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Loohan's blog for April, 2014
April 1, '14: (5pm) Plenty natural-looking clouds as well as long, persistent CTs.

It feels like a couple hundred more of those EHETs aka evil human ETs reside around Palmer Square in Chicago.

The reason i don't think they are reptiloid is because none of the programs designed for shapeshifting repts work on them, nor does the Oct2013 pgm which hits full reptilians.
However i can't rule out that they might be another weird strain of shapeshifting repts. They do live on the surface as well as underground. So far i have not noticed the surface ones scurrying underground, though.
[Also, the EHETs have an etheric phase, which the shapeshifting repts lack.]

The Jan14A & C pgms do hit them hard, and the Strontium-Barium pgm does maybe half as hard.

April 2, '14: (7pm) Getting faint drizzle this afternoon.

[Somehow a block of text vanished here, in which i mentioned this new April2014A Program, which, among other things, lights up the "Another type of artificial humans" mentioned on this page. See April 2014 entry in OTB 27 for more info.]

I had one of those "Another type of artificial human" guys drive by my workplace in a truck and emit vast clouds of strange smoke/mist.
Once i blasted him a while with this pgm, i could find all kinds of connections like U factories for "Another type of artificial humans" and also the smoke factory.

April 3, '14: (10:25am) I was awakened at 4:45am by lightning and healthy-sounding thunder. Got a shower. Total rain so far ~0.3".

Corruption warning: the Bighead demons have been corrupting the pours of my Redmond friend as well as Bal. I finally figured out last week that it has been the BHs doing this (despite, incidentally, the protective presence of Ice). The Redmond guy was able to cast some stuff successfully by aggressively jailing the BHs. However, yesterday he sent me pix of some items he had just completed but were still a bit sticky (he was using a fast-curing mix of polyester resin) which felt fine. But a while later i noticed they were being corrupted by BHs. As they were not quite hard yet, and we had relented in our vigilance,they got corrupted. Antuvozy intervened, but it was too late.

Now Bal has also just made a bunch of corrupted stuff, and i get it was also the BHs doing it.
They especially detest the Demon-Disintegrating program.

I hope this has not happened to anyone else. If you are suspicious of some of the stuff you have cast, you can send me a pic and i'll check it.
Corrupted resin can make you feel ill.
What i do is dowse what energy the stuff is putting out as otherwise they may seem "dirty" merely due to what they are tangling with.

(7:25pm) Also they corrupted a bunch of Bal's cured stuff. Fortunately, this is reversible. Pitwexin or Antuvozy can fix that sort of thing.
This is pretty rare, AFAIK, as, for that matter, is corrupting curing resin. I have not had the latter occur to me since Fall of '05, despite being a hi-profile kinda guy.
But in the summer of 2012, i once had some critters corrupt the massive, complex units sitting under my bed.

Got another healthy little thunderstorm with 0.4" this afternoon. Likely get more tonight. Hear thunder again now.

Weird: i checked and there was an ad with a DORy satanist CIAlizard for this anti-ObamaCare page. Wow. CIAtanist asking the public to "Tell Senator Pryor: ObamaCare is unworkable" when Pryor and Obama are CIA clones.

April 4, '14: (8:45pm) It started raining right after i posted that. Then during the night i got more thundershowers. Total 0.9" since yesterday evening. Today was sunny with mostly real clouds.
Some people around Marshall got huge hail which broke windows and flattened the ridges on metal roofing.
Even Mordok in his apt. got golf-ball sized holes punched in his window screen.

Concerned about privacy issues in Google's search engine? Well now the NSAlizards have come up with a much better alternative that you can surely trust, with the snappy name of : DuckDuckGo.

April 5, '14: (8:30am) It was 29 F at 7am.

What the hell is this creature: Sir Michael Wilshaw? I have been blasting it all night. I had to fine-tune a very complex device to "bite" on it because nothing else would engage its energy. I am not sure whether it has an assemblage point, but i doubt it. It doesn't seem quite like any of the fake human types we are familiar with. My best guess is, another type of organic robotoid.
It seems hard to find pix of it in its youth, so i don't known if it was originally a real SSer who was replaced, or what. If so the switch does not seem recent.
I will continue to blast it today. So far i have not found more of them, despite addressing its energy quality.

(5:30pm) He definitely has picked up a bit of a vibe, but i still can't trace the vibe to more of his kind. No vibe on assemblage point, and i am unable to attack his heart, if he has one. Yet the new program which works on evil robotoids doesn't do anything to him.

But i know what Donald Marshall is: a dipshit CIA organic robotoid. All his FB friends posting there are CIAlizards.

Chemmy day. My friend in Queens gets attacked all the time, and today i could feel the endless hordes of offworld CIA and offworld NSA attacking him. These almost never mess with me anymore except if i run interference on their attacks on him.

I updated OTB 27e with a pic of a batch of the new spheres.

(8pm) If you blast a shapeshifting reptilian or its clone with orgone a while, they normally energetically connect to U bases and draw energy to fight off the positivity. Thus one can "milk" them repeatedly for U bases.

But what happens when you blast a Sir Michael Wilshaw? He got that same kind of "wall" that SSers will. Where he was drawing from was cloaked, but eventually turned out to be in this area. But who is there? SSers of many strains. NATO? UN?
But i still don't detect more like him.

