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Loohan's blog for March, 2010

Mar. 1, '10: (3:10pm) ES2 is in Tucson now.

Grey day here.

Just spotted another CIA satanist at Project Camelot: Dr. Alfred Webre (Wikipedia). I see he supposedly founded the Institute for Cooperation in Space (ICIS) in 2001. Along with Dr. Carol Rosin, another CIAtanist.

Those spots mentioned last night: 2 of them are portals from one of those parallel realms we've dealt with before, where chem-planes come in and out of our world. Now the golden Draco are in that realm.
The portals are the one in GA, and the one in Corpus Christi, actually Padre Island.

(6:20pm) Got a box of new shirts from my mom. Years ago i wrote about toxic energies in clothing tags.
Since people were getting wise and cutting off the evil tags, they are now imbedding whatever it is into ink, and stamping it in the back of the neck (in addition to keeping a tag on the left side lower down, in the case of Land's End).
I tried neutralizing these by sandwiching one between 2 large, powerful neodymium magnets for 10 hours, with no improvement.
The Committee (see glossary) is able to reprogram them to only about 5% as bad, but it takes a long time, and a lot of energy they could be doing other things with, so they probably won't do this for just anyone. Especially anyone who knowingly buys such clothing.
Besides, now i find even the 5% hard to accept. I suspect these shirts will last a long time because i will seldom wear them.

On June 1 of last year, i wrote
(1:40pm) Another reader sent me a link to The Venus Project. He felt the proponent, Jacques Fresco was a darksider. Well, he's right.
He is connected to an underground base here in Reisterstown, MD at 140' depth, containing 413 US satanists. I'm not picking up on an agency name.
I haven't really studied the site. Not sure what the agenda is that would involve so many agents.
Well, there are now 414 US satanists there, and i still don't pick up an agency name, but, someone just clued me in to the Zeitgeist Movement, whose main thrust seems to be to promote the Venus Project. I am getting a CIA vibe off of this ZM. 43 CIAtanists connected with it.

Mar. 2, '10: (6:20pm) Oops, yesterday i thought it was still the 28th of last month. I just moved yesterday's post to this page.

Another grey day here.

My friend just alerted me to the fact that Hoag's Galaxy is DORy again. There are golden Draco fighting evil reptilians, and it has to do with the stargate.

(8:15pm) Governor Bill Richardson and Robert Redford Announce Sundance in New Mexico. Unique collaboration will offer world class programs for local Native American and Hispanic Filmmakers. Very nice and fine. What do Richardson and Redford have in common? Both are satanists, for starters.

Another satanist faux greenie: David de Rothschild.

Mar. 4, '10: () Clear sky yesterday and so far today. But just in case we don't have the chem thing totally licked yet, i'm working on another CB. It seems the 6-pipe one i was gonna build is not gonna happen; it's been superseded by a pipeless model.

Someone told me he was able to brush the lettering off the back of a shirt with a stiff fingernail brush. I don't happen to have such a brush. Tried a stiff plastic dish brush, and it did not work.
But then i realized The Committee had succeeded in 100% neutralization of the ink!

According to the week's forecast, tonight will be the last night below freezing (at least for the coming week).

(6:30pm) I just updated OTB 27d with a hot new free program for charging water that you can easily make cast items with to throw in your municipal reservoir or whatever. It is intense, and really improves flavor.

Interesting chemtrail article: What In The World Are They Spraying? .

Mar. 5, '10: (9:55am) Buncha chem-clouds to the east when i got up. I reckon we ain't done with 'em yet. Mixed real and fake clouds now.

2 Pentagon police officers shot by a mind-controlled Category 4 Scumbag. You are probably wondering about that 2nd man. Well, he resides here in Wilmington, DE, but is not home right now. I think he's in downtown DC, hanging out.
The base originating this op is here under Rhodesdale, MD, at 224-302' depth. 210 military-type satanists of no known group. 311 physical "greys". Now being attacked by the golden Draco.
Not far north of Quantico, which has 2 U bases that have already been hit by these Draco.

