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Loohan's blog for June, 2014
June 1, '14: (6:20pm) Got more rain yesterday, and a tiny bit more drizzle today. All this sloppy weather over the last several days has only left about 0.6" of rain. Now it looks like more rain coming up this week.
Normally i'd be happy, but my fire-damaged roof is ready to be removed and replaced, which requires several dry days in a row.

Really nasty establishment which is into all sorts of creepy black ops: SPAWAR. That's a pic of its modest HQ, but google maps shows 10 locations in all. Plus a bunch of unidentified red pimples.
When you consider that there are no real military threats, and all this o$tentatiou$ crap is not really there for the stated purpose...

(6:40pm) Bal noticed that the Bigheads are created by some other ETs.
They are located in GRB 050904.
They are probably reptilians, as the Sep2013 Program works well on them.

June 2, '14: (7:55am) Yep, drizzling, and the radar map shows a big mass heading this way.

More cheesy BS: Agony of Taliban POW's sweetheart who found new love after he told her not to wait for him - as he is finally freed after five years. First off, there is not the faintest attempt to dampen Lizard Monica's blood-drinker vibe. The Bergdahls are SSers too. As are Forsdick and Bowe.

(8am) #1 dracs are very active this morning, attacking from Andromeda.

June 3, '14: (8:35am) Got almost no rain yesterday, just a lot of fog and humidity. Clear this morning except for some fading CTs.

Yesterday the #1s in Andromeda hammered me all day, then the EHETs would not let me sleep after midnight.
Now those #1s are after me again, mostly attacking my right flank and shoulder (like yesterday).

And Thor'p is getting V2K buzzing in his head from some source i haven't found, except that the perps are NSAlizards in these 3 bldgs.

Another manufactured "conflict": Kentucky Ag Department sues DEA for refusing to release industrial hemp seeds. The current incarnation of Kentucky Agriculture Commissioner James Comer is a CIA Sandy Hooker.

(1:10pm) Honest website with good info: Citizens Against Climate Engineering.

Ta'l etc. are battling evil dragons in NGC 1569. Thor'p feels these dragons are behind his persecution.

(3:05pm) Reptilian cops suck blood from hapless Earthlings: Tennessee to roll out 'No Refusal' blood-draw DUI checkpoints. Interesting. All the depicted cops and nurses are pedophile SSing hardened serial felons. Probably feasting on the emotions of their victims. All the depicted victims are Earthlings. I wonder how the cops treat drunk lizards?

Last time i drove through TN i saw almost no Earthlings on the road. But apparently the cops know how to find them.

Do the math.

The Ta'l and Alah-kur convey their gratefulness for the increased permissions.

Of course, apparently the occupiers only do this to Earthlings who refuse a breathalyser test. And i don't drink at all. So i don't need to worry. Except that i am on a low carb diet.
Maybe i'll munch out on bananas next time i enter TN.

What now, hologrammic birds? Bal sent this pic he took at his new place in N AR. The "bird" was generated from a CIA U base right in their beloved New Madrid Fault area.

(3:30pm) Stranger still, Bal says the "bird" may have had a shadow. We both recognise it's a fake bird, though. Now i suspect it's a physical drone. For spying on him? I asked Bal and he says "It flew straight and then started circling over me. It was a drone because it flew terribly awkward even for a holo."

(6:20pm) A reader sent me a video link 1018 drone crow 7-28-13 fake bird. Yep. This one from NSA base.

(7:20pm) Much nicer bird.
I made him 2 years ago (post with pic link) but some burning stuff fell on him in the fire. Scorched his back and a bit of his front, melted part of right ear, melted his plastic nose, glazed his plastic eyes.

So i fixed him up. Filed plastic lumps off his ear. Made him a new beak with epoxy putty (which he programmed). While i was at it i filled in the factory cavity on the top of his head. Touched him up with some stone-look spray paint. And he actually wanted those freaky blue April2014B eyes.

Now he is more powerful, and seems pretty happy.
You mess with Loohan, and he will bite you.

(7:40pm) I updated OTB27e with more info about the April2014B pgm.

June 4, '14: (6:55am) Feels hokey: 'Slaughterhouse': Civilians die in Kiev's ruthless military attacks (GRAPHIC). Feels totally staged. I did not watch the vids except for the "GRAPHIC: Death and despair" one.
Shapeshifters are relatively rare in Ukraine and Russia. I do notice a couple on the "Are they mad?" vid splash picture.

Or maybe i'm just in a weird mood this morning, because everything feels staged to me. Like for example EXCLUSIVE - 'She couldn't tell the difference between dreams and reality': Brother of girl, 12, who 'stabbed friend 19-times as offering to mythic Slender Man' claims she loved paranormal figure.

(5:50pm) DORy "adult dating" lizard site: All the pix on the homepage are of SSers. I did not surf further, but i get that 70% of the users are SSers, and about half of these are blood-drinking serial killers.

