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Loohan's blog for May, 2010

May 1, '10: (5:05pm) Of course, you can't be too squeamish about tornadoes if you choose to live around here. Had some last night (article).
Scotland is a little town south of here that i drove through on my Apr. 22 busting trip.
I also heard Fox (which i busted yesterday) got hit. They are SE of me. And i heard there was damage in Clinton again, too.
I never suspected anything this morning, as it was peaceful here. Got a small amount of rain.

(7:40pm) Overcast today too, with a little bit of rain. Now the cover is clearing some to reveal old chem above.

Those spiders have been hassling my friend in NM. As a species, they are dangerous, plentiful, and ubiquitous and aren't very susceptible to some of my new tricks. So i'm gonna try an older trick. I dowsed 402.222 Hz as being a frequency toxic to them. In a few minutes i'll start sending it to them.

May 2, '10: (5:05pm) That seems to be working well. I have been blasting and jailing those spiders. A few times they hit me back a little tiny bit. I think it is making a big difference.

The tornadoes were the headline in today's Arkansas Democrat-Gazette. Also 2 full pages inside.
Apparently the Scotland damage was on Lo Gap Road. I was on that road only once, on April 22. And i was in Fox only once, the day before it got hit. And i was in Center Ridge only twice, busting it well on the 22nd. Center Ridge also got hit, according to the paper, but i noticed no mention of it other than on their map, so i presume the damage was light. I saw no mention of Fox.
Now if the Heber Springs area gets hit with tornadoes this week, i will start to wonder. BTW i spent hours in Heber Springs as it was so DORy, driving all around. Some roads i drove over many times.

Still been getting a lot of overcast weather with occasional sun and chem-clouds. The chemmer ETs hit me once in a while, too. They have a big surprise coming in a few days, hehe.

(7:55pm) Big rains in Tennessee (article). Start reading at the bottom and work your way up.
Sigh. Didn't that serial killer Loohan also bust the hell out of Tennessee? Maybe he should have left it alone to turn into a DOR desert.

May 3, '10: (not uploaded until May 4) Undaunted, i did more busting today. There was a dirt road east of here that flared up with underground demons. After i took care of that, i was almost to Mountain View, so i went there again and did some details i had neglected last time.
All morning i saw not a single shred of a cloud or trail. Totally clear, sunny. Everything was richly green and beautiful. Until i was about 1/2 mile from home after 1pm, when i spotted a few clouds and some chem-puffs to the NW. Then more real and fake clouds appeared over my place, but not that much.

May 4, '10: (6:30pm) My ISP has been down since yesterday. I am posting from work.

This morning a new spot had flared up, around Campbell which is just a few miles east of Leslie. I drove around for most of the morning, busting this area i had never explored before. Gorgeous weather again. No clouds at all.
Only around 3:30 did i start to see a few real and fake clouds. No trails seen yesterday or today.

The demons did not kick back that much. I seemed to feel a shift late morning as i was busting. I started realizing that, um, well, i'll just post my impressions even though there might be some other explanation for my perceptions:

Today, to my perceptions, all remaining humans on Earth have been "culled", no matter how good. The only exceptions being me, Thorp, and 10 others. And a couple hundred recent ET walk-ins. These are the only people i can still feel the higher selves of.

Last Dec. 30 i wrote
Categories of Scumbags:
  • Category 1: blood-ritual black magicians (all or virtually all such humans on Earth have been yanked out of their bodies and terminated, though there is seldom an obvious change in their 3D behavior).
  • Category 2: People who don't seem to be Category 1, but are/were easy to yank anyway. E.g. Obama, Biden, Tim Rifat.
  • Category 3: People who aren't yankable, but i can discern them because a special stone Oborijo programmed for me munches on them strongly (along with 1s and 2s). E.g. Michele Obama, Sonia Sotomayor.
  • Category 4: I cannot discern them by dowsing/energy at all. People who aren't yankable and who are not 1, 2, or 3, yet... The Recylers will munch them. E.g. Ahmadinejad, Jessica Schab, Angela Merkel.
  • And then on Feb. 22 i wrote
    Wow, there has been a shift since yesterday.
    A few weeks ago i received the info that at total of 73% of this planet's human population would be culled (not physically but spiritually) leaving only the 27% least parasitic ones.
    Also that a lot of parasitic people i couldn't jail before, would become jailable as the planetary energies became more positive. These people would become so out-of-synch that they couldn't hang on.
    Well, just now i jailed a bunch of people i couldn't touch even yesterday when i tried! Overnight, they had become Category 2-4 Scum, and thus jailable.
    Things have shifted a couple more times since i wrote that. As of a few days ago, i believe that all the cullable Earthling scum have somehow been culled. I have not found any i can still cull recently, even driving around in unfamiliar areas or on the web.

    However, as of today, almost everybody has been culled. It is not just parasites and scumbags anymore. Good guys were getting it today, and have been for several days. Many of these are people i know to be unselfish and committed to the greater good more than their own comfort. Some have exceptionally good character. Many others are relatively decent people. People i would have thought belonged in the future.
    This includes the people that were in the orgonite movement since 2001. It includes many people i have remotely protected and gotten healing for. It includes almost everybody; way more than 73%.

    Anyway, i will be using the term cull more than scumbag in the future. Actually, since almost no-one left is not a cull, i should probably call that tiny remaining minority ensouleds.

