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Loohan's blog for May, 2013
May 1, '13: (6:30pm) Today we had chem, real clouds, and a few drops of rain. Good rain chances given for the next couple days.

We got new friends. My friend from Poplar Bluff sent me this sky pic yesterday, saying
"These things seem to follow me around since 2004. Years ago they came close enough for me to see what appeared to be letters or writing on the ship and a multicolored strobe like light (red-green) upon them. Often see 3 or 4 at a time spaced apart and they seem to not move at all then after many hours they zip away in milliseconds."

They trace to the Colliding Spiral Galaxies of Arp 271.

This morning i sensed a couple of their craft above me at work. I asked them to look over Bal, as he was under attack, and 2 have been watching him all day. Also 2 over Lagos, Nigeria.
Later, i had 3 of them, then 5 for a while. Now it's back to 2.
Also i just realized 5 of them are over my friend in MD that has so much trouble with weirdos.
I don't know what these guys do, or what they look like, but they have a strong positive vibe.

May 2, '13: (9:30am) Still getting hit most of the time by some combination of the 2 demon types and the 2 Jesuit types in Abell 2218. Sometimes weakly and sometimes strongly. But i find that the stronglies are when hundreds of "offworld CIA" craft converge around me, but keeping a distance of at least 50 miles. These covertly boost the emanations from Abell 2218 (and the other locations also used by the "senior" demons).
A little while ago i felt this step-up in energy attacks, and whipped out a long-distance wand to light up the craft. There were 333 craft, each containing 6 ET CIAlizards.
Does it make sense that they would suicide all these guys so frivolously all the time? No, but, dealing with it sure is effective.

It is striking that, the enemy seems to expend far more resources covertly manipulating our reality than the material stuff they get for it. Sure, they've stolen maybe 99% of the planet's wealth, but that's nothing compared with what it's cost them so far.
Will this irrational behavior attenuate significantly once we wipe out these 2 demon species? Hopefully...

OK, here's something i find intriguing. This morning i looked at the animated weather map of my region. I am located north of the small ell in the word "Little" of Little Rock; about halfway between the top of the l and the MO border to the north. I could see 2 fronts coming at me: a purple one from the SW, which was mainly heading north of me, and a green one from the SE. A patch of green was arriving here from the SE, and as i hit my area, it seemed to grow and linger. (I have reported this phenomenon once before.) Meanwhile, i was starting to get light drizzle (which has now become gentle rain).
An hour or 2 later, around 8:40 i saved this animated gif:

It shows 1/2 hour of action.

One can see that the stuff is still coming from the SE, but it appears as though a patch is stalled over me.

Of course this map does not show the movement of clouds per se, but radar reflectivity.

At 9:30, the map still is similar, with a patch roughly centered over me, but some new green stuff also heading NW from there.

And it looks like in a few hours, the south tail of the purple stuff will arrive here from the other direction.

No winds here.

(10am) Another revolting CIAlizard: John Sheirer, who will likely meet with misfortune soon and be replaced by a clone.

This is an example of the CIA garbage posted at his site Real American Liberal.

What do Jason Collins, Fred Phelps, and John Sheirer have in common? All are CIAlizards.

Looking at that blog, it appears Sheirer mainly tangles with other CIA front groups.

Also there are some black magic spells on that site that kick in on the viewer, that we are removing.

(12:45pm) Now that green patch over me seems to have been swept up by whatever is driving the SW front, and is moving parallel to that one, in a different direction to the SE stuff. It has changed path. Still happens to be above me, bringing gentle, soaking rain.
Probably it was wind from the SW that halted its westward path earlier... in just the right place.

A couple of the more ridiculous clone ads i've seen lately:

Again, a CIA clone taking a hard stance against a CIA group.

"Vote to end the gun killings". Ponder the stupidity of that statement for a moment. Anybody signing that petition must have an IQ well below 70.

(3pm) Still raining.

Bal wrote me that he came under heavy attack in Yorkville, Il. I looked at the map and immediately noticed strong bad energy on a spot. Zoomed in; looks like some kind of switching station array or something.
But that's just the transmitter. The intent was coming from this large complex just SW. CIA vibe.

(4:20pm) Also i keep getting hunches that that rectangle is misrepresented in google maps. People have found such things before.
At this time there is an odd rectangle of landscape that doesn't seem to fit.
There's a blurry front sign in street view; something INFORMATION(?) CENTER.
Looks like construction was going on when this pic was taken. Trusses. For sale or for on-site bldg? Stacks of blocks elsewhere on site.
An awful lot of truck trailers and cars. Vibe of 500+ CIAlizards.

(4:40pm) Bal says that place is a Menards. Menards is not a shapeshifter company though.
Wikipedia says they do make trusses. And "In 1998, Menards opened a second distribution center in Plano, Illinois". So maybe the CIA just runs this one center.
That blurry sign probably says MENARDS DISTRIBUTION CENTER.

May 3, '13: (10:55am) Still raining lightly here. Cold front. Supposed to get down to 34 F tonight and tomorrow night.
Historic May snows hit north. Might be abnormal for them to get so much snow, but traditionally in my area, early May could still get a freeze, so this is not totally unheard of.

