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Loohan's blog for June, 2011
June 1, '11: (8:50am) A friend sent me some pics he captured from an online youtube video of Obama: (i will try to get the link to the original video)
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    Chemmy-looking white haze covering sky here.

    (9:05am) I wonder to what extent such phenomena are distorted/exaggerated by the slow refresh rate on low-quality videos.
    I suspect that if one scrutinized movies and maybe MTV, one might find clearer ones. Especially the new hi-res ones. I don't have a TV or watch movies, but a few of the people i would keep an eye on would include John Travolta, Dustin Hoffman, Madonna, Julia Roberts, Angelina Jolie, Cher, Sally Field, Elton John, Robert Redford, Barbara Streisand, Eddie Murphy ... Those are all satanists that feel like they have a lot of DORy rept DNA. John Wayne was another.

    Dutchsinse has brought my attention to a dubious weather site, which has a CIAtanist kind of vibe. There's a Staff page.
    [Update Nov/12: i'm not detecting a satanist, CIA or shapeshifter vibe here at this time. I presume i erred earlier. Meanwhile, it turns out that Dutchsinse is a CIAlizard.]

    (9:10am) I just noticed on the bottom of Dutch's email is this link which now just gives a 404 message. Not sure why. It is still up here in the google cache. Looks like a CIA money-grabbing "relief" venture.

    (10:20am) It is possible that more and more inadvertent shape-shifting has been and will be occurring as we jazz the place with programmed orgone. Meaning, more recent and future movies and especially newscasts may have more of this.
    In fact, The Committee has been working on the IRS Program. That stands for Initiate Reptilian Shapeshifting. They have recently programmed a bunch of stuff in the environment with this. Especially around target areas. In fact you might be able to get some of the pgm in some clear qtz now. It's kind of in a Beta phase which might get upgraded and refined later.

    (10:50am) Holy crap, a medium-sized black bear just walked up to my screen door a few feet from me, sniffing. I did not have my camera handy, and by the time i got it, he was about 60' away (pic). That's a semi-defunct full-size pickup (Ford F150) he's standing next to.

    I think that's the first one i've spotted on my land since about '04.
    Also i have some very tame-acting deer around.

    (11:30am) Something's planned to go down with the Office of the President, but i don't know what. For a couple days i keep getting images of a very somber, stressed Obama. Also my higher selves and allies have been hammering Biden a lot more than Obama. Biden seems rather light-hearted about whatever the scenario is.
    It might be something like Obama having a fake accident or assassination attempt, which sends him to the hospital, and Biden takes over temporarily, and does some things in office that "they" don't want on Obama's image. But then why is Obama so glum? Is it because he will have to take a real physical injury? Or something else. I'm not sure how close i am with this.

    (1:45pm) Vermont Legalizes Medical Marijuana Dispensaries!. Gov. Shumlin signed the bill. Remember him? From my blog last Christmas Day:
    (6:50pm) A black magic victim: Peter Shumlin, governor of VT. As Wikipedia says, "Shumlin is a prominent opponent of the Vermont Yankee Nuclear Power Plant which is currently seeking an extension to its operating license. Two days after Shumlin was elected governor, the owners of the plant put it up for sale."
    Weeks ago i noticed he was under attack. I don't remember the details, but i saved a pic of him on my desktop, which i re-discovered today, noticing its funky vibe. Because he was being pounded by demons sent by one woman who lives here in NH. She lives with 2 other women in a lesbian relationship. One of these women is ensouled, one is a cull, but i don't think either are into black magic.

    Actually i think i first came across Shumlin at the time my dowsing was seriously crippled by the jezs. Couldn't do much at the time.

    (3pm) Not long after i posted about Biden, i started getting hit by mysterious DUMBs or something in west Dover, DE. I can't quite figure it out. There seem to be many points maybe 5 miles down, but they never run out of them even though we are demolishing them.
    And now Obama seems to be going "whew!" in relief. Hey, send a big grant check this way, Barry.

    (3:30pm) Biden, however, seems bummed now.

    I finally found something big at 322 miles under Dover! Over 500 USN satanists and a transmitter.
    That is too deep for our ships to nail, but fortunately i have those weird birds. Sent 24 of them down. Also, the monkeywrenchers. BTW those "heavy" turtles i mentioned last year as coming through the Aden stargate? Those are monkeywrenchers who have been proving themselves for some time. So they are down there along with the Ky and Pleiadian monkeywrenchers.
    Is anyone supposed to believe this drivel? I don't care. At least my headache is going away.

    (4:10pm) OK, made another discovery about those Auburn, WA stalkers. There are actually at least 2 distinct human races here (and also an evil housecat species). In this pic, the guy on the right is of the M32 race. The guy on the left, a scoutmaster (ahem), is of another race. He is from near N5204. In this pic i feel them slightly below and to the right of N204.

    It seems the M32 males are all thin, and their women barrel-like. Some interbreed with Filipinos, Caucasians, and blacks. Then half-breeds will marry each other.
    It may be that all the N204 men are portly.

    (5:15pm) Earlier today the N204 guys had no particular vibe, but when we hit them, they got super-DORy. I think these are the main source of evil energy the M32ers throw around.
    Right now i am being hammered by 33 N204 people in Auburn Auto Clinic.

    (6:20pm) Man, what incredibly strong... anyway, now Antuvozy has neutralized those guys, and now is working on 33 M32ers here.
    Well, looks like she did them too now, shortly after they made me upchuck. I was trying to type this and post the new location, and they could tell, it seemed. Finally made me vomit.

    Bless Antuvozy. That was the strongest demonic attack i've experienced yet! Horrible. And from physical "demons" at that. These guys were even stronger than the Delk of yore. Even after i shut down their external energy feeds, those 33 in the Auto Clinic had incredible toxic energy power.

