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Loohan's blog for March, 2014
March 2, '14: (7:15am) Actually got a bit of rain and sleet day before yesterday. And got more overnight. Big ice storm supposed to come in tonight.

Lately some different ETs have been attacking the guy in Holland and his 2 dogs. These are in Leo. I get the vague impression of amphibious humanoids with "wings" or ridges on their faces. They might be of a greenish hue.

(5pm) At least some of the ET species on this site are real.
The "New Alien - Unclassified" (pic to right) Is evil.
So are the "Groguns or Grogi [which] are our best ally." Been duking it out with them a bit.
On the next page, at least the Morope, Lessor Horned Blueron, and Horned Blueron feel real.
And on this page, all feel real, but unrelated to any grays i have ever called grays. I think we took out a bunch of U stuff of these ass-crack-face guys in recent weeks. I sometime run into batches of unidentifiable evil ETs, and i think this was one of them.

(9:15pm) Damn, i think i de-cloaked another strain of shapeshifting reptilians. Some examples:Finding a lot in U bases around the world, too.

March 3, '14: (9:30am) I left work early yesterday to avoid the chance of not making it home. It was snowing and below freezing.
Wunderground said we could get several inches of snow and ice overnight, but i only got 3/4" of very soft snow. (I didn't try to burn any.)
They also said it would get down to 5 deg. F, which was pretty sharp. At 6 am one of my cheap thermometers said 5, the other 3.

It is unusual for us to get such cold weather this late in the season. Luckily i still have plenty of firewood.
The kale i planted last fall still has not grown. But it's hanging in there.

A reader told me that whenever he rides on Seattle area Metro buses, especially the new Rapid Ride buses, he feels drowsy. Well, all these buses, and even the older ones, have mind-control transmitters. Just looking at the pics made me drowsy. But we have largely counter-programmed their output.

March 4, '14: (11:05am) Well, i said i only got 3/4" of snow, but that was just one spot that may have been in the lee of my cabin. Much of the snow must have come in sort of horizontally. Much of the property has 3-4", and in some areas several more inches drifted in.

Bright and sunny yesterday with only a few tiny chem-puffs of the orgone-fragile kind. Today, overcast and hazy.

Finally nailed NSAtanist lizard Drunvalo MelCheesyDick. Thor'p reported that Drunvalo had been attacking him, probably from near Syracuse. Drun was really well shielded and it took hours of blasting to get him to "show up" in a U base here.

Yeah. When i first read about this alleged shooting, i dismissed it as nothing more than what it appears to be on the surface. No obvious reptilian vibes jumped out at me.

But then i read the above article, and realized that, yes, Jordan Davis was MPD. And so are Tevin Thompson, Leland Brunson and Tommie Stornes. Not to mention Lucia McBath and Ronald Davis, shapeshifting reptilians.

But i still couldn't get a vibe off of Dunn. This was Feb. 28.

But then this morning i clicked on this article and Dunn was very DORy. Why the big change? He is one of the type of SSers i only de-cloaked March 2nd. And now, a whole DORy mess opened up, so bad that i shut down the PC a while to let the orgone fermentation process comb things out.
His attorney Cory Strolla is a shapeshifter. As is John Phillips, attorney for Ron Davis and Lucia McBath. As are State Attorney Angela Corey and spokeswoman Jackelyn Barnard. And Ed Birk, attorney for WJXT TV-4.
Jordan's alleged GF Aliyah Harris is also MPD as shit.

Anyway, i vaguely sense a bunch of other connections to this stuff, and eagerly await the author's sequel.
BTW this "black assassins" guy is pretty sharp, and i agree with over 90% of the stuff he says in general.

(5:25pm) Lotta chem today, including some long drone-trails.

Newsflash! Silica is no longer needed for the Demon-Disintegrating Program. Now it goes into plain resin fine.

(7:50pm) This is another example of a demon manifesting its shape in the chem. This pic was taken in NSW, AU. That was a big DORy demon, which i bagged.

March 6, '14: (10:45am) Good article: Narco-Villain "El Chapo's" Arrest Packaged for Media Consumption. Looks like pretty good website worth checking out.

I have been having fun persecuting repts lately. Specifically, all the types in this pic, as well as 3 more varieties who also work with them. One of these is the type i posted a pic of March 2nd. We have been thus lighting them up in U bases around the world, and taking care of these. Occasionally i get swarmed by them in their astral phase, and their demons.

