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Loohan's blog for May, 2017

May 1, 2017: (12:10pm) Oh good. (In reference to yesterday's post) The CIA is not taking this lying down: Doing the 'OK' Hand Sign is Racist! "Prominent Trump supporters smeared as 'white supremacists' vow to sue."

Meanwhile, here is another racist: Jesuit repticlone Macron. The name, i presume, is a contraction of the French "macquereau" (pimp) and "con" (cunt, a favored broad-spectrum pejorative in French as it is in the UK).

Kind of cold today; overcast now.

I am being hit relentlessly now by WWs in Sagittarius. And their demons in Sagittarius are also hitting me remotely. Continuously despite the usual countermeasures. Nothing too traumatic, just an icky feeling and brain-daze that prevents me from concentrating on tasks.

I found a live actor who has NO VIBE whatsoever, Christy Chung. She had zero vibe back last July, and still has none, despite her wedding last November.
Which makes me wonder about some of the hoax actors i've reported as having no vibe, as though they never existed. Maybe some of them are something else.
Even when i try to blast her with my most powerful anti-evil-human devices (which are actually very broad-spectrum; it's just that the hardest targets to fry with orgone are humans) i get no activity at all, as though she were CGI.

(4:05pm) Not long after i posted, the sun came out and it warmed up.

Since the Hive Mind demon is gone, i've been noticing that my orgone stuff has a strong visible effect on chem-clouds again. I uploaded a vid here.

Also this little UFO streaked by so fast i didn't even notice it at the time. Maybe more than one. Go to Settings and set the speed at 0.25 and watch from 1:11 on for a few seconds.
I get an intense vibe that seems friendly.

May 3, '17: (8:20am) Today and tonight, they predict another 2" of rain. A huge system is passing to the north again now.

Trump: 'I'm Not Against the Media, I'm Against the Fake Media'. "President Donald Trump offered something of a small distinction in an interview today" in an interview with a fellow CIA Egyptoid repticlone Freemason.
Oh, so there is a distinction. Good to know. There is hope, then.

Woman faces serious charges for laughing during Jeff Sessions' confirmation hearing. Yes, Desiree Farooz actually is female (unlike Condolizzard), but with lots of Egyptoid DNA.
CIA repticlone who loves that ol' Masonic M hand sign. Another pic.
Code Pink is a CIA group.

May 4, '17: (8:55am) As of yesterday evening i had gotten 0.7", but it started again during the night and has been raining steadily but gently for many hours.

Cute CIA pic of the day. The 2 sign carriers are CIA human Masons.
I dunno where this was published. It was forwarded to me by a long-time reader who actually took this at face value!
Hello! Some people just don't get it! Not only my dumber correspondents, but also some of my brighter ones, still send me emails about obvious hoaxes which they believe!
What have i mostly been blogging about and posting on the forum for many months? What have i been continually stressing that is so hard to comprehend? Let me reiterate the gist of it:

100% of the MSM is CIA or other Jesuit agencies. Maybe 99% of the "alt" media as well. As well as large quantities of posters on social media sites such as YouTube etc.
The MSM seldom tells the truth about anything if they can avoid it. They will often tell the truth about the aftermath of storms, volcanoes, droughts, etc: how many inches of snow fell in Boston, how flooded a town got, or how a tornado ripped down some buildings somewhere. That's because there are loads of witnesses.
They will also often tell the truth about stories that just happen to fit their psyop agenda. And there are rare articles about the arts, businesses, or poignant human-interest stories which are not fiction.
That is about all the truth you will find in the MSM!

Whereas, the "alt" media feeds you a lot of the truth, in order to comply with Masonic disclosure requirements and to psyop and endlessly preoccupy and distract people with created conflicts. But it is usually heavily mixed with more lies and hoaxes, and corrals people into agency front groups. Often the broad general truths (e.g. the elite's pedophilia and satanism) are presented in debunkable hoaxes.
And the social media are rampant with agency disinfo and hoaxes.

So if you see something shocking that just happens to push the manufactured buttons, you can safely assume that it is most likely BS.

I love this pic.

Kim, of course, is a complete non-entity. The original FTM SSer was assassinated shortly after taking office, and replaced by a SSer double, who has since been replaced innumerable times by repticlones.
It is possible that the original SSer actually had some limited administrative authority delegated to her by the Vatican; i dunno. But certainly all the imposters have just been hoax actors for the media.

Another exciting new CIA news outlet: Newsbud.

Support group helps Orthodox parents of gay children out of the closet. Eshel was formed when relatives of LGBT kids in conservative communities needed a safe space in a homophobic storm. Ah, yes, the good old homophobic storm. Good thing someone cares about those poor kids. Er, i mean, kids' parents. Real valid concern here. Note that the 2 women in the top pic (one of which is oddly pointing a finger) are human Freemason satanist blood-drinkers. And all the "people" in the pic of Israeli President Reuven Rivlin meeting with US Jewish LGBT community leaders are repticlones. Like the mostly-TG Eshel team.

(10:40am) Still raining steadily.

Since the HM is gone, some "new" SSers have been attacking me. Yesterday i posted on the forum:
I heard some Hum again yesterday and last night. Also there were some chem ripples. And, someone is sending fake planes, or at least their noise, over my area since yesterday morning. Noise had obnoxious satanist vibes riding on it yesterday.
The perps were real hard to dowse. But eventually last night i found massive deep bases in S America of some previously-undiscovered SSers.

After we nailed those a while, WW U bases started hitting me again. But the WWs are much weaker since 'Vozy figured out how to reprogram some of my devices to make them more toxic to WWs.
They are hitting me now in the usual pattern of 6 U bases at a time, or the like. As well as fake overflights.
They are not a specific strain of SSer, but rather some agency composed of many types of SSers, plus Egyptoids, etc. but no clones or WWs that i have noticed.
Oddly, these SSers seem most susceptible to the old Strontium-Barium Program. Much more than any of our other pgms. Why that would be, i don't know. Also i don't know why their vibe is much more cloaked, regardless of where the U bases are. I think all these bases are much deeper than usual.
WWs are hardly bothering me at all now.

