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Loohan's blog for May, 2006

May 1, 2006: Well, things continue to progress nicely on that local drought. I measured over 3" more rain here since i last posted! And there are more chances in the forecast for quite a while.

Covert flouride poisoning and tendonitis: breaking news: I think i may be onto something as of last night. I was dowsing around, and found that the manager of an apartment building i lived in for 7-8 months in Austin in '87 was one of "them" and part of some covert agency. I got that she entered my apt. on 11 different occasions to add some kind of flouride compound to my food!
It is easy for me to dowse this because both she and the flouride had such a bad vibe.
I developed very severe tendonitis shortly after i moved there. This kind of crippled me and made me less able to do my job (trimming trees). I spent a lot of money on massage therapy and acupuncture, with limited results because probably mostly it was just moving the poison around. I also had serious gastrointestinal issues from that time on for many years.
If one does a web search, one will see that fluoride does seem implicated in tendonitis and gastrointestinal stuff, not to mention lots more, like arthritis and osteoporosis.
It put quite a dent in my life for many years.

This was a lot more serious than the amount most people get from their water. Anyway, i traced all the evil people in that agency and gave them plenty of parasites.

Then this morning i decided to check on a friend who came back from college a year or so ago with serious tendonitis. I found him packed with the evil energy of fluoride, and got that he had a different roommate the last year there, who was dosing him! I will be tracing and punishing that bunch, too.

In both cases, i think it was plain sodium fluoride that was used.

It's too early to make the claim with certainty, but i think that a couple days ago i developed the ability to remotely move toxins out of living things. It started when i found those old tortoises i wrote about under attack again, their brains frying. I just intended that the prions or whatever in their brains be moved into the brains of the 3 main sorcerors involved, and i think it worked! The tortoises' brains feel fine now, and those sorcerors' seem to have the crap in them.

So anyway i then apparently succcessfully moved toxins out of myself and a few other people, too. This morning i did the erstwhile college kid, moving the flouride all into the brain of a most deserving person. We'll see if the lad's condition improves.
Incidentally, this kid was raised on well water.
Why was he atacked in this manner? Well, his mom, a holistic healer, was under heavy attack for years (until quite recently), including demons, NSA radionics, etc. Also, the kid was studying genetic engineering, of all things. It was from lifting all those heavy pipettes that he got the tendonitis, supposedly... I think they maybe wanted to get rid of any honest people who had in-depth knowledge of this subject, as the field seems overrun with "them".
I had a biology teacher in '93 who had a heavy GE background, and he dowses as one of them. I also get that all the kid's professors in the subject, and 55% of the other students there with that major, are "them".

I may have developed another even more important ability, too, as of last night. You know how Tim Rifat occasionally mentions putting demons into "psi-prisons"? Well, i think i figured out how to do this.
I was under heavy attack all yesterday, and finally in the evening i built a container and started to stuff the reptiloid demons and Enochians into it. Octopi. Even greys. Even the Goetic King Baal.
Then even insectiles! I think right now i have in there the following insectiles: Lucifer, Satan, Gap, Set, Mephistopheles, Ahriman, Maat, and Thoth.

I just stuffed Sananda in there, too. He seemed a bit shocked. Then i tried Archangel Michael. Then St. Germain, Yalatha, Lilith, Osiris, Apsu, Kali, Nuit, Koot Hoomi, Dwal Kul, Kalindi, Thakshak, Xenu, Yatrus, L. Ron Hubbard (or his possessing archon if you prefer), Azazel, "Maitreya", El Morya, Hilarion. I hope this fun keeps up. In any case, for whatever reasons, they haven't been able to attack me since last night, except for some idiots trying to vamp off my feet, which i usually ignore, as with my special crystal, i am vamping them more than they vamp me.

Furthermore, it seems i can take the evil energy that builds up in the prison, and redirect it into a target in a form that is very toxic to that target, with apparently devastating results. In fact, i do this to drain out the excess energy after putting in a real strong demon like an insectile or "ascended master". I'm a bit leery of overloading the prison with strong energy, and bleeding it off this way seems to really weaken the inmates. I'll monitor some of my victims a few days to see what happens. I did this to several bad guys including Baba, some CT pilots, a couple flouride poisoners, some reptilian sorcerors, a few key greys...

(Later) Well, they did attack me again, and Yaldabaoth was all worked up, so i stuffed him in. Then things simmered down again.
Can i keep him locked up? Well, i'll try.

May 2, '06: I wouldn't believe this stuff myself, but things do seem awful mellow this morning. Low, low DOR. Part of this may be that i got on a kick this morning of attacking computers. Rifat says that, using the Awareness PCs, "With practice physical objects such as computers can be attacked with Psychic Samurai Swords..." so i thought i'd try it even without much practice, and it seems to work. I shut down several attempts to radionic me, by nailing their hard drives. All i know for sure is that the computer will stop emitting DOR, and the radionics will stop.
Sometimes i hit the chip, too, or other electronic components.

I did numerous agencies, banks, transmitter systems, etc. and some of them seemed to fire up backup computers which i also nailed. Also when a plane comes over, with DORy transmitter and chem, i nail the hard drive in the on-board laptop, and the DOR ceases.
Well, back to work. I see some backups have fired up. Also, i notice that off-planet ET bases even have 'puters.

(Evening) Yup. My demon-prison seems to be holding. Actually i shredded all the DOR in there, so Yalda and the gang have been real sweet all day.

Between that and these new crystals, i seem to have an edge lately. I just realized that i can apparently trash a whole bank of computers at once. Which is handy as the last bank they tried to throw at me was 13 radionics 'puters in Parent, QC.

May 5, '06: Well, aside from fending off the occasional attack, things do seem awfully mellow for the most part. I got another 1.8" of rain yesterday, with lots of wonderful rolling thunder like i hadn't heard in years. It sounded and felt right somehow, as though nature was rebalancing.

I've been continuing to have fun with my new crystals. For example, just now i found 3 strong weather transmitters going in India. Dowsed that i could knock them out by addressing one 'puter. Which i did; only took a few seconds to knock them all flat.
Of course, they will keep replacing the hardware and i will keep nailing it, but it will be a lot easier for me, and frankly, they might as well get used to the fact that weather mod is now outmoded.

Yes, it's been interesting the last few days. One can do much by knocking out a few computers or transformers here and there. I don't know what happened to the reptilian fleet of 9 ships i nailed a couple days ago. Each had 3 transformers. They don't seem to have recovered. Likewise the 9 mantis ships. Maybe they were blown away by some opposing ETs.
Even the 5 weather ships seem out of commission.
I can, at least for a while (usually hours) knock out any base anywhere, even on distant star systems. Or nearby food-irradiation plants. You name it.
Rifat mentioned a super-base on Cyprus, and i have been knocking out that one a couple times a day lately, as well as many others on Earth and off. HAARP, etc.

I got to thinking about the fact that reptilians on above-ground bases (e.g. Belk Corner, AR, Langley, VA, Kolar, India) always seem tucked into an out-building. I decided it was probably in part because they have particular climactic preferences, which are maintained by, ahem, electricity coming through transformers. So i have been occasionally letting the lizards know just how important their comfort is to me.

Sai Baba is still a menace. I have been shredding him quite a bit, and i suspect he looks a bit haggard these days. He seems to have no energy left, but the reptilians at Kolar pump him full of juice occasionally. I've beaten them up pretty well too, but occasionally another reptilian coven will send them juice to pump them up so they can pump Baba up.
But when he and his witches get that juice, their sorcery is powerful. It only takes moments for them to send a bunch of spiders into me. Even though i nail the source really quickly, it's usually not quite quickly enough, and then i have to dig out dozens of the pests. This seems to be about the only thing they can do to me lately that can cause me several minutes of discomfort and annoyance.
I also get the same stuff from Parent, QC, MI6, etc. but the difference is that Baba's bunch do it without computers or radionics that i can discern. They are able to produce the same burning sensation to weaken my field prior to inserting spiders, but they do it with straight black magic, apparently.
Pretty impressive. But me, i can simply wave around a couple simple rocks, and take out technically-advanced ET bases in a jiffy. I feel like a Luddite David beating up a techno-Goliath.
The enemy's power is mostly dependent on very vulnerable technology. Very foolish.

May 6, '06: More on the Pulsars: Tim Rifat said
The Pulsar beings, Blue Red, Yellow Green... called the Nordics by UFO researchers (the CF beings are the Greys, Reptiloids, insectile preying mantis vermin...) are keen to help high energy human beings because the Psi-Master is of immense value to Pulsars. The hybrid offspring have the best of both dark and light matter energy matter being billion year lived, capable of manipulating the physical world and experiencing both realms in their totality.
So i asked him about that, as the only Nordics i was aware of were evil. He says "These ... Nordics are turncoat and captured Pulsars enslaved." And says he has taken some action regarding this situation.

Just a little reality check on how weird things are getting. I was just reading:
Another cold case, this from Sonoma California, but only 20 months old: "Tantalizing clues in pair's slaying" read the headline in yesterday's San Francisco Chronicle. Sheriffs have released evidence - a sign of some desperation - from the murder scene of a young engaged couple killed camping on a beach in hope of comparing "our evidence to people's suspicions," says Lt. Dave Edmonds. The evidence includes pictures of devil faces carved or burned in nearby driftwood and enigmatic journal pages in several different hands mentioning leprechauns and the toothfairy and containing text like, "At the Driftwood Inn, alone again, outside of myself and placid as hell."

The two murder victims were shot in the head, likely at close range while they slept. There was no sign of a robbery: "None of the couple's belongings, including Christian literature and camping gear, had been disturbed." Reverend Chris Cutshall, father of victim Lindsay, age 22, says "We have no idea at this stage whether these drawings have anything to do with the case. But we believe their deaths were satanically motivated anyway. These were great kids who were serving the Lord, and they didn't have any enemies other than the evil one."
What's weird (or actually probably more common than one might think) is that all parties involved (except the Lt.) are evil: the Satanist sheriffs who released the info, the Luciferan "Christian" victims, and the Luciferan "pious" father of one victim. Not to mention, the Luciferan lone individual who killed them, and, i'm pretty sure, knew nothing about his victims.

