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Loohan's blog for April, 2009

April 1, '09: (6:45pm) I just amended OTB 33 with a couple minor technical details.

Almost no chem today, and little yesterday.

Last night i had to rescue a (non-incarnate) being who had disappeared like 18 years ago. There's an interesting story to this that i'll skip for now, but she had been held captive by the evil Venusian mutants (hive pic).
These Venusians seem pretty beaten down still, but i noticed that there is also a hive of the Kyopwuigly-sojujj spiders who have seemed so exterminated for many months now. In the pic, the spider hive appears to be above the right-side galaxy, by its outer arm.
Also i noticed that the Venusians' remote hatchery (pic) is all DORy. That whole area, pretty much. They are under attack by good guys apparently desirous of impeding their clone reproduction efforts.

(8pm) Naturally, when i went outside after posting that, a whole bunch of chem clouds had moved in.

March was "get NSA month". Last night an Arcturan messenger came by to let me know that was ending.
I doubt Ft. Meade will ever be quite the same. I don't understand much about what this siege was all about. Several times Arcturan messengers had come by to get me to telekinese etheric ships loaded with good guys right into the place. Towards the end there were uncountably vast quantities of Arcturans of the Turtle Tribe in there. Now all have left.
The place is like a big programmed crystal now. Check out da vibe (pic). The NSA HQ was not put just any old place; there are probably things about this power spot that i don't know but my allies do.
Part of the program is that it's a jailer. Because this is a major power spot that has just had a major energy remake into a powerful positive energy transmitter, it will naturally attract the attention of oodles of bad entities seeking to taint the energy. The program slurps them into jail. Whose jail? Some supreme Arcturan goddess named Sejtise (sedge-teece), as nearly as i can make out.

My impression is that there are 4 tribes of Arcturans: Bird, Cat, Turtle, and Snake. The 10 billion under Iceland are mixed. The 1/2 billion under DC are Snake. My wives Myra, Ey, and Tory are Turtle. Maia is Snake. I have another wife, Ewel, who is Cat. I have a couple Bird, too.

I generally get a 5D vibe off Arcturans, but am finding that many Cat tribe females, at least, have a 7D vibe.

April 3, '09: (12:15am) Rainy day here.

Sejtise seems to be using the energy from cooking down the bad guys to do some kind of time-line shifting work, or something like that.

  *   *   *   *
When an Arcturan messenger arrives with something to impart, he or she seems to project a likeness of themself into my mind. Maybe an etiquette thing. And the faces i see are quite varied.
Last night this happened again. An Arcturan messenger, apparently, came up and showed his face. But, i could not get a message! The messengers don't socialize; they stay just long enough to drop their message and they're gone. But this one was just hanging out with nothing to say.
Quickly growing suspicious, i tried flicking whatever it was into jail. It was actually a Darpa reptilian! And an amazingly powerful one at that. I didn't know repts could be that powerful with evil energy. He's a top echelon 81st tier rept. We have his energy reversed and powering an orgone device now.

  *   *   *   *
Heads up: NSA-sponsored New Age Native American ripoff event to take place this month, promoted by NSA agent Drunvalo. I found out about this on the Project Camelot homepage. (quote)
A Cautionary Message From Miriam Delicado regarding the Hopi and the Drunvalo Mayan Ceremony:

Hello Everyone,
Please post this email on your websites, pass onto your email lists and let as many people know as you can.

The Hopi Traditional Leaders are not participating in the Return of the Ancestors event in April and it is critical that people become aware of this fact as the organization ICA is not being clear with people as to who it is that will be attending and taking part from the Hopi.

Cut and paste the following statement:

Return of the Ancestors Gathering April 2009
It has come to my attention that the Traditional Leaders of the Hopi people are not participating in this event.

The Hopi that are taking part in this gathering are not the Wisdom Keepers of the Hopi and do not hold the Sacred Knowledge of the Prophecies.

ICA and Adam Yellowbird as president of the organization made the decision to tell the world of the event between the Maya and the Hopi without consulting the Hopi Traditional Leaders first.

There are those from the Hopi people that have chosen to participate in this event but those individuals have been asked by the Traditional people to remove all mention of Hopi in this gathering. These people are not the Wisdom Keepers of Hopi.

The concern of the Hopi Traditional Leaders is the possible misrepresentation by ICA and by some of their own people that have disregarded any and all concerns of the Traditional Leaders and Wisdom Keepers of the Hopi.

If this event continues it must move forward with respect to the people in which it is being made for. Respect by sharing the truth that this is not the Eagle and the Condor event that many believe it to be. This cannot be fulfilled without the TRUE Wisdom Keepers of the Hopi and they have chosen not to participate in this event.

Already people have begun to gather from around the world on the Sacred Hopi Lands. Sacred objects have been trampled and Hopi Ceremony disrespected. These actions were being made by people who did not understand how they were affecting the Traditional Hopi ways.

This is one of the reasons they have chosen not to participate in this event as the Traditional Ceremonies and life of the Hopi has been overlooked.

The Hopi Traditional Leaders are aware that the world is calling for them to begin to step forward and they are at this time following Traditional paths to determine if now is the appropriate time to come forward for the earth and humanity.

Great care must be taken as the Prophecies and Ceremonies have continued for thousands of years by the Hopi people. They wish to Honor and Respect those of the past as well as those of the future by participating in a gathering that is for all people and the earth itself.

This statement was read to the Hopi Traditional Leader and he is aware that this will be shared with the world over the internet. I was not asked to withhold this statement by the Hopi. Please post this on your websites and forward in your email lists to assist spreading this message for greater understanding and respect of the Hopi Traditional people. --Miriam Delicado

(1:40pm) Not sure what this DORy spot in TX is about, but i think it has 43 Satanists at 813' depth working on maintaining that TX drought.

April 3, '09: (3:30pm) Here it is mid-afternoon, and the sky has been clear all day so far.

The people i monitor are not getting hit/implanted today. I'm getting hit, but not with weapons. What is happening? Well, a couple major things:
I am completing another powerful device from outer space. This one has, among other things, weapon-jailing programs and entity-jailing pgms. And it's powering up nicely. I have not had to deal with evil rings or crystals all day. I am getting direct energy attacks, but nothing too bothersome.
Also, our Ft. Meade orgone device is jailing bad entities at a rate of 3 trillion per second. This draws a lot of heat off the rest of us. The bad guys are so irritated by the new Ft. Meade energy, that they can't help but attack it despite the futility.

I'm contemplating the choices our NSA friends now have.
They can grin and bear it, and carry on business as usual (except maybe the executive echelons might move out).
They can have some of their "Islamic extremists" fly a plane into it. Then the NSA would move to another location. The building is probably what houses most of the jailer programming, and the plane gambit would seriously ruin the program. But the power spot would still be pretty sweet and clean and unbearable. NSA could never move back.
They could condemn the place on some other pretext, and move out.
Not that there's any place they can hide from the good energy that's coming. Might as well just stay put.