April 6, '14: (7am) Got some more bases off that thing, too. Obviously it does not like my blasting.

Speaking of weird critters, Entity Observing Deer? Deer is ensouled. Only maybe 20% of the deer around my place are ensouled.
Blasted critter and got DORy kickback from U base in Mobile, AL. Dunno what these things are, but they are jailable with effort. They must have a physical aspect, though, because they had a tunnel to around here, and more little tunnels around there.
I don't think what i've been jailing are astral bodies, but physical ETs with an etheric phase. The Red Draco are blasting their tunnels.

Got lite rain before dawn; almost 1/10".

April 7, '14: (11:15am) Got another 3/4" of rain yesterday and last night. Overcast now.

For advanced crafters only: I just added to OTB 37 with some hot dope for making wands.

April 8, '14: (12:50pm) Something is wrong with my gmail account lately. Mordok gets an error message of he tries to email me. I get nothing when i try to email my gmail acc't from my hushmail acc't. Nothing gets through nor bounces back.
Just now a "new" email popped in from Bal, dated yesterday at 12:46pm. Took 24 hours to arrive.
There is no recourse if a free gmail account refuses to function, which is why i opened my hushmail account years ago.

(12:53pm) Woops, immediately after i posted that, the messages i sent to myself along with several others suddenly popped up.

(4:45pm) Odd timing, that was.
Then, shortly after, i got a thunderstorm and 1/4" precip, most of it in the form of 1/4" hail.

Various CIAlizard outlets are suddenly in hyperdrive promoting an alleged QEG or Quantum Energy Generator. Dunno wassup with that. Another link.

(5:40pm) Could use some help nailing Bighead demons in the Hercules area.

April 9, '14: (7:35am) Even Metatech, a sincere site, is promoting QEG, which was allegedly invented by a CIA MIB named James Robitaille.

(6:20pm) It was warm and clear today, with only short contrails in the sky.

The Bigheads in Hercules have been very active lately. They kept corrupting the pours of my friend in Redmond, even when 'Vozy herself was doing the programming and i was monitoring using pix. So 'Vozy got very concerned at this vulnerability in our software delivery system, and has been fighting them over there in Hercules. She's been hijacking my jailers and Demon-Disintegrating stuff. And having me make more DD stuff.

Also i notice them covertly messing with a number of my friends. If you are having down moods, depression, sadness, despair, feeling worthless, forlorn, etc. it is most likely mainly thanks to them.
They've been after me more than usual lately, too.

(7:20pm) Alex Hribal, The 16-Year-Old Allegedly Behind The Mass Stabbing In Pennsylvania.
My first impression is, this really happened. The cop in the top pick is a SSer, and all but one of the FBI in the bottom pic also. But that is normal in Amerika.
Only one thing bothers me. His dad's vibe feels "off". Can't find any mention of his dad on the web yet, tho.
I strongly suspect Alex is an MKULTRA victim.

April 10, '14: (6:20am) A reader sent in this link of a short vid of Alex's CIAlizard father, who does not seem to be a class A actor.

It seems they chose a high school that hardly had any shapeshifter students (although, of course, the superintendent and school board are you-know-whats. But again, this in normal for Amerika).

(9:05am) The more i do this stuff the less logic i can find. I mean, i have been presuming that there might be some logical reason why SSers so often go to ridiculous lengths to ensure they get killed by our alllies. Like maybe they harbor some Muslim-like belief that if they are martyred they go to some heaven to be eternally "served" by houris (except for them it would have to be prepubescent ones, mostly male).
But why would artificially-created beings that never even had souls do the same thing?
I just got a hangup-when-answered phone call from a Sandy Hooker U base in CT, just north of Waterbury. This was connected to a vast network of tunnels, etc. encompassing Sandy Hook itself, indeed, most of CT except a northern strip. Bases of mainly Sandy Hookers. Maybe 10% NSAlizards.
Appreciate that, guys.

(10:30am) Philip "MegaSphincter" Wood (mentioned end of last month) was a soulless Earthling who was just found in a NSA U base here. Of course, the NSA knew i would find him, so they tucked him in a base where 500+ NSAlizards would also get killed, not to mention their disclosing the tunnel leading to a multitude of other NSA bases around here.
His CIA "girlfriend" is also a soulless Earthling.

(11:30am) Another extreme sprayday. Warm, windy.

These last couple days i am noticing an extreme push by the CIAlizards to take the forefront of the "food freedom movement". It's not just the Health Ranger clone anymore:

(7:50pm) Well, imagine that. Freescale, the co. that lost 80 employees to that mysterious airplane disappearance? The Board of Directors is all satanist CIAlizards.
I'm stripping off their protective spells and U base backups. Let's see how long they cling to life.

April 11, '14: (6:30pm) Fair bit of chem today, too.

I just saw this pic here and got an immediate vibe. All it says is "September 29, 1992. Rural Arkansas
Source: The Encyclopedia of Extraterrestrial Encounters Edited by Ronald D. Story"
There's a bunch of them underground in this area encompassing Mountain View and north of it. An area i have busted a fair bit.
They are not nice. Red Draco are taking them out.

