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Loohan's blog for March, 2016

March 1, '16: (11:30am) Overcast. Got about 3/10" of rain this morning.

Another human agent? Sometimes my dowsing is inadequate and i have to resort to my rudimentary powers of logic. [Update May 2016: actually i just forgot to check if she's a human clone, which she is.] My left-brain spook-o-meter seems to get slightly nervous around Carey Wedler. To my recollection, she first appeared years ago in CIA sites as a cute leggy liberal who had just (very belatedly) awakened to the fact that Obama is a phony. And later she became a contributor of fairly insipid articles at TheAntiMedia. And AntiMedia is a bit suspect, too. It may or may not be that a few of their contributors are sincere humans, but some are CIA clones. And why is a CIAbook account required to comment on their site? And BTW, why does Wedler also require CIA registration to view her FaceBook account?

Anyway, this piece of Wedler idiocy takes the cake: 5 Reasons to Love Leonardo DiCaprio. WTF? One doesn't have to be psychic to know this "guy" is a phony. Being psychic does help to understand that the original was a blood-drinking Freemason satanist transgender reptile who is now dead. And replaced (several times) by CIA TG repticlones. (And IMO, ugly chicks shouldn't try to become male movie stars.)

The article even states
In 2014, he participated in a global protest to demand action on climate change, and around the same time, was appointed a U.N. representative on the matter.
Oh, so Carey and AntiMedia are supporters of the AGW scam? And believe in the integrity of the UN? Goes hand-in-hand with fluff articles about slimy CIA actors.

I see a trend here. Over time, Alex Jones and David Icke websites have veered further and further from disagreeing with the MSM matrix. Now TheAntiMedia is following suit. Either that, or i have gotten more discerning about what i read (also a likely factor).

March 2, '16: (6:55am) Highly dubious story: Utah Pedophile Bust: 9/11 Truther, Energy Guru. Sterling Allan is a repticlone, as is CIA agent Gordon Duff of the CIA front group Veterans Today.
Allen allegedly promotes repticlones Alex Jones and Chris Bollyn, while troubling the repticlone Keshe Foundation. And "Stirling had made multiple child molestation admissions on the internet". Funny behavior for such a brainy guy.

Another free energy scam: Fix the World. Humans with a very scammy vibe. On what else do i base my assumption that they are scammers? On having suffered through the first 7:30 of this video which is nothing but purely insulting, time-wasting, self-promoting fluff, with not one single iota of technical info (other than the claim that this QEG will power a house).
Although the persons at Fix the World are humans, they are associated with this Ascension with Mother Earth site which promotes repticlones right and left: Michael Salla, Sheldon Nidle, Thrive, "Sorcha Faal"...

March 3, '16: (9:15am) Been getting more lite rain here.

More human clones: Chris Rock and Kendrick Lamar. I think both had human parents but in their youth were replaced by clones. Decades ago; this has been going on a while. I dunno why they were replaced or if the parents know.

Probably a genuine article: I Still Don't Get Why Police Searched My House After the Paris Terror Attacks.
You see the reptilian mentality? These repticlone cops know it's all a hoax, and there is no Muslim threat. Yet they are doing this broad social conditioning nazi psyop. It is totally criminal for these pedophile impostors-of-impostors to be importuning these humans.

Is he or isn't she a drag queen? Repticlone Tina Fey dowses as having a prostate and no clit. I have searched for incriminating pics of this creature, but all look pretty female to my amateurish eye. It is odd how much her (somewhat homely and vaguely mannish) surgically-altered face resembles that of Mr Sarah Palin Repticlone, though.
My presumption is, due to the individual genetics of the original Tina child SSer, he responded very well to hormones, such that male trait develpment was forestalled with unusual effectiveness.

(5:45pm) New forum address.

A few weeks ago when i was coming home from VA, i spent the night in a motel which did not have any TV except HBO. I turned it on to see what gives. It was total CIA propaganda. There was some show about why kids are so motivated to join ISIS. They had a phony Muslim school with phony Muslim kids, etc. and was so very balanced and thoughtful. Everyone in the show was a CIA repticlone, and at least 40% of them were cross-dressed.
Then they had a fleeting ad for their repticlone show "Girls", all obvious trannies. Yes, the show does have girls -- dressed up as men. More tranny clones. I think Peter Scolari is the only one not cross-dressed on this page.

March 4, '16: (6:20pm) Because i love the CIA and their transgender agenda so much, i am advertising their repty new drag queen long-distance service here for free. Nothin' but CIA repticlone cross-dressers here.

Got that on Then i was looking at an article there and an Adidas commercial popped up, full of more TG repticlones.
The article is about a Costa Rican jungle festival. At least 40% of the attendees were repticlones.
Then i checked out the Photos of Amsterdam's First Young Punks. The first 3 pics are of human agents, and the rest of the pics are of mostly SSers.

March 8, '16: (10:35am) Supposed to get a whole heap of rain this week, like 2" today, 5" tomorrow, and more thereafter.

State of the art CIA repticlone tranny: Kelly Rohrbach.
In this video, Laura Lee discusses XX male syndrome and how it is probably deliberately induced to create the new wave of superior fake women. I suspect this is what we're looking at here.

