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Loohan's blog for March, 2012
March 1, '12: (7:50am) Got more rain last night.

DORy satanist shape-shifter, 42% rept DNA: Dr. Louis Turi. Seems like most of his predictions have been about NWO stunts.

(1:05pm) T-shirt weather. Hybrid clouds and chem-clouds. Morphing a bit from orgone.

Valhallan gnomes: Months ago Elizabeth told me about an astral gnome she had "seen" hanging around me. He seemed a bit grouchy or something but liked me. I could barely detect him. I kind of forgot about him until a week or 2 ago when he was real hyperactive doing something around my shoulders, neck, and head.
Then later i realized Thorp also has one.

Mine has lightened up a lot thanks to his friendship with Yurtle. Sometimes i "see" them yakking with each other and chuckling. The gnome seems to consider Yurtle one of the rare examples of intelligent life in the universe. He also likes my other sentient orgone critters.

There are loads more of these gnomes in Valhalla. I have already encouraged a few to hang out with some of my online friends.
I don't know what they do, exactly.

(5:20pm) Most of the chem blew over or got cleared, and the orgone around here is amazing today.

Another satanists dies young: Andrew Breitbart. According to Wikipedia, 'He changed his political views after experiencing an "epiphany" during the Clarence Thomas hearings, and later described himself as "a Reagan conservative" with libertarian sympathies.' Yes, that is when he saw the light of Scottish Rite. Previously not a satanist, he just thought it was really cool to be able to rape a teenage girl sacrificial victim in front of the most powerful men on Earth.

And what's this about another satanist i'd never heard of (i'm not much into the MSM), Ari Rabin-Havt of Media Matters.

(5:20pm) The usual worst Lagos witches seem pretty much under control lately, but another powerful mafia witch has been placing strong jinxes. She is here.

(5:45pm) Wow, for years i have been saying that John Lennon was a satanist. I eat my words: the truth is the real Lennon was not a satanist (didn't have a viable soul, though; none of the Beatles did). The satanist was his replacement! (pic). I think he was replaced in '70 or so, after he had been with Yoko a couple years. The earlier double was not a satanist; i believe he is deceased as well.

I got that pic from here, a page with much truth but maybe a few inaccuracies as well.

(6:20pm) I was reading in this interview of a super-soldier
We turn to the right, while in the craft and see a reptoid alien standing there. It’s male about 5 foot 8 inches tall and grayish green color. It appears that his shape changes but not drastically, no muscle tone, no meat to his body. I realize that they have no joints like us and when they move, its like they bend their bones to whatever position they want.
Hmm, got a vibe. We are taking out 5K+ here and there are lots more all over.

March 2, '12: (9:40am) There was a big energy shift yesterday, which is why i felt such wonderful energy. And bunches of people's souls got culled, including, to my dismay, many i liked.

Meanwhile, Sittingtaoist in Denmark wrote me:
After 8 years with a Venstre government it was Socialdemokratiet's turn at the election Oct.3, 2011. New prime minister is Helle Thorning-Schmidt. She looked like {pic on left}.
After 5 months on the job (and 5+ months of my blasting) she looks like {pic on right}. Or is it her?
The lady on the left was not a satanist. And she had only maybe 2% rept DNA. Nor did she have a soul. I think she was in a U base just now here as a sex-slave prisoner. 241 PET satanists down there, too. Plus they were working on making clones of her. All being taken out now.
The other woman is a satanist shape-shifter with 33% rept DNA.

(7:15pm) Extreme chem white-out today followed by moderate rain. I heard it's been really dry back home. We'll see how long that lasts once i get back.

March 3, '12: (8:10pm) Got more rain overnight here. Nailed a bunch of grays back home that had been droughtifying.

More news from Bal, our Pleidian incarnate friend in Salt Lake City: i got an email from him:
i was out walking the dog around the block at around 8PM my time and a truck pulls up to a stop sign about 30 feet in front of me. there are absolutely no cars around and he could've gone way sooner. i get to the corner and he starts peeling out and purposely acts like he's going to run me over, cutting the corner into the snow, and driving right past me about a foot away.
Bal marked this ET guy well. I think he is the owner/mgr of this joint. Note it says "2-a-Day". I did a web search, and the only thing that comes up is 2 a Days Sports Bar in Houston. I get instant ET kickback from this Houston place. There are pix of these DORy ETs here. Which means there are probably plenty around Houston. We are starting out by nailing the U bases.

That SLC ET with the truck lives
here, and there are more of them in that neighborhood.

(10pm) In fact, across the street is one of their businesses, Utah Wedding DJ.

(12:25pm) Satanist: Nassim Haramein of the Resonance Project. I sense 2 more satanists on the project team. One is Jamie something-or-other, whose name was briefly displayed on the site but then disappeared from view.

