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Loohan's blog for March, 2007

March 1, '07: Insomnia: It was around 3am this morning before i remembered something i'd already learned more than once. When i have insomnia, it usually means i have some creepos hassling one of my adrenal glands. Presumably they jazz the organ into producing adrenaline. Sudden relaxation set in once i bagged the greys.
The adrenals sit atop the kidneys in your lower back.

I'm not sure they gained much by keeping me awake, as i spent much of the time dowsing out and neutralizing (with a wee bit of help) bunches of U bases and some above-ground transmitters. In the forecast last night were "some possibly severe" storms, and the wind was howling. After we took out several bases in TX, and some in AR, LA, MO, TN, etc., the howling mysteriously died down a bunch.
I only got maybe 0.2" of rain.

Even yesterday morning as i drove to work, there were somewhat dramatic scalar ripples in the sky, which took some doing to get rid of.

What i consistently find is that the bases are at 300, 600, or 900', and around 26.55 miles. Sometimes a vortex will have one base at 600 or 900', and another at 26.55 miles.
And surface transmitters are usually not connected to U bases that i detect, and are always in groups of 3, 6, or 9. (Actually, there are groups of one, too, but i seldom mess with these except locally, as they are weak.) The good ETs easily knock out the transmitters, at least temporarily.
I simply get the state and sometimes approximate location, and insert a single mongoose into a UB, and go on to the next. The mongoose checks out the scene and brings in enough zombies to nail the demons and evil ETs. Then if there are humans, the good ETs come in to polish them off. I'm not even sure if we got humans last night. I didn't check until late in the game, then checked 3 bases in a row and found none. I am not sure whether these bases (without humans) are physical in this dimension. It is possible that the greys and repts can conjure them up on short notice. I also often find insectiles and big saurians in them.

Incidentally, even when i check the Sun and all the planets and moons in our Solar System, the bases are also always at 300, 600, 900', and around 26.55 miles, and surface transmitters are also in groups of 3, 6, or 9. (I haven't found surface transmitters on the Sun.) Also the very core centers of these bodies often flare up as bad guys try to re-take them.

(4:15pm) More underground weirdness. I was just enjoying some yard work when i noticed that a venerable old oak did not have the "glow" it should. I checked the vibe of the orgone device i keep in a hole in its trunk. The modest old device was overwhelmed by bad energy! Where was it coming from? Something 16.5' below ground level, directly under it. Powered by reptilians. I started taking care of that, then noticed in the same spot but at depths of 33, 66, and 99' were more of these. I think they are "jars" 3-4" in diameter, nonetheless packed with repts, greys, saurians, and insectiles. Then i noticed there were a bunch more of these all under my property, especially at the 99' depth, and especially under any powerful orgone device of any sort.

Very reminiscent of the transdimensional transmitters that were so prevalent 1 to 1.5 years ago. Except that these are very subtle. I don't notice them unless i look for them. And there's no uranium vibe.
But i did notice a distinctly increased feeling of well-being once the 10 mongooses i assigned to the task cleared most of that garbage away.

(4:30) Aha! I just found one at 900' right under my heavy orgone scene in my older garden space. A small jar again.
Curious, i dowsed for a "base" up in Minnesota. Found one also at 900'. Also a little jar.
So, i am gathering that these jars can quickly be placed anywhere by the greys and repts. This is how they hope to regain control over the weather, for one thing.

March 2, '06: Yesterday i set some intents against the evil Lyrans and Pleiadians that have walked into evil humans lately, as well as all those trying to. This had the desired effect of acting as a dye to make their energy more detectable to me as they struggled against it.
I found out that the vast majority, maybe 88%, of the ETs who have taken over humans lately are evil infiltrators. Most of the ones i had been removing were replaced with more bad ones. And the status quo (chemtrails, etc.) was not changing, as the evil ETs just seamlessly carried on with the agendae of their predecessors.

Now i have combed a lot more out, perhaps most of them, and the evil Pleiadians and Lyrans are attacking me again for the first time in a long time. Luckily, they still seem not to have regained their black magic abilities.
Not sure what's going to happen with all the pie-in-the-sky stuff i had envisioned. I don't think the good ETs had any idea how infiltrated they were. Nor are they that eager to take over degenerate humans.
I kind of wonder, when i yank a bad ET out of a body, just who is left running that person? I'm of the impression that the original tenants were dumped in my prison by the ETs.

