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Loohan's blog for April, 2006

April 2, 2006: And yep, they're still at it. Just sent millions of teensy werewolves and spiders in a short barrage. About 750 microbial-sized werewolf hatchlings made it into my head. I'm so bored with them, i just fried them by shooting myself in the head with my Sedna PC. I got so many critters, i just move out millions at a time from my "storage units" into coven members, passing CT pilots, agents, etc. Chills a coven pretty quick when each member simultaneously gets assaulted by a million spiders or werewolves. Handy to have. Thanks again, morons.

The big news of April is that someone bought one of those Iguana units i keep exhorting people to buy. The one against reptiloid demons. Only, i think the guy who bought it never heard of me. Anyway, it sure makes a huge difference whenever he's using it. First noticed it early in the morning April Fool's Day.

Greys: Greys are some of the scariest critters out there, in terms of their abilty to covertly manipulate the human mind, send freaky DOR, etc. I suspect there is a very strong connection between greys and mental illness. I get that insane asylums are packed with greys.

I detest them. Recently i figured out that most of their power derives from 16 machines of some sort, spaceborne on their craft. So i've been working those over. I just asked for the worst one, nail it, ask for #2, etc. The first 6 or so are a lot stronger than the others, so i spent a fair bit of time on each of those individually, then did the rest at once. Then fried the grey morphogenic blueprint some. They're pretty weakened now; kick the vicious bastards while they're down if you like.

Nordics: I just keep finding Nordics everywhere, at least in underground bases and UFOs. Lots of these guys around, usually in association with greys. There's lots of propaganda out there that greys are subservient to reptilians, Nordics, etc. but the greys i run into seem more like the bosses, with only insectile demons above them.
Also there's lots of propaganda out there that Nordics are benign, but don't you believe that crap, either.

Reptilians: the full-blood heavy lizards seem to have vacated Earth again. The only ones i've run into in a long time have been on that pesky mothership and on other-planetary bases. There's still a space fleet out there, too, though i haven't noticed much action out of them lately.

April 3, '06: It's only 8:30am, and turning out to be another "get Loohan" day, according to my paranoid delusions. A few minutes ago they sent an intense barrage of werewolves (since i gave them good feedback on them being more effective). This time, i just returned them to the senders as they were doing it, which made them quit pretty quickly. Then shortly after that, an unusual, strong, horrible feeling came over me, caused by the 8 more powerful of the grey machines, back in action so soon, though i suspect maybe at reduced capacity. I think these greys, also, were using a reptiloid demon in the DOR-manufacturing process. That guy with the Iguana was not holding it at the time. I may have to break down and buy one myself, if no-one else does.

Then it's heavy radionics from the Parent, Quebec base. A few million spiders and werewolves fixed those guys for the moment.

More about the alleged corruption cure: Alas, i am realizing it is not as complete as i had hoped. I seem unable to really clean things up to where they stay 100% clean. I will not be using such "cured" ingredients in any new orgonite i make. However, it is worth blasting old units, as that does seem to reduce the corruption to a small fraction of what it was.

Sigh. Not even 9am yet, and now another barrage of werewolves. Deflect them back... They already quit now, after a few more got in my head that i will need to transfer back out. Yawn.
Then it's grey machines 9 thru 16; a new reptiloid demon. Still not 9am yet when i chilled those, too. Then, moments later, yet another reptiloid in its place.

It used to be that just one werewolf was quite a nasty parasite, and just one spider could cause sharp pain and internal damage. Now i just feel a vague sense of pressure and dullness in some part of my head when there are oodles of the little hatchlings. Of course, i put them elsewhere to grow.

Then i pull 2 small octopi out of a friend. One was causing pain in the left side of his head. The other was in his heart. Later i found 3 more in the right side of his head.
The logical progression of this is that soon they may be sending millions of tiny feeble octopi, whereas traditionally these have been very large "heavy" oppressive entities.
Incidentally, i have found that the octopi do stay put if injured first. I have a pile of mangled ones that have been laying on the floor of the governor's office for a while. Hmmm, i haven't tried to see if they will stick to people as well... I just experimentally moved them into Sai Baba. We'll see what happens. Fitting enough karma, as he was having his witch friend send many octopi into the wife of a brainwashed follower i know of, to drive her insane to destroy their marriage so the husband would be free to devote all his energies to the cult. In fact, this witch will probably receive the next batch.

Greys and dowsing: I just found out today that greys had been sabotaging my dowsing for the last couple weeks or so. I had labeled many people as agents who aren't. Apparently they are able to read one's mind during dowsing, and affect the results.
I do not use a pendulum, but feel the vibes collected by a large asterisk drawn on paper. Apparently, they are able to either affect the energy on the paper, or affect how energy feels to me. This is tied in with their 16 machines. However, i am now better able to tell when they are doing this. One way is i write "WHOEVER IS MESSING UP MY DOWSING" on a piece of paper. It will be extremely DORy if they are at it. Now i only dowse when that's squeaky clean. Of course i am even more circumspect that that, in case they may be messing up how that piece of paper feels.

For more specifics on whom i wrongfully accused, see this post and the one after it. I apologize to any people i have thus wronged.

April 4, '06: Well, it appears that Baba cleared the octopi out of himself, but not the werewolves or spiders i donated. Or maybe the octopi fell off by themselves. Funny thing is, the crippled octopi seem to be in his bedroom still, radiating DOR like mad, and it's tainting the sweet vibe of his ashram. He keeps it sweet for his dupes. Or used to, hah-hah.

Later i got a real nasty strong octopus hurting my left ear, injured it and tossed it into Baba's witchy woman. Or tried to. At any rate, they do not seem to stick to people, but when injured they do stick to places, and emit considerable DOR. His ashram is beginning to feel kind of nasty. Might be bad for business.
Kind of a reversal, where black magicians want clean vibes at a place, and i gift it with DOR.