March 5, '12: (5:45pm CST) I'm back home in Arkansas. Left yesterday morning. I skirted around Richmond and headed east. Stirred up and snuffed 50K more underground M32ers between there and Lynchburg. Drove around Roanoke some, but found no more underground M32ers there, just Rigelian grays (who have been colonizing new areas and re-colonizing old). Also did an M32er neighborhood and a satanist neighborhood there.

Yesterday had real and fake and hybrid clouds all day. Also snow flurries in S VA and E TN.

Busted Melton Hill Dam some more. It is sweetening up nicely. But visible to the north from there is this odd structure. On the map one can see roads leading from ORNL to that area.

Last night i was guided to go off the freeway into Mt. Juliet, TN. Something felt wrong. Like under the Walmart parking lot as well as much of the town. I had to hang out a while to de-cloak what it was. It was numerous U bases at different heights, as deep as 4.9 miles. It was a type of reptilian that has also attacked Thorp lately in S FL.

Today it has been clear all day.
I drove around Memphis for some time. Rigelian grays had moved into new areas.

I had left a bucket out before i left home early last month, to see how much rain collected. It was bone dry. But the forecast says 70% Thurs.

Speaking of Memphis, here are 3 shape-shifting satanists that were released from jail: the Memphis 3.

(6:35pm) CIAtanist Pepe Escobar claims Putin is not NWO. At least that's what the title of this article says; i have not watched the vid. Escobar and Putin both work for the Vatican, as do most intel agencies and governments.

(7:35pm) I was looking at this article Symbolic Pics of the Month and got a strong vibe off Sohee. Strong occult MPD vibe. She is one of the South Korean Wonder Girls who all have this same vibe. Wikipedia says "Its producer and manager is singer-songwriter Park Jin-Young and the Wonder Girls is signed to his talent agency, JYP Entertainment."
Like his ex-wife, Park is a shape-shifting satanist. 35% rept.
Rain is another, 33%.
These guys are super DORy.

(7:55pm) Another CIAtanist website: End of the American Dream.

March 6, '12: (10:35am) Very windy. Now w'ground is forecasting 90% rain chances on Thursday (day after tomorrow) so of course the chemtrails are getting heavy.

This 3012 program is really making the grays underground show up DORily. They are all over.

We have some new allies as of a few days ago, the Alah-Kur. Thorp brought them to my attention as important bad guys the Ta'l were fighting. But then they accepted therapy. A few days ago they hit Diego Garcia as well as a surface base in Yemen. Since then i have not been able to detect any more satanists at either location. However, i don't know whether this means they have been physically killed or what.
Then last night they as well as other allies blasted NSA HQ at Ft. Meade, MD. In fact, they are still blasting them.
Also the Alah-Kur have been talking [taking] out lots of gray bases and other ET U bases.

I am working on making Yurtle2, another yuga-optimizing turtle that Yurtle has largely been designing. It should make my drive-by busting 14X as powerful, for one thing.

(11am) US to Attempt Overthrow of Putin Government. Yeah, right, whatever you say, Vatican. But the reason i linked this is the pic of "Putin". I think this is an ordinary human double with a bit of plastic surgery.

(2pm) Sky is now grey with chem and real moisture.
I just updated my culls page.

March 7, '12: (6:30pm) 90% rain chances given for tomorrow and tomorrow night.

Completed Yurtle2. Very potent. Pic of Yurtle with Yurtle2. Remember that Yurtle means Yuga-optimizing turtle. I get that with Yurtle2 added to the stuff i have been keeping in my vehicle when i drive, i will be 63X as effective as i was just recently in VA. It's already having a powerful soothing orgone effect "tangible" on the map of my area.

Yurtle had a lot to do with conceiving and programming Yurtle2, to be maximally synergistic with him. It also has a lot of Vicarah program as well as programming from our many other allies.
Both turtles are expert programmers, and new members of The Committee! I expect that 63X figure to be somewhat upwardly mobile as they tweak their own programming over time.

March 8, '12: (9:10am) Got lite rain overnight, and a big deluge a little while ago. Sprinkling now.

Someone asked me about Kony, whom i had never heard of.
He is dead, maybe since 2010. The only "live" pic i have found is the one 1/2way down that page, which is of a double.
I haven't watched any vids about him, but the 3 white guys in the pic here are CIAtanists. Also in that pic, the little black guy behind them is CIA.
In the top pic here, the guy in uniform to the left of Kony is CIA.
But the plot thickens: "victim" John Ochola is also CIA! Is this a photoshop thing, or was John really mutilated by someone?

