just like the surface Jesuits. But undocumented underground dwellers, bred underground.

    I just realized Valiant Thor, Odin, and the Norse god Thor are in a craft over this house in DC which they want me to note. It contains 4 individuals that need exposure. I'll see what else i can dig up about them.

    (11:15am) I think only one of the individuals is of high importance. He is a satanist male that has been on Mars quite a bit, that Valiant has personally talked to there a couple times in years past. Apparently, this guy made promises he didn't keep. Didn't keep his side of some bargain. So now Valiant needs me to publish this before matters can proceed.
    Don't ask me what; i'm on the edge of my chair myself.

    (11:20am) The guy is staggering to his car and getting in.

    (11:20am) Alas, the engine seems to be dead.

    (11:40am) And Mr. Double-Cross may soon be, too, i dunno. Still getting fried. And, typical of the opposition, no-one is rushing to his defense as he slumps in his car on the street.

    Meanwhile, i was perusing this article and i got all trembly from a super-nasty vibe. "Tavistock" came to my head. The vibe comes from a suite right by the entrance of the Royal National Hotel.
    1 male Jesuit with a super strong evil vibe lives here.

    (12:05pm) Now that jez started hitting me.

    About the guy in DC, i think a passerby pulled him out of his car. He may have had a heart attack. In fact his heart is still under attack by those 3 and i might be helping a little. I think an ambulance came and hauled him away, but his vibe is weak now and i haven't traced him.

    However i was distracted by another CIA Proprietary Central Armature Works (map) which might have some connection to this Mars business...
    Getting another big shaky vibe here...

    (12:10pm) ... of 5 CIAtanists. ET tech. Transmitters. 21in stock in that bldg, at least 32 more around the Solar System. None seem deployed on Earth or our moon. Being taken out off-world. 3 Ta'l are in bldg.

    (12:10pm) Right as i posted that, they stopped hitting the dude in the heart. He may have expired.

    (1pm) Then our 3 friends went back to the Moon base. Then Odin tapped me to work on a particular "elite" that lives at the Vatican. We might have killed him. Then Odin wanted to kill a Chinese woman here, which is who we are working on now. But he's not hitting her heart in this case. He's doing something different.
    This base is somewhat visible, a bunch of bldgs packed together. I sense 155 evil Chinese there involved in drugs. Not imported, but manufactured. Meth, downers for the Chinese and especially Japanese markets. Drugs are only part of what this base is about, though. I do not detects slaves, ET tech, nor nuclear. There are GMO projects involving human and bird DNA. Bioweapon stuff i guess.

    (4:35pm) The Venusians helpfully sent a hazmat team. I don't think that China base exists anymore. It was a pharmaceutical factory. The Center for using Disease for population Control will be very disappointed not to receive the bios that it had ordered. And Big Sis was pretty crestfallen at the news.

    The sky was clear when i went into the fitness club, but when i came back out a couple hours later, i saw some of the grossest skies ever. Just gobs of CTs in various stages of maturity.
    My camera seems busted and i'm shopping for a new one with more zoom.
    There are now 8888 sylphs over the DC area, but i saw none of their signature chem-feathering.

    (4:55pm) There is something going on above-ground here in Jordan near the Israeli border. One Venusian has been hanging here in a craft for some time. There are 52 evil Jordanian soldiers in this area, and 422 political enemies of the state. I suspect a torture prison.

    (6:15pm) 3 more Venusians arrived in separate craft, and i suspect they stunned the soldiers and released the prisoners who got on trucks and arrived a couple miles away
    here. Actually they are being shuttled there now. Far as i can make out, seems like about half have been moved there.

    Center for Disease Control organization chart pdf. All are DORy illuminati nazi criminals. The specific office involved in ordering GMO biowarfare agents from China is the Office of Public Health Preparedness and Response. I went looking for the top person in charge of this op, and was drawn to St. Augustine Catholic Church in DC. Of all places. I suspect that there are 5 CDC higher-ups who have an office here.

    (6:40pm) I went looking for who in the satanic Jesuit-controlled Amman gov't is most alarmed about this situation near the border, and found this dome containing 1 military honcho. That whole complex feels like gov't.
    Also these 2 bldgs have 324 gov't satanists living there.

    (7pm) Here's a pic taken by that guy north of SLC, UT a couple days ago.

