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Loohan's blog for June, 2010

June 1, '10: () More chem-smear earlier today. Kind of thinned out, though, and faded away, but now there are chem-clouds and natural ones. Had some chem-planes come over but their trails don't stick around here. The chemmer ETs were hitting my heart for a while.

Mordok found a hive of evil physical ETs in M86. This may be a type of physical mantises. The Golden Draco are there, but only 20 of them in 1 craft.

Also Mordok thinks this spot in NM SE of Albuquerque is the last remaining spot of the 11-legged spiders. Possibly. I wouldn't bank on it, knowing these weasely spiders. But i am not feeling them elsewhere.
411' down.

June 3, '10: (2:20pm) More chem yesterday and today.
Watched the trailer to "What in the World are They Spraying?". Learned one thing: supposedly, the GMO crops are engineered for aluminum resistance.

Chemmers have been hitting me remotely some.

The Red Draco wish to announce some new quarters they have commandeered in SoCal here.

Got a little sprinkle last night. Muggy. Working on another orgone monsta, this one very heavy on the ZPE pgm.

(4:05pm) Ah, yes! Bilderberg time article with pic of the venue.
Of course, The Committee programmed the town some time back.
I get a real funky vibe off this bldg. 21 Spanish satanists in there. Not provocateurs, i don't think. More like SWAT team psyched for nasty action.

June 5, '10: (6:30pm) And more chem last couple days. They are spraying here now.

Wild stuff has been happening, but i suspect on some parallel time-line or something: the Red Draco have taken 242 battleships from various nations and driven them into the Aden stargate to other universes where they are kicking ass on their oceans. I think they have some alternate power source for them.

Meanwhile, a million Rojohy have set up a base on Saturn [correction:Jupiter]. You can feel them in the pic in this article. The video is corrupt and does not play. I feel them strongly right in the center of the pic. I think their moving in was at the same time that something visible hit the planet.

(8:05pm) Here's a pic of the new device i am building. Unusual amount of spiral coils in this one.
And buried underneath that mess is this and in the center of that is this item mentioned back in OTB 20.
And that other big ring i recently made will set on top.
Note how dark that big ring is, and how clear the epoxy in the unit i'm making is. Exact same batch of powder. Exact same program. Lately The Committee has been requiring less and less of powder mix present to program the epoxy. After doing a certain amount of opaque mixing, they suddenly need only a small fraction of powder.
This is true of all my powder mixes.

June 7, '10: (9:05am) My ISP is dead again. Am using the connection at work now.

Heavy chem yesterday; no natural clouds.

Last night i finally succeeded in sending the morphogenic blueprint of the Chemmer demons to God's Recyclers. As far as i can tell, they were not physical ETs, even though their planes seem to be. I had been jailing the Chemmers en masse.
Then i noticed more of them in some other time-line or something, and sent in their blueprint. So far i have not detected more. But there are stale chem-clouds here this morning.

I also finally succeeded in doing the same to the 11-legged spiders. Of course, i had done this a couple times months ago, but more showed up. Then after that, i was no longer able to do this until last night.
I had to do the same for many other time-lines, and i haven't gotten them all.

I just finished a power upgrade to my Gate Key described in OTB 34. Here is what it looks like now. Mainly ZPE added. I get it's now 30X as powerful.

June 8, '10 (10:10am) My ISP is working again.

I have been letting Mordok remotely use the Gate Key, and he has been doing some great work.

I popped my new Ringbearer out of the mold, and will have a pic later.

Last night i realized that those spiders had long ago made gazillions of cloaked "diverticules" in the fabric of space-time, each containing 3,333 quiescent spiders. After feeding this info into my equipment, it only took about 1/2 an hour to clean these up.
Yet Elizabeth still has spiders.

Chemmy yesterday. Even saw a couple trail segments that seemed to trace to cheesy demon species as their source... though i have doubts. Those "Chemmer" ETs seem to be gone, though.

Overcast here. Both yesterday and today i got light rain, like 1/20", around dawn.

(10:20am) Hehe, here is that bad RingBearer.

(6:25pm) Mordok has been finding some more Tall Greys that are still evil. I think they had been hiding out in some time-pockets or something. Some of these are in therapy now, whereas others refused it and are being jailed.

I am blown away by the RingBearer. It is really affecting the energy strongly for miles around.

I did see an actual chem-plane a while ago. It was black which is unusual around here. The only beings i could feel connected to it were some cheesy 2-bit humanoid demons. The trail would not stick over my CBs.