Aha, looking further, that pic with the white guys is a "photo of the founders of Invisible Children posing with weapons and personnel of the Sudan People’s Liberation Army." Read this page.
So Invisible Children seems to be a CIA op, as does the LRA, and they also have their guys in the Ugandan Army.
I think the truth of the matter can be found in this discerning article:
The U.S. government and Invisible Children are using the brutal Joseph Kony as a bogeyman to justify the U.S. long-term plan, which is to impose AFRICOM on Africa.

(10:30am) Raining.

Health department raids community picnic and destroys all food with bleach
Because this was a gathering of people invited to our farm for dinner, I had no idea that the Health Department would become involved. I received a phone call from them two days before the event informing me that because this was a “public event” (I would like to know what is the definition of “public” and “private”) we would be required to apply for a “special use permit.” If we did not do so immediately, we would be charged a ridiculous fine. Stunned, we immediately complied.
We were in the middle of our harvest day for our CSA shares, a very busy time for us, but Monte immediately left to comply with the demand and filled out the required paper work and paid for the fee.
Personally i would have challenged them instead of complying. I would have asked them to show that they had any legal or moral authority over me. I would tell them i that i reject poisoning projects by nazi scofflaws, and that any trespassers would be shot unless they had a valid warrant from a judge that was not a pedophile satanist nazi nor in service to such.
And i bet that would have been the last peep we would have heard out of them.
Don't sign licenses and pay fees for them to illegally mess with you. Don't willingly create contracts consenting to their dominion.

March 9, '12: (8:20am) Sunny, clear except for a few chem puffs. I think it pretty much stopped raining yesterday evening. Got 2.5" in my bucket, so i suppose i got about 2" rain. More rain chances day after tomorrow.
It also got below freezing last night, probably for the last time this season. Some of my fruit trees are in flower, but maybe the rain protected them from harm...

Chardon and the Melon Heads. We are taking out these DORy fellows in an area around Chardon, OH. About 10 mile radius around the town flared up so far. 20 Ta'l are down there. They seem mostly around 300' depth.

(7:25pm) Did get a fair bit of chem today.

I was reading this article US forces to fight Boko Haram in Nigeria, which reminded me about Mohammed Yusuf, whom i mentioned last year, and pinpointed his residence at the time. Since the CIA, er i mean, Nigerian Police, say he's dead, he was quickly moved west somewhere. (This is the same CIA that pretends Kony the phony is still alive; they seem to have an addiction to inverting facts just for the hell of it.)
Anyway, i found Yusuf here, along with 30 CIAtanists. (The Complete Idiots Association is also addicted to outing their own U bases; they stuck Yusuf there knowing full well that i was likely to look for him again. You wouldn't believe some of the other extremes they go to to make sure we find and destroy their bases, which is why i haven't published about most such incidents.)

Anyway, here's a pic of the now-deceased Yusuf.

The 2nd video in that article is of a black CIA guy, not a satanist but an indigenous black magician, in a white robe. Then there are a bunch of gunshots but they don't seem to strike him; i can't figure out the video. But that guy is also still alive. I took his hidden soul and bird from him (signatures of serious Nigerian black magicians). Or was alive. He was in a U base here with 22 CIAtanists and 3 more black guys.

March 10, '12: (5:45pm) It was an amazingly clear, gorgeous day, with only faint bits of chem, until late afternoon. Mostly white-out now. 40% rain chance tonight, 90 tomorrow.

New World Order, Chemtrails, and Olgacom Connection Explained. Well, it's a part of the picture. Some new info. Choice targets: these 2 DORy felons, also Ciech Group.

(5:50pm) Olgacom also uses U bases. We have already taken out 17 of their U airports. And i sense 40 more going down now, without planes.

March 11, '12: (5:55pm) (My ISP died a couple hours ago as i was uploading this page.)

We took out 345 U bases in China, too.

It's been raining gently all day here.

Some people are reporting that the public schools are brainwashing children with the Kony baloney.

March 12, '12: (9:05pm) Got almost 1.5" of rain yesterday. Today was sunny, clear, upper 70s. Tomorrow is supposed to be 81 F.

I was reading Massachusetts Police Confiscate Cell Phone of Witness, Destroy Evidence of Alleged Police Brutality about corruption in Springfield, MA, and found a real DORy pedophile shapeshifter Sheriff Michael J Ashe, Jr.

March 13, '12: (2:35am) For a week or so, most of our forces have been in the Rigel area, stomping grays. The Alah-Kur are especially good at finding gray hatcheries, and i have not found one myself in several days.

But now i am being attacked by Rigelian reptilians. What happened is that i was reading an article , i think it was about an anti-fracking guy getting hassled in Denton, TX -- University of North Texas. I felt he was under attack by repts underground. The Denton area had bunches, and then we found more in a much larger area. Then i started getting attacked by 2 underground bases, which we took out. Then 2 more, etc. They don't seem to learn.