And what ever happend to MIBs? I last mentioned them in Feb, saying then that i had almost forgotten about them.
What's happened is that their energy has gotten so weak that they are indistinguishable (without deliberate dowsing) from other reptilian shapeshifters. Whereas for years they stood out as the most toxic ones.
Maybe something of the like is happening to WWs.

(3:20pm) Got 2.4" again. Overcast, cool now.

Whistleblower Cop Who Wants Legal Pot, Running for Sheriff of Nation's 2nd Largest County, EXCLUSIVE: Good Cop Speaks Out Against Drug War, Blows Whistle on Chief -- So Now He's Being Fired. Interesting. Even though the CIA is promoting him here, Dominick Izzo might be OK. Relatively.

I watched a lot of his vids last year on Wing Chun and self-defense. I originally found his channel while looking for instructions on Wing Chun's first form, Sil Lum Tao AKA Siu Nim Tao. (And incidentally i did finally find an excellent tutorial elsewhere.)

Izzo struck me as a fairly decent guy, for a cop, sharing with enthusiasm what he believed/knew. He was associated with a foul-mouthed psychopathic Aikido expert named Sly, but later made a video about kicking him out. Sly is a human with a military intelligence vibe and plenty of non-human CIA shills. He even had a MTF CIA repticlone student, and made vids about honoring the hoaxed fallen killed by Muslim terrorists, used words like "raghead" etc.
I got a bit of a distaste for Izzo when i saw a vid, i think this one about gun disarms, in which he showed not the slightest concern for the possibility that a stray bullet could hit innocent bystanders. I stopped watching him around then (also he was making hoax-reinforcing vids about {CIA} snowflakes). And he looked suspiciously 'roided out.
Then some time later, YouTube flashed me a new vid of his (i can't find it now) about "manning up" for wing chun, in which he admitted he was on 'roids. He said he went to the doctor and since his testosterone levels were low, got prescribed testosterone. The thing is, he obviously takes way more than necessary to get by. He is a drug abuser! Further, he seemed to be recommending this to his followers.
No mention of eliminating the pthalates etc in one's life. No mention of herbal supplements. Just get the hard stuff that shrivels your 'nads, to "man up".
Reading between the lines, i think i should read up on all the things that acutely lower testosterone, and do them, then go to the doctor to have my testosterone measured, so that i, too, can become a hunky beefcake. All nice and legal and police-approved.

May 5, '17: (8:35am) I found the channel of the Lenny Sly guy mentioned above: THE ROGUE WARRIORS. Izzo used to be on the same channel.
I forgot to mention Sly's habit of throwing the devil's horn hand sign in his vids. I see he has a sexually abused daughter, too.

Indian troops launch major anti-militant operation in Kashmir. Yeah, no doubt. A mere glance at the top pic should make you want to zoom in on the center guy and inspect his edges.

Delta staff 'tell California couple they could be jailed and lose their children if their son, two, doesn't give up his seat' as they are ejected from flight in row over overbooking. First off, Delta is a company that the CIA admits it owns. I first read this from Rayelan Allen (CIAlizard) back when i used to read the Rumormill News many years ago.
Second, Brian and Brittany Schear are human CIA Masons. Third, Brian is doing that crazy hand jive.
Also, a few days ago, A Delta passenger said he was kicked off a plane for using the restroom. Again, the "victim" as well as the Rosolino's are human CIA Masons.

New startup being actively promoted by the CIA: VidMe. "We're a team of twelve humans and six dogs located in Downtown LA who are on a mission to build the world's most creator-friendly video community. Over 25 million people use Vidme every month to upload and watch videos, and we're just getting started." I detect no humans there, and have some doubts about the dogs as well. Over 25 million/month, and i never heard of it before. Yet, it seems a lot of regular people use it. I typed in chemtrails and lots of stuff came up, mostly non-agency.

May 6, '17: (8:15am) This Startup Is Making Dairy Milk Without Cows. I get a real creepy "connected" vibe off these Masons. Pic here. We have 3 repticlones, one of which is also a Category 1 Egyptoid pseudo-tranny doing that popular Masonic M sign. Damn, those M's are everywhere lately. I didn't use to notice that many.

CIA keeps clogging the courts with suits against itself: Families of San Bernardino shooting victims say Facebook, Twitter, and Google are liable.

Some lighting oddities in this CIA TechnoBlur pic on Infowars today. Also, why would there only be 1 ninja-clad terrorist in the entire crowd?
This is the lead image at this morning. Real quality.

Here they go again. Just as reported April 10. The world is full of coincidence.
(No matter what i do, Twins or Not cuts off part of the faces. I tried 3 times. The lowest score i got was 63%.)

Something does not feel right about this story: Fire victim 'tireless campaigner'.
Rob Hutchins (64) died in a fire at his Test St house on Thursday. Mr Hutchins moved from Auckland to Oamaru 17 years ago and while in Otago made a large impression as a "tireless campaigner for the public good", people who knew him said yesterday.

Mr Hutchins' advocacy included raising awareness about microwave emissions from cellphone towers near schools, possible health concerns about wireless internet and campaigning against smart meters.
There is a dirty vibe. Is it him, or was he unaware that many of his "friends" are Freemasons? If i google rob hutchins microwave, i get no pertinent responses except this article. If he was a tireless campaigner, why is there no other mention anywhere? Do people in NZ get more search results? Can anyone down there enlighten me about this purported do-gooder? The more i look at his pic, the filthier it feels.

His acupuncturist friend is a repticlone Mason who flaunts that old Masonic M sign.

