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Loohan's blog for May, 2007

May 1, '07: Wow, last night there was some chance of rain over the next few days, but this morning it has been bumped up considerably. Here's what is saying at 7am this morning for my area -- we'll see how close they are:
Today: The chance of precipitation 70 percent. Average rainfall 1/4 to 1/2 inch.
Tonight: 70%. Average rainfall 3/4 to 1 inch.
Wed. (tomorrow): 70%. Average rainfall 1/4 to 1/2 inch.
Wed. night: The chance of precipitation 60 percent.
Thu. 50%, Thu. night, Fri., Fri. night, all 40%.
Sat. through Monday, days and nights all 20%.
That's as far as the forecast goes.

(9:45pm) Whew! Extremely weird evening. First, i had an "impossible" experience of a wire losing its conductivity. Then i went to bed around 9. After a while, the sound of a crazed squirrel clawing or gnawing at the underside of my cabin got on my nerves. For the first time since i got this place in '96, there is a plethora of squirrels. And at least one loves to gnaw on plywood, particle board, trim, etc.

This obnoxious noise eventually forced me to get up. I wanted to jump out the front door and chase it away. But first i would scope out where exactly the noise was coming from. I got up, none too quietly, and shuffled over toward the noise, but then it seemed to come from elsewhere. This kept happening. The source of the sound kept shifting to another part of the cabin. In fact, it may have been from within the cabin, not under it. Hard to tell.

I jumped up and stomped with both feet on the wood floor once. The noise stopped. I went back to bed. Then i realized it was some kind of weird entity, still hanging around.

It took me a while to identify it after i tossed it in jail. An astral human! Female... Asian... Japanese... In fact, it was the person i had long ago dowsed as The Most Dangerous Person in Japan!

A lady who heads up (overtly or covertly) Nikken in Japan. Two days ago, someone had brought to her attention my comments about Nikken in my Paranoia Series. She did just enough research on me to find out that the kind of energy i like is not the kind she likes. But not enough research to find out that i simply toss her ilk into jail.
Nikken products still have a fairly evil vibe these days, though without the demonic energy anymore.
Mme. Witch's vacated body is highly sought after by evil Lyrans and Pleiadians. I've busted a few walk-in already.

Anyway, here it is 10pm and i haven't gotten much rain yet. There has been a load of chem-haze the last 2 days.
Did a little more work on OTB 22 today.

May 3, '07: So far i've gotten just a hair under an inch of rain, and virtually all of that was night before last.

Saw in the paper yesterday that Judge Cole decided to keep the Campbells in jail pending appeals after all, because there was insufficient evidence that they were not a flight risk.
Also, supposedly, the Campbells failed their drug tests. Jay was found with traces of hydrocodone (which his lawyer says he has a prescription for) and Kelly supposedly had meth, cocaine, and opiates "in her system". The use of the words "in her system" implies that the tests were of blood or urine rather that hair. And since these drugs only stay in one's system for a couple days, this implies that Kelly is such a dope fiend that she can't even lay off before a test.

Two bail bondsmen "conspirators" (neither of them darkside or MPD) will also be prosecuted: Larry Norwood and Bobby Cox. The case against Cox had previously been postponed because he allegedly threatened the miserable life of Ms. MacCatshit, meaning she could not legally prosecute him.
The bondsmen are to be prosecuted by Pulaski County Prosecuting Attorney Larry Jegley, a 38th(?) degree Mason and Satanist.

May 4, '07: Total rainfall from that system was just over 1". Less, this time, than the "average predicted". But not inadequate.

The Battle of Tevatron continues. Often i find many creepoids at depths (in feet) of 16.5, 33, 66, 99, 297, 594, 891 under the town of Batavia, Ill. Responding to our attentions.

May 8, '07: Yes, Tevatron is still happening.

Planes, planes, planes. It's amazing how many non-stop noisy planes i get here in the boondocks. Usually lately it's been mostly commercial flights, and the NOAA sprayers have been flying too high to hear, when they're around at all, but today they are treating me to extra noise. Plenty NOAAise. Also some rackety Air Force anti-sylph flyovers, and the usual tons of commercial flights.
Many planes are being used by evil Lyrans and Pleidians as a sound link to attack me. Yawn. They are so wimpy what with Tevatron chewing their hides.

