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Loohan's blog for June, 2013
June 1, '13: (6:50pm) And last night in the wee hours, i was again woken by thunder and lightning. Got another full inch.
It only got to maybe 80 briefly yesterday, and now it is in the 60s and overcast. And the forecast for the forseeable future is more mild days and cool nights. What a relief after the last 2 scorching summers. 40% rain chance tonight.

Unfortunately that sudden 5" rain the other night washed away the used book store of a friend of mine. She was renting the bldg (which washed some distance away) but had 20,000 used books which all went into the river. Most were paperbacks, but some were valuable old books.

Real cool UFO vid: A spaceship behind a cloud, morphing to two balls of light then descending.... Really unique. Thor'p says these are Thelians, which feels correct. He eloquently elaborates:
Well, my impression is they want a piece of the CIA, and that's who they beamed down after, and they have nailed a bunch more since.

(7:40pm) Ah, let us scope out this Bilderberg Fringe Festival thingie.
"Confirmed speakers so far are David Icke and Alex Jones. Many more coming soon!" Uh, sounds promising. In a post below that, Sarah the NSAlizard suggests (? or declares?) a nice list of more lizards.

Let's scope out the musicians. LA Shark is a bunch of lizards. Jamie Reynolds is one. The others seem OK.

No mention of who is sponsoring this.
Also Watford authorities have denied our Temporary Event Notice application to hold the event at Cassiobury Park. Oh, my, that's too bad. But somehow i have a feeling it will take place somewhere nearby if not there. The Watford lizards can only do so much to stop it.

June 2, '13: (7:45pm) Well blow me down, BILDERBERG FRINGE AT GROVE HOTEL! And lookee, more speakers: journalists Charlie Skelton and Tony Gosling, Dan Dicks (Press For Truth), Luke Rudkowski (We Are Change) and Jurriaan Maessen. Carefully vetted for authenticity, i see! If they can't make it, i'm sure their clones will, ha-ha.
Leapin' lizards! Think i'll hop on the next plane.

And, David Icke To Launch Revolutionary TV and Radio Station. Things are really happening now.

Younger brother of Michael Adebolajo 'was paid thousands to spy in Middle East', the MSM admits. Was it meant to come out all along? Musta been.

We had heavy chem this morning with spray-drones over town. Less bad in afternoon. Cool weather.

Oh yeah, them Thelians: apparently they have a running grudge against CIA (or whatever you want to call this offworld group is that largely composes our CIA) and consider it their right to squish them wherever they please. They haven't messed with anyone else here except underground CIA.
In fact i toss them a bone occasionally.

I turned my wands toward Alabama for a while, and revealed a large NSA base in Mississippi. Then i turned them around the opposite way and found that most of northern Nevada had lots more CIA underground.

June 3, '13: (7:40am) Very cool out, clear sky, except for some very low, very faded, morphy, shrinky, chem-clouds passing over rapidly.

A warning to shapeshifting tyrants who wish to be euthanized. I have stated before that all you have to do is send a pulse to Lt VEO saying "yoo-hoo, here i am, underground". You do not need to brutalize ensouled people in off-the-wall ways.
The Federal Way police has 153 employees, at least 130 of whom are shapeshifting pedophiles. Many of these will be dead within 48 hours, per their wishes. They will probably be humanely euthanized. Get the clones ready.

But this is a warning from the Alah-kur:
In the future, those who engage in gratuitously violent tyranny anywhere on Earth toward the ensouled may not be treated so kindly.

(11:20) Worse chem-clouds, and hybrid clouds.

French Hoax : Zionists Attempt to Duplicate London’s Dirty Job. Again, the alleged perp (there may be more than 1 actor there) as well as the military and police, are soulless Earthlings. I think it's because of me that they increasingly use non-reptilians in their false flags. Years ago it used to be so easy; if some alleged Palestinian blew up some random Israeli citizens, the bomber would have a LOUD MPD vibe that survived the blast. And Satanists were used for most black ops, forum trolling, etc.
Then i started pointing this stuff out, and they got more discreet. Used mainly non-satanist shapeshifters. Then i became able to spot these, so they used artificial people (Sandy Hook), and now regular human actors. At least i think they are humans.

And you, too, can contribute to David Icke's new station. And who is Indiegogo? Meet the Team. Pack of lizards.

(3:15pm) After the Boston Marathon event, i noted that most of the injured were ensouled, and the 3 dead people were not. Let's re-visit Boston...

First off, i had not seen any mention anywhere, in my superficial reading, of who supposedly got killed there.
So now, doing a search, the first page i find is NYT 's Two Groups in Grief Refuse to Stand Still. And the first thing i notice there is the shapeshifting brunette with her back to us. Her jacket says Boston Athletic Association; who is she, and why was she there? Or i should say who was she. She was in a U base as i opened the page; CIA.
Then the article mentions a The One Fund "charity set up to aid victims of the attack", set up, of course, by a bunch of shapeshifters.

Then it mentions a boy named Martin Richards. Looking at his pic, i get a weird, dirty vibe. Looking at the pic lower down of the family, only the boy has the weird vibe. His mother does feel ensouled. There is another pic of her, right after the bombing, at the bottom of this page.
Why does the boy have this vibe? He does feel blank, dead. There is no soul. Is the vibe from where the body is buried? There are several articles saying he was buried, but i could find no mention of where.
OK, so unless i'm really being faked out, so far it appears these people are real, the mother ensouled, the boy dead.

Another article: Boston Marathon Fatalities Include a Boy, a Woman and a BU Grad Student. But it only names the boy and Krystle Campbell, 29 who does feel like a deceased soulless Earthling. No unusual vibe about her.

3rd Boston fatality is Lu Lingzi of China. She seems to be an ordinary soulless human, deceased. A bit of an off vibe, too though. Where she is buried? I can find no mention whether she was buried, cremated, or what.

Cemeteries can be freaky places, but i checked the Boston area cemeteries and none had too weird a vibe.

To me, these 3 people do feel genuinely dead.

All right, let's visit some more of the high-profile victims.
Adrianne Haslet-Davis and her husband feel like ordinary soulless Earthlings. If there's anything else going on there, i'm mising it. On the other hand, why does she look like it's the happiest day of her life in these pix? Why does she not seem traumatized, somber, doped on morphine? Dunno... am i missing something?