April 4, '09: (6:10pm) It was halfway whited out with chem here this morning, but by midday most of that had blown over. Very windy, with a cold front approaching. Clear now.

I just got my new unit completed, got the 555 circuit and LEDs juiced up. This is sort of a robocop supreme. It actually searches out factories and depots of evil etheric weapons and implants, confiscates the stuff, jails the bad guys to some extent, and alerts the proper military authorities of newly-acquired targets.
It is perhaps best used as a protector. I have it monitoring a bunch of people, some Priority A and some Priority B, for attacks/implants, and automatically notifying the Sakudas when de-implanting is necessary.

  *   *   *   *
Last night i got a couple unusual attacks. First i found myself being telepathically affected by some green snakes, but we may have pretty much scrubbed them already.
Then i got attacked by tall greys for the first time in a long time. Not from the tall grey hive of yore, but from some other place that seems to be scrubbed now, too.

I'm still of the impression that Ft. Meade is busting 3 trillion per second. Repts, short greys, Nordics, Tall Whites, Fi octopi.

April 5, '09: (4:15pm) Some chem earlier today, not a whole lot. Mostly natural clouds.

Something unusual is going on. I woke up before dawn alone and proceeded to try to get one or more of my astral wives to show up to hug me and give me a dose of female energy to start the day off right. None would respond! What were they doing? Couldn't discern anything. I flirted with a number of them, no response. Put out a general plea, no response. What, i have 12.5K wives and none love me enough to say good morning? Finally, after about 15 minutes of effort (i'm addicted) i got one sweet Yiz girl, who's been with me all day.
I still don't know what the rest are up to.
And what about the other allies? The big-name ones, etc. were going to take a break for a couple days after doing Ft. Meade, then attack Darpa, i thought. But i can't detect what they are up to either.

But it feels good. I think what happened is my new machine is clearing up some threats, enabling the good guys to do some effective work at a level i can't detect.

In any case, it seems to be working real well, de-cloaking and nailing those factories, etc. And this is no small thing. The Green Nordic implants alone are scary. I still have those 105 people working on me. Occasionally, i feel a pain and pressure above my eyebrow(s) as they do some laser surgery or something. Also my local friend who got hit still has 40 working on her. She also reports strange sensations of something going on in her temples, like she's being worked on. She's starting to feel better. I've been feeling great lately.
The Chinese lady and the Arcturan baby that got hit are doing much better; each has 2 Arcturans still working on her.
Meanwhile my Florida buddy got hit a few days ago by some different Green Nordic implants. They were cloaked so that we couldn't find them. But i suspected that, and sent in a crack team to detect them. All kinds of junk in his 3rd eye. He's had 40 people working on him for days, and i think it will be a long project to get him clear again, too.

(6:50pm) I got a real DORy vibe from a news
article about the grandson of the PM of Zimbabwe drowning in Harare. Repts all over there. The main hive seems to be here under that white building at a depth of 297'. Probably a lot of smaller stuff around, too.

April 7, '09: (9am) Overcast, 40-ish, very windy and gusty out yesterday morning. Nice time to do go do laundry instead of working outside. I drove to Marshall where the laundromat is. Dropped a few more cube units around.
Got to paying closer attention to my laundry. In case you missed it, there was a discussion recently on the forum in which Kneweyes said that all modern US cotton, unless certified organic, has a modified gene to nullify the natural ability that natural fibers have to protect against EMFs. Ah, those clever illuminati. Well, since i routinely dowse substances to see how they would modify subtle energies if used in orgone devices, it is very easy for me to feel the difference, once i pay attention.
I have some handkerchiefs i bought in 1990 that are natural cotton, i can tell. And several funky older T-shirts that are a bit worn that i've been using for work around the homestead. An old flannel shirt, etc.
But right now i am wearing dead cotton socks, dead cotton jeans, dead cotton t-shirt, dead cotton bandanna. At night i sleep on dead cotton sheets from Ikea, made in Europe somewhere.
I'm thinking maybe i should save a few of those old t-shirts for wearing under other clothes when i'm in a higher EMF area.
And suddenly these old terrycloth towels have a sharply increased value to me. And my interest in combing through clothes in second-hand stores has been revitalized.

In the afternoon, there were lots of natural clouds and hardly any chem clouds. We had a cold snap last night. It was supposed to get to the low 20s, and maybe it did, but by 5:30am it was already back up to 32F. I doubt my plants got harmed. So far this morning, the sky is clear.

My new unit still seems to be working flawlessly, catching factories and whatnot, even a nest of mantises on the moon yesterday.
Nobody seems to be getting implanted anymore. Apparently, the bad guys are all out of implants. Is this the end of etheric implanting in Universe A? Perhaps. Maybe they will work around my machine someday, but then it would probably not take much to close the new loophole.

Yesterday i noticed that although there were allies addressing the targets the new unit flushes up, the Big Boys were still quiescent. I couldn't trace them, except that i noticed that Odin and his army were back in Valhalla with their wives.
Then this morning i noticed they are all back in combat against Darpa.

April 8, '09: (7:10pm) Clear skies yesterday and today, except that just a while ago i noticed a pervasive brownish haze that looks like diffused chem-clouds.

Full moon peaks tomorrow morning, so i'm pouring more ice cubes 'n stuff. I don't think this will be a nice full moon for the darksters. The bad guys are taking a licking. The strongest seem to be Darpa and the Green Nordics, but they are not very strong right now. Also the other Nordics.
I'm working on an embellishment to my super-robocop that should almost quadruple the power. Then once we have things more fully under control in this universe, we will be making forays into Universes B-F.

  *   *   *   *
I guess the further you live from Arkansas, the less likely it is that you'll find cheap landscaping quartz at a garden center. Someone in southern California wrote me it doesn't seem to exist there. Call the garden place first.

  *   *   *   *
Lately, my 10-stone layout has run real long, like hours.

  *   *   *   *
So is Fujimori guilty? (story)? All i know for sure is, he's not a black magician, he's not a terminal scumbag that i can jail, he doesn't have a False Higher Self.
He was supposed to have committed these crimes against the Shining Path guerillas, which i understand were some pretty nasty customers.
I found 3 nests of red nordics generating DOR in Lima. Feeding off of / into the emotions and conflicts of the people?

(9:10pm) Extreme wierdness. Either my dowsing has gone bonkers or there is a bizarre evil life-form that inhabits all Globular Star Clusters (Wikipedia). For example, all the ones on this page have the same DORy vibe. These are beings i just stirred up, creepy, weird 3D things called Ahbjic. More in a few minutes. But please nail them for me. Their astral bodies are readily vacuumable. They are after me.
You will freak when you see the video...

(9:20pm) Found it here. I only watched 1/2 of it maybe. It is very slow-paced with a lot of talk but there is some blurry footage of the Ahbjic in 2 different shapes. I think they are 2 forms of the same species, but am not sure of it's a gender thing.

