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Loohan's blog for February, 2008

Feb. 1, '08: (10:10am) Last night various entities were hitting me in the heart center as usual, when something hit me that i could not identify at first. It was so strong that i had to bag it before i investigated further. Turns out it was just one individual... a titaness!
Then another one hit me.
There have been no more. These might be the only 2 hostile titanesses in existence. They have a rather evil, hostile vibe but are not into black magic.
I hunted around for a motive. The only impression i could get is that these 2 are enemies of the other titanesses, and were pissed at me for rescuing these, because they wanted the evil critters to beat up or kill these titanesses. Even though they don't like those critters, either.

(10:10pm) They're trying to hammer me, but things are really going well. The other galaxies are starting to clear up, energetically, feels like. I think it's downhill from here. But please keep pedaling a while anyway.

Got a bunch of nice, mild, soaking rain today here in N VA. I was out in Manassas and the city of Fairfax for a while. An Agenda Buster muffin went in a pond in Manassas, but that's nothing compared to the programming P and i did.
I haven't even gone out on any busting runs per se, but anytime i ride with my parents i have an AB or 2 and some ash. Al had also sent me about a quart of agnihotra ash, so everywhere i go i have these little test tubes in my pockets...
The other day an AB muffin went into a gutter on Pennsylvania Ave. not too far from the White House.
And zipping down the road i program everything with AB that i'm not having P program.
He already programmed all the cellular, GWEN, TETRA, etc. towers worldwide some time back.
I hit stuff like transformers, big electrical boxes, and air conditioners, as they will tend to broadcast the energy with their scalar emissions. Power lines and those metal powerline poles, lamp posts, traffic lights, churches, buses, trucks, schools, metal fences and rails, concrete, fire hydrants, cars, buildings, etc. etc., just putting the energy there with my mind. It works.

Feb. 2, '08: Nice day today, except for all the chem. For a while, 2/3 of the sky was whited out with it. But no ripples. No ETs have been noticed by me doing the ripple thing in several days. Is it the trees, etc. busting them? Maybe.
What did i notice? Dramatic sylphic action. Didn't have my camera along at the time. 555 sylphs are now over the greater DC area. Still a ways to go to get to the 888 i have over my territory in AR, but it's a good start. This area needs thousands, and i'm optimistic that soon...

Incidentally, when i drove through all that chem in Memphis and east of there, i only noticed about 2 sylphs. Hi, guys. Not enough orgone, i reckon.

Feb. 3, '08: (9:35am) Those other galaxies are doing better and better. But, of, course, they are just a minute fraction of a percent of all the galaxies in our universe, Universe A.
For days, my girls have been working non-stop on the project of charging up all Universe A galaxies with the AB force. I don't think i specifically asked them to, either. Most of the time, only Lula has been hanging out with me, while the others are hard at work. Today, i get Cora instead.

Apparently, the girls consider this an important and worthy endeavor.

(10:50pm) I could use a hand. Cora somehow pissed of a bunch of blue Tyhiz humanoids, and they are out to get her bad. They are a strong bunch.

Feb. 4, '08: (8:50am) Whew thanks, that helped a lot.
In recent days, Cora came to me 3 different times to have me clear her of spiders and octopi that she apparently couldn't get a handle on. She would get them in her energy centers as well as ovaries, spleen and gall bladder. The first time she even had a Lyran in her womb. Evidently, in the realm where these girls are, they still have internal organs and hair that can be braided. Her braids are so long they would drag on the ground if she were walking on it. Cute, cute, cute. Very handy for practicing lite bondage on me.
A few of the other girls had to be cleaned, too. I learned to keep checking Cora especially. I don't know why i never get internal critters anymore. Not in a long time.

