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Loohan's blog for May, 2014
May 1, '14: (8:10am) My new "wand", which i call my "taser".

Last night i found that all the other evil ET races that have an astral phase also lust for this thing. And it is fairly effective on purely etheric demons, too. Not long after i went to bed, we had whittled the attackers down to only Bigheads, who were only "attacking" in relatively subtle ways. And the same goes for this morning. Still working on the Bigheads.

So is anyone still being attacked? I am trying to clear attackers away from other people, too, but if you are aware of any such evil ETs, feel free to connect them to this device. Or connect the victim to the device.

(11:40am) Alrighty, what about the latest CIA shoot-em-up media event? Most obviously, Geddy Kramer has strong MPD vibe even though dead. Dad has CIAlizard vibe.

I watched the vid in this article. (Side note: Carol Sparge was already replaced by a clone.)
The police spokeslizard is a CIA asset, as is the lizard Dr he introduces.

Cobb County police chief is CIAtanist SSer, as are his deputies and 6 rangers.
Presumably the spokesman in the vid is Sgt. Dana Pierce. Oddly, doing a google search, i noticed him mentioned in this article on the site of that deceased Schlussel schlutt. I strongly suspect Janeela was set up and executed; she may have been innocent.

Daddy is another crummy actor.
Christopher Sparkman and wife are both satanist CIAlizards.
Awaiting images of the other alleged victims.

May 2, '14: (3:55pm) Another CIA MKULTRA victim: Larry Gillette.

SSer: Jack of Pillar of Light. He even flaunts his lizard eyes.

I've been feeling pretty good the last couple days. But the Bigheads have been torturing Mordok and corrupting Bal's attempted pours as well as the guy's in Renton.
Also last night and the night before i was confronted with a few real hard-to-get rid-of entities, which required a few minutes of focused work with my tools.
Also, all the erotically-enthused suicidal ETs were done up that first evening. Since then the taser is still pretty effective, but they no longer volunteer to harmlessly dive into oblivion.

May 3, '14: (5:05pm) Warm afternoon in the 80s. Some long chemtrails. Was getting hammered for a while by Bigheads, but then apparently thrashed them back into apathy.

Offworld CIAlizards are able to constantly prolifically re-inhabit certain spots due to some kind of large portals that i have not been able to get a handle on myself. For example, the guy in Queens was always getting hit by fresh CIA in the Langley and Leesburg, VA areas.
Then a few weeks ago Thorp's ET friend Natan worked on them, and apparently fixed those spots, but then another one "sprung up" in between the old ones.

Meanwhile Natan has been working on Lagos for a week or so. Yet CIA keep oozing in. It now seems narrowed down to this lozenge-shaped area.

(6:30) Most of the houses in this area, dozens of them, contain black magicians in the employ of the CIA / Lagos mafia. They are attacking my friends.

(6:40pm) And a comparably vile neighborhood in Bristol, England. The marked house is where 3 satanists live that were throwing demons at my friend.

May 4, '14: (3:40pm) Even warmer today.

Got attacked by Bigheads a lot today, then the #1 Draco took over for a while. Yes, they are attacking again. Also the BHs and #1's have been attacking the people in Lagos.
The #1's that are left are not erotically aroused by my taser, and are harder to terminate.

(3:55pm) I tracked down, as ultimately being behind the attacks on those people in Lagos, some repts i wrote about Jan. 11:
Some way nasty ETs messing with Bal: i think they are 5' reptilians. You can catch their vibe in NGC 6050 and here.

(5:30pm) For some reason, today i suddenly started sensing Sandy Hookers more strongly, driving by at work. And after work i found lots of U bases and tunnels that seem to be predominantly inhabited by them.

One of those things that doesn't make sense: why are they all under the lighter green area on this map? From Natchez, LA to Cape Girardieu, MO, that lighter green area is where we are finding their tunnels.
Now look at the New Madrid Fault Zone, which the CIA (Webre, etc.) claims is going to be flooded and divide the continent.
The AR section of the fault zone is also where we found the highest concentration of evil sasquatch underground. And endless CIA bases.
They have an appetite for danger, or is something else going on?
The topo feature is not working for me, but from driving through parts of this area, it is flattish lowland with lots of SSers on the surface. Caruthersville is about 99% SSer and 98% satanist. Just north of there, Hayti is not much better. These towns couldn't be in a more dangerous seismic place, supposedly.