    June 2, '11: (7:15am) Feel much better after a night of sleep. I have never puked before from psi attacks, though have had a lot of nausea. I very seldom barf. Last time was after i got bitten by a copperhead "sent" by Sai Baba in '05. And it may have been decades since any other time.

    They continued to hit me at low levels even after being mostly neutralized.
    I don't know how this woman barely managed to stay alive being hit by these guys for years.

    The video that those Obama pics i posted yesterday were captured from may be (not sure) here, but the guy who took the captures says "don't think there is any shape-shifting after they re-uploaded it in HD 'for some reason'... those stills are totally un-edited (cropped and sharpened only) from the original live broadcast on youtube... if that is just pixel distortion ya gotta admit it is pretty freaky looking..."
    So i dunno about some of these effects, but i am pretty convinced by those slit irises.

    (8am) Massachusettes tornado: Elizabeth spotted the face in the upper right at the beginning of the video here. At one point it looks like 2 faces.
    However i have not been able to connect to an entity here.

    (8:55am) OK, think i jailed it plus 2 more like it.

    (11:55am) Hazy, warm.

    Human Heads Found In Packaging At Little Rock Airport. I was attracted to this story in the paper the other day. The article in the paper mentioned one Janice Hepler of JLS Consulting, both of which have a satanic vibe.

    Very odd company, JLS Consulting. This article says they are HQed in Conway, but i could not find them on the web there. There is a site, but they are out of Vancouver, BC, and don't mention anything medical nor any other locations. Yet, the honcho lady Joan Swain has the same kind of vibe.
    Also there is a location in Bradenton, FL (Mordok's old haunt) i found with the same vibe.

    "JLS Consulting Group LLC had its license revoked at the end of 2009, according to the Arkansas Secretary of State's office", according to the article. There is no website for any AR office that i can find, except for this page which says that Janice Hepler lives in Heber Springs (a town i busted hard last year) and has an email addy at But that domain is for sale.

    (12:20pm) Last night after Antuvozy handled those ET humans (i think she did something permanent to their DNA) she started in on the evil cats. I had found their galaxy a couple weeks ago and our forces have been hitting them.
    Turns out there are 5 races of evil cats in that galaxy (link to which i have misplaced) and she had to do each race separately. Meanwhile, the cats hit me as much as they could. But they were not as strong as the humans were.

    Yes, this looks like a plain old Earth housecat, but i maintain it is a vicious ET. The lady reports that such cats terrorize and dominate Earth cats.
    Also, like their ET humans, these cats have no souls. Every miserable Earthling alley-cat has a soul.

    (5:50pm) CIA Snopes caught lying again! About Aspartame this time.
    I don't know how much of their position is false, but i do know that what they claim about the ineffectiveness of Aspartame is a complete lie. Naturally, the cowards, fearing to be quoted, code their page with some script to make it impossible to copy and quote except by hand typing, but the lying cowards say "The ants that were fed Aspartame not only survived, but thrived..."

    Please do try this yourself, and empirically determine who is right here. Aspartame as sold in packets at Wal-Mart etc. is the best, most effective thing. I've used it for many years to eradicate carpenter ants and sugar ants. Nothing else i've tried compares.
    Avoid contact with skin.

    (7:20pm) Haze and chem-clouds today.

    The ridiculousness never ends on this forsaken planet. Coming up next: the great battle between Supreme Master Ching Hai and the Venerable Grand Commander Loohan.

    How did i get into this? Several days ago my friend in the Salt Lake area was out busting (yes, he's been busting lately with my kind of stuff he's been making) and got a weird vibe from a car that had Supreme Master TV plastered all over it.
    I checked out the vibe of the car, occupants, and website, and they all had this freaky ET-like vibe i couldn't quite get a handle on. But didn't seem really DORy, nor could i detect any gov't connections or the like.

    I let it simmer on the back burner for a few days, but it still felt the same.
    Finally a little while ago i tried hitting Ching Hai with all my orgone stuff for a little while to see what would happen. After a few minutes she started throwing demons at me! I jailed them and now she's hitting my crown with psi attack. But she does not seem that strong. I already went back to blasting stronger foes.
    Her energy is dirtying up nicely from the blasting. I still have not found connections.

    (8:05pm) BTW some people are reporting feeling sick, etc. after seeing the pics of these Auburn ETs and the cat. Their deadly energy can reach out and grab some people. If you feel befouled, call on the Sakudas to clear you. If that doesn't help enough, email me.

    June 4, '11: (7:15am) It got into the mid-90s yesterday and should today, too. Summer has arrived here.

    Wispy chem-clouds and the occasional trails this morning.

    Drudge Drives TSA Controversy To Viral Status
    Drudge is a satanist that feels like he has some NSA connections. If he is making this issue viral, it's because the Pukes That Be want it so.

    (5:30pm) Yeah, even though 'Vozy "neutalized" those Auburn ETs, their energy is still pretty toxic. But it seems they can't hit very hard anymore by directed attack. They were hitting me all day today, weakly.
    Although the other night they were hitting me in groups of 33, this is unusual. Normally one person hits who is consolidating the energy of the entire group. Today i would get hit by a person like this, slam him or her, and a few minutes later another would take over. So it went all day at work. Now that i'm home they seemed to have stopped for a break.
    Also the lady in Auburn got 12 hours of peaceful sleep.

    By "entire group" i mean some 832 of them in the Auburn/Renton area (i think maybe 30% of the WA group is around Renton and just south of there). Also some 124 in the St. Paul, MN area.
    I think this includes all their demonic, sexually abused children. Here is a pic of some plus a few adults. None of these girls have hymens, even though all physical human girls are normally born with one, even their kind. Hymens are easy to dowse by a sensitive as they have a distinct positive energy and reverberation with the virgin womb. Even these demonic girls are born with sacred female energy that is soon done in, as it is toxic to these people, i guess. Plus they are heavy into pedophilia anyway.