What about Jeff Bauman? Is this guy unreal or what? Yet, to me he still feels ensouled, as does his GF, and Carlos Arredondo. A week or 2 ago he felt slimed because of the company he keeps; CIA handlers (2 have died since) who presumably set him up at all these lizard spectator venues.
My impression is these 3 people are naive chumps being co-opted for PR. Unless, of course, i am really missing stuff. There is something odd about the Marathon scenario with him.

Heather Abbott has no soul.
Celeste and Sydney Corcoran are ensouled.
Paul and J.P Norden (first i've seen or heard of these lizards) are CIA shapeshifters! As is their Dr. Ross Zafonte.
Erika Brannock is not a shapeshifter, but has CIA vibe! Same with her sister's husband, Michael Gross. And his wife is the blonde we've all seen pix of.
His wife was ensouled when i first saw her pic after the event! Then after a bunch of soul culling occurred late last month, i noticed she had lost her soul.
What i think happened: her sister was recruited by CIA long ago. Her husband was sent in to woo and marry her. Together they persuaded her to partake in this thing.
Here's a pic of husband and wife. What an obvious agent this guy is. I have never seen a shirt with such a LOUD ribbon thing. Put on for the photo op. Support our troops who are fighting Muslim extremism to save us from hordes of djellabah-clad maniacal bomb-throwers.
More Proof that Erika Brannock and Nicole Gross are Fakes.

(3:35pm) I think that base being nailed in the Thelian vid was here. Feels like it was huge. 3 miles or so down.

June 4, '13: (10:50am) Yesterday even more CIA flared up around Lagos, so i sent in the Thelians, who have done some great scrubbing there.

Also, a guy i've been helping in Queens (Targeted Individual, intense CIA stalking, V2K, etc.) in self-defense yesterday stirred up some woo-woo Montauky CIA crap in east Long Island. I sent in the Thelians again and they are still cleaning up some dregs there. Feels like it was important stuff.
Later i noticed that galaxy M82 is all stirred up with Thelians fighting some shapeshifters that feel like CIA assets.
M82 is the galaxy which has 3 planets of our allies -- the Ta'l foothold in our universe. I have past lives there. I have M82 wives, and a few of my other wives have incarnated there in recent years.

Also i got a vibe off this wheel UFO which traces to the larger galaxy in this pic (don't know its name). They feel like more badass good guys of some sort.

(8:35pm) The cool weather continues to astound. It was 70 F this afternoon in the shade by my cabin. Of course this was partly due to overcast.
Have also had chem-clouds and spray drones.

More of those wheel UFO guys are out in Abell 2218 now. Also, Thelians.

The Thelians [oops, i meant the wheel guys] now have a real friendly vibe to me. They are from the center of here, between M81 and M82.

June 5, '13: (9:50pm) Here's another demon jailer i've been working on for a couple months, taping stuff together. No doubt it will grow some more.

It is a public-use jailer, designed for people to access who need some help jailing astral yuck.

Sometimes even people who jail a lot will run into real tough demons they can't jail. This thing might help.
Also sometimes a very large quantity of demons will attack a person.

You can just mentally connect whatever negative astral stuff you observe to the device. Or you can print out pix of it and pretend they are radionics target plates. That is, write "whatever's haunting this house" or "the demon i dreamt about last night" or the name of your cat who is being attacked, or whatever it is, on a piece of paper. Put the paper face down on the face of the pic.

Note that this is for astral stuff. Most demons these days are sent by physical beings, and this device will not address them. It will hopefully alert Lt Veo to physical beings.
It also should jail a variety of negative astral machinery and constructs.
It will continue to improve for some time.

Note also that for removing large quanitities of crude etheric implants that people are often stuffed with by CIA etc., it helps to imagine the person or afflicted body parts as being submerged in the large jailer here. The taped device may not work well for that.

June 6, '13: (8:50am) MI clone alert: Gerard Bini, proponent of "Orgonium".

Ah, let me tell you about old GerardfromAU, the handle he used to post under.
He was indeed around in the early days of Croft orgonite. He was a bright guy. I never spotted agents back then.

He developed the "scarab ring", a type of copper-wire finger ring based on the scarab coil (which i think someone else invented), and sold these to people to blast with.

In Spring of '05 he was telling others on forums that i was an agent. After Al Gray stood up for me he sort of halfway recanted in a rancid way, but i still didn't suspect him.

But that same summer i became able to spot satanists. And he was one. His rings, reportedly effective as weapons against chem, etc., were packed with DORy black magic that would taint the user. He had MI connections.

One of the 2 most horrible energies i have ever been hit with was from his rings. We had some energy battles. He also supplied some MI blokes in UK with his rings, which they used against me. Eventually i killed his soul, and after that he no longer attacked me. And though he continued to do black magic against others, he never could reduplicate the ring program after that. We cleared all rings made by him. Later i realized he had other versions of himself on other timelines (one may have attacked me). I killed them too, soul-wise. He must have been a 96.

The September 21, '08 "death-ray program" mentioned in OTB 27c is the same pgm he put in his scarab rings, but modified so that it can only be used against evil beings. Still a useful program. 5 of my new wands have some of it. 7 of my big turtles. Freckles. Lt Veo. Etc. Actually it can be sent with the mind alone; i just realized i have been doing that for years.

He had a satanist wife and 3 DORy as hell satanist kids i could feel.
Sometime last year these shapeshifters were killed in a U base. Now they are replaced by non-satanist clones. The "Kill Clone" program described in OTB 27e lights them up good. Blast them enough and they will probably go underground to get killed, and be replaced by fresh ones in need of blasting.

The orgonium products feel wimpy, and his orgone theories are BS.

(2:10pm) There is an instant attunement available from The Committee to enable one to mentally send the death-ray pgm, but actually even that is probably unnecessary. You can probably just tap into the thought-form of the pgm and visualize a toxic stream of red & black energy going from you to the target.

UFO video of 20 of our elephant-headed friends (mentioned June 28 last year) over the Bilderberg Festival, which is going on now. Some good footage at 6:00.
Clones inside the hotel, and more clones outside in the Fringe. The death-ray pgm is good against shapeshifter clones, too.

