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Loohan's blog for February, 2015
Feb 1, 2015: (5:55pm) Got rain last night, but it hardly amounted to anything. Grey and damp today. Colder.

New resin program: the Feb2015A Program [Teffa Program]. This one is by a tortoise named Teffa, who lives in the South American jungle somewhere. It's a long story how i became aware of her. She has a powerful intrinsic anti-demon vibe. Sometime back i asked her to write us a resin pgm. But turtles can be slow. It took a couple weeks or so.
I just poured some plain epoxy which she is programming now. The program is strongly anti-demon but may not be that effective against physical ETs; we'll see.
Also it is "wandable". I will be mentioning it in OTB 44.

Feb 3, '15: (4:05pm) On second thought, let's make that the Teffa Program. This is probably the only pgm she will produce, and it is her essential statement.

When i asked her to write a pgm, i mentioned it would be good if it was effective against the Conehead demons (as well as the Bigheads, etc.). The Coneheads are very sneaky and good at hiding, as they covertly ruin your life. The Teffa pgm lights the little darlings up.

Feb 4, '15: (7:50pm) Pic of Alah-Kur craft with 24 Alah-Kur in it, taken by Bal on the road this evening. They are above Des Moines now, and Bal is approaching the city, too. Lots of stuff stirred up from Iowa City to Des Moines.

The craft has ES2 on it.

A couple nights ago a CIA transmitter plane flew over me at night, escorted by the Alah-Kur blasting them with ES2.

Feb. 5, '15: (8:45am) They are still mopping up. Over Altoona now.

Got about 1/4 of snow accumulation overnight.

Extraordinary example of "the system" working:
$7M verdict against cops upheld in Caravella's DNA exoneration. What, these reptiles are supposed to pay the penalty themselves for a change?

Feb 6, '15: (9:35am) A reader sent an interesting description of some demons his wife saw:
On my side of the bed, she saw 3 flower-like shapes with off-white disks on stems, each disk having a black outside rim and a smaller black circle near the center. They were "looking" at me (as I was asleep) and were arranged by height - tall, medium, shorter. She could not say whether she was asleep or not at that time. I didn't perceive that they were particularly threatening...
These seem to be spies/monitors for the EHETs.

MEDIA HOAXES EXPOSED! CIA Clone Naomi Wolf Reveals How & Why Fake News Stories Are Created & Pushed
She had the usual 81 sex-appeal spells. She reveals part of the truth but neglects to mention how much "news" is generated that seems to have no purpose but distraction from, and displacement of, any real news. And broader public de-sensitization toward kinky sexual topics (wives allegedly cutting off dicks, presidents getting blow-jobs from strumpets, Secret Servicemen whoring around, "whistleblowers" wanting sex changes, etc.)
I am heartened that the comment section shows a lot of healthy scepticism by viewers, even though they tend to fall into the "jew" psyop category:
obviously she is a member of the tribe. Any well-known goy hinting at the possibility that jewish mainstream media is telling lies would be publicly slaughtered by the self-chosenite zio-jews.
You see, these people know how to fool the sheeple (goyim) - give them someone who's admitting little truths, but will never reveal the whole context and whose agenda it is. And the dumb goyim will celebrate this person as a hero.
So close, yet so far away.

Feb 9, '15: (12:20pm) This is a weird "robin" Bal photographed in the midwest somewhere. Note how it is blurry although the grass is in focus. It has a strange vibe. I think offworld EHETs are the source for this thing.

Giggling clonefest: i could not find one individual shown in this video that is not a lizard clone, even scanning the audience at 0:35.
I guess they can't find any humans to titter and clap correctly.

Feb 10, '15: (5:40pm) I am being hammered worse today than in a long time. Started up hard this morning. EHETs from all over the multiverse, offworld CIA & NSA, repts, werewolves, bigheads, coneheads, etc. etc.
Constant upper-body pain and nausea.
'Course, it ain't like i've been doing nothing to piss them off :-)

Feb 12, '15: (7:30am) Feeling much better. By late evening that day their attacks degraded to mere restless-leg stuff, and i was able to eat something. But then of course they wouldn't let me sleep for a long time.

Yesterday they sprayed heavily.

I have been sending lots of orgone stuff to the guy in Queens, who has been gifting and blasting. Recently sent big box including some Teffa pgm stuff. Now on the map, NYC has a funky vibe due to scads of U coneheads being flushed up. So if you got some Teffa stuff, you could give NYC a blast.
Central Park in Manhattan is the biggest power spot in the region, so there seems to be endless filth under the area.

(8:50am) I'm experiencing nausea again: Radical Lizard Brownies being trained as cookie-cutter "social justice activists" by the CIA.
Barf. No humans allowed (yet), despite the illegality of racial discrimination which they allegedly oppose.