    (8:15pm) I have uploaded a new OTB for orgone crafters, OTB 37, Working with The Committee.

    (8:45pm) Whole bunch more Jordanian gov't satanists in this area. Not only the central bldg but a lot of bldgs around the triangle. Impression of 550 gov't satanists.

    Feb. 16, '11: (8:50am) Elizabeth had a scary dream about "something bad coming" which i feel is connected to something as-yet-unidentified in Cluster M103, slightly below and to the right of the bottom bright star.

    (9:30am) That's a reptilian species Antuvozy should be able to scrub within the hour.

    (9:50am) Gone.

    (11am) More phony crap: Jordan justice minister: Israel is a terrorist state. Phooey.
    Minister Hussein Mjali was appointed last week in a government shakeup following protests inspired by the Egyptian uprising. He drew condemnation in Israel after he joined protester calling for the release of Ahmed Deqamseh, a terrorist serving time in Jordan for killing seven Israeli school children in 1997.

    Mjali, who is seen as close to the Muslim opposition...
    Rubbish. Mjali is a hardcore satanic Zionist.

    (1:10pm) A seemingly important key CIAtanist honcho in relation to the Mars issue works here.

    (5:45pm) Some chem-clouds and spray today, but not that bad. There are now 11,111 sylphs in the greater DC area, though i haven't seen feathering in a couple days at least. I think soon they will bump it up to 14,141. They are bringing sylphs in from Universe E.

    Antuvozy has 5 of those stones going all the time now. Just as they did with the astral demons, the darkside apparently made loads of different species of "physical" reptilians, in case someone figured out how to get rid of entire species at once.
    So now Antvozy and i are constantly scanning for "new" rept species. I scan for any backing up the Jesuits who are hitting me and Mordok. And any involved in attacks on James Rink. And any sending spray-drones.
    There is never a break.

    (9:20pm) Still no letup. There are almost constantly 6 underground jezzoids outside the Rome beltway hitting me. I nail them, the allies kill them, and 6 more start up elsewhere, usually in Italy near Rome. And each time they are backed by a different rept species that Antuvozy kills.

    I found yet another CIAtanist in the UFO scene: Karyn Dolan, one of the board members of an upcoming UFO Congress.

    Feb. 17, '11: (7:55am) Hitlery Clone spoke at GWU yesterday and i didn't even know: Military and CIA Veteran Bloodied, Bruised and Arrested for Standing Silently. Anonymous commenter said... "And the audience just sat there?? They're just as vile as that Clinton turd."

    (8:30am) I think we may have killed several of those "elites" of Charles last night. There may only be 6 left alive.
    Yet the Jesuits are hammering Mordok hard. He could use a lot of backup now. He's in Bradenton, FL.

    (6:40pm) I got a new weapon, and so did Mordok. I may have bumped off those last 6 elite and the Black Pope. They sure feel dead.

    Extreme chem whiteout.
    Antuvozy is now juggling 7 of those stones, and there are now 22,222 sylphs in the greater DC area!

    (7:35pm) Found an area nearby which is just choked with NSAtanists and a few CIAtanists. And in the process uncovered a small NSA proprietary called Argent Heating and Cooling (map). They had a van parked on a street i drove by. 2 guys from it were walking toward a house. They looked like simple working slobs, but had an intense NSAtanist vibe. As did the house they were visiting. What does A(r)gent Heating and Cooling do? It heats and cools agents. They go around and reprogram their fellow NSAtanists, as well as CIA, military, etc. The agent they were visiting didn't know they were NSA too. And many of their "clients" are non-satanist MPD victims. But my impression is that Argent limits itself to gov't employees.
    In fact, there are at least 3 more similar ops in the northern VA area; contractors of different types. Maybe i will look for them later.

    And another NSA Proprietary, Pamela Marsban, DDS. Yes, if you like to be sedated when you get your dental implants, this is the place to go. While they got you doped up they'll jam some extra ones behind your eyeballs and way up your nose. There are ~800 delighted customers walking around with an array of these gems. They were all hooked up to a machine in Ft. Meade, but that has developed technical problems.

    (9:55pm) Stumbled across another CIA proprietary: Cleveland Institute of Electronics (CIE, hyuck!).

    Feb. 18, '11: (6:35pm) And now i just stumbled across another satanic group, the British Fashion Council, part of MI's war on womankind.