(6:10pm) Yesterday morning i aimed my wands toward Tucson/Phoenix/San Diego, as some weather was headed this way from there. But it went a bit south, apparently.
Here it says that Phoenix "Could reach 110 or higher Thursday, Friday or Saturday for the first time in 2013".

(7:30pm) Wunderground says it's 108 in Phoenix now, 111 tomorrow. Tucson 104 now, high of 108 for each of the next 5 days. Still blasting that direction.
Still cool here, and not predicted to exceed 88 for the next 10 days.

June 7, '13: (8:50pm) Another nice pleasant day. Many hybrid clouds.

Ben Fellows appears to be another soulless Earthling MI agent. His wife too.

When he disappeared i had the impression he was in a U base here with 50 MI lizards. Wasn't sure if he was a prisoner. Didn't detect any duress, but we held off.

Later i heard he had reappeared, and then it felt like the base was empty; taken out by Ta'l.

A reader pointed out that there appears to be no info on the web about his alleged acting career. Check it out. I've found no evidence that he was a professional actor at any time.
I had never heard of him [Update: wrongo! I mentioned he was a SSer back in Oct 2012, which is correct. He has been replaced by a clone, as has his wife.], but presumed he must be known in the UK.

So this is really weird. Did MI create this fictitious character knowing full well that people would eventually it figure out?
If anyone finds any evidence he ever was in a TV show or movie, let me know.

June 8, '13: (6:10am) The guy who alerted me to this has found some evidence that Fellows was indeed an actor, director, and writer here. [But still no evidence he was ever a child actor.]

(6:25pm) Another mildly warm day. Chemtrails.

Last night i read some more on Franz Erdl's site. He's talking about Mega-Bigheads and Giga-Bigheads around middle of this page.
We've been jailing them since; 200-300 per second. There seems to be a major hive of Mega and Giga near the center of here.
I think the evil-goddess "boss" demons are senior to these, too.

(8pm) UFO Near Rome Italy Seen On June 3, 2013, Two Orbs. Who are these guys? I think humans about our size. They are from a planet around the star in the center of this pic. They have a really good, strong vibe and don't like the Catholic Church.

June 9, '13: (7:20pm) Another cool day. Had a brief shower late afternoon: 1/10".

Another UFO: UFO With S-Shaped Fin Photographed Over Netherlands Castle, May 25, 2013.
And who are the ETs? They are the guys i mentioned last Nov. 6:
"Then a thought came to me that i have a resource i haven't been using; some powerful friends from ages ago that i'd forgotten about. It's vaguely coming back to me. Humans in the Adhara area."

(9:25pm) Yesterday Bal marked something he felt the evil females were subordinate to. It turned out to be 5 males of the same species as those females. I bagged them and have been bagging more males. It is unclear what the function of the other males is. They do not appear to be leaders or warriors.
Now i'm getting these astral, crew-cut, average-looking white guys showing up in my space, going "duh" before they get sucked to jail.

(9:40pm) Wow, anytime i read about a "whistle-blower who is gaining instant cult status on social media" i go, not this shit again. Anyway, i do not get a reptilian or satanist vibe off this soulless "former" CIA employee Edward Snowden, but... [Update: he was a SSer of the variety we developed a program against on the 12th: the June2013B Program. So is his clone.]

June 10, '13: (6:45am) Ah, and then they blow us away with yet another highly original "overheard" gambit: Intelligence officials overheard joking about how NSA leaker should be 'disappeared'. They don't even bother having their clones actually discuss it in public; they merely have an NSAlizard tweet it.

Another absurd lizard project: One Million Bones.

All this garbage is then shoved into the forefront of people's minds by the media. People watch the news, mostly totally contrived skits of gov't clones play-acting about scandals, etc. and they think they are informed about the state of the world.

(8:35am) (Eyes raised heavenward:) Top Egyptian politicians were left red-faced after they were caught on live TV hatching plots. (Yawn.) Shapeshifting CIA Morsi aide apologises for live TV mix-up. Quite an outbreak of overheards lately.

Another CIAlizard: Freedom-Seeker P J Ardles. His response to a CIA shill post: "It feels amazing to get comments like yours!"

And another: Benghazi mom Pat Smith.

(11:20am) Sunny and clear now. Some chem-puffs earlier.

Gitmo: see the guy in the pic here that has his fingers on the ground? He is a soulless pedophile CIA actor. The CIA provides him with prepubescent girls on a frequent basis. He has raped many dozens of little girls.

Worse Than GMO?: Urgent Action Needed! What is interesting about this?
  • The author is a CIAlizard.
  • The ETC Group are CIAlizards.
  • Genome Compiler management is composed of shapeshifters.
  • Right now there are 5 CIAlizards giving enthused testimonials on the Kickstarter site about this project.
  • The management of Kickstarter (left column here) is composed of soulless Earthlings.
  • CIA/ETC has a Kickstopper project on the CIA site indiegogo. (Vandana Shiva seems to be ensouled.) So if you don't want to contribute $$ to their Synthetic Biology project, you can contribute to their in-house antithesis.

(12:35pm) Bal on the road: Bal has been sending me hundreds of little cell-phone pix of stalker vehicles: mostly cars and trucks (and he says he's only sending me a small fraction of them) but also some choppers, planes. Some of them reportedly have license plates like PRAY BAL, MI3, 666, etc. There actually were several MI3 cars a few days ago, and often there are many NSA vehicles. Most are CIA.
This pic shows a CIA RV under lovely skies. Bal says
"Waited for 2 days to pick up my next load in the Walmart parking lot and they were there for a day and a half of that. Grand Island, Nebraska."

(7:30pm) Only a few faint little chem-puffs this afternoon. Warm. Actually ran the A/C for several minutes.

Terrific news. This Internet provider pledges to put your privacy first. Always. And we know NSAlizards are impeccably true to their word. Calyx BOD.

Nasty CIAtanist lizard: musician Jon Gee. And most of his depicted fans are also CIAlizards.
When i went to check him out this morning i got slammed from ~80K U bases.

June 11, '13: (8am) Still clear out. It didn't cool off quite as much last night as usual. And today is supposed to get to 93, tomorrow 97, then cooler again.

