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Loohan's blog for May, 2011
May 1, '11:(4:10pm) I still haven't discerned any evil beings responsible for the bad energy in those stars, but it's been mostly cleaned up. The 2 stars feel very intense for some reason.

Got another 1.3" of rain, and it is raining some more.

You've probably already read about what's happened with herbs in the EU. And now in the US, Fed Sting Against Amish Raw Milk Producer Results in Federal Case.
Any attempt to ingest anything but government-approved carcinogens, GMO, toxic metals, endocrine disrupters and gender-benders WILL be met with the Nazi bootheel. As long as soulless sheep are more interested in royal satanic weddings than saying no to kleptomaniacal Nazi criminals.
These guys are so far out of line it amazes me they are still alive.

Nice, coolish sunny day with chem-clouds and real ones.

May 2, '11: (12:30pm) I got up this morning after a very thunderous night, and emptied another 2.5" out of my rain gauge. It was 45 F out. Since then it has been raining some more.

Here's something cute. Check out this Wikipedia article about Azzam al-Amriki AKA Adam Yahiye Gadahn AKA Adam Pearlman, the Al CIAduh honcho.
Gadahn's Jewish paternal grandfather, Carl Pearlman, was ... on the Board of Directors of the Anti-Defamation League. According to Gadahn, he was a "zealous supporter" of Israel.

(8:20pm) It never warmed up any, just cooled. Supposed to be in the upper 30s tonight. Got a bunch more rain, and it's still raining.

Found some more interesting stuff about those Auburn, WA stalkers. At least 7 of them live in the 3 houses here and the complex directly south. Also i found a business that seems to be owned and run by them, Deer Stags shoes. This must be their factory. Lotsa trucks. Locked gate. Probably nothing suspicious going on.

May 3, '11: (8:20am) Sunny and clear now. Got another 1.8". Total 5.6" from last system.

Suddenly my audio has come back in youtube, for how long I don't know. Watched this video about police making Illinois safe for Americans. A lot of these cops are satanists.

(8:50am) The bad guys aren't the only ones who delight in telling their victims what they are doing to them.
See this, Jesuit punks? Antuvozy has taken on the pleasure of designing and programming a coil to go around this weapon i made last month. Right now the coil has only boosted the unit to 100X or so, but this is just the backbone. Over time, it will get fatter.

May 4, '11: (7:15am) It's at maybe 35,000X now. We got some freqy electronics piped into the coil. The quartzite SP is non-electric, but this recent unit stands to benefit from some pulses.

Clouds and chem-clouds yesterday. Clear again this morning.

I wonder, are any of the following facts connected logically?
  • Clinton getting caught and prosecuted for sexual misdemeanors in the oval office with MPD Beta model
  • W and his doubles repeatedly observed "drunk" at diplomatic events
  • Hardcore CIAtanist Orly Taitz makes much noise about Obama's birth
  • MSM releases obviously shoddy fake birth cert amid fanfare
  • CIAtanist Al Webre and a paper owned by the satanist Moon decry the fake cert: Washington Times report: Newly released Obama birth certificate forensic forgery

    Nah, couldn't possibly be another weird psy-op.

    (8:20pm) Oops, i meant 3,500X, not 35000X.

    It was sunny today, chem-clouds, cool.

    (9pm) Newly-discovered CIAtanist of note: Steve R. Pieczenik, who is the doctor who claims Bin Laden died years ago. He dares to contradict Cmdr Loohan, who stated in his October, 2010 blog on the 8th that OBL died that day. Anyone contradicting Cmdr Loohan is by definition agency. But if you need even more proof than that, check out his vibe! One thing you can't hide, is that CIA vibe.
    We got a little forum thread going.

    May 5, '11: (8:20am) Staged: White House “Situation Room” Photos Part Of Bin Laden Fable. No shit, Sherlock.
    Former top spymaster Dr. Steve R. Pieczenik, a man who worked under five different US Presidents, has been proven correct in his assertion that the photos were “Nonsense….total make-up, make believe,” and proof that Americans were being held captive to a “theater of the absurd”...

