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Loohan's blog for February, 2012
Feb. 1, '12: (7pm) Another grey day, except for a brief spell of sun, when one could see natural clouds as well as chem residues.

Bullshit alert: this story rings hollow: US Nuclear Sub Heads Towards Persian Gulf. I don't feel these craft moving. This story comes from a bunch of Scottish Rite pedophile satanists at the CIA proprietary Interfax.

(7:50pm) I think that sub is here. Mordok got that it was planned to be used in a false flag event in 3 weeks, shooting a US asset. I think the Enterprise. So as an alibi they made it out to be elsewhere than it is.

Who is this guy? Ron Paul's Biggest Supporter Is A Bilderberger, International Financier. Peter Theil.
He's not a satanist. Only 25 people on the Steering Committee are satanists. He seems to have a good soul. He is a natural homosexual, not the predominant perverted kind. I think he may be acting in good faith.

(8pm) Thiel was full of implanted entities and other etheric implants. I went looking for the perps. First found a U base in Brussels with 51 satanists. Then 5 more U bases around Brussels. Then 2 satanists here, a man and a woman.
Another 23 satanists of this group live within 300' of this spot.
[Update: Theil is a shapeshifting rept, but possibly not a pedophile. Ron Paul was a shapeshifter who later got killed and replaced by a CIA clone.]

Feb. 2, '12: (8:15am) Clear sky out.

Someone brought to my attention 2 more DORy"healers" in Holland, of the same ET race as mentioned last month:
Jolanda Linders

(6:20pm) Now someone asked me about Spiritual Dove AKA Rev. Yona Jyotiananda, another DORy CIAtanist. All the people on that page are CIAtanists, regardless of ethnicity or how fully God-Realized they are. Except for the deceased Sat Guru Sant Keshavadasji, who was a satanist but not CIA, and Shree Maa, who likewise is satanist but not CIA. And the old lady being counseled in the bottom pic is OK.
What happened is the CIA recruited some foreigners who were already traditional satanists.

Feb. 3, '12: (8:35am) Light rain for the last few hours. Yesterday was a horrid spray-day, worst i'd seen in a while, in advance of the rain.
I think the remote chemmer machines must be easy to mass-produce, because we have nailed thousands of these as well as dozens of factories. Or maybe i'm deluded; even if i watch a plane after its machine has been blasted, it still continues on as before. I have to take consolation in the fact that its trail is in tatters from the orgone.

Another revoltingly DORy CIAtanist: BDevine / DevineMiracles.

Feb. 4, '12: (5:40pm) It finally stopped raining this morning. Got about 2". Chem today.

I will be heading out tomorrow morning for my yearly nazi-stomping excursion to the DC area. The psychopathic felons are quivering in their boots, because this time i'm bringing Yurtle, who will show them no mercy.
I might be offline a couple days.

(6:35pm) Someone wrote me about Stewart Swerdlow, saying what a nice helpful guy he was. I wrote back "The Swerdlows are NSAtanists. He has 42% rept DNA, and she 41%."
About half an hour later, both Swerdlows started psi-attacking me. That was about 10 minutes ago.
I am not wrong about these nice helpful people. The NSA that monitors my mail told them.

Feb. 7, '12: (12:10pm EST) Made it to my mom's house yesterday afternoon. Had a great trip! Despite constant hybrid clouds, chemtrails, and chem-clouds.

I am carrying not only Yurtle, but the usual Earthshaker 1 and Violet1, which by advanced orgone magic, program Strontium-Barium orgone and Violet Flame orgone into the earth below. Yurtle doesn't program matter, but seems to shred evil matrix structures wherever he goes, replacing them with positive energy. The synergy between these pieces is so great that i get that i am 3X as effective in doing drive-by busting since i added Yurtle. Plus i brought along 5-6 gallons of tossable congealed programmed epoxy, including 80 ice cubes with only the new Vicarah program, plus some of my TBs have some Vicarah pgm.

I cut such a swath of energy coming through Tennessee that i stirred up a bunch of U bases in NC and Mississippi!
I was tossing Vicarah cubes into rivers i drove over.
BTW the Vicarah pgm is excellent for gifting water.

I had only slept about 2 hours on the night of the 4th, then couldn't sleep anymore, because the Algols, Elites, and grays were all conspiring to keep me irritated. The grays even had a transmitter in some other galaxy hitting me until we nailed it.
Finally i gave up on sleep and headed out.

I couldn't spare much time, because i wanted to make it all the way to Roanoke, VA, and spend the night there. I sensed 30K+ M32ers on the surface there, plus 20K+ garden-variety satanists. Spending the night there would get the place blasted real good...

I did veer off a bit in West Memphis, Memphis, and the ORNL area. I noticed that the Melton Hill Dam just south of ORNL is now open to the public, hehehehehe. The Tennessee River is more zinged than ever now.

I made it to Roanoke and soon went to sleep, feeling rather euphoric, a feeling that has not left me yet.
I woke up around 5am yesterday, ate, packed, drove out to bust Roanoke. I found a major residential concentration of M32ers just a few blocks from the motel. I was zig-zagging back and forth to cover the area. It seemed every single house there was M32ers. The DOR was starting to get to me. I suspected they knew i was there and were hitting me obliquely somehow. I passed a car in a driveway with Sheriff painted on its side in large letters. Lights off, but a full-blood M32er in there! He turned on his headlights and pulled out right behind me. Gulp. Followed me real closely for a couple miles. I stopped doing that neighborhood when he got behind me, and headed in a direction intuitively. We had a bit of a psi-war going on. Maybe he got the worst of it, because after a while he was no longer in my mirror. Even after that, though, the DOR pressure on me was still intense.

Then, i spotted what i was drawn towards. It was this DORy tower that was strongly radiating the energy signature of the M32ers, and their imperialistic intent!

The dumbass Vatican, etc. play footsie with these monsters who have no loyalty to anyone but their own kind.
[Update: at the time i did not realize that M32ers, etc. were also all shapeshifters.]
BTW i figured out what their big get-togethers in places like Auburn and Little Rock are about: group sex. Gender and age is no concern. The kids are the main attraction. But somehow this seems to bond them more tightly as a group.

Anyway, we nailed that tower and i proceeded to drive around some more, busting more of their neighborhoods as well as de-cloaking their U bases under the town with my orgone-mobile. The energy that had been streaming out of that tower had come from the U bases! They had piped their generated toxic energy into the tower so strongly that it overrode the programming that The Committee had done to it (as it has to all cell towers).

One of their businesses i recall is the US Food Service in Salem (on the west side of Roanoke). Also they have a McDonald's here that is staffed by them, and all the dawn customers were also M32ers who live nearby! Talk about cultural assimilation. What a way to start the workweek; waiting in line at the McDonald's drive-thru while admiring the sky above.