    This is all i have found on Earth so far. Except that last night i got hit by ~10K N204 people in 2 U bases in CA! Which got wiped.

    (5:40pm) How about Supreme Ego Ching Hai? She still has one freaky, gnarly vibe, but hasn't hit me anymore. She seems weak. But yesterday evening i suddenly got nailed hard by her backup, which was a bunch of non-physical beings under a park in northern NZ. They have been eradicated.

    I still have not detected illuminati connections. But i see she is a big promoter of global warming "science" as well as a soy-based diet. I wonder if she ever mentions anything about GMO hazards, let alone toxicity of even organic soy. I have not watched her vids.
    Betcha she doesn't eat that crap herself except in front of her dupes.
    I went down that road of soy-based vegan diet back in the '80s, and it damaged my health.

    (5:50pm) I see i'm not the only one that's sick of the Nazi shit so prevalent in modern America: Free speech showdown at Jefferson Memorial Saturday. F#&*% the &%$#@ soulless Nazi pigs! They don't belong here or anywhere. Time to let them know we do not consent to be ruled by them.
    If there was ever anything to make this a great country, it was a spirit of refusal of tyranny, no matter how much this may have been manipulated.
    This Nazi Police State crap has got to go. Like maybe that pedophile satanist bull-dyke heading HS, for starters (i like to blow her an occasional kiss to let her know i think about her).

    (8:25pm) A bit NW of Auburn i found this house in Burien, just west of Sea-Tac Airport. This feels like the #1 male honcho.

    June 6, '11: (7:10am) And that guy was one of several individuals i caught attacking the Auburn lady last night.

    Mordok reported a lot of chemtrails here over the weekend, which i mostly missed, being inside. But i did see a bunch of sylphed chem. Yesterday evening was overcast with dubious white haze that is still around somewhat.

    A vignette of our times: short video of Toronto cops addressing dangerous terrorist. Wish i could be a real man like that. Tough enough to deal with any foe.

    In other news, Study Found Toxin from GM Crops is Showing up in Human Blood. Get real, people. You still eat at commercial restaurants?

    (10am) A big snapping turtle walked across my driveway a while ago. Back in '97 i saw one the same size crossing the dirt road on my way home. Both were well over a foot long. Maybe about 18-20" if you stretched them out. Which i didn't do.
    This one today i was filming close up and he lunged forward some distance and snapped, hitting my lens! Alas, i was disappointed to find that i had not turned on the camera after all. So i followed him down into the woods and poison ivy and took another video. But he was less snappy and i did not want to provoke him too much. Somehow i can't bring myself to be mean to a turtle, even if it's a big mean snapper that can take off your big toe in a jiffy. Anyway, the MP4 is downloadable here but it's kinda lame [file corrupted; truncated].

    Some chem-clouds and a few trails.

    (3:15pm) Another dirty "healer": Katherine Andersen of Durango, CO.
    Trained under Harner and Ingerman, who are good people. But Andersen is a darkside vamp.

    (7:20pm) Still chem-clouds and some trails.

    Major food for thought: Did the Dimona Dozen murder the Fukushima 50?
    Not sure what the whole real scenario was. I don't think the author is quite right:
    6. The Japanese government is going along with the story of a scientifically proven false 9.0. There is a reason, and my guess is that Israel has made threats to wipe out Japanese coastal cities with additional tsunamis if the government of Japan speaks a word of what went on, there should be no reason for Japan to go along with this other than a continued threat.
    So the Japanese are covering it up because Isreal threatened to blow them away?

    June 7, '11: (7:45am) More chem-smear and haze.

    FDA sends US marshals to seize elderberry juice concentrate, deems it 'unapproved drug'.
    Hey worthy marshalls, i want to come clean with you guys because i have a deep respect of authority. I think you should know that i am manufacturing unapproved drugs myself here in AR. I have a couple elderberry plants. These produce berries widely believed my misguided herbalists to be effective against colds. Of course we know that only properly-prescribed pharmaceuticals are effective against ailments.
    Well, i don't get colds normally, but might actually ingest some of these berries if i beat the birds to them. And absorb unapproved antioxidants. So don't you think you should raid me?

    $75,000 Investigation Exonerates Police As They Kill Again and Kari Abbey Faces Murder Charges. This article is about Modesto, CA, and when i read that city name i got a vibe. A vibe coming from Oakland Pallet Co. (map, website). Big trucks full of "stuff" go out from there. Where does the stuff come from? I would hazard that they come from Seneca Foods Corp. right nearby. Which is interesting as it is a big-label name brand. The directors all feel like they adhere to a certain popular religion based on blood sacrifice.
    Plant Operations. Hmm, they make cans, and put stuff in cans. Somehow some of these cans end up being shipped out by the pallet co.
    Tomatoes? Peaches? Beans? I wonder. Whatever it is, it seems to be produced inside their large bldg.
    Maybe after we do some more blasting i can find some destinations.
    Anyway, the cops seem in on this.

    (9:35am) I do seem to feel 2 locations they drop at, one of which is probably about on the north edge of the L.A. basin, but i haven't found them on the map yet.

    Here is a pic of some nasty Lagos, Nigerian witches that i have been fighting since last fall. They are greatly diminished but still dangerous. The first one, i suspect, has been the most powerful witch in this area for many lifetimes. She accumulated great power, most of which i have taken away.

    (6:10pm) I fixed the witch pic. Initially i had put 2 pics of the same person.