(6:15pm) Yeah, getting good rain now.

This is funny: Michelle Duggar of TLC's 19 Kids and Counting is warning Fayetteville residents that transgender people are child predators and that the law will somehow protect that predatory behavior. Considering how many of this CIA repticlone's alleged 19 kids are transgender, she should know.
She is not TG herself, though, disappointingly.

Ugh! Now CIA repticlone Len Horowitz is selling black-magic-filled orgonite. We are presently breaking hundreds of spells from underground satanists.

Mar 9, '16: (11:15am) Rain rain rain.

Decapitated in her cot: Horrific details emerge of how burka-clad nanny left four-year-old child's body in her bed before parading through Moscow streets with little girl's head. What a cheesy FSB hoax. Allahu Akbar indeed. It just goes to show how white people everywhere are strongly drawn to Muslim extremism. They even show a pic of a living boy, claiming it is a dead girl.

Uruguayan Jew stabbed to death in suspected anti-Semitic attack. The Allahu Akbar knife-wielding movement is worldwide. They don't even say whom the "assailant" is, other than a 35-year-old man with a criminal record. The pic at the top shows 5 repticlones. Fremd does feel dead but i doubt there was a stabbing.

Another repticlone they "retired" for a hoax: Taylor Force.

Another "casualty of war": Off-duty soldier slain in supermarket. Oh, i didn't realize the IDF had drag queens serving, but it stands to reason.
As youtuber Laura Lee points out, drag queens have difficulty getting their beards to grow above the jaw-line. Also notice "his" thin neck with no Adam's apple, and generally girlish looks.
At least i presume this was a girl. It is dead now and i can't dowse its organs. In this image one can see a male-looking brow and forehead, but i presume that is due to hormone replacements.
This creature did not have a repty vibe, but the brunette and child are repticlones.

Mossad repticlone tranny stabber shot and killed during Old City attack attempt. No "retirement" here: the depicted drag queen is still alive.

(2:10pm) Got 1.7" so far and it looks like i will get a respite from the rain for a few hours.

Damn, the world is full of crazies. Naked Woman Who Shut Down Major Texas Highway for Two Hours Said 'CIA Was Out to Get Her'. If you ever hear anyone say the CIA is out to get them, you know they gotta be loony-tunes. People like that believe and do all sorts of irrational things.
Seriously, this must be an ordinary human actress. Or maybe it's even a genuine incident, although it seems a bit suspicious.

How about this: Suspected Idaho Pastor Shooter Arrested Outside White House, Says He Was Motivated by Secret Alien Race. If you ever hear someone talking about aliens having taken over, you know what their mental state is.
This guy Kyle Odom supposedly shot this CIA repticlone who is married to another CIA repticlone. The "victim" looks pretty good for 55; must be all that clean Christian living.
John Padula is another CIA repticlone.
Odom seems to be an ordinary human who has had CIA Monarch programming. "Odom is a retired Flight Equipment technician with the U.S. Marines, according to his Facebook and LinkedIn profile."

If you look at the pic at the top of this page, you might notice that the good pastor has a woman's brow and forehead. And all the parishioners behind him are repticlones.
However he has a male-looking jaw and beard.
I can't dowse any genitalia for him. I have been running into a few gender-dubious creatures that seem to be drag queens but have no prostate vibe. Normally, surgical queens retain their prostates. I do not know whether a certain percentage get them removed too, or whether taking female hormones over many years will sometimes alter the prostate so that it has no vibe that i can discern.
That first article also contains allegations in the comments section that Remington is a sexual predator who rapes women. If there is any truth to that, he must have a prosthetic device or used another implement.

March 11, '16: (5:05pm) Still foggy and misty. As of yesterday afternoon i had gotten another 1.1", and since then another 1/10" or so. So total so far about 3" of what was supposed to be a 9" rain. Which is fine with me. Some places in Lousiana supposedly got 20".
I am supposed to get another 1/2" tomorrow.

Sharia patrol article. I have to hand it to these "Muslims". If i were a refugee in a foreign land, i would probably be most concerned with keeping a roof over my head and food in my belly, and keeping warm against the winter cold. Yet these impoverished guys are so motivated to enlighten others. They even somehow collected the funds to purchase a bunch of orange vests with "Shariah Police" on them. In English, of course, even though they are in Germany, where the word is Polizei.
Odd, too, that the only quoted witnesses to the gang clash are repticlones.
And that top pic is pretty scary. The one labeled "A 'sharia patrol' migrant group (not pictured) are [sic] telling women how to dress and act in Austria". A bit strange for them to put that under a pic of a small mob of dark-skinned young men.
Then below that, we have a big mob of them, with the non-sequitur caption "A father was attacked after a group of migrants allegedly told his wife and daughter how to dress".
Naturally, i come away from all this with the conviction that groups of dark-skinned people are frightening.

March 14, '16: (9am) Got another 0.6" of rain, most of it last night. Now we are supposed to get 2 days of sunny summer weather.

Layers upon layers of BS, including a clone-hoaxed autopsy report: FBI agents under investigation for possible misconduct in LaVoy Finicum shooting.
Your tax dollars hard at work.

