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Loohan's blog for April, 2012
April 1, '12: (7:55pm) Some chem puffs today. Warm.

We found another race of evil reptilians: 8' bluish, scaly critters from the Tinker Bell Triplet. No April Fool's joke.
They were using a portal here. Google map might be doctored. They have a tunnel going at least as far SE as San Angelo, TX! They also have a heavy presence (soon to be absence) for 500 miles around this spot in Chad. And in other places.

April 2, '12: (8am) Clear morning so far.

Joni Stone is a satanist infiltrating and tainting a bunch of good people.

(9:05am) Buncha DORy satanists: Earth Hour. And the DORiest one of all (41% rept) is Miranda Kerr (wikipedia).

(noon) And the turtles keep marching on. Last night some programming breakthrough happened with my 2 Yurtles, leaving them 5X as powerful. Now, when i do drive-by busting with them in the car, it is about 500X as effective as what i was doing in DC a couple months ago.

Also, i completed a set of 4 more turtles, the Gray Slayers.

April 3, '12: (12:35pm) Had a spatter of rain. Sunny, some chem-clouds.

I just pulled an implant from Mordok's calf that came from reptilians in JKCS041. I think they are 5' tall, thin.

April 4, '12: (7pm) Got about 0.3" rain last night. No strong winds, though Dutchsinse warned about bunches of tornadoes that might have headed this way.
Lots of white clouds today, mostly real but with chem mixed in.

Another Wisconsin Town Reports Strange Booms, Flashes of Light. Don't know what that's about, but i found an incredibly DORy bldg, that of Hammond Power Solutions Inc. "the largest manufacturer of dry-type transformers in North America". Hmm, some of their products have a freaky vibe like that of evil ET tech. Then i found a U base just NE of there, with 456 6' reptilians of a possibly yet another variety than the many we've already found here. 331 more near the golf course.

(7:50pm) Since they had to replace the deceased Janet Napolitano with a figurehead clone a couple months ago, i've found 2 more successive heads of HSA, both female, in U bases which we destroyed. Being fast learners, they now keep their HSA head on the surface in this house in Pomfret, MD. And he's male, 34% rept DNA.

April 5, '12: (11:40am) Cooler. Had more rain last night, but probably only 1 or 2 tenths of an inch. Sylphed chem-clouds.

CIA drug activity in Springfield, MO: (the first 3 were their meth labs, now taken out) (7:40pm) Overcast, cool.

Last Dec. 14 i wrote that the main CIA HQ for running Boko Haram in Nigeria was Optimal BusinessWare in Lagos (map). This place no longer has a CIA vibe now. I think they sold it and moved a bit north to here. Map quality very poor, but i sense 46 CIAtanists working around here, possibly in several bldgs. I can only barely make out trees there, but i suspect there are 3 new bldgs.

April 6, '12: (8:45am) Cool. Supposed to be a high of 67 F today, and get down to 37 tonight. Clear sky.

A reader asked me about 2 other ETs. The first is Tiffani Thiessen. I started getting kickback as soon as i checked her out. Her dad is a full-blood from the center of this pic of the Hercules Cluster. Her brother is Todd Tesen. We are already taking out thousands of them under California and the Pacific nearby. The Zetan grays are hitting me over this! I have not been hit by Zetans in a long time.

The other is Alex Bruinsma. There are also others by the same name to be found online, but they are unrelated. He seems to come from a ring galaxy so distant it is unmapped.

(9:10 am) Bruinsma's clan also has U bases, of course, e.g. we are taking out some north of NZ, south of AU, under Antarctica, Zimbabwe, China, Russia, Japan, Iran, Turkmenistan, Saudi Arabia, Alaska, central Pacific Ocean...
No kickback yet, though.

(9:40am) I don't normally have anything to do with NSAtanist Jeff Rense, 38% rept DNA, but i got a vibe off this video about missing people. There is no real data in the video to speak of, but one place mentioned was the Lake Placid, NY area. I got strong vibe around there of repts, especially here. Another is Bennington, VT, and there i felt them most strongly here. (BTW i hitchhiked thru Lake Placid in '74 and stayed at a campground around there overnight. Later that year i stayed at an apple orchard in Bennington, picking apples for like 6 weeks.)

These repts hail from the Large Magellanic Cloud and are 7' or so. There are lots of them under the Earth.

(3:45pm) I may have forgotten this CIA house with 4 drug CIAtanists in Springfield, MO yesterday.

CIA activity in the Kansas City area: We have been taking out a lot of their U bases and finding many surface locations. Not all seem drug-related. I'll just present them in the order i found them.(4:35pm) Incredible day, sunny, clear, trees leafing out nicely.