    To recap, what makes an ensouled different? Outwardly there is no difference, but
  • We have higher selves, 96 of them to be exact (except that i have 2 sets of higher selves -- 192 in all).
  • We still have a subtle body with 7, 12, 24, 48, or 96 chakras.
  • We still have astral bodies (which may be the same thing).
  • The Egyptians said there are 2 parts to the soul, Ba and Ka. We still each have a Ba and Ka, whatever those are.
  • I presume we still have the potential to reincarnate, or continue to exist as individuals after our physical demise.

    What does it mean? What's going on? Is it a tragedy or a blessing? Did these good people choose to cease to exist as individual spirits? Is this perverted, negative time-line we live in being vacated? Did the good people get culled, or does it merely appear that way? Will they pop up in a better place? I really don't know. They probably feel nothing has changed. Maybe there is another explanation for what i perceive. I am awaiting feedback.

    What happens to such a person's higher-dimensional selves? Apparently, they cease to exist. The only exception i know of is with Jessica's higher selves. I had been working closely with them last year when she chose to reject them, so they adopted me as their lower self. Rejecting them would not have killed them by itself. Many (former) 96s i know (e.g. my former friend JohnB) had recently rejected their higher selves, but the latter continued to exist and be useful. However, these 96s who rejected their higher selves have now been culled, and their higher selves have vanished.
    However, 96s still have selves on other time-lines who have their own higher selves.

    Signing off, very confused.

    May 5, '10: (7:40pm) So don't panic or nothin'. I talked to a couple seemingly culled psychic friends and they, too, feel a change for the better.
    I still haven't figured out why i am perceiving this.

    Another perfectly clear day today, as far as i noticed, until an hour or so ago when i saw a small chem-cloud. Now lots of dubious-looking clouds. I read that California got hammered today.
    Tomorrow i will be doing the final assembly of my new ChemmerBuster, a special CB that incorporates the Chemmer-Locator within it. The programming of the other components has not been completed, because it would so irritate the chemmers that they would attack me. Once the unit is assembled, the programming will be completed, because only then will the CB be able to deal with the kickback. At least that is my impression.

    May 6, '10: (10:05am) Clear so far here.
    OK, the chemmer-obliteration process has stepped up. It's a perfect day for painting, so i got my new CB out in the sun with its 1st coat of cobalt paint. The Committee was waiting until the 1st coat was applied before commencing programming completion, which has now begun. I'll have a pic later.

    (12:50pm) Here it is, the Chemmer Buster. The old Chemmer-Locator unit is the 2nd deck up from the bottom.
    That's a genuine 3" copper pipe there. I don't think they make large diameter copper pipe anymore. It's been phased out by plastic. I bought this one used piece (and some 2", 1.5", etc.) 6-7 years ago at a recycle place. The ends were chopped off unevenly by a saw. So recently i cast epoxy on each end to make it more or less straight, since i do not have tools to cut larger than 2" pipe.
    If you ever see heavy copper pipe or fittings for a reasonable price, snatch them up. And consider shipping some to Loohan, inc., where creative recycling is a way of life.

    Right now it is still being programmed, and working at 79% efficiency. Still clear here, and i have not seen nor heard any chemmer craft.
    I got on Chemtrail Central and someone had just reported heavy spraying in OH, so i connected this CB to those sprayers. Still no kickback. Feels like it cleaned something up there.

    Feel free to mentally connect any chem or sprayers that you become aware of to this unit. Not sure it will make an obvious difference, but i believe it does do something.

    I used a mold that had an steep rise in the center so i could leave an opening.

    (7:10pm) Chem-clouds finally showed up late afternoon, then more and more light smear blew in. Noticed a couple trails, too. Horizon to the east looks a sickly fuzzy brown color.
    But the unit feels like it's doing a lot. It's now at 84% efficiency. I have gotten some occasional energy kickback from the chemmer entities, but nothing much.
    Rain chances coming in starting tomorrow afternoon and continuing for several days, so they will be wanting to spray a lot.

    I revised OTB 32 with a description and pic links of the grid-blaster i finished a couple days ago.

    (8:15pm) Awright! Running at 85% efficiency now. I got pissed by some spraying, and connected the new CB to Chemmer HQ! It is in Universe O. This is the first time i have been able to feel any Universe beyond F. Mordok was right about this stuff.
    The CB and other tools and allies are wreaking havoc on the Universe O base now.

    May 7, '10: (6:55am) Clear again.
    Not long after i posted that, these chemmer entities from Universes A-P attack me remotely. This de-cloaks Universes G-N and P for me. The CB locks onto all those bases and handles the attacks.
    The fat base piece of the CB has all kinds of intricate guts, specially designed to undo the chemmers. I don't understand these chemmers nor the tech that disables them. I just put these tools together and use them.
    Tentatively i have the impression the chemmers are humans with dark hair and fair skin.

    (4:20pm) Despite everything, plenty chem-clouds moved in, then real overcast mixed in with it.