There is a pic of his lawyer friend here. Category 1 Egyptoid Mason with strong gov't connections.

And friend Nelson lawyer Sue Grey is a repticlone hoax actress Freemason.

47 killed in clashes between Chadian forces, Boko Haram terrorists. Zoom in on that pic and inspect. How tough would it be to simply stage the photo without all the obvious photoshopping? Again, this is deliberate disclosure [update: this is most likely merely an artefact resulting from taking a still capture from a video.]

May 7, '17: (4:50pm) Eight Frat Boys Charged with Manslaughter After Hazing Death of a blood-ritual satanist human CIA agent who somehow survived.
There is a slide show of the CIA repticlones that have been charged in the "death".

Another female CIA human clone: Halle Berry. I was confused why a woman would have such square, broad, manly shoulders in all her pics, until i realized she was an engineered test-tube baby. Big ears, too.

I am still dealing with occultist gang-stalkers in Singapore. Some new human ones have entered the fray who have a strong Masonic vibe. There are many lodges in Singapore. These are in the Centenary Lodge. A few of the members are repticlones, but most are DORy human blood-ritual satanists. There are pics here and here. I found 3 of the attackers (pic).

May 8, 2017: (10:20am) Damn! So many hand signs flaunted in today's Times of Israel:Israeli police kill 16-year old Palestinian girl in Jerusalem, yet the depicted Mossad repticlone is still alive for the moment. They build them tough, considering that "Fatima was first shot with several live rounds in the chest, and the soldiers continued to fire at her after she fell onto the ground".

Absurd headline of the day: Vatican MTF repticlone Marine Le Pen... vows to carry on fighting 'the globalists'.

Repticlone hoax actress Kuki Gallmann, 'I Dreamed of Africa' Author, Is Shot in Kenya by Pokot militia. Pokot seem like ordinary humans. I don't even get an obvious black magic vibe off them. Google Pokot militia news and you will find a bunch of stories about them.

Repticlone hoax actor Navy SEAL Killed in Somalia Identified as 15-Year Veteran Kyle Milliken.

(5:45pm) Trump Loves to Hate This Machete-Toting Gang. I think this is the first i've heard of the MS-13 gang. There is a lot of info about them on the web, much of which could be true. But they are also used for hoaxes.
They seem to all be human. They use the devil's horn hand sign. Many of them are blood-ritual satanists.
That article links a couple stories. First this one. I will point out that the 3 arrested gang members are the same guy with different hairdos.
The second is this one. I will point out that the 2 slain girls look very similar in some pics. In some, Kayla's jaw looks much different, but in others, not (example). Also in this article we have 4 slain kids (pic) which are actually 1 guy and the 1 girl.
The 3rd story is here. Four bodies. Pic; how many do you count? The one on the left must have a goofy wig on.
The 4th one is here. All i can say is i strongly feel this guy is a CIA asset and has never been in prison.
Former detective John Oliva is a Category 3 Egyptoid Mason.
Moreover, if you google ms 13 al qaeda you will see they are (hyuk!) involved in all sorts of CIA "muslim" shenanigans. 'Nuff said.

May 9, '17: (8:25pm) Egypt sentence (sic) Muslim Brotherhood leader Mohamed Badie to life. I clicked on that article link because i figured there was a good chance it would have some Masonic confession in it.
Sure enough, there is a pic of Egyptian army special forces dipshits, and if you zoom in, especially on the edges of that arm in the center, you can see the pic is shopped.

May 11, '17: (9:10am) We are supposed to get a couple more inches of rain over today and tomorrow.

A few handsign pix on the Icke headlines page today: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7. Sorry if i missed any. Actually i have read that even the Saturn finger salute is a Masonic sign.

Jakarta's Christian governor jailed for blasphemy against Islam. There is justice in this world.
Also this selfies pic has a couple hand signs, one of which is oddly blurred and looks like it could have been a middle finger.

Wouldn't you be smiling, too, if you were a cute girl and all your hair and 90% of your skin fell off? FDA-approved anti-seizure medication causes 90 percent of skin to "MELT OFF" a 26-year-old graduate student. Take a good look at this pic of human clone Khaliah Shaw. Note how there is a plant behind her yet somehow some of its leaves are in front of her cap. Also note how the sofa background is conveniently hard to distinguish from her leprotic skin. Also the top edge of the sofa is at a different height on either side of her. And there is a hand sign on her home page. Surviving all this makes her so happy. (Product placement ad. Now you know how to console someone.)
Dangerous Medicine is, of course, another CIA site.

Admit It: You Think Silicon Valley's Gilfoyle Is Hot. Oh yeah, just my type. MPD SRAed blood-drinking cannibal Freemason human satanist.

Notice anything about this double-dipping repticlone? 'The Lady in Gold' author Anne-Marie O'Connor and 'Bride' author Ora Ahimeir.
For some reason, Twins or Not only gives her 19%.

You decide.
Sometimes i suspect i'm going crazy with this stuff:
For example:   -------->

Did stimulants fuel Nazi Germany's war of annihilation? Author Norman Ohler feels legit.

(2:55pm) Another Masonic M sign. Different angle.

Here's a weird story: Cops Keep Killing Teens in Cars. Jayson Negron was supposedly 15 and living in Bridgeport, CT, yet, bizarrely, there is a much older version of him with the same name, supposedly, in Puerto Rico. I get no vibe off either of them.
Furthermore, the unfortunate lad had a half-sister who looks all the world like a MTF, but i don't get any vibe on "her", either.
And tearful mourner Nancy Rios is a CIA MTF human.
And Reverend Mary Lee is a CIA MTF repticlone.
You might notice a few Egyptoid men in that slide show, too.

Bridgeport is a real happening town lately. Just last month, police, after some dramatic action, busted a CIA repticlone named Robert W. Bowens, 33, of Bridgeport.
Those cops really earn their wages.

