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Loohan's blog for March, 2017

March 1, 2017: (4pm) Well, we did get a strong thunderstorm with wind and small hail at 2am, which knocked out the electricity for over 12 hours. I got 1/2" of rain before dawn.

But i had plenty of things to do offline.

The Nov16 (anti-clone) Program now goes into a mix of plaster and concrete! More info here.

(7:40pm) A reader drew my attention to the fact that the Hive Mind entity is all over CERN. (Pic.) Yes, i can feel him clinging to it tightly.

March 3, '17: (7:30am) My electricity was out again yesterday from 3:30am to 6:30pm, as the utility company made some repairs somewhere.

Dance of the Little Swans. These little girls are female humans. They do not have an MPD vibe. Yet, none of them have hymens, either. Wonder why.
Can't blame Nikolay Tsiskaridze. Aside from the fact that he strikes a lot of gay-seeming poses in his pics, i just don't think it's him. My impression is that the rapists are elite Russian military humans. The girls are used for rewards, perks, incentives, and blackmailability.
Some of the teachers are in on the grooming and pimping, though they are not allowed to partake. The Vagina Nova girls are strictly for the higher-up military human servants who serve the Jesuit repticlones. The latter generally prefer boys, anyway.
This is also true of the Mariinsky Ballet.

True story: Chilean Police Report Paranormal Activity While Investigating Domestic Disturbance. I checked this out last night, and there were hordes of demons of countless species in there, left by a previous resident who is a powerful human sorceror.
And some of these demons lodged themselves in the cops, etc.
I had to send big Fred to clean up the mess.
And i am blasting the brujo, although i can't find him on the map.

March 4, '17: (8:20am) Getting relentless attacks from multiple WW U bases this morning, like yesterday afternoon.

Another CIA human clone football player: Cameron Jordan.

And another CIA human clone: Man Arrested For Jewish Center Bomb Threats is An Anti-Trump Muslim Convert. Juan Thompson has some Egyptoid genes to help that androgynous look. Notice the low cheekbones and other subtle traces of male Egyptoid structure (pic).

Pic of Erdogan doing Masonic M sign on Icke site this morning. Not that Tavistock actually points it out.

Another controlled release of broader truths; sometimes referred to as "gatekeeping" as only a small piece of the truth gets out of the gate, yet it serves the Masonic imperative of flaunting a morsel of the truth in public: Greggs heir told jail 'inevitable' for sex attacks on boys. Repticlone Gregg is in on the act.

Similarly, Illegal El Salvador migrant gang members with a Satanic shrine in their apartment 'kidnapped, drugged and raped a 14-year-old Houston girl and murdered another to appease insulted demon'. I will point out that "Nisa Mickens, 15, (left) Kayla Cuevas, 16, (right) from Long Island, New York" are obviously the exact same girl. And that "Evelyn Rodriguez, mother of Kayla Cuevas" is a Category 1 Egyptoid (female) complete with brow ridge and high cheekbones. Unlike "Kayla".

(5:15pm) Man, did i get hammered today. After a while of all the WW U bases, i went after the source cause: the Hive Mind entity. Then he quit the WW stuff and just stuffed me with vast numbers of demon species most of the day. I had my animal allies picking them off as fast as they could but even now, a couple hours after i beat the HM into submission, they are still cleaning me up.
This is the worst i've noticed anyone get hit in at least a few weeks if not longer.
Meanwhile, traffic outside my workplace was much lighter than usual. I did notice a few WWs driving by, but these did not seem to be agency.

An orgone activist in Slovenia got attacked hard by a whole mess of Egyptoid U bases in this area, which still has their vibe strongly although allies have been cleaning up the underground all day.
I think this is the first instance i've noticed of such attacks from non-repty Egyptoids. These had a Swiss vibe.

Most hilarious headlines of the day (i haven't read the articles):
Ivanka Trump: Dad Is Destroying DC Pedo Network
Declassified Docs Show CIA Not Only Attended But Spied on Bilderberg for Years

March 6, '17: (4:40pm) It took until 3am the following day for Fred and Angie to finish cleaning up the demons the HM had obscurely packed into me. Things have been easier for me since. Luckily, they can no longer sustain high-intensity attacks for long, with their dwindling resources.

Another violent storm is supposedly headed this way again this evening. I didn't get any damage from the last one, but some trees blew down in town. And some people lost the roofs of their houses further down the path.

My friend in Queens keeps getting hammered from Titan and Mars. We have been deleting numerous species of deletable critters there, including Draco strains, but there are also loads of offworld CIAlizards. Remember these are, oddly enough, jailable too. I have had millions of animal allies out there jailing them for a couple days, yet these 2 heavenly bodies still feel nasty. Like they are packed with zillions more CIA. Plus, possibly other vile parasites i have not yet identified.

