Loohan's blog for May, 2012
May 1, '12: (6:50am) More yucky ETs in Holland:
Gerrit Gielen,
Pamela Kribbe "channeling Jesus".

Update on the Nigerian situation: i have been wrestling with Lagos mafia black magicians for a year and a half, but only in the last couple days have they been attacking me from underground tunnels. Apparently the city is honeycombed about 200' down, and mafia witches hang out down there. We have already killed off 300+, but more keep attacking.
The nature of the attack is, one side or the other of my body will tighten up, and old, resolved tendonitis issues will come back on that side and just get worse no matter what, until i recognize it's black magic and connect to the perpetrator. Then only my astral wife Gina can repair me. Been seeing a lot of her lately.

Until a couple days ago, it seemed only 1 person in the world could do that, namely the shape-shifter (42% rept DNA) on the left here, who remains the toughest opponent i have had. Thor, Odin, and Bragi have also been beating on her for months. (The younger witch on the right is her daughter, 24%, and in the middle is another shape-shifter.)
But now these other witches suddenly are doing this from underground, or the lead witch is hijacking them to do it.

(7:30am) On Sep. 23 of last year i wrote
(12:15pm) Purtiest male ET i' ve seen in a while. Someone asked me whether Geert Wilders, a Dutch politician, is ET. Yes. He hails from NGC 4876 which is on the right side in this pic. There are a bunch more DORy people like him there, which we will persecute on the back burner.
Could use help in lighting up any more of his ilk on Earth.
Then this morning i opened this article Geert Wilders of the Netherlands reveals a resurgent far right in Europe and immediately got hit by DOR (and actually he is less purty in profile).

Something i have figured out: anytime evil human ETs masquerading as Earthlings hit anyone, it is with power drawn from underground installations. Try to direct the allies (like Lt. Veo) to these bases. It helps if you can dowse their number, but then usually more will appear later. So far we have taken out 900+ bases this morning of these NGC4876ers. Most of these are tiny.
Sometimes one gets lucky and hits huge bases.

According to Geert's site, he is now in NY. He says "It is great to be in America, the beacon of liberty, the land of the free, the land where people are still allowed to speak freely. I know what I am talking about." Yes, he shows great discernment in recognizing how the authorities here treasure freedom of speech among the unwashed masses, and are loathe to inhibit it.
He is at the Gatestone Institute all-satanist "International Policy Council".

(7:40am) Is the world ready for Mordok's intent-packed guitar-picking? Check out this link for some tunes. [Update: looks like he gave this page to Bal.]
Mordok disklikes evil ETs yet lives in an apt complex devoted primarily to NGC4414ers. Yesterday i was visiting him and he started doing his music thing. I could feel nearby ETs getting irritated by it, even though it was not loud enough for them to hear.
One could also try piping it soundlessly into orgone devices, but i don't know that that would be more effective.

(1:35pm) This is really powerful. Bal has been running it since last night, and has sweetened up a major chunk of SLC.
I rigged up one of my orgone devices to pipe the sound into. I get that it is 1.6X as good as using speakers. I can probably beef that up a bit by putting more orgonite under the unit, but might not be able to get more than 1/8X. Also, although Mordok's guitar work is pretty good, i don't want to listen to it all day, so this way there is no sound.
After i played it a while a gray base less than a mile from me with 333 grays became apparent. And later i felt another ka-chunk as the energy reached a rural house further north.
If enough people play his music, this planet will be much more repellant to all sorts of evil ETs.
I gave Mordok a space on my site that he can upload to here.

We indicidentally discovered that Mediafire is a CIA proprietary. There is even a mugshot of a CIAtanist up on the homepage now.

(2:25pm) Here is a simple audio signal blaster i was guided to make for Mordok. It is just a 3" pure epoxy sphere. It has no Rolling Force pgms, just 3 anti-evil ones. I was guided to simply chop off the cord flat, drill a hole the same size as the wire, and stick it in. I get that it does 1.53X and my other unit does 1.63X. I actually have 2 audio output jacks on this laptop, but there is no advantage to plugging both units in.

If you are intuitive (you can ask for help from The Committee) you may find you have an orgone device around that is suitable, or can make one. Probably most any good orgonite that you don't mind drilling into will work well this way. If there is metal in the unit, beware of shorting the wire ends. You could pull back the insulation a bit to shorten the innards and then let the excess insulation creep back over the end. Or otherwise insulate it.

(4:55pm) Chem and futile attempts to make trails stick overhead.

If you want the music to play by itself over and over, one way is to download the file, download and install VLC Player if you don't already have it. Go into Tools, Preferences. At the bottom left corner it will say Show settings. Click All. Then click on Playlist in left column. To the right, a bunch of checkboxes will appear such as Repeat current item, Repeat all, etc. Hit Save. It won't take effect until you close all instances of VLC and re-open it.

(6pm) And if you are more fortunate than i, VLC will retain that setting instead of immediately reverting to default. But then now i am using my Windows 7 laptop, and Windows 7 tends to be hostile toward 3rd party software.

(6:40pm) I get the impression that this house belongs to the NSA, and presently has 5 NSAtanists in it, as well as Mordok's dad and his dad's clone replacement. They are doing a memory transfer or something like that.

May 2, '12: (6:05pm) And then they killed his dad. No great tragedy in itself, but it's a way to mess with Mordok (replacing his family). He may have been killed here. In any case, that is a NSA base with 200+ NSAtanists. There was also a U base there and more to the west.

It feels like there are lots of people worldwide playing Mordok's tunes. Bal is doing some of this sort of thing, too. Furthermore, even i can sing off-key and get similar results. It may be that many of us have the ability to make music from the heart that repels evil ETs.

Hardly any chem today, and no natural clouds. The NGC4414ers were in heavy self-disclosure mode, and i have a bunch of stuff to type up.

(6:20pm) Oh, yeah, this morning i read Gordon Duff's article about the disappearing German sub, and immediately recognized this was done by Jon Kettler's allies. And now i just read Kettler's version. (Note that there is still some BS being posted on his site like some drivel about NSAtanist Wilcock's interview of a CIAtanist going by the name of Drake.) I have the impression the sub was moved to a remote area outside our galaxy and blown up.

(8:55pm) There are at least 892 NGC4414ers working for Chase Bank. Most of these seem to be in Chicago. This branch seems to have the vibe of 522 of them. I have 7837 stirred up in Chicago, mostly around that central area.
Also, at least 64 of them work for Amazon, and are in the process of taking it over. And Amazon offers a Chase Amazon credit card. And years ago i made the mistake of getting such a card.
What they do is make a bunch of mistakes in their favor, then refuse to respond to any disputes you have about this, except in totally non-sequitur ways that address nothing, admit nothing, deny nothing.
Then if one refuses to pay up on their fictions, they continually add interest and penalties.

What i did was only pay what i owed, and with each payment include a note that this is payment in full, and that i will never pay money i don't owe that they won't explain, nor interest and penalties thereon. They ignore this, of course, and after some time, cancel the card and trash your credit. Then i got deluged by credit card offers, saying "Start rebuilding your credit now!" including even some from Chase. If you ever want to see an unprecedented level of card offers, just default on one sometime.
Then, they have their ETs in Chicago call you, calling also at work on days they know you don't work, to attempt to embarrass you. One full-blood (though at the time i did not know about these ETs) even psi-vamped me a couple years ago; big mistake to psi-vamp Cmdr Loohan :-)
Also, big mistake for Amazon to let these deranged ETs drive away customers with overt criminality. I still refuse to have a credit card, although even Amazon Chase sent me a new one later(!!) which i have not activated. Unimaginable lunacy.

Anyway, this morning i got a letter from a lawyer. As i walked back to the bakery from the PO with the unopened letter, i got attacked super hard in the chest from about 6K little U installations, about 20% of which were CIAtanist and the rest NGC4414.

I set the unopened letter on the Yurtles and waited until things cleared up a bit before opening it. Here it is, from Stephen P Lamb, half-breed NGC4414er. I think his house is the one south of the arrow here, but all those houses have DORy ETs. There are a bunch more in the area just south. In fact, i sense 832 stirred up in Beebe. I drive thru Beebe every year when i visit my mom; will have to spend a little time disinfecting.

Moving on, in the small town of Big Flat, AR is Steven's Stone Supply, where 5 ETs work. In fact there are so far 47 NGC4414ers in that town stirred up.

As i have mentioned in the past, the hotels around Little Rock are mostly M32er-owned. But they have a bit of competition: i sense 64 NGC4414ers in the process of taking over the super-ritzy Peabody.

I sense 322 NGC4414ers stirred up in LR.

This Sears store in Harrison has the vibe of 12 NGC4414ers. A guy from there psi-attacked me today. I think they have squeezed all Earthlings out of this store's staff, as is their standard procedure.

Alexandria, LA so far has 8508 NGC4414ers stirred up.

I sense 52 NGC4414ers in the process of taking over Safelink.

Windstream, the ISP i have, is owned by NGC4414ers. Right now there are 5 people depicted on the homepage, all ETs. I sense at least 5408 NGC4414ers working for them. Windstream bought out Alltel years ago, and i was happy because Alltel was illuminati, and at the time these ETs didn't have a noticeable vibe.

A few months ago this box arrived at Mordok's address, addressed to someone with the same first name as Mordok's but a different last name. It was supposedly a modem from Windstream. But Mordok had already gotten his modem from them. He called them and they supposedly had no record of this person or sending another modem, but did send a prepaid return label, and Mordok returned it. It was very DORy.
Incidentally, beware of "gifts" from evil ETs. One who is on the CIA payroll kind of forced an old pocketknife on Mordok once. It had nasty energy but my allies cleared it. Then today, 2 painfully obvious (at least the male) NGC4414ers came into the bakery, placed something on the railing near the door, and on their way out "discovered" that someone had accidentally left their clip-on sunglasses behind. Mordok and i had to crack up at the sheer amateurishness. I waited until it had been cleared before touching it. The lenses were all scratched up.

Citizen's Fidelity Insurance Co. has 22 of them and is owned by them.

Moving on to Lagos, last night i kept getting RV flashes of people in the tunnels before we wiped them (there are still more). Two interesting things: it may be that only shape-shifting reptilians ever go down there. Also several times i saw a few white satanist shape-shifters who were French.

Denial-of-Service company staffed by 8 satanists.

And the latest news about the First Family of this Great Nation: i woke up this morning, saw a news article about CloneBama2 in Afghanistan. Clone 1 was in bed with Obama's 2 daughters. Clones 3 & 4 were in a king-size bed with those 2 shape-shifters. Michelle was in bed with 2 other soulless Beta dudes. I am so proud to be an American.

(8:35pm) Bro-ther. Yet another CIAtanist in the UFO scene: Preston Dennett, 42% rept. And on his links page he lists a bunch more CIAtanists:Then, connected with Kesara,more yet:Ridiculous, CIA clowns, ridiculous the funding and effort you guys put into such weirdness.

May 3, '12: (7:30am) Soulless phony expounds on the subject of the soul: Peter Bosch-Jansen, greasy satanist. Also Willi Paul on same page. A new, previously-undiscovered agency? These jokers had at least 68 U bases in Holland connected with them. Also there are hundreds more throughout Europe we are seeking out now. This is a European agency. The main U base was probably here in France where we found 532 satanists with too much funding. Hunting for above-ground HQ, i found SENEC bldg in Brussels area. Their website says they are in the home heating business, but they have the vibe of this agency. This is a big bldg covered in odd panels that seem too brown to be PV panels. I get vibe of 332 more of these overly funded satanists.

(7:40am) Minutes after i posted that, i got attacked from a U base here in NC, by 33 pissed-off dumbass satanists. The base contained 346 over-funded low-IQ satanists.

(11am) Overcast, drizzle.

More NGC4414ers, this time in Holland: Anu Van Leeuwen and friends. More pix.

(11:25am) The NGC4414ers (indeed probably all the evil human ET types on Earth) work closely with the grays, NSA, and CIA. At least 4720 NGC4414ers are on the CIA payroll.
This complex of bldgs in rural NC has 56 CIA NGC4414ers working there. If you zoom out, you will see a bunch of long bldgs that look like chicken houses. But they the have vibe of these CIA ETs. I suspect it is a marijuana production area. More houses. Getting lots of U bases between there and Monroe, too. Some pot farms down there, too.
Further east is another such area, with more of their houses, chicken houses, and U bases. And south of there, more of the same. More.

(12:35pm) Sittingtaoist taped some old earphones to an orgone disk. This works fine. Feels powerful. One could even use an earplug.

(1:25pm) Lt. Veo also is finding bunches of CIA NGC4414er bases in Arkansas. No pot farms yet; maybe incomes/prices are too low in this state. He has found several coke-to-crack labs around Mena. I decided to check Mena for above-ground CIA NGC4414er drug stuff. One spot really stood out, and when i zoomed in, it was the Polk County Sheriff's Office. Why lookee that full-blood Sheriff Grady Judd.

And judging by this pic, the ETs have successfully displaced the Earthlings as usual. I sense 7 of these ETs there, all knowingly on the take from the CIA.

Um, wait, interestingly, this graphic has the URL of a defunct site, and a Florida address! And what do we find at that address? Hmmm. 25 CIA NGC4414ers. Vewy intewesting. And drug labs (crack, meth, methaqualone) underground nearby. Huge meth lab was here at 340-420' with 24 NGC4414ers, 32 CIAtanists, 62 other CIA personnel. Many surface houses there are for all these people, most of whom don't live underground. Then there is a 500' deep high-speed tunnel going to Cocoa Beach. I think the tunnel exit is under International Palms Resort and Conference Center, staffed by 44 CIAtanists. And rich people who hang around such places naturally have yachts, and yachts naturally cruise out to sea a few miles where they can naturally hobnob with ships under the watchful eye of the satanists in the Coast Guard. And these ships cruise over to rendezvous with other wealthy recreationists with yachts associated with places like Hotel Quinta da Marinha on the coast of Portugal, staffed by 22 CIAtanists, 40 NGC4414ers, and 26 other CIA parasites.

If life were less fascinating, i could do other needed tasks rather than sit at my keyboard all the time.

(2:45pm) Bal noticed that this Walmart in SLC is ET-run. Yes, i sense 32 of the most common type of SLC ETs working there. I think Walmart knows, too. The Waltons are shape-shifting satanists who work closely with the gov't.

(5:50pm) Sun finally came out a bit , revealing real and fake clouds.

REI the recreational equipment "co-op" that i've been a member of since like '83, has been totally taken over by NGC4414ers. Click on the links for president, chairman, board. They have squeezed all Earthlings out of management. Every year REI gives million$ to conservation causes. The pdf of last year's recipients is here. One recipient that stands out is Alice Ferguson Foundation, NGC4414ers sucking up bucks like the parasites they always are. Maybe some day i will publish some of the ways they rip off the public even in my county.
Another is American Alpine Club, more such parasites.
American Rivers, etc. etc. I don't have time to go through each recipient, but most seem to have been taken over by these ETs. Except for the satanist Audubon Society.

And in SLC, the Bicycle Center is run by those close cousins of the NGC4414ers that predominate in SLC.

And in Provo, UT, there are shed-loving ETs dealing cocaine for the CIA, e.g. from this house. Also many of the houses in the neighborhood just SW of there contain more coke dealing shed-lovers.
I think they get it from 2 CIAtanists here. We're nailing U bases there too.

