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Loohan's blog for February, 2013
Feb. 1, '13: (3:35pm) Now, Antuvozy is working on the wands again. They are at 82X now.

Many hybrid clouds and chem-clouds today. Windy and colder.

Video: Sandy Hook!!! The Plot Just Got A Whole Lot Thicker!!! He gets to the point starting around 5:00. Apparently all these artificial people being showcased by the media are newcomers to the town.

(7:25pm) Another CIAlizard: Wayne Herschel of The Hidden Records.

I don't have or want a TV at home, but my mom has a large-screen. Even when the broadcast is not in hi-def, it is hard not to notice all the lizard eyes. This is some lying scumbag i just snapped a pic of.

Feb. 3, '13: (10:20am) Got a bit more snow yesterday; a light dusting. Still getting flurries now.

More juicy trails left by the cognitive-dissonators: Sandy Hook Gene Rosen 2008 at Fema Camp. 108Morris is OK. He also gives a link to Gov Walker's youtube channel, which looks interesting but i have not watched any yet.

Another shapeshifter: Ice-T; actually a clone since we bagged him and his sultry shapeshifting wife several months ago in a U base. We actually found over 3K U bases with clones of this wife. Wonder why: images.

Feb. 4, '13: (9:15am) It snowed lightly most of yesterday, but it was too warm for it to stick. 60% chance today and tonight. Heavy chemtrails now.

More intriguing details relating to Sandy Hook.
Gene Rosen's site which says "He is a retired psychologist who worked for several years in Newtown at Fairfield Hills State Hospital.
"As an active member of the community, he serves as a volunteer member of Charter Cable's Advisory Council and reads to elementary school children."

(11:55am) Thought i'd check out some of Gov Walker's vids that i linked to yesterday. In Sandy Hook Actors Fully Exposed , i noticed this boy has weird pupils. I don't detect a rept vibe from any of these Sandy Hook artificial people, but maybe they do have some rept DNA or else there is another explanation for the distorted pupils.

[Note: last image removed from this page upon request, because it is perturbing to abuse victims, but linked here.] This capture is from the same vid, and demonstrates the correct way for an adult to show affection for a small child.

Further on, at 3:45, the kid on the left is MPD/SRA'ed. Dad is a satanist.

At 4:24, the woman on the right with a white blouse is also a satanist.

Feb. 6, '13: (9am) We never did get more snow; just chem. And yesterday was overcast and grey all day.

More bizarre gov't entertainment: Newtown Mother Exposing Sandy Hook Corruption at Public Hearing. This Susan McGuinness Getzinger is not an artificial person of the same type as the other Sandy Hook actors. Rather, she is an artificial person of the same type as i introduced Nov. 11, '12. Her Youtube channel. Article about her husband: Newtown man dies in Stamford accident. Here's a pic of him with chemmy background. It is speculated that he is the guy who put mention of Sandy Hook into the Batman movie. Quite the coincidence.

Another CIAlizard: Daniel Vitalis. "Rewild Yourself."
Another: Robbie Cooper of Urban Grounds. "You won't find any anti-war or anti-soldier bullshit in here. I'm unabashedly pro-military."

(7:55pm) We had only moderate spraying today, as far as i noticed.

I just updated my Venusians page to reflect that, as of last night, almost all (~6K) of the Venusians and others who were in the Venus base have moved into the big allied base 300-320 miles under the Gulf of Mexico.
Is something brewing?

Feb. 8, '13: (9:20am) It was overcast yesterday, then we got some rain and ice pellets last night. 100% chance of rain today here in VA.

Yesterday aftrernoon i started tightening up and feeling bad after a workout. Then only last night did i realize i was under psychic attack again. Not by the usual suspects. The Ta'l had discovered a big Sasquatch undersea base complex a bit north of the Philippines, and the resentful squatchies were hitting me as they awaited their doom. And at the same time bunches of USAF shapeshifters (i kept flashing on these guys with crew cuts and military uniforms) were hitting me from U bases. We nailed quite a few of these USAF bases, and my pain lifted.

Interesting video on how TV shapeshifters "interview" Earthlings: Interpreting media's mind control (NLP). 3-parts, almost 1/2 hour total, to evaluate a couple minutes of TV "programming". Explains use of hand gestures.
I don't normally watch TV, but i think any intelligent person would easily detect, even without this explanatory video, that something is very wrong with this "interview", as all the shapeshifters do is chop across anything the (ensouled Earthling) college prof tries to say, and throw out cheap, childish insults.
Of course, intelligent people are a minority in the Land of the Free.
[Update June, 2014: Kevin Barrett was a shapeshifter after all! The interviewer must have been aware of this. Barrett is now dead and replaced by clone. I thought he was a well-intentioned dupe of the CIA. But he was a lizard of a strain i only de-cloaked later.]