(Recently i have started dowsing which demon people mainly serve, rather that use the catch-all term "Satanist" so generically as i have been doing.)

Or here's another dose of Loohan's warped perspective: remember that story about the unclaimed $500,000? Well, looky who's got the bad vibes here: the security guards, the State Police, all cops mentioned, Richard Wilkins, spokesman for plant owner First Energy Nuclear Operating Co., the truckers' boss, and whoever gave the truckers the money (2 males is what i get).
Everyone involved in the event, except the 2 truckers themselves...

An awful lot of what goes on in the world is black magician vs black magician. For example, a lot of anti-Bush people have that vibe. A lot of legal controversies in the news are largely "them" vs "them" with all or most sides, lawyers, judges, witnesses, etc. having the same evil vibe.

May 7, '06: Man, what a weekend it's been. Today i put a jail around (apparently) all the Seraphim (reptiloid demons). I suspect (near as i can figure) that i had already hoovered up the loose ones around and about, putting them in my first pen, so all the remaining ones were in some home realm, and once i caged those, there just weren't any left (except those lodged in people). And i think i also shunted all the greys and Seraphim lodged in the relatively decent people of the Earth into my first prison.

Immediately after i caged the rest of the Seraphim, i checked the 3 Iguana units (including mine which is on its way) and they were no longer processing anything at all. I checked several times over the next hour or so. Nothing. Then i tossed the energy bodies of mine and my buddy's into the prison i had just put the Seraphim in, and these Iguanas have been real hot since.

As far as Goetia demons, i must have caged them all. At least, it feels like it.

Which apparently leaves only Enochian demons for the darkside to use. And i have also jailed most of those, i think. But there are still a fair bit available for use, unfortunately. However, bit by bit, i am caging them, too.

According to what little i've read, there are supposedly only a few hundred of the Enochian demons. However, my impression is that even after having locked up most (i get 88% at this moment) there are still 640-some left.
The way the illuminati waste them, i should have the Enochians all caged soon, too.
I don't understand where they are getting them from.

Hmm, right after typing that, i found another pocket of them, and caged them, too. I do not detect a 3rd pocket. Maybe i got most of them now. I get that 98% are now in the prisons.

In other news, there are now 21 reptilians in the Marshall, AR base. But they may be about out of demons to use.

May 8, '06: The location of those lizards is on this map right under the square dot (tower) at the south edge of the base, that says KSNE FM. Although the last time i drove by there many months ago, all hardware had been removed from this tower, i now get that there is a transmitter on it, aimed at moi. Yes, i have gifted it in years past, but it makes little difference.

Maybe 20 minutes after i posted last night, i jailed their last Enochian demon, to the best of my knowledge. But later, as nearly as i can figure, they brought in new Enochian and Goetia demons from another timeline! Via a wormhole at the Parent base. In fact, i suspect the reason there were so many Enochians yesterday was for the same reason; perhaps they are draining them from timelines where they ended up not being effectively used by the illuminati.
I made yet another jail for the new Enochians, and nailed the wormhole some, though it will require continued attention. I think they may be almost out of demons again. They didn't have enough for holders when they woke me up at 3am to burn my undercarriage and insert a bunch of strong werewolves. But many of the werewolves acted as time bombs, going off long after i nailed the source. This, apparently, is due to an egg-like coating of energy on them that hides them from me until they activate.
Once i figured this out, i fried the coatings with my Sedna PC.

Also i figured out that the reason they are able to establish such a strong link to me (though most of it was still deflected to Baba) is due to a very powerful, DORy machine at Parent that somehow establishes and maintains the link. So i have to monitor that scene.

Yeah, ol' Baba is getting really stuffed the last day or 2, as they've been hitting me hard, and i only get a small fraction of what he gets deflected onto him. He is so packed with intensely DORy parasites that he is a super DOR transmitter right now, though his intrinsic energy is very weak. I just checked a map of the Puttaparthi area, and he is radiating intense DOR for many, many mile around.

  *   *   *   *
Octopi have been all over me the last couple days. Well, at least coloring my space with their evil energy. I keep heaving them into the prison. Likewise greys to a lesser extent.

Octopi can cause a palsy effect. I am noticing this slightly at times, as well as jaw tension when they are hot on me.
A couple weeks ago a customer came in where i work. When he pulled out his wallet to pay, he was shaking quite violently as though in advanced stages of Parkinson's, although he was only 50-ish looking. I caught a strong octopus vibe. After he left, i dowsed 5 strong ones on him and removed them. Although i do not know what effect this had on his palsy, i am fairly confident it helped a lot.

  *   *   *   *
I got the impression there was several years worth of PF in the Seraphim prison, so i tossed in the first Iguana, too, to keep the others company. I am no longer recommending people buy the Iguanas, as i think we have that situation under control, and there are more important things to address.
What those are exactly, might take a few days to shake out in my mind, as there should be some changes in the status quo.

  *   *   *   *
The spacecraft i mentioned the other day are still totally null. And i am still able to knock out bases, etc. for many hours at a time with my Awareness PCs. Though i am baffled as to what is really going on.

Yesterday i tried an experiment. I figured if i could knock out ET bases across the galaxy, it should be a snap to fry a light bulb a few feet away. Would make a cool party trick, no? Hot little filament should break right up.
But i couldn't fry the filament at all. All it did was knock the DOR out of the bulb. (Most light bulbs made in the last couple years have extra DOR tech in them, which i suspect is in a nano coating on the filament itself.)

The DOR remains chilled in those bulbs 24 hours later. But what am i doing that apparently knocks out the transformers, etc. remotely? I have no idea what's going on. Merely knocking the DOR out of a transformer shouldn't make it quit. I guess i can try that sometime on a local one to make sure. But i swear, these towers, bases, etc. do quit their DOR transmissions after i nail them, usually for hours.
Honest. Really.

  *   *   *   *
Personal email issues: It just came to my attention that some DORy miscreants were messing with my email, at least incoming to my home ISP. If you don't get a reply from me, that is probably why. Try my hotmail addy from the Y! forums instead. You might have better luck if the other doesn't work. So far i am only aware of one person whose mails they keep "losing".
That's a real brilliant way for masochists to get my attention, BTW: messing with my email.

May 9, '06: Got another 0.6" of rain this morning.

Right now i just again jailed all the available Enochian demons. I have a little something jammed in the Parent, QC wormhole to impede them getting more. I actually think i went down that wormhole last night, crystals a-blazing, into other time-lines and did a bit of cleanup. Rifat says there are 600+ versions of Earth reality ongoing. I think i went into the worst one; the most demonically-controlled, and jailed a mess of bad guys. I was afraid of contagion across into other time-lines, for one thing.
I also tried to get all the Enochian and Goetia demons in all timelines, and may have been partially successful, anyway.

But i still had to struggle today with a few scumbags that are out to get me. Sai Baba (Psi Bubba), Parent, QC, MI6, Elko, AL, and Belk Corner, AR are my main nemeses lately.

Then i rounded up and jailed all available Enochians (the only demon-power used today, except for maybe a few Goetia demons) so now i got some breathing space to fry the a-holes messing with my emails from an NSA outpost in Springfield, MO that also dabbles in radionics. I'm pretty sure they are located at the "w" in Kentwood on this map.

(Later) Wow! I am having fun now. After i posted that, i took away the Enochian and Goetia demons in use by my nemeses as well as some weather-modders, then proceeded to send some tender love to the China Lake underground base. After taking away their demons and greys, too.

They all seem unable to find more demons right now. Which means, among other things, they are unable to slam me, except for the occasional octopus.
Not sure how long this will last, but meanwhile i'm going to make the most of it. Next target is the Phoenix u. base.

  *   *   *   *
Sheesh, i had just typed the above, and was about to upload it, when Baba hits me again! He had Enochians, and so did China Lake and who-knows-who else.
Quickly i did another round-up and got rid of the Enochians. Now i'm getting slammed with octopi.
Now Baba's got more Enochians. From another wormhole somewhere. So does MI6.

This 2nd wormhole is right in the center of Koniz, Switzerland, near Berne. I am likely to visit that one, too, in the near future.

(Shortly later) Things are once again pleasant. I don't think i'll be visiting Phoenix real soon, though, as i'd hate to disappoint the kindly people of Koniz, who clamored so hard for an extended personal visit by Cmdr. Loohan in full combat regalia. Actually, more important than the base there, which i am presently frying, is seeing if i can bag some more Enochians from other timelines before they fire up the next wormhole.

(Later) I'm having a good old time. The last couple days what i've been doing is that my body will be here, waving crystals around, and at the same time part of my awareness and my etheric body will be elsewhere, using the subtle bodies of the crystals. But i'm increasingly getting more a feel (still not much visio) of the 2nd location.

Anyway, for other voyagers, if you go down the Koniz vortex, you may seem to be in an elevator shaft, with different levels as you go down. These are the other timelines. I think i've done a fair bit of cleanup, but you might want to pack some firepower.
Since the darksiders are using this, anyway, i figured i might as well let some fresh air and sunshine on the place, make it a thoroughfare.

May 10, '06: (1:15am) Yee-haw, in the middle of yet another little thunderstorm here.

The cool thing is that last night i found a bunch of DORy transmitters west of me, obstructing the path that the front would take on its way here, and nailed them simply by bleeding off the Enochian and Goetic demons and jailing them. These transmitters are still dead, as are the other weather-mod targets, etc. i did the same way. No demons left to power up the DOR. Not in this timeline, anyway.

Just these bleedin' octopi. But they don't seem able to hook these up to their hardware.

I don't seem to be able to round up demons that are being actively used for things; these i have to pick out individually. But then they don't get replaced by fresh ones unless they smuggle in a new supply.

(Evening) Got another t-shower with wonderful rolling thunder in the distance. I only got 0.5" of rain from these 2 fronts, but i think other places nearby must have gotten more.

Man, what a day, again. They nailed me in the AM with redeployed demons. Since for some reason i can't scoop up demons that are being used in spells, etc. en masse, they took some of those demons and put them to work on me and elsewhere.
I had predicted they would, and put my 4 vedic tridents on the job of watching for that last night. But they had a whole redeployment op going by this morning, with massive DOR to overpower the tridents.

