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Loohan's blog for March, 2009

March 1, '09: (4:20pm) Yesterday was a bit rough with all the Tall Whites after me, but today not nearly as bad.

My friend has been working with Cora, etc. directly and they have been taking care of a bunch of nests and a few hives.

I thought i'd hunt for cloaked mantis hives. Found one here in the Congo at 212' depth.

(5pm) And a much bigger one here on the Argentina/Paraguay border. This one is hot.

(5:45pm) That one's at 320' by the way.

There is another one, fair-sized here at 122' under ground level in Antarctica just south of South America.

(6:35pm) Couldn't find more mantis hives, but i found a nice Tall White one here at 322' depth near Dannevirk, NZ.
Oh, right, i'm supposed to check for other stuff at different depths. At 426' we have some Dia repts.

Looking back, the Congolese spot also has, at 686', Darpa repts.

(7:10pm) An Arcturan messenger just informed me that the military focus is now shifting from the short greys to... to... (i'm a bit slack-jawed) the NSA HQ in Ft. Meade, MD (pic).

March 3, '09: (8am) I posted the following on Rick's Garden Tips yesterday morning:
March is Get NSA Month

Greetings, Earthlings (and others).
The band of ETs, dieties, and general misfits i work with have [sic] decreed that March is Get NSA Month. Specifically, their Ft. Meade, MD HQ:

My impression is they plan to stay the whole month, unless unforeseen emergencies develop elsewhere.

I guess this place is much more of a blight on the cosmos than i suspected.
So whenever you have a bit of spare time, please join in the decontamination efforts.

Yesterday, it would have been a perfectly clear day all day here, but after a while the spraying started. A lot of the nearby stuff didn't stick that well, but then huge banks of chem came in.
This morning is looking pretty chemmy, too.

Still having trouble with the Tall Whites. They seem stronger again this morning. Hitting me in the back of the neck.

Last night i had problems several times from mantis telepaths, but i could only find relatively small bases they were doing this from.

My friend down in FL received his package yesterday, and threw something powerful in that lagoon. The evil Sirians are not happy.

(2:45pm) I could sure use a bit of help with these Tall White punks. They are literally a pain in the neck.
This is the only pic i could find.
Incidentally, one of the things they like to do a lot is attack at levels 2 through 6 of a person's aura.

March 4, '09: (7:15pm) Thanks, that helps.

They sprayed and sprayed and sprayed almost incessantly with audible planes overhead all of yesterday. It was a totally grey day, and i'm pretty sure at least 60% of the overcast, maybe a lot more, was fake.

Today, lots more chem. In fact, it is now well past sundown, but they are still spraying overhead. I believe this is to protect me from global warming.

Today i (duh) zoomed in on that pic of the Tall White hive and was able to make out the name of the galaxy: Virgo (big NASA pic).

There are still nasty TWs worth nailing there, but today it has only been Darpa lizards hitting me, and these seem pretty weak.

March 5, '09: (2:20pm) Another overcast and chemmy day, warm and windy.

It's been just Darpa lizards after me lately, plus at night the mantis telepaths. If i feel i am being mentally influenced by demons but can't ID them at first, i know it's mantises. They kind of cloak themselves a little. They were hitting me from small bases easily eradicated, but i finally found the controllers behind that at this hive here. The green, glowing thing.

March 6, '09: (5:10pm) This morning wasn't as bad, but then it was spray, spray, spray, ever since. They were also striving for the ripple effect.
Had some spotty chem a while. Here's a pic of it before the sylphs worked it over.
Pic taken looking up from my driveway.

March 7, '09: (7:35pm) Nothin' but Darpa lizards after me. And those mantises a bit at night. Darpa hammered on me all day today.

Overcast, but i did see chem through some temporary gaps in the clouds.

The Texas drought is getting worse. I finally broke down and dowsed the source. Randolph AFB. Whatever it is seems to be in that building in the center.
There are some 244 Satanists involved in this drought op at the base.

March 8, '09: (11:40pm) It was a nice sunny, summery day today. Despite a fair bit of chem.
It's been in the mid-70s yesterday and today. My Korean dwarf cherries are flowering.

Attacks were lighter on me today, probably due to some new hardware i'm tweaking, but several people i'm monitoring keep getting attacked and implanted by Darpa. I have to send some of them Sakudas like 20X a day.
Then i noticed Tall Whites messing with 2 friends of mine, and they got pissed off at me when i intervened.