(6:30pm) I just updated OTB 44 with an ass-kickin' project for resin-pourers.

May 5, 2014: (5:55am) I just realized that those same NGC6050 repts are behind the attacks on the guy in Queens, as well. And who else is being persecuted by them? It is hard to tell because they tend to be very cloaked, working through other ETs. One really has to dig hard to find the connection.
They are involved in Mordok's persecution, as well.

Russian Orthodox CIA MPD op: ORPR Youth Camp (another site), (list of dead CIAlizards recently replaced by clones).
Orthodox Christian Camp Clone Association.
Assembly of Bishop Clones.
Before posting, i waited until all the perps connected with this are suicided, but the program will continue, running on clones.

(7:10am) #1's hitting me again now.

NSAlizards: Saajid Muhammad Badat and Nizar Trabelsi.

I can't quite buy this tale: Meet the young Minnesota woman whose gut instinct prevented a high school massacre planned by teen 'who idolized the Columbine shooters'. Schellahas, LaDue, and prosecutor Brenda Miller all feel like totally phony, soulless Earthling actors.
And these cops are DORy satanist CIAlizards.
Hmm, turns out red iron oxide is not only good for orgonite, but also bombs. All the more reason to stock up ;-)

May 6, '14: (10:40am) Demonstrating the agency's good taste as usual, CIAlizard Celebrates Her "Cool" Alleged Abortion on YouTube.

Yet another CIAlizard: Outsider [sic] Juan Carlos Varela wins Panama election. Somehow this guy avoided being replaced by a clone so far. I give him a few days at the most for correction to occur.

Another such Vatican-controlled lizard who is still inexplicably alive: Andriy Parubiy.

(Yawn) Another example of "random violence": Veterans Affairs Hospital Shooting. Moore strikes me as a soulless Earthling actor, probably not MPD. Likewise Paul Burnside, the NSA alleged victim.

The staff at the Dayton center are all NSAlizards. And all the staff and doctors at the Good Samaritan place are satanist SSers.

(12:15pm) Somebody asked me about RAF Rudloe Manor. Without even reading the article, i noticed lots of MI SSers, clones, many varieties of repts and other ETs, Sandy Hookers, synthetics... and a tunnel going NW to this rural MI complex in Chipping Sodbury, Badminton, South Gloucestershire. I am not detecting the rumored tunnel to London.
There is also a tunnel south to another U base, next to the Yeovilton airport, and from there, to another one under Fareham, Hampshire.

(2:30pm) Very DORy NSA bldg of evil: 330 west 51st street brooklyn.

So what's up with the abducted Nigerian schoolgirls? On April 15 i posted that i felt them underground here. Later i had impression they were being marched underground a bit NE to around here but then trail seemed to fizzle or disperse. The schoolgirls have no souls, and the low-echelon Boko Harum drones are not very DORy, so it is hard to get much of a read.
Then several days ago i read that some of the girls had escaped, but according to their testimony, they were being trucked to another spot a bit south of where i felt some in that U base. I couldn't get much of a vibe off that spot.
Now a kidnaping of 8 more girls has been reported, from the village of Warabe. About 8 miles east of that school is Keraoua, a town with many CIAlizards on the surface, and we are also clearing a bunch out from underneath. That funny round mountainous area just west also had plenty U bases. I suspect the 8 girls are on the surface in town; they feel alive. But i don't get enough of a vibe to pinpoint them.

(2:55pm) Those NGC6050 repts are super nasty and high up in the heirarchy of evil. And there are lots more of them around Sirius A.

(5:30pm) At this time, i am finding many satanists underground doing dog-sacrifice rituals with kinky sex. Executive types, anyway.

(9:20pm) Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou, reptards, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou, all you lizard slime, thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou!
Dig this. Decent ensouled Earth girl gets groped by illegal alien pervert nazi cop on steroids, reflexively elbows him, and what does the precious Assistant District Attorney Reptilian Erin Choi say?
that McMillan's claims were "heinous," the Village Voice reported, and that the woman "might as well have said that aliens came that night and assaulted her."
Thankyouthankyouthankyouthankyouthankyou. Such a clever inside joke.
I guarantee that all shapeshifting reptilians who are not complicit with this shit, will not be harmed by the allies. The rest of you, thankyouthankyouthankyou.
You could have accomplished this in much more tasteful and elegant ways, e.g. merely going underground and notifying Lt. Veo, in which case your euthanasia would have been relatively painless, but, masochists that you are...
Thank you!
This shifts the, shall we say, karmic relationship, significantly.