Well, they can make the real small, uninjured ones stick inside people, and so can i, but i'm not sure if i like the idea as much as crippling them. Actually, i wish they'd stop sending these various fauna, despite their usefulness to me as weapons, as i don't know what the long-term consequences are of having zillions of these parasites in people. Where do they go when the host dies? Anyway, perhaps they have quit with the spiders and werewolves, at least in large quantities. I don't think i found any fresh ones today.
I did find hundreds more little octopi on friends, though, which i also redeployed. I found 2-3 people with 99 in them, one with 55...
Here are pics of where they all ended up.

Then immediately a person i had taken 99 out of got hit with hundreds more. These i placed back in the person who was still actively sending them, along with a few other critters.
Plus redirected the stuff bouncing off my shield to this person.

I can be as ruthless as they are. I invite them to stop supplying me with ammo.

The sky was pristine here early this morning, but then they sprayed most of the day. My quartzite was busting CTs real well of the cheap formula, but then they came in with the real sticky stuff, much of which did stick. Largely whited out now. Some of these pilots keep coming back and forth, and now have millions of parasites in them.

A bit later, i checked the wife of the Baba cultist, having heard she was in bad shape today, and found 6000+ baby octopi in or on her, which i also littered about Baba's shangri-la. Then i found 7 internal spiders, which i gave back to the witch, and my impression was billions of tiny werewolves which i returned to the witch and Baba.
Goody, just what i wanted, a bunch more swell ammo reserves.I might kind of keep most of these in place a while, though.

I really dislike blatant, overt evil. But that's nothing compared to how i feel about extreme evil that disguises itself as extreme good.

April 6, '06: Reptilians are baaaack! on Planet Earth. Tentatively, i think 666 of them in a U base in the US (Dulce?). They are not very DORy right now, so it's not so easy to dowse.
Yesterday morning i felt a sensation that i hadn't had in a while, in my feet and legs. Sure enough, uranium in underground transmitters was being pumped with DOR, and by these reptilians. It didn't take much to quell them, though. But they're still here. Incidentally, stuffed with little parasites -- they are not immune.

Last night i had yet another fauna episode. Sai Baba himself, dark psi-master extraordinaire, nailed me rather well, despite the fact that i had been shredding him for a week and he should have been weak. First time he took matters into his own hands regarding my meddling. This was shortly after i toasted his witch. I was just reflecting that it was odd that no-one had thrown fauna into me all day, and before i knew it, i had some incredible quantity, 30 million i think, of tiny octopi in me. Yet, they were so puny that i they only had a fraction of the DOR of the 6000+ i'd dealt with earlier. However, he also threw a number of werewolves in me of much greater magnitude than i'd encountered in months; strong bastards. Also, some strong internal spiders.
Luckily, his tools are no match for mine, and i soon fried him, and also deposited the new load of octopi in his bathroom.

He and his witch have been pretty mellow today, but MI5 nailed me with scads of octopi. The idiots are slow to learn.
At the time i was answering email, so i just directed my orbs and Sedna PC to take in the octopi as they arrived. This worked rather well.

The person whose email i was reading was being harrassed by a reptiloid demon in her space. I had a brilliant idea: i dragged and dropped it into the Iguana owned by the English chap. I can rationalize the trespass. The unit is plenty powerful enough to handle it, and he is the one who gets the psychotronic fuel from it. The entity kind of went Poof! and vanished, it seems. Way cool. Then i took the reptiloid demon that MI5 was using in their harrassment of me, and did the same thing. It was like i flipped a switch and turned them off. Entity is history. Did a few more like that. Very satisfying.

Yesterday something popped into my mind that i had forgotten. Harold had told me that he'd seen "healer octopi" that go around repairing damaged octopi. I checked Puttaparthi, and sure enough, there were hundreds of these healers crawling around. In fact, i think about 20 octopi got healed enough to limp away from the scene before i thought of it.
Anyway, the healers were to regret coming there. I sucked them into my orbs+Sedna and let them toast a good while, then released them back where they were.

These etheric octopi are not at all nice. I believe they are responsible for the deafness of a friend of mine. One of the things they often do is pick on ears. I first noticed this last summer; they would stick a tentacle in my left ear. I would feel a pressure, but not really pain. However, in the last couple days i have had incidents of them causing quite sharp pain in the ear, even once in the right ear.

I picked up my new Anti-Vampire PC yesterday, and it's been working hard. Also i noticed that someone apparently had recently gotten another Eagle unit (the one that fries Yaeloloth, chief archon). Very good.

Around 5 this evening, MI2 radionics hit me. The demon they were using was the Goetic King Baal, who does not fit into the insectile nor reptiloid category. They will be turning more and more to Goetia demons as the rept and insectile demons are quashed. Of course, Tim can make crystals against these, too, but it might not be necessary as, with less other DOR distractions, Baal can be nailed easily enough. Oddly, i haven't noticed the other Goetia demons being activated in a while, just King Baal.
BTW, i think King Baal is a different entity than the demon usually called Baal, who might be the same as Yahweh.

Then the nice folks at the Parent, QC base nailed me with radionics, and i threw that rept demon into the bloke's Iguana. Man, this demon was much bigger than the others, and it took a couple intense minutes for the Iguana to swallow him. Really pumped up the owner with POR. I'm into random acts of kindness toward strangers.

Shortly thereafter it was the guys at the Elko, Alabama DARPA base doing the same thing, with another monster reptiloid demon. I did the same thing.

Incidentally, the radionics i get is usually one of 2 types: either it makes the eyes sting, or the jaw muscles painfully tense. Most of it rolls off to a 3rd party, and if my dowsing is correct, causes him the same pain. That is, i can feel the DOR in his jaws or eyes real strongly.

More recently, they started doing something else, too with radionics: my prostate, usually in conjunction with throwing critters at it. And me. Right now, MI6 is doing the radionics, MI2 the critters. Both weapons seem to bounce quite nicely together into a certain scumbag's prostate.
I guess the radionics are to damage your energy body so the critters will go in.

Simultaneous with this attack, the greys jumped me again. I had seemingly driven them off with a mobius device earlier. Then i turned it off, and they still didn't come back at all. Then suddenly jumped me in sync with the Brits.