    I just found out about a peculiarly-named military agency: Africom. That's for U.S. Africa Command, not U.S. Africa Liaison, not U.S. Africa Assistance, not Cooperation, or any of those phony euphemisms. No, they just come right out and say Command.
    Aw, i know, i'm just projecting some imperialistic innuendo on the thing because i'm an ignorant paranoiac.
    It couldn't possibly be a blatant... ah here we go, there's a PDF in there of the United States Africa Command - Commander's Intent 2010 which says in part:
    The programs and activities of our command are in direct support of advancing and protecting U.S. interests in Africa. At the same time, they provide an opportunity for African states and regional organizations to promote democracy, expand development, provide for their common defense, and better serve their people.
    Sounds fairly harmless to me. The Africans are in good hands. I've never noticed any reason to impute ill motive to U.S. military or foreign policy. A bit of benign American command couldn't hurt those backward people.

    May 8, '10: (4:45pm) It started out as usual today, clear, but by 9-ish it was already chemmy (pic taken from town this morning). Had more big banks of chem-clouds come through all day. Fairly clear now, though.
    The Chemmer beings have been hitting me remotely from various universes, giving me the same dull headache i get when i bust new towns around here. The new CB is now 89% operational.

    May 9, '10: (4:50pm) Heavy chem-clouds today as well. No sprayers seen nor heard the last 2 days.

    The Chemmer jerks started hitting me kind of strongly from various universes (uncluding ours) around 8:30am. They always hit from just 1 location at a time, and as soon as i identify which universe, then all my apparatus engages and almost instantly disables that bunch. Then i'll get hit by another batch.
    But later in the morning i noticed that they were only hitting me from A each time, and not that strongly. Apparently someone had somehow curtailed their attacks from other universes.
    As the day wore on, i have been feeling better and better. The chemmer attacks pretty much stopped for now.

    (7:10pm) I had been wondering why our (physical) Venusian allies had become so scarce in recent years, and asked Mordok about it. He had the impression the Venusians had been almost wiped out, and were hiding.
    Tentatively, i think this may be correct. Maybe only 32% survived.

    I found the enemies who did this. They are headquartered in the Antennae Galaxy. I think they are the same guys who astrally attacked me as reported on Jan. 18.
    Presently they are under assault.
    This pic was cropped from here.

    May 10, '10: (6:15pm) I still have not been hit by the chemmers again. I figured out what shut them down that way: my new CB got several installments of added programming yesterday. It's 96% programmed now.

    Last Nov. 27 i wrote about busting Arkansas One (nuke) and nearby Russellville. I hit them hard and it made a big difference. But not enough. The area has remained somewhat DORy and i knew i'd have to nail it again. Which i did today. 253 miles of busting today.
    My vehicle presently has ~4X the earth-programming power it did then, plus now i have incorporated the VF and water programs into my strontium gifts. I did a more thorough job this time. Lots of my 3-in-1 orgonite hit the water near the nuke.
    Drove all around there some more. And also all around much of Russellville, which was still surprisingly DORy. Hopefully i won't have to go back again.

    That pretty much cleans up the glaringly DORy areas in my area. I don't have more long outings planned.
    I believe that the ability of the remaining demons to hit me is largely based on them having underground nests in the vicinity. Also inadequately busted towers. I have been nailing towers pretty well lately.
    The weakened demons are hitting me a bit now, but that should fade out a lot as they get killed off.

    (9:10pm) I forgot to mention, i got almost an inch of rain last night and today. Chances of more. It was drizzly and, in some areas, very foggy today.

    I still can feel the wings and higher selves of only myself, Thorp, and 10 other people whom i don't even know. But now i am once again quite strongly feeling the Ba, Ka, and astral bodies of most of the good people i thought had been culled. Whew.
    One notable exception is JohnB. Alas, i can feel no Ba, Ka, or astral body there. And i can't find his 22D self, who was a highly valued member of The Committee, and a creative genius at orgone device design. He influenced all the more complex items i've made in the last year or so.
    Seems vanished.

    May 11, '10: (11:45am) The day started out clearish with faint chem smear, then got overcast. Some weird developments: (You gotta dig that anytime a satanist, esp. with a pertinent agenda, flies over my place, my orgone stuff locks onto them hard and stirs up their evil energy and draws my attention to them.)
    So i heard a plane, felt an evil vibe. It was 3 NSAtanists aboard, and i had the impression they were scoping out the deplorable situation over Loohan territory, trying to figure out how to get trails to stick. They were probably spraying test trails and monitoring them, but i could not see beyond the overcast.
    Then just a few minutes later, a noisy Chemmer ET craft came over, and my new CB locked onto it.
    Then a while later another DORy plane came over, this one with 2 satanists from the other, mysterious, agency that was doing so much spraying before the ETs took over. I think these guys were also test-spraying.
    Now the sun is poking through at times to reveal cotton-candy chem.

    Meanwhile, a bunch of demons under the Oakland Cemetery in Russellville have been hitting me. I did bust all around there yesterday. Seems to be bunches of different species together there.

    (7:15pm) They are still hitting me some. I had no idea until today that the cemetery itself was a particular hot spot. Evidently this spot was cloaked, but the DOR was so strong the whole area felt bad.
    If i had known, i would have gotten out and taken a walk to the middle of the cemetery with some of my holy ash. Maybe attempted to stick orgonite around.
    It must be a big power spot, right about where the point of the arrow is on the map. I feel the energy 313' down. As if there was a pinpoint there that contained vast quantities of demons of many species, compressed.

    Meanwhile, the sky soon got overcast again. I have noticed no more plains. Perhaps they recognized the futility of it all, and gave up. Yeah.