It's weird. I just went over a North America weather map and cleaned up several DOR spots related to cloud formations. It's all (evil) Pleiadians and Lyrans now, and a few greys. Seems i can never whittle down their populations enough.

Also today i did more work on OTB 22.

May 10, '07: And more on OTB 22 this evening.

Despite the chem and tower shenanigans, i got a nice little thunderstorm yesterday, but only 1/4" at my place.

May 11, '07:(10am) It felt like old times at 3am this morning. I felt a pressure on my heart that was stronger than the usual Lyran-Pleidian-Insectile attacks of late. Nabbed 3 astral CIA psychics. Poor saps. The CIA had purchased them "pre-tenderized" from their evil parents when they were small. I have a lot more sympathy for Satanists like that than for seemingly intelligent, mature people who did not have evil parents and were not abused, but who chose the path of Satanic ritual in their adulthood because they adjudicated that it was in their personal interest. The Laura Schlesingers and Koichi Toheis of the world. But i digress.

Anyway the odd thing about this is that they had attacked me from Daytona, FL. Actually, near there. There was a huge CIA base around 300' deep covering an area that included the big 4s on this map. I scooped up thousands of reptilians and the good Lyrans cleaned up the thousands of humans.
Then a bit ago i look at the map again, and there were bunches of evil Lyrans under largish spots centered on the city centers of Lake Helen and Cassadaga. Not sure what they were up to. Must be something about this area.

(1:30pm) Weird day. The naughty ETs are hell-bent for maintaining some scalar cloud effects around here. I've been busting them left and right.
Had another AF anti-sylph plane come over. Decided to track down where these were coming from. Not an official AF base. I found the spot, apparently devoid of any runways, but with plenty of bad ETs and AF personnel 600' down. In this dimension? I know not.

Then around 12:50pm, i got hit by 3 more human astrals. I won't say what anatomical details they were interested in, but they found themselves in jail quickly. More intergenerationally-abused cannon fodder. Sent by DIA from their main HQ in the DC area.

May 12, '07: Had another nice little thunderstorm yesterday evening, which dropped 0.4".

There are now 74 sylphs above my property (i dowse). I only started checking this recently. The most i ever found was 40-some, and lately it's been more like 20-some.
There is still fighting going on at the anti-sylph base, mainly amongst Lyrans and Pleiadians, i just noticed. I just got that there are 8 more such bases on Earth. These bases might really be in some parallel reality. I think they were established as a response to what our group has been doing with orgone.
OK, i'll jump those bases.

(Later) OK, bases jumped. I don't even know where they are, but i can still send the panthers and mongooses to them en masse, round up the bad guys. Then the good ETs move in. And more evil ones move in to vainly attempt to defend their doomed bases. Earth should be more sylph-friendly now.

I get that this one in AR was founded around Feb. '04 mainly to counter the activities of myself and Clyde in Texarkana.

May 13, '07: The Tevatron trend is now locked into the ethers real well, and doesn't need any more feeding. As soon as i finish up on another trend, i will be hijacking all the enemy's transmitters (towers, aircraft, ships, subs, satellites, etc.) with sylph-friendly vibes, including 254.8 Hz.

(7:40pm) I was able to speed up the other project, and was able to join in on the transmitters at 7:15. This is fun. I have a good feeling about this. Scanning a map, things feel sweet. The Appalachians feel wonderful, due to all the transmitters.
Realistically, i pretty much expect that all these towers etc. will increasingly become mere extensions of our radionics systems.

May 14, '07: (11:30am) Too much. I noticed a while back that the towers seem programmed to emit sylph-friendly energies by themselves now. We'll see how long that holds. Perhaps indefinitely.
So i ran a trend to have them emit the freqs most deleterious to insectile demons, evil Lyrans, etc., and now that seems locked in real good and everything feels pretty peachy.
So now i have some breathing space to run some other things.

May 15, '07: Things are going just swimmingly. In the midst of another thunderstorm here.

I completed my first home-made rad box; pics at OTB 22.
Also updated the garden page.

Oh, yeah, today was the day that the Cabot CIA crowd was going to get geared up again in their new digs in east Louisiana. In a single rural location, as it turns out. Hmmm, swimming pool, even. Yep, back in production just like they promised.