Clone replacements for dead ET Cops Confiscate Man's Guns For Believing In Bigfoot, UFOs, CIA Conspiracy. Wow, this guy actually believes "that he was constantly being harassed by CIA agents that had infiltrated his apartment building posing and [sic] tenants and staff and said the conspiracy even reached into the Richfield police department." Sounds like what a lot of people who write me (correctly) believe. In fact i still believe that the great majority of traffic on highways here (and probably most places in the US) is composed of CIA and NSA non-humans, and that our allies have to occasionally replace CIA repticlones who infiltrate the local sheriff's dept. and my workplace.
Bigfoot? UFOs? Good thing the police and "mental health" repticlones are keeping the public safe from this madman.
Richfield, Minnesota is a suburb just west of a major airport. Big airports usually are CIA territory.
Do i know whether this guy really has been stalked to the extent he claims? I can't really discern. But the pattern he describes is a very common reality to countless TIs.

Al-Qaeda has been at it again, this time in the Ivory Coast. Fortunately, at least one repticlone woman and repticlone child survived the bloodbath.

3mn people take to streets in Brazil's biggest ever anti-govt protest. I can sympathise, but the Jesuit PTB delight in such things, and most likely helped instigate this. You can't win this game. The best thing that can be accomplished is that one puppet repticlone will be replaced by another.
Oh, and "Sao Paulo state prosecutors asked a judge to order the arrest of Rousseff's predecessor, Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva, on money-laundering charges a few days ago" and repticlone Lula "is known as a national icon and was still highly popular in Brazil at the time he stepped down".

March 15, '16: (7:30am) Lately prisonplanet is just packed with absurdities about "independent" Trump-clone. If i didn't know better, i would get the impression that the CIA cares which of their clones "wins" the "presidency".
Now even Jean-Clone Van Damned has been brought into the circus.
The satanist Damme version finally died last year BTW. Or maybe it was in 2014.
Oddly, i can find no mention online of it, but i read many years ago that a woman alleged that Van Damme raped her in a hotel room while a male and female, (repty) friends of his, watched from the other bed. Funny that such dirt has been scrubbed. Sounds like the sort of thing a perverted satanist reptilian bully would do.

Dramatic CCTV footage of Ankara blast shows fire raining down as people flee. All 9 seconds of intense drama. Most convincing. Thought i'd better take a look at some pictures. I think this was really filmed in Turkey. Turkey has a shortage of SSers, so they had to use human actors.
I'm relieved that no-one was hurt.

(6:15pm) Yeah, it was hot today.

And Israel is still MPDing all its soldiers. These cute human girls are all "split up" courtesy of IDF.

March 16, '16: (10:10am) Another sunny day with interesting chem. Unfortunately i didn't have a camera with me a while ago when i saw a fat, expanded chemtrail with ripples going perpendicularly down its length, being crossed by a fresh CT. Missed a great photo op.

Real strange. I was rescuing a child in the UK from exotic black magic which i felt was done by a foreign, dark-skinned woman. Blasting her connections, i felt she was associated with a cult in Tangier, Morocco.
Looking on a map, i have the impression that the cult's hub is this Cafe' El Hafa (map).
I was surprised to find it has a Wikipedia page, FaceBook page, and other web entries. But this seems to be a different Hafa. Wikipedia says it overlooks the bay. The FB page says the page has been merged from 2 accounts (Cafe' Hafa and Cafe' El-Hafa), and has a map. Their map shows it on the bay. Are the 2 cafe's related as a business?
I found it interesting that Wikipedia says it was a hangout for prominent SSers, many of them gov't agents. However, that is not at the location i found.

Anyway this seems to be a very dark human cult associated with the location i found. Unusual black magic using unusual, hard-to-find serpent demons. The victim was experiencing altered behavior. Reportedly she didn't "recognise herself. she does admit to being agressive and angry and doesnt know why. she is now breaking down bcos she doesnt know why shes like that." And the place is DORy.

Toronto Knife Attacker: 'Allah Told Me to Come Here and Kill People'. I checked with my friend Allah, and he denies ever telling this repticlone with a fake beard anything.

Turkey detains human clone over Nowruz celebration invitation.

(7:45pm) It was pretty warm today, too.

DORy CIAclone op: Good Samaritan Boys Ranch in MO. Not just the ranch, but also neighbors. Tabitha L. Klessens, LCSW seems to be part of the "ranch". And the buildings just south of there also have the CIA vibe, and i sense that boys go there to work and "stuff". And a bit SW, Country Home Elevator (what a weird name; how many country homes have elevators?). Also there was much underground stuff going on between all these bldgs. CIA clones.
What do elevators have to do with a boy's ranch? I dunno, but those guys are CIA clones and i sense a certain amount of traffic between the 2 locations.
According to the Ranch website, "Our boys come to us from all over the State of Missouri and can be placed by state agencies."

March 17, '16: (6:30pm) Stuff going on in the Large Hadron Collider (pic) Thor'p drew my attention to the fact that his friend Natan is in there. It is all vibey.

MPD human CIA agent: Prominent 'Black Lives Matter' activist and rapper Tef Poe. "Young niggas such as myself" indeed.

Mossad repticlones: Palestinian journalist Mohammed al-Qiq and his wife. Another case of Zionists making themselves look even worse than they are, to upset people and promote their agent.