(4:30pm) Ah yes, more wage-earning cops into numerology: Jordan Edwards' stepbrother heard cop's fatal shots, then a voice: 'This [N-word] can't tell his left from his right'. Horrible. They shot a CIA Egptoid repticlone, "the youngest of 333 people shot and killed by police this year". Luckily he's still alive. This took Sixty-six minutes.
Thank goodness that CIA repticlone police officer Roy Oliver was fired and arrested.

May 12, '17: (7:55pm) It finally started raining around 5pm yesterday. Rained for 24 hours, got almost 0.9".

Another Masonic M sign.

In pictures: Syrian drones spot hundreds of US, Jordanian armored vehicles at the border. Too bad those drones can't take crystal-clear 21st century images from a distance.
That border fence looks mighty curious. ------->
Pics have no vibe.

May 13, '17: (5:10pm) Balochistan bombing by Daesh kills over two dozen. Zoom on in on that 2nd pic.
Reminds me of yesterday's fence.

What is Happening to Katy Perry? Who cares? He's long dead. I think Vigilant Citizen probably means well, but here he is spreading the hoax version of the truth. Of course it is true that these CIA reptilian drag queens were MPD, as have been all their clone replacements, but what is in the news is theatrical parallels of the truth: Masonic disclosure via hoaxes that resemble the truth.

(7:20pm) Correction: the original Katy Perry was a CIA human who was replaced by the CIA with a SSer for whatever reason. Also the Katy's are not TG.
Had a sloppy moment there.

May 14, '17: (7:30am) West Virginia Cop Fired After Not Shooting Suicidal Man Sues City.
Funny that both are the same live human Freemason. [The Williams nose is shopped.]

Another repticlone-run website that sells nasty, tainted energy devices: TACHYONIS Advanced Pleiadian Healing Technologies.

(5pm) Today is Mother's Day. I was talking to my mom, who is German and lived through WW II in Germany, and she said it was started by Hitler to honor German women who got knocked up eugenically to produce blue-eyed, blond babies. She said her mother never wanted to hear about Mother's Day for that reason.

But what does she know? This is contradicted by the impeccable Wikipedia which claims "In the 1980s, the American origin of the holiday was still not widely known, so feminist groups who opposed the perpetuation of gender roles sometimes claimed that Mother's Day was invented by Nazis and celebrated on the birthday of Klara Hitler, Hitler's mother."

Happy Mother's Day! The cruel history of an innocent holiday. According to the official version, the holiday was first celebrated in 1908 by a very MTF-looking "woman" honoring "her mother" who looked equally MTF.

May 15, '17: (8am) Revealed: Two IRA fugitives suspected of torturing and killing undercover British Army officer Robert Nairac before putting his body in a meat grinder were granted AMNESTY by Tony Blair. Notice anything about the 1 face of these "two different men"? (The other "perp", Patrick Maguire, looks different.)
Click for bigger pic.  ----->

The 187 IRA terror suspects who escaped prosecution thanks to Blair's secret deal - and the Troubles victims who will never see justice done.
Something about the pic of 7 dead horses seems odd to me. I am not familiar with what dead horses look like, but these look more like dead cows to me, although one can make out horse-like heads. Seem a tad plump for horses.
Don't they seem awful bloated like they were dead a while before taking the photo? I blew up a pic of one of the supposed horses so you can check out the head shape/size and general proportions. That one skinny leg with the big club foot looks a trifle odd to me, but, hey, i'm no horse expert. Funny how the foreleg is so much thicker than the upper part. Too bad photographic technology was so backward in 1982.
These were Seven horses of the Queen's Household Cavalry, they say. Well-fed, i reckon. And one horse survived: Sefton, heroic horse who defied IRA, immortalised in bronze.
But that's not all that was milked from this "event". Michael Pedersen who killed his two children, Ben and Freya, before committing suicide was the rider of Sefton, the Household Cavalry horse blown up (sic) by the IRA. You can see the poor tykes doing hand signs beside their Egyptoid-looking mother here.
Odd, too, how cheekboneless Mr Pedersen was.

Saudi drone downed; troops, mercs killed in Yemen. Zoom in on those pix and inspect edges. These guys feel like American CIA repticlones in Ohio or someplace.

Kim Kardashian prankster Vitalii Sediuk explains why he ambushed star - 'I was protesting against fake butt implants'. Cool. Vitalii Sediuk is a repticlone, of course. And note how the pic flaunts Kim's masculinity with a pseudo-mustache. Nothing is accidental in the pix of advertisements or hoaxes. In fact that image looks a trifle doctored to me.
It is not clear why they tucked in that gratuitous pic of silicone underboob at the end.

20 soldiers treated for rabies after foxes attack.
"On Tuesday, as they were sleeping, the two foxes entered the soldiers' tent on the Tzrifin base in central Israel and bit some of them."
Whew, good to know that Israeli soldiers are so inept that 2 little foxes bit 20 of them before they could be neutralized with Krav Maga.

May 18, '17: (8:35am) Weird pic of Abbas-clone doing the Masonic M sign. But what is the significance of one finger having its last segment chopped off? Has the Yakuza taken over Palestinian hoax operations? There are more such pics on the web, e.g. here. And others with his hand normal. And no mention what happened to the finger. I can't even find results for people asking about this on social media. I guess nobody really looks at media images. Are we dumbed down or what?

Pop science still a bit behind reality: Scientists 3-D Print Mouse Ovaries That Actually Make Babies.

Fake News is now another major established psy-op loosely based on reality. There is even a MI website offguardian now, to disclose smaller media lies while reinforcing the big ones. (Paul Craig Roberts is a FTM CIA repticlone.)
I see that a lot of human dupes are finding this to be a comfortable hangout.