More about this Ben Fellows stuff. He is also teamed up with a Bill Maloney who puts on a good show but also has no soul.

Fellows is also putting out juicy thruthful info: Is Tom Cruise a Gay Paedophile?.
Of course, i really doubt "that Cruise's ex wife, the actress Nicole Kidman was afraid to leave Tom alone with their adopted son, Connor." She had sex with the boy countless times herself; what are kids for?
"Other big names mentioned in the article are Johnny Depp, Nicolas Cage and Colin Farell." Right on.

Well, the info is truthful insofar as he is fingering real peophiles and telling general truths about Hollywood. But was he really there? Although there is evidence he was an adult actor, so far i haven't seen any showing he was ever a child actor.

(11:50am) A reader sent me this pic he captured from a Bill Maloney video. I blew up and inserted a copy of his right eye.
I doubt this is a trick of lighting.
But i still can't get the reptilian vibe off this guy, nor Ben Fellows and his wife. Evidently there are still some shapeshifters whose vibe i can't detect.
One thing about these 3 is that all felt like ensouled people. Until i checked for higher selves, and got only a hollow feeling where these should be. Once i spotted that, for some reason they started feeling like ordinary soulless Earthlings.

Question is, how many of these stealth lizards are walking around? How many of these agents i thought were Earthlings are really still cloaked shapeshifters? And how many everyday people do i not suspect? (Paranoia sets in; teeth commence chattering.)

The way to address this is to hopefully find some program to light up the rept vibe in Maloney and his ilk... we'll work on that.

BTW the Boston Marathon victims that i said were still ensouled do feel like they have higher selves.

(3:15pm) Yep, summer's here at last.

And more gripping drama: Breaking: Edward Snowden Vanishes From His Hong Kong Hotel Room. OMG!
So duh, they hide him in a U base here with 43 CIAlizards.

Now he is deceased, and they will bring in the clones. I doubt his shapeshifting GF will care.

(4:50pm) Aha! Programming is ongoing as i post this. There is a program to make them show up. It only goes into silicon (not to be confused with silica nor silicone). It happens that years ago i bought several silicon disks at a good price. One side is dull and the other mirror-like. The one in this pic was cast in epoxy.

The pgm isn't finalised yet, but already Maloney-baloney is getting a vibe to him. Likewise Ben Fellows & wife, Erika Brannock, and Michael & Nicole Gross.

Like i say, i do have several more of these disks i can place under HHGs, etc. later when they get programmed. Orgone helps power the pgm.

(4:55pm) Amazing. I think this is a separate strain of shapeshifter, and their home base is right in the center of this pic of Abell 2218!
I wonder if they were especially bred to mute their reptilian vibes.

(7:55pm) Well i found one other such disk so far anyway, and have been jazzing it up with metallic tape. As i was working on it, i could feel a bunch of these lizards being de-cloaked around Conway. When i looked on the map, i see it is this area around Mayflower that has thousands of them underground.

The drones have been spraying like mad around here this afternoon. They can't get fresh trails to stick overhead, but older stuff, largely in segments, has been blowing over from upwind.

June 12, '13: (6:15pm) Clear sky. Got into low 90s.

All right, i'm pissed. Now realize all those Boston Marathon "heroes" and oodles of assisting personnel, are all a bunch of ETs or something after all. Ensouled my ass. Somehow they've been faking me out, but they're going down.
All these effing pieces of excrement now have the same kind of "off" vibe, because i've been blasting them with a small item i made in '09. This item is the only thing in my entire arsenal that they react to. But it's only semi-adequate.
The good news is that The Committee came up with a program that should attack them strongly. I just poured 24 oz of epoxy. 24 fluid ounces of resin requires a rounded tsp of fine aluminum powder. At this time, at least. Shavings won't do for this one. Any shape or size of mold.

June 13, '13: (1:30pm) It started out clear this morning but then the drones sprayed it up for a while. Now it's just "morphy" chemclouds.

Who's in charge of the chicken coop? Edmonton, Canada's ALERT Internet Child Exploitation (ICE) unit is part of the all-pedophile ALERT.
Anonymous YouTube Video Outs Edmonton Men Trying To Lure Underage Girls.

Ben Fellows is dead. Knowing full well that i could locate him, MI chose to send him down here in the company of 3 other shapeshifters. He's been replaced already.

(3:20pm) Sez here, The Amish Don't Get Autism? And They Don't Get Vaccinations -- Possible Link?

OK, i think i traced the predominant Boston Marathon shapeshifter strain to 5 planets located in the center of this pic. Their homeland is way behind Ursa Major; about 1.5X as far from us as Ursa Major is.
I think almost all the people in that page i linked this morning (except for those other prom girls in bottom pic) are of this strain. But how could they have kept the normal people out of that area???

(3:40pm) Now that we've given them a vibe, i had a hunch some of these types are into athletic stuff like surfing. I think this is one in the pic here. Also the 3 males here. That article has a link to their names. And this girl.
Also found a couple tennis chicks: Maria Sharapova, and whoever this is.
I'm now getting good energy kickback when i find these. I got the new formula pieces i made all jazzed up. Plus it feels like at least 5 other people have already cast this stuff.

(5pm) I sense that at least 280 of this type of ET work for the NSA, mostly at Ft. Meade.
Also 5K at least live in Orange County, especially around here.
Also finding some sizable U bases. So far only in the US.

June 14, '13: (12:20pm) Light, hazy chem-clouds.

"I don't need consent" is what shapeshifting pedophile Councilwoman Maria Quinones-Sanchez of Philadelphia said about the seizure of property she is pushing. Property owned by Earthlings, some of them ensouled .
Such a bold declaration. They don't need our consent to rip us off, it is true. Unless they wish to avoid the repercussions from our allies, which they obviously do not.

Northern Ireland locked down for G8 summit. G8 happening June 17-18 (map).

(1:35pm) Another shapeshifter of the strain discovered yesterday: British actress Camilla Luddington.

And this morning another of my big turtles was born! (turtle pic)
I hadn't made one of these in over a year. This is my 15th turtle of this size.
He's got PRG, July2012, Artemisia tridentata, and Strontium-Barium programs in him. He's got kyanite spears and blue quartz. He's got glitter flakes galore. He's baad. He's been busy chomping on Elite Jezzootwits in Abell 2218.