Last night some good red Nordics volunteered to take up some slack, but there are less than 300 that have expressed a willingness, and i don't want to use them up frivolously.

Incidentally, i noticed several days ago that a very few people have been taken over by good reptilians, including an old rock 'n roll icon. Not sure what the interest is there.

  *   *   *   *
Naturally, it soon became evident that most of those reds were darkside, too. I think 65 of that group are good.

Now that i know that most of those bases i'm finding lately are mere jars, i am just tossing the jars in jail. They are present under anybody's CB that i check, for example, usually at 300, 600, or 900'.

And today i received an SE-5 donated by a friend -- the same guy who created the Mongoose Patrol. A fancy piece of equipment which will make me dangerous once i figure out how to use it.

March 3, '07: Yeehah! I just looked outside at 6:30pm, and there's a crescent moon on a full moon night. Full eclipse some places today.
And the evil critters have been going berserk, trying to beat up on me. And some of y'all.

Earlier today i got my first attack in a long time from astral humans. Nine of them. MI3. And British MI had been so quiet for so long. What's up? Was it that a few days ago i traced the Sorcha Faal disinfo op to MI3 and kicked a little ass?

March 4, '07: (4:30pm) Intense warfare right now on Reticulum 1 thru 4, planets of Zeta 2 Reticuli. Not only greys, but insectiles.

(8:30pm) That's going a lot better now. The Reticulan greys and i have been throwing things at each other for a while now, thanks. I thought i had bludgeoned them pretty well, then they flared up. It'll probably take a fair bit more work to really clear them out.

  *   *   *   *
Regarding the underground whatevers, i wanted to mention that i do still occasionally find bases at 300, 600, and 900' that have humans in them. Though mostly i'm finding jars. And actually, it is in multiples of 99 feet, hence 297, 594, 891.

March 5, '07: (8am) Yep, interesting situation we got now with all the wicked walk-ins. I just scooped away all the bad Lyrans and Pleiadians that i could find engaged in chem ops (including a lot of pilots) and within a few minutes got hit by a bunch of Lyrans.

I still haven't figured out what happens when a human who's been kicked out into my jail and had their body taken over by a bad alien then also has the bad alien removed, leaving nobody home. A lot of them stay in that state for a long time. Often another baddie takes over later. And then i discover that one, and the process repeats again and again.
Day before yesterday a guy came in where i work. I've know him for years. He always seems very likeable in his demeanor, witty, etc., even though he's into black magic. Or was. He is one who was taken over, then i've several times removed bad aliens from him. As far as i can tell, he's been in a limbo state with no-one home for several days now. Yet his personality seemed to be functioning quite normally. But people in his position no longer have the evil vibe they did, plus, it seems like they are no longer doing black magic that i can detect.

The bad ETs seemed to be able to tell right away that i had scooped up the guys running their pilots, etc., yet i bet those pilots are still driving the planes as though nothing changed.

Now the Pleiadians are hitting me. Question is, did i actually have any effect on the chem ops, or merely disrupt things from the viewpoint of the bad ETs, who seem to like the idea of displacing the human inhabitants? In any case, if it makes them unhappy, i'll keep jailing the bad walk-ins every chance i get.

Ooh, now the Lyrans are after me again. If it weren't for such solid feedback, i'd suspect i was deluded about all this stuff. Seems i really hit a nerve. All in all, i don't regret my mistake of trusting the wrong ETs to take over these guys. They are a lot easier to mess with than the original inhabitants.

(9am) Now, you may be wondering, can the evil Lyrans and Pleiadians take over good humans if they feel like it? I doubt it. I have noticed no evidence of that in contemporary times. What seems to happen is that it takes a large group of ETs to yank the original inhabitant out of the body, and this process takes a bit of time. I have only known this to be done by good ETs (presumably with infiltrators in their ranks) although i think in ages past it was not uncommon for bad guys to do this.
If the bad human is operating a vehicle (like a Cintas truck or a plane) the ETs will refrain from taking him over until it is safe.
However, it may be a very easy matter for an evil ET to take over a human i have "emptied" of its last bad ET.