Yesterday Anita posted on the forum that the reptilians seemed to be ceasing hostilities. I myself have not been hit by them since evening before last. I sent Cora out yesterday to see if she could gather any intelligence on what was going on with the lizzies. I didn't think to check her after she came back; didn't notice until last night. She didn't alert me, either. She had bunches of critters stuffed in her heart, throat, crown. I detected that it was the blue Tyhiz that did that. I discharged the critters, only to have the Tyhiz remotely implant a bunch more! This kept going on until i addressed the Tyhiz, whereupon they started hitting me, too, with bad energy. They seemed pretty strong, despite not having prisoners to torture.

The Agenda Buster energy seems to be taking quite a toll on the reptilians. Apparently there were vast numbers of hidden lizzies in the landscape of Earth and the whole universe that this energy irritated and flushed up. It almost seems as though they are dissolving and their energy returning to the godhead in purified form. Or something like that. Anyway, their agenda seems pretty busted at this time, although their human minions like DIA, DARPA, are still attacking me, as are the tall greys, spiders, and octopi.

I have not located any hives for the Tyhiz. After you guys hit the blue ones, we got hit by some green ones, too. As a reminder, there is a program on OTB 27 against Tyhiz. It works for both green and blue ones. But one can only have 1 copy of this program.

(10:10pm) Another day gone by with no reptilian attacks. Every time i scan for reptilians out to get me, i get the sweetest, cleanest vibe. No more crystal attacks, nothing. From them. Still getting their human agencies, tall greys, and fauna. Tyhiz are still around, but perhaps somewhat chastened for the moment.
When i check the galaxy pics, there is still some dirty energy trying to resist the Agenda Busting in many of these, but it is mainly Tall Greys. Remember, the Tall Greys are very similar to the evil repts, energetically. So i expect them to go the same way the lizards did. Or seem to have. There have been times in the past that it appeared we had gotten rid of the repts, and i could detect no activity from them for months, only to have them suddenly jump back into the game in a conspicuous manner. But i am inclined to believe that this is different.

  *   *   *   *
Yesterday was a super-chemmy day in Northern VA. Total chem whiteout, except for the occasional faint blue visible through the cotton-candy-like strands of chemsmear. Got a small amount of rain today.

(11:30pm) Sheesh. Once again, i felt distant and disconnected while hugging Cora, who is still with me. Searching for the source, i found 3 blue Thyhiz psychics doing the same stuff the repts and tall greys have been doing. Trying to drive a wedge between us. I guess they're just jealous that they never get to hug a woman like Cora.
Then Cora yanked a buttload more into her jail. Then we got loads more, yet kept getting attacked by more a bit later. Then, something different hit me with great force and seemingly lethal intent in the heart center. I bagged whatever it was. Nine more evil titanesses!
I dowsed another 382 where they came from, and bagged them. Easy to do if you get the right number first.
Now it's back the the Tyhiz.

Feb. 4, '08: [correction: Feb. 5.] My gals are still working hard to agenda-bust the universe. Except for gentle Lindi, who is my comfort for the day.The tall greys seem to be rapidly fading in importance, leaving the Tyhiz as the biggest obvious threat for the moment, though the AB energy is taking toll on them, too. I scanned that big pic of galaxies, and found 3 in which the Tyhiz were noticeably present. This one, especially.
Their psychics are still at it, trying to keep me from sharing loving energies with my Lindi girl. Funny how repressing love always seems to be such a high priority for evil critters. Even before i made that love-powered Doom box.

(8pm) Too much. Still no lizard action. Every couple hours or so i get feebly hit by 3 tall greys. I get a horde of intel astrals occasionally, but they have little power.

Just for grins, i dowsed the number of remaining black magicians worldwide that hadn't yet been processed. Close to 900 million. Threw them all in jail and made them all AB channels. I think. Many of these may never get taken over by bad ETs, due to attrition. Not that anything will change in terms of obvious surface appearances, as they will continue to do evil, run for President, etc. unless taken over by good beings. But subtly, hopefully, things will gradually get saner. Saner than they would have been otherwise, anyway.