(2:25pm) Search Is On For Getaway Driver in NYC. The getaway driver pictured is a serial rapist who has killed several women. Thus he has a strong bad vibe. He was driving when i first looked him up. Just now he parked on the east side of this apt complex and went inside. I think he is under the arrow, 1st floor.

June 15, '13: () He did go out briefly yesterday later, but generally he seems to be laying low indoors.

Had a lot of chem today, often rippled by Elites in Abell 2218. Some very long trails were laid over town.

Some scary lizards: World Without Genocide. There's a link to the BOD too.

June 17, '13: (7:35pm) Been getting some little bits of rain. Cool today.

Lizard personal growth centre: Osho Leela. And they are associated with the equally reptiloid Touch&Play Project (i luvv that name...) Really incestuous scene. The video lacks any Earthling suckers, fortunately. It gets kinda orgasmic around 1:07. Watching all those sensuous, writhing lizards really made me want to Touch myself and Play.

BTW i don't think Osho (Rajneesh) was a shapeshifter or satanist, but neither did he have a viable soul.

June 18, '13: (3pm) Cool morning, but warming up now. Got a bit more rain last night. Grand total ~0.4". Had "shreddy" chem-clouds blowing over earlier (right-click and download video 1, video 2). Now things have gotten worse (pic). Actualy, that pic was a couple hours ago, and now things are pretty whited-out.

Whew. A blast from the past: (quote)
May 30, '13: (12:15pm) And speaking of suspicions, i suspect that the perv who abducted Jessica Heering [correction: Jessica Heeringa] (ensouled) has her in his house here.
What has happened since?

[Update Nov 2017: Well for one thing, Heeringa was a CIA Egyptoid.]

On June 2, after my friend made a lot of noise about it, it felt to me like the cops went to that house. Something happened, and it has been empty since. But the cops deny she was found.
After that, i had the impression she was here for a few days. A satanist SSer female lives there. Heeringa also seemed to be in next house south of there for a couple hours. Now i feel 4 shapeshifters in this 2nd house, and 3 more associated with that next house south.
At present, i think she is in this house, along with 2 shapeshifters.
This house contains 1 shapeshifting male who i think was involved in the kidnaping.
This house contains 2 SSers whom i suspect are tied into this, too.

The Norton Shores administration and cops are pretty slithery characters.
The owner of the Exxon station is this guy, Fred Ciereman, another shapeshifting reptilian.
On June 3, a shapeshifting reptilian named Joe Gee posted that Heeringa 'was found with another boyfriend "high on smack" and had been hiding. A quick call to the Norton Shores Police quickly debunked these claims'.
Ciereman's deceased wife was a shapeshifter involved in all sorts of lizardly groups; YWAM, AMBUCS, LARK Club.
There is a sketch of Heeringa's alleged abductor. I think this is the same guy that was in the house i originally posted a link to. I doubt he is a SSer. I think he is presently holed up in this house with 2 SSers.

Rumor has it that:
  • Ciereman put up a help wanted ad on Craigslist to replace Heeringa 24 hours after the abduction.
  • He ran off friends and family from a vigil on the store property and has hired an attorney and will not comment about the case.
  • According to a post here, "FRED CIEREMAN. Owners name. Told the family to stop bothering him about her, or he will have them arrested. Told press he would send them home in body bags if they didn't leave."
  • Ciereman hit on his female employees.
  • Ciereman's lizard son gets dental work here and also has connections to this place; more DORy SSers. (Dentists have access to drugs that could be used to knock someone out.)

June 19, '13: (6:35am) Ugh! More scary "news" (from May 5) about Jessica Heeringa that someone just sent me: Secret Service investigating. Why i hell would this be a matter for the satanist shapeshifting SS?
Also the lizardly Ottawa County Sheriff's Dept. Sick. Why the eff does the SS get in on the abduction of a gas station attendant in MI? There are numerous mentions of this on the web, but i checked a few and none explained why the SS.
Why are all these shapeshifters conspiring to keep this humble woman under wraps?
Feels like she's still alive in that house for now...

(6:20pm) But she is being abused. I just looked at the map again, and it feels like all those houses around there are inhabited by shapeshifters with Masonic vibes; probably CIA-connected. Let us blast.

(8:50pm) Had chem-clouds and hybrid clouds today.

I just realized that the PRG program seems to have become more weaponized for remote blasting of evil beings. I noticed that a bunch of PRG stuff i have lying around is blasting that Michigan neighborhood.
I also just completed a powerful new cone with PRG layers and PRG-compatible programs. Will take pic soon. It is blasting Abell 22218 [correction: 2218].
I really love this PRG pgm.

June 20, '13: (9am) Sigh. I get so tired of having to spend hours hashing through these constant false-flag ops and typing up my impressions. Especially now that they've gotten more covert, energetically, and harder to pick apart.
When i first read the story of the recent Santa Monica shootings i could not detect any obvious off-vibes. I was only checking out the alleged killer and the father and daughter who supposedly got killed. Naturally, the middle-eastern background of the alleged perp aroused psyop suspicions. But i didn't delve further at the time.

Sigh. OK, let's jump into this mess. First thing, a video: Absolute Proof Santa Monica Shooting was Staged.
Next, John Zawahri Victim Debra Fine: I Got In California Gunman's Way, 'And He Needed To Kill Me'. Trouble is, Debra Fine (pics) is an obvious CIAlizard; no attempt to cloak.
And Santa Monica Shootings Prompt New Plan to Quell Youth Violence; "Cradle to Career". There is a CIA Cradle to Career Network that is part of the CIA Strive Network. Jonathan Mooney, CIAlizard. Sandra Lyon and her husband, more of them.

John Zawahri has no particular vibe. Is he really dead? Well, i can't get kickback from him. But i get a little off the guy carrying the gun in the pix. Hmm, is that whom i feel here? The White Pages lists a couple innocuous Hispanics as living there, but it has a large parking lot, and if you peek around the corner, it looks like a gated community.

The SWAT team who "brought him down" is composed of shapeshifters.