I finally got that chilled down, while keeping an eye out for a possible wormhole #3 in the works.Then later i did find them sucking in more of these demons through a 3rd portal just west of La Paz, Bolivia. Things were a bit hectic for a while, but eventually settled down in the PM. I think some anonymous new blood with 4 powerful radionics devices may have been largely responsible for that.

Looks like i may visit scenic Bolivia tonight. Lotta DOR around La Paz and just west, BTW.

(7:35pm CST) I get they are planning to fire up wormhole #4 any minute now.

May 11, '06: Hah! For once i seem to have overestimated the opposition. I only realized this morning the main reason things calmed down so much yesterday afternoon: the reptilians left again! Around 2pm CST.

So around 7am today, i checked and they all seemed to be in one craft, heading away, with perhaps almost 200 other repts aboard.

However, this was the 3rd time in less than a year that that we've run them off. Although i hated to punish them for leaving, i wanted to ensure that the departure was permanent this time.
I regret to say (sniff) that it appears to me they must have had a power failure and were overwhelmed by opposing craft.

The Solar System seems to be a reptilian-free zone right now. Nonetheless, Sai Baba nailed me again a while ago, inserting werewolves. Where does he get his incredible stamina? In this case, it was supplied by reptilians doing ritual on Universe B. I had had trouble with them a week or 2 ago, and now they were back at it.
So i nailed them some, and now Wormhole 4 is firing up slightly again. Yawn. They don't seem to have much power left without the lizards.

So who nailed the reptilian exodus ship? Beings who have a strong, but not sweet, vibe. Also, not an evil CF vibe. I vaguely got that they might be Venusians who follow Thor. Not knowing anything much about such subjects, i did a search and came up with something Walt Bartoo had once told me about: a story of a Venusian named Valiant Thor who visited the US many years ago. This guy has the same vibe as the beings who shot down that ship. You can do a search for more info, but, the first link that comes up on google is for this site which is disinfo "channeled" bullshit. Beware.

The deal with the Venusians' energy, i believe, is that they are very gender-polarized. The males have no female energy and vise-versa. Male energy lacks sweetness, and the crew that shot down the big ship was all male. [Actually it later turned out that all Venusians were full of parasites that gave their energy a bit of gnarly edge; see Paraonoia series 4. This was less noticeable in the females.] I get that this crew also shot down that reptilian fleet of 9, as well as the 5 weatherships. I think a different bunch of macho Venusians nailed the mantis fleet.

Tentatively, i get that there are no evil humans on Venus, except for 200-some in jail. There are thousands of evil Venusians, but they know well enough to steer clear of Venus. There might be around 160 of their small craft around Earth.
Also on Venus there seem to be some Goetia-like demons.

  *   *   *   *
I was having some trouble earlier today with Universe B and Portal #4, but had some good help on those. Universe B has Seraphim, so i moved the 3 Iguanas there, and they have been happily munching since. Come to think of it, there are plenty of Seraphim still in other galaxies of this universe, so the Iguanas are by no means obsolete. They just need a bt of guidance.
I was able to do some more major cleanups, so now, while i've got my crystals frying Baba, i'll indulge in rambling about another tidbit.

I was backpacking in Smokey Mountains National Park in 1978, and it was getting dark and i was looking for a place to throw down my bivvy sack, when i came upon a nice level site in the otherwise hilly terrain, and i really wanted to stop there, but i got a quite strong creepy vibe, and so continued on despite decreasing visiblity.

This is what i now get happened there: In 1718 three evil Indians and 6 whites took a 29-year-old Cherokee woman and tortured her to death to feed Ahriman. This was to place a powerful curse on the Cherokee Nation. And that curse was still in place until this afternoon when i broke it.
How do i break spells lately? It is not enough to jail the demon, as the intent still continues in time anyway. It seems like the energy is locked in, and does not depend on continued access to the demon's energy. At least i don't believe they are still getting energy through the cell. So what i do is throw a dart at the (incarcerated) demon with the intent to break that spell. This works instantly for me.

  *   *   *   *
Renaissance Faires and creative anachronism, etc.: Several years ago i read somewhere that (hybrid) reptilians are in heavy attendance at such events, as that era of history is very attractive to them.
Recently i checked into this. In 1976 i was hitchhiking around southern California, and a van picked me up that was going to one. I now get that all the other people in the van were darksiders. And the fair i went to was 86% "them" while CA as a whole was only 9% back then.
Then i went to another one in Sarasota in 1978, and i get that that one was only 46%.

I recently realized that some people around here that are into that stuff are also darksiders into Azazel, Satan, Lucifer, etc. that get together to torture animals to death once in a while. Maybe the occasional human.
These people don't seem like greed-mongering power trippers. They tend to support themselves with food stamps, crafts, etc., and seem hippie-ish. Yet they are tied in to the Freemasons and may hate positive orgone. Even if they know you are making their lives much happier by busting droughts, etc. they may detest you. Like they don't care about their organic gardens and their AC bills or something. They pretend to be anti-war, anti-chemtrails, etc. but it's all lip service.
The ones around here that are into that have DORy reptilian DNA big time, so positive energy brings out the worst in them.

Saturday i dowsed that 9 females and 6 males were going to do a dog in the upstairs of an acquaintance's house Sunday at 3pm. I originally dowsed they were going to sacrifice her to Azazel, and i wondered how that would go, as Azazel was in prison. Then later i got that their Masonic member must have told them Az was indisposed, and they were then planning to work with the Seraphim. Then i rounded up all the Seraphim Sunday morning, and later got that the event had been called off.
The purpose of the event, as near as i could make out, is somewhat bizarre. Remember a while back i alluded to a Monarch slave that had been infiltrated into my milieu? Well, if i'm correct, the purpose of the ritual was to sicken this individual, to provide a plausible reason for his leaving. Hard to believe. They expect a ritual to be so effective that he would get sick enough to have to move away? Were they planning to poison him, too? Or are there errors in my dowsing? I don't know, but something weird is going on. I don't think i'm far off the truth.
He is quite an investment, and i don't think they really want to harm him too much physically. Maybe just make him seem real ill?

Back when i announced that his cover was blown, i assumed it would be a snap for his handler parents to remove him. But i get that they have to provide a reason plausible to his normal persona, which knows nothing of what's really going on. The Freemason in the coven is a frequent gay lover (one of many) of the intended victim-to-be, and connected to his parents. Many of the victim's out-of-town overnight guests are also unknowing projects of his parents. When he's got a couple or 2 in his bed, there is always a strong transmitter going under his house. Even if they aren't hitting me, they will be hitting him and his MPD bedmates. Since this individual is a uniquely arrogant, shallow, narcisstic petty tyrant, i have done nothing to address the transmitter.
A female member of the coven had also had sex with him in the past.

  *   *   *   *
In other exciting news, there are now 21 of those portals online, and these are also where they get their werewolves from lately. More such portals soon.
Their #1 priority is frying my prostate and inserting werewolves into me. I think their arsenal includes voodoo dolls, too. And Baba's team now has 3 modern radionics devices.
I am juggling all my arsenal from one to another portal, as a new one heats up. So far, only one at a time heats up.

(Later) I hate to do it, but on rare ocasions when i get in a real bind, i ask Tim for help. And it feels like he has responded on this issue. Something is in progress. Not having a more brilliant strategy, i just locked all my stuff onto "whoever Tim's fighting".

May 12, '06: (Late morning) Beautiful, totally clear day here so far. Tim's Pulsar allies have been working hard since last night, jailing demons and cleaning things up. Things are looking good.

(Early evening) Well, i did get some chem here, and a bunch of strong octopi, and some greys, but things are definitely better. All those vortexes are pretty clean, and the fighting continues between the pulsars and the Goetia and Enochian demons in other timelines.

Speaking of fighting, several weeks ago i posted elsewhere that Credo Muttwa, famed African shaman, recently deceased (correction), had apparently broken free of the cycle of re-birth and seemed to be in godhead space or something. I said he no longer needed to deal with evil unless he chose to. Well guess what, he chose to. I have been monitoring him for a couple weeks, and oftentimes he feels dirty because he's fighting greys and reptilians somewhere, i know not where. I always get that he does not need help, everything's under control. And often when i check back hours later, he will be in that pure space again.

  *   *   *   *
Is Sai Baba dead? I just noticed that his vibe is delightfully null. His witches are all fired up at me, but he is not participating anymore. Even his assemblage point has no vibe, so i have optimistically prepared a eulogy for him.

Eulogy for an AntiChrist

I don't have much good to say about our cherished departed guru, except that he was the toughest, most powerful human sorceror i have even encountered. Truly tough and competent, possibly the pre-eminent black magician. No matter how much abuse i heaped on him (and he got, deservedly, a lot more than anyone else from me) his motto was "Never Say Die". I hope never to encounter another opponent so worthy.

He had lived a long, full life, of scamming people and molesting boys and men. And the occasional female. He created an illusion of goodness that took in some fairly discerning people. He was slicker than Willie, and his panties more frilly.
But stupid enough to cross the dreaded Cmdr. Loohan. Who wants to be next?
OK, enough of that. I am just mightly glad of his demise. I pray that he stays dead. If you see him walking around, it's not that i was wrong; it's that he came back from the dead.
Good. Now i've got my ass covered.

  *   *   *   *
In other good news, i have been getting nailed hard while i was trying to type this up. The usual red-hot stiletto in my prostate, and insertion of large quantitites of parasites. Extreme power. I got supicious. It turns out the power was coming from another reptilian coven, not in this universe, nor in Universe B, but some other universe somewhere, as near as i can figure. One that still has viable archons. Yuck. I don't tolerate viable insectile demons too well.
I did my usual stuff, which put a brief dent in things, then had the idea to call on the Pulsars. They jumped right in! Instantly, they were on the spot. Damn, they're hot. And are now kicking snot. I suspect Tim may have put in a good word for me, though i haven't heard from him.