(6:55pm) National Weather Service map. Interestingly, the NWS stations are not flared up, according to the map. This was true just before the last storm as well.
At this time one can see an angry diagonal system sweeping eastward, with a lot of red in it. It contains Hum Demons, Skyfish, and myriad other demons.
According to Accuweather, There have been several confirmed tornadoes with the thunderstorms west of Topeka, Kansas. Tornadoes have been reported near the towns of Saint Marys, Paxico and Belvue.
As of 6:10 p.m. CST, several thunderstorms embedded in the line of storms were still capable of producing tornadoes.

(7:20pm) That line looks like it will pass well north of me, though.

What We Know About the Nude Photo Scandal Implicating Hundreds of Marines. Oh, my, the truth will out now, thanks to CIA front groups the War Horse (scroll down for repticlone staff pics) and The Center for Investigative Reporting.
Pre-fab fake scandals for your entertainment. Your tax dollars and drug dollars at work.

March 7, '17: (8:30am) Did not get much wind here. Almost no lightning or thunder, either. Did get a desirable 1.1 inches of gentle rain, though. Sun poking through now.
Map image of storm reports. Tornadoes reported but all north of AR. Wind damage reported not too far east of my area, though.

Russian general hit by roadside bomb in Syria loses both legs. If he's alive, why does he have no vibe whatsoever? Did he ever exist? Pic. Kinda Egyptoid-looking, or possibly FTM.

(1:35pm) Been wondering about this a while, but i have come to the conclusion that Chris Spivey has sold out and is now working for MI. I will elaborate later.

March 10, '17: (8:50am) Got another 1/2" last night, including tiny hail. Now, after a warm day yesterday, suddenly we are threatened with several freezing nights again.

Active Duty & Military Vets Launch National Movement to Support Trump. All repticlones in this article. Note how Trump-clone simply cannot be seen without some prominent Masonic hand sign.

CIA human clone: Max Bliss of CIA front Cool name, though.

CIA human clone: Tom Om, Chiropractor, Spiritual Healer and Reiki Master. Master Saint Germain is in control in the next 2000 years! LOL.

Another one: "Kid With Brain Cancer". Not being well versed in the realities of chemo and radiotherapy, i have to wonder why only the sides and back of his head lost hair. The rest of his hair seems pretty healthy.
His "brother" is one too. The rest of the "people" in the pic are CIA repticlones.

Another human clone: Yael Meyer. Note the androgyny in these pics (mainly the brow ridge): 1, 2, 3).

Crown is a freaky SSer corporation which is involved with some other kind of (mostly underground) humanoid ETs, which are in turn involved in the nano/morgellons/AI tech.
I get a funky vibe off Crown containers, whether metal or glass. They have some nasty energy in them and who knows what else. In fact, Nano-Hog is pulling something out of them.
Crown locations.

(11:50am) David Wolfe, author of Superfoods: as far as i can detect, this guy is not knowingly associated with the CIA. And his products do not contain nanos (yet?). But he is chummy with many CIA WWs and repticlones. The green leaves that surround his mug shot on the cover were demon-packed by CIAtanists. The CIA apparently helps him with book production. And all the reviews are from CIA repticlones.

OK, about Spivey. I have been promoting him and repeatedly linking to his site since Nov 2012, over 4 years. How time flies.

He has been a mentor to me, pointing out things i would not have noticed. As a result i have gotten much better at recognizing facial structures despite differences in hair, angle, etc. And i have been paying much more attention to visual clues and anomalies in media photos, instead of only scanning their energy.

But there are a few red flags. Main one being, this bizarre illegal police and court circus. Yes, sincere activists do sometimes get falsely arrested and harrassed, occasionally even imprisoned. Discreetly. But i can't think of a single such instance being so bizarre and getting media coverage, except those involving obvious hoax actors (non-humans, TGs, clones, etc.) and Spivey. To me, the whole drama smells very staged. And the MSM in the UK has carried mentions of the debacle, with repticlone Commenters posting about how evil he is.

There are a few other minor red flags:
  • On April 10, '13 i posted
    Ack! Now Spivey is posting rubbish from the CIA Sense Show: North Korea to 'launch missile TODAY' as hundreds of 'ELITES' move to safety. At least the stuff about US agencies fleeing to underground sanctuaries is bunk.
    C'mon, Spivey, don't become another outlet for Operation Mockingbird drivel.
  • On June 2, '16 i posted
    Now he has another article by John Hamer up. Hamer is his "friend" who lionizes shapeshifting satanist Freemason Hitler. But i thought he was sincere, just a bit deluded. However, now Spiv posted Hamer's pic and right away i knew something was wrong. But what? Not a rept. No blood-ritual vibe. Not a clone. Not transgender. But, has dirty Masonic vibe.

