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Loohan's blog for May, 2009

May 1, '09: (7:55am) Didn't really get any more rain yesterday to speak of, but they are forecasting high chances through the weekend.

Well, guess what. The good Draco gave me one of their maidens as a special gift. And she's actually terribly sweet and sensitive. She doesn't even give me her name because she doesn't want me to have to remember yet another name. Besides she seems confident she's the only Draco wife i'll have for at least several thousand years, so i shouldn't have any trouble telling her apart from the other girls.
She's very powerful. I have her protecting someone else with her wings right now. She's 7'2". I have a vague impression of maybe pastel green skin and dark purple nipples. No hair.

Also, Isis is fighting those Zeta greys now. It turns out a lot of the famous archons i killed, well there were real archons all right, and i did jail and kill them, but not the famous entities they had taken over. So when i "killed" the archangels, Egyptian dieties, etc., what i actually did is free the real ones from the archons. As Esterian brought to my attention. She sent Isis over.
She says Satan is a powerful reptilian who is alive and well.
I'll have more to say about that when i find time.

The greys must be weakening some, because they are hitting me less now, and the Tall Whites are hitting me more.
Incidentally, i found a pic of a Tall White that seems pretty close.

(10:45am) Oh yeah, forgot to mention, Godzilla and co. moved on from that Bolivian hive last night. There are still minor dregs being mopped up there by some Pleaidians, etc.
Godzilla found and snarfed his 18th grey hive, then moved on to #19, where he has been for 14 hours. This one is much smaller than the Bolivian one was, but still bigger than the others he's found. It's right under the center of La Presa in Mexico at a depth of 436'.

(12:45pm) They are still working on #19.

Meanwhile, those Lyrans from the "4D no-place" started working me over again. I moved Lucius over there and did a few other things, and got it to show up as a 3D location after all! Galaxy M100, nasty "good" Lyran hive extraordinaire.

May 2, '09: (7pm) Got a bunch more rain. Cooler now. I lit my wood stove for the first time in a week or so.

I love this Draco girl. Not only is she an affectionate bundle of girlish sweetness, but she gets things done. I had sent her to guard someone who gets attacked heavily by Fi a lot. After a while, she had talked 6 of her girl friends into guarding this person, so that she could come sit on my lap.
Within minutes after i de-cloaked M100 (Witki's hive), i picked up that 2 physical 3D cruisers containing 280 3D Draco had departed for M100. I guess they had wanted to know where it was for some time. My girl tipped them off.

Then i told her about a problem a friend was having with portals and demons around her house, and my girl flew right off and found something wrong with the Earth energies there, which my girls hopefully fixed.
This morning this same friend wrote me she felt better last night:
This morning though, went in to wake my daughter, and when I opened her door, there was a very powerful overwhelming odor in the air, it kind of reminded me of acetone, you know the stuff in fingernail polish and polish remover? It was extreme, so much so that I tore her room apart looking for the source, thinking maybe something had spilled somewhere. I never did find anything. I even called hubby at work, he said he hadn't been using any chemicals the day before. I aimed a fan out her door, and in 3 hrs or so it was finally gone. I'm baffled.
I found that the acetone smell has something to do with short greys in Galaxy M58.

Esterian has been coaching me on ways to disable the grey hives, by removing key reptilian slaves and dragon slaves. I have already done this to M100 and M58, which seems to really help a lot. I will be doing the other grey hives soon. Like right now, i'll do Zeta2-planet2.

  *   *   *   *
Also, another friend wrote me
the LACERTA ... were far more ancient then the reptilians and draconians and predated both these species...
I wrote back:
I got no vibe on the Lacerta at first, but doing a bit of orgone digging, found their main nest in Ecuador here at 466' depth. Only 4615 of them. But there are 2 other nests i can feel. 5'3" white(?) humanoids.
Nest #2 is here under Trois-Pistoles, Quebec, at 342'. 431 of them.
Nest #3 is here in eastern Russia at 246'. 233 of them.
They all seem to kick up quite a bit of DOR when tickled. I have not been able to bag any astral bodies off them.

May 3, '09: (3:15am) With my new techniques, i have been crippling all kinds of hives, even of some new species. I had 4' lobsters attack me, and 2' mice attack someone else. And got jumped by the evil Venusians, some evil J-rods, all kinds of hiving scum.
Then some other evil humans that are not in a hive. On Jupiter. Huh? Swiss colony on Jupiter since 1983. How can that be possible? What about the gravity?
Moreover all 3,656 inhabitants had Archon "souls" instead of human. High-level illuminati types.
This "impossible" base is right in the middle of the big eye here, 862' down.

(6:50pm) It's been raining all day. The total right now for the system is 4.0". Probably won't get much more. It's supposed to dry up tomorrow, then there are good chances of rain later in the week again. Droughts are no longer accepted here.

I keep forgetting to update y'all on Godzilla's activities. He polished off a bunch of small nests after he was satisfied with the damage at the 19th one, for a total of 68 short grey bases in the Earth, then somehow got himself to Galaxy M51, the old tall grey hive that still has a lot of short ones although the tall ones seem extirpated.
He just won't let bygones be bygones. Zero tolerance for greys.

OK, there are some evildoers messing with me and my allies that i haven't been able to ID yet. It took a lot of work just to de-cloak their location: M30. Please blast 'em a while for me.

May 4, '09: (1:35am) Lam. That's what those little M30 %#@&ers are. Brrr!

(10:35am) Got another situation like that. Some unidentifiable entities are messing with a friend of mine; somehow blocking her from connecting to her rightful allies. These scum reside in the 2 Mice Galaxies AKA NGC 4676.

(12:50pm) Now i am getting a vague impression the perps are reddish dogs, about 4' from nose to butt, called Radrud.

Incidentally, last night i realized we had gotten a bunch more new allies like a week ago. They are upright-walking brown bears called Cu (koo), which might have human-like hands. Loads of these guys, about 1/4 as many Cu with us as there are Gek-sit, which is an awful lot.
I suspect we inadvertently liberated them somewhere along the line.

(1:10pm) There are various things i need to update on my site, like i need to do a definition page about Archons soon.
Meanwhile, here is a taste from something i just wrote a friend in answer to his questions:
My friend Esterian says she is above the real Masons, which are cosmic good guys. I have 2 honchos working with me. The main dude is Ax-tel pronounced okh-tel. They have been building things in the 4D for me. Supposedly eventually they might be able to 3D some of them. They built a bunch of Vogel xtls which The C programmed and deployed in grey hives. Also they built 20 3 mile high aikido coils which got programmed and deployed.
However, the masons here got infiltrated by nazi satanists long ago. Due to the way the heirarchic structure is compartmentalized, masonry is very vulnerable to having internal cabals.
I understand a person is subjected to character tests at level 33 and probly elsewhere. If they "fail" the test (like getting them to spit on the bible) they get shunted into the darkside cult within.
There may still be some good lodges.
Turns out Satan is actually good, though. When i "killed" him, i killed the archon that had taken him over long ago. Esterian works with the real Satan.
This is true of a lot of famous "archons" i killed.

May 5, '09: (9:10am) Something i find most intriguing:
Yesterday a friend sent me a link to Dianne Robbins' site and asked for my impressions. I found that the subject "Telos" (which is supposedly the name of a Lemurian subterranean city beneath Mt. Shasta in California) as well as Dianne had an unidentifiable and unfamiliar DORy vibe that i could not interpret. I put the sherrif and other tools on unwinding this mystery.
Many hours later, i finally figured it out. Telos and Dianne are infested with 5" long 5D ants from M32. There are also 2 other such ant hives i've found, but these are not attacking Telos.
I also found Telos under the Earth, but in a location very far from California. 56,240 Lemurians. I won't reveal the location.
I think all these people are fine, but unfortunately, "We work closely with the Melchizedek Priesthood who are here to serve the Earth." Uh oh. They seem to be duped by the Melchizedek Satanists.
[Update June 2014: Dianne Robbins is NSAlizard. As is satanist Aurelia Louise Jones, whose site had loads of black magic attack spells when i found it.]

