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Loohan's blog for March, 2006

March 1, '06: New forum: I have started a forum called Destroyers of Evil.

Etheric spiders:
For some months i have run into these critters on people. Though viewing such things is not my forte, the kind i've been running into, i believe, have longish legs and probably hang out on the surface of the victim's body. One person told me they actually suck energy out of the person through the legs of the spider.
They are very easy to remove. I have stuffed them into miscreants, but within a couple days they move on, or are removed, i'm not sure which. These days i prefer to nail them with love darts. I suspect this kills them, though i haven't thoroughly checked that out.

But what i really wanted to write about is another entirely different type of etheric spider i have only recently learned to recognize, which is extremely vicious. Apparently they can cause such things as internal bleeding, ulcers, and very sharp localized pain. They are easy for me to find on a person remotely even without a pic, as they are lumps of strong DOR. I have gotten impressions of them as tatantula-like, with short legs folded up to a fat body, perhaps 2" or less diameter.

These are as easy for me to remove and place into another person as werewolves, and they stick real well, like the werewolves. They can also apparently be killed with love darts.

They seem to show up in a person's organs. So far i have found them in a couple people's stomachs, in one person's colon, plus...

Last night i woke up in the wee hours, made a couple posts on my new forum, and went back to bed. I started working on the demon Sananda with my Rifat stones. Being half-asleep, i failed to notice at first that i wasn't actually doing anything to Sananda. Normally, all i have to do is think "Archangel Michael (or whoever), front and center now!" and the subtle body of the evil being i wish to address appears before me, and i can slice and dice with my etheric sword (my anti-occultist PC is working loads better since i got the proper BPC pebble for it, which i had initially lost without noticing it even existed).
However this time i wasn't really hitting him, and was slow to realize this. Apparently, he had some decoy gimmick.

Suddenly i got a sharp pain in my prostate, which got worse and worse. I don't normally have prostate problems. I dowsed it was one of these spiders. I moved it to the heart of someone particularly detestable. Then found also 3 werewolves in my root chakra.
Then got back to work on Sananda for real this time.

So so far i have killed one, and moved 3. The moved ones are thriving. I am in a bit of a moral quandary as to whether i should kill them or move them, as they may replicate. They have such strong energy that i think i can dowse their genders, and whether they are pregnant. I tentatively get that one i moved is male, the other female but not pregnant (?) and the one that ended up in a certain VIP's heart i think is pregnant. How and when it got pregnant i do not know, as it was all alone, as far as i know, for at least 2 months, probably a lot longer, in the stomach of a friend, before i realized what it was yesterday.
Will any offspring remain in the same host? I think so, but what happens when he dies? I don't know. These are extremely dangerous. I will keep an eye on this one, and probably just kill any other ones i find that i think are pregnant females.

These are very nasty. If you have sharp internal pain and suspect it may be one of these, feel free to email me. As weapons, one of these is probably better than 1000 little were-pups. The guys i gave them to must be feeling a lot of much-deserved pain.

Speaking of were-pups, these critters are very common these days. This morning i saw a bikini model on a hotmail ad with 44 of them. Which, of course, i moved to more suitable homes.

March 6, '06: More about evil rings: Try a web search for Masonic rings. They seem to be all evil in vibe.
Which means that well-meaning chump Masons will have evil rings. I know several such around here, and they do not have an evil vibe, but their rings do.

March 9, '06: Of corrupted crystals and such: More bad news that isn't going to increase my popularity much.

Recently it came to my attention that probably the vast majority of the orgonite spread around outdoors in the US, as well as a great deal in people's homes, has corrupt crystals in it.

When Don Croft started this movement back in 2001 (and probably still now; i don't keep up with him) he recommended a certain person as a supplier of crystals for making HHGs. Most of us did buy crystals from her. Guess what? She has the same ailment of corrupting quartz as many others whom i've found lately. And other hard objects (keys, doorknobs, etc.) Luckily, she only corrupts it mildly compared to others.

Many people raved about the excellent deals she gave them, but somehow, this favor was not noted by myself. Fortunately! I soon turned to getting a better deal from Jim Coleman Mines (none of what i got from them is corrupt).
Nonetheless, i had bought a "bargain box" of maybe 5#, plus a couple dozen or so small DTs from her. Not only was all my earliest orgonite tainted thusly, but a little bit of that went into most of my more important creations. Several of the units depicted on my site, like the trinity wand, the CBs, have corrupted stones in them, i now realize.

Worse, it's not only this certain vendor. It's also another one very popular in the early days (in fact i had a couple links on my site for him that i just deleted) who sold a variety of minerals. I now realize that the topaz, selenite, kyanite, citrine, etc. i have from him, and especially the emeralds, are all corrupt. These special stones went into my fanciest units. We're talking many tens of gallons of often extemely labor-intensive, time-consuming stuff, often with fancy, expensive ingredients.