Do good ETs ever incarnate into Earth humans at birth? That's kind of a weird question, because are we not all fundamentally the same type of being despite whatever life-form we have most recently associated with? I once thought i knew the answers to such questions in my Scientology days, but now i'm not so sure.
In any case, i strongly get that Siti Suhana Saadon is a Lemurian who incarnated at birth. What the deal is with her toe, i do not know. Perhaps it is to attract attention for a message she will deliver someday. She and the gems have a great vibe. Her parents seem unremarkable.

But it gives me optimism that we have good ETs with unusual abilities on our side. If a girl can manifest gems from her toe, what else can the Lemurians do that may be of more practical benefit against the dangers of our times?

(8pm) Heavy chem day here. The stuff they were laying overhead was not sticking at all, but there was plenty of white in the sky, none of it natural.
Most, probably 93% of chemtrail pilots on Earth have been taken over by ETs. So i was plucking them out of the pilots all day, which made no discernible difference in the planes' behavior. Even when i plucked them a few minutes before the planes arrived.

But, for whatever reasons, i've had strongish attacks from all the usual, and the Dracs are back, too.

  *   *   *   *
The cult of Hanuman: A while back i realized that the Hindu god Hanuman, the Monkey King, is actually a green nordic covertly evil kind of guy. I went looking for him, only to find he was already in my jail.

This evening i got to thinking about some people i met in Bellingham, WA in 1993. There was an ad in the food co-op's newsletter for a free introductory adjustment from a new chiropractor in town. I was pretty broke, so i took advantage of the offer. He had a very pretty, magnetic secretary that seemed to stare at me with overt flirtation. Which made me feel a bit awkward, as she was his wife, apparently. Maybe i imagined it.
My back went out real bad the evening after he set it, so i went back the next day for more. They seemed pretty loose about the money aspect. The wife told me they used to just have a drop box in the waiting room for donations instead of charging regular fees. Then the IRS made them stop that.
Anyway, these people have the evil vibe of black magicians, so i got curious this evening. I dowsed that they were into TM, a darkside cult. And what sort of rituals did they do? I may be missing some things, but all i found is this:
Every 2 years they participated (perhaps only to the extent of chanting and watching) in a ritual attended solely by TM insiders, in which a 13-year-old virgin girl is raped by a chimpanzee possessed by Hanuman. It may be that the girl is not otherwise harmed other than being drugged, hypnotised, and raped by a chimp.
But i can't find any mention on the web about any connection between TM and Hanuman or chimps.

Incidentally, the seemingly-sweet goddess Parvati is also a green nordic, and is also in my jail. As of a few days ago. She's been solidly incarnate in a body, pretending to promote agnihotra in the West, and i was unable to get her for a long time until it occurred to me to have the ETs force her out, then i could jail her. It worked. I just now found an evil Lyran running her old body, and busted it, too.
Most of the Hindu pantheon is OK, though. Kali is an insectile demon i jailed long ago. One of the first things i did when i found i could just jail them.

I'm pretty sure i could also do the same with Saddam Hussein. Have the ETs force out the demon of Nebuchadnezzar, and bust him.
Where is that old fart lately? I know more or less where he's been since the good Iraqis got him out of Mexico, but i don't know what they want with him. I thought they were going to publicize the sham, but maybe it's not that easy to prove to the public that they have the real Saddam, now that he's had all that surgery.
I'll hold off on Saddam until i've thought it through a lot more.

But back to Hanuman: I did a bit of searching, and found references to Hanuman Jayanthi, a type of festival. Hanuman is very popular, and most of his followers are well-intentioned and don't have that nasty vibe. But the words Hanuman Jayanthi do have an evil vibe. This is because covert rituals also go on at these festivals. Ironically, Hanuman is supposed to be a celibate god.
Presumably the evil goes beyond the rituals themselves and the deception, but this is all i've found so far.

March 6, '07: Another heavy spray day today, much whiteout.

I've been having fun with my SE-5. I'm working on making the skies more sylph-friendly. I don't fully understand it, but it seems that sylphs are able to convert chem into something positive. There are a couple pics of this activity about 1/3 down this page. I'm working on keeping the vibes sylph-friendly, etc. Feel free to help. Also, i dowsed that the evil Lyrans are somehow fighting the sylphs, so i periodically scoop up any that are doing that.
I did notice some sylphic action in the chemclouds this afternoon.

A reader sent in a link for Antarctic cloud formations, which tend to look pretty suspicious to me.