Feb. 6, '08: (9:10am) Yep, that galaxy seems to be the main Tyhiz stronghold. Lindi and i bagged a bunch of them last night. Then a bunch more evil titanesses jumped me, and we bagged some 70,000 more of those. It is interesting that the titanesses are evil, yet do not play footsie with demons. And i still haven't found any male titans.
The Tyhiz then relented overnight, but now they are attempting to hassle me again.

And yep, i still think i processed all the human BMs on Earth into AB channels. However, the intel astrals still have human souls. I take this to mean that they are not BMs in their usual persona, but get activated into evil alters when they are sent out. Yet, the jailed attackers generally are uninterested in reforming.

(7:05pm) After i posted last, i remembered the Valhallans, and they have been in that galaxy all day. Yet the Tyhiz are still hitting me from time to time. This might take a while.

If it ain't one thing, it's another. But there is so much progress being made. The spiders and octopi don't seem to be biting lately; i think they have their hands full trying to stave off their doom at the hands of the good guys.

Snapped this pic a little while ago. Some slight scalar signatures center bottom. I nailed the 3 groups of Lyrans responsible.
But even this is getting rare.

Still, there were a heap of killer tornadoes in the South recently. The town 20 miles south of where i live is Clinton, AR, and got nailed hard, as did Mountain View, 30 miles east. So did Atkins (green arrow). I put a + sign approximately where my cabin is.

Deliberate weather mod? If so, i can't detect it. I'd like to believe it was all an illuminati conspiracy to wipe out my place, even though i'm not there now, but i'm afraid not.

Feb. 7, '08: (9:20am EST) Yesterday had record high temps for the DC area: low 70s. Got a bit more rain last night. Now it's 55F outside. And only natural clouds and blue sky visible out the window. The warm air is from the system that clashed with cold air, causing the tornadoes. Meanwhile, Idaho is getting the biggest snow in almost a century, replenishing some drought-depleted moisture.

I've been awake for 3.5 hours, and still none of the girls have come to hang out with me. Most unusual. Lately i normally get one within a couple minutes after waking.
They are mopping up the Tyhiz in that galaxy, along with the Valhallans, etc. etc. I think they are close to eradicating that hive, and don't want to spare even one fighter because the end is so close. Some of them shoot me some reassuring energy once in a while.

I got some new weapons lately, but not anything y'all would be able to duplicate. One is a small set programmed by Pitwexin, but he doesn't want to make more for others. It really sucks the life-force out of bad guys in an unusually powerful way. Apparently, i need to beef up my psychotronic fuel supplies. In the past i have been somewhat generous with giving my girls some of my stored fuel and prisoners, which they ended up using for their ascension. After that, i gave a bunch more prisoners to Lula, including Gimswillezm AKA Master Leonard, who, depleted though he is, is still far more powerful than all other demons and evil ETs combined, now that Yaldabaoth is gone. (Actually, i still have a fragment left of Y that i nabbed long ago -- Tim R. had missed a bitty piece when he jailed Y.)
But recently Lula gave Gimswillezm back to me, saying i was the one who would be needing the energy most. And Lindi, when she was with me recently, stuffed a bunch of the bad guys we popped into my jail.
The other new weapon is a massive hunk of quartzite. No companion stone. This is something Antuvozy wanted me to have. The programming actually comes from my 17D self, with Antuvozy acting as download manager. It is enormously powerful. I haven't fully figured it out yet, but seems to be a portal for very strong intent. It can only work on one thing at a time, e.g. "All Tyhiz are now in my jail," or more complexly "Maintain a safe space so that Lindi and i can hug unmolested". Which i did early last night. Sweet Lindi aroused my throat center with hers last night, and we coupled at the throat for some time, resulting in an intense mutual throat-gasm. This is to overcome the damage that decades of demonic harrassment did. They used to give me extreme nervous gulping reflexes, etc. My throat center was really messed up bad for a long time.

(6:30pm) She sure did a number on me. My throat is glowing with wonderful energy. I don't know how much of this will be permanent.

