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Loohan's blog for June, 2012
June 1, '12: (7:50am) 'US-downed' Russia jet's Flight Data Recorder found. Right, and these are the faces of honest men that would never be party to a deception.

Somebody in California has been getting attacked by evil humans from another galaxy. I think they are from the bright one closest to the top right corner of the top pic here. I also feel them in the 1st pic of the 2nd row here. They were attacking her solar plexus remotely, as well as crowding all around her in their DORy astral bodies.

(8:10am) I was clearing out some cookies from my browser yesterday, and noticed the following NGC4414 companies:

(9:30am) DNA-Destroying Chip Being Embedded Into Mobile Phones. I'm surprised that a place like Los Alamos has anything as cool-sounding as an Institute for Non-Linear Studies, let alone an honest, ensouled, unmuzzled employee.

E TX family says dog was skinned alive. What is really bizarre: i expected to find some psychos living in the neighborhood, and sure enough there were, but they were all CIA and underground. The street where the dog lived is right in the middle of a bunch of little CIA bases connected with tunnels. I could not find any perps on the surface.

(11:55am) Don't forget to blast the Bilderberger meeting in Chantilly, VA. I just noticed that 3 craft of 20 each of those tall repts are shaking them down a little.

(4:15pm) It was sunny with chem-clouds earlier, but now it's overcast. Cooler weather today.

I've been often seeing mention of the movie Thrive! but haven't had time to watch it. Sounded kind of cool from what little i read.
But then just now i saw a pic of Trevor Gamble and realized something is very wrong with this guy. He can't be... no! not yet another CIAtanist. Naw. I'm just paranoid.
Proctor and Gamble has always been illuminati.

(5:20pm) Interesting. Someone wrote me that Blowing Cave near Cushman, AR has a tunnel going to the Air Farce Base north of Little Rock.
"The rich history of the cave includes ... mysteries of people getting lost and never returning and serving as one of five entrances into the underworld of another race of humanlike beings.
"Science fiction (sic) writer Richard Shaver told tales of an underground race of beings with a bluish tint to their chalky skin."

They are in there, and they are evil, but probably only because of the snake demons we are removing.

Also, according to this page
In northern Arkansas, a 12-man speleological team broke into an ancient tunnel system, encountering inhabitants of the inner-world. Just north of Batesville, explorers found a tunnel illuminated by a greenish phosphorescence where they met a race of beings who stood 7 to 8 feet tall and had bluish skin. The beings, who have advanced technology, told the explorers they are the direct descendents of Noah. The Cherokee Indians also tell of this same race of blue men . According to the Cherokee they inhabited the areas of Kentucky as well. When the Cherokee came into that area, they killed these blue skinned men off. Apparently the Cherokee were wrong in their assumptions.
I presume that the reason the Cherokees were hostile to them is because they had encountered their evil counterparts elsewhere. Or maybe they only killed the evil ones that showed themselves on the surface. In any case, most of these guys do not have snakes, and are allies. And there are also plenty more of the good ones under most of KY. And some snake-filled ones too.
I do not know how it came to pass that some of these people got snakes and the rest didn't.

Cushman is less than 20 miles NE of Batesville, so the good and evil ones are in proximity.
I feel the tunnel to the AFB. I will hold off posting about this until the de-snaked ones blow their own cover.

I feel it is true that they are descendants of Noah. Noah was a good guy, whose god was not Yahweh.

(5:40pm) Las Cruces, NM is kind of an interesting place. First off i found lots of evil repts around. This is not unusual; there is a very common type of evil rept we have been noticing and killing off lately. They have snakes but are evil without them.

Then i checked the town out on Wikipedia. Hmmm:
The city's major employer is the federal government on nearby White Sands Test Facility and White Sands Missile Range.
Sounds promising. So i checked out the City Council and City Manager. All CIAtanists, of course.

A lotta CIA schools and churches and stuff in that town.

June 2, '12: (7:35am) "Mistakes happen," Romney campaign spokeswoman Andrea Saul said on MSNBC.
Inadvertent accuracy or deliberate flaunting? I'm not sure. But now the word AmerCIA has become part of the culture, and i suspect we'll be seeing it a lot. On my blog, at least. Romney has finally given us a morsel of truth.

Got a sprinkle last night that wunderground had not predicted. It was bigger than the sprinkle we got when they predicted 80% rain chances the other day. Now they've shriveled up the %ages for the next 10 days to almost nothing. But mistakes happen. Especially in Amercia.

June 3, '12: (6:30am) Bal is traveling and has gifted Lake Tahoe real well.

Another CIAtanist: Zoe Carnegie of Angel Connections.
Another CIAtanist shape-shifter: Syrian National Transitional Council head Bassma Kodmani who is attending the Bilderberg Conference.

(4:40pm) We got a little sprinkle this morning. 40% rain chances given for tonight and tomorrow.

More CIAtanists:There are also sincere chakra-frequency sites out there that have a bad energy taint and bad info due to following Len Horowitz.

The Urmah (mentioned May 29) and the Ta'l working together may have taken out a couple Israeli subs today. The first one may have been just offshore of Tel Aviv. The 2nd may have been 200 miles SE of the southern tip of Greenland.

(4:55pm) Ew, CIA everywhere i look: Bill Buppert of ZeroGov (pix). NGC4414 full-blood.

(5pm) BTW there is a stronghold of elite Jesuits in Abell 2218 that has been attacking some of us, especially Mordok and Elizabeth. They implant a lot, including inserting demons.
I'm fixin' to focus on them a bit.

(5:35pm) Thunder out there...

More NGC4414ers: Ecology of the Spirit.

(5:45pm) More CIAtanists: Patricia Mischell, NGC4414 half-breed, and Tonya Somers, NGC4414 full-blood.

June 4, '12: (7:50am) CIA NGC4414er God-Gifted Psychic: Samantha McGovern.

Been getting occasional thundershowers and rain since yesterday evening. Got an inch or so so far. Wunderground is in denial, as if they thought their negative affirmations still had force. They do begrudgingly allow 40% rain chances today, even as it rains. Looks like more coming this way on the map.

(2:15pm) Actually got about 1.6". Sunny now, with chem-clouds.

5 DORy satanist Tavistock wenches: The Saturdays (Wikipedia).

Found some more evil human ETs living in a couple places underground, like around here in MA. They are from the center of this pic. I may have discovered them and posted that pic before.

(3:45pm) Another spiritual kind of NGC4414er, this one a half-breed Dutchman in Indonesia: Chaas.

NGC4414er Trailer park residents battle eviction by fracking industry. Map of dinky park. Boo-hoo. Something must be done to help these poor pedophiles. No doubt they really care about injustice, and are on the verge of revolting against the satanic order.

We have had the satanist TradeWind wind scammers try to move into our area and set up monster windmills. The NGC4414 rag Arkansas Democrat-Gazette sent their ET "reporter" to Marshall and printed a skewed but seemingly objective piece on the controversy some months ago, including interviews with 2 people in Marshall, both of whom are NGC4414 satanists. There have also been 2 NGC4414ers in the opposition.

And ah, yes, solved another case of non-satanists mysteriously acting like satanists: Southern Poverty Law Center is a bunch of reportedly-wealthy NGC4414 nazis.
Yo, SPLC, this here is a hate site. I hate nazis. I advocate ethnic cleansing.

(5:40pm) More NGC4414er businesses:
White River Health System
Townsend Poultry
Pilgrim's Pride

June 5, '12: (11:20am) Sunny, mild, real & fake clouds.

The Mayor and Alders of Madison, WI are all CIAtanists. Madison does not seem overrun with ETs, though.
Cleaning out some CIA U bases.

June 6, '12: (7pm) Mostly sunny, chem-clouds and chemtrails today.

Intriguing bit of anthropological trivia: 2 full-blood ETs from different galaxies marry each other: Bernard-Henri L�vy is a full-blood of the Sombrero galaxy ETs, married to Arielle Dombasle, full-blood M32er.
I got onto Levy due to an article: Cannes Film Festival makes exception to show Libya propaganda documentary. He is a hard-core NWO liar working for the CIA.

The mention of De Gaulle in Dombasle's bio caught my attention: He was full-blood NGC4414er. From old aristocratic families that these ETs, as usual, replaced with themselves to reap the wealth and prestige.

(7:10pm) Las Cruces is very close to the Mexican border. Someone sent me this pic of a CIA M32 half-breed physician in Las Cruces, and his address. When i checked his house, there was a CIA base under it which connected to myriad tunnels and more little bases going SW and S into MX. Also the estate feels like 30+ CIA work there.
Heroin and wetbacks have been imported from there. You can build all the walls you want, but the CIA will just tunnel under them. They recruit these people to work in their U bases doing manufacturing of food reserves, weapons, etc. Some of the Mexicans go back and recruit their friends, family, etc. and get bonuses for doing so.

(9pm) 100% IRREFUTABLE Proof Reptilian Shapeshifters are Real.
Something scary about this. The guy did not feel like an ET or even like he had rept DNA at first! I had to blast him a while before he got DORy and now i dowse he's 36% rept.
This strongly suggests that there are a lot more shapeshifting repts around that i've been missing.

Not into blood-ritual that i detect. That is what kept his vibe seemingly normal. Like the Obama family, an activated shape-shifter that is not satanist. (The original, shape-shifting Obama died late last year and has been replaced by a series of MPD clones, none of which were activated as shape-shifters.)

(9:15pm) The tall green repts have given dozens of their blasters to various allies. This pic is from over Mississauga, Ontario. The hole was reportedly huge. It was blown in the chem from above by a M51 craft sporting the new tech. If you are sensitive, you may sense the strong positive energy.