These repts are 7'+, slender, and look like grays. But they have gender. Probably about 14% of gray DNA derives from this type of rept.
There are loads more, deriving from the Rigel area, under the Earth's surface.

March 14, '12: (8pm) Some chem-clouds yesterday, and chem-clouds and trails today. Warm, sunny.

Another NSA website: Sylvanic. I feel 2 NSAtanist shape-shifters behind this one.

If you are under attack by grays, be aware that sometimes they make a sort of "hard astral" entity. Numerous grays will pool their energy to create and empower a tough demon that is hard to jail. But Lt. Veo can jail them.
I have had numerous of these in the past, and recently they have also been used on some other people i know.

(9:45pm) These can be of various morphologies. They are even throwing around ones that look like Lt. Veo now.

March 15, '12: (7:50am) More chem; 60% rain chances today.

Last night i realized there have been about 6K casualties on our side in this offensive on Rigel. I sense 14 of our physical races fighting there, all of whom have sustained losses, including Ta'l, Rojohy, Alah-Kur, Kur-Dahn, Golden Draco, Red Draco, some 14' Blue Draco, Venusians, M82ers, M51ers, good reptilians, etc.
A good thing to do is intend that all gray craft are imbued with the 3012 anti-gray pgm.

(8:30am) What's going on here? Blagojevich on way to prison. It is very rare for shape-shifting satanists to go to jail. In the case of Tymoshenko, the "incarceration" was just for show. In the case of the Memphis 3, those guys were of no social stature. But Blagojevich (42%, wife 41%) is a politician. Will he serve real jail time?
Judge James Zagel, who sentenced him, is a 36%er. U.S. Attorney Patrick Fitzgerald is also a satanist.

Why Is President Obama Keeping a Journalist in Prison in Yemen?

(3:10pm) Another CIAtanist group: The Center for Non-Violent Communication.

Satanist yoga author (deceased): A.P. Mukerji.

Hospital that hires exclusively satanist doctors: Houston Physician's Hospital.

(5:50pm) Chem but no rain today.

Today Thor'p drew my attention to some good short physical grays.
There may only be about 7K of them. They were laying low to avoid the RV attempts by the evil grays. We rescued them so they were able to leave their location. Their new location is also secret. But, I just found out, anyone psi-attacking me or Mordok is likely to have these grays attack them.

March 16, '12: (9:20am) Sunny, chem-clouds.

BTW, 3 of those 14 races attacking Rigel are the original ones that were working with John Kettler. It is possible they stopped working with him lately.
I keep finding John messed with by Rigelian grays. My impression is he tends to swallow a lot of spoofing by imposters.
He got a new psychic on his team, a 96, but she seems more interested in promoting the likes of David Wilcock than working with me.
It would have been nice to network with them, but it may be a better investment of my efforts to carry on as before.

Our side has had 31 more casualties since last mentioned; seems to have slowed down.

(1:30pm) Bal in Salt Lake City was just attacked by 3 ETs associated with Batters Up More Than Sports Bar. But none of the 3 ETs depicted here.
Check out the ET sluts. These ladies are professionals. [Update Nov/2012: these hoes are dead; killed in U bases, and replaced by clones.]

March 17, '12: (5:20pm) Sunny, chem-clouds, windy, warm.

Got a new family member. Very affectionate, zero tolerance for evil.
This is Yurtle2's baby. Yurtle2 did 93% of the design (including having me make special coils), and 100% of the programming.

(7:30pm) This was actually also mentioned on the front page of the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette this morning: Police Detain Maker of Uganda Video "Kony 2012". Yeah! CIAtanist, MPD shapeshifting 36%er freaks out!
Maybe we'll be seeing more of these. "Panetta apprehended exposing himself to pre-schoolers". "Petraeus injured in drunken auto wreck". "Queen Elizabeth bares all on TV"...

(8:05pm) [The most recent turtle is not a Yurtle.] I have 2 Yurtles, and there may be another someday. Meanwhile, i sense 3 that others have made: 1 in Mexico, 1 in NZ, 1 in Portugal, i think.

I got a strong Mossad vibe off this article: Twin blasts hit Damascus security compounds; at least 27 killed. The vibe comes from 11 Mossad satanists here. Mossad has that entire bldg. There are many more of them there than just this hit team of 11.

(8:20pm) Actually, those other 3 Yuga-optimizing orgone sentients are not turtles, but other critters.

March 18, '12: (7:50am) Overcast.

Extreme weirdness: someone asked me about this Confessions of a Former White Hat Operative site. It is about 94% rubbish. I had trouble getting a vibe off whoever is behind it. Incredibly, it is an op by the Abell 2218 humans. We took out 800+ underground in this area of Chicago. The guys running the site were down there.