Hughes Environmental is also one of the businesses of the predominant SLC ETs. They list locations in KY and OH, but i got onto this from Bal's saying
yesterday, on the way to Provo in the company truck, an "Air Duct Cleaning Service" truck pulled in front of us after a red light and released some very thick greyish smoke that was not exhuast. i know it wasn't exhaust because when we got to the next stop sign, the truck was behind us and then later down the road and pulled in front of us. while it was accelerating to pull in front of the work truck NO exhaust was seen whatsoever. that's usually when you see it all. when accelerating! so after a few moments of maintaining the same speed, the poison truck started releasing the same toxin RIGHT in front of the truck. unfortunately the AC was on and i was trying hard not to inhale that shit. asked other coworker to roll down window. as soon as it was done spraying, it changed lanes and sped away. this shit was nothing typical of exhaust smoke. i know what coolant burning looks like, i know what oil burning looks like. i know what rich fuel mixture looks like. this was none of that.
There are several such duct-cleaning businesses:

(7:55pm) Anyway, the way i got off track earlier from Polk County, AR, to Polk County, FL, is due to this page which mistakenly gives the link to the FL website. It's just a coincidence that both offices are NGC4414. There does not seem to be any info online about who the Mena sheriff is, but he is a full-blood NGC4414er.

I get the impression the Alah-kur have taken out 2 USN subs in the last hour, and may take out more. The first one was here and the 2nd near Hawaii, i think a bit SW of it.
The subs had repts and grays from Orion in them. Mordok is marking more. They are fixin' to nail another in the Gulf of Alaska.

May 4, '12: (7:15am) There were 99 of these subs. Of course they had USN satanists running them. There was also an Orion U base in the south Atlantic, 400' below sea floor. I got RV flashes of sharks scavenging down there after the Alah-kur nailed it.
The subs were nuclear, but were destroyed in a way to neutralize radiation. Unlike Kettler's friends, the Alah-kur did not teleport the targets.
Appearently they were "allowed" to take these out because the ET presence in them violated some law. Allowed by whom, i don't know. People sometimes write me that it's not fair that good ETs aren't allowed to nail such-and-so, in a demanding tone that assumes that i am a decision-maker from whom these stipulations flow. Sorry. If you want to get ETs to blow away Hallibrton or Monsanto HQ or something, i won't stand in your way. I would help if i could.

Someone asked about youtuber TheCountdownBackUp. CIAtanist.

I was reading this article which says
Dearborn is located just outside of Detroit, and it contains one of the densest Arab communities outside of the Middle East. Each day, the local mosque’s call to prayer can be clearly heard all over the city.
Got a vibe, checked the map. 3 underground gray transmitters were under the downtown area for religious mind control.

And last night as the Rigelian telepaths worked hard to derail my train of thought, i realized the grays were using machines in the Rigel area to boost their telepathic intent. We have taken out like half a million of these machines since.

(9:10am) Heavy chem-clouds.

Drug-Dealing Cops Using Occupy Protesters as Test Subjects, Snitches? That reminds me, i warned on the 2nd to beware of gifts from strangers. The CIA has marijuana that has "special qualities". Before he moved here, Mordok smoked one puff of tainted CIA stuff and it ruined his psi powers for months. And recently another CIA agent who is also NGC4414 in his apt complex invited him to "smoke some good shit".
I don't know if these cops are doing anything similar.
BTW it seems about all the ETs in his complex smoke dope and drink, too.

(9:25am) Representative Tim Ryan is on the CIA payroll, works knowingly for the Rigelian grays, and is a full-blood ET deriving from M66. This is yet another group i am now finding U bases of, e.g. around his birthplace.

(12:10pm) This pic is what's on google today. This article is from the Jesuit-controlled CSM. The pic is sick, looking like weird rape and demons. The deceased "artist" Keith Haring was an ET. Possibly yet another strain. I checked the map of his birthplace, Reading, PA, but so far am only finding U bases under it.

Last night i de-cloaked a bunch more local ETs. These are jerks i have been blasting for years that i now realize are ETs:I hate these ubiquitous degenerate criminal parasites.

(3:25pm) OK, about Kieth Haring and Reading, PA again: these are more of the "shed-loving" type ETs. There's a big industrial area identified only by "Penske" here with the vibe of 238 of them.
Another big co. of theirs is Interstate Resources, Inc.
Also: Crowne Plaza Hotel
The Abraham Lincoln hotel
In Hershey, Tanger Outlet and all it's stores. Cute, very experienced, ET babe on home page at this time.
Wow, do they ever have Sears Outlet stores completely in hand! At least 9222 of them work here. Come to think of it, they own Sears! A company i have been boycotting since the early 90s due to ripoff behavior. Sears used to be a great store. And some 22% of Sears people are satanists on top of being ETs.

(3:45pm) Enter another CIAtanist contrived phony hero puke-face: Joel Arends, 42% rept. Of Veterans for a Strong America. Are we drowning in CIA bullshit yet?

(5:10pm) And more CIAtanist space buffs: David Martines, and DirtyMJR, who acts like a Russian. I got onto these guys because i have a link to a cool vid on my greys page, but the video was pulled and only this message appears.

(6pm) Neighborhood with at least 72 CIAtanist shapeshifters.

(7:25pm) Chem-cloud day, it was.

I'm seeing NGC4414ers everywhere now. Check out this ad with pix of 5 of them. And links to University of Phoenix (more of them depicted) (Wikipedia), and Devry University (Wikipedia), and Walden University (Wikipedia).
All of these schools were founded by Earthlings and taken over by imperialist ET forces.

Furthermore, i discovered today that the entire board of Petit Jean Electric Co-op, which is where i get my juice in my new cabin, is also NGC4414. But i think only about 20% of the employees are. I hope to make this area so uncomfortable for such parasites that we can reverse the usual trend toward 100%. Remember, they do this largely by sickening Earthlings to make them fade out of the scene.

(7:35pm) I am still getting attacked often from bunches of shape-shifters under Lagos. But i just looked at the map and realized the underground stuff that is flared up now is an area about the size of the city but adjoining it on the south shore. That is, there is a DORy area under the width of the city extending south about 2 miles.

May 5, '12: (7am) Students To Be Spied On, Censored With School Issued Laptops. But the reason i posted this is for those of you out there who are sensitive to check out the ethnicity of the students. All 3 depicted are NGC4414 hybrids. The adults are Earthlings.
The school: "IS 339 is a public New York City middle school located in the Claremont section of the Bronx. It runs a 1:1 laptop program..."

Last night i realized i had crossed paths with a lot of NGC4414ers in California. One hot area, where i lived for 9 months in '93-'94, is the Gualala to Point Arena area. Most of the people there are NGC4414, and many of those, maybe 40%, are satanists. In fact, probably about 50% of CA satanists are NGC4414.
Even when i was in this Mendocino County area, i think all the cops were already ET. And a lot of the school staff, let alone students. Check out the District Office: 5 ETs, 3 of whom are satanist. And the school board, all ET, 2 of them satanist. And check the reservation of the Manchester Band of Pomo Indians of the Manchester-Point Arena Rancheria. Real authentic Indians. When i was there, like half the houses had Hispanic surnames on them. And now i realize that over 90% of the residents have some NGC4414 blood.

Another hot area is Santa Cruz to Capitola. There are 9670+ stirred up there now.

We got plenty of U bases in both areas last night.

(5:15pm) Chem-clouds and real ones today.

I realized that several businesses on 65 near the Buffalo River are NGC4414-run:I also realized that almost all the people around here that i've for years known as satanists, are also NGC4414. In fact, half of the satanists in the US might be this type of ET.
This includes the previous sheriff as well as the satanist running for sheriff this year (running against a non-satanist ET). Also the sheriff and his 5 satanist underlings in Mountain View. I think at least 75% of the satanists around here are also ETs.

(7:15pm) Bal just brought to my attention Cody Stewart, whom i believe is of the same strain of ET as the Portland, ME variety of NGC4414-type ETs.

May 6, '12: (3:40pm) Some chem-clouds today.

Be sure to avoid the Century 16 Theatre in SLC. This one has been taken over by ETs. Bal wrote
that's where i went to go see the movie The Avengers. that theater puts subliminals in their preview messages. lots of ETs. my whole chest cavity feels completely implanted with shit and my eye sight/focus is a wreck...
CIAtanist Libertarian for President? Jim Burns is the guy. Mom & dad are CIAatanists too.

(4:10pm) Melbourne, AR, has got ET problems too. Aside from reptilian shapeshifters like my paternal grandma who hailed from there.
Like Sheriff Tate Lawrence, full-blood NGC4414er. And the guy running against him, a guy named Martz who is half-breed. And the Ashley House B&B.
And i feel 16 of them who work here. And this whole shopping center is owned and staffed and frequented by them. The long bldg on the north side has their vibe too. And Mark Martin is full-blood.

(6:25pm) Let's take a closer peek at Clinton, AR, the town 20 miles south of me where i recently busted loads of ETs:
Mayor Roger Rorie, half-breed NGC4414er.
Treasurer Merl Eoff, half-breed.
Sheriff Bradley, full-blood.
All the people on the Air Patrol page. (Also, back around '02, '03, a few times i went into the airplane engine factory at the airport to get metal shavings for orgonite. The people there were agreeable and let me take it. However, that isn't enough to get them off the hook. They are NGC4414 pedophiles too.)
Criminal Investigation: 4 ETs.
Detention Center: 15 ETs.
K-9: Deputy Johnson is half-breed. Dog seems normal.
Patrol: 15 ETs and a dog.

Interstingly, there's a warrants page, and many of these people are ETs too.

(7:20pm) Mordok has his own rant space here now. Watch as a grizzled deranged paranoid conspiracy theorist rails against imagined injustices.

(10:20pm) Damn, i just flashed on something. When i lived in Austin, there was this great little hardware store called Breed & Co.. I sense 8 NGC4414ers working there now, in the process of taking it over. 6 of these are Satanists.

(10:40) More NGC4414 stuff in Austin:

( 10:55pm) Pan American Airways was all-NGC4414 from the start. And from this list i noticed 10 small airlines that are all-NGC4414: Air Sunshine, AirTran Airways, Alaska Central Express, Express One International, Florida West International Airways, Great Lakes Airlines, Martinaire, Mountain Air Cargo, Platinum Airlines, Republic Airlines.
At least some of these were taken over. Haven't detect any foreign airlines of theirs.

(11:05pm) Mordok spotted this one: Jim Wright, CIA NGC4414 half-breed.

(11:10pm) It took me a day and a half of blasting to get through the protective veneer of these people, but i finally broke through: Ehud Olmert, his wife, daughter, and his daughter's lesbian lover and all the illustrators and authors on the drop-down tabs on that last page.
All were so cloaked i could not tell anything about them, but i knew they weren't right.
Turns out they, too, are NGC4414ers.

May 7, 12: (7:45am) Overcast, occasional drizzle. 60% chance of rain with amounts as high as 0.2" possible. Wow.

Shape-shifting reptilian replaced by M32 half-breed as president of France. Big improvement indeed; both serve the Jesuits.

Why did CBS (in 2007) replace 2 non satanists with CIAtanists Mowry and Izaguirre on DFW TV? Couch Potato news.

(8am) Another DORy CIAtanist: Joe Walsh, a Tea Party Republican from Illinois. 42% rept DNA.

(9:35am) Arizona – Two Carloads of Shooters Escape, Survivor Witness Found. Very intriguing. First had to clear away some gray bases, then found bunches of underground CIA drug labs. Including some under Apache Junction. Also in Apache Junction i found Our Saviour's Lutheran Church. I think only the Apache Junction branch is CIAtanist. A lot of drugs exchange hands there. The town also hosts a Dr. James Bodmer, CIAtanist somehow involved in the drug dealing.

Then i decided to track the 5 shooters who were permitted to escape. They fled north. 3 of these guys went as far as the Saguaro Lake Precision Marine, where they are presently employed. Precision Marine is CIA. They even have pix of CIAtanists on their site header. The other 2 were in a U base here where they perished.

(10:50am) Another bizarre CIAtanist: Donald Marshall, who writes believable but untrue tales of abuse by the illuminati. He is being "promoted" by a narcissto-maniacal (rogue?) satanist here (who might be genuinely looking for answers himself).

(2:30pm) I have said in the past that Elton John is a rept shapeshifter. So is his "husband" David Furnish.
But recently i noticed they also have the NGC4414 vibe! I get Elton is 26% rept and also a half-breed NGC4414er. David is 27% and a half-breed. These are the first NGC4414ers i have noticed that are also rept shape-shifters.
On this page about 1/5 of the way down, is a pic of Elton with his father Stanley Dwight and his sons Simon, Robert and Geoff. The kids seem to have similar genetics. Elton's dad feels like full-blood NGC4414, whereas his mom has 42% rept DNA. Elton's ex-wife is another rept/NGC4414er shape-shifter.

Oddly, as i was searching for pix of his dad, i stumbled across an obituary for a Stanley Dwight Handley, who was NGC4414 as well. And was father of Rev. David Stull Handley, full-blood. The rest of these pix of the staff of the First Presbyterian Church of Clarksville, TN, are also of NGC4414ers.

(4:50pm) Beyond self-parody. They can't be serious, can they? Someone sent me this article: US: CIA thwarts new al-Qaida underwear bomb plot, and i thought it was satire most of the way through.

CIAtanist church: Zion Lutheran Church in Rosemead, CA.

(6pm) Meet the New Boss: French President is Another Bilderberg Stooge. No kidding. His buddy Manuel Valls is another M32er, full-blood. Born in Barcelona, where i am now finding lots of M32 bases.
Above-ground we have Estació de França as probably their main local conquest.

(8:25pm) More NGC4414ers:[NOTE: lists cont'd May 10]

(8:45pm) Stumbled across a neighborhood of "shed-loving" ETs in Vegas. At least 277 live here, and of these at least 42 are satanists.

May 8, '12: (9am) Thunder in distance; overcast. 10% chance of precipitation.

Hollande and his handlers are not happy with me and Mordok. They had not anticipated this new advanced Mordok tech. I think someone near him is playing some tunes through orgonite, and it is frying him and a couple ETs in his entourage. In fact there may be 5 people in different spots around Paris playing this.
I think, piped through orgonite, it is probably very effective for about 3 km around. More so if others in area are doing it too.
So now the Zionists are realizing they are going to have to whip out the scalpel to make a non-ET double of Hollande for public functions, while they keep the real one stashed in some remote place where the natives are so backward that they don't even read my blog.

Another one of those creepy Holland "healer" ETs: Psycholoog Den Bosch.

(9:35am) I am being attacked by 9 M32ers from this house outside Paris.

(11:20am) I was just doing errands in Leslie a bit. ETs everywhere. A woman wearing a T-shirt saying MHS Trap Team, leading a group of ET kids into one of the ET churches, saw me stalking them and psi-attacked me. Apparently there are many MHS Trap Teams, e.g. this one seems to be Magnolia (TX) High School (website), and is a bunch of NGC4414ers. The HS is probably about 70% NGC4414.
But more likely the woman who attacked me was associated with the Marshall HS team photographed here (i don't think the photographer is ET though). I also found a Monroe HS trap team and a Minnetonka HS trap team, but they are not ET.

I also saw a pickup with a sign for the NGC4414 Heifer Creek Kennel.

Magnolia is NW of Houston a bit, and is chock-full of these ETs. Maybe 70% of the population. Getting U bases.

(11:35am) Someone asked me about New Acropolis. Well, the founder is CIA. So are the president and deputy president. I sense at least 73 CIA people working in this organization. Haven't noticed any satanists or ETs there though.

(12:30pm) Len Horowitz is an ensouled 96, but he is immersed in NGC4414 CIA agents. Like Sherri Kane and the people involved in 528records.com.

(4:05pm) I ran across CIAtanist Adronis, 41% rept, at his CIA solfeggio site. And you can purchase energetically tainted tuning forks at swb256.webs.com.

And this solfeggio site, Solfeggio Frequencies, is also CIA, but run by 2 NGC4414ers.