By 8:30am the war was already over. They could no longer attack me, and our forces were back to nailing more dangerous thugs elsewhere.

I couldn't spend too much more time in Roanoke though, because i knew there were oodles more M32ers underground between Roanoke and Richmond. Their bases were obfuscated enough that we had only ever found a few of them; sometimes i just gotta bust the area with orgone to make them show up.
I got several U bases on the way to Lynchburg, and in Lynchburg. I only detect 20 M32ers in Lynchburg on the surface, and drove by several houses in one spot where they live. That sheriff dept guy was RVing me around Lynchburg, so we nailed his pineal.

I headed further east toward Richmond, finding more and more bases. Eventually was guided to veer off the highway onto side roads, and zig-zagged along minor roads toward Richmond. It was west of Richmond where the main action happened: lots of big bases. I dropped orgonite into several streams.

I believe we took out 60K of them under Roanoke, plus half a million M32ers in between there and Richmond! By this time i had used up about 2/3 of the orgonite i had brought along.

Didn't detect M32ers around Richmond, but it is the capitol of the nazi State of VA, so i cruised around downtown some.

I had seen rippled chem heading toward Richmond. The sylphs moved in as soon as the demons were nailed, then the demons would ripple an adjacent batch of chem, etc.
Richmond itself was heavily socked in by streaky, sylphed chem.
Anyway, it was a most ass-kickin' drive up.

() Incredible day, totally clear every time i checked, 60s F. Lots of positive energy here now that Yurtle is here. And the DC area still has 44,444 sylphs.

Big full moon. I get that the moon is about 300 miles further from Earth now than it was a year ago, thanks to the Annunaki, but it doesn't look like it has shrunk.

Another CIA proprietary: Cole's Auto Repair in Hopewell, VA. I sense a dozen CIAtanists associated with this.

(10:10pm) Someone asked me about the alleged Andromeda Council. I could not get any vibe off them, although the people promoting them (with the exception of CIA shapeshifter Al Webre) seem sincere. But Mordok found these Andromedans were evil, had U bases, etc. We took out 27 of their ships in this galaxy.
Note that there also are at least 2 good Andromedan human races. One is the ones Alex Collier speaks of [update: Collier and his Zenetean Andromedans are evil shapeshifting reptilians]. They are 24s and i have only had interactions with them with my 5D self, and no conscious info. The others are a bit short (5'2"-5'4") and 96s. Supposedly i have a bunch of these latter as wives who will come visit me anytime now. Actually they have been visiting a lot in the astral, and they are... not far from Earth.

And, after reading an article about the ever-obnoxious shapeshifter Janet Napolitano, i was inspired to seek out her home so i could maybe do a little drive-by. First i found what i think was her workplace on the 1st floor here, then i found a big sprawling U base a few miles NW with 3K+ HS scum including Janet in it. Mordok and i think she bit it here. Mordok already found 2 clones, who luckily were also in a U base.

Speaking of clones, the new Obama has 1 major difference from the deceased original: he is MPD. If the original was MPD at all, it did not have a vibe i could detect. He did not have a DORy occult or Beta (sex slave) background. But the new one has the works, and an extensive prostitutional history.

I get the impression that the original was not much of a ladys' man, and that he preferred to get blowjobs from white males. But in a pinch, a black woman would do. Well, the new guy has a special suave hetero stud alter, and Michelle has been given the "keys", much to her delight. [Update: i was making an error in assumption because "Michelle" did not have a prostate, so i assumed "she" was a woman. For further info see July 14, '14 blog.]

Feb. 9, '12: (8:30am) Yesterday we had some rain, grey skies. This morning clear.

I had a bizarre experience last night. I looked up from my laptop to glance at the big-screen TV my mom was watching, only to see an obvious shape-shifter! He was doing a testimonial for Triverex, a Viagra-like drug. In fact i found a video of the commercial online, and this link should take you right to the DORy sumbitch. (His vertical irises were extremely obvious on the big screen). Dowses as 36% rept DNA. So sorry to hear you need pharmaceuticals to get it up for the kiddies, pal.

(8:15pm) Chem-clouds appeared, and got thicker until they were moderately heavy in the afternoon.

Me'n Yurtle went cruising around Langley, Mclean, the Pentagon, the Washington Monument... Stirred things up a little.

I was drawn to bust the DORy St. John's Academy in Mclean (map). This place concerns me. It is a CIA MPD op, and wholesale. They pump out several hundreds of "products" yearly. There are pix of MPD sex slave kids on their site.

Also there is a Mclean High School that is the same way. And i believe i have previously mentioned the Potomac School right near CIA HQ. Another such op.

(8:20pm) Anarchist mentor Larken Rose is still being hassled by IRS parasites. There is a video i have not watched. I sense 6 non-satanist nazi parasites particularly involved in this.

Feb. 10, '12: (8:35am) Nasty bunch of dangerous NSAtanists that need blasting... 3 pages worth of "channelers" at Ancient Awakenings [Update: error. See Feb. 12.]

(9am) There is a bldg in Lagos that houses 33 mafia homosexual sorcerors that are making bad woo-woo.

(9:55am) Remember that ass-kissing little chickenshit Petraeus who now heads the CIA? I believe this shapeshifting Scottish Rite pedophile resides here. That truck out front seems to be an innocent landscape co., half of whose business is CIAtanists.
Now, if there was really a threat from foreign interests, do you think the CIA would let just anyone do their landscaping? And do you think all their bigwigs would live in big DORy houses clustered all around CIA HQ in ungated areas? I drove all around there yesterday.
No, security is only a concern for the little people who don't work for the Vatican.

(6:50pm) Heavy chem today. I went out to Vienna, just a bit SW of the CIA HQ. Especially Tysons Corner, a major power spot which had really flared up after yesterday's work. Felt a bunch of CIA and gray U bases. And i had spent some time busting it last year. But Yurtle digs deeper. So i drove all around that area a while, and threw 2 qts of epoxy into a big pond there. Now there are still 2 ally ships, including one with a gray resonator, working over the area.
Most interesting was Tyson's International Plaza, a big bldg that has among its tenants 500+ CIAtanists. I drove around that block several times.

(6:55pm) Yet another of those evil ET "healers" in Holland: Tetsiea Blijham of Lichtwerkcentrum.

(8:05pm) Weird Vatican psyop? The Pope will die within a year: Vatican 'assassination fears' revealed. This Romeo guy is a satanist. There is a reason for this "news" but i don't know what it is.

The pope in the pic is Clone B. This is almost always the one seen in public. If he gets killed by circumstances beyond Vatican control, they could just pull out A or C and announce a miraculous hospital recovery thanks to divine forces.
I'm pretty sure the original Ratslinger was long dead before the clones became pope.