March 9, '09: (7:45am) I mean, the TWs were the ones who got pissed. Jumped me for a while.

Someone i've been corresponding with has had trouble with weird discs, discoid demons i can't dowse a name for. Their hive is Galaxy NGC 4579 AKA M58.

Also she has had some weird spider problems:
Late that night kitty wanted out, so I opened the door for her, but she just stood there. I watched to see what she was looking at and see this big spider come running inside onto the tile entry. I knew something wasn't right about it, it just sort of moved sideways, and had too many legs, but this didn't actually register until later. I thought, big spider, have to kill it. It ran abnormally fast behind some stuff piled up by the door, so I started picking each thing up and shaking it, until I successfully found it. I grabbed a sneaker and whacked it hard, then thought, better give it a 2nd whack, and hit it again. I turned over the shoe to make sure it was dead, and there was nothing on the shoe, I searched the spot where it had been, not there either. I know I didn't hallucinate this, because kitty was tracking it the entire time and she actually showed it to me. I've never seen one before except above my bed when I've been woken up, so this was new.
Their hive is Galaxy A1689-zD1. I am also not finding a name for these. I couldn't even get a vibe off them until i blasted their hive.

(11am) I could use some help with the Tall Whites at that green hive i posted on the 5th. They are much weaker now, but i've gotten them all stirred up again.

It has now been 3 weeks since i went on my big gifting trip to Center Ridge. Only after 10 days did i get a visit from one of those 19 girls, and only 2 of those girls have visited me since. Until last night, when my Lula showed up. I had missed her. But i couldn't feel her energy much, because she was under extreme Darpa attack. The interesting thing was that she had no implants, and that none of her centers or organs were under attack. It seemed like she had an impenetrable shield around her body, and the Darpa energies just stuck to it but couldn't get through. However, all i could feel at first was the Darpa energy.
About the time we got rid of all her attackers, i passed out. She was gone when i woke up a couple hours later.
It is hard to tell what is going on with those girls anymore, but i think there are now 22 there (wherever "there" is), including Cynthia and Send.

(6:15pm) Holy crap, another shocking discovery. False Higher Selves. I am finding that an awful lot of people i know have "higher selves" that are actually a trio of Yellow Nordics. Can cause ugly personality changes.
What i do is put the 3 nords in a soap-bubble jail and waft it over to their real higher self, with a brief explanation.

(10pm) I've been working on this. Seems like about 40% of the people i check have false higher selves. Occasionally i will find a single Tall White instead of the 3 Nordics. Sometimes, the TW or Nords will only be sort of positioned to usurp the role of higher self, but not yet functional.

Some of these people are notably obnoxious, hopeless assholes, but many aren't. I will be curious whether i will notice any change in certain people now.
Some people have had these "higher selves" seemingly forever, while others only recently acquired them.
In the case of 3 men whose chakra numbers i was unable to dowse (e.g. Hoagland), these had FHSs. Now i can dowse their chakras.

Churches can be a major way for this illness to spread. There is a church in my town run by 7s. I only know of 1 Satanist that attends this church. Yet almost all the parishioners as well as the people running it have FHSs. Likewise, i did tree work for a huge Catholic seminary in Austin years ago, and although most of the people there were not Satanists, almost all the staff and monks had FHSs.

March 10, '09: (3:35pm) (I just realized my laptop still hasn't adjusted to Daylight Savings Time, so my post times were 1 hour earlier than CST since the 8th.)

Of course, people who've been replaced by evil ETs don't have higher selves, so one will not find FHSs on black magicians or other scumbags who've been yanked. But my impression is, 43% of the remaining population does have these. Well, hopefully there is some attrition going on, in terms of some of us reversing this.

And many people have had this condition for like hundreds of thousands of years or more. Every time they reincarnate, they get a different batch of nords; male if they are a boy, and female for the girls.
I even checked a number of effeminate gay men, transvestites, and bull-dykes, and this rule seems to hold. Then i checked a hermaphrodite who is very feminine but with a rudimentary penis, and s/he had male nords.

Seems like every day is a spray day, starting a couple days after i gifted Center Ridge. This pic taken this morning from my place.

Some of it doesn't stick real well overhead, some does.

By mid-morning, the sky was nearly whited out with chem, and by noon real cloud cover had moved in to obscure things. We are supposed to be getting a little rain soon.

It is also full moon tonight.