Why is the MSM getting so puerile in such an overtly nazi-like way? The effect of this is to push people into their Operation Mockingbird "alternative" news sites like Prison Planet, etc. etc. Then, the gov't has lists of categories of persons: those who contentedly swallow the MSM crap without question go into one list. Those who gravitate toward "alt" sites can be categorized according to left, right, libertarian, anarchist, etc.
Compulsive information-gathering, i guess.

Feb. 9, '13: (9:30am) We hardly got any more rain, and then the sun and chem-clouds came out yesterday afternoon, and it is still thus this morning.

On Nov. 10, 2012, i wrote: "Weatherwar 101 says HAARP-type transmitters create an artificial plasma layer in the sky that manipulates clouds, if i understand correctly. And i get that several of my unconventional CB-like devices have been addressing this plasma stuff all along. Maybe positive orgone weakens it."
Well, i am feeling a plasma layer in Winter Storm Nemo now. Let us blast.

(10:30am) Suddenly 6 underground transmitters got DORy and are being taken out. 1 in PA, 1 in MA, 1 in ME, 3 under Atlantic. The DORiest was in a NOAA base just west of Bermuda here, which also contained 223(?) NOAA shapeshifters. All these transmitters were about 220' below ground.

(12:50pm) There is "palpable" energy happening offshore along the whole East Coast, reaching to about 500 miles east of the coast.. Feels like the plasma layer being blasted. But it also seems like the plasma is tougher than what i remember it being like last Nov.

(1:30pm) OK, now that area feels better, but i notice the same energy now in the NE corner area of this map.

(1:55pm) OK, i guess we are making progress. Now i feel their plasma efforts limited to an area around Schenectady, NY.

(7:25pm) Seems the weather started pulling out to sea after we blasted the plasma. Would it have hung around longer if we hadn't? Could we have curtailed Sandy's stay if we had known then about the plasma? No way to tell objectively.
The storm had already dumped 2 feet plus of snow on parts on New England last night. I did not notice the plasma vibe until this morning.

Feb. 10, '13: (9:10am) People sometimes write me asking for advice on raising psychic awareness. I really don't have much advice, other than the usual stuff about clearing the pineal of fluoride and calcified crud, doing yoga/meditation, using a lot of orgonite, etc.
But here's a new one on me: dark green leafy veggies supposedly help.
Stinging nettles are easy to grow once established, and delicious cooked. Same with lamb's quarters which grow wild; i always leave these plants anywhere they come up, as long as they don't interfere with my cultivars. Kale is easy to grow even in fairly cold weather; i end up with a bed of small plants, and pick a bunch of the best-looking leaves whenever i want a meal. Beet greens, chard...
Of course greens are also good for your other 2 eyes as well.
Some people are best off avoiding greens in the mustard family, due to their characteristic oils. [Kale is actually in the mustard family, yet i tolerate it very well, unlike other mustards.] Also people who are very "vata" like me may find that some greens aggravate their condition much more than others. Likewise, eating too much raw as opposed to cooked, can aggravate vata. Cooking greens and adding a big chunk of organic butter helps against the vata. I can't eat buttercrunch lettuce, for example. I try to avoid light colored leafy greens and the leaves of brassicas as brassica leaves seem to mess with my guts.

Last fall, hoping i might get some late nettles (but it was too dry and then too cold later), i splurged and bought a slow-speed juicer from Dr. Mercola. But i haven't had a chance to use it yet.
Living in a rural area, every spring, in addition to my nettles, i get copious amounts of cleavers and some other wild greens that may not be very appealing to eat, but make great juice.
Cheap electric juicers do not usually work very well for greens, and also oxidize the juice. Wheatgrass juicers work pretty well, but the metal kind leaches metals.

As an aside about lamb's quarters: last year we had the hottest summer i have ever been in, even hotter than when i lived in TX. And probably about the harshest drought. Yet, even in the late summer, i was still picking lamb's quarters and cooking them (they have a weird fuzzy mouthfeel raw but taste great cooked). I would just pick the higher leaves (it helps to put something around some plants to ward off the deer).

Feb. 11, '13: (8:20am) Got some more rain last night.

