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Loohan's blog for April, 2007

April 1, '07: Got a whole 0.2 more inches from that last system.

Incredible day today; not a hint of chem or even natural clouds. Warm, but it's supposed to get back down into the mid-30s at night later in the week.

April 2, '07: 80 degree day. I managed to catch a snapshot of a real, natural cloud and blue sky, right by my cabin. Click pic for larger image. This photo is unedited except for cropping and re-sizing. Honest. Brings back ancient memories.
Of course, while i was taking this pic, a bunch of stale chem-crud was about to engulf the area from the SW.
But then that blew over later, leaving clear skies with just a vague funky hazy discoloration that was most obvious around the horizon.

I started OTB 21 today about blasting the electric grid.

April 6, '07: The warm weather couldn't last. It's been colder, and we're looking at some nights in the 20s coming up.
Saw a bunch of CTs this morning.

Got my first multi-dial radionics box the other day from Jon Goldman, and i'm sold. Even with no electrical inputs, this 3-dial unit works much better than even a nice multi-freq pulser for attacking bad guys. I plugged in my 2 new "motor" units, and they seem well-suited for this.
I don't even use the stick-pad, though. It works fine; i found i can use stick-pads easily provided there is orgone in the system. But my units are so powerful that i don't need to touch anything to get feedback. I can feel the stick-point without the stick. So i plan to make another unit with no stickpad.

I will probably start an OTB soon on radionics for beginners. It's a bit different from just turning on a zapper circuit and leaving it running, as there is an optimum time to run a particular target/trend, often just a few minutes. Others i run for many hours. Takes dowsing/intuition to know how long to leave it on. Also some jobs are just bigger.
Because of the programming in my orgone units, DOR does not accumulate when munching ET hives for long periods. Having killer orgone devices is, of, course, the key to effective radionics. And you want a box that has all the guts hard-wired together properly in the physical universe. Unless you're a real wizard like the guy who designed the SE-5.

April 8, '07: Hoowee, have they been pounding on me today. Here's what's been happening lately in the Loohan-persecution dept.:
  • The evil Pleidians and Lyrans that hang around the Arcturus area never relent for long no matter what hits 'em. They always attack from multiple locations out there: groups of 3, 6, 9, 11, 13, 18, 27, 33. And more groups kick in when i throw my pumas at them.
    They seem to hit me remotely with their group mental focus: negative energy in the heart center, testes/scrotum, throat, and sometimes pons. I never used to get hit in the heart center much until the last couple months, but now it's pretty constant. Sometimes the physical heart.
    Occasionally they are unusually strong. This signals that they have rounded up some good Lyrans/Pleiadians and are torturing them (electronically?) to feed demons to augment their power. Merely willing that these prisoners be relocated to wherever they should be ends that for a while.
  • There is a big hive of reptilians somewhere in this galaxy. "THE BIGGEST REPTILIAN HIVE IN THIS GALAXY" will take you right to it. They always have saurians going when they jump me, and often insectiles, too. These need to be addressed first. The repts hit me less frequently than the Pleidians and Lyrans, but they remotely throw burning orbs into my eyes.
    Again, i often throw vast quantities of my animal servitors in there, but they keep on.
  • There is also a big hive of octopi somewhere in this galaxy. Occasionally they jump me.

    Dunno what i'm doing to piss off all these guys...

    I did have a hive of Red Nordics attack me 2-3 times recently, but they seem to be cleaned up.
    Occasionally i still get hit by greys from Zeta 2 Ret. and its planets, mainly Rectum, er, Reticulum 3. Again, they always have saurian protection in place first, and sometimes insectiles. Occasionally i get hit by tall greys from Sirius B.
    And now the greys have started making scalar ripples in the dubious-looking clouds here, via the regional towers.

    April 9, '07: (10am) One of the more remarkable things about the grizzled Cmdr. Loohan is how he repeatedly forgets his best proven martial arts techniques. A little while ago i just remembered to get a count on hives, duh. Get an approximate number, and move them into jail, easy as pie.