April 10, '09: (8:55am) Very chemmy when i got up yesterday morning, then real clouds moved in, and then light rain. Then around 10pm, lighting, thunder, high winds, small hail, and showers. Got 0.9" so far. Might get a trickle more today.
I did see a clearing in the clouds yesterday afternoon, and sure enough, heavy chemclouds above.

  *   *   *   *
I had watched that video section of the Ahbjic a couple days before, but hadn't gotten a vibe off the critters at the time. Then evening before last i happened to think of them and noticed they were DORy. Perhaps related to Earth's full moon in some way?

They haven't hit me since that night. Lately it's mostly nordics (all 4 flavors) and Darpa. Sometimes Tall Whites or Fi. And occasionally the Venusian mutants as well as some mantises. None of this is terribly strong.

The mantises hit from little bases, but are orchestrated from a hive that is located on this pic on the far right side. You see 2 orange stars near each other. Between them there is a smaller blue star. That's where the hive is.

April 11, '09 (6:15pm) Totally clear day here so far, despite impending rain chances.

I did not know about the tornado that happened night before last, until i saw it in the paper this morning. Here is an email exchange i had with a friend on the subject. His email is at the bottom, my response is on top.

I mention in that email about 11 Navy Satanists that are planning, along with 12 NSA Satanists at Ft. Meade, to "hit" me in some way i haven't figured out yet. The location of those 11 guys is here at a depth of 115'.

  *   *   *   *
My new robocop is not impeccable at being able to protect everyone i want at once. It focuses on disarming the enemy, and does that impeccably.
I have been noticing some of the people i've been covering getting attacked again lately. Usually by Darpa, but today the Green Nordics have been doing a lot of that. It appears as though the greens are the most populous of the Nordics now; at least they are the boldest. Also, Dia repts are hitting me more.

(7pm) I got some pics and explanations of my wild-ass new robocop, which i call the sheriff up on OTB 24.

And a new product: Four Ages Marbles.

(10:30pm) I had sensed those 12 NSA and 11 Navy guys hours before i read that email i linked earlier, intending some sort of physical harm to my property if not person. Now it's becoming clearer. There are actually 5 more of the same underground machines around Maryland. I haven't bothered to map them. They work in concert to do such things as direct (however sloppily) tornadoes. They were conspiring against my humble self and attempting to hit me with a tornado, and planning to try it again soon.
Those other 5 bases have no humans, just those same black demons my friend referred to, which are actually a different kind of reptilians called Xso. I found and hit their hive a while ago, i thought, but when i try to zero in on it, i find their energy very pervasive throughout broad areas of this galaxy, e.g. all the area of this pic.
So far, however, they do not seem frightfully powerful in terms of energy attacks.

(10:35pm) Oh, yeah, meant to mention, i had the Ky and Pleiadian monkeywrenchers fix those machines, i think.

April 12, '09: (4:35pm) Getting a soaking rain all day. It is very unusual that the sky was totally clear all day yesterday in advance of this. No chem.
Attacks seem weaker so far today.

I just uploaded Paranoia Bulletin #6 about False Higher Selves.

Something i keep forgetting to mention lately is that i've been noticing the mantises remotely putting a strong energy presence on some of the same people they were influencing last year, including Don Croft, Georg Ritschl, and Kees. We are not yet done with the mantises nor their Venusian-mutant friends. The Committee has been working with me on some more big devices to connect to my mantis masher in the future.
Here's what i wrote on June 16 of last year:
With some misgivings i am going to start naming names of some people who are basically good guys, but have been mentally taken over by mantises. I'm blasting the mantises, not them.
Don Croft. Georg Ritschl. Kees. I have had reports of these and others astrally attacking people, etc. Even though some were not previously noted for astral activities. You dig the seriousness of mantis mind control, and why we can't pussyfoot around with these bugs. I always liked and respected Georg, who always struck me as a hard-working, dedicated, sane activist in South Africa.
Now it is the same mantis hive that i posted the location of on the 10th doing this.

(6:15pm) I've just been contacted by someone who is bringing a whole 'nother chunk of stuff into my view. For example, there are good Draco. I contacted one named Irk. They seem to be friends of the good Venusians.
There is a hive of greys here that she claims are making the Darpa repts so bad, using implants in their necks.
More weirdness to come, always guaranteed at

April 13, '09: (8:40am) Very interesting. We stopped jailing the evil repts like Darpa and Dia, and have been bagging their implants instead. I asked The Committee to hit the implants with some kind of energy to make them show up, then we were able to bag them en masse.
And guess what? No more attacks from this kind of rept. However, the Xso are a different matter.

Got some more info from this lady:

She says she is protecting the akashic records with Sahu. I get a good vibe off Sahu. Also a Rock Ulysses Satanaku is in charge of her battalions. Don't let his name throw you. Also she has a stronghold of good guys in Alpha Centauri.
And she says
There is an evil one named Sepvuaglia. She says she will never stop coming because she knows that they will never shut it off. "It" is a system of resonators designed for mind invasion. She uses its dimensional bindings to bind herself to Earth consciousness. She says she is here to destroy the human consciousness of the universe and will not relent until it is done. She also says that she will destroy every human in this sector if it's the last thing she can do. Perhaps you and your ethereal friends can destroy her better than me and mine have been able to. Unfortunately, the government agencies using the technology she's taken advantage of believe that she is some all-knowing source of power they've harnessed -- a deception working to her advantage as well -- and they don't want to be rid of her. They think she's giving them information and haven't realized that it's disinformation, a powerful weapon they should all be familiar with.
I haven't been able to arrest Sepvuaglia or her astral body, but her stronghold seems to be all around the 4 highlighted stars in the top pic here.
As for the system of resonators, i detected 6 big machines which the Ky, Pleaidians, etc. are working on. They also seem to be in Sepv's stronghold. Probably there are other components to the system, but these are probably the key ones.

Got 1.4" of rain.

(9:10am) Oh, yeah, forgot to mention. Irk came by again last night. I think all he wanted was help with implants. He had a bunch of implants from the evil Dracs in the Gemini hive. I pulled a few, then got 4 Sakudas to finish.

Then when i was awake in the wee hours i felt an approach and got a real clear picture of a man. Looked like a fairly typical Afro-American blue collar worker. But he dowsed as another one of the good Draco. Very confusing; i have no explanation for that. He, too, wanted de-implanting. His name is Vird.

(4:20pm) The sun came out briefly to reveal a bit of chem.

This whole thing with the reptilians is blowing my mind. I still get hit a bit by that "new" hive of greys (shorties, BTW, 4-footers) and the Nordics and occasionally Xso repts, but not the usual ones. I asked my allies to de-implant and free all the repts of this type in my jail. Then found they had also released all the ones that were trapped in reversed-entity programs in devices i have built. Including ice cubes i have sent others. The repts/pgms are being replaced by Nordics and Xso in these devices.