I went searching for the HQ of the Melchizedek priesthood, and found it seems to be on this ring of Saturn in the 4D. You can't see it, but it was captured in that pic, right on the most defined ring, somewhat to the right of center. 14,196 evil humanoids about our size live there.

(10:20am) About the Lacerta mentioned the other day, the same guy sent me an interview transcript from a 1999 interview with a female Lacerta. This feels genuine. This female is alive and presently her energy is churned up because the Lacerta have been bombarded with positive, anti-evil energies.
The interview is quite long, and i have only skimmed a little, but i have the feeling it is pretty truthful. However, these definitely feel like negative beings to me.
What does the word Lacerta mean? Wikipedia
There is also a constellation Lacerta, but there i only get the vibe of good Pleiadians.

A couple days ago Esterian sent me a new astral ally, a gorgeous little redhead named Babs who promptly married me and has various esoteric abilities i have hardly begun to explore. For one, she is able to radiate 2 programs developed by Esterian and her friends. One is called Lovely Time Wash and the other is Salty Time Wash and they are for clearing away negative energies, etc. and have great anti-DOR qualities.

I had her program these 2 pieces of quartzite, one with each pgm. They feel wonderful. I put one in each pocket, and this seems to be making me feel a lot better while weakening attacks on me greatly.
These are extra special pgms and a real treat. If i find out more about them i will post it.

The Committee is not doing this. Maybe they'll be able to figure it out someday, maybe not. You have to ask Babs. She's 5'3" with straight orangish hair, green eyes, pink skin, and very sweet. It was her that the Lam were messing with.
Be nice. I am not sure whether she will do this for everone or whether there are quantity limits to what she will do.
I suspect The Committee taught her how to compress programming. Technically the stones can be any size, the bigger the stronger, but again i don't know if she will balk at doing boulders. It is probably better to do a lot of little ones and give them to your friends to carry. They may not be that effective just laying around.
Also you should be able to send the energies remotely, using the stones.
Clear or white quartz. These pgms can't be mixed with other pgms in the same stone.

(4:30pm) Rather than Babs teaching The Committee stuff, it appears that they are teaching her stuff. Training ongoing now. Not sure what sort of juicy hybrid pgms will spring up from this.

Also, a few days ago i realized that the committee was working with some friendly dragons, and coming up with a whole bunch more programs as a result.
Then a couple days ago i decided to investigate further, and found it really was just one dragon, a female, at the good Draco base, that they were in telepathic contact with. She had 33 small greys in her as parasites. I had the Sakudas clean her up.

Minutes later, a very powerful and sweet presence approached me. It was the dragon, and she had a matrimonial agenda! Don't ask me why i'm so attractive to these reptiloids. Anyway, i thought that was a pretty kinky idea, but she had such sweet energy and such a rich and pure personality somehow, that i just couldn't resist.
Similarly as what happened with the Sakudas, she later morphed into a beautiful human form. For some reason this has a 61D vibe. But i like her energy better when she is in dragon form. This type of dragon has a long neck which is energetically connected to the heart center. Their necks have a wonderful vibe when they are feeling friendly.
I can't get a name for her, either.
Anyway, most of her programs are probably "nice" and "positive". I've got a bunch of rocks already programmed with them, and will be getting more for that big project.
But so far the only pgm for the general public is a "mean, vicious" one, which i have just put in OTB 27c. Actually it consists of 2 pgms in 3 crystals.

May 6, '09: (7am) And, we got a bunch more rain overnight.

Things seem to be going real well, except that when Babs came to me just now, she was being attacked by a bunch of Lam vermin.

(7:20am) I listened last night to the first half of the recent Project Camelot audio interview with Duncan O'Finioan. He said he was having hearing loss problems. I could not detect implants or parasites, but there was pain energy, which a couple Sakudas are now working on.
Also he mentioned that there was a huge submarine base in Puerto Rico. Can't find mention of it on Google, but right here at 300' under the surface, i get a strong vibe of evil USN people.

(6:45pm) Specifically, 724 Navy Satanists. (The word Satanist is starting to sound wrong to me now, as they never followed the real Satan, just the archon punk who had taken him over.)

No more rain today, but what we got last night was 1.7". Some croplands are getting flooded out in the lowlands. But my garden is growing rapidly here. More thundershowers expected over the next week.
When the overcast cleared off, it exposed gorgeous blue skies with fluffy real clouds. But later they had to smear some chemtrails around.

It's Lam slamming time. They were attacking me all day. Weak but annoying. Maybe in part because my little Babs has been with me all day, and they hate her.
When i got home, i trained a big device onto them and put my new 3 dragon crystals on them. Much better now.

Esterian gave me another dragon, Alicia. She used to be galaxy sized, but due to being parasitized for energy, is down to 11 miles long. Hopefully we can undo the damage and get her fattened up again. She's sprawled all over the landscape here.

May 7, '09: (9pm) There is a DORy new Texas drought transmitter I found it in Uvalde, TX. But it kept moving NW. It's a plane. It's been programmed and is energetically conspicuous and easy to lock onto. It's at 4,000' now.

The Lam collective is being dismantled now by some other mysterious forces of Esterian. Feels like 30 strong reptilians. Hope no-one objects.

The guy i had written to on the 4th about Masons and Satan wrote me:
"If Satan was killed by you, then what are all of these satanists worshiping? Would not the killing of satan render all of their black magic immediately null and void?"
(Of course i didn't kill the real Satan.) To which i responded:
Within the last 2 weeks i once noticed a ritual going on in the Transamerica Building (which has now been programmed) with 42 participants. An unusual number for them to use. Seemed very high-level illuminati stuff. Who in the demonic world responded? No archons, no Enochian, Goetic or werewolf demons. Those i have not detected responding to rituals in years. Nor reptilians or greys, even [responded that evening]. Nor the old Codok octopi anymore. Only one 3rd rate type of demon, the not-too-bright Fi octopi responded. And i got put the kibosh on that.

(9:10pm) Esterian told me the real seat of power of the Melchizedeks is in Betelguese, which indeed is one very DORy star right now, after i tickled them a little.
And told me about Bellatrix. Short greys have some kind of slavery op there.

May 8, '09: (7:40am) On April 24 i wrote:
Another type of demon: 2' long green cats with yellow eyes called Rim, whose hive is M104, the Sombrero Galaxy.

(1:50am) I just noticed in this pic showing the location of M104, there is a "n Crv" star that is a kind of strong Yellow Nordic hive.
Well, there is also a short grey hive in M104 that needs to be hit. I'll explain in a bit.

(7:55am) Alicia, the big dragon, has been growing by leaps and bounds. Esterian told me to feed her food that i create mentally. So far we have found that she loves ghee, butter, cream, milk, carrots, beets with tops, aloe, comfrey, lemon balm, catnip, coriander (but not cilantro), and peppermint. Most things she does not like. I conjure up a lake for her to soak in, consisting of rich milk with crunchy carrots, beets, and coriander floating in it, with islands lush with the other herbs. Now she is 20 miles long.
Yesterday Esterian told me that Alicia had a husband she calls Ray that was held by Lams in one of their hives. We sprung him, and he ended up here. I noticed because of the emotional response of Alicia.
Ray was 21 miles long when he arrived, and seemed very weak. I had to conjure up a bunch more food for him. Then they made love. He's 26 miles long now.
Of course the reason the dragons shrunk is because they were carved up by greys to make useful things like demon slaves, which need to be killed so that the dragons can have their energy back.

But not long after he arrived here, he got attacked by greys that stuck an implant in his head. I removed it easily. Then this morning, i found 2 more in him.
The sheriff hadn't been dealing with this. Maybe i forgot to specifically tell him to guard Ray. But then the sheriff found the hive that was making the implants, M104.