(9:40pm) From the Wikipedia entry on Levi i found �cole Normale Sup�rieure, staffed by NGC4414ers, and it seems maybe all their alumni are ETs.

(10pm) Another interesting thing to watch for is blinking: video PLS READ REPTILIAN BLINKNG PATTERNS EVERYWHERE IN POLITICS.
They talk about these people being "hosted". Actually, all are shape-shifting repts except for Biden (NGC4414). At least, as far as i know, NGC4414ers are not reptilian types, but then i could be missing something. Was the blinking caused by snakes?

In any case, i have plenty of opportunity to observe the eyes of NGC4414ers, and will make an effort to do so in the future. We do not have people around here with high levels of rept DNA that i have noticed.
I was not able to locate Part 2 of the video.

June 7, '12: (6:15am) Now NSAtanist Ken Adachi is promoting a tragic tale: Protected Psychopaths: Masonic/Satanic Clique Attacking Canadian Farmer's Cattle with Directed Energy Weapons Whle Complicit RCMP/Justice Dept Stonewall. I have not watched the videos. I have to wonder, what is a CIAtanist with 41% rept DNA doing farming in Canada, and also why the CIA and RCMP can't iron out their differences in a civil manner.

(10am) Some chem-clouds, some trails.

Queen's dash to see Prince Philip in hospital after ANOTHER non-stop day of duties... so where DOES she get all her energy?
Actually, her energy is very low, and she is flat on her back in the palace, which is why this non-satanist, non-clone double stood in for her.

(11:45am) OK, we are making progress on lighting up the non-satanist shapeshifters. Here are some more i spotted: Rihanna, Miley Cyrus, Selena Gomez, Austin Butler, Tyler Posey, Cheryl Tweedy, Jessic Simpson, Jade Ewen, Kim Kardashian, Rachel McAdams, George Clooney, Kate Moss, Chuck D, KRS One, Snoop Dogg, Nas.
(I just realized the extent to which the CIA runs all this pop celebrity shit. Seems about all famous people of this type are 1 or more of the following: MPD, satanist, shape-shifter, ET, and CIA-promoted. I am finding U bases connected to these people, where CIAtanists manipulate things behind the scenes.)

Michelle Kwan is an activated shape-shifter with 31% rept DNA. Her parents are also non-satanist shapeshifters. Her parents are Danny Kwan and Estella Kwan, Chinese immigrants from Hong Kong. It is rare for Chinese people to have much rept DNA.

Also, several celebrity Scientologists (maybe some are not that famous) are shape-shifters. Some, like John Travolta and Nancy Cartwright, are also satanists. Others are not satanists: Denice Duff, Bodhi Elfman, Michael Fairman, Jason Lee.

(12:30pm) They always want to stick these people in your face. Some shape-shifting non-satanist TV news anchors:
Erica Hill, Dan Rather, Melissa Theuriau, Vinita Nair, Megyn Kelly, Erin Burnett, Lester Holt, several of the ones on this page, and the black woman here.

Hehe, now i am starting to be able to psychically zoom in on them.
David Thorne, ambassador to Italy.
General Raymond T. Odierno, Chief of Staff of the Army.
Jeremy Michael Boorda (deceased) admiral of the United States Navy.
Bruce Babbit, former head of FAA.
Michael Suleiman, Lebanese president.
Baerbel Bohley (deceased East German politician).

(1:10pm) It's odd that, once we've de-cloaked the NGC4414ers or the non-satanist shapeshifters, suddenly i feel their vibe even off long-dead people.
I think Calvin Coolidge was another non-satanist shape-shifter. And Marie Antoinette and her parents, and Piet Lieftinck, Barth�l�my de Theux de Meylandt, Francesc Maci�, Josep Tarradellas i Joan.
Still alive: Jean-Jacques De Gucht, Wang Chien-shien, Wu Den-yih, Ma Ying-jeou, Gen. Ri Myo�ng-su (Ri Myong Su).

(2:05PM) I sense a couple of these on Project Camelot's lines. One is the "Dr. John Waterman" interviewed here, NSA. The other is Bill Holden, CIA.
Rockers Rindy and Marv Ross of Quarterflash. She did have a great voice, though. Lyle Lovett (used to be married to satanist 42%er Julia Roberts and is dating April Kimble, also 42%er satanist). Mark & Bob Mothersbaugh of Devo (Alan Myers is 40% rept DNA satanist). Art Garfunkel (Paul Simon is still ensouled). Mitch Mitchell. Donald Fagen & Walter Becker (the other Steely Dan members were satanists with low % of rept DNA). Jessie Robert Peck.

(7:05pm) And Mick Kenney, Dave Hunt, Hannah Montana, quite a few (40%?) of these French pop singers...

Aha! Last month i mentioned that Marilyn Manson is full-blood NGC4414. Here he is. Either something is wrong with my dowsing, or NGC4414ers are shape-shifters.
That linked video later explores Lindsay Lohan's eyes. I get no ET vibe off her, so she must be really cloaked if she is one. I am unable to detect any rept DNA in her, which is suspicious. There may be a bunch more of these critters i am not able to detect yet.
Later in the vid, Eminem clearly has vertical irises [i meant pupils], yet i also get no ET vibe off him.

(7:30pm) So i started looking for shapeshift vids of other full-blood NGC4414ers.
Bill Gates.
I tried a bunch of searches but that's the only one i found.

June 8, '12: (10:30am) Fairly heavy chem this morning, as yesterday.

So what about Ron Paul? It's kind of hard to argue with this video: Ron Paul is MOST ASSUREDLY a Reptilian Shapeshifter. But, he still has a 96 soul that i can't cull. Are there good shapeshifters? We have been finding a lot of clones for Ron Paul, as though the NWO is anxious to replace the original.

But, as i mentioned Jan. 5, he seems to be awfully Vatican-friendly. If he is a good rept, one would assume he knows about the Vatican and their subsidiaries, and would distance himself from them.

And we have hand signs: here, and later in same video here.
Again, i still can't get an ET vibe off him, but also i am not getting any rept DNA %age, and most Earthlings do have at least a little bit of rept DNA.

If anyone finds a convincing shapeshift vid of Alex Jones, let me know.

(11:55am) Well, well, well, another individual we have been suspicious of is Steven Greer of the Disclosure Project. He is still a 24 that i haven't been able to cull! And i still can't get an ET/rept vibe off him, but check out this video: Reptilian Dr. Steven Greer UFO Disclosure Project Blue Beam.
Fascinating, in terms of body expression. The guy is real muscular, with that bizarre, expressive lizard face with its too-wide smile; that hint of fruity lisping...

(12:25pm) Another fascinating character with an extraordinary face is Lord Monckton. By the time i first became aware of him a couple years ago, his soul had already been culled. I never got a satanist vibe off him, but i do off his parents. Also get the shapeshifter vibe off his parents but not him. In fact, i can't detect any rept/ET content in him by dowsing.

(1:10pm) Unbelievable. I always considered Miriam Delicado to be above suspicion, but i was referred to this Project Camelot vid. Miriam's irises [i meant pupils] are slits practically the whole time. She also still seems to have a soul and "clean vibe". I recall that she's a 48 (i can no longer tell how many chakras a person has unless it's 0 or 96, because the demons that used to inhabit the higher chakra realms are gone. I used to feel the chakras only because they were in conflict with the demonic energy.)

(1:30pm) So anyway, in addition the the shape-shifters i've been aware of for some time, and the ones i became aware of yesterday (which might include all the NGC4414ers, M32ers, Sombrero ETs, MIBs, etc.) there is also an unknown, probably large quantity more of them that are so psi-protected that i can't detect them.
Help me lift this cloaking if you can.
I wouldn't be surprised if 1/3 of the surface human population on Earth is shape-shifters.

(5:10pm) So what's been going on in Indiana? 6/8/2012 -- Indiana Michigan Radiation UPDATE -- Military, DHS, HAZMAT, Large Booms. I don't know. On the map, the only vibe i get is in this area a bit upwind of where the high readings occurred. It feels like there was until recently a base at 800-1100' depth and a couple miles long from east to west, less than 1/2 mile from north to south of the arrow. Of those same common repts that have snake demons but are evil even without them. Not sure if this has anything to do with the phenomena reported.

(5:55pm) Somewhat heavy chem-clouds.

Found a shot of Alex Jones with vertical irises [i meant pupils], hmm...
Another vid here.
Guess i been had.

(7:30pm) Lt Veo was able to cull the miserable souls of Jones, Paul, Delicado, and Greer just now.

(8:05pm) Some shape-shifting satanists i have known about for some time: the Wachowskis, directors of The Matrix and V for Vendetta. I have also long known that the actors playing Trinity and Morpheus are satanists. Also the sellout turncoat guy.

I only ever watched the first Matrix flick, and that was 10 years ago. But i remember a scene in which the aspiring turncoat was having lunch in a restaurant with Agent Smith, and says something along the lines of "I know this steak is just an illusion, but it tastes great to me."
What blows my mind is that these words were written by satanists and spoken by the satanist actor. It's like they know how nowheresville they are, but they want transitory, counterfeit gratification anyway. And poke fun at themselves about it.

June 9, '12: (6:10am) I had forgotten about Rand Paul until i saw his mug at prisonplanet just now. Already culled. Yesterday morning i had read that he had endorsed Romney, and i tried to cull Rand (a 48) unsuccessfully. Now i know to have Lt Veo give it a try.
Suddenly it makes sense why Rand would endorse such a sleazewad.

I realize now all of Alex Jones' writers are also shape-shifters. Previously i could only discern Steve Watson, as he is a satanist.