If only all these CIAtanists would go away. Here's another: Noel Figueroa, 42% rept DNA.
"My [soulless, hypnotized] wife is my biggest cheerleader. We have three wonderful [MPD Beta Model] daughters. We enjoy spending time together. We vacation together."
Die, all you sick %#@&K#ers! I am tired of you all!

(5pm) Serial killer fears grow in France after Paris deaths. Got strong vibe leading me to a Mossad U base here. Large spread and depth, 420'-530" down. But only 21 Mossad satanists, none of whom did any of these shootings. I think the shooter is here, and he is not a satanist, but MPD. His handlers were in that oversized base.

April 7, '12: (7pm) Chem-clouds all day, plus some natural moisture in the sky. It never got as cold as they predicted here. It was 50 F at dawn. Actually what they predicted used to be normal for this time of year.

I keep finding lots of Mossad satanists all over Paris. Been taking out a few U bases, plus finding them in various places above-ground. Possibly the main concentration of them which one could call "Little Israel", is Boulogne-Bilancourt, specifically the area north of Av LeClerk/Vaillant and otherwise contained by the highways. Feels like 620+ Mossad satanists live there.
Some nice giftable waterways there.

(7:30pm) 20 work and live in this bldg.
53 more live here.
75 more here.
4 bigwigs work here.
There are 73 or so scattered among numerous bldgs around here.

April 8, '12: (4:05pm) Spraying going on above the overcast. Got small rain again last night, less than 2/10".

All this tornado stuff is bothering me. As Dutchsinse points out, it seems to be caused by above-ground transmitters. So why can't the allies disable these? I don't understand.
A few of my turtles are investigating the situation. They stirred up 6 CIA U bases around Louisville, KY today, and 13 more east of Somerset, KY. And 6 around Springfield, IN, as well as 3 in CT. Also they say there is above-ground stuff in Springfield, IN.
I did not expect the CIA to be involved in this, as so many other agencies already are into weather mod.

These 3 bldgs in Springfield have the vibe of 22 CIAtanists involved in this. Also there are 30-some non-satanists. There was a small U base just SW of there that was taken out earlier.
This could be the above-ground "brain" of this operation...

(5:20pm) Yet another race of evil ET humans on Earth? Elizabeth in NM was stalked by a phony pizza delivery man. I think he lives here, and 3 more of them live in the property just west. Also we took out dozens of their small U bases around Aztec. These folks are widespread. I feel them in the Antenna Galaxies and more strongly in M42. I sense at least 3 quadrillion of them in M42.

And browsing for galaxy pix i stumbled across a very DORy galaxy with freaky ET vibes: Samsung\92s Galaxy Player. In fact a lot of their products... (pix).

April 9, '12: (8:20pm) Today i finally made a busting run up north. I hadn't been up toward Harrison since '04! And my orgone tech has improved astronomically since then. I have spent much effort and time busting the area south and southwest of me, because it was so overtly DORy.
But, there are too many evil ETs northwards to leave unbusted.
I saw only small amounts of chem-cloudery all day.

I packed up my Yurtles, several dozen ice cubes, and a bunch of TBs, and headed up Hwy 65 this morning.
First major area was Western Grove. As i mentioned March 30, it is crawling with satanist ETs from the Sombrero Galaxy. They even have a Masonic lodge which feels like 80% of the members are ETs. I bet corrupted Freemasonry also exists in their home worlds.
I drove around a good bit there both coming and on my return trip.

Just a bit north of there we get into NGC4414er territory. Valley Springs seems to be mostly ETs. I did a bunch of busting there too. Here's a pic of an NGC4414 family leaving the city park. The park had only ETs. All the brats are very sexually experienced. Don't ask me how i know. Past the gal in pink you can see a little metal bldg which is City Hall / Water Dept (pic). 2 ETs work there.
The whole area had a real toxic vibe.

Next up is another DORy NGC4414 town, Bellefonte, host to District 9 HQ of the AR Hwy Dept, where 41 ETs work. Presently listed on that page are 4 people, Steve Lawrence, Mitchell Archer, Jeff Wheeler, and Bobby Keeton, all DORy NGC4414 pedophiles.
Most of the ETs seem to live in houses, but i found an apt bldg with 42 or so of them.

Then there is Harrison, home to thousands of M32ers. Actually i think a few dozen had already left the area in anticipation of my arrival. I drove all around Harrison.
One odd thing is that i did not find any new ET businesses at all, all day. In Harrison i did feel 6 of them working for the Harrison Daily Times; i think in the printing and distribution depts.

Also i busted the Masonic lodge on the hill as you enter town. I had last busted it in '03.

