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Loohan's blog for February, 2017

Feb 2, 2017: (1:40pm) Here's one version of a very common govt-media scam: The 'Right to Repair' Movement Is Being Led by Farmers
Farmers are pushing back against legislation that prevents them from fixing their own equipment. If successful, it will be a huge victory for consumers.
Huge victory, indeed. And it would prove that democracy works and that working within the system is effective, even if slow and cumbersome. Of course we already know that. For example we know how the CIA-led civil rights movement turned the status quo on its ear, and made such a change in the national consciousness that we now have a MLK national holiday and zillions of MLK Boulevards, Avenues, etc. all over this fine democratic land of the free.
And we know that many decades of dedicated activism will gradually, painfully, very belatedy repeal marijuana prohibition, now that the CIA has their legal-pot proprietary corporations dominating the US stock market, so that the CIA can afford to divest from its traditional role of bringing in the illegal Mexican mafia pot.
We know that all you have to do to stay in the same place is for enough people to expend enough time and energy running in place. And that govt/industry will endlessly threaten or pursue legislation or policies in order to give the people something to struggle against, usually under CIA or other Jesuit-Masonic leadership. And eventually "overcome" or not.

These days, i am less naive than in decades past, and personally prefer to struggle against The Establishment in more effective ways. I've been doing some serious busting in the DC area (most heavily in a large area just SW of DC).
Yesterday i was hiking/busting in Wakefield Park and stumbled across this DORy and massive electricity substation (map) which was buzzing with irritating energies. Werewolf U bases were pouring WW-friendly vibes through it. We took out the bases and more replaced them. The substation was parked on a power spot, of course. Took some gifting to mellow it out, then noticed also some electronic stuff in there that had to be neutralized by our Ky allies.

Just south of there is Lake Accotink Park. I did that a few days ago. Most of the hikers on the trail were WWs! I gifted it well. That evening i realized i had flushed up loads of demon species from the lake. For decades, strolling WWs had been packing the lake full of demons. I had to get Fred to clean up the mess.

Although WWs don't have much of a presence in the media/entertainment/political circus, they are very prevalent behind the scenes. I am continually shocked at how many are still alive (not clones) on the roads here. But my work is taking a toll on them.

Feb 4, '17: (6:30pm) Yesterday i had to chaffeur my mom to have a botched Lasik surgery patched up here near Merrifield, VA. I did some busting in the (werewolf-packed) area. Then last night i happened to wake up around midnight, and as i was getting back to sleep, sensed 8 ETs of this variety (which i had posted about last June 16; pic is mislabeled and should say Barcelona) leaving that same building late. I think from a 2nd floor office. And i sensed thousands more of their ilk around somewhere. Something about them makes their locations hard to sense. But allies nevertheless took out some U bases.

And the one in this pic, after months of blasting, eventually suicided and has been replaced by a clone.
The Sep2016-2 Program for frying werewolves seems to hit them pretty well. They are not werewolves nor reptilians, as far as i can tell.

Then today i went back to that area and did a bunch more busting. I got the vague impression of bunches of these ETs dying underground, along with WWs of course.

Feb 5, '17: (9:15am) MIBs! I had forgotten about MIBs. They were not conspicuous in traffic in that area, but lots were underground and covertly attacking me yesterday; making me feel sore and tired until i spotted that last night.

Exposed: How world leaders were duped into investing billions over manipulated global warming data. Check out that douchebag repticlone poseur "Data Science,Climate and satellites Consultant John J Bates, who blew the whistle to the Mail on Sunday" whom i strongly suspect has never done anything more astounding than stand in front of a camera with crossed arms and a dipshit pussyface expression.

Feb 6, '17: (7:45am) Weirdness. This morning i got an email from a reader alerting me to one Georgi Stankov. (Pic.) My immediate impression was that he indeed stankov shidt, specifically he had a nasty vibe from all the WWs, Egyptoids, etc he hangs with. But i couldn't make out what he is personally, what with all the choppy vibes from them.
So i traced these DORy critters to a U base offshore of Chile (map but you may need to zoom out a bunch before you see it).
What was in the base? Around 6,000 satanist NATO ETs, so far from Europe. Furthermore, strong impressions half of them were Germans heavily into Nazi culture, regalia, symbols, uniforms, marching, etc.