Tributes and anger over 'assassination' of Libyan activist. Middle East Eye is CIA, as was this repticlone. The article refers to "Libya's Network of Civil Society Groups" capitalized as though this was the official name of an entity, but Google has not heard of it.

Joe found this repticlone dude on FaceBook. Seattle U is Jesuit.
Are you ready for a change yet? ------->

March 18, '16: (6:35pm) Finally got that cooler weather they've been falsely promising us for days. The collards and greens i overwintered were starting to bolt from the heat. Got a small thundershower as well. Still drizzling slightly.

Ever since yesterday, attacks on me have been minimal, for which i credit Natan. He is drawing most of their fire. Also it is possible that what he is doing is making it more difficult to mess with us, but i am unable to quantify that.
Woops! After i wrote that, i started getting hit by EHETs 50 miles out, and realized Natan had just left Cern.

So who all in the Ted Cruz CIA repticlone family is male? All but the youngest. Only the eldest "daughter" and the "wife" are cross-dressed.

And how about the repticlone family of Sen. Kelly Ayotte? All 4 are cross-dressed.

March 20, '16: (6:30pm) Been getting some freezing mornings. Lite snow for a while today. Supposed to get down to 27 F tonight.

Human clone replacement: Officer Victor Ramirez.
Another: Victor Orban, Prime Minister of Hungary.

OMG, ugliest tranny i have seen all day: UK education secretary Nicky Morgan. This obvious tranny pic is flaunted at today. In fact it is the ugliest and most mannish pic i can find of this repticlone.

March 21, '16: (8;35am) Attacks were pretty heavy on myself and others yesterday evening. Ursies, EHETs, etc. Must be some equinox thing.

Austrian intelligence repticlone fights off migrant sex attackers and robbers - then carjacker strikes.

CIA repticlone: AnchorFree CEO and cofounder David Gorodyansky. "HotSpot Shield is best known as an easy way to protect your personal information while using public Wi-Fi..."

March 22, '16: (7am) Slovenian repticlone orgonite for sale. Has somewhat vile energy.

Speaking of vile energy, i had to check on this Doodle that google has been obnoxiously pushing into my face.
Sure enough, the purported artist is a CIA repticlone.
Expanded doodle. Removed 6 spells but it still feels dirty. Note Eye of Horus. Ankh is actually a positive symbol the illuminati sometimes put on things for reasons unknown. Near upper left is an indecipherable word starting with Y. No doubt many more "fascinating" things hidden in this image, which was produced by several CIA agents under Wantage, NJ.

(12:50pm) Another nice day here, aside from all the chem-smear.

I couldn't spot anyone in this article who is not a repticlone: Brussels hoax.

(2:55pm) Windy as hell here. yet another CIA community of like-minded clones which respects privacy.

Articles i have not read (i just look at the pictures):
Why Major League Baseball's Visit to Cuba Matters. Short answer: because a horde of repticlones says so.
European ReptiClones React to the Brussels Attacks

March 23. '16: (11:55am) Still very windy.
Yesterday afternoon i realized that this wind was malevolent, unnatural, and caused by hordes of dark entities. I jailed loads of skyfish, EHETs, chem-repts, and other entities but the wind continued until i did map work and took out chem-rept/EHET U bases from Baja to Arkansas. Then it stopped for a while but resumed when more U bases were activated.
Meanwhile, the weather report was saying 10-15 mph winds.
There are still U entities spread thinly SW from AR in a wide region.

Viola Beach die in car crash in Sweden. These repticlones do indeed feel dead, but probably were euthanized separately from the alleged crash.
They most often "off" the clone actors these days because otherwise i usually find them above or below-ground.

Video: EERIE UFO Morphs In The Sky Near Passing Airliner 3/20/16. This is a chem-rept craft monitoring their vibeless chemtrails. There are more craft extracted from other vids toward the end. I just jailed the perps. I do not know if the craft themselves are jailable but i strongly doubt it because the only craft we have jailed in the past were from totally non-solid species.

(6pm) Now there's a Severe Thunderstorm Warning for tonight and tomorrow in my area. A system cruising in from the NW. It's over NW KS now. "Damaging winds and large hail will be the main threats from any severe storms that develop, though isolated tornadoes are also possible."
I am blasting and jailing in that direction. The usual suspects are at it again.

Bal got a bruise on his arm from some Ursa Major wench night before last. Now he says "Left arm still has bruise that's spreading.. Right arm getting attacked and flushed with redness. Please help." More Ursies.

March 24, '16: (8:45am) That went real well with the storm. I was awakened around 2am by thunder and lightning, and it rained hard for some time. Got 1/2". But the winds had died down even before i went to bed, and i haven't noticed wind since. Also the map felt real clean not long after i posted. Thanks to anyone who may have helped.
Now, today's rain has been canceled. No rain chances for 3 days, supposedly.

Yesterday evening i tracked down some cloaked ETs that had been abducting and MKing people. Freaky-ass stuff. I couldn't get details on them, but they seemed headquartered in NGC 4921. Their vibe was very strong there.
Minutes after finding them, i realized 'Vozy was deleting the entire species. I wrote Thor'p (who had written me about a TI from whom i had traced these ETs) and he pointed out that the galaxy was packed with Kur-dahn who had been fighting these ETs.
They had been fighting them for some time, yet 'Vozy had never heard of them. What we had here is a dismal failure to communicate.