    He's not promoting Hitler in this article, merely other repty agents. First this CIA repticlone drag queen Ellen Mariani who supposedly lost his female "husband" in 9/11 and "sued". And i ain't the only one fingering the creature.
    Then he promotes CIA repticlone drag queen Beverley Eckert (pic). You can see him along with 3 other TG CIA repticlones in this pic posted in the article. And here is another pic of him with his obviously TG "husband".
    And he bemoans that this thing "died" in a hoax crash. How can Spiv stomach to print this crap? He should know as well as anyone that almost everything in the media is crap, especially stuff like plane crashes. How many real plane crashes have ever been in the nooz?
    Another "person" "killed" in this "crash" is Alison L. Des Forges, who has the "usual specifications". I'm not looking up the other "deceaseds" mentioned, but they seem pretty similar.
    Then on June 7 i posted
    (11:15am) Yep, Spivey's site is really going downhill. Today's article, The Winds of War by occultist Mason Hamer, is just another cookie-cutter anti-Zio piece, which, although containing a fair bit of truth, says nothing that a zillion CIA/Mossad/Tavistock etc websites are aren't saying.

    Also i suspect Spiv is infiltrated administratively. Someone able to influence the administration of the forum and possibly Spiv's emails. Not Dogman, who is ensouled and seems OK, but someone else. I sense a repticlone agent somewhere.
    {More about Dogman later.}
  • Now he's promoting an MI human FTM:
    other matters have also slowed me down a little of late, such as setting up and liaising on the e-book enterprise with Gary Heath -- the fella who did the tech stuff and will be doing the marketing (italics his)
  • He keeps agent LaVerite on his page endlessly. This is not a smoking gun though; i too have been duped.
In addition to this, i have had some strange experiences, or lack of experiences:
  • He is supposed to send automated thank-yous to donors, but over the years i have donated many times; a dozen or so which i would have to wade through paypal records to exactly count, and only received 1 automated reply.
    In Dec '15 he posted that he had not gotten notifications from paypal about some donations, so invited people to write him if they donated but did not get a reply. At that time i had only made 2, of which the 2nd did get acknowledged. So i emailed Chris about it and he said he'd received the first one, and thanked me. I also mentioned
    Another thing, i tried to join your forum a couple weeks or so ago but never heard back.
    I just tried logging in but no go.
    to which he replied
    I dont do the forum i.d's but your IP could be on the block list as the security software is very tight.
    If you write in a comment for the attention of wolfie or dogman and tell them the problem they will sort it for you and obviously they wont post the comment.
    Now, i never did this exactly. I was not that keen on needing another soapbox, and never followed through.
    When you try to sign up for his forum, you are asked to choose a user ID and password, then you supposedly will be mailed confirmation. I never received notice, and could not log on, either.
    I waited a month or so and tried again, and found that my user and pwd were apparently deleted. I re-created the same identical ones and re-submitted, but again got no reply.

  • On March 22, '15 i emailed him again on the same thread saying i had made 2 more donos which were not acknowledged. I never received a reply. In fact i never heard from him again, even though i made several more donations, and in some of them put notes on the donation page saying i had not received acknowledgements.
  • Many months ago i did post, not on his forum, but on a couple Comments sections in his articles. All posts have to be OKed by Dogman. I was able to post a couple times but then none of my posts were approved any more.
    Meanwhile, MI repticlone MTF Thea56 is allowed to post all over the Comments sections all the time.
After pondering such mysteries i realized something about Dogman. They had deliberately chosen a guy who did not have any of the usual dowsing triggers: he was human, no MPD or Masonic vibe, not TG, not a clone, not a black magician. Ensouled, even (as was Spiv until a few days ago). But he was still an MI agent.
The Alah-kur allies replaced him with an organic robotoid in January or February. The 'toid is still ostensibly posting on the Comments, but presumably "they" know he's been switched. I suspect a repticlone is posting under his name.

When i realized a few days ago that Spiv now was working with another MI agent (FTM Gary) i hobnobbed with the A-K about replacing him, but by that time they as well as myself had gotten very suspicious. Looking into the matter further, we sense that Spiv is knowingly working with a great many MI and Tavistock agents.
So Gary will not be replaced; just blasted.

