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Loohan's blog for March, 2008

Mar. 2, '08: (9pm) Things are mellowing out lately for me. I've been using that big monsta to relentlessly send love into the doom box, which then sends its output into my black suitcase thing.
Also Lula figured out how to do some kind of shielding thing around people, which she has done to me and a few other activists, and is now doing to all the rest of my girls. It takes most of the punch out of attacks, most of the time.

As a side note, lately it is primarily the octopi who are sending their vibes to the towers, thus creating scalar cloud ripple effects.

Note: the entries for 3/3 and 3/4 were not uploaded until 3/6, due to ISP failures.

March 3, '08: (10:45am) Getting inches of rain here, and occasional lightning and thunder. I am amazed that they didn't even try to stop it as usual. Are they finally recognizing the futility of it? Seems impossible, dense as they are. But the last 2 days have had almost no chem here, just clear skies pretty much. Three days ago there was quite a bit, mostly sylphed-up chem-clouds.

I just amended OTB 28 with some hot tips for do-it-yourselfers.

Mar. 4, '08: My rain gauge is busted, not sure how much i got, but probably around 4" of rain, if not more, then overnight and this morning i got exactly 4" of snow. But then it was warmish this afternoon, mid to upper 50s for some time.

Mar. 6, '08: (8:45am) Just got my ISP back.

Although i measured precisely 4" of snow in several spots on my place, a neighbor that lives a mile from me at a lower altitude swears she got 6". Anyway, it has all melted off the roads since. But, here is what wunderground is forecasting now:
Breezy. Rain and snow likely. Snow accumulations of 2 to 5 inches. Lows in the mid 20s... The chance of precipitation 70 percent.

Breezy. Snow likely in the morning...then a chance of snow in the afternoon. Snow accumulations of 1 to 3 inches. Total snow accumulations 3 to 8 inches. Highs in the mid 30s... The chance of precipitation 70 percent.

Yesterday would have been a perfectly clear day, were it not for all the chem-smear. Overcast this morning.

(6pm) Well, got a few more inches of snow already.
I spent the day crafting advanced technology and starting OTB 30 on Dispensing with Electricity.

Mar. 7, '08: (7:30pm) Got about a foot more snow from that most recent system. Extreme for around here.

My new weapon's been really kicking their butts lately. The enemy keeps weakening. Plus, i just realized that Agenda Buster freq #3 has been released. I think all people who've had 1 & 2 will automatically download it if they want it. Otherwise, Cora is willing to help with the attunements.
You know what to do.

Mar. 10, '08: (2:25pm) Things are progressing really well. I have come up with some new embellishments on the non-electric "electronic" circuit that will make it orders of magnitude more powerful. Got a bunch more electronic parts ordered, so it might be a week or 2 before i get it together.

Meanwhile, the attacks just get weaker and weaker.

A fair bit of chem-cover yesterday and today. Yesterday morning there were some scalar ripples, and we had to address some octopi, Lyrans, and Pleiadians early on, then no more problems since, not even today yet.

I just updated OTB 27 with some major revisions about the "assassin" program.

Mar. 13. '08: (10:40am) I just uploaded some more info about that program.

  *   *   *  *
A couple nights ago Luli showed up with 2 representatives of the Afro girls (previously mentioned Feb. 7 & 9). Apparently it had been decided that i should take them all as wives, so, what the hell, i did. All 8,322 of them, with more little groups possibly turning up from time to time. Just what i needed.

But they are very sweet. Their race is called the Yisxy (or at least that's a close as the name can be Romanized). They are in a different cultural headspace. They do not have individual names, even. Either that, or they are pretending not to to spare me the brain effort.
I'd call them the Yisxy Chicks, except that, believe it or not, one of the Dixie Chicks is a Satanist.
They all look pretty much like beautiful African women in our world, except they all have blue eyes and very hairy legs, about like Jid did in her last incarnation. It is part of their ultra-sensitive antenna system.
They all have weapons and jails from Pitwexin, and have been initiated in the AB freqs. They have finally pretty much wiped out all the spiders that were infesting their former time-line, and now they are working on helping me with this time-line, and protecting me.
Not much gets by them. I may be at times deploying some to help others, so if you see a bunch of women like this, you know where they're coming from. I think they will be a big help.