Stankov has a site that at first seems to contain a more intellectual type of newage pap. Yet also contains some of the most brainless, idiotic drivel fed to him by the CIA:
Trump's inauguration day was pivotal in the history of this ascending humanity as it marked the visible defeat of the ruling cabal, no matter how long their last throes will now continue.
Mighty glowing words for a MPD pseudo-tranny repticlone slave that flashes more hand signs per second than any politician i've seen. How stoopid would anyone have to be to believe this garbage?

Stankov himself is a male Egyptoid. I get impression of both Category 1 and 2. Also he is a blood-ritual satanist and high Scottish Rite pervert.
Searching for his location, first i found another Nato Nazi base in Argentina, which had a tunnel going NE all the way to another such base under the North Atlantic.

Still searching for Stanky, i then found loads of little Nato bases under Europe.
Finally found the stanker under Murmansk Oblast, Russia. Yes, Nato has Russian bases.

Now he will no doubt be replaced by a clone who will have the exact same genetic vibe. How do they do this? Back around 2011, 2012 when SSers got replaced, they would sometimes even be replaced by sexually-reproduced SSers from a U base, somehow morphed to resemble the deceased. In one case, a full-blood NGC4414 neighbor of mine got replaced by a half-breed NGC4414 that was sexually produced underground. Back then the opposition seemed to go to more trouble to be able to replace these SSers. But these days, it seems like they just make an identical (except for still being much weaker in terms of paranormal powers) "digital" copy and insert it into our simulated reality. Is that what it going on? There has been a great deal of CIA buzz on the web lately about our simulated reality. Some true disclosure in there?
Here's something i wrote in an email this morning:
Sometimes i suspect we are attended to by good and evil ETs on a higher dimension. And there are rules which if they break, permit the other side to break rules too, as regards fking around with our simulated reality. E.g. when the cia falsely arrested me in 2012 and lied about it wildly, this gave the A-K permission to kill a bunch of congresslizards, Sensei Schmuck [Dennis of Warriormatrix], and other tuff lizards ABOVE ground. And replace bunches of cops etc with their own 'toids.

And whereas in the farther past the bad guys may have replaced lots of ordinary humans, maybe this has adverse consequences for them, so that in recent decades they mainly replace their own agents; not TIs or ordinary people.
I suspect that all this mere insertion of digital copies bypasses the rules of playing in 3D and accrues "bad karma" for the opposition each time they do it. But they have no other choice these days.

(8:50am) And who, BTW, is the trusted arbiter who decides how our side will spend the "karmic allowance" the enemy gives us? For some time i have felt it was Valiant Thor.

Feb 7, '17: (8:55am) Someone asked me about Team Light in AZ. CIA repticlones, of course. Here shown brazenly flaunting Masonic hand signs.

Rion De'Rouen offers some funky-looking "Galactic" wands. These are inert except for some rather mild spells.

Feb 10, '17: (5:25am) Hundreds of whales dead after mass stranding in New Zealand. "80 to 90 whales who were freed re-stranded themselves in the same place just five hours later".
Found lots of demons in the bay, then an ET base 3 miles below sea floor at -40.699345, 172.865558. Unfamiliar ETs were broadcasting toxic vibes. Also found 18 of their ships in the Solar System. All being taken out.

Frequencial (sic) Remedy may seem like a groovy site, but only repticlones are depicted.

(7:05am) I mentioned the vibeless "slain backpacker Mia Ayliffe-Chung" on the 16th of last August. Now, her purported mom Rosie is in the nooz: Mother of slain backpacker writes angry letter to Trump over terror list (all stories must lead to Trump these days). Rosie is a CIA human clone, which is also what i suspect Mia and Tom Jackson were.
Naturally, the "killer" (apparently a human actor) has brown skin and a catchy name like Smail Ayad.

Jan Smith's site has been taken down.
Best I can determine, the only accessible link to the most recent snapshot taken by the wayback machine at is this:
I would encourage all to visit these links and save the pages to your hard drive as full web archives including pictures and full HTML. I have seen even wayback archives disappear...
I, too, have seen archives disappear, notably one regarding Scientology.

Phoenix mom deported after routine immigration check speaks out. This retarded actress Guadalupe Garcia de Rayos is a CIA repticlone.

So is this "15-year-old Pizzagate survivor".

Bahrainis Protest Killing of 3 Activists Trying to Flee Kingdom. Odd that the pictures of these "3 dead guys" are all of the same 1 live human actor.