Feb. 11, '12: (noon) Overcast. Had some rain and a little bit of snow last night.

Funny, i meant to put the URL yesterday of the list of "channelers" for Ancient Awakenings but i see that i just put the URL of the homepage. I just looked at their site again, and can no longer find the 3 pages full of pix and names of NSAtanists. I think it was from a Channelers link that was on the homepage. I can't find an archived version of the homepage.
I feel 43 such NSAtanist "channelers" in this group. This group, along with Wilcock, is conning Bill Wood AKA Brockbrader.

(12:25pm) Yet another CIAtanist newage group: The 2012 Scenario. Also in the Comments section is a post by another one: Jay O. Wilder, who also has 4 more of them listed as friends. His address.

The NSA & CIA sure seem to take this 2012 stuff seriously. But they are no match for Yurtle.

Feb. 12, '12: (6:30am) I strongly suspect i went way off the rails in my dowsing a couple days ago about Ancient Awakenings. What happened is i watched the first few minutes of a new video interview of Bill Brockbrader. He mentioned that he was working with (a dubious group which i had mentioned Jan. 24) and i got a super-creepy vibe. I looked in the Channelings tab at that site, and the vibe seemed to be coming mainly from a James McConnel listed there, who has his own site Ancient Awakenings. He and the woman in the pic are NSAtanists. I suspect that around the time i latched onto him, i got spoofed by his mind-bending black magic constructs.
I must have clicked on his members page, which does have 3 pages of pix and names, 45 members including the 2 NSAtanists, all of which seemed to have the same vibe as McConnel. Then i was so disoriented i pasted the link for the wrong page, and also thought i was still on a page marked Channelers. And mistook all the members for NSAtanists. I think they all had that vibe because McConnel had recently done some kind of black magic to enslave them. But i think the rest are OK people, ensouled but not 96s, and probably pretty deluded.
Now that we have blasted the scene, i no longer detect a creepy vibe. I have to check closely to notice that couple that are NSAtanists.

I had run into a vibe like that once before, last year when i checked out Rennes-le-Chateau and cleaned it up (not mentioned in blog at the time). It was a spooky vibe of time phenomena manipulations, and felt very important.

There sure seems to be a lot of interest in channeling info about 2012. Somehow i lack such interest personally, and feel that how well things turn out depends on what you and i DO in 2012, so the practical approach is to tune into what is right action, not trying to divine what the future will be. (Actually i have not studied any of these channelings, so i don't really know what the members are obsessed with.)

Bill is now listed as a channeler at I have not listened to his stuff yet, and don't know that i will.

Personally i feel that anyone interested in contacting hyperdimensional entities about 2012 could do worse than try to contact a beautiful lady named Undomiel, a wife of mine who did much of the programming of Yurtle (even though she normally is not a programmer).
She made an appearance in Tolkein's works as "Arwen Undomiel" but Arwen is not really part of her name.
I have not tried to get info from her about "what will happen" due to a more pro-active approach we have.

(7:05) 2, 4D now to be used in GMO agriculture. It has long been used in logged-off forests to kill broadleaf plants that compete with desired conifers. Now, it will be used on DOW GMO soybeans. Yum.

(3:40pm) We had a tiny bit of snow again last night, and are in a cold spell. Overcast.

You might as well know where our Mars base is. The enemy does. It's under the Bonneville Crater. Pic in this article. The artefact they talk about in the lower left corner probably is Nasa's though.
Right now i sense 400+ Venusians, 20 Ta'l, 300+ M51ers, plus a few other misc allies there. Not very populated right now. Venus has more, and our moon even more than that.

(4:10pm) Twice today i've caught the same CIAtanist messing with Mordok. Implants, cords...
He lives here and works here.

(5:15pm) I just happened to look at the sky and noticed that chem-clouds are being munched! Despite the fact that i removed 2 large CB units from my truck before this trip, to save on weight.
What do i have in there? Earthshaker, Violet1, only the clear rectangular CB in this pic, and not much else of size. Also, buried out back is still this device i made 8 years ago, which still feels great. Video is less dramatic than my Leslie ones, but you can see the stuff swirling and degrading. There are also 2 passenger planes leaving ordinary contrails.

Feb. 14, '12: (8:10pm) Yesterday was clear until in the afternoon gobs of chem-clouds appeared to the south. Today was largely overcast, with occasional sun/chem-clouds.

I felt like kicking a bit of CIA ass today, but didn't feel like driving all the way back to Mclean. So i was guided to work the area around my mom's house. Like in a 2-3 mile radius. It's not like i never busted it before, but Yurtle stirs up stuff that was perviously missed.

I cruised by a bunch of CIAtanist's houses i hadn't notice before; most of them quite large and opulent. Apparently somebody is flourishing in these hard economic times.

Also kicked up some U bases with CIA clones and others with NSA clones. Thousands of satanist clones. Don't ask me what they were for or what they ate.

Feb. 15, '12: (8:35am) More unbelievable quantities of clones: someone said i should check out this video exposing Icke as an illuminati agent. It is too DORy to watch, though. I got hit as soon as i opened it. This guy is Chris Constantine of, and he is one DORy NSA shapeshifter. 41% rept DNA, i get.
He was backed up in psi attack by ~1/2 million more NSA shapeshifters (clones) under most of Wyoming. [Update Nov/2012: again, i was way off the rails here. Chris Constantine is OK. Icke was a shapeshifting Tavistock Fremason, now deceased and replaced by a clone. What happened here? I suspect the NSA, monitoring my surfing in real time, jumped me to make it look like they were backing Constantine. Someone had emailed me the link to the video, so the NSA was forewarned.]

And, also this morning, i started to make a list of all the CIAtanists in We Are Change AZ but i had found 12 by the time i got thru p. 10 of the member list and there were plenty more pages. Many members date back to '07 at least; others are quite new. I got onto this because Ernest Hancock is such a DORy guy.

Sunny with some chem-clouds this morning.

(1:10pm) Someone wrote me that he noticed that his ear was being fried by something nasty in his phone. When he opened the phone up, this DORy piece of metal was hot. The phone works without it.
The phone comes from a CIA proprietary, Premier Communications.

Feb. 16, '12: (2:45pm) Overcast, slight rain today.

MIBs are something i don't think i ever got a vibe off of before. But this morning i read an article which now does not show up in my history, but it put me onto MIBs in Haiti. The entire island and for some distance around it had these critters underground. There are still 22 Ta'l and other allies cleaning it up. Also this page has a photo and a drawing of a MIB. These have the vibe like the ones under Haiti. Unfortunately the page will change over time, and the link to the photo does not work. So i have taken the liberty of caching the photo here. The drawing of a MIB is here.

