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Loohan's blog for April, 2010

Apr. 1, '10: (9:45am) A heavy-set male figure appeared here last night. Took me a moment to realize it was Bik. He had found some other weird base.

Mostly clear, but some chem this morning. My CBs are wiping overhead trails and munching low chem-clouds pretty well.
Bik has been looking for the perps for some time.

It got to 80F yesterday and is supposed to do likewise today.

(4:10pm) Yeah, it got warm, and it's been another spray war again today. At least 1/3 whited out around here. And Bik has been scanning for the perps since morning.

I just put up some of my Triple-Decker ice cubes on my products page.
And i encourage you to make your own if you can.

(6:55pm) A sprayer of some sort just went over. There was something freaky-looking about it, i thought. Had to sprint back to the cabin to get my camera. By the time i got back to where i could snap a shot, it was, of course, farther away. Nonetheless i got somewhat of a pic here.

(7pm) It is interesting that the trails don't start until some distance behind the "plane", just as in contrails. Sprays usually start right at the plane. Yet this was definitely no contrail.
Here's a fuller pic, where you can see the trails already getting chopped up some.

Apr. 2, '10: (5:40pm) Overcast and windy most of the day. Extensive chem to be seen at times.

Have demons have been killing cetaceans again? (article) I don't know, but i found a big DORy nest of demons here on Peninsula Valdes. 622' down. Presently being scrubbed. Felt to me like they were at least an aggravating factor.
Right whales emit a frequency that is very harmful to demons. This is one of the free programs offered by The Committee.

(6:10pm) I was just looking at that spot i mentioned March 17. I am now able to discern that it is another strain of physical reptilians, probably about 6' tall.
I feel it is the source of many of our ongoing problems.

Apr. 3, '10: (7:50pm) This is how the sky looked from work early today. As far as i can figure out, it's real clouds permeated with chem... I see this sort of thing a lot, and usually when it appears it covers much of the sky.

Later, there was a much more overt display of spraying and chem-smear. Quite a mess by late afternoon.
Also, i had a report of extraordinarily heavy spraying in South FL this morning (Coral Gables), with a UFO spotted de-cloaking.

This evening i was prompted to pick up my pocketknife. The same one that had the original knife pgm (mentioned in OTB 27c on Sep. 14). It had had its programming modified to something that would dig up these chemtrailing entities! Very quickly i scratched up 1 hive of 8D reptilians. A few minutes later, a hive of 5D 4' humanoids.
I just checked outside and saw no planes or fresh trails. The older stuff is pretty eaten up by now. I definitely have the impression that my CBs are undoing their hard work pretty fast, considering the magnitude of their mess.

Apr. 4, '10: (6:30pm) Had an Easter Extravagnaza Extreme Sprayday today. I nailed several more of those hives last night and this morning. Overcast now, faint drizzle.
The knife thing is just temporary; The Committee is batching up a device that can nail the chemmer-hives faster. I think it will be a peripheral that plugs into my gold CB. There might be a million of these targets, as far as i know. Or a thousand, or unfathomably vast numbers. They really like to beef up for every contingency.

Apr. 5, '10: (7:45pm) Sunny today with real clouds and chem-clouds. More smeary now, late in the day.

Been doing a little more busting lately. I really think this new water pgm helps a lot with chem. Today i tossed a more substantial unit, with maybe 4 fl. oz. of water pgm, plus some VF and SB and a copper pipe (adds weight, for one thing) into Bear Creek, which flows into the Buffalo River, which in turn connects to major N. AR lakes as well as the White River, which connects to the Arkansas river, which connects to the Mississippi River, which connects to the Tennessee and other rivers as well as the Gulf of Mexico.
This all feels very strong on the map, except for the Gulf so far.

I sent a big unit to someone near DC. Feels like she hasn't even tossed it in the water yet, just set it on her water line. But her water comes from and flows to the Potomac, so the Potomac, Chesapeake Bay, and a chunk of the Atlantic are charged up from this.
Sittingtaoist in Copenhagen has done some gifting there with this stuff, which is affecting the ocean there.
Feels like someone tossed some near Goose Bay, north of Vancouver, BC.
And the SW coast of AU, which can be felt for hundreds of miles out.

Nobody seems to be doing this on the CA coast yet.

Nonetheless, before long all the oceans should be topped off with this pgm.
Also i have gifted inland bodies and sent these items to others who will do the same. And there are a few people inland who are making their own.

If you are in Europe, you might have trouble buying the necessary silica powder. It is sold in the US cheaply as a pottery glaze ingredient. If you are having trouble getting this, send me a few bucks and i'll send you a bit of this suspicious white powder. Not much is needed. I successfully got some through to Copenhagen.