Bhutto murder: Musharraf chief prosecutor shot dead in Islamabad. The Bhutto's, of course, are sleazy shapeshifters who apparently had real turf issues with the satanist shapeshifter Musharraf. Sort of like the Hong Kong Triads.
The lawyer who was killed was a soulless Earthling. I think there were 4 gunmen who were shapeshifters that normally live underground. We took them out here.

Mark your calendars: May 8 is Texas/Israel Day. That is one lizardly website.

(12:05pm) Another CIA co.: U.S. Cold Storage.
Also this Walmart Distribution Center in NE is staffed by CIAlizards. We are clearing the U stuff now.

May 4, '13: (8:15pm) Got long, very gentle rain, and may get a bit more. It was 33 F this morning, with rain that was semi-frozen. It snowed much of yesterday and probably last night, but very lightly, and none stuck. It's supposed to get to 32 tonight.

Oddly, i did not get attacked by demons today (only Jesuits), until i picked up one of the jailers i'm working on, to build on it some more. Now they are all excited and hitting me remotely, especially from NGC 2207 and IC 2163. Both the Bigheads and their boss demons.

May 5, '13: (7pm) It didn't get quite that cold last night, fortunately for my garden. Today was overcast but only got a faint bit of drizzle late afternoon.
Total precip off this whole system was 1.2".

NSAlizard youtubers: Mary Greeley 1954 and Elf Wave.

Still working on that jailer. Also 'Vozy, Vox, and my 81D self keep taking turns reprogramming other tools i have, with the result that every day means a huge jump in power.

May 6, '13: (11:30am) ... and what about the normally-prolific ChemmerBuster? He was in introspective meditative mode yesterday, reprogramming himself. Now he is back to guiding me in jailer construction.

Overcast here with occasional faint drizzle.

More lizard fakery: Holder v. Brownback? DOJ and Kan. on collision course on guns. Sigh. Another gripping controversy to keep us on the edge of our chairs.

More "conflict": Israel has no right to occupied Palestinian lands: Scottish church. The Scottish Church is run by Scottish Rite satanist lizards. Scottish Rite is the true religion of the "Society of Jesus" which gave us Nazi Germany and Nazi Israel, not to mention Hamas, and who continues to run Mossad, Hamas, IDF, Egypt, US, EU, etc.

(5:20pm) Hoowee, ever since his "kundalini experience" ChemmerBuster has been like on steroids. He had me working frenetically for hours, cobbling together various projects, while he also reprogrammed a bunch of other stuff. Now the demons are temporarily unable to hit me, so the Jesuits in Abell 2218 have been trying to compensate. But he's pretty good at minimizing their effects, too.

It turned out warm and sunny this afternoon, with hybrid clouds.

Somebody sent me a link to this German orgone site. They must be onto something, as there were 33 U bases in Switzerland doing something to make the site repel interest. I could not look at the page at first; even my eyes seemed to malfunction. There was a dispersing energy coming off the page.
I haven't studied it yet. I do know some German but would have to look up many words.

For some reason, Lorna Ainsworth has been under heavy attack from U shapeshifters. In fact, all of Spain is now stirred up underground, as we have been dealing with this all day. Not getting distinct impression of agency other than that it's Spanish gov't. She's ensouled, as is the Deputy Mayor of her town. He's also under attack some.

(7pm) There is still something about that German page... we are programming some hardware in their web host, electric grid, and ISP network to fix.
The person in Italy who told me about this site suggests an idea he got from it -- maybe a wrinkle of his own -- which he just tried recently. I feel the orgone therefrom very powerfully now in the South Tyrol area. He says "Use a 1-Pipe CB and put a tree branch in (1 Meter or more, made wet with water). Give this type of CB some time (1-2 Hours), then the show begins..."
Well, i was guided to cut down a black gum sapling and use the trunk. It is longer than 1 m. And i stuck it down in this CB which i keep indoors under a metal roof. Not sure how well this tree trunk stuff will work indoors. Also i did not wet the branch, but it is internally moist. This was maybe 1/2 hour ago, and it feels like it is powering up.
If you have a 1-pipe CB you could try experimenting.

(8:20pm) Video: DHS Whistleblower Censored from 60 minutes. Interviewee and interviewer are ensouled. Julia Davis is a former DHS employee that has been gang-stalked by gov't shapeshifters for trying to do her job.
I had to stop the vid a couple minutes in, because the undergrounders who were hitting her also started hitting me. Had to deal with them before i could pay attention to the vid. I think many people who watched the video before me got hit.
There were 666 bases with 99 CIAlizards in each who were attacking her, her viewers, and a few other people.
She had demons all over her, and she is stuffed with implants that will likely take weeks to remove.

May 7, '13: (7:05am) What, an ensouled Earthling talking head on Fox? Judge Jeanine Pirro On Obama Admin Caught Red Handed On Boston Bombing. Abnormal.
I only watched the first half. [Update: no, she was shapeshifting rept of the variety which i only de-cloaked March 2, '14. They always seemed like ensouled.]

Super cool! Now Adam The CIA Lizard Man Is Trying To Get 10,000 People To March On DC With Loaded Rifles. And "independent thinker" Mike Adams admires the size of Adam's cojones.