New desktop wallpaper for 2012 here. Note that Yurtle has 2 special black stones. These used to be mine, but it was found they are 3X as effective if attuned to him instead. Plus he is able to use them for powerful remote work, which i was unable to do with them.
These stones have very special programming against Masonic black magic constructs, and have a lasting effect when physically taken through the vicinity of such. And the whole DC area is submerged in this crap. Or was.

(6:30pm) MIBs were under the whole stretch from the Virgin Islands west through Cuba and up through the Bahamas. The region is still being mopped up.

(8:35pm) Aaargh! They got a clone through. If you are sensitive, check out the vibe of the old Janet versus the new Janet.
Welcome to the hot seat, clone shapeshifter.

Feb. 17, '12: (5:35am) Of course, the clone will never be more than a figurehead. I had the impression last night that the real new HS head was an older woman who resembled Joe Lieberman in drag. A real cutie. But she was underground so we nailed her and a bunch more HS bases. But i must be deluded, because there is no way the opposition could be that consistently stupid.

OK, yesterday i saw this article: Russian TV News Films UFO in Russia's Urals, Proves Villagers Not Having Mass Hallucinations. I could only get a faint bad vibe off this donut. Then after many hours, i was able to light up 6 of their craft in our Solar System, each with 33 of these ETs.
Then finally this morning their homeland was de-cloaked. It's in IC 883. Of course there are more in other universes. Like C.

(8:25am) I ran into a story about a real DORy Alabama GOP organized crime group at the Legal Schnauzer website. I will point some things out about some of the main characters.
  • Bill Swatek: satanist, 41% rept DNA.
  • Barret Swatek: Bill's daughter 42% rept, a satanist witch, MPD victim, extensive prostitutional history since age 1. She is the source of strong DOR kickback that hit me just for looking into this matter.
  • Mike De Luca: her ex-BF; satanist, 40% rept. Producer of Wag the Dog, a great movie that has shape-shifting satanist Dustin Hoffman showing the goyim just how things are done in this world.
  • Dax Swatex: Son of Bill, 41% rept, satanist.
  • Chace Swatek: deceased son of Bill. Was MPD but maybe not satanist.
  • Birmingham News leadership team: 6 very DORy satanists presently depicted: Pam Sidall, Troy Niday, Diane Romine, Tom Scarritt, Kurt Vantosky, Ellen Willams.
  • Infinity Property & Casualty Corporation: I feel 22 DORy satanists working here.
  • The University of Alabama at Birminham doesn't list its faculty, but i sense 24 more satanists with the same kind of vibe.
  • Learning Through Sports, Inc. is composed of 5 more of these satanists.
  • Justin B. Hinkle: just a guy who commented on this page along with some anonymous satanists. Got heavy kickback checking him out. 42% rept DNA, Freemason.
Every single person depicted in this video up to the 6:40 point is a DORy illumi-sleaze extraordinaire. So is the long-haired agent with glasses in the audience.

(6:05pm) I never was much of a fan of Whitney Houston even back when she had a soul. But, this article got me looking more closely. I have the impression of a non-satanist female causing her death.
Albert Zadheh of 2225 Duxbury Circle, is a satanist who may be involved. Since his relatives are not satanists, he probably got into it in the US. I suspect all these people are Iranians. He is listed as having Shira Inc as a "business association". On that page, there is a pic of a satanist lower left, in the purple T-shirt: Francois Wolf. Algerian?

I went looking for the female, and was drawn to M.B. Auto Body Works where i sense 2 satanists working, one of which might be her. Or i might be on a wild-goose chase.
Then i got drawn to Klaslan Corp where i sense 2 more. Then i was drawn to the nearby house of Albert J. Mire, Jr & Ruby A. Mire, 2 more satanists at 803 E Cyrene St in Carson. Then Leonardo Smith, satanist married to non-satanist. Then, Mary Bucy of 272 E 214th St. in Carson, whom i suspect is the female i originally sensed.

Am i onto anything relevant to Whitney's death? I'm not sure. They are satanists that seemed to stick out when i searched. However, they don't seem obviously connected to high illuminati or the gov't.

We did have some chem-clouds today, very ripply over Springfield until we jailed the demons causing the ripples.

Feb. 18, '12: (8:10am) Hundreds Of Dead Birds Fall On I-95 in Laurel, MD. Hmm. Looked that up on map and found a DORy CIA transmitter here. Hyperdimensional allies are monkeywrenching it.

(8:15am) Whoops, missed a weaker one here at 440'. Red Draco taking that one out.

(8:45am) And right near that first transmitter, we have CIA proprietary Kelta Logistics, apparently a commercial post office. At least if you google the name, the Facebook link says it's a PO, and the Facebook page lists other POs and courier services. But here google says it is a warehouse.
It has a strong CIAtanist vibe. Wonder what goes on there, and whether it has much to do with that transmitter.
Trucks, deliveries... maybe the FBI should scrutinize this instead of preying on soulless dweebs to get them to run around with fake bombs.

(9:40am) All this brought my attention to a huge amount of Rigelian grays under the Ft. Meade / Bowie / Crofton area. There are 500 Red Draco in 2 ships that have been working on them. The grays are kicking back at me.

(10:25am) More hmmmmm..... check out Captured: America in Color from 1939-1943. Most of these folks no longer exist as souls. But...
[Update: I didn't realize it until several months later, but all these folks in this slide show are shapeshifting repts of different strains that had only arrived on Earth a couple centuries earlier. The photographers also were SSers.]Cropped from that last pic:

(2:15pm) The 2 sylphs that did that are still around. They are over west MO now.

Rigelian grays are attacking most everyone that i am trying to help lately. It is amazing how plentiful they have re-become. I just scanned for and lit up 82 of their clone hatcheries. Also i have been having them nailed in numerous U locations.
One thing they do a lot is fill up a person's legs with implants.

Feb. 19, '12: (10:10am) Another article about Whitney Houston's death with some interesting info. It mentions a Raffles van Exel (and a web search brings up a lot of pix and stuff about him) who hung around Whitney before her death, also hung out with Michael Jackson, and Michael's CIAtanist MPD handler father. However, although Raffles feels slimy, i do not detect the satanist blood-ritual vibe from him.

I was just not getting the hot satanist vibe off any of this stuff. But i had a hunch there was a string to pull regarding Raffles' associates. I checked through online images of him, and did find a satanist with that compelling, "hot" vibe: Frank DiLeo and an article. Frank is deceased, but nonetheless his pix have a strong DORy vibe. That of a shape-shifter.
Also the article mentions another satanist, Dr. Tohme, who feels like he is connected to a bunch more. From this last link:
"For the last year and a half, I was the closest person to Michael Jackson," said Tohme, who added that he was inspired to help because he saw that Jackson was a "wonderful human being..."