    Plenty of almost-real looking chem-clouds.

    (7:35pm) OK, i uploaded a bunch of pics of the Auburn M32ers, their vehicles, and cats here for your enjoyment. There will be more, as well as a bunch of links to their houses, when i get around to it.

    But i didn't want to just upload toxic pics, so here's one of a very special psi-warrior friend of mine. This is Duder, the cat of the lady in Auburn i'm helping. She has a couple other, more ordinary cats, too. They all get hit, but especially Duder. The evil ETs hate him, and take it out on him whenever his owner manages to mitigate attacks on herself.

    This afternoon i had to keep jumping in to rescue him, even though they were not attacking me. I can tell when he's under attack by how his orgone pendant "heats up".

    He has a heart as big as Seattle, and tries to protect his owner. And gets choked, etc. for it. Once i caught zillions of demons all attacking his eye at once. They keep picking on his right eye, which is a bit messed up as a result.
    The lady says these ETs have killed several cats and people she has known, and i believe it.

    But i predict Duder will be strutting long after these ETs meet whatever grim fate awaits them. He's got backup now.

    Just as i was proofreading this post, his pendant flared up, and we nailed the woman who was being the focus. I say we, because his 5D self takes a keen interest in these matters. And he has a couple discarnate cat buddies that help him claw.

    I also usually sense demons near him, but they have a jailer unit over there reeling them in. Right now there are a bunch.

    June 9, '11:(6:55am) Funny haze to the east.

    Yet more Nazi scofflaws: Video of Miami Beach cops shooting man and then a cop points pistol at cameraman. Video is of poor quality.
    Important article about this event.

    Video of Mars anomaly. I think it is (was?) a structure where 30 evil repts from Galaxy Cluster MS 0735 lived until this morning.

    June 10, '11: (6:50am) There were a bunch of chem-clouds for a while yesterday. Also a lot more haze. And more haze to the east this morning, with some chem.

    A few of this morning's key articles about creeping Fourth Reich idiocy:
    'Toxic chemicals in US drone strikes'
    Does kidnapped U.S. lesbian blogger in Syria actually exist...
    Germany\92s superbug is weaponized with Bubonic Plague DNA

    And here, supposedly, is Bilderberg 2011 Full Official Attendee List.

    All right, Duder is doing much better. Dozens of readers have sent him love and protection, much to his delight. Attacks are hardly getting through, his morale is way high, and now i'm his hero.

    We had his 5D self outfitted with etheric jailers and weapons, and he is a fury. He comes over sometimes to clean up my space and give me a hug.

    Last night i noticed he was jailing as many as 10K demons/second just around his house in Auburn.
    Someday maybe he will be known as St. Duder and people around the world will wear amulets in his likeness to ward off evil.
    But for now he pretty much had his paws full.

    (2:10pm) Now he's doing "surgery" on me, along with 4 of my cat-girls he's training.
    Those ETs feel weak today.

    But other ETs are pestering friends of mine. Elizabeth was getting remotely attacked hard from Abell 1869 by some kind of physical ETs whose morphology i can't make out.
    And this one is a hoot: my friend Thorp had this online "friend" who claimed to feel her etheric wings. He sent me a pic to confirm she's a 96. But she had no soul.
    Only at a later time when i started blasting her, did she start to feel like a DORy ET (pic). She's from out Virgo way (pic). Above Syrma there is a black spot not connected to a line. She goes by Tiffany and i think she lives here. She might work at this hotel which seems to have her vibe all over it.

    (2:30pm) Aaand, my friend near Salt Lake had an entity "drilled" into his ear canal by some short humanoids in M31.

    June 11, '11: (5:25pm) Had heavier chem today, in anticipation of rain. It started raining a little while ago.

    Duder and the 4 cat girls were still working on me when i fell asleep last night. Also Duder trained 16 more cat girls, so now there are 20 doing this healing. Some are working on Elizabeth and 2 people in Nigeria. Later they will work on other friends who have a history of receiving black magic attacks.

    The Auburn ETs have been hammering me all day, trying to give me a headache.

    (6:20pm) Male Prostitutes Service Bilderberg Members at Elite Summit?. I got a real hot satanic vibe off this for some reason. Looked on El Paradiso's location page and there was no real info. No map. Looked it up on google maps, and that took me to a residential street. But right next to where it took me, is Alfred M. Riederer AG. Whatever that is, it has the nastiest vibe in the region.
    Ah, here it says "Sanitary and heating installation".
    I seem to sense some 30 or so hard-core satanists there, and they seem connected to the elite.
    If anyone locates El Paradiso, send me a link. This other place seems to have the main vibe i was feeling. I don't know what they are up to there.

    June 12, '11: (4pm) Sittingtaoist says El Paradiso is here, and it sure does feel like it. I suspect one can get "younger stuff" there at times. The whole place has a satanic vibe, though not as bad as that Riederer place.

    Got 0.8" of rain yesterday evening. Plenty chem-clouds today.

    (5:05pm) I get the impression that one male individual manages and largely owns both El Paradiso and Marguns ski resort just east. I get the heavy pedo brothel vibe from this bldg in a quiet cul-de-sac of the resort. If you punch Marguns, St. Moritz, Schweiz into google maps, it takes you slightly SE to, presumably, the main complex here. It all has a satanic vibe.
    So if you are a VIP guest at Paradiso, you may be advised to spend much time at Marguns, where the real action mostly is for pedophiles.

    In fact, i have the impression of 31 johns in that bldg now, 14 of whom were attendees at the Bilderberg meeting.

    (5:20pm) A few houses in the neighborhood that feel connected to this stuff:
  • 1
  • 2
  • 3
  • 4
  • 5hotel?