(8am) When i was talking about high-level "environmentlists" the other day, i forgot to mention John James Audubon. I saw his bust in January when i visited the House of the Temple. I had never checked him before.
The Audubon Society is run by satanists. Here is a long list of satanists.

I ran into an interesting page by a satanist while looking up Audubon.
Aha, i knew Houdini was a satanist from his vibe, but here it says he was a mason, too. And Walt Disney, we all knew he was a satanist. I never got the satanic vibe off the Marx bros or (the MPDed) Mozart. There might be a few on this list who were never satanists, but most were.

Apr. 6, '10: (8am) Fairly bad chem when i got up a while ago. So i hooked up my electronics to my 2 CBs. Also went after the demons that were producing "HAARP effects" and went after a sprayer with my knife.
Now i have a relatively stationary level of sylphed chem at a higher altitude, with a lower level of cotton-candy chem blowing rapidly by from the SW. The lower stuff is getting morphed and erased a lot as it goes by.

Just took my new mini-CBs out of their molds (pic). They are not fully powered up yet. I will paint them later today when it warms up more.

(3:35pm) Got 'em painted and placed in a close formation as guided.
Real chemmy day. Partly Cloudy, the forecast said, but so far no real clouds spotted. More like this.
BTW i finally bagged Jeff McMasters of wunderground. It had always irked me that i couldn't find anything on him, despite the fact that he had to be complicit with this shit.

Also made a new grid-blaster (pic) simultaneously with those mini-CBs.

(4:30pm) Well, now i am spotting a few real clouds through the haze, and hearing thunder in the distance. Dark overcast to the east.

This new grid-blaster is real viciously anti-parasite. I live off the grid, but have it zinging my LAN radio and hijacking the internet. Some demons are pissed. I was getting hammered earlier today, then took the grid-blaster off to paint it, whereupon the attacks relented a lot. But now that i have it back on...

(7:35pm) A bit better now. But when i check my CBs and mini-CBs, they too are working amazingly hard. Processing a lot of evil energy. But where is that evil energy coming from? I should be able to feel that, but can't.

They are still spraying overhead and smearing things up as best they can.

(8pm) How very odd. Just a few minutes ago my CBs were "red hot" and now suddenly everything lightened up on that front, and they're like freewheeling. They had been cooking all day.
Just now it is getting dark out. I just went out to check: no fresh trails being laid now.
Maybe it is all to protect us from the sun's heat after all ;-)

Apr. 8, '10: (7:50am) Yeah, just a few minutes before, i had gone out to protect my electronics and batteries from possible rain, feeling i had to leave them running overnight as things were cookin'.
Attacks have been mild since.
Mordok says he cleared a bunch of demons in my area right around that time. Maybe so. I should have looked at a map of my area while this was going on, to see how localized the energy was.

Mordok has also been finding portals, usually about 70 miles above Earth, where demons have been coming in from Universes B thru F.
A year or 2 ago i closed off the paths that demons were using to get to our universe from the others. But now these other demons are sneaking in under my nose without my being able to detect it. I can feel the energy of the portals now that it has been pointed out to me. We're closing them down but keep finding more.

These don't seem to be the same type of demon that was mainly attacking in recent months. These are not made of stolen dragon-stuff. I can't discern much about them.
I am unable to feel any chem-trail related activities in or stemming from other universes, but then i am unable to feel various things these days.

We only got a faint sprinkle from that last system, but we did get 1/2"+ last weekend. Trees are leafing out now.
Overcast yesterday for the most part, but chem-clouds evident at times.
Perfectly clear here right now.

(8:10am) Recently the Ta'l (mentioned Feb. 18) have attacked evil Red Draco in Hoag's Object. I have actually been having RV flashes of some of the Ta'l there, but didn't know what it was about until my friend Thorp in Coral Gables, FL (who recently received a bunch of water-charging items, BTW) told me this is a big deal, a battle of the highest importance that has been planned for ages.
Hoag's is all pumped-up with energy now, most of it good. Golden Draco, Rojohy, and others are helping.

(3:50pm) A little while later i noticed faints threads of chem blowing in, so i set up the electronics for the CBs. Then things have gradually grown worse since. Moderately heavy chem now, but still basically sunny. A few trails were noticed.

Mordok was right. When i look on a map of my area right now, it feels toxic for many miles around. I keep scooping demons, but more arrive.
I think the main thing twisting their knickers is my new grid-blaster. I'm keeping it on the LAN radio. The radio sends a signal, presumably even when the computer is off. Ot at least there is a signal connection that the orgone travels to hit the tower. And my ISP has a system where the signal gets bounced from tower to tower in several steps. They've been cutting back on the steps lately because it leads to more problems, but i seem to get that my radio signal still bounces off 4 local towers. Anyway, for whatever reason, the local towers are especially zinged by the G-B. And these are antennae that send my irritating programming to the far corners of the cosmos, so they come here to try to squelch it and myself.