April 12, '14: (6:20pm) Two NSA sites i did not know about: and

April 13, '14: (8:05pm) Expecting a bunch of thunderstorms today.

There is a real staged quality to the Federal capitulation on the Bundy Ranch thing.
It cannot be overstated how much of a gargantuan victory this represents for the American people in their battle against big government tyranny.

"The people have the power when they unite," Ammon Bundy told the Las Vegas Review Journal. "The war has just begun."
Riiight, sucker.
I have not listened to the Secret audio recording from Bundy Ranch posted by the CIA, but any conversation between 2 SSers that is recorded and promoted by the CIA is highly suspect.
Santilli, of course, is CIA.
The Bundys are ensouled [CIA synthetics].

(8:05pm) Did get some rain after 4pm.

These people have been stalked by some ETs that i have traced to the 3 bright stars near the top of this pic of the Orion Belt Nebula. The Jan2014C program works real well on them, as does 501 Hz.

April 14, '14: (9:30am) Got over 1.5" yesterday and last night. Colder now; supposed to get down to 27 F tonight.

Today's chuckle: another fuktup lizard cult: Red Letter Ministries. Fortunately, it is so obviously ridiculous it is unlikely to draw in anybody with a soul or brain.

(11:30am) Those ETs in the Orion Belt Nebula are kind of a big deal, although i never noticed them before. They resented my attention and kept me awake for a while in the wee hours until i realized their ships were hanging out buzzing me. I picked up a couple long-distance wands and eventually got rid of them and went back to sleep.
There is another ET race out that way that is benevolent and appreciates the help with these jerks. This morning they have been pressing positive, healing energy in on me.
They are trying to download some info into me about making energy devices; not sure what will become of that.

I have a couple Velleman handheld oscilloscopes i should sell, as they have just been sitting around for years. If interested, check my Products page for more info.

April 15, '14: (9:20am) Around 25 F this morning, clear.

Wow, the lizard cops can't bear to see an ensouled Earthling walking down the street anymore without stalking them (lecherously?).
The Alah-kur find these statements of policy real appetizing. Ensouled pedestrians are almost nonexistent on American streets anymore, so this in not likely to have been a coincidence.

And in Ukraine, the two Earthling candidates who were scheduled to join a third presidential candidate, lizard clone Yulia Tymoshenko on a talk show, got mugged, but not sweet Yulia.

CIA abducts hundreds of schoolgirls and takes them to U base. Not sure what can be done. Alah-kur monitoring. Probably none of the girls are ensouled.

Now the BigHead demons have been corrupting Sittingtaoist's orgonite too. Just as with my Redmond friend (who actually moved to nearby Renton recently), the casts were looking good but were still corrupted just before they hardened.
The Renton guy is holding off on pouring until we get these demons under control.
I still am not aware of any others this is happening to [except of course Bal as previously mentioned].

And those Orion Belt Nebula ETs keep pestering me from craft...

(9:55am) It might have something to do with how i'm blasting the Orion Belt ETs (which i believe are yet another race of repts). I have been taking the Ospgen freq generator and piping it into a massive freq blaster, and playing around intuitively with the slides. I think this hurts them. I vary the settings occasionally, as well as the volume.
Now they are hitting me from their nebula.
The new rolling force pgm is also very good against these guys.

(11:55am) A few little chem-puffs out.

Another barfy media psyop: 'Australia's Maddie' returned home to her relieved parents, my ass. Her parents are soulless Earthlings with the slimiest vibe. The girl has had multiple males ejaculating inside her. The cops and media people are all SSers.

IDF troops comb Palestinian village for Hebron killers. Of course the Jesuit-controlled, repty, Hamas and Islamic Jihad both praised the attack.
The shooter was found in Mossad U base here.

(12:45pm) Thor'p brought this to my attention. The girlfriend of a friend of his (both are ensouled) was abducted by aliens which are apparently the same kind as here, and also the same kind as this guy which i posted about last year. However, only a small minority of them are evil.
The stronghold of the evil ones seems to be in the Andromeda galaxy.

(5:05pm) Mordok found another spot with those Orion Belt ETs: near top center here, a bit left of the S in Scutum, is an orange spot.

April 16, '14: (6:15pm) And now these same repts have attacked my friend in Renton, or at least his GF and his brother hard. And covertly; it took me while to figure out who it was. I had to ask Lt Veo and he said "reptilians" and then i had to figure out which repts.
And the guy hadn't even blasted these repts yet, so apparently they are going after my friends. So be alert for possible attacks causing illness, etc.

Extreme sprayday today. This morning there were those super long, crossing CTs. Now, heavy whiteout.

Michael Ruppert has reportedly committed suicide. He was a satanist CIAlizard. Not sure how he died but he does feel dead.

April 17, '14: (8:35am) More extreme, long drone-trails crossing in the sky.

A reader wrote
Reeva was killed by Oscar on 14 Feb 2013, Valentine day at +- 3 am.
This date adds up to 13, a number favoured by Satanists. Satanists also favour 3 am because its an inversion of 3 pm (the time of Jesus' crucifixion).
Of course i had no idea whom or what he was talking about, but soon figured out it was this guy who indeed is a satanist SSer.