    We truly have entered the “theater of the absurd”...
    Yes we have, and if Icke and Jones were more psychic, they would be shocked at how much more absurd it is than they even realized.
    This goofy pic is not an accident. It is staged to incriminate themselves and make Pieczenik look good.
    So the larger part of the population will have to deny the significance of it to maintain their comfort level (and thereby choose to be complicit), while a minority looks upon Pieczenik with great credulity.

    Smeary chem-clouds outside this morning.

    May 6, '11: (7:20am) Yesterday i did some strong busting up north, by the Buffalo River. In the evening, a storm headed right into that area on the weather map. I got almost another 1/2" here.
    Sky clear here for the moment.

    I checked the U.S. Drought Monitor and things look pretty hydrated except around TX and southern FL.
    I noticed a DORy spot near the center of the main TX drought pocket: here. On the surface, only a drilling "grasshopper", but a U transmitter below.
    That's the only transmitter i am able to detect, except one by Grand Bahama island here. Allies neutralizing these. They are U.S. gov't, but i don't get a particular agency.

    (8:10am) Another interesting tidbit about those Auburn, WA stalkers. I found the vibe of dozens of them all over this bldg, and wondered if it was an eatery, because so many seemed to come and go so often.
    I sent the link to the lady there, and she pointed out it's part of a car dealership, Larson Dodge. She says
    They drove many spanking new cars and old ones. (trade ins). Never any middle of the road stuff. That could explain why same type of new cars that blend into the woodwork cars parked in lot after school. They are mostly silver cars. I always knew that they had to be connected to a car lot.

    (8:50am) Heeheehaha, another Catholic pedophile embarrassingly nailed: Catholic bishop who brokered multi-million dollar sex abuse settlement is found GUILTY of importing child porn. Lookit that pudgy reprobate boy addict.

    (10:35am) More bizarre Osama psyop games: the crashed chopper.

    May 8, '11: (7:20am) Night before last and yesterday morning, got another 0.6" of thundershowers and small hail. Haven't been needing to water my garden much lately.

    Then it cleared off yesterday to reveal some old chem at times. Noticed 1 spray-drone over town, but the trail wasn't sticking much.
    This morning, some more stale chem.

    It appears progress is happening. The Jesuits are either in a big lull, or else washed up as psi attackers. I have been focusing on black magicians in Lagos for almost 2 days now, with my big SP and other new weapon, and most of my other stuff too.
    Don't let me discourage anyone from continuing to blast the jezs, though.

    Three Muslim clerics forced off US plane. Why is this interesting? All U.S. airline pilots for many years now have been satanists. Was this a deliberate media event?

    May 9, '11: (5:10pm) Today i went and busted the region south and SW of me again. Greenbriar, Springfield, Catholic Point, Center Ridge, Formosa... Interesting that lately Catholic Point had been the DORiest area. There is a Catholic church right here which seemed the DORiest spot. Also there is a school right on Catholic Point Road that is DORy. It was super bad a few weeks ago when i went by there, but less so since i busted it.

    I went off the main road around Formosa again, did some good work. SEECO frack installations are everywhere around the Formosa area.

    Yesterday there was a bit of chem, not much, and at one point i even saw a few long trails over Leslie.
    Today, only noticed 1 short trail segment when i was driving around. There were scattered puffy chem-clouds. The interesting thing is, they would disapppear as i approached them. I have a bunch of chem-busting stuff i always keep in my vehicle. It's been in there for over a year, and i've never noticed chem-clouds erasing like that as i drive before.

    Here's a very short video i took on the 15th of April at my place. What was happening on the road today was not that fast, but it was still impressive. Usually by the time i got under a chem-cloud i had been driving toward, it was already gone.

    The region is starting to get cleaned up well. I am being hit in the head by some resentful demons i stirred up, but there weren't that many anymore.
    I see no chem above my place. I think that's just because the chem-clouds are erasing real well today, and my home-based orgone takes care of them before they get here.
    Possibly, possibly, a factor might be that that formerly DORy region is now well orgonized, and the area is acting CB-like.

    May 10, '11: (10:45am) Plenty chem-'n-real hybrid cover this morning.