    The last couple days here have been summery, t-shirt weather.
    Fair bit of spraying.

    (8:25pm) OK, looks like i officially have a new that you can use.

    See the little bldg here? There's a van in the lot that says CEVA. CEVA is a Jesuit proprietary firm (site) that transports drugs, weapons, ammo, and any other profitable contraband to fund the worthy causes of the Society of Jesus.
    At least 23 jez satanists live in nearby buildings. Like 1 here, 2 here, 1 on the 4th(?) floor here.

    (9:10pm) Aw, Catholic priest gruesomely murdered at Tunis school. This guy was a man of God!
    Rybinski worked at a religious school in the Tunis suburb of Manouba. His body was found Friday in the school parking lot.
    In a statement, the Interior Ministry said the killing appeared to be the work of a “group of extremist terrorist fascists,” judging by the way it was carried out.
    Right. I'm sure he was well-loved by all the boy students, and it couldn't possibly be that any of them had a motive.

    (10:05pm) It's getting absurd. I just got hit by a Lagos witch backed by that Ajuba [correction: Abuja] jez backed by 3 X 27 species of "physical" repts. Antuvozy now juggles 20 of those rocks.
    But meanwhile, more sylphs are pouring into the DC area from Universe H.

    Feb. 19, '11: (8:45am) There are more "elites" in all the other universes, and they mess with Mordok from there.
    We haven't figured out what makes these guys (and they all seem male) different from other jezzoids, who seem to have the same kind of genetics.

    Now there are 3 witches hitting me from a new part of Nigeria here.

    (8:55am) CIA-ordered bloodshed in Bahrain (video) via their satanist Crown Prince employee.

    (11:55am) Zio-fun with Egyptian antiquities: article. This is the truth. Zahi Hawas is a Jesuit agent and satanist. The guy who stole the 38 gold pieces lives here and the gold is here, or was until a Ta'l expropriated it. There were other gold treasures there as well.

    (5:55pm) Clear sky all day. Over 30K sylphs here now, and more pouring in. DC is a key area of Earth energy.

    The Ta'l found more goodies around Cairo and took them to the Moon base. Added it to the pile of stuff there.
    Eventually it will go to the museum in galaxy M82, which has a lot of Ta'l, Venusian, and other artifacts of historical interest.
    The pieces will be carefully photographed and hi-resolution images will probably be on the web someday. In fact there will be a new, bio-friendly internet infrastructure someday.

    I have to wonder about this gold stuff. I mean the non-artifact type. Is this happening in the "real" world or some parallel realm? Well, i'll share my impressions and let you make of it what you will.

    Several weeks ago i read somewhere that the Ft. Knox gold had been spirited away to Russia. I felt this was true (gold has a distinctive vibe), and felt it was here. Also, there was mention of that Tunisian tyrant's gold. I found he had a stash in Algeria. Not far away, a couple that lives here was keeping an eye on the area. In fact the tunnel entrance might be around there.
    I had the impression the Ta'l raided both those stashes. And countless others. Criminal Asset Forfeiture. Deep vaults in Zurich. China. etc.
    And except for the historically-valuable stuff, it is all stashed now in our underground locations. Also some silver and other metals. Hundreds of lbs of lapis lazuli, mostly granular crumbly stuff. Great for orgonite.

    The Committee is even scheming about how i should drill into gold ingots at angles until most of the ingot is holes, then thread wires, etc. thru the holes and cast them in resin.
    And take the gold shavings from the drilling and mix it with the lapis to make special healing/balancing HHGs.
    But will it ever happen in our reality? If so we'll be sitting pretty. We will be able to buy plenty of land with gold as the world's currencies collapse. Have plantations for growing papayas, coconuts, etc. which we can whisk anywhere with clean non-fossil craft.

    (8:30pm) I'll be heading back toward Arkansas tomorrow morning. The CIA will be shedding bitter tears, but don't worry; i'll be in touch.
    It's been a wild 8 weeks here. I had a great time. Will be leaving DC cleaner than i found it.

    Feb. 21, '11: (7:50pm) Made it back.
    The only times in the last 2 days that i did not see massive chem banks were during periods when the sky was so overcast that i couldn't tell what was up there.