(9:35pm) Hyuck! Exclusive Videos: Fed's 260K Acre Land Grab At Vail Lake. CIAlizard Ben Swann's site has a synthetic reporter who interviews other synthetic CIA agents.
"Freedom is in our DNA," Johnson said. "It's in our souls..." Hyuck!

April [May] 7, '14: (7:15am) To attempt to clarify about McMillan farce and its ramifications, i just strongly feel that this was a magical act on the part of the darkside to damage themselves greatly. There is just something about this unbroken sequence of lies, injustice, and bold flaunting thereof, that somehow accomplishes what so many other, even much worse, injustices had not quite done yet, collectively.
At least, that's what i strongly feel.

You have races of shapeshifting reptilians illegally take over, under false pretenses galore, a planet. They deliberately create all kinds of horrible injustices so that any decent people would be flushed out. They even create and organize the opposition to themselves (in this case, the CIA-led Occupy movement).
So then when decent people follow the controlled opposition, they unleash abusive, rapist cops on them, who have been assured that they can get away with just about anything.
So a lizard parasite cop takes liberties with a nice responsible ensouled girl who got sucked into the controlled-protest scam. He gets rightfully elbowed, being incompetent at defending himself against a girl, despite drawing good pay as someone allegedly trained to protect himself and the public from hard criminals on city streets.

Do the lizard cowards stop there, embarrassed? If they did it would not be suicidal enough. No, they abuse her more, arrest her, lie in their corrupt "justice" system.

The pedophile felon Choi then says
It is time for the defendant to answer for her own criminal actions. Our founding fathers did not create a right to free assembly so people could commit crimes and hide behind their right to protest. This is a sacred right that should be preserved and protected.
Not one iota of honesty, justice, or fairplay anywhere on the horizon here. Just a blatant chain of twisted, overt, lies. Total sleaze every millimeter of the way, at least according to this Reptilian Times article, which i suspect is accurate.

She could be sentenced for several years, forced to eat GMOs and drink fluoride, be molested, vaccinated, poisoned, and tortured at great taxpayer expense, while overpaid, deranged cops who kill innocent people for no reason so often get (conspicuously) no punishment.

And all the other pedophile shapeshifters are complicit with this. None stood up and said, "Whoa, this has gone too far. We don't want to cross this line." And none of them would have distanced themselves from this if they could have. So this reflects on the entire collective.
All of them have declared that ensouled Earth girls have no right to defend themselves from sexual abuse by reptilian predators. Any resistance will be harshly dealt with, with money stolen from the public.
It is time for them to answer for their own criminal actions. And i sense that somehow, they will.

(6:55pm) Turn and face the strange changes. Today i did not get attacked by the usual drive-by satanists at work. Maybe they ran out? They never survive long enough for another day's work. For a while i thought i was getting hit by drive-by's, but then i realized i was being spoofed by the #1 Draco. The #1's and the NGC6050's have been steadily hitting me weakly all day, pretty much.

Then i see a poster for the local CIA music entrepreneurs. In the past, they have exclusively booked reptilian bands, but now they have come up with exclusively Earthlings as far as i can tell, for a festival this Saturday.
Maybe the lizard musicians refuse to come to my overly-orgonized town anymore.

(7:45pm) Nigeria militants killed "hundreds" in remote village, allegedly. But i have some doubts whether this actually occurred. We know that sometimes the CIA actually does massacre people, and other times they just pretend to.

So far there seems to be a dearth of photographic evidence of this alleged atrocity. But i found a faked pic that Google claims comes from this older story: Boko Haram Members Kill 19 In Borno. Maybe the site took it off because it was too obviously phony. AK-47s yet not one ounce of ketchup? These actors feel alive to me.

May 8, '14: (9:25am) Cop elbowed in eye by Occupy protester repeatedly mentioned wrong eye in testimony. May have been a deliberate psy-op.
BTW the Alah-kur made quick work of this cop, the judge, etc.; 22 "people" that night. However that is nothing compared to what the overall repercussions will be, i feel.

According to an April 17 article, Islamists freed kidnapped Nigerian schoolgirls. The 17th was probably the day their trail seemed to disperse for me. But is the article true? I don't know.