And finally i made it out to the Harrison FBI office (covert). I had mentioned this in 2006 here, stating "I get that all food industry items sent by US mail or other package services from my region goes through there." (This activity was apparently stopped years ago.)
Well, it is an extremely ritzy multimillion-dollar fenced, manicured estate in a rich neighborhood (though oddly, just a bit to the east is a big cell tower). (I drew what i presume are approx. the property boundaries; all the bldgs in there have the FBI satanist vibe.) (Street view of entry.) Seems like not the sort of place where it would look natural for trucks to come in and out daily. But it was the DORiest place on my whole trip. I could feel the DOR 1/2 a mile away. And this is after we took out a bunch of FBI U bases around there a month or so ago.
I sense 20 FBI satanists who work there, and they do seem to oversee the FBI satanist employees of the UPS office there.

(9pm) And (yawn) 2 CIAtanists here as well as 3 more that live 2 houses south, think they are going to abduct Ron Paul when he comes to TX tomorrow or the next day. Then they are going to swap him with a clone cleverly hidden here at 145' along with 8 CIAtanists.

April 10, '12: (11:55am) And i've gotten NO kickback from all those ETs i pissed off yesterday. Shows how much we have weakened them.

Had slight drizzle before dawn. Plenty chem-cover today, plus some real moisture.

Someone reminded me of something i have been neglecting lately: blasting the Vatican Radio station by playing it muted with a hefty gridblaster connected to PC. It feels like the Vatties have beefed up the subtle energy transmission that rides on the radio waves. The antenna now feels like it is here in the Baltic Sea, at 200' below sea floor. Seems like an unlikely place for a radio transmitter, but with ET tech, who knows? Anyway, this spot gets "hot" when i grid-blast their station.
Can radio waves be broadcasted well through all that earth and salt water, does anyone know?

(1:15pm) They hadn't trifled with me in a while, but just now i felt 6 "Elite" Jesuit ETs RVing me. Why it would take 2 groups of 3 to RV, i don't know. I blasted them, and got a bit of kickback from their outpost in Fomalhaut. I think there are 300K+ of them in the area, in 180 ships. I sense that they have outposts on 3 planets there, Fomalhaut B being one of them. Hardly any personnel on the surface. More underground. I think these are food farming operations. We are taking out the U bases and goingw after the ships.

April 11, '12: (6:40pm) Heavy chem day. Chem-clouds and long trails.

Apparently it is technically improbable that they are transmitting FM from under the sea floor (Wikipedia). But that is the only seeming transmitter i can find for their station. They broadcast to different parts of the world, but it feels like it's all coming from that spot in the Baltic. Yet, if it were there one would think the allies would just knock it out. Also i can't get a depth read on it. Something funny is going on that i don't understand.

On March 18 i mentioned 3 Jesuits here. They normally attack Mordok a lot, but never hit me back when i blast them. But a while ago, they hit me (briefly) because they were pissed abut this radio blasting. And i wasn't even online at the time; others are blasting it well.

April 13, '12: (6:40am) More ET news lately:

Mordok pointed out a DORy house less than 1 mile from me that i had never noticed. It contains 1 male ET of the same strain as the NGC4414ers, but this one is from Galaxy M101. He is working with the NSA. However, we haven't found more of his kind here yet.
Also Mordok noticed there were more of NGC4414 type of ETs in Fomalhaut (along with the Elite Jesuits i mentioned the other day, who are their allies).

I think Mike Tyson is some kind of ET, too, but he hasn't hit me back yet, and i have not figured out more.

And Johnny Depp is an evil ET from M100. Within minutes of my starting to blast him, i got hit from more of his kind from Modesto Reservoir area in CA. There are thousands underground around here, being taken out.

More CIA prorietary news: and its parent Abine are run by CIAtanists.

(7:15am) Amwaj Island, Bahrain has hundreds of American satanists on it. One who is no longer there is Captain David Geisler.

(8:05am) I think there are about 346 American satanists on Amwaj island, and 43 from other countries, including 4 Bahrainis.
I have the impression that only about 40% of the American satanists on the island are military. And maybe 18% are CIA. 5% are in the petrol business, 22 individuals are civilian arms traders selling weapons to other countries with the blessing of the CIA/mil. The rest seem to mostly be other kinds of businessmen i can't make out.
Of the other foreign satanists, 2 are arms dealers from the Vatican; Italians. 20 seem to be some kind of Swiss mercenaries of moderately high rank; officers of some sort. I didn't realize they had such a structured heirarchy. Not sure what they do; impression they remotely direct covert operations in Libya, Afghanistan, Yemen, etc.; at least 638 Swiss underlings in such countries.
The information in this paragraph is probably not 100% accurate, but fairly close.

(9:15am) And if you check out pix of Mike Tyson's wife and kids, they too are ETs. Actually all are probably hybrids.
He did hit me back for a few minutes, but i still can't find his ET origin. Strongly suspect it's a spiral galaxy. It may be white people that bred with Earth blacks.
So far, that i recall, i have not found any negro ET races except for several non-physical good ones like the Yisxies and Gek-sit. Though now that i think about it, i seem to sense some good physical negroes out there. No evil ones yet.