... Tohme would not reveal any information about his life or career other than to confirm that he is a U.S. citizen, a "self-made man" who works in the world of finance and was raised in Los Angeles.

... Denying he is affiliated with the Nation of Islam, Tohme said he actually fired some representatives of the religious sect who had taken over handling affairs for Jackson, who was raised as a Jehovah's Witness.
Holy crap. Nation of Islam is a satanic group run by the Vatican via the Chinese. Jehovah's Witness is a satanic MPD cult also run by the Vatican.

The article further states that DiLeo fired a bunch of Michael's staff;
He also claimed to have twice fired, on Jackson's orders, the longtime nanny of the singers' children, Grace Rawaramba.
Ewww, who is this DORy Grace Rawaramba? CIAtanist MPD handler. This last article says
Since his death, however, sources say Rwaramba has resumed child-caring duties at the Jackson clan's Encino, Calif., compound and was seen taking the children to Jehovah's Witness classes.
And who authorized that, i wonder? Michael's dad? There are other interesting points in that article. Incidentally, i have never been able to cull Deepak Chopra, so i presume he does not know what's really going on.

Incidentally, Michael is still alive as a soul, even though i am pretty sure he was a pederast. He was essentially well-meaning. I do not detect that his kids have been sexually abused by anyone, and they are still ensouled.

Anyway, i do not discern any connection between DiLeo and Whitney. Or Tohme and Whitney. Logically, there must be some illuminati "running" Raffles, but i haven't de-cloaked the connection yet.
DiLeo died last August, anyway.

Interesting couple of articles, only 2 days old: Michael Jackson's Estate is going after Tohme Tohme, MJ's former manager, claiming he fleeced the singer out of millions of dollars, and Michael Jackson's former manager is suing the singer's estate, claiming he is owed millions and is responsible for some of the successes of the singer's estate.

(5:50pm) I am listening to the new Camelot interview with John Kettler. Some notes:
I do not think the crew of the Israeli sub is attending some ET college. More likely they were shark bait.
I get no vibe off the sub and German crew he talks about, whatsoever.
He seems naive in many ways, and i suspect he may be getting distorted reception at times.

His ET allies were kind of cloaked, but i had my ambassador Fo-Touki get in touch with them, and now they know about the allies we have been working with. In fact i had the impression they already took out a bunch of drones and some covert USAF UFOs, located from our intelligence.
Intererestingly, at 1:18:40 on the video, he says that his allies have been taking out alien bases on Earth, and so have others that he is not in touch with. And at 1:19:50 he says he has info that the Enterprise "is to be used as a sacrificial lamb in an NWO operation" which certainly squares with what i said on Feb. 1, but that info is stale and that op will not happen.
Interestingly, Kerry then says that several others have also made that prediction, including (CIAtanist) Jim Fetzer! I did not know this. On Feb. 1, Mordok and i pulled this plan out of the ethers, and i published about it, and i was pretty sure that was enough to make them abandon that particular scenario.
Interestingly, around this point in the vid, i noticed on the right column on youtube this video entitled USS Enterprise a "sacrificial lamb" so a war with Iran will be imminent??, and also, there are bunches of similar videos, some as early as Jan. 23.

I get no vibe off the alleged Iranian missiles in Venezuela. But i think i detect some of Kettler's allies under water here, some distance away from Maracaibo where the alleged missiles were supposedly delivered.

(6:15pm) The guy who is his on-ground source for the alleged Bin Laden raid has no soul.
It is interesting that Kettler says that Obama has gutted the special ops forces except for Delta. Delta is pure MPD stuff with lots of super soldier and ET tech. I was overhearing 2 young soulless guys in the sauna here last winter, discussing employment options. One told the other that only people born and raised on military bases can become Delta. The other guy asked him how he knew that. The first guy said because he is in a military family.

Feb. 21, '12: (5:50am) Kettler mentions 2 evil ET races supposedly helping the Chinese oligarchs, one of which is referred to as the Elder race. I found them in this region and we have been taking out U bases, some as deep as 24 miles. They are from the area of M84 and M86.
The 2nd race is centered around Quanzhou. They are from this area.

Kerry mentioned a race helping the Russians. One of their concentrations is here. And i suspect they are fairly ubiquitous under the Earth and throughout the 50 universes, but i don't think i have noticed them before. I have an impression of 7' humans with silvery straight hair, green eyes. Something different about their feet. Webbed? Amphibious race?

(~7am) He mentions a benevolent "race of scientists" and right away i got a warm feeling of familiarity, like i know these guys from ages ago. Now they are in touch with Fo-Touki as well as The Committee.
They are yet another race of Andromedan humans. They probably could pass for Earth humans in appearance. I have the impression of 5,000 year lifespans.

He mentions a facility that has been identified as the source for chemtrails. I found it in the center of this pic of Perseus and now our guys are helping take it out.

(8:25am) We have a tiny bit of snow on the ground this morning.

Anti-UFO Weapon Targeting System Off Sakhalin Destroyed By ET/ED Action! Yeah. My guys have less regard for soulless minions of evil. We have killed 500+ Russians and countless grays under the island within the last few minutes and are still working on it. Also, we have taken out some ET weaponry.
I noticed there are Rigelians under the main HAARP facility as well. And, undoubtedly all similar facilities on Earth.

I may have figured out how the grays bounced back so quickly. I think it only takes 6 weeks to go from egg to functioning gray. When Antuvozy got rid of the main bunch of grays which all had the same genes, various pockets of grays with slightly different genes survived. So they came up with ways to make the eggs more and more diverse in their genetic code (though the resultant adults may look the same). They are able to produce hatcheries and clones of the eggs very quickly. I keep finding more hatcheries every time i check.
Maybe it's something like that.

(9:30am) Is Kim Jong-un Dead as rumored? I think so.

Clones: I was reading this info. It is probably at least largely correct. It says that Jimmy Carter has been replaced by a succession of "Organic Robotoids". Now, i have long had the impression that Carter is the true head of American Scottish Rite, and the original is still alive. I think i found him here at 770 Girard St NW, Washington, DC.
The article correctly states that GWB's double is a Double, not a clone. Yes, as i have found. Actually, W had 2 plastic-surgery doubles. The original W was assassinated, W2 died in 2010 i think it was, as i reported, and only W3 is still alive. Here is what i said about it 5 years ago.
The other article says "George Bush's double was promiscuous, while George Bush is a pedophile. His double was living in France after Bush was no longer President." Errr, all 3 were satanist pedophiles. Now that they mention it, i do sense 2 doubles for Clinton, as well, plus 5 clones.