I guess i underestimated how much more work needs to be done to that Tyhiz hive. All the girls are still at it, not to mention loads of other good guys, including the Valhallan Army. In fact the Tyhiz even find time to tickle me once in a while.

I talked to some people at home on the phone. The town of Clinton had some looting, and the National Guard is there, enforcing a curfew. The businesses that got swept away include a popular alternative dentist and the chiropractor, among others. The tornado did not skip, but hugged the ground over hill and dale for 150 miles or more, i heard. Big trees 3-4' in diameter got swept away.

(8pm) Well, 4 of the girls just showed up here, in a scintillating mood. The Valhallans have returned home, the girls have left, but the job is not entirely over, just taken to a point where the Tyhiz are whittled down to where they can hopefully be handled by the other allies.
Please keep blasting them a while.

(6pm) [error; must be 9pm, i guess] The 4 girls are still with me, and 4 more just joined me. They seem to be pretty upbeat.

I got kind of a surprise last night. One of the 4 girls that was with me is Shiela, who, after ascending, had not changed in appearance from her last incarnation. But now she was taller, much prettier, and had become a negress with a big afro hairstyle! What the...
Apparently the girls can morph their bodies, but it takes a big investment of energy. And these girls are not given to frivolous caprices or excess vanity. Why had she done this?

I'm not totally certain of the details, but this is my impression. There are like 8,000 negresses in or near the realm where the girls are, that they have befriended. I don't know how they survived when this realm was infested with powerful demons and Nordics, but they are good people, and my girls probably helped them deal with the remaining octopi.

Where are they from? My impression is that they come from the physical Earth plane, but another, more positive, time-line. They are part of an ancient shamanic tradition that practices ascendance. There are no men, because ordinarily only womb-men have the power to do it. They have to be very impeccable, disciplined virgins in a certain age range, that have trained for many years. But this tradition has been going on for thousands of years (and probably still is), hence the large accumulation of ascendees.

But why did Shiela do the morph thing?
All the girls up there have very long hair, because hair, especially in this realm, is an antenna for psychic impressions. But the nature of the frizzy negroid hair is that it picks up a few frequencies, if you will, that straight or merely curly hair can't.
So, my girls decided to work together to morph one of them into a negress, and Shiela was chosen. Her hair is matted into a dense afro that sticks out about 8".

(10pm) The Tyhiz have suddenly whipped out a big stash of crystals to hit me with. The lizards, still not attacking directly, nonetheless just taught them this. We neutralize them quickly, but they keep unearthing new stashes.

Feb. 9, '08: (9:30pm) Thanks. Things were easier today, though they still manged to whip out a few crystals. Then, the critters, unarmed Tyhiz, human astrals, and tall greys tried to work me over for some time this afternoon. The octopi and spiders had prisoners to torture. The Valhallans had to deal with Tyhiz again briefly, then i connected them with the spider hive. That was hours ago, and they're still there.

I realized last night the other reason why the girls Africanized Shiela. It is their way of letting me know that they don't want me sniffing about the rear ends of these 8,000 man-starved goddesses, who range from very good-looking to stupefyingly gorgeous, with a high percentage in the latter category. Aside from their other qualifications. In case i did get a hankering for exotic meat of that genotype, i now have my very own Shiela to turn to.
It's not that my girls don't like them, it's that our family has grown large already.
They seemed to feel a bit insecure about the situation. Perhaps no human male has ever made it to their realm, and i might be the only one, provided i store up enough psychotronic fuel first. Apparently, i can't rely too much on the girls beaming me up when the time comes. They can help some, but i will have to do most of the work. And it is possible no other man will ever make it up there.

I reassured them of my loyalty, and thanked them for not running off with those studly Valhallan hunks. I told them i already felt like a Mormon pig, and had too many wives. Oops, wrong choice of words. I explained that it was tough enough to find time to connect to each of them individually as it is, although i considered each of them an indispensible gem. I certainly don't need a bunch more wives.