(10:35am) Getting more rain today. Yesterday was dry and sunny, with a lot of small natural clouds and a bit of chem. Some of my veggie plants, accustomed to wet, overcast weather, curled at the edges in shock from the sun. Some radishes actually turned yellow at the leaf edges. Never seen that before.
But my garden looks and feels real good. Lots of good entities, and things are really growing fast now, with all this rain and warm weather.

I just uploaded OTB 27c with some more info about the Time Wash programs.
I find it very effective to send these with radionic-orgone devices. I've been sending it to Alicia, then a while ago i remembered i should send it to Ray, too.
After a few minutes, he connected to me, very grateful for all i was doing, and he has been doing healing work on me since.

Feels like a few of you are helping to make food for these dragons. Thank you. I guess all these dragons have the same food tastes.

My little dragon who does crystal programming is 525' long and she does not seem to need food at this time. She wants to be called Novz, by the way.
I get that Godzilla is hungry, though. He's too busy fighting to soak in a vat of milk, but would appreciate these foodstuffs placed in his path. Big chunks of raw unsalted butter, carrots, beets, the herbs...

(12:15pm) I listened to the rest of the O'Finioan interview. He says the sub base is offshore on the north side of Puerto Rico. The one i found is to the east of the north coast. I think that's the only one, though.
He talked more about dubious goings-on around the Island of St. Thomas. He mentioned a big transmitter ship that is only there when he's there. He always has a headache in the center of his head while there. That ship is now programmed. I am detecting 300 Satanists aboard. It is roughly 300 miles south of St. Thomas now.

Also there is a big short grey hive under the island, that Godzilla missed! I brought him back to clean them up. The grey DOR is strong all over the middle to eastern part of the island. Depth goes to 678'. The center might be here. That's where Godzi is now.
Duncan also mentioned another island, sounded like St. Crory(?) but i think it's St. Croix. That's the next stop on Godzilla's itinerary. Another largish grey base here at 543'.

(12:35pm) There is a short grey hive at NGC 1399 that has 3 of those resonator things trained on the back of my heart center. Could use a hand with them.

(3:30pm) Godzi is still under St. Croix, but he's taking a meal break!
I figured out a super-food for dragons. Drives 'em wild. Actually, someone emailed me some Chinese herbal suggestions for them, but only goji berries AKA wolberries got a green light. To make this food, take a huge kettle of imaginary, scalding hot ghee and drop in a whole bunch of dried wolfberries. Allow to cool very slowly and congeal. Cut into boulder sized chunks and serve.

(6:45pm) OK, those 3 resonators have been disabled. It helped a lot when i remembered to pull their slaves. They didn't have dragons, but they had thousands of good reptilian and draco slaves to feed energy into the machines.

And Godzi moved back to M51.

May 9, '09: (4:20pm) The happening action right now is the grey hive at Messier 82.
They kept picking on Ray and Alicia today. I smacked the greys, and they are after me now, too. I went to see if Godzi was available, and he was already there.

(4:45pm) I really love Ray and Alicia. They are so happy to be back together again and in a (relatively) safe place. They were sending me non-stop steady calm love energy all morning. They also kind of exude it all over the place. Then those greys started attacking them, possibly largely to shut that down.

I could have sworn i posted a couple weeks ago about little yellow humanoids who had a DORy nest a bit east of Harriet, AR, but i can't find the entry. Anyway, these guys have been a constant annoyance. Somehow they are able to cloak themselves, at least from the elvish guardians who are the security guards of my property. The yellow guys hang out in my garden spots, water storage containers, and i found one in my vehicle once. The elves find maybe 60% of them, but they keep getting replaced.
The nest is not far from me, and i've been meaning to go out there and drop off a few cubes, but haven't had time yet.
Today i asked Ray (since he's 42 miles long now and probably was right next to them) if he could intimidate these buggers a bit. I lit up their nest with energy so he could find it.
After a couple minutes i picked up a feeling of satisfaction from Ray. He was pissing on them!
Then a couple minutes later, deeper satisfaction and mirth. He was pooping on them!
Then Alicia came over and peed on them, then had a slow and thorough bowel evacuation.
The yellow guys don't like that much. It's probably toxic to them.
I did find 3 more here when i got home.

(6:45am) May 10, '09: [early morning] Got a bit more rain overnight.

That Messier 82 hive seems under control now, but the one in the 4th planet around Zeta2 has flared up again. They are not able to hit with strong toxic energy anymore, but doing telepathic stuff and relentlessly stuffing my solar plexus with some blah energy. I sent Godzilla over there.

The dragons' "sacred secretions" seem to be doing their work. I told them about a bunch of other good spots to "bless" around here. They did some good "work" at the Marshall airport and the DORy Jehovah's Witness church. But mostly they keep revisiting those yellow demons. Apparently they excrete a lot because they are eating a lot. Ray is now 56 miles long, and Alicia 51.

(3:50pm) That hive seems to have bitten the dust again, then at work today another one flared up and started attacking me, but we dusted that one, too, and now yet another is at it, NGC 4579.

(4:05pm) Let's recap a bit. In January and February i posted a lot about a bunch of allegedly 3D wives of mine that were converging on Center Ridge, Arkansas. On Feb. 16 i drove down there with a bunch of my newfangled ice cubes, etc. of the variety described in OTB 33. Gifted all the way down there and back. Of course, didn't see any girls there. They felt like they are in this world, driving down roads on the map, shopping, etc., but...
But then all kinds of energy stuff happened, as the girls are powerful Earth energy workers, and my gifts freed them up from the demons and stuff so that the girls' work was far more powerful. The energy radiated fromm Center Ridge all over the world.

Since then i have only seen my #1 wife, Lula, once. And that was brief. And i couldn't connect to her energy with all the interference. A few of the other girls there (wherever "there" is) have visited me since, but hardly. Most of the time i can't even feel them down there, south of me like 50 miles. I do check with Lula before taking new wives, as she's the boss, and she always seems tuned in enough to give the OK, which i am able to weakly dowse.

Anyway, early this morning i asked Ray and Alicia to take a step or 2 south and see if there was anything they could do to help these girls in their work.
And i "lost" them. They disappeared to wherever those girls are. That space seems safe from attacks now.
I get a real strong vibe off of Center Ridge again.

As for those little yellow humanoids, they seem to be severely harmed my the dragon excretions. No more of them hanging around my place.
A couple days ago i dowsed it would take 7 ice cubes to knock out that little hive; now i'm getting 4.

(5:25pm) Right here, a bit south of Shiprock, AZ, is a deeply troubled power spot, despite certain actions i've taken. I said on the 2nd that "Then i told [my draco wife] about a problem a friend was having with portals and demons around her house, and my girl flew right off and found something wrong with the Earth energies there, which my girls hopefully fixed."

Here's what a friend in the area wrote me after i told her:
The damaged section you mention....I had been planning on telling you about this mountain here. It is part of the Chuska chain, most refer to it as Crystal Mountain. It is near where I live, and the story my shaman friend told me about it, was that it is being damaged, and a battle going on, as it's helping those dark ones from underground to use it as an portal, and also is emitting dangerous and toxic gasses, also created by those dark beings. I believe it's a little north of Rt.64 going from farmington to Shiprock. Of course, I don't know if this is what your friend found, but had been planning on mentioning this to you.
The work my draco girl did wasn't good enough. Later i sent Novz, my crystal programmer dragon wife. She came back a couple hours later, but it still wasn't good enough.
I asked Ax-Tel and his buddy, the good Masons, to make a 4 D coil and place it perfectly there. I asked Antuvozy to design a custom coil for that spot. The 2' wide coil (which i wish i could see, as it seems unusual) was placed days ago.
But there's still a lot of strong, conflicting energy there.
Oh, yeah, some orgone devices are in the works.

May 11, '09: (5:15pm) My friend is now getting attacked, apparently in retribution for the work we're doing on that power spot.
I posted about her spider problems on March 9. Here is the hive of those spiders.