March 11, '09: (6:30pm) Later yesterday i noticed that there were 3 Darpa repts in my upper garden (the one i had not yet gifted with the new stuff) and more in those water storage containers i likewise had not yet gifted with that. They were bad-vibing things to get an early start. I have not yet planted anything.
So i put out another dozen or so ice cubes around my property. Shortly thereafter, it started to rain. I think it boosted Wopwex's efforts. Things were getting a little dry. Got about 1/2" and lots of healthy-sounding thunder.
Poor Wopwex. Her tree lost all its branches in the ice storm, and all the other trees around it are mangled as well. I need to clean up the breaks with my chainsaw soon.

Another real heavy sprayday here, of course.

(6:55pm) Oh, yeah, i was glancing through a copy of the Arkansas Times when i saw a story about a blind puppy and a puppy mill in Lonsdale, AR. Here is a similar account.
I found the mill was run by Satanists, and supplied sacrificial animals to some 232 or so Satanists.
Unrelated to this, the GI in the pic to the left of the story (different story: Pet of the Month) also happens to be a Satanist.

(7:55pm) Something about that GI kept nagging at me. Like there were some important connections here. He is involved in something involving at least 6500 other military Satanists. The HQ base is at 571' depth here in Natural Bridges National Monument, Utah. I get a USMC vibe, Delta Force type stuff.
I get a creepy feeling like these guys are all particularly oriented toward domestic operations, if you know what i mean.

March 12, '09: (10:45am) There are 4200+ guys down there. After i posted about the base, i got hit by 33 astral attackers from there.

This morning i found a cloaked U base on Long Island in Deer Park, NY, at 650' depth here. Those vehicles to the right are not related to the base.
I have the impression of USN. 333 Satanists down there.

(6:55pm) Those Draco in the Gemini hive (the red dot is just where that transceiver was a while back) are out to get my friend who informed me about them. They jump him and implant him if they can.
Which is odd, because they never attacked me astrally, indeed didn't seem to have astral bodies, unlike the 6D dracs in the other hive. I mentioned this a month ago. But now i have finally jailed astral bodies of the Gemini 3D dracs, 40 billion plus and still going. Now i am able to vacuum them out of the Gemini hive, whereas i never could get one before.

March 13, '09: (8:30am) I updated OTB 27c with some notes about the implant-removing program.

(4:50pm) Plenty more stale chem-clouds today. I don't know about yesterday, because it was too overcast all day. Got rain, sleet, snow; probably another 1/2" worth once the snow melted.

Tall Whites seem to be taking a rest today. Been getting hammered no end by Darpa all day. They've been mostly doing the same stuff the Tall Whites do: hitting the back of my neck and other levels of my aura. Results in constant pain.
With sustained concentration and fancy doo-dads, i am able to divert most of that to a very deserving party, but still some gets through. The good part is that so far today i have diverted all their implants to the other guy, some 9500+ so far, hehe. He feels like a lump of DOR.

(5:55pm) Updated location for the Druidic Council.

(8:05pm) Weirdola. I happened to suspect that someone was being adversely influenced in an unusual way, and found 4' tall, four-footed, light grey 4D felines called Ido (EYE-do) messing with her.

Here's that pic of where the Draco transceiver was located. The Ido are in the area of the middle star on the top row.

So i blast away at them a while, and then this cute astral babe wafts up. Something about her. Turns out she is yet another Lula. That's #25 now on Lulas.
She was being held prisoner by the Ido.

March 15, '09: (6:25pm) Chem, chem, chem.

Yesterday morning i noticed 3 more reptilians in my garden. At least their nasty energy. I busted them. Bad energy was left behind that took a while to clear.
I asked myself "Why is this happening? Shouldn't the elves be able to handle this stuff?" Then i noticed my 4 warrior elves were gone. Probably since a week before. I couldn't dowse what was going on, where they were, nothin'. I asked Cora to look into it.
She never got back to me, but next time i checked, there were 10 elves, new ones, in the same place the old ones used.
No more evil entities in the garden now.

Darpa still seems to be the main bad guys now. I made some new toys they are having trouble getting through, plus i'm diverting as much as i can to the proxy recipient; not only the stuff they throw at me, but trying to get everything they are throwing at anybody. Which is partly successful. That guy now has 15K implants that were intended for 22 different people.