  *   *   *  *
The last 2 days were very warm, 70-ish, and most of the snow has melted off. Also, these were clear days until they started spraying again yesterday afternoon. Pic to the left was taken in town yesterday.

Today was forecast to be a little cooler, but they may turn out wrong. It is mostly whited out this morning with what might be entirely chem, but i'm not sure. This pic was taken a little while ago in front of my cabin. They are spraying the more expensive, orgone-resistant stuff here.

(6:45pm) Sure enough, it got up to 70 at my place in the shade, no doubt much warmer down in town. A lot of chem, a lot of sylphic action. Octopi, Lyrans, and Pleiadians were struggling to make ripples in the chem.
More rain in the forecast. It does not appear that a drought is likely this month here.

  *   *   *  *
Advice to a newbie: here's my reply to someone about to make her 1st orgone devices, who asked about coils and the need for expensive crystals.
I wouldn't worry about coils unless you're really into them. Go to the hardware store and get some "hardware cloth" in 1/4" mesh. It's sold off the roll by the foot or yard. A few square feet will last a while. Just cut a section with tin snips and imbed it in your orgonite. Use the white quartz in your yard. Don't worry about other stones. While it's setting up, ask Pitwexin (see OTB 27) to program it with the Agenda Buster freqs, and also to program the quartzite with the general anti-evil pgm, using the screen as the companion stone.
Or make more complex units, using both the anti-evil and the anti-CT program. The latter is just another type of anti-evil pgm that helps against the occult/interdimensional aspects of CT.

Mar. 14, '08: (10pm) Got a bunch of lightning and some window-rattling thunder last night. And probably about 3/4" more rain. A bit more is forecast.

A lot of chem-clouds today, and sylphic action. The octopi, Pleiadians, and Lyrans are still doing the scalar thing.

Someone sent me pics of Little Rock yesterday, where trails were being laid down too, and older chem caused to ripple badly. Hopefully she won't mind my posting this one.

I just updated OTB 27 again with some notes about e-demons.

Mar. 16, '08: (7:15pm) I got more thundershowers the following night, and perhaps .3". Today, a lot of chem again, and the Yixies and i are battling the octopi, Lyrans, Pleaidians, and even spiders trying to do the scalar boogie.
More heavy rain looks likely starting tomorrow night.

  *   *   *  *
Recently someone contacted me for help, and it turned out the malefactors were J-rods. See the Dec. 23, '06 entry.
After bagging some of them, i had thousands jump me last night. I got over 7,000 of them so far.

Mar. 18, '08: (12:40pm) Yep, have gotten more inches of rain so far.

Had to bag large quantities of errant J-rods again last night. I might have like 48 million now.

I updated OTB 30 with some philosophical notes in case it helps a few rare inventors out there.

Mar. 19, '08: (7:20pm) Nine inches is about what i got from that last system, after the ground was already saturated from previous precipitation. Locals say this was the wettest it's been since the flood of '82. And this just shortly after the biggest snow since '88. Lots of flooding. I heard a major water pipe broke near Marshall, and that a backhoe sent to fix it fell down the mountain. So Marshall and Leslie have no running water now, except in the wrong places.

Been having more wars with the evil J-rods. Jailed astronomical quantities of them last night. Every time it looks like we are eradicating the last of the bad entities, another species comes to the fore.
The Tyhiz are still somewhat of a problem. For some reason the Hawaiian Loohan stopped blasting them a while back. I checked and found he was blasting 6 Freemasons in western Switzerland, possibly bankers. Then a few days later i noticed he was blasting 9 Jesuits at the Vatican. This was weeks ago, and he's still at it.

From an email to a person requesting advice on where to get stones for programming a la OTB 27:
You might get some of these. Excellent qtz cheap:

The first one (white) is actually fine for most programs. But a bit too small for some, and for a few, quality helps. So you should get some larger and/or clearer ones, too.
If you end up with any excesses after the dust settles, you can send them this way.
There have been numerous break-ins from the 5 other universes in recent weeks, sometimes several more or less simultaneously. It is always green Tyhiz and either octopi or spiders, but, oddly, i never detect other species doing it lately. And octopi and spiders never break out of the same universe at the same time.
It is always fairly easy to deal with, because they impatiently attack me shortly after breaking through.