And then there is Nicki Bluhm and the Gramblers, discovered by Mordok. Apparently yet another strain of ETs, origin also still not found.

(11:30am) Some more ETs (and their businesses) of the Nicki Bluhm genre that Mordok found on her FaCIAbook page:(1:35pm) Cloudy and chemmy today.

Bay Quackers is another of their businesses (video). I sense 2 of them there.

April 15, '12: (3:50pm) Overcast all day with occasional faint drizzle. Tornado watch in my county and surrounding ones. We need some rain, though.

Whew, i am so backlogged on things i want to report. Mordok and i have been looking into some stuff together and found some more things about ETs on Earth that are mind-blowing. I'll have to type something up.
Meanwhile a couple random tidbits:

This truck has gray-tech vibe due to some device it is carrying, which is not part of the truck. The device was made in a gray-run U base near Kankakee, Illinois. There are bunches more stored in this bldg and the one just SW of it.

Julia Gillard (satanist) is not only an especially DORy 42% rept, she is a clone. The original is deceased, and British MI happened to have some clones. The original may have died a couple years ago. Possibly from cocaine OD.

(5:35pm) Getting some light rain now.

Note that east of Kankakee here are 2 bldgs that also have that gray tech vibe. Maybe more of these devices are stored there?

Another CIAtanist someone asked me about: da13thsun.

I just did a major update of my bulletin on NGC4414 type ETs.

April 16, '12: (9:40pm) Got something approaching 1" of rain last night. Today was heavy on the chem.

Today i went on a shopping/busting excursion to Clinton, AR, a smallish town 20 miles south. I have busted it very well over the years, but had never detected any ET residents. Until recently when i asked Mordok to light them up. He lit up a few.

I was surprised at how many more i found today. Now i have the Yurtles and am far more powerful at drive-by busting. We have stirred up 314 NGC4414ers there so far, and i'm sure there are more. I feel their vibes strongly in the high school and jr. high school. Also 5 of them who work at the little airport for propellor planes - - probably doing relatively menial work, but with a covertly imperialistic intent.
They have a few businesses i found, too. I am leery about posting the houses and businesses of ETs that live close by; makes it too easy for them to make me look like a nut to local people i know by directing them to my blog where i make all kinds of off-the-wall accusations against ordinary country folk like them. A couple days ago 6 of them hit me from the county tax assessor's office in Marshall, evidently hoping i would wrongly finger the people who work there. But the ETs don't work there; they were just in there.

April 17, '12: (5:55pm) Less chem today, sunny.

Mordok noticed that the people at Organic India are ETs; they are NGC4414ers. Now, some time back i read that one of the key figures in that company was of one of the illuminati families, but i forget whom it was. A female i think. She is not on the page. If anyone knows, email me.

And Thor'p brought to my attention American Top Team Cape Coral Jujitsu school. All the people on the FaCIAbook page at this time are ETs from wherever this is. I only sense 1 Earthling student, and he's not depicted.

And someone else asked me about FelipeSparx29 & LeijaTurunen, 2 revolting CIA agents that are infiltrating the raw foods movement and entheogen movement. If you do a search on her name you will find all kinds of interesting stuff and suggestive pix.
They aren't satanists or pedophiles, but still scum addicted to easy money and promiscuous sex. They aren't even a couple.

April 18, '12: (6:30am) Clash of the lizards: Israel on verge of disaster: Ex-Mossad chief Meir Dagan, 42% rept Scottish Rite boy-fkr. Yes, a vote for Dagan is a vote for Change and Hope.
And then Ted Nugent Remarks On Obama Draw Secret Service Scrutiny.
"I'm a black Jew at a Nazi-Klan rally," the rock star complained to Loesch. "And there are some power-abusing, corrupt monsters in our federal government that despise me because I have the audacity to speak the truth."
Translation: "I'm a 41% rept shapeshifting satanist pedophile at a lizard rally creating bullshit distractions."

(8pm) Lotta chem today at times.

Mordok and i have been avidly hunting more NGC4414ers.
Here is a pic Mordok took of an evil dog in town. The owners are ordinary soulless Earthlings, but the dog has the same kind of vibe as the ET cats and the German shephard owned by some NGC4414ers. I do not know what the deal is with these dogs. I don't detect any German shephards in their other worlds, so somehow they seem to be turning some Earth critters evil.

I found an NGC4414 church in Batesville: The Gathering. This incestuous family is all half-breeds.
This is the first time i have been able to get an impression of what % ET NGC4414ers are. They are getting less and less cloaky. People are starting to notice them...