Even more than the Orion Belt repts, i have been getting attacked lately by the #1 repts (Draco) quite a bit. They really came down on me after i ran interference on their meddling with a guy on the Phantoms & Monsters site (maybe: i thought i bookmarked his page but can't find it -- an extreme stalking victim whose existence apparently consists of nothing but the most mathematically-improbable negative synchronicities). Anyway these guys are bad news if they can do that for him. Also the NSA has been working with them against him.

Also this morning we have 3 above-ground CIA bldgs in NJ that have been psi-attacking the 79-year old mother of my Queens friend:Each of these spots had 6 CIAtanists with nothing more productive to do than attack a clueless old lady.

(10:20am) This is the guy i was talking about who is stalked by NSA and #1 Draco: David Eckhart, who had more DOR slapped on him than any victim i've seen in a while.
I can't link successfully to search results, but you can type his name into the search box on that page.

(11:55am) Mordok found some more of those Cepheus ETs which have been attacking the guy in NL with his 2 dogs... and also attacked Mordok. They are all around Alderamin.

(1:40pm) They're still laying down trails outside.

Alderamin is attacking the guy in NL too.

And the #1's are attacking me harder, from what might be their main stronghold, M81.

(2:10pm) Another Rolling Force program for free public use. I call this the Halloween Program as these spheres were cast last Halloween, under Antuvozy's direction. I just made this one batch, never knew exactly what it did, and merely put them in a sack under my bed, as prompted.
But now it turns out this pgm is very effective against the #1's, and 'Vozy wants to release it to the public.
As you can see, it requires only plain resin and spherical molds.
It might not be of particular value against other specific types of perps, yet it does something or other of value apparently, other than nail #1 dracs, or i would not have made them back then.

April 18, '14: (6:45am) Those #1 dracs can be very subtle, too. Last night they stopped their overt energy attacks and went instead to very sneaky hijacking and re-directing of thoughts, etc. Beware subtle mental meddling from these guys.
But they do seem weaker. Last night i noticed that the #1,6, & 7 repts, as well as the EHETs, still had souls we hadn't culled. I had assumed that if they had souls, the allies would have noticed and been avidly culling them. But apparently not.
These races hid their souls by not attacking in the astral, but rather only the etheric phase of their physical bodies. When one jails these, the astral also gets jailed unnoticeably.
Anyway we probably jailed most of these souls/astral bodies by now, leaving mainly just physical ones which can probably still shift to an etheric phase and attack.
That's the best i can explain it.

More black-magicky energy devices to beware of: Tachyonis. These are full of vile spells.

NSA organic robotoid: Alaje 777 (pic).

April 19, '14: (8:30am) Note how the CIA is opportunistically pumping up this Bundy Ranch thing. Not only Alex Clones and Stewart Rhodes, but now the CIA clone replacement for Michele Fiore.
Oath Keepers is largely composed of sincere people, but it is CIA-led.

Wait an effing minute! I've been faked out again!
The Cliven Bundy family is a bunch of synthetics!
Jeez. The synthetics do not have that tell-tale "hollow" soulless vibe as soulless humans or SSers. I was sloppy and did not check to see if the Bundy's have assemblage points.
Fortunately i was slapped out of my complacency by this vid.

(6:10pm) Fair bit of chem cover today.

Another CIA synthetic that fooled me. I voted for her Nov. 2012: Jill Stein.

Again, beware of those #1 dracs. They are very cunning, slick, and mentally manipulative. They use demons, too. And they are messing with my friends, not all of whom are able to discern their mind-control.

(7pm) I realized that i have a resin program from 2009 that bites these synthetics. I am blasting the WonderBundies right now, and they are starting to get vibey. Actually it is 2 programs that work together, as in these tets (not counting the clear layers which are the Protective Program). And also the unit lower right here, which is what i'm using right now on them.
However, 5 years later, i think we will shortly come up with a single pgm that does this. I don't even remember what powder mixes i used back then for these.

Also there is a new Rolling Force pgm from 'Vozy. She's in good form this month. This one also requires just plain resin and a mold about the size of a ping-pong ball filled completely. Ping-pong balls can be used. Or a larger mold that is filled to at least 70% full. Any excess resin will get filled with compatible RF programming.
Also this program goes into stone spheres of ping-pong ball size or larger: any type of quartz, aventurine, obsidian, agate, or possibly some other stones.

This is the most effective RF pgm yet for re-directing evil energy. Will have more info later. I just did the first pour on a batch of 12.
She already temporarily programmed a quartz sphere for me with this, which i have been using today.

April 20, '14: (8:05am) Hehe, i found a couple more old units from 2009 with those same programs, and have been blasting the Easter Bundys all night.

Chem-clouds this morning.

Another "groovy" SSer: Jonathan Goldman of "Healing Sounds" (not to be confused with Jon Goldman the radionics guy). His products have a weird vibe. He is the president of Spirit Music which mainly (but not exclusively) promotes other SSers.

OK, about that new Rolling Force pgm i mentioned last night: i think the ping-pong ball size is just the minimum size it can be for full effectiveness, but the ones i'm making will be somewhat larger than a golf ball in displacement. It is probable that if it gets much larger than a golf ball, then the excess resin will get other programs. But who knows, these parameters might shift some more before the dust settles.
The quartz ball that temporarily holds this pgm for me is 100mm in diameter, and only 20% or so of its volume has this pgm.