Feb 13, '15: (8:25pm) Pretty bad chemspray the last 2 days.

Another type of ET, probably shapeshifting rept but i'm not sure. Examples: the Hackensack, NJ City Council. They had the vibe of soulless Earthlings, but i knew they couldn't be if they were the city council in such a corrupt area. This was a couple weeks ago. I've been blasting them, trying to get them to "vibrate" but no go. However, just now i noticed they were all in a U base.
Most likely they will be replaced by clones of their own kind.

It's a drag that they have a normal vibe. That means i don't know who else is one of them. I am highly suspicious of Sibel Edmonds, though.
Come to think of it, this is not the original Sibel, but her clone. The original was of the same species.

Feb 14, '15: (8:25am) Satanist MIB whines about people who don't vax their kids or themselves: Canadian mother's powerful post on measles: 'I blame you'. Even thought the gov't admits that the adult guy who supposedly infected her baby parasite had been immunized himself.
OK, lackeys at Vice, i nominate this slut for your "Crybaby of the Week". (Vice consists mostly of "hip" Earth dupes/pawns working for a lizard clone boss who never miss a chance to trot out lizard "scientific studies" in support of the benefits of fluoride, vax, etc. and who also "don't believe in" chemtrails.)

Clone lies through her teeth: The 66-year-old from New Zealand said she had no links to anyone that she would scrutinise during proceedings as she claims there is no such thing as an "establishment" in her country. Sick. "Her country" is the ultra-corrupt, Tavistock-controlled New Zealand.

Pic of CIA clone.

Feb 15, '15: (4:05pm) Expecting some semi-serious winter weather over the next couple days.

Not everything is a CIA plot, just almost everything. Now Mercola is promoting the CIA front FamilyFarmed.
Most of these lizards were caught in U bases this morning, as, with typical lack of concern, the CIA did not bother to warn them, despite knowing that i subscribe to Mercola's newsletter.
The rest died later in the day.

About the Copenhagen farce, i am not sure of all the details of this one, but all the depicted cops are SSers, and, in fact, have compliantly gone underground already.

(5:55pm) I just realized, the PRG program no longer requires titanium. It goes well into plain resin.
If you do use titanium, consider using bionized shavings.
It is too cold to pour for a while but when it warms up i'll pour some clear PRG as well as some with bionized titanium shavings, and post a pic.
Bionized steel shavings might work too. Unless they are stainless, they will get rusty from bionizing.

Feb 17, '15: (9:15am) Got about 2/3" accumulation of snow and ice pellets on the night of the 15th and morning of the 16th. It was around 13 F earlier this morning.

Some intriguing tidbits:
CIA Headquarters in Langley Reportedly on Lockdown. Dunno wassup there. I just get vibe of clones, robotoids, Sandy Hookers, etc.
Bizarre Martian Plumes Discovered by Amateur Astronomers. Dunno wassup there either, but it has a strong vibe of conflict. Don't recognize any combatants, though.

Not everything is a reptilian conspiracy, just almost everything: Advocate calls for global Jewish child-abuse commission. The most obvious thing about Waks is his extreme gay vibe. The 2nd most obvious is his shapeshifter vibe.
"Waks now calls for a global Jewish initiative to address child sexual abuse and its cover-up throughout the Diaspora, including Israel." The Groners are SSers too, of course.
Waks is founder of Tzedek, which is fully lizard-supported.

I don't normally sign or promote petitions, but here's one to PROHIBIT ANY LAWS MANDATING THE FORCE AND REQUIREMENT OF VACCINATIONS OF ANY KIND.

Feb 19, '15: (9:15am) It was 9 F at 7 am; a rare case of wunderground nailing it on a prediction. Overcast now. This is fairly cold weather for this time of year. And we are supposed to get more.

Psyops within psyops: is Charles Manson innocent? Spivey ponders the matter.
Well, i have no idea what Manson's level of personal involvement was in the murders, but, he was/is an MPD CIAtanist SSer serial killer. I say was/is because i do not notice a difference in vibe between what appear to be at least 2 Mansons in the pics. Notice how in the early pics, his ears are usually covered by hair, except in the 1971 pic in which one can see how his ears stand out away from his skull. Yet in the later pics, the ears hug the skull.
He sure looks good for a 76-year-old who has supposedly been eating prison food for decades.
Manson was a big musical hit in the CIA-engineered Laurel Canyon music scene, and was promoted by such CIAtanists as Niel Young.
His fiance' seems like a human CIA agent, as does his old lawyer Irving A. Kanarek.

Polanski, of course, is a satanist SSer but none of the victims feel obviously repty.