(5:35pm) Chem-clouds. Saw some ripples, too. Now that there are hardly any demons left, and the grays are no longer evil, who is making the "HAARP" ripples? Around here at least it's those drought-loving NGC4414ers in small U bases. So one has to light up the bases for the allies to knock out.

The de-cloaking of "clean" shape-shifters is working. Today i had what i think is a fair-skinned Mexican family come in the bakery. They were NGC4414, i thought for a moment. They had a vibe sort of like that. But they weren't NGC4414. I could not dowse whether they were half-breeds, full-breeds, or what. They had snakes in them and bunches of little U bases connected to them, just like NGC4414ers. For some reason the little girl had the strongest vibe of all. Only after they walked out did i realise they were just the same kind of old shape-shifters as have been on Earth for millenia.

Thought i'd scan some pix of Mexicans to see if i could find more non-satanist shape-shifters like that. I am pretty sure that 24 hours ago i would not have noticed these: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5.
Hmm, getting U bases connected with all these people now.

I didn't want anybody to think i was prejudiced, so next i picked on Anglos. British people. But it seems most British people deemed worthy of photographing are satanists, and i'm looking for non-satanists like this gal who also had snake demons and has dozens of nasty U bases connected with her. In case i didn't mention it before, the U bases provide psi backup for throwing toxic energy, etc. BTW whenever i light up someone's U bases and the allies attack them, i always get a kick-back seemingly from the person, as if the person was attacking me, but i don't think they are aware of it.

And now Miriam Delicado, Greer, etc. do feel a bit DORy to me.

Heh, heh, you evil lizards can't hide now!

June 10, '12: (4:40pm) Mostly natural clouds today.

I had a hunch i that a lot of Thai people were this type of shapeshifter that i am onto lately.
OMG (pix), can't be! Feels like maybe 70% are shapeshifters. [Correction 9/13: reviewing this, i feel that most Thai have enough rept DNA to shapeshift, but aren't activated.] Check out the chick with the headdress here [she does feel activated]. Now that page has a column on the right listing various component ethnic groups. I get a particular vibe off the Haw, who are supposedly immigrants from Yunnan, China. Yet, pix of Yunnan people are 0% rept, and the Haw feel like mostly repts, so i presume that a bunch of ETs showed up in Thailand claiming to be from Yunnan.

According to Wikipedia, "Chin Haw or Chin Ho are Chinese people who migrated to Thailand via Burma or Laos." I found a bunch of these shapeshifters under southern Burma especially, and elsewhere such as the Shan state mentioned by Wikipedia. Speculation: Earthlings from Yunnan leaving Burma were joined by ETs who mimicked their culture. Probably the ETs had hybridized with Asian Earthlings and physically resembled the Chinese.
However, this is only one of the ways they took over Thailand.

If i'm right, there should be plenty of evidence to be discovered in films and vids of Thai people.

(4:55pm) CIA lizards at it again: Nigerian churches targeted in Sunday attacks. I found a CIA base weast of Biu with 231 people in it. Another CIA U base here in Jos, and lots more for at least 50 miles around.
Here's the lizard "brains" behind this crap: Petraeus. I thought he had been killed and replaced by a clone last month, but i was wrong. This is still the original.

(5:25pm) On Feb. 1, i mentioned Peter Theil, the Bilderberger backer of Ron Paul. I mentioned he was ensouled, and full of implants from U bases in Brussels. We removed the implants and entities.
In light of recent insights, i thought i had better re-visit the guy.
Lt Veo culled his soul. He does have a freaky ET vibe, but doesn't feel quite as nasty as the other "clean" shapeshifters. I suspect there is some genuine competition among the ruling class, just as Kennedy was assassinated by his fellow lizards, some elitists feel threatened by Theil.

More of these clean lizards: the Mises Institute, Lew Rockwell.

(8:10pm) Another CIA town is Springfield, MA. There were plenty of CIA bases under the US Army Corps of Engineers bldg / airport / AFB area.
All the local public schools and the school district have DORy CIAtanist vibe. As do this bldg, this bldg, this bldg, and Applied Light (website), which had a tunnel going to this one

(9:35pm) 3 killed in shooting near Auburn University, including two former football players . I don't know if any of this is relevant, but, the next town NE, Opelika, is another CIA hotbed. And Edward Christian was a satanist and, i suspect, shape-shifter, Ladarious Phillips was a shape-shifter, Demario Pitts was a satanist. Quite the tragic loss of life. John Robertson is a satanist. Gene Chizik is a full-blood NGC4414er. Everything perfectly normal here. This may just be a random crime. The suspected killer seems to be just a low-life Earthling, and i don't detect that this is a gov't hit.

June 11, '12: (8:15am) Foggy. Supposed to get hot with 50% chance of small rain today.

More of these shape-shifters:
Gerald Celente, Trona Monroe, Jan Sinatra, wife of (ensouled, sincere) Dr. Stephen Sinatra.

If you are sensitive, check out this clone. I'm pretty sure i'm right about the 8 major Rothschild Jesuit priests being killed recently.

(8:40am) Just culled another "clean lizard" that had me fooled: Leo Zagami.
However i'm not sure what exactly the deal is with him. He might actually be some kind of rogue or part of a splinter group. In the past he was definitely acting obviously deranged, and i doubt he knew he was being MKed. See entry of Aug. 5, '10, 2:30pm.

(9:25am) I thought it might be prudent to comb over Project Camelot's interviewees once more. Spotted some more lizards:

(4:20pm) More such lizards:And shapeshifters in Poplar Bluff, MO; probable CIAtanists:France has a few of these repts, e.g. Fabrice Martin-Plichta, this model, this personal trainer, and Chloe Mortaud who is 1/2 African-American. I think both parents had a fair bit of rept DNA.

Wunderground this morning said 50% chance of rain with rainfall amounts up to 0.2" possible. You see, when they know they're licked, they deny, deny, deny all the way to the grave. We got about an inch so far, and i still hear thunder in the distance.

Heavy thundershowers started around 1:30pm, complete with lightning and even a bit of light hail.

This article was in yesterday's Arkansas Democrat Gazette.

We have made a lot of progress against the TX/MX/NM drought since i discussed it Dec. 15. Check out this graph. If i'm reading it right, it says that from Dec-May TX received quite a bit more than what was the long-term average. But a lot of MX is still sucking. And on the drought monitor one can see that although the situation is much improved, it still needs work. Much of NM and parts of TX are still in a D3 drought.

The tall green rept allies probably had a lot to do with loosening up the local drought. They've been buzzing around the area. Several times today a female named Yana tried to tell me something, i think, but i haven't been able to make out what.

I am optimistic that with the recent losses the enemy has sustained, and our recent gains of allies, that the weather will normalize around here.

(7:30pm) I updated the pic of Herb Pharm employees that i posted last month.

June 12, '12: (7am) Still overcast, wet. Total rainfall 1.2".
10% rain chances forecast for next 3 days.

The gray video i referenced in my greys page that was subsequently pulled? That sequence has reappeared within another video. The good part starts here.
Remember these guys are now our friends. They are experts at fking things up in various ways, and now they are working against the shapeshifters.

Another shapeshifter: George Carlin.

I found a CIA U base in Chicopee, MA with a tunnel to DORy CIA proprietary Seahorse Labware Design & Manufacturing
"Our headquarters are located in Billerica, Massachusetts, US, approximately 35 minutes outside of Boston. Our design and manufacturing facility is located in Chicopee, Massachusetts, approximately 1.5 hours west of Boston. We also have regional offices in Copenhagen, Denmark, as well as Shanghai, China. Our customers are further served by a network of distributors worldwide."
Billerica had a tunnel going to a CIA U base in Andover with 500+ CIAtanists.

Mordok found some major CIA organized crime drug places, notably The Tropicana hotel in Vegas, owned by an NGC4414 halfbreed. The place is super DORy, had tunnels to drug labs.

(7:25am) A reader wrote
I have a question about the shapeshifters. Now you are referring to them as clean and not clean shapeshifters. Does that mean clean as in no implants or demons, or does it mean clean as in harmless, or what? Are any shapeshifters ensouled?
What i mean is i don't detect a blood-sacrifice vibe off them. They will have snake demons until these are pulled. Most of them have U bases to back them up if they wish to psi-attack someone. They are still evil pedophiles and covert parasites. It's just that until very recently, i could not detect them at all as being evil, because presumably due to the fact they did not damage their energy fields with blood sacrifice, orgone did not "bite" into them. Also there is a vague fuzzy cloakedness about them to make it impossible to dowse such things as their % of rept DNA or their sexual background.

I am guessing that maybe 2/3 of shape-shifters on Earth do not have the tell-tale blood-rite vibe. This includes at least 2/3 of NGC4414ers. I presume that they knew there was a liability to becoming an energy slave of the demons, so many refrained.
Often satanist NGC4414ers are married to non-satanist ones, e.g. Mike Huckabee's wife is non-satanist. Judge Jo Hart's husband is also not satanist.

I have not found any rept shapeshifters with viable souls. Some are difficult to bag.
So far i have not even found any 1/4 or 1/8 breed NGC4414ers with viable souls, but then i have not noticed statistically-significant quantities of these.
With the NGC4414ers and their half-breeds, it may be that only ET souls ever incarnated into them.

I tried to divine the provenance of the souls of the Pauls, Theil, Delicado, etc. before culling them, but could not, due to their cloakedness. It is interesting that some of these had 24, 48, and 96 souls.

(7:45am) Orwellian statement of the week: "We are a force of good and we are using those drones to carry out the policy of righteousness and goodness." Zoom in on those eyes.

(8:15am) Shapeshifting satanist: Walter Block.