(3:55pm) Partly cloudy, chemmy.

Those good grays have mostly been picking on 3 Jesuits in this bldg. The Vatican must own at least the northern long section of the bldg; i doubt they are involved in the theatre. But that rear section has the vibe of hundreds of Vatican satanists who use it for something. A few live there.

(4:10pm) Mordok RVed what looked like a big gingerbread man being sliced in half by a warrior. I believe this took place around here in Argentina, probably in the jungle, and the warrior was of one of the races Kettler has been working with. The gingerbread guys seem to be from the center of this pic of Orion.

We killed maybe 3K underground there in Argentina (tunnels and bases ran SE of that spot).
Mordok sensed more at Alice Springs, AU. We took out 5K more there.
We think this species has only been here maybe 6 weeks.

(6:05pm) Another Dutch Royal Navy ELF torture transmitter has been fired up in a house in Dongjum, NE.

(7:20pm) I think i found a Ron Paul clone here, along with 4 CIAtanist MPD handlers. Usually the clone is naked in bed with one or more of them. 2 are male, 2 female.

(7:50pm) Speaking of torture transmitters, Elizabeth in Aztec, NM has been getting it from one here. NSA building. The map pic says 2012 and it's just a foundation. I think the transmitter is a bit below ground level.

(8pm) In fact, quite a lot of bldgs around there, including the Pepsi plant, have that NSAtanist vibe. I sense 75 NSAtanists in this area.
So, cleverly, knowing that i would track them down and expose them, and take care of their 35 or more U bases, they chose to fry Elizabeth.

(8:20pm) Elizaebeth says that mystery structure is a natural gas compression site -- pumping site.

NSA proprietary businesses in Aztec:These 2 houses on either side of the arrow house 12 key NSAtanists.
17 more here.
This bldg and a bunch more to the east house 55 more.
Transmitter at 315' depth.
Looks like a bullpen but feels like a transmitter in there, aiming at passers-by.

March 19, '12: (9:50am) Overcast.

4 dead in shooting at Jewish school in France. All soulless victims, at that. Hard to find ensouled sacrificial victims these days.
I did a search for the gunman, and found a Mossad U base here with 31 Mossad satanists but not the shooter. A tunnel went WSW from there to here where there were 14 more, but still no shooter. I suspect the shooter is some soulless dupe.
Found a Mossad neighborhood with 14 houses and 34 Mossad satanists here. I think the shooter had been a guest at a couple of these houses.
Also get vibe here, which i suspect is the shooter's residence.

(2:35pm) Belarus executes 2 men convicted of subway bombing.
Lukashenko is a shapeshifting satanist with 35% rept DNA. The 2 guys in the foreground in the pic are also satanists.
Supposedly the Belarus gov't has a website, but it won't open for me. But i get that their Council of Ministers has 48 satanists associated with it. Certainly all the people on this page.

(7:20pm) I had some bad DNS#s preventing me from opening that site, but now i can get in. How did a country get so totally satanic at the top? Even in the US, not all politicians are satanists.

Chem-clouds and trails here. Rain chances coming up.

March 21, '12: (6:40pm) It rained for over 24 hours. 5" in my bucket, so i guess i got at least 4.2". Some people around here got an inch or 2 more than i did.
70% chance tonight. Cooler since yesterday.

I pulled an implant out of a guy's throat and it came from human ETs that were all under the Atlantic floor, just 100-200 miles offshore from the East Coast, in a long line from ME to FL. We are taking them out. They are another evil race from Andromeda, humans that probably physically resemble us.

March 22, '12: (8:40am) Did not get more rain. Cool, overcast, damp.

Underground Booms Rattle Wisconsin Town For Fourth Night. I wonder if that has anything to do with the base at 830' depth here perchance. I sense 6K+ human ETs about to die. I don't think we have run into this particular bunch before. They are from Galaxy Zw II 96.

(8:50am) Finding a bunch more of those, like under the SW side of the airport.

(9:25am) Mexican Earthquake Coincides With Drill Based Around Exact Same Scenario.
Looking at the epicenter, the most obvious thing is heavy gray presence/DOR for 70 mile radius around.
There may be an earthquake machine here at 3500', built by the same ETs as did Fukushima etc.
Being neutralized.

(9:35am) Fake jewish Rabbi Links Ahmadinejad, Rabbis’ Illnesses and Jewish Prayer. I would entitle this article as "Shape-Shifting Satanist Rabbis Fall Ill". Is this part of the same force that caused that Kony-artist to freak out?
I'll take credit if nobody else does.

