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Loohan's blog for May, 2016

May 1, '16: (5pm) Got a brief, intense thundershower last night, about 1/10".

Yessir, Erdoclone is doing a great job of busting the repticlones in Turkey: Turkish journalist, TV channel editor detained over last year's tweets.

This weekend was another zoo experience at work. I no longer work Wednesdays; only weekends now.
Once again, endless agency werewolves, werewolf clones, MIBs, MIB clones, and other repticlones driving by hitting me faintly with channeled demons. Yesterday i even had a party of CIA repticlone drag queens come in the bakery. First 2 of them came in and futzed about then left after stinking up the place. Then later they came back with a 3rd, and farted around inside a while, then left again without buying anything. Ugly mofoes, too.

May 2, '16: (4pm) Cool and overcast today. Still occasionally getting NSA werewolf transmitter overflights.

Ah, how cute; another CIA repticlone v CIA repticlone distraction: Scientology church posts pic of leader's dad in Nazi attire. I have read very credible reports of Ron Miscavige being a rapist. Of course that was the original satanist SSer.

May 3, '16: (9:10am) Judge Orders Mother's Child to be Snatched Because She Believes in "Chemtrails". "Mommy" is a male CIA human clone. His FB account is closed to those who don't have CIA registration, so i can't find more pics of him nor his "daughter".

Growing List Of Celebrities Speaking Out About Chemtrails/Geoengineering. You know why that is, right? It's because celebs are your friends, there to help make a better world for us all :-]
Fortunately none of them have kids for the state to snatch away.

May 4, '16: (8:30am) So what about this story: 20 tasings in 30 mins: No charges for Virginia police officers over man's death in handcuffs. On the surface, i got no vibe. The alleged victim, his wife, the cops, none feel like agents. However, it just reads like a hoax. 20 tasings in 30 mins, yeah could happen, given the quality of many cops today, but seems unlikely in a case like this. White cops murder handcuffed black male, yeah, always a nice hot button. Trial, suit, big story.
But what really tripped my BS detector was how the handcuffed Lambert "ran out of the police squad car toward the hospital" and thus was tased a bunch more times.
What incredibly inept cops would thus lose control of a deranged, handcuffed prisoner? The way it works it this: the prisoner is LOCKED within the car. When they go to take him out, there are 3 cops there to use various techniques to RESTRAIN the prisoner so he can't bolt. They are TRAINED not to let people escape. They don't just open the car door and invite him to step out and follow them. Even 1 cop is supposed to be able to handle that.

OK, so the other govt figures in the story are repticlones. That is the norm, though, in the USA. The big red flag is that the slimy, obviously lying shyster for the alleged victim's family happens to be a CIA repticlone. He comes up around 0:54 on the 2nd vid. He is a terrible actor (deliberately?), and seems accustomed to telling lies that he doesn't even expect anyone to believe.
Then i realized that the 3 cops in the vid are NOT humans, but CGI. I have seen poor-quality security camera recordings before, but this looks different, cartoony. More importantly, the cops have zero vibe. They never existed. I'm talking about the 2nd vid. But then i decided to at least skim through the first vid. All these alleged security cameras have fairly poor definition. That may be the norm for security cameras. Clear enough to see what's happening, but the details a bit fuzzy. Lends itself very well to CGI.
At 7:20 in the 1st vid, we get to the part of Lambert being let out of the car. Riiight! He plows right through the inept officers, and sprints like a gazelle, leaving them far behind. The amazing power of cocaine, i guess. After that i didn't watch much.
What about Lambert? You can see a pic of him and his alleged sister on this page. No vibe off him or sis, either. No mention of a Linwood Lambert in Massachusettes on spokeo, nor of his alleged sister.

Every so often, the humans of this planet get treated to a story of repty politicians duking it out in session, because they are so emotionally involved in trying to do what they believe is right, given their widely varying ideologies and beliefs. Yeah.
The latest: Sri Lanka lawmakers engage in fist fight. You know that repticlone is injured because why else would he be lying there with a brace wrapped around his poor little neck?

They expect us to believe any far-fetched absurdities: Kenya busts ring of medics planning biological attacks.
The ringleader allegedly was Mohammed Abdi Ali, a medical intern at the Wote District Hospital. (I tried to find a pic of him but instead found this story about a purported victim (CIA repticlone) with almost that same identical name, who got murdered by 2 other CIA repticlones in Scotland.) I suspect this ringleader never existed, as i get no vibe there.

(2:05pm) I took another look at that pic of Lambert with sister. I'm no photoshop expert, but doesn't the margin of her dress look a bit odd where it meets his clothes? And his hip and leg seem to be pushing into her in an unnatural way. He also seems a bit casually-dressed for his sister's wedding. And his collar is not sitting squarely around his neck. Plus, this guy's face does not much resemble other pics of him.

(6:50pm) Strange hiatus in demons attacks i thought i'd mention. At the moment i'm not detecting any demons attacking anyone. Just an hour or 2 ago Rorg and i and many others were being bombarded. I was getting 99 species at a time on me, Vozy was deleting them right away, then 99 more, etc. non-stop.
Now they may be re-assessing their strategy. Unless a significant improvement has been acheived.
I'd like to believe they ran out, but ...

(8:50pm) Michigan man sprayed poison on food in several Ann Arbor grocery stores, FBI says. Guy is a FBI repticlone, so i guess he was easy to track down.