Don't know you noticed, but yesterday and last night there was an unusually high influx of demons, sent by Jesuits and Elite Jesuits in Abell 2218. All jailer devices were working hard.
Now the level of influx is about 1/3 of what i noticed last night.
As i was trying to get to sleep, i would be approached astrally by male human-looking faces. I am not sure whether these demons actually look like humans, or are merely projecting such an appearance.
Also some of these were astral bodies of physical Jesuits.
In the past, too, i have noticed human-looking demons from Abell 2218.

Feb. 12, '13: (4:50am) OK, i'm off to head back to AR.

Last night i noticed some small-eyed short grays in Holland, then later realized they were fake grays; robotoids made by those same reptilians we've been fighting lately.

Feb. 13, '13: (7:20pm CST) Made it back. This time i went back via W VA and KY. It was real DORy all around Charleston, WV. It was like my head and face were in a vise or something. Now that i check the map, i find very extensive U bases under the part of Charleston south of the river (map). Hundreds of spots there. We are taking them out now.

W VA was sunny with some puffy little chem-clouds that swirled and shrank from my orgone stuff. As i approached KY, i ran into very heavy chem whiteout. Then in KY, real overcast was added to the mix. Spent the night in a very funky cheap motel in far southwestern KY. Got some rain last night, and a bit more early morning, during which i noticed some of that plasma stuff again.

I had wanted to nail Poplar Bluff, (CIA town) which is in the southeast of MO. I spent close to 3 hours there this morning. PB must be about 70% shapeshifters, many of whom are satanists. Some fraction of these latter are also CIA.
Stirred up dozens more U bases. Also fried a bunch of CIA houses. I noticed many vehicles driven by CIAtanists, but they seemed oblivious to me.

Driving back through NE AR, i had more of those swirly chem-clouds.
When i got home, i found 2.5" of water in the cylindrical can i had left. That's 3.5 weeks' worth of precip. Not real terrible, but not good either, considering what a deficit we have.

I had brought along a record quantity of congealed epoxy, but hardly put out any in the DC area this time. I did drop a bunch on my trip up and back, though. And i still have some left. BTW the Nov2012A program stuff is great for gifting water.
When i left, my wands were all in the 120-185X range, and Antuvozy has continued to improve them. And when i got home this afternoon, she had me make some more embellishments to 3 of them.

Feb. 15, '13: (7:10am) Moderate chem-clouds yesterday.
Noticed a bunch of CIA bases under the heart of the US drought last night, and we cleaned those up, hopefully.

Shapeshifting newager we caught in a U base a couple days ago: Ian Xel Lungold.

Catholic Lizard Yoga: Bishop Ralph Napierski has a flock of very DORy, tainted chumps we are trying to clean up now. His site.
Sorry, folks, but true spirituality will not flow from the Vatican.

Meteor strike injures hundreds in central Russia. Real funny "off" vibe about this. The area of the map where this happened feels oddly DORy, especially here, which might be a power spot.
Haven't figured it out yet.

(1pm) OK, had my court date this morning. I mentioned being arrested last Oct. 29. I didn't actually have a trial, because my lawyer wrangled a deal with the prosecutor.

I had a real good lawyer, and all dubious people involved had been switched to "our" robotoids. Nonetheless, i didn't get off scot-free. I took advantage of a special deal AR has for first offenders. To do this, i had to plead guilty to 3 misdemeanors (1 of which is pure fiction), but if i stay out of trouble for my 1 year unsupervised probation, and pay the fines which total $2235, the charges will be removed from my record.

What happened in late Oct, essentially, is that i was hit at my job by the CIA with a microwave weapon similar to what Barrie Trower discusses. It made me much more enraged and confrontational than usual. I don't want to go into too much detail here.
I am pretty sure this particular weapon was designed specifically for people with the Asperger mutation. Also it took a long time for my allies to neutralize it. I have not experienced this particular weapon before or since. It made it extremely difficult to not grit my teeth and glower at customers, let alone shapeshifter cops. An intense negativity gripped me.

So be aware that the CIA cowards will do such things in the hopes that a person will become belligerent, whereupon they will deliver you to the malicious and predatory criminal-justice system. And cops are not necessarily too shy to commit gross perjury in affadavits. If i had tried to defend myself in court, i would have had to contradict the cop's affadavit on several major points, with no proof whatever, and only a very implausible, wacky story involving ETs and CIA. So i was not anxious to go to trial.