Question is, was Spivey an agent all along, or did he just sell out at some point? He certainly is not your average cookie-cutter agent.
I really don't know for sure. But his foul language always made me wonder a bit. Yes, many adults such as myself occasionally, judiciously, use naughty words when somewhat appropriate. But who uses the F-word and other sexual cusswords so senselessly and promiscuously? Hollywood, in many of their movies. Some pop "music". Scientology staff members among themselves, especially the CIA execs. This is all programming.

Although the alleged perps of the injustices against him were all blood-ritual Satanist SSers (now replaced by clones), i never noticed Spiv or his family getting hit by black magic type stuff. Except for his 2 dogs, years ago. Not sure if that means he was still OK years ago, or what.

March 11, '17: (5:05pm) Got freezing rain now. It has been drizzling since 4am. Supposed to get 1-3" of snow this evening, and low of 24 F.

Had 3 more Egyptoid customers at work today. All these non-repty evil Egyptoids seem to be Freemasons. One was married to a human Eastern Star woman. None had the blood-ritual vibe.

The good news is that this afternoon, 'Vozy was able to delete the Hum Demons and Skyfish as entire species.
Let me know if you encounter more demonic hums. I have only ever noticed this one species being able to do this.
Hive Mind is upset with me.

Oops, it just started snowing.

(7:55pm) Dang. Other demons can do the hum. We just deleted 5 species and the hum stopped, for the moment. If you hear the hum, call on Fred.

Jesuit agent and human clone: Sri Haridas Shastri Maharaja, "yoga master". I think this is a replacement of the original, who most likely was also an agent, as that is how it seems to usually work when they replace humans with clones.

March 12, '16: (8:05am) It was a bit below 30 F at dawn here. Snow buildup was 2.25" on top of bales of peat moss i had laying out.

This Dazzling Movie Captures What It's Really Like to Be a Reptilian "Palestinian" in Israel. Palestinian rapper Tamer Nafar and Israeli filmmaker Udi Aloni discuss their new film "Junction 48." Mossad repticlones. The movie opened in New York on March 3.
I notice the actress has a chin dimple. Surgical or genetic?

Plot to hit German shopping centre with multiple suicide bombers is foiled. Notice anything about these 2 human Middle Eastern "cops"? If not, please return to the Chris Spivey School of Facial Recognition and Photoshopping. Check this pic, too. And the structure of the robotoid "woman" on the left here.
No doubt there are other anomalies a more patient person could find.
They are getting insanely blatant lately. Here's another item i noticed this morning.

(5:50pm) Total in rain gauge from yesterday, another 1.1". And we are supposed to get more rain tonight.

Attacks on me were mild today. Joe made some anti-HM devices and they are helping a lot. Just some lackluster demons thrown at me this afternoon. And Rorg picked up 6 spells from a WW U base. But WWs didn't attack me. And the HM did not attack directly, either.

Subtle. Real subtle. The Turkish right-wing Grey Wolves organization has the cutest handsign.

Human Masons.

March 13, '17: (9:05am) The snow had all melted off yesterday, and we were supposed to get more rain last night, but this morning there was over an inch of new snow instead.

More distraction hoaxes: now, i'm pretty sure that Tyler at Secureteam10 is sincere, if somewhat naive about the world. But he is picking up and promoting hoaxes.
UFO Appears During Fighter Jet Intercept Of Airline 2/20/17. CGI. Not likely that a fighter jet would chase after an airliner in this controlled world.
Of course the footage is not of the most cutting-edge quality, either.
Tyler seems to think that because this video comes from a highly-regarded (CIA repticlone) aviation expert, that makes it credible. Erg.
Iranian Military OPENS FIRE On UFO! 1/21/17. Riiight. Translation: Freemasons on rooftop apparently fire at CGI object. Yes, we've seen real UFOs that wiggle similarly. That does not make this real.

Brave New Films is another repticlone CIA social-justice front. Most of these fine people were in U bases this morning.

HORROR: Images Of Alleged "Organ Farm" In Malaysia-Thailand Border Shocks Social Media. Disturbing images of dead children, allegedly killed by "organ farmers" in the Malaysia-Thailand border went viral.... Except all these kids are alive.
(And scroll down page for coverage of Trump consorting with Playboy drag queens. One can never have too much drama.)

March 14, '17: (3:20pm) Winter is back. It barely got above freezing for a while today. Now it's snowing. Low tonight is predicted to be 23 F.

And i have been getting relentlessly hammered by the HM again. Somehow he always finds a way to get around any weapons after a while.
And Titan and Mars are still nasty despite the best ongoing efforts.
I keep fishing around for the next big breakthrough to overcome these obstacles, but nothing yet.