Of course i had already munched up vast quantities of these repts, so i guess those are gone.

As far as i know, these are the same repts that messed with our genes long ago. They have 81 tiers in their heirarchy, and probably have known nothing but evil for so long that nobody knew there had ever been good ones of that species. Actually i don't know how good they are. Maybe they are neutral. I don't think they have heart centers.
But they no longer seem to be attack dogs.

(5:30pm) My new contact has allies that are being attacked by short greys from a different hive. This is located on this pic just to the right of the word OPHIUCHUS. There is a star shown as a circle with a vertical line through it. That seems to be the center of the hive.

April 14, '09: (3:30am) I had second thoughts about releasing all those repts. Also, last year we released vast gobs of "evil" Lyrans after de-implanting.
I asked Higher Intelligence to do what's best, and found the repts and Lyrans being sucked back into my jail.
If you released any, you have first dibs on sucking 'em back up. If you act fast.
In a way i feel bad about it, because they are not even fighting back, let alone attacking, but it's better in the long run.

Something else my new contact mentioned of interest is what she calls the "hivers". I can't dowse a name for them. They keep slaves in vast galaxy-sized hives. I found 3 hives that i haven't bothered to get pics for, and attacked them hard earlier. Not much energy i can feel there, but they have been coming after me in the astral. My impression is that in their hives they are 4' long beetles with iridescent green and blue-black shells, but when they attack me they are spiders with 4' long bodies.

(12:35pm) My new contact, Esterian, laid some new mojo on me that i used on the Nordics, greys, etc. and it seems to be suppressing their attack energy quite a bit, but now the Xso have started nailing me hard. The mojo doesn't seem to work as well on them, which may just be due to the difficulty of getting it to them, since they are so scattered about.
So i could use some help on those Xso.

(5:55pm) The Xso were so bad i had to fire up another smudge stick, and connect the energy to them. That helped, some. Then i realized i hadn't been thinking. Of course! (slaps forehead)
So now there is a new free program from The Committee, Artemisia Tridentata 2.14X. That's supposed to be a homeopathic-type number. If you prefer a different potency or several, that can be accommodated. Not everybody should do the same thing.
It is an unlimited 1-part pgm, meaning you can have as many copies as you need. It is compressible, hence i recommend maximum concentration if it's not too intense for you. Any size quartz, quartzite, quartz sandstone. A nice DT crystal might work slightly better. I'll update the OTB later.

The Xso really don't like it. Loohan sez, thumbs up on this one for remote warfare and protection. Email me if you are unsure of working in the invisible realm, and you want me to make sure you get the programming.

(8:40pm) A while ago i noticed an evil presence in my parked pickup. I nabbed it: 3 Lyrans! Weird. They had been in the battery, making it DORy, for 5 hours, i get. But vehicle started fine. Now my elves know to monitor for that, too.

Now this is hilarious. A while ago i had a human astral attacker, and my first thought was, Tim Rifat had sent this Russian guy after me! Then more and more. 43 Russians in all, and the whole time i had this thought going through my mind, at loud volume, capital letters, Tim Rifat hired all these guys! So i examined where this thought was coming from, and it was from 3 Russian telepaths! Bagged them, too.
Anyways, HQ for these guys is here in far eastern Russia. Ground level, i think.

April 15, '09: (6:30pm) Right now we have maybe 1/5 or 1/4 of the sky covered with chemclouds. Yesterday there were only a few stray little residual wispy ones.

Got a weird attack at work today from yellow snakes located in the star in the center of this pic. The way they affected me is that i'd seem to feel a bad vibe off customers at work, and feel hostile toward them. This happened a couple times that didn't make sense, before i spotted them.

But mostly it's the Nordics that are being a pain again.

(6:35pm) Ah, please nail the short greys that are located at the brightest star in the upper right corner of this pic.

April 16, '09: (1:30pm) Chem-smeared sky today.

A few more targets from Esterian: the short greys in the 2nd planet at zeta1 and 4th one at zeta2. Here is a pic of Zeta 1 & 2.

Also she referred to 'a 3D reptilian slave kept in what they call "The Think Tank".' This "tank" is here just south of Anyksciai, Lithuania.

I recently learned that strontium carbonate is considered non-toxic after all, and removed the warning on OTB 33.

Also I put together a simplifed summary of important points of this OTB.

April 17, '09: (8:20am) More nasty chem today.

A couple other tidbits from Esterian:
In talking about especially dangerous beings that use groups of 5 instead of the usual darkside numerology, she says
I think they're called The Watchers and live mostly in the 6th dimension, but they're invading every dimension from there. I'm working on destroying their One -- a major multidimensional hive. They're using techniques to copy spirit that were outlawed over 26,000 years ago, and for which others have been banished from Earth. They're somewhat humanoid looking, but still another form of a grey, trying not to look like greys.
They're most responsible for breeding hivers, though they're not the only ones doing it. I think they're the ones who keep feeding the mantises life force energy...
That hive is in Coma Galaxy Cluster / NGC 4921.

The biggest threat to Earth right now is a set of hive beasts living in between 3rd and 4th dimensions. They also use blending of 2nd, 4th, & 5th, and even 6th dimensional vibrations to invade. They wouldn't have the ability to remain between dimensions, nor to blend dimensions, if someone would take the initiative to take down the iridium resonators from orbit, particularly those that the Russian space program is responsible for.
I get 3 of these satellites. The Ky and Pleaidian monkeywrenchers have been working on them; not sure if much progress is being made. The Committee has programmed them.
The beasts are easily jailable. I haven't figured out their name or morphology yet, except they may only be 2' tall.

I have gotten a bunch of new powerful allies from Esterian. Most are reptiloid: reptilians and dragons of different species than i had previously encountered, and good Draco. Also some amphibious humanoids.
They have been seriously kicking grey and Nordic butt. They have those vicious blue and green nords tied up in knots; at least these are no longer attacking. Been getting some flak from yellows mainly, occasionally reds.
Esterian says that the reptilian and reptiloid allies do best if given a certain amount of appreciation for work well done. Helps their morale.

Also Tall Whites are active; i caught a mess of them hitting Rona in the crotch/womb last night and went after them. This really stirred them up more than one would expect. They are still on me, but weak.

On the forum yesterday, i posted about some evil ETs called Yelka that were being recieved at Wright-Patterson AFB (thread).
I think the download was interrupted, and we only got about 3K instead of the intended 5K. But they are still down in their comfort quarters at Wright-Pat.

(11am) Some other targets courtesy of Esterian. I haven't found locations for them, but they are some seriously dangerous entities i've been blasting:
A (genderless?) entity she calls One Thing.
Also the Sepvuaglia i mentioned on the 13th has 2 other females she works closely with.