Lizards lie like hell about gold. The CNBC vid at the bottom of this article shows a vault full of "gold" ingots that have none of that distinctive gold vibe. They might be hollow plastic sprayed with cheap "metallic gold" paint from Walmart (like this more valuable item). Even the much-discussed ingot that lizard-breath is holding that supposedly belongs to lizard-owned ETFS. Ned Naylor-Leyland is also a shape-shifter. So much ado for some painted plastic, probably injection-molded in China.

(8:30am) Another shape-shifter that is on Prison Planet a lot: Webster Tarpley.

A place i have busted many times in the past 8 years: the Memphis pyramid. Don't worry, that skull has been totally reprogrammed with sweet energy.
About shapeshifter Isaac Tigrett, Wikipedia says "In the BBC documentary The Secret Swami Tigrett stated that he believed that there was truth to the rumors of Sai Baba's actions of pedophilia and sexual abuse towards some of his young male followers. He also stated that such behavior would not change his belief in Sai Baba."
Sai Baba was a hard-core illuminati satanist.

(9:30am) The owner of the Tropicana, Alejandro Yemenidjian, is of Armenian ancestry, and was born in Argentina, according to Wikipedia, and indeed we find that Armenia is loaded with NGC4414ers. The majority, feels like. If you are sensitive, scope out some pix:
Armenian businessmen in Singapore, Turkish genocide of Armenians. Also Armenopedia.

And he was born in Argentina. Pix of Argentinians. What, at least 1/3 NGC4414, feels like.

(9:50am) This includes, of course, the Argentine political ruling class, suggesting that all this hullabaloo over the Falklands is more fabricated entertainment for the masses.

(10:20am) Yana is overhead again.

Mordok noticed another attempt at earthquaking Japan. Undersea i found 2 ET bases that seemed involved, as well as a large CIA clone-staffed base with a strong transmitter of some sort.
But also we stumbled across the Kashwag Elementary School that had a U base under it with 62 Japanese satanists, which in turn had a tunnel going SE to a U base here with 330 more of them.

(10:25am) And i keep getting hit from more of those black African shapeshifters. Now it's more from under SW Chad.

(2:25pm) Sun came out, revealing massive chem.

Watched an interesting vid The Locust an Evil Spawn, about Etan Patz and also read this article. Very bizarre. None of the suspects, confessions notwithstanding, killed him. None of them even have a noticeable evil vibe, for whatever that's worth.
Etan is still alive, and is a satanist shape-shifter with 42% rept DNA. His parents are CIA non-satanist shape-shifters.

The video also mentions the Fellowship Church, run by CIA shapeshifters.

Lesse if we can locate this DORy Etan. Why, he was in a U base here, with 226 other CIAtanists.
Damn, we just cleaned out millions of little CIA U bases in MX, TX, etc. but now a bunch more flared up in connection with this.
OK, Etan is dead now.

(4:10pm) Lizard dolls: beauty pageant contestants. Almost all of these pix are of shape-shifters! Because they want us to look at shape-shifters as much as possible. To be hypnotized?
Victoria's Secrets models seem to be all shapeshifters.
Yet, not many lizards came up on a search of Playboy Bunnies. Hefner is satanist but not reptilian. But Larry Flynt is a CIA shapeshifting satanist. And what do we get if we look up Hustler models? Or for that matter, Penthouse models? Lizard girls only.

Football players, baseball players, cheerleaders. News anchors, movie stars, musicians, politicians. Are they hypnotizing the Earthlings?

Other shape-shifters of note: Hugo Chavez (satanist), Roseanne Barr.

Let's look at The Ten Most Influential Latin Americans in History. After all, They Changed Their Nations and Changed Their World. All 10 were/are shapeshifters; yes, including Las Casas. The Bolivars were also satanists, as is Rigoberta Menchu.

Evo Morales. The people in the pic here. I really doubt the CIA has been poisoning them, aside from the fact that i always take MSM news reports about the health of shape-shifters with a grain of salt.

And OMG, Kaddafi! Maybe i should locate him after all; i previously assumed he was hiding from the CIA, but guess what? He was in on the whole thing.
Uh, would you believe, he was in a U base here in Niger, along with 252 other CIA shapeshifters, and 2 7' repts of a type i may not have noticed before. They do not have snake demons that i detect, nor much of a vibe. We are finding more.

(4:50pm) Just like Amercia: we are finding that Japan, too, is extensively tunneled and U-base filled by their own shapeshifting, satanic, equivalent of the CIA. Drug labs, child porn, abductees, bioweapon research, manufactured events, you name it.
And just as in Amercia, they got the media, baseball players, movie stars, pop musicians, beauty pageants...

Also, Mordok found quite a bit more earthquake machinery in the area.

(5:40pm) Other eastern and middle-easterncountries that are just like Amercia: Thailand of course, Singapore, India (even Ravi Shankar is one!), Pakistan, Bangladesh, Sri Lanka, Cambodia, Laos, Mongolia, Burma, Afghanistan, South Korea, Russia (10 Hottest Russian Women), Malaysia, Indonesia,... err, every country i've checked is either on this list or the next one:
Getting close to Amercian standards: Philippines, Vietnam, China, Lebanon... etc.

No i'm not paranoid; it's just that these ET shapeshifters are everywhere.

June 14, '12: (8:30am) Like the Whole Foods Market BOD. All satanist shape-shifters. A couple are NGC4414.

Zoom into the irises in this pic.

CIA shapeshifter: Swami Rudrananda

Yesterday i glanced at the glossy NYT and NYT Style insert magazines. Mostly pix of shape-shifters, especially in the ads. Got a few interesting leads, such as Menninger Clinic, the Duplass brothers, Angolan TV Zimbo (CIAatanist lizards), and Yoga Moksha.

Sittingtaoist wrote me that the Copenhagen office of Seahorse Labware (mentioned a couple days ago) is here. I found a DORy tunnel from there to here. HQ of Dansk Standard, which is the Danish standards institute. Feels like hundreds of shapeshifters work there. Also, there is a nearby bldg that has the same vibe.

And, for a true DORy shape-shifter immersion experience, we recommend the CIA-connected Santa Cruz Casino Ship.

(9:25am) More shape-shifters: Ron Barber and Gabrielle Giffords. Yeah, she and her husband are shape-shifters. The attack on her was faked to distract from the hit on that judge.
Time to re-visit Dallasgoldbug. As i said in January, he is often wrong, yet does provide some tidbits of value. On 2nd thought, even with a 1.26 Mbps connection, my browser can't handle his homepage which crashes my computer. But he has pix there of Giffords' crew and the Pima County Sheriff's Office bunch of shape-shifters. I think he was the first person to suggest the attack on her was fake.

(9:40am) Our town is having it's annual Lizard Homecoming event. Every year former area residents who have moved away (many have due to economic reasons; this is one of the poorest counties around) congregate here for a few days. FaCIAbook, Chamber of Commerce. Beauty pageants, rodeos, parade, etc. I suspect this year's undergound events may have been cancelled.
If you are sensitive, you can get a feel for the demographic realities around here.
Anyway, Mordok and i are striving to keep the vibes somewhat clean, with the help of our good green reptilian friends.

(2:35pm) Nice blanket of chem-smear today. I think shapeshifters must feel uncomfortable outside unless they have plenty of chem overhead.

"They" always inform us about how they operate: George Orwell (Wikipedia with pic) was a shapeshifter.
Orwell, Huxley, the Wachowskis, Alex Jones, Jeff Rense... the disclosure of the Protocols of the Elders of Zion must have been deliberate.

(3pm) More bunk from "them": THE ANCIENT ALIENS: Artefacts Reveal Ancient Extraterrestrial Civilizations! Presented by Nassim Haramein and Klaus Dona, both of whom i have fingered recently.
This kitsch was made by the same Mossad team that hammers out the Harry Potter garbage. I think the Jesuits have Mossad do these things in order to make me sound ridiculous when i out them. I went looking for them, and found a whole bunch of DORy U bases and tunnels all around Guadalajara, MX. Like a couple hundred miles around, at least. Who is down there with the freaky vibe? I think some 70% or so are some unusual kind of hybrid i haven't figured out yet. And about 20% are Israelis.

(4:20pm) More shape-shifters: Gary McKinnon, Alex Collier, Benjamin Fulford. Vids here. The quality is not remarkable.
What about Fulford's ninja? Also a rept.
And Collier's "Zenetaen" Andromedans do exist, but it turns out they too are shapeshifting repts. We are culling their 24-chakra souls right now.

(4:45pm) Peter Thiel Is Paying These 20 Entrepreneurs Who Can't Even Drink Yet $100,000 To Drop Out Of College. You have to have a certain genetic background to be eligible, though.

Free Usui Reiki healing from shape-shifters: This is freaky stuff. They had a veneer of intense, wonderful Usui energy but a core of nasty parasitic ET energy. Now we are stirring up the layers to see what happens.

CIA shapeshifter "psychic": Rev. Jeff.

(5pm) The green repts have been blasting DC as well as going up and down the highway corridor SW from there to Dumfries. This is largely to flush up yet more ET bases in the region.

(7:15pm) That Guadalajara Mossad mess? Tunnels run near the west coast all the way to an undersea exit here at the southern tip of S. America.

Kiesha Crowther, also known as "Little Grandmother" began receiving direct teachings from the NSA as a child who spent much time alone with her shape-shifter parents in the wilderness, where she lived with and learned from the programmers, three-legged, winged-ones and swingers. Her young life was marked by many unusual traumatic experiences and intimacies that she did not understand.

I believe this is a ship of our M82 human allies, and this is a ship of our Vicarah allies, containing 7K of them plus 30 animals, maybe ferrets. (Note that i don't get a vibe off most of the videos from this user.)

June 15, '12: (8:15am) Overcast, humid.