    Those feel like the main ones, and are pretty DORy.
    This town is some kind of pedo mecca that the Bilderbergers chose, throwing caution to the winds in their arrogance.

    (6:55pm) Something's been bugging me about the International Space Station. It has this area of real nasty energy, and my ET friends won't do anything for unknown reasons.

    Now i don't know squat about the Station so maybe that thing that looks like a weapon muzzle is something else. But that's where the evil energy is.

    Dig those crazy cloud formations.

    (9:20pm) I had an urge to take a broader view of St. Moritz on the map. First thing that jumps at me is this bldg which has the vibe of dozens of satanists associated with it. Yet does not seem a ritual site.
    (Odd that when you look at the St. Moritz map, it is very obvious where Paradiso is.)
    Then this house also feels like a congregation point and is a ritual site.
    Then there are these 3 houses.

    June 13, '11: (6:55am) Friendly reminder. Today is day one of the fabulous illuminati-run Festival of Enlightenment. On Jan. 4 i blogged
    (11am) Now for something incomprehensible and bizarre: the Festival of Enlightenment slated for mid-June near Denver.
    All these lovely people have the same weird cult vibe. None have souls. Some are satanists. It may be an op under the auspices of the DIA.

    None of these names were familiar to me, but at least some have websites or Wikipedia entries. Mordok and i get the impression that Jack Canfield is a shape-shifter. Geldorf is a satanist.

    I found out about this from this article by Al Webre, the CIA satanist. Evidently Aaron McCollum took his concerns to this CIA guy, who now can only profit by positioning himself better by publicizing this info which will only get out anyway.

    Some weird things about this:
  • None of the people involved are that famous; at least they don't seem familiar to me. But there are an awful lot of them.
  • Obvious cult vibe, and clumsy attempt to recruit someone of integrity (Aaron).
    (I have only watched the first 5 minutes of the vid because i can't stomach Webre, and besides i think i have the gist of the situation).
  • Dubious outfit ostensibly behind it: RichterScale. Lookit the culty satanists and their sexually abused MPD kids.[kiddie pics now removed]
  • There were 5 obvious, uncloaked U bases connected with this op that i took care of.
  • They have this totally dubious and elaborate event scheduled so far in advance that we have almost 6 months to get the word out. Only complete ninnies will attend, if it even happens at all.
  • Our allies will shoot down any enemy ET craft that comes near Earth. So these people will have to use Earthling "ETs" and Earth-built craft if they want to have a chance to pull this off.
  • And if they do pull it off (most unlikely) they will mainly be bagging soulless twits of no value to anyone, anyway. So what is the point? They are not even very useful for ritual murder purposes.

    (11:20am) Just found a U base here in Evergreen. 21 gov't satanists being taken care of, duh.
    And another a couple miles east. 21 more.

    (11:35am) Mordok just de-cloaked 6 more of their U bases.

    (12:05pm) Note that there is some weird black magic energy coming off the websites of the Festival and Richter Scale. Mordok and i have been working on it. I am covering their servers with my grid-blasters. But we have not eliminated the source yet. So be wary.
  • As soon as i started typing on this subject this morning, i started getting hit. Gonna post this and then look into that more.
    It turns out the event is not in Evergreen but Estes Park, notorious for once being the main Mossad HQ in the US.

    (7:20am) First obvious thing was that the link i gave back then for an Evergreen U base was hot again. There was renewed activity down there, in the region here. Also now i believe the above-ground structure there is theirs, and has the U entry.
    Also this house has the hot vibe. 1 male there is hitting me.

    (7:30am) Also strong bad energy here in Estes Park. 2 evil sorcerors.
    More coming from maybe 12 houses in this area. 33 sorcerors.
    Very DORy U base
    here being taken out. 1 transmitter, 33 evil people. Same deal here plus 1 more such.

    (7:35am) The overtly DORy main event is here, at the YMCA Center. I feel 51 satanists there now.

    (9:20am) This June blog was down for a while (to some browsers) due to a code error now fixed.

    (9:35am) I haven't laughed so hard in years. A new Tennessee law makes it a crime to "transmit or display an image" online that is likely to "frighten, intimidate or cause emotional distress" to someone who sees it. Violations can get you almost a year in jail time or up to $2500 in fines. I can think of a lot of images that cause me emotional distress. Like pics of the Palin family, Obama, Lieberman, Chertoff, Kissinger...

    (9:50am) There are some sponsors listed at the bottom of the festival page. I only get an overtly evil vibe off one of these, Success Frequency.

    (4:55pm) Haze this morning and chem-clouds this afternoon.

    Gunmen kill Mumbai investigative journalist Jay Dey. The 4 killers have some association with this bldg, one of the floors about 3/4 of the way up. Also with this bldg, 2nd floor i think. As well as this rural structure to the east.

    June 14, '11: (6:50am) Wispy and faded chem-clouds.

    I got attacked from some of those St. Moritz nazis this morning. Hey, if they didn't want exposure, why did the dimwits allow the Bilderbergers to put their corrupt little town in the spotlight? Too much cocaine and booze on the brain?

    Things are not going according to plan for the formerly-overconfident illuminati. And where is Kissinger now? I can't find any news about his present location on google, but it kinda feels like he's still cowering in that St. Moritz hotel, lest he be arrested.
    And now, Operation Empire State Rebellion Begins.

    June 15, '11: (5:35pm) Last night i still felt Kissinger at the hotel, but since this morning, i can't detect him anywhere. Either he died of fright, or he is really fried.

    I was awakened in the wee hours by a bunch of lightning and thunder. I heard rain, too, but it turned out to be miniscule.

    I have been hit all day from St. Moritz, mostly by one tougher-than-average bitch here.