(8:15am) Barbizon, France is a town where my family lived for a while when i was a toddler. I was thinking of that this morning, and realized it had a vibe. On further inspection, i found extensive Mossad SSer bases under Barbizon and neighboring Macherin. We are taking these out, but there are also many Mossad SSers on the surface in this area.
We also lived in nearby Fontainebleau, which has extensive WW U bases also being taken out.

(8:40am) Funniest fable of the morning: Politicians Are Now Making Plans in Case the Public Turns Against Them Violently. They wish.
"House Republicans during a closed-door meeting Tuesday discussed how to protect themselves and their staffs from protesters storming town halls and offices in opposition to repealing Obamacare."

Feb 11, '16: (5:30pm) How easy these stupid Earthlings are to manipulate. All you have to do is create some hot-button fiction story, no matter how absurd, and then have a bunch of shills whip up a frenzy over it, and voila: for a very modest investment we get the desired street riots.
French police say 'anal rape' of suspect with officer's truncheon was an accident.
Police in France have claimed that an officer anally raped a 22-year-old black man with a truncheon by mistake.
In an initial investigation, they found "insufficient evidence" to support the man's claim that he was deliberately sodomised.
A lawyer for one of the officer's (sic) suggested his expandable baton slipped into the man's anus by accident.
The findings of the internal police inquiry were announced as violent protests continued for a sixth night in Paris' northern suburbs, over the incident involving a man identified only as Theo.

Woman Born in Nazi Germany: Trump Isn't Like Hitler, Rioting Leftists Are. Funny thing is, this apparently is a human woman, but she is a Nazi satanist. I get a strong impression that she is very cruel and mean, and causes suffering to many adult humans in some context... In fact we found a U base in Germany where dozens of adult humans were kept as tortured and mutilated slaves. The Alah-kur put them out of their misery. Sweet Inga wasn't down there; i had the impression she mostly just gave orders remotely.
I sense a bunch more nasty Nazi satanists connected to her.

She's right, of course:

no resemblance whatsoever between Trump and Hitler.

I did a bunch of busting in DC today.

Feb 12, '17: (6:25am) Ever notice how many pics of agents of evil show them pointing their fingers in various ways? Of course, even innocent people point while talking, but it seems like a disproportionate percent of pics of hoax actors show conspicuously pointed fingers, often in unusual positions.
(Pic to right ripped from Vigilant Citizen.)

Saw this one today, and was intrigued.

Apparently the 2 fingers pointing in a converging upward direction signifies a pyramid (IMO the pyramid of power with the Jesuit priesthood -- which is largely Ashkenazi BTW -- at the top).

Also found this pic, which immediately struck me as being of a particularly disgusting and flagrantly gay CIA Egyptoid (Category 3) pseudo-tranny.

This pic is from here which explains more about this fellow. And also has this pic and loads of other hand signs.
This looks like a good site exposing agents on the basis of their flaunting of Masonic symbols. Get educated. The more you can recognize agents for yourself, the less you have to trust me.
It seems to be a cornerstone of Masonic dominion that they need to overtly flaunt the truth and mock us with it.

(7:30am) EPA whistleblower fired for telling the truth about geoengineering. Due to the highly sensitive nature of this disclosure, the CIA is referring to this repticlone only as "Davis" but i am sure further disclosures of his identity with be forthcoming.
(Natural News) A former scientist from the US Environmental Protection Agency is now reportedly working with, after being fired by the federal agency for raising concerns about a major threat to public health, namely, geoengineering.
I.e. he switched agencies to the CIA.

Mentally ill man who beheaded a bus passenger is freed from all supervision. The "victim" repticlone Tim McLean just perished in a U base offshore of Alaska.

Feb 13, '17: (1:20pm) Stupefying Demons: I only started noticing these a few days ago. Several of my correspondents keep getting multiple species of stupidity-inducing demons. If i delete these, soon more replace them. The Hive Mind is doing this to people i email with. Be aware and scan for these if you are corresponding with me. I will, too, especially if i get really retarded emails from normally-intelligent people.

Feb 18, '17: (7:50am CST) Drove back to Arkansas on the 15th and 16th. Did some good busting on the way back. There is a hot new resin program i have been using, which i will publish details on soon.

It was warm and sunny yesterday.