Hehe, i was kicking back and thought i'd check out this vid Vice is being so nice as to let people watch. See, it's a grass-roots, independently-produced retro thing that is a bit corny in a retro way, but at least genuine: Miami Connection. Vice just wants to be nice once in a while and turn us onto some harmless entertainment for a change. But where is that creepy vibe coming from?
Hehe, it did seem kinda like an OK indie violence film until about 11-12 minutes in when suddenly it's time for trannies, shapeshifting repts, Masons, and the vibe of the film gets nastier. I quit there. There is some kind of weird negative energy imbued in that film by some process.
I'm sure this sort of thing is pretty common in movies and video games. It's nasty.

May 5, '16: (8:10am) CIA debunks CIA: Remember that story i mentioned on the 3rd about a CIA repticlone tranny "mom" having "her child" snatched away because of "her" belief in chemtrails? Now Metabunk is debunking it.

And more CIA debunking CIA: #AleppoIsBurning Campaign Created by US and NATO. Marianne R. Bedoun is a male CIA human clone. Also ALL the "ladies" running the Karam Foundation are CIA repticlone drag queens.

And if you get off on this tranny stuff and have not yet dicovered my Tranny Spotting Forum, check it out. I out a lot of agents that are interesting not only for their gender-bendedness, but for their involvement in hoaxes, etc.

May 6, '16: (9:35am) Kinky. I was reading Former Clinton Mistress: Bill's Sexual Fantasies Inspired by His Mother, about the claims of an alleged former (human) mistress that Bill admitted "how he'd get aroused from massaging his mother's feet and how he would frequently dress in her clothing", which reminded me of the story i had read of Gandhi getting so aroused while massaging his father's feet that he had to run off and practically rape his wife. The more common version suggests he was aroused because his mind wandered to his wife despite being sensorially embroiled in his father's feet.

But, when you consider that both men and their parents were incestuous bisexual blood-drinking pedophile satanist shapeshifting reptilian Freemason agents of the Vatican, and that nothing about their alleged activities gets to be public knowledge unless it is deliberately made to, one must presume that these stories are fiction, yet obliquely disclose certain realities.

An Army Captain Takes Obama to Court Over ISIS Fight. What is this Capt. Nathan Michael Smith guy, CGI? I get no vibe off him. Also, there is no mention of him on google if you remove all references to "sues" and "obama".

LOL, leading-edge scientific advances: Scientists grow human embryo in lab for nearly two full weeks.
While it's possible that the embryo could have grown beyond the 13 days, laws in the UK, where the research was conducted, prohibit what effectively amounts to growing a human being in a lab for any longer than 14 days. More than that, and you could imagine that some pretty tricky ethical questions would start to emerge.

May 7, '16: (6:05pm) Some people are getting attacked by some etheric demon species again, but most attacks are from "solid" beings or those with at least a solid phase.

Been getting some heavy chem here the last 2 days.

A reader inquired about the UFO vid on this page. Ta'l craft! I took a still capture in case you don't feel like waiting all day for the choppy commercial to play first.
I think there are 8 Ta'l men in each craft.

CIA proprietary megacorporation: Church & Dwight. They even had a transmitter going at their MO location, blasting a reader.

Cute pic, purportedly of North Pole (but i have doubts) that i stumbled across. It is from the gallery on this page.

I'm surprised they did not put in a reptilian pupil.

() All CIA-repticlone video: ABC6: Bill Foley Returns to OhioHealth Grant Medical Center. This Foley clone was chopped up by one of them Allahu Akbar machete-wielders in a terrorist attack, you know. But he's back to playing happy music now. His musical skills are on a par with his acting skills.
Noticed a couple trannies. ABC's Mike McCarthy is one.

May 8, '16: (5pm) Sprinkling out. We are supposed to get close to an inch tomorrow.

Unlike the last 2 weekends, i did not get any particular gang-stalking at work this weekend.

That guy in Poland who sent the pic i posted April 19 of a Vicarah craft, has taken a better shot.
Also he inquired about this vid, which shows a craft of our Kur-dahn allies!
And in the right margin on that page, was a link to this vid, which feels like yet some other allies. I sense they are close allies of the Iargans.

May 9, '16: (10:55am) Big system fixin' to hit. Now the wunderclones are predicting over 1 inch.

An Egyptian Court Just Sentenced Two Al Jazeera Journalists to Death on Espionage Charges. Wow, can you believe that? I sure can't :-)

Another CIA human clone: the remorseless Eulalio Tordil. Milking that evil-cop psyop.

Something fishy about this story about Perlan 2 takes to the skies! Airbus glider ...
  • I have NEVER noticed any flying craft piloted by clones yet. This does not seem to be allowed yet. None of the airborne craft depicted here are clone-piloted, either.
  • All the "people" depicted here are repticlones, including the purported pilot.
  • "adventurer and aviator Steve Fosset" is a CIA repticlone.
Inquiry launched after West Point black female cadets raise fists in salute. Another obvious CIA skit. And we know they will flaunt it somehow in their pic. It is unfortunate, of course, that whoever took this pic only had a crummy cell-phone, so it is blurry. But that is common in hoax stories.
No repts, no trannies here, but... how many WHITE girls can you spot? Also, don't the 3 lower left girls all look pretty darn similar? They do not dowse as the common parentless human clones, yet i think they all have the same parents. Triplets, womb-grown, but i suspect not entirely naturally-occurring. Pretty young, too, to have so much sexual experience under their belts. (All these girls are MPD, of course.) Also, 2 of the white girls, with their limp hair parted the same way, are twins. Also the black girl top left, and the one below and to the left of her. And there's a dark-skinned girl, doesn't exactly look negro, far right, who has a twin nearby.
They are flaunting some reproductive experiments. Using a hoax to tangentially put the (blurry) evidence out there. You have been informed ;-)
And i apologize if i missed anything. Other than the obvious raised fists, i am not noticing any Masonic clues in the pic. If you notice any others, let me know.