Dennis Wilson was a SSer, like most of the famous "people" that met weird deaths in that era.

Feb 20, '15: (9:10am) Sometimes they just can't resist flaunting it. If you go to NSAtanist SSer Tai Lopez's site right now, you should see this Masonic gesture prominently displayed.
Bal had written me "This guy heavily implanted and cursed my head." And when i checked it out, the site threw spells at me, too.

(12:40pm) Today the offworld CIA is back to hammering me from deep space, mainly around Cassiopeia and Perseus areas. Upper body pains mostly.

(2:10pm) Now it's back to the EHETs again, mainly around Fornax at this time.
Joe has just come out with a new resin program that i sense poisons the EHETs. I just poured about 44 oz of resin, even though my workshop is around 28 F and it will be a long time before the epoxy hardens.
Goes into plain resin but it may be slightly better to add a bit of tulsi powder. I used about 1 tsp/qt.

Feb 22, '15: (4:30pm) Got some rain and ice pellets the night of the 20th, and tonight we are supposed to get at least an inch of snow and it's supposed to go down to 11 F. Although it looks like only the N edge of the storm will hit me.
I wonder what that flash is coming from the vicinity of Monett, MO.

(7:20) And now there's one shooting down from south-central MO. [And another beam i missed, coming north from Tennessee.]

The system seems to be passing quite a way south of me.

Feb 23, '15: (8:40am) Around 19 F this morning; got no snow.

Sometimes the sheer absurdity is entertaining. Dig what this lizard clone Astrea Sri Ana has to say about herself:
I am angelic. This is my first physical lifetime. I am clairvoyant. I see Ascended Masters, angels, galactic beings, energy as geometry ... and the beings of light show me the geometric repatterning that needs to be brought to earth. I sing the language of light. I work with the Galactic Federation and Ashtar Command to channel planetary activations and to draw codes of sacred geometry ... templates, blueprints and holograms of divinity ... to create the foundation upon which the New World may build...
One of my gifts is the ability to awaken your divine spirit, opening the way for your own healing to begin.
And on and on. What's scary is, if you look at the gallery pics, most of the people are soulless Earthlings who have fallen for this total CIA bullshit.

(4:10pm) BTW i was not really monitoring the radar map yesterday; those gifs are from the only times i checked. There may have been other beams than those.

Last night wunderground said 100% chance of snow, 1-3", and nothing materialized here. Earlier this afternoon, they predicted the same thing again for this afternoon. All i got so far was a few flakes, which i suspect is all i'll get. Now they reduced it to 40% chance, less than 1".

A while ago i nabbed this gif.

Note that there was another beam.

Feb 26, '15: (8:40pm) Supposed to get down to 10-12 F again tonight.

Last Dec 30 i posted:
(1:05pm) I have said that clones have no psi-attack capabilities, but today ... i felt each clone on the road and in the store. The EHETs seemed to be resentfully reaching out to me through them.
I've been meaning to follow up on that for a while.

Ever since then, i almost always get nasty EHET energy coming at me from clones. Some days it's pretty intense, and other days almost nothing, but usually it's pretty distinct. So much so that the average SSer clone is now more vibey than the average non-clone SSer. If the non-clone SSer is satanist/werewolf/CIA/NSA, the vibe is stronger. But if the clone is CIA in conscious attack mode, it can be pretty strong, too. Also clones do draw on SSer U bases for strength, but that might be mostly to help them resist positive energy rather than for attacking.

Are the clones aware that EHETs are attacking you through them? In most cases, no. But in many cases, yes. They can even deliberately turn it off, as did one CIA clone couple recently that always tries to psyche me out with their sincere backwoods-hippie demeanor.

What can be done? Personally i have devices that find and mark all the SSer U bases the clones draw on, but what about the EHETs attacking you from distant galaxies via the clones? There are many resin and stone programs that work on EHETs. Also EHETs are increasingly easy to force into an etheric phase and jail. We have many allies such as thousands of pigs that are fierce jailers if directed to a target area.

Perhaps the single best program against EHETs is Joe's new Earthy Program (see Feb 2015 entry here). I have a big slab of it that i mentally throw into the chest of every passing EHET in order to squelch the bad energy flow. It helps a lot. Other strong orgone devices may work well too.

But other than radiating a hostile vibe at you, can these clones actually do damage? Probably not that much. I doubt they can actually implant or throw demons, but people can get energy-attacked by them, causing chronic stress. Also some people might be getting thought-manipulations that way.

Attack via clones seems to be the easiest way for EHETs to hit you if you are physically near clones, like within 80' or so. If one stymies that avenue of attack, the EHETs may just start attacking directly from deep space. And if you nail them in one area, others in other areas take over. This costs them a lot of energy and resources if you fight back.