My very fanciest units got fulgurites in them purchased in bulk from yet another supplier, not associated with the orgone movement, whose link i just removed from my minerals page. I just noticed that these, too are slightly corrupt. I get that the ones they are selling now are even more so, and that a couple of mine employees who handle these have "the touch". [Or rather, gatherers; fulgurite does not occur in mines.]

OK, i'll not-name some more names. There is a very famous vendor who was prominent in the early days. He and his wife and estranged associate all also have this same unfortunate ailment. Many of the pics of items on his site have corrupted stones in them.
I also know of 2 people on the West Coast who have this. One is a vendor.

Also, as i have said elsewhere, Wildwest has this ailment, and has been running around under the influence of "ascended masters" putting tainted orgonite all over the countyside. His stones are much more tainted than those sold by the suppliers i mentioned.

So the picture that emerges is that there's quite a bit of organite out there with crystals in it that put out the very type of energy we would be most interested in eradicating.
It's relative, though. If something has a few slightly corrupt stones, it may be doing a lot more good than harm. I haven't noticed until now. I did notice Coleman's quartz had a lot better energy than what i first got. When my orgonite has felt DORy under great stress, i presumed it was just a bit overwhelmed by the workload. But was that only part of the reason, or does DOR exacerbate the evil energy in the crystals?

So most of the stuff i've made has tainted stones from at least one of these sources. Probably about the only thing clean is a number of items i made last year that had no stones except powdered ones that i don't think are corrupt.

What i don't know is the extent to which such stones within orgonite can serve as portals for evil entities.

Anyway, tomorrow i plan to clear all the corrupt stones and orgonite with them out of my cabin. I have gallons of this older orgonite under my bed. I'll see if i feel much different. Probably not, but...

Want to hear something else wild? On my bulletin on power packs, i recommended a supplier for noble-gas light bulbs. This was years ago. The bulbs i bought back then had good energy. But now, i dowse that the ones being sold by this supplier, as well as others, are made to have an evil vibe.

March 12, '06: More on corrupted ingredients: I now have realized even some of the powders i got from a potter's supply company are a bit corrupt, so even the powder mix i was using is faintly corrupt. Now i have a half-gallon+ of pre-mixed powders i need to put aside, not to mention some unmixed ones.
Also, my Indian friend sent me some new sindhooram powder that is highly corrupt.
In both of these cases, i get that the stuff was handled by evil people who corrupt stuff, whether they know it or not. The clay company i was recommending has 4 black magicians working there, incredibly, and their door handles are very DORy, suggesting that at least one of them probably corrupts stuff. As far as the sindhooram, i suspect the evil handler is doing it deliberately, though he also is probably unable to turn it off.
So, apparently it is not only good people doing this. Gerard also has this curse.

Further, all magnets from are apparently fairly seriously corrupted. I have used these in a lot of things, though i later purchased some stuff from, whose stuff is clean.

March 13, '06: [erratum: should say March 12] Cmdr. Loohan sez "You can never be paranoid enough!" and so it is that we embark upon the subject of stealth DOR-blasting we receive on the www.

If you go to the surfingtheapocalypse
forum these last few months, you will find a certain ad atop every page. It blinks in a very obnoxious, insulting way, i find. I always scroll down past it ASAP, irritated.
The other day i dowsed that the company is operated by satanists, and that the freq was chosen to be harmful.
But only just now did it occur to me to actually dowse the energy given off by this ad. It was extremely strong, evil energy! Well, duh, and the usual coven of 9 sorcerors maintaining the DOR to input into the image. Hmm... i guess they will remind me when they need another jolt. Just turn the DOR back on, guys! The ad is still DORy, but much less right now. Hmmm.. i see, it's a reptiloid they were feeding, who is still making good on his end of the deal although the food has been cut off. Ah, better now. The ad has virtually no DOR for the moment.

Another item that has grabbed my attention is this scantily-clad babe often shown on ads for a famous lingerie company. I notice she seems to pop up in more and more of their ads all the time. She has an intensely evil vibe.

Did a little checking and it appears to me that those running the show at this company, doing the advertising, photography, etc. have "that kind of vibe". The other models do not have this evil vibe. Just this one that appears to be taking over the turf. I nail her from time to time, as well as any beings feeding that energy to her. And through her. It's in-your-face to me, but i'm sure the purpose is to covertly remotely affect (infect) viewers who get sucked in by female skin.

Another thing i'm noticing more and more all the time, especially in my in-box and the "members awaiting approval" page of my forum, is blasting via an email or forum post. I get these otherwise innocuous-seeming emails with a coven of 9's evil energies blasting through the link so hard it's painful to look at.
I soon figured out there's nothing in it for me to click on these links, so i no longer do.

On another subject, lately i've often been getting attacks that make my eyes sting. This is not the burning orbs i was getting. I've been addressing the radionics aspect for weeks; there is always a coven of 9 or 6 sending DOR into a radionics machine, and once i nail them, they have to find another crew or they're in for a long wait.