(10:55am) Thor'p told me he got attacked by some tall-gray-like beings called Nor from the Triangulum Galaxy. I sense 2 quadrillion of them here in the center of pic. I also sense 8 quadrillion in the center of this pic of Orion.

(2:15pm) Sun, chem-clouds.

Pic of 2 new 1-foot-long turtles and 2 hippos. Made with unflavored epoxy. The photo makes them look more opaque than they are.
Only the one turtle has any objects in it.

(6pm) Got a small rain. Overcast.

Uploaded Galaxy NGC 4414 ETs on Earth.

(7:20pm) Blastworthy lizard of the day: Mitchell Silber, Scottish Rite pedophile with 38% rept DNA, who is here to save us from "Iranians".

March 23, '12: (7:30am) Sun, old chem-clouds, puddles... Got another inch of rain overnight.

Manufacturing distractions: CIA left hand embroiled in noisy combat with CIA right hand: Obama Administration Tries To Shut Down Rush Limbaugh.

Sittingtaoist spotted Copenhaven ET Michael Leonhardt, and now we are finding more ETs under the city. These are the same sub-strain as the ones prevalent in Holland.

And Mordok told me his chat friend (who is married to an ET parasite as mentioned in the NGC 4414 page) lives in the Seattle area. Scanning Seattle, first i found this house with 2 NGC 4414ers, and 900+ more underground around it.
Next i found this apt complex with 322 of them, and bunches around that area. Now they are being followed down tunnels past Snoqualmie, Skykomah, Everett, Port Orchard...

(7:50am) As you may have read, the French cops nailed the shooter of Jews. It feels like the same guy i was onto. If anyone sees any mention in the media of the address of his flat, let me know. Some interesting points:
French police were alerted about Toulouse shooter and did NOTHING!
Sarkozy Opens Poll Lead After France Shootings
Sarkozy, of course, is a Mossad asset and satanist with 42% rept DNA.

(10am) I got to checking up on Dr. Michael E. Salla, a soulless guy with a freaky ET vibe, who feels like he works strongly with the grays. Finally realized he is yet another kind of ET, from NGC 7319.
I also felt lots of gray "smothering" on James Gilliland, who is ensouled. It seemed like Salla was a channel for this.

These NGC 7319 ETs are also under much of our planet. We are starting on this batch.
Meanwhile, we are also pursuing the Galaxy Zw II 96 race found yesterday; been taking out some in Canada this morning.

(10:25am) Why is it that all these ET races have the same suicidally-low IQ level as the CIA and NSA? More Booms Heard in Wisconsin, This Time In Montello. Yep, nailing more of the Galaxy Zw II 96 ETs (map).

(2:20pm) Someone sent me a link to an article showing the place where the Toulouse shooter lived.
See the fully (not partially) displayed window closest to the bottom right corner? I get a DORy vibe there, of 3 Mossad satanists. I do not know which apt was his.
On the map, it is a couple km NE of the spot i thought might be his residence. And also on the east side of the road, i sense dozens of satanists, but probably not related to this matter, rather related to that church.
At the spot i originally mentioned, i feel 2 evil men who are not satanist, who, i'm guessing, are middle-eastern sellouts that are involved.

March 24, '12: (5:50pm) Clear sky early, then "real-looking" chem-clouds.

Four young Israelis refuse army draft in new refusenik wave. And all of them plus Noam Gur had demons being thrown at them by 6 Mossad sorcerors here.

(6:10pm) Since all IDF inductees are systematically raped and MPDed, i consider it very wise for young Israelis to say no, thanks.

Rumblings in Sooke Sparks Mystery. At first i only felt buttloads of grays there, but after we killed off thousands of Rigelians, i could detect thousands of the same kind of ETs as were under Wisconsin recently. Scattered in an area of a few miles around Sooke.

March 25, '12: (5:40pm) Beautiful day, warm. Trees starting to leaf out. Some dubious clouds earlier in the day but mostly clear now.

Mali coup led by US-trained captain.

NYPD arrests 14 OWS protesters. Sigh. A proud tradition of arresting CIAtanists. In the first large pic we have a lady in grey with something red on her chest; 33%er, CIA shapeshifter. Behind her we have a guy in black, smiling on his back; 37%er CIA. His right elbow is on the leg of an obscured CIAtanist (with scant rept DNA). And on his left shoulder, CIAtanist also, in blue. By Blue Boy's left ebow, CIAtanist in black.
I think 8 of the arrestees were CIAtanists. Lock 'em up and throw away the key.

March 26, '12: (8:50am) Clear sky.