    I was just about to post the foregoing, when it occurred to me, "Well, can't i just flip that entire pinpoint at 313' right into my jail?" and tried it. It seems to have worked.
    This sweetened up Russelville a good bit. There is still some DOR, like around Bernice. I noticed that yesterday too, and made a quick run around there.

    May 12, '10: (7:10pm) Those Russellville demons really flared up this morning and were hammering on me. But now they seem more under control. Good; i really don't feel like driving down there again.

    And the Chemmer twerps are still unable to hit me. Theoretically, this new CB should eventually take them out entirely, or reduce them to a few cringing, crippled dregs. But nevertheless, there are heavy chem-clouds today, and i saw a few old trails. And i think this is all still coming from those same Chemmer ETs. Must be pretty damn important to them for some reason.

    (5pm) The only planes i've noticed (heard) today were ordinary commercial flights. It's been overcast for the most part, but plenty of chem-clouds visible at times. The Russellville demons are no longer hitting me. Instead, some other dumshit demons, the kind i can bag several entire species of at once.

    Thorp just wrote asking about NGC 3314 and whether there is Ta'l action happening there. Yes, i find 200 Ta'l warriors fighting there now. Fighting against non-reptiloid physical humanoids who are ~6'1" tall, hairless(?) black (not negroid), brown-eyed.

    May 14, '10: (11:15am) Grey, drizzly day.

    Been getting hit by more of these cheesy demons. They can't hit hard now, but it is annoying when hundreds of species hit me at once all the time, no matter how many i jail.
    I think i identified where the intent is coming from. It's right in the center of this pic, but farther away, behind the visible galaxies. Pic was cropped from here.

    (3:50pm) Thanks for the backup. I'm feeling pretty good now.

    Got like 1/2" of rain, most of it in a short cloudburst. Now it has stopped for the time being, and chem-smear is much in evidence. Haven't seen nor heard any more chem-planes.

    My friend Elizabeth in NM has some evil beings after her that i suspect are hyperdimensional humans, but i can't tell for sure. Anytime i scan her i can find several leaning on her. Occasionally i can bag a whole bunch. I got about 6 quadrillion last night, mostly at their home base which i found and wiped out. Well it seemed like their main hive, but that might really be only a small fraction of their kind. I'm having trouble breaking through to their real HQ.
    Last i heard the spiders were staying away since she got a new grid-blaster from me.

    (4:25pm) Thanks for the help on Elizabeth. Someone's been keeping her clean.
    Meanwhile, with a little help from Durkistan, we have found what must be their main hive: NGC 3370.

    May 15, '10: (5pm) Maybe they can spray, but they can't dry things up no mo'. Got ~2.5" of rain last night and early morning. Overcast all day today.

    After i posted yesterday afternoon, those creepos at NGC 3370 started hitting me on and off.
    I awoke around midnight after a snooze. They started hitting me harder. I did some focussed jailing, and it felt like i bagged quite a chunk of their population there. Immediately thereafter i got slammed by their spider friends, and jailed a bunch of those. The spiders have still been after me today.

    Elizabeth felt much better this morning, then got hit. A chopper buzzed her house, and she experienced choking, nausea, etc.
    I think what happened is the choppers were from another base of the same ETs that have been harrassing my friend in CA, and the choking attack was spiders.
    I think the ET base is gone now.
    The spiders apparently are going to take some work. They are scattered all over many galaxies.

    May 16, '10: (4:35pm) After i posted that, more chem became visible. Pretty bad chem-cloud coverage.
    Today has been overcast, and we just had another big thundershower. I am amazed my ISP is still working.

    I've been getting hit by spiders. Let's get a description of these critters. I have the impression they have 11 legs, and are about 4" long overall, with their bodies being about 1". I ran this by Elizabeth, asking if she had an impression of color. She says
    I used to think they were black, but I believe the cord they lower themselves with is black, and they are a light sort of off-white transparent color. When I caught the one hanging just over my head the one time that's what he looked like... transparent. You are right on about the size and legs. When they scuttle back up the wall, they look like a mass of tangled black thread. They have strange legs, more like a lobster than a spider. There appears to be a long straight leg, then at a point it is very narrow at the joint, then same length for the bottom part of the leg, but with a very long sharp point on the tip.

    May 17, '10: (7:40am) Musta gotten about 3/4" of rain yesterday. This morning, stale chem-clouds are visible. Sunnier.

    I did the last pour yesterday on a new item. Overnight as the programming was being finalized, we trained it on those spiders. And it has made a huge difference already. They seem to have stopped hitting me, weakened.
    Here is a pic of the new device, which also has significant sky-busting power.

    (7:30pm) The spiders have been hitting me a bit on and off, but they are getting the worst of it.

    Mordok has been chasing terror ops all day. They seem to keep moving bombs around every time they are located.
    Most recent one is here in London.

    (7:35pm) Had an urge to post that one because it felt like it might blow soon.

    Mossad, U.S. Military, and CIA are in on it, as well as some "Muslims".

    May 18, '10: (10:20am) Yesterday there were plenty of real and fake clouds. Today, they seem all fake, and some trails are being sprayed by the chemmer ETs.
    These ETs are still unable to hit me. And Heber Springs and Russellville are feeling pretty good. But those 11-legged spiders are still maintaining a constant low-level barrage against me.

    Thorp has been telling me for a long time of some evil physical cat beings. Recently i found them in LBG-2377. They are under attack by 100 Ta'l, plus golden Draco and Rojohy.
    I have the impression of 4-legged, 3' long bodies, light brown medium-length fur. Possibly red eyes.