(8:30pm) I was reading where Norio Hayakawa, mysterious shapeshifting satanist who works for Russians, was saying he would be giving a free tour of Area 51. I got a strong vibe of someone else's intent behind this, which traced to a bunch of U bases full of Russians under Michigan. Then i found way more in Louisiana. Then i found this place which has the vibe of 42 Russian satanists. Then loads more just SE of Sanders, AZ. And around Arlington, IN. KY... there are plenty more.
I think the reason all these Russians were here is to emerge sometime to add to some NWO-created chaos.

(8:40pm) I tracked the DORy slug-slime from those Russians at that bldg southward to here, where i get a vibe of 30 more of them. There seems to be a fair bit of road traffic between these 2 locations.

April 19, '12: (6:55am) A reader pointed out that The Gathering church is not in Batesville, but Cabot.
What happened is that the church i found is actually the Harrison Street Church Of Christ. I was on the Google map for that church, and i clicked on something there which took me to the Cabot church. But now i can't find any such link. I remember thinking it was odd how much the name morphed. It is a mystery to me how i ended up in Cabot, but both churches are NGC4414. I only feel a man and a woman at the Batesville church, though.

(8am) Homeland Security Dept. Pays General Dynamics to Scour Internet for Criticism of its Policies. Well, let's give General Slimatics something to sink their teeth into.
HSA, you felonious degenerates, i'm the guy most responsible for the demise of shape-shifting arch-felon Janet, and i intend to give the rest of you scofflaw pedophile parasites the same treatment.
Giving tax dollars to your satanist pedophile buddies at General Dynamics, an overstuffed bunch of parasites i had never heard of. I am already taking out the U base around here. 741 dead GD satanists for starters. Maybe me 'n the Yurtles will cruise by there next time i'm in Fairfax.
Oowee, more U bases at the other locations.
HSA nazi filth, i would like you to take note that i have a very negative attitude about everything you are and represent, and i intend to fully eradicate you. So WTF are you cowards going to do about it already?

(8:30am) John Kettler: Perhaps due to the progress we have been making against the grays lately, i have been getting a truth vibe off the last couple mailings from him. First there was this the other day about ETs attacking chem-planes. This has the real vibe of 1 of the 3 species he was originally working with. I have invited them over thisaway, but haven't seen them yet.

Then yesterday i got an email with 3 "truth-vibe" blurbs leading to the following articles:Go, John!

(4:25pm) Hardly any chem today. Which is odd, considering there is 80% rain chance tomorrow.

Dutch store run by 2 satanists who sell objects covertly imbued with black magic: Wereldwinkel.

April 20, '12: (8am) They did spray some after i posted last. Getting faint rain now.

And just in case you thought that the NGC4414 satanist class lacked chutzpah, Queen Beatrix's Brother-In-Law Calls For Mandatory Birth Control For The "Unfit". A capital idea. Cmdr Loohan agrees that we have too many unfit people, and calls for mandatory sterilization of all evil ETs and black magicians on Earth.

(12:40pm) Escape to Costa Rica? This might be for some people:
Sat Yoga Eco Village. Good, ensouled people. Someone there wrote me about orgonite, and i found him under attack by 6 sorcerors. There are loads of indigenous black magicians in the region. Also lots of small cell towers are being put up.

(4:35pm) Only a bit of drizzle so far. Tornado warnings given by Dutchsinse for later, but not wunderground.

I got a vibe off this article: Vietnam's new war: Incurable mystery virus kills 19 kids to date. I found a U base in Vietnam with 120 0r so satanists; about 40 Americans from some big corporation, and the rest Vietnamese. Then i found 2 bases in Japan, with American satanists only, same company. Then 1 in MX with US and Mexican satanists. Who could it be? Somebody real big, but not Monsatan, Dow, or some pharma company...
Finally i zeroed in on what i think is the HQ, in Lakeside, AZ: McDonald's Corporate Office. Might not be their main office. I sense 15 satanists that work there, and they all seem involved in this bio-warfare crap. In fact, McDonald's franchises might be how they infect people in some places. However, the info on the web is that Vietnam has no McDonald's.

April 21, '12: (9pm) Clear sky today.

On the 30th of last month i mentioned that Bal in SLC had been building sheds, and had built one for a bizarre ET from Andromeda Constellation. Well, he's been doing that regularly for such ETs since. According to Bal in
"Elko, Nevada. Rock Springs, WY. Duchesne/Roosevelt/and Vernal, UT. Lehi, UT. AMerican Fork, UT. Highland, UT. South Ogden, UT. everywhere around here. i wouldn't be surprised if St George, UT is filled with 'em. oh, Evanston, WY. Spanish Fork, UT. Heber, UT. Orem/Provo, UT. Especially Herriman, UT."
The salesman for the outfit he works for is one of them, and is closing all his buddies, probably in part to spearhead his rise to prominence in the company.