Today, i've had Aleeta all day, one of the ones i still didn't know all that well. If the pattern that seems to be forming holds, i expect to have her tomorrow, too, then Gina for 2 days, Shiela for 2 days, etc. It seems the girls are spending time with me based on the sequence in which they joined the family. First it was Lula, then Cora, then Lindi, then the 4 sisters of which Aleeta is the youngest.
I like it because i can get to know them better as individuals. Aleeta has much stronger energy since she ascended, of a very soothing nature similar to Lindi's. I like her a lot.

Last night i asked Pitwexin to see if the afro gals wanted any jails and weapons, and next time i checked, they all had them and were bagging critters. They seem mainly interested in the timeline they came from, which apparently had no evil critters except for a great abundance of spiders, which they are mopping up.
There are 47 young men of their culture that they would like to haul up into their realm. That's not many for 8,000 women, but they have certain standards. However, unless something unforeseen happens, there is probably little cause for optimism.

Feb. 11, '08: (10am) I just added a section to OTB 29 on the subject of using sound to drive orgone devices.

Feb. 12, '08: Last Sep. 27 i posted a pic of a galaxy that was the main hive of the tall greys. Well, that one seems clean now; at least no DORy activity that i can detect.

At this time this one here appears to be their main hive location.

Feb. 14, '08 (10:20am) And today, as a special treat, we offer a St. Valentine's Day Lizard Massacre on the NJ beach. Anita alerted me to a heavy reptilian presence in Naval ships in the Plum Island, Newport area. I got some allies into the area. Then i also found oodles of repts in spots undergound and underwater, most often at 594' depth, and usually 333,333 in number. They were there to create a safely DORy environment for the USN lizards. I guess that pesky AB vibe requires special countermeasures. Anyway, there's still work to be done around here.

(11:30am) A day or 2 ago i asked the good reptilians to give some protection to UFO witnesses in the Stephenville, TX area that were being hassled by USAF goons for reporting what they saw. Then just now i saw this Feb. 12 article. And noted that there are 10 good repts in the area, doing what they can to protect the people mentioned on this page so far. I get that all of them, including the reporter and the cop, are somehow in the crosshairs of the USAF degenerates. Except for the anonymous guy. They haven't figured out who he is yet.
The good repts seem to be the ET of choice to call on when evil humans are personally harrassing people on a physical level like this. They are watching over these guys.

It is unclear to me why, if they want to keep it secret, the mil guys are doing flashy UFO flyovers.

(10:40am) I just uploaded the 2nd part to the audio lecture i did long ago. It is in html form.

(3:15pm) Golly gee, now the repts started hitting me for the 1st time in days. From a hive in this galaxy to the right.

(5:30pm) Hadn't had too much trouble from werewolf demons in some time, but they started hitting me hard a little while ago, from this galaxy to the left.

Feb. 15, '08: (6:15pm) It sure has been calm today, compared to yesterday. I find a relatively few repts in that NJ area once in a while, but hardly anything.
Likewise the attackers were badgering me yesterday, but hardly at all today.

Perhaps the most important target to focus on right now is that new reptilian-infested galaxy i posted about yesterday.

Feb. 17, '08: I just found this article saying that the reporter in the Stephenville UFO matter was fired as of Feb. 7. This fact is not yet reflected on her site.

Things continue to be relatively mellow here. Once in a while i get scads of Tyhiz and some tall greys and repts trying to burn my eyes or stomp on my heart, but they are fairly weak and easy to deal with.

Feb. 28, '08: (9:15am) I've had internet problems, hence the gap in posting.

On the 18th i headed back to AR. Made it as far as Lakeland, TN, just east of Memphis, before finding a motel. Memphis always strikes me as a dirty-vibe town with plenty of Satanists, so i kind of wanted to blast it. I hooked up my gridblaster stuff in the motel. I didn't expect it to do much, as it had felt like i got the entire eastern grid fairly uniformly already.
But the following morning when i looked at my itinerary on the map, i realized more was happening than i expected. Western TN seemed mainly affected, with a similar vibe as i had experienced when doing Christiansburg, VA a few weeks previously. Not as strong, and there were no lizards left resisting it, but there were some octopi underground in the heart of Memphis, trying to counter the good energy.