The most common type of hairless repts that we have been fighting for years is not in this group, strangely. Maybe they don't do the same type of abduction/meddling. In any case, i do not run into connections to this type whan i blast the ones in the pic. I do run into Bighead demons, though.

(11:30am) Free OSPgen freq generator puts out a freq modulated by a beat. My friend in Slovenia wrote: has no really higher range than 2400Hz, but I've found the some combinations of beat and Hz busts the chemclouds very fast and strong.
Example; 2331Hz +16 or 12 or 7 Hz beat.

Note: he is not talking about playing it out loud. He is piping it into devices. I doubt results can be obtained from the sound alone.

One can intuitively adjust the slides by feel. I did that, came up with 8.0 and 1216.0. Ran that into a large unit that i had been running the anti-werewolf freq with. Then dowsed that this new input nails the evil human ETs real well.

The software runs fine on my Ubuntu OS with Wine.
Don't forget to tweak the volume setting on your computer, if you are sensitive.
As far as i know, the vertical slider on the right serves no purpose.

The description says it requires "a 300mHz or better computer to output a complex waveform to drive a common car coil..." but it is news to me that computers are even rated in mHz. [Processor speed. My geek friend says "mHz" is a typo. Should have been MHz, meaning megahertz. Modern computers are 2-3 GHz = 2000-3000 MHz.] And i doubt that an ignition coil would work as well as than any crude orgonite-based transmitter. Nor do i get that it would be worth combining such a coil with orgonite.

March 7, '14: (8:55am) On Feb. 1 i linked to this page, which i still think is pretty good. And at that time, Mick West (the handsome fella upper left) was still ensouled, too. He does not have a repty vibe.

Later i checked this guy out some more, especially his site Contrail Science. Interestingly, he seemed to be tangling mostly with CIAlizards in the chemtrail field. And has some good stuff like Contrail photos through history. Also he shoots down some disinfo pics created by the CIA.

I perused his sites for a while. He seemed genuinely sincere in his beliefs, but my credulity got thinner and thinner when checking out his conspiracy debunking of blatant false flags.
Altho i couldn't detect an agency connection, i realized his soul was not valid, and easily culled it. And put an etheric monitoring device on him. This was weeks ago.

Well this morning i got alerted because he was on the phone with his CIA handlers in Cleveland! Suddenly he felt DORy by association/connection.
Trying to trace his Cleveland connection is challenging, because all sorts of DORy CIA stuff, mostly underground, that was connected to his handler also got lit up. But tentatively, i think the guy he was on the phone with is in the left bldg here, which reportedly belongs to Chemalloy Corp, which does not have a website that comes up in google. I did find a Chemalloy in Bryn Mawr, PA, but i don't think it is related (and it looks like it manufactures and wholesales useful orgonite ingredients, BTW).

As for the bldg to the immediate east of Chemalloy Cleveland, that supposedly was sold last Sep. 10, and also seems to have a CIA vibe.

(1:30pm) Ugh. CANNIBALISM IN THE ILLUMINATI. No images, just verbal decriptions of videos. But it feels real; these were/are real satanists.

I suspect most of their cannibalism is of ritually-sacrificed victims, however. Or was. These days ensouled humans are hard to find, though, and soulless ones are of no value for attracting demons for black magic. Soulless babies are likely still of value as a culinary resource.

Too weird: Ian Watkins ex girlfriend charged with possessing indecent images of a child. Ian Watkins isn't even a SSer or satanist that i can discern. Joanne Mjadzelics is a shapeshifting rept playing a role.