Lately Bal has had jobs up in the Rock Springs, WY area, for these ETs. I thought i'd try to find some of their businesses. Only 1 had a website with a pic of ETs (Wyoming Trucks). All the businesses were automotive-related except for a J C Penny store, owned and run by them. 30 of them work there. The others:
Rock Springs Honda-Toyota
Chester's Automotive & Truck
An O'Reilly Auto Parts
Jack's Truck and Equipment
Five Star Auto Sales
First Choice Ford
And 1 DORy female works at Rock Springs Head Start...
Also i sense that 40 of them work as engineers employed by several ordinary companies in the area.

April 22, '12: () Also, they had loads of U bases around that part of WY, including 3 real deep ones (40 miles+) that were jointly inhabited by Rigelian grays. And Bal mentions
their energy feels like the energy yellow jackets give off. some of them, at least. they seem to have a large amount of people to keep track of my whereabouts, so as not to make it appear one person is stalking me. they bring yellow jackets with them everywhere they go it seems. they've been hovering around me a lot lately. not sure if they're getting in my body, or what.
On another subject, someone sent me this pic of the Marin, CA sky yesterday. The sky had an intense vibe of evil reptilians, as if they were responsible for the chem. The same type if repts i mentioned April 4 (they seemed to be responsible for freaky electronic tech). .
They were widespread under that part of CA. They have been hitting me and Mordok all night from U bases that are getting wiped out. They are in such places as Baja CA, AZ, WY, ID, TX. I think we have killed maybe 6 million so far.

(6:20pm) Mostly clear today with scant chem. Overcast now.

There is a bunch of NGC4414ers on the east side of Branson, MO, e.g. these 2 at Creative Streams.

Also there are bunches of them, at least 7K on the surface, in an area of 20 mile radius of here in MI. Yesterday we cleaned up loads of U bases in the same area.

April 23, '12: (7:25pm) Lite chem today. Saw 1 trail being laid overhead that didn't stick. Other than that, just a few puffs.

Yet another bunch of white human ETs found. This is Mordok's brother's son's wife. Her race does not seem to hobnob with the other ET groups, but they are widespread throughout the Milky Way. Some of their places:
  • Grace Church in Stewartville, MN is 90% ET.
  • Residences galore in this area, including probably all the houses on Georgetown Dr SE and its offshoots
  • This large complex in Atlanta, which doesn't seem to have a name but may be a school, has the vibe of 54 of them. Also the houses just south of there are theirs.

  • Another of their neighborhoods in Stewartville here, including All In One Video & Tanning
  • Another church: St. John's Lutheran Church which is 95% ETs. Whom are they trying to impress with their piety?
Getting a lot of U bases, too. All the way up to most of northern Canada.

Aaand, back in Utah, some new tidbits from Bal's adventures:
  • Wasatch Energy Sales feels like it is owned by a MIB, the one named dante on the contact page. No other ETs there.
  • Re-Bath is composed of 8 of the usual SLC type of ETs.
  • Swire Coca-Cola, part of Swire, which i think is of yet another "tribe" of evil ETs, common in the UK, France, Italy, etc.
  • Tightly clustered all around here are hundreds of dwellings with at least 4,450 of those "shed-loving" ETs. Bal will probably be spending a lot of time in this neighborhood ;-)

April 24, '12: (2:20pm) So far, clear with only minor chem-spraying. I did some more busting around Marshall. Now we have stirred up 245 NGC4414ers in Marshall, and 65 in Leslie.
I saw 2 evil-vibe dogs in their neighborhood. I was able to photograph this one. Neither of them resemble each other nor the 2 Leslie dogs. I am mystified how these dogs get that evil ET vibe in them. The evil cats clearly trace to offworld origins, but i get no particular impressions off the dogs.

(7:30pm) Right after i posted last, gobs of chem-clouds drifted in.

I just noticed that Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, and Uranus are experiencing a sharp influx of thousands of Alah-kur (warrior allies).

(8pm) On April 8 i wrote
(5:20pm) Yet another race of evil ET humans on Earth? Elizabeth in NM was stalked by a phony pizza delivery man. I think he lives here, and 3 more of them live in the property just west. Also we took out dozens of their small U bases around Aztec. These folks are widespread. I feel them in the Antenna Galaxies and more strongly in M42. I sense at least 3 quadrillion of them in M42.
Well guess what? We have more of them in Sunriver, OR. And as you might infer from this article, they are not terribly bright. For their vibe, check out Sunriver Service District. I think the ETs have squeezed all Earthlings out.
There was a very heavy underground gray presence around Sunriver, and the grays and these ETs had the same kind of vibe, as though the grays were acting through them. But grays are cunning and these people are stoopid.

Those were Rigelian grays. Meanwhile, Orion grays were busy in Marin, CA. (Rigel is in one "corner" of Orion, but those grays are administratively a different group from the Orion grays {pic}.)
Those clouds hid gray ships, and those dark things were smaller craft from the battleships. Mordok and i have just taken out 132 of these ships around Earth, and probably will get more.