Student suspended after filming professor who called Trump's election 'an act of terrorism'. Gay CIA Freemason human suspended for, er, filming a CIA repticlone prof who 'calls herself "a woman, as a Latina, as a lesbian, as a refugee"'. Hmm, OK. So they picked this queer-as-shit looking homosexual for that, then had some queer-looking, effeminate CIA repticlones interview him.

More controlled-opposition "anti-Zionists": IfNotNow. CIA repticlones.
We are building a vibrant and inclusive movement within the American Jewish community, across generations and organizational affiliations. This movement is open to any who seek to shift the American Jewish public away from the status quo that upholds the occupation.
I get a real fake vibe off this story: US man pepper-sprayed by police while strapped in restraining chair. The requisite black guy is an ordinary human actor, but the cops are CIA repticlones, as is Wade's lawyer. Also Esrati who even has a Wikipedia page to prove his legitimacy.

Feb 19, 2017: (8pm) Back at work this weekend, i suddenly started noticing non-repty Egyptoids. Yesterday 2 men and 2 women came in the bakery. Then on their heels, another apparently unrelated man. Then a couple hours later, another such 2 couples. All these had a Category 3 vibe.
Plus i noticed a tourist couple outside, Category 2.
Then today i hardly had any customers, yet there was an Egyptoid man and adolescent son, Cat. 3. Then later i noticed a man with a Category 2 vibe on the street. Later still, a young man who, judging by his body language, was a local, with an uncategorized Egyptoid vibe.
All the men had classic columnar browridge-less foreheads, except the adolescent did have a brow ridge. I sensed his mother was also a Cat. 3.
Funny thing is none of the women struck me as pseudo-trannies. I couldn't really scrutinize the first 2 women because one met my gaze with a smile like she thought i was feasting my eyes on her beauty. But the 2 women in the 2nd group certainly looked like women.

None of these had a repty or blood-ritual vibe. All had a Freemason vibe, though.
Thanks to some devices i have blasting out anti-Egyptoid intents, i get a vibe off them now before i spot them visually.

Similarly to how i have been more aware of werewolves lately after making loads of wands with the 2-part anti-WW program. Not only did i suddenly notice breathtaking quantities of them in the DC area that i had never noticed before, but i found a mess of them on the way back, near home. They start heavily in Floral, AR. Going NW on 87 -> 25 -> 5 their domain stretches all the way to where 5 ends in Mountain View [passing through Wolf Bayou]. Almost all werewolves. Virtually none of these were clones when i came through on Thursday, but all are replaced now.
The thing is, last winter i went by that route on my way east, and also returned by that route, and never noticed the WWs! This time, they were DORy from being blasted.

Pablo Escobar's Son Reveals His Dad "Worked for the CIA Selling Cocaine" -- Media Silent. Ooh, i feel so informed. Gawd bless the Alternative Media.
The CIA has always been in the forefront of confessing what drug dealers they are. But then here the disclosure also serves to support a hoax: Pablo Escobar "worked for the CIA selling cocaine to finance the fight against Communism in Central America".

I updated some info in OTB 27c about the Knife Program:
Sep. 14, '09: Another exciting new program. Let's call it the knife program, although any flat piece of high quality steel of suitable size will work just as well: a narrow putty knife, a wood chisel, a piece of saw blade, a file...
It works on evil physical targets. I don't know what it does, exactly, but it feels like it lays a hurtin' on their energy bodies.
[Update Feb 2017: even the average 2" blade is big enough, and the blade can be as big as desired; more of the same pgm fills it. But bigger is not better.]
When directed against a single evil human, it requires 20-30 seconds to do as much damage as it's going to do. After that there is no point in working that target further with this pgm.
I had forgotten about this program being (somewhat) effective on humans, although my devices are programmed to automatically use blades on suitable targets.

But i mention it now because i feel it helps against the Hive Mind. If it is attacking, i can buy a lot of relief by hacking away at it with a knife. Then when it bounces back again later, hack again.
I still think it is useless to use on a physical being for more than half a minute, but non-physical beings are another matter.
The HM does attack certain people directly. Not only people: it was attacking my gentle turtle Felter last night. That's what pissed me off and made me grab a knife. I didn't feel the knife was helping that much at first, but i think the HM has gotten sensitized now; more "allergic" to the program.

BTW i think what i have been calling the Hive Mind is an immense single male demon with probably a roughly humanoid shape and 6 pairs of eyes. I noticed my sentient devices were attacking these eyes, is how i became aware of them.
No doubt when we finally defeat it, it will turn out to be just another proxy/guardian for something else. Likely it is not the real Hive Mind.