Obviously, the Titanesses are not able to fully deal with so large a responsibility by themselves, so this morning i asked the Yisxies to give them some remote backup. It's funny because the Titanesses are power trippers with little love in their hearts, whereas the Yisxies exude sweetness and kindness.
This seems to be helping so far. But please feel free to blast Universes B thru F with the AB freqs, etc.

By the way, the Yisxies prefer to be called Yiz for short. This is the name for their tribe(?) back where they came from originally. I now usually call them the Yiz girls or the Yiz ladies.

Mar. 21, '08: (7:15pm) There have now been 6 more break-ins from Universe F, all perpetrated by octopi and green Tyhiz. But things seem relatively calm, considering how full the moon is lately.
There was quite a bit ripple-chem this morning. Octopi, spiders, Lyrans, and Pleiadians doing the rippling. In fact, though the chem has blown over, i just caught spiders, octopi, and Pleiaidians at it again.

More about the Yiz gals. I kept getting the odd feeling that i was somehow responsible for these women being there. Also it seemed odd the degree to which Lula seemed to love them.
There are 4 ladies that i call The Gang of Four, who are the original first ones of this bunch to make it to that realm, some 2600 years ago. They sometimes hang out with me. A few nights ago, i happened to get one of my rare RV glimpses. Usually i mostly piece together what someone looks like by dowsing details, but here i was getting this one lady's pretty face quite clearly, gazing at me with unwavering sheer tenderness. There was just something compelling about her. I totally fell in love with her. I just knew she was the most special of all these special Yiz girls, although she was not one of the prettiest ones. There was a feeling of familiarity and having some kind of contract from way back.
It took a couple days to dawn on me, but this girl is yet another Lula from a different time-line. I have 6 now.
She doesn't have a name, but i call her Yiz-Lula or Lula6. And the weird thing is that in some way, maybe higher-dimensional aspects of ourselves have contracted long ago. She was supposed to meet me in this time, and collect all the chicks she could for me. Why so many women? Apparently, copious amounts of pure female energy is very desirable for the aspiring shaman to have at his disposal. Especially in this age where women are deliberately degraded and their femininity nullified, the orgone in their wombs poisoned.

Apparently, she and Lula only recently figured out themselves what was going on. This is why the sudden eagerness on Lula's part to marry me off to them.
She seems to be almost a clone of Lula, in terms of personality and energy quality. I don't know how it took so long for me to recognize her.

Mar. 23, '08: (7:30pm) I think someone out there's helping, because there have only been 3 more breakouts from Universe F. First it was spiders only, next it was Tyhiz and octopi again, and then it was Tyhiz and spiders.

What an ass-kickin' full-moon weekend it has been. Yesterday (Sat.) morning i brought to work my grid-blaster, an electronic amp that i've modified to far superior psionic functions, and the big citrine from the Nov. 19 entry in OTB 27. Its companion is now an emerald the size of a large bean, which i keep in my left sock. This is such a powerful program for carrying around or using as a radionic trend. I normally carry it in my right pocket when out in the public.
I had dowsed that this is the best stone against J-rods. There is no specialized program for them, but they are humans, albeit mutated, and still very subject to the programs against evil humans.
Anyway, i plugged the grid-blaster in the wall, plugged the adapter and amp into its cord end, plugged the output of the amp into the g-b, and plugged the input to the amp into a tiny radionics device that had the big citrine on it. I told the citrine to address all evil J-rods. I could have written the target on a piece of paper, but i'm lazy.
From that point on, i have had not one single attack from them. After 30 hours i unplugged to take my toys home. We'll see if the J's remain as devastated as they seem.