    I went looking for some of the perps behind the weather mod stuff that Dutchsinse on youtube talks about.
    I'll tell you what i found, though these days i am uncertain whether this is the same group or something else. I found 13 U bases in southern GA. Then the next thing i was led to was this house in VT, which is probably in Smuggler's Notch Resort. There is an interactive map on the resort's site, but it is oriented wrongly and hard to correlate with the google pic. I have the impression of 4 DORy males who use this place.
    Then i found 3 U bases in VT.

    (5:35pm) FDA Office of Criminal Investigations: I found out about this sleazoid agency from an article about Greg Caton.
    They have a nifty online form for reporting suspected criminal activity. A few things came to mind.
    I don't know why they call it Criminal Investigations instead of Criminal Activities.

    It's been overcast most of the day here.

    May 11, '11: (6:15pm) Mostly overcast today, cloudy, chemmy. Rain chances coming up.

    One more reason not to have a cell phone: mandatory text alerts from Obummer. According to this article.

    (8:25pm) There is a particularly vicious female psi-attacker here in Auburn, WA. She was hard to de-cloak.

    May 12, '11: (8:30am) Now the attacks on this lady are coming from 3(?) people here.

    Heavy chem-clouds, sylphic action here. No real clouds.

    (11:05am) There are 4 attack psychics here who were attacking Mordok with gay erotic energies. Kinky. Demons used to do that to me decades ago.
    We suspect they are USN.

    (12:40pm) Sunny with faded chem. I know my orgone stuff is working.

    Pic of intense jailer i am making. This will be re-cast in a larger mold at some time.

    May 13, '11: (10:15am) Overcast, foggy. Had amazing thunder last night, very healthy sounding, and 2.2" of rain with a bit of small hail. Cooler today.

    Cognitive Dissonance is on my mind more and more lately. Narrative Behind Bin Laden Fable Flip-Flops AGAIN. Down the page it says "The narrative behind the raid has flip-flopped so many times that it makes you wonder if the White House is deliberately attempting to convolute the story to generate cognitive dissonance in the minds of the American people as part of some kind of psychological warfare tactic."

    And this is just one of countless examples. The Controllers continually make it CLEAR to the sheep how insanely criminal and mendacious they are. This puts the individuals (most of whom have no souls anymore these days anyway) in the position of recognizing the horrible truth, or rationalizing it in all sorts of lame ways. Take chemtrails for example.

    I have seen this before. In the early 80s i was on staff at a Church of Scientology. Hubbard of course was an old illuminati figure, but in the early 80s a new bunch took over: US gov't satanists who likely murdered Hubbard.
    They formed new sections within the church heirarchy such as the Religious Technology Center (RTC), which held the sacred tasks of maintaining the purity of Hubbard's technologies.
    (I was very compromised, spiritually, when i was in Scientology, because i was totally stuffed with demons that were messing me up, and didn't realize it. Hubbard claimed that "demons" were merely compartmentalized parts of one's own mind, and that his tech would allow you to reclaim these trauma areas. So then demons feed you all kinds of weird stuff, you think it is your own mind and it is your responsibility to own it by doing all possible to get the necessary $cientology $ervice$, when in fact it may not be your issues at all.)

    Anyway, at one point an RTC satanist visiting our church ordered me to violate Hubbard's Auditor's Code. Violation of this code is considered a High Crime in the church. Yet, she ordered me to to it, and i did it, submitting to her Nazi-like presence of Authority. Even though her behaviour was 180 degrees from what it was supposed to be.
    This created cognitive dissonance within myself, which i responded to by decreasing my awareness and integrity and putting it out of my mind.

    Prior to that incident there was another major cognitive dissonance event. You see, in the early 80s all staff that were Section Heads or above were required to do a course called Exec Status One, an intro to Hubbard's administrative tech. On that course, one had, among other things, to do a clay demo of Hubbard's definition of the word "strategy". That is, one had to model in clay an example of a strategy, to prove that one understood the concept.

    Meanwhile, some new head geeks were at the top of the Church. Two of them were on a video all staff had to watch everyday. One was named Guillaume LeSevre. I forget the other guy's name.

    The video was called the International Expansion Strategy, or something like that, and all staff had to watch the vid and chant its wisdom daily. But the "strategy" didn't really tell you anything of value. And the 2 satanist men (tho i did not consciously recognize satanists at the time) had a weird demeanor to them. I could not help but think they looked and acted like some kind of androids from outer space or something. But hey, i would chant this bullshit strategy and go along, despite some vague misgivings about being in a loony cult.