    Went by Oak Ridge again. Went up to that same neighborhood that i busted Dec. 24 that had 22 satanists, but now all those had moved out! None lived there. Lots of houses had for sale signs. Many that did not were still obviously empty.

    I went looking for those 22 right now on the map, but got distracted by 100s of thousands of Abell 2218 humans which species Antuvozy can't process. They are all over underground.
    Ah, found those 22 morons, underground here along with 91 others.

    Threw some more items into bodies of water in the area. Flushed up a bunch of little CIA U bases.
    That's mostly what i find underground anymore: Abell 2218 humans, and CIA.

    Last night i found a motel in Burns, a bit west of Nashville. At one point after dark, suddenly i got attacked super-hard. I think virtually ALL the jezzoids in all universes jumped me in a concerted surprise attack, backed by ALL the evil repts in all universes. It was real intense but i was able to deflect most of it to a worthy recipient.

    Then a new powerful ally crawled out of the woodwork. I think the weird surge of energy from all those beings attacking me attracted the attention of some beings that maybe were not previously aware of the situation. They are 50' reptilians with a 5D vibe. Very similar to Satan, but they had never even heard of Satan, let alone Loohan. They do know Esterian, though, and have a strong Jesus connection. They squelched most of the force of the attack, by attacking the sources. There are vast numbers of these good repts, who are called the Daro.
    Satan clued them in real fast, and they have been helping quite a bit.

    This morning flushed out quite a few little CIA bases under Memphis, too, as i did some more touch-up there. I went around Rhodes College, gifted Kilowatt Lake, and did some more laps around the heart of downtown.

    Feb. 23, '11: (7:50am) Still having internet problems. At work now.

    Mostly clear here yesterday. Just a relatively small amount of chem-clouds. The interesting thing is, there was a bunch of spotty puffs that were oozing this falling white fog. Never seen that before.
    Alas, no camera. Paypal has been making it almost impossible to buy stuff with my balance lately, and has spurned all attempts at communication.

    Got a small bit of rain last night. This area is still too dry. I set out some 5-gallon buckets before i left, and 6 weeks later they are 1/3 full.

    (7:45pm) My internet is coming and going.

    Another CIAtanist: Wael Ghonim.

    (8:50pm) Four satanists killed. Go, pirates!

    More CIAtanists: and associates.

    Some weirdness this afternoon: Mordok figured out there was another dimension (which is somehow different than another universe or another timeline, but i couldn't explain what the difference is) which had these "elites", jezs, Abell 2218 type repts as well as loads of other evil species we had eliminated from our dimension.

    The elite there were ruled by some mysterious Overlords. The Overlords readily accepted therapy, and soon were helping us collapse that whole dimension, as there were no good beings in it. What the bad guys were doing there by themselves i don't know. But Mordok had noticed that new elites and jezs had been coming here from there.

    So now all that is toast. The Overlords are working with us now.
    But, 0.7 trillion Abell 2218 repts and at least 3,700 other evil repts of 3 species got here before their dimension collapsed.

    Feb. 24, '11: (11:20am) Mordok had the impression of another such evil dimension, and i found 22 more in all, all with overlords, elite, jezs, repts, etc.
    The overlords all completed therapy in like 2 minutes and started collapsing these dimensions, whereupon the elites in them started hitting me slightly, which is still going on. I think i got these realms sealed so that no-one slips out except the overlords.

    I didn't put out a rain gauge yet, but we got a serious t-shower last night. Woke me up. Must've gotten an inch or so. And it's sprinkling now. They forecast 1-2" average in the area today.

    (12:30pm) That went real well with those other dimensions.

    I had a paper list of like 3 people i had promised to contact when i got back home, but i lost that list. I hope some of them read my blog. I think they were interested in products.
    I would have to spend a long time wading through hundreds of emails to find any of these people, so i hope they write again if they have not already heard from me.

    After i got back home, i noticed thousands of new demons on my property. These are of a different type. They radiate a good vibe to blend in. Anytime i become aware of one (they were in the landscape) i would at first feel it was a friendly being, but whenever i tried to dowse further, i would reaize it was evil.
    We have cleared out a bunch of these, maybe 8K, and are still working on it.
    Occasionally one approaches me, and i think it's one of my wives or other allies because it puts out such a friendly vibe. But they don't hold up to further scrutiny.
    These guys all came in from Universe L, where there is a bunch more we are working on jailing up. These cannot be deleted as a whole species.