Feb 20, '17: (8:55am) Cute example of how the warped reptilian mind operates: Video: Leftists Heed "Allahu Akbar" Call to Prayer During Anti-Trump March.
"Allahu Akbar" means "God is great" or "Allah is greater" in Arabic, but it's better known to westerners as a slogan routinely shouted by jihadists as they massacre innocent people during terrorist attacks.
And why is it better known as such? Exclusively due to hoaxes by the non-Muslims of Mossad, CIA, French intel, etc.
Actually it is true that Allah is great. Allah is Jehovah, a good friend of mine. Not exactly God, but pretty close. In all the lies of all the Jesuit-Masonic religions, they allow this one truth to very conspicuously stand out, screamed by agents, in order to turn it into an apparent lie.
(Meanwhile, the other primary Masonic religions, Churchianity and Judaism, deliberately conflate Jehovah with his now-deceased polar opposite Yahweh.)
I didn't watch the vid, but i can tell which agency did the Arabic call to prayer.

People Want To Shoot Hibernating Bear Families -- And The Government Just Voted To Let Them. (Of course the non-Human SoCIAty pretends to object.) I both hate and love this. I hate it because these ensouled, demon-jailing animals are my friends and allies. I love it because when the Jesuits choose to kill my physical agents, they accrue a lot of "bad karma" because it is a violation of the real law, and hence gives our side permissions to violate the real law with impunity.
Same thing when the CIA has its repticlones run over our turtles. It's not like we don't notice.

Actually it isn't a law yet, and is probably just another heart-wrenching distraction hoax being floated through the media.

About that "Hive Mind" demon: i slept unusually well last night thanks to other people slicing and dicing. I did wake up at 1am for a while. I had asked my ally Durkistan to try to find a being higher on the heirarchy than "HM", and i noticed he had. 10 more beings on successive levels, apparently. All of which were easy to jail, though, so i am unsure what their positions actually were.
In any case, still haven't been able to jail the whittled-down HM, but he is feeling weaker.

Feb 21, '16: (3:50pm) It has been warm here lately. I was gardening bare-chested. But last night finally got some rain. This area only got about an inch during the 6.5 weeks i was gone. Got a 1/2" from this rain. Drizzling still.

Ah yes, it's time for some more watered-down revelations from our masters:What It's Like to Be in the Running to Be an Astronaut in Canada. What do all these depicted people have in common? All are MPD human clones.
I guess they can't use SSers or repticlones because they are too fry-able. In fact they don't even allow repticlones to fly planes (although i did spot one instance of that which i reported a couple months ago). Maybe soon we will have humans or human clones flying airlines?

Feb 23, '17: (9:45am) More warm weather.

British man who launched Isil suicide attack was Guantanamo Bay detainee awarded £1m compensation. CIA human is still alive.

Rebecca Coriam is another live human.

Hearing set for teacher who says he was trying to inform students of vaccine risks. Tim Sullivan is a repticlone.

One of the Last Standing Rock Protesters Speaks Out. Laura Hinman is a CIA repticlone.

Protesters occupy site designated for new $13mn Lockheed Martin weapons research lab. At least some of these people are agents. I sense at least 4 human Freemasons. Check out the Masonic hand sign logo. And what is in the upper left corner here? Why, just a harmless raised fist within a pentagram.

Feb 24, '17: (11:05am) Here's another juicy example of how Masonic disclosure/disinfo works:
Pornography: Weaponized Degeneration of the Population. So here the Jesuit subsidiary known as the CIA, via their human clone "author" named Mauka (mocker; Operation Mockingbird), tells quite a bit of general truths while also promoting specific hoaxes/actors, e.g. Cathy O'Brien, Pizzagate.
Also this article mentions another CIA human clone on another CIA site, Jeanice Barcelo. And note how, as is so common with their human clones, she has features of the oppposite sex worked into her DNA. That is not a female face, with its wide-set eyes and big chin. Yet this is a biological female.

'They have no IDEA!' Newsnight audience slams 'disconnected' Westminister political elite. Yes, your voice can be heard in the media! as long as you are a shill. Like this MI repticlone "audience member".

OK... Announcing the public release of the devastating Channel Program.