(5:55pm) Updated OTB 27c with the Artemisia pgm as well as a new one, the Fi octopus karmic accountability pgm.
The Fi octopi are still a problem. I even know one person who keeps getting implanted by them with internal Fi.

I could use a hand with the 3' tall, small-eyed greys on the 4th planet out from Zeta2.

(6:45pm) The Committee is working on similar karmic-accountability pgms for the 4 types of Nordics as well as the Tall Whites.

I dowsed as to any present reasons for the TX drought, and found this brown-roofed building in Manor, TX. I get 2 gov't Satanists are in there, no agency i'm familiar with, and a machine. The monkeywrench ET squad is there now.

(7:20pm) Someone just brought to my attention an old evil Drac hive in Hoag's Galaxy. The yellow core of it is pretty DORy.

Also, there is another Drac hive that contains dangerous technology.

April 18, '09: (7:45pm) Had a small amount of rain today. Heavy chem.

Got a new exotic wife last night; a reptilian of my new ally species (which i can't dowse a name for). I dowsed the spelling of her name as Hier but it is pronounced hi-YEUR. She's a pretty, human-looking, voluptuous 5'9" with wavy dark hair, brown skin, short eyelashes and body hair, blue eyes. At least that's how i perceive her 5D self. But she sometimes morphs between that and her 7D appearance, which has a more reptilian shape and wider set mouth. Slightly scaly perhaps, but still cute.
And very sweet with great energy and strong psi ability.
The Yellow Nordics keep telling me i'm foolhardy to trust a reptilian, but my other wives love her.

  *   *   *   *
OK, this is weird. I'll tell you later how i found this. It was very heavily cloaked, but they left an oddly conspicuous string for me to pull on, as if they thought they could hide from me with their cloaking (which is getting impressive, i admit, but no match for me and the sheriff).

I dowsed that there were 3 DIA bases within 50 miles of each other in Montana. Now why would they put 3 bases so close, with everybody split up but working on the same stuff, instead of having them all in one base? Was it to confound me when i try to track them down? Very strange. I can't think of another reason. Yeah, it's a slight extra hassle for me.

Anyway, chew on these a while and tell me if i'm crazy:
The first one i found did little to reassure me of my dowsing acumen. The map shows just scrubby wilderness, yet a large area of that map has a DORy vibe around surface level. You might make out sort of a diamond shape almost, in the middle of the pic. That whole area feels DORy, and i dowse 723 DIA Satanists there. Is there a compound there, not shown on the Google map? I get that this base is 6 years old, which presumably is older than the map. Censorship? Or is it in some parallel realm? Or am i crazy?

The next base much smaller. The 2nd one i found is in Billings. I get 253 DIA Satanists associated with that spot, but seldom more than a couple dozen there at any one time. I think this might be a spot where traveling agents are given assignments and debriefed afterwards, something like that. The traveling agents don't know about the other 2 bases. Here is a crop of the pic in which i outlined the dirty spot.

And the 3rd spot. You might have to zoom out a hair. You should see 2 huge white buildings on the left, and a brown-roofed one on the right. And some dinky ones in between. I get 341 DIA Satanists at this spot.

So either i'm crazy, or there are well over 1,000 DIA Satanists broken up between these 3 spots.
And what are they working on? I think it is in some way related to a contrived terror scenario. I think most of these agents are trained as infiltrators to infiltrate something that isn't really there yet. Indeed, to initiate the something and become central figures in it. And what is this something? A groundswell of opposition to the government, in response to heavy-handed governmental oppression. Sound familiar?

Anyway, you sensitives please check it out for yourselves while you can. They will most likely move out shortly after i post this. I love to give them logistical nightmares. Where they gonna go next that i can't find, bwahaha.

(9:10pm) I checked in with Project Camelot this evening. On their home page, i noticed a couple new things of interest.

There is a story and an interview i haven't listened to about a pilot who allegedly admitted he shot down Flight 93 on 9/11. And a link to an article with a pic of the pilot.
Thing is, he's a Satanist, just like all the Happy Hooligans and possibly all or most contemporary Air Force pilots.
I found 82 other Satanists somehow connected with this guy's job, and found the HQ of the honchos, who don't even seem to be military. They are 6 Satanists working here in downtown Cincinnati. Here a red dot marks the spot of their office, as nearly as i can do it, on the 4th floor of this building.

And, in reference to an upcoming Project Camelot conference, there is this sentence:
We are also graced with the talents of a well known artist Jon Carling who is designing a poster for the event.
The guy has the strong vibe of a Satanist. No question about it. But was he connected to the gov't? I could detect no gov't connections or agency. So, i'm supposed to believe that an unconnected Satanist artist happens to take an interest in Project Camelot, and wants to help out.
Naturally, i put my sherrif as well as my Sedna ring (another good tool for the purpose) into de-cloaking his gov't connections. Took a while, then i got DIA. In 3 places in Montana...
Either the DIA deliberately dangled such a maddening tidbit in front of me in order to get me to test their cloaking/shielding, or they neglected to take into consideration that Cmdr. Loohan checks in with Project Camelot ocasionally.

April 19, '09: (7:45am) Been getting moderate rain.

There are now 2 more Karmic Accountability programs available: 1 for Yellow Nordics, 1 for Tall Whites.

April 20, '09: (7:25am) And now one for Green Nordics. Soon to come, for Blue Nordics, Xso, and Venusian Mutants.

Got an inch of rain.

The Xso reptilians hit me at work yesterday with a particularly nasty telepathic attack. They were heavily cloaked, and it took me a while to break through.
Then as i was coming up my driveway after work, when i passed my workshop building (which i've been using lately for orgone stuff), i felt a new presence. It was another Um elf. He had been bagging tens of thousands of Xso that had been astrally attacking the building. Also some greys and Yellow Nordics. The other 10 elves had perceived the need, and brought him there.

I found 3 Chinese bases in Mexico. I think these are new bases, as they contain the personnel recycled from other bases i busted and they had to abandon.
One is here in Mexico City at a depth of 164-328', containing 1,618 Satanists,
one here near San Luis Potosi at 261-526', containing only 84 Satanists despite its size, and
one here in Poza Rica at 243-339' containing 457 Satanists.

(5:35pm) An interesting link: endthe

  *   *   *   *
Satanists walk out in protest at a UN anti-racism conference after Ahmadinejad described Israel as having a "racist government". Almost all of these "anti-racism protestors" are Satanists.
Personally, i am a complete religious bigot, myself. I believe that black magicians have no rights whatsoever to anything but punishment and oblivion.
There. This is now officially a hate site, if it wasn't already.

Some chem today, as yesterday, but mostly natural skies and clouds.

I get the impression that the energy's shifting. All that we're doing is coming together and weakening the enemy. Attacks on me have been few and weak so far today.

Esterian has been quiet lately, but i get the feeling she's dishing out, rather than receiving, punishment somewhere. I've helped her out just as she's helped me out, and she's less constrained and more empowered now.
Whatever she's doing could be a big factor on the waning of the enemies' energy, which seems to have progressed throughout the day.