More media circus psyoppery. I see some of the commenters on Spivey' page have some discernment.
  • Looks like the stinking twats (Police/CPS) have decided to use the woman as a warning to other whistleblowers. “Be careful of what you say or we’ll get you”.
  • It sems beyond belief that she has escaped closer inspection. She must be keeping back an awful lot. Also, there must be people looking after her. Certainly her career has been totally unaffected – maybe down to the fact that a relative Bill Cotton was a high ranking BBC executive for many years. Explains why see gets all of the BBC’s flagship broadcasts i.e Diamond Jubilee, Eurovision, Comic Relief,…………. Her career makes interesting read and for me makes alarm bells ring – Disney Club, X(tra) Factor, Top of the Pops, Radio 1, What I seriously don’t get is this. After Watkins was arrested, many newspaper articles showed pictures of them from 2007 creating an obvious link. Now, anyone in their right mind would move heaven and earth to distance themselves from him as far away as possible. Then, why oh why, when the dust was settling, draw attention back to fact they were an item by using his ‘mega lolz’ phrase in such a public way and generate such condemnation. She’s a fucking a wrong un.
  • At times her actions have seem like attention seeking on a grand scale. Something didn’t sit right with me about how she was glammed up outside that court bleating about ‘nobody would listen to me’ with her affected tears. I’m sorry, but it isn’t about you.
    ... I hope she is innocent, but I don’t entirely trust her story. Why would anyone go back for more...

(4:05pm) There was some heavy drone spraying here today. Oops, i mean heavy normal plane traffic leaving long ordinary persisting condensation trails that spread and smeared the way they naturally do. Overcast now.

NSAtanist SSer: Bill Buehler. "A man of integrity, humility and vast knowledge, Bill has profound knowledge on the topic of Reshel Grids, their ancient origin, function and role in the upcoming Ascension.
"Bill makes rare appearances - opportunities you do not want to miss."

March 11, '14: (9:20am) Warm weather in the 70s yesterday and supposedly today. Clear yesterday. Even found a tick on me. Normally, the belief is that cold weather kills off the ticks, and this winter has had more cold weather than any in at least 17 years, maybe much longer. Yet the instant it warms up, i get a mature tick. Also saw a few little mosquitos hanging around; where did they come from so fast?
Planted some chard, beets, and lettuce.

Dozens of Americans who claim to be allergic to electromagnetic signals settle in small West Virginia town where WiFi is banned.

I have been reading many bizare things about that disappearing airliner, but no names or pics of the alleged victims. So far i have not gotten a vibe off any of it.
Ah, wait, did a google search: Families of victims of Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 tragedy face agonizing wait. OK... i am sort of on the edge of what i can dowse with confidence, but tentatively my impressions are,
  • The relatives are sincere
  • The young French couple does not feel alive. Also it is odd, if Zhao is "French", why does he call his GF "mignon"? Mignon is a masculine adjective; the feminine version is mignonne. Only someone who knew almost no French would make a mistake like that. And presumably would not be able to enroll in the Lycee Francais International de Pekin.
    Maybe that is what the girl wrote, not the guy.
  • The Canadian couple feels alive
  • Friman Siregar feels alive
  • Philip Wood feels alive
  • as well as others.
When i went looking for these people, i got attracted to this spot in Mongolia which has an odd vibe, and was connected to tunnels and U bases further west. In fact we are still taking out SSer U bases west of there. And i am being psi-attacked back from these.
I am not totally certain this has anything to do with the missing plane, though.

(7pm) There is also something very repty about the "Zen monastery" next door.

Old milk jugs make fantastic, wicked cheap 3D printer ammo. I know almost nothing about 3D printing, but when i saw this article it occurred to me that the plastic used in these jugs, melted, could probably work similarly to resin, in terms of accepting programming and generating orgone.
Whether a printer heats the plastic up long enough and hot enough to accomplish this, i am unsure.

(8:25pm) Had a lot of real, white clouds today, as well as small chem-clouds and hybrid clouds.

Something's wrong with Aaron McCollum lately. Can you say MKULTRA? His vibe is freaky and wrong somehow. He is consorting with agents and saying weird things. Here he is as Commander of the Idylwild Group, which is composed of 5 NSAlizards, McCollum, and (supposedly but not actually) Semjase.
He's a good guy. Let us blast his handlers.

Been duking it out mainly with the evil human ETs and the various reptilians. But now i think i de-cloaked yet another widespread type of ET that looks like us. I don't know if they are shapeshifting repts or what.

I got into them by reading about the Bafath or Giza Intelligences. (Most of the stuff on the web on these subjects is by agents BTW, but Anya is legit. I haven't read/watched hardly any of her stuff yet.)

I found bunches of them under Giza and south, then later in Europe, west Arkansas, OK, MO, etc. etc.
And in the Cygnus area, mainly the lower right half of pic.
So far they have not hit me back.