(12:30pm) Raining.

Speaking of Masonic signs, it appears Fritz Springmeier is an agent of disclosure, too. I never suspected him because he's human and does not have a blood-drinker vibe.
So that's how he knows so much good info to share, not only about Project Monarch, but clones, robotoids, synthetics...

This story has BS vibe: Over 50 dead in massive explosion in Afghanistan as 2 buses crash into fuel tanker. Not being a photoshop expert, i was unable to find any evidence of tampering. But the pose of the guy in dark blue is bizarre and unnatural. Why is his right arm caught under the other guy's wrist, and why is his right hand slapping the guy's pelvis?

Another CIA hoax: Innocent Man Stands Up To Entire SWAT Team Raiding His Home With No Warrant -- He Wins. Um, first of all, SWAT teams seldom raid CIA repticlones like the heard-but-not-seen Mr Bigmouth here. Secondly, they don't politely knock. They throw flash-bang grenades through the windows a few seconds before they obliterate the door with a battering ram, machine guns blazing at every vertebrate they can see. And in general they are not likely to take shit off no ni**ah or even a white man.

Right off the bat, do you notice anything funny about the pic here? I think it is posed by shills, including the fat drag queen in the center. Notice that his right hand is fairly big, but his left wrist suffers from elephantiasis.
I'm inclined to believe that Electronic Intifada is a basically sincere site... This Rania Khalek Mossad tranny repticlone (pic) is the first obvious agent i've spotted there. Even in his bio, it says "Her work has also appeared at Truthout, Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting, Al Jazeera America, The Nation, Salon, AlterNet, Vice and more. More NWO rags, i presume that means. Not one legit medium in that list. So now i am wondering about Electronic Intifada, which i used to always trust. Why do they have this MSM lizard contributing so many articles?

May 10, '16: (8am) Wow, got well over twice what they predicted: 2.75".

Too much. The CIA milks everything for controversy and faux cultural diversity, and seemingly even creates special human clones for the task. Enter Fat Activist Virgie Tovar. If this creature has parents, i can't feel them, nor are they mentioned on google.
It's got a FB account. With CIA repticlone shills.
And a website.

And there are more agents like her. This page has her in a pic with 2 more fat CIA babes (repticlones), and another pic with another chubby CIA repticlone, a comedian, onstage with a thin CIA repticlone male. And it promotes another CIA repticlone, Lane Bryant, who markets clothing for fat women and drag queens (check the models -- all CIA repticlone trannies).
It also promotes Bryant's #PlusIsEqual which is all about animated CIA clone drag queens. The homepage has a link to the full vid, a viewing requirement for the serious scholar.

And of course this is all tied in with other CIA agendas like "Sex-Positive Parenting". I'm glad the CIA is so concerned with the proper upbringing of children.
I found that CIA repticlone site due to its review of a Tovar book.

So very creative and imaginative, CIA. I am amazed at the scope and resources of your cattle-management programs.

(9:10am) Eyes raise heavenwards. I am less impressed with CIA creativity when it comes to this old shit: Munich knife attack at train station. Sigh. Not terribly novel, i'm afraid. OK, so the Red Dye #2 "bloody footprints" are slightly novel.
Thanks for putting those CIA repticlone actors in a U base for us. CIA sure has quite a presence in Germany.
Note the drag queen announcer in the first vid.

Human agents (and dog agent): Call centre worker is arrested after teaching dog to give Nazi salute on hearing the phrase 'Gas the Jews'. Tavistock is competing with CIA on this creativity thing.

Court orders dad to start treating his 11-year-old daughter as a boy.
This repticlone judge does exist, but i dunno about them anonymous, initialed folks. This is a CIA website.

Hmm... here's a page is promoting today about Monty Pythonn's Life of Brian, a film i never watched. (Monty was a SSer of course, and somehow i never found his stuff all that interesting or funny.) But what strikes me, is that the 3 male SSers here look like clones of each other. I suspect they are dead now, though. Does anyone know anything about these actors? There is a list of the repty cast here, most of which have tiny thumbnail pics, but i don't have the time to figure it out.
Also the "girl" is a drag queen, of course.

Governments always seek new was to conspicuously waste money. France to create de-radicalization centers for would-be jihadists. Of course, the only existing "would-be jihadists" are agents and their dupes. So France will throw a bunch of money at these new centers, which will then be provided with a stream of phonies. And the media will spin off stories about them.

May 11, '16: (12:30pm) Bangladesh executes opposition leader over war crime charges. Blatant lie to con people into believing that such things as political opposition actually exist. They left this repticlone alive, inexplicably, in a U base just south of Kanbalu, Myanmar.