(6:40pm) I'll probably have some pix of those in the morning. Meanwhile, the new anti-synthetic program is available. It requires about 1 tsp of fine aluminum powder per 12 fl oz resin. I am making a couple big rectangles.
This is a fairly good general anti-evil pgm for remote work against evil physical and etheric beings, however, for targets other than synthetics, other pgms might be better suited. I'll know better in a couple days.

BTW, i have not ordered from him yet, but this is probably a good source for several useful powders we use at a good price. He has 325 mesh aluminum (CH0103) real cheap, also CH3011 Titanium Dihydride, granular, -120 mesh should be fine for the PRG and August2013 Program, provided it is fine enough to stay in suspension, which i think it would, titanium being so light.
Also CH5517C Lead Tetraoxide (out of stock) is pretty much the same thing as sindhooram, which is sometimes called for with advanced crafters who channel The Committee. There are several custom pgms that call for it. Sindhooram is the orange pigment you see in a few of my creations.

April 21, '14: (8am) Got some gentle rain last night, and may get showers today.

"Spiritual" NSAtanist lizards caught in U base this morning: Montague Keen and wife.

Just had a prop plane with 4 CIAlizards buzz me, connected to a whole heap of U bases to the west. Thanks, guys! No need to waste gas and buzz me, though; just tell Lt. Veo about any extraneous U bases you need to dispense with.

OK, a pic of the April2014B Program spheres. I added sindhooram for ease of identification.

The larger ones were cast in molds like this, which work fine if you are careful to seat the 2 halves cleanly.
The smaller ones were cast in expensive, hand-made molds i bought on eBay years ago, before i found cheaper and better alternatives.
I think if i made them smaller than the smallest here, they would not get the full program. And if i made them larger than the largest, the additional resin would get programmed with another RF pgm that is not particularly needed for these.
The smaller ones ended up barely fuller than a hemisphere, but are fine.

One person doesn't necessarily need a buttload of these. Even 1 spheroid, used with some mental intent, can redirect vast amounts of evil energy. And the sphere doesn't have to be near the user. (Maybe at first, though.) What i've been doing is imagining a tornado-like funnel cloud of the bad energy coming to a pinpoint in the victim's duodenum, heart, or other delicate area (sometimes i sense to use spleen, pancreas, etc.)
Often i try to scoop up "all the evil energy in the cosmos" while i'm at it, and deliver it all to the recipient. By default i often use Don Bradley, even though he's never done much to me personally.

To some small extent they work by themselves, without psychic input. Since RF programs even in resin can be tweaked, it is probable that they may improve that way over time. But to really deflect strong attacks requires mental effort (but that, too, might be largely done unconsciously after a while).
Also one can use these to protect another, distant person, redirecting attacks to a worthy recipient.

(4:05pm) Some famous CIAlizard "UFOlogists": William Leonard Moore, and Jim and Coral Lorenzen (deceased).

Also, back in 2011 before i was recognizing many SSers, i gave Amma a glowing bill of health. But she's lizard sleaze, as are quite a lot of her shill entourage in the pics. She is of the same variety that i only de-cloaked March 2.

OK, now my friend in MA has gone and stirred up a mess of #1 dracs in NGC 1300.

(7:15pm) Didn't get much more rain here.

I updated OTB 27 with the new pgms.

An ad page popped up out of nowhere onto my screen, with a shill-drenched message of Lizard Love. "Where do you fall on the Vibrations Scale?" and offering a "FREE digital copy of Christie's popular EnergeticBreakthrough Kit -- a starter pack designed to help you begin your journey towards a higher state of being."
The ad links to Love or Above.
Just in case anyone out there was hunting for a spiritual path.

April 22, '14: (7:30am) Only got 1/4" of rain off that whole system. Most of it went further north.
Weird that neither wunderground nor is working this morning. Of course, i know exactly what wunderground would say if they could say. The same thing they've said every day for the last couple weeks, which is never true, like a broken record: "Today is forecast to me much cooler than yesterday". I think the clones have a fatal virus. It is almost always warmer.

Mordok alerted me to another area that the #1's hang out at: Aries.

And a friend in OR alerted me to some other evil ETs living underground as well as on the surface. You can see some of their bldgs here and here. They don't seem to feel repty, nor do they have a real strong vibe.

(7:50am) That last link i don't trust, as google maps seemed to do weird things whenever i tried to nail down a working link. Here is a capture in case the link fails. The co-ordinates supposedly are 42.363586,-123.158119, but even if you plug that into gmaps it won't work.

April 23, '14: (6:15pm) Extreme chemtrailing this afternoon.

The good news is, Antuvozy is on a roll this month. Get it? Roll. Hahaha. Another Rolling Force program i haven't even poured yet; will start this evening. It also goes into quartz spheres as well as plain resin. Any size spheres.
This one is supposed to be real good against astral/etheric perps (like the BigHeads).

Congressman Takes on AIPAC and Gets Thrown in Prison. I can't bear to watch all these CIA clones. Prison, schmison.
"James Traficant believes he could be killed if he continues to speak out against the powers that be." I seriously doubt that lizard corpse has any beliefs anymore.