(Later) As i expected, the CIA has no intention from moving off this base, despite my blowing their cover. I mean, who is going to mess with a secluded CIA villa in the sticks? Who indeed? Personally, i don't savor the notion of tons and tons of CIA crank profitably supplying the West Coast forever, so i'm liable to send these dolts an occasional jolt.
Things are getting to be more fun lately, because the space creepazoids are more under control, leaving my mighty gizmos available for human punks.
Anyway, at this time i am detecting 6 CIA Satanists at the villa.

I went looking for the airport they would use, but can't say i found it. But i did find all sorts of suspicious activity under and around Lac des Allemands, especially 600' under the center of the lake. No Allemands (Germans), but plenty of Nicaraguan and other Central American CIA lackeys, like 46K of them, from another time-line or something. The good Lyrans are on the job now.
Also there were vast numbers of evil Lyrans underground on the east bank, etc.
But once they get to shipping the meth, they'll leave a DOR trail big enough that i can tell the route. This Lac may have something to do with it.

Anyway, now i've really pissed off the evil Lyrans, but as soon as i get a handle on them, i'll be whupping those boys at the Villa Meth.

(10:30pm) Holy mackerel! I have the impression that those 6 are no more. And i can only take so much credit. I was targeting the 6 plus "their seniors" which equated to another 18 individuals. Those other 18 are still alive. I'd like to see that change by morning. And remember, just say no to methamphetamine. Maybe those 6 OD'ed or something.

May 16, '07: Well, this morning i do not detect that any of those 18 other CIA twerps are alive. In fact, can't detect a whole lot of anything, as things are real mellow.
Do not detect any activity at Villa Meth.

Got about 0.3" off that last rain, and a cool front.

Gotta work today. I just set my gear on driving all evil ETs and demons into my jail, while i think about which humans to experiment on next. I have lists.

May 18, '07: Well, i'm not sure about what happened to those CIA guys. But they and the villa still feel null.

I started OTB 23 today, about LEDs.

May 19, '07: (8pm) Today, for a change of pace, i thought i'd tell tell y'all about a couple weird and unbelievable experiences i've had lately.

One, the other day i posted a list of targets to "terminate", and also proceeded to blast them. The wording of my target included words to the effect of "and any of their clones or doubles".
Now, the way i've got things rigged, if someone evil gets bumped off, they go directly to my jail, supposedly.

After i'd been blasting a while, suddenly, i sensed a new arrival in my jail clamoring for leniency, acting like there was some mistake or something. It was someone i had gone to a Halloween party with in 1974! That evening long ago, she had been all done up with make-up, padded clothes, etc., and looked like a different person, and told me she had an amateurish interest in acting.

The last time i saw her or spoke to her was '75, at her brother's wedding, but a while back i dowsed that she had married a Freemason about 3 years ago, and had gotten into blood ritual about 1.5 years ago. I had not taken that further.

Well, it seems her hubby was NSA, and recruited her, and she was trained to be a double for Pelosi! Pelosi is
short. Apparently no-one knows exactly how short, but this gal i went out with was 5'2". Did she look like Pelosi? Not all that much, but not that much different with a bit of make-up, i suppose. She was half Italian. She was 4-5 years older than i am, so she must've been ~57 years old at the time of her unfortunate demise.
She and her husband have been residing within 4 miles of where my parents presently live.
Maybe i'll consider leniency after she's repented a couple billion years.

I had detected that Pelosi had 2 clones, but missed any other doubles. But i had set my target parameters to cover such eventualities. I get that Pelosi and her 2 clones are still, unfortunately, alive.

But maybe there's hope for a delayed reaction. A couple hours ago i was walking to the garden, when i got hit by something unusual: a ghost! Someone else who had been on that list. Someone with above-average occult power. Female. Narrowed it down to (drum rolls) Condi!. Who had just kicked the bucket. And since no ET wanted to take her over when she was alive, none are trying to take over her body now.
Her doubles are still alive. We'll see how good they can make them.