Regarding those 2 evil men i mentioned on the 23rd, who seemed connected to the Toulouse shooting: it feels like they have moved on permanently from that location, and have now gone east to rejoin 36 more like them who work in this industrial block.
I also feel the vibe of this type of people (some are female) here. Maybe several work here.
Google aerial maps is crappy on this part of France; you'd think it was Siberia. Nonetheless there is a good street view of this house at 23 Avenue de la Resistance, which has the vibe of 12 terrorists.
And this one, which has the vibe of 22 more.
In fact, this whole neighborhood has many houses where many of these people live, including many of the ones who work at that industrial block.

None of these people feel like satanists, but i think they know they work for Mossad. They might all be middle-eastern immigrants but i'm not sure.

(10:05am) Satanists For Drug Policy Reform: It ain't just Soros, Hefner, and John Bronner anymore. Now it's shape-shifters Richard Branson and Pat Robertson.
Clearing away resistance to a cash-free society, or something else?

(10:40am) The funny thing is, at the same time, the people at LEAP have been attacked by the CIA. A few days ago i found oodles of U bases of CIAtanist clones attacking these honest cops. Took quite a while to nail them all.
So good people that oppose prohibition get nailed by satanists, while other satanists, ostensibly at least, take a similar postition on the issue.

(2:35pm) Cursed Buddha statues? Someone wrote me that he just demolished several Buddha statues because he realized they were cursed. Sure enough, it seems some types of such statues are accursed. I did an image search and found a couple: here, here.

(6:25pm) Police swoop on paedophile gang because the perps are not satanists. Let that be a lesson to the competition!

March 27, '12: (9:45am) There were some long chemtrails yesterday, and this morning there is more chem.

Angie: Face of an Angel, Heart of a Demon. I first became aware of the existence of Angelina Jolie in late '05, i think it was. Back then, there was a very common pop-up ad saying "Whose legs are these?" and showing a pair of women's legs (tanned, impeccably depilated in true reptilian style, but otherwise unremarkable) as well as a list of 5 or 6 famous women, one of them being Jolie. The legs and Jolie's name both had the same extremely toxic vibe. None of the other names were of satanists. I remember puzzzling as to how the very flesh of satanists is sometimes so incredibly DORy. Later i figured out it was due to high %age of rept DNA.
(Back then there was a lot more demonic energy around for the rept DNA to channel.)

Her dad is 41% rept DNA, she is also 41%. Billy Bob is 35%. Pitt is also a satanist, but only 12% rept.

Like her fellow shape-shifter Madonna, Jolie has a penchant for adopting exotic children and having them MPDed: Maddox Chivan, Zahara, Pax Thien.

(5:40pm) Still some chem-clouds and trails.

Found a NSA bldg in Springfield, MO, the other day. Also we got 6 NSA underground transmitters in Springfield, and oodles of NSA clones underground for miles around.
I have the impression that 32 NSAtanists work there. I suspect they moved their regional email-monitoring location to there from the previous Springfield location i outed years ago.

(6:50pm) Some good ET allies we have are the cat people such as the Bagit mentioned by James Gilliland (video). Also the Pleiadian he mentions is real, although not of a race i am familiar with.

March 28, '12: (1:10am) The War on Nor: i mentioned the Nor on the 22nd. Thor'p and i have been waging war on them in the Rose galaxy too. Last night i "saw" them in U bases there and lit them up for allies to fry. These Nor looked like tall, thin grays with smaller, slanted almond eyes.
Then tonight i am seeing another morphology. These have large, pointy, Spock ears and wing-like ridges sticking out under their temples. These ridges flare upwards as they go back.
These guys are also in the Rose galaxy.

(1:35am) This epoxy-filled porcelain pig is acting as Nor prosecutor. You can tell it any impressions you may get of Nor locations.

March 28, '12: (7:45pm) Heavy chem-smear today.

A couple interesting pix recently taken in MD: 1, 2. I believe these are gray drones, and came from a U base here.

Also, we found another strain of what i think are the same race as the NCG 4414ers, except these come from NGC 346. I sense at least 248 octillion there. Also they have U bases all over the Earth. Sittingtaoist has neighbors of this strain who are also Luciferans and into MPD. But that is not normal for such ETs.
After we mop up a bunch of their DORy U bases, maybe i can locate more above-ground.

March 29, '12: (11:45) Long chemtrails and chem-clouds this morning.
More booms have been reported around Clintonville, WI, but i am not finding more of those ETs, so maybe they had nothing to do with it. Also recently Dutchsinse reported hearing them in St. Louis, but i could not find that type of ET there. I did find some interesting repts under City Hall, etc. though.