(6:35pm) She's beating up on those 3' tall short-eyed greys on the 4th planet out from Zeta2. The little bastards are key to a lot of what's going on. I'm hitting them with all i've got.

Meanwhile, there is now a karmic accountability pgm for Xso.

April 21, '09 (1:25am) I found another DORy drought transmitter in TX. Far south TX: Sinton. 316-347' down. I am not detecting any personnel down there.

(12:30pm) Fair bit of chem-smear today.

All those DIA guys seem to have been moved here at ground level.

Today i am being badgered by the greys from the 4th planet of Zeta2 and the 2nd planet of Zeta1 (which we also hit last night).

(4:45pm) That hive of greys (i think they are regular 4', large-eyed greys) on the 2nd planet out from Zeta1 turns out to be much more powerful than i expected. Right now they are beating me up, hitting me in the back of the neck, in the duodenum, and also telepathically.
Jehova and his 500K unicorns, Odin and his army of 500 Valhallans, Shiva, Subramanya, 6K of my girls, and countless more allies are attacking that hive. I can feel the DOR emanating all over at least 1/3 of the Milky Way. This is the "hottest" fight in a long time.
Assistance extremely welcomed.

(5:30pm) Oh, yeah, i just remembered. These greys have 3 resonator machines there. I thought we neutralized them last night, but now they really got them cranking and feels like they are focused on me. They seem to be 3D machines.

(8:50pm) Man, that was nasty! They finally cut off those machines around 7:30, and it took over an hour of work by 16 of my very best healer girls before i felt good enough to get out of bed, due to the residual nausea and pain.

I am unclear why they cut the machines off. They might just be making adjustments.
I don't know what the power source is for the machines. While they were on, the greys there felt like super-demons, in terms of their attack DOR. I jailed vast quantities. Now they feel wimpy again.
I guess the machines amplify the intent of the greys.
All my weapons and tricks were only partially effective against them.

That was probably the most powerful attack i've felt in 3 years or so. And when you factor in that i now have zillions of times as much power in terms of orgone weapons and allies, and lots more savvy, than i did then... I have to think that if they had hit me with this on top of everything else that was going on back then, it might have killed me.

Anyway, this Zeta planet seems to be a top priority target.

(9:50pm) Of somewhat less urgency, Esterian has been finding some interesting bases, just surfing around. Seem to all be around the 40th parallel:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5 "That's not the only one they put in the planet -- there are hundreds. Know what it is? It's for drying up all the water on the planet. That one is still operational."
  • 6 This is one she says is an operational dryer-upper.
    'Just go to and search for things like "google earth bases" or "google earth ufo" -- lots of people have already found stuff (you still have to sort through the riffraff of the morons, but still, people have already done a lot of the searching).'

    April 22, '09: (7:10pm) Here's another good one. Blue Nordics at 597'. I haven't really inspected these above links much, but they all seem to have Nordics under them.

    Well, i feel pretty great today. Those girls are amazing.
    I think we actually did clobber that grey hive. I slept soundly, and awoke around 4:30am. None of my girls were fighting there anymore, and of the big-name dudes, only Odin and his army were still mopping up. By 7am or so, i noticed they had moved on, too. I think the good guys are working on various Nordic hives now. I've mainly had the Tall Whites attacking me today, feebly.
    Of course that one grey planet is still being cleaned up by other allies, but there doesn't seem to be much dirt left.

    "Good" Lyrans: I have long been a bit perplexed by Lyrans. Some seem to be sophisticated, good beings, whereas others seem to be semi-aware sparks of consciousness that can be easily turned into DOR-based beings with a simple reptilian implant.

    Esterian says all Lyrans are imperialistic Nazis and not to be trusted. Is this true or partly true? I'm not quite sure yet. It may be true, though many have seemed like valuable allies in the past.
    But there is a hive of "good" (non-DOR-based) Lyrans that have taken hostile action against myself and her, and i am at (low-level, back burner) war with them now.
    Since these are not DOR-based, i lack my usual confidence, but i think their hive is Messier 63.

    April 23, '09: (9:40am) Supposed to get into the mid-80s today. I planted cantaloupe seed yesterday, as it appears we may be past below-50 nights now.
    Lots of chem haze yesterday evening. Overcast this morning.

    There are now karmic accountability programs for each type of Nordic, as well as Fi, Xso, Tall Whites, and Venusian mutants. I have big hunks of quartzite for each, except they chose a sandstone for the Venusian one. Any clear or white quartz is fine for these pgms.
    I have a feeling at some point down the road many of these will become obsolete and i can re-use the quartzite for other things.
    These may be the only species that use anti-karma stuff.

    The strontiumization of America is proceeding from coast to coast: i have been sending strontium devices (see OTB 33) to a contact in the DC area. Many murky areas around there have been hit with the mighty ice cubes now. And yesterday, in celebration of Earth Day, the downtown DC area was hit very hard with some larger units. Feel that vibe!
    Plus a friend in Hollywood has received a box of the cubes, and will start spreading them around maybe today.
    Plus, yesterday my FL buddy threw 3 more larger items in that lagoon, which is still host to some evil Syrians.
    Plus a few weeks ago a friend put a bunch around Boulder, CO.
    Plus, plus... a few here and there i've sent other people.

    (10am) Space blob' baffles astronomers. That blob has a good vibe. There are 27' humanoid allies on it called Jet. Cora is now contacting them.
    But also of great interest, i noticed a DORy vibe off that Subaru Telescope (Wikipedia). Bagged 3 greys there, and detected 61 Satanists. I have not counted the people on the staff directory but most, probably all, of these are Satanists.
    There is a virtual tour here, which i have walked The Programming Committee through, heh-heh.

    (7:55pm) Now the "good" Lyrans are hitting me.

    Also there is another evil species Esterian brought to my attention. Their main hive seems to be here. I don't know much about them, but she says (in case you can make sense of it):
    I used to call [them] Solar People, then came to call [them] Solar Bugs. They're like projectionists -- actually very short, little bug-oids projecting themselves as a big, divine person. What they do for power is, after souls are ripped apart in the hives, they take the so-called divine essences in conglomerate to make themselves appear more divine than any individual. Striking them in the apparent head, therefore, doesn't do any good. To hit the head, ya gotta go for the gut. OH! The years it took me to learn that! Then, along come other hiving control freaks to put THOSE in hives, making it seem like by having removed such a people from pods, hives are undone, but, ALAS! It leads to yet another set of hives where the original human souls in reptilian hosts were imprisoned. Then, ya get all those out, thinking the hives are undone, but, ALAS! There's a little demon schmuck in each of those that facilitated ripping apart the souls, and where did it get its power???? From yet another hive! So, ya go and get THAT hive all taken apart, thinkin' that MUST be IT! But, ALAS! You're only CLOSE to the end! Those little beings just rattle divine all over the place, but if you don't fry 'em...
    Just don't ask me to explain it to you. All, i know is, she is talking about real critters and they are DORy and they live in that galaxy.