    I've had to invent new terminology to accommodate the quantities present even this late in the war.
    When you have a googol to the googol to the googol power, only repeated a googol times instead of twice, you have a hypergoogol.
    And when you have a hypergoogol to the hypergoogol (only repeated a hypergoogol) times you have an ultragoogol. With ultragoogols, i had units large enough to work with for that reptilian hive, the octopus hive, and the bad ETs around Arcturus. And there were .63 hypergoogol of tall greys in Sirius B. Cleared out the short greys of Rectum 3, too.
    Then, immediately, i get jumped by a big wad of green nordics, then a much smaller amount of reds. Now it's just a few critters from here and there left hitting me.

    (1:20pm) That was wild. My eyes started stinging again, and it took me a while to figure out who was doing it, because the DOR signature was so discreet. Tall greys from the Sirius area. I rounded up vast quantities of them, cleared that area, and still my eyes stung. Without even knowing the locations of the rest of the tall greys, i got a number and rounded them up. Then my eyes quit stinging.
    Then as i was typing this, they started stinging again due to rept attacks. Then that attenuated before i addressed it, as a bunch of my servitors. now with less work on their hands, sought out the repts and gave them some problems. Still, i got another 9+ hypergoogol to the hypergoogol power repts.
    Now, more tall greys and Pleiadians and Lyrans are attacking me. Even the Pleiadians and Lyrans are sometimes going for my eyes now.

    I just updated my gardening page.

    (5:30pm) Jet noise as a delivery vehicle for ET attacks: I first suspected there was something funny about jet racket when i was living in Seattle in 1990. Yeah, those low-flyers rattled the windows, but there seemed to be something more.
    I always get a bad feeling from jet noise even if it's in the distance. The reason is that ETs use the noise as a carrier wave to hit me with evil energy. Today it was real bad, with ultragoogols of Lyrans remotely daisy-chaining their energy, and sending it via the noise. I do not know why this is an advantage, even when the noise is slight.
    After i scooped them up a few times, they relented on that mode, and shortly thereafter bombed my energy centers in the usual manner again.

    April 10, '07: (1:15am) I'm having fun now. I had to invent a bunch more numerological terms to deal with even far vaster ET conspiracies, but now, i'm not even tying up my devices in self-defense mode. If i get attacked, i just move 800 noogle zoogle greys or whatever into jail, and it really slows 'em down.
    So i directed my stuff at my new grid-blaster unit in town, and really blew out the local grid. Blew out more funky energies from the area, i mean. Things got really clean, but i got wired after a while, so now i'm blasting all the orgone devices in the greater DC area.

    April 11, '07: Well, as usual, i underestimated the sheer vastness of the enemy. I have been under very heavy attack the last couple days, and harvesting far vaster quantities of them than i could imagine existed a couple days ago. They didn't much like me before, but now they seem really bent on getting me.

    The big saurians are the lynchpin, along with the insectiles. With them protecting and aiding the others, the good guys are stymied. So i try to bust as many of these as i can so that the good guys can tear into to bad Lyrans etc.

    Got 2/3" of rain last night, and saw almost no chem today.

    April 12, '07: (9am) Well, i thought i'd laid a serious hurtin' on them yesterday, but today they are back at it like nothing ever happened. A constant task to keep the saurians and insectiles, etc. scraped down.

    One thing i cannot fathom is this: If i wake up in the middle of the night, usually there are no attacks of any magnitude. If i wake up after dawn, as long as i lay in bed there are no attacks. There might be a few nasties vainly attempting to feebly vamp on me, but nothing i'd notice unless i looked for it. As soon as i get up, even if i just take a poop and get back in bed, within 5 minutes all the evil *&%$#@s in the universe are after me.
    I have on on rare occasion laid in bed until 10 or so, and always no attacks. Soon as i get up...

    April 13, '07: Naturally, after i posted that, they hit me before i got out of bed this morning. But not until i'd been awake 5 minutes or so. Then my eyes started burning. I've been dealing with the punks all day while getting things done around the house. I'm getting stronger and they're getting weaker.

    A cold front blew in this afternoon with rain and small hail. It's 34F now at 5pm. There was something odd about the lack of preceding chemtrails to this front, as i posted last night.

    I did a bunch more work on my 2nd gridblaster, as well as OTB 21.

    April 15, '07: Got only 0.8" from that storm.

    Got the pic up of the new unit, and am using the units to hijack the grid effectively.