    (7:55pm) Heavy chem-clouds and heavy spraying this afternoon, by the same Chemmer ETs. A small fraction of the trails actually stuck.
    Then they backed off and now the sky is pretty clear with just an occasional craft laying a pathetic "contrail".

    A friend emailed me for help with an attack on his family. He said he had been warned about an attack from "Lemir".
    I found out where Lemir is. It's NGC 7742.
    The whole galaxy is flared up in warfare now. I still have no impression of the the appearance of the enemy.

    (8:25pm) I think these Lemirians are 7' tall 5D humanoids.

    May 20, '10: (11:30am) Spiders have been hitting me, but meanwhile i have been pouring another large weapon against them. With each layer i add, they get weaker.

    Last night the forecast was for possibly violent storms, but as usual my nature girls were unperturbed, and we got maybe 2.75" of relatively gentle rain (maybe more; i have 3&1/8" in my 5-gallon bucket).
    I keep hearing, and feeling the CB lock onto, ET sprayer craft every few minutes. If they are trying to dry things up, they should be fired.
    The forecast says more "Locally heavy rainfall possible" today and tonight.
    Overcast this morning.

    (8:10pm) Never did get more rain. In fact for hours it was mostly sunny and fairly clear, with only ordinary planes. Then more chem-clouds moved in, and lots of the clouds that look both real and fake, then dark cover for some time. Now that has largely moved on and we have obvious chem-clouds again.

    I just updated OTB 33 with some technical info about the S-B and VF programs.

    May 21, '10: (6:50pm) Mostly sunny today, with lots of real and fake clouds. Late afternoon, lots of chem blown in from upwind, including a few huge, expanded trails.

    Lately i have been working with a new program, the Zero Point Energy program. The device i showed on the 17th is one such. Also i have upgraded 3 of my CBs with glued-on casts of this pgm. It only takes in certain shapes. Like my new Ring of Power. This stuff really works on the spiders, which seem to have gotten weaker today.

    I've also been making other stuff, Like this blaster. (Side view). It will probably remain in the case/mold, which has a lid.
    This seems to be an ultimate "Succor Punch" for evil physical individuals, whether human or not. It has a modified K4001 amp Sittingtaoist put together for me. Also a lot of drywall screws. That's just some of them. Those are blocks of cellophane-tape-wrapped styrofoam i cast in there to create cavities upon removal.
    Right now i'm testing it out on Nathaniel Rothschild, merely because i can't stand his face.

    May 22, '10: (5:25pm) Sunny and cloudy today. Mostly real but some fake.

    Some poor saps who lacked Pisol protection got shot in West Memphis, AR by some filthy cops. (story)
    The media spin... (the headline in the Arkansas Democrat Gazette)
    None of the cops are ensouled. Some are satanists. The 2 church guys are ensouled.
    The article makes it sound as though crooked cops, criminal banksters, and the "non-profit ADL" do have legitimacy.
    What kind of cops were these? The lowlife kind that waylay motorists and hassle people that they might be able to bust for drugs, even if it requires planting some of their own stash on them. The kind you can read about at

    I've got news for you, newspapers. Pedophile satanist criminals (and the soulless scum who work for them) have zero legitimacy and zero authority over real people.

    The non-ensouled enforcers of fake law can still kill the physical bodies of ensouled enforcers of the real law, providing they don't have protection ot the good ETs. But the scum can't touch me, Mordok, Rand and Ron Paul, and any others who have Pisol protection. Get yours now, if you are one who brings in the real law.

    (5:35pm) Illuminati filth Bono experiences misfortune and back surgery (article). Aw, poor thing. I just switched my new "healing device" from Nathaniel to Bono. Get 'em while they're down. I feel hateful today.

    (9:20pm) My friend that was being attacked by the Lemir demons says
    Thanks again... We were all out of sorts the other day. It really helped. We all felt better the following day...please send my gratitude to everyone that lent the helping hand.
    Indeed, i no longer feel fighting at NGC 7742. Maybe the bad guys are wiped out.

    BTW the issue with those spiders is probably not so much the spiders themselves as the guys running them (that pic again). My allies have been concentrating on them in recent days. Including Babs. Babs is my super-warrior little cat-girl whom i find particularly advantageous to give backup to.

    May 23, '10: (8pm) Chemtrail over my cabin this morning, but mostly those real/fake? type clouds all day.

    Early this morning i decided that punk-ass Bono was too insignificant a target, and attempted to connect my ugly new screw-blaster to whoever is the chief honcho of the Red Draco. Figured i'd get him all stirred up so i could locate him.
    The attempt was quite successful, but when i got home i could not find the galaxy.

    But a little while ago they hit me! I still couldn't find it.
    But Mordok is better than i am these days at this stuff. He directed me to the area, here. It's in the little square. Pic is of Galaxy M76 taken from here.

    (11:05pm) Things appear to be winding down with the spiders and their masters. Babs and most of the other fighters have moved on to the Red Draco homeland.
    The Golden Draco have been strafing their undergound bases with their scalar weapons.
    There are 6 planets out there where the reds mainly live. One has a big stargate to Pluto, which would have been their preferred route of invasion. But we cleaned it up and took it over, feels like.