Anyway, i suspect that these hitherto-unknown (to us) ETs were some sort of lynchpin in the matrix of evil, because after that, everything seemed to lighten up a lot. The storm demons cleared away, and i got almost no attacks last night, and slept real well and longer than usual.

(10am) That undying urge to commemorate dead demons: April 2016: The Temple Of Baal Will Be Erected In Times Square In New York City.
Rest assured that no dark powers will issue forth.

And The Temple Of Baal Coming To New York Will Be Followed By Hundreds More All Over The World. As good a way as any to throw away government funny-money, i guess.

Baal was a Goetic demon i was fighting over a decade ago, until i learned to jail demons. Then later i learned how to destroy jailed demons, and he was no more.
There were vast quantities of Goetic demons, and we got rid of a majority of them before we began offering conversion therapy. Then the remaining ones turned good and have been on our side since.
The original temple has supposedly been destroyed by ISIS. There is no way the CIA would have damaged it if it still had any occult power.

(11:50am) I keep neglecting to mention, the March2015B program goes into lead, too. Unfortunately it does not go into lead-tin solder. So have ChemmerBuster program your tire weights, etc. Actually, we are currently programming all the lead we can find in the environment including radiation shields, scuba weights, fishing weights, ammo, etc.

CIA repticlone survives Brussels attack, his third brush with terrorism.

(2:50pm) Michael D'Alton, repticlone "healer" who has an agent-filled "school" in Vancouver, BC. (pics). Lotta EHETs, demons, and occult energies.

Another: Leonard McCallum (White Thunderbird).
The original McCallum was a blood-drinker.

March 25, '16: (6:10am) Wo! If i'm not mistaken, last night before i fell asleep, Antuvozy got on a roll and deleted the Ursies, EHETs, and BigHeads in toto!
I need to scope this out some more and digest it, but i think it's true...

(7:30am) I think that is correct. (But now, repticlones are already channeling some other demonic energies, which i have yet to trace the source of. This one, for example.)

Additionally, it has been weeks since i detected any of the numbered repts or flat-face repts. But for some reason, the chem-repts are still active, and trying to take up the slack by hassling me a little bit.

Also in the last few days, the following hard-to-get SSers have finally been caught underground and terminated, and are being replaced by doubles: Zen Gardner, Ademo Freeman, Kerry Cassidy, Bill Ryan, Bill Cosby, Neil Young, Al Webre, Stewart Swerdlow and wife, Texe Marrs, Bill Moyers, Bono, Sting, and Ted Nugent!
My hit list has really shrunk, suddenly.

Fed up with how things have been run in this country? Want to get off your butt and do something to "save democracy"? Well, the CIA has a way you can get involved: Thousands Pledge to Get Arrested in D.C. Protests Next Month.
Never mind that you can't save something that doesn't exist, and "democracy" is another scam, anyway.
Yessir, we're going to protest our way to freedom, with CIA guidance. No matter what it costs you, you need to be there en masse. This is epic! The media will be there, and plenty of clones, trannies, and lab-grown emissaries of social justice.

So very disturbingly graffick: Brussels bombings: New video shows devastating aftermath of airport attacks. Since no reporters were anywhere around, it devolved upon a hapless CIA repticlone taxi driver to take some phone footage of the aftermath. Spotted no ketchup, no mangled bodies, tho.
Very disturbing. Kinda looks like the floor of my old cabin did before i had a bigger one built.
At the bottom is a slideshow of dead repticlones.

(7:35am) Wo! 'Vozy just came by to let me know she just terminated all ConeHead demons.

(10am) Heehee, Hoax? Jared Lee Loughner Files $25M Lawsuit Against Gabby Giffords for MK Ultra, Microchips in His Head to Make Him an Assassin. Ain't that designed to mess with your mind.
CIAlizard Loughner is still alive, suggesting that he is indeed in some way restrained, just like Agent Manning. These guys would otherwise have crawled in a hole by now.
And he is indeed MPD, but that is pretty normal among CIAlizards.
See how they mix a dab of the truth with a bunch of BS in this psyop.

With all these perps gone, now i am noticing other critters that were obscured before. Like, the evil Venusians i wrote about many years ago. They are humans of the same race as our Venusian allies, except that they inserted demonic genes into themselves somehow. I hadn't noticed any in many years, but there bunches spread out under the south Atlantic, now being attacked by the good Venusians as well as other allies.

(12:15pm) Another horrid SSer on my hit list bit the big one at noon: Yoko Ono, satanist blood-drinker, Monarch handler, and agent of the Russian-Israeli Mafia.
That VIP hit list is getting short. Aside from a number of movie and rock stars, we still have Assange, Aung San Suu Kyi, and Oprah. And a few inconsequential characters like Manning and Loughner.