    One day the time came for me to do Exec Status One, and clay demo the word strategy. An interesting definition that incorporated doing things specifically to exploit existing opportunities toward a desired objective, etc.

    And i realized that the 2 talking heads from outer space had apparently not done this clay demo. Had not done Exec Status One, let alone the much more extensive training that was supposedly required for a high Scientology post. Their "strategy" was more of a new age affirmation of prosperity or something.
    And these guys were supposed to represent the pinnacle of standard Administrative Tech, just as the RTC was the pinnacle of standard of Spriritual Tech.

    I recall once grumbling to another staff member about this, but continued to go to the required daily strategy indoctrination meetings.

    So here they required everyone to get their face rubbed daily in this bizarre video, and also required everyone to demonstrate the definition of strategy, putting them on a cognitive collision course. Deliberately. And we have the federal gov't doing the same thing. Deliberately. In your face. What is the objective?

    The public is being divided into people who rationalize any bullshit they are faced with, and those who are alarmed at the overt Nazi criminality.
    If the gov't were not deliberately creating dissonances, even a lot of bright integrous people would find things easier to rationalize. The PTB are using overt criminality to deliberately alienate anyone with integrity, while causing the denyers of reality even greater disorientation as they shut down their marginal powers of cognition further in order to see even less and less.

    No doubt there is a reason for all this deliberate engineering of cognitive dissonance. Psychological warfare with what end?

    (1:40pm) Chem-clouds and real ones.

    Yuckola! I just stumbled across another creepy newage phony, Asheme Patricia Bankins. If you can look at that face and feel comfortable, something is wrong with your evil-detection system. In fact, she's got a little army of do-gooding healers here.

    May 14, '11: (5:35pm) It's been overcast and damp. Cool and breezy.

    Here's an article:
    Something huge--huge and not good--just happened in Indiana, which will be little more than a blip in the propaganda that passes for national news. The Supreme Court of Indiana just ruled that in Indiana, if a police officer decides to illegally come into your house, you're not allowed to do anything to stop him.

    (6:50pm) Holy crap, i don't know who these guys are (TX), but they need to be blasted pronto.
    They are after Dutchsinse, at least on youtube.

    (7pm) I have the impression of 342 gov't satanists.
    I tried to post a comment on their channel which i think is 1 guy pretending to be many commenters too. But my comment hasn't appeared yet...

    (8pm) Actually i think it did appear the first time, but when i re-checked, it was gone. My 2nd attempt still hasn't made it :-(

    We did take care of 5 of their U bases in the area.

    Pic of my new jailer now. Potent mutha. Tomorrow i start the re-cast which will forever obscure this loveliness from posterity, hence this photo.

    May 15, '11: (5:05pm) Cool here, real and fake clouds.

    Video: Prison For Legally Video Recording A Police Officer?

    May 16, '11 (9am) Cool and chem-cloudy this morning. Took another video of chem-clouds fading out here. You can see it on youtube or download the MP4 here.
    By the way, i now achieve this with no pipes longer than a foot or so.
    I used to have 1 CB with a longish fat pipe (pic) but it was poorly designed. The pipe was only held by a thin bit of cast epoxy, and last winter while i was gone and it got down around 0 degrees F, it cracked and the pipe fell off. The pipe is sitting on the floor in my cabin horizontally. Someday i will make another CB with it. And the base that the pipe was on is sitting out there pipeless. Yet, due to reprogramming, is even more effective than when it had the pipe.

    I noticed the other day that 1" copper pipe has doubled in price from a few years ago. Very expensive now to make a Croft CB. If you are able to work with The Committee (OTB 37) it is possible to acheive real results with minimal copper!
    How many Croft CB owners have uploaded videos of chem-clouds being wiped? Fresh chem-trails are easy, but stale stuff is more challenging.

    (9:55am) Also, no single CB is likely to get consistent noticeable results for long. Dark forces will seek to counter it.
    I now get remarkable results much of the time, and no discernable results sometimes. It probably depends on various fluctuating factors.
    That's against visible chem. In terms of rain, we have had no real drought here in years, whereas it used to be normal to have a serious, parching drought every summer. The area has grown lusher and on average cooler in the summer. (Last summer was not cooler, though.) I saw the first fern on my property last year.