    These Draco have a lot of those cheesy created demons at their disposal. I have already wiped out tens of thousands of species of 5D humanoids, and hundreds of thousands of fauna. In the last hour.
    Also the Draco hit me themselves, but they seem weaker than my new Ring of Power.

    May 24, '10: (7:55am) In fact, i don't think they hit me directly after that. I did bag quintillions, octillions, etc. of species of their demons.
    Now things feel much milder there, though the Golden Draco are still cleaning up.
    Can it really be this easy? Thorp seemed to believe that the Red Draco were extremely powerful, a formidable force.
    Mordok is finding numerous of their stargates in other universes, which are hopefully being neutralized.

    The spiders and their bosses still have not messed with me further. But Elizabeth has been having worse problems with spiders. I notice Babs and 2K of my other girls are going after the spiders.

    I did have some kind of interaction with the Red Draco 2nd in Command last night, and switched my blaster to him. The top guy might be dead; at least i don't feel him. I do feel #2.

    Nonetheless i switched targets a while ago. I am blasting Anwar Al-Awlaki, whom any logical person would suspect is CIA. (MSNBC article, Wikipedia page) Not getting detail on him yet, except that i suspect he is here in Yemen [correction: Saudi Arabia], on the surface, with 6 other evil people who are most likely more contrived "muslim terrorists".

    Mostly clear here this morning, with little chem-clouds.

    (8:05pm) Yeehah! There might be a main spider base after all, that we can target.
    Not long after i posted last, spiders started hitting me. I think about 3 people, who must get my blog delivered every time it changes, started blasting them, and the spiders knew it was my fault.
    Anyway, it seems to be NGC 1232.

    (10:40am) Now i think Al-Awlaki is moving NW with 3 of those other guys, and is now here. I think their destination is here, where 3 other bad guys are awaiting them, possibly with a faster vehicle (jet?). I'm not real sure. It may be that this is the closest road suitable as a runway. And what is that compound? Yemeni military? I seem to sense 1 CIA guy there.

    (11:15am) I "screwed" that CIA guy a while, then asked the machine to jump to his direct senior, who was in a U base near the UAR border with 40 other unfortunate CIA losers. As the Golden Draco hit them, i asked the screw-box to nail the next higher up agent. Who turned out to be in a U base under Seat Pleasant, MD just east of DC, with 60 more CIA losers.
    The next higher up guy i found in the parking lot in a suspicious complex in McLean, VA. He entered briefly, then took off to another bldg, and is now here, but i don't think that is his office, either. However, i think he plans to stay there a few hours.

    (2:05pm) Oops, i thought i was looking at Yemen earlier, when it was to the north in Saudi Arabia. So that must be a Saudi military base. Anyway, those guys have left, and i seem to feel them south of there near the Yemeni border here at surface level, though nothing is to be seen on the map. I feel 42 evil people there.

    Chemmer ETs have been hitting me with energy attacks again, rather wimpily.

    (4:20pm) Mordok noticed a DORy galaxy, M70. I think it has physical 2' tall green humanoids. The Golden Draco, etc. are attacking them now. The core area is hottest.

    (4:30pm) Wow, this goes far toward bolstering my flagging dowsing confidence. I noticed that our CIA honcho had moved, and tracked him a bit south to here. It wasn't until i had zoomed in several levels that the label appeared on the map! George H. Bush Center for Central Intelligence.
    Thanks for the confirmation, guys. Actually i suspected they'd take him to Langley, because there nobody could check him out.

    (5:10pm) Our boy at Langley has 2 tiers of superiors over him at Langley. Above that, is this guy who apparently works from the comfort of his home here in quiet, suburban Snellville, GA, just east of scenic Atlanta. I suspect he will move out real quick now.

    (5:10pm) The CIA works in strange ways. His senior is at home here in Gallup, NM.

    (5:20pm) Ah, and that guy's senior is back in GA, just north of Greenville, in a U base presently being eradicated. 42 CIAtanists.

    Meanwhile, i have also found and dealt with 3 U bases [no known agency] in the southern US that were connected to the killing of Kane and his son on the 20th, which may have something to do with the Luciferian Supper of Cain/Kane, celebrated on May 20th.
    Morons don't realize that Lucifer has been healed and working for us for a couple years now.

    (5:20pm) What is it with the endless chain of command? That guy's senior is under Amherst, MA with 30 other CIAtanists, now being wiped.

    (5:25pm) And that guy's senior is under rural AZ here for the rest of his short life, along with 52 other CIAtanists.

    (5:45pm) About now i am beginning to suspect this is no longer a chain-of-command thing, but we are branching out sideways here. I think the top dog was back in Langley:
    Next i found one in central CO, 32 CIA down.
    Next, central Iowa, 35 CIA down.
    Next one, right in the center of TX, 42 CIA down.
    Next, central VA, 56 CIA down.
    Next, central SD, 22 CIA down.
    Next, central IL, 31 CIA down.
    Next, central UT, 71 CIA down.
    Next, another in central CO, 22 CIA down.
    Next, central OR, 42 CIA down.
    Next, central GA, 22 CIA down.
    Most of these bases are pretty much right in the centers of the states, or real close. I guess that's why it's Central Idiocy Agency. Thought it was supposed to be more for foreign than domestic issues, but what with all the terrorism in the homeland these days...
    More such bases taken out in the center of states: AL, TX again (Texas size: 319 CIAtanists), ND, NY, GA again.
    I think that's all. I think these were all terrorism-related.