And Yahoo!'s BOD is all NGC4414 CIA.
Also the following are NGC4414:(5:05pm) Someone asked me about JezebelDecibel, CIAtanist. Got some nasty energy off her channel.

Also the Orion grays are getting more active again. Bal and Mordok have been getting attacked hard from them. In this pic, there is a star slightly below and to the left of center. There are 2 DORy planets around that star that are where these attacks came from.

(5:25pm) Another CIAtanist solfeggio site: Unison Ascension.

Evidently the CIA considers this solfeggio stuff to be a big deal; in need of corruption to keep anyone from benefiting.
In early '05, i made some solfeggio wands (pic, pic) that turned out decent. I used headphones and NCH Toner free software (download) to blast the epoxy with a different solfeggio freq as each layer hardened. [Note: incompatible with more modern computers.] Each layer got a different freq. Except there were more layers than freqs so i started over again from lowest to highest.
Now that i look into it, i get that The Committee has also programmed these freqs into various of my creations, including my Yurtles and Lt Veo. If you work with The Committee, they can pgm any such freq into curing resin that you want, with no need for electronics.

(6:20pm) This neighborhood in Punta Gorda, FL, has at least 238 CIAtanists. There were 2 more, but they just died in a U base.
There is a bizarre story behind this.

May 9, '12: (7am) And BTW, those Punta Gorda CIAtanists are also all of the same ET race as those Jujitsu clowns.

I just culled Len Horowitz. I should have scrutinized him more closely before. A reader drew my attention to the fact that he is a Knight of Malta Hospitallier. The article linked from Icke's mention of this is just a blank page now (expunged according to Horowitz's request?) but can be seen here. (Note, BTW, that Szymanski is a 42% rept satanist with both a CIA and NSA vibe. He is remarkable in that not too many agents point the finger at their Jesuit bosses.)

Horowitz also has the site drlenhorowitz.com. At the top right now is a pic of Rob Simone, who normally interviews satanists, and is a CIAtanist with 38% rept DNA himself. Presently promoted on Simone's front page are Uri Geller, Leonard Nimoy (42%), and several other satanists i might follow up on later. No non-satanists depicted.
Another supporter of Whore-O-wits is Mike Piper, CIAtanist with 40% rept DNA who seems very anti-Zionist.

OK, back to the subject of Elton John: he has a CIAtanist friend who also has the rept shapeshifter/NGC4414 makeup, Bernie Taupin.

(7:30pm) I just amended my greys page with important info about the Nor and other ETs.

(7:45pm) This blasting with Mordok's music is having a very strong effect. There are 5 of us doing this now in our area. Feels like 12 around Paris, and 630+ worldwide.
Now he's waiting for replacements for busted guitar strings, so he made a cut whistling while burning sage, and it feels even more potent to me, though musically it leaves a bit to be desired.

(8pm) FBI Raids “Domestic Terrorist” Camp in Florida. These people are all satanists. The guy in the center and the woman in the upper left corner knowingly work for the FBI. The rest may be dupes.

(8:15pm) Interestinger: Russia’s Sukhoi SuperJet-100 goes off radars in Jakarta, hijacking not ruled out. OK, first thing i noticed is an intense gray vibe off the images. Why? Well check out pix of such jets; they all have gray-tech vibe. Illegal stuff, and good ETs are starting to enforce the law. Specifically, i think this again was the work of Kettler's pals. I haven't been to his site yet, but wager he will mention this.

But that ain't all. Look at the people in the pics underneath:
The 2 plane inspectors are not satanists or ETs.
The pic below that has 6 military satanists. The guy on the left in glasses is 41% rept. The guy on the right with glasses is 35%.
Next pic has 3 satanist men in cockpit.
Soldier in next pic is not satanist or ET, but the last pic is of a NGC4414 half-breed satanist woman!

(9am) OK, some more DORy NGC4414 businesses i stumbled across:

May 10, '12: (6:20pm) Taos Herb Co, NGC4414-run.
Most of the businesses here in Taos are NGC4414.
And at least 320 of them work for the Norwegian Nav, and mess with honest people in illegal ways.

And let us not neglect Monsanto, which is run by NGC4414 satanists. It is interesting that the NGC4414ers around here eat plenty of GMO junk food. And get cancer, diabetes, etc. like Earth idiots who do the same.

We are really lighting these parasites up. Yesterday at work i realized that about 97% of the vehicles driving by the bakery on Hwy 66 have ETs in them. Also, a couple weeks ago Mordok couldn't convince me that half the population of Leslie is ET. Now i realize it is at least 72% and probably more like 82% or more.
Today i did some busting and errands in Mountain View, a town that used to be very DORy, but thanks to many trips on my part, feels pretty mellow now. Except for all the flared-up ETs.

Last December i drove Mordok to Mtn View. I was thinking it might be a nice place for him to live, as it is a bluegrass center, and about 20% of the population was still ensouled, which was twice as much as most places. We didn't notice any ETs that i recall. But today i realized probably 95%+ of the residents are ET. Almost every vehicle i came across driving from Leslie to Mtn View, and in Mtn View, were ET. Most of the houses and bldgs between Leslie and Mtn View, and in Mtn View, have the ET vibe. Almost all of the businesses.
I went into HARPS there, only ETs. I went into Walmart, saw 200-300 people but not one Earthling in there. I did spot one on the way out of the parking lot, ensouled (in fact many of the few Earthlings i saw were ensouled). He had a cool window decal that said "Would you drive any better if I shoved that phone up your ass?" with a pic of a cell phone. I can relate. These ETs are heavily into keeping cell phones on their face as they drive, which is illegal in AR but not likely to be enforced against them by the ET cops.
In Dec. '10 when i was driving to VA, i was on Hwy 124. Since i had Earthshaker, etc. in the truck, i was not in a hurry. I wanted to go 45-50 mph, but a guy came up behind me so i sped up to the speed limit, 55, since he could not pass me on the 2-lane hwy with solid median line. He glued himself to my bumper. After a while, there was ample legal and safe opportunity for him to pass, so i slowed down and hugged the right edge. And slowed. And slowed. He stayed right on my bumper. Finally i pulled completely off the road and onto the turf and stopped. He was still behind me, except still on the blacktop. Empty, straight road, broken median line. Incredulous, i leaned on my horn. Finally he reluctantly crawled past me, phone stuck to his face.
He still had a soul. It took quite a bit of effort to cull him.
He's a full blood NGC4414er.
All these people had human souls until fairly recently, then the Nor moved in.

While i'm reminiscing, i remembered a couple other odd incidents in Leslie about 10 years ago that i now realize where ET encounters. One, a guy wolf-whistled at me. Full-blood. No big deal.
The other was more irritating. I was riding my bike up Elm St. at night in town. It has plenty of reflectors. A car coming the opposite direction came over into the wrong side of the road, close to the edge, and forced me to a stop. For no obvious reason. Then drove on. 3 half-breeds.

Here's a pic we have on the wall in the bakery where i work. The bakery is in the old Farmer's Bank. This pic is from around 1912, i think. I noticed years ago that the tall guy was a satanist, but only a few days ago noticed that all 3 of these people were NGC4414.

But ill-fortune will be befalling all these evil ETs. Like it did these Utah ETs of the variety most common in SLC. Even the reporter is ET. And the station, KSL. And earlier there was a video here too, of the poor victims of malfortune, but it has been pulled. I watched the vid twice, and each time it was prefaced with an ad for a different ET business.

Puffy chem-clouds today. Over Mtn View, they were being erased overhead wherever i was. Also saw a bunch of long trails to the north on the return trip, but they remained thin and then got sylphed.

Rare white buffalo slain and skinned. There are 4 psychos here who did this. They wanted the pelt for a rug or something.

(9:40pm) I may have been looking at an old list for congressmen May 7, or maybe i just didn't notice them, but here are some more NGC4414 Congressmen:
  • Mark Begich (S), Mark Pryor, Richard Blumenthal, Marco Rubio (S), Mark Kirk, Ben Nelson, Mike Johanns (S), Jeanne Shaheen, Charles Schumer, Kent Conrad, John Hoeven.
    NGC4414 Representatives i missed:
    Henry Waxman, Dale Kildee, James Sensenbrenner, Steny Hoyer, Ed Towns, Pete Visclosky, Elton Gallegly, Nancy Pelosi (S - Like Elton John & Co., she's also a rept shapeshifter), Frank Pallone, John Duncan, Eliot Engel, Nita Lowey, Jim McDermott, Richard Neal, Rob Andrews, David Price, John Boehner, Dave Camp, Rosa DeLauro, Collin Peterson, Maxine Waters (S), Sam Johnson, John Olver (S), Ed Pastor (S), Jim Cooper, Roscoe Bartlett (S)(S), Jim McGovern, Steve Chabot (S), Shelley Berkley (S), Charles Boustany (S).

    (11pm) I just pulled Nor souls out of some non-ET satanists as well as all 4 active Obama clones, all 3 active Pope clones, etc.
    A lot of evil soulless people of importance have one.

    May 11, '12: (7:40am) Overcast morning, some rain chances coming up.

    I tried installing NCH toner, but apparently it is not compatible with newer computers. I haven't used it since like '05. Bal drew my attention to 444 hz, which i get may be as toxic to evil ETs as Mordok's music. But i'll install it later on an older laptop.

    So i went to a download site in case there was a newer, compatible version, but that one didn't work on this machine either. However, my attention was drawn by an ad on the download site for (DOR warning!) Kath Eats Real Food!. I am so glad that CIA M32 half-breeds are starting to eat wholesome food.
    But what is the agenda? The recipes are not that bad, aside from the tofu and wheat. Maybe the agenda is just to poison people with strong DOR that are seeking healthy lifestyles that conflict with the NWO/pharmaceutical complex.
    One of her shills on her food store (i would be leery of that stuff) is Lara Gehl (Lara Bjorkquist), CIAtanist. More info on her location and her satanist relatives is here (you can ignore the pop-up and scroll down under it).

    Another bizarre CIAtanist op with creepy energies: Trying Human comics.

    If anyone is pouring resin, The Committee can program it with 444 hz if desired.

    (8:10am) Shapeshifter news: US Ambassador In Veiled Terror Threat to Syria’s Assad. Ambassador my ass. She's 41% rept, and i just found dozens of clones for her in U bases. Panetta is 42%, getting a few clones for him, too. Hillary is a clone (the real one is still incarcerated), 42% with more clones. Martin Dempsey is 42%, has clones.
    These creatures do not represent me.

    Other oddities in the news:
    Truthers, Rejoice! CIA Leaks After Hitting The Iceberg of Truth. "What kind of game are they really playing? Why is the voice of media power speaking truth all of a sudden?"
    Also a couple days ago i read Beijing Leaders Considering End of Communist Rule. Can this be real? "... Falun Gong, and all groups who have been wrongly persecuted in the process of devoting themselves to China’s realization of democracy will be redressed and receive compensation." No way, you say. Yet, oddly, the vibe of the Politburo has changed. A few months ago they all felt like devout Scottish Rite servants of the Vatican. Now i am feeling they have cooled a lot towards Freemasonry and the Vatican agenda...
    Right now i am not detecting any Falun Gong people being tortured, but then i don't trust my ability to detect this. No news on faluninfo.net, just pix of gang-raped ensouled women. So i don't know what's going on, but the Chinese gov't feels different.

    (8:25am) An ad on Icke's site caught my eye: Support Barrett for Governor of Wisconsin. DORy CIAtanist family.

    (9am) Planning to vote for Ron Paul? Better read this: Hundreds of thousands of Ron Paul supporters voted for Romney today, and register at Ron Paul Vote Count.

    Something is askew here: German Government to Oppose Fracking. OK, groovy, except... why are these "activists" satanists of the BND? Specifically directorate 6: "Internationaler Terrorismus und Internationale Organisierte Kriminalität" (TE) (Terrorism and International Organised Crime).
    The group "Attac" seems not to have a website. Norbert Röttgen and Philipp Rösler are satanists too. Something fishy is going on.

    Another way in which the elite "eat" their own underlings: Hundreds Of Flight Attendants Fall Ill With Hair Falling Out". There are certain jobs you cannot get in The Land of Religious Freedom without being a satanist. You can't get to be on the staff of commercial passenger jets, for example (or the Secret Service, or important nuclear industry posts). So all these satanists are having their hair fall out. Well, they probably would eventually anyway from chemotherapy for all the toxic food they eat.

    (10:35am) Another NGC4414 scam: John 316 Ministries, for whom $$$ are collected from dupes so that men can live there for free (they do have to work some), provided they meet certain criteria, such as being NGC4414 perverts that don't need women much.
    (Pic from their site.)

    Charlotte, AR, east of Batesville, is another hotbed of NGC4414ers. Getting loads of U bases, too.
    They are in Jonesboro too.

    (1:55pm) A reader wrote me:
    Comments: speaking of john 3:16 ministries, the guy that operates the charlotte facility is named tuggle. i think he may still also own bald eagle barns between cave city and batesville. his brother used to be the owner of hughes and tuggle real estate and really hurt me financially on a crooked house deal. this tuggle is from evening shade. anyway, the j316 tuggle married a gal named beverly who worked at unifirst at cave city.
    Bald Eagle Barns has the vibe of 2 ETs.
    Hughes & Tuggle has vibe of 2 more.
    Unifirst is an NGC4414 business. "Serving Customers throughout the United States and Canada, UniFirst puts more than one million people in work apparel every business day..."

    Unrelated satanist business with vibe of 52 satanists, 22 of which feel like NGC4414ers: Eu Zein.

    (3:10pm) Bal sent me a freeware SineGen tone generator. You can download it from my site or else Tucows, but the Tucows one has fewer bytes and might be different from the one i'm using. Bal says it sucks!

    I am not familiar with it yet. I just typed 444 in the upper left and hit Power. For me in this HP with W7, nothing happens unless i set the Output to "Speakers and Headphones" (power needs to be off before you can adjust that setting).
    I get the impression that 444 hz is just as good as Mordok's stuff for frying evil ETs.

    (3:35pm) Coconino County, AZ is clamoring for notoriety as a particularly satanist-drenched institution.

    (3:40pm) Utah State ET University. What can i say; even 92%+ of the students are ET. Of the predominant type of SLC ETs (NGC4414 variants).

    (6:35pm) Indonesian climbers near Russian plane wreckage, allegedly. Pictures don't lie, and neither do satanists like Sunarbowo Sandi, operational chief at Indonesia's search and rescue agency.
    This place does not have the vibe of a location where a bunch of satanists aboard a gray-tech craft splattered. More like the vibe of a place where some drone carrying the logo crashed. I doubt the pic is photoshopped.
    I hope some crash experts will weigh in on whether this could be the remains of a plane like this with dozens of people aboard. Funny how the only recognizable object in the pic happens to conveniently be the logo.

    (7:10) Now my guidance is to use 335.8 hz for a while. The energy of the enemy is changing.

    May 12, '12: (5pm) That's going real well.
    Got about 1/10" rain last night. I realized this morning that the mysterious droughtifying factor around here now is Nor. They had a bunch of U bases in TX and AR. These guys have been hard to detect, but now we are starting to light them up. They still have plenty of little U bases with some sort of transmitters.

    The top 2 pics here are Alah-kur craft.

    Somebody asked me about Nitin Sawney. He has a real freaky toxic vibe that was hard to analyse. CIAtanist shapeshifter and M32 hybrid. Warning! Still has grays aplenty hitting people who look at his pic. And Nor astrals stream "through" him into people who look at his likeness or his person.