For years i have subscribed to the greenmedinfo newsletter, which usually has seemingly good info (although once i saw an article happily promoting genistein, quoting exclusively repty "scientific studies" of its benefits).
Opened my newsletter today and saw promo for this breast cancer event. And i noticed a few things.
  • Sayer Ji has taken up blood-ritual Masonic practices recently.
  • Christiane Northrup, MD, Ob/Gyn is a human satanist blood-drinker drag queen, with a total tranny "family".
  • John Trowbridge is also a human satanist blood-drinker. Has strong CIA vibe.
  • Bryce Wylde, Tirza Derflinger, and Anna Cabeca are CIA repticlone trannies.
  • Conrad Maulfair, Magda Havas, more repticlone trannies.
  • David Haase and Alexander Mostovoy are repticlones.
Also, last year i had some painful experiences doing business with his Thrive market. At first i did not realize it was CIA.

Until now, i always thought Sayer Ji was just clueless that he was doing business with the CIA and promoting some CIA "healers". Now i know better.

May 12, '16: (8:20am) A small chance of rain, they said. 0.23", they said. So at 4:50am i get woken up by hard rain in a thunderstorm that still has not relented. As if my waterlogged tomato starts needed more water. I would have moved them under an overhang if wunderground were not conspiring against me.

This stuff about how to spot trannies is proving useful in spotting agents. The CIA, etc. have a number of agents that are human and don't have the blood-drinker vibe, whom i would not scrutinize were it not for the fact that many of them are glaringly obvious trannies. I just found another agent at Electronic Intifada. This is not looking good. Depicted is Charlotte Silver, CIA male.

I got onto him from this article. It struck me as odd that daddy has a female forehead and shoulders, whereas auntie has a male forehead and shoulders. I think they've both had chin work.
But check out some of Silver's other articles. Killer of Palestinian teen gets life, but parents fear he'll go free: why are there only 5 drag queens shown as the teen's relatives? And why is the alleged victim dressed up as a boy with her hair cut short?

A few more drag queen flaunting fables from Charlie Silver: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5. And this guy is not TG but is a blood-drinking Mason.

Also some tranny pics from the other "journalist" i mentioned on the 9th: 1, 2.

Electronic Intifada is just another CIA/Mossad tranny-promoting op!
More tranny pic articles from other of their "journalists": 1, 2 (blood-drinking Mason as well).

Also if you look up pics of Leah Tsemel, "an Israeli lawyer known for her work in support of Palestinian rights" who is promoted by E.I., he is also a drag queen.

(10am) The rain pretty much ended. Got 1"!

Everything the CIA wants you to know about some new NSA towers supposedly going up out west: Heads Up! More Spy Towers In Arizona, G-BOSS Surveillance Systems. DAHBOO777 is a CIA clone. The guy in the gaudy Hawaiian shirt, Pastor Steve and his wife are CIA synthetics. The deacons (spot any trannies there, LOL) are CIA repticlones.

How much of this is truth disclosure, and how much is lies? Hard to tell for me. The depicted tower does not feel hooked up to anything yet. It does have an NSA vibe. The NSA put this up, not the military. Not that there's much distinction.

May 13, '16: (8:20am) Muslim Migrants Attack Truckers, Drivers in Calais, France. So hokey. French Masons. How is it the photographer has such a nice vantage point above the mayhem? Why, at 6:00, is a guy slapping at a passing truck with a limp piece of cardboard?

Leaked Footage Shows Chaos of Cologne Migrant Sex Attacks. At last, i thought, i get to watch some graphic groping. No such luck. Maybe i'm just not awake yet. I watched it full-screen twice, and all i could see was people noisily milling about.

90yo CIA Repticlone Beaten to Death By Illegals Despite Giving Them Employment & Showing Nothing But Kindness. Look at those clone kiddies; the 2 "girls" are cross-dressed. And further down, there is a teenage boy dressed as a girl. Check the forehead, cheekbones, jaw.

CIA Repticlone Busted For Video Threatening Trump Family.

Rap Song Threatens Riots, Trump Assassination; Media Celebrates. Blood-drinking human CIA Masonic "hip-hop artists".

OK, after checking Prison Planet for today's BS levels, i moved on to David Icke headlines. 8 obvious trannies in the graphics on the headline page, not counting the ads on the right. And, oh, Israel kills Hezbollah military commander. Except they left the repticlone alive in a Mossad U base in Syria.

Funny new development in the transgender psyop. Dunno what it means or why they are doing it. Like back-pedaling on the enthusiasm. First, a couple days ago Vice linked to this website Sex Change Regret, which seems to be by a sincere human. Then Fox News posts this article Caitlyn Jenner considering 'de-transitioning' 'in the next couple years,' author claims. "A Kardashian family biographer claims Caitlyn Jenner is experiencing regret over transitioning from male to female."

May 14, '16: (8:35pm) And then the first article i read at Prison Planet this morning is Third Graders Forced To Read Transgender Book About 'Boy in Dress' which at the bottom, has this same reformed drag queen exposing the trans movement (i didn't watch it).
(Incidentally that gray-bearded prisonplanet "reporter" seen at the bottom video, is a girl just like Alex Clones.)

Jill Stein, of course, in addition to being a CIA synthetic, is also a man.

A reader sent in this pic of what seems to be a new type of factory-produced CIA human. We took out the U base in KY where they were being made.
I suspect these were designed to have a null vibe and not be influenced by orgone. Nevertheless, I sense that our Laser Program and Violet Flame Program seem to bite on them. Maybe we can get them to vibrate conspicuously so we can detect more of them. This individual was a replacement double for a known agent, which is why I was lucky enough to have this pic to investigate.