Unbelievable how much this gimmick is used: Security forces confiscate cash given to families of 3 teens' killers. How painfully obvious is it that "three kidnapped and murdered teens, from left to right: Naftali Fraenkel, Gil-ad Shaar and Eyal Yifrach" are ONE actor? And that the "perps" "Marwan Kawasme (left) and Amer Abu Aysha (right)" are also another actor?

Settler fires on rock throwers who attack his car, kills Palestinian, injures journalist. Check out that first pic, especially the "aura" around the thumbs-up sign. [update: this is most likely merely an artefact resulting from taking a still capture from a video.] And i really don't understand what's going on in the 2nd pic. All the edges of the vehicles, for example, have diagonal lines through them, but the angles are different for different edges. The first pic has some of this, too. This is not the way a normal image looks when you blow it up.
Of course the "photographer" is a repticlone.

May 19, '17: (8:35am) Wow, even at a glance (with naked eyes, age 63) at the reduced pic on this page it jumped out at me how crudely it was photoshopped around the side of his head. Also the head seems not to belong on that body.
This Abu Zubaydah guy might be nonexistent.

Yep, one can develop a sense of instantly spotting something that seems wrong with a pic. Like in this article about Abducted and tortured mom Sherri Papini. In the first pic, i instantly spotted that something was not right with the edges of the little sexually-abused girl's head. Check it out.
Of course, i am not really adept at spotting serious image manipulations, but this deliberately-obvious stuff is easy.
These feel like ordinary human actors, BTW.

More in-your-face photoshopping: Palestinian fishermen under siege: Gaza's Territorial Waters: Fisherman Mohammed Baker Killed by Israeli Naval Forces. Yet, this Mossad human is still alive.
On 28 September 2012, Israel's forces shot and killed Fahmi Abu Riash (22), a Palestinian fisherman, and wounded his brother Youssef (19). Not really. Check out how massive mommy's left shoulder is in the 1st pic. This person might not exist.

East Dallas gunman killed godfather before he shot neighbor, paramedic. "Shooter" Derick Lamont Brown is a CIA repticlone just like the "wounded paramedic". The deceased victim's wife is an Egyptoid/repticlone named Isis who is seriously into Egypt-type stuff.

Paranoid schizophrenic killed young woman with screwdriver & 'chewed' her face, inquest told. Yet somehow this MI human survived.

And, another Masonic M flaunted on Icke-istock.

(4:50pm) Germany confiscates private homes for 'migrants'. Con-fiscates from Masonic repticlones to whom "all renovation costs will be billed".

Back on the 4th i reported that the WWs were less active, and it was mostly the "new" SSers hitting me.
But lately those SSers seem to have mostly fizzled out due to attrition, and it has increasingly been WWs attacking me. However, just a fraction of what was the norm a month ago. Some light Hum, some fake aircraft (occasionally a bunch of fake aircraft) and U bases. But the quantity of U bases hitting is a fraction of what was.

May 20, '17: (7:25am) It's been raining since 1:20am. Kept me awake a couple hours with thunder, lightning, and pounding rain. More gentle now but it could keep up all day. Getting more than predicted.

Watch out, world! Donald Trump and First Lady Melania (plus Ivanka) are greeted by the Saudi king as they land in Riyadh for his crucial first test abroad as they escape DC scandalfest for nine-day foreign tour.

A whole bunch of seriously CGI pics there. I hate to break it to you, but it's all a hoax, foax. There are no nation-states. Trump is not the leader of the free world. Melania is not a lady. None of their clones flew to Riyadh. And it wouldn't matter if they did, as it's all a sham. And the Vatican pawns are mocking you. Operation Mockingbird.
They even laughingly pasted in the requisite grotesque drag queen. And Trump does the M sign further down the page.

White officer not indicted for fatally shooting back (sic) teen in US. They missed a chance to indict a CIA repticlone?
If you do an image search, you will see that officer Bryan Mason tends to have a very smug no-worries-i'm-part-of-the-racist-establishment-so-will-get-away-with-it smirk. Not intended to piss anyone off or anything.

(7:30pm) Actually it stopped raining around 8:30am, leaving me with 3.75"! What a wet spring.

Last Aug 24 i mentioned that Mumia Abu-Jamal is a CIA human clone. Now MOVE is in the news again: Three Decades After Philly Dropped a Bomb on Its Home, MOVE Org Survives. Let's see what kind of odd critters we might find...
Ramona is a female Egyptoid. Pam Africa and Monica Moorehead are CIA MTF humans.

Janet, Janine & Debbie Africa are laughably masculine CIA MTF humans.
Phil Africa (deceased under "very suspicious circumstances") was Egyptoid.

May 21, '17: (7:45am) Cool and sunny.

Tax Day protests: Anti-Trump marches planned nationwide to demand tax returns. See what a free country this is? "Informed" people are strongly encouraged to engage in real meaningful activities at their own expense and inconvenience. This is gonna be epic, man.

Hilarious. A secret court prevents us knowing the truth about the missing mother who has been arrested after running off with her two boys - but her loved ones say she is a great mum as they reveal they were thrown in cells and had their homes raided.
We triplets demand justice. ---->

Migrants Gang Rape Woman In Wheelchair, Police Free Them For Sick Reason. Just thought i'd throw that headline at you. "A gang of 5 Muslim migrants brutally raped a wheelchair-bound woman for hours, forcing their handicapped victim to suffer through the most debauched torture imaginable...
"Of course, it's obvious that a gang of 5 men can easily overpower a handicapped woman without so-called violence or threats. Because of this technicality, however, they walked free Wednesday evening." Grr, rilly pisses me off. That subhumans put out such filthy fiction. There out to be a law...

Another absurd hoax promoted on Icke-istock today is that of Schapelle Leigh Corby. Just check out the prison garb they make inmates wear in conservative Indonesia.
And maybe i am being overly paranoid, but it seems to me the 2 middle fingers are too close together in
this pic. Not that her hand is prominently displayed or anything.
Looks like the prison food was agreeable at least. Actually, that may be a different actress. And wassup with that background? And zoom in on the edges of her shins/calves.