(10:35am) Got my water muffins up on my products page @$4 now.

Four new members of The Programming Committee: these are female 6'4" 5D winged humanoids AKA angels. They are Qulimi, Ilala, Eaklud, and D'dliekkelk.
What happened is that i helped Galewildangel with some demon issues she was having, and then she crafted an excellent orgone device, as good as the stuff i make. I found these angels had done the programming and guidance. The angels were under attack, too. I helped them, and had The Committee check them out. So now i should have even richer programming and construction guidance, and Gale's stuff will probably get some of the pgms from The Committee.

Also last night Lula (my alpha wife whom i missed greatly) visited for the first time in like a year. The operation on the parallel version of Center Ridge, AR is winding down. Only 15 of the girls are left there, and the 3 dragons.

Actually, i hadn't seen any of the Lulas in many months. This is because the 25 Lulas i had amassed from various universes and time-lines (re)merged into one Lula; essentially getting consolidated into Lula1. In fact the process is still only about 80% complete, and i could sense shadows of the old Lula2, Lula3, etc. when i hugged her.

The 2 big dragons, Ray and Alicia, were given to me last year for shelter and healing. Their species compose possibly the original reptiloid entities, very wise, big-hearted beings, who had their energy cut up by short greys, etc. to make other demonic entities out of. Hence when i got them they were very small, like a couple miles long instead of galaxy size. But now they have regained a lot of "weight" and are about 1/4 of their native size.
They eat demons, etheric butter, milk, ghee, comfrey, catnip, tulsi, wolfberries, etc. and excrete sacred 5D feces and urine. Sacred because it burns and stings all negative entities.

Incidentally, these created demons we are dealing with now, that were built by those 9 black-haired 5D guys i killed, all were created of this dragon-stuff. So these ones we are jailing have been being returned as energy to the many dragons that were ripped off.

The 3rd dragon in Center Ridge, Godzilla, is of a type that is much smaller and doesn't grow much.

(8pm) Huge underground base/tunnels found centered here in Atwater, CA. The above-ground structures here are part of it.
The tunnels are vast and go all over. They are from 130 to 235' deep, i get, and mostly about 21' diameter.
On the surface, only 5 satanists at this time. Below at 111-321' are 311 satanists, 3,101 physical greys, 2,200 other humans, and the rest are some kind of sect from India, into blood sacrifice to... Hanuman!

This is interesting. I posted years ago about TM and the cult of Hanuman. The Mararishi Mahesh Yogi is one of them, as are lots of his followers. At that time i think i was not able to detect any blood rituals in this cult, but they had the DORy vibe that goes with that.
I never detected any gov't connection to them before.

And then, a bit NE of there, we have this place, with 2,000 slaves, mostly kept below at 111-311' depth. The slaves are bred and have no names or birth records, just the mark of the beast: numbers tattooed on them and chipped. Is my impression.
There are 6 satanists here. The slaves are under total electronic control.

What are those Atwater slaves doing? They are processing food for storage. Cleaning, slicing, drying produce. Canning. Butchering and freezing meat animals. Baking hardtack.
Where is all that grub going? West.

To here, another base/tunnel fustercluck. This is where they keep the big stash of food in case of lean times ahead.
Depth 111-200' base in the center. 231 satanists, 111 Hanuman punks, 120 slaves, 121 physical greys. Food cached in various tunnels.

The bad guys are now being mopped up underground. The Draco can't do much about the slave place.

Mar. 6, '10: (5:25pm) Last night i requested that the golden Draco bump off those slaves underground, provided they deemed it wise. They agreed, on condition i post about it and say it was my request.
Why? They were soulless automatons; monstrosities. With the exception of 5 that were kept above-ground (3 are females that doubled up as sex objects) to do labor, these guys had never seen the surface or the sun. They had no verbal functions or thoughts of their own. All the males were eunuchs.
Now only the 5 that were on the surface remain alive.
I expected the surface op to have moved by now, but i feel the presence of 5 satanists and the 5 slaves there still. 2 of the satanists are in the long building 2nd from the bottom (south), and the other 3 as well as the slaves are in the southmost bldg.