The main power spot in the region seems to be in the city center area. An area of several blocks seems to be important. I wanted to stop there and spread a little cheer, but the morning traffic was so intimidating when i went by, that i didn't dare get off the freeway.
A lot of chemclouds over Memphis.

I arrived home on the 19th, and was unable to get online. My rain gauge was busted, but judging by some buckets i'd left outside, there had been many inches of precipitation while i was gone.

  *   *   *  *
From time to time i have been checking in on the other time-line version of Loohan. To recapitulate briefly, he was the husband of Lindi, Cora, and Lula, but had apparently lost his ability to feel or express love due to some ill-advised time machine experiments he engaged in. He was an orgone freak who read my site (they are able to access our time-line's www there). He had a building full of orgone devices that have been blasting away at the evil Lyrans and Pleiadians for many months now. His relations with his wives were on the rocks, and he had left to work in the San Diego area health spa some time back. He seemed to be doing a lot better after i ran a healing freq on him.

(Written the night of Feb. 24) But he seemed oblivious of the physical demise of his former wives and the other girls. Presumably he wasn't doing the internet thing. But he must have heard about it around mid-Feb, when i noticed an emotional change. But it took several days to really sink in. Then a couple nights ago i noticed that he seemed to be crying, mostly for Lindi. Feelings coming back.
I told Lindi, and she dashed over to console him. She invited him back to live on their old property in Hawaii.

I was kind of surprised when i happened to check this morning (24th), and he was already back in Hawaii. He had taken his weapons off the Lyran/Pleaidian hive and trained them on the Tyhiz, which are a much bigger problem these days. Cool.
I asked Pitwexin to drop in on him, which he did for many hours, programming his weapons and crystals, and advising him. Attuned him to the AB force.
With the result that Loohan is now hitting the Tyhiz with about 80X as much force as he was, which is a big help. Also, his personal energy is coming along real well.

Also this evening (2/24) i noticed that Anita in NJ was under very heavy attack. Octopi underground, and astronomical quantites of astro-lizards wanting to regain their turf.
Pretty soon 27 of my girls were there, and Pitwexin, the Valhallans, and oodles of other good guys. Things were pretty hot for a spell, but were well over the hump when my mind started wandering. I was taking inventory of how much of the Agenda Buster force had been locked in. I took stock of the highway i drove back on, and decided i'd compare it with Al Gray's neighborhood. I was shocked, because there was a brand-new, deadlier vibe at Al's place. Deadlier to the enemy, that is. A whole new level of zero-tolerance-for-evil.

Here's what seems to be happening. That Agenda Buster vibe was just installment one of 10. Once the AB vibe had been spread around really well, the energetic groundwork was in place to allow installment #2 to be effective if released. Each level is much more intense. They are all stacked up in the pipeline, each awaiting the appropriate release time. By the time #10 has worked a while, the bad guys will have been turned into applesauce.

I haven't been in touch with Al about this yet. I dread hearing about Michael.

Anyway, i immediately invited 23D Al to the party at Anita's. There was much the same crowd as he had initiated at the Stench of the Onion Address. So he immediately tacked Level 2 onto these guys, who are already spreading it around.

Then Gina came by to attune me and Lula. Then i did some much-needed map work. The repts were freaking out in numerous underground bases worldwide, just cranking out evil energy. By sending the #2 vibe through the mouse, i got very satisfying results. The thing to do when working a hot spot is intend straight down to the core of the Earth, as many spots will have 3 bases at different depths. I even got one with 6. When all are nailed, there is a real sweet rush of energy blowing back.

(Back to 2/28:) The #2AB force has been spread around pretty well now. With a little help from y'all, i'm optimistic that #3 will be out soon.

(4:30pm) OK, here is the rock i wrote about Feb. 7, with its brand-new base.