Some actresses of this type of ET:
Kristen Stewart
Kristen Bell
jennifer Lawrence
whoever this is [Hilary Duff]
whoever this is [Kelly Clarkson].

More such ETs:
Arvydas Sabonis
Frank Layden
Joe McCarthy.

March 12, '14: (5:45pm) Mostly clear today; only a few little chem-clouds at times.

I'll update OTB 44 later, but i wanted to mention that, if you are making dual resin wands, it is no longer advantageous to use metal tape between the halves. Somehow The Committee is now able to superimpose the same functions onto the Jan2014C section during programming. My last batch was without tape and they are just as good.
All the more reason to mass-produce them.

(7:30pm) The NSA does have a sense of humor sometimes: Reptilian Hunter, The HiJacker, Joins the Idylwild Group. Mighty tough talk for a NSA SSer clone.
He even gets large hordes of female groupies who all want the DNA of the Chief Slave Among Reptilian Shapeshifter Clones in their children.

(9:35pm) More about Aaron McCollum: this guy is Aaron. The guy on this vid with CIAtanist Webre is not Aaron. Nor in this earlier vid.

And to the right we have the NSAlizard double used in the pic in the link i gave yesterday to Idylwyld.

So he was apparently replaced a couple years ago. Where is the real Aaron?
At 8:05 i found him in a NSA U base here in WY. Apparently in rigorous training and under mind control
Kicked back and gave the allies time to reconnoiter and act.

The Alah-kur "abducted" him and have him on a ship. The NSA base has been destroyed.

March 14, '14: (2:45pm) Overcast, coolish. Rain likely tomorrow night and the next day.

CIAlizard: Wayne Brewer (YouTube.

There are rumors floating around the web that the Malaysian flight was re-routed to Diego Garcia. Which reminded me of that place. On March 6, '12, i wrote:
We have some new allies as of a few days ago, the Alah-Kur. Thorp brought them to my attention as important bad guys the Ta'l were fighting. But then they accepted therapy. A few days ago they hit Diego Garcia as well as a surface base in Yemen. Since then i have not been able to detect any more satanists at either location. However, i don't know whether this means they have been physically killed or what.
Well, i re-visited it today. There are pix here, and it also comes up on google maps.
I still detect no satanists there. Nor SSers for that matter. In fact, the only vibey thing there are Alah-kur, especially under the south end.
The top execs are clones.

And these guys feel like mannequins. Look at the posture of the black guy on the left. Pic is accredited to a SSer.

(3:55pm) I figured i might as well blast those clones of the dead execs, and locate them. 2 were in a USN U base here in MD, and the other was a mile north.

March 15, '14: (8:30am) US caught planning terror attacks in Ukraine. I haven't read the article, but i will point out that it is allegedly authored by Duff, a CIAlizard, and that Anonymous Ukraine contains 3 more CIAlizards. And that the present clone regime is just as Vatican-controlled as the guys the US ostensibly wants to replace them with.

Likewise, the CIA AFP says Obama Administration Targets Venezuela for 'Regime Change'.
As i said a year ago (March 8, '13), "Maduro is a shapeshifter with a CIA vibe." No regime change in the works, just maybe a change in puppets, accompanied by a bunch of "revelations" about how bad the CIA etc. is.
We see this a lot lately: getting people to kill each other over which puppet ostensibly rules them.

Something very strange about this story: Missing Malaysia airline pilot SMOKED and chatted with us in the cockpit, reveals young blonde passenger. These 2 girls feel dead!
And of course if i try to google their names, all i get is recent news items.

One thing about this Malaysian airliner: there may have been no shapeshifters aboard. If it had been an American airliner, all the crew would have been satanist shapeshifters, not to mention that most of the passengers would also have been SSers.

March 17, '14: (8:10am) At 7am, one of my cheap thermometers said 13 degrees F, and the other 17. Wunderground had predicted 22.

On the night of the 15th i got around 2" of rain. Then maybe 2" more yesterday, plus snow, some of which stuck and is covering the ground. Later after things melt i will measure how much water i caught in a can.

My friend in Holland and his dogs have for some time been under attack from some ETs in Cepheus (ignore the red circle). I just dowsed a freq for them: 320 Hz.

(9:25am) They haven't hit me back; they just attack poor Zoey harder and relentlessly.