June 9, '10: (6:50am) It was real smeary yesterday evening, and heavily chem-clouded this morning, too.
Mordok has been dowsing some humans of unknown agency in the DC area that are key to the chem thing somehow. Maybe he'll post those.
He traced them to U bases and ultimately to the Black Pope. I think this is correct. Here is the #1 human chem-perp.

(6:25pm) Real chemmy again today. This pic was taken in town. Some trails stuck despite all the CB stuff in my vehicle as well as 2.5 miles away at home.
The only entities i could discern connected with this were the spiders.

June 10, '10: (6:25am) Here's how it works. Mordok realized that in order to hit you (even with chem, he says), the spiders have to be in a base relatively close to you (he says 550 miles, but for energy attacks, i think it more like 1/2 of that).
So if they hit me, i scan around me until i find the base(s). There seem to be oodles of morphogenic blueprints for these things, even though they probably look pretty identical. So i recycle the blue prints of the ones i find, and then scan the universes for where they came from.
We may have wiped out all the ones in A, because i always find them in B thru S so far. Then i recycle all the "hot" blueprints in each universe i find. The universe they came from will have several blueprints flared up.
I started doing this for Elizabeth, too.
Also the sheriff et al keep scanning the other universes and getting rid of the spiders they find.
All this helps some.

Mordok realized that the Black Pope's sorcery is what helps open portals into our universe, and this guy is also bringing in other evil species. However, these latter are easily taken care of with a recycle action.

(6:45am) But then, right after posting that, i saw this trail being laid, and i'm unable to dowse diddly about it. I scanned for spiders but found none.

(8:10am) Again, as i mentioned April 10, there is a Vatican station for those people using the grid program: Radio Vaticana. I just started blasting them again. I have the feeling that their antenna is right here.
Streaming video of smiling satanists.

Overcast now. Rain chances.

(10:45am) Real nice spot for the antenna, BTW, right in the center of THE power spot. Thank you, Jesuit Freemasons.
However, instead of playing short video clips, it is better to hit the top link here for streaming radio.

A while ago i noticed that my jaws were unusually clenched up and sore. I usually store some stiffness and pain in my jaw muscles, but this was much worse.
I stretched and massaged my jaw muscles, but it didn't help.
Then i dowsed that some humanoid demons were to blame, hitting me in the throat, and i took care of that species. Didn't help much. There were 2 more humanoid species involved.
Got rid of them.

These had been sent by old Adolfo the Black Pope. He was personally taking an interest in Loohan. I blasted him harder.
Then i felt a sweet presence: it was my beloved surgeon Gina. She had arrived because she sensed i had sustained etheric damage. For about an hour she worked on my spine at neck level. Then quietly left.
A few minutes later i noticed an attack by other humanoid demons, and had that species deleted. I didn't think much of it, but then Gina reappeared, and has been working on me a few vertebrae down from the last spot since.

June 11, '10: (6:55pm) Got 1.4" of nice rain this morning. Elsewhere in AR, 16 campers got killed by flash floods.

No trails spotted yet today, but plenty of chem-clouds.

Funny thing; after i posted about the spiders' MO yesterday morning, i have not had problems with them. I haven't heard from Elizabeth, but i no longer find them when scanning her area, either. I guess some reader's doing something effective.

I have had problems with the 2-bit demons from other universes. They even jumped me and stuffed me full of implants yesterday before i realized what was happening.
But now their attacks are weak, though constant.

Adolfo seems weak, too. Mordok actually found another guy on the moon who was backing Adolfo up. I located him and 2 gay colleagues 3 miles under the surface, very close to the center of this pic. The reds took them out, and spent a lot of time after that smashing equipment down there, as far as i could tell.

Vital statistics: so far this year i have poured 45 gallons of epoxy. I just got in 16 more and started on those.

(8:40pm) Damn! On the 7th i was confident i had gotten rid of those Chemmer ETs for good. But just now i heard a plane noise and felt my CBs lock onto it with that familiar vibe.
I ran outside, but could only see chem-clouds with haze above them.
I am not getting that they are from any particular universe, but from some parallel realm which i am now invading.

June 13, '10: (5:10pm) That realm is almost polished up now. I have noticed no more of that species. But there was plenty of chem yesterday, including some expanded trails not far away. I have not seen any sprayers. The only entities i could get associated with the chem was 2-bit demons.