March 15, '17: (5:40pm) I don't know if someone out there did something, or what, but i started feeling better after posting last. Found tens of thousands of hidden implants the HM had stuck in me, all left of center. Even the left sides of my chakras.
Slept good. Only minor attacks today, and Titan and Mars are feeling cleaner.

Trans 'Pastor' Demands Bathroom Access Because 'God is Transgender.' Yes, Really... No, not really. There is nothing about this CIA repticlone Rev. Wynn that is TG. I can't say the same about his "wife" or Crowder. He doesn't even look the slightest bit TG, and is an intact male.

Women Kicked Out of Women's Shelter to Make Room for a 'Transgender' Man. So unfair. I'm surprised these repticlones aren't MTF themselves.

Lots more obvious BS in the "alt" media today, as always.

March 16, '17: (3:40pm) And today has been pretty much shot for me so far, wrestling with the HM who relentlessly hits my left upper back area.

I've been upgrading one of my anti-HM arrays.

And Titan and Mars don't feel as groovy anymore either.

March 17, '17: (10am) And today? About nothing so far, in terms of attacks on me. I'm feeling pretty good. Maybe in part, my upgraded hardware accounts for the improvement. But very likely things will swing the other way at some point today.
I woke up at 1am to pee, and then couldn't sleep for hours. I was struck by how silent it was, with no hum! The HM seemed not to be able to spare the energy to direct the Hum activity. For a while. After an hour or so, hum started back and was maintained with a flow of new demon species. But rather faint and distant-sounding.

Where are all these improbably vast quantities of different demon species com from? And how can there be so much variation that it is possible they are all different species? I sometimes have to deal with zillions of different species attacking someone or fouling an area. Mostly seem pretty flimsy. I think the HM generates them. Sort of like a random number generator, he has a random demon generator or something. Maybe. We'll try to investigate.

A bigger mystery is why there is endless filth in Titan and Mars. We just keep finding more and more seemingly endless layers. And although i have not worked Titan that much in years past, i have been scrubbing Mars for 12 years.
Also, my friend in Queens continually claims he is experiencing horrendous daily local MW torture as well as Draco attacks from Titan and Mars, and usually, the only part of that which i can detect is concerning Titan and Mars.
He is the one who brought Titan and Mars to my attention recently. I can confirm that demons, at least, are continually attacking him from there. And not recently-generated ones, either.

Extreme fog here. No freezing in the weekly forecast.

I rather doubt these CIA claims: Dreams And Visions Of Jesus Are Fueling The Explosive Growth Of Christianity In Muslim Nations Worldwide. Aside from the fact that Muslims on average are already more Christian than Churchians (which isn't saying much) --
One of my favorite examples is a former ISIS fighter that came to know the Lord after Jesus told him in a dream that he was "killing my people"...
(noon) Of course after that, the HM started hitting me again, but very feebly. The WW overflights have not yet started today. But i got a couple from USAF SSer U bases.
Also in recent days i had been getting a few hologram craft again.

I've been dowsing the metal content in airborne craft lately. Regular jets vibe of aluminum and stainless steel (steel with chromium and nickel) as well as small amounts of copper and brass. Exotic craft from U bases vibe predominantly of titanium and some steel-zinc alloy. I'm not sure zinc is normally alloyable with steel in the "real world". Galvanized steel is coated with zinc. But these exotic craft seem to be largely composed of a zinc-steel alloy.

Intense fog still here at noon.

March 19, '17: (7:50am) Later on the 17th i got another USAF flight or 2, and a few holos, then it was back to the usual WW overflights/attacks. And i had to pry HM off of Rorg twice.
Then yesterday i got lightly hammered non-stop all day by the HM. But then in the late evening did another upgrade to an array, and it's been nice since. Slept well. Almost no Hum, either.

Yesterday at work i had a group of 1 male and 2 female non-repty Category 3 Egyptoids come in the bakery, And as they walked out, another such group walked in! But i don't think they were stalking me or aware that i was aware. Plus i spotted a Cat. 2 in the street. Of course they all had the Masonic vibe.
Again, of the 4 Egyptoid women who came in, none of them looked "off". I will pay more attention to this: i suspect that Cat. 3 females do not look like pseudo-trannies as a rule.
Of course the men with them lacked a brow ridge.

I am constantly upgrading my anti-Egyptoid devices. It has gotten to the point where i feel the vibe of these critters just as strongly as that of SSers. I feel them before i spot them. I recognize them even when they are not obvious from their appearance.
Now that their collective aura has been tenderized, many of our older programs also bite on them, e.g. Strontium-Barium and many others that work on SSers etc.

Also i often visually spot ordinary people with Egyptoid facial traits, but these don't have a Masonic vibe, and my devices don't light them up.