March 7, '07: Another heavy sprayday here. This morning i saw the longest trails over town, from horizon to horizon. Later large portions of sky were whited out with chem. And no sylphic action. So now i'm running something a little different for the sylphs with my SE-5.

It keeps getting weirder. For several days now, i have been creating etheric fighters and sending them out en masse to trouble spots, etc. Jet-black panthers with glowing green eyes. This morning i decided to decree that all darksiders taken over by evil ETs would have one of these glued to him/her. The cat would knock the ET over into my jail, and guard against other evil ETs taking the human body over. But allow good ones to if they wanted to. Then i checked around to see if it happened. I did find a small percentage in my sampling in which either the cat couldn't get the ET loose and i had to help it, and/or there were more evil ETs crowding around trying to possess the individual. But the great majority did seem to have only the cat, no ETs.
So now when a sprayplane goes over, i dowse Pleiadian/Lyran/cat/human, and usually get only cat. Can't detect any human soul or other possessing demon or ET. Yet, they keep flying and spraying anyway. Very strange.

March 8, '07: Cmdr. Loohan's Official Review of Interview with an Ex-Vampire:

I bought this set of disks shortly after they first came out last year, but it was many months before i completed watching them. I was a bit disappointed, and yet not too much. The pace and excitement of the tapes was considerably less than that of the intense battles i was waging non-stop, and it was not until late in the year that i got started on tape #3 of the set of 9. Then i watched the rest over a few weeks. Each tape is about 90 minutes, as i recall.

Before buying it, i dowsed that Bill indeed formerly had the evil vibe of a black magician, but now no longer did. He is not a disinfo agent. I was assuming he would give me insight into the black magicians i was battling, but...
You see, Bill was not the usual kind of insider, as he was never really an avaricious, vicious person. Although he was very high up in various evil cults (Catholic Church, 97 degree Mason, LDS, Church of Satan, etc.) he has never done any torture rituals except once on a hamster, and he didn't like it! And he practiced vampirism only on consensual victims. And i very seriously doubt he ever molested children. So he was an insider that was not an insider. He believes that the Freemasonry is dying out, because the average age of the membership is like 80 and hardly any new ones are joining, which is precisely the same rubbish i once read in a Washington Post article about Freemasonry. Also he believes that the vast majority of Masons are naive about the black magic aspects.
I get more like 30% are, and that many Masons are so covert that their own spouses and children never suspect they are Masons, unless they, too, have been turned. This is because they have banal-seeming government, etc. jobs as a cover, and do their stuff at work. E.g. there is a secret tunnel leading from the Capitol building in DC to the Scottish Rite temple, and probably more from other spots.

Bill was saved by Jesus and Jehovah. One reason i had trouble getting into the tapes is that he would repeatedly enthusiastically praise Jehovah for his good deeds. I have no major problems with this per se, as i like to think i'm pretty tight with Jehovah/Allah myself. What made me squirm was his wrongful use of the names "Yahweh/Elohim" when referring to the good guy. The demonic DOR energy coming from these words, and his enthusiastic obliviousness made me wince. But by late last year, Yahweh's and indeed all demonic energies were attenuated enough that it didn't bother me, so it was easier to view the disks.

Bill is himself an engaging, likable, animated, often entertaining speaker. Stephanie was in extreme scientology-auditor roboto mode, but that was OK, too. She'd ask a short question, he would speak at length, she would briefly acknowledge him and ask another question, etc.

I think it was about disk #7 before he really got into the vamp stuff. I haven't looked that much, but in my dowsing i have only found one person who is (or shall we say, due to enforced cold turkey, was) a blood vampire. More on that at some point in the indefinite future, but what i dowse about her practice entirely conforms to what Bill says.
Apparently the blood addiction and possession by the vampire demon is so horrible as to be repulsive even to the vast majority of darksiders, despite the "benefits".

Bill also has interesting info on a lot of subjects, e.g. the scary Mormon Church.