But just earlier this evening, i checked my eyes but couldn't find much DOR there when the stinging started. Then, i thought of the Chinese Medicine connection between eyes and liver, and simultaneously thought about an article i had read stating that the eyeballs and gall bladder are preferred targets for focussed microwaves, because they are the slowest organs to dissipate excess heat. I checked, and both my gall bladder and microwaves were hot with DOR. Following the energy-line of causation to the sorcerors and spanking them quells it a while. I've had several of these episodes in the last hour or two.

In other words, it's sorcerors feeding a reptiloid demon which creates the DOR to feed into the radionics device which then is overlaid onto the MW. [Mar. 15: On 2nd thought, i doubt MW are part of this. But the radionics does burn my eyes (though most bounces off my shield) and is directed to eyes and gall-bladder, so heating would seem to be the intention.]

(Later) Well, that scene quieted down when i went after the reptiloid morphogenic blueprint, which was cookin'.

Yet another subject: we got friends. I just saw a post in the now-tolerable surfing site. The cloud this guy mentions has an incredibly good, sweet vibe. It took me some dowsing to figure it out, but it's blue pulsar allies! Maybe we'll be seeing a lot more of this, now that their insectile enemies are in abeyance.
Tim Rifat says they like love energy, so send them some if so inclined.

March 13, '06: [Erratum: should say March 14. Don't ask me what my obsession is with 3/13.] Long UFOs: many pics accessible from this article. Bad vibes on these. I get that they are "made in USA".

March 15, '06: More on those "new" spiders (the internal, vicious type). A similar progression of events is occurring as when i first started redeploying werewolves. Now, instead of finding a single, strong one, i am finding oodles of increasingly weaker babies. A few days ago they started deploying them in groups of 3-5, to both the person i'm helping with these and myself. I've been getting them mostly in my head lately, and some in my prostate, whereas the other person gets them in the kidneys, spleen, intestines, stomach.

Today they went wild. I found a bunch in my head, ans as soon as i started redeploying them, more would show up. I had a limitless supply of ammo. Stuffed a bunch right back into the people sending them and their associates. They seem unable to get rid of them. But will they get smart and stop sending them? I doubt it. I still get werewolves all the time, too.

More on the subject of corruption of components: I noticed yesterday that probably all beach sand, including what i've been using in orgonite, as well as the black sand in various parts of the world, the peridot beaches of Hawaii, are all corrupted, increasingly so. My impression is that this has been mainly within less than 20 years.

Also i have realized that most of the holy ash for sale in India is slightly corrupted, in most cases inadvertently. There is usually positive energy present, but if i go looking for it, there is at least a trace of evil energy. For contrast, i checked the vibes of ash made by people like myself, Al, Ellie, Rick, and they are all completely devoid of this evil energy.

My Indian friend sent me some rudraksha beads with little end caps of brass. The brass is pretty corrupt. The maker presumably inadvertently corrupts everything. My friend also sent me some powerful anti-demon tridents. The maker has an unusually strong positive vibe, about 3-4 times as strong as mine, and the tridents seem very authentic and powerful. But unbeknownst to himself, his metal-working tools were made by a black magician who put strong evil energy into them, so the tridents are slightly corrupt.
Also i received some sindhooram powder made by a black magician. This is a commercial grade. It has a strong evil vibe, and i shudder to think that people are polishing things with this stuff.
So beware of vedic-type energy devices; apparently the opposition has been quite active to weaken this threat to their DOR.

March 16, '06: More exciting blue pulsar activity: Here is a link to the science description of Gamma Ray Burst 060313A.
This pic and the following text lifted from

This is a very unusual burst, perhaps the oddest yet seen! Gamma-rays were detected from this burst for *2000 seconds*, an extremely long time. The burst was faint, with a flat emission (that is, constant brightness) of low-energy or "softer" gamma rays for 280 seconds. Around 200 seconds in it started getting brighter linearly, and at about 290 seconds it emitted higher-energy, "harder" gamma rays for 10 seconds. Eventually, it started to slowly fade away, with gamma rays still being detected 2000 seconds (over 30 minutes) after the initial detection... The spectra reveal that this object has a redshift of z=0.0331, corresponding to a very close-by (well, relatively) distance of 450 million light years, practically in our back yard. [end quote]
Gamma rays are a form of ionizing radiation. Ionizing radiation is a favorite vehicle for evil demonic energies. Gamma burst pics i've looked at in the past have been real DORy. All the objects in this pic are DORy, except the 3 orange balls with the spot-within-a-spot. These have extremely positive energy, due to pulsar activity.
So what does it mean? I think it means the pulsars can take over any vehicle for evil energy and turn it to an extreme positive emitter. Think about all those DORy vortexes.
I also think it means that the pulsars are gradually gaining ascendancy, and there is no force able to stop them any more.

Actually, the black-and-white centers are the most DORy things in this pic. But apparently the pulsars were able to convert what radiated outward through the universe from a very evil energy to a very sweet one. [Note: After a few days, the sweet vibe in the pic had waned. The cores remain DORy.]