Apr. 9, '10: (8:30am) The chem got worse. For a while more than 1/2 the sky was whited out. Then it decreased. By dusk, spraying had stopped again, and there was just a vague haze. Not long after dark i looked out and things looked clear.
And remain clear so far this morning...

Bilderberg 2010: It is believed that the meeting will take place in this DORy hotel in Spain in early June (article with pic). The Committee has started to program it. But that's a less important target at the moment than the red Draco at Hoag's.

(12:05pm) Still no chem. Some pervasive whitish haze has been to the east all morning, but i'm not sure how unnatural it is. I can't see the western horizon from my place.
My area is hardly DORy anymore, and attacks have been negligible.

Meanwhile we have some good visitors that Mordok noticed last night. Radiating powerful good energy, apparently from 60-90 miles up. They have been drifting very slowly south, and are presently here.
I can't discern anything else about them. I presume a big mothership.

(5:15pm) Well, that white haze was getting closer and turning browner. I could barely make out ghost-like silhouettes of old, decadent chemclouds. So i turned on my CB electronics and that helped. Except some slightly fresher chem-clouds are now evident to the south. And i did notice one old piece of chemtrail, too.

Recently i sent Mordok a nice grid-blaster, heavy on the strontium-barium and some violet flame, too.
He noticed one can blast faraway radio stations via the internet.
I have updated OTB 32 on the subject. I'm doing India now.

(5:30pm) Better yet, HOOAH!!! US military radio. It has a button for listening with WMP if you don't want to install Winamp. You aren't gonna actually listen to that subliminal-embedded crap, nohow.
Man, i am kicking up some energy on this one! Muted.

(5:50pm) I don't think this will work using any old orgone device, unless it has the free grid program. It is possible that this pgm may be added to a device you already have, but in any case a cheap ferrite magnet can be placed on your device, or even onto the right screw on your PC if you don't have orgonite. This will have room for a copy for yourself, plus some more for others. Every copy has to be for a different person. There are loads of Arcturans out there willing to let you make a copy for them. Email me if you need assistance.
Also there will need to be a "companion stone" as this is a 2-part pgm. Even a steel BB will work as the companion stone for 5 copies. A small tumbled stone (any type of quartz) for more. There is no point in more than 35 copies in a grid-blaster. But you can have may grid-blasters, each on different tasks.

(6:05pm) Chem encroaching now. Just took this pic. If i were prone to delusions of persecution, i'd take it personally.

(6:50pm) The companion stone mentioned earlier can be kept anywhere, BTW.
Let's say you have no orgonite, but a medium-sized ferrite magnet. The Programming Committee would put maybe 3-4 copies of the grid pgm, plus fill the rest of the space with appropriate anti-evil programs to go with it.
You can also tape the magnet to your cable.
I don't use a wireless router (dirty), but it might be interesting in a way. You could tape it to the router's power line or something. Would no doubt have an intense local effect.

Apr. 10, '10: (6:35pm) The Earth feels kinda DORy now to me. Why? Well, the radio blasting we've been doing has stirred up a lot of negativity in many otherwise hard-to-reach but critically important areas of great evil around the world.
Thorp has put out a bunch of those cubes and TBs around Coral Gables. Not far to his north, Mordok got his grid-blaster and put out some cubes. Hence the greater SW FL area is "hot" with evil v good energy.
Singapore just got an intense grid-blaster and some water cubes, etc.

Those mysterious visitors are still hovering in that area around 60 miles up, but have a lot of negative energy kick-back.

That new grid-blaster of mine is also an amazing remote weapon when trained on a target. Got vampy people leaching energy off you? Email me; i can probably shut them down for good, as far as psi-vamping goes, with this thing. Thanks to Oborijo and Antuvozy who worked with me on this project.

And, this morning before work i poured the last layer on my new, optimistically named, Chemmer Locator. Probably a coincidence (maybe a good omen too), but it's been perfectly clear all day here. Saw one ordinary contrail, is all. Incredible sky. I felt my new unit was working a little bit despite not being near the CBs.
Now i got it plugged into the gold CB. I get that it's much more powerful if plugged into the K4001 amp, but i'm saving that for when i see some actual chem again.

(7:30pm) Don't forget to give Hoag's a good long blast every so often. The fight seems to be going well there.

Vatican radio. Needs RealPlayer, which i have boycotted for 10 years. But even leaving your mouse pointer resting on the links on that page connects you well to their radio equipment.

Tel Aviv radio. It's in Hebrew, but the music links are in the 2nd column from the right. They have their own player that you hit the > arrow to play. This blasts Tel Aviv good. Right now i'm feeling much more DOR there than in Rome.

(7:35pm) Better yet on the Vatican, Radio Vaticana which does not require RealPlayer. Right now i have both this going and an Israeli station, with both audio feeds playing at once! I didn't know that was possible.