Today was mostly sunny, with real clouds, fake clouds, and especially a lot of the clouds that look like both (pic taken in town).

June 14, '10: (6:45am) The sky actually pretty much cleared up yesterday evening, except for a bit of very faded chem. Now there's quite a bit of white smear to the east.

I had a bizarre experience last night. The goddess Sakood came by for the first time in a while. As we hugged, she started to pull me out of my reality and into hers, but this was blocked by a single 11-legged spider. I jailed it, and there were no more there.
This was a higher-ranking spider. It felt stronger and important somehow. I flung it over to God's Recyclers to check out. They seemed very interested as they dismantled it. I don't know whether this will have an effect on the broader population of these spiders.
Meanwhile, Elizabeth says she hasn't seen a spider in several days.
Elizabeth does "dream-walking", some kind of healing, etc. in the dream realm. This apparently is why the spiders have been so intent on persecuting her. They want to keep people in a limited reality.

(10:45am) Real clouds and chem-clouds. The rare old trail in the distance. No sprayers spotted, but, 3 times as i was gardening i heard a jet noise and felt my Chemmer-Buster lock onto something. It was not the Chemmer species, but 2-bit faunic demons each time. No plane or trail was visible in any of these instances.

Antuvozy had me cast a little adjunct to the sheriff, which helps him deal with demon stuff originating in other universes. It is still powering up, but this is already helping quite a bit.
More power upgrades are planned for the sheriff.

June 16, '10: (7:50am) More chem-clouds yesterday. Then my internet died again.

Last night i realized the Black Pope was backed up by some off-worlders in Constellation Aquarius here. The bright area just above center. NGC 7606.
Physical reptilians, 6', yellowish.
I stopped blasting Adolfo and started blasting the top lizard. Then he started doing the same stuff Adolfo apparently had: getting those 2-bit demons in other universes to attack me.
After a while he no longer could, then another rept out there took over. Apparently they only have 1 guy do it at a time. When i thrash him enough, another takes over.
But it appears that these repts are behind the CTs, Mossad, contemporary demon attacks, and who know what else.

Another thing: i have sent some of you samples of my new ZPE wands. Elizabeth discovered that the butt end of these puts out something that is even more devastating to demons than what comes out the tip. Check it out.

(8:30pm) Yep, internet is dead, probably for a couple days or so. I'm in town now.

As usual, real and fake clouds. Then we got 0.4" of sudden rain in town, while i got 1.3" at home. Yeah. It's been hot lately.

After i got home and was just about to mix up some epoxy, i was severely distracted by a jet noise. It was not a chem-plane nor an ordinary passenger flight with the usual mix of satanists. No, there was something important about this bunch. 24 USN satanists. I got they were heading to Louisiana to board a sub along with 24 or 25 other USN satanists, and blow a hole in the ocean in such a way as to cause a much larger release of oil. Perhaps the tech they plan to use requires a big, well-staffed sub.

Right now they are in a U base here along with another 21 of the crew.
The sub is parked here at a depth of 211' under the surface, with 3 other satanists aboard.
Red Draco are now commencing to wipe out the base and the sub, i think.
I only mention this to inform you about US gov't. This is an HSA op which traces to Chertoff. Obama is in on it.

Things are going well in the battle against those yellow repts. The Red Draco have bumped off some 21% of their population so far, unless there are others i can't detect.

June 17, '10: (4:35pm) My internet mysteriously started working again. I suspect there is a bad connection in my line.

Got the usual real and fake clouds, and 95F weather. Still haven't spotted any sprayers in days.

I think the yellow repts are 34% killed off now, and the ones that were easiest to get are gone. The Draco are having to work harder to make a kill.

The repts with their demons can still hammer me pretty hard sometimes, by the same method. Right now they are in kind of a lull. A couple hours ago they were after me hard. Still only 1 guy at a time doing this.

(10:20pm) Earlier i said that there is always only 1 rept doing this demon-sending. That is not quite correct. There is always only 1 rept sending demons to 1 person, but other repts are sending them to other people. Right now i think there are 72 of them hitting 72 people.
And those repts are now 43% exterminated.