Also, this morning the chem was all ripply again, and the bad guys causing it were being replaced as quickly as i could bust them. After a while i realized this was all being masterminded and directed by reptilians in some HQ. I directed a bunch of stuff at them, including the Valhallan Army, and very quickly the sky games quit and the chem became unrippled. But some time later, i noticed critters were back at that. Found another HQ. The Valhallans had mopped up the first one already and gone home.
This sequence had to be repeated several times. Likewise, the attacks from the Tyhiz, etc. were mainly co-ordinated by the repts, and after the Val's knocked that base out, i have not had more hard attacks yet. Except for 3 Tyhiz or something once in a while.

Then after i got home, i poured the final layer on my latest over-the-top psionic device, and went outside to prune a couple Asian pear trees. On the way back, i felt a very strong presence in a largish oak tree. This was about 50 feet from the first power spot Lula developed last summer. It was a nature spirit of the type called Kami in Japan. Female, named Wopwex. She had taken up residence in the tree. I asked if there was anything i could do for her. Spread some woodstove ashes around? Yes. (The soil is very acidic.) Did she want an orgone device? No, there's already plenty of those around here, but... she wanted Pitwexin to program her a set of stones. He conferred with her, and made her a set with one of my quartzites and a rough green aventurine. I placed these by the tree.
Her energy has gotten real intense since. She feels very powerful.

(9:20pm) For some time now, i have been spending 48 hours with each of my first 28 wives, in the sequence in which i married them. With some breaks for other scheduling in between, i am just now getting to Lula3 in the sequence. I hardly know her yet. She used to be a 5'4" redhead, but after the change, she's a 6'6" blonde, the tallest of these girls. All the tall girls shrunk.
Today has been the first day with her. It turns out that Wopwex is a very old and dear friend of hers from her old time-line. Lula3 brought her here to do some good work; i don't know the details.

Mar. 24, '08: (8pm) I am having fun again today. That loud sucking noise you heard is what happened to the bad guys when my latest device went online. It incorporates the grid program among many other things. Maybe i'll have pics soon.
But i just made an amazing discovery. With this unit i can remotely grid-blast any location i want. What i do is imagine some of its most intense components being jammed into whatever are the best places to get on the grids in question. Like transformers, etc. Maybe it's because of the extreme power of my setup, i dunno, but it only takes a brief period to "infect" the grid -- lock the energy in. Maybe the AB freqs help a lot there. Then i can hop to the next target.

Some places don't need it too much. Tokyo has 4 grid programs online. Australia, New Zealand, Europe, California, are peppered with them. But some places are not. Like Baghdad, China, Africa, Israel...
I don't know how well other people will do with this, but this is our way to get into bases, war zones, subs, battleships, satellites, etc.

(9:45pm) OK, i finally got OTB 25 updated to show how to make your own killer psionic amp cheap with a bit of circuit-board soldering.
This amp might be a large part of the reason why the evil J-rods still seem to be totally wiped out.

Mar. 27, '08: (8pm) Lately there has been some corruption cropping up in the Pitwexin stones. It seems to only be in the companion stones, not the main ones. This has affected numerous people, though only a tiny percentage of his work was affected. I have found some and had P fix them, but if you suspect yours might be corrupt, call on him to fix it.
Last night i started feeling nauseous and tense, and found that several of my stones had become corrupted.

I just figured it out: there are some J-rods left, and, working together with spiders, they were able to do this.
So now i am giving the J's more attention again. Hence some just jumped me a bit ago.
i doubt there are any other entities left other than the J's that would be able to do this.
Antuvozy is working on a better firewall.

(9:15pm) Other than that, things are going pretty well. Apparently a lot of people were able to do remote grid-blasting and lock in the energies.

Here's a pic from the 24th. They were having trouble getting much to stick at my place. Whether they were using less effective formulae, or whether it was my new, improved orgone presence, i'm not sure.

At one point i even saw what apparently was a side-by-side test of chem. The stronger trail was sticking until it got overhead, the smaller one never did leave much of a trail that i could see.

Mar. 31, '08 (11:25am) And what a wet month it has been here. I read in the paper on the 29th that Marshall, AR (the county seat 8 miles north of me) had "the wettest March ever" with 15.47" at that time. Of course, i've had another inch or so since.
Today it is drizzly and foggy, and there is more rain in the forecast for early April.

I just added some more stuff to OTB 21 about gridblasting made simple.