And, increasingly, i notice these critters. ----->

I have yet to actually detect one near me, but i sense them getting lit up around Mountain View, AR as well as many other places. At times i have taken out areas of their U bases.

(7:25pm) And today so far, HM attacks have been fairly manageable, sometimes negligeable, sometimes rather annoying.

I had 2 male Egyptoid Masons come into the bakery to pick up an order. One is Category 2, the other Cat. 3.

Another repticlone social movement: OutVets. Right now there is a panoramic pic on the homepage of repticlones doing thumbs-up hand signs. I looked on their FB page and all the commenters were repticlones.

Meet the CIA Human Clone the FBI Says Helped the Russian Yahoo Hackers. Social media posts detail lavish lifestyle of alleged Yahoo hacker. Egyptoid DNA. Male pseudo-tranny. Check the long fingers, the brow, etc. and general "gender non-binary" affectations.
The brow ridge is almost absent in one pic, yet they did a bizarre photoshop thing to his brow in this pic.

Police: NY murder fugitive caught in Stamford. Juan Nico Morales is a CIA repticlone. Doesn't seem to have much brow ridge, either, but is male.

CIA repticlone Guy wearing Trump hat sues bar for refusing to serve him. His lawyer is one, too. And the bar is a CIA proprietary, of course.

March 21, '17: (4:25pm) It has been summery these last 4 days. Yesterday was well up in the 80s and today was close to 80 degrees.
The daikon and beets i planted 3 days before the last cold snap are popping up, though. I was worried they had gotten nipped. It was down in the low 20s just a week ago.

Another demon-packed moon from which my Queens friend gets attacked: Deimos

Another human clone, MI this time: "(darren) Christopher Deojee".

And another human clone, CIA: Shahan Choudhury who "fled to Syria last year after becoming radicalised..."

And then some people are just opportunistic human criminal scammers. Check out sweet Lilly at Nature's Blessings, who writes all her own rave reviews and forum posts. And sells (or tries to) all these inert "orgone products" for a "reasonable" price. And valuable psychic services. And even offers full moon transmissions, LOL.

Human CIA Freemason actors: 'He was not a threat': California cops kill mentally ill man whose family sought help. How common is it, really, i wonder, for someone to habitually call 911 for an ambulance to come out and take someone to a hospital for meds? And why the Masonic hand signs in the lower left pic there? And why is the hand in the lower right pic shopped to sort of resemble a middle finger sign? And why no tears? All to let the reader know it's a joke.

(6:20pm) I neglected to mention, attacks on me have been getting pretty weak lately. Only a bit of HM attacks, some quiet Hum in the distance, and of course, overflights. More holos. I was getting non-stop CIA holos today, first from SSer bases, then from WW bases.

How My Love of Weed Could Have Lost Me My Job at the White House. Alyssa Mastromonaco is a CIA human clone, gender unknown. Looks female. No vibe of any genitalia, womb, silicone, or prostate. Maybe a de-feminized female.

March 22, '17: (11:30am) Got explosive thunder that made things in the cabin rattle, and hard rain in the wee hours, 1/2". Overcast now. Today is supposed to be cooler, then warmer weather will resume.

Been getting on and off HM attacks on left upper body, occasionally with implants. spells, and demons. I have to periodically pick up Channel wands and sweep. The rotating wand setup helps a lot, but the HM finds ways to resist it. When i wand him (or rather his tentacles or projections) i now have to freeze on certain spots for a minute or so before they "release". If i do this enough, after a while HM relents, sometimes for minutes, sometimes for hours.

Another CIA human clone with some Egyptoid DNA: Man Claims Menorah Swastika was 'Prank'. Note the mismatched gender features including low cheekbones, narrow mouth, small ears.

Looks like Uber is also a CIA proprietary. 'My beliefs not shared at Uber': President of ride-sharing firm gives reasons for shock exit. See pic of this CIA repticlone doing 666 hand sign.
Also we have a hoax lawsuit, CIA v CIA: Uber accused of stealing its driverless car technology from competitor in federal lawsuit.

What Happened to Tammy Grogan? Nothing much. This CIA human MPD Freemason is still alive somewhere.

March 23, '17: (6:45am) Uber Will Make Results of an Internal Sexual Harassment Investigation Public. Yup, CIA repticlone Susan Fowler has been making allegations. Oh, my, and Arianna Huffington is a board member of Uber. That should bolster my claim about it being a CIA proprietary.

The Haunting Story of the Killer Cab Driver. Who in this fable are not MI repticlones? Well, MI human Mason Christopher Halliwell. And Becky Godden-Edwards, whose mom, at least, is another MI human.
And check out this insanely photoshopped pic. A couple of the 3 "members of the public" have some strange foot positions.