At one point, he describes what a demon looks like, from his own experience. This was very interesting to me, as i don't see these things, just feel them and dowse things about them. Obviously describing a demon of the insectile class, he says it appears as a dark cockroach-like thing, 3-4 feet tall (i'm just going by memory here).
Of greatest interest to me is that he says at one point that there is not only a Universe A (ours) and a Universe B, but also a C, D, E, F, and so forth.
This is the only time i have even known anyone but myself to mention any universe beyond B. Universe B has long been discussed by occultists. I have long been posting about Universes A through F, as all are very troubled and packed with demons and evil ETs. Only relatively recently did i rig the wormholes connecting these universes so that evil beings attempting to use them get shunted into my prison. Prior to that, i and others were heavily attacked from these universes.
I doubt any exist beyond Universe F. At least, i have never detected the faintest energy from any such. Incidentally, to digress a bit further, my impression is that only A, D, and F have solid matter as well as dark matter; B, C, and E seem to be dark-matter only, meaning there are no solid humans like us to be victimized there, but there are benign dark-matter beings such as members of the classes i somewhat misleadingly refer to as Pleiadian and Lyran.

So in summation, i would say that this DVD set is not a must-have for the activist with little money and time, yet it is pretty interesting and will give you a broader perspective on things, as long as you keep in mind that Bill was not of the same class of Satanists, etc. that we have the most problems with, and he is naive in ways, as he was compartmented from certain very common realities despite his extensive involvement. Yet he did see a lot from the inside that most of us never will.

  *   *   *   *
Scalar chemclouds: just wanted to mention that this is still going on every single day. I will look out in the morning, see "HAARP" phenomena, dowse out and neutralize a few transmitters, and it will go away for a long while. Then later, i will see some again and have to take care of one or 2 more. In many cases, these transmitters are merely "jars" of dark-matter entities placed deeply in vortexes, yet removing them clears the "HAARP" phenomena. Provided one also gets any live physical transmitters, which are usually 1 or 3 towers in a completely different location from the jars. Usually it is greys providing the DOR to the towers. The good ETs will knock out the towers regardless of whether the greys are bagged first. Only the big saurians and the insectiles seem to deter the good ETs these days, and i am not finding these on the rinky-dink nearby towers that are usually all that need to be handled. By nearby i mean less than 80 miles, and actually, almost always less than 40 miles. Sometimes they are towers within 5 miles that i am familiar with because i have gifted them well in years past. The ETs will knock them out, but a day or 2 later, they are back in action.
On rare occasions, i may have to address transmitters well over 100 miles away. The further away, the more likely it will be a group of 6 or 9 towers.
Doing this sort of work seems to attract more attacks onto myself, of course.

Invisible chem today: There are only a relatively modest amount of old chemclouds visible this morning (9am) but i am getting plane after plane overhead. Very obnoxious noise, but absolutely zero visible trails. Yet i dowse that each such plane has only a pilot, no passengers, and is spraying chem. Of course, the pilot is not animated by any conscious being that i can detect, and has one of my pumas on his head.

(9:30am) Heehee! Not only are the scalar phenomena absent for right now, but i just snapped some sylphic action:

Invisible spraying still ongoing.

March 9, '07: Things more or less cleared up yesterday after that. Sort of a murky haze in the distance, but otherwise not too bad. But when i looked out this morning, there was a huge X in the sky nearby, and several more long trails. The sticky formula. And other messes. Some scalar ripples to take care of.
Then, real cover rolled in, and i even got some faint sprinkles. Could hear plenty of planes all day.
According to what i read on the web, much of the US has been plastered these last few days. Here's a nifty overview of North American skies.
And the evil Lyrans seem to be the entities most connected to the recent activity. Usually when a plane goes over, there is a mess of Lyrans and pumas fighting it out in the cockpit. When i look at global smear, i find more Lyrans apparently responsible, at least to some extent. I scoop them up, other Lyrans hit me.
Also some Pleiadians still, of course.

NOAA is still stuck on making hurricanes. Perhaps they are trying to create the preliminary drought conditions now. Light rain chances are forecast here over the next few days.

A couple weeks ago when i was blithely having the ETs take over the NOAA dudes, i realized for the first time that the PTB had come up with a double for the deceased Lautenbacher, and i had him taken over. Here whoever is running the double is spouting off about the coming season.
Yo, NOAA filth: we will kick your asses again.

March 12, '07 : I get the impression that people out there have been helping jail the bad Pleiadians and Lyrans. It is helping, though their numbers seem as vast as many other types of critters we have had to deal with.