March 16, '09 (12:10pm) This is the same map i posted last month for these reptilians. However, now i have found, unrelated to that other matter, a hive of Hagdeji, which are 4D insects, i believe green moths that are about 2 feet long.
I found these remotely influencing the same person who was being messed with by the Ido cats. This is a sincere and charismatic person who is a mentor to others, and who may be inadvertently giving out tainted advice.

March 17, '09: (5:35pm) Yesterday i was looking at the tree Wopwex has been living in again (Wopwex is my resident Kami nature spirit, and apparently they like to hang out in tree trunks) and decided it was not worth trying to fix. Really nothing left of it but a branchless trunk. So i felt her out about relocating to another tree. She immediately and happily jumped to another, bigger and better, one some distance away, as if she had just been awaiting permission. Sheesh.

Almost no chem yesterday, just a few tiny cottony tufts of stale stuff. And none at all today. No clouds, either.

Someone i rescued from demon hell sent me some cool stuff, including a bunch of smudge sticks of Artemesia Tridentata. She said that was a real good smudge plant.
I had to try one. I lit it and smudged my cabin, then went outside and smudged Wopwex's tree. She really liked it! Seemed to spruce her up.

Then i started trying it as a remote weapon. Just as i might mentally connect a crystal or device to a remote target, i connected the burning tip of the stick to the Ido hive. It seemed to hurt them! I did that to several hives of different species, and it definitely laid some kind of energy on them.

After some more smudging around, i set the stick up on the upwind side of Wopwex's tree, and she's digging it.

I get that this is a good plant to cast in orgone devices. I'll try that with some of the loose stuff that collected in the bag.

March 18, '09: (8:30pm) The sky was clear this morning, but they chemmed it up a fair bit by sundown.

And it's still mostly Darpa attacking me and my friends.

I recently realized that the SacredG program is terrific in hematite. I updated the OTB to mention that.

And now the Yejkusti (mentioned last month) are working with The Committee. This evening i was guided to pick 10 assorted stones. I couldn't figure out how i was supposed to use them at first. Then i was guided to place them in a particular configuration. Then the stones processed something, and after a while that process was done, and i could put the set of stones away. But i think every evening for 20 days i will be given a different pattern, which will run its course in 20 minutes or so. I'm not sure exactly what the stones do, but i have a real good feeling about it.
And i think The Committee will be feeding me more programs based on Yejkusti metaphysics. I think at least one will be publicly available.

(9:10pm) Yesterday i found Yellow Nordics at this spot on Venus messing with a friend's dowsing. I thought the base might be too small to post about. But now they just attacked me and my friend.

March 19, '09: (4pm) I'm not quite sure of this, but it occurs to me that Yejkusti might not be a species name, but the name of a Christian sect. Yej = Yeshua? Not sure yet.
But last night after i posted, Jesus appeared and worked on me for several minutes, and i felt this resulted from the Yejkusti stone layout i did.
At first i had a visual impression of a male figure (a bit more muscular than depictions of Jesus) with longish straggly yellow hair. Then i realized the yellowish stuff was actually a nimbus. I think Jesus actually has short brown hair.
He didn't say nuthin' about me having to accept him as The Lord and Savior lest i be forever damned, luckily.

Got a small amount of rain, maybe 0.2". The overcast just cleared off enough to reveal... yes, massive chem clouds and smear.

(8pm) Yep, i set up the 10 Yejkusti stones again. The process ran strongly for 40 minutes. The stones continue to work at some level after that, regardless of whether they are kept in the configuration.
Exactly an hour after i had set up the stones, Jesus showed up again, and worked on me for almost 40 minutes.

March 20, '09: (8:20am) Ugh! A new species of demon-animal started messing with me this morning: 5' tall, brown Tapirs from Constellation Sagittarius. I think they are called Zuld. Here is that pic of the Draco hive i posted before, slightly modified. The Dracs are around that bright spot. But the tapirs are centered on the star within the square.
Tapirs look like this.
They are hitting me along with Darpa and in the same manner (back of neck, mostly).

Also last night i got attacked a bunch by Detroit-area "plantoids". See the "intelligent plants" thread on the forum. Their hive is here at 234' and a smaller nest is here at 125'.
I think these are called Korez.

(10:15am) My Destroyers of Evil forum is down now. Other Y! groups do not seem affected.

(10:30am) The big hive for the Korez is in Mizar and Alco, a double star in Constellation Gemini (pic).

(6:20pm) Another extreme sprayday. Plus Darpa was real hot on attacking my 3rd eye for a couple hours.
My forum is back up, though.