(6:10pm) Man, there is still a lot of energy happening at that power spot. Including the energy y'all are sending.

Ended up getting almost 1/2" of rain from that last system. Now the sun has come out, and plenty of natural clouds, and plenty of chem, including fresh trails.

Today i went over to the nest of little yellow humanoids and dropped 5 cubes on top of them. Actually i shot a few out the window on my way. When i got 2-3 miles away from the nest, they started hitting me. That continued for an hour or so, then stopped. I think they are goners.

While i was driving up there, Alicia "phoned" me to tell me they were having a good time, and were going to stay there a while longer, maybe a couple days. They are still being well fed.

And that last hive of greys i mentioned is still a going concern.

May 12, '09: (4:30am) I neglected to mention, she's also getting attacked by greys. I just realized, these are from a different hive, M81.

(9:40am) Well, i just stirred up some shit. Someone emailed me, mentioning that someone else had once videoed a meeting between a 10' evil ET and 2 humans. I know nothing more about the vid, but i wrote back "Wow, i think i bagged the 10 footer, at least his astral body. His name is Pol. Species name is Isji. 10'5", i get, straight black hair, green eyes, light skin."

Then i attacked his hive so it could trace it. It is all around the central star here.
They are attacking me back a little.

(12:25am) Now for some reason i have an unusual sense of well-being, as though bad guys are being stomped somewhere. I suspect Esterian may be doing something major. She's been a bit quiet lately.

OK, another intriguing U base: at 342' underground here on the notorious Jekyll Island of Georgia, are 754 satanists. US gov't, but i don't think it's any familar agency. I haven't figured out what they are doing there. Probably nothing very nice.

(2:35pm) What's been happening in the last hour or so is that some of the M51 short greys have been abducting more good dragons, draco, and reptilians to enslave to make energy to hit me with. I've released 100s of 1000s of prisoners in the last 1/2 hour.
Godzilla is on it, and the situation seems to be coming under control, hopefully...

(2:45pm) Another pic showing the Isji hive. The one given has "orion" in the URL for reasons i don't understand. The star right above the K in this 2nd pic is the same one as the center one in the earlier pic.
The area around this star is pretty DORy now.

(5:20pm) My friend in AZ says she felt a great shift from the work we've been doing on that power spot. It does feel lots better. I think that may be mainly what i was feeling earlier today that was so invigorating. It still needs some work, though.

Amazingly, i found that the sheriff has the ability to release good prisoners remotely! I told him to find caught good reptiloids and free them from the greys. That was maybe ago, and he's gotten thousands loose. Sometimes the greys still overload him a bit, and they hit me in the head some while he catches up.
He's not sentient, by the way; just an artificial intelligence device. Of course, he contains the usual pixies, sprites, and devas, but they have their own functions.

(8:35pm) The lady in AZ is very grateful and sends her thanks to all those helping.
That spot already feels better than it did last i mentioned it.

It does feel like Esterian is reaming out greys pretty well somewhere, too.

May 13, '09: (8:50pm) Weeks ago Esterian wrote me about 3 satellites, one over the North Pole, and two over the South Pole, put there by the Soviets using technology from the greys to enable the Soviets to mind-control the public. But of course the greys tricked them, and these transmitters did weird stuff for the greys, too. They wanted to turn Earth into their slave hive, not the Soviets' playground.

Anyway, she wrote me this afternoon that the good Pleaidians have arrived in the 3D to remove these satellites.
And it feels to me like they did. And also, upon request, the TX drought plane. And, by the power invested in me as the mighty Cmdr. Loohan, i have given them carte blanche permission to remove any crap around Earth that they deem a serious safety hazard.

I detect 5 Pleiadian craft, about 80 people on each. They could be persuaded to hang around for as long as 10 days, if there was demand for their services. I think they are only "allowed" to do flying stuff, not ground targets. But, there are a lot of chem-planes around for sport. Let them know what you think.
Well, i hope this is for real this time...

May 14, '09: (7:45am) Feels like they have done 14 satellites so far, in addition to the 3 resonators. No chemplanes.

Got another 1.4" of rain.

Esterian wrote me
You mentioned some Lemurians underground some time ago, and I have to say that those are not really Lemurians, but they're somehow trying to harness the Lemurians' "essence" to get away with what they're doing. The Lemurians are human men and women, the forefathers (or should I say "foreparents") of humankind on Earth. Their civilization predates Atlantis by some 125,000 to 400,000 years. Some are eternal, and, therefore, a much desired target by those who feed upon "life force" energy, such as the greys and others making hives in consciousness and between dimensions.
Damn, i should have been suspicious. The phony Lems seemed to have a clean vibe, and i didn't check further. I did think it odd that Dianne Robbins had the ants in her, and Telos had the ants in it, but the "Lemurians" living in Telos did not have ants in them.
I just noted that the "Lemurians" did not have a DORy vibe, and didn't bother to check if they were real Lems or if they were jailable. They are the latter. I am hitting Telos now. The actual location is here on the SE side of Pitesti, Romania, at 935' depth.
I am not sure what dimension.

(6:25pm) Overcast with what is probably largely natural haze, but also heavy chem.

The Pleiadians have still only knocked out 14 sats and no chem planes. I do not know if they are "allowed" to do chem planes.
I got curious as to what the Pleaidians are doing. They seem to be stymied by a fleet of evil Draco who may have arrived in response to the Pleiadian presence. They have 3 ships over the South Pacific with a total of 516 Draco.
Maybe we can help.

May 15, '09: (8:30am) One Draco ship down. I am not detecting any expected reinforcements on either side.

(10am) Second one just bit the big one. I think over the ocean west of S. Africa.

(12:10am) Yee-haw! #3 down. Mid-Atlantic i think.

(12:20pm) Things cookin' in Fiji (link). Satanists in the gov't, 6 Satanists running the Fiji Times, sizable grey hive at 300' under the capitol, Suva. One Godzilla under there now to keep them company. Pretty DORy scene around Suva.

(1:35pm) And a smaller grey base under scenic metropolitan Bir Zar, Tunisia, also centered under the "A" drop, 297' down.

How did i get onto this? Because the Pleaidians have shot down 4 UNEP sprayers over the Tunisia area. Also 13 more over N. Africa. Gosh, i hope that's not just in some parallel world.
So i had a feeling something was happening in Tunisia. I guess this base is somehow connected to the spraying.

(5:10pm) It's weird. All day long i've been dowsing that there are over 3K chemplanes in the air worldwide. Also i've dowsed that the Pleiadians are slowly picking off just a few. They just did #21-24 over Chile. Also they vibe me like "Dig this; we are fixin' to nail some more" right before they shoot them down.
Question: why are they being so selective if there are plenty of chem-planes in their faces? What are the criteria for elimination?
And another question, if planes are being shot down, why aren't UNEP and NOAA grounding their sprayers in panic?
Actually they haven't shot down any NOAA ones yet, but i do get that all the planes today were real 3D UNEP sprayers.
But i can't be sure those weren't in some parallel something :-)

Also i think the Pleiadians are spotting these ground bases and and letting me know. Are the bases incidental to the spraying? They have not alerted me to bases except when they shot down planes nearby. Suggests some relationship.

Anyway, there's another grey base in the center of scenic downtown San Antonio, Chile at 524' depth.
Godzi is still in Fiji.

(7:40pm) Now the Pleiadians seem to be hovering over the middle of the sea between China and Japan, radiating good energy, and surrounded by short grey craft. I am unable to jail these craft (suggesting they are 3D), but am able to get the greys (or their astral bodies?). More keep coming. They seem to hang back around Japan and the China coast.

May 16, '09: (7:20am) More thundershowers last night, and it is still raining a bit.

The Pleiadians are no longer in that area. Overnight they took down 4 more planes; i think west of NZ.
I am dowsing 2,826 chem-planes aloft at this time. I think the Pleaidians are over the South Atlantic now.