    April 16, '07: Something seems to have shifted overnight. I woke up feeling unusually good, and have felt real good all morning. I hardly feel it when they attack me en masse. Gorgeous day here; no chem yet at noon.

    I am working on a prototype dowsing device. Good thing because things have suddenly gotten much harder to dowse again. Recently they had been easier.

    One of the things i would like to investigate more closely is the debunking story about Castanedas from Salon The dark legacy of Carlos Castaneda. I don't know what to make of this, because so much of Castanedas' stuff checks out. There is a Tenant being as described; i have him/her in my jail. There is an Eagle: Tim Rifat has it in his jail. The blue scout in The Art of Dreaming does exist, and is, as Tim said, a Pulsar (Nordic ET) princess. And plenty more stuff.

    One bizarre thing about his followers: although the article lists a bunch of his famous admirers that were/are Satanists (George Lucas, John Lennon, William Burroughs, Federico Fellini and Jim Morrison) not a single one of his coterie i've seen mentioned were ever into black magic. Moreover, not a single one even had a darkside parent or was MPDed -- a seeming statistical impossibility. Or did Castaneda's somehow have a 6th sense about such things?

    And what about the seeming complicity of the LAPD? (quote)
    Remarkably, there seems to have been no investigation into at least three of the disappearances. Except for Donner-Grau, they'd all been estranged from their families for years. For months after they vanished, none of the other families knew what had happened. And so, according to Geuter, no one reported them missing. Salon attempted to locate the three missing women, relying on public records and phone calls to their previous residences, but discovered no current trace of them. The Los Angeles Police Department and the FBI confirm that there's been no official inquiry into the disappearances of Donner-Grau, Abelar and Lundahl.

    There is, however, a file open in the Marquez case. This is due to the tireless efforts of Luis Marquez, who told Salon that he first tried to report his sister missing in 1999. But the LAPD, he said, repeatedly ignored him. A year later, he and his sister Carmen wrote a letter to the missing-persons unit; again, no response. According to Marquez, it wasn't until Partin's remains were identified that the LAPD opened a file on Amalia. "To this day," he told me, "they still refuse to ask any questions or visit Cleargreen." His own attempts to get information from Cleargreen have been fruitless. According to Marquez, all he's been told is that the women are "traveling." Detective Lydia Dillard, assigned to the Marquez case, said that because this is an open investigation, she couldn't confirm whether anyone from Cleargreen had been interviewed.
    Well, we all know about the LAPD. Are they part of a conspiracy in this thing? Seems unlikely, as there are no Satanic or dark gov't connections to the cult. Or is something else going on that defies comprehension in ordinary terms? Beats me.

    (1:30pm) And that ain't all that has me confused. All these years and i still haven't figured out much of what chemtrails are all about. I just went outside and saw a CT being laid right over my place. There are old chemclouds drifting about, feathered by sylphs, and this plane comes over, cutting the spray on and off so that the segments are in or near the chemclouds and spread to fortify the chemclouds. Using the expensive formula. But most of the time he's not spraying. So what is this costing them, and what is it accomplishing?

    Lotta sylphed-up chemclouds this evening:

    (8:45pm) I've been working on this prototype dowsing device, and sending all kinds of good freqs to the curing orgonite with my SE-5, and simultaneously sending them to my gridblasters. Even out here I am surrounded on all sides by people on the grid. What do you think happens when i keep pumping stuff like GOD FORCE, OM, PHI, TACHYONIZED, AGNIHOTRA, etc. into the grid? It gets increasingly mellow and full of good energy around here.

    April 18, '07: Still mellow here. Took a look at the paper this morning, though.

    33 shot dead in VA. Occult signature, no? Must be a serious gov't MPD conspiracy, yes?
    Well, often what i dowse is not what i expect to find at all. The only dirt i could find about this Korean student is that between the ages of 4 and 6 he was raped 88 times by a bullying older boy, age 12-14. No black magic or programmed alters in sight.