April 25, '12: (7:50pm) Mostly clear most of the day until early evening when the chem came in.

It was a big day for spotting NGC4414ers at work. First, in the morning, 3 of them walked in while Mordok was visiting. One sticks his hand aggressively at me like an obnoxious salesman. He is Clark Hall. All these people in this pic taken from his site are NGC4414ers or hybrids. The woman next to him in a white blouse is a clone.
With him was a local rancher from Marshall, and some other ET.
Anyway the rancher assured me that Hall was "one of us" who would stand up for us against gov't tyranny.

This rancher is well-known, and one whose family i had not yet spotted as ET. It must be interesting to be a pro-drought rancher. None of these rural ETs (or satanists for that matter) ever thank me for averting droughts, grasshopper plagues, etc. Doesn't seem to matter to them whether their NWO buddies kick their ass.

Then later a hyper-perfumed woman in her 60s came in and bought a loaf of bread. Her tubby husband was too chicken and waited outside by their white SUV. Again, i could find no implants, etc. I suspect these same people then went to the other bakery location where Mordok was hanging out playing guitar.
I sensed they were from Marshall, in an area i had busted yesterday. And after a while, the woman and 2 other ETs started hitting me from a house there, and are continuing to attempt even now. Uh, dummies, much tougher foes than you have failed.

Then later i spotted an ET kid across the street, then an ET man parked his pickup and went into the grocery store, and immediately another drove by and went into the eatery, and another parked a pickup across the street and went into the auto parts store. They are everywhere.

April 26, '12: (2pm) Mostly whited out with sylphed chem.

I had to do an errand in Clinton this morning, so i also did more busting. Now there are 383 NGC4414ers stirred up in Clinton. Many of them had signs ups saying Elect Susan Weaver (a half-breed). In fact, just today they posted a short spot ad for the wench.

I sense 21 of them working as technicians for the Puget Sound [correction: Petit Jean; don't ask me why i always associate their name with Puget] Electric Co-op in Clinton. And just north of that bldg is the Van Buren County Health Dept, where i sense 24 of them. Another 17 work for the Arkansas Hwy & Transp Dept Maintenance HQ in Clinton.
The Woodmen of America Lodge has the vibe of 44 of them.

Incidentally, back home there are at least 4 of them working for the City of Leslie as laborers.

(3:50pm) More of those Sombrero Galaxy satanists like the ones i busted in Western Grove on the 9th: these orthopedists working for Coastal Orthopedics in Mordok's old town of Bradenton, FL, and also Richard Bundschu.

(5:50pm) Star Collision in Bradenton has 6 of them working there. Cow Industries has 4. In the latter case, they are in the process of taking over the company.

And back in UT, Bal drew my attention to Vivint, a business of the predominant type of SLC ET. At least 9 of them there.

(6:55pm) Russian Troops To Target Terrorists in America As Part of Drill. I didn't watch the vid. Noteworthy is that a lot of these Russians are satanists, probably Masons. Check out the pic. In the front row, the guy on the left is a satanist. The guy on the right is also a shape-shifter with 35% rept DNA. I get that at least 1/3 of these troops are satanists.

April 27, '12: (7:20am) How Romney will "win" and Ron Paul will fade into obscurity: A Spanish Company Known As Scytl Will Be Reporting Election Results For Hundreds Of U.S. Jurisdictions On Election Day. I didn't read the whole article; i was distracted by the DORy vibe of Scytl. Check out the founder and management team. Some delicate responsibilities are best placed in the hands of an undiluted bunch of shape-shifting satanists.
See also Spanish Company Will "Count" American Votes Overseas In November.

(4:30pm) Cooler today. Sun finally broke through a bit to show some chem.

Now, a couple martial artists for your amusement.
Niko "The Hybrid" Price he accurately calls himself. Same type ET as those Jujitsu people i mentioned on the 17th.
Georges St Pierre, 33% rept DNA, satanist, pedophile. He pays the hottest-looking hookers big bucks to be seen and photographed with him, and incidentally maybe have a little sex. But his real interest is prepubescent girls.

April 28, '12: (7:25pm) Chem-clouds as usual.

FSB's antiterrorism subdivision strikes again. I last mentioned them in relation to their airport op in Jan. of last year. Multiple explosions rock eastern Ukraine. I found their U base a bit north of town, across the river. 52 evil FSB people responsible for the bombing.

Mordok spotted another ET business, Penske. I think this is more of those shed-loving ETs. Feels like all their truck rental locations are staffed by these ETs.

Meanwhile Bal spotted another funny trucking company, Estes, which feels like... hmm, maybe yet a different bunch. From Zwicky 18. We happen to have 1.4 quadrillion Annunaki allies there, so i will light up the bad guys there for them.
Am finding Zwickian U bases all over Earth now.