(1:10pm) Total precip was around 3.75".

Here is a pic from a little girl in Denmark, for making etheric shields against psychic attack. Her mom says
The little one made a drawing (pic attached), and she said that this figure, if one wishes to, can be imagined or looked at while one imagines the shield being made and activated, and then the shield (aura) will turn on its protection mode (something like that).

So right away i tried making a shield for Zoey remotely. This felt to me like it helped, so i made one for the owner and the other dog, too. Then myself. I have not had email feedback yet from Holland, but i think it does help a lot. It seemed like the Cepheus ETs got disgruntled by that and tried to attack me, but couldn't do much.
I made shields for a couple other people, too. It takes about 3 minutes of looking at pic while imagining shield being built.

March 17 [18?], '14: (4pm) Lots of nasty smear in the sky today, and many long CTs.

Found yet another race of evil ETs under the Earth. A reader asked about this video. Howe is a CIAlizard but the yeoman is ensouled. This is a capture of his drawing of a type of ET he saw photos of in Okinawa.

We are taking them out around south Okinawa and the islands to the west.

March 21, '14: (11am) It was clear and sunny yesterday. Overcast now. Some rain chances tonight, so i expect plenty of chem today.

CIA lizard clone Susanne Atanus, who believes gay rights cause tornadoes and autism is a punishment from God, wins Illinois primary. See, in this world we are provided real choices of which lizard clowns to vote for.

Ah, just realized that David Suzuki is a shapeshifting rept after all. So is the staff of the David Suzuki Foundation.
Many of the Suzuki Elders are also SSers.

Another CIA front: Private and Secure Real Time Messaging, Calling and Email. From Iceland.

European co. that is heavily contracted by USAF to do gang-stalking: DEKRA. Their key execs and board members.

March 22, '14: (6:40pm) I did hear some raindrops on the roof last night, but there was no moisture on the ground this morning. Chance of more faint rain tonight. Some very long chemtrails today.

More endless lizard crap: 'Make Google's Eric Schmidt CEO of America'. I must admit i do find google useful in smashing the forces of evil, but Schmidt is dead and replaced by a clone.
"What we need to see is a regime change." There's that magic word again: Change. Yeah, that's what we need.

On the 11th i mentioned some SSers in Cygnus that have been harrassing Anya. Well, now they have been attacking the guy in Holland and his 2 dogs. Also i am taking out bunches of their craft out about 30 miles from Earth.

March 24, '14: (10:40am) I did get around 0.2" rain night before last. It was 31 F yesterday morning, and 25 this morning. 50% chance of rain tonight.

Hehe, this is old news i just ran across: flight attendant's lawsuit against Victoria Osteen. Of course the flight attendant is a shapeshifting satanist like all modern Amerikan airline flight crews. And the Osteens were satanist CIAlizards.
I presume the opportunistic Sharon Brown was aware that they were lizard satanists like herself. Perhaps she was unaware they were CIA.

More recently the Osteens got killed underground, and have been replaced by clones. Now that i blasted Brown, quite likely she will follow suit.

Another programming update: the Jan2014C program no longer requires additives. You can make it with plain resin now and it turns out just as good.

March 25, '14: (6:40pm) Depending on which thermometer i looked at, it was either 25 or 28 at 7am.
I did eat my first serving of kale out of the garden yesterday.

Been fending off ships of the obnoxious evil human ETs around Earth today, quite a lot of them.

(7:25pm) Bal sent this pic, asking what was in the car. It took me a while to figure it out. It's one of them evil human ETs. First one i've noticed on the surface.

(7:55pm) OK! I sense that more of these ETs live on the surface in Weston, CT.
2 girls.

March 26, '14: (8:30pm) And this morning, 24-25 F. Last freezing night for a while, supposedly.
Getting some rain this evening. Had long chemtrails this morning.

I have had reports from a trusted friend in Oregon:
We had a group of vehicles (marked DHS) gas up at a local 'Pilot' station here in S. Oregon day before yesterday. These stations are fully automated allowing for no attendants and mostly service city, county and state vehicles with some private & corporate sales. The 8 vehicles are the mine resistant acquisitions...
Strange thing about this simple fuel acquisition was that these vehicles were driven by buff ... soldiers of the Chinese Army replete with their 'homeland' (Chinese Communist) uniforms and also UN/Nato insignia on sleeves/shoulder patches. There were only 3 additional troops per vehicle for a total of 5 per vehicle...