Most of the food they processed was trucked in by tunnel from the food storage base to the west. I think it was brought to the latter place by various tunnels from farms, etc. then sent to the processing base.
The first base i posted about in this series seems deserted on top and killed off below, but there is still some bad energy there and at the storage base, which may just be residual, i don't know. There are demons drawn to these spots.

The sky cleared up late yesterday, and has been clear all day today.

(5:55pm) Our 2nd man will probably not be returning to Wilmington. He is now living in a VIP suite on the 1st floor of the big NSA bldg in Ft. Meade. Although i don't think his seniors are NSA, but rather that mysterious military group. He is tucked away there, because i would point out his location so it has to be untouchable, and they need to keep such people above-ground, as they have slowly figured out.

I read today that his shrink is J Michael Nelson, that he self-medicated with marijuana, and was fascinated by conspiracy theories. Yeah, a nice blow against psycho lunatic pot smokers who have delusions about gov't conspiracies. Society should do something to protect itself from such people.

Anyways, J Michael Nelson is a satanist working for this same mil group. Bedell's mom seems clean, but not his dad. His dad is also a satanist, and it feels like he is in on the whole thing. "His father, Oscar John Bedell Jr., is a private financial adviser."

I also read that Bedell spent a little time in Reno. Got a bad vibe off that. Which traces to this house. Which is where 2 satanists live as man and wife, though they may not even be romantically involved. They are NSA mind controllers, i think.

Mar. 7, '10: (6:30pm) Got up to the mid-70s today.
The sky was all smeared up this morning, but by the time i left work there were mostly natural clouds and sun in one part of the sky, and chem-clouds in another.
The chem was ripply, so i started jailing the demons responsible; the usual fabricated ones.
That didn't help the ripples any, as they just kept replacing with more demons. Then i remembered to get the tier above them, of created demons that run the other created demons. Then the ripples stopped.

Well, i guess my new CB will have pipes after all: 3 of them, slightly over 2" long and almost as wide.

(6:55pm) The chem i saw this morning was not sprayed by NSA or the other, unnamed, US spray agency, nor by NOAA (the former spray agency), nor by UNEP (the world umbrella spray agency) nor by anybody in the US gov't, nor any humans, for that matter.
I traced it to more of those physical greys, in various spots and tunnels slightly NE of Lehigh Acres, FL. They are being wiped. Haven't found more bases on Earth, but they have at least 6 on Mars that are scheduled for attention.

Mar. 8, '10: (2:50pm) And this morning there were plenty more chem-clouds. Originating from this base in Dinosaur, CO.
Physical greys again, now being deleted.

Feb. 9, '10: (1:25pm) Got light rain overnight, fog this morning. Now it's cloudy with sun. And some chem-clouds.
The spraying was done by physical greys again, this time from this spot near Charlotte, SC, at 130-400' depth. Now being eradicated.

Mar. 11, 10: (7:45am) Yesterday it was clear to start, then some chem-clouds blew in, then mostly overcast later. Some ongoing chemtrailing above.
Tornado warning last night, and AR did get some. Here all i got was a few minutes of windy rain and light hail; that was all.

Yesterday's chem was from the NSA.
Sunny and clear now; should complete the new CB today.
Dense fog to be seen looking down at lower elevations.

(5:40pm) More chem-clouds all day.

I just saw this pic at Earthfiles.
Those craft have a nasty vibe. I'm not finding Earth bases for this species. Not able to get details on the species either, but there is a mother ship ~200 miles out...
Ah, connected the golden Draco to it.
The home galaxy is NGC 4038.

March. 12, '10: (2:05pm) I believe that ship is down.

Overcast, grey, cool. I'm waiting for it to warm up so i can finish painting my new CB. Probably won't be able to for a couple more days.