What about Zawahri's mom, Randa Abdou? Assuming this is the correct Randa Abdou, she is a shapeshifter. And what is Rexona Dream? I can only find Facebook links with Arabic writing.

What about this alleged uncle "Mansour Zawahri"? Phony actor, i suspect. CIAlizard connected to thousands of U bases which kicked back at me and are being taken out.
The casket bearers in that vid are also CIAlizards, connected to even more U bases kicking back at me.
Chris and Samir Zawahri are not shapeshifters. They feel like they are still alive. When i look for them, i get this spot in Johnnie Cochran Middle School... Am i off the trail now, or are they hiding in a room there? You decide.

What about shooting victims Carlos Navarro Franco and daughter Marcela? They feel soulless but clean, like nice people, as far as i can tell. Dead, i think...

(9:20am) Pic of new cone and pyramid. The cone has the same shape and usage as the so-called Combat Cones, but, it has none of the same programs. And also, it could have been cast in any shape, unlike the Combat Cones.
The pyramid does not have the PRG pgm. I have not yet figured out exactly what it does, but it feels strong.
Pic of present configuration of recent demon-jailer. Intense.

(11:20am) Evidence Indicates Michael Hastings Was Assassinated. Sigh. I think Rolling Stone journalist Michael Hasting is dead, physically, but his soul is alive. So who here are CIAlizards? Prison Planet. Assange. WikiLeaks lawyer Jennifer Robinson. Jim Stone. Andrew Breitbart. Gary Webb.
All the rescue personnel in the pic are shapeshifters.
We just killed Breitbart and 146 more CIAlizards in a U base here. And we got Gary Webb and 85 more CIAlizards in a U base here.
"Jim Stone" was just killed here, along with 28 more CIAlizards. Actually, i think 5 of the people there collaborated on "Jim Stone".
2 CIAlizards involved in Hasting's murder were just taken out here, along with 45 more CIAlizards.
I have some doubts whether Hasting's corpse was in the vehicle.

Why did they kill Hastings? Because he was exposing truth? No, anytime anyone exposes truth, myself included, they are helping the illuminati, as the illuminati is strongly motivated to expose their own methods and tactics. Quite often such truthers get co-opted without their knowledge. Oath Keepers does a lot of this.
No, i think he was killed to provide another distraction; to give the CIAlternative psyop press something more to rant about. Plus, they really don't like ensouled Earthlings working for the media, which they feel they should control in its entirety.

Uncle Mansour was just killed here with 42 more CIAlizards.

(11:45am) It just never stops. CIAlizards Glendon Scott Crawford, Eric Feight Charged With Conspiracy To Provide Support To Terrorists.

(1:30pm) Our friends in the news: Alah-kur craft over Sao Paulo June 17, checking out the protests.
Also, on the 18th i emailed Thor'p:
I have doubts about the Jerusalem stuff, but the Germany one here... I think it's Thelians + somebody else... together in a craft belonging to the somebody else.
He replied (warning: for serious researchers only) at length.
OK, you were warned. Stop throwing those tomatoes.

(8:40pm) I could use a hand blasting the Jesuits in Abell 2218. They are all hot and bothered because my newly-upgraded jailer has been jailing a million Bigheads (of various ranks) per second. Just when we're approaching the solstice and a full moon.

(8:50pm) I just noticed that the Strive Network mentioned earlier is "a subsidiary of Knowledgeworks", whose site has links for Our Board and Our Team of CIAlizards.

June 21, '13: (8:50am) Scientolizards: Jett Travolta Foundation Donating More Money to Scientology Organizations. The article contains a bad link for, full of soft-core lizard incest pix.
Let's take a look at GRODYSH: more scientolizards. "Helping Haitians".

Which reminds me, Paul Haggis is one of several shapeshifters who have conspicuously renounced Scientology recently, and he, too, is into "helping" Haitians with his all-lizard team. If you don't want to donate to the Bush/Clinton crowd, here are some alternative lizard groups. Isn't it wonderful how all these shapeshifters care?

June 22, '13: (8:10pm) Daily chem-clouds as usual. Weather still not too hot.

More Ta'l craft: Two Glowing UFOs Over England Moving Fast Through The Clouds, June 17, 2013.

Bal has been getting the usual hundreds of CIA, MIB, and NSA stalkers on his truck route as usual, but today, for a change of pace, he also had 2 werewolves in this green truck. He says the driver "says I cut him off, but I didn't see him and I looked."
It turns out Freckles (the guy on the left here) is hot stuff at finding werewolves. We've been mopping up a mess of them under N NV.

June 23, '13: (6:20pm) This morning it was fairly clear except for a bunch of long chemtrails. This afternoon, hybrid clouds, chem-clouds, and real clouds.
Not too hot; i haven't run my A/C in a couple days. Of course the wunderclones claim it is "94.6 F Feels Like 103 F" 25 miles east of me.

There is a free new resin program coming out. For some reason it can't be delivered until tomorrow at 8am CST. ChemmerBuster is originating it. It requires equal amounts of fine aluminum powder and fine silica powder (the type sold for glazing pottery). At least a rounded tsp of this mix per 24 fluid ounces of resin. The pgm is another very powerful anti-evil pgm against negative physical and astral beings. Useful for remote combat as well as local gifting.
Other powders can be added for aesthetic reasons if desired. I'm going to try some blue pigment and a bit of glitter.

June 24, '13: (8:20am) Just did first pour. I was not allowed to pour a minute early. Very strange. Never before have we had a program with such a precise release time, given to me 2-3 days in advance. In fact normally i never find out about new programs until they are ready to go.
Despite a moderate amount of blue pigments, the mix still looks pretty drab. Oh well.

(12:20pm) Another shapeshifting disinfo agent: Anton Parks. Check out the "Girku", which is just a cheesy greenified pic of a synthetic crystal.

I actually bought a few such crystals on eBay years ago; they are not bad. I think they only cost like $5 at the time, and are really big.

"This august crystal is a Gírkù (litt: holy epee in Sumerian). It possesses multiple functions and operates on the same principle as the ME. The entire history of the Amašutum is carefully recorded in it. It is also a frequency catalyst that transports on the three levels which make up the KIGAL and on the fourth dimension of the Angal." Yeah, whatever.