Still chem every day here. Wasn't as bad yesterday. Today, once again, non-stop noisy NOAA planes laying trails overhead. It's too bad Al Gore doesn't really give a damn about frivolous wasting of fossil fuels, or he would squawk. Entirely aside from the chemspray itself, the pollution of all these planes must be staggering.

March 13, '07 : (3:15) The planes were still roaring overhead last night, but i woke up in the wee hours to silence. Will they start up again when the day breaks? Maybe they are spending millions of dollars just to nag me.
Though it has been drying up a bit lately. No significant rain in a while. The forecast says 50% chance Wed...

Things sure seem weird lately, but i tell you what: their attacks on me (other than sprayplanes) just seem to get feebler and feebler. So i'm pretty sure progress is being made.

I used to frequently comment on UFO reports published on the web. I haven't done that in quite a while, because i just can't dowse anything about the craft or who any occupants might be. Their vibes usually seem to match the contemporary overall good vibes of the Earth, universe, etc. Here is an interesting google video of a UFO, which i think is legit, insofar as the people presenting it seem clean. It reminds me of a still picture supposedly taken a couple months ago of a round object in AR.

A week or so ago a (usually sober) friend wrote me that what appears to the the planet Venus can be seen to take off from the Earth and move into position in the sky, and follow her around, always staying on her left side.
I have a star following me. It's not a star of course, it's one of those BIG fake stars.. the one that everyone thinks is venus. That one. No matter where I go, there it is, right to my left. It made no bones about following me a couple nights ago when it stayed even with my drivers side window all the way home. I was 35 miles away when I walked out of a store about 5-6 towns away from where I live. There it was, waiting for me. No matter which way I turn, it always situates itself to be on my left. It follows me home and then plants itself outside my house and stops there.
This sounds whacky I know, because I can think of no reason why I would merit my own spy star/baby sitter. It must cost big bucks. I have to tell you, about a month ago, I SAW THE SPY STAR come UP from where ever it is hiding in the earth and go up into the sky, pretending it was a plane, until it reached it's spot, and stopped and stayed there.. so these things are not from out of town.. they are from right here. At least this one is. It is very bright,, looks like a boomerang on an angle at times, when it is shining bright. What is this? It can not be a friend, if it originates from the ground here. It must be a foe!
But, again, no particular vibe.

(2pm) I just notice for the 2nd time an Air Force plane (that's what i dowse above the cloud cover) with only 1 person aboard: the darkside pilot. He may have made a few more passes that i didn't notice. I get that he's spraying some special chem, the purpose of which is anti-sylph! And although i can't see any evidence, i dowse there are sylphs hanging around here.

Other than that, i have been getting a few more NOAA scum, as well as several routine commercial passenger flights.

(2:30pm) That Air Farce guy is still at it. Like they really expect me to have difficulties neutralizing their anti-sylph vibe. The sylphs don't seem too worried.

(9:20pm) After i posted that, they pulled that guy back to base. But i've had loads more noisesome NOAA overflights, largely the same pilots over and over, and when i did check, no visible trails. Practically a non-stop roar in the sky now and for some time.

March 16, '07: As of this morning, it looks like most of the spraying has moved on. I did note a couple trails over my place, kind of feathered-looking (due to sylphs, presumably). Sticky formula. And a few odd tufts of old stuff. Looking at the weathermap, it appears the planes have followed the natural cloud cover now over the NE.
I do not know if this recent assault was using dessicants, but if so, they may have been effective, as i only got a miniscule amount of rain. More chances forecast next week.

I poured epoxy yesterday for the first time in about 6 months. I still need to do another cast on it, but it's a prototype of a new invention that may or may not work a lot better than the conventional stick-pad used in radionic dowsing. The idea is to concentrate as much energy as possible in one little point just under the surface, so that it can be felt more distinctly. The coil will eventually be connected to a black box.

Here is the heart of it. It is based on the old Trinity Wand design. I dowsed numerous design options, and this seemed to be the most potent of any i could think of. The bottles were filled half-full of water, and cast in intense orgonite mix.

Where does one get nifty little bottles like this? A medical friend sent me a bunch of empty hypodermic medicine bottles. I use small pliers to carefully tear off the aluminum caps without damaging the rubber stoppers too much, then soak in hot water and clean them up.

In any case, variants of this idea can be used for other types of orgone units. Just be careful not to let the resin overheat if you are pouring above the level of the stoppers, as the lids would probably blow off.