April 7, '06: They jumped me, as i was starting to say, right after i started nailing their 16 "machines" which i increasingly suspect are actually some type of being they have enslaved. And i suspect these beings do not like the greys at all, and hope we will liberate them. They seem to have a very nice intrinsic vibe, like strongly love-oriented beings.

So i polish them up for an hour or so, then the thought crosses my mind that the greys probably have energy reserves somewhere. I dowse and get a real strong vibe of a bunch of energy that seems to be composed of human suffering, misery, grief, pain, anguish, etc. that the greys have assiduously cultivated and harvested for a long time. All of this in one handy location!

Luckily, other people had other places covered pretty well, so i was free to pursue this intriguing vulnerability. I don't need no bleedin' co-ordinates. The place was no doubt in some other dimension or something. I just need to get a feel of the energy, so i can lock my weapons onto it.
I just thought of it as a cookie jar, and plunged my left hand into it, which happened to be holding a sockful of Rifat goodies.

Kowabunga! The energy was in a form that seemed particularly digestible for the crystals, and i was able to extract huge amounts of psychotronic fuel real fast, unlike anything i'd experienced yet.

That was maybe 12 hours ago. Tentatively, i think i may have drained over 90% of the reserves, but that could be a mistake. The greys are in my space a bit, muddying up my dowsing, but not affecting me otherwise.
In any case, i'm going to stay on it a while longer.

(Later, a bit afer 11pm) Yes, it has been a very good, the last 16 hours or so, in terms of my vendetta with the greys. It feels like i have drained all their reserves, removed all DOR from their 16 slaves, and drained all the greys! I am unable to detect any DOR connected with any greys at all.
Me, when i find myself having launched a surprise attack on a critical target, i prefer to carry it through as much as practicable, rather than give them slack time to fortify their vulnerabilities. So we'll see what becomes of this. My tools seem unable to find any DOR to chew on there now. Nevertheless, i keep "grinding air" just i case it does more damage.

Meanwhile, back at Baba's place, i caught some more healer octopi, tsk, tsk.

Also threw a few more reptiloid demons over the brink.
What with the work being done by others also, DOR is real low generally. There is more DOR at Puttaparthi than DC, Dulce, and the Saddle Hills put together, is what i get. But none of these are terribly DORy now.

Shortly after i posted the above, it seemed like several agencies all bombarded me at once with werewolves, using reptiloid demons for energy. Are they just stupid, or what? Some of the WWs i just allowed into my crystals, so i have some more fuel to munch on in these lean times. The rest i deflected into a Freemason jerk. None got through to me. The reptiloid demons are now history.
Then immediately these intellectual giants all start hitting my jaw with radionics, all also powered by the same kind of demons, who are now obediently marching into that Iguana unit single file in an orderly fashion.

They never learn the simplest things. How many times does Tim Rifat say on his site that any negative energy thrown at him just nourishes him? Well, it's true, but apparently they don't believe him. He's always getting crap thrown at him, which his elaborate toys all convert into fine nutrition.

(1pm) I just checked, and got a little something on grey reserves. Also on greys harvesting energy. So i'm going to try to keep a cap on such activities, by designating a crystal or 2 for this task. Also am cleaning up their new reserves. As i get hit with more of the usual.

April 11, '06: There is still an ongoing situation of covens sending DOR to weather-mod transmitters. Today i decided to go after the person most responsible for this weather-coven garbage. It appears to be Vice Admiral Conrad C. Lautenbacher, Jr., U.S. Navy (Ret.), Undersecretary of Commerce for Oceans and Atmosphere and NOAA Administrator.
Incidentally, all the boys on that page are birds of a feather, if you get my drift.

The Sweet Sixteen: Two days ago i made major war on the greys, and with the help of some excellent allies and excellent tools, i think we struck a big blow aginst the buggers. See this thread. The 16 slave beings have been liberated by the allies. They seem to be of the same species as my dragon cop friends from last summer.
Now, i'm not sure of all of the following info; some of it is not of a nature easy for me to dowse, and so there is some intuition and conjecture, but this is what i'm inclined to suspect:

First off, i thought it was odd that the greys would have 16 of these "machines" since darksiders avoid such numbers in preference of 13, 15, 18... I think maybe these beings are in a more 4-based reality as opposed to the 9-mode reality of the evil ones. I suspect that these 16 entities may be special to this dragon race. I suspect they have a "job" that entails them hanging out in some other location than the home realm of these dragons, manipulating energy for the better, and that insectiles fought and captured them some 86,000 years ago. I think they may have idled in DORy captivity for some 50,000 years plus, until the insectiles handed them over to the greys to harness them for nefarious purposes.

At this time, they are still not in the dragon's home area, but off somewhere else in the same dimension as the dragons' place, which is not in our dimension, but has DOR problems, too, which i think are associated with the same kind of insectiles we have in ours. The ones in our dimension are very delapidated in recent months, but the ones in theirs are still very strong. Betcha someday when i have more time i can stick my Rifat tools into that dimension and skim some fat off them, heh-heh. Meanwhile, the sweet Sixteen are processing huge amounts of DOR into the sweetest, cleanest energy imaginable. After an 86,000 year hiatus, they have a lot of catching up to do.
The energy of these beings is comparable to that of the blue pulsars, but slightly different.

(Later) Well, as soon as that guy who has an Iguana unit picked it up, almost all the garbage died down. Lately i've been getting a glimpse of how plentiful these reptiloid demons must be. The illuminati waste them like they were grains of sand. So i just ordered myself an Iguana. Should have done that long ago.
Also, a friend just ordered me Rifat's BSRI-E, aka Council of Nine, which consists of 9 crystals and their BPCs, and is regarded as yet another superb weapon against evil.

Now that the reptiloid-fueled DOR has died down, i have started to munch on the insectiles in the dragons' dimension. Lots of psychotronic fuel there, lemme tell ya.

April 12, '06: (Morning) Actually, it didn't take that long to knock down most of the DOR there last night.