May 15, '16: (7:45am) OMG! Secret Meeting Discusses Synthetic Humans. Good thing the media is on the ball and informing the public about these scary cutting-edge technical advances.
Here it even says:
While the project is still in the idea phase, and also involves efforts to improve DNA synthesis in general, it was discussed at a closed-door meeting on Tuesday at Harvard Medical School in Boston. The nearly 150 attendees were told not to contact the news media or to post on Twitter during the meeting.
And yet, someone leaked. Gawd bless America and our free press!

Looking for love? Someone conscious? Someone whose one-eye is activated? Adore the CIA and everything it's doing to usher in an age of enlightenment? Then Awake Dating is for you. It seems especially geared for hooking up drag queens with men.

May 15, '16: (4:35pm) This weekend at work, it was back to the heavy presence of drive-by werewolves and MIBs again.
And, the NSA sent 2 human couples into the bakery today. All MPD Masons. This morning it was a clone male with a blood-drinking female. This afternoon, a female-to-male TG with a female, both blood-drinkers. Why? When i throw resources at things, i usually have some objective, something i'm trying to accomplish. It is difficult for me to fathom the reptilian mentality of pursuing futility.

The Federal Detention Center just south of Seattle used to be the DORiest place for miles around. We did a lot of work on it years ago. Now most of the DOR is mopped up, all the satanists have been replaced by clones, and it feels a lot better. But it still is a nasty CIA hell-hole worth blasting.

And the federal asswipes do want it blasted, or they would not have put some harmless MMS guy in there.

May 17, '16: (1:30pm) Still no drought here. Overcast, wet. Got 1/3" of rain.

The orthodox "conspiracy" view is that governments want to kill off all the humans, but actually that's only partly true. They also continually subsidize procreation in various ways (e.g. US tax "laws"). Gotta keep that cannon fodder coming off the assembly line, so they can continue to rip off, parasitize, torture, rape, tax, con, corrupt, draft, medicate, enslave, and kill humans. Italy set to double baby bonus to fight birth rate 'apocalypse'.

May 18, '16: (12:15pm) Got a bunch more fog and faint drizzle yesterday afternoon. Today, overcast and cool.

And again, the the CIA is promoting propaganda against its own transgender agenda.
I will forcefully keep any obvious male from entering a restroom being used by my wife. If I must get physical, then so be it. There are some things worth fighting for.
It might be wise for each female to carry a can of pepper spray or similar item and use it to Stop Transgender Obnoxious Practices.
Because the CIA is always for and against everything. It's not so much the issues that matter, as the contrived controversy.

Connecticut woman says she was harassed in Walmart bathroom after customer mistook her as transgender. Hoax. This is a human female, yes, but also an MPD CIA asset. Note the propaganda spin:
"This same thing happened in the 1960s when black people wanted to use the same bathrooms as white people," she said in the video.
"This is nothing different. History repeats itself."
Seems like most of the media hoaxes i come across have at least one tranny in them, so i've been posting them on the forum. But here's one without TGs: Woman Thrown in the Trash as a Baby Finally Meets the Man Who Saved Her Life. She's a repticlone, he's a SHer.
Incidentally, i've been noticing fewer and fewer SHers around over the past month or two. They might have stopped making them, and are probably replacing suicided ones with repticlones.

I'm thinking of directing porn, says Sarandon. And if you look at that pic, you might guess what kind of porn.
Seems there is a paucity of "female" directors.
The Sarandons are human males.
Aside from the drag queen psyop, what is up with having a highly famous, long-term, successful actor publicly coming out as a porn-monger? Porn is no longer reviled as smut, it is now mainstream high art.

(7:10pm) Very freaky gov't hospital bldg in Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia: Hospital Sungai Buloh (pic, map). It seems to have ET tech built into it. I've been blasting it a while with little improvement.
The director is a repticlone Mason, but most of the staff seem normal.

May 19, '16: (8:20am) Sigh. Here's What We Know So Far About EgyptAir Flight 804 "believed to have crashed in the Mediterranean with 66 people on board". Well, the 66 should tell you something right off. At the moment i'm not getting any vibe off these supposed passengers.

Also something not right about this story: Honduran Activist Berta Caceres Died in Gustavo Castro Soto's Arms; Now His Life is in Danger. First off, i think this is probably a genuine indigenous v industry conflict, but the CIA is infiltrated into it.
Berta Caceres does not feel repty, and although she had kind of a rounded forehead, i doubt she was TG [update: see May 31]. But Soto is a CIA repticlone. And in this pic, he seems strikingly similar in appearance to her, for reasons i don't fathom.
Also, although i do think she is dead, probably at the hands of the CIA, i am vaguely suspicious of Caceres, if only because she was a big media VIP. Then again, they may have just been setting her up as a martyr. Lots of pics of her on the web.
Of course, CIA repticlones are all concerned about this issue. Not only CIA repticlone tranny Amy Goodman, but also the ACLU and CIA repticlones Sarandon and Peter Gabriel.

May 20, '16: (7:50am) Got another 0.3" last night. Foggy.

Whaaat? I am really confused. Back in the early days of orgonite, there was a Canadian guy whose name i forget, but he seemed like a cool guy. He started a website selling orgonite. I thought it was called QuebecOrgone and last i checked a couple years ago, was still selling orgonite that was better-than-average but not the best. About a 6 or 7 on a scale of 0-10.

Am i getting this website mixed up with another? QuebecOrgone is owned by a CIA human clone and OBVIOUS drag queen named Cassandria De Bellefeuille, who owns several domains.

How obvious is obvious? Judge for yourself. Check out this video at 30:35. No attempt to disguise his voice, promoting his bullshit device. Then you get to see him.