    What have i had to do?
  • Build lots of souped up orgonite, much of which is specifically designed and programmed for dealing with chem issues.
  • Bust the holy crap out of my region.
    This includes all bodies of water i could get to. The free water-charging pgm has anti-CT value. The other free pgms also help. The sylphs love the strontium-barium pgm energies.
    This also meant driving away phenomenal quantities of underground demons upwind of me.
    And nailing every cell tower i could.
    Most people can't do what i do as heavily as i do. I have Earth-Shaker tech which is equivalent to throwing TBs everywhere i drive, without actually throwing any. This has been the backbone of my busting for a year and a half or so. Of course i do throw a lot of orgonite around, too.
  • Neutralize gobs of other demons, ETs, gov't weather-mod satanists - but most of that is done now.
  • Have The Committee program the native sandstone and granite, as well as hundreds of lbs of quartzite i hauled in. There are free anti-chem and anti-evil pgms. Quartzite seems to have significant inherent chem-busting properties.

    May 17, '11: (10:30am) It mostly cleared up yesterday, and skies have been a deep blue since, with only a few chem-puffs.

    Supreme Court gives police a new entryway into homes.
    The Supreme Court, in an 8-1 decision in a Kentucky case, says police officers who loudly knock on a door in search of illegal drugs and then hear sounds suggesting evidence is being destroyed may break down the door and enter without a search warrant.
    This is great. I feel safer now. As we know, no lie would ever roll off the lips of a cop. It's not like they would lie about hearing noises as a pretext to knock anybody's door down. That would be unthinkable. Totally 100% out of character.

    (10:35am) Someone emailed me from England, whose return addy rejects my replies. The guy he was looking for who was hitting him with black radionics lives here.

    May 18, '11: (8pm) More chem today, including a few of those unmanned non-metallic drones leaving big trails.

    Dig this: US to deploy troops if Pak nukes come under threat. Never mind that this would be "without President Asif Ali Zardari's consent". The situation warrants it. I mean seriously, somehow there are these all angy Muslim CIA and Mossad militants that are pissed because some old CIA asset corpse was killed again, and they might be motivated to make a big chaotic mess of things.
    Being the civilized, advanced nation that we are, we must put our foot down here, for the safety of all. Especially as we are dripping with prosperity and have nothing better to do.
    True, there are uncomfortable issues of violating national sovereignty, but this is the Age of Tzerror, and new paradigms of security are unfortunately required.
    In fact, let us set a new paradigm here. Let there be many more instances of muscling around the sovereignty of lesser nations (like, what are they gonna do about it anyway) to protect ourselves. Only in emergency situations involving extreme terrorism, though, of course.

    May 19, '11: (7:50am) More chem-clouds. Noticed a spray drone a while ago.

    Just how much cornier can it get? Bin Laden's Message From Beyond The Grave. A post-humous audio release brought to you by... the same people semi-covertly fomenting fake revolutions in the region.
    Damn, i'm proud to wave the flag.

    My forces found a huge portal in Niger here. It has a 5D hawk guardian who was enslaved a couple centuries ago by a Nigerian black magician. At least she's Nigerian now. She usurped the portal to bring in demons, as best i can figure out. That might be an over-simplification.
    We have been cleaning it up since last night. It radiates strongly for 100 miles around.

    May 20, '11: (8:30am) Know of smallish DORy areas that just won't clean up completely no matter what you do? Ritual sites and other slime left by black magicians or demons? "Implants" of DOR left around your space? We have a new friend named Asdalsucaf who specializes in that. He is the guy to call on for clearing of corrupt crystals, too. You don't particularly want to call on him for other tasks.
    He is an archangel of the same type as those mentioned in the Bible.

    Jesuit psyop: Jesuit agent sows doubts about the Jesuit-run "killing" of Osama: Medvedev appears to question Osama`s death.
    Remember, too, that anytime you read about frictions and sabre-rattling between the US and China or Russia (let alone Israel!), these are for show.

    Pale, dubious haze out this morning. Good chances of serious rain.