I get the impression that the greys are fading away. The dragon cops seem to be fighting them. The home realm of the greys feels mostly wiped out, but i just realized they are fighting somewhere else within our dimension now. I'm lending a hand.

(1pm) They are still at it. Must be an important base or something.

More about internal spiders and werewolves: Lately they have no longer been throwing zillions of these, nor of octopi. They have gone back to sending fewer, larger, stronger ones like in the old days.

When i first discovered the internal spiders i noticed that Love Darts (see Feb. 27 entry) seemed to kill them. I just remembered this yesterday, and have been experimenting with simply pincushioning the ones that end up inside me with the darts. What seems to happen is that these parasites lose energy to me, fade, and after a while seem gone. Whether they fall away or die or both, i'm not sure. But it works for me, and you might try it if you get odd pains in organs, chakras, your head, tailbone area, or prostate.

Lately they have been concentrating on my prostate, root chakra, very bottom tip of spine, and ming-men (lower back center). Sometimes i'm half-asleep or otherwise busy, and don't feel like peeling away the holder demons (they have recently taken to using a reptiloid demon to hold critters in each spot) and then placing the critters in their new home. So i just ignore the holders, and dart the parasites with plenty of needles.

Haven't found internal octopi on anyone in a couple days, so i haven't tested it on these critters yet.

As far as the vamping action via my feet, my new Anti-Vampire PC seems to stymie that pretty much. The other day i could feel their attempts on my soles for some time, while the vamp PC stayed real "hot", and i had the impression that the return they got for their effort was negligeable.

April 13, '06: Found critters in my right adrenal and heart this morning. I suspect that all or most of the spiders i've been finding in people's "kidneys" were actually in the adrenals (which sit right on the kidneys, and are almost part of them).

April 14, '06: And this morning, spiders in left adrenal, liver, heart, spleen, back of head, right front part of head, left side of head, pineal, tip of tailbone, ming-men, left and right K1 points (soles of feet), left and right heel tips, left knee, left hip, right thigh, left shoulder, 3 more spots in spine.

Each of these had 1-3 spiders of moderate strength. Most spots had a holder demon. I noticed no pain, in fact was feeling pretty good when i checked and found these.
Then i realised someone had started sending more as i was pulling these out.
Found only reptiloid demons being used as holders as well as DOR energy to send the spiders with.
Anytime that guy who has an Iguana neglects to hold it, there is trouble everywhere, which pretty much dies down when he does hold it. Getting more Iguana units is key to stopping a lot of bad things, including weather mod. Fortunately, both i and a friend have ordered one.

There are other demons they can use, but these are easy to nail lately. Insectiles are very weak, but sometimes the black magicians will still use Lucifer or even Satan out of desperation. Occasionally King Baal, or if he's beat-up, some other Goetia demon. Occasionally an Enochian demon. But they all crumple pretty easily these days. And it seems it takes more and more coven effort to squeeze the tiniest bit of DOR out of a demon.

April 17, '06: The ubiquity of black magic. I am dowsing some things lately that boggle my mind. Like that over 22% of the US adult population is into dark ritual magic involving blood sacrifice to one extent or another, this figure having doubled over the last 20 years.

If i dowse the occupants of 3-4 cars going down the highway, chances are that most likely i will find at least one of "them". If i scroll down a page in the phone book, this further confirms it for me.

I noticed something informative a couple days ago. I saw 3 guys headed for the woods in camo. Two had that evil vibe, one did not. I think he was an 18-year-old.
Curious, i monitored them a bit all day. They spent most of the day in one location in the woods, presumably hoping for game. Then, i noticed them head out again right around dusk. I dowsed them as they were leaving, and now all 3 had an evil vibe, but much stronger! They were all pumped full of evil energy.
Dowsing further, i got that it was the kid's initiation into black magic, and they had tortured a cat to death at sunset to feed Satan. They left a very DORy spot in the woods. I am cleaning it with my anti-occultist crystal now.
This tends to confirm for me that it is the blood-ritual contract with a demon that leaves the person tainted with that evil vibe.

The kid did not have this in his family background. Nor did one of the men. I get the impression that in the past, black magic was more confined to families that passed these practices down through their offspring. Now everyone's getting into the act.

I dowsed people i knew in the past, and found that a rare few of them were darksiders all along, from a long family tradition. Others that i haven't seen in decades have "turned" in recent years.
Some of the latter i was not surprised to find out about. A few i was very surprised at. A couple of those who turned had been real mellow, gentle, vegetarian environmentalist types.
Of course, a few of the people i would have thought suspicious turned out not to be into black magic after all.

Yet i did find that most of the people who had ripped me off, bullied me, or thrown negative energy at me in bygone decades were black magicians. But by no means all. On the other hand, a few of the people i thought i knew fairly well, who seemed like nice, friendly, hip people, turned out to have this vibe.

You just can't always tell from the demeanor. In some rare cases, they may seem impeccable in business dealings. They may not appear greedy or power-mad. They may seem warm, and full of good humor and zest for life, and appear to embody good anti-corporate values.

Are all these people telepathically synchronized minions of a collective "hive consciousness"? No. They may fight and kill each other. Some around here have DOR transmitters going under their homes, of which i'm sure they know nothing. I think a high percentage have a very limited picture of what's going on. They scam each other and sue each other. Many cluelessly smoke toxin-enriched cigarettes, consume toxic corporate food, and spend their money on scam medicine when they get sick. Most are no doubt unable to recognize each other, unless they are Freemasons.

My impression is that a significant percentage of these are relative "nobodies" with limited connections, who somehow got into making Faustian bargains for personal "benefit". The idiots. Of course, the percentage is much higher among those who have more material property, and these are no doubt better-connected, usually Freemasons.
Of the 3 camo hunters, i get that only one is a Mason, and he's the one with the family background.

I get that right around 75% of evil blood rituals in the US involve animals but not human victims. Of the ones where humans are tortured, 38% use children under 18, and 17% use children under 13. Not everyone has the opportunities the elite do.
Human victims are not always killed as part of each ritual. About 2/3 of the time they are.