And now the orgonite is weak and corrupt.
Also, wonder woman has this music site Soul Synthesis. I have not listened to any of it, and don't recommend you do, because i get a freaky CIA-tech vibe here.
Note how the site has quotes by satanist SSers Salvador Dali and Lewis Carroll. Also a thumbs-up by CIA repticlone drag queen Sarah Dessen.

Cassandria is an athletic clone: City Woman Captures National Diving Title. And these competitions are separate for men and women so i presume this slimy asswipe coward competed against natural girls.

Can anybody shed any light on this? Do i have the wrong website?

(8:20am) Another CIA human clone hoaxer: Man featured in Time cover story on immigration reform is sentenced to 15 years in prison for child porn and sexually exploiting boy with brain cancer.

Body Part, Bags, Plane Seats Found - Official. The depicted "deceased" are all CIA repticlones. Er were. Just got nailed in a sprawling CIA base under Chulafinnee, Alabama 36264, which presumably the CIA wanted demolished.

(10:25am) Bomb explodes seconds after being removed from Polish bus. I watched part of this and it was all repticlones, including passers-by milling about. Note also how butch the repticlone TV "ladies" are.

More evidence that Electronic Intifada is CIA/Mossad: Israel steps up war on Palestinian culture. Except it's not really Palestinian culture. The guy in the pic is a CIA repticlone. The "author" is a MPD CIA human(?) Freemason. The "Palestinian cinema club" Palestinema is CIA.

Of course, while searching for a pic of the "author" i was presented with a couple drag queen pics. One was of Hannah Huser of the CIA repticlone group Center for Refugee Solidarity, and the other was Dina El Sharnouby of the CIA repticlone group openDemocracy which also has some more TGs.

A sign of the times: France extends state of emergency to cover Euro 2016 games. One rigged psyop/scam to "protect" another rigged psyop/scam, at the population's expense.

Palestinian reporter Qiq freed from Israeli jail. Uh, sure, if you say so. But i am a bit unclear on a couple details. Why is "Palestinian hunger striking journalist Mohammed Al-Qiq who is near death after being without food for 64 days" a CIA repticlone? (BTW there are pics down that page of well-meaning but duped humans protesting. The little boy holding the sign is under demonic attack.) And why is Al-Qiq being impersonated by a CIA repticlone female-to-male TG?

CIA, belatedly, invites us to contemplate the possibility of The Prospect of a Human With No Mother or Father.

Lady Gaga interviews Julian Assange. Translation: CIA repticlone TG interviewed CIA repticlone TG.

May 21, '16: (8:25am) Tranny Michelle Obama Lookalike Thrown Out Of Women's Restroom. Noticed 3 CIA repticlone drag queens here, 1 black and 2 white. And the big one is a SHer.
Notice a couple things. The CIA keeps pushing this awareness of Mike Obama being a drag queen. Joan Rivers was a CIAlizard.
Also notice how the CIA represents black males. This repticlone deliberately rambles on in an obnoxious, grating voice, saying little of substance, to show how low-IQ and annoyingly repugnant these attention-starved black men supposedly are. I quit at 6:30 because it was just him rambling on to the end.

Another CIA human clone: Salon Romanticizes Pedophile Masturbating Over 5-Year-Old Girl.
Gotta get these progressive concepts out there in the public mind.

(6pm) Sometimes, CIA, you just need to quit it.
As if real life was insufficiently weird, now the CIA repticlones, err...

May 22, '16: (5:20pm) Another weekend, another stalking report. Yesterday at work i did get a few agency satanist werewolf and MIB drive-bys but fewer than usual. There were plenty of WW and MIB clone drive-bys, but the difference was that yesterday they were rationed to 2 species of demons each. Furthermore, none of the other plentiful repticlones were channeling any demons.
Then today, Sunday, not even any stalkers. Didn't notice any non-clone ETs, and the plenteous clones had no demons.
I like this trend.
Meanwhile however, some people in other countries got attacked by demons. Yet, i get the impression that severe attrition is setting in.

And i've got a new guardian stationed at my front door, refusing to permit entry to any demons or mice.
Out of the last 5 days, i have seen him on 4 days.

May 23, '16: (9:25am) Late yesterday i happened to notice an apparent jet a bit west of my cabin. Noticed 2 satanist SSers were aboard. No sound was heard. Then it suddenly cut on a chemtrail! I ran into my cabin, grabbed my camera, and took this pic of a segment. Here is a close-up of the segment. --->

Then i saw another segment through the trees, a bit further down the craft's path.

This stuff dowses to me as containing barium plus a trace of some zinc compound, perhaps zinc sulfate. I do not detect aluminum or other metals.

This was an exotic craft cloaked as a jet complete with apparent contrail (until it turned into a chemtrail). I am not certain whether they deliberately laid segments, or whether my orgone just prevented much of the trail from sticking.
The SSers aboard were CIA. It came from a CIA U base in Van Zandt County, TX, which has been scrubbed now.

Lotta propaganda per square inch packed into this CIA repticlone hoax: KNIFE RAMPAGE: Muslim STABS 4 WOMEN (mother with daughter) in grocery store parking lot in London. I can find no pics of the alleged perp yet. But there is a dyed-blond drag queen repticlone witness in the vid here.