The grey hive in NGC 4579, first mentioned on the 10th, is still the major source of attacks on me. Godzi is in Tunisia.

Esterian wrote me:
We made another energy matrix, it's just love energy. We call it Good Job and give it with compliments and praise to the reptilians, an' stuff, and it just so happens that it is an excellent slayer of demonic implants.
Babs just programmed a couple quartzites for me with this. It is available. Nice energy.
Esterian told me a while back that good reptiloids do best when given a lot of appreciation for what they do. I'm so scattered i sometimes neglect this somewhat, so it is handy to have the program. I am keeping one rock locked onto my reptiloid wives, and another onto my other reptiloid allies. This can also be boosted with radionic/orgone devices.

Ray and Alicia are still wherever the Center Ridge spot leads to. They have been fighting a lot of greys there lately, and the area feels amazingly sweet on the map.

(5:05pm) Overcast here all day. Cold front coming in. Heavy chemtrail action.
The Pleiadians took out 8 more UNEP planes, over the South Pacific. Not here though :-(

Those same greys have been hitting me some.
Godzilla has moved on to Chile.

There is a gov't U base under Durango, CO here. Just NE of the NE corner of the Mercy Medical Center, right under the road there at a depth of 441-560' is the center of the base, housing 542 satanists who create biowarfare weapons to be used against the US public.

And while we are on the subject of Durango, i noticed a large, DORy building here that has 29 satanists in it.

May 17, '09: (8am) Cool and clear other than some chemclouds and old trails here.

I pulled another weird entity out of my friend in NM. a 38" humanoid from this hive: NGC 6027b.

I just realized something totally bizarre. I have been referring to her as my friend in AZ, when she actually lives in NM. I was getting my AZ and NM mixed up. When she had told me there was a troubled spot near Shiprock, i looked up Shiprock, AZ instead of Shiprock, NM. Both have Shiprocks.
But the spot in AZ is much worse. It is quite a way SW of her, whereas Shiprock NM is very close. Yet, i suspect the 2 spots are intimately connected. It may be that the AZ spot is the source of much of the trouble in the NM one. I'm still trying to figure this out.
The AZ spot is where i noticed my allies' activity, after i had sent them to work on the spot near her. Is it that they recognized the trouble source was this other spot, and went there? And it's just a coincidence that both are near a town called Shiprock, hence i easily found the 2nd one by mistake? Or am i totally deluded about everything? Gotta stew on this a while. It seems improbable that 2 spots with such an intimate connection would be by different towns with the same name.
Anyway, the spot near her is here. But i detect no entities there, just DOR at 245' depth. DOR transferred from the AZ spot? Very unusual if so.
She received the 3 large devices i sent for implantation, but only 1 is necessary at her spot, and i have no-one to put them in the AZ spot.
Oh, well, she's very close to Durango :-)

May 18, '09: (7:35am) I am still not able to detect any critters in the NM spot, just conflicting energies. I do believe the bad energy is referred from the AZ spot.

The sky cleared up yesterday and was perfectly clear every time i looked out until late afternoon, when smeared trails reappeared.
That same grey hive is still the most happening thing.

May 19, '09: (8:10am) This sylph-action pic was taken in front of my cabin on the evening of the 17th:

That's an expanded but curtailed chem trail.
Yesterday afternoon got pretty bad. I watched with satisfaction as plane after plane tried unsuccessfully to lay a trail overhead. Maybe it was my new multidimensional chembuster that helped so much, or maybe the bad guys had run out of the stickier formulas.
But by evening the entire sky was nonetheless smeared with cotton-like see-thru chemclouds. So far pretty clear this morning.

That NGC 4579 hive is still strong. Yesterday i scanned a US map and found a bunch of underground nests of their greys producing strong DOR that spread for long distances. Those are being eradicated. Also these same greys keep hitting me when they can. But their telepathic-manipulation force seems weaker lately.

(6:45pm) Very strange. No chem here today that i noticed, except for several sprayers that fruitlessly passed overhead in the course of several minutes this morning.

It felt like the Pleaidians took out 6 UNEP sprayers over the South Pacific 3 nights ago, then 2 more over Greenland night before last, then 2 more last night, maybe west of Africa.
It felt like there were 2K sprayers aloft this morning, then late afternoon i noticed it seemed only 235 UNEPs were up, and 0 NOAA. Then a few minutes later, they were all grounded! I thought maybe CTs were history, but just now i noticed 30 UNEP sprayers set out from some Balkan country, heading north. These planes each have a 2nd person aboard, with some kind of energy weapons...

(7:20pm) 30 planes went poof.

(8:25pm) Then 2 "secret" craft went after the Pleiadians. One had 66 guys, the other was much smaller and had 4 guys in it. All vaporized or something now. NATO craft from a base, would you believe, east of NZ here at 672' below the ocean floor. There are also 3 more secret craft down there, being nicely programmed. 2,644 evil humans.

May 20, '09 (6:45am) Now all i detect in the way of chem planes is that they keep sending up 2, 4, 6, 10 at a time, each with 4 people aboard, presumably with some kind of weapons, but not real DORy ones like at first. And the Pleaidians keep shooting them. 2 such groups were NOAA planes over the US. Still clear skies here.

(5:50pm) Drat, as i feared, there are spray planes that are not overtly DORy these days. People are still reporting heavy spraying in some places. All i could feel today were 5 weaponized sprayplanes that the Pleiadians shot down.
Totally clear sky all day here, though.

(7pm) Which doesn't necessarily make a lot of sense. If they were sending up a a few weaponized planes to draw the Pleiadians into a showdown, but also sending up ordinary sprayplanes, why wouldn't the Pleaidians knock down a few of the latter as well?
Yet it is an interesting coincidence to me that i had been feeling thousands of planes in the air daily, then suddenly could feel no more (except for the few weaponized ones) and at the same time, spraying halts in my area. Has there perhaps been appreciable diminishment of spraying?

In any case, one thing's (hopefully) for sure: no more droughts around here. It took many years of hard work and a fair bit of money to make this cartoon (from today's Little Rock paper) a reality.
Of course, down in south-central and southeast-central AR, they got a lot more than they wanted, and a lot of croplands along rivers got flooded.

(8:40pm) Those sprayers are not NOAA or UNEP. They come from 3 undersea bases here, here, and here. Those are big bases taking up a lot of space on those maps. 200-300 feet under sea bottom.Who is down there? Nobody i'm familiar with. Some different kind of reptilian-human hybrids, is my impression. Combined number is 2,626 of them.
Can't get a species name for them, but their home hive is Arp 82, the spirally galaxy only.

May 21, '09: (7am) Mostly natural clouds and blue sky this morning, but also some cottony chem-clouds and light smear.
Tried to de-cloak who's doing this. So far all i was able to find was 42 sprayers over Africa, that were sent from this base about 300' below sea bottom. Much smaller base; same species.

(7:20am) Another such base here. And a real big one here, with 2,632 inhabitants.

(7:45am) And another big one here, with 1,203 inhabitants.
There seems to be quite a disparity between the number of inhabitants i'm dowsing and the acreage of most of these bases. This one is hundreds of miles in diameter. I don't understand why i get energy kickback from such large areas, if there are so few bad guys there. This species is not even particularly DORy, as evil species go.
This one even has islands poking up. 460 inhabitants. As does this little one with 236.
340 more here.
All these places have spray "planes". If anyone happens to snap a good pic of any sprayers out today, i'd be curious how closely they resemble jets.

(8am) #11 is here. Big one with 4,175 inhabitants. Possibly the main one. Possibly the last. But i'll keep looking.