Here are some shape-shifters i was asked about some time back but could not find dirt on at the time. Most if not all are CIA:

(9:25am) Another Lizartarian: Gary Johnson.

Turkey arrests 49 military officers for espionage. I think all shape-shifters. But the Izmir Chief Public Prosecutor is also one, as is Erdogan. In fact, Turkey is run by non-satanist shape-shifters. I suspect their case against Israel for attacking the flotilla is just to confuse people. The lizards always publicly pretend to oppose each other, e.g. UN warns Israel over Gaza blockade.
Yet, i think these spy arrestees were genuinely in conflict with the ruling lizards.

Solomon Island ETs: Somebody put me onto this interesting subject. Some links: EXPEDITION TO SOLOMON ISLANDS!!, Soloman's Islands Mysteries. I am just beginning to delve into this stuff.
There is a race of giants called Ramo by the local natives. These seem to be good, and in conflict with those common repts that have snakes but are evil without them. We are clearing these repts from the local underground now.

And there is a small race called Kakamora by the natives, who also seem benign but don't seem to fraternize with the Ramo much, although i think they are allies. I have the impression they are about 3' tall.

Our forces are now in diplomatic discussions with these races. [Update: turns out the Kakamora are more caca. We are culling their souls and killing them physically.]

There used to also be an evil race of repts there that allegedly had ray guns at the end of their tails. I think Antuvozy must already have deleted this species a while back.

(10:15am) CIA shapeshifter: Mohammed Ismail of QW Magazine.

I guess the CIA is indicating that they are ready for disclosure: UFO Lands, Without Clearance, Thursday, June 7th at O’Hare International Airport! Yup, authentic "Made in USA" CIA saucer. Support Amercian industry. Made in OR here. OK, CIA, hopefully my allies will graciously accept your invitation soon.
Watch for it: "UFO Lands, Without Clearance, at Marshall, AR Airport!"

(10:45am) Shape-shifting agent: Israeli wants to renounce citizenship and become Palestinian. The article claims Andre Pshenichnikov "completed his three years of mandatory military service... and even served an additional year and a half as a career soldier." Only problem is, if this were true, he would be obviously MPDed, which it does not feel like he is. He is also not a normal Mossad agent, or again, he would be MPD.

Lizards lock up one of their own: R. Allen Stanford gets 110 years for role in $7B swindle. I think the court systems are there for reptilians to deal with each other. According to their social codes, these gov't courts have authority over them.
Of course, not every time the media reports a shape-shifter being incarcerated, is this really true. But i think this guy scammed too many other lizards.

(12:20pm) Church of the Lizard God.

Another shape-shifter CIA site: Visionary Culture Radio, which promotes mostly, but not exclusively, more shape-shifters such as Compton Rom Bada and Michael Perlin, an associate of Dolores Cannon, which latter is another person people asked me about in the past that i now realize is a shape-shifter. More lizards can be gleaned from this Wikipedia entry.

Also Freud and Carl Jung were shapeshifters. I have known for years that Jung was a MPDed satanist MPDer, and that the Jung Insitute in Zurich is run by satanists and is a place where Mossad, Interpol, NSA, etc. send some of their most qualified recruits to learn advanced MPD tech. There are even many satanist Jung Societies.

How about Martin Luther King? Ever wonder why we have a MLK day and so many US cities have MLK Blvds? Shapeshifter like his Jesuit satanist namesake Martin Luther, and his mentor Paul Tillich.

Pic of shapeshifter convention: Photograph of White House Meeting with Civil Rights Leaders. June 22, 1963.

I think most of the Black Panthers were sincere, but they were infiltrated, e.g. by lizards in Seattle. There is a link for more photos on that page. Something very rotten there. It may be that virtually all Seattle Panthers were CIA repts.

James Madison was a non-satanist shape-shifter. I don't think Jefferson was, though, or else i'm not detecting it yet.

(1:25pm) I noticed Jane Burgermeister has been under very heavy black magic / psi attack from the CIA. We are cleaning her up and nailing perps. So far 180 CIA clone bases.

(8pm) The Most Feared Man In All Of Europe, Alexis Tsipras, is another insider-lizard trotted out for entertainment purposes.

I just realized... Princess Diana, duh! Dodi Fayed. GOSH. International Campaign to Ban Landmines. Say what? Lizards petitioning lizards to stop using land mines? Sounds like a worthy cause.
This gets deep. Read this first post, an Icke book excerpt. Shapeshifting satanist Brian Desborough told Icke to check out Arizona Wilder (who i think is honest). And Diana told a friend all about those dastardly reptilians (the Windsors).
I don't get a rept vibe off Icke, but i think they want all this info out there. If Icke hadn't picked up on it, they would have thrust the hints out more and more.

(8:10pm) The Unitarian Universalist Association is administered by non-satanist shapeshifters. I used to think it was a clean church because there were no satanists at the top. Years ago on their site they had pics of smiling black women who happened to be CIAtanists being inducted into the church, and i presumed they were infiltrating.

June 16, '12: (5:25pm) Real clouds and chem-clouds.

Homecoming parade was this afternoon. I think i have watched every year since 1998, and this was the first that lacked enthusiasm. Not all the people were ETs, of course, but the great majority were. Most of the many beauty pageant kiddies were lizards, all pasted with make-up. There were few smiles. People looked uncomfortable. Possibly because 2 ships of good green repts have been blasting the area, and for the parade they had 5 ships bearing down with positive energy.

A couple more CIA shape-shifters someone asked me about: Courtney Brown remote viewing, and Joe Noonan, "friend" of dolphins. The poor animals in the pic here feel messed up. There are many black magic spells on them and who knows what else. We will try to help them.

(5:45) Oh yeah, i almost forgot... Early this morning i think Ron Paul, Alex Jones, and dozens of other shape-shifters were caught in U base. And Petraeus in another one. If i'm right, we will be seeing clones for these guys in the media soon.

(6:10pm) More non-satanist shape-shifters of note: George McGovern, Stanley Kubric, Arthur C Clarke. (Isaac Asimov is satanist, but i doubt shape-shifter).

Satanist shapeshifters of note: Lewis Carrol (Alice in Wonderland), Shakespeare (whoever he really was), Alexandre Dumas (Three Musketeers), Goscinny & Uderzo (Asterix and Obelix comics), Herge' (Tintin comics), Charles Schultz (Peanuts), Matt Groening (The Simpsons), Allen Ginsburg, Yogi Bhajan.
On the subject of Yogi Bhajan, i stumbled across this (after having for many years dowsed he was a satanist who had sex with dozens of his male and female followers): The Yogi Bhajan Cult: The First Ever Gay (Homosexual) Sikh Wedding In The World. Now, some of my favorite people are gay, but this is not about love. These people on this page are satanist shapeshifters deliberately degrading a legitimate discipline that might make mere Earthlings healthier and more psychic.

(6:25pm) Reading further about Bhajan i see it's more about degrading Sikhism: "This cult was started by Yogi Bhajan who is alleged to have criminal antecedents in India and who was a sleeper asset of Indian Intelligence agencies fighting a strategic war against Sikhism. Yogi Bhajan was an RSS Agent." (Wikipedia on RSS). Apparently the Sikhs are not into kundalini yoga. Bhajan promotes kundalini yoga. In the late '70s i did a few dozen sets of yoga out of the 3HO yoga book, which i still have somewhere. Many times i went to a 3HO place and paid $2 to be guided thru a set in class. The 2 teachers i had were sincere and are still ensouled. I think the yoga is basically good, but the chants hexed. I do not know if the exercises closely follow traditional kundalini yoga.

(6:50pm) CIA shape-shifters: the Truther Girls, Alan Moore.

Protesters beware! They are everywhere. Check out the lizards in this pic from this article. I put red Xs on 6 i spotted.

(7pm) About those dolphins: progress is being made. I sense 24 dolphins that have been packed with deep-core etheric implants. It's taking a lot of work to clear them out.

June 17, '12: (5:10pm) Real and fake clouds, long chem-trails.

Another bizarre CIA site: So empowering. Why so many posturing lizards?

Latest Ron Paul video. I say he feels like a clone now. Don't know what the deal is with Alex Jones though; feels like nothing at all to me, not even a clone. A digital construct?

CIA proprietary: Hudson Ranch. We are presently taking out bases and tunnels under the area, complete with meth labs, MPD ops, and other manufacturing of some sort.
This is reportedly owned by a TX billionaire named Robert Lee Hudson (satanist shapeshifter) who has a mysterious Robert Lee Hudson Foundation for which scant info exists on the net. His GF reportedly is Cristina Salas Porras (pic here with some of her lizard friends). Tunnels and CIA all over this area. I especially feel their vibe at the airport. And along a path from there to the Red Bluff airport, then west to the CIA clone base that was where the green arrow is here. Trucks from the airport stopped next to this CIA house. There is something funny about that field south of it. At least under it. There might be a trap door so that trucks can drive the rest of the way to the base. Over 700K clones in suspended animation were down there.
I suspect nutrient solution was being manufactured under the ranch area.

We have pretty much cleaned up Jane Burgermeister, but the CIA is still constantly attacking her. I got some U bases, and now they are attacking from Langley VA here: 3 shapeshifting CIAtanists in that bldg now, which appears to be part of the creepy The Country Day School.

The dolphins are not doing that well. They still feel messed up bad. Dozens of my astral wives and allies are still working on them.

(5:30pm) Bal has moved to Eureka, CA to get away from the ET pressure in SLC. He got hit hard all the time there. He sure made a difference before he left.
So now he's in Eureka, where only maybe 30-40% of the people are shapeshifters, and so he's still getting nailed all the time. He rents a room in a house with an Earthling housemate, but she has a half-breed friend that comes over and whacks Bal with his tainted music. Then they got a new housemate recently, Tilly, shapeshifting CIA agent. Bal would like for everybody to please fry the #@*%^ out of her.