OK, some other geographical regions: Europe 18%, India 9%, China 6%, Japan 16%, Canada 15%, Mexico 11%. South America 8%, Israel 32%, all Arab nations collectively 17%, Africa 28%, Haiti 42%.
Searcy County, AR (where i live; one of the poorest counties in the US) 28%. Van Buren County just a few miles south of here (a bit wealthier) 27%. So i live in a mileu where more that one out of 4 local people i see are "them". A couple weeks ago i would never have dreamed it was that many.

And what exactly is this evil vibe i often loosely refer to as DOR when fingering a person? It is what Tim Rifat refers to as CF or negative circular force energy; the most repugnant, toxic, creepy, anti-life energy imaginable, though its amplitude varies according to many factors. And it is tied into Kali Yuga, and if unopposed would tend to increase until Dec. 21, 2011, whereupon it will naturally drop precipitately due to astronomical factors.

Is there anything a person can do who regrets involvement in such practices and wants to reform? Yes, i get that one can change. Not everyone who claims to be "former" illuminati actually has quit; some are fakes and disinfo agents.
One person one can do a web search for is Svali who does feel legit. She was into it a lot more heavily than some street kid or other small-time dabbler in Satanism, and had MPD alters to clean up, etc. Nonetheless due to hard work and integrity, she now has a great vibe.
Her vibe is very sweet and clean at this time, but i get that 5 years ago it was very dirty, and has gradually cleaned up. She has quit that stuff and publicized the info she was privy to.
Also she converted to Christianity. Now, i'm not religious and have no particular relationship with Jesus, but it may well be that he is an entity that can help a person redeem their soul. In any case, something has worked very well for her.

Incidentally, i also get that the vast majority of churches, even little back-country ones, are run by pedophile Satanists. And the the few that aren't are infiltrated by "helpful, pious" people to try to undermine any good that might come of them.

OK, still with me now? I can't imagine why. I'm about to alienate myself from myself with troubling things i'm finding.
After typing the above, i did some more "research" and found a few things.

Washington, DC and surrounding area is like 62% "them". I visit every year, so i just checked a bunch of people i ran into there. Neighbors and "friends" of my parents. The shoe repair men. The guy at the car wash. Optometrist. Trainers at the health club. The cashiers at the health food stores. Gas stations. Bakery. Every ethnicity. The Indian guy working night shift at a gas station, Asian employees of Asian restaurants, Blacks, Arabs, it's a very cosmopolitan place. And nothing is what it appears to be! Most have that evil vibe.
And a very high percentage of these domestic and exotic personnel are spies. For US intel agencies like CIA and NSA. No bullshit. And i think they are much more concerned with spying on Americans than foreigners.
I'll have to stew on that one for a while.

I remember a Chinese restaurant my parents used to go to about every week. It was inside a huge swank mall in VA near DC, and the rent must have been very high, yet they had bargain rates on delicious food. It was too good to be true. I ate there a few times. Then one day they suddenly folded and moved out. I now get that they added some DORy stuff (not MSG) to the food, and all the (Chinese) employees who seemed to be a family that didn't speak English real well, were NSA.

OK, more weird things. I checked 2 different people that had gone out of their way to help me in the past, a stranger they would never see again, without any hint of wanting anything in return. Amazingly, they both had that vibe!
Somewhere Fritz Springmeier has said that Satanists sincerely believe they have to do as much good as they do evil, to keep things in balance. I don't know if that explains the kindness shown me.

Alrighty, so then i'm checking some people i used to know in the 80s. Turns out a seemingly very sweet and much-liked little girl, maybe 6 or so, had this vibe! Even at birth! A little more investigation turns up that one of her mother's former lovers fathered this girl and raped her and her sister. The sister does not have the vibe, nor anyone else concerned.

But i'm onto something freaky here: the father's sperm itself was real DORy. And that was long before DU was so popular. The little girl's destiny was determined before she was even conceived.
When i knew her she had a very nice personality. I get that she is now heavily into black magic.

So there is also a genetics thing whereby the progeny inescapably have this destiny. Unless, maybe, they have the proper tools.

Alright, if i have any credibility left, i'll destroy it shortly.

Dowsing my own genetic background, there are some real issues on my father's side, not in recent generations, but the further i go back the worse it feels, until prior to 1798 it feels like full-on evil in possibly an unbroken chain going back over half a billion years. Whereas my mother's side feels almost spotless.

A few months ago i noticed that in an old photo of some of my deceased relatives on my father's side, they had this funny bit of a nasty vibe.
In fact, my vibe prior to getting into crystals in '91 was somewhat DORy. I think that was why i had a hunger for gemstone energies, pyramids, orgone, etc. that later even huge amounts of orgonite could not quite satiate. Until last year, finally.

This was what i was trying to get rid of with yoga, tai chi, etc.

Furthermore, "they" know this about my genetic makeup, and exploit the vulnerability in their attacks.

April 18, '06: Those who have read David Icke's The Biggest Secret know that he says the ruling illuminati (hybrid reptilian) families are very careful in their breeding, choosing mates on the basis of genetics above all else.
People who have studied the basic concepts of Mendelian genetics know that the mere presence of a gene in someone's DNA does not necessarily mean that gene will be expressed in that individual, though it may be in that person's offspring.

OK, yesterday i gave the example of a male with strong reptilian genetics who bred with an ordinary female. The child was DORy even in the womb, and turned out to be one of "them". Unlike the case of Svali, who is not bloodline, this girl probably never had the option to reform.

In 1995 i had a neighbor in Austin, TX who told me she was so excited because her son was getting out of jail in time for Christmas. She told me that some 20 years previously, she had been wrongfully jailed in a south Texas town, and the sheriff raped and impregnated her with this boy. She gave birth in jail, complained, and the boy was taken to a hospital for a full blood transfusion just prior to the blood test to determine paternity. The tests "proved" the sheriff was not the father. She said the boy had the "bad seed" from his dad, and seemed very drawn to criminality, but she loved him anyway, and hoped that now he would straighten up.