March 20, '06: On Feb. 27 i mentioned attacks received via the feet. I'm not sure at this time if it's really the fringe of awareness; seems more like it's just the soles of the feet, which get real DORy. My friend who was also getting this noticed whitish tentacles, which he cut. However, with me, they just keep finding more covens as i nail them. Apparently it's about the only way they can get to me any more, so they invest a lot in it. It also seems to be an energy-sucking action, so i just broke down and ordered Rifat's Anti-Vampire PC.
Last night i awoke with a very stiff and DORy lower back. Apparently, they were doing the exact same thing to my lower back, in the ming-men center. But at that time, my feet were not DORy. So they can attach to the back, too.

I have noticed an increase in coven size a few days ago. Many covens now have 11, 13, 15, 18, 21, or more participants, especially 18 and 15. On intel radionics (MI6, DHS, etc.) i am often finding a coven of 18 plus 4 radionics technicians. 18+4=22, 22 is 11 twice.
Another one is 15+3=18.

March 21, '06: In recent times i have become aware of the deliberate energetic tainting of health-food products. It seems most U.S. vitamin and "natural" foods companies are run by you-know-whats. This affects most supplements, "natural" soaps, shampoos, lotions, women's products, etc.
My impression is that in most cases, it is homeopathics that are used; no way to prove their presence. Also, some companies are owned/managed by sincere people, but these are usually infiltrated by people who dump in additives.
Here is some Himalayan Crystal Salt being sold that has a strongly evil vibe. I'll probably find time to nail them later, but right now there is an active coven of 21 sending energy to the salt. When i say "active" coven, i'm not sure if that means ritual is constantly ongoing, but it does mean that DOR is continually being sent. Also, i get "that certain vibe" from 7 individuals involved in the ownership and running of this company.
Somebody sent me some Himalayan crystal salt years ago. I still have some, and it has great energy. But this salt being sold here has something added, which i get is mainly homeopathic.

How is homeopathy used to make a DOR transmitter? I'm not sure. Normally, one would use some of what one wanted to combat, e.g. i have read allegations that the nazis made potentized homeopathic preparations of jews and scattered them about to sicken jews. In fact, i just dowsed this, and got the vibe of the nazi preparation, so i guess it's true. What's in the salt feels very similar, but a bit nastier to me (but then i don't have a jewish background). So is it a preparation of Homo Sapiens 100X? Maybe, maybe.
I get that the nazi stuff is still around out there, having lost only some potency over the decades. No telling what effect this has on the gentile population -- my impression is that it's somewhat less effective on them, but still a bit nasty.

Even bulk herbs and unground spices from a big "natural" company have this vibe, making me think the herbs may be misted with a prep.

And it ain't only health-foods, of course. All major supermarket food corporations are run by you-know-whats. Probably about any type of food other than fresh produce has this stuff.
And licit and illicit drugs. Alcohol. Someone recently told me that when she drinks major brand coffee (ground beans) she gets stomach problems, but when she uses coffee from a small independent company, she does not.
One would think it a bit stupid for these corporations to put stuff in their coffee which people will notice that way, but perhaps most people do not notice this physical effect.

So what is a person to do? Of course, ideally we would all grow organic food and barter it amongst each other, make our own soaps, etc. out of pure ingredients (carefully dowsed), etc.
Actually commercial organic fresh produce is usually OK, but even many organic grains and beans have this vibe, not to mention products from infiltrated alternative dairies. Even i am not able to avoid it entirely, but one can eventually neutralize the bad vibe by putting ones vitamins (at least the E and fish oil i have tried so far) and skin lotion, soap, etc. on strong orgone devices for extended periods, while also mentally scrambling the programs and mentally inserting positive energies.
With hand cream, etc., one could also stir in a pinch of agnihotra ash.
It is probably of value as well as ingest a bit of the ash daily.

Which leads one to another thought. Are homeopathics used in chemtrails? Aha! Well, what else do you expect?

Also, food for livestock, like salt licks and mineral supplements, even some "organic" ones apparently, have this stuff (bovine 100X?) in them so strongly that the resultant manure has a bad vibe, and will taint agnihotra bowls, and make inferior ash.

March 22, '06: Just some rambling musings and wonderings concerning the general nature of the conspiracy involving the orgone movement, and the anti-NWO movement in general.

But first, if you haven't looked at it recently, check out my agent list.

Due to my tireless research, i have determined to my complete satisfaction (though i have no proof, of course) certain interesting things:
1) A number of prominent people in the orgone field, people who have been at it for decades, such as the founder of the American College of Orgonomy, Ellsworth Baker, as well as James DeMeo and Trevor Constable, are, well, you know... into (gag)...
2) Orgone forums as well as conspiracy forums are stuffed with occultist agents talking amongst themselves.
3) Alternative view websites (ETs, NWO, etc.) are in large part run by the opposition, and many figureheads of the movement are themselves indulgers in the dark arts, with intimate connections to government, etc.