Extreme black magic confronted this morning: The Integral Living Room. NSAtanist SSers. I got spells laid on me (which 'Vozy had to pry loose) just for opening the site. They had a spell mechanism to thus victimize anyone checking them out. 'Vozy is still working on breaking spells on hundreds of their dupes.
How people can be attracted to something so overtly, aggressively evil and DORy mystifies me.

(?) If anyone can find the elusive alleged youtube video of Cecily McMillan striking the lizard cop, please send me the link.
Medical notes from two hospital visits on the night of the incident were seen to support the state's allegation that McMillan had invented her injuries, the juror said. That's a lizard hospital, wherever it is, staffed with lying repts i am blasting.

(11:35am) 'Vozy broke spells on 778 victims of the "integral" satanists.

Exceedingly sinister site: Disney's Club33.

Synthetic hippie meets black SSer.

(12:55pm) More contrived media infotainment: 'Cannibal cop' cooking breakfast and lunch for inmates, guards in lower Manhattan prison. What do Valle, his wife, and mother all have in common? They are shapeshifting reptilians.

His trial was a media sensation, with tearful testimony from his wife and four other women who had appeared on his list.
I'll bet.

"I think about my granddaughter every day."
I'll bet. Well, you'll just have to make do with the sphincters of your fellow inmates, meanwhile, pal.

(6:40pm) If you have an interest in solar photovoltaic systems, you should check out this free e-book from the Bedini people.

Ah, yes, now to re-visit the Madeleine McCann saga. If you've been following Spivey's take on this, you know that Stephen Birch claims to believe he found Maddie's remains in someone's driveway. And there is all this controversy going on about the driveway, whether to dig it up, etc. not to mention Birch's crime of trespassing.

I would be most highly surprised if her bones were found there.

The facts as i feel them:
  • Birch is a shapeshifting reptilian.
  • Murat (owner of said driveway) is a shapeshifting reptilian.
  • Gonçalo Amaral is a shapeshifting reptilian. (There are plenty of pix of him on the web, all curiously less flattering than the one in Spiv's article here.)
  • The McCanns are not reptilian, as far as i can tell, but sleazy pedophiles connected to elite SSers.
Now, on Oct. 1, 2010, i wrote a couple paragraphs on the subject. I will now comment on those.
  • Jane Tanner is a soulless Earthling friend of the McCanns, and as such, not the most trustworthy witness.
  • Nevertheless, she may have been telling the truth about a man she saw carrying Maddie away.
  • The fancy villa i linked to was indeed inhabited by 5 satanist SSers a couple weeks ago when i re-checked this old info. Since then, they have gone underground and gotten killed and replaced by clones.
  • The other Earth location links were without vibe when i re-checked a couple weeks ago. The above-ground perps had moved on. Exception: the Peru link was actually a U base. We got some SSers down there.
  • The Hercules galaxy link is still to some evil ETs. And i still think there is some kind of tangential connection to the McCann case, although i have no idea what.
I believe the child was used for a while by elite satanists in Brazil, then sacrificed in ritual maybe around 2011. She would have still been ensouled then and hence useful for that purpose (although her soul extinguished since then).

I suspect this whole thing has been engineered for lurid, distractive, news-creation, with a side profit earned from the sale of the child.

But what about the dogs that allegedly smelled carrion or blood? (Video.) I suspect this was genuine, except that the blood was planted.

(8:10pm) It's been raining this afternoon.

And now i'm tangling with yet another race of evil reptilian ETs. They're getting the worst of it so far, hyuk.
They are around Cluster A1775 in the Bootes Supercluster.

May 9, '14: (9:20am) Got 1.8" of rain, yeah!

More contrived CIA hogwash: HGTV Cancels Show After Gay Reptilian Hosts Outed As Christian Conservatives. Puh-leaze.

And DE State Rep. Jeffery Spiegelman, despite being a CIA clone, "only had a couple of seconds to take a picture"

And Antiwar Rept. Clone Walter Jones Beats Neocon-Backed GOP "Rival"

Oddly DORy CIA shopping center in Towson, MD. I used to work construction right near there in 1975. I have shopped there. It has changed. Now google says it has a Walmart, Target, Toys-R-Us, all illuminati businesses. This place was linked by tunnel to Shepard Pratt hospital, which had CIA U base (and other issues).