I have added to OTB 40 with some info about molds.

(8pm) Here's the new pgm which is called the June2013c pgm. I'm still working on some other pieces.

June 25, '13: (2:55pm) And a mighty strong program it is.

OK, so what has been going on with the Jessica Heering issue? There have been some changes but i don't know what to make of them.

A friend of mine, let's call him "V", who feels a strong soul connection to Jessica (of a non-romantic type), and who also is kind of psychic, has been very upset about the issue and had been calling people in Michigan, including the private eye who's been working pro bono and footing significant expenses to help Jessica. The PI is ensouled and above suspicion. My friend talked him into staking out the house i fingered on the 18th, where i thought she was at.

Meanwhile, at exactly 10am CST (11am Michigan time) on Friday the 21st, i was working on a project when i suddenly sensed something good happening there. I jumped up and looked at the map, and could feel 2 Ta'l approaching the house, then they seemed to be in it. At that time, i had been feeling 5 male SSers there as well as JH. Then i only felt 2, then 0. And it felt like they snatched JH.

Very shortly thereafter, as i understand it, the PI knocked on the door and a woman answered who was cooperative and agreed to let the PI and cops search the house. A bunch of FBI and cops came, probably not all of whom were dirty. Also i think the PI entered. Nothing suspicious was found...

Now when i heard the fuzz were going in, i had a bad feeling we were going to see such a "reality disconnect". Consensus reality must be maintained, for some reason, including by our allies. For example, most of the "good" robotoids they have replaced shapeshifters with seem no better, behaviorally, than their predecessors, except for that they no longer do stalking, psi attacks, black magic, or pedophilia.
If JH and a bunch of perps, dead or alive, had been found in there, i would have become famous and gained widespread credibility, and there is no way that would happen, i felt.
I have had "reality disconnect" events before when things seemed to get close to impinging on consensus reality. I can get away with some weather stuff and chem-busting stuff, and i can help innumerable Targeted Individuals of scant credibility, but there's a limit.

Also i never noticed that woman in that house. I don't have a pic of her, and don't get a vibe, so i presume she's an innocuous Earthling.

Now, most of the time when i dowse places where i claim things are happening or evil beings are, i have no objective way to confirm this. But occasionally such opportunities occur. For example there are a couple houses in different parts of Leslie where i dowsed evil beings, and busted the places repeatedly, only to get confirmation from a neighbor there. In one case i was busting a house for months before i found out that someone i knew lived next door. Sure enough, he had tales of stalking and strong psi-attacks from the residents of that house. And with orgonite, "magic pics", agnihotra ash, and other assistance, both of these places were neutralized. If something is DORy on the map, then it's DORy on the ground, and there is a reason for it.

So i know something was there at that house in MI.
But what happened? One possibility is that the perps had plopped themselves right under the only house in the neighborhood that did not have SSers, in order to get me to give false info. I had a similar thing happen last year where 3 SSers i had been stalking suddenly attacked me strongly from inside the assessor's office. But for some reason only Earthlings have been working there recently, so i got suspicious and then recognized the 3 SSers that were apparently trying to get me to wrongly finger the assessor's office.
But i have some doubts about the under-the-house rationalization. I tend to check the underground. Then again, as i'll elaborate later, weird things have been going on underground that i can't get details on.

Then yesterday morning i was sent a link to the Find Jessica Heering Facebook page, and immediately got a strong bad vibe of an unusual quality. I still don't know why that vibe was connected to that page, other than some very DORy individuals were monitoring it. Yet, normally web pages don't get dirty from dirty people monitoring them, so i'm a bit mystified.
Anyway, this vibe was coming from Glenside, a bit north. It was a CIA vibe, and diffuse and mysterious. I could not get any details like depth. As soon as i and the Red Draco started nailing the undergound there, i got hit hard by Elites in Abell 2218.
That area, and some nearby ones that also got DORy, feel cleaned up now. In fact they seemed to clean up fairly fast but then the whole town of Norton Shores (JH's town) was real DORy in that same mysterious, inscrutable way; same CIA vibe.
The whole area south of the lake and north of Hendrick Rd and Byron Rd was DORy like that, but especially the city center. There seems to be a power spot right under the red A.
All day we worked on cleaning that up. (And note that we had already scrubbed the region seemingly as clean as we could in preceeding weeks.) I could not figure out really what was going on, except the Red Draco were addressing CIA. Never could get depths or any other details i normally would. Today it feels cleaner, but there is still something sticky in the center there, and the Reds are still at work. I sense 2 Red Draco craft with 40 guys in each.
Also since yesterday morning, Yurtle, Yurtle2, and Dream Turtle, the orgone entities most capable to resolving mysterious incomprehensible woo-woo crap, have been hard at work there. Doing what, i don't know. Whatever it is, they are relentlessly at it.

I also had the impression that the Alah-Kur made a robotoid double of JH yesterday... Perhaps our allies were considering inserting the 'toid back into consensus reality, but now i have doubts that will happen. It may be that this world will not see JH back again.

Anyway, the Ta'l took her to a ship yesterday morning, over the Pacific, where she has been getting treated by Ta'l women, with superior medications and healing machines. JH was badly abused, mentally and physically. It may be that they were planning to use her in a Solstice/moon sacrifice ritual.
At the moment, she is here, a couple miles up.

Also, JH's son feels like a special soul. "V" sent me a pic of him a couple days ago, and he was under heavy CIA attack. They were throwing demons at him, as if the little kid didn't have enough problems now. Also there was some etheric damage. 1 Sakuda is still working on him.
Also, the gal on the far right in this pic on that Facebook page, was stuffed with demons from the CIA.

(8:40pm) We've been having puffy chem-clouds, real clouds, and hybrid clouds for the last couple days, but now they are spraying overhead again.

Whatever is up with Norton Shores is no joke. Right now i feel dozens of people blasting it, and it is sweetening up superficially, but there is something mysterious and gnarly there still in place underground. I had emailed Bal about it yesterday, and he feels like something there kicked his ass when he tried to light it up.
Myself i only got hassled a lot by the Elite Jesuits, and that has waned in the last few hours.

June 27, '13: (7:10am) They predict a high of 99 today, 20% chance of rain.