Slim Spurling products: Slim died a few years ago. If you go to his old site and click on catalog, it takes you to a Life-Lite site.
My friend in London bought one of their Harmonizers, realized it was a dud, and made something like one herself that works great. Doesn't look very professional, but it has excellent energy. And this was before she knew about me or Antuvozy the coil goddess.
But the people making the Spurling stuff these days (i just bagged 5 Category 4 Scumbags there) apparently are only interested in making inert things that are pretty to separate people from their money. (catalog, harmonizer)

Mar. 14, '10: (4:15pm) Been getting grey, cool, breezy, often drizzly weather.

Been pouring epoxy daily. Apparently, with the recent changes, every day is now a good pouring day.

It's a combination of factors, but i largely attribute the recent improvements to my busting of the House of the Temple in January. Specifically that critically-situated and blood-drenched altar (pic).
I was not able to throw ash directly on it, as that would have been too conspicuous, but i did sprinkle ash at 3 spots right around it, as well as around that room and other rooms in the temple, as well as outside. Not to mention blasting the area with Earthshaker.
Recently the Masons have been trying to get their altar back nice and DORy. There are 2 old farts who mumble arcane invocations to it. I have had to nail some obscure demon species, and zing up the altar again.
So if you are ever looking for a target to remotely jazz up, this is a premium one.
Of course it is all programmed already, but nonetheless the dark Masons want it back.
There are other forces trying to DORize it that i haven't fathomed. I think this altar is the "heart" of Scottish Rite in America.

(4:30pm) On May 2 and May 5 of last year i mentioned the Lacerta: yet another type of physical reptilians that live underground.
Later they accepted therapy. More recently they were cured of their evil tendencies.
Last night i started thinking about reptilians, then the Lacerta specifically, then noted they were on our side now. I wondered if they knew anything about those evil ETs that keep sending choppers after a lady in CA. (The attacks keep diminishing, but occasionally she reports another one, and we nail another base.) I have found so many of their bases in CA alone, that i wonder how many there are worldwide. I wondered if the Lacerta knew where the main one is.

Then i realized that the reason i was thinking about this was because the Lacerta were telepathically influencing me. There were some 60K Lacerta right under the main base of these other ETs, and they wanted me to hit them before they jumped them!

So i slammed the base (in Iceland; the Arcturans under Iceland were unaware of them) real hard, and apparently somehow the Lacerta gained entry and made quick work of the 9K or so ETs. The Golden Draco didn't even have to do anything.

Mar. 16, '10: (3:05pm) I could use some help. I've been pissing off the demons real bad, and they've been relentlessly hammering me between the shoulder blades and in the duodenum.

(5:55pm) OK, lots better now, thanks!

(6:15pm) That was the most brutal attack on me since i was making Violet1 a few weeks ago. I didn't think they had that much power left.
It really cost them.
Why were they so disgruntled? Probably a combination of things.
  • I completed my massive new CB and got it all optimized (pic). Things got a lot worse right after i hooked it up to my gold CB and plugged my electric "suitcase nuke" grid-blaster into the gold one (pic).
  • I completed another massive remote weapon with a huge pyramid on it. I should have a pic in a couple days or so.
  • Yesterday evening and this morning i did some severe tower-busting in the Dennard-Botkinburg area. Most of these towers i had already busted several times over the years, but this time i had Earthshaker and Violet1, and cruised all the back roads around there as well as parking practically right under several of the towers. Also tossed 4 of my new little TBs and some homa ash.

    Yesterday and today there was heavy chem-cloudery. Now it has partly cleared.

    Mar. 17, '10: (7:35pm) Overcast cleared late today, revealing plenty of real clouds as well as some NSA ones.

    My new "Locator" pyramid is getting powered up good. I have brought closure to the mystery spots i still had on my Who Izzit page, and also found 9 U bases of physical greys involved in abductions, etc.