More horsefeathers: Shapeshifting Reptilian fears he fired shots that killed ex-NFL star Pat Tillman.
(Tillman was probably the only NFL star that still has a viable soul.)

April 24, '14: (9:35am) Overcast, rain chance today.

Whew, extreme hotbed of CIAtanist SSers and sexually abused Earth kids: Allegan Area Educational Service Agency which oversees Hillside Learning and Behavior Center.
The adults at the Center all had plenty of sex-appeal spells on them, even. Pardon me while i barf.
Most have suicided since i started blasting them last night.

More CIAlizard scammers:
Schaeffer Cox.
Gary Franchi, who has fooled Wm Griggs. Griggs is a good guy, and smart, but not psychic.
Russo, of course, is another one, as is Paul (now clone).

(11:05am) If anyone happened to cache the pic i posted on the 21st of the orange April2014B Program spheres, please send. Somehow all copies disappeared and can't be found even in my trash can. I think i accidentally deleted them but don't know how they avoided my trash can. [I found the original unedited version and re-edited it.]
Pic of new batch here.

(1:05pm) Getting lite rain.

I just felt a bunch of intriguing Ta'l activity near Buffalo, NY. Zoomed in on St. Christopher Roman Catholic School. The Ta'l were taking out the school staff and parish staff in their CIA U base.
Another major MPD op, this one apparently sniffed out by the Ta'l.

(4pm) Earlier this month Antuvozy had me buy a 100mm quartz sphere on eBay. It took me a while to figure out what's up with that. She uses it as a crucible to develop and refine RF programs. (As a result, all these new RF pgms also go into quartz.) Once she's worked on a program a while with it, she shrinks it down in size.

She seems to spend most of her time doing this lately. Right now she's just finished another one, which i am about to start a pour on.

The new program is supposed to work on negative entities on the dream plane. I don't fully understand the difference between the dream plane and the astral plane, but i will attempt to describe it.
In my experience, usually if someone gets attacked by an astral entity, i can jail it and the astral attack will stop from that entity, even if it was the soul of a physical being. There is no way a human that has lost his/her soul can astrally attack. (To digress a bit, for a while years ago, i was getting astral attacks from Ukrainian mercenary psychics hired by the NRO. After i jailed their astral bodies, some evil astral ETs "took over" their bodies and used them as a base from which to attack more strongly. Then i'd jail these.)

However, at least with certain hard-core occultist CIA and NSA satanist SSers, a phenomenon would occur in which these soulless agents would still appear people's dreams, and i was unable to jail anything there.

On the other hand, sometimes people tell me about critters encountered in dreams, and i would easily jail them. This sort of being i classify as "astral", even though it was seen in a dream. In other words, as far as i can make out, one can meet both "astral" and "dream" beings in sleep. The ones i can't jail i call "dream" entities.

In case you are not confused enough yet, recently i have realized that one can also see dream beings while awake.
I might not be using the best terminology.

A few nights ago some entity (courtesy of the #1 dracs) practically sat on my face as i was trying to get to sleep, and was unfazed by the Demon-Disintegrating Program as well as jailers. I realized there was something different about this: like it was there in my space yet not there. I couldn't faze it, and it couldn't affect me, except by being an annoying presence.
Enter Dream Turtle. He can do things on the dream plane which i don't understand. I called him over and he immediately snarfed the entity.

Also a friend wrote me that she keeps seeing Don Bradley (whose soul i killed around '06) in dreams as well as during the day.
Yes to your question if I see DB while awake. So many times, every few months, I'll "spot" him somewhere around me. It's usually a quick glance and I see him and then it's gone. Last time, 2 wks ago, while driving north, I glanced at the car next to me and saw him. Then the car moved elsewhere. This type of seeing happens a lot.
He is always effing with my dreams, many of which have him in them!! Yuck!!
Anyway, the new program seems to counter "dream" beings.
The pgm i mentioned yesterday will be called the April2014D pgm, whereas today's is April2014E.
I already poured 53 of the D, which should be ready by morning, and i am about to pour a batch of E. Plain resin.

Jan. 25, '14: (8:50pm) This is getting weird. I had already posted twice today, but everything from today disappeared from my blog.

Anyway, i added pix of the 2 new pgms on OTB 27 and also found that the repts who are presently behind the chem-drones are located in M87.

April 26, '14: (7:25am) The April2014E pgm might be a bigger deal than i realized. The guy in Renton has apparently all along been swamped with "dream" grade demons, which i suspect are a big factor in the corruption. My batch has mostly been working on these.

Meanwhile Bal successfully cast 18 spheres with the A,B,D, &E pgms. Look out.

Now come the Black synthetics: Black Soldiers: Cliven Bundy Is Not Racist. Check out pic of "Charlie Delta", haha, get it? Delta is well-known code name for CIA, as in Delta Airlines.

Now, for those of you who have had limited contact with African-Americans, well, i have known plenty and none of them talk like this guy allegedly does. Maybe a rare college prof or something. But they tend not to use the type of language structure hashed out here. "Just because Picasso's view of the world was abstract, does it negate the fact that his art was genuine? Furthermore,..." Gimme a break, this guy is a soldier?
His vid would not play for me.