The article mentions cloning facilities at Ada, OK. Yes, i find spread out activity centered about 5 miles east of town, with hundreds of clones and 50+ CIAtanists. Bye-bye time.
The article states that the cloning process gives off lots of gamma radiation. I don't know why that wd be, but it seems true and a good way to help dowse these bases.
The author mentions a U city under Oahu, and indeed, the southern 1/2, at least feels like 1 huge interconnected mass of U activity. Thousands of clones, 800+ CIAtanists, some grays...
The article mentions Bull Run, OR. I find a base about 1 mile diameter centered there, with 4K+ clones and 500+ CIAtanists.

(8:05pm) New entry in Kerry's blog:
[Update: Project Camelot is a CIA production. Kerry and Bill are CIAlizard Freemasons. John Kettler is totally under the influence of the CIA. He is one of the very few people Camelot has inteviewed who are not shapeshifters. Ashayana Dean is a shapeshifter.]
With regard to the groups John Kettler is dealing with... They are at the very least polarized more negatively than positive (ilke most humans) and are operating on that. Why do I say this?
A Camelot Supporter said the following referring to the work of Ashayana Deane: ..."When we use the 'bad-guy' tactics to oppose the bad guys, we are no higher in consciousness than them. It's how the Guardians said we have been tricked since Atlantis. And it fits right in with what the Fallen Ones want in order for each raceline to gather and organize their troops so to speak here on the planet. The war above is fought through the people below."
Very well said!! This makes sense and it is most fascinating.
Do you agree, boys and girls? I am glad Kerry recognizes that most humans (at least on Earth in this timeline) are negatively oriented. It is unfortunate that she can't recognize that the soulless person who said this, as well as all the azuritepress bunch that have no souls, serve the dark side, albeit probably unconsciously.

For ages the manipulators have spewed sugary philosophies about turning the other cheek and healing evil. This has limited usefulness. If a being is salvageable, i initiate the therapy process on them. But most evil beings left are not conducive to that. The only way to treat the grays, nazis, etc. is to blow them away. Some parasites can never evolve.

The azuritepress people are into Melchizedek. The old Melchizedek from before the time i initiated therapy on the Melchizedek ETs years ago. These ETs are still in therapy, probably setting a record for duration. But they will turn out OK in the end. But it is too late for their old followers at azuritepress. Actually, if the latter had had viable souls, they never would have so compromised themselves with syrupy newage fluff.
I have been killing off negative beings wholesale for several years, and the multiverse is a much better place for it. Either kill parasites or be one.

(8:15pm) Argh, and further down she says
As Arthur C. Clarke [Update: another shapeshifter.] made clear in his fabulous and insightful book "Childhood's End" forcing peace on a people is not much different than forcing war.. both result in a dead-end and lack of freedom. The consequences are profound.
Another soulless mentor. I have not read that book. I believe that ensouled people shouldn't waste time trying to learn philosophy from the soulless.
I'm not about forcing peace on anyone. I am for killing off all the soulless assholes that want us all to be slaves living in hell.

Feb. 21, '12: (7pm) Another NSAtanist op: Indian in the Machine. Seems to have a lot more to do with the usual tripe about Ass-ended Masters and Cmdr Hatonn than Indian stuff.

I pulled a bunch of implants out of Thorp sent by 2 gay CIAtanists here in McLean.

Elizabeth in NM has been having her dreams invaded by black magicians. Like Alfons Korzan here, and Rachelle Adams here. Rachelle lives with 2 other satanists, and there are i think 21 more houses south and east of that house in that neighborhood, containing 55 more satanists.

(7:15pm) Put on your hip waders, the excrement is getting deeper. Santorum the sactimonious shape-shifter railing about Satan's hold on America. And CIAtanist Pat Buchanan positioning himself for something or other. Note the interview even took place in McLean! The babe has a soul, though. [Update Nov/2012: not any more; she's a shapeshifting rept.]
Pat got fired to improve his credibility.

Feb. 22, '12: (11:05am) Heavy chem-clouds this morning.

Getting off to a good start this morning with things brought to my attention by readers:
We have a DORy CIA witch, 36% rept, Ashley Black of Fasciology. Getting a lot of kickback checking it out.

And in MO we have yet another race of human ETs that live as surface Earthlings as well as undergrounders. These are from M100. I sense 3 of them working in this bldg and the one south of it. Also 1 male here named Dave.
Their underground tunnels and bases extend at least as far as Clarksville, TN, Kennet, AR, and Mark Twain Nat'l Forest in MO. These are being addressed by 20 Ta'l and other allies.

(9:10pm) Heavy chem-clouds and a few trails all day.

A couple more DORy satanists involved with Whitney Houston: Ray J and Clive Davis. Not getting any detail though.

Another CIA proprietary found: Allen Canning. If you type Allen Canning into google maps, several DORy locations drop down from the box. Canning and trucking is a typical method for moving contraband.
This location is the one i found. It had a CIA U base and drug lab under it, and there are houses on the north side inhabited by CIAtanists. Traintracks and trucks galore. Hot vibe down the tracks into OK. Hello, FBI? Interstate transportation of more than just canned veggies.

(9:20pm) That ET place in MO that i mentioned where "Dave" works is McClain Forest Products and there are plenty of pix of these ETs on the site.
Seems like all these evil human ET types share certain traits which include extreme promiscuity, bisexuality, pedophilia, and incest galore. And having most of their population underground.

Feb. 23, '12: (8:30am) Shapeshifters concerned for the health of the goyim: FDA on the perils of raw milk.
"Restricting the sale of raw milk products is likely to reduce the number of outbreaks and can help keep people healthier," said Dr. Robert Tauxe...
Why can it never be an ensouled person so concerned about us? Robert V. Tauxe, MD, MPH Deputy Director, Division of Foodborne, Waterborne and Environmental Diseases, NCEZID, 42% rept DNA Scottish Rite pederast serial murderer.

Shapeshifters concerned about the Syrian people: US Ambassador's Lies About Syria. Robert Ford, 36% rept, satanist pedophile serial murderer.

Gov't figures out how to balance the budget without cutting back on military: Feds sue anti-war activist Cindy Sheehan over back taxes.

(5:55pm) Today i did some busting in Bethesda, including the NIH bldg, then went to Silver Spring and did the FDA bldg. Then did some busting in DC including the Capitol. Got a couple Vicarah cubes into the reflecting pool in front of the Capitol.
Swung by the Washington Monument and Pentagon on the way back.

Chem-clouds, chem-trails, and lots of hybrid clouds that morphed a bit at times from my orgone.

(6:25pm) The only pic of the "new" Kim Jong un i've found so far is here.
I suspect this is a regular double. Possibly a poor one; we'll see if we get better pix soon.

Feb. 24, '12: (8:10am) Claim: Alien Technology In Fort Knox. Now that they mention it, i do feel the gray tech. (Pic of Ft Knox.) Not the gold, which is long gone.
Our monkeywrenchers are checking it out.