OK, i have to post some more stuff about that Yejkusti layout. This is because there are a couple people out there who may be able to make the connections and do it too.

This pic is of my current layout. It is my 3rd one. I do one every late afternoon. So far each layout has been very similar, with relatively minor differences. It is working as i write, and after i had it on a few minutes, i already started getting remote energy work from Jesus. Honest.

I'll tell you what stones were chosen out of my stash, although this will probably vary greatly for other people.
Starting with the top and going clockwise, we have a natural smokey qtz crystal, a rough danburite, a very fine polished crystal with several chlorite phantoms, a rough chunk of quartz, a cheap but fairly clear crystal, a funky crystal, a real nice self-healed DT crystal, and a tumbled black onyx. In the center we have 2 Golden Millenium carnelian nodules.

March 21, '09: (5:30pm) The forecast said average rainfall 1/10", but Wopwex scoffs at such predictions; we got around 8/10".

Feels like 3 readers out there are successfully doing the Yejkusti 10-stone thing.

Darpa is still hitting me, but more weakly. And they don't seem to have much in the way of resources to hit some other people i've been monitoring.
The reason may be that... well, for being so cunning, they are awfully stupid and don't learn from experience. Last night they started hitting me hard again, despite the fact that i was able to deflect most of it. Then i realized they had been using a weapon: a 4' diameter ring forged of dark matter by reptilian sorcerors. I tossed it to Pitwexin, who commenced to reprogram it.
Hours later, he was still reprogramming it, when they hit me hard again, using several more (lightly cloaked) rings like that. I nabbed them, and found a bunch more, maybe about 6K.
When i woke up this morning, P had reprogrammed 400 and deployed them at Darpa. He's still working on another 2,000 of them.

(7:30pm) After i posted that, the lizards beat the back of my neck in a remarkably strong and sustained way, until i thought to look for weapons again. A big dark-matter crystal! And 2 more! And then i find 96 more. Pitwexin immediately got to work on those. He likes them a lot more than the rings.

I really have to question the IQ of these lizards. Most of those rings i got were not even in use at the time. And those other 96 crystals weren't, either. So why did they not turn these weapons on me when i started collecting them? Maybe they don't have enough qualified personnel? I hope, i hope. More likely they are just stoopid.

I just found 1,632 more rings and bagged them.

March 22, '09: (7:35am) More weirdness. I awoke in the wee hours, had to pee and stoke the woodstove. Found i had picked up a few Nordic implants in my sleep. Called in the Sakudas.
Then Darpa jumped me with 297 more crystals all at once. I flipped them to Pitwexin. Immediately, they threw 333,333 darts into me! I easily scooped them out and jailed these.
But they left something behind! Each dart had carried in 1 short grey, 1 evil Lyran, and 1 evil Pleiadian. Got rid of those.
Gosh, just now i realized i have 333 Tall White implants around my heart center. I think those were stuck in at the same time.
But Darpa is feeling a bit weaker.

(5:05pm) Fairly heavy spray today. Couldn't tell yesterday, because it was overcast and drizzly.

OK, i received a heads-up about an underground base at 1690 38th St., Boulder, CO. It was cloaked to my perceptions until i "worked" it a while. I get that at 224' depth can be found 200 3D hybrid soldiers. At 644' are Red Nordics, or at least there were 337 of them which i bagged.

March 23, '09: (9am) I have the impression that they have no intention of relocating those 200 soldiers.

I awoke around 6am, and shortly thereafter the Darpa Dummies attacked me for some time with more crystals and rings. I bagged 3K+ more crystals, and 2K+ more rings.
I suspect that this new device i have been building is stupefying them.

Someone told me about some alleged good dragons. These are evidently of a different species i did not know about. I have not been able to connect with them, but i keep bagging Darpa lizards that are attacking them. Haven't figured out where they are.

I just uploaded OTB 33 on how i make the super-potent new ice cube units that i have been sending people lately. Warning: not real simple or straightforward.
I haven't updated my Products page yet, but i have these cubes available for $4 each.

(11:30am) Hummm. I just got a few stones together that The Committee is programming and wants me to make something with. When i asked what it does, i got that i would need to wear it defensively in a couple weeks when the evil Pleiadians start hitting me with some new tech they've been brewing. Here is a pic of the old evil Lyran+Pleiadian hive. The troublemakers are a bit above the center of the galaxy.