    April 24, '09: (1:45am) Another type of demon: 2' long green cats with yellow eyes called Rim, whose hive is M104, the Sombrero Galaxy.

    (1:50am) I just noticed in this pic showing the location of M104, there is a "n Crv" star that is a kind of strong Yellow Nordic hive.

    (8:20am) A couple more tidbits from Esterian:
    We finally got the truth of the Watchers known. They've been at the heart of hive making for hundreds of millions of years. Though it was required of them to know as one always, they'd managed to stay separate and appear collective, hiding their plans and actions all the while. The hideous crimes they've committed against multitudes of lifeforms and life bearing planets have finally been exposed, and they and their hives are being destroyed, as I type.
    Our efforts against the hives and the demons and all the wretched creatures in between will be a whole lot easier from here on out.
    For the record -- I'm striking the Nazi bases at Vega hard. I'm so sick of being mind-f**ked by Lyrans, and they've been starving a magnificent dragon to death to keep her from knowing that they've been making hives out of her and her people. I can't let them keep such power anymore. They keep making demons to attack people, and hives to control people, and it's time for that to stop. I just hope I don't have to destroy the whole planet to end the Nazi regime there.
    Pics of Vega are here. I sense 2 Nazi bases of non-DORy "good" Lyrans.
    As far as the Watcher hive is concerned, it feels to me like things are under control there.

    Well, it did get into the mid-80s yesterday, and it's supposed to again today. There was heavy chem yesterday. I've been developing a new chem-busting unit. It will not be complete for 3 weeks, but even so it seems to help a lot. Haven't seen a fresh trail stick in days. And it seems to punch through a lot of the hazy crap.

    (3:10pm) More heavy chem today, as well as lots of natural clouds. It's been very windy the last 2 days as well.

    There is a USN base here on Mars at 214' depth with 674 Satanists. Interestingly, the base is centered in the pic, or just slightly right of center. These are the only humans i am able to find on Mars at this time.

    BTW i neglected to mention that our major military force has been focusing on the Tall White hive since night before last. That's been keeping the TWs out of my hair.

    I got a bunch more allies today from Esterian:
    The Pride, The Pack, and The Club. The most numerous, and most noble men are the ones I call The Pride -- 800 million strong and stronger. The Pack, and The Club are old warriors, tired of war, tough, hurly burly men who have been without women for hundreds of years. (The Club's more hurly burly than The Pack). They get pretty jealous of your 12.5K wives when all they want is one! ;p
    These guys are fighting the Lyrans now, and my Gina is scouting around for eligible babes for them. She's found 12K so far. Not out of my stash, luckily.
    That might be enough for one of them, but what are the rest going to do?

    (6:15pm) Mantis hive here in Libya at 594' depth, hassling Esterian.
    Map pic is not good.

    (7:35pm) And yet more delightful vermin. I pulled a 7" blue lizard out of someone. They have a hive in Galaxy M100.
    Here are the symptoms the person described: "Bones in my legs and my spine, especially neck and head hurting fiercely lately."
    I think it was in her solar plexus, and it left some serious-feeling energy damage behind that my allies are working on.

    (9:20pm) We never run out of new demonic species. Now i just found a hive of DORy yellow, 3' humanoids called Do not all that far from me (map) at 594' depth.

    (10:35pm) I was jumped by a strong demon named Wikti, that turns out to be a Lyran from a contingent hiding out in some kind of 4D no-space or something. I nabbed huge quantities of them without half trying. I think this is an important bunch to clean up.

    April 25, '09: (10pm) And that's still whom i'm working on. And not getting hit much back. I got some powerful new crystals today that really help.

    I just listened to the What really happened to Flight 93 Project Camelot audio with Elizabeth Nelson. This is the story about the flight shot down by the pilot i mentioned on the 18th.
    The picture that emerges is that this plane was ordered shot down by honest military guys in accordance with standard protocol, because it was coming toward Raven Rock base under a PA mountain. This base is an underground city, a backup Pentagon, a shelter for gov't fat cats in the event of disaster, etc.
    Also it was heading toward Ft. Meade.
    I think the guys who made that decision were not Satanists, and that all the people involved were out of the loop about the 9/11 cabal.
    And there are probably some well-meaning personnel in the mountain base, but there are also over 43K Satanists living there.

      *   *   *   *
    Well, Gina did find some 41K ladies for those guys. Probably mostly military widows from some unfortunate groups. But only 34,251 guys got wives out of the deal. That might be all that wanted them. Many of the guys got 3 or 4.

    (10:25pm) OK, we need some blasting help on something truly weird. This is another Esterian special:
    It appears that there is a guy named Demetrius the Andromedan who is very important to the Earth's future. He is being held by 2 evil dragons here and i am unable to pry him loose.
    Also he has a good dragon companion that is held maybe a couple miles away by 2 other dragons. So i am blasting these 4 dragons.

    April 26, '09: (5:45pm) I just stopped blasting those dragons. Not because i wanted to, but because i need all my resources right now to try to counter the Lyran hive that Wikti came from. It took them a while, but they finally got geared up to hit me back. Naturally, they are doing that same back-of-neck attack stuff like the other species do on me.

    Unfortunately, Demetrius is still being held. I'm not sure about his good dragon. It may be free.

    I can't resist showing off my big phallus. Sorry to be so crude on a family entertainment site, but i just felt compelled to do it.
    That thing is a gorgeous 12" tall Pakistan Onyx obelisk i got a deal on. Email me if you want to know where i got it $20 + shipping. The Committee wanted me to buy it.They're like kids in a candy store whenever i look at a mineral dealer's site.
    They put some serious programming into it for remote warfare.
    I was using it to hit those dragons, but shortly after i switched it back to those Lyrans, i could feel a distinct drop in the power of their attacks.
    But they are still hurting me. This hive is definitely the priority at this time, as i see it.

    April 27, '09: (1:30am) Demetrius just showed up here! Thanks to anyone who helped.
    Showed up sans his dragon, but i was able to get the dragon here easily enough.

    (1:55pm) Getting a bit of rain here.

    Still embroiled in conflict with the "Wikti" hive. Plus found 2 more new reptilian hives. These are like the Darpa, etc. ones and unlike the Xso, in that they have grey implants. The thing to do is jail the implants and/or them, too.

    The first hive is here. The entire center region is DORy.
    The way i got onto these guys is that somehow they were able for a while to elude detection by my elf guardians, and put their DOR into my water storage containers and workshop.