    And the paper said that Mike Devlin (the guy who held those boys he kidnapped) is now charged with attempted murder, too.
    As i said, i can detect no homosexuality or pedophila around this guy. Is my dowsing that bad? Makes no sense.
    I have no difficulty detecting that one of the prosecutors on his case, the one who said, in the last article i saw, that Devlin confessed to raping the boys, is himself a pederast given a choice, not to mention a 24th degree Mason. Now i dowse that there are 38, yes, 38, darksiders conspiring to persecute this Devlin. Why? I admit it makes no sense. Just to make themselves look strong on pedophiles? No, i think it's mainly just more business as usual. No way any jury will ever find this guy not guilty, so it's in the bag. It'll look nice on their resumes.
    [Note Apr. 2014: Devlin does not even feel like a shapeshifting rept, either. The main reason i thought he was not gay is because he had no sodomy demons. At that time, anyone who had ever been sodomized by a promiscuous homosexual had them. Devlin did not, nor did his victims. I can only presume that Devlin never took it up the ass, except maybe with virgin boys.]

    But what was really interesting was the top of the page headline of the Arkansas Democrat Gazette. "Cabot, AR a cesspool of evil" it screamed. Just joking. But that's what what i dowse screams. The headline said "Campbells guilty on most counts". Here's a news story online.
    But guess what, the former police chief and his wife are not darkside, nor is an "accomplice" they didn't prosecute. Nor their lawyer. Nor is any of them MPD. Nor did any of them have a darkside parent even.
    And who is darkside in this issue? Everybody else. That the judge, prosecutor, and 2 deputy prosecutors are all Satanists is perfectly expected in Amerikkka. That 100% of their accusers are Satanists, including this guy suggests to me that the charges might be a pack of lies. The fact that all 12 jurors are also Satanists kind of blows my mind. What kind of town is this? 85% of the adults are Satanists. So how the hell did Campbell ever get elected chief of police? Incomprehensible.

    Cabot is in Lonoke County, 20 minutes NE of Little Rock. The prosecutor is Lona McCastlain. Her deputies are Jack McQuary and Stuart Cearly. Cearly is the most dangerous person in the county, 164th degree Scottish Rite Freemason. The judge's name is Cole.
    That newspaper article (not available online without a paid subscription) also listed a bunch of the Campbell's darkside "friends and neighbors" who alleged such things as being burglarized for drugs by the Campbells. There were also methamphetamine-related charges.
    Here are more pics of the Campbells. Don't they just look like burned out meth-head drug fiends?

    I took my rad box off the trend it's been running for days, so i could hit these a-holes, and very soon i got heavy attacks by the usual. I had to put the box back onto self-defense. It's running my 2 "motor" units and apparently plays a large role in my recent poise and equanimity. But, i will nail these scum as resources permit, and monitor the situation. The Campbells intend to file appeals.
    "I'm shocked about the verdict itself, but I won't give up fighting. I've got a beautiful family to fight for and I'll do it until my last breath."
    Sounds like our kind of guy. I'll be watching for any darkside scum that mistreat these people.

    April 19, '07: (9am) Yes, back to the burning question about what kind of town Cabot is. I get a strong impression of 3 things: Air Force, methamphetamine, and CIA. Last night the CIA informed McCastlain about the fact that the fearsome Cmdr. Loohan is onto her operation. I think she's supposed to keep it under her hat as regards her conspirators. Need-to-know, you know. But it might affect policies.

    Little Rock Air Force base (seething with darksiders) is just a few miles SW of there, and i think about 38% of Cabot residents are Air Force.
    And the CIA works with the Air Force to ship meth to LA from the base. Seems like a long way.
    I have a vague feeling that there are 8 labs in Cabot doing the work. Thousands of pounds a month go to LA. Middleman then take much of it up the coast by car.
    Seems a bit odd to have such an operation in a city. It's a professional, government-run op. I guess they spread it out to 8 locations because it's so big.
    South from Cabot runs Hwy 89, which turns into 15, then crosses 70. Right near that intersection is a large underground Air Force base with humans being mopped up as i type by good Lyran troops and others. I haven't figured out yet what went on there.

    April 20, '07: It may have been some kind of mind-control frequency base. Things sure sweetened up in the state when the Lyrans and Arcturans cleaned it up. 300-600' depth.

    Those industrious folks in Cabot show no signs of slowing productivity. I thought i'd publish a map of the local hot spots.

    If you live on the west coast, you'd best stock up on meth. I predict that prices will be going up soon. They seem to be planning a go-for-broke productivity for about 10 days, then shutting down the operation. But the LA drops may dry up before that.