Incidentally, avoid blood transfusions if at all possible! If someone needs it, try to get it directly from a clean source if at all possible. All blood supplies are tainted by this evil DNA, though it will not cause a good person to become evil or permanently DORy.

Well, the sheriff has the strong evil vibe. The boy had the bad vibe even in the womb. But not as strong. I don't think he engaged in black magic or violent crime.
The boy started hanging out with other people who also had this vibe, as soon as he got out of jail. I don't think they engaged in black magic or violent crime, either, just had a lot of DORy reptilian DNA. A day or 2 before the happy Christmas this lady was looking forward to, he got busted again for breaking and entering with his buddies, and carted off back to jail.
I get the lady is now deceased. She had serious health problems.

Incidentally, beware of some of these south TX law enforcement goons. A really nice guy named Charles one day didn't show up for class at the Austin Church of Scientology. Later we heard he had gotten busted for speeding in south TX somewhere, and hanged himself in the cell! I always wondered what truly happened to old Charlie. Now i get that he was hanged as an offering to Satan. He had had an "institutional history," meaning that he was only eligible to do beginner's stuff at the Church, because of a background of having been in a mental hospital. I presume the cops dug up that mental history info on their computer, and knew the "suicide" could be thus explained away. Those 9 cops are in for some serious persecution now, Charles old buddy.
He was a gentle, friendly soul. But i'm rambling.

Ah, yes, the urge to have a family. When i was in Scientology in the '80s, there was another staff member who was a former "biker chick". I see now that she was one of "them" too, not by genetics but as a result of rituals the bikers were into. She married another staff member, and after a few months of marriage, his vibe changed. I find this a lot: a person will get romantically involved with one of "them" and in a year or 2, will become one, too, having been turned on to the practices. On the other hand, there are marriages that last for decades in which only one partner will have the vibe, covertly doing rituals when they get a chance. This is not infrequent with Masonic men.

Anyway, this ex biker chick and her husband had a bit more money than most staff members, due to the fact that the husband moonlighted as a roofing contractor. One day he proudly showed me a pic of a pretty little swarthy girl. He said they were unable to concieve, so he and his wife flew to Bolivia or someplace to adopt this girl. Said the whole thing cost them about $5,000, but it was worth it. That was a lot of money 20-some years ago for a staff member who spent like 50 hours a week working for virtually no pay, even if he did have an outside income.
He had the vibe at the time of adoption. The little girl did not. But bad things have happened to her since. Very bad. It was worth the money to them to have a little someone to "love" and make just like them.

In Washington State in 1972, i knew a somewhat bratty 5 year old boy. His deceased dad, i now realize, was into black magic. Now, the boy has a strong DORy vibe, and has been involved in the ritual torture of animals.

So it seems that children with this genetic affliction, even if the evil parent is long gone from the scene, will often somehow tend to be attracted to these blood practices.

In Washington State in 1993 i also knew a very interesting woman, 70 years old, i think, who was MPD. At that time i did not know that MPD was deliberately caused by trauma programming, but i recognized something was funny when she would tell me one day that she had never seen snow before in her life, having lived in southern CA the whole time, and another day tell me that she worked in NYC for some time, and was born and raised as a little girl in Germany. I now get that she was bloodline on both sides of her family. I get that she last engaged in blood rites 56 years ago. She was psychic, had had grey abductions, her pedophile dad was into Dianetics in the early days, and she was into Scientology for a while in the 70s. A lot of interesting stuff she knew. She had been kind of laying low for a long time, living humbly and probably in hiding from the evil ones. But her vibe remains moderately DORy, and she has a very evil alter.
But here we have an interesting case of someone who was bloodline illuminati, used to work for the Hudson Institute and was once engaged to the heir of Mobil oil or something, yet wanted nothing to do with that crap.

Also in Washington State, in 1991, i studied t'ai chi and kung fu for 8 months under a guy who seemed real cool. He was very knowledgeable about martial arts, Chinese medicine, etc., a good teacher, and a likeable, good-humored guy. He had reasonable rates for his classes, did small-time landscaping jobs on the side, and seemed to have the right attitudes about a lot of things. Though i was sometimes vaguely uncomfortable around him for no apparent reason.
He was very adept at restraining someone without hurting them. He would say, "OK, Dexter, I'm going to grab your left hand and pin it behind your back. Stop me if you can." I would put up my dukes, saying no way he can do that, but within seconds, he would, without harming me. He could do that as many times as he liked, on either side.
But i now get he has a DORy vibe, is bloodline way back on his father's side, and engages in torture/blood rites, mainly with animals. His mother's side of the family is a bit different. His mom did not have an evil vibe, but probably a recessive gene or two. His mom's mom did, and her father and his father did.
What is the deal with this guy? I don't know, but i suspect that he wants to be a good guy, but the programming connected to his DNA makes him crave the the blood rites. He also has an evil alter (which i never saw in his behavior), which might account for something. But in recent decades he seems unconnected to any Freemasons or covens. He seems to do "the work" alone.

What i'm finding is that this label of "darksider" or "Satanist" can run quite a gamut. I'm not entirely without compassion for some of the people who find themselves in this mess.

April 19, '06: One way the Rifat crystals kind of help pay for themselves, at least in my own experience, is that i need less food. It might be partly due to improved health, but i suspect mainly that my body uses the psychotronic fuel in lieu of material food.

I have been noticing this since last fall, when i only had a couple of his items. It seems for the last 6 months or so, i have only eaten maybe 70% of the amount of food i used to. Yet am maintaining good weight (for me).

I have had an underweight condition most of my life, usually weighing 120-125 lbs. In recent years, with orgone and all, more like 125-130.