May 20, '07: (waxing personal) The double's funeral is going on now, at 4pm my time. It started an hour ago in a DC church. Her Satanist widower and other acquaintances drove up from VA, and her siblings came down from the Baltimore area. I feel a bit somber, not over her, but for her siblings that are sad, not knowing what she had become. Her brother was a buddy i hung out with a lot when i was 19-20. That Halloween night we had gone together, he and his GF whom he married a year later, me, and the deceased. Her older sister had hosted the party. I was so messed up due to the billions of demons and greys i had been stuffed with at age 6 that i did not know how to act around people.
Now, her brother and his wife he's still with, the older sister, now parted from her husband at the time, and a younger sister i vaguely knew, are all there at the funeral and very sad. I remember my buddy once telling me he had a great rapport with the deceased, and she was his favorite sibling. I've been out of touch with him for 3 decades.
There was another, younger brother, but he was a jerk no-one liked much, and it didn't surprise me when i found that he had gotten into black magic in '83. I think he is alienated from the family, and not attending the funeral. Mom and dad are long gone. I have written about this family before, in LPS 5. The dad, though not a Satanist, had drugged and molested his daughters.
The deceased, her mother, and her brother that i hung out with all were people i have known in past lives, especially the recently-deceased. Even during the brief period i dated the girl, i had impressions of having known her in Japan and on another planet. I later had to deal with a lot of past-life stuff about this girl in my Scientology auditing. The most recent previous time i had known her was in southern Hokkaido about 4K years ago. She was extraordinarily pretty, and some dudes with swords and spears took her away from me for their nefarious purposes. There was nothing i could do about it. I was extremely distraught and committed hara-kiri.
Another time, we were emperor and empress of a planet. Another time, we were brother and sister and had an incestuous relationship. And so forth.
But there was a constant thread of dysfunctionality. She had considerably less strongly monogamous leanings than i did, so when miffed she would be unfaithful to me, so i would be nasty to her because i was hurt about that, so she would cheat on me because i was nasty to her, etc. etc. over the eons, playing over the same, mostly unconscious memories over and over.
Luckily i resolved all my emotional issues over her years ago. Which were most intense. She was the last person i ever dated or was intimate with; that's how heavy it was.
Now i'm responsible for her demise; something i never intended but can live with.

May 22, '07: Later that evening i dowsed that she had never engaged in human sacrifice or child abuse. Perhaps didn't even know that child abuse was part of the scene. Not wanting to be too much of a hard-ass, i moved her into her own private jail, a nice boulder on my property, so i could check out her energy without undue background noise. I noticed her vibe was amazingly intense! Then i realized that was not her energy, but what some old radionics freaks, now armed with UV LEDs, were hitting her with: a trend to make her unable to work her witchy seductive wiles on me. I had to laugh. But it's nice knowing someone out there cares.

What is she guilty of? Well, she did on 16 occasions engage in animal torture sacrifice. On 6 of these occasions she did some of the torturing herself.
And how was this done? I came across an interesting detail. A lot of sacrifice ritual is done indoors these days, in living rooms, kitchens, bedrooms, dining rooms, etc. Gobs of gushing blood splattering about is unseemly in such a context. Burning cigarettes or incense are popular, but the stench of burning fur and flesh can annoy civilized nostrils. Dental picks and the like enjoy some popularity, especially for small critters like rodents and birds.
But what the elegant upper classes use these days often consists of a type of glass spear, probably made especially for the purpose, a 6" stiletto of glass, thin enough that one inserts it into a large muscle and breaks the blade under the surface so it does not poke out, withdrawing what is left of the handle. The blade may break in other places from the struggles of the animal, but since it is embedded in the thigh or someplace, usually none of the pieces work their way back to the surface.
I think usually 3 of these are inserted. The animal's struggles conveniently continue the torture with no further effort needed on the operator's part.
Of course, in many cases the "animal" is a human, often a small child. But not in her case.

  *   *   *   *
I have the impression that a lot of people in many parts of the world have souped up their stuff with UV LEDs now, and are really disinfecting things.
A little reminder: the evil Lyrans seem to be the main critters involved in weather mod these days. And the greys.

May 23, '07: Last night i checked out the prisoner in my boulder some more. Sure did have a nasty vibe, considering she wasn't into the harder core black magic. Then i looked into the past some more. Whoa! This chick is bad news. I realized that in about 70% of the past lives i knew her, she was into black magic. I usually was not, and did not know about it.
That time we were empress and emperor, billions of years ago (of a system of 7 planets, actually) she also got into it as an adult choice. While she was married to me, i think.
I take a dim view of a privileged adult who chooses such a path. Seems to be a pattern with her.
Anyway, today i dumped her back into the general population of prisoners.