    This evening i asked it to locate the most important spot to hit. It found it here, in the center of this pic. I don't know what galaxy this is. It is cropped from this pic, slightly above and to the left of the center.
    My guys are hitting it. I can't get any info about the spot except it feels hot.

    (8am) And the depot where the chem came from that the NSA sprayed upwind of me today seems to be here in Dryden, TX near Mexico. That longitudinal structure in the center.
    I do not detect personnel there at this time.

    (8:30pm) Yeah! Found the hive for the "chopper" ETs here in the white square. About 2 light-years away.

    (8:55pm) I am having fun hunting with this thing. I finally found who has been directing the demonic attacks on me the last couple months. It was some hyperdimensional 5' monkeys in some parallel realm, now being exterminated.

    Then i asked the pyramid unit to find the spot most important in terms of protecting my friends. It took me to here in Big Lake, TX. That house WSW of the Dairy Queen. There are 3 NSAtanists living there.
    I'll try to get further info.

    Mar. 18, '10: (9:50pm) Those 3 guys were still in that house earlier today, but are in Ft. Meade now, i think.

    NSA chem-clouds and sun today, and some real clouds. It all cleared late afternoon. CBs could be seen gradually eating chem-clouds.

    Now here's an interesting article about David Headley "confessing" to working for the Pakistan-based Islamic militant group, Lashkar-e-Taiba. Oddly, no hint of his CIA connections.

    And here we have an article about K. Alan Kronstadt who
    is the point man for South Asia in the Congressional Research Service, the United States Congress' research arm which is often called the legislative branch's own think tank.

    Last month he traveled to Kashmir on what he described as a 'strictly fact-finding mission.'
    He determined that "Many Kashmiris are positive about Pakistan's role". And guess what sort of ritual practices Mr. Kronstadt reeks of? Surely none that would cast doubts on him as an objective person.

    That article only mentions Mumbai peripherally, but it does have a mug shot of our satanist.
    Then for only $9.95 you can download "Terrorist attacks in Mumbai, India, and implications for U.S. interests", a scholarly treatise by this author.
    That's for those who want the true facts about Mumbai from a qualified expert, instead of the disjointed ravings of armchair Cmdr Loohan, last mentioned on Feb. 11 and twice on Feb. 14.

    Mar. 19, '10: (1:15pm) Sunny, warm, some chem-clouds and a few trails today.

    Check out this pic of my new Locator pyramid.

    Mar. 21, '10: (4:30pm) Overcast yesterday, rain all last night, overcast and drizzle today.
    I probably got about an 1.5" or so.

    A boatload of satanist faux greenies has set sail from 'Frisco to AU (article). Let's pray for a safe and pleasant experience for those lovely people. Wish i could go along.

    (6:45pm) Hey, more good targets for remote work: pics of switching stations.

    (6:50pm) Maybe the nastiest of all is this UK one, of which only a thumbnail is available.

    Mar. 22, '10: (4:15pm) Got a bit more rain last night, and snow. It melted off in the morning.
    Had exactly 3" of water in my 5-gallon buckets left from this system. I guess that probably works out to 2.5" of precip or so.

    Got up to 60s today, sunny.
    Clear at first, then increasingly chemmy. A bit of the fresh stuff was sticking, so i whipped out my battery pack and electrified box again and hooked that up to the CBs. Now, no stickee fresh trails. But the older chem is around.

    In the wee hours a golden Draco came to inform me that they had found a U base in east OK of that other, no-name, spray agency, and were annihilating it.
    But that's also who's spraying here today. I haven't been able to trace where their chem came from. Maybe they tanked up before that base was toasted, i don't know.

    Mar. 23, '10: (9:40am) I left the electrical stuff hooked up overnight, and at 7am the sky was perfectly clear, so i unplugged it. (I plan to get a little solar panel for my CBs soon.)
    At 9 am i looked out to see criss-crossed trails around. I plugged it back in.