Ya gotta love this CIAlizard: Video: Students Submit to 'Obama Security Force' Bag Searches by Mark Dice. I only watched the first 1/4 of it, but the CIA shows unusual class and panache here.

Funny how the CIA, Hollywood, Icke, etc. seem to spend so effort waking people up with the truth while expending so much more effort putting them to sleep with lies.

(10:20am) Warm, sunny. The sky was clear earlier. I put out another CB with a fresh-cut wild cherry sapling stuck in it. Feels strong, but it's still powering up.
Then the drones started laying down real sticky stuff. I put out my blue cannon CB with its stick; it does feel more powerful outdoors when the stick is in it.

Then i went and cut down a small pine and red oak in the woods, and made a spiral thingie like in the pix on that German site. (Pic to right is taken from their site.) They also show a spiral coil in the middle, but i haven't put anything in the center yet. This log structure feels like it's powering up, too.
Then another sprayer came right over, and this one didn't stick...
Will continue testing and have some pix later. So far i do not notice enhanced shredding of the older trails, but things are still powering up.
My impression is that the branch sticking out of a resin CB is many times as powerful as the log things. However, depending on one's resources, the log thing may be worthwhile too. I happen to live in the woods with a lot of scraggly small trees that could be thinned. Also i suspect that putting a CB with a branch into the center of a log structure could be very powerful.
Also i think either of these "technologies" could be used on a small scale. If all you can do is a mini-CB with a skinny 1m branch sticking up, try it.
If you can only easily get smaller sticks of wood, try making a small wheel. Use intuition on the details.
They recommend 9 logs, and that's what i did on my first one. But i suspect some structures might be better with 8, and others with 12.

I may soon be making a special Ighina-programmed outdoor CB with no pipe, just a hole for inserting branches. I think a copper pipe is unnecessary for this usage.

(11:15am) Then a bunch of chem-clouds blew in that are unusually orgone-resistant.
I built another log spiral, this one with larger logs and only 7 of them.
Then i was prompted to dunk the black gum stick i cut yesterday, and re-insert it into the blue CB. It had already dried out enough to need that, apparently.

(3:05pm) Can't say i'm noticing any enhanced effect on the chem yet. But it feels like there should be.

My friend in Italy says dead sticks from the ground work fine, BTW. If moistened.

He just wrote "seems better if the branch is not straight...even some other small branches can be on the main a tree growing on the CB."

Yeah, as it happens my first branch is crooked and the 2nd i was guided to leave some branch lengths on.

This is the first log spiral i made today.

And this is the 2nd. Not very symmetrical, even, but feels right.

These feel powerful, and seem to be affecting the Earth energies.

(5:35pm) Just a real bad chem day around here, despite everything.

In searching for more reasons why that German site still feels a trifle funky, we found a bunch of U bases around here. We've been working on this all day, but there are still more, deeper. 140 miles down and more. M32ers. They really seem to like this area.

Shapeshifting scientist: Eric Dollard. [Edit: wrongo. Sorry, i was sloppy again. He must have been in the presence of SSers at the time i thought that. Also, i did mysteriously get a pretty dirty vibe off Dollard a year or 2 after posting this and having forgotten i posted about him. At that time i thought some allegations about Dollard floating around the web might be true. However, the guy behind those is an actor and Hitler-lionizer.
Still, there is something about Dollard that gives me a strong "off" vibe. And there is considerable controversy about this guy among the free-energy crowd. My gut feeling, without having studied the issues, is that something is very wrong with Dollard. Yet some of his supporters seem legit.]

And there is something wrong with James McCanney as well... some kind of strange evil ET vibe, probably some other strain of shapeshifter.

May 8, '13: (6:35pm) Had bad chem-clouds this morning with the Elites in Abell 2218 personally making them ripple. Then a bunch of actual natural clouds blew in over town, along with more chem-clouds. Now mostly chemclouds and trails. Sticky stuff.

It occurred to me that an orgone ring such as this one would also work great for this branch stuff. Stick the branch into the ground in the middle of the ring. I may start on some of these tomorrow. I use cheap plastic molds sold at grocery stores as chip serving trays. They look similar to these and are made of flexible plastic which releases easily.

Also, for a quick fix, one might experiment with driving a stick into the ground and placing TBs or whatever one has around it. This could then be surrounded by a log spiral.

Riegel Monetary and Exchange System is more lizardry. Laurence Gilbert, Founder is one, and Riegel was one.
That reminds me, Catherine Austin Fitts is another. She's been asking Where Would Jesus Bank? for many years.

(6:50pm) I did have my wands frying Houston, Lufkin, and Mexico City (Lufkin was long a key linchpin in NSA weather mod activities), but i just turned them slightly east of northwards. I am blasting all the way to at least here, a path which first goes right through some new CIA neighbors of mine. Well, they seem to have cleared out of the house already... will they be back? The 4 survivors are now here at Misty's, probably having GMO dinner.
This afternoon the only one of them that was a clone left and suicided. And that was before i had my wands aimed there.