It cost me $315 for bail-bond fees, $2500 for the lawyer, and $2235 in fines. It took me months to raise the lawyer's fee. I wouldn't have had the $$ for the fines except for my mom. (Actually one can pay off the fines over time instead, but then there are additional fees and the probation has to be supervised.)

Feb. 19, '13: (8:50am) Got 1/4" of rain yesterday. Clear now.

Video: Disturbing toys from yours truly-DISNEY AND OTHERS. Damn, hard to believe they are so overt about indoctrinating kiddies.

Sometimes i read back through my past blog pages, largely to check whether i have wrongly fingered anyone. Thus it is that yesterday i read where last August 10 i wrote:
More shapeshifters: Youtuber megawatts1066 promotes various more agents such as Ammach, Eva Zemanova, John Shelton, John Urwin, Anya Briggs, Sissel Tvedte, Kelvin Curnow, John Lear...
I think i made some mistakes there. Also, BTW, it is getting tougher again to spot some shapeshifters; over the past year i've gone through a phase of being unable to spot most of them, then developing orgone programs to make them show up strongly, then having those same programs grind away much of the shapeshifters' evil energy to where some of them are again hard to discern. So now i may possibly err on the side of giving people a clean bill of health when they don't deserve it, but that is preferable to accusing innocents.
Also, during the period where shapeshifters' energy was showing up strongly, a few times i found that innocent people who are close to shapeshifters (e.g. their significant other is one, or their business associates, or they are living right above a CIA base) would seem to have the shapeshifter vibe.

So, last night i just blasted these abovementioned people overnight to hopefully make it clearer to discern about them.
Megawatts1066 (whom i can't find a pic of) is probably OK, and many of the videos are of real people. AMMACH is not a person, but a project by 2 people. Joanne Summerscales has a real odd vibe. I can't be sure she's a rept, but nor can i "reach" her. Either she is deliberately cloaked, or else there is some other factor presently distorting my perception of her energy. Miles Johnston felt similar last night, but this morning he feels clean. Eva Zemanova feels clean. I can only find this one image for John Shelton, but i think he's OK, too. John Urwin feels clean. Anya Briggs has no soul, but might be innocent. I no longer detect the rept vibe off her. Sissel Tvedte is OK; a bit of a choppy vibe right now due to demon attacks. Kelvin Curnow also feels OK.
John Lear, of course, is a shapeshifter.
So i may have been wrong about that batch of people, except for Lear. And i'm not sure about Summerscales.

In addition to what's on YouTube, Miles Johnston has this website.
I think most of these Bases and AMMACH vids are of real people. Of course, there are always phonies. If you go to that last linked page and click on the vid labeled Ammach Site Intro001, you will see Summerscales and Johnston with 2 shapeshifters: David Holdrien and David Griffin.

Another person interviewed by AMMACH is Barry King. King has no soul, and enough rept DNA to potentially be a shapeshifter, yet, he might be honest.

Feb. 20, '13: (5:45pm) The more we blast Joanne Summerscales, the less i like her vibe.

It just started snowing lightly. A system is about to hit. Wunderground sez ice pellets, snow, rain tonight and tomorrow. Other rumors i've heard warn of a bunch of freezing rain and power outages.

Feb. 21, '13: (3:55pm) Got 1" water so far (when melted), some of it rain and some of it ice pellets. And might get more tonight. I did finally start getting freezing rain late morning; some icicles hanging off branches are 3-4" long.

BTW i added some more tape and stuff to my wands (mentioned last month) and they are even more powerful, and with longer ranges. One now has an effective range of 93 miles. I have been mostly blasting SW toward the Russellville area for the last few days, because it was a bit DORy again. That is also the direction that this weather came from.

I should announce that i am pretty sure our friend Elizabeth in Aztec, NM, is deceased. The last email i had from her is dated Jan. 13. She had a very poor diet and had been having a lot of physical problems as well as the never-ending weird demonic attacks. I was kind of expecting this.

Elizabeth had a very traumatic, physically brutal childhood, and because she is sensitive, the paranormal attacks never stopped. Not to mention, Aztec has long been a hotbed for NSA and CIA, who also attacked her.
I probably extended her life a few years by getting the bad guys off her back to a large extent, but it is probably a blessing she died. She was in constant physical and emotional pain.

She continues to walk the dream realms and other dimensions. Her soul name is Natalie.

Feb. 22, '13: (9:20am) Got only a negligible amount more precip. Grey out, and the trees are still covered in ice.