Nearby is Ferndale, CA, another CIAtanist town. We are clearing the underground.
The Blacksmith Shop is reportedly the popular place to go to buy cocaine, etc.

(6:40pm) Some more seriously DORy CIA locations in Ferndale:Then there are the city mgr & city council.

(9:15pm) Intriguing ethnic reptilian peoples: Caranqui (pic), Siona. Or how about total shapeshifter immersion? Community Tourism in the Galapagos.
Or how about the people of Lutry, Switzerland?

Mayans vary, with some groups having strong rept vibe, e.g. here.

June 18, '12: (1:15pm) Real clouds and chem-smear.

More shape-shifting ethnic groups: Basque people, who have strong vibe but don't seem to be into blood sacrifice that i detect.
Romani, who are all into animal sacrifice. Which brings up the curious case of Django Reinhardt, a 96 with a great vibe. Even Lt Veo can't cull him. How did he incarnate as a Gypsy? He feels sort of like a Pleiadian or Arcturan or something. His soul, i mean. I feel the lizard vibe off the pic. Unusual. And he was born precisely 44 years before i was, to the day.
More: Pangasinan, Selkup, Berber, Galician, Lebanese-Brazilian. Wikipedia says
Between 1884-1933 130,000 Lebanese people immigrated to Brazil. 65% of them were Catholics (Maronite Catholics and Greek Melkite Catholics), 20% were Greek Orthodox and 15% were Muslims (Shia, Sunni and Druze). During the Lebanese Civil War 32,000 Lebanese people immigrated to Brazil.
I think most of these immigrants were shape-shifters.
I think about 1/2 of Druze people are shape-shifters.

(4:15pm) One good place to hunt for shape-shifters is the Peace Corps. There are decent, ensouled people to be found, too, but a great many are shape-shifters, and many of these are satanists as well. Some examples:Article by Henry Makow. The child in the top pic was stuffed with demons; i'll have to scope out Benin... Ewww....

(6:30pm) Norman Bergrun is another shape-shifter. And it looks like there was an agent convention last weekend: Sacufon speaker list. With the exception of Kerry, they are all soulless shape-shifting reptilians.

(8:15pm) Another place to meet shape-shifters: motorcycle races. Seems they've squeezed most everyone else out of the game.

June 19, '12: (7:30am) It looks and feels like it could rain, but wunderground asserts that we have 0% chance for the next 10 days, except for 10% day after tomorrow. Hopefully, just another of their mendacious negative affirmations.

We cleared a bunch of U bases last night in PA & NY, which led to some seemingly trivial surface CIA manifestations:
Touch Tibet Tibetan Terriers and Guiseppes Sunoco in Troy, NY.

More CIA shape-shifters: Anthony D Romero and Susan N Herman of the ACLU.

(8:05am) Been taking out some U stuff under Morocco and the Sahara area. I think the main above-ground CIA bldg in the country might be right here near the Tour Hassan (Hassan tower) and British Embassy; this area is a power spot. I sense dozens of CIA lizards frequenting this bldg.

(8:35am) For French gifters: I sense a residential area in Paris which feels like it has 400+ CIA agents. It is in a 400-meter radius from around this spot.
Many of them have been in the Rabat office. Morocco is a bi-lingual country, being a former colony of France.

(4:35pm) Another nest of shape-shifters: the Future of Freedom Foundation (authors/speakers).
And we have this aptly-titled, nameless "Gov't Slave" next to Jesse Ventura. Jesse still feels clean to me, but that other guy is a CIA lizard.

(5pm) The most demon-infested people i have found so far? Try Ethiopians. They all feel stuffed. We'll try to harvest some of these entities.

(5:20pm) Also, throughout the underground, Ethiopia has black human/rept shapeshifters as well as those repts that have snakes but are evil even without them.

(5:30pm) As usual, the underground shape-shifters back up the surface ones.
Some notable Ethiopian shapeshifters:President Girma and his wife. Azeb Mesfin and her husband.
The Ethiopian Orthodox Church is permeated with black magic.

(7:40pm) CIAtanist "Pomo" casino: Hopland Sho Ka Wa (map). Drug dealing, prostitution.
Most "Pomo Indians" are NGC4414 imposters.

(8pm) There are pix of "Pomo" on that site as well as a couple pix of real Pomo here. Totally different peoples.
Check out this page, which has drawings of Pomo from the late 1800s. These are ETs. They had already done their switcheroo, and probably for some other reason than the pursuit of wealth.
As i said before, i think the NGC4414ers came here in 1812.

The real Pomo were not reptilian, unlike, say, the Paiute.

June 20, '12: (6:25pm) Chem.

"Norwegian" CIA website:
CIAtanist site: Morning Liberty.
CIAtanist shapeshifter: Dana Horochowski, "orgone master".

(7pm) Another entertaining CIA shapeshifting clown: Barbara Espinosa. Thank you, CIA for continually enriching the cultural landscape of this fine country. What a drab and dreary world it would be without your imaginative contributions. Convenient that you have your own proprietary media for this.

I just noticed that some of my epoxy turtles seemed sad. 100 Vicarah have been killed a few miles out from Earth, while defending against an attack by shape-shifters, specifically Alex Collier's "Zenetaen"Andromedans. These are apparently a force to be taken seriously. Now that we are onto them, they have unsheathed their blades.

Also, there are still Nor who have not been de-snaked yet, hiding out in various places and causing trouble.

(7:40pm) Another shape-shifter: Daniel Estulin. Which agency? I suspect he works directly for the Vatican.

June 21, '12:: (7:55am) Chem-smear. 30% rain chance allowed.

Tavistock site: The Spirit Guides. Also their advertisers.

(8:35am) Satanist reptilian CSIS proprietary:, which helpfully refers people to the "proper" practitioners that know your MPD/implanting needs, and are fully equipped with state-of-the-art U bases. Or were.

(4:30pm) CIA shapeshifter: Mancow Muller. Of course most people in the US media are. I mention him only because he is being positioned as somewhat of a maverick.

More lizartarians: Judge Napolitano, and the David Horowitz Freedom Center, with such programs as Jihad Watch. Oh, yeah, Islam is such a threat to freedom. The shape-shifters created Islam so they could have something else to snivel about.

(6:25pm) All 4 of the replacement Beatles were shapeshifters. As i said before, Lennon2 was MPD satanist shape-shifter, and Harrison2 is NGC4414er. But Ringo2 and McCartney2 are also shapeshifters.

More shape-shifters: Steve Quayle, and Stan & Holly Deyo.

(8:55pm) CIA bank: First Southern Bank. There are more locations than listed here. I got onto them from this one in Batesville, AR, which is extremely DORy. Which also has a different logo, but the same CIAtanist vibe.
Tunnel entrances, U bases, money laundering...

June 22, '12: (7:20pm) More shapeshifters: George Ure and Clif High.

Night before last i realized there were loads more NGC4414 bases near me, in areas i had busted, and we had been clearing. Many were obscured so that their exact location was hard to find.
So yesterday i drove 99 miles with my busting hardware; up to Marshall, down 27 to Tilly, back north to Witts Spring, then back by the same route. This was right over the areas that seemed to have the most U bases.
I had the impression we nailed hundreds of thousands of little bases in this area.

Then this morning i noticed wunderground had deleted virtually all rain chances for the next 10 days. No fair! I noticed there were a bunch more of those bases further SW. So this today i drove 266 miles. Hit Russelville and the nuke plant again. Added a bit of Vicarah orgonite to the growing collection there. It occurred to me that nuke cooling towers are probably designed to make the most of the radioactive+satanic energies (the staff always has to be satanist shapeshifters in the US) and broadcast them from the big power spot they invariably sit on.

Well, if you're sensitive, check out the vibe of the cooling tower. It is the sweetest spot around! I don't know for how long, but it is broadcasting positive energy now.
I also did a bunch of areas east and NE of Russelville. Felt NGC4414 U bases everywhere i went.

Curious thing: there seemed to be very few NGC4414ers in Russelville, and for quite a way downwind. And few shapeshifters of other types. And not a lot of satanists.
What now, they are squeamish about fallout? Hey, it's their guys in charge.
They had no qualms about inhabiting the underground, though.

(8pm) What the deal is, is that probably about every nuke cooling tower in the world has a bunch of shape-shifters living under it, channeling evil energies/spells into the tower. And the tower is designed to uptake this input from them.
Now, with the ETs gone from the Arkansas nuke area, the good orgone work my allies and i have been doing to the area is being sucked up and broadcast instead.
My allies are working on the other nuke plants now.

Also for years i have been nailing the nuke via grid-blasters. Part of that good energy is the ongoing grid-blasting from my place.

(8:05pm) Now, 13 shapeshifting satanists here are trying to negate all this positivity. No doubt there will be further attempts.

(9:10pm) Another shapeshifter: Jonathan Turley. Another: Warren Jeffs. So, of course, are the guys who put him away.

More shapeshifters being promoted by Ernest Hancock, CIAtanist reptilian whom i mentioned Feb. 15: John Bush and Catherine Bleish, Dan D'Amico, and Brett Veinotte (the other people at Top-Tier Academic Consulting, LLC are also a bunch of shifters).

Alice Walker is a shapeshifter. Don't buy her anti-Zionist schtick. More manufactured news brought to you by the grand shapeshifter conspiracy.
Another lizard being positioned: Robert M. Bowman. You can even read about him in Wikipedia.
That Bowman article is on a site run by CIA shapeshifter Gillian Grannum. And she promotes Barbara Hand Clow, whom i just had a scaly realization about. And Anne Regurgitate, i mean, Gurchick, who offers intensely concentrated reptile wisdom.
And that Bowman article was supposedly written by a Laura Tyco, New Age CIA lizard.