Seems like a lot of effort. In this context, let's delve into more specifics.
One apparent (by his vibe) quaffer of hemoglobin-rich beverages, Sensei Dennis of South Carolina, per his own statements, has long been a martial arts trainer of government killers. He is also, according to some, psychic. So, let us tentatively say that he might be a trained gov't psychic, martial arts expert. Not too much of a stretch, eh? So what do you think the value to the gov't (and i use that term loosely) is of an agent with his training? Why would they devote such a resource to infiltrating and manipulating the orgone movement?
Even stranger, Dennis is notorious for banning good people without cause from his forum at . Such that over 80% of the registered members are fellow black magicians.
So, he's really only trying to manipulate a few select people, i deduce. Why is this worth all that trouble? And that trouble includes a lot of orgone gifting. Last year i commented on the web forum how incongruous it was for a martial artist not to have gifted the waters of Charleston, since that is the central, vulnerable, and strategic core target of the area. Tremendous amounts of orgonite had been tossed along the highways, but it seemed almost nothing was done to the water.
Not long later, i got an email from him, thanking me for the heads-up, and saying a boat had already been rented, and gifts were being poured. (He had already banned me, but that's another story.)
And several weeks later i re-checked the area and was pleasantly surprised at how good a job had been done on those waters.

Side note: I just checked the water and land gifts around Charleston, and found a very strong evil vibe in them. Corrupted stones. Corrupted stones are apparently very receptive to remote injection of DOR, and there is right now a coven of 9 reptilian hybrids using torture to feed an insectile demon, to generate DOR to feed into the gifts around Charleston. Furthermore, guess what? Sensei also has the "reverse Midas touch". His keys, crystals, etc. are extremely hot with DOR.
Also the gifts that mystery person(s) had placed all around Annapolis are the same way. Fortunately, the ones around Quantico are not so bad, hardly more corrupt than what i spread around the DC area in early '05. I suspect Dennis had a hand in making gifts or supplying crystals for the Annapolis run.

OK, let us take another tack. I have it on very trustworthy authority that Don Croft's association with Karl Welz (self-styled inventor of orgonite) was not as superficial as one might think. Supposedly he hung out with this guy a fair bit.
Karl Welz, of course, has also left DORy blood puddles around the landscape, according to my expert dowsing. So he tells Don to go forth, pour resin over shavings, and save the world. Pats him on the back.
Meanwhile, it also just so happens that Don's wife is an evil witch that has likewise left her demon-energy imprint on the landscape. And, who, incidentally, corrupts everything she touches just as severely as Dennis does.
Hmmm... Why all the bother over Don? I really don't know, but... When Don started the movement, he urged people to buy crystals from someone, who, it just so happens, corrupts them, but not so much that it's obvious. So does another very prominent rock vendor. Is this an accident of fate? A coincidence?
Or is it a conspiracy to tie up all the energy and resources of a bunch of activists to have them spread a stealth virus lurking within the corrupted rocks, which virus the satanic gummint will activate at a strategic moment? Well, that almost seems to make sense, but i kind of doubt that's exactly it. Or is it?

So why the big deal over Don? Is it just because he is a charismatic and credible (until you get to know him) figure to have lead a movement? To also contain him and keep him from doing something more effective?

Just a few of the questions whirling around in my little head lately.

Right now, there is a bunch of DOR being deliberately sent to all the corrupted rocks in all the devices that we have placed around, all over the world.

March 23, '06: And what, veterans of the movement might ask, about Don Bradley AKA cbswork? The hard-core legend who so impressed us early on with his prolific gifting? The guy who schlepped CBs up into Mt. Palomar and Mt. Shasta? Who threw gobs of orgonite with RevTed's lemurians into the sea? etc. etc.
Well, the organite he deployed was more corrupt than what he sold. He does not have the corrupting touch, but his wife does. Is that, at least in part, how the metal and crystals in his gifts were "programmed"? (Over and above the corruption they already contained in many cases.)

Around Christmas, 2004, somebody sent me a few budget TBs he had purchased from DB. I was amazed at how wimpy they were. The first orgonite i ever made, a year and a half previously, was markedly superior to that.
His TBs had only aluminum for metal, apparently, despite the fact that even a small amount of steel shavings added to this would have greatly improved them. Now that i am better able to discern, i can tell that the crystals are fairly corrupt in these. Also the aluminum. At the time, i was only able to tell that they were weak. Part of this weakness is because the good energy is cancelled out by so much corruption.

He was a big liar. I remember once he told a tale of a lady he knew who was a whistleblower or something, who got gang-raped by a bunch of "LAPD's finest". Well, this lady and her rapists have no vibe whatsoever. Fiction.

I remember once when Andy, an honest California vendor, got all upset. After he donated money to the worthy cause of supposedly bailing out DB who was so persecuted for his activism, DB turns around and sells orgone devices at ridiculously low prices, adversely impacting Andy's business (who can compete with that?) while spreading his (i now know) negatively-programmed "bargain" stuff widely.

We've been had. Virtually all the organite out there has enemy-tainted ingredients tied in to stronger DOR sources. Some a lot more so than other pieces.