Announcing a new free program: the 3012 anti-gray program.

(9:05am) Had a bit of rain last night; also the night before.

Pasteurized milk, the industry the satanist FDA subsidizes with criminal anti-competition enforcement.

Censored earthquake; video by Dutchsinse [Update: another shapeshifter]. I found 3 earthquake machines in this vicinity, being taken out now. These are US gov't devices, built from ET tech. The same ETs who were involved in the Japanese quake. I suspect the censorship was to prevent me from finding the machines.

(9:15am) I believe the machines were built in a U base here in OR, being nailed now. 364 gov't satanists, plus 23 of those ETs.

(10:10am) CIA bldg at Baltimore/Washington airport where 231 CIAtanists work. U base there with 3,200+ CIA, mostly non-satanist clones, being taken out. Another U base a bit east under main airport area, with 3,100+ more.

(12:15pm) I fixed that last link. Also we have, related to this, a CIA proprietary Minuteman Press nearby.

There's an interesting story about this. One of my mom's best friends is a nice clueless ensouled neighbor lady that, until Feb. 21, had a CIAtanist husband and has 2 soulless MPD daughters. Supposedly the husband works at a printing shop near Baltimore.
She told my mom a few days ago that her husband was going skiing despite the fact that his back was so out that he could hardly get out of his car. Then later she says that once he got to the ski slope and stretched a bit, his back was fine. His widow believes all this BS and relays it to my mom who relays all such trivia to me.

So i found the hubby in a U base in the Lake Saranac region of the Adirondacks. In fact, there was a whole bunch of CIA U crap around there. So the guy dies, and a couple days later a biotic robotoid comes home. I found the U base where the robotoid was made in SE Louisiana, and the tunnels and bases involved were all over the southern 1/2 of LA and into east TX. Taken out now.
The robotoid is not a satanist, not DORy at all. I wonder how their dog greeted him when he came home; did he not smell different?
I think the print shop is this Minuteman place, and now the robotoid just works a normal job there. I sense that 5 other surface-dwelling satanists also had to be replaced after the Saranac incident.

So if the print shop in Glen Burnie was a cover for CIAtanists working nearby, what is the one in Ocean City related to? This Food Lion store. Food Lion is not a CIA co. but this one store is. There are 322 CIAtanists working here. Also a U base on the south side that had 2,200+ CIA clones. Tunnel to another one here with 246 more clones and 22 grays. South of there is the Jolly Roger Amusement Park, which had 253 more clones. More CIA U stuff under West Ocean City and the airport. Airport? And Frontier Amusement Park. And Rum Point Golf Course. Etc.

(2pm) Light rain.

More CIA U stuff all the way down the island and apparently ending in a big base under the Norfolk/Chesapeake area. Mostly non-satanist clones.

Someone asked me about Sherry Whitfield, who is an NSAtanist who owns a crystal skull named Synergy. But i think that skull page is a bunch of fiction. The skull has no particular vibe and i strongly suspect it is a fake. In fact, probably glass; it won't take much programming. Disinfo supposedly from the skull:
Continue to work on raising your own vibration, as this will raise the collective vibration of humanity.

When the collective vibration of all humanity is raised sufficiently, the earth and its inhabitants will change in response.
What a load of hooey.

(5:20pm) Got some rain.

Someone drew my attention to a big controversy involving Len Horowitz and other famous characters: link, link. I don't have time to study and try to sort out this confused mess, but just after scanning, i would like to say that Sherri Kane is a soulless CIA agent but not satanist. Greg Szymanski is NSAtanist. Len Horowitz is a 96 with a weakness for CIA floozies.
Harle (deceased) is a good soul. Stephen L. Herman is CIAtanist. Eric Samuelson, JD has no vibe i can detect. Eric John Phelps has no soul, but i have not detected dirty connections yet.

Feb. 25, '12: (9am) Light snow flurries.

That 3012 program really seems to be helping a lot. I have only been finding a few new hatcheries now when i check. Gray energy attacks on people are way down.
The Earth feels much better, but there are still DORy grays making bad energy on the Moon (pic).

(3:55pm) It turned sunny this morning. Plenty of hybrid clouds and chem-clouds.

Someone wrote me from Croatia. If you are interested in orgonite, check out this thread with pix of their nice creations, many of which have Committee programming. One that caught my eye is a mortar and pestle with amazing energy.
Apparently there are a lot of orgonauts in Croatia. They even have a forum.

More about the 3012 program: I noticed that Esterian was radiating the program. She figured out how to make a person do this, and attuned a bunch of good dragons & reptilians with this by the time i noticed.
The attunement is easily passed on in seconds. Just think of Esterian in Alpha Centauri, or else my 5D self. It can also be passed on to other ensouled beings, with their permission. I have already attuned several of you, and in some cases, your pets.

It can also be passed on to soulless people and animals without their permission. This makes them also radiate the anti-gray program, and makes it harder for grays to influence them.

(6:45pm) Lotta shapeshifting on CNN news just now: Romney's irises were vertical slits as he talked about fellow shapeshifter Santorum. Then a minute later, some commentator with 32% rept DNA did the same thing.

(8pm) Mordok got implanted by yet another human ET race living under the Earth, specifically here. From Aldebaran. I get they look too different to blend in on the surface; something about their mouths i think.
There are a lot more around Huntsville, TX, Lakeway, TX, west of San Carlos, MX...

Feb. 26, '12: (8:30am) Clear sky so far.

Speaking of internecine conflicts within the truth movement, you may have read about Henry Makow v Rense. I have not had time to study this issue, but will make a few comments:
Makow, though not perfect, is ensouled and often has good info on his site.
The only good things i can say about NSAtanist Jeff Rense is that he doesn't have enough reptilian DNA to be a shapeshifter [Update: another shapeshifter], and much of the info he carries is good.

There are a few points in the linked article i will comment upon:
... (though you'll know he created the board game Scruples within approximately three seconds if you read any article of his, because he mentions it in pretty much every article he writes)
I have read dozens of articles on his site, and i never heard of a game named Scruples before.
That entire time, Jeff Rense has probably been responsible for most of the traffic at Henry Makow's site
Maybe. I avoid Rense's site as much as possible, yet i have read plenty of Makow's stuff linked from PrisonPlanet and Icke and possibly others.
... he basically accuses Robert Baden Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts, of being a homosexual pedophile who started the Boy Scouts as a front so him and his elite buddies could have access to little boys. But there was absolutely no substance to, or evidence (let alone proof) of, the accusations he was making against Powell. It was simple character assassination.
Powell was a satanist freemason pedophile reptilian shapeshifter. There is plenty of satanist pederasty and MPD activity in the Cub Scouts and Boy Scouts.