(8:25pm) OK so now Aung San Suu Kyi has thrown in the towel. And Goddess Antuvozy has deleted the green demons. She's been trying to terminate the chem-repts, but hasn't succeeded yet.
The chem-repts seem to be the only evil reptoid ETs that are still functioning, so they are trying to cover all the stuff the EHETs etc were doing. This means the telepathic monitoring and manipulation, the energy attacks, etc. Meanwhile, all the resources (like my orgone devices and animal friends) which have been tied up for years in dealing with EHETs, are now freed up to address the ever-shrinking bad guys.

Another CIA organization: Childhelp. Long list of blastable CIA repticlones.

March 26, '16: (5:35pm) Terrorists Kill 22 At Beach Resort, But Nobody Cares Because It Wasn't In U.S. or Europe. Ooh, but luckily, CIAounter CIAurrent Nyooz has gotcha covered.
All actors are human and nobody got killed.
"Nobody Cares" yet the article quotes mainstream news sources.
"It was carnage," one witness said. "They shouted 'Allahu Akbar." They were getting people to shout those words and they killed anyone who didn't.

Also no-one died at this "event": Russian 'Rambo' wipes out ISIS thugs by calling airstrike on HIMSELF when surrounded by Jihadi forces.

And the CIA just keeps them coming. Terrifying moment teenage ISIS suicide bomber blows himself up at a FOOTBALL STADIUM near Baghdad, killing at least 65 people and injuring more than 60. Let's see: the 3rd pic has lots of shoes which should please Spivey. Flip-flops anyway. Empty shoes on the ground are an inside-joke symbol in these hoax pics, sort of like the devil-horns hand sign.
The 4th pic has a CIA repticlone suicide bomber, but he's still alive! er, was, until we found him under 28.749452, 44.285057 in Saudi Arabia along with dozens more CIA clones.
The last pic shows a CIA repticlone holding a flag.

March 27, '16: (4:20pm) CIA v CIA: "Syrian army" CIA repticlones capture entire Palmyra from Daesh terrorists. Yay.

Bizarre case of activist incarcerated in The Hague. Florence Hartmann is human, and the pic of her arrest (by more humans) does not seem obviously staged to my untrained eye. Except that there's an odd right hand in the center, holding glasses, that doesn't seem to belong to anybody in particular. And what's up with the black cop's right upper arm? And why is his right hand cut off at the bottom? And what is the guy on the left with the black cap doing exactly? Pinching her butt? (I'm starting to learn a little from Spivey.)

Plus, Florence is a human clone and "a former journalist with Le Monde who later served as the spokeswoman for Chief Prosecutor...".
And "former Bosnian Serb leader Radovan Karadzic" is a female repticlone.

CIA Repticlone Arrested For Trespassing And Desecrating Flags At Red Clay State Park by a bunch more CIA repticlones. Can't these creatures just get along? And "desecrating" flags is an arrestable offense in TN? I hope they don't arrest humans for this. These filthy, blood-drenched flags are only sacred to kleptomaniac pedophile Masonic ETs and their dupes.
And then the greaseball Sheriff Eric Watson imposter has to get on a disgusting soapbox about reptilian patriotic militaristic values. Barf.

Repticlone trannies are everywhere. Saw one such drag queen (fugly as hell) hanging out in town yesterday on an ATV. And this painfully obvious one in red was flaunted in the newspaper today.
Also in the paper, an AP column promoting 4 CIA repticlone trannies. Dig the BS: "this will be the first time the four-person judging panel will have 2 women." I get that some of the previous "male" ones are actually female.
Then the blurbs for the last 2 trannies all incorporate and support hoaxed events.

(6:40pm) Suicide Bomber Kills Dozens -- Mostly Women and Children -- at Park in Lahore, Pakistan. (Eyes raised heavenwards.) If you look at the ultra-low-definition vid at the bottom, you see a bunch of live repticlones laying around stiffly. In fact all the pics and linked pics are of repticlones.
"Eyewitnesses said they saw body parts strewn across the parking lot..." Such lovely prose.

(7:40pm) AZ rancher struggles with cow mutilations: what makes this different from other reports i've seen, is that apparently the perps are clearly driving around in vehicles with headlights. I got no particular vibe off them until i blasted them a bit. This is in the vicinity of Flagstaff, AZ. Getting lots of DORy U bases now with some ETs that seem to be non-reptilian and human-like. I get that some of them have surface identities. At least 9 of them shop at a Backcountry Outfitters place. Dozens of them are also into skateboarding.
Found huge MX U base we are taking out. And they have many more bases.

March 28, '16: (8:20am) Some DORy ETs who were attacking a TI live around the giant red star here.

Bizarre CIA clone: Patrick Scrivener of disinfo site

On Jan. 13 i wrote about some skyscrapers in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia which were vibing real nasty due to some remote U base manipulations. Since then we have had to intervene numerous times, because they would vibe again, due to other U bases in other locations. We would take care of the bases, and the shaking would stop.
The person who tells me when they start shaking lives on the 10th floor of one of these bldgs. And sent me a video of an odd clear bubble that wafted onto their balcony recently. And a 2nd, very brief video of it starting to deflate.
A 2nd bubble reportedly arrived a few days later.

(9:15am) Dear humans: now that you have been properly medicated and TV-hypnotized, you will, of course, tend to lose track of minor details in your wretched "lives". So we repticlones at EvenFlo and SensorSafe are making available a convenient death-ray transmitter to remind you that you have a corporate-owned, vaccine-receptacle, infant asset to maintain in a just-barely-pre-cancerous but alive and milkable condition for us. Buy Now. Exclusively at Walmart.