Another great article by Wm Grigg about the (police) state of things in AmeriKKKa: "No Hesitation".
And if you still don't get it, here's a video: WHY COPS FEAR-SHTF. When i watched this video a few months ago, i "Like"d it. Immediately i then started feeling CIA U bases that latched onto my identity. The CIA was monitoring who Likes it.
Not all these bad cops are shapeshifting reptilians, but most are. In other news stories, i often find non-shapeshifting cops being nazi tyrants.

Article about chlorella that might have some truth in it, despite being from the CIA which is promoting its own brand: Cleanest sources for chlorella revealed: Natural News publishes metals contamination test results for world's most famous superfood.
I haven't been eating very much chlorella since Fukushima happened. At that time i bought another kg container of Yaeyama brand that was still in the pipeline. According to this article, though, Japanese chlorella has higher aluminum levels than Taiwanese, and Korean has none.
Chinese should be avoided.

Programming of my wands and other sophisticated weapons continues unabated, much to the consternation of the Powers That Were. Last night the CIA even psi-attacked Antuvozy from U bases!

Feb. 24, '13: (6:50pm) We got some chem-clouds yesterday and the day before, but today was clear, despite the fact that we have 90% rain chances tomorrow:
"Chance of rain 90% with rainfall amounts near 0.2 in. possible" tomorrow, according to wunderground. And tomorrow night "Chance of rain 70% with rainfall amounts near 0.9 in. possible."

For the last couple days i have mainly had my wands aiming NW through Harrison and on through Monett, MO.
The energy is getting really positive around here. I wish this wand tech was accessible to more people. I get that there are 5 people other than myself capable of making these, and so far 2 proper wands have been made by a couple of these.

Feb. 25, '13: (4:40pm) It's a good day. Because i have started work on 6 more Freaky Wands.

Also got twice the amount of rainfall (and small hail) than was predicted to be possible.

Feb. 26, '13: (2pm) Actually got a good bit more rain yesterday before dark. Then some more overnight. Then lite rain and snow today. Total of 1.7" off this system.
Now i just turned my wands toward Greenbrier/Conway/Little Rock.

(3:10pm) Lately the Abell 2218 Jesuits have been taking a break, and the offworld CIA has taken over attack functions, from countless locations. Sometimes they use transmitters. They have been attacking me since last night; also Mordok and Bal at least.

Feb. 27, '13: (6:15pm) Overcast today, chilly.

For the past few days we have been battling another ET race. There is this guy in London who keeps getting hit for unknown reasons. They are also persecuting at least 5K other individuals on Earth.

For several days after i started nailing them, i would "see" these bug-eyed faces in my space at times, and jail these guys. These were the astral bodies of what may be humans similar in appearance to us. Don't think they are reptilian hybrids. I think the bug-eyes is an effect from the special glasses/goggles they wear to do psi work.
Then the astral visits stopped, and they psi-attacked me for some time; but that seems to have ceased for now. Yet they are still attacking others.
They are real obfuscative of themselves, and hard to find. They are spread widely throughout the universe. The location they are attacking from right now is around the center of here (capture from Google Earth sky view) in the Hercules region.

(8:15pm) The "Strontium-Barium" resin pgm is real good against these guys, since they are not reptilian. As it happens, i just made a whopper of a unit with 2 gallons of S-B programmed cocoa epoxy, as well as wild innards in the center.
I made it as a radionic warfare type unit to work on insect pests as well as tyrannical or slimy soulless Earthlings. Maybe i'll take a pic tomorrow.

These days, the Nov2012A pgm is best for shapeshifting reptilians. But S-B is still best for certain other target types.

Feb. 28, '13: (8:20am) And, in a somewhat similar situation, a guy in NYC has been getting attacked for some time by some other mysterous forces. He writes of stuff like voice-to-skull technology being used on him. But the only perps i can find (with great difficulty) are some ETs on Arp 256.
Now these have started attacking me with psychic energy.
These feel like reptilian shapeshifters.

(10am) Sun finally came out, displaying some dubious clouds.
Here is a pic of my new "chocolatey" unit. It is at least 2.5 gallons displacement.

(6:45pm) Today my wands have been aimed east, through Leslie, Mountain View, Batesville, and beyond. There is a DORy area between Batesville and Jonesboro.

Full moon was a couple nights ago, but now i have the impression of some illuminati doing dog sacrifice rituals...

(6:50pm) According to the calendar, tomorrow, March 1, is " St Eichatadt Day: Blood rituals involving the drinking of human blood for strength and homage/honours to demons."