On another note, yet related, a two party outing of old/solid friends were up in the mountains above this Rouge Valley we live in, in the mountains (8 Dollar Mountain) last weekend and were to be hiking up one of the BLM roads whos road is gated. No problem. We (the locals & me too) simply park at these locked gates and hike into the areas of interest for gold mining and for the gathering of fine forest and herbal/mushroom products & hunting/fishing. At any rate, these friends arrived at the locked spur road for where they wanted to go and were met by and turned away by Marine Sentries. They were told firmly "turn around go down the mountain or you will be arrested. They objected stating this is public/BLM property and were drawn down on with rifles and told "last warning, turn around and leave the mountain or you will be arrested NOW".
Now these fellas (my friends) are third generation on this mountain and turned around only to return 3 AM by back trails to the area they were trying to get to via the BLM road earlier. At first light they had skirted the area to the meadow/creek where they were headed to begin with and were shocked at what they discovered. 12 Russian helicopters with a contingent of about 40 Russian soldiers and of all things, more American troops in and about with them. They crept out of this area back to their rig and were out of there. What the hell is going on? This is not questionable YOU Tube stuff or unconfirmable internet BS. ~ I know these people and they are straight up multi generational locals.
I found 3K+ reptilians under 8 Dollar Mountain. The Pilot station as well as those long bldgs south, are CIA property. Underground CIA leading SW to nearby Martin Transportation station, another CIA proprietary.

He elaborates:
These mountains around here are absolutely veined with caves and natural water made tunnels.
Some of the old miners in the area have shown us amazing underground networks running even under the rivers going for many many miles. Most of the known access points to these underground labyrinths have been blown shut or filled with concrete. We know of a few which are not on any of the logged knowledge bases (GUV) being known only by the older miners. Some of these access points were actually bored in by them in the course of mining operations conducted by private interests thus not on the books. Ever heard of the Oregon Caves located in the Cave Junction Area? That's about 40 mins from my home. It is the tip of a very big system.
Of course, i doubt we'll be so lucky as to have them stuff those troops into the underground.
This guy has been under attack from NSA U bases all day, probably for writing me about this.

In fact, it's been a weird day. Although i was at work, i kept sensing friends under attack from various bad guys, and dealing with them. And drawing some fire eventually. Nothing too traumatic to me, but just an awful lot going on.

March 27, '14: (8am) Got about 0.2" rain, might get more later. Very strong winds in the wee hours.
I tried probing the situation in OR. The guards that turned those people away from the BLM lands are SSers. The Chinese do not seem to be. SSers are relatively rare in China outside the politburo and triads. So the soldiers don't have much of a vibe.

I was frying the guards and their superiors and trying to snoop around the Chinese when i got hit by 5 Chinese psychics in an energy attack. And where were they getting their psychic energy from? They were drawing it from SSers in CIA and NSA U bases, duh. After we nailed the bases, the psychics lost all power.
I found 70 such psychics in all. I guess they are doing the U base thing after all, Allah be praised. I just found all 70 here. Duh. Along with maybe 200 more Chinese.
Also Mordok found a couple more U bases with Chinese.
And i'm noticing more on the east side of Medford.
This is too easy, and, as usual, makes no sense.

March 28, '14: (3:55pm) Getting another slight rain this afternoon. After long CTs this morning.

Last Sep, 12 i commented that Amazon Watch felt very suspicious, although i could not detect any SSers. I still don't detect SSers there, but i just noticed the (new?) logo.
Nice confirmation. If it was there before, i didn't notice it.
I wonder just what % of donated funds actually help the Indians.
All the Indians they show pix of are ensouled.

(4:15pm) Just because lizards act stupid doesn't mean they aren't acting stupid on purpose. Like this LAPD clone. He acts stupid on purpose so he can get on youtube to get blasted so he can run underground to get killed, apparently. I expect he will be dead by dusk. He's a clone, so he presumably knows why he had to replace his predecessor.