    I am confounded now. I can't get anything about the sprayers, their connections, base, source, etc. Can't get anything on human, ET, parallel realm, off-world, US gov't, nothing. Despite my new Locator pyramid and another massive unit i recently made, Inspector Hawk. I made these things because some targets are getting harder to find. But for now my abilities seem useless. If anybody out there can get a hook in the perps, please stir them up for me.
    I also was unable to find who was doing the denial-of-service hacking against Alex Jones. I even wondered if he was making it up. But i have never found any dirt on him, other than that he inadvertently (like Icke, Camelot, etc. also do) promotes the occasional satanist agent. He's a 48.

    But lately i have even been unable to dowse anyone's number of chakras. Unless they are a 96, as 96s have etheric wings.

    (9:45am) It occurred to me to ask Durkistan. He found a base just slightly NE of the city center of Lamar, CO, at 510-702' depth(?) with 610(?) ETs of some sort i can't ID.

    Mar. 26: (1:35pm) Sunny today, with only faint traces of chem so far.
    I have had more rain, maybe close to an inch. And more chem at times. Whoever's spraying now, i can't get a handle on. I think it's some 5'2" ETs that are not greys, but not sure about that. Probably the same guys who were doing it a couple days ago, but we haven't been able to find their home base or more Earth bases.

    Also i've been under constant low-level attack. I never seem able to get to the real perps directing all this.
    Attacks are weaker today, though.

    Mar. 27, '10: (5:10pm) And even weaker today. Back to the level of intermittent weak attacks again. I think it was just a "phase" we were pushing through.

    People have emailed me asking if i knew why i was having more trouble dowsing. I think some of it is just an undesired by-product of positive changes. The less demonic energy everything is floating in, the less conflicting energy for me to read.
    Aside from that, we may have neutralized all the chemtrail perps other than this 1 species that is hard to detect. In any case, i still am not detecting any more Earth humans or physical greys at it.

    We are still nailing U bases off and on. I don't post about it because we don't need blasting help; the allies wipe them out.
    Mordok is back in form lately (it comes and goes) and he has been finding a lot of hot spots on the map. Most are demons, but some are physical greys, and even some bases with thousands of evil humans.

    The forecast for today was mostly cloudy with rain likely. But it turned out to be mostly sunny and very windy. Some chem-clouds and real clouds.
    Now they are saying rain tomorrow night and the following day.

    (6:15pm) Not long after i posted that, it clouded over and started to drizzle a bit. It's thundering now.
    I realized i had accidentally looked at a forecast for Virginia. The forecast here is for rain likely tonight, 1/10 to 1/4" average.

    Mar. 28, '10: (6:50pm) Hardly got any rain. A few chemclouds and a lot of natural clouds today.

    I just ran across a real DORy nest of Taiwanese satanists! Bizarre. Taiwan Talks Youtube Channel. There are 6 satanists in the production staff, plus almost all of the typed comments are by satanists. I haven't actually watched a vid.

    (7:30pm) Hehe, there is sort of a spot visible in the center here in south China where 2 ridges meet. At 310-510' below that spot are hundreds of Chinese satanists now being wiped out.
    That's where Taiwan Today is ultimately brought to you from.

    Mar. 30, '10: (12:15pm) Yesterday the sky was clear and blue most of the day. Toward the end, got a bit chemmy. Some trails sprayed that did not stick.
    Today, very chemmy. White-out moved in from the east. Trails around here do not stick lately, but the stale stuff does to some extent. But i'm making good progress there. I hooked up my 555-suitcase G-B as well as one of my modified K4001 amp units a while ago, to my 2 CBs. And it seems to be clearing away most of the white-out around here.
    I just got in a solar panel which i will be hooking up to run these CBs to save on batteries. It gets good voltage even in white-out.
    Most of the things i make these days would not benefit from live electronics, but there is the occasional exception.