Another goofy all-repticlone MI production: The hero of Westminster: Policeman stabbed to death by terrorist is named as death toll rises to FIVE with 40 injured including French students and Korean tourists.

Note the deliberately crappy photoshopping of this "attacker" who "later died" yet is still alive. Look at his head and the size of his foot. The size and position of the leg in relation to the rest of his body. Is it that they could not have just taken a picture of the guy in a stretcher and leave it at that? That would defeat the purpose of broadcasting that the skit is fake.
Also note the sloped, narrow shoulders of the FTM repticop in front.

Even the pedestrians in this pic are all repticlones.

March 24, '17: (7:50am) It always amazes me the way the media sometimes does this juxtaposition of hoax doubles.

The first article is about Dina Babbitt. Interesting bio. "In 1944, while in Auschwitz, she was chosen by Mengele to draw portraits of Romani inmates.[4] Mengele wished to capture the Romanis' skin coloration better than he could with camera and film at that time." Dina had a bit of a brow ridge herself.

The 2nd article is about an alleged Stacey Mitchell (bigger pic here), "killed" in a lurid tale: "Two Australian lesbian "vampire" lovers, Jessica Stasinowsky, 21, and 19-year-old Valerie Parashumti who drank blood and were sexually aroused by violence were sentenced to life in prison in 2008 for the brutal killing of British-born 16-year-old Stacey Mitchell. They bludgeoned Stacey to death with a concrete block, strangled her with a dog chain then celebrated with a kiss over her body. They dumped Stacey's body in a garbage bin. They have to serve a minimum of 24 years in prison."

March 25, '17: (6:35pm) Got tickled by the edge of a big storm system passing by. 1.7" of gentle rain last night.

Shock Video: CIA Repticlone Woman Raped by Illegal Testifies Against 'Sanctuary State' Bill

Westminster terrorist Khalid Masood's mother is being guarded by police against reprisals at the rural Welsh farm where she sews cushions for a living. The only pics of Janet Ajao i can find show a pretty young Condomble' black magician. Whereas this Janet is supposed to be grey-haired and has an Orisha black magic vibe. And her husband feels like a repticlone replacement for a SSer who was into Orisha.

The neighbor in the vid is a female MI repticlone with some Egyptoid blood.

Terrorist from Tunbridge Wells: How the Westminster killer lived with his glamorous businesswoman partner and two devoted daughters... Khalid Masood seems like ordinary human actor. His "long-term partner Jane Harvey" is a MI repticlone with Tavistock connections as well. His more recent squeeze, Rohey Hydara, is a blood-ritual Tavistock human Freemason.

An artist replaced the men in these classic Westerns with women. The images are awesome. Very funny. This artist might be innocent, but she replaced FTMs. With what? Only 3 of the models do not have prostates.

Bulgarian activists erect border fence to deter Turkish 'election provocations'. Nato repticlones all.

March 26, '17: (8:35am) Thor'p has been getting horribly hammered by some unknown ETs saturating Neptune, in case anyone want to help blast.

March 27, '17: (5pm) We were supposed to get about 1/2" last night but i got 2.6" and occasional thunder. At 8am there was a stroke of lightning that sounded as if my metal roof was hit. I'm not saying it was, but it sounded as if. A strong electric arc snap noise. And my internet went out at that moment. It was only a while ago that i figured out that the phone-line surge protector in my UPS (uninterrupted power supply) had blown, and that i still have internet/phone if i bypass that. Nothing else was blown. Except for my modem. So much for protection. Fortunately i still had an old modem that works, and was able to get it configured.
Yeah, i should know better than to leave the PC plugged in during a thunderstorm.
Then the ISP needed to repair some lines coming in, but i think they just completed that.

CIA human clone: galactichuman who promotes flat Earth and various CIA agents, including another CIA human clone, Trey Gowdy. The latter has the usual built-in androgynous look.

Mar 28, '17: (3:45pm) Pablo Gomez Jr., a 22-year-old radical social justice warrior who allegedly stabbed a woman to death in South Berkeley, prefers the gender pronoun "they" instead of "he." CIA male repticlone. The "victim" was a CIA repticlone, now "retired".

OK, that was rather absurd. But my nomination for the Most Ludicrous Media Sentence of the last 2 days would be Israeli intelligence agency Mossad attempted to turn French spies into double agents during a joint operation in Syria, Le Monde newspaper reported, citing a French intelligence report.

100-kg pure gold coin stolen from Berlin museum. Yes, that hunk of lead indeed has gold veneer on the surface.