    (5:15pm) Got another letter from the ET lawyer, who seems to think that records of me being billed for mistakes the bank made in its favor constitute some evidence of debt.
    I don't think 3rd party debt collectors have any legal standing anyway, other than what they can con people into giving them. I did a search for Midland LLC, the NGC4414 collection agency that the NGC4414 shyster works for, but found no website of theirs but plenty about them.
    The first link that comes up in google is for How to Deal with Midland Funding, LLC. Collection Agency, a site by more NGC4414s. I feel 8 of them, probably extended family of site owner. But essentially this page is an ad for Lexington Law, which has the vibe of hundreds of satanist NGC4414ers. I feel over 500 of them, but some of those may be clients.
    Cute. Their bank deliberately trashes your credit by crude and illegal means if you don't pay their ransom out of cowardice, then sandwich you between an ET collection agency that has no teeth and an ET law firm to deal with the collection agency and "re-build your credit" (translation: re-lubricate your sphincter).

    (6pm) Another CIA NGC4414 scammer: Virgil Goode. Ah, perhaps we should scrutinize this so-called Constitution Party... Looks like the NGC4414ers got that one wrapped up. Yet none signed the Constitution. Many signers were satanists though.
    Tentatively i think NGC4414ers didn't start colonizing Earth until maybe 1812 or so.

    (6:55pm) Damn, they are everywhere. I clicked on this article Garbage Truck Drivers, Landscapers Snoop for Cops, and what struck me was the pic of the NGC4414 full-blood as a garbageman. So i did a little checking on the Broward County, FL Sheriff's Office (Wikipedia, Facebook, and most intriguingly, someone who doesn't like them).
    NGC4414 flagrantly criminal scum.

    And in Aug, 2010, i blogged about busting the super-DORy Central Baptist College and its illuminati staff. Now i notice they are also all NGC4414ers.
    As is Mike Huckabee (satanist) and his wife, and Mike Beebe (satanist) and his wife.

    Then there's the Rat Head, er, i mean Red Hat Society.

    Another tale of NGC4414ers ruining a good company: in 2000 or so i signed up with below10host.com. They seemed to have the best prices and crispiest servers around. I was extremely pleased with them for many years, but a couple years or so ago their servers often became slow, then a year or so ago started having a lot of downtime. Even their own homepage was often inaccessible. No reply to my email. So i signed up with another company (that is not ET or satanist). I think the ETs must have bought below10 a couple years ago.

    (7:05pm) The woman in this cute video Priest Off was just under heavy gray attack for some strange reason. Maybe the grays have a problem with free speech?

    (7:10pm) OMG, and there was an ad for AARP on that sheriff page. All NGC4414. Somehow i have never signed up even though they have been sending me junkmail since i turned 50.
    And the Board's resume's lead one to Dairy Queen and various other institutions.

    (7:35pm) When i read that site about the crooked cops, i take some consolation in that all of these nazi ET punks are going to die painfully. You can kick all the Earthlings out of trap shooting clubs, study kung fu and sharpen your Bowie knives all you want. I'm sure the Ta'l, Alah-kur, Red Draco, etc. will be very impressed.

    (8:40pm) CIAtanist shapeshifter, 42% rept: Matthew.

    (9:35pm) I've been mopping up a chunk of NC that had incredible quantities of Orion grays under it, many in bases up to 82 miles down. Once we cleared out those, a CIA vibe/bases showed up. As well as criminal activity above-ground.

    MCAS Cherry Point is having its CIA U bases removed as i type. Drugs are flown in from south of the border: heroin and pot from Mexico, coke from further south. The CIA was processing coke into crack under the Marine base, also re-packaging bales of pot into smaller bundles, and making meth and ecstasy. From there, stuff got trucked to Sound Bank in Morehead City, probably by armored bank truck. Check out the suits; all CIAtanists, many of them shapeshifters. There is a tunnel under the bank going ENE to somewhere near this CIAtanist neighborhood. And tunnel going to Nag's Head CIA U base. CIA neighborhood nearby.
    Then it got moved to a Norway base for stockpiling. From there it was trucked north on Fv9 to the sea, where recreational boats cruised by to bring stuff to many locations.

    (9:55pm) Of course the pot was not shipped to Europe. Much of it got flown, along with harder stuff, to possibly a hidden or ET tech landing strip here and stockpiled where the arrow is, 500' down. From there it got trucked to places like Saluda, Johnston, Augusta.

    May 13, '12: (6:45am) And now for some more CIAtanist drug warriors:
    This neighborhood in Park City, UT.
    Deer Valley Lodge as well as the other lodges and hotel nearby and the businesses listed here.
    Extensive U bases around Park City with meth labs and who knows what else.
    Tunnel heads ESE through U base under lake and on to Roosevelt Municipal Airport and base under town to east, with more meth labs and who knows what. Also this Motel 8 is where a lot of them stay, which is owned by CIA.
    Planes go north to Rock Springs-Sweetwater County Airport
    U base under Rock Springs with 550 soulless children. Right above base is CIA Trona Valley Community Federal Credit Union. Entrance?

    Also kids were being flown down to Roosevelt from the Rock Springs place, and taken to the Park City lodges for recreational purposes for CIAtanist indulgers mostly. Non-local public servants go there for some kids & drugs based R&R. Congressmen, industrialists, etc.

    (8am) More detail on how NGC4414ers treat Earthlings: Catastrophic Birth Defects from Roundup. And The Evil of Monsanto.
    I aim to hold these ETs accountable.

    Want to join an upscale team of satanist parasites? The US State Dept is for you. There abound charming CIAtanist pedophiles like this one. And the multitudes of accessible exotic children! And then there's that convenient underground subway to the Scottish Rite House of the Temple.

    Interesting: are there actually some honest people in MI5? MI5 feared British police attended terrorist camps. Abdul Rahman is CIA! And has attended CIA camps. And MI5 busted him? Don't that beat all.

    (8:30am) Another NGC4414 business: Race Brothers. There are more locations on a drop-down list if you type Race Brothers into google maps. I once had the misfortune of shopping at the Harrison, AR one years ago.

    (3:55pm) Sunny, some chem puffs.

    CIAtanist narcotics business neighborhood here in MO. This is where the dealers, transporters, etc. reside; the drugs were being made in U bases. Also there are recreational child sex objects involved for employee gratifiaction.

    (4:45pm) More NGC4414 enterprises and personages:
  • AR Office of the Prosecutor Coordinator
  • Arkansas Prosecuting Attorneys Association
  • Dustin McDaniel, Att'y Gen'l (satanist)
  • Judge Jo Hart (satanist who is being opposed by another NGC4414er named Abramson)
  • Arkansas Telephone Co., AKA Artelco
  • Felicity Huffman, satanist full-blood, very DORy, channeling and radiating gray energy right now. Husband also full-blood.
  • The Young and the Restless
  • Corel (satanists)

    I just now became aware of Corel because their crappy Paint Shop Pro X2 came with my crappy HP laptop, and some things like trying to add text to a pic with it is endlessly frustrating. And trying to get support is a grossly insulting joke, i have found in the past.
    My favorite graphics program is still the Ulead PhotoImpact 4.2 i bought in 1999, but W7 does not support it.
    Corel bought up(?) Ulead a while back. Maybe out of a compulsion to destroy anything functional.

    Rule of thumb: if a corporation is absurdly incompetent, it is probably run by NGC4414ers.
    There may be exceptions; i haven't had too much trouble with Windstream yet.

    Anyway, about this pic: i happened to look at a month-old paper and spotted DORy, exotic ETs. The 3 women in the center (1 is mostly obscured). Took me a while to figure out what kind they are hybrids of. They are the same kind as the Sombrero Galaxy people infesting Western Grove, AR, but these Japanese ones are not satanists.
    Note again how the darkside eats its own. There were also lots of satanists and evil ETs sacrificed on 9/11.

    Such victims really don't need to bother to go through the motions of pretending to mind. I'm not fooled. If they minded, they wouldn't be part of this. They must not mind it any more than they mind droughts or being tortured by chemotherapy and radiation.

    BTW the People section of today's paper was mostly about fake people AKA NGC4414 pedophile scum.

    (5:10pm) DORy Dutch satanist shapeshifter masseur available, only 42% rept DNA: Freek de Jong. (Site.) This guy is no loner. He is Dutch Royal Navy. They are doing something weird to patients; i am pulling mind-control demons and etheric implants out of their patients. I say "they" because i sense 5 more of them working with him, though i don't think the site mentions them.

    (5:30) Just spotted another non-satanist NGC4414 full-blood: Gov. Jerry Brown. Aha, aha, aha, if acts like a satanist but "seems" clean, it's likely a cloaked NGC4414er. I am finding this out a lot lately. Because the cloak is getting pretty ripped.
    Like Boehner, and Joe Biden, hehe, full-bloods. Things are making sense now.

    More CIAtanists, most of them shape-shifters: Raycomm Media.
    I got onto these DORy retards from this article in the Daily Paul.
    How amazing that all these well-paid CIA filth exist with nothing more constructive to do with their time. Someday they will no longer exist, and that will free up a lot of my time.

    (7pm) It just gets more bizarre. Someone sent me a link to this article about suicides in Bridgend, Wales. I don't have time to read it. First thing that jumps out on the map is evil humans here. NGC4414ers yet again, thousands of them live around this area. And especially i get a vibe off Abacus Recruitment. Oddly, google maps, instead of a direct link to that company's site, provides a link to a warning site by a 3rd party. Here is Abacus' site with pix of 2 very DORy satanist NGC4414ers.

    All the businesses around there, too. There are 27K+ ETs stirred up so far, in a town with a given pop. of 39,429.

    OK, looking at that article again, none of the suicides were of ETs. Hmmmmmmm.

    At the bottom of the article, "local people have their say". All the locals talking are ETs. The last one helpfully provides a link to Samaritans.org. "Contact Samaritans any time for confidential support." Totally macabre vibe.

    (7:25pm) I've had the best of luck with Dells. Aside from their total f%#@ you attitude when it comes to restoring proper drivers after a format, they are fairly functional.
    But guess what? Dell's board of directors are all ETs of the Portland, ME type, which seem to have NGC4414er genetic and cultural background, yet have their own separate groups.
    Dell has at least 472 satanists of their ethnicity working for them, plus thousands more that aren't satanists.

    (7:50pm) Radio Shack. NGC4414ers, many of them satanists.

    May 14, '12: (7am) The NGC4414ers even made their own documentary about the Bridgend suicides, complete with ads for their DeVry University. I haven't watched it.

    And it occorred to me that the Mama and the Papas were NGC4414. Mama Cass was a satanist, too.

    More bizarreness. Back in Feb. 18 i linked to these pix of America in 1939-1943, due to the sky chem. Some things never change. All these people are ETs! Last night i discovered this. Each of those areas has them living there, plus there were extensive U bases/tunnels all around each location.
    The pix were taken by photographers of the Farm Security Administration/Office of War Information, which must've been about all ETs. The ETs in the pix are mostly NGC4414, but not all. The Brockton, MA parasites are M32. Pie Town, NM, is the domain of the Portland, ME type klan.

    Note that these people are of humble means during an illuminati-engineered depression. Also, ETs have been breeding with American blacks since long before Civil Rights came along. And these people were getting chem-sprayed then as they are now.
    Note also that my father's side of the family is all rept shape-shifter down to the level of my dad and his siblings. Most of his siblings married other shape-shifters. But none of these families were wealthy elite, either. My paternal grandparents had plenty of low-grade TX land, but lived in a small, humble house with few luxuries. They mostly had only animals to sacrifice during their incestuous rituals.

    So what motivates these ETs and hybrids to live on Earth as illuminati servants even when they are deliberately starved, hit with tsunamis, tornadoes, droughts, vaccines, chemtrails, EMFs, etc. and impoverished so they are forced to join the military and die in wars?
    What is so special about our crappy DNA, and why does the ET DNA seem no better? How come they came here with DNA that was already engineered for short lifespans? Positively-oriented human races have lifespans of 500-3000 years even in our negative timeline.
    Why would they breed with maltreated "2nd class citizens"?

    Obviously it is not just a big party for elitists. That is not what drives most of them here. I still cannot fathom evil. It is way beyond service-to-self. It is unselfish service-to-evil, even when one is its victim. These days they don't even have souls or any hope of a future for themselves, yet they keep on, not even being able to enjoy any ill-gotten gains they may have.

    (9am) Was Barack Obama Thai? Is Obama a Thai Buddhist President?. Well, i can guarantee he was no Buddhist. And that Thai king does not have much rept DNA. Obama and his clones dowse as 31%. (BTW Clone 2, the one that visited Afghanistan recently, got caught in a U base 3 nights ago and is no longer with us. Now i only sense 3 active clones, and they are mainly active in bed.)
    I don't doubt that Obama had a fair bit of Thai blood, but could they fake that frizzy hair if he wasn't part Negro?

    Alright, moving on: Obama's $150,000 'BRIBE': His campaign team 'paid Rev Wright to stay quiet during 2008 campaign'. Notice something about this Rev Wright: he's an NGC4414 hybrid. Is this another manufactured distraction/mindfuck? Orly Taitz is an NSAtanist shapeshifter involved in such things, so maybe Wright is an actor, too. I do get, however, that Obama and Wright have had "encounters". Including recently, in fact; probably not long before Obama's death. Obama never could resist a blow job from a man.
    But wait, the good Rev created problems for Obama back when he was just a candidate. What is going on?
    Also i recall catching a bunch of illuminati doing ritual in the Pentagon against Obama back when he was a candidate.
    I can't make much sense of this.

    (10:40am) Because one can never have enough shape-shifting CIAtanist politicians: Karen Kiatlowski, 36% reptilian.

    And because one can never have too many NGC4414 corporations: Metra. The board is CIA as well as ET. And insisted on attracting attention to themselves: Metra Unveils Commuter Rail Security Restrictions For NATO.

    It never ends. Another CIAtanist shapeshifter politician: Dan Liljenquist. How did i get onto him? He had an ad in the CIAtanist rightklik.net which right now has a pic of 2 goofy CIAtanist chicks at the top of their homepage. And the url for that pic steered me to Portlandia, a CIAtanist TV show. Please, can we be submerged in more CIA already?
    And i got onto rightklik from the CIAtanist Left Coast Rebel. And i had accidentally opened that last page while researching Junior Seau and his girlfriend. And i was researching Jr because he and his associates have this real freaky vibe.
    The GF is CIA ET of the Portland, ME type klan. Seau was also this type ET, as were Ray Easterling and David Duerson. Duerson also was CIA; not sure about Seau and Easterling. Shane Dronett was also this type ET.

    Anyway, i consider suicide an honorable and practical option for evil ETs, and recommend it highly for them.

    When i was on the Mendocino County coast in 1994, i remember a cop killing himself. He was NGC4414, i realize now. There were patch marks where he peeled out on the coastal hwy. Long patch marks that ended at the edge of the road which was on a cliff overlooking the ocean. Terry, the satanist NGC4414er who ran the school bus barn, told me that he knew that guy, and "he was probably pretty messed up when he did that."

    (5:25pm) Chem today. I went to Marshall again. Yep, almost that whole town is ET to o, as were most of the drivers on Hwy 65 between here and there, even the big trucks.

    DORy satanist "ecovillage" into agnihotra: Bhrugu Aranya Ecovillage - Poland. (FaCIAbook.)

    Bjinse Sikma seems OK, ensouled, but he has 6 evil ET "helpers".

    Charles Gilchrist is a 1/4 breed NGC4414er CIA agent.

    (6:10pm) I happened to notice a nutritionist online who had a weird vibe because she's under heavy attack from Rigelian grays and CIAtanists. I said WTF and looked up that part of WA on the map. Actually it was not her personally so much as the area. Found intense DOR hitting her and others from a CIA transmitter 220' below this water tower in Olympia. Then i noticed a real sick-feeling school with CIA base under it, just NW a few blocks of there. That school is part of North Thurston Public Schools. Strong creepy occult CIA vibe pervades.