    June 16, '11: (2:25pm) Went on an errands/busting trip to Mountain View, Fifty-Six, Big Flat, Harriet, Marshall. What a difference in that area since last year. Found no underground demons except in a small spot in Mtn View.
    Then it cooled off some, and now it is raining lightly.

    Yet another phony healer: Eliza Carroll of Portland, OR. Darkside vamp and ripoff artist.

    (2:45pm) Here's a capture of wunderground just now. I am a couple miles west of the crosshairs. Note how this rain-cloud has gravitated over my place. Orgone or coincidence? You decide. Some years ago rain-clouds tended to avoid my place a lot.

    (4:50pm) There is a person in Toronto who is being stalked by human ETs who have moved into houses near her. I might post the links later. They come from near Andromeda. The first star above the 2nd S there has 3 planets they rule.

    (6pm) The rain stopped before 5:00. Got a lot of impressive thunder and a pleasant cooling. And all of 0.2" of rain.
    BTW i also did the final pour this morning on a new CB.

    This is really getting to be quite a norm, finding human ETs from other galaxies living here as Earthlings. My friend near Salt Lake gets all kinds of weird stuff, for example. And Thorp always finds some. Remember Tiffany (pic) whom i mentioned on the 10th? More recently, Thorp was texting her. He went into an altered state and interrogated her, and she answered:








    _ - - ( i realise thsi makes littel sence s since i'm not including the entire exchange /copys,ect, the phone is so cloged upm i cant retrief it righ now, )- THOR'P= == = = == FOR WHAT PUSPOSE?







    [self-aggrandizing BS] THE PERFECT BALANCE OF GOOD AND EVIL,
    Well, i started blasting her mate and found him here in Burma.

    Moreover, a reverse search on the address of the house i found her in names 3 people, none of whom are her, but all of whom are also the same type of ET! Angela, Walter, and Whitney Evans. Only thing is, i think this is husband, wife, and son, all ETs. Which suggests that their purpose here is not breeding with humans.

    Hmm, more thunder and darkness out. Cool breeze...

    (7pm) It rained a bit more.

    Also i just realized that the DORy creeps near a friend of mine in Fresno are ETs from the Circinus Galaxy. They have an awful lot to do with El Capitan Middle School.
    One of their houses is here. Another is here. And another.
    Also they have a bunch of little U bases under the city, being hunted down now.

    June 17, '11: (10pm) Got an additional 1/10"+! Oh, well, better than nothing. Sunny, chem-clouds, this morning.

    Alrighty, here are the houses of these ETs that are stalking a lady in Toronto, as mentioned yesterday.

    June 18, 2011: (6:30am) Lotsa little chem-clouds yesterday, that were not much affected by my CBs. Did some finishing touches on my new CB. Should have pic later.

    Heavy chem to the east this morning. (I can't see to the west from my cabin, but it is clear overhead.)

    My friend who has been gifting Salt Lake City was just getting nailed hard in the physical heart (causing palpitations, etc.) by 3 guys here who are probably more ETs.
    I don't think i ever found the home galaxy of these SLC ETs... I think they are from near the center of this pic. Now our forces will attack them there.

    June 18, '11: (5:50pm) I have some bad news to report: Kissinger is still alive, though it hardly feels like it. At least he apparently was on the 13th when he gave this interview.

    Had a brief, intense shower this morning. Got a bit over 1/10" again.

    Chemclouds out now. Here is my new CB. Swiss Army Knife for size relativity. This is the 3" copper pipe that used to be on this unit but the epoxy ring at the pipe base was too thin and cracked off when it contracted last winter.

    I think the focus of this unit is 16K-21K above, and i am already at ~1700'.

    June 19, '11: (4:30pm) Sunny except as obscured by the many chem-clouds.

    A friend of mine just wrote me that he's being attacked by Jean-Louis DE BIASI. And he's right. He also says De Biasi is a 32nd degree Mason and grand chief of the Aurum Solis Order. Don't have time to study their materials, but the site has a nasty vibe like De Biasi.

    June 20, '11: (8am) More chem-clouds. My new CB has been cooking a lot of DOR, but i have not seen much visual evidence of effectiveness yet.
    I suspect it is slurping up a strong stratum of DOR at 19K feet above sea level, and after a few days i will see some action. Hopefully.

    Eikenberry has slammed Afghan President Hamid Karzai for likening US-led military action in his country to an "occupation".
    "When we hear ourselves being called occupiers and worse, our pride is offended and we begin to lose our inspiration to carry on," Eikenberry went on to say.
    Yes, you overly thin-skinned satanist pederast nazi filth, please do begin to lose your inspiration to carry on. Deprive the world of your prideful self, please. You do not speak or act on behalf of the American people, you imperialistic parasite.

    (10:50am) Chartreuse energy: Lately my allies have come up with a new energy we are using offensively that some of you might be able to use as well. It is this translucent yellow-green color. Well, it is not the color itself, but a specific energy that happens to be this color.
    I don't know much about it but it seems to help. There is no attunement, no program. Just mentally envision this energy filling evil people or ETs.

    (4:30pm) Now on the 15th i mentioned the bitch that had been hitting me from St. Moritz. Well, thanks to some readers i never felt anything more from her.
    Thorp brought my attention to the fact that she is not there anymore. I think she's in France here now. Must've been a Bilderberg groupie.
    I don't think she lives in this town, either, though. Her presence is connected in some way to 3 satanists in this house.

    June 21, '11: (5:55am) And now she's here.

    (6:10am) Groundbreaking US Supreme Court Decision on the Tenth and Ninth Amendment. "The Court unanimously held that not just states but individuals have standing to challenge federal laws as violations of state sovereignty under the 10th Amendment."
    Interesting. Put a couple soulless non-satanist nazis on a bench normally reserved for only satanists, and suddenly all freedom breaks out. Yay.