(12:50pm) Official Found Dead, Head Covered With Plastic Bag After Measuring Radiation in Tokyo Park. I believe that assassin lives here.
That article further states
This is not the only anti-nuclear official who has died recently. In fact, it was reported on January 3, 2012 that 64-year-old Uemura Yasuhiro, town councilor of Kowaura Minamiise Machi Mie was found dead in his car with a shotgun wound to the chest.
This victim, like the other one, is a good soul. The area he was in is here, and we are taking out a lot of grays there now. I think his assassin is on the beach now, south of there, with 2 more criminal type guys. Also have the impression that these 3 guys spend a lot of time at this spot. I think 2 of the assassins (come to think of it, i think the 3 guys did the hit together) live here where the green arrow points, and the other one in the next house east.

I do not know what these guys do on the beach. I think both hit orders came from a U base here in Tokyo, with 232 evil Japanese at 240'.

(6:35pm) Clear sky all day.

Our ever-suffering friend in Salt Lake City is now being stalked by effing MIBs! That are associated with All Resort limousine service out of the airport. The airport has long been a hangout for those other ETs as well. I sense 23 MIBs associated with this company.

(7:35pm) Our friend says he faced down a MIB stalking him in an All Resort van: "Had a talk with him(face off) and won :) chicken shit." So maybe they are wusses if you don't let them intimidate you.

I just hammered out a dissertation on Japan.

Feb. 27, '12: (7:55am) Sky still clear this morning.

I actually got psi-attacked by the Japanese royals last night. Not that they were particularly tough.

More CIA butchery: Nigeria suicide attack targets church service. I did find a small CIA U base a few miles SW of Jos.

(7pm) Heavy spraying today; lotsa chem floating in from the south, too.

When i busted the FDA the other day, i actually drove up New Hampshire Ave, right on Lockwood Dr. / Stewart Ln. Turned right on Columbia Turnpike, again on Cherry Hill, again on Powder Mill Rd, again on NH, etc.
Twice. Then i went back up to the FDA entrance and turned around there and went back.

Also i was guided to go down Tech Rd, Broadbirch Dr, etc. a bit. And i dropped 1/2 gallon of epoxy around the region.
There were loads of U bases, many very deep, in this area shown on the map.

The place i marked ARL is the DORy Army Research Lab. But what is the huge DORy bldg i marked with an X? I don't know. Here is the street view of the gated entrance. And i sense that 432 gov't satanists work there, plus hundreds more of soulless gov't parasites.

(8:10pm) Recently the older Obama daughter has lost her cherry and been activated as a shapeshifter. Maybe like 3 days ago.

Feb. 28, '12: (11am) Secret 14million Pound Bible in which 'Jesus predicts coming of Prophet Muhammad' unearthed in Turkey. This kinda pegs my bullshitometer. Mohammed, like Moses, was a satanist agent; almost certainly a shapeshifter.
He did, however, leave a lot more truth in Islam than the church left in "Christianity". Which is why you are unlikely to find many church "Christians" with any connection to Jesus, yet some Muslims have a very strong connection to not only Jehovah/Allah, but Jesus. That is, Islam is a more Christian religion than the Vatican-controlled "Christian" churches, e.g. all Protestant churches.
But of course the Vatican controls most Islam too.

Harvard study: Pasteurized milk from industrial dairies linked to cancer.

My mom mentioned that the CIAtanist neighbor that has been replaced by a robotoid has made trips to Germany in the past. I got a vibe that traces to this cluster of bldgs. I sense 360+ CIAtanists here. And just west, there is this Industriepark with trucks. I sense 44 more here.
And then there is this refinery where 20 more work. And if you click on the link in that map, you get taken here, at least this happened the first time i tried. And there was a list of businesses there, 1 of which has the CIA vibe: Fiwa Group, CIA proprietary.
Then there was a U base here, with 122 more. Another under Neustadt with 21.

There is a line of DOR from the bldg with the trucks going north into Poland and all the way to the port of Gdansk. Lotta fuel, plus they have to cross a border...
From there the trail leads to St. Petersburg, Russia, and this house is hot with the vibes of 2 CIAtanists.
Then, amazingly, the trail wends its way along highways back through Finland all the way to the north tip here. This weird bldg has the vibe of 23 CIAtanists.
From there, astonishingly, it is shipped to near Coos Bay, OR: some of the cargo is pulled off and put on smaller boats and brought to Yoakum Point State Park. Oceanside RV Park and County Park host 13 more CIAtanists.
The cargo is brought to Farr's hardware store in Coos Bay. And just east of Farr's is another CIA proprietary, Premier Distributors, the next stop. Who says the CIA doesn't have a sense of humor? There does not seem to be a master site for this company, but a web search reveals a few locations, which largely seem booze-oriented. Unfortunately, there are other companies with about the same name. Some locations that are CIA are Eugene, OR, Miami (got that from this site; note that it has a Portuguese language option...), Wilmington, DE, Bermuda...
Also Premier Beverage in Miramar, FL. There's a CIAtanist bitch on the homepage offering a bottle of wine. This is a subsidiary of Charmer-Sunbelt in Miramar.

Then that ship goes down to L.A., and the rest of the cargo was being moved to a U base here in Encino, that had 232 more CIAtanists. Don't know what happened after that.

So what is up with this Portugal stuff? I could not discern anything off the map, so i did a search for names of Portuguese wines. I get the vibe that the CIA deals in most of these. However, that may all be legitimate business without smuggling.

(11:40am) More nazi stuff:
Vaccination rights attorney Patricia Finn threatened with criminal charges.
Judge Sides with Monsanto Over Small Organic Farmers.
Schmallenberg virus. I found a U base in Holland with 342 satanists. Right above it is this apt which has 2 satanist males that seem involved.

(6:45pm) The chem scene today was the same as yesterday afternoon.

Found and addressed more extensive U bases extending from that Fiwa industry park all the way to Munich, Passau, etc. Bunches of CIA clones, grays...
There were even a couple transmitters under the Fiwa place.

A must-see vid: The Power of RAW Cannabis.

Feb. 29, '12: (5:05pm) Had moderate rain today. I did a bunch of busting around Bethesda. Plenty of U bases with grays and many with CIA clones.

Someone asked me about John of God, a satanist i'd never heard of who has supposedly been heavily promoted by the MSM, including by satanist Oprah Winfrey and also by another satanist i'd never heard of, Sanjay Gupta. Interesting that Gupta has allegedly had altercations with CIAtanist Michael Moore. Gupta's wife and daughters are also satanists.

(5:50pm) Breaking news: this area encompassing Lemoore, CA, Lemoore NAS, and Lemoore Station, is riddled undergound with tunnels and bases of Navy satanists and reptilian ETs from here.