And recently a CIAlizard who was really well cloaked kept writing me emails, pretending to be a very low-IQ. His messages were fairly nonsensical with terrible grammar, etc., and he raved about how Welz's radionic machine rescued him from reptilians. None of that had a vibe, and his vibe was so cloaked that i did not suspect.
Then after i went to bed last night he blasted me pretty hard with some device that was relaying DOR from Welz-clone. Kind of an impressive effort for these days. So i fried him back, along with Welz-clone and a couple other CIAlizards involved, whereupon they soon slunk into the underground.

Some of his emails were a bit challenging and insulting. I think he was trying to draw out an emotional response to create a better energy link to me. However, i found it hard to be pissed at someone who seemingly had so few brain cells.

(4:35pm) Satanist shapeshifting bisexual pedophile perverts Kick Out Kid They Branded a Lesbian at THREE Years Old. (Shaking head in wonderment.)
I remember 5-6 years ago i was in a dentist's chair in DC. The TV was on. There was a big snowstorm headed into VA/DC area. They were announcing which schools were letting out early for the storm. The DORiest was this one.
MPD place. Oddly, they avoid posting any staff names or pix. But no doubt they are starting to head underground now anyway.

March 29, '14: (8:45pm) Got 0.6" more since last report. Dry and sunny with chem today.

IMHO, my predictions last night were true. The LAPD clone went underground well before dark my time, and i'm 2 hours ahead of L.A.
And 7 faculty at the "Christian" college went underground.

WeatherWar101: Sofia Smallstorm on Red Ice Radio. Red ice is CIA, and so is Sofia Smallstorm. The graphics were done by the WeatherWar guy.
It explains a little better. I can't get myself to watch his vids anymore, because i am too impatient to wait as the text scrolls endlessly at 1/3 my reading speed. But this vid has none of that.

Now, as far as i can tell without seeing a pic of him, The WeatherWar guy is OK. And i presume this is another case in which the SSers co-opt a sincere person in order to put the truth out there. As i understand it, the ideology is that humanity has wrecked the natural rainfall with pollution (and, although not mentioned, i would add massive deforestation) and so the PTB have been engineering rainfall artificially. But of course in such a manner as to create droughts and floods.

Sounds very plausible but my own feeling from having busted the landscape and having often busted droughts around here is that dryness was largely created by the multitudes of low-IQ underground-dwelling demons brought in by SSers. Even the ones not into blood ritual still draw demons into their areas if they can. I ran into a lot of pain flushing these demons up from my region.
Naturally, even SSers who are ranchers, dairymen, farmers, etc. love these demons who create nasty toxic DOR that dries things up.
And BTW it's been some time since i last encountered such demons. But i think even underground ETs and hybrids often do the same thing the demons did.
And what about that Texas Drought Plane that was flying all over TX and S OK for years? And other NSA weather ops around Lufkin. What about those bad droughts in TX and MX that were supposed to last for years longer than they did after we took out literally millions of little CIA U bases in those areas?

In other words, i don't think the hybrids in charge are responding to an entirely inadvertent drying trend, but more like the hybrids collectively do anything they can to dry up any precipitation that is not engineered and controlled by them.

March 31, '14: (7:45am) Warmer weather. 42 at dawn. No more freezing weather in 10-day forecast. Chemtrails and chemclouds yesterday and this morning.

Bal's cat, Zeke needs healing energy. Yesterday 2 werewolves at a truck stop laid some bad mojo on him. Gina worked on him this morning but can only do so much.

Zeke is very special. Bal bought him months ago from a SSer witch who would otherwise have sold him the next day to another SSer. Turns out he had ear mites and other illness at the time. He is deaf as a consequence.
Now Bal says "Blood in stool and eye crust n nose crust. Similar symptoms to Cookie when she got (poisoned) with rat poison."
I think they got to him when Bal was away from the truck. I doubt they fed him anything. He was very DORy this morning due to some obscure black magic they laid on him.

(1:45pm) It seems there is often a congenital connection between white cats and deafness. Are All White Cats Deaf?, Deaf White Cat.
Zeke seems better. CIA started attacking his spine from U bases, so we nipped that.

Sigh. Now CIAlizard Jim Stone avers that CIAlizard Philip Wood pulled his I-phone out of his ass and sent a selfie from Diego Garcia: BLOCKBUSTER: THIS IS ACCURATE AND NOW 100 PERCENT CONFIRMED.