  *   *   *   *
Al Gray is saying on the cb forum that he killed John D. Rockefeller, with the aid of his sweet archangels or something. Alas, he is wrong about that. John D. is still alive, though he is wearing something uncomfortable i gave him yesterday. By some coincidence, yesterday i had gone after several of the people i only read about in Al's posts today; Soros, Kolvenbach, etc.
However, Al's insight about John D. being a reincarnation of the evil BM John Dee is correct; good one. I do not care at all for Dee's legacy or D.'s crap either, so one day i may make Al's dream come true.

Tim Rifat has confided in me that the future of the USA depends on rapid and complete de-Zionization; if we accomplish that, things may be rosy here. Otherwise, we'll be working in slave factories for a bunch of Chinese that will Tibetanize this place. So, i am focussing even more on powerful Zionists.

May 14, '06: Hoowee! One thing i've learned throughout the past year or so is that no matter how over-the-top wild things get, the next few days always bring something even more mind-boggling. I've got a few things to write up when i get time. For one thing, John D. just joined the ranks of the dearly-departed, ironically killed by his beloved Enochian demons. The poetic justice of it all.

One thing i am finding in my experimentation is that if a person is on a BTRI remote-killing engine when they die, even if it's only during the last 5 minutes of life, it seems to totally kill the possessing insectile. So, like Baba, they will feel totally null. However, John Dee has a nasty vibe, because he was not on my engine when he expired, and his archon is now in jail with a bunch of other nasty demons of all types, including loads of Enochians. Once an evil person is dead, i can jail their archon. Haven't succeeded yet in doing that on live ones. Though MI5 sent some (human) astral killers at me this PM, and i was able to bag them. I guess they won't be coming home.

I do not understand why the BTRI seems to obliterate the archon so fast, because when used on a non-embodied archon it does not works as fast.

The BTRI alone is a not quite fast enough for my tastes, though, when it comes to terminating a human, so i've found innovative ways to expedite the process by turning their demons against them.

In other good news for those few who have them, Gerard's scarab rings are now safe to use. I realized this afternoon that he had employed Goetia demons in the programming. I happened to have these particular ones in jail already, so i threw spell-breaking darts at them, and lo and behold, the rings now feel clean. I do not know if this changes their function when used for benign purposes.

And don't worry about Gerard ever being able to re-hex them. In fact, your ring may be a historic collector's item of some value someday.

  *   *   *   *
Lots of exciting things going on lately. Tim and his pulsar friends are real busy doing something-or-other, and likewise i am kicking serious ass. Among other things, i redeployed something near 28 quadrillion micro-werewolves today. They still haven't learned not to throw those things at me. I am pretty clean of them again for the moment, but the upper levels of Freemasonry got most of those jammed into them.
I had read in the past that allegedly there are 180 degrees of Freemasonry, and this checks out. E.g. Sensei Dennis 122 deg., Lautenbacher 150 deg., Don Bradley 132 deg. [erratum: 144], Cheney 179 deg.
There are only 67 dudes (no dames of course) at 180 deg.
Gerard was 114 deg. Baba was not even a Mason. John D. was 164.

Anyway, not long after i socked it to the Grand Exalted Regal Dictators, there was a shift, and the world got much mellower, with hardly any DOR. My theory is that i created a sufficient impediment to their comfort and focussing ability that some high-level black magic projects are now being neglected.

May 15, '06: (Early AM) Wouldn't you know it, after i posted the above last night, they graciously provided me with several quintillion each of spiders and werewolves. I have already judiciously redeployed most of them, just keeping a few quadrillion in reserve for special occasions. I hope they send lots more, as this will enable me to kill them all off the more quickly.

All evil Freemasons of 33 deg. and above now have quite serious parasite infestations. The higher-ups have proportionately more.

(4 hours later) Wow, i must say, that is professional service! Ask and ye shall receive. About 2 minutes after i posted that, they started sending equal amouts of werewolves and spiders with an intensity like never before. And almost non-stop, with no end in sight.

Almost none of it gets into me, but incredible quantities, googols to the googol power to the google power ad infinitum, are avalanching into the bad guys. All the bad guys anywhere. I have been having trouble lately with loads of reptilian sorcerers in other universes as well as time-lines. Not only that, but, although i may have not mentioned it before, amazingly, these parasites lodge quite satisfactorily in all manner of ETs and dark-matter entities like repts, greys, mantises, octopi, Goetia, archons. And i have tried not to leave any bad guys out. Even the large werewolves and spiders can take the tiny ones in. Alas, the Enochians seem immune.

Now they have just fired up loads of other bases, all throwing DOR if not critters at me. Trying to, anyway. Even from the center of the Earth. Either that or i have a slight persecution complex. The whole world just turned DORy. Yet i am having a blast. OK, so i'm psycho, too. This is a turning point. Now all black magicians of any stripe, and all unjailed evil beings i know of, Draconians, mantises, octopi, archons, everything but Enochians, are totally stuffed with paraites that will weaken them, facilitating their demise.

Live from Planet Loohan; more details later.

May 16, '06: (Mid-morning) They are trying real hard to slam me right now, but i feel the need to write up what's been going on.
On the 13th, after i signed off, here's what happened: i found there are not only the Universes A and B that Tim talks about, but also C,D,E, and F. And all are in sad shape, full of reptilians and demons. Even now, D, E, and F have loads of Seraphim left. I put an Iguana into each of those universes.

After i signed off that night, it came to my attention that there were actually 1111 different reptilian covens of great strength scattered between these universes, all starting to send DOR to Earth covens to nail my humble heiny. I directed pulsars to all these spots as best i could, and redirected most of the critters into someone else.

Yesterday morning the following bases were all nailing me: Parent, Elko, Belk Corner, MI6, and Langley. Later, a new one fired up on the NE side of Tallahassee, FL, and a big one centered on Witts Spring, AR, which is just only 12 miles or so west of me!
What's interesting about the latter is that back in '02 Carol croft, a Monarch handler and evil witch, told me there was a base there that i should bust, which i did. I spread a lot of orgonite right over the base area, which i dowse now as being some 9 square miles in area(!) and centered on the main vortex in the center of Witts Spring. Of course, a few dozen TBs and ice cubes are pretty irrelevant in the face of their powerful DOR tech once they crank it up.
Now, i had seen some DOR transmitter action from that area last summer and fall, but never dreamed there was actually such a large base there. I dowse 200+ mantis, 300+ greys, 500+ human/rept hybrids. I am no longer finding Nordics in bases since Tim did something. In fact, yesterday morning i was several times helped by liberated Nordics (Pulsars) that still had their evil vibe. They were addressing rept covens in other universes that were involved in attacks on me. I only recently started checking for Mantises. Marshall base has none of these latter.

Then, scads of bases and transmitters all over the world fired up. Many of these seemed to be sending critters at me, many others just radionic DOR.

I am even more of a persona non grata with the powers-that-would-like-to-be. I may as well tell you why, since they know.

I have recently retired a bunch of operatives, including but not limited to:
Sai Baba (whose coven now seems dismantled), Cheney 1 (the original with the twisted mouth), David and John D. Rockefeller, Susan Solomon, Stewart Baker whom i dowsed to be much more dangerous than anyone else at DHS at the time.
Also some people i don't know the names of: the head of MI6, head of Parent, QC base, the female head of MI5 RV/RK division (who'd sent some pat-a-cake RKers after me on the 14th, but nevertheless dowsed as very dangerous).
Don Bradley and wife, Sensei Dennis, Gerard and Rebecca from the forums (the latter mainly because i was tracking down a key BM who turned out to be her).
Oh yeah, and that bitch who poisoned me with fluoride? She won't be doing that anymore.
Lautenbacher has been in the hopper for a while. He's a toughie, but should expire in the next day or 2.
Meanwhile, i have countless other prospects being pre-tenderized for the kill.

  *   *   *   *
Yesterday while i was being attacked from every direction, a jet kept buzzing over. Now, normally most jets that come over have only a DORy pilot, and more often than not, a DORy helper aboard. No-one else. A few are actually passenger jets, but even these usually have DORy pilots. According to my dowsing, 82% of commercial pilots are "them".
But this plane had a DORy pilot, a DORy assistant, and a bunch of DORy passengers. Each time they came by, i would direct a whole bunch of critters into them, but they periodically buzzed me nonetheless.

Finally, i dowsed that there was a coven of 21 males in the plane, plus a small boy. Use your imagination. Right away, i directed huge amounts of critters into the men's (and i use that term loosely) male organs. After a certain amount of that, they high-tailed it back to base. Which is their NSA base somewhere in the NW corner of Arkansas. I have no idea why they sought physical proximity to me, nor why they repeatedly needled me to get my attention.
Their boss on the ground had an even more evil vibe that they, and he got a much larger dose in his private regions and elsewhere than they did.

Right now the main guy in charge of my demise (we'lll see who lasts longest!) is in Ft. Meade, and he is getting more and more stuffed all the time.

  *   *   *   *
(1pm) The game has shifted. Now they stopped hitting me form Earth, and reptilians are hitting me directly from other galaxies and universes. Also a few human hybrids on other bases in the Solar system.
Due largely to these Rifat items, my own mental powers keep increasing. I am getting more adept at overriding their voodoo dolls, radionics witnesses, etc. and "unifying" their devices with the target of my choice, right now being that NSA nerd at Ft. Meade. Once in a while they slip a few billion critters into me on the sly, which are fairly easy to "exhale" into my chosen victim.
You see, when they put me in a witness bowl or whatever, they create a karmic, causative link to me, that my mind uses as a path to link that machine with Mr. Nerdball. Sometimes countless new or recently-cleared devices go online at the same time in various universes to try to outfox me, with limited results.

They have gotten wise to this, and no longer are maintaining full-bore blasts of gazillions of critters for extended periods. Lately they have instead been doing little cautious pulses every few minutes, which soon stop when they realize they're not going where they want.

(5pm) Well, they did revert to the full-bore stuff, even got a few gazillion critters into me (most all now relocated).
But i may have pulled off a slick manipulation (i won't specify) an hour or so ago, which really knocked the whole darkside for a loop. There seems to be very little DOR activity in any universe right now. Sweet. If they can't counter this, they are in even bigger doo-doo.

Oh, yeah, Chertoff is 180 degree, by the way. Unsurprisingly. 180 degree is supposed to be complete oneness with Satan, or something. He's been about 9/10 dead for some time, though, due to the depredations of various people, so i haven't prioritized him much lately.