(12:30pm) DAMMIT! I worked for hours on that OTB, and after uploading it and making some minor edits, half of it disappeared!
Sorry. I had an elaborate section on wands and some other stuff. Now completely lost. It will be a while before i re-create it.

(2:30pm) OK, i pretty much recreated the OTB.

Chinese Cardinal Worried that Vatican Will 'Sell Out' Underground Church. Actually this human Scottish Rite satanist knows quite well that the Vatican has owned China for quite some time.

Feb 27, '17: (7:20am) Time for a long-winded stalking report:
Before i left for VA on Jan 1, as i recall, i had whittled down the drive-by stalkers at work so that there were almost no WWs or SSers anymore except clones. Now i have been back for 2 weekends (i only work weekends anymore) and am surprised at the quantities of WWs and SSers driving by. Especially WWs. Especially yesterday afternoon, when most of the traffic coming around the corner was NSAtanist WWs. And they weren't coming from any one particular place, nor were the same individuals going by repeatedly on circles. And what's even weirder, none of them were attacking me that i could detect. The Hive Mind was not even channeling through them. So what is the purpose?
Day before yesterday i did get 1 Egyptoid and later 2 repticlones as customers, who did not seem aware of who i was. But right away the HM started hitting me through the latter, which i suspect they could discern was happening. I had to keep blasting them to squelch the HM energy coming through. (The HM does attack me a lot but usually directly these days.)
Also yesterday i got a CIA couple that was there to stalk me (by channeling the HM), and these were of yet another lab-grown variety which has no heart or assemblage point vibe, yet does not quite fit into any of the categories (vibe-wise) that i have listed on my Doubles page.
Also, ever since i got back, i have been getting a lot of hum demons. Their sound is weak and distant, but occurs quite a lot.
Moreover, since i published OTB 48 with the Channel Program, attacks have gotten harder. Especially at work where i have fewer wands, etc. poking in every direction. I get whole areas or almost the whole sky filled with Hum Demons, even though at work i never hear the hum (presumably due to background noise) and i haven't even noticed chem-clouds of the particular type the hum demons like. I only recognize the demons by their attack vibe. And any time they attack me thus, there are a few other species of demons up there with them. The latter are always easy to delete the entire species of, though.
I have never noticed hum demons while in VA.
Also, i have been getting the usual multi-U-base WW attacks at work, but more heavily, and (this past weekend) in conjunction with attacks from multiple sky craft (usually 3 sets of 3 or 3 sets of 9). The sky craft thing seemed more or less passe' last year but now they are doing it again. Or at least did last weekend. I had to keep sweeping the sky with a Channel Pgm wand for all the WW craft and demons.
Not that i suffered a whole lot. And that sky stuff doesn't happen much when i am home, thanks to all my sky-blasting devices. At home i mainly get hum demons, HM, and WW overflights from U bases. These are exotic but physical craft containing 2 WW satanists each, and for days since i got back, i was usually getting 9 such craft (1 or more being close enough to be audible but largely they seem to be attacking my orgnized area) and connected to tiny U bases (usually 9 to some exponent of these bases; 9, or 9 squared, or 9 to the 9th power, or some other exponent) usually containing only 2 more WWs. I have seen some of these craft flying over, cloaked as prop planes. But many mimic jets. The fake jets usually keep their distance, but sometimes several rumbling fake prop planes will fly right over in a group.
By late last week these had petered down to usually just being 1 craft backed up by 1, 3, 6, or 9 bases.
This sort of this had happened a lot last year, and i also got something similar when i was in VA but these were usually from Reagan Airport or Boling AFB etc. (not exotic craft, usually choppers or prop planes). I had tons of overflights with just a few WWs in each, usually sent by other WWs but sometimes reptilian SSers. They would invariably suicide soon after i blasted them, but that didn't seem to slow them down much. It was pretty constant much of the time.

Also last night i found a pocket of jailable offworld WWs. I don't recall now whether they attacked me or why i noticed them. But just as there are loads of offworld CIA and NSA SSers who are jailable, i have also at times found offworld WWs that are jailable. They can be forced into a non-physical phase and simply jailed and destroyed like demons.
This suggests there is something that happens when these ET hybrids get locked into the 3D on Earth, which prevents them from going into an etheric phase. Yet, it seems as though most U bases are not really in our dimension -- so i should be able to simply jail them from U bases. And actually, i have done this occasionally in the past with new arrivals from offworld in U bases, but usually am unable to.
All this must mean something relevant, but i have not been able to do more with this info yet.