I just updated OTB 40 with this info:

A note on positive and negative energy as it applies to my orgone devices and other things:
  • Regular orgonite, infused with nice mellow energies, tends to always feel mellow and sweet, whereas if programmed with anti-evil energies, seems DORy oftentimes.
  • This is because the device is drawing in and processing bad energy. A dowser capable of such discernment should ask, what is this device taking in versus what is this device putting out. All my devices put out impeccably sweet energy, to the best of my knowledge, yet often feel a bit nasty due to the work they are immersed in. Orgonite that is deliberately corrupted with black magic, or is corrupted by demon interference during the curing process, will put out icky energy. Look at some of the products by Carol Croft, Sensei Dennis, and other shapeshifters such as Ernest in Bucharest. Well, he seems to have taken down the pix of his products after I outed him, but they were very DORy.
    Note: The Committee attempts to reprogram such devices as much as possible, so they are actually no longer quite as bad as they were.
  • This does not only apply to orgonite. A few days ago a friend wrote me that he destroyed several Buddha statues because they were accursed. I did an image search and found a couple pix of black magic tainted statues, but most were fine. However, all were DORy because Siddartha Gautama still exists as a discarnate, higher-dimensional entity, and the darkside finds him intolerable and attacks statues of him. The fat buddhas are not DORy but the skinny ones are. Try discerning what they are putting out.
(12:30pm) I believe that this is also the case with this ‘Blueish Ring of Light'. I think this is a craft of those sweet cat people Gilliland mentions. But it feels a bit DORy due to gray energy attack.

March 30, '12: (3:20pm) Warm, sunny, puffy chem-clouds.

Shapeshifter Barbara Frei is hiding here, i believe.

(3:40pm) We may be about reaching saturation on the Violet Flame and Water-Charging programs. For gifting purposes, unless you particularly feel you want these programs, you are probably best advised to concentrate on what is hot now: still the Strontium-Barium program; also the Vicarah pgm and 3012 Anti-Gray pgm. Info on these is in OTB 27e.

(5:50pm) And, i think i found yet another sub-strain of NGC4414-type ETs. Example: Owen Walters (pic halfway down page). And i found a U base easily here with 450+ more of them, now being nailed.
I think these ETs are from the bright star on the right side of this unknown spiral galaxy. Pic from this page.

(6:15pm) And, today Mordok spotted 3 NGC4414ers walking around in Leslie. We already got a bunch of their underground bases north of here. I tracked those 3 to this house. There are more nearby:
This house.
This house.
In fact, there are many houses in this area with at least 285 ETs.
Harrison Village Campground and RV Park.

(7:50pm) It is getting to be a full-time job chronicling all the ET humans we find on Earth. Just down the highway a bit from Harrison, AR, is Western Grove. I have long felt weird satanic cult vibes from there. I have blasted them but never gotten kickback. So i told Mordok about it, and as soon as he checked them out, they jumped him, including from nearby U bases! These are ETs from the Sombrero galaxy.
In my agent list i mention "ETs from the Sombrero Galaxy: Michel Desmarquet and Tom J. Chalko (these latter 2 are not Satanists, but some other kind of black magicians)". These guys are the same! Except they are not satanists like the Western Grove ones.
I sense at least 500 of them on the surface in the Western Grove area.

And, over in the Salt Lake area, Bal has a job building sheds and works at different locations daily. Yesterday he helped built one for a guy here, about whom he had these observations:
built a shed for a Korean Vet today... seemed to shape shift when he was coming in and out of the house. didn't recognize him as being the same dude the second time i saw him. and the third time he was more like the first time i saw him, but not exact. his eyes were real weird looking. like he was wearing fake contact lenses, or he just had cataract surgery or something. i was building near Utah Lake. The area feels nice ever since i've gifted it. also there was a young man sitting on the curb in his car. then he got out and went inside the house i was building a shed for. came back out and went back to sit in his car...
I suspect the younger man is a nephew.
These ETs are from the region of the lady's left breast in the illustration of Constellation Andromeda (not to be confused with Andromeda Galaxy, which is but one galaxy in the constellation).
We wiped out ~800K of them under the area around Orem, UT.

And, in yet more SLC news, here are 2 businesses of the more common type of ETs there:
Shanta Yoga.
Armitage Martial Arts.

March 31, '12: (5pm) Warm, sunny, chem-clouds.

This morning i watched a short vid from Dutchsinse dated 10:26pm last night. It shows a plume right in the Western Grove area! This capture was taken at 1:15 point. A poster claims it was centered here, 5 miles west of Western Grove.
There were bunches of U bases around there; it think we took out 23K ETs, most of these by the time Dutch made his vid.
I, too, will refrain from interpreting.

And, Mordok sniffed out a couple more NGC4414ers: Steve Rother of and his wife. These ones are overtly DORy.

(7:35pm) Within the last hour, 4,400 more of those nice cat people have arrived in our atmosphere. For some reason they want me to announce this. I think they intend to hang out and deter nazi warmongering. Hope so. Gaza needs help about now.
These cats do not like nazis.