5,000 refugees rescued in 48 hours off Libya's shores. Man, that's a lot! And just look at the "heat waves" coming off those people, especially the guy in the motorboat holding a rope.

Jewish baseball player suspended for homophobic slur

The unbelievable heroic story of Ireland's overlooked 'Oskar Schindler'. The title alone should give you a hint about the article's veracity. If that fails, check out how Monsignor Hugh O'Flaherty's head has a wobbly aura.
(brightness tweaked) ----->

May 22, '17: (9am) Another human clone, MI this time: Damon Smith. No, he does not have Asperger.
I am getting a bit tired of agents with faux ass-burger. It is an insult to us real aspies.

Fighter Jets Escort Airliner After CIA Repticlone Disturbance. "Two F-22 Raptor fighter jets were summoned Friday to escort a flight from Los Angeles to Hawaii after an unruly man was subdued by passengers and flight attendants, who used a drink cart to block him from the front of the plane." Oh, yeah, makes sense. The F-22s might have been needed to blow him away if necessary.

Car crash with passers-by injured in central Tel Aviv. And sometimes you have to look peripherally to the action in a pic, in order to recieve the Masonic confession. (I give thanks to MI for having their agent Spivey point out such things to me.)
<----- What is this streaky crap?

And sometimes you just got to be on the lookout for extreme absurdity. Unless there is some rational reason for this which escapes me.
1-minute video: RAW: Internet freaks out after Trump & King Salman pose at 'magic orb' in weird moment. Look from 0:10 on how the masses of spectators(?) all have their backs turned to the "action". Later it becomes evident that they are watching it on computer screens. Er well, no, looking at screens anyway.
Then look at 0:42 (screen capture here) and you see a bunch of tables with screens. The closest row has no-one seated, just the monitors inexplicably on. Is there some significance to the pic on these screens? A bunch of "ragheads" are seated in the further rows. Half of them seem to be staring at blank blue screens and the others mostly whitish ones.
How could anyone just turn their backs to such exciting, historic pomp and glamor?
Furthermore, i can't get a vibe off these spectators; are they all CGI animations?

I tried to find where all this hot action took place. I think it may have been at the "Joint Systems Manufacturing Center, also known as the Lima Army Tank Plant (LATP) ... a tank plant located in Lima, Ohio. It is a government-owned, contractor-operated facility currently operated by General Dynamics Land Systems." (map). What they do: Joint Systems Manufacturing Center prevails after Army threatens to close it.
Place has strong CIA vibe, is cover for other stuff.

Is Afghanistan Safe For Foreigners? German Woman Among Two Killed, Finnish Woman Kidnapped In Kabul. Article is skimpy on specifics, but one previous "abductee" worked for the Agency Coordinating Body for Afghan Relief. According to the website, it is an "independent body bringing together 135 national and international NGOs working in Afghanistan and abiding by the humanitarian principles of independence, neutrality, impartiality and humanity." The Key Staff at ACBAR (LOL) are all Vatican repticlones.

Ah, now the Trump-clones are visiting Is-unreal, it would appear. Check out the crystal clear image of Donald Trump, center, and his wife Melania Trump, right, speaking with monks outside the Church of the Holy Sepulchre in Jerusalem's Old City on May 22, 2017. (screen capture: Channel 2). I did not see the vid this was captured from, but i did zoom in on Trump's cheek, top of head, Melanoma's hair, etc. And what is that mess below his ear? Why is his collar edge slopped into his neck?
And what is the significance of the weird, stylized wire skeletons in the background of this dubious pic? Pardon my ignorance, but is this some kind of traditional Jewish art?

Or are they just getting us worked up about the CIA Grateful Dead Doc Hitting Theaters for Special One-Night Screening?

May 23, '17: (2:50pm) Ah, today the filthy town of Manchester is in the news. Erg. What would the world be like if not for their constant drama skits? Now we have another farce, complete with the usual repticlone shills and blurry pics of people lying around with improbable-looking scarlet-stain rags on them.

Anyway, i started a sub-forum upon which i will be putting most of my media image manipulation observations in the future.

May 24, '17: (8:10am) Got a bit of rain yesterday. Supposed to get more today.

Here's a weird "coincidence": i clicked on this article Taxi driver made 3 trips in wake of Manchester attack to rescue survivors because i got an Egyptoid vibe off of this guy Saf Ismail.

So then i do an image search for taxi driver Saf Ismail, but also get a bunch of pics of a similar-looking (but not Egyptoid) taxi driver Shamsubahrin Ismail, who has been in the Malaysia news a lot lately.

Now, people don't just spontaneously sprout up with their faces and names plastered all over the media, with or without Masonic hand signs.

I knew damn well these are 2 different actors with different brows, but i ran them through Twins or Not anyway.

Same last names, same first initials, same profession, both thrust forward in the media, and Microsoftware rates them 44% similar-looking.
What are the chances?

Coincidences abound in this world. Then i saw an article about Farooq Ahmad Dar who suffered terrible indignities. Dar, who ekes out a living by working as a Sozni (handmade embroidery) craftsman, was on his way to Gampora when he was allegedly picked up by the army troopers near Putligam and tied to the bonnet of a jeep before being paraded around dozens of villages. How horrible.

Searching for more images, some came up for another victim of gov't tyranny, with the same name: Farooq Ahmad Dar Harassed by Indian Government. In recent days the Chairman of the JKLF (Real ), Farooq Ahmad Dar, has seen his house and offices raided and a number of threats made against him and his family by the Indian forces in Indian Held Kashmir.
Farooq Ahmad Dar regularly holds public meetings and demonstrations to protest against the continued occupation by Indian forces in Kashmir.

Coincidentally, both Farouks as well as the woman depicted at the 2nd link, are non-repty Egyptoids.