    (8:05pm) Couldn't possibly be that stupid! The head honcho of this operation at Langley is under Glenarden, MD now, along with 43 other CIAtanists about to perish.
    The next guy down is now here in Takoma Park, MD.
    The next guy down, that was at 3 locations earlier, is now under the Residence Inn parking lot, 60' down, in Arlington, along with 21 other suicidal freaks.

    And Mordok found more of those DORy green guys at M26. He found the ones with a black line around them; i found the ones with the white line.

    Some chem-clouds around here, and a few chemtrails in the distance.

    May 25, '10: (8am) Light chem-smear this morning.

    Two U.S. citizens kidnapped in Yemen. I find 2 evil guys holding 2 ensouled people just south of Hisn Dabu'ah, Yemen here. These guys are acting on the orders of someone in a U base here, along with 21 others soon to be history. Ah, British!

    (9am) And the guy who ordered them is in London here, along with 52 more SIS scum.
    And his boss is also in London, here, along with 42 more SISsies. And that guy doesn't have any superiors that knew about the kidnapping.

    (8:20pm) Got about a 1/2" of rain, and nice thunder. Then lots more chem-clouds.

    An Arcturan messenger just came by to announce that the spiders in NGC 1232 are all eradicated.
    Of course, there are more of them elsewhere.

    May 26, '10: (6:30pm) Leslie got 3" of rain in about 1/2 hour yesterday. The 1/2" i got was also in about 1/2 an hour, and i thought that was moderately intense.

    Clouds and chem-clouds today.

    Now basically, i like Rand Paul, but he is far from perfect. Dig his views on abortion. "I will always vote for any and all legislation that would end abortion or lead us in the direction of ending abortion."
    Sure, abortion is bad, more so or less so depending on context. So is having a government forcing rape victims or crack whores to give birth.

    There are more Red Draco in Constellation Draco. I am blasting the head honcho, who is in M102. Golden Draco, etc. are now hitting M102.
    There are also evil white draco elsewhere in the constellation, which we will do later.

    May 27, '10: (1:55pm) This morning i noticed the Red Draco at M102 were gone, and started blasting the chief White Draco. Thorp had said that Alex Collier mentions big white Draco in Constellation Draco. These are 22-25' tall, i get.

    And there was an email from Mordok, stamped around midnight my time, saying "I just picked up on 1153 motherships of Red Draco on their way here."
    And a later one saying "It is 4am here, eastern, and I'm getting that the battle has been won and the Red Draco have ceased to exist. The G.Draco lost 13 ships and crew defending Earth, may they be remembered always."
    I am not sure whether there are more reds elsewhere.

    The White Draco HQ can be seen in this pic of NGC 3735. It is the star(?) about 80% of the way to the right of the pic, and 1/2way down.

    Clouds, chem-clouds, and some trails being sprayed here today.

    (6:15pm) There are 3 CIAtanists here at the arrow tip that need to be blasted. Will explain more later.

    (6:20pm) There is something DORy and mysterious slightly under ground level, maybe 51" diameter, discoid here that Thorp connects to the 3 CIA agents.
    Coincidentally, not long ago Thorp threw a big mutha triple-program thing i had sent him into the water immediately west.

    (7:50pm) Those 3 split by plane, destination Reynosa, MX here where 6 other CIAtanists are for the moment.
    Boss man of these people, er, boss woman, resides in a modest home in the DC area here.

    (7:51pm) With her lesbian lover, who is also CIAtanist.

    May 28, '10: (7:10am) Sky looks clear but hazy.

    Mordok found a bunch more CIA higher-ups. Some unwisely were in underground facilities and are no longer with us, but here are some CIA houses to out:
    Here are presently 4 CIAtanists.
    Here are 3 more.
    One more on the 3rd floor here.

    There was also a suspicious character Thorp had spotted doing something in the water next to the disk. I tracked him to a U base in NM where he and some 30 others no longer exist.

    (7:30pm) No spray seen today. Mostly real clouds with some chem mixed in.
    Been doing a bunch more local busting lately. Scared up a strong bunch of demons in Chimes.

    The White Draco might be pretty much under control now.

    The big news: Mordok noticed Red Draco had entered our universe from other Universes, and were negotiating(?) with the Gold Draco. Which is odd, as i understand these are physical beings, and i didn't know it was possible to cross over physically.
    I realized there were Gold Draco in all these other universes, on high alert, because it looked like a conflict could break out with the Reds across the boards. And the 2 races seemed about tied [i meant matched] in terms of power. It would be gruesome.
    Then i found that the Reds were now (unlike earlier) willing to undergo therapy. I am fairly confident that they are now accepting therapy for real, and will refrain from hostilities.

    (8:15pm) Mordok told me a huge fleet of Reds from elsewhere is on its way, anyway, and no longer hostile.
    I just noticed they seem to have completed therapy, and commenced hunting down those pesky 11-legged spiders!
    Plus, they never really did much like the human illuminati types anyway...
    Sorry, punks. I ended up not saving you from the Reds after all.

    May 29, '10: (7am) A couple email exchanges with Mordok about terror events that were planned: 1, 2. You'll have to copy and paste map links.

    Scattered chem-clouds this morning.

    (5:15pm) Real smeary day.

    Mordok sniffed out an HSA terror op (email).