    (8:45) It shocks me when people who correspond with me tell me they eat fast food, drink sodas, etc. Don't you know that this is deliberately provided to you to cause organ damage, cancer, etc. and feed the medical establishment?
    If you eat at restaurants or buy "normal" supermarket food, you are getting GMOs and animal products from animals that have been fed and likely injected (vaccines) with GMOs.

    In fact, even if you get country eggs and milk, the provider may have used such things.
    Here's another article about GMOs and Monsanto.

    I know it ain't easy, especially for city dwellers. I envision a community someday where we can do things that are not feasible for a single person or city dweller. Like produce a wide variety of natural foodstuffs for our own consumption.
    Soon as my ET friends deliver the gold ingots :-)

    (5:50pm) What a day. Mordok came in, as well as heavy sheets of rain. I had to pick him up at the bus stop in Clinton. He's rented an apt in town here now. Probably won't get internet for a few days.
    It was 80ish yesterday, but the rain brought back the cool weather again.

    I completed the new jailer and it looks... different. Not enough sun out to photograph it now. Maybe tomorrow. It is still powering up and getting programming tweaks.

    (8:25pm) A little while ago i dumped 2.6" out of my rain gauge. Heavy rain forecast tonight too. Dutchsinse has recently posted a video of this storm.

    May 21, '11: (7am) Survived! No hail here. No obvious tornado damage. Got another 1.5".
    More rain chances for the next week.

    (4:55pm) Sunny, mild, chem-clouds, breezy, sylphs.

    Pic of my new demon jailer, which has inside it this thing.

    May 22, '11: (8am) Chem-smear, with no natural clouds visible from here.

    Again, Dutchsinse predicted a tornado.
    It is interesting that the PTB are forging ahead with these ops even tho they know it is all being documented how they are deliberately committing serial murders and mayhem.
    They do seem to mind, as they did do that goofy harrassment op which led to the discovery of their asterisk-like bldg in TX.
    But they continue the weather ops.
    Increasingly the message i see the NWO putting out is "Yes, we are in-your-face psycho criminals, liars, and murderers" and challenging the public to recognize it. Knowing that most are so compromised that they will elect to bury their noses in the sand as the body parts and gore pile up around them.

    It also suggests a desperation on their part. They are committing gross, obvious crimes right out in the open, knowing they are being documented. They are gambling on things continuing to deteriorate so fast that no-one will get around to prosecuting them, i guess.

    What else are they doing? They are overtly and loudly confessing that they are criminals and traitors, and thus HAVE NO LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY to tell genuine, honest people what to do.
    They HAVE NO LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY to tell genuine, honest people what to do.
    They HAVE NO LEGITIMATE AUTHORITY to tell genuine, honest people what to do.

    They know it and want you to know it, too. Could that be because they need your complicity/consent/permission?

    Of course, if you are a "sensible" person, you will choose to surrender your rights and sovereignty to psychopaths that you know are bent on turning the world into hell.
    They have as much authority over us as we choose to give them. Or as much as they can muster with brute force. Frankly, i am unafraid of the brute force, for some reason. Maybe because i have this belief that they can't bring it to bear against me. In fact, i tend to challenge them to. Maybe not everyone can do this, but i suspect many of us can get away with this.

    Yes, you pedophile, murdering, thieving, lying filth, i challenge you to send your filthy dirty cops/CIA etc. after me, you weakling degenerate asswipes.
    What the fuck are you cowards going to do about it?

    (4:40pm) Obviously, they are not going to dry the place up. It started raining around 3pm, and it is still raining pretty well. We had an intense t-shower with heavy downpour and a bit of small hail.
    Also they are not responding with psi attacks. Because they can't anymore, haha. What an improvement since 5 years ago. All i noticed was 3 weak guys briefly hitting me from a short-lived U base in Germany or someplace.

    OK, onto more serious business. Rec'd an email from my friend in Tucson. The one who has been very supportive of me and done a tremendous amount of busting in Tucson. The one that has all these good orb friends. She wrote me about a walk she took:
    last nite somebody followed me in a truck. as soon as the truck passed me i felt fear and disappeared into the desert. i know the alleys and shortcuts real good and escaped him and then i watched him from behind the thicket as he turned his truck around and went back up the main road trying to figure out where i went. twice.
    Well, i really don't think this jerk, who happens to reside here, should be stalking women in the night like that, do you?