I took another look at the article i mentioned May 21, A secret court prevents us knowing the truth about the missing mother who has been arrested after running off with her two boys - but her loved ones say she is a great mum as they reveal they were thrown in cells and had their homes raided.
Samantha Baldwin is just a human MI sleazewad. I'm fairly sure that brothers Dylan Madge (left) and Louis Madge (right) who had been missing since March 27 are one and the same.
And Edina Holt, a former social worker who lives in Yorkshire and is Samantha's mother's closest friend is an Egyptoid-repticlone.

Big Game Hunter Crushed To Death After Elephant Falls On Him. Alas, rumors of his demise have been greatly exaggerated. Theunis Botha is a live human Mason.

Tribute For Family Of Soldier Killed Fighting ISIS Raises $200K Overnight. Riight.
... kind people from all around the globe have reached out to honor the military member who was killed while fighting ISIS and ...
... raised over $200,000 in one night. One week later, it surpassed $325,000.
Simply incredible, the way people around the world love our brave soldiers in the front lines against the Muslim Menace. Kinda brings tears to my eyes.
This CIA repticlone is still alive.

(4:30pm) Swedish Tech Company Implants Microchips in Employees' Bodies to Make Their Lives Easier. Innocently placed right in their hoku points, the most-used upper-body acu-point.

May 25, '17: (9:50am) Sun is back. Got no measurable precip from the last system.

Man with knife arrested outside Buckingham Palace moments before Queen drives past. Dark-skinned MPD guy. So of course the cops donned rubber gloves before handling the leper.
Note in 2nd pic (not the least posed) that the cop can't refrain from doing the Masonic M sign. The large knife is in a big sterile tube so as to avoid contamination.

At least '68 children among dead' in Syria bomb attack. Strange that the blast and the fire nonetheless left loose piles of flammable trash. Wonder why they let so much garbage accumulate in public buses there. Them Syrians must be real slobs.
Also i wonder how all those oily smudges got on the outside of the bus. Oh, i see, there was one blast against a convoy of buses. And somehow it gutted the interior of this bus without blowing away all the garbage that naturally accumulates from all these brown people.

Better check some other news outlets about this.
Scores of children die in bus convoy attack as UN condemns Syria bombing. In the first 3 pics of the carnage, there are no buses. Except the 1st pic shows what looks like a van. The 4th (very blurry) pic seems to show 3 buses ass-to-nose. Why is that guy's head in a purple blanket, i wonder. Looking for small children in there? Is that what the other guy is pointing at? Or is there some symbolism presented here?
In the last pic, those rescuers look understandably jittery about the whole mess.

Syrian bus convoy hit by blast, at least 112 reported killed or injured. This has some more dubious pix, as well as a clearer version of the van pic.
Can you spot the 2 Egyptoids in the foreground of the last pic?
A Mossad woman and a boy, Category 3.

'Enough is enough!' Husband who lost wife Alison Howe in bombing. I agree we have had enough hoaxes. Alison the MI repticlone is still alive.

KATIE HOPKINS: The politicians now have hundreds of troops protecting them while telling the rest of us to Keep Calm, Stay 'United' and Carry On. But who is going to protect OUR kids from the terror THEY let in?. I wonder why the soldier in the 4th pic is carrying an absurd load on his ass. The 5th pic is full of CGI signatures. The 7th pic has a very fem-faced FTM soldier pasted in, and one of the cops is doing a subtle Masonic M sign.
And further down, there is a pic labeled "Olivia Campbell, 15, who was finally identified amongst the dead. For 24 hours her mother waited to hear news of her child; I'd argue the killer tortured her, too" yet only shows a live repticlone who looks at least 19.

CIA generating Project Monarch psyop "revelations": ARIANA GRANDE AND THE ILLUMINATI BETA KITTENS OF POP CULTURE. Of course all these CIA repticlones are MPD, but that is not why they do all these poses. These are not humans who sold out or were forced against their will to serve evil.

Gay pair caned in Indonesia as crowd cheers & takes pictures. I didn't spot any real obvious confessions in this article, but it got me googling "public caning" upon which i found the "realistic" blurry pic of "Corporal punishment in MALAYSIA" as well as this Indonesia article Photos: Muslim Woman Flogged 100 Times For Falling In Love & Having Sex With the WRONG MAN. Note how in a couple pics she does the M sign.

Olivia Newton-John's "daughter" Chloe Lattanzi loses her glasses. Olivia (satanist CIA SSer) is long dead and replaced by repticlones. Chloe is a CIA synthetic whose bod is presented in grossly varying morphologies. Compare the waist/hips here with these here. I guess she didn't come out of the factory with the best shape, so they optimize it with computers. Sometimes.

An interview with alleged KickassTorrents founder in his jail cell in Poland. CIA repticlones.

(5:05pm) 50 years ago i was evacuated from Amman, Jordan, in advance of the pre-sheduled 5-day war [pre-scheduled 6 Day War]. I remember all headlights and streetlights were painted with an opaque, chalky blue paint so that bomber planes would not detect the city from its lights (riiight). There was even a going-away party for the American kids. I was 13.

50 years on, just-released photos show horror, then joy, in Battle for Jerusalem.
There are 2 identical human clones in the top pic. These guys are still alive; must be in their 70s. So they were making viable clones back then.
It also looks like there are at least 3 copies of another one, browless, but i do not get a vibe off these.

Young Nigerians are Bleaching Their Skin. The author seems to be a sincere person, as far as i can tell. Read the article. This trend is definitely strongly promoted by the CIA via their celebs.

Look at this pathetic sellout human. Black man transforms into white girlie-fruit plastic doll. This is repticulture at its finest.
Oops, i mean Freedom! Freedom of individual expression like the CIA makes the world safe for.

I don't think the author knows, but this is all CIA crap. Nigeria is one seriously messed-up CIA colony, and of course CIA controls the media and who gets to be a celeb.