Ugh. So stoopid. 'We will bring this plane down': The ominous graffiti message scrawled on the underside of doomed EgyptAir plane by political vandals in eerily accurate threat. The scary thing is, there are loads of people stupid enough to believe these absurdities.
"Aviation workers at Cairo Airport were reportedly behind the attack on the plane, which saw the graffiti message 'we will bring this plane down' written on it in Arabic." Riiight.
And they had to stick in a gratuitous obvious drag queen dressed in black arab garb.

BTW several tranny actors in the news today, which i have duly posted about on the forum. But this CIA repticlone does not seem TG: MISSOURI MAN PAID $50,000 IN INTEREST AFTER TAKING $2,500 IN PAYDAY LOANS.

Another CIA repticlone: Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood, who is male despite cultivating a certain effeminacy.

May 24, '16: (9:45am) Got small rain yesterday evening, and another just a little while ago. Looks like we have chances of small rain for at least the next week.

I expected this video about CIA repticlone Filmmaker Ami Horowitz would involve nothing but shills, but it seems Portland State University has a disproportionate percentage of humans. None of the people he's talking to seem like obvious CIA assets. In fact, most of them don't do anything to indicate any agreement with Ami, but a few do.
If indeed these are not shills, they are really stupid. I hope some people told him what an agent provocateur a-hole he is.

Aha, now it comes out that the "Muslim" who "stabbed" those women in London is 66 years old. Nothing but numerical coincidences, folks.

Lord of the Rings star Elijah Wood backtracks on comments about Hollywood pedophile ring as he claims his words were taken out of context and insists he has 'no first hand experience' of predatory 'vipers'. See there? It was all a misunderstanding. He had merely some conspiracy rubbish. Go back to sleep.
(Note the drag queen reporter in the splash image of the first vid.)

(11:20am) I had to update the clothing tags section in my old Articles page. My mom sent me a couple Martha Stewart sheets and pillowcases. The sheets were OK, but the pillowcases had these DORy tags. The reason I even noticed the tags is because they made the whole pillowcases feel nasty, as though the cotton conducted the energy from the tags. After I cut off the tags, it took a minute for the DOR to drain out of the pillowcases! I do not understand this tech.
Another interesting thing is that the most recent batch of Martha Stewart sheets and pillowcases is made of non-GMO cotton. Cotton was GMOed in order to delete the positive energy that natural fibers have, which is believed by some to offer some protection against EMFs. This century it has been fairly impossible to find natural cotton goods unless they are certified organic. But even chemically-grown non-GMO cotton has that good vibe.
Presumably due to the decreasing popularity of GMO seed among cotton growers, it is getting harder to find the bad cotton. Although I have not yet noticed other cotton goods with non-GMO in stores. About 5 years ago WalMart was carrying a line of cheap T-shirts that dowsed as 30% non-GMO.
Perhaps repticlone Martha had to stick these labels on so that humans would not experience dangerously positive energy.

(1:10pm) CIA repticlone actors: Mary Ann and Kevin Sherman. Their "son" might actually be dead. Has no repty vibe. May have been a human clone or a SHer.
His "ex-wife" is a CIA repticlone drag queen. His "fiancee" is a CIA repticlone too. The cops are human Freemasons.

Of course while doing image searches on this i stumbled over other tranny pics. One is of a Jamie Boyd (James Boy?), and the other is part of another hoax.

Incidentally, got a long forum thread on TG hoax actors going. There are lots.

May 25, '16: (10am) Got a very strong thundershower last night, more rain this morning and another chunk of storm is about to hit in a couple hours, looks like.

Checking this morning's hoaxes... Aside from a few i posted on the Tranny sub-forum, these grabbed me most:

Obama Admin. Sued Business Because It Kept Male Employee Out Of Women's Room. Um, And, uh, "Deluxe Financial Services... agreed to settle the case for $115,000 in order to avoid further costs of litigation..." because, you know, that's what sensible businesses just do when confronted with such serious charges. Especially if they are run by a bunch of repticlone Freemason type trend-setting role models.

CIA Repticlone "Journalist" Arrested For Filming Leftist Riot.

DePaul University Descends Into Chaos Over Milo Yiannopoulos Visit. Never mind that the depicted black "activists" as well as Milo are CIA TG repticlones. Milo (pic) is another FTM TG pretending to be a gay man. Note forehead, jaw. I suspect the brow and cheekbones are artificially implanted.
More on the "activists" here, complete with some tranny pics. They seem to be all trannies.

Ken Starr, Who Led the Sexual Inquisition Against Bill Clinton, Suddenly Embroiled in Major University Scandal; How the tables have turned. Note how they show the visual similarity of the 2 guys. And they were/are very similar. Both were high-level Scottish Rite MPD blood-drinking CIAtanist SSer hoax actors, who have been replaced by MPD CIA repticlones. And they both look a bit gender-dubious. Starr doesn't seem to have much in the way of the rear part of the jawbone. Yet both have male junk.

LOL, check out this human clone drag queen: Israeli Start-Up To Provide DHS With Facial Recognition Tech That Digs Up Character Traits.

May 26, '16: (3pm) Yeah. Did get that last shower yesterday late. Total accumulation 1.8". And now another big storm is on its way.

My snake pal has been visiting daily, except he skipped yesterday due to all the rain. He's back today, a little fatter, securely snuggled up in my Birkenstocks.
I get such a vibe of love from him, and he's around in the astral a lot, too, picking me clean.

May 28, '16:: (7:45am) That storm mostly missed me, then yesterday a hefty one was heading straight at me but passed east of me. Just as well; everything's still soggy. More rain chances next few days.