    (6:40pm) I found another blogger who photographed a spray drone back in 2002: Looks like an interesting site. [update: site blacklisted, and if i don't remove the defunct link, the assholes-that-be will blacklist my site too. So i removed it since it doesn't work anyway. Relevant link.]

    (7:45pm) Got 2.6" again.

    Wow, guess what's going on in DC: AIPAC Conference. The theme for this year's conference is "U.S. and Israel: Better Together."
    I noticed a while back my ET friends were cruising over DC with disinfectant energies. Now i know why.

    The venue is here, an area i have busted. I have cruised all around that bldg and through its tunnel with my Earthshaker stuff, sprinkling holy ash.

    May 23, '11: (6:50am) Fairly clear overhead, but hazy chem in the distance.
    Dutchsinse uploaded a video predicting severe weather from TX thru southern MO at least. Most should pass NW of me. But also there was a return in Little Rock, which would tend to pull things in my direction.

    May 24, '11: (7:50am) Got moderate rain yesterday afternoon, and a t-shower last night. I emptied my rain gauge early this morning, but it slipped my mind how much was in there. I think 1.2". Certainly no less.
    Now, clear skies except for a few vague, highly munchable chem-puffs.
    The forecast says 30% chance of more t-showers today, and 70% tonight.

    Get hip with chem rap: The Chemtrail Song video.

    (8:40am) Watch as 2 brave cops manfully handle another threat to public safety: Two D.C. transit cops tackle man in wheelchair. You can see a puddle of blood on the pavement. Nice work.
    Those of you who are young might find this hard to believe, but not that many decades ago it was fairly normal for people in other countries to fantasize about coming to America someday, since it was such a free and prosperous nation.

    May 25, '11: (7pm) ...Of course, i suppose it could be argued that cop-on-black violence was not unheard of even in the "good old days".

    I went to sleep early last and slept soundly until 4:30am. Got up after dawn, noticed i may have gotten a tiny bit of rain. Then i checked my email. Something from Elizabeth in NM:
    I have been up all night, keeping an eye on Ark. When they (weather channel) said a line of tornadoes were headed straight at Leslie and Marshall, I started praying, and as they got closer, Gina came to get me. Dex, I saw so many beings around your home, I can't describe it, I've never seen anything like it. Gina and I were letting out an powerful sound that started as Aum, but changed to another single sound. I hope this all really happened, I was given stones to hold that enabled me to travel, and stayed with you both until the storms had passed. Since then higher selves have come in and connected, each time they do I break out in goosebumps. I just wanted to tell you that I was very worried about you and I'm still shaken, still feel off and on like crying. lol So please, let me know asap if you are alright.
    Huh? Tornadoes last night?

    Went to work in town 3 miles away. Heard that around 1:45 last night there was spectacular lightning and thunder, and warnings of approaching tornadoes. People got dressed, ran to shelters, etc. then suddenly around 2am it just died. Quiet, calm.
    One person told be that reportedly, the tornado "dissipated" just before it got here. Another claimed it passed to the south.
    I have not found a report yet on last night, but looking for one i found this link giving current storm warnings. Other parts of AR are getting reports of large hail, tornadoes, etc.
    And Dutchsinse uploaded a video saying his house in St. Louis got damaged by big hail. Coincidence no doubt.

    It amazes me that i slept through intense lightning and thunder. I don't have curtains, and normally any serious lightning lights up the cabin.

    May 26, '11 (8:50am) Cool, overcast. Yesterday was sunny with a bit of chem-fluff.

    I made some interesting discoveries last night which i have blogged on my Grey page.

    (11:50am) Nazis assault Jewish woman in DC: Why Rae Abileah says she disrupted Benjamin Netanyahu's Tuesday address to Congress. The anti-semitic Fourth Reich can hardly make things plainer. Message: We are Nazis. We stomp Jews.

    And yesterday i read in the paper that Harry Reid (satanist pedophile nazi) said, in reference to the Joplin tornado disaster, something to the effect that the gov't needs to help those that are victims of "things people can't control". This at a time when the NWO is also choosing to be quite overt about the fact that it is manipulating the weather to cause these disasters. Message: "We admit that we controllers are not people, and are not entitled to the rights and protections normally associated with people."