(9:45am) Satanist SSer "healer": Nina Dul. She and her satanist husband work for the German military intelligence agency BND.

May 10, '14: (6:30pm) More lizard actors behaving absurdly: Jordanian journalists destroy desk in TV row over Syria.

#5 rept craft over Cancun.

CIAlizard site: Resistance 2010.

Don't bid, guys; she's had reconstructive surgery: Bids reach $800,000 to woman, 28, who is auctioning her virginity.

(7:50pm) BTW the other day we found bunches of NGC6050 U bases all over the Earth, and took out all we could find.
I am still being attacked by NGC6050ers from craft.

Also this evening we found a bunch of these repts: Austrian Cave Encounter, in Austria, but now they seem to be under all continents.

May 11, '14: (8:05am) Could use some help jailing astral pterodactyls. That's what i call them. They are reptilian bird demons that are all over Lagos, Nigeria, and who knows where else. If they come into your space you may see their yellow irises with vertical slit pupils.

(5:30pm) Those pterodactyls only have a wingspan of around 18" BTW.

Some more violent weather supposedly headed this way over the next 24 hours.
Yesterday and today at work, i did get hit by caravans of drive-by satanists, but only for brief periods compared to before.
Got hammered a bunch by #1's and other ETs today.

United We Lizards Stand. You Earthlings may sit and watch. Absorb our wisdom. And listen to our Native Alien Tribe.
Meanwhile, please send our reptilian CIA assets a bunch of fortifying orgone luv.

Hmm, i think someone asked me about March against Monsanto months ago, and i gave it a clean bill of health. But this Tami Anal Canal... she is of one of those ET types i did not de-cloak until Feb. 5.
I think Rosa Koire is alright, though. [Update: no, Rosa is some other kind of ET that i de-cloaked Aug. 18, 2014; same type as these, altho these have been replaced by clones now.] Ditto Diane Goldstein.
And David Bronner is not an SSer, merely a blood-drinking satanist. And Jill Stein is not SSer, just a CIA synthetic device.

(5:50pm) Oh hell, that United thing was yesterday, although only announced today that i knew of.

More scuffling clones: James Packer and David Gyngell's street fight. Looks like a new trend.

May 12, '14: (11:40am) CIAlizard Candidate For Governor In Florida Arrested For Driving Without A License.

Pics of SSer "Free Syrian Army" zionists. Only the guy in the center of 1st pic is not reptilian.
And Israel joins search for Nigerian schoolgirls.

Been getting attacked today by Bigheads in the galaxy on the right here, which i presume is IC 2163.

(7:50pm) Been getting some rain. Most of the storm has been passing north of me into MO, but a chunk of it could swipe me good in a while. Lots of mild thunder.

CIA MKULTRA school: Ina Arbuckle Elementary School in Riverside, CA. See all those houses around there? Mostly CIAlizards.
Board members.

Well, better unplug the PC before it gets fried by lightning.

May 13, '14: (8:45am) Gotta lotta rain, and it's still drizzling. Cooler. It's supposed to stay under 60 F today, and temps are supposed to be cool for several days. This is unusual this time of year. When i moved here May 1, 1997, it was 90 degrees, ticks were covering the parched ground everywhere, etc. I think that was the spring of the Chiapas rainforest fires. Now everything is moist and cool. I will need to bring my potted tomato plants in at night lest they get stunted.

Allen West does not feel repty to me, but is a satanist zionist Scottish Rite mason. Check out this reptard video on his site.

(11:25am) Another large and dangerous CIA proprietary: Dynamic Transfer Services in Ontario, CA.
I got onto them by tracking down a CIAlizard MKULTRA torturer going by the name of Emilio Sanchez. He is here now, at their huge complex.

May 19, '14: (7:30pm) OK, i am back online. In the last week i got 3.7" of rain, and burned down my cabin. Well, didn't burn it down entirely.

I moved back into my old cabin. I'm not homeless or anything.

I had a flue fire with my wood stove. Even though it was not very cold on the 13th, it was cool and damp and i wanted to dry up the area because i had had a water leak around the chimney where water had been dripping in. The leak had gotten fixed and i wanted to cook off any moisture in the attic. So i opened the windows and built a little fire.
I cooked it off real good.