    (6:30am) Dutchsinse found a tower array in Nebraska that apparently brought in a tornado (video).
    I've been pondering this stuff a bit lately. It is odd how the effects are always a day or 2 after the broadcasts. Suggesting they do something to the ethers that we have not been able to reverse. Or maybe our allies are merely giving them more rope to hang themselves with?

    (12:50pm) Chem-clouds a-plenty. These are swirling a bit from my orgone as they pass.

    I have been getting a few CIA psi attacks lately, which i believe are orchestrated by 2 guys here in Monkton, MD.
    I have the impression 4 CIAtanists work here as well as non-satanists.

    (1:55pm) Now i'm being attacked by 1 male in this house in France that i posted a link to yesterday. Not that he's that strong; i just find it interesting.

    (3:40pm) Very interesting. Now i got attacked from here at 333' depth, by 6 people of some sort. Base with 33 of them taken out. That's the Camp Hero, Montauk area.
    BTW, last fall i sent a friend in Long Island a bunch of my orgonite. 10 pounds of it. That's quite a lot when there are no crystals or shavings, etc. to give it weight. He was supposed to spread it around for me, especially around Montauk. But he procrastinated a long time. Which was OK too, as he lives just east of NYC and the orgonite was affecting NYC a lot. But recently i realized, i think he has deployed it all. I feel a bunch in the water in eastern Long Island. I have not heard from him in many months.

    (7:50pm) My friend Elizabeth was getting attacked hard by demons that had hived here, a bit north of her.
    It has nothing to do with those houses. That area had a huge nest of demons and still has a lot, in case anyone wants to help. That spot is real DORy now.

    June 22, '11: (6:40pm) Pic of chem-clouds i took 2 days ago. More and more, it is normal here to see 2 different strata of chem-clouds going different directions.
    Heavy chem-clouds today, and some spraying by drones.

    Is this 7-11 in Sandy, UT, owned/managed by a real DORy ET that needs blasting? You decide.

    (8:05pm) Dutchsinse just posted a video about the X37 B spacecraft being near today's Japan quake. This thing has been brought to my attention before. The Committee has programmed the metal, etc. but my allies won't take it out or disable it. Again, leaving the bad guys the rope they want to hang themselves with? Or is it that the allies avoid touching anything that is in consensus reality? Or is it that i'm totally delusional about everything?

    June 23, '11: (7:20am) Clear so far around here.

    I just added some potent new "energy rectification" items to the bottom of my products page.

    (9:55am) I read a tip on this page talking about unusual FEMA presence all over NE Alabama. Then i found a conspicuously DORy spot in NE AL here, which i suspect has some connection. Like 20 or so FEMA brownshirts work there maybe.

    (5:35pm) Only saw a tiny bit of chem so far today.

    Activist Sunny Sheu Killed After Reporting Death Threat From NY Foreclosure Judge Joseph Golia.
    The Queens DA office (map) is very corrupt.

    June 24, '11: (7:55am) Getting faint sprinkles here.

    Health note for today from Dr. Mercola: pthalates.

    (10am) Video Of Libyan Rebel Beheading Gadhaffi Soldier And Other Nato War Crimes. I have not watched any of these vids. But i hope they go viral.

    I doubt that Khaddafi is such an angel. No soul, for one thing. But compared to NATO he is the good guy here. I never bought the Viagra story.
    When i was in VA a few months ago, watching ABC News, they flaunted a "rebel commander" driving a truck. The guy was obviously US-trained CIAtanist. The whole "rebellion" is a CIA op. I've spotted several agents in media pics.

    (12:30pm) Mostly sunny with a few chem-clouds.

    I just uploaded my page about those ETs in WA and MN. I will continue to add to the pics and page from time to time.

    June 26, '11: (7:15am) Chem-clouds as usual.

    U.S. warns against new Gaza flotilla plans. What a lie. The U.S. did no such thing, merely a few overt scofflaws who advertise their treasonous illegitimacy and contempt for truth or international law with every breath and act.

    June 27, 11: (6:40am) It's getting dry here and i am guided to go on another busting run. But it's not the busting run i'd like to make. Look at this crap. I'm not able to find more transmitters.

    If the people of these states had a brain amongst them, they would scrape together $100K and send it to me. I would by a muscle van with stiff suspension that can comfortable carry 1200-1500 lbs of orgonite on top of everything else. And AC on top. Put a bed in it. I can't handle the toxic fumes in motels.

    Then i would quit my job and drive all around west TX (flat, BORING, and very hot in summer) and much of the US southern border. Stay at campgrounds with electricity to run the AC. Leaving floods in my wake, probably. But I'm not crossing into MX.

    (3:15pm) Heavy chem-clouds all day. I drove down to Greenbrier and then a few miles west to Wooster (map). That was the area that had flared up. I had busted it some in the past. This morning i blitzed it. I am amazed how much stuff i kicked up. Feels real DORy there now, and the demons have been hitting my head.

    (3:25pm) My friend in UT had a cord to his stomach from a DORy ET in the center here.

    (5:45pm) And nearby is a freaky dance club called Area 51 (site) run by real freaky people, know what i mean?
    There's a Location link on the home page.

    June 28, '11: (7:25am) Those demons hammered me until late. These kinds of Earth demons are some of the stupidest things i have ever encountered, BTW. It takes them an hour or so after i start nailing them hard before they latch onto me. But then they don't let go until they are jailed. They attack scapula area, causing pain up the neck and back of head. They aren't sophisticated enough to do deep damage, implants, etc.