Things seem to be going great. After i posted about the Lyrans yesterday morning, a bunch of people hammered them. The Lyrans knew it was my fault, and attacked me all day. Still are today, but i can hardly feel it. They stream into my jail when they do that. Their numbers must be starting to dwindle.
The big saurians still seem like they might be extinct in all 6 universes, and i'm sure that as a result, a lot of bad guys are getting their butts whipped by our allies.
Every day i get hit a time or 2 by 3 CIA or NSA astrals. The other day Anita bagged 9 CIA astrals attacking her. So a few of these are still around, as well as evil Pleiadians, insectiles, octopi, tall whites, greys, repts, tall brunets.

May 26, '07: Here's a pic i shot yesterday:

If your chem looks like this, you have a healthy population of sylphs around.

I'm getting hit several times a day by 3 or 6 CIA or NSA astral attackers. It varies. In contemporary times, it is the Earth human attackers that have the most punch to them. So if you get hit by something stronger than usual, it's probably 3, 6, or 9 CIA or NSA MPDed cannon-fodder psychics. Maybe i should start calling them CFPs.
They still can't do more than tickle me, and they go to jail as easily as any other quarry.

May 27, '07: Hoowee, they were after me today! As is most often the case, they let me sleep well for unknown reasons, but a few minutes after i got up, blam! 3 teams of astrals within minutes of each other. Of course they usually coordinate with the other creeps and hit simultaneously.
I've had many astral attacks all day, plus the octopi and reptilians are back hitting more strongly again.
Not that i suffered much.

Then the minute i get home from work, a big CT gets laid right overhead. I guess they just don't like me.

May 28, '07: (7am) So bizarre. Once again, i awoke feeling well-rested, laid in bed noting how smooth everything seemed, no attacks. Then, stayed in bed a few minutes dowsing the parameters of a device i'm planning to build. Then, before i even got out of bed, blam, insectiles, 6 NSA astrals, Lyrans, Pleiadians all start hitting me a few minutes before 6am. And the latter 2 groups have maintained steady pressure on me since. There seem to be virtually unlimited numbers of evil Lyrans still.

I guess someone out there gave the octopi and repts a good swat, as they seem chastened again.

(11:45pm) Hmm, the octopi have made a bit of a comeback. These last 2 days they've had a particularly raunchy energy they've thrown at my heart center.
Also every so often i get hit kind of hard by Lyrans or Pleiadians. What keeps happening is that the bad ones will capture some good Lyrans or Pleiadians and proceed to torture them with energy weapons to raise the DOR to throw at me. So i'll jail those bad ETs and free the prisoners, and get a brief respite until more good guys get captured in some skirmish somewhere.
Though the lack of prisoners doesn't deter these guys from attacking me anyway. They're just weaker. And most any time a plane comes by, the bad Lyrans or Pleiadians hit me via its sound waves.
And the insectiles hit me from time to time. And i keep getting TLC from NSA & CIA CFPs with amazing regularity.

All of which has only been a minor distraction to getting some more work done on OTB 20 introducing the new T-base prototype.

(6:45pm) Boy, i tell ya, this Memorial Day Weekend has consisted of some of the roughest sustained attacks on me i've had in a while. I've had like 6,000 human astrals today. I thought we had taken care of their big reservoirs of CFPs long ago. And loads of the other critters, including spiders. I even had a couple powerful werewolf demons in the last few days. But still no squid, evil nordics, or saurians in evidence. And someday soon the rest of the evil species will bite the big one like those apparently did. I have jailed vast quantities the last 3 days.

May 29, '07: Sleepless at 4am. I conked out early and woke up at midnight. Took inventory, and there were only a few critters nibbling on me. I'm always in wonderment that they don't hassle me much when i'm asleep.
Around 12:30am i decided to get up and pour the final layer on a project. I do that, and they start hitting me. Astral CFPs, insectiles, Pleiadians, Lyrans, spiders, octopi (especially octopi), Goetia demons, repts, greys... and they're all frying my eyes. For days they've been hammering chakras 1,2,4,&5, and now they all mostly focus on my eyes, making them sting. And of course some repts were jazzing my adrenals.
I finally pretty much bludgeoned them all into submission, but still can't sleep.