March 16, '07: For you orgone tech freaks, this story is continued on OTB 20.

March 20, '07: And an interesting story it is getting to be. Maybe it's just a coincidence, but things seem to be mellowing more and more (energetically) the more i run this unit.

Got a small thunderstorm and 1/3" rain last night.

Jon Goldman gave me some tips about using my SE-5, as i was getting less-than-miraculous results (other than the truly miraculous clearing function). Since it has no orgone power to give it oomph, he suggests putting a big quartz crystal on the witness plate, along with the witness. So i took a fist-sized chunk of my special quartzite, all cleaned up and charged up, and put it on the big extension plate. Then, just like i do with anything else, i merely mentally place the target in the crystal in lieu of a witness. It seems to work pretty well. I ran it targetting my new orgone device which i am presently re-casting. Typed in the trend OPTIMIZE HYPERDIMENSIONAL FUNCTIONALITY. Perhaps it's a mere coincidence, but a few minutes later the whole space shifted for the better around here, and i dowsed that the unit felt even more powerful on dimensions 5-24 than it had.

As far as the stick-pad goes, i assumed that using this would be a snap for me, as that's how i dowse: by rubbing a smooth surface. But not so.
Apparently the older units (probably including the one i have) only came with one (mobius-like) coil under the pad, and later models had more to increase the stickiness. This is what launched me on trying to make a stick-pad with some bite to it.
But one can do a lot with this thing even without bothering with the stick-pad. If it's boosted as mentioned.

(Evening) Possibly thanks to the quartz, i seem to be doing better with the stick-pad now. I changed the wording later on the trend, and got my curing epoxy unit to go to 100% optimization of whatever dimensional mojo. And it feels like it, too. I can see the applications in making cast devices.

March 27, '07: Same old same old, but much less chem lately; often hardly any. I still get a fair bit of planes overhead, but most of these are ordinary passenger flights. A few are NOAA, and a few are Air Force anti-sylph transmitter planes.

Getting good rain this afternoon and evening. The first to speak of since a week ago.
It's been warm for the last week or 2 with 50s at night and 70s during the day. The clayey ground is still fairly saturated from all the late winter rains. A lot of plants have leafed out already, and the things that normally bloom in April have already been at it a while.

I've been frying the evil Pleiadians & Lyrans with my 2 new devices and a few other things, most of the time. But today they staged a sustained attack on me for hours, a minor distraction.
Once in a long while, the repts will attack me a bit. And i've been hammering the Reticulan greys at times. Now they seem pretty docile, except that occasionally they will get some more big protective saurians and attack me a little, until i nab the saurians.
The 6.5' tall, black-haired humanoids (i call them the tall brunets for lack of a better term) have been making some trouble in Denmark, acting a bit like greys.

March 29, '07: I ended up getting 0.9" that day.

It didn't start out real pretty this morning. Note those trails are segments. They were no longer being laid at the time the pic was taken.
But later in the day it looked pretty nice. A light haze, though.

March 30, '07: I have been playing around with my SE-5 a lot lately. Experimenting with sending etheric agnihotra ash to remote places, etc. What i do is put a layer at the same depths used by the darkside to put their jars of demons: (in feet below surface) 16.5, 33, 66, 99, 297, 594, and 891. Also i do all metal wiring, towers, etc. and plumbing. Maybe other stuff as well.

The other day Jon Goldman told me that a Peter Lindemann had done some research on the SE-5 and concluded that it's pretty good if you add orgone to it. So i have been keeping orgonite on the witness extension plate, and mentally imbuing my targets into the orgonite. Seems to work great.

So i just thought i'd look up this guy on the web, and found this article on barcodes from 1995. I myself realized there was something energetically fishy about these barcodes, and wrote about it about halfway down this page in 2003.
Lately i haven't felt much bad energy off them, and have grown negligent about scraping them off everything.
His article is kind of interesting. If it's too technical for you, you can skip down to the bottom of the page where he provides anti-barcode radionic symbols. Be sure to scroll all the way down; i missed the 2nd one at first.
Damn, looks like i'm going to have to hook up my printer one of these days.

You may be wondering, if it is possible to place etheric ash in the earth, couldn't one also place it in people? Yes, i did do a few individuals, and that went so quickly i ended up doing all evil people on Earth. Might be worth doing every few days. For their own good, of course.