(9:35am) That seems to be the last of them...
An interesting observation: even before i got out of bed this morning i was being hit by those greys from the big hive. But now, i feel great. No one is hitting me, even though 90% of my stuff is focused on those hybrids. (And incidentally, the latter have not hit me back yet.)
This suggests that those hybrids' job is largely to make our planet vulnerable to the interdimensional tricks/attacks of other evil species. This is no doubt part of what CTs are all about, but also i suspect whatever is taking up so much space in their bases must be doing that.
Whatever it is, i do not get a very metallic vibe off it. More silicaceous. Fused-sand glass? It is somewhat programmable, and The Committee has worked on it.
I think the Pleaidians are attacking that 11th base.
Sky clear here now.

(9:45am) Sumpin' funny about this story. There are 2 satanist FBI involved in the sting. The alleged perps are not darkside, MPD, FHS, nor can i bag them. Neither of which is proof of innocence, but, in the general population, it is not easy for me to pick out 4 individuals randomly and be able to say that about all of them.
I don't detect any connection to foreign gov't darksiders in these 4, either.

(10:45am) Just as i was basking in the euphoria about how unfamiliarly good i felt with no attacks, i started getting hit from Mars. The base is right in the center on this pic, on the right edge of the big crater. 679' down. The species? 243 Earth humans.
Their corresponding Earth base is here under Torzhok, Russia at 357' depth. 285 satanists down there.
So why would the Russian psychic attackers hit me from Mars, knowing they would thus reveal the location of that base to the world? I have no idea. The attacks are pretty weak, just enough to take the edge off my euphoria.

May 22, '09: (8:15am) Still no trails here. Yesterday there were lots of natural clouds, and small amounts of little cottony old chem clouds. And some light smear. This morning clear so far.
There have been a few reports of heavy spraying around the country. I tried to dowse who was doing this. Not NOAA, and i've never known UNEP to spray in the US. Not the hybrids i found on the 20th.
It took a lot of de-cloaking, then yesterday i dowsed that this was coming from east Tennessee. However, i was very uncertain of my dowsing. I knew i found something, but not sure if it had to do with the chem spraying. I'm still not sure, but i'll give what i found:
On who sent these planes, i got the dark-roofed bldg in the center here. There were 14 satanists in there, but do they have anything to do with CTs?
Anyway, i wrote that to a couple dowsing friends asking for their impressions. So the gov't was tipped off, and now that building seems vacant.
But my FL dowsing buddy noticed something else:
I got the light roofed bldg that is ne of center and has the drive on the diagonal road going ne/sw. Down 128' give or take a bit I get about 806 NSA satanists connected with the CT pgm. I do get a hit on satanists in the bldg you mention, but my attention is drawn to the other house and what is below it.
I think he is referring to the large roof on the right. I seem also to 806 satanists at that depth. Not sure if they are NSA.

I had also tried to dowse wherefrom the planes took off. I got from here, the square part of the cleared field. But that doesn't seem anywhere big enough to be a jetport. Yet, it is DORy, and i get 642 satanists connected to that place. Nothing underground.
He is not able to detect anything wrong there. I still do, though, but at a loss to what is going on there.

Here's another dubious map of a base i dowsed, this one on the 19th, trying to find the UNEP base responsible for sending weaponized sprayers up to nail the Pleaidians. As you can see, no structures, at least in the google pic. But it feels DORy to me, with a vibe of 236 UNEP satanists. Like some of the most high-up people working on the world chemtrailing.

  *   *   *   *

On March 26 & 27 i reported that 4 people had been implanted with super-nasty stuff. Where are they at now? The little Arcturan girl and the Chinese lady got cleared up not long after. But i still have those 105 healers working on me now, and my local friend still has 40 working on her. That's how nasty that stuff was.

Then on April 5 i reported that my FL buddy got hit in the 3rd eye by extremely nasty Green Nordic implants. They were threatened by his dowsing. Well, at this time he might be 75% cleaned up, and he still has 40 astral people working on him. They were threatened by his dowsing. But he's back in action. He wrote me last night:
I was playing with Google Earth again and looking for the top evil spots in the USofA. This came up as #1. Down 286.5' I think there are some 2300+ NSA satanists bent on NWO. They don't seem into CTs, just taking over the country as part of the NWO.
This feels very hot to me!

May 23, '09: (8:10am) I still haven't seen any fresh trails, but there were a fair bit of chem-clouds yesterday (as well as real ones) and today i haven't spotted any real clouds yet, but most of the sky is whited out with chem. Also since yesterday afternoon i have had greys, Lyrans, and Pleiadians making the chem ripple a bit.

BTW night before last i moved Godzilla down the Center Ridge portal. He's been helping Alicia, Ray, and the girls tear up greys.

(4:45pm) Getting spatters of rain here and there. We are heading into another rainy spell, with any luck.

I de-cloaked another CT base of some sort, behind the recent spraying. It is here under Schenectady, NY, at 231-465' depth, containing 553 satanists. And on these, i definitely get a strong NSA vibe. This base is just a pinpoint in the center of the map, but it has 22 stories.
I did not look for the airport yet.

Also, recently i fried the heck out of the top negative entity that Esterian calls One Thing. Got it all agitated, whatever it is, right in the yellow square here.

(5:50pm) This pic was taken in town today. I labeled the clouds in case anyone has difficulty telling them apart.

Searching for the NY airport, i found instead this base. Well, it's 236' down, and has 32 NSA satanists in it.
Searching further for the flight departure point, i found this area, which has the vibe of 560 NSA satanists about it, 423 of which are pilots. Maybe my FL buddy will have further insights.

(8:05pm) A few days ago Esterian told me she was surprised that i referred to Babs as a red-headed girl, when she actually is a 3.5' tall cat person.
Babs happened to be with me at the time. I confronted her with this, and she morphed into the cat-person shape. This is apparently her "real" shape, but it may also be normal for this species to have a human shape on the 5D. I get a 7D vibe off her cat self.
The only impressions i have of the cat-person morphology is they walk erect, are light-colored (beige?), do not have long head hair, have cat-like faces, of course, with whiskers. Not sure if they are covered with short fur or have smooth skin. I think they do have claw hands.

Anyway, Babs is usually in her cat mode fighting lately. She hasn't visited me in a while. A while ago i thought of her, missing her, and realized she was in the middle of some tricky maneouver and wanted my help! She was sneaking up on One Thing! Like negotiating psi-defences around its perimeter or something.
I lent her my intent-power without knowing exactly what was going on.
Then she gave off a strong vibe of Aha! Success! and i had the feeling she was lunging at One Thing with her claws. I turned on maximum backup at that point.
As near as i can make out, she has One Thing in a death grip and is hanging on indefinitely until he dies.
She really does not seem to like this Thing much, for some reason.

May 24, '09: (2:50am) One Thing appears to be a 30' tall reptilian. Why he can't deal with a little kitty, i don't know. Babs is still hanging on.
Right away, the whole gang seemed to think this real was important, and has been on the scene since: Jesus, Jehovah, Shiva, Subramanya, Odin, 10K of my girls, etc. Funny thing is, i don't detect anyone else they are fighting there; just One Thing.
And i've kept some 93% of my stuff trained on One Thing as well.

(5:15pm) She's still at it. As are the rest. Just trying to squeeze the life out of One Thing.

OK, time for some more NSA chemtrail bases. I do not know why they need so many undergound staff. A lot of computers, i guess. Also something else, at least at this base at 201-467' below this intersection in Marion, OH. 420 NSAtanists.
And even freakier energy under this Lousiville, KY parking lot at 451'. 751 NSAtanists.
And spookier yet, at 934' down under this darkish round spot is some wild transmitter thingy. Not detecting any life.

(6:40pm) OK, One Thing has been carefully disposed of. Being returned as energy to the godhead. Everyone has moved on. Babs is tearing up greys.

May 25, '09: (7:50am) Moved on mostly to the big grey hive NGC 4579.

Meanwhile, my FL buddy found some stuff. Just north of the last spot mentioned he found this one with 462 NSAtanists. I get 330-514' down. I only feel the DOR under that house pretty much; small circumference.