Nano-particle saturated, repty-ass "health food" now being advertised at Juice PLUS.
"Plus" is right.
We will suck the nanos out of these products and place them where they belong... Sure feels like it anyhow.

So strange that after i mentioned that "they" usually euthanize their clone actors these days, now they are leaving them alive again, to get rid of their extraneous U bases. Now taking out extensive CIA tunnels and bases west and south-west of Lahore. Those crisis actors were still alive this morning.

(10:15am) Gorgeous clear sunny day out there, and i need to get off my butt now. Before the chem moves in.

What's really been going on in Yemen? I honestly don't know. This CIA article has some absurdly blurry pics of supposed mobs of protestors. And links a human CIA blogger.

And the CIA just keeps on endlessly promoting "rebel" Hellywood repticlone DeNiro these last few days. Yeah, i used to like the original DeNiro too, before i realized he was a reptile.

Yeah, there are all kinds of checks and balances in this world, now even "anti-establishment" Google is warning us about their owners' activities. Riight. "Google will display a full-page warning if state-backed attackers attempt to access a user's Gmail account or computer, the company announced. The move comes after Google backed Apple in fighting the FBI's effort to force it to crack a terrorist's iPhone." I feel so warm and fuzzy about the corporate world now.

CIA repticlone's bank payment denied because of his dog's 'terrorist' name. Why are there so few humans in the "news"?

(3;55PM) The same type of DORy ET i posted about early this morning was just now hitting me hard from under Brazil, Uruguay, Argentina, etc. where they have been living for a long time.

Human CIA clone: youtuber EndAllDisease. An actual milabs TI told me this is a clone of herself.

(6pm) Lots more of those same ETs are riled up now under the Southern Ocean, South Atlantic, and South Pacific.

(8:10pm) Now Vozy has deleted that race of ETs too! Whew.

March 29, '16: (10pm) Yesterday was perfectly clear all day here, except for 1 quickly-fading CT overhead. As far as i noticed.
This morning i look out and there are long trails crossing and smearing up the sky. The usual vibeless stuff that traces to the chem-repts. Some ripples in the distance, but the overhead attempts readily fade.
I suppose they are prepping for tomorrow: supposed to get an inch or so late in the day. "A few storms may be severe."

Gratuitous pic of CIA repticlones posted at prisonplanet today, not connected to any particular story.

More internecine repticlone "conflicts": Saudi Arabia Sentences Journalist to Five Years in Prison for Insulting the Kingdom's Rulers.
This clone at the top has never seen the inside of a jail.
And the last pic shows another "two bloggers" who are both the same clone.
And of course Amnesty International is a CIA front.

Pic of "Castro" at today. What struck me is, this particular clone has never even been to Cuba. He was in a U base under Augusta, MO 63332. More convenient for photo-ops.

Garden of Eden a Global CIA Project. Vince Edwards is a SHer.

(5:40pm) The chem-repts don't like me. I have had to spend part of this nice day at the screen, picking them off on the map. They've been hitting me from nearby as well as a few hundred miles away. And seem to keep beaming more down nearby to give me a headache.

March 30, '16: (9:10am) Thanks, whoever out there is helping keep them off me. Not long after i posted that i experienced considerable relief, although the repts were still there underground to deal with. And they still keep coming back.
Grey this morning. Expecting rain later.

Outrageously absurd:
A Chicago Drag Queen Wants You to See The Faces of Her 23 Loved Ones Killed by Gun Violence. CIA clone.

Anything wrong with this pic? Turkey declares drop in foreign visitors amid security fears. My rookie eye does not see obvious photoshopping, but why is that 1 guy just a bright white silhouette? Also, why is the purported injured victim stiff as a board, as though lying on a plank, yet none is visible? Shouldn't he be all limp? Are these guys holding onto some sort of narrow, cot-like gurney? Something funny about how the guy in yellow is "holding onto"... what? Also check the right hand of the guy in brown. Again, does not seem to be holding onto anything heavy. Is that arm shopped in? If i blow up the pic, i don't see a suspicious seam. Maybe the "victim" is just a crude mannequin with shoes and some hamburger sprinkles? That might explain why it's so light and has no vibe. Yeah, betcha that's it.

(11:15am) Rain started at 11am. Thunder. I'd best cut off PC real soon.

Another asshole drag queen competing against women: Katie Taylor.