(8:35pm) Somebody's been doing a great job gifting London lately, so i thought i'd help her out. This site lets you blast London and BBC, too. The list top right.

Apr. 11, '10: (5:40pm) Almost perfectly clear again today. At one point in the early afternoon i saw a tiny bit of very light, fluffy chem to the SE of town. Then at 2:45pm i saw a trail being laid the whole length of the sky. It mostly got munched after a few minutes. Nothing seen since, and i've checked outside several times.

I wonder whether the clear skies are a local effect caused by my new Chemmer Locator (pic). That, is, it is plugged into the CBs which act as antennas that respond to regional chem but not real faraway stuff. Try this: if you see any chem, mentally connect it with that thing. Mentally throw that chem into the garish green spot. See if things lighten up after a while. Keep connecting later chem you see, as it is likely from a different source.

(6pm) Shortly after i posted that, a chem-plane went across my field of vision. We latched onto the source, had the species deleted, and i watched hoping to see something cool like the plane winking out of view. But it trudged on, spraying its wimpy, thin, trail that didn't stick long.
Meanwhile 2 passenger jets went by leaving ordinary contrails, and these had a completely different feel. I could feel the programmed metal, the satanists and other people in them. But i never feel anything off those sprayplanes anymore.

(7:10pm) Now i am getting frequent overflights of sprayers, but almost none of it sticks. Also some chem-clouds hanging out in the distance.
I just plugged in my CB electronics, with the Chemmer Locator plugged into the amp. The battle is on. I do have the impression it is nailing a couple hives per minute, including ones other people throw at it. But this might take years, and/or somebody else might take over the spraying. The Committee is wanting me to make another CB...

(7:40pm) Here's one that passed over at considerable height, apparently, yet i could hear it. At least i heard a bit of vague jet noise from somewhere, and could see no other plane. This is the underbelly, at 4X [correction: 5X] optical zoom. Looks pretty normal, i guess, and the trail starts back away from the plane, like a regular contrail.
Here's the longer version of the pic. Some resemblance to an ordinary contrail with many of these, especially since my orgone keeps the trails so short. Further in the distance, they stick much longer.

Apr. 13, '10 (6:05pm) Yesterday during the afternoon, i turned off the CB electronics because it was overkill. They sprayed a fair bit, but none would stick. Occasionally a bit of chem-cloud stuff would appear in the distance, but later could no longer be found. Summery weather lately.
At one point i noticed a no-vibe sprayer pass over. They get a vibe only when my Chemmer Locator locks onto them to trace their source. Only then i can feel some bad energy kickback. Which i did in this case.
So it passed over, and then oddly stopped spraying! Leaving only a normal-looking flared contrail, to all appearances. I watched for some time as it faded into the distance with its contrail.
Doesn't make a lot of sense for a holographic(?) sprayer to behave in such an ordinary manner (like a physical, gov't sprayer), esp. after being nailed.
Then after that, several times i'd spot a no-vibe plane flying over that showed only an ordinary-looking contrail, whether they were close or distant, these all looked the same, with non-flaring contrails. (Some real contrails are flared, some aren't.)

This morning, upon arising, i saw a bunch of thin chem to the east, so i turned on my CB electronics.
A couple hours later the chem had disappeared. By late morning i had unplugged the electronics. Nothing happening except the occasional normal air traffic.
Then around mid-afternoon i saw a few chem-clouds miles to the east. Also the whitish haze that had been around the horizon had gotten some brown color to it. I turned on the electronics again, and after a while off again, as the chem had disappeared and the brown pretty much faded.

I have now poured 25 gallons of epoxy this year, in fact since Feb. 7. And all of it made intense badass stuff.
4 more gallons are enroute.

And there are now 25 more angels, friends of the 4 mentioned March 5, who have joined The Committee. So now The Programming Committee has 43 members.

Apr. 14, '10: (6:05pm) Sky was clear when i left for work this morning, so i didn't run the CB electronics. Got to town and saw a small bank of chem to the SW. Not long later, it was gone (i do have a fair bit of chem-busting stuff in my vehicle).
I kept checking outside during the day. Usually it was clear, but once i saw a few small clouds like i've been mentioning recently, that appear to be natural at the core but chemmy at the periphery. A while later these were gone, too, leaving me to wonder whether such clouds are actually all chem. Will need to do more observations.
Saw no dubious planes, except after i got home, i saw a perfectly ordinary flared contrail being left by a totally vibeless plane!?!
I swear that was no "real" plane, yet it was not spraying, and effected a totally convincing contrail. I am at a loss to figure it out.

It has been dry lately, with few if any natural clouds. I guess the moment of truth is approaching. Tomorrow night is supposed to cloudy with rain chances for a couple days after that. Normally they would spray heavily in such a situation.