(6:15pm) Not good enough, i'm afraid. They're back to business as usual. If anyone wants to help me the next few days with radionics or whatever, get ALL ENOCHIAN DEMONS and/or ALL REPTILIAN SORCERORS.

(9:30pm) Things seem to be going amazingly well once again. Getting some excellent help with the Enochians: my dragon friends seem to be kicking their butts. I do not know why the Seraphim, Goetia, and Archons in other universes are not being used. I think maybe the formerly-CF Nordics are somehow obstructing them with Rifat crystals.

OK, if that paragraph still wasn't too weird for you, let me lay this on you.
They have been making a lot of technical advances with their critter insertions. The most recent one took the cake.
Since radionics was no longer working well, they somehow built a capsule filled with several hours' worth of extreme bombardment of spiders. No werewolves for some reason. While they were distracting me with the radionics stuff, an octopus sneaked in my room and inserted this capsule in their #1 favorite spot, which is on the anterior side of the top of the tailbone. They also managed to get some stuff in with an extreme bombardment by the usual means.

So after i spend some time ripping out the other stuff, there's this numb slow-release capsule thing that had opened. I directed it to go into the new NSA geek. (The nerd was feeling a bit under the weather and had to go lie down, so some eager beaver thinking it would look good on his resume to kick Cmdr. Loohan's ass volunteered, poor thing.) This was hours ago, and my ass has been blasting it out at him all this time; a very strong barrage. But the spiders can only exit so fast for some reason.

Anyway, i got to worrying whether there were more of these things. If it takes them 3 seconds to insert, and me 4-5 hours to discharge, i could get overwhelmed quickly
There was only one in the works, about 2/3 completed. It would be finished in a little over an hour. This is a big job for them.
Nervous, i jumped the gun. I should have waited another hour.
I dowsed around for a dangerous person to give it to, and found that Chertoff had taken umbrage at my dismissive comments, and was planning to press me for an apology. Whatever, dude. Ego, ego. Never really liked him that much anyway, so i stuffed the capsule right in the spot they seem to find optimum. Any dowsers might want to see if they can discern a strong energy from his tailbone area.
No, the life of a top Satanist is no fun these days. Not very long, either.

May 17, '06: Damn, it's 2am and i can't sleep. It's been about 10 hours, and that thing is still discharging, slightly painfully.
I've redeployed even more heroic quantities from this bonanza of spiders. Which brings me to fascinating and slightly sick subject of remote influencing of parasites.

"They" always have someone who RIs these things once they get them in you (except in rare times like right now when they just don't have the energy). I have been know to slap these operatives. They angry up the critters in you.
The great news is that i and probably you can do the same thing with our intent. One can send the impulse into a critter-infested being for the little nippers to get all stirred up and bite aggressively with a burning like nettles.

How infested is anyone you might want to target at this time? Chances are they have inconceivably vast, seemingly infinite numbers of parasites for every single atom in their body. I swear i'm not exaggerating. They add a lot of DOR to the world. Most of the DOR in the world at this moment is from these critters they've recently brought in. Luckily, i can easily move them around elsewhere later.

Who all is infested? Especially the influential rich Earth humanoids, but actually all evil (black magic oriented) humans, reptilians, octopi, insectiles, Goetia demons, external spiders, external werewolves, Djinn, Draconians, [also Seraphim,] probably anything but Enochian demons or orbs.
In any and all time-lines, dimensions, or universes. Let me know if you find any i missed.

One can intend for all parasites in all evil beings to be thus activated.

May 18, '06: (Midnight) DOR levels very low. A lot of stuff seems to have shifted. I seem to have killed off all the external octopi, evil mantises, evil Venusians, and a lot of other undesirables...

I seem to have discovered a much faster, cleaner way to delete human black magicians, that does not employ parasites. Doesn't work on greys or reptilians, though. I have re-gathered most of the parasites that were in humans, as those humans seem to be no longer alive. If they are, they must be energy-less zombies or something. Still waiting for independent confirmation on the humans, but don't go looking for that capsule in ol' Chertoff no mo'.

Still a lot of Seraphim in universes D, E, F, but they seem to be somehow prevented from providing energy to spells across to this universe.
Greys still a bit of a problem. Enochians seem under control right now. Reptilians still out there, but not able to make much magic right now.

I finally got rid of that capsule in me. It seemed to have enough spiders in it to blast out like that for 1000 years or something. Take it with me when i die. Jeepers.
It was still going strong all day on the 17th. Midday i figured out there was an Goetia-powered spell on the whole thing, and i nailed that. After that i seemed able to speed up the discharge greatly, but still...
Finally around 10pm with a stronger effort, i was able to move it into another person. Whew. Then there were some werewolves that had been hidden tucked under it. Am recovering from the afterburn.

(8:30am) Whew! Everything seemed incredibly mellow, then i just got slammed real hard a few minutes ago by a coven of over 16,000 greys in the Witts Spring base. This might be about the entirety of all extant greys or something.
Energy was sent to them by reptilian sorcerors in Universes C and E, using Seraphim.
They inserted vast legions of spiders in the usual place, which are now mostly cleared back into them.

Then i found there were 33 more of those capsules under construction. All of these, as well as the older 2, are now in the Lizard Chief in Universe C.

Traditional Lizard HQ are apparently on Universe C, which no longer has Seraphim. I think i scooped those up in a fluke of lucky timing a few days ago. I get that the repts on C were using Seraphim on E for their ritual. And that the lizards have always dominated C more than the other universes.

(9:25am) On second thought, here's what happened: they had 33 new capsules. I think these were different, in that once inserted, the coating disappears. Perhaps they did this so i couldn't move the whole mess at once. Which i might still be able to do anyway, we'll see.
This was yet another technical development they evolved due to my excellent feedback. I like to let them know how their absurd attempts are working out, so they can perhaps do better, and offer me a better challenge.

While the 16,000 were nailing me remotely, one grey sneaked up and stuck just one capsule in me. It has been discharging solidly into the greys and repts since.

A bit ago i got hit by the repts directly, and they inserted a bunch more spiders without a capsule.

Mainly what they are accomplishing is stuffing themselves. Anyway, right now, what's hot is Witts Spring, and the lizards on C and E. Pulsars seem prettty much in control of D, less so on F.

Now i just found another batch of 33 capsules barely begun. I stuck them in the 2nd most important lizard.

(10:15am) Finally discharged that capsule. Towards the end i got the impression that the best targets on lizards is their 3rd eye, to weaken their magical powers. So i now stick everything in those. Including a bunch of werewolves i found they had given me, too.
Woops, no, that was just some odd pause in the discharge; some Seraphim-powered spell that had to break. My unconscious mind or higher self or something automatically does that stuff lately. Heavy discharge into their 3rd eyes continues.

(4:30pm) Actually, there were hundreds of billions more greys. I had only jailed tens of millions, so a bit ago i seemingly rounded up the rest. So it appears from my perspective right now. Likewise, it appears from my perspective that i rounded up all the reptilians on the 6 universes. Um, right. I thought they were pretty physical like us, but i seem to have stuffed them in an etheric jail. And possibly mostly all of the Seraphim, Enochians, and Goetia. Nobody's hitting me, i can't find DOR anywhere.

I finally plucked out that 2nd capsule and put it into Yaldabaoth. Incidentally, i found loads more capsules being hidden behind shields. Harold always advises to check for shields and sacrificial anodes (false targets) but i seldom do, as i usually don't find anything. Luckily i did check today, as there was a lot of that going on. All the capsules are inside Yaldabaoth and top archons in my jail now. I want them in jail and stuffed to the gills with grouchy parasites.
Incidentally they had put both werewolves and spiders in today's capsules.

Anyway, that's how things look from my deranged perspective, but what's going on in the real, true, objective world? Since i don't have a TV i logged onto to determine this. I saw a story, which i didn't read, except to note that it alleged that all these (illuminati) bigwigs had a press conference today. I wonder how they can do that when they're obviously dead.
Well, they sure feel dead. On most people, good or evil, if you can't find a vibe anywhere else, there are 3 spots that usually feel distinctly DORy: the navel, the assemblage point, and the left ankle area. All these bigwigs feel null in those spots and otherwise. I can't pick up the slightest good or bad energy from them, or most any other evil people. Yet, i can feel these DOR spots easily on any normal person.
I already collected their parasites yesterday, as there were apparently no hosts there anymore, so i had to scoop the critters up and corral them.

If i try to stick a werewolf in the center of Hayden's forehead now, it just does not stick anymore.

So what the heck is going on? I don't know. Maybe i'll get it figured out eventually. Maybe it's like in those road runner cartoons were Wile E. Coyote runs over a cliff and treads air for a period before noticing he's dead meat.
But the remarkable thing is that i have not been hit once by a human all day, except for a few chem pilots.
And there is a fair bit of old chem out there. The new stuff is getting wiped by my quartzite gizmos. The pilot who just laid a (vanishing) trail overhead had no vibe, nor did the transmitter or chem.
No MI, no NSA, no Parent base, none of my normal humanoid nemeses. Just greys and reptilians. And they hit me pretty hard. If i check who is sending DOR to transmitters now, it is only greys and reptilians. Well, until i seemingly rounded those up. Now i can't find a DOR tansmitter working anywhere. Not even HAARP or Xining or Arecibo or Telstra towers or the GWEN system. Nada.

Speaking of nada, what about Baba? He and his witches haven't had anything to say to me in a while. Nor have the other people that i was defending from him been messed with that i can tell.
There are entries for every single day on this calendar, from 5/2 to 5/13, and none since. I noted his demise on Friday the 12th. The links claim that events were held on the 13th "in the Divine Presence of Bhagawan Baba" and "by the Buddha devotees at Swami's Lotus Feet this Saturday" (pardon me while i vomit).
Yet i did not feel the usual energy being sent him by his followers last weekend. The previous 2 weekends i had scarfed up on all that energy by keeping my anti-occultist PC on Baba.

(8:30pm) Of course, every time i round up "all" the lizards, greys, Enochians, and Goetia, after a while, a bunch more appear and do it all again. I think they are seeping out of timelines in the various universes, and there are countless of these critters.