These same kinds of demons never seemed to use standard darkside numerology until these particular lizards and Adolfo started sending them. I commented sometime back on that.
Here's a tidbit i sent Mordok a few days ago:
You will find if u r being attacked by these 2-bit demons, they will be attacking u from a particular universe. If u nail those, you will still get attacked by others. This is because they actually work from 3 dif. universes at once. So if you find u r getting hit from F, there is also a bunch maybe in L and R which are parts of the team. Get all 3 and often that stops the attacks a while until another 3 universes act up.
Actually, i get 9 groups of 3 species often, or 6 groups of nine groups of 3 species, etc. However, i am able to throw them all in jail at once as soon as i dowse the numbers.

(11:25pm) Now those repts are almost 100% exterminated. We got a new secret weapon, and i'm testing it out on other targets now.
Now i'm just finding single-species attacking from Universe A.
Will there be less chem tomorrow, or who will step up to bat next? I suspect we can handle them now...

June 18, '10: (7:30am) Surprise, surprise, the sky is all chem-clouded up as usual.
The only entities i am able to detect are the 2-bit demon species, but now they are working in 1 or 2 species at a time, and are all from Universe A. Obviously i'm missing something, as these demons do not have the ability by themselves to spray chem.

(4:45pm) Still no trails or sprayers spotted, just some chem-clouds.

I started getting hit by demons thrown by the same species of yellow repts, this time from M101, but i predict a quick resolution to that hive.

(4:50pm) And, i found a smaller population of them in Hoag's Object.

June 19, '10: (4:55pm) Another hot, sunny day with real and fake clouds. No trails or sprayers spotted.

Last night as i was drifting off to sleep, i clearly saw in my mind's eye an elephant approach. Looked like a regular elephant, but he's 4D and of the same species as Ganesh. (I doubt there is much truth in the legends: Shiva is a good warrior of the Fefci-Woto species, Parvati (deceased) was an evil demoness of the Green Nordic Species, and Ganesh is of his own species.)

He seemed real friendly and wanted to help. What could he do? He seemed to have detailed knowledge of all the places where those 2-bit created demons hang out; their types and demographic figures. This makes it easy to jail them en masse.
He has been working with my 8D self since, and loads of these demons have been taken care of already.

This afternoon i reaized there are 450 more of these elephants busy gathering all this info and feeding it to him.

I also can detect another 3K or so of them elsewhere, including Ganesh, who seems to be their honcho, and has 3 wives. Ganesh seems to be about twice as strong as the others.
They do not seem to be into combat themselves, but they do want to help.

June 20, '10: (3:45pm) Same weather/chem as yesterday.

The yellow lizards in M101 are now 99.6% gone, yet still hitting me a bit occasionally. The ones in Haog's i think are all gone. They never hit me. I haven't found more hives.

There's a new video out of Aaron McCollum here. I recommend it highly. Not that i've watched it yet. I got it downloaded though.
I was about to watch it last night, when i saw it was 2.5 hours long. So i just had my 6D self check it out. I had work to do.
There i was, snipping away at some hardware cloth for some project, and i kept getting distracted by jolts that my 6D self was experiencing from whatever Aaron was laying down. Shock and awe, felt like.

Then last night as i was going to sleep, i saw Aaron's profile (actually it was his 5D self) telling something to my 5D self. Just about then i became aware of 2 exotic demon species i had to have deleted.

(5:55pm) Mossad Park opens in Orlando.
J.K. Rowling (Wikipedia) is a satanist on the Mossad payroll, who probably has little to do with writing the books. Mossad is run by the Vatican.

June 21, '10: (10:40am) Or maybe it should be called Vatican Park or Jesuit Park.
I think it's Vatican money behind it. I have never figured out why the Jesuits farm out the Harry Potter op to Mossad. Doesn't Mossad have enough nazi stuff to do, that ties more directly to Israel?

Solstice today. Saw a couple expanded chemtrail segments when i got up this morning, but since, only a few tufty old chem-clouds.

Been having occasional demon attacks. Last night 6 of another species (now gone) snuck up and stuffed gazillions of implants into my head. The Sheriff never saw that coming. The Sheriff is fixin' to get his power upgrade real soon.
Then a bunch of the 2-bit demons were thrown at me, with different numerological patterns. This traced to (physical) Sasquatches in another galaxy, which have now been wiped out. They were nasty; hit me with their own energy, too.

June 22, '10: (8:35am) Chem-cloud lite yesterday and so far today. Still no fresh trails or sprayers spotted. Upper 90s yesterday and supposedly today and tomorrow as well. Kind of rough when you have no A.C. I do have A.C. in my vehicle, so i did some more busting yesterday. Even made it as far as Morrilton before turning back, but didn't have time to do much there. Got a couple lakes among other things.