And, north of the Lake Champlain spot that had the vibe of all the pilots, he found this one with 432 CT-oriented NSAtanists. I get 463-641' down.
And, nearer the town of Champlain, he found this one with 322 CT NSAtanists. 550-732' down.

Been getting good, soaking rain the last 24 hours+.
Babs is with me in high spirits.

(3pm) 2 more parasitic infestations in Louisville, KY.
One is here under what appears to be a park visitor center, at 313-511' depth. 510 CT NSAtanists.
The other is on the west side, here, at 214-420' down, housing 201 CT NSAtanists.

(5:50pm) Saw a report of heavy spraying in E. WA. The NSA U bases connected to this are in Wyoming.
One here at 152-302' depth. 323 NSAtanists.
One here at 204-410' depth. 422 NSAtanists.
And one here at 124-266'. 640 NSAtanists.

(6:25pm) And, the cloud cover briefly parted here to reveal chem-clouds. The NSA U bases associated with this activity are in Illinois and Michigan; 6 of them.
One here at 230-460' depth. 301 NSAtanists.
One here at 451-621' depth. 526 NSAtanists.
One here at 151-322'. 404 NSAtanists.
One here at 221-411' depth. 510 NSAtanists.
One here at 200-412' depth. 314 NSAtanists.
And one here at 231-432' depth. 413 NSAtanists.

May 26, '09: (8:10am) Looks like the rain chances are fairly slight for the next few days. But we did get an ample 3.3" so far. Cool and overcast.

What happened a couple of nights ago is that i could see the stalemate with One Thing could last indefinitely, tying up most of the good guys, and keeping Babs wrapped around his neck. I don't like my Babs hugging on other guys.
But i was unable to jail One Thing. What to do? Then i remembered something Esterian had said:
Evil beings... should be disposed of through the supreme being of the universe, i.e. the nucleus of human consciousness -- my contact name there is Pa-Paw Shantul (short a sound on the first Pa) -- and do it in the name of Christ to be sure it's the human consciousness you're using -- make your intentions clear, such as, "Pa-Paw Shantul, this one is for disposal in the name of Christ, not for redemption."
So i connected Pa-Paw to One Thing, but Pa-Paw could also only cling on. Nothing was happening for hours.
Then i decided to bully One Thing some more, using certain powers that have recently been granted me. I informed him that he had to go, because i wanted my little Babsie back. He would have to die. And i browbeat, harrassed, and transfixed him until he seemed to turn into a ball of energy that i could pass to Pa-Paw like a basketball, and now Pa-Paw could "eat" and process him!

Last night i did the same with other entities that i was unable to jail, namely Sepvuaglia and her 2 female conspirators. Then loads of 50' humanoid reptilians came on my screen as being a threat to Esterian. These were definitely composed of stolen dragon-matter, so i gave them to Pa-Paw.

Also a couple nights ago i worked out a system with Pa-Paw in which he became able to pull in some 3 trillion greys per second. This is still ongoing, in addition to the ones i am jailing myself, maybe 20 billion per second when i'm not actively working it.

(10:50am) More NSA CT bases:
A big one here, east of Elmira, NY, at 130-404' depth; 752 NSAtanists and a transmitter.
Another here in Center Valley, NY, at 102-321' depth; 203 NSAtanists.
One here, east of Salisbury, DE, at 232-312' depth; 202 NSAtanists.
One here near the center of Elgin, IL, at 224-320' depth; 403 NSAtanists.
One here in Champlain, NY, at 131-312' depth; 456 NSAtanists.
Moving west, one here under Devil's Lake, ND, at 145-385' depth; 413 NSAtanists.
One here under Julesburg, CO, at 362-420' depth; 214 NSAtanists.
One here under Glendive, MT, at 323-524' depth; 264 NSAtanists.
One here at 226-440' depth; 543 NSAtanists.
One here under Ogden, UT, at 256-521' depth but narrow; 312 NSAtanists. It is possible that that spot of that building is deliberately targeted with a transmitter.
One here, right under Yellowstone NP at 157-302'; 420 NSAtanists.
One here near Pocatello, ID, at 161-220' depth; 340 NSAtanists.
One here near Sandpoint, ID, at 226-340' depth; 404 NSAtanists.

Whew. That might be all for the continental US.

(12:55pm) Very cloudy. Some chemclouds. No trails spotted yet.

Didn't find any of these bases in Hawaii, but i found 3 in Alaska, 1 in Puerto Rico, and 1 in Brazil! These are all NSA bases. I haven't looked for the UN ones yet. What is a Yankee U base doing in Brazil?

Near Cantwell, AK at 142-341'. 621 NSAtanists. Transmitter at 331'.
Sagwon, AK at 251-420' depth. 315 NSAtanists.
Shageluk, AK at 132-431'. 318 NSAtanists, and a transmitter at 314.5'.
Near Anton Ruiz, PR at 168-225'. 319 NSAtanists. Also found 9 short grey nests making DOR in PR, as well as 6 more in St. Thomas.
Near Primavera do Leste - MT, Brazil at 151-451'. 430 NSAtanista. Transmitter at 413'.

(2:15pm) I went looking for the biggest, baddest, UN CT base, and got this one in Bulgaria, depth 203-429'. 441 UN satanists. 3 transmitters at 412'.

Looked in Mexico. Only found this one at 162-361'. 213 UN Satanists.
Then i only found one in Canada, here at 326-413'. 301 UN satanists. Transmitter at 311'.
We must be very special in the US, to get so much more of these bases than other nations.

(5:15pm) Finally saw some chemtrails. I saw 2 go overhead, neither sticking, and a 3rd drifted over that had been laid further away and stuck. Not the usual NOAA, but NSA. Came from an airport in N. Louisianna. Here is where i feel it. Doesn't look like much of a place to land planes. Either it was built after this pic was taken, or it's dimensionally offset. But i get the vibe of 522 NSAtanists connected with this place, 426 of which are pilots. 51 are mechanics.

(6pm) Another one laid a trail right over my cabin, which didn't stick. NSA. So where are the Pleiadians when i need them? I think they are doing something over SW Oklahoma. I vaguely get that they did shoot down 6 NSA planes over Idaho today.
Also, here in N. ID at 241-312' depth is the main administrative HQ for all NSA CT ops. 310 NSAtanists. I think NSA may have been in the CT business for about 3 years. Possibly because it was becoming known that NOAA was the CT agency.

May 27, '09: (6:55pm) Sunnier today. Plenty chemclouds but no trails.

My FL buddy sniffed out some hot spots:
  • A sizable grey nest here at 597'.
  • Same thing here, but maybe 1/2 as strong. These greys have something to do with chemtrail ops.
  • Here in Australia at 161-306' depth are 327 Australian gov't satanists doing whatever those NSA bases were doing in the US. Transmitter at 113' depth.
  • Tall Whites working on CT-related stuff here in Libya at 440' depth.
  • Lyrans here at 501'. Also CT-related.
  • Tall Whites and Finlandic satanists in the same base here at 529-830' depth. CT ops.
  • Now this is wild. I haven't run into Green Tyhiz (humanoid ETs) in a good while. Here are a bunch at 631' under northern Russia. DORy bastards.
  • Greys at 160' here in eastern Russia.
  • In northern Nunavut, CA, we have an interesting base here at 123-701' depth, containing 2350 evil Canadians as well as 19K+ Lyrans. The Lyrans must have 3D bodies, i guess. I seem to have bagged their astral bodies, but more Lyrans move right in at once.

    (8:40pm) Heavy chem now. Trails of some real sticky stuff over my property.
    I get that the Pleiadians took out 1 NSA plane today, over AZ. They have my permission to use a heavier touch.