Conspiracy Theorist Alex Jones Apologizes For Promoting 'Pizzagate'. There, didn't i tell ya? Pizzagate was fake news. See, all them conspiracy theorists and their wild claims are debunked. There is no satanic pedophile conspiracy involving politicians, etc. Even Ms Jones admits it.

(7:55pm) And oftentimes, the CIA Masons just make a story so absurd and contradictory that nobody with a couple dozen brain cells would believe it.
A Man Found Five Pounds of Weed Rolled into a Giant Blunt on Daytona Beach. OK, seems plausible enough. And "After taking a closer look at the mysterious object, he noticed a thin layer of blood coating the end of the 18-inch package." OK, must have been very fresh then, as it only takes a couple seconds for ocean water to dissolve blood. If it was an old dried-up blood stain that had been soaked for a while, it would not be recognizable with any degree of certainty, i would imagine.
"Volusia County Beach Safety captain Mike Berard told the Sentinel that whoever sent the stash out to sea had likely coated it with blood to try to throw drug-sniffing dogs off its pungent scent. The giant doobie was coated with so many barnacles that Berard and his team estimated that it had been floating around in the ocean for at least two weeks."
I see. So, the blood was on the barnacles, or were the barnacles on the blood? And since when do barnacles latch onto soggy paper?
Yes, people throwing stuff overboard into the sea need to be concerned about all the drug-sniffing dogs swimming around. Makes sense that they would come up with some convenient nearby blood to kill the smell. Blood is a well-known effective scent masker commonly used by smugglers, as dogs are repelled by it. Filthy business.
"Officials from Volusia County Beach Safety ended up testing the package's contents--which they determined was only about five pounds of weed without the water weight--and destroyed it." Man, so how much do you have to compress 5 pounds of dried herb to make it fit in an 18" long package that was maybe 3" wide or less, judging by the proportion of the given length, which width included a bunch of plastic and (water-resistant as hell) paper?

More CIA v CIA: The Long Struggle of Queer Methodists Who Want to Belong. Fortunately, only CIA repticlones seem concerned with such matters.

March 31, '17: (8:15am) Caught the edge of another storm night before last. Got slightly less than 0.2".

Exclusive: Inside Diego Garcia, America's highly secretive military base. It used to be a SSer base but for years i've been saying they've been wiped out there and only Alah-kur have a presence. This is still true. "Danilo" never existed.
"Some 1,000 US Military personnel and almost 2,500 contract workers are based on the Island." If you are a dowser, see if you can detect the faintest trace of any of these purported personnel.

Italy foils IS-inspired plot to blow up Rialto Bridge in Venice by nonexistent identical triplets with different last names.

Story behind the image -- Interview with a photojournalist from Gaza. Both the "girl" and the "author" have no vibe at all, and their pics look very TG. I suspect neither ever existed except digitally.

On March 10 i mentioned the curious CIA promotion of David Wolfe. (And also i had mentioned him Sep 2013 regarding a video of his on earthing which i could not make sense of.) Well, there is a repty company to beware of called Sunfood Super Foods of which Wolfe states "For the Record: is not my company. I have nothing to do with them. They use my name illegally without license or right. They are owned by Doug Harbison, whose billionaire father ran Monsanto for 10 years. It appears to me that my former company was deliberately infiltrated by Monsanto agents. The pathological liar Harbison and his Monsanto-family legal team drove me out thru clever legal maneuvering."
Doug Harbison is a repticlone of course. Why is the CIA promoting Wolfe while their Monsanto brothers are ripping him off? Story does not quite seem to add up to me. It could be the CIA is using Monsanto to pump Wolfe full of credibility for some reason, though i am thus far unable to actually dowse that Wolfe is a knowing agent.

A reader in Slovenia sent in this pic of titanium Nato craft spraying nano barium and aluminum. They came from a U base in S Austria. We are taking out sprawling U facilities there which they apparently tired of.
He said "Same bad acid taste in mouth as night before...also when eat something is awfull or when swallow saliva. This smells to me as kind of nano poisoning...chem is today obvious in the air, also smells acid... Chem is still going on all the time in all directions." After i sent in Nano-Hog and we also started nailing the U facilities, within minutes he reported "Feel clearing, vibe is clearer, more energy flow, the bad taste is going away slowly and sun is getting brighter. Thank you!"
I wouldn't believe the stuff i write were it not for the feedback i get.
Also BTW he has come under harrassment from Slovenian Police, which are largely composed of WWs, Romani, SSers, Egyptoids, and other Masonic filth. I have been blasting this nice list of stations they conveniently provide in order to be held accountable. At any given time, a fair percentage of the police are underground, so the list is becoming less DORy as the sub-humans get replaced by clones.