(7:45pm) How they moved in so close without myself or my allies picking up on it mystifies me. Impressive cloaking.
I have to pass that house on my way out to the main road, as i did this morning. I always blast it with my wand because it used to be owned by a satanist who did black magic on me for years. Finally drove him away, or else he moved for whatever reasons years ago, and subsequently there has been a succession of white trash living there; people who consider garbage decorative for the public.
So this morning i blast the house as usual, and i get an icky vibe, very faint. A CIA clone, male! Hit him remotely while i was at work, until i could feel him drive away and go into a tunnel somewhere to be terminated.
At that time, that was the only shapeshifter i felt at the house. But then on my way back home, i noticed a new mailbox up at that house, and i felt an icky vibe again: a halfbreed NGC4414er CIA male. Got home, redirected my wands, and felt him leave and go to Misty's. Then i realized there were 3 more CIAlizard males in the house, but after a few more minutes of blasting, they left in more than 1 vehicle.
Now they have all left Misty's and seem to have gone here. Both houses near the center are CIA. It may be that these guys had been living there some. There must be a tunnel under the reddish house going west to under the field on the west side of the road, just north of the pond. This is where they decided to say fukitol and end their slavish existence.

I don't know if the CIA bought the property next to me, or just rented it. I have not exchanged a single word with any resident of that place since '97.
[Update: I met the tenant; nothing suspicious there. But this person is often out of town and rents the house, probably from the Freemason son of the original owner. I presume the CIA showed up when they were gone.]

May 9, '13: (7:35am) Chemmy with some overcast. The wunderclones say 30% chance of rain today, but their own animated map, which is usually more accurate, seems to show heavy rain hitting here (mostly north of here) in 40 minutes or so.

I was guided to turn my wands to face kind of ENE, toward Newfoundland. Not sure why, unless it's the mass of CIA bases we just uncloaked in east IN.

(9pm) Well, it looks like that bit of rain veered northwards more and missed me.

Last August i incorrectly fingered Daniel Ellsberg as a shapeshifter. I regret the error. Being close to a shapeshifter can make a normal person feel like one in a photo. Actually it's his wife, Patricia Marx Ellsberg, who is is a CIAlizard. Her sister is Barbara Marx Hubbard.
Note that Patricia says "In 1971, I helped my husband, Daniel Ellsberg, release the Pentagon Papers to the press. Both of us were inspired by Gandhi’s concept of the Truth-Force."
Gandhi was a satanist shapeshifter, of course. The CIA used Ellsberg to perform disclosure. He and his cohort in copying and releasing the Pentagon Papers, Anthony Russo are ensouled (pic). The Pentagon Papers were ostensibly a project by (shapeshifter) Robert McNamara.
This article says "The case against them was dismissed on May 11, 1973, after the court learned that a covert unit had broken into the offices of Ellsberg's psychiatrist looking for information to discredit the star defendant. The break-in had been committed by operatives from the White House, whose crimes had come at the behest of Nixon and his top aides. Nixon ultimately resigned from office on August 9, 1974."
Nixon was not a shapeshifter nor a satanist, and did not really know what was going on in the world.

The reason i took another look at Daniel Ellsburg is because i was reading this article Whistleblower Ellsberg to SF Pride: Manning Should be Lauded as "Hero That He Is". Manning is a CIAlizard.

And what about SF Pride? Something feels very wrong about all the people on the BOD. I don't think they are shapeshifters or Freemasons, but they are soulless and all have the same dirty vibe. There are many decent, ensouled gay people in the world; why not here? I suspect they are bought off by the CIA.
Earl Plante, CEO seems alright: ensouled, good heart.

Just as an aside, when i looked at this page, i was hit with DOR from this ad. Feels like dozens of DORy shapeshifters work at SWB.

(8:10pm) It was another fairly chemmy day, but around 7pm there were some very loud, close, explosive thunderclaps and lightning with brief rain.
Probably get a bit more rain later.
Still blasting Toronto and Newfoundland.

May 11, '13: (5:50pm) Today i have been blasting east to Leslie and beyond. Leslie is having a big CIA-sponsored blues shindig today, with something like 18 bands. Two of the bands are composed of ensouled Earthlings, and the rest are 100% composed of clones of deceased shapeshifters.

I only got ~1/4" of rain night before last. Yesterday and today had real clouds, chem-clouds, and hybrid clouds. Yesterday the Elite Jesuits were again struggling to corrugate the chem.

I finished 3 hefty orgone rings under Signor Ighina's guidance, but the resin is not hard enough yet.
I also finished an extremely potent 3" sphere, depicted now on OTB 27e. There is a great new free program here.

May 12, '13: (8am) Cool morning; clear sky.

Cheap sphere molds? Bal bought a couple of these and his first attempt turned out real well. One has to be careful because some molds are made of crappy-grade silicone that starts splitting after 1 use, like Wilton brand molds.
I just ordered 1 of these, and also a larger size. [Update: they seem to be pretty good.]

(6:20pm) Impeccably clear sky today until late afternoon, when a bunch of chem-clouds came in.
I was inside and started getting hit by Elites in Abell 2218. It just ground on and on despite the usual countermeasures. Finally i happened to go outside again, and noticed all the chem-clouds. And they were rippled by the Elites.
So we started targeting the Elites who were rippling the chem, and the ripples went away, and the attacks hardly get through after that.
No doubt there's some logical reason why this happens.