But without the additional DOR thrown in from outside, the adverse effects can be kept minimal. We just need to keep a handle on the covens.

And it's not just western orgone freaks that have been thus targetted. In India, they have many traditional energy devices. My Indian friend sent me some recently, and all were corrupted. Sindhooram powder had a strong evil vibe, was made by black magician. Holy ash samples all slightly corrupted, probably inadvertently. Anti-demon silver-coated copper tridents were made by a very evolved positive guy, whose metal-working tools however had been made by a black magician with blood ritual, and conferred some corruption to the tridents. Rudraksha beads had "synergistic" brass clasps made by a metalworker who corrupted them, probably inadvertently. My friend had more of these beads at home, which he attempted to clean up. This only made them much more DORy. Why? I found a coven juicing them, by feeding the demon Kalindi. My friend had probably only stirred them into action.

Yet more on corrupt rocks: I just discovered that a lot more of the rocks i have, some bought on eBay, some from various sources, are corrupt. I just deleted several sources i had recommended on my Minerals page. I also realized that a high proportion of Arkansas quartz mines are corrupt. Aargh!

March 24, '06 Good news today: it appears i may have found a cure for corrupt items!
I simply blast them with my Sedna PC, and they seem to clean up. I'll monitor this to make sure it sticks, but it seems good so far.
Oddly, i'm pretty sure i tried this months ago, and it did not seem to work. Was that because "they" had so much more DOR power then? Or was it because i now have the Orbs which i didn't have then, which provide synergistic "agglutinizing force" to the Sedna PC? Or is it that i didn't have my intent focussed just right? I don't know, but i am in a much better mood today. I have been stripping the evil energy out of my orgonite, crystals, etc. and will soon work more on gifts out in the environment.

I also typed up a beginner's guide to Tim Rifat's products, as people ask me about this, and his sites are not very well organized and cross-linked.

March 25, '06: OK, a friend of mine just got the Eagle unit. Tim recently came out with a zillion new products, and my impression is that a lot of them have not sold their first one yet. I think my friend got the first Eagle sold.
And he's been making a huge difference with it. That's how powerful these things are. The "Eagle" is the biggest, baddest, most DORy insectile archon going, and nailing him seems to weaken the whole bunch.
Whenever my friend spends time holding the thing, this archon is no longer capable of emitting DOR, is all sweetened up, and my friend's positive life force is dramatically increased. When he quits, things revert a bit, but i anticipate attrition over the long term.

Now, what i wish someone would do, is buy and religiously use the Iguana unit on the same page. Because reptiloid entities of the type it addresses seem to be the main demons to whom torture, sacrifice, etc. is usually offered these days, to obtain DOR for various purposes, like persecuting you and me.

I get that none have been sold yet. Just think, for a mere $165, a relatively unskilled person could yank the rug out from under more black magic than you can shake a stick at, thereby alleviating tremendous suffering and misery.
And taking a load off me so i can address other matters.

March 27, '06: Been making some breathroughs in terms of clearing mineral deposits. I get that 2/3 of the world's quartz deposits are corrupt, as well as many other minerals. It seems all that's necessary is to inoculate the deposits with the blue pulsar allies, whereupon they take up residence and blow away the evil vibes. I did a bunch of corrupt mines and deposits, even a couple bad uranium mines. Most of the DOR seems to immediately vanish, then the residue is scrubbed clean.
Even did Miami Beach.

Then i remembered that back late last June, when Al and MaryK were giving me a hand with the newfound underground base a few miles north of me, they said quartz mining was going on under there.
So i sent some pulsars to those deposits. Then i looked on the map to see where the deposits are. A bit SW of the drawn boundaries of the base proper. The deposits seem to be mainly within the circles i drew.

It's easy to tell this stuff because the pulsars make the deposits emit a strong, sweet vibe. Well, the miners will just have to deal with that.

Aaaargh! I just realized something. Tachyon beads all have an evil vibe. They are stealth products, probably all of them. I just checked eBay and all the items on the first page at least are like that. I mean strong! Damn. I have 3 of them inside orgone devices i made long ago.
And what's much worse even is Nikken magnets. Their far-infrared products are much weaker, but also nasty.
As always, covens are sending extra DOR to these items.

The good news, for me at least, is that i can apparently disable the tachyon beads remotely with my Sedna PC, notwithstanding the covens, etc.

March 28, '06: Was John Lennon illuminati? 'Fraid so. Feels like it to me, all right.
(Pic ripped from Prison Planet.)

Yup, not only Yoko, but John engaged in blood rites. McCartney and the others did not.
Also, i get that this was the real, original John, not the alleged replacement. It was the original John that was killed by another black magician working for yet another. [Update: years later i realized that the one who got killed was a replacement already. The original was not a satanist or shapeshifting reptilian.] And yep, as you can see, one of the artists working on the movie was also one of them. No telling what else might be imbedded in the flick.