    (1:40pm) Trinity Washington University which i busted some in January, is flared up on the map. Buncha real DORy satanists listed here.

    (5:20pm) Another German CIAtanist: Daniel Domscheit-Berg (Wikipedia) of OpenLeaks.

    Feb. 25, '11: (8:40am) Got over an inch more rain yesterday. Overcast and cold this morning. Chance of thundershowers Sunday.

    Things are not so simple with this other dimension stuff. And i don't like using the word dimension for this, as that is also the term i use for higher-self levels of reality.
    But anyway yesterday i noticed 300K+ more of these dimensions with elites, overlords, etc. The overlords accepted therapy and collapsed the dimensions.
    But then Mordok noticed some of the overlords were actually still evil and brewing up more dimensions. We had to have those guys killed off.
    Hopefully we got that scene handled, but i wouldn't bank on it.

    And i snooped around and found 9 more evil dimensions of a different kind. These did not have jezs, elite, overlords. But they had (gag!) effing grays. And Abell 2218 repts, etc.
    And each dimension has to be addressed separately. Antuvozy can't get all the grays everywhere at once, but has to do each dimensional group separately.
    Anyway we took care of those 9 dimensions, but again, there are probably more such things out there.
    Luckily, the grays did not seem able to leave their dimensions yet.

    (1pm) Real powerful sorceress just engaged me from here in Lagos.

    (1:30pm) All right, here's something cool. I got a new hushmail account as i mentioned before. One cool feature is that there's a way to contact me in encrypted form by using this contact form. You do not need any membership or software other than the form to talk to me. However, my reply is another matter.
    There will be no return addy in what i receive. I will not know how to reply unless you include an email addy in the message. And if you do supply an addy, my reply will not be encrypted. Unless...

    You can also get your own free or paid hushmail account at Then we can freely exchange encrypted messages in both directions. And drive "them" nuts with curiosity.
    So if u want to have a private conversation with me, open your own account, and use this form to give me the phrase i will need in order to decrypt your hushmail message. Then i will send you a code so you can decrypt mine.
    I have been unable to detect and agency corruption of hushmail.
    Hopefully you don't have a keystroke logger.

    (7:35pm) Actually i'm not even sure it's that complicated. No one has mailed me from a hushmail acc't yet. Maybe it automatically decodes.

    Plague Kills Scientist in First Laboratory Case in 50 Years. A satanist, just like all the fine folks in the class pictures here. It's a mostly satanist field. I had a bio teacher in college in '93 that was a GMO specialist, and a satanist.
    I know a kid half a mile from me that has been sick for years because NSAgents at the University of Arkansas in Fayetteville where he was studying genetic engineering poisoned him because he's a good guy, and they don't want his type around. He had been in school like 4-5 years but had to drop out and his mom has to take care of him. He's a basket case physically.

    Indeed i feel a close NSA connection to this Wheaton College as well. Bubonic plague, eh?

    Feb. 26, '11: (6pm) The overcast cleared off this afternoon to reveal blue sky and white chem-fluff. Kinda sylphed-out over my place. I still have 888 sylphs around here, but the DC area now has 44,444! Denmark has 2,525. L.A. (where Earthshaker2 is) has 44. Betcha it goes up over the next few months. Tucson (where ES2 was for many months, and which has been well-gifted with my stuff) has 2,222. Elizabeth's area in N NM where ES2 was for a few months has 1,111.

    I may only have 888 here, but Conway 60 miles south has 444. Mountain View, 34 miles east, has 222. Russelville / Lake Dardanelle where the nuke plants are to the SW, has 3,535!
    I give myself a fair bit of credit for this state of affairs in these formerly DORy areas.
    Even Knoxville/ORNL now has 4K+ and more are arriving!
    But Atlanta, which someone has gifted pretty well with my kind of orgonite, has zero. I'll try to take another look at that town soon.

    I saw a chem-plane a while ago to the west here. It was laying a trail that got gobbled real quickly. Then it turned off the spray and kept going. What was unusual was that this is the first time in many months (6 or more i think) that it was an actual metal plane with an actual physical human in it. I tried to track the source and was led to this spot in Norway, depth 420-550', which had 220 Norwegian gov't satanists. 30 spray planes down there. How they get them aloft from down there is beyond me. I don't think you'll read about it in Popular Mechanics or Popular Science (CIA publications). I have the impression of 42 more aloft. Don't know where they'll be landing. Should be interesting.