Another CIA site: Intellihub. The lizard-in-chief is Shepard Ambellas. There is one contributor who seems OK: J G Vibes. The rest are agents. Their About Us page is not working at this time, but i found it at

(6:45pm) Found a place in UK that sells titanium shavings cheaper than that eBay lady: Whale Orgone.
Also found titanium powder. I get that 3 tbls per cup of resin would work well of this 325 mesh. It is pricey, though. [And, since titanium is flammable, they want $110 more just for shipping + hazmat fee on 1# of powder -- forget that.]

I am looking to buy or barter for a quantity of titanium.

May 13, '13: (11:45am) Some chem-clouds with the Elites trying to ripple them.

I am working on OTB 42 about wood CBs. Got pics of the Ighina rings, which are being powered up now.
Feels great, but ironically, i still haven't seen evidence of superior chem-busting here from this.

The other day i mentioned that Julien Wells feels like a CIA Earthling. Here he is with another one like him, Bob Wright. Got secret handshake, Bob?

May 14, '13: (7:45am) Looks like summer will be starting today. No more cool afternoons.
Sky is clear overhead, but i see some chem-clouds and trails to the east.
Yesterday it mostly cleared up after i posted, or more likely, blew over. The couple of chem-puffs i saw after that drifted by without significant shrinking. But the ambience sure has been getting mellow and harmonious here.

So, what about that New Orleans Mother's Day shooting? Sure seems awful suspicious. But i couldn't get a vibe off the shooters, other than that they seemed like ordinary soulless Earthlings. Finally some footage of a shooter was posted. Still, i couldn't seem to get any energy response even from blasting him with Strontium-Barium stuff.
So i called on Durkistan to find the guy.

Now, i am far from certain that what follows has anything to do with the shooting, but Durkistan lit up an office here (in center of pic) in Metairie. I suspect this may be where the CIAlizard who hired these black shooters works.
Then later, this house, which has a DORy CIAlizard vibe, and might be where the person in that office resides. According to the White Pages, that house is where a Brenda H Perrone lives, whom i suspect is the GF of the office guy. Then another house which i have lost the link to, which was associated with the lizardly Jeanne Barrousse.
Subsequent to that, we have been clearing out a bunch of U CIA all around the Metairie/New Orleans area.

(8:15pm) No chem at all here today, nor any kind of clouds, except for the stuff off in the distance earlier.
Some rain chances for the next 3 days, so i expect in the morning it will be chemmed up... unless my new stuff works miracles. So far, very harmonious energy since i deployed that stuff. Some mild attacks on me, but nothing much.

I was reading some stuff on Franz Erdl's site psitalent. He doesn't see some things that are painfully obvious to me, but he does perceive some important things that i can only see with great difficulty.
He mentions something about people's lower back pain sometimes being due to something bad in the earth somewhere. I realized my chronic mild lower back ache was connected to an area east of Waco, TX. Worked on clearing that area of CIA bases, etc.
Finally after some hard digging i realized there were bunches of large-eyed short Rigelian grays still there! And all were snake-possessed. So we've been clearing out their snakes.
I've probably got a bunch more places attached to my lower back.

May 15, '13: (8:30pm) Yep, it seems my back knows things that i normally miss, about evil ET bases. Now it is becoming another way of dowsing; tracing what location my back is upset about.

And sure enough, today was chem-haze everywhere, and i got attacked harder. Only got a few drops of rain. 50% chance tonight. Looks like something heading this way on the map.

May 16, '13: (7:45am) Just started getting a bit of lite rain.

More contrived lizard bullshit: When Rick was horribly maimed in Afghanistan, Leanne insisted their wedding went ahead. It seemed a joyous affirmation of the power of love... Love, schmuv. Shapeshifting pedophiles don't love. I don't think there's one person in the wedding pic who's not a DORy reptilian hybrid.
The jerk knew damn well he was fighting for evil and could get injured or killed as he deserved. And the media lizards who put out this faux-romance garbage know damn well what's going on, too.

I found that titanium powder is available on eBay. I just ordered scrap dust which i feel is good enough for our purposes. This is much cheaper per pound than what that lady is selling shavings for. Also in the UK there's a guy selling 10 kilos shavings for 95+50 BP which is about $226 US. He says he'll send it to the US for that.
I think the new PRG program would be awesome for TBs, CBs, jailers, grid-blasters, etc. A thick layer is going into this jailer i'm still working on.

(9:30am) Still drizzling.

When i was a kid, it used to be that people in other countries looked to America as an efficient, intelligently-run country where ordinary everyday things functioned unlike in "developing" countries.
But now the shapeshifting pedophiles are climbing all over themselves to demonstrate who can be the stupidest all-American arbitrarily tyrannical reptard around.

I was just at the local PO. The USPS is run by these brainless child-raping terminal lizard parasites.
I had money orders, Postal money orders, totalling $475. I wanted to buy a money order for around 570 for another batch of epoxy. Guess what? The PO will not accept their own money orders in payment, because they are not allowed to accept "checks" and money orders are "checks". Period.
Small town POs don't have much cash on hand, especially in the morning, so i knew i wouldn't be able to cash them. Which is why i wanted to use them up to buy another MO. I had done this in the past no problem. But now a new rule is in place. Yes, postal MOs can be cashed at the PO, and the cash can then be used to buy another MO, but if they have no cash to cash them, then the transaction cannot take place.