    April 22: I just started OTB 22 about usage of radionics devices.

    April 25, '07: Got 1.7" rain last night and this morning. Biggest rain in a while. The day before that, my friend Clyde the Rainmaker came through on a visit, but i'm sure it's just another coincidence. They had to revise the forecast after he came through, and i still got more than the "average rainfall" predicted.

    This morning's paper said the Campbells were sentenced down in Cabot, for 40 years and 20 years, i think, but the judge is letting them postpone being incarcerated while they appeal.
    Things were so mellow today that i was able to devote some resources to the situation for hours. Meth production continues unabated. I think they plan to shut it down on the 30th.

    The reason things were so mellow may have had much to do with my new orgone creation which is several times as powerful as my "motor" units and active on dimensions 1-24 as compared with the 5-24 of the motors.

    For days, i had been targeting the morphogenic blueprint of the big saurians, as they protect the bad guys from the good guys, and hence are of great importance.
    A little while after i put my new unit on this job, they attacked me! I had never noticed them actively attacking anyone before. I persevered as things got heavy for a while, then things mellowed out. Now they seem greatly weakened. Which probably means that in countless skirmishes in all 6 universes, bad guys are taking a licking, now somewhat bereft of their protection.

    Now at 7:45pm it is raining again a bit. [Got another 0.15" that night.]

    April 26, '07: I discovered the Tevatron at Fermilab last night. Maybe just a coincidence, but...

    Last night i took my stuff off the demons and ETs i've been warring with, and put all my radionics stuff, etc. onto hijacking the energy of Our Tevvy.
    Then i put Tevvy onto the same targets i'd been hitting.

    It seems like i gained effectiveness. Maybe in part because others are blasting Our Tevvy too.

    In contemporary times, the enemy humans seem to have lost most psi-power as their evil allies are very thinned out. And we can just take over, as we now have the psi. They have almost no evil energy to pipe into their radionics, whereas our positive orgone devices are now free of their influence, and have a lot of power.

    Time was, especially around late Summer or early Fall 2005, as i recall, that the enemy could turn all out devices against us with overwhelming demonic energy. I remember regretting posting a pic of my quartzite CB, because they really messed with it.
    All metals, carbon, (hence all orgonite,) charged water... eventually it got to the point that even agnihotra ash was strongly radiating their evil energy. That was the ultimate. The universe was theirs while we struggled to reverse the situation.

    Nowadays i prominently post my best creations. And even post in my blog sometimes that the epoxy is curing on my next killer unit.
    This is my way of sticking my middle finger in their face. They can't do nothin'!
    Revenge of the good gizmos.

    Of course i hardly have a clue about the Science involved in the Tevatron. I just figure that if they are trying to monkey around with advanced physics experiments, i should cover the scene with my new dimensionally-rectifying units.

      *   *   *   *
    Important people read Cmdr. Loohan's stuff, you know. A couple weeks ago i posted about some great programmable ferrite toroids. A few days later, i became aware that the Russian-Israeli Mafia had gone to a broker and purchased 8,000 of these! They were planning to pour 8,000 orgonite muffins (programmed with evil energy) and put them in a big ring around... of all places... Moscow. The toroids substituting for other crystals. They were planning to do the pouring (they also had iron oxide red per my recommendations) last weekend, i thought. But it didn't happen until the last couple days. They are all poured now, in paper cups.

    The first thing i did when i found out about the plan, was to program all the toroids. And today while they were pouring i sent the stuff some energy. I think they mixed in dried sacrificial blood. I didn't devote enough resources to it, but the devices are probably still somewhat programmable. They feel sort of half funky. I just turned my new disk unit on the job.

    Also i have a sneaking suspicion that the NSA has 6 of my motor units in a hex formation at their Bethesda branch, but they feel pretty harmless.

    On second thought, i put my disk back onto Tevvy and put Tevvy on the muffins. So if you just blast Tevvy that will take care of everything.

    April 30, '07: Last day of the month, and sure enough, they seem to have shut down the crank labs in Cabot today.

    I've been beefing up my orgone/radionics system, and still have it all on Tevvy, and am using Tevvy as a weapon. I don't think they plan to shut that down just because of little old me, which is fine. The energy seems to get better and better.

    Occasional attacks on me, but very feeble.