(8:30pm) I was watering my garden when i noticed a plane leaving an ordinary contrail. Definitely a real plane with real people (or what passes for them in this place), and the flared trail looked just like that fake one earlier.
A few minutes later, i hear a noise and also feel the energy phenomenon of my Chemmer Locator and CBs locking onto something. I look up and it's another plane with a trail just like the last one, but this one is vibeless.

(12midnight) Oh yeah, forgot to mention... Last night Odin, Thor, and Bragi came by to announce that they were about to pounce on Hoag's. No Valhallan Army, just the 3 of them. They were all pumped up and godlike feeling. Heavy energy impact, but i don't know exactly what that means exactly.

Apr. 15, '10: (8:15pm) Whew, what a day. Shortly after i got up, huge banks of dubious clouds rolled in.
But i had been planning (indeed had been guided) to go busting to the east today. Especially Mountain View for some reason. Maybe to do with the Folk Festival starting today. It was packed by mid-afternoon.
I hadn't been to Mtn. View in several years, and had never busted it. I had busted Sylamore a few miles north many years ago. In fact i went out to Sylamore again. That's where Sylamore Creek runs into the White River.
Today when i revisited, the orgone was pretty good there, because in 2002 and 2003 i had generously gifted the water there with good stuff.
I dropped off a more modern item to set it off well.

Also i wanted to gift the Herbal Healer Academy, which is located here, several miles on the far side of Mtn View. Why would i want to bust such a bastion of alternative healing? Because it is run by Marijah McCain, probably the most blood-drenched NSA witch i have ever come across.
Back in 1997, years before i heard of orgonite, and many years before i started getting hip to black magic, a local person told me McCain was an evil witch! This was the first time i met this person, who later became a good friend. Later she told me she had once seen a psychic healer because of all the troubles she was having, and he told her she was being hit by evil radionics from McCain.
In 2005 when i started addressing black magic, etc. because the demons flared up so tangibly, i had to rescue this person from McCain's severely damaging magic. My impression was McCain had an enemies list of about 100 people that she did animal sacrifices twice weekly to bring Satan's death energy to. This as just a personal hobby over and above her NSA functions.
My own knowledge was pretty crude in 2005-6, but i did neutralize McCain's 3 radionics machines, and broke her spells. A few days later she did fresh sacrifice, and now i was on the enemies list as well!
Years passed and i got stronger, and destroyed her formerly fearsome ability to hurt anyone remotely. Yet she still takes out full-page ads every month in the Stone County rag and i have a strong personal dislike for her (like several locals who mentioned her to me many years ago).
Anyway, her neighborhood has been spiffed up now.

I stepped into some seriously smelly doo-doo when i checked out her site for the first time a few days ago in preparation for this trip. It seems in 1998, she won the Seva Chakra award, something i had never heard of
... bestowed by the India Board of Alternative Medicine, headquartered in Calcutta, India. The Seva Chakra Award is presented to her in recognition of her excellence and dedication in the field of natural medicine and education on a global scale. This is a very prestigious award and has been formerly presented to His Holiness the Dalai Lama, Mother Teresa, Morarji Desai (former Prime Minister to India), Prof. Dr. Robert Muller (Chancellor, UN Peace University), Lama Gangchen (President, World Peace Foundation), and now Marijah McCain (President, Herbal Healer Academy).
How intriguing, as for many years i have had not only McCain, but also the bogus "Dalai Lama" and Mother Theresa on my Agent List.This institute has a filthy vibe. All those luminaries mentioned above are satanists.

Lots of chem-clouds all day, and plenty of real clouds out toward Mtn View.
Only saw a single no-vibe plane, spraying over Mtn. View this afternoon. Except as i was about halfway home later i saw several more of those spraying.
It's been drying up a bit; need rain. Got rain chances coming up. We'll see what happens.

Apr. 16, '10: (9:50am) Slight chance of slight rain in the forecast, but the sky doesn't look it. No natural clouds, and, after a night of running my CB electronics, hardly any chem, either, although every few minutes an audible but vibeless sprayer comes over.

This one i first noticed heading toward me from the east. Its trails were being chopped up. As it got closer, it resembled ordinary contrails, presumably because the trail was being wiped so fast.
Note how, in this case, the trails appear to start from the ends of the tail-wings.
Again, 4X optical zoom maxed out. This pic was taken when it was directly overhead.
If you're sensitive, i think you'll agree it has no vibe.

Many of the sprayers going over have just a single trail.

Apr. 17, '10: (5:40pm) Later yesterday the sky was largely overcast with a mix of real and fake. Today completely overcast. Getting slight drizzle and cooler weather.
Can't say my "green tambourine" is making a noticeable dent in the sprayplane population yet.
But it feels like it's doing something, and the chem-busting seems stronger with it.