(12:50pm) Katie Taylor is a human sellout being aggressively promoted. According to this (fertility-obsessed) page:
Well if you were living in Ireland for the past 5 years you would appreciate the truth of this post. We have heard little or nothing of Irish women in any sporting field other than Ms. Katie Taylor, female boxer.
There may well be praiseworthy female Irish tennis players, golfers, swimmers ... but none has gotten .0001% of the positive media attention Ms. Taylor has garnered. Every single Irish paper, media website or TV channel practically gushes over this woman. She is constantly in the news.
Of course, most of the blame probably goes to "her" parents, who no doubt TG'ed the lad at a tender age:
I saw a TV interview on the Late Late Show with her and her father being interviewed by Ryan Tubridy, a couple years ago. It struck me as strange that she brought her father on the show with her. But it turned out that she is very shy and he is the talker. I won't go so far as to say he did her talking for her, but he did most of the talking. It struck me as unpleasant, and I also felt that he is some what of a frustrated ex boxer who never made the big time himself and is living vicariously through his daughter.
(1:55pm) Another human who has been replaced by a CIA repticlone: Morgan Freeman. I think he was switched after the 2008 car accident. Maybe he was killed in the accident, but was such a big star...
He was likely a Mason and CIA asset already, to get that big in Hellyweird.
He had a step-granddaughter who supposedly got stabbed to death at age 33 last year. She does feel like a dead human. A bit of a MPD vibe. Seems all the pics of her have her sporting the same silly smile. There are rumors she and her grandpa were lovers and that there were marriage plans. She was the daughter of his first wife before they met.
Myrna Colley-Lee is a MPD human satanist. Demaris Meyer is a CIA repticlone.

And when i was looking at that article, i noticed in the sidebar another gross repticlone drag queen, Nia Vardalos. From a SSer family. Gimme a break. Ugly dudes shouldn't be be made into "female" movie stars.

March 31, '16: (7:25am) Got 2" of rain. Now it looks like a tiny storm later this morning, then 79 degrees F.

Late yesterday evening, Antuvozy succeeded in deleting the chem-repts! I get attacked some by misc demons now, some of which are species she can also delete in toto.
There is no fresh chem in the sky here now, but no doubt someone else will be carrying forward the tradition.

(10:05am) Yes, a small T-strom passed over.

Meet The CIA Repticlone Dumbasses Who Hate CIA Repticlone Trump.

Endless CIA verbiage to waste people's time: "The Project" -- The CIA plan of conquest nobody payed attention to. There is no Islamic takeover planned by anyone. There are only Jesuit scams.

More CIA BS: 'Trump Has Finally Inspired Me To Leave Islam' -- Trump Fan Ditches Her Religion.
What cowards these CIA filth are, using their endless resources to endlessly pick on Muslim humans with such garbage.

The German government has given money to mosques in hopes migrants might be more receptive to integration classes and schooling from religious authorities.
So why are there only (blastable) CIA repticlones in the pic? German taxes serving the CIA/Vatican.

CIA SHer cries out on social media after her son is brutally beaten by migrants. This creature never gave birth to anything but lies.

Meanwhile, according to the Reptilian Times, Support for torture in US grows to 63 percent.

CIA Repticlone TV Anchor Fired Over Facebook Post Stereotyping 'Young Black Men'.

Dubious story: Funeral held for man killed under torture in Saudi Arabia. I don't doubt that Saudi Arabia tortures and kills people, but why would they, and PressTV, tell the truth about anything when untruth will serve just as well?
My attention was first drawn to that humungous nose. Who has a nose that big? And why is the pic so crappy? So i searched for other pics of this alleged person. Here you can see a clearer pic, showing a nose that is, yes, sizable, but not as big as in the blurry pic. Also some crispy pics of what to me appears to be credible torture damage to a body. [Edit: i accidentally messed up pasting that link and can't find the original article, but the same pics are here.] But is it the same guy? Kinda looks like him, but the nose sure seems much smaller in profile.
The long toenails seem consistent with someone who's been jailed a long time. But wait, the 1st article says "The 25-year-old went missing on March 2..." and that was only 29 days ago. And the 2nd article (dated today) says he "was killed under regime torture nearly a month ago," and the family received news of his death just 2 days after his disappearance.
The graphic pics must be of a poor sap who was jailed for months or years receiving torture over more than a day or 2. His nails had not been trimmed in many months.
Why would the Saudis release sharp, graphic pics of torture? It is typical for the SSers to demonize themselves. I think whoever this was probably was tortured to death by the Saudis. But it is contrary to their nature to put out the truth in an undistorted form, if a lie would serve equally well.
So what happened to the real Makki al-Aridh? Chances are there never was one, but i dunno. If anyone finds pics of his alleged family, please send a link.

(1:40pm) More cutting-edge reporting from theAntiMedia: (both purported authors are CIA repticlones)
Shill Crowd Chants 'Let Her Speak' As CIA Repticlone Forcibly Ejected from Debate
What Life is Really Like Under ISIS Rule which links a bunch or repticlone faux Muslims testifying as to the horrors.

Here is the court-appointed shyster firm Stephensons Solicitors LLP which is "serving" Mr Spivey. Note that they loosely define repticlones as "people".

The good Mr Spiv has, incidentally, a couple times unequivocally declared that his harrassers and the subjects of his posts are not reptilians. Since he is an evidence-based life-form not given to making unequivocal pronunciamentos out of his ass, i look forward to seeing his evidence. Proving a negative is damn hard. Even if he was right, i don't see how he could do it.

(6:20pm) My friend in Queens brought to my attention that something's going on in the Bermuda Triangle. Some kind of DORy, jailable beings keep filling up that area, under the sea. Even if i spend hours clearing them, more soon replace them. And they attack my friend. They attack me a little bit when i jail them, but not much.
I notice more activity around Puerto Rico, but the whole Triangle area attracts them. They come from some weird dimension, i guess.