Kira Davis is another one. Looks like the IJR Review is all-synthetic.
Same for the all-white (WTF?) The Black Sphere Team.

(4:40pm) Speaking of spheres, now 'Vozy has come out with the April2014F Program, again for spheres of quartz or plain resin. She seems mighty proud of her accomplishment, but so far i have no idea what this pgm does. I'll start a pour in a bit.

April 27, '14: (3:55pm) Hooey, we had some loud, explosive thunder, bright lightning, and an inch of rain already this afternoon. Now they are calling for tornadoes, hail, etc. So i turned my wands to the southwest. No fear.
I'm about in the center of the designated GREATEST TORNADO THREAT. If you don't hear from me again, you'll know why ;-)

Lately i have been increasingly noticing more of the "Another type of artificial human" mentioned before, which the April2014A pgm does light up, energetically. Take, for example Gordon Eden (so called).
Also i spotted one on a backroad near here a few days ago, and sense 4 more such "hicks" there.

Increasingly, suicided SSers are being replaced with fabrications that they hope are less vulnerable to orgone.
Notice that there are quite a few clones already amongst Eden's lizard entourage.

April 28, '14: (6:45am) Massive tornado devastates central Arkansas.
The Arkansas tornado touched down about 10 miles west of Little Rock at around 7 p.m. and moved northeastward for at least 30 miles, the National Weather Service said. It missed the state capital but passed through or near several of its suburbs, causing widespread damage in the communities of Mayflower and Vilonia. (Well south of me.)

I got 4" total. I can't recall the last time we had such a big rain. Might have been last spring. I am surprised that the flowers are still on the dogwood trees.
We needed the precip as what rains we have had in recent months have mostly been pretty small.

(7:50am) Mayor of Kharkov, Ukraine shot in back, hospitalized.
Earthlings must go. The first thing i noticed looking at a map of Kharkov is all the CIA U bases NNW of town.
But the 3 SSer gunmen seem to live here. I get a faint whiff of Israeli-ness about them. But not exactly Mossad; more like Russian-Israeli Mafia.
Real brave, honorable warriors, shooting a bicyclist in the back from the woods.

Act of God: Pope John Paul II Crucifix Falls, Crushes Man to Death.

(9:05am) More CIAlizards:
Hellolife satanists. Giving strong kickback.
Nathan Folks.

(10:15am updated OTB 27 with a pic of April2014F spheres.

For several days (i only realized it last night) the #1 dracs have been very covertly hitting me in such a way as to make my right shoulder and arm feel very achey, as though i had strained some muscles. I only realized it when i was guided to make a resin wand incorporating the Jan2014C pgm, April2014B pgm, and others, and used it on my shoulder. With this i can trace the attackers and blast them. The April2104B ball is set to redirect attacks back to sender, which helps light them up for destruction. This gives great relief, but after a while more of them resume the same activity.

(2:45pm) Ugh! Wanna blast some reptilian "jews"? Plenty of them on this Mossad propaganda youtube channel.

More crap: Aliens want to steal my soul: British woman claims she's been repeatedly abducted by 'reptilian' extraterrestrials. Samantha is MI-lizard, as is Slimeyscales' clone. (Slimeyscales finally went underground a few weeks ago, after i had blasted the crap out of her for like 7-8 months.)

(3:55pm) #1's still attacking me. They were onto my pancreas for a while; now they jump around to different body parts. Ships from Capella.

(7pm) Here's something interesting: Stephane Cardinaux site. If you scroll down 2/3 of page, there are drawings of demons. I blasted them for a while and got no vibe, no kickback. Then i hit them with the April2014E spheres, the ones supposedly against "dream" demons, and right away all these demon types vibed up. Hmmm.

(9:25pm) Wow, now when i look at pix of people and SSers (including clones but not robotoids, synthetics, Sandy Hookers, etc.) they all have one of these flat-face demons humping them.
There is a PDF with the pix on a SSer-run site here.
Cleanup time. Do your friends first.
I think people with serious orgone weapons don't have them anymore.

April 29, '14: (7:25am) Holy crap! Sugar Land man charged in scare that caused lockdown at Walmart in Kemah. Translation: DORy blood-drinking satanist MIBs conspire against and lie about an orgonite gifter! See his slightly wordy video and website.

I watched the news vid first. The first lying lizard brunette newscaster, a MIB, was in U base at the time, the 2nd (SSer lying brunette) not. As soon as the cops came on, i had to shut the vid down! Because i got hit with the strongest satanist vibe in a long time, from those 2 MIB cops! And then i resume and have to pause again when the DORy satanist lying MIB bitch with the sunglasses describes how skeered she was. She was in on the scripted frame-up. She had drunk the blood and eaten the liver of a sacrificed cat with those cops the previous night, amid hot sex.

Now this guy is ensouled and makes wicked pyramids. They are powerful and programmed to chew down very, very hard on these satanists. I recommend you buy one. The "power wand" sucks, though.

OK, let us check out the Kemah, TX Mayor and Council, all DORy as hell satanist MIBs.
Police Dept (shudder).