Another good grid-blasting site: I found out about it as a pop-up ad. Bust Fox, CNN, NBC, etc.

(6:35pm) Someone just posted at Rick's a recommendation of Orion Transmissions. Well, seems pretty harmless and indeed i have never studied enough of it to recognize what the agenda is. But it is "channeled" by a person named "Parvati". Parvati was a Hindu Diety that was generally considered very good, but was actually a Green Nordic (like Hanuman). The "channeler" here was actually an incarnation of Parvati until i bagged her a couple years ago. Of course she continued putting out the message seamlessly. Green Nordics are now on our side, but back then were demonic.
The woman is still a bit DORy if you mouse over her pic. Also check out the vibe of her husband.

Apr. 18, '10: () When i went and busted Mtn View the other day, and also did some local busting the following day, i was pleased at how very little kickback i got from demons. They seem to be fading out. I used to have 10 elves here just to defend my property from demons, but lately i only have 2.

But yesterday late morning i started getting hammered harder. And it just got worse until last night (after my internet conked out again) when i realized that the ones hitting me were the same ones that my Chemmer Locator works against! The chemmers had been hitting me directly.
Once i realized that i focused my mind on the device and used it aggressively. After some work, they relented and i slept well.
This morning there is a lot of stale chem out. Only got a faint sprinkle of rain, and i think that system has passed.
On the bright side, i do have plenty of stored water to irrigate with, and i suspect that this new water pgm helps things grow. At least everything i've been watering is growing very well.
And the weeds outside the garden are not being watered during this early growth period, so this is an advantage. Weeds kind of took over after the Feb/09 ice storm which took out much of the forest canopy.

Apr. 19, '10: (2:30pm) Got about 1/10" rain last night. Real & fake clouds out now.

To me things feel better as of sometime overnight. The chemmer demons stopped hitting me.

I need help with Tucson. On the map it feels better than ever, but the 777 sylphs have been driven away somehow, apparently. My friend there noticed it. She's been sick; says it's the chem and microwaves there. I am at a loss to feel any demonic activity. Any insights please email me.

(2:50pm) Someone emailed me about a section of sky censored out on Google Earth (pic). Coordinates are 5h 53m 27s, -6 10' 58" and it's supposedly censored on Google Sky, Google Earth, and Microsoft Telescope. He says
Dowsed something ..."humanoid" "cemje" "peace mission". not sure what cemje means.
But the coordinates i gave you are redacted in both google and microsoft telescope.
All i know is, i feel some powerful good energy there.
That is a large area of sky, suggesting that possibly an object is close to us in that direction.

Probably unrelated to that, he was led to NGC 1296. "Women come from" is what he dowsed when led to that galaxy. Indeed, it radiates strong female energy.

(4:55pm) I noticed 2 of the sylphs had come back to Tucson for something. Then i remembered Durkistan, and had him confer with the sylphs and try to find a target. After a long time, this spot was found west of town. We're nailing it. Non-physical, apparently, as the golden Draco are not there. 621' down is something.

(7:10) OK, feels like that spot is mostly cleaned up now, and the 777 sylphs are back in town.
And meanwhile the sky at my place has mostly cleared up. Seeing only ordinary flights.

(8pm) Now they found another spot just a bit north of the last one.

Apr. 20, '10: () That one's pretty cleaned up too now.

And the sky is totally clear here. Occasionally i hear/see a no-vibe plane, but perhaps due to my orgone stuff, these only leave what resembles an ordinary contrail.

I finally hooked up my solar panel to the CB electronics. To partially offset my increased carbon footprint from all the ambulatory busting i've been doing lately. Every day is Earth Day at Loohan, inc.

I plugged the coordinates for that censored object (mentioned yesterday afternoon) into google, and found this Facebook link posted back in early November. So this is nothing real recent.

I don't think it's Planet X. Last night i had a couple visits from Arcturan messengers, but i couldn't make out any message other than that 200 of my Arcturan allies are now hanging out with whoever these beings are.

(11am) Then there's this thread on Google Earth issue tracker, started July 27 of last year.
And it links this video.

Apr. 22, '10: (8:30pm) I forgot to put the time on that first post a couple days ago, but i think it was around 8:30-9am.
The clear sky did not last long. There were loads of natural clouds and a fair bit of chemmy ones.
I went on a busting trip for a couple hours, up to Canaan, which was often DORy. I suspect it has a quartz deposit under it.

And today i went on a busting trip all day. 228 miles. A lot of back roads. I went back to the Center Ridge, AR area south of me. That area and around there to the south has been a demon-magnet. I busted Center Ridge early last year. It is some kind of big portal to some parallel realm where there is also a lot of demon-fighting. But lately, of the 28(?) girls that were there for over a year, only Lindi and Cynthia have been working there. And the 3 dragons are still in the realm through that portal.