    Now getting loads of CIA U bases all over the east side of Oly.
    This house has 3 CIAtanist shapeshifters of importance. In fact this area has 4,250 at CIAtanists at least, on the surface. I feel lots more stirred up in the larger area.

    (7:05pm) 3 more full blood NGC4414ers: Peter, Paul, and Mary.
    Satanist full-blood NGC4414er: Brian Jones.
    Emerson, Lake, and Palmer, Procol Harum, the Beach Boys, the Eagles (satanists), Aerosmith, Guns N' Roses, Deep Purple, Marilyn Manson, Frank Zappa and the Mothers of Invention, Donovan, the Strokes, the Hives, all are/were all-NGC4414er bands. Many of the artists are MPD. Drag. I really liked Procol Harum, Deep Purple, Donovan. And EL&P.

    Ted Nugent is a shape-shifting rept satanist and 1/4 blood NGC4414er.

    Jack Nicholson, the Fondas, Bogart, Connery... NGC4414ers.

    (7:26pm) Alex Jones is promoting his talk tonight with Tim Larkin, who, unfortunately, is a CIA satanist.

    (8:20pm) More famous NGC4414ers: Carlos Santana (full blood, MPD), Taj Mahal (S), Ritchie Valens (S), John Coltrane is only 1/4 breed, but unlike many, he knows it and is part of the klan. His wife also has some NGC4414 blood.
    Sri Chinmoy (full blood), Lou Diamond Philips (S) and the Director and cast of La Bamba, Wayne Shorter, Alex Band, the cast of CSI: NY.

    May 15, '12: (7:10am) The CIA satanists want you to activate and optimize your DNA! Don't believe me? Just do a web search. Practically everything that comes up has a creepy occult satanic vibe. Example. Beware.

    (7:30am) And just in case you still need even more CIAtanist influence in your life:

    (7:45am) Yet more CIAtanists spotted in odd places: see the 2 guys in the pic here?

    (7:50am) Another weird satanist scammer: Tammy Baldwin. I wonder why a rich satanist like Buffet would pretend to promote a big tax on himself?

    (10:45am) I noticed Abacus Recruiting is actually centered in St. Louis (Dutchsinse's town) (map). Also we got a bunch of U bases connected to them under Jackson Washington State Forest, IN.
    And now Bridgend has 28,500+ of these ETs stirred up on the surface.

    John Kettler's allies strike again: North Korean Rocket Fuel Manufacturing & Storage Complex Plus Underground Biowarfare Facility Below! Feels true. I don't know if this is the spot, but there sure is energy here.
    BTW so far i have noticed 2 CIAtanists and 1 NSAtanist that post on his forum.

    (noon) Latest sound-blasting news: what with various inspired embellishments and fancy hardware, i am now at 8.2X the speaker potency with output from my HP laptop.
    Also i dragged my old gutless Dell Latitude D600 out of the closet, went into Power Options and set it to "do nothing" when laptop lid is closed, loaded it up with NCH toner and simultaneously WMP repeating this file by Mordok, which is the most potent yet. (Both laptops are running both these things simultaneously.)
    It is worthwhile to have several machines separately running these. I don't even have volume on very high at all on the D600, nor anything plugged into the speaker jack yet, but it's working well.
    Also, even a good orgone ice cube with a chopped-off earphone wire stuck in, or earbuds taped on, will give about 1.5X of speaker effectiveness.

    Another thing: when i click on this link for Vatican Radio, it doesn't actually play music (at least in VLC player, which i have set as default) but does energetically connect to the Vatican broadcasting system. This is ideal because their tainted audio is nothing i want to play anyway.
    Since this is on the same machine that is running all the freq stuff, that means that Vatican Radio is broadcasting this stuff. And one could do something similar with other stations; turn down the volume if needed.

    (12:25pm) If you are intuitive and/or can be guided by The Committee, you may find ways to boost effectiveness. Here i just taped earbuds on a pyramid. I was guided to use this specific pyramid and tape the buds in the exact places.
    This results in 2.1X effectiveness after i tweaked the volume. [Note: the hard drive apparently died shortly after i took this pic, so the pic is no longer intense. I replaced that D600 with my D610.]
    This D600 laptop is not connected to the internet yet, but i could also connect it, maybe blast some NGC4414 radio station. (Check out the Our Team link.) I'll try that in a minute...

    (1:20pm) Actually Tune-In is an all NGC4414 mega-portal for NGC4414 stations. I find if i shut the volume all the way as low as it goes on their player, and turn up the volume all the way on my machine that is running the NCH, etc., it nails them good. Of course i am not actually playing it thru speakers.

    I found it doing a search for Cool Breeze and voila. Fortuitous because i was actually looking for a CIAtanist NGC4414er named Kool Breeze. Warning, intense gray energy streaming through her now. I clicked on her live link, even though it is not playing anything at this time. It works for blasting her station.

    (3:30pm) Sukhoi's black box found in forest, says Ketut Parwa, satanist head of the search operation.
    Wikipedia on Sukhoi. All the earlier planes have the same gray vibe too.

    (3:45pm) A little while ago i hooked up a cheap little MP3 player to another orgone device i have, which i get is 3X as good as speakers. So now i got 2 laptops as well going, and it is getting intense. It kicked up a big U base just NW of me a couple miles with tunnels, etc. so far yeilding 75K+ NGC4414 vermin. This area i have invested a lot of effort in busting in recent years, because it kept getting DORy with demons.
    And just now another base north of town a few miles with 80K+.
    More power is better; digs deeper.

    (4:30pm) Found another CIAtanist shapeshifter in the UFO movement: Tanaath who promotes the bogus "Andromeda Council". On Feb. 7 i posted:
    (10:10pm) Someone asked me about the alleged Andromeda Council. I could not get any vibe off them, although the people promoting them (with the exception of CIA shapeshifter Al Webre) seem sincere. But Mordok found these Andromedans were evil, had U bases, etc. We took out 27 of their ships in this galaxy.
    Note that there also are at least 2 good Andromedan human races. One is the ones Alex Collier speaks of. They are 24s and i have only had interactions with them with my 5D self, and no conscious info.
    [Update: Collier is a CIAlizard and his Andromedans are vicious, evil shapeshifting reptilians.] The others are a bit short (5'2"-5'4") and 96s. Supposedly i have a bunch of these latter as wives who will come visit me anytime now. Actually they have been visiting a lot in the astral, and they are... not far from Earth.
    In fact, they are hovering above me right now at 3 mile height, my beloveds, and the enemy can't do shit because there is a very heavy Alah-kur police presence in our solar system of late.

    OK, if it acts like a satanist but ain't one... the effing Koch brothers! have been driving me nuts trying to figure out how non-satanists can act like they do. NGC4414 full-blood jerks.

    In the last few minutes i have noticed 3 more CIAtanists actively posting on Kettler's forum, including Tanaath.

    (5:05pm) Ugh. If you go to Kettler's homepage, on the left side is a list of "Top Commenters", most of whom are CIAtanists.

    (5:30pm) Bank of America Management Team Satanists. The 3 at the top of the page are not ETs, but the rest are NGC4414ers.

    (6:20pm) Charles Krauthammer is a full-blood NGC4414er satanist.

    Donald J. Sachtleben is also a satanist, as is Jason Nicoson. So why did the FBI bust them? Joe Hogsett is a satanist pedophile himself. As is Special Agent Kerri Reifel. Project Safe Childhood is a sick joke, under pedophile satanist Holder.
    Sachtleben was retired, one of the boys. Why did they nail him? I really doubt he was about to blow the lid off their operation.

    (6:55pm) Some chem-clouds today.

    This complex in NC is the above-ground portion of a CIA base that has been manufacturing mind-control transmitters. 533 CIAtanists are dead meat at 720' depth. Another 22 are on the surface. Also the 3 silos and all the bldgs have transmitters in them. I am not finding any places these transmitters have been shipped to yet.

    Another base with a CIA vibe that seems connected to the last one is here. Underground, 440 CIAtanists. Above, dozens. No transmitters like the last place, but underground was one gray transmitter of another type.
    Oho, why that's Tillery Prison. What is up? Logically i suspected maybe this is where they send insiders who get jailed for appearance's sake, and they party underground. But i don't feel that's the case. I do sense that at least 22 of the inmates are actually CIAtanist agents, but most of the inmates seem ordinary. They are surreptitiously experimented upon "downstairs". Turned into MPD sleepers, i guess. Then they have a bunch of low-life mind-controlled criminals to use as pawns in their games.
    And just NE of there, long bldgs and more CIA bases underground. Traditionally, the CIA uses long houses in rural NC to grow dope, but this is something different. I don't think many prisoners come here; it has mostly a CIAtanist vibe. Those bldgs are DORy.

    (7:45pm) A really forgettable '70s rock band that apparently is still around: Uriah Heep, NGC4414ers.

    I knew about Glenn Beck, Rush Limbaugh, Sean Hannity, Anne Coulter, Michael Moore, and many more CIAtanist play-actors, but yet another one is Laura Ingraham, 42% rept.

    And, i suspect a lot of toxic energy is hitting Elizabeth from the DORy CIAtanist Radio Durango. Unfortunately i can't get their streams to work for me. Having their site open in the foreground, though, seems to connect everything (via the mouse pointer perhaps). That is, i can bust their transmitters that way. I think they have dozens of towers they use.

    (7:55pm) These 3 KRSJ clowns all have 42% rept DNA, so the freqs we are using work well on them. Plus we hijack their towers which oversee loads of evil ETs. KRSJ has been using some kind of freaky tech...

    May 16, '12: (6:25pm) Some chem-clouds; not too bad.

    Yet more CIAtanists: Max Keiser and Stacy Herbert. Max has a most intriguing bio: Wikipedia. Food for thought.

    More NGC4414ers: George Harrison's replacement is full-blood. Pix of both Harrisons here near page bottom.
    Carly Simon, J Geils Band, Herbie Hancock Trio, Rush, Yes, James Gang (incl Joe Walsh), Stephen Stills (satanist), Don McLean (satanist who bemoaned the tragic demise of 4 other NGC4414 satanists).

    Fred Bear and many other people into archery. A web search for archery supplies yields mostly NGC4414 companies, including Cabela's.

    U Thant was a half-breed.
    In early 1967 my family was stationed in Amman, Jordan, and i was surrounded by NGC4414ers. The satanist royal family is NGC4414, and i and my brother were ripped off by a fat guy who lived, as we did, on Djebel Webde. We had ordered a set of walkie-talkies from Sears, and he saw us using them and offered to buy them for a bit more than we'd paid. So we handed them to him, and never saw any money or got them back. It was well-known that he was a cousin of the king. He's also a satanist.
    My best friend was an arab named Walid who is a half-breed. He has a little brother named Emil. I get that the whole family is half-breed, but the boys don't know and were not given the sexual treatment. Yet, i sense Emil is married to a half-breed who also might not know she is. Maybe there are many such in Amman.

    Lots of the American kids around were NGC4414. The American school was run by Mr. Oblander, satanist full-blood.
    Once he took a bunch of us 12-13 year old boys (at least 4 of which were NGC4414) on a field trip to a historic Roman site that had a big reflecting pool full of huge bullfrogs. He and some of the boys gathered up a bunch of the frogs, and took them in the woods where Oblander produced a pellet rifle and we took turns shooting frogs at point-blank range. I was horrified at first but then conformed.

    My family lived in the downstairs part of a big 2-story house. Above us was an elderly satanist NGC4414 couple called the Peabody's [Beasleys]. UN i think. Once they hosted a good friend of theirs who visited, U Thant.

    My best American friend in Amman was a classmate named Matt Barescu. By some weird coincidence, we later ended up in the same class in Ankara, Turkey, too. All Americans had been evacuated from Jordan shortly before the 6-day war with Israel.
    Months later we both ended up in the American school at the base outside Ankara, Turkey. There were at least 5 different 8th grade class groups that were separate and didn't have the same classes in the same place and time. Yet we ended up in all the same classes. He was my buddy, and a half-breed NGC4414er. He might not have been subjected to the usual sexual stuff as a kid, but i suspect later he became a regular ET. Harder to tell because he died in '87. Apparently he graduated there in '72, whereas i was long gone. Am i crazy or does that list feel like 80% ETs?

    Maybe sometime i'll tell you about my other "good buddy" who turned out to be a scumbag and a half-breed M32er (who doesn't know it).

    (7:15) Now that i look into it more, most of the American kids i knew in Ankara were ET. Now i feel less guilty about a couple of them i was mean to.
    I've known for a while that many were MPD and later turned into satanists. I believe that due to the sensitive nature of diplomatic work, satanists don't get their kids into black magic until they are older. Probably for the same reason, the social-sexual mores that prevail among stateside ETs are held in check overseas.

    At least 2 mafia black magicians work here in Lagos: Ramit Systems and Support.

    I have, supposedly, close to 1000 physical wives in this ship floating over the local area. Actually for a long time they have been working MX, TX, & NM to break up that huge drought, often landing in remote areas, cloaked. Now it's starting to dry up here, so maybe that's part of the reason they are here. Also usually a few are cruising around in small craft from the ship. They are finding even more grays, NGC4414ers, and CIA clones underground.

    The ship has a bunch of strontium-barium orgonite as well as other energy tech for blasting.
    The girls are of many races and species. Several reptilian species, even. And some Wigdu [correction: Wibdu] (8' tall jackal-headed people) including 1 chunky Wigdu [correction: Wibdu] supersoldier. Some 20' women as well as petite ones. A cat girl. Andromedans, Venusians, you name it.
    They wanted me to say Hello for them.

    I've been worried about their safety, but now 500 Alah-kur fighting craft guard them. BTW the Alah-kur have also been clobbering the grays in their galaxies lately.

    (7:30pm) Another ET business: Equity Management, Inc. I sense 42 "shed-loving" ETs there.
    One of them just heavily implanted Bal via a phone call.

    (8:50pm) My dad was in the foreign "service", so we moved around a lot, and i went to many different schools. In all the American schools i went to, almost all of my teachers were NGC4414 ETs.
    I also went to a French Catholic boy's school, Ecole de La Salle, in Rabat, Morocco, in the mid-60s. No ET teachers there. A few of the kids, though. Only 1 satanist teacher. Not aware of any monkey business. Strange: one would think this was the most suspicious school but it was the cleanest by far.
    And i went to a private German school in Ankara after a while, because the American school was so bad. There the staff was also NGC4414, though. Still is.
    And in 1970 i was at Priory School in Kingston, Jamaica, run by this 42% rept shapeshifting satanist CIA freemason. Probably all of the teachers were NGC4414, many of them satanists.
    I see from their site that little has changed. Except they are all CIA satanists now.

    I went to community colleges and universities some, and very few of my teachers were not ET. Many of the ETs were satanists.
    I went to 2 vo-tech schools in 2 states, and both my teachers were satanist NGC4414ers.

    Getting the picture? Check out the vibes of the people at the Association of Teacher Educators. And U.S. Dept of Education.
    Education in America and many other places has long been in the hands of pedophile perverts from another galaxy. Explains a few things.

    (9:05pm) Everywhere i look. Another DORy 42% rept satanist: Ben Swann. He's got some black magic energy streaming through him intended to drive people wild with desire for him or something. Hasn't quite kicked in on me yet.

    Another CIAtanist publication: Raw Story. Looks like the homepage is all about promoting their own kind. Oh, and dig this: Pro-pot attorney general candidate wins Oregon primary. Right on. Never mind that Ellen Rosenblum is a CIA satanist.