Now listen, you sick, lying, MIB cowards. I mean fearless ones. You are so brave that you do something this totally illegal, despite the fact that the Alah-kur will probably slowly slice you into ribbons in such a way as to extract maximum suffering out of your slow deaths. Because, you see, as Thor'p occasionally reminds me in horror, the Alah-kur actually derive energy and satisfaction from the suffering of evil ones, in a manner similar to how demons derive strength from the suffering of innocents.
And these a-holes deserve what they are going to get.

Personally, i always make a point to carry a bunch of suspicious objects in my pockets when i walk into a Wartmall, and nobody messes with me.

(9:50am) Been taking out a lot of MIB U bases and tunnels around Kemah, too.

About those flat-face demons: we have gotten rid of a lot of them already. A bunch came to visit me last night after i posted about them.
I want to make clear that once the April2104E spheres affect these "dream" demons, their energy is changed such that now the Demon-Disintegrating, jailer, and various other pgms work on them. I am making myself some devices that incorporate the E pgm with the other anti-demon pgms.

(1:10pm) Hmm, so the guy who got shot in the back is Jewish and has been airlifted to Israel (article).
Did he really get shot? I think so. He does not feel repty, and neither does his rabbi.

Four Corners: Ultraterrestrial Assault. Found some unknown type of DORy ETs in U bases, especially widespread in NE quadrant of AZ. They come from around Al Minliar al Shuja, a star in Hydra.

I am still under constant attack by the #1's in Capella. Yesterday evening i got a handle on them for a while, only to be hammered just as hard and in a similar way by the EHETs.

April 30, '14: (5:25pm) Dubious plan: White House Wants to Turn Interstates Into Toll Roads. Last i checked, almost nobody uses interstates anymore except for gov't agents, so hardly anyone but them would be affected.
Of course, they might do it anyway, because they have all the resources in the cosmos to waste, apparently.

Been getting attacked by the #1's all day still. From craft from Capella.

Another thing they often do to people is make it seem like an innocent party is attacking you. This has happened to me, Bal, and Mordok at least.
With me, i get hit all day at work by CIA and NSA satanists driving by. My workplace is right where a highway makes a sharp right angle turn at a yield sign in town, so traffic has to slow down anyway.
Lately the #1's will hit me sometimes in such a way as to make me feel that some innocent person driving by is hitting me.

They are very into remote monitoring of their victims, and know when to time things.
Another thing they do is feed psychics false insights.

(6:30pm) Wow, the agencies, instead of distancing themselves from what those embarrassing MIBs did to the "terrorist", are juicing this up in a bizarre way.
barenakedislam is a very DORy NSAtanist. I am getting strong heart attacks from looking at his site.
Same article on the site of Debbie Schlussel, another DORy NSAtanist.
Another similar article on the CIA's Jihadwatch.

I don't even know if the guy is a Muslim or not. Nor does it matter. But you see how it works? The satanist lizards create Islam, one of many scam religions, although one that has more truth in it than most. So they can then use it for all kinds of games.
Then NSAtanist MPD handlers Carol Croft and Don Bradley help to popularize orgonite, with the help of CIA asset NGC4414 satanist Karl Welz. Then satanist cops pretend to believe orgonite is hoax bombs. And use the internet to libel this guy with their absurdly transparent BS.
This is collossally illegal, and some of these guilty parties will be punished. By friends of Allah, as it turns out, haha.

(7:30pm) Heehee, i was checking out the late Debbie Schlussel's site and saw this article Donald Sterling: Racist NBA Owner is Dem Donor & Self-Hating, Anti-Israel Jew. I had been neglecting this media hoopla about Sterling because it didn't smack me with an obvious vibe, but he's a CIA Sandy Hooker. And the other 2 hookers in the pic are CIAlizards.

(7:45) OMG, the deliberate, unfathomable, stupidity. I just read to the end of the Mehrzad article:
But, in fact, in 2012, Malekzadeh was "arrested and charged with trespassing after he was located near some railroad tracks and told officers he was trying to bury argon." Argon is a gas used in high-temperature activities and also in lighting, but it can also be used as a colorless, odorless, and difficult to detect asphyxiant in closed areas or close quarters. Remember the 1994 incident in which a man was asphyxiated when argon entered a section of the Alaska Pipeline then under construction?
How absurd. If you watched his vid, you noticed that he pronounces "orgone" as "orgon".

None of this ridiculous BS would hold up in a court of law, unless the court was entirely controlled.

You NSA/CIA punks are laughingstocks.

(8:30pm) Just when i thought things couldn't get any weirder: right now i am being rushed by loads of #1 dracs shifted to astral phase, rushing at my newest wand (which is etherically linked to big jailers and disintegrators) to get vaporized. Both males and females. And they seem to be motivated by a SEXUAL thrill connected to suiciding that way. They are not trying to hit me at all that i detect. They just seem to be in ecstatic throes of orgasmic suicide.
Well, as long as everybody's happy...
Hey, darksiders, we know what you like. We got your number. And we deliver.

(8:50pm) I just found out that the April2014A Program also goes into cylinders! I think the sides have to be parallel and it can't be narrower than maybe 1/2" diameter. Many pill bottles would serve as molds. One could probably make good directional wands using the cardboard tube from paper towels, or a rolled-up plastic No Trespassing sign. Or fill it into a metal pipe or fat tube made of sheet metal.
I have yet to explore these possibilities.