Neither soulless Earthling employee there seemed to think there was anything ridiculous about the situation, either. They are totally indoctrinated into obedience to the letter of the rules, no matter how nonsensical. The guy even phoned his senior in another town to confirm that he was acting correctly.

(9:50am) Still watching TV? Watching TV Makes Your Brain Cells Go Nuts, which is not so remarkable by itself, but when you factor in the alpha-state hynosis factor, and who is making the TV shows...

Last time i "watched" TV was on my way home from VA a few months ago. I was in a motel in SW KY and briefly flicked through the channels for grins. There were dozens of channels, and every single program showed only 100% shapeshifters, except for 1 old movie which had half the actors Earthlings. Even the bowhunting show just had a bunch of shapeshifters.

Watching bits of TV at my mom's house, occasionally there are a few Earthlings, mostly in nature shows and some foreign films.

(1:10pm) Wand adjustment: for some time i have been blasting east through Nashville, Knoxville, Greensboro, Norfolk, and out way into the Atlantic.

I just looked at the drought monitor which shows the eastern 1/2 almost of the country as being fairly OK, but some "Exceptional" droughts out west. So i just re-oriented my wands toward Aztec, NM, which is a bit north of due west from me.

Why Aztec? Aside from it being a very freaky CIA/NSA town, that's where Elizabeth lives. Last i heard she was having such eyesight trouble that she could hardly use a computer anymore. But in terms of energy attacks, she was doing better. It feels cleaner on the map. Also a few weeks ago
3 deer came and laid down under a shady tree all day facing our apt. I've never seen deer in the daytime, so that alone was odd, but then also none of the dogs in the neighborhood barked for several hrs. The dog in the yard next to them surely had to see and smell them, and usually goes nuts over everything, but he and all the others stayed perfectly quiet all day... I've felt so much better since their appearance.
(8:30pm) Still drizzling. Wunderclones missed it on the temperatures; we had another cool afternoon. And damp. Lit a small fire.

Most dubious story i've read all day: Dzhokhar Tsarnaev left note in boat he hid in, "sources say".

And more play-acting manufactured distractions: ... mushrooming scandals, the White House..., pretty-boy "CIA agent busted by FSB", Angelina-clone allegedly has breasts chopped off; there is never an end to the theater.

March 17, '13: (8:35am) Still misting faintly. Supposed to get to 84 F today, but it's still cool now.

Ah, the CIA explains the Angelinaclone scam. Luckily, the ACLU (American CIA Lizards Unlimited) in concert with an apparently legit group, the Public Patent Foundation, have filed a suit against Myriad Genetics. I kinda feel like the Myriad lizards have already prepared to return to the earth to be replaced by clones; a lot of that going on lately.

Also, Prison Planet is promoting SkyderALERT, which i haven't really scoped out yet, but seems to be an honest effort. ChemmerBuster will strive to suck up on the info stream.

(6:30pm) [Got total of 0.3" off this system.] The sun did come out, along with chem-clouds and some real clouds. The chem is swirling and shrinking a little bit overhead.
It did get up to maybe upper 70s briefly here, then cooled back down.
Huge hawk got my attention by (deliberately?) making a loud swooshing sound overhead. Then a few minutes later connected with me mentally before coming into view again; i strongly sensed an animal presence and then there he was.

May 18, '13: (6:35pm) Foggy, overcast all day. Wunderclones predicted 90 F but luckily they were way off again, and it only got to the mid-70s.

I completed and set up another smallish CB; see OTB 42.

May 19, '13: (5pm) Colorado sheriffs sue over new gun restrictions. They seem to be for real, unlike all the high-profile CIAlizard phony gun-rights advocates. Four of the 7 sheriffs in the pic are even ensouled.
But check out this reptarded, lying, CIA statement:
"As a parent who lost my son Alex at the Aurora theater shooting, I ask these people to put themselves in my place," Tom Sullivan said in a statement. "I do not understand why these politicians [i.e. the sheriffs] are picking guns over people."
For one thing, no-one got hurt in the Aurora "shooting".

I have a bit of a headache because the "boss" demons are attacking me from near Earth.
Antuvozy has been programming this big jailer i'm working on, and it is very powerful, so the demons are suicidally upset. When i wand the sky, instead of the usual physical craft, i feel these demons 20-80 miles out.

(5:55pm) Finally jailed them all near Earth, and they have fallen back to attacking me from Abell 2218.

To get rid of them, i had to lie down on my back with a powerful wand/jailer on my heart center aiming upwards, and use it to broadcast my love for Antuvozy, whom they were also attacking. That tore them up. Love is poison to demons. Not love directed at them, but love between good beings. This is why they always try to dullen, distort, and ruin mutual love relationships of any kind.

May 20, '13: (7:45pm) This morning i turned my wands southward to Conway, Little Rock, New Orleans, Central America, Ecuador, Peru... then spent the day on a busting/shopping trip to Conway.