I was unable to spot any humans in this CIA crowd: Protesters Freak Out, Yell "Lucifer!" After GOP Town Hall Opens With A Prayer.

Likewise, only repticlones are depicted in this article: German FM urges Turkey to release journalist.

Another CIA front group: the White Coat Waste Project. One has to wonder just how much truth this article contains: Your Taxes Are Funding a Secret, Multibillion-Dollar Government Enterprise That Tortures and Kills Tens of Millions of Animals Every Year. Even puppies are subjected to a wide range of torture, including forced heart attacks. Finally, Congress is seeking answers. Gawd bless our tireless public servants.

Indiana 80-year-old arrested for approaching Elizabeth Smart with knife. Evidently this CIA repticlone Claude Hudson has a hard-on for CIA drag queens.

'Breaking Bad'-inspired Italian cannibal convicted of eating British police officer after sex game dies in prison. Stefano Brizzi is a live MPD human. And there was a live repticlone copy of Gordon Semple that survived being eaten in U base in Ireland at 52.811859, -9.213561.

Missing Texas father found living new life in Ohio with someone he met online. Lee Arms is a CIA repticlone.
They invent all sorts of even trivial BS to fill up the news media.

Swedish policeman blames migrants for the majority of country's rapes and shootings and accuses politicians of 'turning a blind eye'. Repticlone. Wonder why they put such a huge 2nd copy of his pic on this page.

Freemason human agent presented by the CIA: Olga Sheean. I started getting a wee trifle suspicious when i read She worked at UNAIDS, the joint United Nations Programme on HIV and AIDS under a contract with the World Health Organization (WHO).

'Secret Hitler' sent to US senators as timely warning by the CIA. "To achieve his evil ends, Adolf Hitler required the cooperation of well-meaning men who hoped to appease and control the Nazis," says the CIA. Well-meaning men? All we have is CIA non-humans, half of them TG, in the Senate. Repticlone Max Temkin - "the man behind Cards Against Humanity", is also Category 3 Egyptoid (pic).

Feb 28, '17: (7:50am) Been getting some lite rain at times for the last couple days. Now they are calling for Dangerous thunderstorms, tornadoes to rattle midwestern US Tuesday this evening. Er, that's my area. None of this is showing up on the radar map yet.
But we know such things are largely influenced by factors such as DOR and demons. And it so happens i busted the piss out of Little Rock yesterday. With the Channel Program.

I had not been down there in a year and a half. I seldom get down there because it is almost 100 miles away, whereas Conway only 63, and Conway usually satisfies my shopping needs. So Conway is very, very well busted compared to LR. Yet i have also busted LR several times.

What did i find down there in LR, under a dense umbrella of sky demons? Loads of werewolves i never noticed before. It seemed like half the traffic was WWs, and the majority of these were non-clones. There is an area of about one square mile here where almost all the residences are WW. And almost none of them clones. Of course this latter has started to change already. Mwahaha.
Also many repty SSers had not yet been cloned out. In North Little Rock especially. Many of them lower-income blacks.
Anyway, i put a sizable dent in the evil energies there, and all the way up Hwy 65 to home. I had to stop by Conway on the way back to buy a few things, and gifted some parts in the process. I also noticed gobs more WWs in Conway which i had not noticed before, despite my familiarity with the town. Of course, most of the ETs in Conway are cloned out by now due to my past efforts.

How did all these WWs magically appear everywhere recently? Of course, the 2-part anti-WW pgm really lights them up, but what did i mistake these critters for before, repts? Seems unlikely. Humans, even less likely. I am mystified. It almost seems like we jumped timeline tracks to a more WW-enriched timeline. Not that i actually believe that. I don't even feel that repty SSers have been replaced by non-clone WWs. I have no explanation. But WWs are much more common worldwide than i believed a few months ago.

I only noticed 4 Sandy Hookers on the whole trip. They are definitely not being made anymore.

(9:30am) Dripping fog here.

Curious about today's Google image of Abdul Sattar Edhi? I posted about that on the forum.

Curious what the truth is about global warming v polar bears? Especially since the CIA etc propagandize all sides of every controversy? I saw this article on Climate Depot, a CIA subsidiary of CiaFACT that populations are rebounding. BUT, they also quote a human scientist who seems legit on this matter. And my psychic impression is, yes, the bears are rebounding.