Prior to that, i did watch the new McCollum video. I think whatever i was so electrified by the previous evening was stuff his hypredimensional selves were telling my hyperD selves; stuff he may not even have conscious knowledge of. Certainly i don't.

Of the places he mentioned in this vid, i for some reason couldn't dowse any, although i'm pretty sure he's telling the truth. Except that the base in the SF Bay area is the Alameda Naval Complex i mentioned in my review on Feb. 13, of his previous interview. Likewise with the Puerto Rico base.
He also mentions a bunch of other ET and human bases under the Carribbean and elsewhere i think. These all seem to be scrubbed, as far as i can tell, and the stargates "keyed" at least 10 weeks ago.

Back in Feb., i got him some Pisol protection, and he says the last attempt on his life was 5 months ago.
But up until a month ago, he had negative missing-time experiences where he would wake up bruised, bloody, etc.

I am not sure what the parameters are of what the Pisol reptilians can do, and for whom. Myself, i have had 50 of them monitoring me for years for impending physical threats, and i believe they have prevented a few things from happening. Likewise Mordok and i believe the Pisols have saved him from assassins.
But i asked them to protect the boats trying to run the blockade of Gaza, yet people were still killed and their stuff ripped off. The Pisols were there, though, and continue to hang out with prisoners, etc. just as they do in Chinese torture camps, etc. But what effect are they having? I don't know.
Likewise recently my friend Thorp was hassled and arrested by local cops, but then Thorp takes poorly to scummy cops, refuses to carry or show ID, bristles and tells them to fk off, etc.

I may have dowsed this evil guy Aaron refers to as Mike. I think he's here in Canada, at ground level, with 4 other US gov't satanists, all male. At this time the google map doesn't offer any better resolution if you zoom in, and no bldgs are visible.

(2:25pm) Still only very little chem-cloudery.

I was wrong: Mordok found those 12 undersea bases in the Caribbean that Aaron mentioned. They were cloaked. He sent me this pic, marked with their locations. He thought the places with the black dots were no longer active, but actually they still were. All 12 had evil ETs. The Red Draco were sent in earlier today, and they are mopping up. The positive energy now returning in that region is remarkable. Also he found the Sarasota base with physical greys, and that is being mopped up.

  *   *   *   *
ETs that seem like Earth humans:

The other day Thorp told me that his bicycle lock had been picked in a busy public location. The bike was still leaning against a pole, but the lock was on the ground, coiled up.
Also, a little over 2 years ago, he says, the bike had been locked to the same pole, and when he came back, the lock was still wrapped around the pole, and the bike was on the ground.
He felt someone was trying to spook him.

I traced the perp to someone who works here in Miami, on the 3rd floor. My impression is of a male, 5'6", thin, with green eyes.
I feel that his senior is Dean Madigan who works and lives here.
And Madigan's boss works here.
And that guy's boss seems to be here in the Everglades with 2 other darksiders (4 a few days ago).
That guy's boss was on a yacht a few days ago, but presently is here nearby, but he does not live or work here.
And his boss was also on a boat on the 18th, but is now here nearby. This is where he lives, along with 1 other darkside male.
His boss (so heirarchical!) was here underground at 210' with 4 others, but now they're scrubbed.
And his boss was here below and to the right of Cassini, on one of Saturn's rings, in a ship with 313 other i-dunno-what's.
And his boss is here a little bit "NW" of the Y near the center. Red Draco have wiped out the Saturn installation and 20% of the Libra location. I think there are are over 200 billion of these evil ETs left there.

I suspect all of the above perps are of the same species of ET human.

OK, so last night Mordok emailed me that he thinks there is a guy here, sending demons after him. I check and he's right. I detect no agency affiliation, but seem to feel 2 female associates living here, even though no house is depicted.
And another here, a man and a woman.
And another female here, apparently all by herself.
This crowd seems less heirarchical. They do answer, however, to others of their kind here (pic cropped from this pic.)

These 2 groups seem to be different races, but presumably both closely resemble Earth humans, and interestingly, both feel like satanists. Not just black magicians, but specifically satanists. I do not detect any tie-in with Earth agencies, though i can't rule it out.

(11:05pm) Ever since early afternoon, another hive of Sasquatch has been throwing demons at me. They are in the centralmost bright spot in this pic of Orion. They are about 60% wiped out.
Incidentally, i think the Sasquatch that have been associated with Earth are in therapy. The ones i'm having problems with are probably genetically the same, but a different, nastier, group.