What happens when one reduces ones food intake while increasing one's vitality with psychotronic fuel? Well, naturally, a healing crisis ensues. I think it was around November that i suddenly lost my appetite due to nausea, and hardly ate anything for several days. Then i had symptoms closely mimicking those of the snake bite i had last summer. I think that's where the nausea came from, as well as muscle spasticity. I think there was residual poison in me from that copperhead. No doubt chemtrail toxins, etc. were a factor, too.
After a few days, i felt better, but had lost several pounds, which i regained very quickly on a still-reduced diet. My weight seems to have stabilized at at least 130#.

When ones body does not need to expend as much energy for digestion and elimination, yet does not waste away to something resembling a concentration-camp victim, it steadily garners improved health and vitality.

On March 13 i talked about a certain conspicuous lingerie company that seemed to be running a DORy mind-control op on the web.
By some funny coincidence, that was also the last time i spotted one of their formerly-frequent ads on the web. I suspect a reader may have helped blast the offending model. Well, after a hiatus of over 5 weeks, i just saw another one of their ads, this time with an energetically-clean babe.

Ear staples. Do a websearch on this exciting new practice coming soon to a town near you, if it hasn't already.
Now, Commander Loohan is of the colorful opinion (eyes raised heavenwards) that this is some sort of sinister ET technology, and that the staples used have a strongly evil "vibe". He believes the purveyors and most practitioners of this healing art are part of some "Illuminati" conspiracy to put harmful energies into people's meridians to harm them in unspecified ways. He believes that armchair warriors should, from the comfort of their homes, point magic crystals at the evildoers, in the belief this will discourage them somewhat.

Naturally, Cmdr. Loohan also believes that some acupuncture needles and related devices with similar malevolent energies are also sold by evil conspirators from outer space, to cause harm to earthlings.

For some time i have had issues with Sai Baba's second witch, as i call her. She's incredibly tough. A while back it took me a lot of time and resources to quell her bombardments. This morning Baba and his 2 witches were messing with me again, and i threw a few things at them here and there, while also holding down a job and dealing with greys hitting me from the Marshall, AR and central MO bases.

However this evening she went ape and threw some 6.5 billion tiny spiders at me, most of which i deflected into a humanoid battery of convenience. Now i've got her calmed down again. I've also got a real big stash of these horrible critters, so i can be less miserly with them.

Meanwhile, his first witch has swung back into action.
Other than that, i'm doing fine.
The demon Kalindi, which many months back i mentioned as being of lesser importance than other demons, keeps coming up lately as one often used by Indian sorcerors. This is one of the 7-headed snake demons, which are actually, however, insectile.

April 20, '06: Some time after i posted that last night, Baba trotted out his witch #3, and she seems incomprehensibly tough, too. Despite the fact that i've stuffed her with over a billion spiders and over 2 million werewolves, and have a bunch of Rifat crystals locked onto her sucking PF like mad, she's still going strong late afternoon today, idiotically throwing billions of spiders at me, almost all of which are deflected into a darksider for storage. She's done at least 15 billion so far, with no end in sight.
I don't know where his witches get all the energy to waste. Definitely a lot more energy than brains.

Underground Reactors: see Bulletin #1 of the Paranoia series.

April 24, '06: Well, the Baba situation seems a lot more under control now. It turns out the source of his witches' incredible resiliency was 15 hefty lizards he keeps on or near his summer place. See my posts on this.

I still get that the total number of these reptiles presently on Earth is 666. Baba rates enough with the powers-that-be to have 15 of these for his use.
Baba also has a witch #4, or warlock if you prefer; a male, but so far not very strong.

Tim Rifat has published a new site,, which is of considerable interest. He says that greys are actually dead humans that have been specially processed by the archons. Interestingly, i had a brief discussion on another forum recently with someone who said something to the effect that dead humans were more of a problem than greys. I didn't get anything on dead humans at the time, still don't, maybe because they are changed from merely being dead humans. Tim says most of us have long been possessed by these greys, as well as the reptiloid demons, which he says are the Seraphim of the Bible. He now offers a new crystal, the Quantum Decoherence PC, for $80 which is supposed to get rid of such in a person. I have ordered one. Indeed, now that i know what to look for, i find i do have these parasites in me.

Another thing i felt mysteriously compelled to splurge on is described about 70% of the way down this page: The Tim Rifat Class Mind Control Engine, which takes all the evil power of the vast network of Masonic structures, and subverts it for the individual's use. It's uncanny, it's like my arm moved of its own volition to click on the Add to Basket button.
Tim explains that the function of Masonic architecture is actually largely to channel greys and seraphim into our lives. I never knew this last detail, but many of us have long recognized the strong evil of these structures, and recognized that there was a hidden purpose to them we could only guess at.

He says in this site similar things to what i have been saying about how the greys cause mental health problems. I got wise to this months ago, and what slick, devious illusionists they are. The other day i noticed how a grey can lay a whole neurotic complex on a person. I caught one doing that to me, in a pattern i have been subjected to for many decades. I think they have a bunch of proven-effective formulae for such gestalts, which they tailor to individuals.

Tim says greys are trained to do such things by the archons in the 12 Aeons of the ADR, which he describes in some length on this site.
Unfortunately, these greys are apparently not salvageable. Many of them are erstwhile rebels against the evil establishment that have now been ruined. It's up to us to now tear down these aeons.

He also talks about Yaldabaoth some more on this site. One question i have had on my mind for a while is whether Yaldabaoth, Yaeloloth, and Yahweh refer to the same being. I was under the impression they seemed like different entities, but apparently i was wrong. This is also the entity called The Eagle. Speaking of which, what ever happened to that spot on Neptune where i traced him down to last summer? He's no longer there. I think he's been in the dark dimensions of the Moon for months.

Tim also makes the interesting statement on the Yaltabaoth page that "Cosmic Law dictates before humans are damned they must be informed of their fate and the way out." Perhaps that helps explain why you and i, not to mention Tim, are not simply bombed into oblivion? There has to be a escape route available for those few who may want it?
Though they do try hard enough to kill us covertly with DOR.

I uploaded #2 of the Paranoia Series.