    May 17, '12: (8:35am) Mostly clear.

    Yesterday i tried looking up that German school online, but there was only a map link to a bldg-crowded street, and i could not discern, let alone remember, which bldgs were the school.
    But there was a real DORy bldg right close by, which is some gov't bldg that has a website with real DORy suits.
    My Turkish never was any good, and i can't read this stuff. But last night this page about Metal Sektör was very DORy. It has something to do with industry using freaky reptilian tech.

    (8:45am) BTW, CIAtanist assholes, have i told you lately that i am going to kill you all? If you don't make me puke to death first.
    Another joker: David Swanson.
    We don't need your leadership and guidance, CIA. Get a life. Or better yet, a death.
    I got onto babyface here from this article which again provides food for thought about the workings of the agenda:
    Swanson was instrumental in publicizing the Downing Street Memo, described by many as the “smoking gun” proving that the justification to invade Iraq was purposely fabricated and that “the intelligence and facts were being fixed around the policy.”
    Always be active in all sides of every conflict.

    (9am) Nazis confidently gear up to deal with threat of Ta'l and Alah-kur forces:
    Regular Patrol Cops To Get “Ballistic Shields” In Florida. I didn't watch the vid, but that's a NGC4414 full-blood satanist on the left, and an Earth satanist on the right.
    And Wall Street Banks Secretly Build The World’s Largest Private Army.

    (9:25am) Exopolitics GB has some issues. Like Anthony Beckett, founder and MI2(?) satanist with 42% rept DNA. He has a Whole Truth Coalition but the site will not open for me.
    The Exo site has an ad for RichPlanet.net, another MI project with fake UFO reports from govt satanists.
    Most of the speakers lined up for the upcoming expo are sincere, though.

    And what about exopolitics.org, founded by Michael Salla? On March 23 i wrote:
    (10am) I got to checking up on Dr. Michael E. Salla, a soulless guy with a freaky ET vibe, who feels like he works strongly with the grays. Finally realized he is yet another kind of ET, from NGC 7319.
    I also felt lots of gray "smothering" on James Gilliland, who is ensouled. It seemed like Salla was a channel for this.

    These NGC 7319 ETs are also under much of our planet. We are starting on this batch.
    He is also CIA.

    (11:40am) On Jan. 7 i wrote:
    (Bal) spotted satanist George Skakel 3rd (Wikipedia entry for his grandfather) there (in Snowbird, UT). Skakel #1 married a non-satanist and they had a bunch of kids who all became satanists, including the woman who married Robert F. Kennedy!
    Skakel and his wife and kids were also NGC4414, i now realize.

    But, now, another full-blood NGC44414 satanist who married Robert F Kennedy's son just bit the dust: RFK Jr.'s estranged wife, Mary, found dead in NY.

    Moreover, i just realized that the Kennedys are also full-blood NGC4414! President Kennedy was full-blood! So was Jackie and Onassis. Hoowee...

    I think our first NGC4414 president was Eisenhower. Kennedy was the next president. Johnson after him was also NGC4414, and a satanist as well. So we had 3 ETs in a row, and i think those are the only ones.

    NGC4414ers are pretty tight with each other most of the time, but sometimes they have internecine conflicts. For example the Janie Ward murder was probably committed by others of her ethnicity. Rumor i've heard is she was killed by the offspring of a notoriously crooked Marshall lawyer (who is non-satanist full-blood).

    (1:20pm) Some satanist agents i have met in the course of environmental activism in WA in the early '90s:
    • Alfredo Quarto, CIA. Had a way of initiating and promoting worthless, wasteful projects like the Ancient Forest Chautauqua. His wife is one, too.
    • George Draffan, and wife, CIA. He was the contact person for Seattle Earth First! around 1990.
    • Tim McHugh, NSA, was seemingly cool hippie musician, enviro- and native rights activist in Bellingham.
    • Barry Clausen was an Earth First! infiltrator who later came out and wrote about it. He is a shape-shifter with 37% rept DNA. Haven't gotten agency connection.
    There were many more whose names i don't remember. On the other hand, most of the Earth First types who were not MPD satanist agents are still ensouled. Many are 96s, 48s, and 24s. Example.

    (1:50pm) And Asante's partner at that time. Both 96s.
    But also on the speaker's list is Karen Pickett, CIAtanist with 41% rept DNA, Panagioti Tsolkas, CIAtanist, Usnea Longissma, CIAtanist with 40% rept DNA, Leah Rothschild, CIAtanist w/35%, Russell McSpadden, CIA, 41%, Ana Rodriguez, CIA, 42%.

    Earth First! was started by NSAtanists to co-opt a meme in the zeitgeist, but apparently it has been turned over entirely to CIA now.

    (3:35pm) Some other cool people i met at an Earth First! gathering in 1990 are Citizen's Band AKA Two Dykes, a Jew, and Jim. They have some free music downloads. Looks like they are all still ensouled and together.
    I was checking them out a couple days ago and got a real strong NGC4414 vibe; not from them, but their "friends".

    Probably about all the groups listed here are infiltrated. A couple at random: Black Mesa Indigenous Support. Only Berkley Carnine is real; the rest are CIAtanist shape-shifters.
    No member list for Taala Hooghan in Flagstaff, but just 1/4 mile NE of them is Santa Fe Apts which are very DORy because 9 CIAtanist shapeshifters live there, who i think are involved in this.
    Humbolt EF! also has no member list (indeed it is not sensible for such activists to post info about themselves anyway) but i sense 28 CIAtanists involved there.

    (3:45pm) Citizen's Band is in Olympia. I just realized there are at least 880K NGC4414ers on the surface in that area, not to mention plenty of U bases we are taking out. And on the 14th i wrote about all the CIAtanists in the same area.

    Panetta dead! Thank you, Alah-kur! Clone appears.

    (3:55pm) Expect to see clone replacements for the following dead parasites as well: Petraeus, the king of Jordan, and the head of Mossad.
    Also the Black Pope, the previous Black Pope, and Ratzinger Clone A are dead. So is the Hillary clone that has been standing in for years. [Update June 10: i think all these were correct except for Petraeus and Kolvenbach, who are still alive for the moment.]

    (8:30pm) CIAtanist, 42% rept DNA: Helen Benedict.

    Also, 4 Rothschild bankster Jesuit priests have been killed, including Nathaniel.
    And Nancy Pelosi, GHWB, Ban Ki Moon, Thaksin Shinawatra, Felipe Calderon, Rene Preval, Goodluck Jonathan and many other black magicians in Nigeria, Julia Gillard (who already was a clone), Stephen Harper, Putin, the fake Dalai Lama (who was 32% rept), Barbara Boxer ...

    May 18, '12: (7:20am) Now the rain forecast for Monday is shrinking. The region is getting real sweet on the map, though. It amazes me that the drought monitor still shows my region as lacking any dryness. We have hardly had any rain for months.
    But i am confident that soon we will break this spell and get our spring rains belatedly.
    Oddly, my garden is growing in leaps and bounds, something i have never seen before in the absence of fresh rain. But then the temperature range is pretty ideal lately. Also possibly there are other, more paranormal, factors; not sure.

    FBI busts ET cops: remember my mentioning Broward County cops on the 12th? Broward Sheriff's Deputy Criminally Charged After Deleting Video.

    Just quit it already, CIA; you are too ridiculous.
    Now they are buying ad space on David Icke's site for Regina Meredith, CIAtanist with 40% rept DNA, and her book about "soul". Advice from me: don't take spiritual advice from soulless pedophiles.

    (9:35pm) NGC4414ers are even on Easter Island (map). I got onto this because many of the people in the bottom pic here are ETs.
    Getting U bases. Including a joint base with 3K+ grays, 4K+ reptilians, and 8K+ NGC4414ers at 3 mile depth.

    And another several bases below that, with more of the same. Deepest is 42 miles.

    BTW that article link is from Surfing the Apocalypse. I'm a bit leery of linking to them because they usually have the sleaziest ads from the most criminal companies. Do not try to X out of their pop-ups; used Alt+F4 repeatedly.

    (10:10am) I'm getting more kickback from Easter Island than any U bases i've done in a while.
    The odd thing is, i can't find any more pictures of ETs on Easter Island. All the other ones on the web seem to be of Earthings (google pix). They seem to mostly be ensouled and under gray energy attack.
    Where did the excavators find these ETs to work for them? I am nailing the workers' U bases, and they seem to mostly be on the mainland of Chile, and some offshore a bit.
    But i found a Fox News article that says "Van Tilburg is conducting a far more thorough examination, however, working in collaboration with a staff of three in California and ten Rapa Nui natives who are doing all of the excavation work." These 10 do not feel like Rapa Nui.

    (12:25pm) Yet another type of white human ET? I just realized Barry Goldwater as well as the people of the Goldwater Institute are yet of another klan of ETs. These are from the Coma Cluster, from 8 planets around the central star in this pic. There are a bunch more of their type scattered around there, too.

    Goldwater was, and maybe 40% of these ETs are, satanist.
    There was a U base here in TN with 4.7 million of them. And we are finding smaller bases.
    On the west side of that big base is this big house, which has the vibe of 23 of them. This mobile home has the vibe of 5 more. In fact, much of the population of Rock Island, TN is composed of them. I also get a strong vibe of them from a KFC in Hixson. And a U base under that with 580,000 of them.
    Another base west of Tupelo... etc.

    These ETs seem very much like the other types we have run across, in their sexuality and modes of operation.

    (4pm) More NGC4414ers waving their ET flags. Palm Beach Sheriff targets deputies, blogger who expose corruption. Ensouled Earthling Deputy resigned.

    Such corrupt behavior is only to be expected in a place where the county commissioners etc. and city gov't are all NGC4414.

    (4:25pm) It's not too hard to find them in FL. These and more are all NGC4414ers:

    (6:45pm) Not much chem today.

    More of those ETs that predominate in SLC: BOD of America First credit union.

    The National Lawyers Guild seems to be composed primarily of sincere people, hence the CIA has a few infiltrators such as spokesman Kris Hermes. He is neither ET nor satanist though; merely a soulless mercenary nazi.

    May 19, '12: (7:30am) Another CIAtanist posturer: George Will.

    Here's what i think happened to the Kennedy family. See family tree. James and Maria were Earthlings and had a son named Patrick. Patrick was replaced as a child by a full-blood ET who married another full-blood, and since then the Kennedys have been full-bloods.
    Since James & Maria apparently only had 1 child, the ETs could hijack the whole family at that time.

    Looking at that family tree some more... I was not aware that Sargent Shriver, who used to head the Peace Corps, was a Kennedy spawn. I knew he and his wife were satanists.
    Their daughter Maria married shapeshifter Schwarzenegger, 42% rept, and i think their offspring got enough rept DNA to be shapeshifters.

    (5:45pm) I think we are making good progress now vis-a-vis the gray situation. Someone wrote me and insisted i look at some of the work of Franz Erdl, namely Healing Reptilians & Other Dark Beings. (Warning, this is on an NSAtanist site. Ken Adachi has in the past attacked me quite a bit. He even had legions of demons he had created over the decades. He is also the only attacker i have ever noticed masturbating while attacking me. He is a serious occultist.)

    It took some insistence before i could detect these snakes. Snake demons as a class are common, and we have eradicated countless species of these over the years. And we eradicated a couple more before we finally could feel the ones Franz talks about.
    Indeed all evil grays including Nor were stuffed with these snakes he speaks of. Last night i started seriously jailing 1 species which seems to be the more common type he refers to (not the cobras). This has continued today, and i told Mordok about this and he has been helping. These snakes have hatcheries in many galaxies, which the Alah-kur have been finding.

    Franz also speaks of cobras and their machines. The Alah-kur are taking out such machines in many galaxies. And we are finding some of these cobras.

    The grays which have been de-snaked are very busy yanking them out of other grays. We are jailing and destroying these snakes too.
    The only gray attacks happening (which attacks have dropped off markedly) are from grays which still have snakes. The proper response is to pull their snakes.

    Also there are repts undergound that we have been having trouble with, that have these snakes. I think the majority of the snakes were in grays, though.

    The ramifications of healing the grays alone are enormous. For some time, the grays have remained the main apparent force still attacking, implanting, and abducting people. They are also heavily involved in various ways with weather mod and chem-trails. In fact, the grays including Nor were quite possibly the biggest obstacle we still faced.
    There are also grays underground that have been working with evil people. This gets interesting as grays vacate and disclose.

    (6:20) I neglected to mention, these snakes are in 50 universes. Ours is Universe A and they go all the way thru XX.

    (7:30pm) Now i am able to hijack the snakes and turn them to attack the Jesuits in Rome.

    May 20, '12: (6:40am) In 1994 i was staying with some relatives outside Cottage Grove, OR within easy bicycling distance of Cerro Gordo Ecovillage and one day they had an open house for interested vistors. i rode out there for the presentation. There was a main honcho of sorts that years later i realized was a satanist; the only one there. Some members showed up with leaflets about what a ripoff artist this guy was.
    Last night i realized that not only the satanist but the leafletters are NGC4414. In fact most of the community is NGC4414. I sense 28 of them out of a given population of 31. I suspect there might also be 3 young ET kids in addition.

    And Bal drew my attention to Clark Planetarium, staffed entirely by ETs.

    Italy bomb blast kills girl outside school. I looked up the town on a map and right away this DORy bldg grabbed me. Vibe of 7 Italian gov't thugs.
    Next i am drawn to this one. Vibe of 5 more of these thugs. Also tunnel heading from there to this long bldg to SW. Zooming out a little, this whole squarish section has the criminal gov't vibe.
    Also finding plenty of U bases west of town with more Italian gov't clowns. Agency being Agenzia Informazioni e Sicurezza Esterna. However the large squarish place is not of this agency for the most part; i haven't figured out what that place is about, but i sense over 2K unclean gov't employees there.
    I think the child-murderers are 3 guys in the first bldg i found.

    (6:50am) Also, in 1991 through mid-1993, i lived in Bellingham, WA and went to school at WWU; actually a division of WWU called Huxley College (of environmental studies). Back then i didn't know the Huxleys were satanists, and many of the teachers were, too, in addition to being NGC4414.

    I had satanist ET students in my classes, too; some NSA.
    I thought i'd take a glance at Bellingham on the map. First thing i notice is this this DORy bldg, apparently a shopping center. Street view not yet available. It has the vibe of 44 NGC4414ers working there.
    Also finding some U bases.

    (5pm) Overcast, slight rain chances.

    On Oct. 24 i mentioned that Kari Keifer of wunderground.com is an ET from NGC4150. Well, it ain't just her: all of wundergound. Funny that i only now notice.

    Back in Sep. 13, '06 i wrote:
    Sep. 13, '06: CIntAs: Cintas is a CIA proprietary company. Cintas has various products, mainly uniforms. For months, i have occasionally felt a real evil vibe coming from a passing Cintas truck in town, traceable to the driver, a 180 degree Mason. Now, there are, to my knowledge, only 67 Masons of that highest rank on Earth. What are the chances that one of them drives a Cintas truck in a route that goes through the tiny backwoods town of Leslie, AR? I have re-checked this repeatedly, with healthy incredulity, but that's what i get.
    This morning i happened to be at the P.O. when a Cintas truck pulled in. This driver was "only" 163 degree. Why they have such "qualified" personnel driving trucks eludes me.

    I think a lot of what they do is provide uniforms with hidden microphones and tracking devices...

    Holy crap! Doing a bit more detective work on Cintas. This is one extremely slick and scary operation that gathers intelligence on other companies via uniforms, etc., the better to take them over. I think that via Cintas, the CIA has already taken over 9 more companies, and is in-progress on 35 more. And Cintas is low on the food chain, having itself been taken over as part of the op. I think it's 3 levels down from the original beginning.