    Another U base 2.5 miles SW. 21 Nor-satanists, 4 Abell 2218 humans, 1 transmitter being taken out.
    All this good stuff seems to be under the auspices of Erik Solheim .

    (8pm) Super-satanic Irish media: RTE. Totally saturated with MI satanists.

    Feb. 27, '11: (7am) Feels like that RTE site is hosted by themselves. Everything feels electronically connected so that if you grid-blast the website, even by having it open in some back window (with proper grid-program devices as i've described before), you will blast their whole local op there.

    Until they move things out. I used to grid-blast Radio Vaticana a lot. They used to broadcast it out an antenna that was squarely planted on a bldg peak in the most powerful spot in Rome. When i blasted via the internet, the pgm would jump to the radio tower. It was great. But now the Vatican moved the radio transmitter and stuff well away. I went looking for it but got a U base in Finland here with 433 Vatican satanists. There is some connection to the radio station, but i'm unsure what. Anyway, they're outta here. As are more bases connected in some way to this one.

    Speaking of Scandinavia, early this morning i was being hammered by 9 U transmitters in Norway. We are taking out at least 25 more U bases there now.

    Also, what seems to be an elite assassin team has arrived from Universe F to help us. 20 good 7' reptilians. They might be killing Erik Solheim now. Apparently these repts have some loophole permission to kill evil people on the surface. For some reason the other allies can only do that if the evil ones have more than 50% rept DNA or else are underground.
    I hope i'm right in my impression that they will really terminate creeps.

    There's been a bunch of bizarre stuff seemingly occurring lately. Those evil birds i posted about last month by the Hitchcock pic... Well, they seem to be very tough, primitive beings that just like to f___ things up. But many of them are now realizing that it's a lot more fun to mess with Jesuits, black magicians, illuminati, etc. than to always be picking one innocent working Africans.

    We have stopped eradicating these birds. We had killed probably 40% of the ones in other galaxies.
    Now some of my Sakudas are watching for evil birds in Lagos and elsewhere, and persuading them to check out some real targets elsewhere that are more fun to f___ up. And the birds seem to be discovering that it feels good to do the right thing.
    Not sure what the birds will do with themselves if we ever run out of targets for them. We'll have to worry about that later.

    These birds do weird things like cause electrical problems. My friend in Nigeria says she has photographed some in the past, but the pics always turned out blurry.

    I have sent thousands to all sorts of places like the Vatican, Abuja, Halliburton HQ, Monsanto complexes, military bases, etc. I don't know what they may be accomplishing.

    One of the bizarre things about these birds is that they seem physical, yet i discovered i could easily move them. The very first time i tried, i moved one to Halliburton. Sure felt like it. Yet i never could move them into a jail.

    Mordok and i have been using the birds to kill undergound jezzoids. If there are 3 jezs in a spot, one bird can kill them in a couple minutes. Hard to believe, but in this business you have to accept the impossible to get anything done.

    Like the Ta'l did at first, these birds also "killed" a lot of people on the surface, yesterday, only to have them revive later in a weaker state. Will this also turn out to be the case with these new reptilian allies?

    (7:25am) Ukraine: There is a group of maybe 11 bldgs here, where some 41 evil Ukrainians work, that have something to do with Ukrainian mercenaries flying Libya air force planes. This might be the HQ of a mercenary company.
    I went to but could not find the alleged article referred to.

    (4:10pm) I was confused when i said the birds "killed" a lot of people on the surface. Too much going on. Actually i "killed" a bunch of people on the surface yesterday, using the weapon i mentioned on the 17th. The Black Pope and the 6 elite i apparently killed on the 17th still feel dead to me, but nobody since that day that i hit with this weapon (a new stone).

    As for our new "assassins", unfortunately i haven't witnessed any sudden demise yet. They worked on that Norwegian guy until mid-afternoon when i suggested they do the jez in Abuja, who has been a pain. 6 of them did work him a while, and then they left 2 who are still there for him. This did seem to stop his attacks.

    Overcast all day. A slight sprinkle. Warm. 80% chance of rain, average 1/4 to 1/2", according to wunderground.