    Also, the new water-charging pgm given in OTB 27d is a killer. I have been making ice cubes and larger units layering this pgm with the VF and SB pgms, and this combo kicks. I have been cruising around in my bust-mobile and tossing a few of these into ponds, etc. and it really puts a shine on the environment. I can't recommend the new water pgm highly enough. It really turns the water into an orgone mass that probably helps against chem too.
    You can't go wrong layering these 3 pgms/recipes. Some configurations might be slightly better than others -- use intuition -- but they are just plain good nohow.
    I have been shipping out a bunch of these items to friends in various other areas.

    I am also on a mini-CB kick. I am in progress on making 7 more mini-CBs in qt. yoghurt containers. They will consist mostly of VF/SB layers, as does this one which was made in a large paper cup.

    (5:40pmn) Totally socked in as far as the eye can see with chem. No real clouds at all. Slight patches of blue visible here and there through the smear.
    I still cannot fathom why most people find this perfectly acceptable. This is still the strangest phenomenon i have encountered in all my weird adventures. How can they so confidently be so overt about so garish and shocking a display, without stirring up more than a very small fraction of the population?

    It is a bit disconcerting that i still can't figure out who's spraying lately, other than it seems to be some nebulous, virtually indetectable ETs. Nor can my allies. But how long can that last? And then who, if anyone, will spring forth to do the next generation of spraying? Or is this the last?
    I dunno, but i'm feverishly building mini-CBs.

    (6:55pm) James Lovelock busted. I saw him in this article. Category 4 Scumbag. Hmmmmm....
    Incidentally, the author of the article, Steve Watson (unlike Paul Joseph Watson) is a CIA satanist that has infiltrated AJ's scene.
    And also, incidentally, John Muir was a satanist (there are even reports of him at Bohemian Grove) and Earth First! was founded by 3 NSA satanists. Yes, even Ed Abby was NSA. EF! was started to coopt a meme in the zeitgeist of the period. Some of the finest people i've even known were in Earth First! and other eco groups. Lots of 48s, 24s, and some 96s. A lot of NSA and CIA MPDed satanist plants as well.
    Were there scumbags that were not agents? Oddly, i was able to bust 3 like this that were active in my anti-nuclear group in '78 in FL. Not everybody i can bust these days is noticeably selfish, parasitic, or dishonest.
    But i didn't find any such in my Washington State friends, just some gov't satanists. Ditto Austin, TX.

    (8:30pm) I realized something: the chem planes these days aren't real. Or aren't programmable for some reason. Any metal plane is programmed by The Committee. These sprayers have no vibe, and don't react to any energy. And the chem does not have barium or other metals, judging by the fact that these would be programmed by programs in my CBs expressly for this purpose.

    I had to get more psychic to break through this. I was able to contact a male entity named Bik who indicated that these sprayers were 8D entities and phenomena.
    He was able to connect my Locator pyramid to their home base, which does not seem to have a counterpart in our universe. I was able to blast them good and insert a bunch of allies. And then, since they were unreceptive to the therapeutic approach, i was able to pluck their blueprint and give it to the Recyclers.

    So they are gone now. Ahem. But will this put a dent in the spraying or will i have another weird story next week?

    Mar. 31, '10: (6:35pm) Imagine my horror when i saw a bunch of chem this morning. Trails being sprayed over town when i got to work. No vibe. Where was Bik? Was he a figment of my imagination, too?
    So i called on Bik and asked him about these sprayers. Took him a long time, but he connected me with some 5D humanoids in no-space. Took care of them.

    A little while later i looked outside again. More vibeless planes spewing crap.
    I called on Bik again. After some delay, he connected me to some 4D humans in no-space. Took care of them.

    I thought, there might be endless numbers of these weird offset higher-D perps working all at the same time here!

    But when i looked out shortly thereafter, no more sprayplanes. This was still fairly early in the day. I kept looking out, even walked to the PO looking around, but for the rest of the day saw only about 3 normal planes leaving normal contrails.

    Looked outside just now from my place. Sky is clear with vague haze toward the horizon. 3 normal planes with contrails.
    But don't scrap your CB building plans yet.