    Last night the forecast for today said 20% chance of rain, average rainfall 1/10". But around dawn this morning, it started raining lightly. Sounded like some tiny hail too. Then it increased and now i am getting a thundershower that is kind of heavy at times.

    In other words, Cmdr Loohan kicked ass once again.
    The offer stands, southerners. $100K and i'll put up with a lot of torture to bust the drought.

    (8:10am) The rain might be over now. Got 3/4" and relief from the heat.

    Somebody asked me to check out this psychic named Jim Cassa, and he seems OK. Here's an article of his: Danger of Reiki. However, i would point out that he is talking about Takada "reiki" which is a satanic bastardization of Japanese Usui Reiki.

    Some months ago someone in France wrote me that his girlfriend was taking up Usui Reiki, and he was concerned. Said these people claimed to have a couple Arcturans they were working with.
    I checked it out and it felt very clean. The Arcturans are 2 sweet adolescent females of the Cat Tribe, and they naturally wanted to marry me (eyes raised heavenwards).
    Then 4 of my Sakudas started hanging with that crowd, and have been learning a lot of Usui Reiki, which actually gives them some different healing abilities than they already had.
    So it's not that Reiki is bad per se; it's the corrupted forms you have to beware of. Which includes almost all westernized forms.

    (10:45am) Still overcast, damp, cool. it just started sprinkling a tiny bit again.

    Apparent sabotage against Gaza flotilla. I thought i'd take a peek at Greece after blasting the perps. The DORiest spot is here where i sense 5 "jewish" nazis. Mossad, in fact.
    Next, this complex of bldgs has the vibe of 22 more Mossad satanists.
    Next, a boat now here containing 2 more.
    Here is a bldg those 2 might normally work at.
    4 more seem to live here.
    I also get a hot vibe here of 1 important one, maybe in a vehicle.

    (11:05am) New German U boat that allegedly uses a cold-fusion engine. I have not watched the vid except the 1st 1/2 minute with no sound, but this ship has a freaky ET vibe. I suspect gray tech in it.

    (12:50pm) That "important" guy i linked to above got on a speedboat and rendez-voused with another craft, which had 6 Mossad satanists, at around 11:30 CST, to transfer drugs from that boat to his. Right about here.
    I have the impression of 2 drugs, one being meth.

    Then Mr. Important takes the dope to here, a particularly DORy bldg that radiates bad energy for miles around. He is almost there now, i think, driving alone. Awaiting him there are 3 satanists: 2 are Mafia, 1 is Jesuit. I think the Jesuit lives here, and takes some of his share of the dope here, where 1 common criminal then distributes it further.

    Can anyone determine what this complex is? It has Jesuit vibes all over it. All those brown roofs.
    Our dope guy brings the rest here.
    I also get a hot vibe here; i think 2 key Jesuits from that big complex live here as gay lovers on maybe the 3rd floor.

    Also our Mr. Important has some connection to this house where 1 female Mossad satanist lives who is probably his GF.

    As for the ship he met in the Aegean Sea, that had a crew of 6 Mossad satanists, and came from Israel. I think i found the lab in Israel, employing 6 other people, but my computer crashed before i could get a link for it, and now i can no longer find it.

    (1:40pm) Dig it. There is a bona-fide evil ET going around doing events you can pay to attend! George Kavassilas.

    You can hear the weighty truths from this trustworthy man. Be sure to bring holy ash and orgone weapons.

    June 29, '11: (6:35am) I am amazed. When i set out on that busting trip to Wooster, i had some doubts it would do much to improve the weather. After all, with all the weather mod, droughts, fires to the SW, how couId some dumb demons under Wooster play a pivotal role in the local weather?

    It had been hot (esp. in evenings and nights at my altitude) and dry, with no letup in sight. Well, wunderground kept promising 3 milder days in a row, but these kept being shoved forward and not happening. And rain chances were slim.
    I got 1.1" total yesterday. Yesterday was cool. Last night was by far the coolest in weeks.
    But now they are forecasting more of the usual.

    OK, got another "metaphysical" store and temple run by nasty black magicians: Botanica Eshu-Ile (map) in Bronx. I am told it is run by Hector Bonilla and his wife Nafez Wernet, who live somewhere on Weeks Ave. in the Bronx. I'm guessing here.

    (6:50am) Blatant liar heads HSA: Exposed documents reveal Napolitano, TSA lied about safety of cancer-causing naked body scanners. Ah, thank you, my favorite satanic bull-dyke, for once again reminding the American people that you have absolutely no authority over us, you shamelessly overt criminal.

    June 30, '11: (2:15am) There's this witch that won't let me sleep. She is on the left side in this pic, and i think she lives here.

    (8:30am) Damn, are you beginning to detect a trend here? Obama on Libya: \93I Don\92t Even Have to Get to the Constitutional Question\94. Translation: "Sheep: I have absolutely no authority to be your president. I am in overt contempt of my oath of office. I am a blathering bullshit artist. Are you going to stand for this shit? You bet you are."

    (10:40am) Western Washington is not the only place with weird cats. This is one of 3(?) that hangs on the roof of the people i'm trying to help in Lagos. It has a freaky sphere of energy around it at this time. And no soul. It is probably sent by the witch i posted about earlier this morning.

    In addition to these, there is a wide variety of birds, as previously mentioned, as well as some freaky goats that i do not have a pic of yet. All sent by one of these 3 depicted witches.

    (10:50am) And one of the cats may have given birth above the ceiling, judging by the sounds, reportedly.

    And here is a fresh pic of one of the birds hanging around their office.

    (4:10pm) My Salt Lake friend was stalked by a DORy ET in a red classic Porsche convertible. I traced him to here, which looks like the gym at a high school.

    (4:20pm) Yes! These pompous criminals need to learn that they are not safe walking around among their "constituents".