May 27, '17: (8:45pm) This image of pseudotranny MPD sex-slave CIA human clones comes from a Twitter page themed Black Power; Empowering black people. Yes, that is what the CIA is about.
I think there are 3 sets of twins in there. The rearmost ones look feminine.

CIA repticlone Drone Journalist Faces 7 Years in Prison for Filming Dakota Pipeline Protests.

Tattooed "Joker" lookalike arrested after pointing gun at cars, Miami police say. And people will believe this cartoonish CIA hoax. Lawrence Sullivan is a MPD human clone.

May 28, '17: (6:10pm) Still no drought here. Got another thundershower in the wee hours. 0.7".

Israeli protesters support Palestinian state, urge end to occupation. Good; looks like there are some decent Jews left. But i know how things run, so i checked out Israeli opposition Labor Party leader Isaac Herzog. Male human with strong Scottish Rite vibe.
Controlled opposition. They love protests against themselves.

Hoaxes involving clowns and jokers are a thing these days. Springfield judge denies clown's plan to juggle for jurors as centerpiece of defense. Melendez is a CIA repticlone.

Hoaxes about plane passengers are also quite vogue, still. Man tried to bite flight attendant before jumping out of plane. The more absurd, the better. Tun Lon Sein is another CIA repticlone.

May 29, '17: (am) Another Masonic M sign right near the top pic in this article N Korea fires Scud missile into sea, its third test in three weeks.
Funny how, in 2017, Reuters and Getty still can only get such poor-quality images. Maybe the reporters took them covertly with micro-cameras, ya think? You need special permission in N Korea to take pix.

Angie Ver Huel, Fiancee of Murdered Justin Michael, Still Teaching. Angie is CIA Category 1 Egyptoid blood-ritual satanist. Justin Michael is a live CIA repticlone.

But it gets weirder.
The "murderer" David Moffit of Des Moines is the same CIA repticlone (or rather a different copy of the same) with the same name as a Detroit attorney involved in other hoaxes such as one involving CIA repticlone Alexander Aceval.
Note the Masonic M.

Note how they make this stuff real easy to find. Why else would they even use the same names? Anyone googling images of one can't help but find the other. Just as happened with the Jayson Negrons (May 11 post). They make sure that anyone with the least curiosity and an internet connection can't help but find evidence of hoaxes.

May 30, '17: (2:15pm) Getting a bit of rain again.

Man Wins 23-Kilometer Race He Ran in His Socks. Simple reason should tell you this is a hoax. Anybody not used to running barefoot might be able to limp through a 23 km marathon with torn and bloody feet, but sure is not going to win it. On the other hand, if he had trained extensively barefoot, he could have won, but he also would have very calloused feet.
Here's a pic of him barefoot, with what look like normal, uninjured, uncalloused feet.
Here he is with socks that show little wear, considering the 23 km. Hell, this is not much past the point where i normally would relegate that one sock to the rag bin, myself. The wear pattern is not what one would expect from such a race.
So how was the hoax pulled off? I dunno, but it required conspirators.

Another Masonic M. And if you google for images of Mouhcine Fikri, you will see plenty more protestors doing hand signs. And check the effeminate Romani boy on the right here. Yes, there are Romani in Morocco. Morocco is very close to Spain, so many have come down to interbreed and whatnot.

This guy is doing 2 Masonic hand signs. (Japanese 'Race Queen' Model With Thousands of Adult Male Fans is Actually Only 13.)

May 31, '17: (10:40am) Darren Criss is another CIA human clone.

Texan lawmakers trade violent threats, scuffle over immigration protest. Riight. Note anything about Poncho Nevarez and Matt Rinaldi?
Another such article/pic: Irving State Rep Threatens to Shoot Colleague, Call ICE on Protesters.
Emotions run pretty high among these CIA repticlones due to their differences.

Last July i posted on the tranny forum about an actress named Christy Chung. Initially i thought she was a dead MTF. No vibe. Then later i realized i was too quick to label her MTF based on scant evidence. Then later still, i found out her name and looked her up on google. Still could get no vibe, but she is alive.
Then Joe wrote me saying he got a vile vibe off her, and would make a hardware-cloth thing to light her up better. Which he did. This caused me to be able to feel a vague, slightly dirty vibe off her. Joe kept working on it, did some more cutting on the cloth, and set it up in an array. Sent me a pic yesterday. At that point i noticed the array was addressing some demonic-like vibe, and was hitting not only Chung but her eldest daughter.
Then Joe realized he has been getting hit by these 2 a while. And Vozy got more of a fix on their energy, and started reprogramming some of my stuff to hit them. Also Joe concentrated some more on them.

This morning their vibe was stronger still, and now i was finding U bases in south AU. We have been taking some out. These bases all have a CIA, Tavistock, and Nato vibe, along with these critters.
In fact, for those of you out there who are psychic warriors, i have put together a pic comprising Joe's setup, my device currently blasting them, and a pic of the Chung females.
See what you can make of it.

The "daughters" all feel female. But i still get no vibe in "Mama" of any womb or clit, nor for that matter, a prostate or silicone. I doubt this creature ever gave birth. I think this is an earlier, sterile model.
However the daughters do have wombs. To me right now, only the eldest has a Chung-like vibe. A few weeks ago, i did not notice this, however.

These critters still don't have that strong a vibe for me. Plus there is a very slippery, elusive, obfuscative quality about it. But i sense there are more of these living as humans on the surface.

The closest i've come is that i have found a MTF CIA human clone (ordinary common human clone) who is closely connected to one. That would be the brunet on the right presently posted here. This guy comes from one of the bases we took out this morning. --->
The Chungoid unit he knows is also a beauty contestant, or aspires to be, but i have not found pics of her. This one has a distinct female vibe. I presume all the modern ones do have gender.