Fortunately, i do seem to have gotten all the big octopi, which is a big relief, knock on wood.
Still no humans after me. And i did some more tests of trying to stick capsules in "dead" people, with no luck. Stuck some in some non-BM jerks, as well as DORy CT pilots, with no problem.

Another detail about the illumi-zombies: whenever i "kill" an illuminati person who is totally stuffed with DORy parasites, and wait a few seconds and then dowse for "the parasites in ______" i get a null vibe, even though the critters themselves have real strong bad energy, and the same question gave a very hot read just priorly. They just didn't seem to be in the person any more, as if the person was no longer there for them to be inside of.

May 19, '06: Humans did hit me feebly this morning. A few with their radionics and baby octopi at Parent, and some more RKers from MI. MI2 this time, though some of the RKers were recently transferred from MI5. These RKers were 3-4X as scary as the last batch, i.e. not very.

I also just now, for scientific investigation purposes "killed" the MPD victim mentioned earlier, whom i found to be engaged in significant criminal activity impacting a small business. Among other grudges i have against him. There's a whole real wild story here i might write up someday...
Anyway, i now no longer get anything on his evil alter, navel, assemblage point, etc. Since i run into this individual several times a week, i will be able to attempt some observations.

And just how am i effecting this "killing"? Although the first wave was done with parasites, the more recent ones were done by first placing their archons in prison (very easy to do as archons are highly compliant that way) then sending a dart at each archon to break its tie with the body.
I also did that earlier to the upstarts at Parent and MI as well. No humans have hit me since. Woops, here's a plane with a load of DORy ones... I just did the same to them, and even their transmitter feels null now.

I am still corralling inconceivably huge quantities of reptilians and greys which seem to be oozing out of other timelines in other universes.

Yoiks, just now another 33 RKers from MI2 bit the dust, and now i have radionics from many places feebly trying to get my attention, so i'll sign off.

(12:30) Piece of cake.
Another thing today is that octopi have been hitting me again, albeit very feebly. I do not know why they seem so feeble, as i get they oozed in from other timelines, too.

(1:15) Well, i'll be damned! Octopi snuck up and stuck a bunch of smaller capsules in me, most of which are relocated already. All this stuff lately has been going into Yaldabaoth in my prison. One day real soon all those responsible for sending me capsules, critters, etc. knowing (now that i've told them) that they would inevitably end up in old Yaldy, will be in the same jail as he is, and he may be feeling grouchy.

Now Rifat also says he has Yalda in prison. I think these things are relative. He doesn't have the totality. What he has in prison dowses as almost 1800X as powerful as the chunk i have, so i have only a very small fraction of a percent. Nonetheless, from my perspective, Yalda was still a bit of a problem before i jaled him, and is not so now. I am unable to detect any bit of Yaldabaoth that is not in prison at this time. People who have the Eagle unit are munching on these 2 jailed segments, is what i get.
Tim's chunk does not have parasites.

(2:30pm) Yep, lotsa octopi finally seem to be seeping out of the Earth's timelines to persecute me.
I have taken countermeasures.
Also just jailed 21 more MI2 RKers.

May 20, '06:(3:30am) Things got quite a bit wilder yesterday PM, and are going better than ever now. I think i wiped out like 7-800 more of those terrifying remote-killers, most of them while they were still sitting around on their butts.
Also several times groups of angry red-eyed octopi stalked me, vicious capsule in each tentacle. Trouble is, i've become so adept now i can relocate capsules with the same ease that i used to do on single critters.

That's not the wild part, though. Sometimes things are so incredible that even i don't want to post them. You guys only get to see the tame, for-public-consumption stuff. Some of the true adventures of Glorious Psi-Commander Demi-God Loohan must be humbly kept in the dark, excised from the history books.

A bit of confirmation for me, though not for anyone else, probably. As i kind of expected, a different NSA person posted as the (deceased? zombified?) Rebecca on the cb forum. Naturally i invested a few seconds in zombifying him also.
Still waiting for a replacement Gerard to pop up. Not expecting a replacement Baba anytime soon.
I must be having some effect. The MI2 killers never got off the ground again after my simple clinical procedure.
Though i don't expect anyone to believe that, either. If they had hundreds of alleged RKers, why did i not notice any until this late stage of the game? I don't know. Maybe they knew they were powder-puffs, and were only now throwing them at me as a last-gasp attempt to stave off the inevitable for a few more minutes.

May 21, '06:(7:45am) There seem to have been a couple real good developments. More on those later.
But, the whole mess of people i "zombified" appear to have reverted to their previous state. Not, however, the first wave that i seem to have RKed with parasites.
The 2nd wave guys returned still cleansed of their demons. Fortunately, i can move the ones out of Yaldabaoth and the archons in my jail back out into the bad guys, a process i have already begun. All those capsules will be handy. Also, now that they can hold demons again, i can RK them by my original method, slower though it is.

Right now there are scads of human BMs active again, working with Goetia demons, and some are sending me werewolves again.

Since yesterday PM, with the help of the pulsars, the reptilians seem KOed. The greys and octopi seem not real strong right now, but some activity. The most important subjects to hit are probably Enochian and Goetia demons.

(5pm) Well, things are going real well. The bad news is that Baba's 6 witches, instead of attracting my attention by hitting me, have for the last 3 days been stuffing the people i was supposed to be protecting with trillions of capsules, plus lots of loose WWs and spiders. Also plastered a few octopi onto them.
Luckily i have become very efficient at sending these back to whomever i want, Enochian holders notwithstanding. All these are now flowing intensively into the witches plus the MI6 guy who's in charge of getting Loohan today. (NSA has not shown signs of life yet.) Baba does not seem to have returned from the grave yet, knock on wood. I am baffled why the witches still place such importance on these unfortunate "nobodies".

The pulsars rock. A lot has been going on. At around 3:30pm CST things came to a head at Lizard Central HQ on Universe 3. There were 999 lizards in ritual against a large cadre of pulsars. Felt kind of like a standoff. I was able to lend some assistance, and by 4:30 it felt like the pulsars broke through.

I have decided to disclose, after all, something i said yesterday i wouldn't. This is because the info is of value and interest and pertains also to a powerful ally we have: Jehovah.

The entity who answers to that name for me is not at all Yahweh, the supreme evil being and God of the Old Testament, but rather his sworn enemy. Now that i check, i think what he is is a red pulsar (Tim recently published that there are pulsars in different colors; i believe he has also recently united them in common cause).

Anyway, back around late summer of last year, i started to occasionally monitor Jehovah. But i kind of forgot about it for several months.
On May 18, it occurred to me to check on him, and i found that tens of billions of greys had teamed up on him and beat him up most of March, finally on March 29 "killing" him enough to drag him into Aeon 1, where he seemed still very powerful but DORy. They seemed to be using him as a power source.

After wringing my hands in delusions of impotence, the next day i finally took more decisive action. With the Awareness PCs it only took me about 2 minutes to carve him out of there, suck him into the left Awareness PC and spit him out on Earth. He landed right near Blaine, WA near the Washington/British Columbia border. Immediately, to my great relief, his energy seemed like that of his old self.
He went right back to work fighting, and is amongst those that are laying waste to Lizard HQ now. Really tough, powerful warrior.

After i liberated him, i shredded Aeon 1 fairly well. I don't approve of Aeon 1. Then again last night, the pulsars had things under such good control that i was able to shred that place even better, with everything i have, all night long. Feels like i made quite a difference. And i'm going to continue whenever i have a safe chance.

Also this afternoon i noticed that the pulsars had stormed Aeon 5. Now i notice they seem to be doing a number on #12, too. Wow, and they're also in 4, 7, and 10, i think. Greys are biting the big one.

(9:20pm) The Aeons are getting pretty overrun with pulsars, it feels like.

666 new reptilians arrived on Earth yesterday morning, i realized a little while ago. 540 wound up in that spot on the south side of the Marshall, AR base.
Fearing they were planning to paddle my little fanny, i hit them with everything real suddenly, then after a few minutes remembered that i could simply imprison them all at once. Which i then did, and the other 126, too.

Then i noticed some insanely huge lizard covens on Universe B, several of them with trillions of repts each. Arrested those and locked them up. Also a coven of millions of greys.

Duh, i could have done that on the Universe C battle this afternoon, but i'd forgotten. So i just now arrested those 999, then found bunches of greys and mantises at the same place.
That spot has now gotten real sweet.

May 22, '06: Things went real well last night. And were real mellow when i woke up. Then i happened to notice that there was another trapped pulsar in Aeon 1, giving off DOR! Then i realized that all the Aeons had pulsars trapped in them. Probably tens of thousands in all. The Aeons are like box traps. Even though the pulsars may have wiped out most of what was in them, they couldn't get out, and some of the greys were still somehow able to control them and dirty them up.

Fortunately it was easy to suck the pulsars out of there. It was also easy to suck some of the greys out of there. They went to a different location. This caused more greys to activate and generate DOR, which i think will render them vulnerable to removal, and then this process will probably be repeated many times.

(5pm) Well, i did clear out what i could from the aeons a few times, and a few other things, mainly underground greys on Earth. Big base in Iran mountains. A few other little hot-spots. dAlso greys were back under Vostok. Still some humans there. Likewise Saddle Hills.
Things have been feeling amazingly good for the last few hours. They haven't been able to hit me at all. Almost no demon energy happening, though if i search i find a little DOR from Enochian and Goetia powered transmitters. Into the pen, my little ones.
The former Reptilian HQ on Universe C feels great!

In short, lizards and greys are getting their butts whipped, and the megaverse is a sweeter place for it.
Shredding away at that Aeon 1.

May 23, '06: (7am) Things are still going extremely well.
Except that i am deeply troubled. I have an overly-inquisitive mind, and spend too much time refining my dowsing.

Last summer i ran into some info on "sodomy demons" but kind of forgot about it until recently.
Well, it's very real and has very scary ramifications. I will be writing Paranoia Bulletin #4 on this. There's more to it than this guy says. And they are also transmissible by vaginal sex, and are also transmitted unknowingly by unknowing victims. Though i don't think these variations are part of sophisticated mind-control. Stay tuned.