In addition to the main busting which is done by the big devices in my vehicle, i got rid of several dozen of my 3-decker cubes (there are plenty of roadside ponds and suitable culvert ditches in rural Arkansas) as well as several of my potent TBs.
The area was pretty DORy when i was busting it. I was constantly hammered just hard enough to have a constant dull headache, but that relented by the time i got home.
Clouds and chem all day, but noticed no sprayers until i was heading back around 5.

Sky was clear over my property when i got back, and has remeained so, despite the usual weird sprayplanes.

Have a good feeling of having accomplished something more important than i realized; feels like my own place feels better, even though it's 50 miles north.
I'd like to thank the various supporters that make it possible for me to afford to do this stuff.

Apr. 23, '10: (11:20am) I definitely feel more relaxed and balanced after yesterday's trip. Like a constant stress has been removed.

Overcast this morning. Chances of thunderstorm and violent weather (large hail, etc.) in the forecast, but my nature spirits seem unconcerned like there's no problem. In recent weeks, my Kami, Wopwex, and her friend the 7D girl who is another type of nature spirit, have spent most of their time flitting around my property, fixing up the earth energies and spiffing up all the plants i'm trying to nurture. They really like all the Sweet Rocket now in flower.
If they were concerned about hail damage, they would be anchored in the tree trunk and doing powerful woo-woo. But they are just caressing my cherry trees, etc.

Despite the grey sky, my solar panel is powering my CBs. I deliberately got a panel that's rated way too powerful for the demand, so that it would still work when overcast or at a severely skewed angle to the sun. I wouldn't be surprised if it will work on a clear full moon night.

The wildest thing this morning is that Mordok emailed me links to 5 spots around the world that he felt had something to do with the chem; perhaps chem storage.
I couldn't tell much about the spots except that there was a bit of funky energy, and i did get that they had something to do with the chem (which i am by no means sure is even physical these days!).
So i connected the 5 spots to my Chemmer-Locator, and they seem to be wasting away!

(1:40pm) It's a good thing i have Mordok to help out these days. He was able to locate a hive of spider-like demons that have been harrassing my NM friend: M82.
I seem to recall that long ago i posted another galaxy as their hive, and that was wiped out. Also i have had the species deleted several times, supposedly, but after a while more show up at her place again. They are unusually hard to eradicate.

(2:35pm) The center of their base seems to be here.
BTW Mordok also found 14 more chemmer bases on Earth.

(3:45pm) And these spiders are spread around to other galaxies. So far Mordok found some colonies at least on the following galaxies: M32 M37 M42 M46 M54 M61 M63 M66 M71 M76 M78 M80 (M82 of course) M83 M93.

Getting light rain and thunder here, no wind.

(7:15pm) I've been pouring another large weapon item. Some cool coils go into it. Kind of hate to bury them in opaque matter, so i photographed a few for posterity.
These are "channeled" from the coil goddess Antuvozy:

Antuvozy coil

Antuvozy coil

Antuvozy coils

The wire is a bit funky-looking because it is used armature magnet wire i got out of a recycle pile cheap many years ago.
Every day is Earth Day at Loohan, inc.

Got an inch or so of rain at least, and it's still raining. No wind, but there may have been some very fine hail for a minute.

Apr. 23, '10: (5:45pm) It rained until noon today, then the sun and chem-clouds and natural clouds and the ones that seem like both together all came out. Leslie got 3", i heard, but i only got about 2", which is still plenty.
Lots of old chem out even now, but i have noticed no planes.

(6:35pm) Someone sent me a link to an article about weird chemplanes. I'm not sure it sheds much light, but i'm glad i'm not the only one who believes these are not ordinary planes.
The writer seems clean, a 96. (Adachi, of course, is an NSAtanist who pushes NSAtanist Carol Croft's black magicky pendants.)

BTW, day before yesterday when i was returning home from my busting trip, i saw a sprayer, and connected my Chemmer-Locator to it. It continued to spray.
After a while i looked up again, and noticed the trail was no longer being laid . I also could not find any plane anywhere around where it should be.
But then, driving down the highway i didn't have the best opportunity to scrutinize the sky.

(9:25pm) Recently someone has gone ape in Atlanta making Strontium-Barium and Violet Flame orgonite, including a CB and a lot of little items she spread around. Really kicked up some nasty energies (map).
So she is getting some kickback. Help her out and blast Atlanta a spell. Also there are internet radio stations for grid-blasting. Find a DORy one and go to its website and live stream.

Apr. 25, '10: (4:45pm) Atlanta feels much better now, but still could use some attention.

Got a small amount of rain last night.
Clouds of all types again today, then overcast later.