March 24, '09: (11:10am) It's been very windy here the last 2 days. Now the forecast for this afternoon says:
Some thunderstorms may be severe...with damaging winds...and large hail in the afternoon. (snip) South winds 20 to 25 mph...with gusts to around 40 mph. The chance of precipitation 50 percent in the morning...increasing to 90 percent in the afternoon. Average rainfall 1/2 to 1 inch.
There was a fair bit of stale chem yesterday, along with at least 1 overhead trail of the cheap formula. Can't see beyond the natural cover today.

  *   *   *   *
On Jan 23 i wrote:
(9:40pm) Anyway, i guess i have my own little War on Drugs, and i promise to do everything i can to punish the DEA any time i catch wind of them disregarding states' legal rights regarding soft drugs.

(9:55pm) What bothers me is that if they do now desist, Obummer might get the credit.
Well, not long after that i did read about some State getting the DEA shaft again. This time i traced it to a few DEA Satanists back east, and these were connected to more, etc. until i had nailed 82 of them. But none of these were themselves involved in the drug trade.

Anyway, today i read this article that says "Last week, Attorney General Eric Holder announced that the federal government will now defer to state governments on medical marijuana a 180-degree reversal of the Bush administration's anti-democratic policies."

Not sure how much credit i can take. I think Obama did promise to curtail this illegal federal enforcement activity vis-a-vis state rights during his campaign. He did not pretend to be interested in legalizing marijuana per se, however.

An interesting thought: many years ago i read a forum post in which someone pointed out that when the gov't does legalize it, it will be as a precursor to a cashless society. Why? Because tens of millions of Americans pay cash for pot. They would be unable to buy anything illegal with cyber$$$. So the public would really resist gov't attempts to do away with cash, unless pot were legal. Other illicit drugs are far less popular, so their users would be less of a political force.

Sort of makes sense, except that the secret gov't has traditionally made billions in cash off of hard drugs, too.
But then, they might no longer have much to lose there at this rate.

  *   *   *   *
It turned out yesterday that the Darpa repts had loads more of those crystals and rings, and were attacking me non-stop with them. It seems they no longer have the strength to hit me very hard without their weapons, thanks to my weapons.
The Committee programmed a fat citrine for me, then i figured out it's a special jailer just for etheric weapons. It works real well, too.
There are now 8K reprogrammed rept crystals deployed against Darpa, as well as 5K rings. And more are being programmed.

March 25, '09: (5:15pm) I probably got around 3/4" of rain yesterday. Wind blew over my bucket. More rain chances later in the week.
Another heavy chem day today; mostly stale chem-clouds.

I spent a lot of effort lately just bagging those Darpa rings and crystals. Now 14K crystals and 8K rings have been reprogrammed and turned on Darpa, with 100s of thousands more still bagged. Some of these are being programmed.
Finally a couple hours ago it dawned on me that these are being manufactured in 4 factories at Darpa, 2 for crystals and 2 for rings. So i hammered the factories a bit and sent in a bunch of good guys. Now the repts are busted back to unarmed combat, which is a lot easier to deal with.

There are now 4 of us doing the Yejkusti 10-stone thing. One person told me he's using petalite, lepidolite, turquoise, calcite, red jasper, kunzite, citrine, tourmaline... mostly entirely different stones than i use. But they seem right for him.
The last 4 layouts i've done all involve at least one of the carnelians sitting on top of another stone. Yesterday it was both carnelians on 2 different stones.

March 26, '09: (8:25am) Vicious new type of etheric implant discovered:
For days my left side has been feeling spazzed out, painful, tense. Finally last night i noticed the pain was emanating from a spot on my forehead above my left eye. This Darpa implant had been missed by myself and the Sakudas several times. It took them some work to remove it. Also related to this was another implant, on the right side above the ear. This was even more subtle to detect. I had the impression this was a yin implant that goes with the yang implant on the left.
I feel much better this morning. But i feel them buzzing around trying to stick more in.

While the Sakudas were working on those, i remembered a conversation i had had yesterday with a local 48 friend. I told her she had been getting hit and implanted in the head lately by reptilians, and she said something i thought at the time was not related: she said that when we had passed in opposite directions on the dirt road weeks ago, and had stopped to chat briefly on the road, a cloud of sandy dust had kicked up and some got in her left eye, and it's been sore ever since.
I realized she had gotten implanted at that time with one of the same kind of implants, in her left temple! And she had 2 concomitant yin implants on the right side of her head.