The presence of these demons in someone is extremely easy for me to dowse, and leads to a lot of strings to pull to uncover, well, for example, an "impossibly huge" NSA network of MPDed sodomites, most of which have no conscious knowledge at all of what they are doing in their evil alter. These are your neighbors, the kids you hung with in high school, your own family. Some are themselves expert programmers, but would think you were crazy if you told them. And it does not always require an early start in life. I know of one programmer who had 87 people he handled, yet received his first sodomy and mind-control initiation at age 21. [Note 5/25/6: Wrong! I dug up a bunch of earlier stuff.] And to this day is sceptical of government conspiracy theories, and will sometimes launch on a long and sincere tirade against such beliefs. He is retired now, and when he goes to the doctor he gets special "death-encouraging" medications.

Vast, i mean vast. I think that since 2000, 100% of male military inductees in the US have been covertly sodomized. 18% of the females [actually this is about the national average for young women around that age. I don't think many female inductees are being sodomized]. All an NSA program, with thousands of "counselors" to handle the combat stress of the soldiers.
Also 100% of Israeli male and female soldiers. This is Mossad, and their network goes way beyond Israelis. British military has not implemented this yet.

Probably 95% of the people working for the NSA have no conscious knowledge of any NSA connections in their life, and have no evil vibe unless i ask for their sodomy demons or evil alters. They may be programmers, snipers, spies, couriers (NSA still transmits sensitive info to bases via photographic memory recordings in victims). If they are good looking, they will be used in porn, too, especially gay and pedophile porn.
And they are unpaid for their service, except that many will find themselves in well-paying government jobs they wouild otherwise not have, with their dominant normal persona unaware that they are spending a lot of their time working on other things in their evil persona mode.

Sodomy is a routine part of each programming session, as is hypnosis. Drugs are not always used, but often belladonna or sodium pentothal, etc. will be used.

Have a nice day! Enjoy the sunshine.

(10am) Yee-hah! It doesn't take much to cheer me up; merely a few crystals. I just got back from the PO. There was a note that my accumulated mail would be returned in 5 days if i didn't pay my box fee. Which i did pay a couple weeks ago. So i've been checking my mail and finding nothing. No previous notification that they were withholding my mail, of course.

Included in the accumulation were a couple packages from Tim, including the BSRI-E, the Grail PCs, the Mind-Control engine, Iguana, and the decoherence PC. The MC engine i am about to try in a minute. I have already set up the others. I now have the full Total BSRI-E Engine and more. Thanks to the people who helped make this possible with their generous contributions. The new stuff is extremely powerful. Well, gotta go kick some ass, heh-heh.

(11:45am) Yes, i feel a lot better now. These stones are all synergistic, and work together very powerfully. I feel ready to take on Karl Welz now. A reader sent me that link. Did a whois search for the owner. He has not hit me yet, but the gov't has been using his new software on me for 3 months, and just now i caught him radionicking MaryK. Been at it since June 5, '05. Knocked out that 'puter with my Awareness PCs.
Welz is an old buddy of her brother, ya know. Fascinating world we live in.

Anytime you're ready for the big clash, big guy. I already sent you a few critters to goad you. We'll see who has the superior technology and approach to life.

(5:45pm) Well, i couldn't resist laying into the guy for a few hours. Feels like i have 3X the power with this new stuff.

I don't think he knew who was hitting him until some NSA agent sent him a link to my blog. Then he devoted one whole computer (out of the 168 he keeps running; i'll chop them up in a bit) to sending me some wimpy DOR that bounced right off my shield. Then he started sending me critter capsules! Shows how well connected he is, to have that tech. Then later, he got 1 male and 1 female friend to help him do ritual on a cat for the incarcerated King Baal. And he was able to get energy flows through my prison. Tentatively, i think that Goetia demons might be the only ones that will work when in my prison. So i did a little number to incapacitate King Baal. Continued to shred Welz and his helpers.

Right around 4:35pm CST i felt like a pleasant "poof!" as if of something very nasty ceasing to exist, and am fairly hopeful that this ruffian is history. Am still shredding his friends for a bit.

  *   *   *   *
I asked Tim about Jehovah, and he supplied this nugget:
The Jehovah entity is the Jewish non Zionist aspect of the Semites that has never given up to the evil of the Sanhedrin. Remember most Jews are good people but will get pulled into Hell by the Zionists.

(9:15pm) Yet another eventful day, this has been. I just jailed all pulsars except for the benign ones (which are red like Jehovah) and am shredding them for the DORy filth they actually are. The Blue Pulsar Proncess and her minions recently uncloaked.

I just figured out a bunch of things. The sodomy demons are generated by the blue pulsars. They seem to be something akin to baby blue pulsars.

Tim has been conned and manipulated, and i haven't figured out the whole story yet. The pulsars uncloaked and were planning to jump my dragon friends. They don't get along. This is why the pulsars did not help at the battle with the greys over the Sweet Sixteen. And why the dragons don't fight alongside the pulsars against the archons.
These dragons are my people. I have an agreement with them preceeding my birth. They many times intervened to keep me from being injected with pulsar filth up the ass. Successfully, i might add. That's why i am able to function. They were RIing programmers into believing they had screwed me when they had only fumbled about the rim.

I consider my allies to be these dragons, the red pulsars, and the true Venusians.

I'm trying to figure out the deal here: it seems these lower-chakra parasites (pulsars) were in a very mutualistic symbiotic relationship with the crown-chakra parasites (insectiles) , almost like a lichen (which is composed of an interdependent alga and fungus). Yet, the pulsars want to kill the archons off.

(9:50) Gollee gee, but i just figured out that i did terminate whatsisface, who was an insectile. Then another entity that the group (the others may be his daughter and her husband) was very familiar with stepped into Welz's body. This entity is not insectile, but...
a yellow pulsar. So i think the body is up for grabs again now that i jailed that demon. Any more takers? C'mon, the Commander is feeling cocky tonight.

Although, that pulsar had evaded my dragnet, so some circumspection is in order...

May 24, '06: (1am) Things are real mellow. That may in part be due to the fact that the critter capsule craftsmen, the green pulsars, are mostly in the pen. What the hell was going on? They were making capsules for pro-archon interests to use against me and a handful of other people. Someday i hope to unravel the mysteries. Almost as complex as WWII.

Various parties that didn't quite trust each other knew we had to unite to break the archons, greys, reptilians. And we did, and then the evil pulsars' immediate next impulse was to wipe out my dragon friends. But i got suspicious when they took down their positive-energy facade. It was just charm they can turn on and off. They had even humored me by sweetening up the mineral deposits for me. But their real energy was startlingly reminiscent of the sodomy demons.
I've had some nagging doubts a few times about the blue pulsars, especially as my dragon friends seemed very leery of them.

The beauty of it is, all those nasty pulsars are now elbow-to-elbow with archons, greys, reptilians, etc. maybe forever.

I see no-one else has claimed Welz's carcass yet. Might be getting a bit stale.

(7pm) I am getting increasingly certain that those "first wave" RK victims of mine are truly dead, as is Welz.
Someone has started posting again as "Sensei" on warriormatrix, but it's a different person, who has no martial arts background and probably does not resemble him. So how long can that facade be maintained?
Likewise, Baba's faithful acolytes have posted "new" pics of the "the Lord Himself". Only trouble is the pics are all 5 to 6 weeks old. "The Youth from Kerala were yet again blessed when they got a golden opportunity to bask in Bhagawan's Divine Presence and learn the gems of wisdom..." So why do these alleged lucky youth have a totally null vibe? Not even one scorched sphincter. Again, not a facade with a long life expectancy.

Things have definitely changed. Not once today at work did my undercarriage get fried. No critters were thrown at me except for one human RKer and a few dozen large octopi.

Last night i wrote Tim about what i found out, some of which was probably personally shocking to him. I'll say one thing about Tim: he recognizes truth even when it violates his previously-held beliefs. Unlike most people. He has been fighting the blue, green, and yellow pulsars all day, as have the dragons and red pulsars, who all seem to get along well. Not that there seems to be that many left of the evil pulsars. [Actually, it turned out he did not agree with me. See entry for May 30.]

Incidentally, yellow pulsars are what the "ascended masters" like Sananda, Koot-humi, "Maitreya" etc. are. I was having trouble categorizing them weeks ago. I even put Sananda in my BTRI circle to make sure he wasn't insectile. The BTRI only works on insectiles, whether associated with a human body or not. But i got zero PF off him with that.
However, the archangels are insectile. If i put sweet Michael in there, i get loads of PF.

May 26, '06: I have just added the following updates to Paranoia Bulletin 3 about food additives:

I think what they mainly put in is potentized ritually-sacrificed children. A black magic thing of some importance, apparently. The network that is responsible for adding this garbage to food comprised 844,358 people a few days ago. There has been some small attrition since. Many of these are not consciously aware of what they are doing. They are MPDed, and I think the mechanism involves Enochian demons which are placed in the MPD victim. These are intelligent enough to recognize an opportunity for the victim to act out his/her programming tasks, trigger their alter just enough for them to add a pinch of powder, then returns them to normal consciousness. That's as closely as I have been able to figure out. So purging such people of Enochians is a good thing.
These people, and the guilty knowing ones, too, carry vials of DORy stuff. The guys usually in their left pants pockets, the girls often in their purses. This is what I dowse. I think they may be disguised as breath mints, lipstick, or the like. I haven't figured out why their ordinary personae do not wonder about these vials that certainly do not have mints or lipstick in them. Maybe the programming is just that good.

Good news: I have become increasingly adept at moving blocks of energy around. I have moved all the evil energies from all the world's evil homeopathics (flouride is much tougher) in all food, supplements, candy, salt, licit and illicit drugs, and all these vials into the person who runs the MPDed people in my area. So y'all can relax a little. I will do this sort of thing frequently.

I did animal food, too, but those mineral supplements and salt blocks are tough. I could only incarcerate and disconnect the Goetia demons involved in those transmissions. But the minerals and my compost pile still have the intrinsic evil energy. If I can ever figure out how to get rid of that stuff, I'll be proud of myself.