    The 2nd bunch came to me from an interesting email i received:
    woke this morning to lucid dream ... of the following:
    looked futher on in time (only slightly), I was in warm climate surrounded in lush land,( rolling hills etc), there was what looked like an air ship (only smaller,longer,engine nearer the front, highly controlable).. the ship came from my left & circle my house spraying chem (I was on a small balcony) as the ship passed I had a really good look at the design, chem was coming from the rear (slowly & thick), I could see the pilot, he knew what he was doing.. the writing on the side (light blue in colour) looked like moldina, moldiva, molodina...(moldina was my first choice before this email)..the ship backed up & sprayed directly into my face.. I held my breath & woke up..
    I got a strong vibe off Moldiva. Of course the ship didn't have English language writing on it; that's just how things work in dreams sometimes. The Moldiva galaxy is NGC4650A.

    And yet another target area: Aldebaran. Esterian wrote: "It's there that the ones wanting to destroy humanity in its entirety live. Perhaps you can slam them better than I."
    But i get that they themselves are also 3D humans.

    (3:30pm) Esterian told me about a dangerous "hive beast" in the Earth. What it is, i haven't yet figured out, but i have found its location just north of Hokkaido, Japan, about 300' below the sea floor.
    I think it's just one entity, but involved in various projects involving others... Feels important.

    (8:10pm) Esterian confirms with extreme enthusiasm that it is important. I have unofficially christened it Godzilla out of deference to Japanese culture, and also because it seems to much resemble (warning: 862 KB) this guy. Japanese intuition?

    Someone asked me about Diane Tessman. She's another case like we were finding last year. Mind-controlled by mantises and she had a Tall Grey in her as well.

    About those Aldebarans that i thought were human, Esterian says
    Look again! Use dark matter to filter off what you see. They're more like humanOID -- kind of like Earth human in general shape, but grey skin, and those big black eyes. They like to project themselves as humans to protect themselves from attack...
    Aldebaran is in the path of communication and they're trying to control it.
    And she's right. Although i'm not that visual. They felt like humans, and i didn't expect such a subterfuge.
    Although, i did have an interesting experience along those lines a couple months ago. I was visited by a very "friendly" grey. I got that he was the very topmost Tall Grey of all (which might be true), and he was here reassuring me that really, everything was all right between us. He had this "human" quality, which i felt was an essence extracted from countless victims. Like he preserved and concentrated their characteristic human warmth, and wore it as if it were his.
    So i bagged him and cooked him down.

    (9pm) Forgot to mention, Godzilla resides in between the 3rd and 4th dimension. He's 625' tall, grey with red eyes, pretty mean-looking.

    A little while ago he came after me. I felt this heavy gravity-like feeling and hostile energy. Oh kay, i says, and focus strongly on my weapons. The attack grows weaker surprisingly quickly.
    I realize the dragon is really good, but was enslaved by greys, etc. just like Esterian says. I got the dirty crap off of him, and it looks like now he's on our side.

    (9:25pm) And our man Godzilla is on the move, rapidly approaching this spot which is the location of a nest of short greys that he particularly detests. 268' depth.
    Uh-oh, too late. I hear a loud squishing noise.

    April 28, '09: (9am) The amount of rain i've gotten so far off this system is negligible, but it looks like it will be raining on and off for several days, so hopefully we will get a nice gentle but meaningful soaking.
    I had planted a bunch of veggie seeds, so now i don't have to water them during this period when they most need it.
    Of course there is always at least some chem when one can see beyond the natural cover.

    Esterian had her dragons moved back off Earth for now. She says they were being used somehow to attack her and myself. After we clean things up enough, they can be brought back. She's hopeful that may be in our lifetimes, but i am optimistic it will be within a year or 2.

    Partly because Godzilla is on a rampage! He loathes those greys, and he either already knows all their hiding spots in the Earth, or he can easily sniff them out. Right now he is obliterating his 15th grey base.
    These are all important bases i probably never would have found, unless they started making conspicuous DOR.

    (9:30am) I just checked with the Project Camelot site. See the April 26 entry; there is something else hot going on. Here is a pdf file they link that i have only had time to partially read, but which seems to be of high accuracy and detail.
    It mentions Eastern Connection as one company involved in domestic biowarfare black ops.

    (1:15pm) Godzilla has been working on short grey hive #17 for many hours. Obviously a big one. It is here just NE of Puerto Suarez, Bolivia, at 973' depth. The base probably encompasses most of the area of this map, depending on your settings.

    (4:50pm) Never piss off a 625' dragon. He's still on that hive, and so are many other allies. This is big.

    Meanwhile, i heard this Diane Tessman i mentioned earlier today sells books in which she conveys channelings from an alleged human from the future named Tibus. All i could tell about him was that he's a faintly DORy humanoid, not human, with bad intentions. So i blasted him with a bunch of stuff to de-cloak him. Now i also get he's 6'1" tall, medium build, and that he and his buddies reside in NGC 3314 a "galaxy pair". Not the more oblong one, but the rounder one, seems infested with these beings i can't get a name for yet.

    And quite incidentally, as i was searching for that last pic, i stumbled across another DORy galaxy, NGC 253. Not so much in the outskirts, but more in the brownish core area. What's going on here is that short greys who live there are being persecuted by my Oyu reptilian friends.

    (8:20pm) Sheesh. I was looking at this page some more, and just about every pic has a hive in it. I only worked through a fraction of the page to find these:
    Here is a galaxy dominated by good Lemurians! Nice vibe. However the bright galaxy below right is dominated by implanted reptilians.
    The brightest star near the bottom here is a Blue Nordic hive.
    The brightest star near the bottom here is a Tall Grey hive! And another one here in NGC 1275. And another in the middle of NGC 1365. And the bright galaxy right above the word University here.
    All the bright spots in this pic are either Blue or Green Nordic hives.
    And this one has Goetic demons! Especially in the brightest area.

    April 29, '09: (6:15pm) Someday i'll work down the rest of that page.
    Right now, ever since last night, the greys in the 2nd planet of Zeta2 have been picking on me. I moved Esterian's dragons there last night, which helps.
    These greys seem to be 5'4" versions of the short ones.

    Godzilla & co. are still mopping up in that Bolivian hive. Not much DOR there lately, but there must still be a lot to do, judging by the fact that there are still the same number of Gek-sit as well as my wives (2K of each) working with him.

    So far from this weather system i have only gotten maybe 1/4" of rain. But it seems a bunch more is moving in now.
    Heard a rumor that the dry part of TX got a bunch of rain.

    April 30, '09: (7:45pm) Got almost 1" rain so far (including the last few days). Probably get more over the next few.

    Those 5'4" Zetas are still after me.

    And Godzilla and the gang are still there in Bolivia.

    Meanwhile, i found another group of evil reptilians (these don't have implants, i don't think) picking on a friend of a friend.
    Their hive is NGC 4631.
    And, Esterian had me search for a missing demon-killing special reptilian servant of hers named Lucius. I found him beating up on evil Dracs in NGC 6745. That's 6745A. 6745B has a bunch of short greys in it.

    (7:50pm) I just uploaded OTB 35 on making Easy Tetrahedral Molds.