(6:20pm) I talked to her some more, and she said she had been having pain in the temples and around there. In fact, one of her yin implants was in her right temple.
And i had that yang one right in the Gall Bladder 14 point on the left, and a yin one in GB14 on the right. In addition, each of us had a yin one over the right ear.
And just now i noticed i have 2 more, yang and yin, on the left and right back of head, low down. They were causing upper back, neck, and shoulder pain.
Also i noticed today that although the implants had been removed, they left a lasting nasty energy in their place. I had to call the Sakudas back to try to clear that up. They are still working on the implants many hours later. Apparently they cause permanent damage unless corrected by extensive psychic surgery.
Pretty nasty stuff. Haven't found any more of these that have been implanted yet. The 3 Darpa factories for these implants are under siege.

Another heavy chem day here.

(6:40pm) Yeah, they leave some gaping, necrotic wounds. And it's Green Nordic technology. They have a hive right on the edge of the Darpa hive.

March 27, '09: (7:40am) Right after i posted that, i re-checked my local friend and found she had the 2 back-of-head ones, too.
Then i found 2 more females with the latter only. One is an Arcturan incarnated as a baby, and the other is a chi-kung master in China! She is a 96 married to a 24. Both she and her husband were under attack from Tall Whites, and she was heavily under attack from Green Nordics. Of course Darpa was involved as well; they set the implants. Also she was stuffed with other implants. There were 3 Green Nordic nests around her.
I'd say more about her location, etc. except that there are some Satanist local cops monitoring her already. I don't think she's Falun Dafa exactly, but has Falun Dafa friends.

Even after a lot of work by the Sakudas, those implanted spots aren't fixed. Right now i have another healer girl working on me. I think she figured out something about how to heal these things, and is explaining it to the Sakudas.

(3:20pm) Actually it was much worse than i thought. After the Sakudas, etc. worked on me for some time, the Darpa repts were still able to jazz the "removed" implants. Apparently there were at least 42D and 43D components of the implants left behind, plus probably other stuff i can't define. Which still acted as Frankenstein electrodes for them to clip onto to fry my brain. Plus this bad energy was all spread around my forehead, etc.

I was at an impasse, and dowsed that only Antuvozy could help me. So she programmed a malachite for me to hold in my left hand or leave on my forehead. This seems to inhibit the evil energy.
After holding it a while, i realized that 40 Sakudas, 40 Pleiadians, and 20 Arcturans were working on me.
I felt bad and just laid down, when there is a bunch of outdoor work i should be doing. After working on me for a long time, 90 of the surgeons took off to get help. They brought back 5 Pleiadian super healers, like the best in the universe. They are hard to get, which is why 90 people went to petition them.
Now i've had them, too, working on me for almost 2 hours along with the others.
Starting to feel better, but damn, that is some nasty stuff.
I am tentatively hopeful that the 3 other victims did not get as nasty a program as i did. I think they are going to be alright...

(8pm) I'm feeling much better, but realized my friend's progress was stymied. I had Antuvozy program a crystal for her, actually a small chunk of qyartz, and drove out and gave it to her. She'd been feeling real crappy, too. But i think the crystal is helping, plus i am able to make some progress with my implant-removing stone. It only gets part of the garbage out each time. I'm able to help the other 2 victims.

Got maybe 0.4" of rain last night. Hardly any chem today.

Near the center of this map, you should see a darkish oval thing. Just east of that is a little whitish spot. 222' below ground there, you will find, at this time, 15 highly dangerous US gov't black ops Satanists.

March 29, '09: (4:20pm) Internet was down. Here's something i wanted to post yesterday:
March 28, '09: How did i find those 15 guys (who are still there, BTW)? I read something at Project Camelot of people allegedly being harrassed by murderous gov't thugs who like to "silence" those who look too deeply into the Waco slaughter. Had to try to locate their HQ. I do not have any idea why such people would be hanging around in an underground bunker in Laconia, NH.

  *   *   *   *
I got marble-sized hail and a downpour before dawn. Nearly 2" of precipitation in a short period. Also some drizzle and snow flurries throughout the day. It's cold again, but hopefully it will stay above freezing. I can't get online to look at the weather forecast.

  *   *   *   *
Years ago it was the Green Nordics who were the master craftsmen at making the most vicious implants. When their facilities were attacked, the yellows (i think it was) stepped in. And when these were blasted, i think it was the blues that started making the same implants. I think Reds were last.
Anyway, a while ago i scanned for other Nordics making implants, and found a factory in the yellow nord hive making these same implants like i recently got. Blasting them now.