Paranoia Bulletin #4: Sexually Transmitted Demons

  *   *   *   *
Speaking of poisons, after encountering my 2nd copperhead this week by my cabin, i decided to check for snakebite hexes. Sure enough, Baba and his witches had sacrificed a dog to Kalindi on April 11 to cast such a spell on me, and it was still in place, even though in the interim i had imprisoned this "7-headed snake" archon. So i threw a spell-breaking dart at him, and ended that. As i found out last summer, these kinds of spells do draw poisonous snakes into your path.

  *   *   *   *
DOR accumulation from radionics machines: A friend of mine has a couple old-style radionics boxes that he's been running for years, addressing the most evil targets. What happens is that a lot the evil energy builds up in and near the boxes. The area they were in was very negative; birds avoided the area, and sometimes lots of earthworms would come up out of the ground and die.

I found i could clear this pretty well by eating the DOR with my Sedna crystal, remotely. But it would reaccumulate. Recently he got Tim Rifat to make him a special crystal set for this situation. It's not listed on his sites, but he'll make you one if you ask. He charged $200.

Well, that crystal is sucking in truckloads of the most horrible, nasty, vile, poisonous energy. I estimate that his boxes are 4X as effective as a result. Lots more DOR is being pulled into his crawl-space, but it all gets eaten, and my friend carries the BPC stone, getting huge amounts of PF.

May 27, '06: I have been finding out loads of mind-boggling stuff, much of which i can't publish for a while. But here are some crucial tidbits:

The highest echelon (180 deg.) of Scottish Rite Freemasonry has 67 members. This is actually 66+1. The 1 is of course the person closest to Satan on Earth. Usually. But now a demon that has been kept quiescent for years is about to be put on the throne. This demon is way stronger than Satan, and perhaps rivals Yaldabaoth in power. In fact, i think this demon is Yaldabaoth's unknown brother, also born of Sophia. He's been in stealth mode for a while, inside a human body with a clueless alter. He hasn't been moved up from 153rd in 10 years. His last activation was to do a big ritual in the Pentagon on 1/19/91 (dig that numerology) for the purpose of encouraging public acceptance of Operation Desert Scam.

The #1 sleazeball has been Jimmy Carter for the last 13 years. But now it is time for the ultimate Anti-Christ to step into the throne. This throne being located in the main Temple just north of the US Capitol. That's where Jimmy hangs part-time. There is a residence inside. Yesterday the human that had this demon asleep inside him was summoned to Jimmy, his handler, and activated. I think he is not scheduled to take over until 8/25. 8+25=33, which may not sound very impressive, but nonetheless i get that this timing is of high importance.

Last night this demon jumped me. Not Baphomet on top, that guy's old news. But Master Leonard.
Often called "le Grand Negre" (The Black Man), Leonard is demon of the first order, grand master of the sabbaths, chief of the subaltern demons, and inspector general of sorcery, black magic and witchcraft.
He's the only demon i've found yet that is able to ooze out of my prison. Repeatedly. Then he comes over to me and flops down on me, treating me to his wonderful energy. So i toss the disgusting reprobate back in the klink. He is able to get out despite the fact that since he jumped me, i have had 38 Rifat crystals and 4 Vedic tridents on him non-stop. In fact, i had shredded him for hours that morning, as i was already somewhat aware of some aspects of the situation. He is getting weaker, though.

We go waaay back, old Leonard and i. I did some past-life dowsing last night. I find this easy when i have such a DORy subject to ask questions about. We go way, way, way, back. And seems every time we cross paths, one of us kills the other. We've been almost taking turns. This time i'm going to fully kill the archon, Leonard himself, instead of just the body.

Though, since this situation affects a lot of people, i felt that others should be apprised of it in case they happen to feel inclined to blast the bejeezis out of the mofo.

I also detect a covert subway tunnel shuttling public servants between the Capitol building and the Temple. Yes, that's where a lot of them are spending time.

"Chief of the subaltern demons": subaltern means lower in position or rank; secondary. I get that it is mainly the Seraphim that he is master of.
This demon is the "Christ" of the Church of Christ (actually anti-Christ). My impression is that there are heavy concentrations of Church of Christ and other "Christian" devil-worshippers in Melbourne, AR (92% of pop. into evil) and west of there almost on the edge of the Mississippi, in Caruthersville, AR (99+% of pop.). I keep having to scoop up all the Seraphim they bring into those towns from other timelines.

May 30, '06: It turns out Tim does not agree with me about the pulsars (AKA Nordics). As i understand it, he still believes only some pulsars are evil due to the Blue Pulsar Princess' energy having been stolen and used against them, which he feels is reversible. I disagree, feeling all pulsars other than the reds are intrinsically evil manipulative predators, cunning and highly dangerous, and no more salvageable than the insectiles. I do get that he has some 76,000 DORy pulsars imprisoned, including 56,000 blues.

Thanks for all the help on Leonard. He is still a problem, but not a real scary one as long as we keep riding him. He got out of his cage several times this morning. I have emailed Tim to see about getting something special to shred him with.

Ever since the morning of the 27th, something has been sucking juice out of all Freemasons like you would not believe. I think someone got some of Tim's new products, probably a set of the first 10 Anti-Demon Archon PCs. Along with everything else that's been going on, this is causing a severe shortage of evil energy across the boards.

May 31, '06: Again and again and again, i always am finding the same pattern. They are unable to get any really serious evil energy going anymore unless they have input from a reptilian coven or several. These covens may be on any of the 6 universes A-F, but it seems that 90% of the problem is from Universe B, where there are apparently still incalculable hives of reptilians as well as the Seraphim demons that they do ritual to. I keep casting dragnets over these trouble areas, and reeling in what i can. And for some time i have had the energy bodies of the 3 Iguana units jammed in Seraphim hives on B.

For example just now, 8:45am, i checked to see if any transmitters were going west of me, as there is a wet front on its way. Yes, there were, fuel by Enochian and Goetia demons. Experimentally i nailed the coven on B feeding them, and all the transmitters went null. Now i'm trying to round up the transmitter-related demons.

(9:15am) Whew! As my awareness increases, and i re-check things more thoroughly, i keep finding more dirt.
I previously said that the red pulsars were good, but now i'm getting that almost 3/4 of them are evil. In fact, without knowing it, i had imprisoned over 5,000 of them along with the other evil pulsars. I still get that Jehovah is one of the good ones.
There; i just cast some big dragnets and rounded up another 40,000+.

Why am i so friggin' awesome? Recently a bizarre mythos i seem to be living has seemingly come to light.
According to the Gnostic mythos, the supreme deity emanated these beings called Aeons, not to be confused with the archonic aeons Tim talks about. These were hermaphrodites who had hermaphroditic offspring. One of these offspring was Yaldabaoth, the evil God of the Old Testament. This one was allegedly a sort of unfortunate abortion; Sophia had auto-impregnated herself without assistance form her male counterpart, producing a monstrosity.
What i am finding, is that she also produced one other offspring, the male aspect of which is contemporarily known as Leonard. This was together with her "hubby". I don't think her first-born ever incarnated (walked-in) as a human, but Leonard has, countless times. Leonard also has a pet archon/sidekick he likes to keep around to enjoy a very abusive gay relationship with. Usually when Leonard incarnates, he makes sure that this pal is also in a (male) human body that he can torture/love to pieces. He is a very domineering kind of guy. The grimoires state that witches have to literally kiss his ass at sabbaths. Somewhere along the line he had parted ways with his female aspect, whose name i don't know, but it turns out she's been in my prison a while.

Another hermaphroditic off-spring of the Aeons was a guy presently known as Tim Rifat. I think he was the offspring of Cosmocrator and his "wife". And this entity i don't think ever separated from his female half, which is part of the reason "he" is so freakin' awesome.

And yet another was the first-born of the first hermaphrodite/couple, Barbelo and Abrasax. Barbelo is the Scarlet Whore so beloved by Freemasons, and the Babalon that Hubbard and Crowley ritually connected with the Earth plane in the Babalon Working.
Most of the Aeons did not have an evil vibe at this time; Sophia and her hubby did. I think those were the only evil ones at that time. Later they all became corrupted and quite evil. I fought them constantly last fall. After Tim stole their magic rings and also stopped their parasitism of the Godhead, these Aeons were much weakened, and i imprisoned them a few weeks ago. I think all are still in prison.
Anyway, the name of the male aspect of the first-born of the first-born was something like Loo-Ahn. He got separated from his female aspect ages ago, a fact he just recognized, and he's fixin' to do some searching in a bit.

Recently Tim wrote, in his new site, that Logos (the Godhead) decreed long ago that a certain individual would someday be born who would kill Yaldabaoth. Well, i get that that individual is me, oddly enough, though i am more than willing to relinquish that honor to anyone else. Tim has almost all of him imprisoned and is using him for fuel. As the timeline presently looks to me, it appears i am destined to administer the coup de grace in 2010.

Nearer and dearer to my heart is to fulfill my other destiny, that of killing Leonard. Though again, i invite all others to have at him and kill him if you can.
Leonard and i have known about this all along, at least at some level, and have had hundreds of adverse encounters over maybe septillions of years, measured in our time values. On several occasions he used his evil powers to draw me into incarnation as the offspring of himself or his lover-boy. I remember one lifetime in which i was the abused daughter of his sidekick, who then betrothed me to Leonard. This was not my idea of a good time, so i put poison in their goblets, killing them. Fleeing in the wet night, i slipped and fell to my death in a ravine, but was still relieved to escape.
Also, on dozens of occasions, both Leonard and Yaldabaoth jumped me together. That would usually ruin my whole day, though i got them good a time or two.

  *   *   *   *
(7pm) Got a nice little drenching, 0.4".

Coven planes: Something i've been getting quite a bunch of lately is planes flying over that contain a coven of 33, 66, or even 99 people and one or more victim children. Knocking themselves out to hit me with slightly annoying transmissions which are easy for me to block. I do not know what the value is of the physical proximity. I also found something similar with the greys. They've been quiet the last couple days (mostly imprisoned?) but usually lately when the Universe B stuff cranks up and the Earth bases start hitting me, i also find bunches of greys in one or both of the nearby U bases hitting me.