Since my dad died, my mom has been more generous with the money and hence i had gotten a really nice little cabin built, which i had moved into a little more than 2 years ago. I really loved it.
When it came time to insulate the attic, i filled it full of cellulose insulation. They say to keep it a certain distance from the pipe, but i figured they were being extreme. How could a triple-wall stainless pipe ignite borate-saturated cellulose? You can't get it to burn with a lighter.

But then Tuesday i has my first flue fire in the time i had been in the bldg. There was a buildup of creosote and it burned slowly and quietly, but the black pipe was glowing in spots. At this point, i learned later, i should have squirted some water on the wood, which would cause steam to quench the fire.

At some point i realized the attic was on fire; way too much for my little extinguishers. I had to call the Fire Dept and they drenched the ceiling but then had to break all the ceiling board to release the cellulose, because cellulose holds smoldering fires. So the entire interior got buried in several inches of slop.

I saved my desktop PC. Almost none of my orgone devices were damaged. Just covered with cellulose/ash/drywall slush. It was a huge pain just moving all my projects and devices out after the fire.
The bldg is OK up to floor level at least. Some of the walls might be salvageable. The fridge, stove, water heater, toilet, plumbing, sink, range hood, and wood stove are all OK.

Meanwhile, another building had almost reached completion. This was intended for storage, sauna, winter grow room, etc. Right now i am typing from this bldg which just got electricity and phone line run to it. My fridge was moved in here too.

Also i still have my funky little original cabin, which is where i am sleeping now.
Also i have a little 10 X 16 workshop bldg with my resin, molds, etc. and that is still fine.

It was a race to shovel out all that wet muck before things start to mold. It looks like the foundation and floor at least are OK and we will be re-building. My mom is not happy about the development but it looks like she will come through.

Thanks to those who made a donation meanwhile.
I am way backlogged on my emails, and will catch up when i can.

May 23, '14: (5:25pm) Had some modem problems but am back online now.

It looks like the damage is less than i feared. All the drywall has now been ripped out so that the walls can dry out. Have had fans running non-stop. The walls should be mostly salvageable.

A few nights ago i became aware of these very dangerous little demons sent by the EHETs, looking like scorpions, centipedes, crayfish, snakes, etc. I haven't notice them in a couple days, though. Hopefully they are a thing of the past...
They would sometimes whip around a bit like mosquito larvae, and try to sting me. They were almost immune to jailing or the demon-disintegration orgone. But i found it effective to "throw" etheric metallic darts at them, specifically little spears or tridents. A volley of those would stop the demon it its tracks, and it would then fade out.

The Bighead demons might be extinct (again). At least, i have not noticed them in over a week.

The main thing i am noticing the last couple days is lots of spells on targeted people (including myself), from U bases (CIA, NSA, Danish PET, etc.) Some people had hundreds. Almost as soon as i remove the spells, more start replacing them.
You can call on Chainy to break spells. [Update: no, use Green Coil Turtle instead.]

Also last night i kept getting hit by multitudes of transmitters (CIA U bases, offworld NSA).

(5:30pm) Speaking of NSA, this neighborhood is chock full of satanist NSAlizards. The marked bldg has attackers.

(7:55pm) There is a race of reptilians above the EHETs in the heirarchy, empowering them. They seem to be primarily around the ear of Pegasus.
And there is another race of repts above that. They are around the mouth of Delphinus (visible in same pic).
Also i just realized, there are some other ETs around the center of this pic of Caleopardalis, which are comrades of the latter reptilians. These might be more insectile.

May 24, '14: (5:25pm) Also, as of the evening after the fire, the Elite Jesuits in Abell 2218 have been attacking again at times. Harder than usual this afternoon.

(7:50pm) Need to catch up on all the "events" that "happened" while i was offline. [Correction: the following "event" "happened" the night of the 23rd.] Like Two sorority sisters at UCSB named among victims of shooting rampage carried out by son of Hunger Games assistant director 'because he was a virgin at 22'. Uh, sure, i can believe that a CIAlizard would be a virgin at 22. Interesting that the alleged perp and the "victims" are CIAlizards. With typical finesse, the victims and perp were left alive and "hidden" in a U base in NW NV where they just now perished along with 80+ more CIAlizards and SHers.
Christian Rivas is another CIAlizard. So are the cops. So is Dylan Fontillas who commented below the article.

New, encrypted fully-anonymous email service: ProtonMail. You trust these lizards, don't you?

May 25, '14: (5pm) CIAtanist MKULTRA front: White River Health System. This South Annex strongly feels like a torture/ritual/rape center.