    May 27, '11: (9:50am) Still oddly cool. Late May and i'm still building small fires in the wood stove.
    It used to be that even early May was hot.
    Overcast, slight rain chances.

    Mordok seems to be healing. His dowsing's coming back. He just spotted 11 Jesuits here on the 4th floor, attacking him.
    The Jezs have not messed with me in some time.

    (4pm) Totalitarian G8 festival in Paris ongoing at Hôtel Matignon. First i've heard of it. Obama, Ouattara, Medvedev, you name it.

    (5:35pm) OK... Now, seems to me, those people who are stalking the lady in Auburn, WA, are ETs, but probably 3rd and 4th generation on Earth. They breed only among themselves and have unusual psi powers. I plan to put together a separate page just with info about them.

    I traced 2 erstwhile stalkers of hers to the Minneapolis / St. Paul area. Then i found 4 more houses and an unmarked office space nearby. Blasted them.

    After i while i got RVed and later hit by a strong psi guy in the area. Traced him to this bldg. If you zoom out, you will see this is some kind of school called Washington Junior Pas in St Paul (i do not know what Pas means, and could not find a suitable definition). The whole school is a bit DORy because of the presence of this guy and dozens of other of these ETs, including at least 10 kids.

    (6:20pm) I think this psi guy lives in the 2nd house i had found in the area: here. With 2 more of them.

    On 2nd thought, i'm not so sure these critters don't mix in local genetics. At least a couple of the Auburn ones are black and supposedly "healthy-looking" (hybrid vigor?).

    (8:35pm) Well that was interesting. After getting pounded a while, that guy attacked me kind of hard again. He was backed by someone back in the home galaxy of... um, lost it. Hopefully i'll find it again. Anyway, he was backed by beings of another species that works with the humans in their galaxy of origin. 4' tall imps with devilish faces. Too physical to jail, but Antuvozy was able to delete them.
    I am hoping the loss of these allies will result in a precipitous drop of attack power by the stalkers.

    A couple hours ago i kept flashing on Obama's face, and he looked uncomfortable. He was in conference with 2 suits there at the hotel. Rothschild agents. And they were sternly telling him what to do. I think it involves him having to make an even bigger public asshole of himself than he already has. He is not a happy camper.

    May 28, '11: (7am) Yesterday there was a lot of white fluffy chem. This morning, overcast again.
    I got psi attacked by 3 Frenchmen this morning from this bldg in Paris. Maybe 3rd floor (BTW Americans count the ground floor as the 1st floor). I think there is an office there with 42 evil French gov't psychics.

    (5:15pm) The homeland of these Auburn, WA ET people is right around the center of this pic of M32. As i mentioned on April 30, there are also evil ETs involved in this who are in NGC 1275. I think this is the same species (or maybe i should say race of humans), and they are also in several other areas. We are already hitting them in the Triangulum Galaxy and IC 2497.

    And who knows how many cities they are in on Earth.
    I got hit this afternoon by a bunch of them in St. Paul here. Seems most of those houses on the south side of N. McCarron's Blvd are theirs.

    May 30, '11: (8am) Sky was clear yesterday, and is so far today here.

    Fatah, Hamas set to agree on unity govt.. What's wrong with this picture? Neither of these puppets has a soul. The Palestinians are fated to be jacked around endlessly. Just like the rest of us, only worse.
    And i have a bad feeling about Egypt opening the border crossing. Like maybe it's another short-lived thing for psyop/trauma value... seeing as how there has not really been a revolution in Egypt yet.

    (8:20am) Now, banks of chem-clouds are rolling in from the west.

    May 31, '11: (8:05am) Heavy chem-clouds yesterday, often 2 layers going different ways. More this morning.

    Hey here's a pretty decent shape-shifting video: reptilianow.

    (8:20am) Wow, dig Barry! I have never been able to get a black magic or MPD vibe off of Barry, but this is interesting. I'm sure it will not put a dent in Al Gray's supportive attitude, but...

    Big reptilian meeting coming up next month: Bilderberg 2011.