And Golden Hours Senior Center in Green River and Ogden, UT. These are run by M32ers, who are very common in Green River.

April 29, '12: (6:55am) Bal had a job the other day in Green River, and told me how DORy it was. The whole town and surrounding area had oodles of ET bases (gray, M32, and others) and it took a while to clear them enough to be able to spot things on the surface. But now i found 2 juicy M32 businesses:
Pamida stores with many locations.
Anytime Fitness, with 1888 locations around the world.

(4:15pm) Whew, it seems like most of the clientele at the bakery where i work is NGC4414. After Mordok left early afternoon, i had 13 of them come thru. None seemed to have a clue who i am, but there were these 2 real creepy brothers with a real heavy British accent and occultist vibe. One of them asked me loads of questions about the bakery. He was trying to energetically poison and vamp me. I traced these guys to Collingham College in Kensington. All the people on that page are NGC4414 pedophiles/occultists. I don't think either of the 2 brothers is listed there, but i think they work there too, administratively.
Also, Kensington has loads more of these ETs; already we stirred up 8K. Check out the Cromwell Crown Hotel. And The Atrium Restaurant.
I think the 2 brothers are visiting and staying with some of their ilk here.

(4:55pm) Interesting. This pic, up now at, is not of the original Obama, deceased last year, nor the clone i knew about, but yet another clone. And i sense 2 more.
All are Beta model MPD, non-satanists, not activated as shape-shifters. And enjoying their services on a regular basis we have Michele, Malia, and 2 "unknown" shape-shifting satanist men. Whoever these men are, they must be powerful.

Another shape-shifting satanist worth blasting: world's biggest fracker.

April 30, '12: (9:35am) Overcast. 30% rain chance in the forecast. We need some.

Bal got implanted from a guy in Park City, UT. "Shed-loving" ETs abound there. Hence we are taking out U bases, and i will post a few of their businesses i noticed:

(1:25pm) Got a bit of sprinkling.

Why Amerikkkan kops are not your friends: Officer Regina Tasca Goes "Rogue". Tasca is ensouled (extremely rare for a cop) and exactly what we want as a peace officer; competent, brave, principled, sane. So they get their sleazeball shrink to label her unfit for duty.
A couple months ago i read about an ensouled guy applying for a police job, who was rejected because his IQ was above 125 on his exam. Excuse me, 125 is not exactly genius level. 100 is average, and if you've talked to an average person lately, you know how abysmally stupid they are.
If you are not a stupid, thuggish goose-stepper, you will probably not get hired these days as a cop in Amerikkka. And any cops caught with a brain and any decency will be railroaded out.

The local (Marshall) police have at least 3 satanist felons and at least 3 pedophile ETs on board. Our previous sheriff was a satanist. Our present one is not, but is probably a treasonous nazi. And now we have another satanist running for sheriff, who lacks basic firearms etiquette. I know because in 1996 or 1997 he casually pointed his rifle barrel at my chest during the only conversation i had with him.

I sense at least 6 pedophile ETs on the Clinton PD.

(5:15pm) We only got a sprinkle, then the sun and chemtrails came out. Now it cooled off again and is overcast.

Another full-blood ET of the same variety as those Jujitsu guys: Jenna Haze, porn star. Born in Fullerton, CA, and raised in La Habra, CA, both of which have thousands of these ETs. Interestingly, the article says she is of Spanish, German and Irish descent. But somewhere along the line, she must have been replaced by this ET. The real Jenna's parents are not ET. The real Jenna was alive as a soulless slave in a U base here along with 142 gov't satanists and 41 more soulless slaves.

We know that this type of ET is very fond of replacing ordinary people. For example, here is a pic of Thorp's brother, who seems to have disappeared and been replaced by the hybrid on the left. Thorp says he has all the same tattoos and memories, but his obsession with martial arts and his violent tendencies were replaced with an obsession with art and milder manners.
Thorp's sister was also replaced by a hybrid, and his mom by a shapeshifting satanist. The latter 2 soulless victims were in U bases as slaves, now destroyed.
But what about Thorp's real brother? He's alive and has an evil vibe. I think he lives here and works for a guy who lives here, and they both work here. I don't pick up on anyone living at the last house, nor others who work with these 2. Nor what they do there.

(8:55pm) About that last house: all the houses around there seem to have this same ET vibe. And the RV parks, etc. Indeed this area including mainly north of Hwy 4, west of 27, east of 589, and north to at least the Croom Motorcycle Area, has their vibe. So far 32K+ have been stirred up there above-ground, and countless U bases have been nailed.
Jeez, i used to live in north Tampa in the late 70s. I crossed paths with lots of them, i now realize.
BTW, Jerkovitch to the left here, and hot Jenna, have been attacking me.