I still have 105 or more people working on me. Those things in my forehead had grown tentacles all over my forehead, and it takes a while to clean that up. My local friend seems to be coming along well, but those other 2 gals still got strongish DOR in the back of their heads. I am hoping they will eventually be cleared up, despite my inability to get in touch with them and get them crystals. It may take a while, and a lot of work on the part of my allies.

Some time after today's Yejkusti session and the remote energy work that continued for a long time thereafter, Jesus visited me in the astral to check out those implant spots. I told him about the other people that had these too.

Darpa has been acting weaker for the last couple days. Every now and then i find that they are attacking and/or have implanted a bunch of people that i monitor. But this only seems to happen every few hours lately.< Also their attacks on me are weaker and fewer. I have been hitting them with increasing power in recent weeks. The Committee keeps pumping out new programs for me.
  *   *   *   *
Last night i awoke around 2am. Found more factories for these implants: 1 in the blue nordic hive, 1 in the red nordic hive, and another 3 in the green nordic hive on the edge of Darpa. Also they had already stockpiled hundreds in other spots removed from the factories.

All those people are still working on me, and others are working on the other recipients of these implants. And Jesus is doing something about it at another level.

I just uploaded OTB 34: The Yejkusti Path.

  *   *   *   *
I heard they got a bit of rain in TX after we nailed that AFB, but it's still a dust bowl. Meanwhile, i went hunting for the source of the California drought. I am finding 112 Satanists at a depth of 323' here in Solano, CA. Must be a big underground transmitter there.

It did get below freezing here last night. Today was mild and sunny with absolutely clear skies around here, but i saw some old chem floating to the north towards Marshall.

(5:30pm) %&$!! Shortly after i posted that, i went outside and now the sky is largely whited-out by stale chem that blew in plus some fairly fresh trails.

Someone wrote me:
UK cops (scotland) are implementing seminars/training for possible terorism scenarios.. for.. clubs/licenced premises.. in the event an airport etc. is hit.. the clubs/etc. are to be used as possible facilities as areas for refuge.. individuals within these premises are also being given intense medical first aid courses (4 week course as opposed to a 4 hour course) & self defense too.
I don't know what that's about, but in searching for darksiders behind this, i found a place in Uxem, France that is the HQ for 71 EU Satanists including Scots, Brits, French, German, etc. Some EU agency.

(9:45pm) Well, the reptilians and nordics keep trying to make more weapons and implants. But things are going well. I have loads of firepower now.
There are now 23 people on the Yejkusti bandwagon, and i notice that all our stones are connected and working together to chew up some aspects of the fabric of evil in this world. Feels powerful.

(9:55pm) Oh, yeah, forgot to tell my cool story. A little while ago i heard a coyote howling maybe 1/3 mile south of me. It is not unusual around here to hear a pack of them yipyipyipping, but a single one is rare. And it was making some unusual sounds.
I had a hunch it was trying to draw my attention to something. I noticed that right under it was a pack of reptilians it had gotten stirred up! So i nailed them.
Then i realized the coyote had been "borrowed" by a good Lyran, a married female named Koj.

(11:55pm) Feels like 31 people doing the 10-stone thing now.

I have the durndest impression of a large underground base all around here in OK, at 231' depth, with 362 Satanists and another big drought transmitter that ties in with the ones in TX and CA.

March 30, '09: (7:25am) New species hitting me: 7' tall, heavy-set brown apes called Ri (rye), located in Galaxy M87.

More chem this morning.

(7:40am) Forgot to mention, the Ri are armed with 16" wands of yellow energy.

March 31, '09: (8:40am) Got over 1/2" rain last night, despite extensive chem yesterday.

I got up this morning with a vague bad feeling, like something bad had occurred in the world; something that would be in the mainstream news. I think it's this. And here is the Wikipedia article on the National Ignition Facility.
I haven't studied these articles much yet, and the news vid won't load for me, but now The Committee is programming all this stuff, the Ky and Pleiadians are doing something to it, etc.

(12:25pm) Sunny now. There were chem-clouds visible after the real ones moved off, but now it's clear nearby, for the time being.

A friend told me Bavaria seemed to be Octopus Central, and indeed there was a mess of them being conspicuous here at 297' depth. That's Fi octopi. At 631' we have yellow nords. At 932' there are some more Fi.