Weird. The CIA "alt" media is full of stories about an alleged Labib al Nahhas, but there seem to be no pics of this purported individual on the web. If you do a search on google images, pics come up, but of guys with different names.
This "excellent" article has a pic of a Caucasian-looking guy, but that face is elsewhere that of another actor's role.
Ex-UK student clocks up air miles on mission to rebrand Syrian Islamists. This article lays out the official story of his past. "Nahhas was born in Madrid to a Syrian Muslim father and Spanish mother from a Catholic background and lived in the Spanish capital for the first years of his life..." and "After graduating he spent time in France, the Netherlands and the US, as well as the UK, where official documents list him as director of a company..."
Once again, they are flaunting the fact that many key "sand niggers" are actually white agents. Yeah, like real Arabs would embrace these as their leaders, since they have nothing better available.
LOL, this article even posits: "You just can't make this stuff up." Actually, the CIA etc. is always making up obvious BS stories that are too absurd for an intelligent person to believe.

But they always have to make a clean confession of their crimes. This is why they gave us Fritz Springmeier, for example, and Orwell, and Matthew Delooze. And Gilad Atzmon (CIAtanist now replaced by repticlone).
Paedophilia and Tribal Loyalty -- in the 1st vid, this Jungreis guy is a CIA repticlone faking an accent. What about Ben Hirsch of Survivors for Justice? He seems like a normal human, not MPD, but i can find no pics or names of other members of this group, and it seems he gets and awful lot of MSM coverage. Plus he does have a dirty, distinct, Masonic-connection vibe.

What about the 2nd vid on that page? It starts off showing a bunch of innocuous-vibed human Hasidim, including Rabbi Rosenburg, who seems sincere.
Then at 1:51, 2 CIA repticlones dressed as Hasidic men are accosted by the "reporter", but blow him off. Then at 2:00 another one comes along who "agrees to talk" but denies everything. (They don't always confess 100% of the time.)
Then Mrs Engelman comes on. I think her story is real, as well as Twersky's. Then they bring on repticlone Ronnie Jaus, whom i think i outed as TG recently somewhere. In fact the repticlone Brooklyn DA (pic) is a FTM TG.

May 29, '16: (4:35pm) Heavy chemclouds around here today.

More Electronic Intifa-bull: Under scrutiny from world scientists, Israel will free astrophysicist. Imad Barghouti is a CIA repticlone.

Spivey hacked: this morning and again just now, when i tried to log onto, i got immediately forwarded to a "fuck you" page on And when i look further on that site, i find this list of repticlones, including some tranny pics.

(6:50pm) I like this trend. Every weekend at work, the attacks get lighter. In fact, this weekend, no attacks. I do notice some of the ETs and clones going by, but only because my orgone devices chew on them. I did notice a few agency werewolves and MIBs, as well as clones therof, but not even the werewolf ETs were channeling demons this weekend! And on Saturday i even had a werewolf clone come in and buy 3 cookies.
Do they fantasize that they are attacking me?
I had to deal with zero demon energies all weekend from drive-bys. But anytime i pick up Rorg, immediately multiple species attack us.

(7:20pm) I found a couple more freaky ET transmitter buildings in Kuala Lumpur:
the Menara Star bldg. This is a newspaper bldg. --->
the Putra World Trade Center.
They were acting up. Didn't detect an external stimulus, so presume they just turned on some electronics in the bldgs.

May 30, '16: (8:10am) Another CIA repticlone tells the truth: "That's Not True" BBC Host Hangs Up On Guest for Citing Rotherham Muslim Rape Scandal.
And then the article goes on to show a pic of a male repticlone rape victim. So the whole Rotherham Asian sex gang scandal is a hoax. See also at last link, there is a pic of this queen's repticlone MTF "mother". And further down still, there is a pic of "her sister", a "murdered" repticlone drag queen.
Another sicko race psyop.

May 31, '16: (7:50am) Got sprinkles yesterday, and it looks like i could get a lot more rain over the next few days.

The lastest CIA tranny being promoted by Sayer Ji: Cyndi O'Meara and his gang of merry human CIA TGs. I think even the dog is cross-dressed.
None of these are clones, none are repty, all are MPD.

He's part of documentary on wheat being released June 24. There is a (probably temporary) site here, showing a number of CIA agents and a few innocents. I just realized Vandana Shiva is a drag queen. I spot 8 trannies on that page, and 3 definite other CIA agents.

Unbelievably silly CIA BS: There Has Been A Coup In Brazil, and the linked Greenwald article.
"In Brazil the country's largest newspaper has published a transcript of a secret recording leaked to the newspaper." ROFL, anybody out there stupid enough to believe that leading MSM media publish leaked secret recordings?
Of course the Brazilian elite is corrupt. That includes CIAlizard tranny repticlone Rousseff.

New North Korea missile launch ended in failure. That poor-quality top pic feels very CGI to me somehow. I get a feeling it came from a CIA lab in the US. Not, of course, that the N Korean repticlones mind.

(10:15am) You know, that Bert Berta Caceres mentioned the 19th keeps sticking out in my mind. I think she was a tranny, despite lack of brow ridge, and not very square jaw back (pic).
I checked around some more. Just to see if any family members might be incriminating. Hmmmm... the daughters, son and mother of Berta Caceres, hmmm, hmmm... another pic. Pic of "daughter", hmmmmmmm.
But oddly, although he dowses as male, Gustavo Castro has a vertical forehead and no brow ridge. (Another pic.)