BTW lately thousands of our green rept allies have been reaming S America real well, getting lots of CIA U bases, ETs, etc.
And 40 ships of 20 green repts each were working Conway with me (preceded me there in fact), as well as a couple craft of our new Arp 271 allies (see May 1) and some other ET allies at times.
Conway actually doesn't have that high a % of shapeshifters. Didn't see a one in the laundromat, Lowe's, Home Depot, or Walmart. But there are still lots of evil hairless repts underground, plus who knows what that i haven't identified. Bases are still being taken out under the city now.

I don't know where they shop, but Conway does have a chunk of the population in shapeshifters. They seem to mostly cluster together geographically, especially in this area.

May 21, '13: (8:35am) Yesterday was overcast and warm. Now it's cool again. Last night the forecast was 60% rain chance, up to 0.9" possible. We've had wild thunderstorms. Got 1.7" so far and it just started back up.
Meanwhile, there have been recent tornadoes to the west: Oklahoma Tornado: 20 Children Among at Least 51 Dead, 'Horrific' Damage. Humm, right in the path of where i was blasting a couple days ago. But i tend to put the blame more on all the flared up CIA U bases around OK now, especially under OK City and around the southern border of the state.
I am not detecting transmitters, but there may be some. The fact that all these CIAlizards are so DORy suggests some kind of recent, intense, group black magic.
But it makes them very detectable, and the allies will mop them up. Literally millions of CIAlizards gave up their lives for this. I don't see the logic of it. Why are such vast resources constantly expended to covertly manipulate the reality of relatively few people? What is the payoff? If i was making this stuff up, i could invent better.

(11:25am) Turned my wands back west toward Tucson, which is a bit south of due west from me. This is also roughly the direction that this storm is coming from. Strong rain again now.
Also Tucson is a key place we've been working on for years.
I hope to see that dark stuff on the drought map shrink as the summer progresses...

(11:30am) Woops, no, i thought i was aiming them at Tucson, but actually they are again aiming at Aztec. That's what felt right.
I do have Tucson on my hit list, though.

May 22, '13: (8:35pm) Got a total of 2.6" off that rainy spell. Today was dry and warm with mostly hybrid clouds.

Finally completed a demon jailer i've been working on for many weeks.

It is 9" wide and 20" tall.

May 23, '13: (1:30pm) Now i'm working on a top piece for it.

More weird lizard crap: the deceased Matt Damon's clone, co-founder of, is taking a stand for the water crisis. In the first vid he makes toilet humor to a mass of lizard actors. It goes right over my head; i didn't get the jokes.
Then the 2nd vid consists of several satanist shapeshifters making illuminati jokes.

* * * *

MKULTRA CIA pedophile group: World Vision. The president's website at this time flaunts him holding MPD little kids.

And World Vision teams up with Save the Children, another CIAlizard group.
This article CHARITIES RUN BY THE SPIES? shows a couple Save the Children ads that show MPD sex slaves.

May 24, '13: (3:25pm) Wonderfully temperate weather today. Clear sky except for occasional bits of faded chem. I did see a spray-drone going over my cabin, but its trail got wasted.

Outstanding CIA rhetoric: Adam Kokesh Calls on American Revolutionary Army to March on 50 State Capitols. Right on. If you want to donate to CIAlizard N.A. Poe or CIAlizard Adam Kokesh, there are convenient links.
“The time to sit idly by has passed. To remain neutral is to be complicit... the line in the sand has been drawn between the people, and the criminals in Washington, D.C..." Like wow, count me in.

May 25, '13: (7:35am) Weird. On the 13th i mentioned that Bob Wright was CIA, but not a shapeshifter (as far as i can tell, anyway). Then yesterday i noticed he was DORy. He had been replaced by a shapeshifter clone! (Not clone of himself, but stock clone morphed to look like him.) And the clone is very MPD. I could feel CIAtanists somehow influencing him from 80+ U bases.

Then just now he still had an evil vibe, and i realized he had a huge etheric implant in his solar plexus, which i removed. Then found more in throat and groin. I suspect he has a few physical implants, too.
The original Bob seems dead, but i don't know how he died. And i don't know why his replacement has all this DORy occult baggage. This is unusual. What purpose could it serve?

* * *
Vaccine Injured African Children Used as Lab Rats.

May 26, '13: (3:15pm) Chem-clouds and real clouds. 30% chance of rain, say the wunderclones. Got a sudden little shower just before 3, and it looks like more is headed this way.
Yesterday late afternoon it got very chemmy, including spray-drones trying to lay some down nearby.

Another CIAlizard RV teacher: Gerald O'Donnell of ARVARI. I've been hitting him since yesterday with impunity. C'mon, remote-influence me, dood.

More CIAlizards: ReverbNation and Core of a Virus.

May 27, '13: (7:30am) Another one: Dr. Paul Craig Roberts.

Well, durn it, we didn't really get any rain to speak of. Next few days supposed to be dry.