    (5:30pm) And he sniffed out another Mossad/CIA joint op. All the perps he found were undergound and got nailed, except for 3 CIAtanists here by the green arrow, 2nd floor.

    (5:40pm) The Red Draco are still hammering 2 spider hives they've been working on. Plus there are now 4K of them under this lake in NZ, 400 more under Baghdad here, and 400 more around Israel. They don't seem to mind my disclosing the 1st 2 locations. They are putting out good energy. Don't know what else they may be up to.

    (5:50pm) More on that Mossad/CIA op: Michelle Obama was the intended target. Barrack was in on it.
    2 more male operatives here by the green arrow, 2nd floor.

    (6:50pm) Oh yeah, something that happened the other day: India 'Maoist' train attack kills more than 100. I strongly feel there are 2 male Maoists who did this, their location here near Medinipur, although why they would be in the middle of a big crop area like that i can't explain. They seem to live there, at least for a few months.
    I could not find anybody else behind this. Mordok believed he did, but i suspect he found other satanists not connected with this op.

    (6:55pm) It might be that the 2 guys are employed as watchmen guarding crops from thieves.

    (7:50pm) Although i'm not sure there's any connection to the India op, the perps Mordok found are intriguing. I started chasing them down.
    The 1st one he mentioned lives here along with 2 other satanists on the 3rd floor. He is Malaysian, and connected with dirty bases in Malaysia. Nailed 9 U bases (one of them offshore), but here is a mountaintop base with 121 evil Malaysians.
    And another here with 410 evil Malaysians connected to it. 300 of these live where it says 4107.
    Another here, with 111 evil Malaysians.

    The 2 roommates are also male, CIA!

    The 2nd guy Mordok mentioned lives here in DC and is a Frenchman connected to Sarkozy and 11 U bases in France that are biting the big one. No above-ground bases found.

    This is fascinating. But time-consuming. I'm sure i'll find more of interest in that email, as there are several other people he found.
    I didn't know Malaysia was such a big player (of the losing game). These bases do not seem to be of the country's military, but a covert op of political leaders.

    May 31, '10: (8:35am) Real chemmy yesterday and today. It didn't rain in town yesterday, except for a few very faint sprinkles. I was surprised when i got home 2.5 miles away and found i had gotten 1.25".

    Mordok keeps finding more and more terror ops and CIA quarters, etc. I can't keep up with posting abut them, and hope he will post them on the forum. It seems their policy is not to vacate above-ground locations unless they are publically posted.

    I am busy working on more advance orgone weaponry.

    (9:20am) I asked if there was any one person who is at the top regarding all these endless, annoying CIA/Mossad/NSA terror ops. I got there is a woman in Italy here by the green arrow. Also there was a U base close by with 223 Italian satanists.

    (11:20am) Overcast now.

    A Red Draco female just approached me to politely ask my permission to abduct this key Vatican female. I think i clarified that as far as i care, anyone can do whatever they please to any evil beings anywhere.
    She's been whisked away now.

    Meanwhile, a reader sent me this link to an interesting post about Evergreen Airlines (their DORy site which i sense diligently records all visitors' IP addresses).
    It is no secret that Evergreen is CIA. I've probably known that for at least 20 years. But i was not aware of their base just north of Tucson (map) in Marana Airpark, Marana, Pinal, AZ.
    Nor had i noticed that this whole area and beyond is heavily tunneled. There were 326 CIAtanists down there this morning, but they're gone now. Usually, i think, there are 600+ down there, but they brought a bunch up recently because they are so very conderned about the welfare of their precious employees.

    (12:20) BTW the reds have taken over the frying of U bases. For example, they did those U bases in Malaysia, France, and the tunnelly stuff in AZ.
    The Red Draco lady just came by [in the astral] to inform me that they had also nabbed Meir Dagan, head of Mossad and Vatican agent. I had already sensed that they had gotten an Israeli.

    (1:45pm) Then i sensed they were stalking a Frenchman. Then she came back and said they had nabbed one. I had to search on the web to find who it is: G\E9n\E9ral d'Arm\E9e Roland Gilles.
    Now i think they are after a Brit.

    (2:10) She came back to announce they got the head of MI4. I tried to look it up on the web, but found that MI4 ostensibly no longer exists (Wikipedia).
    Wikipedia lists MI1 \B7 MI2 \B7 MI3 \B7 MI4 \B7 MI7 \B7 MI8 \B7 MI9 \B7 MI10 \B7 MI11 \B7 MI12 \B7 MI14 \B7 MI15 \B7 MI16 \B7 MI17 \B7 MI19 \B7 as defunct. Yet, in recent years, i seem to recall that all of MI1 thru MI13 at least have attacked me with radionics, etc.
    Now the reds are stalking an American, but he's in Yemen(?) now.

    (3:05pm) They got some AF jerk in west Yemen, then some German military dude in Germany, then some USN honcho offshore of Congo.
    They seem to be after a Japanese now.

    Mordok has started posting on the forum again, starting with message 3109.

    (4:35pm) I think the repts he talks about in that post are 5', reddish, bipedal.

    The reds got some Japanese military guy, i think from east Shikoku.

    Then after a spell, the Draco lady came back. As far as i could make out, she was getting my consent for them to take out an above-ground installation. Sure, why not?
    I get the impression there is one such here in Iraq, with 361 evil Brits about to die.