    (4:40pm) Now the CIAtanists probably think i don't like them, but as a token of love i want to offer them this link to a bldg in Ciudad Juarez where they can, if i'm not mistaken, find ample heroin, marijuana, coke, and some very evil murderous Mexicans that are not satanists, and not affiliated with the DEA or CIA.
    This had the hottest vibe in the city. I get that guys associated with this bldg are responsible for a couple hundred murders.

    (6:35pm) Holy crap. I just got an alert from Valiant Thor that there's a ritual going on in the US Capitol involving a small girl and 33 Representatives of both parties.

    (7:15pm) There are several rituals going on. So far i am just tracking the Reps, but there are also 70 Senators.
    There are 70 Reps now in satanic rituals:

    Jo Bonner AL
    Howard Berman CA
    Susan Davis CA
    Anna Eshoo CA
    Elton Gallegly CA
    Mike Honda CA
    Barbara Lee CA
    Daniel Lungren CA
    Buck McKeon CA
    Kevin McCarthy CA
    Devin Nunes CA
    Dana Rohrabacher CA
    Adam Schiff CA
    Jackie Speier CA
    Lynn Woolsey CA
    Scott Tipton CO
    Jim Himes CN
    Ander Crenshaw FL
    Daniel Webster FL
    Madeleine Bordallo, Guam
    Mazie Hirono HI
    Mike Simpson ID
    Luis Gutierrez Il
    Joe Walsh ID
    Mike Pence IN
    Todd Young IN
    Kevin Yoder KS
    Jeffrey Landry LA
    Donna Edwards MD
    Dutch Ruppersberger MD
    John Dingell, MI
    Steven Palazzo MS
    Rodney Frelinghuysen NJ
    Frank LoBiondo NJ
    Jon Runyon NJ
    Steven Rothman NJ
    Chris Smith NJ
    Michael Grimm NY
    Chris Lee NY
    Carolyn Maloney NY
    Jerrold Nadler NY
    Tom Reed NY
    Louise Slaughter NY
    GK Butterfield NC
    Patrick McHenry NC
    Sue Myrick NC
    Heath Shuler NC
    Mel Watt NC
    Jim Jordan OH
    Lou Barletta PA
    Chaka Fattah PA
    Tim Holden PA
    Joseph Pitts PA
    Allyson Schwartz PA
    Glenn Thompson PA
    Jeff Duncan SC
    Tim Scott SC
    Al Green TX
    Shiela Jackson Lee TX
    Ted Poe TX
    Lamar Smith TX
    Morgan Griffith VA
    Scott Rigell VA
    Frank Wolf VA
    Jay Inslee WA
    Rick Larsen WA
    They have websites linked from here.

    33 are in the Capitol bldg. 27 are here. Then there's a coven of 10 (new one on me!) here.
    Crap, i don't feel like doing the Senate. This is a lot of work.

    (7:25pm) 33 Senators here. 33 more here. Coven of 10 here.

    (8:15pm) Oops, made a mistake. There are only 11 Senators doing ritual tonight, here. I'll post their names in a bit, and try to figure out who those other 70 people are.

    (8:20pm) John Barrasso WY
    Saxby Chambliss GA
    Bob Corker TN
    Dan Inouye HI
    Johnny Isakson GA
    Jeff Merkley OR
    Barb Mikulski MD
    Jerry Moran KS
    Ben Nelson NE
    Bill Nelson FL
    Mark Pryor AR

    (8:25pm) The other 70 are USAF, USN, Army, Marine brass.

    (9:20pm) Hey there are 6 tough and DORy black magicians who do rites in this house in Ghana. I think 2 live there year-round but the others stay there for a couple weeks sometimes.

    Feb. 28, '11: (9:10am) Got the thundershowers. Haven't put out rain gauge yet, but it looks like close to another inch we got. Overcast, drizzly now.
    Funny how we get all this rain as soon as i get back. Possibly the orgone in my vehicle helps.

    Turns out there's a Loyola Jesuit College in Abuja.
    The black magic is heavy in the Nigerian Catholic scene. For example, i think all the people listed under the membership list here Knights of St John International are BMs.

    (11:55am) The Committee has got me working on a couple projects.

    Another CIA dirtball: Khalid Ali-M Aldawsari. This guy is not an MPD victim, but a recruit.