So what is up with this Woolwich murder thing?
It seems to be another acting skit, but almost all the actors are soulless Earthlings. The only shapeshifters i've spotted so far are:
  • The woman in the top pic here sitting on her butt with a grey sweatshirt on.
  • In the very bottom pic here is a guy with his legs apart, wearing a dark jacket and light pants.
  • Ingrid Loyau-Kennett.
  • This article mentions "In recent months Adebowale had begun seeing a woman who had converted to Islam two years ago and wore a headscarf to cover her hair."
All these lizards seem to be MI.
Beyond that i'm not sure of much. Is the "victim" Rigby actually dead? Well, as much as i blast him, i get no vibe kicked up, for whatever reason. One possibility is he was already killed shortly before the incident, and an actor stood in for him.

"Michael Adebolajo may have joined MI5 because of what Moslems were doing to his fellow Christians in Nigeria." Except of course it has been CIAlizards who control the shapeshifting Boko Haram Al-CIAduh "Moslems".
"Michael Adebolajo was arrested in Kenya under suspicion of being at the centre of a CIA-al-Qaeda-inspired plot in 2010."
"The father of the alleged 'Woolwich terrorist' Michael Adebowale is a diplomat. He works for the Nigerian High Commission and lives in a flat just yards from Holloway prison." WTF is a Nigerian High Commission? If you google it, a lot of these come up in various countries. The website of the UK one shows the London High Commissioner, a shapeshifting black magician.

Mostly clear here this morning, with lite chem-puffs going by, shriveling noticably from the orgone.

Skylar Neese Murder: Rachel Shoaf's Plot To Kill Classmate Shocks Town
Two odd things about this. Shoaf is a shapeshifting satanist. And the other girl who helped her, Sheila Eddy, is not even mentioned in most articles on this. And i couldn't find a pic of her. "The other girl's identity is, for now, shrouded by the confidentiality of juvenile court." But i doubt she is a shapeshifter or satanist.

May 28, '13:(11:40am) Lotta cotton-candy chem-clouds yesterday of the shreddable kind. Then in late afternoon, heavy white-out and haze. Today, more chem-smear all over here.

Oh yeah, i keep forgetting to mention, i believe i caught a glimpse a couple nights ago of some of the "boss demons" in Abell 2218. They seem to be non-physical human females, and rather plain-looking.

And, i figured out that some ETs that have been hassling Bal for a long time are all over the Great Bear area. They are physical but have astral bodies and astral junk we've been jailing.

May 29, '13: (6:25pm) Yeah. Been jailing them a lot. This morning some of them were rushing me in their astral bodies. They couldn't really do anything in the few seconds before the jailer got them, but i kept feeling their malevolent presences watching me.

And just a little while ago, Durkistan found the location of some other ETs that have been harrassing Elizabeth. They are all around the area of the big O here.
These don't seem to have astral bodies.

(7:10pm) Another DORy shapeshifter: Pro Dowser Dr Larry Babcock. He had hundreds of U bases kick back at me.

Dr. Mercola does some sleuthing: Front Groups Exposed— ... Manipulate Public Opinion About Junk Food, GMOs, and Harmful Additives

Been having more temperate weather. Ran the air conditioner last night for a few minutes; first time this year.
Heavy chem, spraying. Some rain chances next couple days.

Weird. I was reading this article Birmingham murder may have been racially motivated, say police, about the stabbing death of a Mohammed Saleem in Birmingham, UK around the first of this month. Supposedly the perp was caught on camera. I was googling around in vain hoping to find the pic of him, and stumbled on this article dated 25 Sep 2012 about a Mohammed Saleem Khan who was murdered in Birmingham, too... by stabbing.
Anyway, i suspect the more recent murderer is a shapeshifting male who lives here, and works for MI.

May 30, '13: (12:15pm) And speaking of suspicions, i suspect that the perv who abducted Jessica Heering [correction: Jessica Heeringa] (ensouled) has her in his house here.

And i suspect the guy who executed policeman Jason Ellis lives here.
Bardstown does not seem to have many shapeshifters. Naturally, the city council is composed of shapeshifters, but only 4 or 5 of the cops are. Now, Chief McCubbin is not one, but has a weird vibe, and i suspect he has some criminal involvment with the hit man and the hit.
Also this bldg is a place they frequent, and there may be shady goings-on there.

(2:45pm) This morning i turned my wands back down toward Houston/Lufkin/MX City. Now i'm getting thunder, lightning, rain. It appears most of the storm has been going to either side of me today, but now i'm getting some.

CIA in Quito, Ecuador: I found this bldg in a shopping center. Feels like 60 CIAlizards come and go there. My contact in town says "It is a Golf club managed by the Air force and army from my country.. I think only people related to the air force and army goes there. Not open to general public, must have a membership."

May 31, '13: (8:25am) By nightfall last night i had only gotten about 1/4" of rain, and the forecast for the night was 50%. I figured i got ripped off again. It looked as though the rain had been avoiding me to either side.
But in the middle of the night i was woken by loud thunder and driving rain. Got a total of 5"! And it was strong enough to cut trenches into my gravel driveway.
Now it's supposed to get into the upper 80s today. If it does, it will be quite muggy.
30% chance of rain today, 70% tonight, 80% tomorrow.

Former Secret Service satanist lizard now working for the CIA: Dan Bongino, champion of gun rights.