While we're on such a subject, i get that Mick Jagger, despite appearances, did not engage in such rites until 6 years ago. [Wrong! I was missing some stuff.]
Elton John has been a Satanist since his youth. Likewise Robert Plant, Jimmy Page. The latter 2 were born to Satanist parents.
Ozzie Osbourne had a Satanist mom. She was married to a Satanist at the time of his conception, but the father was not a Satanist.
Michael Jackson was never a Satanist, but his dad is (who, it is alleged, prostituted the young and pretty Michael to famous men). So, does Michael really "do" young boys? 'Fraid so. I get that he has had sex with men, women, little girls and little boys, but his main diet is little boys. In fact, he had one in his bed, age 7, last night.

I could go on and on, but there are more pressing matters than such gossip.

Mines: So far i have gotten, among other things, the (formerly) 10 worst uranium mines in the world, most Arkansas quartz deposits, Herkimer, NY, and numerous beaches around the world with the blue meanies, oops, i mean pulsars. And the energy seems to be holding.

More on those vicious internal spiders: The dummies still bombard me with several hundred at a time, most of which bounce off my shield into a 3rd party. They hit me with radionics in the prostate at the same time that they send them there. Most of that bounces, too. Haven't had any in my head in a few days.

March 29, '06: [Erratum: should be March 30. Don't know why i have such a problem with dates.] An interesting aspect of black magic. In 1989, at a time when i coincidentally lived only 6 blocks away from the Treaty Oak in Austin, TX, well, i'll let Wikipedia tell it:
In 1989, in an act of deliberate vandalism, the tree was poisoned with the powerful hardwood-herbicide, Velpar. Lab tests showed the quantity of herbicide used would have been sufficient to kill 100 trees.[1] The incident sparked community outrage, national news reports, and a torrent of home-made "Get Well" cards from children that were displayed on the fence around the park. Texas industrialist and former Reform Party candidate for U.S. President, Ross Perot wrote a 'blank check' to fund efforts to save the tree.[2] DuPont, the herbicide manufacturer, established a $10,000 reward to capture the poisoner. The vandal, Paul Cullen, was apprehended after reportedly bragging about poisoning the tree as a means of casting a spell.[3] Cullen was convicted of felony criminal mischief and sentenced to serve nine years in prison.

The intensive efforts to save the Treaty Oak included the replacement of soil around its roots and the installation of a system to mist the tree with spring water. Although arborists expected the tree to die, the Treaty Oak became a Texas survivor. However, almost two-thirds of the tree died and more than half of its crown had to be pruned.
The story was, supposedly, that this Cullen guy tried to kill the venerable tree to fuel black magic. Because it was such a large and old life-form, supposedly it was highly-desired for that purpose.

A couple things about this: Cullen does have the black magic vibe. (Not to mention, of course, Perot and Dupont.) Also, i get that there is a vortex 62' from the center of the trunk, which has an underground transmitter. Not sure if the latter has much to do with anything, though.

Also i get that much of the commercial logging of old-growth trees is partly for the same purpose.

OK, so today i stumble across this article of a 250-year-old tortoise that recently died. Scanning the pic of this other venerable life-form, i notice that it had a wonderful energy about it, except DOR around the top section of the head. OK... digging around a bit more, i get that the DOR came from microbes infecting his brain. Tentatively, i think a combo of bacteria and prions. Actually, the DOR came from, ironically, a reptiloid demon, and directed by a coven of 6 humans that killed the tortoise to use his life-force for BM. I think they gave the tortoise food tainted with engineered microbes.
Also, there are even now 2 transmitters going under his pen.
I have the impression of 2 more infected tortoises in that pen, with DOR being channeled to the microbes in their brains.

OK, i'm fixin' to go after those scum, and later, go after the occultists in the logging industry. I've got a long-standing feud with the latter, anyway.

(Later) Since i posted last night that they hadn't tossed spiders in my head lately, naturally they made up for it today. There is a coven at MI5 doing this, shooting them over to me at a rate of well over 100 per minute when they get cranking. It's still over 3 weeks away from Earth Day, but i felt like an early start. So now, each of the 6 tortoise-killers has over 200 of these dandy spiders, and the CEO of Plum Creek (forest-rapers extraordinaire) who had a super-nasty vibe to begin with, now has 600+.
Now the MI5 morons seem to be in a lull. I have switched my shield to redirect them to the CEO of Georgia-Pacific next.
Will this make them slow it down any? Nah. But that's OK; i have real long hit list.

The tortoises are feeling better, and the transmitters under them are fairly dead.