    The op has a fair number of highly-intelligent CIA lifers, very darkside, who have real business skills and "real" resumes of job performance at CIA companies and companies they were infiltrating. These get themselves hired by innocents, and gradually take over, hiring more of their own, etc.

    One thing funny about this. The guy who founded Cintas, and is still listed as Chairman of the Board, Richard T. Farmer feels totally clean, black magic wise. I can find no such taint on him or his family. Virtually all of the super-rich are darksiders. He might be the only exception. And i'm pretty sure he's the only exception amongst all the personnel at Cintas. He might well be completely unaware of what's going on. I think the CIA would like to kill him if circumstances were right, but for some reason, it is not in their interest right now.
    In any case, having to work with a clueless person as chairman makes for a great training ground for agents to hone their act.
    Well guess what. Farmer is a full-blood NGC4414er.
    Since i wrote that, though, the CIA seems to have pretty much pulled out of that business, and any Cintas trucks i've seen in recent years have been driven by non-satanist NGC4414ers.

    More NGC4414ers: Also, Atlanta is a hotbed of NCG4414ers, with over 380K of them on the surface. Supposedly, the town has a population of 420K as of the 2010 census. A couple real hotspots:Lots of U bases.

    (6:40pm) Chem-clouds, chemtrails, occasional thunder. Somebody's still spraying as usual.

    Say what? The satanic gov't of Denmark set to label settlement produce. Why this play-acting, as if they weren't run by the chief zionists in Rome, too? Villy Søvndal is a rept shapeshifter and half-breed M32er.

    May 21, '12: (7:25am) Chem. Now rain chances have appeared in wunderground's forecast starting a week from today. I'll arm-wrestle ya, NWO. Betcha we can squeeze some rain out of that. In fact i am optimistic that within 2 weeks we'll start getting some big rain. Who's to stop us now?

    Now that the grays are no longer DORy, suddenly literally millions of CIA clone bases are showing up upwind of here.

    More CIAtanists waving their moron flags: Darrin Annussek, Jared Chase, 24, of Keene, New Hampshire, Brent Vincent Betterly, 24, of Oakland Park, FL, and William Vassilakis. Brian Church is ensouled.

    Blastworthy NGC4414 and shape-shifting satanist pedophiles flaunt their superiority over the vanquished: Judges party at the luxurious Hyatt Regency Maui. Lock up your children.

    More NGC4414ers: the Bee Gees.

    (8:45am) Phonies are everywhere. I noticed Azam Al-Ahmed because of this article. He's 41% rept Mossad satanist. Whereas Moussa Abu Marzouq is just a soulless CIA mercenary.
    Several more agents in the pic here. Mossad satanist in center of pic here. And the Fatah gunman here is a Mossad satanist with 40% rept DNA. Four Fatah members here are Mossad satanists, and 2 of the Israeli soldiers are satanists, too. And the closest soldier is NGC4414 full-blood.

    (8:55am) More CIA nastiness: Dental Abuse Seen Driven by Private Equity Investments. Get your kids implanted at school without your permission. Reachout Healthcare prudently avoids giving personal info about its CIAtanist staff, yet "supports" One More Child Foundation, and there displays 2 CIAtanist dentists.

    (10:30am) In 1994, when i was in Cottage Grove, i got a ride with some genuine Earth First!ers to the Medford, OR area. We were going to attend a "Walk for the Wild Siskiyous" because (satanist) Boise Cascade was planning to log a bunch of old-growth there. We spent the night crashed in our sleeping bags behind the house of some "authentic Earth First! hippies" that i later realized are NSAtanists. They had a cabin in the woods with a garden, etc. The woman worked for a local company called Herb Pharm. I thought i had better check out their site. I found all these CIAtanists infiltrating there, unbeknownst to mgmt.
    As i mentioned before, apparently NSA has left EF! to the CIA. I feel many sincere EF! types work for Herb Pharm.

    While i had a bead on those 2 NSAtanists, i found them in a U base here with 141 more NSAtanists and 21 CIAtanists. And 40 Sasquatch! Hmmm... Bye-bye!
    More Sasquatch bases around there.

    BTW a couple weeks ago we took out a bunch of Sasquatch around Woollum, AR, that a local person had told me about.

    (10:45am) Yet more of these tiresome CIAtanists:Also there are CIA U bases all around their location.

    (11:40am) Speaking of herbal extracts, it has been years since i have worked on a person as heavily implanted with etheric implants as Melissa Shelton, DVM. I presume she's onto something with essential oils.
    She had a nasty vibe when i first opened that page yesterday. I removed 500+ entities, implanted by Rigelian grays. (The grays will probably start removing their implants after they take care of some other matters.) Then i removed gobs of implants. And more. And more. Every time i check, i find more. She still has layers and layers of them. I am locking them into Romney as i remove them.

    She has a site i haven't read yet.
    A couple notes on oils:
    It has been found that tea tree and lavender oils are feminizing much like many other chemicals; boys treated with them regularly don't develop properly.
    Also, i used to have a pet rat, that, if i gave her some fresh mint or sometimes other aromatic herbs, would chew some up and bend back and spit it out the juice on her upper back.

    (3:30pm) Another pope clone speaks; A, B, & C are dead. Normally, only B has been in the media eye before.
    Of course they have oodles more pope clones, but these 3 were the only ones with real power. Other pope clones will merely be figureheads like Janet Napolitano's clone.

    (5:35pm) Another bizarre NGC4414 group: Society of the Cincinnati. At least it is theirs now. Their membership requirements include that applicants be "qualified male descendants of commissioned officers who served in the Continental Army or Navy and their French counterparts." In other words, you have to be NGC4414 offspring of someone who hijacked such a family.
    Of course the Revolutionary War was another scam.

    (8:40pm) More CIAtanists: Kevin Randle and Russ Estes.

    And OMG, someone whose honor i have been defending for years turns out to be NGC4414! Dr. Bill Deagle and wife are full-bloods and CIA. This is wild because much of the info i got from his lectures was useful and led to the elimination of, for example, the Druidic Council, which otherwise i would never have heard of, and who were exceptionally dangerous sorcerors.

    May 22, '12: (8:35am) The "grayslaying" turtles are still busy stripping snakes out of the grays.
    I have not been noticing fresh gray attacks, nor finding a DORy gray presence underground. With the bad gray energy gone, suddenly the other evil underground presences (mainly CIA) are more conspicuous.

    On the surface in NM, i found this big bldg where dozens of CIAtanists work. Something made there gets trucked to this funky mobile-home suburb of Farmington, which is probably all CIAtanist. You can look around in street view. I am mystified. It seems something is trucked here, and CIAtanists then do something more to this product, working in their funky old mobile homes. Why in this unusual manner?
    This bldg (dig the chem) has the vibe of a place where they congregate. It may be where the trucks arrive.

    After they did the value-added labor in that village, the product was being trucked to a sprawling U base here with 231 CIAtanist clones. The surface bldgs also are CIAtanist. And there were many more (50 million?) CIA clones SW of there in a large area. The product was apparently being consumed by these clones. They may have been in suspended animation.

    (10am) The Humane Society is run by a bunch of people who are into animal and human torture/sacrifice.

    (12:20pm) Another CIAtanist: Willis Carto.

    And now, a break for celebrity gossip. Here is Schwarzenegger's bastard son and the boy's mom. She is full-blood NGC4414, so the boy will presumably also be a rept shapeshifter / NGC4414 combo.
    Of course, innocent Maria was so devastated to learn about the affair and the child, due to her impeccable family virtues. This stuff only came out in the media because they wanted it to, for some reason.

    (3:20pm) Mostly clear today, but a few chem-clouds.

    Mordok spotted some more ETs. These are of the same type as Swire Coca-Cola that i mentioned April 23: Shenango China (defunct) and the Lawrence County Historical Society of New Castle, PA.
    Getting a bunch of them underground in the area, and have the impression at least 24K of them live on the surface in New Castle.

    (5:40pm) Some interesting USAF satanists: Huffman Aviation. Presumably unrelated to the Huffman Aviation of historic infamy.

    But these TX guys are drug runners, too, operating out of Ft. Worth airport.

    Now, if you were running drugs while also chauffering people to set destinations, you would probably want your drug drops to be at some of the same destinations, wouldn't you? And then you would helpfully publish a list of destinations to aid any sleuths, right? You'll have to click on their Destinations link. I suspect some drugs are dropped at each of these locations with every arrival.

    I went looking for drug labs around Ft. Worth, presumably U meth labs, and then noticed a tunnel heading NE to this CIAtanist orthodontist's office. The tunnel entrance may well be in the basement. And there are CIA U bases around there. I don't know what this is about. Probably unrelated to the USAF drug op, although USAF and CIA are often very close partners in these ops.

    We are also taking out a bunch of CIA stuff for 3 miles around Arlington Municipal Airport in WA. (I got onto that by mistake. I wanted the map for the Arlington, TX airport, as i noticed it's DORy.) Another drug op and other stuff i can't discern.

    OK, onto Arlington, TX. DORy CIA stuff under the airport and nearby. Meth. CIAtanists own and staff the Enterprise Rent-A-Car there.
    Hmmmm, CIA proprietary RVR Aviation flies out of there... to many places.

    (6pm) Well, i finally pretty much cleaned up the essential oil lady mentioned yesterday. Then was able to notice DORy messes in her immediate environment, which i asked Asdalsucaf to clean up.
    But later found still more DOR around her. Due to someone close to her who is a satanist and had been working with the grays.
    Then i checked out her office. That page depicts another woman, who is CIAtanist with 40% rept DNA. This page depicts a male CIAtanist with 35% rept DNA. I sense 2 more of them working there.

    (6:35pm) House nearby with a CIAtanist shapeshifter couple. It may be that woman depicted on the site.
    All these bldgs also house these creatures; i think maybe 22 adults and 8 kids.
    Wo, waitaminit. It seems most of the houses around here have CIA shapeshifters. U base under Cokato Lake with 600+ CIAtanists, 51 repts we are pulling snakes out of, 41 sasquatch, 32 NGC4414 undergrounders, and 53 dead grays! The CIA killed the grays, which we had not gotten to. But they left the repts. (There is at least 1 type of physical rept under the Earth that is evil with no need for snakes, as well.)

    I'll sit on this a while to give the repts a chance to do something...

    Finding a lot more of the same, including dead grays, in bases going east from the lake to Malard Lake. And areas south of all that. We are de-snaking the repts.

    OK, 10 minutes later i think the repts all got clear. Now the Red Draco are nailing the bad guys.
    These are not ordinary CIAtanists; they come from near Andromeda. In this pic, i feel them around the lower left quadrant.

    (7:45pm) Reagan Middle School in Grand Prairie, TX, is conspicuously DORy. They supposedly have a site, but it won't open for me. Feels like 18 CIAtanists running it. More CIA U bases under and all around there. Mostly clones in suspended animation.

    Another hotbed of NGC4414ers, MIBs, M32ers, and several more strains of ETs: Dixon, Illinois. Dixon Public Schools.

    May 23, '12: (6:30) Checking the map of Grand Prairie again now that much has been cleaned up, i notice a tunnel from that school westward a few blocks to the local YMCA, run and staffed by CIAtanists.

    They have a Kid Zone:
    Parents Night Out is a great opportunity for paren'ts to enjoy a night out on the town while the kids enjoy lots of fun at the YMCA! In addition to providing dinner, kids will enjoy games, crafts, movies and even our bounce house.
    And on their locations page, they list at least 4 more CIAtanist branches: Park South Family YMCA, Russell Creek Family YMCA, Waxahachie Family YMCA, YMCA at White Rock.

    I also feel this CIA operation in John Garner Elementary School, Arnold Middle School, and Jackson Middle School, at least. The district office has the vibe of 25 CIAtanists.

    (6pm) Clear sky.

    The CIA now owns the Whole Earth Catalog. I feel 22 CIAtanists connected with this. When did CIA get control? I scanned the history and i think the first agent was Lloyd Kahn, CIAtanist, 40% rept. Next is Gurney Norman, CIAtanist with 42% rept DNA. And whoever Diana Shugart is, she's CIAtanist, 41%. Doyle Philips 42%. Hal Hershey 42%.
    Kevin Kelly, also the founding executive editor of Wired magazine, is CIAtanist, 42% rept.
    Ted Schultz, 42%. Howard Rheingold, 42%.

    (6:55pm) Another NGC4414 full-blood, CIAtanist agent involved in one hell of a weird op: Julian Heicklen. Too strange.

    May 24, '12: (8:45am) Another CIAtanist: Lew White of the Torah Institute of the CIA town of Louisville, KY, which teaches junk Judaism as "Hebrew Roots". As usual, they equate Yahweh with JHVH (Jehovah) and promote shapeshifting satanist agent of Babylon, Moses, a major perverter of the Hebrews.
    Fossilized Customs, another of their sites.

    More NGC4414ers:My mom in VA has Cox Ethernet. When i was there i noticed that the CIA monitors me from within the system. CIA is built right into the service.

    (9:40am) More satanic religion stuff: Group Publishing, Children's Ministry Today, and Full Gospel Church of Bellflower. The latter is definitely CIA.

    (12:15pm) Little Brown General Baptist Church of Poplar Bluff, MO, is CIAtanist op. I sense 2 CIAtanists there, and am told that that would be Pastor Kenny Durham and his gay lover Mike Jones. Feels correct.
    That page links to this page with a pic of a CIAtanist pastor Youcef Nadarkhani who supposedly "faces imminent execution in Iran for his Christian faith." Slice 'n dice him, Iran.

    Pastor Durham teaches at Lake Road Elementary School, which had a CIA base under and around it with 500+ CIAtanists, which seems quite a few for such a small school.

    (12:30pm) More Vatican mind games: Missing girl 'buried in murdered mobster's tomb was kidnapped for Vatican sex parties', claims Catholic Church's leading exorcist priest. And he's right. And a satanist pedophile himself.
    This accomplishes 2 things: it makes it appear as though a person high up in the Vatican can have independent opinions about "corruption" and it compromises people's faith in an institution they are supposed to respect.

    One sees the latter all the time, e.g the pre-fab issue about Obama's birth certificate, pushed by Orly Taitz, shape-shifting NSAtanist MPDer, or Bill Clinton getting a blowjob in the Oval Office and getting prosecuted by another satanist, or the Abu Ghraib photos and similar atrocities... these things are for a reason.

    The murdered girl Orlandi is a good soul, still around.

    (3:20pm) This rude NGC4414 full-blood ho recently married Bal's brother. Blast away.

    (4:10pm) The guy on the left with a black T-shirt is CIAtanist.

    (4:50pm) Thorp spotted some Alah-kur in the news: video. Note that this is Kansas City, and people reported having seen these lights for weeks now.
    On April 6 i posted about a bunch of CIA activity there. We started nailing them a few days before that.

    (5:05pm) I just realized Thorp's fake brother that i wrote about April 30 has been given the death penalty by Alah-kur Law Enforcement. Maybe 2 days ago. He will be replaced by a clone, no doubt.

    (5:20pm) Another full-blood NGC4414er: Cheryl Hines. And more: Principato-Young". Also United Cerebral Palsy is NGC4414.

    May 25, '12: (7:25am) Alrighty, time for an impromptu State of the Cosmos Address:

    Well, over the past 7 years, we whittled down the bad ETs and demons to the point where it was mainly grays doing the attacking. Then, thanks to Franz Erdl's info, the grays are no longer attacking us; they are still de-snaking their buddies.

    So then the Jesuits in Rome went back to attacking me. But then 2 days ago Mordok found some mojo that seems to be suppressing them. Plus i've been attacking them harder with my equipment.