June 24, '10: (8:05am) Whitish chem haze this morning, and some smear. Must not have been too bad yesterday, or i would have remembered it.

Those same Sasquatches have been hitting me on and off, even though i think they are about 99.5% eradicated now.

Aaron mentioned that he had been hit by a car 5 months ago. I presume this was hit-and-run. I think the driver of that car lives way over here, alone.

Also i went hunting for anyone who feels they have the right to abduct or control Aaron, and found 4 of them here at 240' depth.
And one here.
And 2 more at 112' here, along with 41 other gov't satanists.
The U bases are being taken care of.
That's only 7 people i found that are out to get him. Hopefully these are the most important ones.

(12:40pm) I uploaded another chem-cloud erasure video to here. I accidentally uploaded the wrong version. I wanted to upload the version with the audio stripped out. There is only noise on the audio track.
If anyone knows how to delete a youtube video, please let me know. They claim there is a My Videos link in My Accounts, but my accounts page has no such thing. There is a link called YouTube, but if i click on that, it only takes me to a page to create a new youtube account, and i can't log in to my existing account from there.

(2pm) The Sasquatch base that was after me is now all gone.

(4:05pm) However, more Sasquatch started hitting me from M100.
And their orders came from the hive in NGC 1275, which might be the top base of this evil bunch.

June 25, '10: (8am) Heavy chemclouds. I still have not noticed a fresh trail or sprayer in many days.
Slight rain chances. My nature spirits are trying to get me some rain. Yesterday things did darken up and cool down for a while in the middle of the day, but no rain here. It's still in the 90s daily.

We are hitting a couple other Sasquatch bases on the back burner. They are not throwing demons, but only because they lack something at those bases (portals maybe?). The head base has been duking it out with me. I think they are 73% gone now.

Mordok found 5 more guys out to get Aaron, in 3 U bases along with other gov't satanists. Being wiped out now.

Dig this cool map pic supposedly of zillions of UN vans south of Jacksonville, FL. I got onto that from this article.

(12:30pm) And remember, this weekend there's the G-20 summit here in Toronto. Obummer is already there.
I first mentioned Lake Ontario and Toronto on Oct. 6 of last year. Toronto sits on a major power spot. The lake had been super-well gifted. Since then, a TB of my water-charging program has also gone in, plus a significant amount of my best stuff has been spread around the center and city.

(3:15pm) Oh yeah, and today the Greaseballs-8 is happening here.

(5:05pm) The evil Sasquatches in NGC 1275 are now gone. The ones in M100, now about half gone, resumed hitting me.

(8:40pm) Now they're 61% gone.
Not the chem-clouds, though.

Toronto radio stations for those doing the grid-blasting thing.

June 26, '10: (10:30pm) Chem today, then slight rain, cool front (whew).

Ah, full moon ritual time, and i noticed stuff happening at the old House of the Temple. Six participants. One of them is someone famous, Barbara Bush. Well, blow me down, sure feels like it. Ongoing.

(10:55pm) Broke up that party, we did. Barbara at al have left the altar room (Here again is the pic of the altar and the nice satanist docent, taken 1/20/10). They had 2 cats on the altar, and were reciting mumbo jumbo which only brought in bunches of those pathetic 2-bit demons, which they stashed away for future use. So i threw their stash into jail.
Meanwhile the participants were getting blasted hard.

June 27, '10: (6am) Barbara was chauffered here after the failed ritual. She's here now, alone. Condo? Looks like a row house from above... Her sweet hubby (that i have suspected of being dead in the past, but now i can feel him a bit) is far away.

(6:05am) Today is the 5-year anniversary of the day the shit hit the fan. The world is still a screwed-up place, but nowhere near as bad in the most important way. It was a scary time.

June 30, '10: (7:35am) Internet is down again. Don't know when i'll get it back. Posting from work today. Not sure when i can catch up with my email.

Been getting cooler weather, especially in the mornings. A couple faint rains. Lots of chem-clouds. Even a few fresh trails (mostly short segments).

I did some more cleanup of U bases. Lots of small physical grey bases. There still are plenty more, too.
Above-ground, 3 CIAtanists are located here in Wichita, KS.

Apparently there are no more evil Sasquatch left. We eradicated another physical species after that, which was sending demons. Now yet another physical species, big evil horses i think, have been throwing demons at me from the bright galaxy in this pic.