(Later) The moment i uploaded the above info, MI5 started again. In no time, the CEO of Georgia-Pacific had his 600+, so i switched to the CEO of Trillium corp. They slipped 800+ into him before i switched to the CEO of Whorehouser, er, that is, Weyerhauser. He got 900+, then it was time for Louisiana-Pacific. Over 900 for him, then it was the turn of the ultra-egregious illuminati criminal, Charles Hurwitz. He got close to 1500 with alarming rapidity. But i get that he is no longer the owner of Maxam. I think he must have sold it. But their new CEO doesn't feel any sweeter, especially now that he has gained 1300+ evil critters. The Boise-Cascade CEO got 800+. Sierra-Pacific got 600+. Green Diamond 1000+. Potlatch 900+. Slut Whoreton, er i mean Slade Gorton, got 1900+ .The DORy president of Huxley College in WWU, Bellingham, WA, where i dropped out of environmental studies in '93, got 400+. Barry Clausen, a DORy Earth First! infiltrator i knew, got off with only 9800+ in an amazingly short time! A couple other DORy infiltrators from the Seattle area from that era got 1200+ and 1100+.
When i lived in the PacNW, i spent a lot of time protesting, holding banners, going to Earth First! meetings, etc. What i'm doing now is much more satisfying, somehow, mwa-ha-ha.

Whew, i was starting to run out of targets! So the CEO of Home Depot got 800+, Wal-Mart 4100+, Knight's Inns, 2300+. A super rich, super-DORy banker, McDonalds mogul, etc. that i used to work for in Idaho got 600+. Bill Gates, 800+.

The most powerful Rotschild (don't know or need to know 1st name) got 700+ (they were slowing down). The 2nd most got 200+, the 3rd 130+, the 4th 80+ (really slowing now). David Rockefeller got 140+.

A powerful sorceror called Li got 800+ while i did some chores. Then i decided to start down this list of the alleged fattest cats around. Remember i always check my victims to make sure they're satanists. I'd already addressed Gates, so Buffet got 270. Helu got 85, then MI5 stopped for the time being.
Anyway, i want those hard-working intelligence specialists to know where their spiders ended up. With intelligence like that, who needs idiocy?
Keep 'em coming, guys, i have lists a-plenty.
Actually they may have stopped largely because i finally told my Sedna PC to munch them. Ah, well, they have oodles of covens, they'll be back.

Synchronicity: The list above stopped with Carlos Slim Helu, then i happened to read an article in which Subcommandante Marcos reams out the guy. Inspired by the rhetoric, i transferred 500 spiders from Barry Clausen's vast reserves to Slim. It took maybe 2 minutes to fully transfer. Cool, i got a big stash of ammo to nail miscreants with in Barry alone. Thanks to MI5. There is justice in the world.

The very minute i uploaded the above update, they started in again with the spiders. Yawn. So now Kamprad has almost 500, Mittal 500+, Allen almost 900 (sudden surge again). Arnault 800+, Alsaud 700+, Thompson over 18,800! Love those surges. Big stash now. Li, 27,800+, yow! Abramovitch 36K+! Dell, over 66K. Albrecht 64K+. Adelson 84K+. Bettencourt 103K+. Ellison 63K+. Christy Walton 114K+. Jim Walton almost 95K. S Robson Walton 81K+. Alice Walton almost 48K. Helen Walton 75K+. Albrecht 13K+. Ortega 33K+. Ballmer 16K+. Premji 21K+. Brin 5100+. Page 11,200+. Johnson 4200+. Al-Kharafi 6700+. Anthony 8400+. Chambers 4400+. Persson 6400K+. Charles Koch 4100+. David Koch 3300+. Thompson 3200+. Kwok 3800+. Merckle almost 3400. Al Rajhi 2400+. Alekperov 8400+. Berlusconi... well all this stuff had been happening as fast as i could dowse and type it. I had to take a break. When i checked again, Berlusconi had 2.4 million plus. They were throwing them so fast, i just kept shifting from one recipient to another every half-minute or so, to various malefactors not on the fat cat list. Totally insane. One of the weirder days of my life so far.

They must have a hatchery, with hundreds of millions more about to hatch to be thrown at me. Which they will do, no matter how pointless it is. Right now i have zero spiders and zero werewolves in me (though i did have to work on it a bit). Whereas various illumi-scum have millions of these stuck in them that they still seem unable to remove. And i have a huge stash with which to overwhelm anyone who fails to show proper respect to Cmdr. Loohan.
I wonder how Berlusconi's feeling tonight.

March 31, '06: After i posted that last night, they threw billions more at me. So now i have a huge stash. Of course these are probably matchhead-sized hatchlings.

None today, just radionics and the occasional werewolf.
Lately they have been emplacing them more in various parts of the brain, whereas before they seemed only able (that i noticed) to place them in chakras. Werewolves sure aren't what they used to be. I just dug out 100 or so i didn't even realize i had. Whoa! I just realized they started throwing them at me en masse as i'm typing this.
Gives me a chance to try adjusting my shield to deflect these buggers, which historically have been hard to keep off me.

Sure enough looks like they decided to breed a bunch of these, as i have admitted they go through my shield. But now, most are bouncing into an agent.

They quit that after a while. Hardly any got through my shield. Then later i found 9 small octopi inside my body. Usually i think of them as being much bigger than a human. Even the large ones are a snap to relocate, but since they don't stay put, i usually tear them up a bit first.

The fauna wars. Futile, futile, to throw those critters at Cmdr. Loohan.