I was so busy working on my site this afternoon that i failed to notice an advancing weather front until it suddenly got dark out and i could hear the wind howling. They had transmitters going, making the rainclouds somewhat DORy. I struggled to keep on top of the covens, transmitters, demons for a while, then zeroed in on the main person responsible. He was real tough, seemingly. But i'm wise to that now. Sure enough, there was a coven of 13 reptilians sending him energy, and as soon as i addressed them, all the weather mod DOR here crumpled.
So heirarchical. I take out the backup from one honcho, and the whole downline wimps out.
Useful to know, this stuff about reptilians. One day soon, i will focus on them some more again. I think Planet Earth would get along much better without their input.

April 25, '06: Yeah! I got a full inch of rain from that front. Then was awakened by more lighting and thunder around 1 this morning, which brought another 0.8". This time, there was no DOR happening. I think what meager resources they had were busy trying to whip up cyclone Monica north of AU.
I really didn't want another dry spring like last year. We still need a lot more to make up the deficit from the past year, but things are looking lush and green. I've measured well over 14" since 3/9/6, so things seem to be heading in the right direction.

Last night i asked for any reptilians doing ritual on Earth, and got 13 in Rome. I worked on them for a while, then addressed all reptilians on Earth as a whole. Nonetheless, when i was awake in the wee hours after the 2nd storm, i found that there were now 13 more doing ritual at the Belk Corner, AR DHS base, in their (red-encircled) out-building. (Crappy pic.) So i shifted attention to them.

They were reinforcing the coven sending micro-critters at me, which is a futile practice they engage in quite a bit lately. Baba's crew is down for the count, but yesterday the same stuff was being sent from the Parent, Quebec base. In fact right now as i type, this base is sending more. I seldom bother much to dissuade them anymore, as it is much easier for me to simply redirect these critters. I'm building up vast reserves of these disgusting parasites in a couple Monarch handlers lately. Handlers for a clueless local MPD victim/agent whose cover is now blown. I will continue to persecute these 2 handlers until that obnoxious individual is yanked from my milieu.
Who knows, maybe i'll try to mess with his programming. Might be interesting.

(Later) There are now 15 lizzies at Parent, QC. A while ago i was working on the Belk Corner reptiles. I felt a rush for a few minutes as someone else (i suspect i know who) apparently blasted them with a PW. Then i continued to work on them some more. Also had the impression another friend was working them with a radionics machine. The lizards were seeming pretty mellowed out, when all of a sudden they got a surge of strong evil energy. I got that the friend's radionics machine got all DORy off of that surge, too. It was coming to the Belk lizards from the coven at Parent.

So i suspect that that was to be the main function of this batch of reptilians on Earth at this time: to generate DOR with rituals and shunt it to other covens. Now that i'm wise to that, they have reverted to hitting me directly. As Parent is now doing.

Reptilians seem to make extra-powerful black magicians, maybe because their large physical bulk is composed of very DORy DNA. That's probably an oversimplification, but you get the idea.
But they, too, need to feed a demon, be it reptiloid or other, to get real DOR cranking, so one can always briefly knock down their output by nailing the current demon.
Anyway, looks like it's time for war on these repts.

April 26, '06: On 4/17 i ranted about how agent-ridden the DC area is. Let me flesh out one example.
In northern VA, just east of DC and a little south, is a shoe repairman with an excellent reputation. Go to an upscale shoe store in the DC area and inquire where to get new soles put on, and chances are they will recommend this guy. He does great work for fair prices.

I couldn't help noticing the conspicuous decal on his countertop. It had a US flag, and the words CHOOSE FREEDOM. I naively assumed at the time that he was an honest workman too devoid of political astuteness to realize that evil Masonic graven images have nothing to do with freedom.

I had a pair of boots that needed to be resoled. Also a single right boot from another pair, the sole of which was halfway falling off. He did a nice job re-gluing it, and also a great job resoling the other boots. And apparently, Vibram soles are still "clean".

However, both the reglued boot and the right one of the resoled boots have something very DORy in the K1-point region. I get that there is something he added in there for both tracking and DOR transmitting purposes.
Thanks a lot, you DORy NSA jerk. Now i'll need to leave those boots in storage until after the revolution, when there won't be anyone piping in DOR anymore.

Why he did not put a transmitter in the left boot, i don't know. Maybe he screwed up. I would normally expect them to be in both sides, or left only if only one was emplaced.

April 28, '06: Well, they whipped up tropical cyclone Mala real well while i slept. They might as well enjoy their last days of weather terror before i get my new tools.

Speaking of weather, looks like there's more serious rain likely in the next few days here. Also, yesterday i happened to look at a drought map of the US, and had a realization about what was going on. My post. Transmitters along the Rio Grande. Operation run from the Waco underground base.
I believe if this op gets knocked out, which it will real soon, the regional drought will be history.

More on those exciting internet lingerie ads i've been so obsessed with. Since i last mentioned them, there has been a plethora of new babes in these ads. None of these new babes are darksiders, though they usually have at least a werewolf or 2. But today i saw one buxom one (silicone, i dowse) in a lavender bikini, that had a real strong spider in her heart, and another in her womb. Thus far i had only seen internal spiders in activists. Moreover, both spiders had reptiloid holder demons, another feature only used in activists heretofore, and only recently at that.
It was a male sorceror connected with the company that put those in her. Why? To send a message to me? Must be a masochist, as he got back not only those 2, but so much more.
I seriously recommend that this company cease this tomfoolery. I'm spread a bit thin right now, but soon i will have more firepower. Would you prefer to be near the top or the bottom of Cmdr. Loohan's hit list?

Another thing going on these last couple days is a lot of fish, dolphins, etc. dying in many places from nearby transmitters. I get that this is a deliberate operation.

Here's a pic of a DORy reptilian craft in case there weren't already enough targets to blast.

(Later) Now, they are also starting to use Enochian demons as holders to keep the implanted spiders in place.

I think the reason we had so much happening the last couple days is that the guy with the 1st Iguana unit neglected to use it. But now my friend who ordered one just got his. He says it's rather substantial. Even just carried in his left pocket, it is working real hard right now to rectify matters.