June 23, '12: (8:45pm) Another shapeshifter people have asked me about in the past that i did not spot:

Vile lizard company: Pediasure. I saw an ad video for them peopled entirely by shapeshifters. A subsidiary of Abott pharmaceuticals.

CIA shapeshifter: Ron Amitron, he of whom Jesus foretold. I always thought it was Loohan he foretold, but, oh, well, whatever.

(9:25pm) Another one: Hollow Earth Network's Colonel Billie Faye Woodard. More disgusting lizards recommended here, including Sheldon Nidle.

June 24, '12: (7:35am) There is a great orgone / chem-busting guy in Slovenia who has been remotely messed up by satanists at Taszár Air Base in Hungary (Wikipedia). This base is heavily into chem-trailing and weather mod. Taking out U bases now.

(8am) A male shapeshifter who resides here has been beaking into Mordok's apt when he is gone and sliming his property with toxic energy, as well as bringing in brown recluse spiders such as this one. These are not ordinary brown recluses, but DORy ones.

Incidentally, Bal in Eureka is also having bizarre brown recluse issues since Ms CIAlizard moved in.

(3:45pm) I think she's here now. In any case, all the houses in that block have that CIAlizard vibe.

I haven't noticed that much chem here the last 3 days. Mostly natural clouds with some chem.

(4:20pm) Yeah! Somebody nailed the bitch: Orly Taitz REPTILIAN HUMANOID devil woman shape shifting. I've been saying for years, she is hard-core illuminati.

(7pm) Interesting-looking site: North American Bigfoot Search. Problem is, they got a couple reptilian infiltrators from the CIA: Harvey Pratt and Richard Hucklebridge. Also i sense another such agent close to Scott Carpenter; a male buddy that works with him.

June 25, '12: (7:40am) 15 year old lizard twins win CNN award for video on Occupy Wall Street. Shapeshifters dishing out the accolades for themselves as usual. "That accomplishment is all the more impressive since when they spoke to CNN they sounded like any inarticulate fifteen year olds." I'm sure they didn't have any help. Aren't they adorable? One of them even has a bit cleavage. Kind of arouses my prurient interest, but i guess that's only natural -- no black magic spells there, of course.

(8:25am) What happens if mere Earthlings try to have a business in Amercia: why, the lizards pull all kinds of weird "legal" crap to put an end to that.
Central Radio's site will not open at this time, which seems a bit odd for the kind of tech business they are in.

Internecine conflicts at the lizartarian Cato Institute. Shapeshifting BOD.

(8:40am) There is some kind of CIA cult here in Annapolis, MO, complete with 34 CIAtanists, U bases, tunnels, and dozens of mind-controlled victims, feels like.

(8:10pm) Shapeshifters at Oxitec are so altruistic that they have provided GMO mosquitos to improve conditions on this planet. Thanks, guys! Feel free to muck about with our ecosystem; i fully trust your wisdom and motives.

Video: Reptilians, Organic Robotoids & Synthetic People: Christina Aguilera. I do not agree that most big-name actors have been cloned and killed (aside from the fact that i had never heard of Aguilera before, nor does she look familiar). But all the women in this vid are clones. I think 3 different ones at least.
So i did a google image search, and, after looking though the first many pages only found one of the real Aguilera. The pic said Maxim. So i did a search for christina aguilera maxim and presto, real Aguileras. One of the pix is of a magazine cover dated March 2007.
I agree that she seems dead now, and i sense at least 5 clones of her.

The same guy has one up about Katy Perry clones. But the real Katy is also still alive, and a reptilian shapeshifter and satanist. The clones are not satanists nor activated as shape-shifters; we see this pattern also with some other clone replacements, such as Panetta's and Janet Napolitano's: no more satanist vibe.

He has out a few more vids like this but i think he gets it wrong on at least 3 on this video, which are not clones.

(8:30pm) I am finding new CIA drought bases in S TX and NE MX. The ones i found are 1200-1400' under the surface and have transmitters as well as CIA clones.
By new i mean they were only put in a week or so ago.

June 26, '12: (8:25am) There are still Nor attacking a few people. I think most Nor are de-snaked and on our side, but there are still some in other galaxies and universes. Do not call on the 4 gray-slaying turtles as they no longer work on grays. They are reprogrammed and will not help with this. If Nor or any grays attack you, jail their snakes. You can ask Lt Veo for help jailing.

The 2 estates near the center here have the strong satanist vibe of many Dutch Royal Navy shapeshifters. There are tunnels. We took out U bases there.
Also a major perp lives here.

And Mordok is still being attacked non-stop by elite Jesuits near the center of this pic of Abell 2218. The formerly "gray-slaying" turtles have also been working on them non-stop for some time.

(8:40am) More bizarre CIA news-creation: ‘Obama Truth Team’ Orders GoDaddy To Shut Down Website. Well, Douglas Hagmann and his group are shape-shifters.
And one site he posts on is the reptilian Canada Free Press.

(9:50am) Another mess of "fiercely independent" shapeshifters: Raiders News nework.

(10:15am) Actually a fairly intelligent post by John Kettler. "Engineered scarcity is a tool of the negative extraterrestrials’ domination and control..." Yeah. The enemy has endless resources for underground logistics, vehicles, supporting fake healers etc. etc. like all the CIAlizards on Kettler's forum. They create scarcity in us by every means possible. In positive worlds, people do not need to spend most of their time just to try to make ends meet. The universe is filled with vast resources and advanced "green" technology.

It might be true what he says about cocaine. Bill's nose is certainly famous.

And Latin! There's an interesting thought. I think this might be true, and would make sense, as Rome/Vatican has been the prime power spot for shape-shifter dominion over Earth.

(1:20pm) I was just perusing this June blog. What a month it's been so far. I noticed that several of the people i fingered have already been killed in U bases. Some have been replaced by clones.
The Kakamora beings of the Soloman Islands and elsewhere, mentioned June 15, turned out to be evil. We are culling their souls and killing them physically wherever we find them. They do not seem to have snake demons.
The sick dolphins i mentioned on the 16th are feeling better from here. There are still 20 healers working on them.
Jane Burgermeister is still under strong CIA attack from U bases. Pulled some more implants. Also there were reptilians under her attacking her.

(7:25pm) I hammered out a page to draw together the disjointed data about shapeshifting reptilians.

June 27, '12: (7:15pm ) Fox Center for Spritual Awareness. Are you spiritually aware enough to discern what sort of life forms we have here?

Shapeshifters start admitting what they put in perfumes: Lady Gag.

Nigerian black magic church in Slovenia. Has U base under it and tunnel entrance going to this DORy house. That whole 2nd neighborhood has vibe of satanist NATO shapeshifters.
And a tunnel goes from that area to this house. It and all other houses for a couple km around also have same NATO vibe.
Then the tunnel goes to here, same vibe.
And thence to this DORy area with same vibe but freakier energy phenomena. Lotta tunnels and bases around there.

Luckily Slovenia also has a few heavy-duty orgone wizards. My correspondent says:
...a temple of Slovenian initiated priesthood of Nigerian ifa/orisha religion....a lot of blood sacrifices - initiated from Abeokuta - babalawo Awodiran, Baba King, and some Iyanifas I've forgot names now. many 'healers' and 'spiritual' people were drawn to this, believing that these are the energies of and my partner, too ...unfortunatlly There is about 100 priests in Slovenia now and have their sacrifice shrines all around Slovenia, more than anywhere in EU.
The Sakudas, etc. had to do some work to clean these 2 people up from this stuff.

June 28, '12: (8:10am) Last night i checked the wunderground forecast. It was for daily highs around 106F (hotter than it has ever been since i got here in '97) with 0% rain chances.
Luckily the nights are cool. Anyway i looked on the map for any clue as to how they are managing to do this stuff. Noticed an off vibe along a section of the Gulf Coast. Eventually figured out it was a big U base 320 miles down! Then the DORy area expanded as we hit this, until soon the entire Gulf Coast area and the Gulf itself was DORy. My impression is, there is a huge area full of big caverns down at that depth, and there were some 5 trillion CIA clones down there. Shapeshifters but not satanists, which is why they evaded detection so long.
Anyway we mopped up those losers and now our side has a cool deep base area.

While this was going on, i was contacted by new allies. They are from Sirius, but are different from any other Sirian races i have encountered. Actually they are 2 different races that work closely together. One is white people that could pass as Earthlings. The others are 8' tall humanoids with elephant faces! They have trunks, big ears, and look like elephants. No tusks, though. These seem real "brainy" and have some kind of superior orgone blasting tech for persecuting evil people on the surface.
These races helped with the Gulf cleanup.

(8:50am) Mid Continent Nail Company in Poplar Bluff is CIA (like so much of that town) and has U bases around it that we are taking out (map). The skinny i heard:
this factory was recently purchased by two mexican citizens who look less like mexicans than frosty the snowman. they got some supermodel type chic as plant was owned by the local wealthy libla family,one of whom is running for the state house.
Doug Libla for Senate, CIAlizard.

(9am) More Lizartarians: Reason magazine.

About that Nigerian church in Slovenia: the actual public church is the next bldg north of the one i linked to. Both bldgs are identified as the church by google maps. The public one is less DORy.

(9:10am) Yeah, Alex Jones clone video. Nice handiwork, CIA.
The cute brunette is also a CIAlizard.

(10:10am) Another CIA business: Hefner Furniture in Poplar Bluff and Farmington, MO. U bases both places.