    Some different kind of weirdness: last night as i was half-asleep something stung my eyes. A lot of evil critters do this to me at times. More seldom lately. I thought it was the greys again, but it was a single Scottish human! Still had a human astral body, as he was not into blood ritual. Whatever he threw in my eyes was different, too, but a couple Sakoodas got rid of it soon enough.
    Who sent him? And from where?
    The location of the base that sent him is here in Al Ghardaqa, Egypt, at 425'. 38,256 green humanoids, 5' tall, species name is Lu.
    Well, i bagged those Lu. But is that weird or what?
    The galactic hive for the Lu is here. In the square on the right, just below center and a hair to the right of center, is a brightish star.

    And while i was hunting up that pic, i noticed a lot of energy happening at the bright, lozenge-shaped galaxy near the top of this pic. I think it's the biggest-looking one on the pic.
    There rages a battle between Tall Whites (their hive) and Lemurian attackers.

    And a friend recently reported a dream, which led to Cora working some mysterious Lemurian control panel below a US city in a base that houses 624 Lemurians, and their machinery which seems to be to combat certain effects of chemtrails, etc. But the Lems don't want to work the machinery, just provide it. Less "interference" in our affairs, or something.
    In the dream, my friend was fighting these strong humanoids with round faces that were attacking some nice people. Then he found the control panel and hit a button on it. He was given a special ball-like device, too.
    I dowse that the nice ones are Lems, and the evil ones' hive is here.

    (8:50pm) Right outside of Boulder, CO, is a base at 352-684' housing 3,206 gov't satanists and 3,691 Lyrans.
    Found by my FL buddy.

    (8:55pm) And here at 313-634' is a NSA CT base in NW Territories, Canada! 316 NSAtanists. 3 transmitters at 126'. (FL buddy again.)

    May 28, '09: (8:20am) What is here in the Great Lakes area? I haven't figured it out yet, but it's got some DOR. Courtesy of my FL friend. Maybe if we blast it a while...

    (11:45am) Man, that thing is cloaked! Still drawing a blank.

    But i remembered something else i needed to follow up on.
    I woke up around 3am for a while. A noisy jet passed over. Noisy and unusually DORy. But i was not being attacked from it.
    Passenger liner, 41 satanists, 9 of which were the flight crew. But there was a group of 23 satanists in there that had a strong, "important" vibe. FEMA personnel from Omaha. I just did a search, but there does not seem to be a FEMA facility listed in Omaha, NE (though there is one in Omaha, AR i will have to check out later). On the map, this is where those FEMA sleaze normally work.

    Where were they headed? Well, it appears that this weekend FEMA is having a big get-together east of Binghamton, NY, in this spot. No roads. No obvious buildings visible. There is a small, faintly light spot in the center. I think this is a 2-story building, or there's one right close to it. Maybe it's only a year old, and newer than the pic. Maybe they will fly the attendees in by chopper.
    The event is to commence tomorrow, Friday at 10am EST, and continue through Sunday at 4pm. Some 339 FEMA satanists are supposed to attend. It's about martial law preparedness, though i do not have the impression of martial law being scheduled for any particular date. I do have the feeling this is real important, involving a bunch of very dangerous parasites.

    (2:50pm) My FL buddy sent me another map link of a spot that may be related to that other one by the Great Lakes. I also am unable to dowse anything about it, except to confirm the location.
    He thinks there may be tall greys in at least the 1st one, but so far i can't bag or perceive what's down there.

    (5:25pm) That place i mentioned last night near Boulder is on the west side of Rocky Flats.

    A blog excerpt:
    March 30, '09: (7:25am) New species hitting me: 7' tall, heavy-set brown apes called Ri (rye), located in Galaxy M87.
    Guess what? M87 is also the hive galaxy of the tall greys that are in those mystery bases in the Great Lakes area. My friend was right about the species. The only way i could find the species was find the hive first. But it's definitely not Ri down there in the bases.
    Also i got depths: on the first base, 621'. On the 2nd, 406'.
    I'd say these are particularly important bases. Now i am able to jail the greys.

    May 29, '09 (2:35am) I knew there had to be a 3rd tall grey base in the area. Greys don't do 2s.
    My FL pal sent me this link. 544'.

      *   *   *   *
    Sometime back Esterian told me i was a Keeper of the Gates. Which sounded right to me, but i wasn't sure what it meant.

    Then a few days ago i poured a small but very potent orgone device. It was designed and programmed by 4 Yejkusti along with The Committee.
    At first i thought it was just an intense space-clearing device that brought in higher energies. But when i picked it up after taking it out of the mold, i realized it was also a powerful psychotronic weapon. I blasted some targets, and it was very impressive.
    Then yesterday evening i placed its energy body in the first of the tall grey bases at Great Lakes. That was extremely effective. Then i did the 2nd one. Then M87. While it was in the center of M87, i realized that it had caused an energy change (the core was DORy with 99th tier greys) that was allowing good beings to come in from elsewhere. From another universe. It was 10' white Draco.
    I realized that my device was also a gate key.

    Apparently there are many universes beyond A-F that i can't perceive because they don't have evil to speak of, and are insulated from ours. These have some allies that want to help. Remember how the Gek-sit came in in January; Woiki brought them in somehow after i cleared away the entities interfering with him.

    Thus it is my role to unlock some portals. Probably all galaxies have them at their core, as do stars, planets, etc. And evil entities love to hog those spaces if they can.

    So far, in addition to the white draco, i have opened things up for 6 more species, each from a different universe:
    NGC 4579 got good Red Nordics. The Milky Way got some 8'3" red humanoids called Sorre (ssOAR-uh). Some good reptilians came into a Tall White hive. Andromeda got Arcturans (many species are the same in other universes).
    Alpha Centauri got some Gek-sit from a different universe than Woiki's. This is because this is Esterian's stronghold, and these are Gek-sit she was destined to work with.
    The lozenge-shaped galaxy mentioned the 27th got some Lemurians to work with our Lemurians.

    All these portals remain open for allies from the good universes.

    (7:10am) Shortly after i posted that, i got attacked pretty hard by a new hive of green Tyhiz that i haven't bothered to look up yet, so i moved the gate key there and let it work a while. Later i noticed that the beings who had come through are 40' toads similar in color to Earth ones, and like Earth ones they can eat all kinds of creepy-crawly things with impunity. Like Tyhiz. They seem unaffected by the toxic energy.
    They seem like happy critters that like to hang on the dark side of a planet and look at the stars as they graze on bad guys. I don't know what they ate before they came here.
    They quickly brought the Tyhiz under control, then the short greys of M51 jumped me kind of hard, so i moved the key there. And the same kind of toads, from the same universe, came through, with the same result.

    (11:45am) Had to go into Marshall today, and i saw no chem. Not sure if that's ever happened in recent years, except when it was to overcast to tell.

    Just a friendly reminder to zap our FEMA public servants at the NY meet. I got my gate key there, so they are having some astral visitors. I guess it's on enough of a power spot.

    (12:55) My vigilant friend in FL noticed something about the M87 pic:
    From the brightest, center star, go up one bright star and then take a 45 degree turn to the right (NE) and the next star is the strongest hit on that map. There are three stars in a line, with this one in the middle. The first star, right above the center star, is nearly twice the size of the other two, but they stand out in a line. This middle star is what triggers when I focus on what is most evil.
    It is full of Tall Whites. And now, Toads of Heaven as well.

    (8am[correction: 8pm]) Ah, but fortunately
    i have the key
    to replace reality.

      *   *   *   *
    I just had a bunch of bugs jump me. 2' long beetle-like things. Came from NGC 199 (warning; high-res pic). This place is intense.

    May 30, '09: (8:20pm) Not so intense anymore, thank you. The big grey hive was after me most of the day. But most of my resources this weekend are devoted to the FEMA convention.

    Yesterday the sky was clear; today there were areas of thin chem-smear. I did see an NSA sprayer while driving home. I still don't detect NOAA sprayers aloft, and only 3 UNEP. The Pleiadians haven't shot down any more. They might be addressing the problem in some other way.

    Ray, Alicia, Godzilla, and those 28(?) girls are still in wherever. I get a good vibe off them. I think they are doing well. Ray and Alicia are now over 800 miles long.