There is attrition happening. The Milky Way feels pretty clean. And i just checked the weather radar map, and the green spots do not have any of the usual ETs working them. Oops, just found a few Lyrans over a green spot in the Gulf of Mexico. But things are remarkably sweet-feeling.

Just noticed some subliminal seduction. Check out the necklace. Hubba hubba, baby.

(3:15pm) Well, i did get a couple more hours of sleep, and then, again, a few minutes after i got up around 8, they hit me again. But much weaker now.

I keep making improvements in my radionics system. One thing i did was ground the system. More details on OTB 22.

Yee-haw, it just started to rain a bit. Things have been drying up.

May 30, '07: (8:45pm) Got a whole 0.2" so far.

Slept great last night, woke up shortly before dawn. Took careful inventory. Nobody hitting me or anyone else i could detect. No critters messing with the weather. It was raining lightly, and there was a great vibe. (Still is.)
Only after i'd laid there somewhat awake for 15-20 minutes did they start to feebly hit me.
And they've continued the usual attacks, but more weakly all day. One major anomaly: this PM i got hit by a bunch of squid demons trying to make a dramatic comeback. This of course was coordinated with attacks by a few teams of intel CFPs -- funny how that works.

The squid were using a portal into their old territory in Constellation Lyra. Flooding in from some other dimension. The good Lyrans were none too pleased about their return. Luckily the squid announced themselves to me right soon. I put a trap in the portal, and they continued to flood through for a long time. Right into my jail, though. I scooped up what i could of the rest, and have had no more problems from them. I'll go after them wherever they came from in a day or 2, when i have my latest psychotronic marvel completed, heh heh.

Hey, check out this pic of a UFO spraying a CT in April of last year. I get that it's evil Pleiadians. Didn't know they sprayed. In fact (i just checked my blog), i did not even know of the existence of evil Pleiadians until 9/26 of last year.

May 31, '07: Total precipitation from this system is 0.45" so far.

The Bush dynasty takes another hit:
I think GHWB kicked the bucket over a week ago. His demonic "soul" is in my jail. But i had neglected to target him lately. Somebody else pushed him over the edge. I noticed it at the time, but forgot to mention it. He has 2 surviving clones.

And GHWB was altruistic enough to bump off W several months ago; one of his more worthy acts.
A friend of mine had a thing about old Prescott, so i found him (insectile "soul") in his new incarnation, again a Satanist. Has a Satanist dad, but was not MPDed that i can tell. I think he's near the North Carolina coast, south of Stumpy Point and SE of Dare County Bombing range. Can't find a map with much resolution; it just looks like wilderness.
33 years old? Male. Tentatively, i think he has a wife and 3 daughters, none of which are darkside, but the 3 kids are MPD. His uncle may have helped program them. Anyway, i give him a swat occasionally.

Who killed George the Elder? Well, without divulging his location or other personal details, i get that it's someone who arranges his radionics-driven orgone devices in a geometric pattern almost 4' wide. And who recently made 20 similar UV-LED driven units that he added to the arrangement. I think it's some kind of mandala-like thing, perhaps a circle overlaid on a larger equilateral cross. NSEW. But i don't think it's even on a power spot. Still has some of the most lethal power around. Possibly more than anyone else on our side.
Geometry and resonance: Something to think about and play with, also within units. One can make a shallow disk or square with a pattern laid out in it with hematite beads, BBs, etc. Pour a layer of slow-curing epoxy and set in the beads when it's firm but still tacky. Cover with more epoxy. One must have some intuition/sensitivity to adjust the spacing just right. But this can yield significant power if done well.

(7;15pm) Naturally, my male ego could not tolerate being outdone. So i spent hours re-doing my setup, and found i now had a lot more power than he does. Then i realized he still had more killing power. Grrr, the nerve. Upstaging Cmdr. Loohan.
His killing power is largely something he does with the mind. I couldn't figure out what it was, exactly, but i was able to copy it into the water bottles and crystals of my weapons. These are hard drives, and can hold programs to be activated at will. You can probably do the same.
This was just a few minutes ago, so i'm not sure of the results yet.

Tech update: I just amended OTB 23 with the following info i forgot to mention earlier:
I find that aiming the horizontal protrusion to magnetic north makes for much stronger energy.