    So once the Jesuits in Rome got too weak to attack, the "elite" Jesuits took over, attacking from other universes as well.
    Then last night we found lots of previously-cloaked U bases on Earth of these elites, often joint bases with other species like Abell 2218 humans. (The Abell 2218ers off-world have been under heavy Alah-kur attack lately, too, BTW, and seem to have been fairly neutralized as a physical force; they used to frequently pop into our solar system with lots of ships, and were very dangerous.)

    So now in the last half hour i have felt a fair bit of pyrotechnics as Alah-kur and others nail incoming elite vessels. Are the elites in kamikaze mode out of desperation?

    (8:40am) I am still feeling frequent crunches as elite vessels get blown away.

    Another satanist "healer": Lori Goodwin. Her parents and sons are also satanists. Her husband, who reportedly works with her, is not.

    More CIAtanists: Amnesty International USA, Amnesty International UK.
    Amnesty International AU is also all-satanist, but Tavistock.

    (9:40am) It just never ends. More CIAtanists:
    The fine folks at the Palace of Praise in Poplar Bluff, MO.

    And baseball players:Going down this list i find a few more:
    Nolan Ryan, Harry Heilmann, Hank Greenberg, Ken Griffey, Jr., Reggie Jackson, Bob Feller, Mordecai Brown, Roger Clemens.

    They are in football, too. Examples:
    Peyton Manning, Deion Sanders, Joe Montana...

    Still feeling them "elite" crunches, like almost non-stop now.

    (12:40pm) Another NGC4414 full-blood: Susan Hewitt.

    (7:40pm) Cloudy with largely real clouds today.

    Another hotbed of shape-shifting pedophile nazis: Shurat HaDin – Israel Law Center.

    May 26, '12 (5:15am) It has been brought to my attention that there are other strains of snake demons, which inhabit many humans as well as the other species of repts, etc. that we've been having trouble with.
    So now we are yanking them out of evil people, etc. and i'll be curious to see what effect that might have.

    (5:50am) Poplar Bluff is so CIA-saturated. I keep finding more stuff, like Melton Eye Care, and Semo Ready Mix which has a location here.

    (7:05am) I am finding that often the best people also have a snake or 2. I don't think the snakes are solely responsible for whether a human is good or evil; but i suspect most of the evil masses (including human ETs) will be relatively benign if de-snaked. We'll see.

    (8:10pm) I happened to notice that a certain Chinese Kung Fu instructor was under heavy attack from 3 Japanese witches in San Francisco. They were hired by a rival, Grandmaster Chan Kam Shing (Christopher Chan). He feels like some sort of black magician himself, and serious Tong criminal. In fact he has the same vibe as this historic criminal. I think Chan follows this same tradition, including its black magic practices. And there is a Vatican connection to this society.
    The 3 Japanese witches might work here at USF's Masonic Building. And they live here. These 3 top windows have their vibe.

    (8:20pm) And there was an ad on Chan's site to Asheville Academy for Girls. A fun place with smiling staff. Do i need to tell you what agency and about their shape-shifting abilities?

    May 27, '12: (5:15pm) Another Satanist NGC4414 full-blood: Bill Gates. For years i have sensed 33 satanists at the top of Microsoft, but now i realize they are NGC4414 as well. Some of these are here.

    The good news is, Gates is suicidal. He wants to vaccinate all Earthlings to create more Asperger warriors like me, Mordok, Elizabeth, Bal...

    (5:30pm) I just saw an ad for match.com about Harrison singles. There are a lot of very sexually experienced full-blood ETs available for Earth victims who want to make hybrid babies.

    Onto more pleasant things. 5/27/2012 -- What is near the sun? Note that NGC4414 full-blood imhungry53 has thoroughly debunked it, but it's a huge craft of our M82 allies. It has about 8K M32ers [oops! I meant M82ers] including 20 Ta'l and 3 more of my wives. I guess it must have just come through the portal in the Sun.
    Not long after i saw that this morning, the craft aproached closer and was vibing me with something good. How close i can't discern; they seem to be obfuscating details like that. But given its size, i imagine it's staying pretty far away. Of course it has plenty of smaller craft...

    This morning i got hit again by Lagos from underground. We have done so much there, but the Lagos area might be the worst place in the world for U bases. It is a major illuminati power spot. Or has been. We found lots of not only black shape-shifters, but CIA shapeshifters, elite Jesuits, even Chinese satanists in the region at different depths.

    When i realized i was being hit for the 2nd time this morning from Lagos, i had Lt Veo mark all locations related to that, and we sent in the Red Draco as usual. Then i noticed the big M82 craft shifting focus to the Lagos area, and vibing there. They've been at it all day, and i have not been attacked since.

    May 28, '12: (8:05am) I have gotten attacked by elite Jesuits since, in the same way, but from U bases elsewhere which have been taken care of now.

    Sittingtaoist sent me this pic of a sprayer near Copenhagen. It was from a U base in DK staffed entirely by NGC4414ers. And they were working for some other guys in a UNEP base, staffed by Royal Danish Army jerks, about 1/4 of whom were NGC4414 and M32ers. And since then we have found 45 UNEP chemtrail U bases around Europe; 30 of these in the UK. And we're finding more.

    (8:25am) Rule of thumb: if a person is promoted in any way by the contemporary media, they are likely CIAtanists. Example: Genevieve Cook.

    (8:40am) Another rule of thumb: any story appearing in the media is likely to be largely or entirely fiction, especially if it is intended to grease the wheels of war. BBC Caught In Syria Massacre Propaganda Hoax. I kind of thought something was fishy about the story, as i could not detect any energy to this alleged carnage.

    In Arkansas, the papers are all NGC4414. I wonder about BBC's exec board? Helen Boaden, George Entwhistle, and Tim Davie are definitely CIAtanists. The rest are satanists, too. Getting many SIS U bases connected to Zarin Patel.

    (9:10am) I have, for some time, seen a pic/ad on Icke's site for Regina Meredith, and never noticed anything amiss. Today though, she has a dirty vibe. I pulled 10 snake demons out of her, but she still feels nasty. I noticed on her site that she promotes Lucia Renee, a CIAtanist i mentioned Oct. 16 of last year as a friend of Inelia Benz. And come to think of it, Inelia Benz is NGC4414 half-breed! And works for the CIA.

    I believe Meredith was only recently recruited by the CIA, maybe 5 days ago. Sold her soul.

    (10:10am) Another CIAtanist: Judy Painter. Her husband is a soulless arms salesman that was, oddly, set up for an FBI sting. There are aspects to this story that i have not figured out, as i doubt Painter knows what his wife is.

    And, ugh, another CIAtanist: Syrian Foreign Ministry spokesperson Jihad Makdissi.

    More bizarre CIAtanists: Rosalind Brodsky and Suzanne Treister, involved in Hexen2039, whatever the hell that is.

    (11:50am) Casualties on our side. I noticed the 2 Yurtles were sad and melancholy, and traced it to a U base in west Syria. Apparently due to some mechanical failure, 320 of our Andromedan allies got killed down there. I wrote about this race of Andromedans Feb. 7: "... a bit short (5'2"-5'4") and 96s. Supposedly i have a bunch of these latter as wives who will come visit me anytime now."
    20 Ta'l picked up the bodies and are taking them back home.

    (1:20pm) A 2nd ship is now coming through the Sun portal from M82, similar to the first. 7K+ M82ers.

    (2:05pm) #3 now, another 7K. There will be one more, plus i think a couple from elsewhere. And probly more in a few days.

    (3:05pm) #4 just popped through.

    (3:20pm) And all 4 are working on Nigeria and Cameroon, which still have many elite Jesuit bases as well as some CIA.

    (6:30pm) Another ship just came through. It has 2500 good humans from Messier 3. They seem somewhat Asiatic in appearance, 6' tall.

    (7pm) One coming through now from the Flaming star nebula, IC 405. They got seriously DORy evil people in their own galaxy we'll help them with someday. The good guys are 7'4" green reptilians with big hearts.

    (7:10pm) And there are 36K of them in that ship. I have a seriously good feeling about their arrival. Something shifted.

    May 29, '12: (8:25am) All those new guys are still reaming Nigeria/Cameroon, which might be a hidden root chakra of Earth or something. Seems that it is the most heavily packed with elite Jesuits anywhere on Earth. (The elite Jesuits are hybridized with a different type of reptilian than the regular Jesuit priesthood.) I am optimistic that the world will be a better place once this gets mopped up. I think the shape-shifters have been hogging and perverting energy that is supposed to go to Africa and the world in a positive way.

    Some rain chances forecast over the next few days. Mostly overcast. Heard thunder earlier.
    It is amazing how my garden is growing. Last year it got too hot too fast, and it was difficult to grow anything. But this year we had a warm winter and spring, and everything is way ahead of schedule. It isn't even June yet, and already i have been enjoying potatoes, lamb's quarters, tomatoes, cilantro, squash, black currants, blackberries, sour cherries, raspberries (a handful), turnips, cucumbers, lettuce, chard...
    My cantaloupe vines are going crazy with flowers everywhere.

    A reader turned me onto an interesting site: The Ages of Uras. I haven't checked it out much yet, but i get the vibe it has a lot of truth. The person who wrote me said he thought John Kettler's allies are the Urmah (found by clicking on the Races link on the left) and i believe that is correct; one of the 3 races he's been working with are Urmah.

    (12:15pm) Well, we got the grays off John Kettler, but he is so spoof-gullible that now he's promoting a CIAtanist scam called the Silver Legion, which, judging by the top pic on their homepage, really likes sky chem. It is by the shapeshifter Tanaath i warned about on the 15th, and promotes the work of the NSAtanist Monroe Institute. He wants you to come fly with the Silver Legion.

    May 30, '12: (6pm) Real clouds and chem. Chemmy yesterday, too. Rain chances.

    Spotted another CIA agent, not satanist or ET, but a puppet Prime Minister of Peru, Oscar Valdes.

    I want to mention, if you like to hunt sasquatch (i suggest you do it remotely) there are good sasquatch that can be telepathically contacted. Actually, all you need to do is point them in the direction of suspected evil sasquatch presence, and they will find them and inform the allies of their locations.

    Back to that Ages of Uras site: i don't know how much of it is true; at least 40%. The Races page lists only races that actually exist, or in some cases did exist until recently.
    But, for example, his Anunna are not at all the Anunnaki i know.

    The following races on his list have, i believe, been deleted by Antuvozy now: Ama'argi, and Imdugud (Anzu). They were not as nice as he seems to think. Some of the others are not so nice, either, but 'Vozy is unable to do them.
    Also she deleted 2 more evil physical races that are not on the list but were connected to listed ones.

    I finally culled a disgusting nazi sellout named Bob Dylan today. He is not satanist or ET, but is MPD. At his age that's no excuse for being a Zio-scum, though. "Medal of Freedom" from some Obama Beta-clone. You're in good company, warmonger.
    I had tried to cull him months ago when i read that he had some dubious Zionist affinities, but was unable to at the time.

    May 31, '12: (10:30am) Mostly overcast. Got faint sprinkle earlier.

    Conspiracy Con 2012. Well, it's a bit of a con insofar as several of the scheduled speakers are agents: Noory, Fetzer, Deborah Tavares (another CIAtanist), Robert Perala (CIAtanist, NGC4414 half-breed), Dan Dillman (CIAtanist), Sofia Smallstorm (CIAtanist, NGC4414 full-blood).

    Also there are some dubious ads at the bottom of the page:
    Sovereign Mind Radio is infiltrated. Sonia Barrett is sincere and ensouled, but i sense 2 CIAtanist shape-shifters near her. I think 1 male, 1 female.
    Expansions, run by the NSAtanist shape-shifters (who have psi-attacked me in the past), the Swerdlows.
    The Tazz and Paula Show. Tazz & Paula are CIAtanist shape-shifters who promote other agents such as: Gregg Braden, Eric Pearl, Shawn Anchor, Brian David Anderson, Mahala Gayle, Drunvalo, Michael Simonson, Riane Eisler, Guy Doran, Estaryia Venus, Patricia Diane Cota-Robles, Alison McDermott, Thania & Greg Stewart, Anthony J. McGettigan, Michelle Gielan, Anita Moorjani, Suzanne Whang, Dannion Brinkley, Renee Coltson, Michael Beckwith, John Raatz, Meir Schneider, Edward Carrion, Roberto Densie, Jackie Lapin, Jonas Elrod, Richard Boylan, Tom Lescher, Ana Sophia Joanes, Mother Clare Watts, Bill Froehlich, Brian Hall, Len Horowitz, Linda Potter, Carolyn Ford, Rickie Byars Beckwith, Jason Leen...

    (11:35am) On May 4 i said "Representative Tim Ryan is on the CIA payroll, works knowingly for the Rigelian grays, and is a full-blood ET deriving from M66." Well there are maybe 3500 M66ers living in houses on Fidalgo Island, WA. There were lots more underground. Also there was heavy CIA and sasquatch stuff underground.

    A while ago a noisy jet roared over my place with 3 ET satanists who seem to be associated with this area north of Harrison. Most of the houses seem to be of the same Sombrero Galaxy satanists as prevail in Western Grove (see March 30). There are at least 500 on the surface around there. There were also bunches of them underground. In fact we are cleaning up more in a long E-W area stretching at least to Salem, AR.

    Next time they fly over, my allies might take them out. I think they use the Boone County Airport in Harrison. And there are a couple dozen more living in this neighborhood next to the airport. More U bases around there, too.
    This bldg is theirs. I suspect some cargo is stored there awaiting shipment to Illinois. The first thing i find in Illinois is a U base here with 71 of these satanist ETs. And more tunnels and bases nearby. I suspect the cargo ends up here. And that town, Sterling, has more of them on the surface. They don't seem to have infiltrated local government though, except i get their vibe strongly off Sterling Main Street, where 32 or so of them seem involved.

    Also a lot of this cargo was ending up (via Eagle River Union Airport) in a Wisconsin U base here with 5K+ of them. And more tunnels and bases around there and Eagle River; in fact i think the transportation goes underground from Eagle River to that U base.
    And then yet more cargo ended up in a U base just south of Mohawk, WI, with tunnels and more bases extending to Newberry State Forest to the east, and Little Falls to the west.

    Let me make something clear, darksiders: there is a stiff fee for permission to pass over my space. Inquire if interested. You have absolutely no legal or moral right to buzz over my property, and the death penalty may apply.
    Around here we kill ETs for littering or driving over turtles.

    (6:35pm) Didn't get rain. But hopefully the next system in few days...
    Heavy chem-clouds.

    It is not shaping up to be a good day for the M66ers [i meant Sombrero galaxy ETs]. I keep feelng the crunching of their U bases.

    And the allies made some kind of energy breakthrough in Cameroon a little while ago.
    Then a craft with 20 of the tall green repts came over and zinged me and the area. Then a few minutes later, another one. They are cleaning up negative ET energy of some sort. They might visit you if you are surrounded by evil ETs. You might experience kind of a rush of positive energy.
    Now they're hitting me again.

    () Vice spews extreme propaganda about Jim Humble / MMS.
    The ony reason i bring it up is to point out the interesting fact that Fiona O'Leary Is a NSAtanist MIB. And Emily Willingham is also a NSAtanist SSer. In fact, the whole crew of thinkingautismguide.com, where Willingham contributes her wisdom, are also NSAtanist SSers. Ditz is a MIB as well.
    "There is no cure for autism", the article posits. I guess i am deluded, then, that i have rid myself of Asperger via natural methods.
    Most of the commenters below the article are also agency lizards.
    Surprised none of these "people" have been replaced by clones yet. Yet i am optimistic that with a bit of gentle persuasion, they will see the futility of resistance.