Especially under Farmington. I think all those businesses listed on the left side of the map are CIA. Even the H&R Block franchise (H&R Block is an NSA co). Shapeshifters abound. DORy tunnels and U bases under the whole town and continuing east past Hawn State Park.

(10:40am) CIA in the Leslie, AR, area. I am getting fed up with the increasing buildup around here, and will be outing the more glaring ones henceforth. Although, in a way, i appreciate their audacity in setting up shop right where i can easily bust the crap out of them.
  • The Searcy County Judge and the 2 wenches that goof off with him in his Marshall office were CIA NGC4414ers until a few weeks ago when they were terminated by the Alah-kur and replaced with clones. Now they are CIAlizard clones. Now [the judge] is running for "re"-election, just like "Obama".
  • The Drop Zone in Leslie is a NGC4414 CIA music venue promoting NGC4414 musicians (FaCIAbook). Some of the associated CIAlizards are also satanists, e.g. Sandra Womack Chidester and Kool Breeze.
  • And now they put in a Zoo Church just a few miles south. There is still a pic of the CIAtanist lizard Pastor Rick Montgomery (as well as a few other juicy shapeshifters) at an outdated page of a previous post he had.
(3:15pm) Hmmm, nazis in the forefront of gay lib: shapeshifting USAF dude Gordon Tanner and the Pentagon's first Gay Pride event.

Something else i realized: all transvestites might be shape-shifters. I couldn't find any other kind doing an image search. A lot of them are filipino. But i don't get that there is a higher percentage of shape-shifters in the Philippines than, say, Americans. Less so, if anything. Maybe they are of a type of reptilian that is more prone to transvestism.
Anybody know of any non-rept transvestites?
[Update Nov. '12: it appears that it may just be an idiosyncracy of google that it returns only pix of shapeshifting transvestites.]

June 29, '12: (8:25am) "Disable the purveyors": Is US secretly liquidating dissidents?. What is wrong with this story? A few little things:
  • The author, Dr. Kevin Barrett, is a CIA shapeshifter.
  • Carter is a shapeshifting top level Scottish Rite satanist.
  • The first "victim" mentioned is Jim Fetzer, satanist CIAlizard.
  • The 2nd victim mentioned, Barry Jennings, is a CIA shapeshifter. Or was. He was just alive in a U base in UT here.
  • The 3rd victim mentioned, Dr. David Graham, is another CIAlizard. He too was just alive in a U base; here in CO. (There are also CIAlizards posting comments on the Graham article).
  • Sander Hicks is another CIAlizard.
  • Mike Ruppert is another CIAlizard.
  • Ditto Byron Belitsos.
  • Same with Justin Raimondo of
  • Ditto David Ray Griffin
  • Ditto Dr. Bob Bowman
  • Lynn Margulis was an NSA shapeshifter. I do think she is dead, though.
  • Steven Jones, CIAlizard.
  • Richard Gage, yet another.
The article is pure CIA contrived bunk, except perhaps for the statements about weapons made by Maj. Rokke. Not one real victim was mentioned.
The CIA, Mossad, NSA, etc. did 9/11, then immediately cornered the market on the "truth movement".

(8:30am) More creepy reptile churches: First Spiritualist Church of Willimantic in CT, and First Spiritualist Church of Springfield, MA.

(10:45am) As we continue to fry the previously-cloaked shapeshifters, my own discernment is sharpening. I just realized that a couple guys i checked just a few days ago are shapeshifters after all: Hugo Weaving and, gasp, David Icke. Lt Veo just culled them.
Check out at least this last part of a video called Reptilians in The Matrix Movie 1080p HD BluRay.

I had been growing increasingly suspicious of Icke lately, but he felt clean and seems so sane and likable. Many times i have been reading some of his material, and been struck by how parallel our thought processes are.

Years ago i read where Matthew Delooze points out that Icke follows the same pattern as illuminati rock stars, etc. insofar as instigating large gatherings of people in venues designed by "the serpent cult" to vamp energies off the public and mind-control them.
And lately i've been seeing this on Icke's site daily: Join the Great Gathering of Consciousness - Wembley Arena 2012 which says
'You can dam a stream and you can dam a river, but you can't dam a tidal wave.' - David Icke
Exactly the sort of Jesuit newage pap that a realistic misanthrope like myself gags at. There will be no mass awakening with all of us proletariat holding hands and ascending into the Golden Age together, sorry.

Hmmm, well what about Matthew Delooze, who has supplied so much enlightening info? Oh gosh, i'm afraid he's another one.

And what about that lovable Credo Mutwa? He was real cloaked, but Lt. Veo culled his soul, and now he feels like a DORy lizard too.

So the repts gave us pretty much all the inside info about how they work. They gave us the internet and computers; forums, email, google maps. They got us started on orgonite and chem-busting, and provided us with all the tools necessary to kick their ass, but at the same time totally stacked the deck against us.

For me, defeating the dark side has largely been a matter of seeking out and exploiting their Achille's heels.
I still don't comprehend the game being played, but i figure we might as well get results. I don't like DOR, war, rape, torture, pollution, etc.

(11:10AM) Aaargh, and even Jordan Maxwell, who seemed clean just a couple days ago. Now culled, the lizard. He was pretty forthright about the Vatican.
And Jon Phelps told much truth about the Vatican, but tempered it with the false apparent belief that Luther and Calvin were not themselves Jesuit shapeshifters. Still, i was convinced that he meant well.

(12:40pm) More Camelot interviewees who turn out to be lizards: Dane Tops, Dutchsinse!, Janis Sharp, Jim Marrs, John Roble.

Dutchsinse!!??! But what about that friend of his that allegedly got shot? On Aug. 14, '11 i wrote:
Dutchsinse's best friend got shot yesterday. 2 guys in a Hummer with an AK-47. One got caught, supposedly.
I didn't know about this until a reader wrote me about it, because i did not receive a notification like i usually do when Dutch posts. It's on his blog.

Oddly i haven't gotten a vibe off this situation yet. But Gina and 39 of my other girls, plus a few other healer friends are working on this guy in critical condition that caught 5 bullets.

(4:55pm) Didn't get satanic vibe off the perps, but i tried blasting the 1 that got away until he showed up. I think that's him here.
Another guy connected with this lives here. He does not seem their boss, but maybe an NSAtanist who hired them? I get the impression he knows the perps and works with them in some criminal enterprise.
I can't find a name for this alleged victim, but he is a soulless shape-shifter i am blasting. He must have been genuinely injured, or my wives would not have worked their asses off trying to help him.
And those DORy characters are still at those links i gave. Were these guys actually involved in this shooting, or are they unrelated to this? As far as i can tell, the guy was shot, and these guys were involved.
The victim's wife, as well as Dutch's, are also shapeshifters.

Why would the NSA do this? Was one of these guys getting way out of line?
(For that matter, why was Art Bell's MPD son allegedly kidnaped by a HIV+ substitute teacher years ago? Not that i can find any mention of the teacher's name, nor can i get a vibe off him, which is odd as most schoolteachers are shapeshifters.)

I found a debunking vid about Dutchsinse, REALIST NEWS - Dutchsinse Haarp Rings are airport weather radar. I have only watched the first half. The guy is ensouled and seems human.
Just a couple days ago i mourned to Mordok that our allies have never been willing or able to do anything to "those transmitters Dutch talks about". If there were transmitters in those locations, why weren't we disabling them? It made me wonder whether everything we think we are doing is spoof, when real-world, photographically pinpointed transmitters can't be neutralized, but ones we can only feel seemingly can.

(2:10pm) Psychic lizard author: Betty Shine.

And in Mongagua, Sao Paolo, Brazil is a big temple of Nigerian black magic that does all sorts of initiations and serves as a Mecca for followers who come from places like Slovenia.

(4:10pm) Inexplicably strong DOR: CIAtanist lizard witch lives here in Fortuna, CA.

"Reporter" Jim Stone, CIAlizard.
John Kenneth Hutchison and his friends are shapeshifters.
Nexus Magazine. Jeane Manning. On and on.

(7:15pm) Shapeshifter Shatner drops pants at L.A. airport. I think they do it on purpose to thrill us.

Strangely, i have not poured resin in a couple months. Instead i have been re-arranging the stuff i have, and The Committee has been reprogramming stuff. Recently they reprogrammed these 2 units that are joined by cords, which i made 4 years ago. These are now incredibly potent; so much so that the whole Earth feels DORy now from the nasty energy they have stirred up.
Also found a layer of DOR floating about 13K feet above the surface of the Earth, which we are in the process of removing. Might be related to this heat wave / drought.

(7:25pm) Looking at a pic like this, i feel real strong bad energy extending well past a full Earth-diameter outward from the surface. No worries; this is just stuff that was already stored in the Earth that is being purged.
BTW the main emphasis in the reprogramming is anti-shapeshifter. These are negative energies associated with shapeshifters.

June 30, '12: (5:05pm) All that energy activity was making me a bit achey and queasy, i don't know about you. But the energy was much improved by morning, and it has cleaned up more since. The Earth feels pretty intense, though. And shapeshifters feel more obviously nasty. I just saw an ad with Michelle Obama, and her face just radiates evil.

There are now 3.7 million good ET allies in those deep Gulf of MX caverns. Over 2 million of these are the elephant people. And more keep arriving.
Just 'cause Planet Earth is such a groovy place to be right now.

(6:45pm) Hot Saturday night in Leslie. A lizard band is slated to play at the Drop Zone. Our allies are already reaming the joint from above, and i also just found several buildings around town where satanist ETs were gathering to do dogs and cats. We liberate the animals' souls, which renders them worthless for ritual.
And i take note of the locations, and make a point of cruising by harmlessly at my leisure.

I also found 2 CIAlizards living in a single-wide near me. I get they've been there maybe a month.