I am still mystified by that Norton Shores thing. I'll tell you what Bal thinks of it. Disclaimer: Bal sometimes is way out in left field, but on the other hand, sometimes he has real perceptions and abilities i lack.
visualize a hypercube with many sides and edges like a bunch of pentagons or octagons connected together and then envision it with a malevolent sentience with a darkness so deep and heavy with in it it swallows up everything. Extremely vampiric. now imagine it is somehow connected to either a separate or conjoined Tree of Life structure that is missing Parts.

Or perhaps it is a false Tree of Life folded into a sphere like object that is the size of a Meteor.

Attacking it only fuels it more. It must be physically destroyed somehow.

I did what I could. Don't let it fool you it is you. It mirrors back myself but someone else, really. This sentience is tricky. Must be removed off the planet somehow and thrown into an uninhabited star with no nearby planets sustaining any kind of life. Please take this serious.

And please share all pertinent info on your blog to protect them from getting sapped dry.
Well, i haven't noticed any direct kickback or sapping from it. Nor that attacking it fuels it more. But i am a bit lost. If it was something purely etheric, either i could jail it, or God's Recyclers could process it, or Antuvozy could terminate it.
On the other hand, if it was physical, one would think our physical allies would have killed it by now.
And if it had both solid and etheric phases, Antuvozy would still have been able to nail it.
Nor do i get the impresion that it exists in a parallel reality and we are only feeling bleed-through.

I still sense those 2 Red Draco craft plus various other allied craft there. And Yurtle, Yurtle2, and Dream Turtle are still working the area.

Interestingly, last night i realized that a wide disk i am making (should do the last pour in a couple hours) seems to be designed to address this thing, and is being designed and programmed by Yurtle!

(8:20am) In recent years, many crop circles have appeared that have a negative energy. This one, Silbury Hill, Wiltshire, England On June 25, 2013, does not feel very DORy too me, but is devoid of good energy, and feels a bit icky. I had Durkistan seek out the makers. They seem to be from the area of Errai (Gamma Cephei), except maybe 1.4X as far away from us as is Errai.
Allies moving on on them now.

Does anyone out there have access to a high-powered microscope that can take pictures? A CIA-targeted individual sent me some of what he calls nano-bots. They look like tiny shards of metal. He says they show up in his socks in his drawer, and his feet get microwaved.

(11am) Interesting video: USA Inc Depopulation & You - Deborah Tavares Trevor Coppola. I didn't "Like" it only because i don't like the poster, CIA clone Anthony Hilder.

(6:20pm) More CIA entertainment: WikiLeaks CIAlizard Was a Paid Informant for the FBI. Give the people contrived stuff to read instead of news.

I turned my wands away from Tucson and to the NW, as it looks like rain heading here from that direction. 30% tonight, and 30% tomorrow, they say.
It definitely got into the mid-90s here at least.

Here are the 3 turtles and the new disk. The new disk has been doing something "tangible" all day in Norton Shores, but just now when i demolded it and set the turtles in contact with it, the power jumped up quite a bit and incited the Elites in Abell 2218 to lean on me hard. Getting aches in head, neck, shoulders; slight nausea.

Disk includes 3 concentric torus "coils", a lot of June2013c pgm, and some electronic components and stones.

I don't know what's going on in MI but these turtles do. I just don't have sophisticated enough telepathic powers to understand.

(6:40pm) A new meme being cranked out? A week or so [A few days] ago i read in the Arkansas Democrat-Gazette (the article online is here but cost$ to read) about a man in Little Rock who locked himself in a pickup and started stabbing himself in the mouth, ear, and nose with a screwdriver while screaming "Please help me!" until a cop broke the window, whereupon the man came out brandishing a knife and screwdriver, and had to be tased for his own good.
I didn't detect any shapeshifter vibes, demons, MPD, etc. but shrugged it off as a true story. But now i have to wonder. Because yesterday that same paper carried this article: LR police subdue distressed man. Again, no off vibes, just soulless Earthlings. But the pic looks totally staged, with the guy threatening to cut his arm with a dull knife, but no blood. The article says he "was cutting his arms" but they neglected to splash ketchup on his T-shirt.

June 28, '13: (8:20pm) Looks like Memphis got my rain. Almost as hot today as yesterday, but now they are again predicting 10 cooler days in the 80s with nights in the 50s and 60s.

Been having the usual cloud formations and occasionally a few chemtrails.

The turtles are making progress in Norton Shores. I still can't figure out what's going on, though. Still can't get a depth read. Red Draco, etc. still at work there.
I was guided to put my original CIA-revealing pgm stone on top of the big disk. This Norton Shores thing definitely has the vibe of offworld CIA.

June 30, '13: (7:30am) Sure 'nuff, nice cool morning here.
Yesterday we had hybrid clouds. Now it's overcast.

Starry, starry eyes: Scientology leader David Miscavige's twin sister faces marijuana charges. Is this a phenomenon of lighting, or....? Denise is the soulless twin of a (deceased and clone-replaced) satanist shapeshifting gov't agent, but is herself not a shapeshifter. That is, not that she has a clue of. Sometimes the mere genetics can cause weird pupil phenomena even though the person has not been activated as a SSer. Ask Bal; he probably has enough MIB DNA to shapeshift, and reports that at times he has seen his eyes do weird things.
It used to be that a google image seach for pix of baby eyes would yield a few shifty pupils, but now they have cleaned that up.

Yesterday morning i turned my wands back toward Aztec, NM.


(3:45pm) Nice day with many hybrid clouds. It was warm in town but it's only around 70 in the shade at my place now.

Thought i'd show off a few crispy items i made in the past week or 2.

(8:45pm) Norton Shores: Dream Turtle has gone back to other chores. Yurtle and Yurtle2 are still working on it, as are the physical ETs. But now that area west of the airport feels better. It is marked with the red A in this map which also shows the city limits of the town. Lately the rest of the town has been getting cleared of CIA tunnels, mostly around 400' down, i think. Also they have worked their way south almost to Ferrysburg.

BTW i named those turtles Yurtles partly as a play on Dr Seuss's Yertle the Turtle. Imagine my dismay the other day when i realized Seuss was a shapeshifter! And military propagandist who favored Japanese internment (Wikipedia).