(5:05pm) My Queens friend reports having Bighead attacks all day yesterday. And my Renton, WA friend tried casting some more spheres, but they turned out corrupted by BHs again. Bummer.

(6:40pm) These BHs are centered in Pegasus.

May 26, '14: (8:30am) More flaunting: Judge in California orders serial rapist's release. What do the judge and Hubbart have in common? Hint: it's a genetic thing.
Gotta keep room in the jails for those dangerous Earthlings.

(1:35pm) I love the way they have no restraint on bad taste. Here, a lizard clone exalts nothing but more SSer scum: Not All Heroes Wear Capes: A Series Worth Upchucking Over.

Killing Pat Tillman: "Specialist" Trevor Alders is a CIAlizard. As is Noam Chompsky.
Woops, as soon as i blasted Alders, he scurried for the undergound.

Thailand: Coup Ousts US-Backed Dictator. Big change indeed. The 5 military lizards also work for the CIA. Like the author of this article.

Natan is still working on that Lagos portal. Now it is narrowed down to a small area here, which is roughly in the center of the pic i posted on the 3rd.

(3:30pm) Last night i had more of those tough demons that require darts to deflate. But this time they did not appear as creepy crawlies. The first appeared as a DORy attractive woman. Then later a few more amorphous ones. Now my friend in Renton is getting them. Sent by EHETs.

May 26, '14: (7:40am) I got more of those good-looking female demons last night. And the Renton guy got swarmed with these tough demons.

Dubious incarceration of lizard: Azerbaijan sentences political activist to jail.

That reminds me, i think Berlusconi, who is allegedly serving a prison sentence, is actually holed up in a cottage in Germany. And that on a weekly basis, he checks into this bldg, in part to receive his weekly allotment of cocaine for personal use.

(1:20pm) Extremely dangerous satanist MIB "healing" cult: Quantum Energetics. There is a list of practitioners but only about 1/3 are SSers.
Some people attended a seminar in UK [correction: Italy] and got vamped, implanted, spells, demons, all kinds of messy black magic phenomena. Mostly by 2 satanist MIB shills pretending to be attendees. But the founder is also a satanist MIB, and they work together.

(7:05pm) Raining lightly.

NSA drug op: Aserca Airlines running out of Simon Bolivar International Airport in Venezuela (which had huge NSA base under it), shipping to Bradley International Airport in Windsor Locks, CT (which had big NSA base under it). Tunnel from airport to Brooks Brothers in Enfield, CT. NSA proprietary.

Brooks Brothers is the oldest men's clothier chain in the United States and is headquartered on Madison Avenue in Manhattan, New York City. -- Wikipedia
Their site.

There was also a tunnel from the airport to this area of Springfield, MA, which is mostly NSA bldgs.

May 29, '14: (3:20pm) Still been getting drizzly weather on and off.

I have doubts about how much truth this story contains: Top computer hacker 'Sabu' wins leniency, as Sabu is a SSer.

Another CIAlizard-run "grassroots movement": Global March Against Chemtrails And Geoengineering. Complete with ad hoc spectacular chem-bombs.

May 30, '14: (8:15) Still drizzling/raining/foggy. Guess i will have to spray my gutted cabin with bleach solution today.

Prisonplanet is all about Bilderberg today. Huge distraction. Those clones have absolutely zero policy-making authority, and are just there for show.
I even slowly moved my slider through this video Bilderberg Police Brutally Beat Reporters and Chase Cameramen but didn't spot any beatings. Please let me know if you find any i missed. There is a staged chasing of a cameralizard.

Another MPD victim: Football player and college student, 21, 'shot dead his 'perfect Christian' parents and 15-year-old sister' in their upscale Orange County home before killing himself. He went to this CIA school. And, just east of the school, conveniently near as can be expected, is a spacious DORy CIAtanist bldg for Endevco/Meggit. Endevco is a Texas Domestic For-Profit Corporation.

(2:55pm) Beware DORy blobs in your drinks: vid. Has nasty vibe that traces to #2 repts.

People keep emailing me about Adam Garcia, the kid with the crystal grids. Yes, they feel great and he's ensouled. No, i have not watched the vids yet.

Been getting sporadic showers.

(4:30pm) Big battle right now at Andromeda Galaxy: #1 Draco v Ta'l, Alah-kur, Venusians, etc.