Something interesting: i saw this article 2 days ago, about sheep mutes and UFOs in Wales. The triangular area on that map was DORy throughout even after i had the golden Draco nail the base under Wigmore. Then Mordok cleaned up some stuff and the area felt much better.
A very powerful spot has become evident right here in Presteigne. Feels good.

Apr. 27, '10: (9:50am) More chem yesterday; also overcast and a little sprinkle.

Mordok reports from down in FL:
I did see one [chemtrail] that was just getting started and after a while got it connected to the C-L [Chemmer-Locator] and the trail finally broke off completely, not even a short contrail. I looked around to see if there were any more and when I looked back, whatever the sprayer was, was gone.
He has been doing a lot of work nailing chemmer motherships, etc. that he feels come from Universe C, D, G, H, I, J. As well as what he believes are chem-related craft from E and F.

A while ago out here i noticed 2 levels of chem-clouds at different altitudes, moving at different speeds in slightly different directions.
No sprayers spotted yet today, but heard and felt the C-L-connection energy from a "no-vibe" plane just now, that passed over leaving no visible trail of any kind!

(4:25pm) Yesterday someone emailed me from AU:
I have noticed that since you have been helping me, there are fewer planes flying over where I live. I realise that not much time has passed since you started but, the amount of air traffic over here was getting worse and worse day and night particularly at night! I don't live anywhere near an airport nor am I under a flight path. I was beginning to think that they had put one over this area. Sometimes it seemed as though one plane was circling overhead, and one night last week I counted six planes one after the other, it could have been the one plane going backwards and forwards. So it was very noticeable last night that for the first time in years, it was quiet...
I had not consciously addressed air traffic. She had appealed for help with demonic attacks.

No trails seen here today, unless you count these:

No-vibe planes that i presume would be leaving a messy trail were it not for my orgone. These ones almost appear to be laying ordinary contrails starting a distance behind the planes. I do not know why this one seems to have an extra set of smaller wings swept forward.

(8:10pm) Mordok wrote me "I just picked up 12 more chem ships... from M92 I think.
And now 6 more from M91.

Yep. We now have 2 galaxies that are all DORy because these mysterious chem-critters are defending themselves from my allies. M91 M92

Apr. 28, '10: (7:15pm) Smeared-up skies. I had my electronics off for about 20 hours and things got smeared up. Trails are lasting long enough to look like chem-trails now. Before being shredded.

I was just reading this article about Mt. Graham. It mentions The Vatican Observatory Research Group, some Illuminati Jesuit group with a particularly ugly vibe.
A pic of their modest office is available.

Apr. 29, '10: (4:10pm) Chem was still bad this morning. Nasty trails being laid a distance away which would stick. Smear everywhere.
Suddenly it lightened up some. At one point i had a hunch there was something unusual about a plane, and ran to get my camera. I couldn't make out anything about it with the naked eye, but i snapped several shots in succession as it flew over. 4X optical zoom maxed out.
Here's the first one. And here's the last one, taken a few seconds later. The plane appears to be fading out. Also the trails are blurring. Now, i wasn't using a tripod and can't guarantee the blurring isn't my fault. But i looked at 3 more shots i took in between as well, and they all seem to be getting progressively more faded.

Meanwhile, Mordok thinks he's bagged a couple chemmer-related ships. All i know is, the spots where they supposedly crashed are DORy: here and here, and i believe he's right. Strong energy still after several hours.
He took care of them by connecting them to the Chemmer-Locator.
Does any of this make sense? Is it credible? No matter, i'll publish it anyway.

(5:45pm) Forgot to mention, this afternoon has been fairly clear. And quite windy.

This should be interesting: Irish ship to run Gaza blockade, bring food to Palestinians.

Apr. 30, '10: (7:55pm) Gloomy, dark day today with some light sprinkles. Good rain chances through tomorrow night.

Did not seem like a good day to pour resin, so i went on another all-day busting run. 230 miles, mostly on blacktop this time.
I took a pass through Oxley, then blitzed Fox. I had never been to Fox, even though it seems to be a hotbed of satanists.
On through Shirley, Fairfield Bay, Drasco, Tumbling Shoals, Heber Springs, Higden, Greers Ferry, Edgemont, Shirley again, and back. I had never been to these places. They felt DORy.
For years i've been meaning to bust Heber Springs especially, as it was DORy. The people there are relatively OK, but there is demon crap below.
I did not get hit by demons until i hit Heber Springs. Then they hammered on me the rest of the day. Same symptoms: dull headache. Also occasional nausea. This was especially noted in Heber Springs and just west of there. Plenty of underground demons.
After a few days my allies will have mopped up the weakened demons.
It was nice to finally get Greers Ferry Lake properly zinged.

I've been deleting the DOR in an ever-widening area around me. Soon this chunk of Arkansas will levitate right up out of the matrix and into the angelic realm. Anybody want to move here? Rural properties are available.