Last night i realized that those (probably) insectoid allies of the repts above the repts above the EHETs are run by the #1 Draco.

(7:25pm) Some of those pterodactyl demons were streaming through a minor portal in Lagos (the big one is no longer usable by evil, and Natan is still working on it). They were from Hoag's. I sense there are still more in other galaxies too.

Negative Crop Circle Found In Dorset, England. Feels to me like the EHETs are behind this one.

June 5, '14: (9am) Shapeshifting reptilians arrest and shackle ensouled Earthling; order him to send his ensouled daughter to reptilian indoctrination/mind-rape center. And then flaunt the fact on their website: Judge orders Florida sovereign citizen to send his daughter to school or go to jail.
Again, we heartily thank you for the increased permissions.

NSA/CIA "whistleblower" site: Expose Facts. Launched by the Institute for Reptilian Accuracy.
"Please donate".

(4:50pm) Got a thundershower; probably about 0.4".

Vile CIA kiddie op: Diversified Family Services. I got onto this from the text under this video:
Published on Apr 15, 2014
In 2002 I lived in a partment complex where some disabled kids were being housed. They were wards of the state & a business called Diversified Family Services had power of attorney & guardianship over them. They embezlled these kids money horrifically exploited them, heavily drugged so they couldn't do anything but sit in their apartment & vegetate. These kids most did not have "basic" necessities. I got involved to help them. One disabled kid, John Paul Siesser wanted to learn how to spell, read, write & math. They took away his apartment & put him to the elements, it was October. He came to me, I took him in..began the process of getting his money back & during the 4 mos. of this I taught him how to spell, read, write & do math. It was just basic. I discovered a hidden bank account at Legacy Bank in Elk City Okla. where there are 3 identical checkbooks with identical check numbers. I tried going to the police, but found myself harassed, false charges such as while driving my truck I got a Pub' Intox...I don't drink. I had a Therapy Cat that I took to nursing homes & home bound ppl...they loved her...she was my heart...they hung her from my back fence. I've ben ran off into a dry riverbed, lines punctured on my truck, it's been sitting since Dec. 2002, they loosened lugnuts several times on my mothers vehicle, countless home invasions, financially bankrupted me & 2 kids died trying to help free this group of disabled kids. Great Plains Regional Hopsital in Elk City Okla will not ever diagnose my health problems. For example in April 2011 I was attacked...4 broken bones in my left foot, they would not acknowledge not one broken bone. Aug. 29 2014 thru an emergency room visit at said hospital, the radiologist refused to acknowledge the cancer in the transverse colon, no address it is entering my stomach & pancreas. I cannot get any medical help as long as they refuse to acknowledge this cancer. They've taken my Dr's & half of my medical insurance, w/out me...these kids do not have a chance. Plz help get this to go viral...I've gotten so sick & weak...I fear I won't be able to keep my promise of making things better for them.
Legacy Bank is CIA, as are the cops, and the hospital staff.
Taking out extensive CIA garbage under city.
The lady is stuffed with implants, spells, demons...

June 6, '14: (6:45am) Bigheads have been messing with me a bit this morning. I don't think any new ones have been made lately. These are from before we found the ETs making them. The BHs seem to be widely scattered.

'Rambo' killer finally SURRENDERS in woman's front yard after going on shooting rampage that left three Canadian Mounties dead. I admit i'm stumped on this one so far. I do not detect anything fishy about the killer or his friends. Do not detect MKULTRA influence.
Of course all the cops are SSers.
And he seems like a cookie-cutter false flag kind of agent: "graduated from marijuana to harder drugs" and became obsessed with anti-cop, pro-gun views. Riiight. To the point where he actually killed some lizards. Did crystal meth cause that, or something else?
Then the "grief-stricken" RCMP officer Damien Theriault, as if lizards gave a crap about anyone's death. And the mayor who "appeared in tears" yet the photo shows no tears. Are the cops and media simply opportunistically capitalizing on something that spontaneously happened, or...?

Supposedly Bourque changed a lot when he moved to a mobile home. I have to wonder if there was some influence there he came under.

  *   *   *

Hmmm, i have never been able to detect that Assad is an actor, unlike most prominent individuals in military conflicts. As far as i know, he is not a CIA agent. Of course i could be missing something.
However this morning i saw a pic of his wife. Shapeshifting rept clone working for British MI.
I think if Assad were an agent, the Alah-kur would have killed him some time ago, like the other heads of state.

(7:15am) Dubious story: Virginia Moms Have Lost Their Constitutional Rights.
As far as i can discern, Dave Hodges seems like an ensouled Earthling who is co-opted. He is frequently featured on Prison Planet. Per this article, he is on speaking terms with (CIAlizard) Steve Quayle and (CIAlizard clone) Ernie Hancock.
Monika Wesolowski does not feel repty either, but she works for the illuminati State Department, and "holds a significant security clearance".

What Will Big Brother Do to Keep This Story Under the Radar? Well, maybe broadcast it using their Tea Party lizards and other CIA mouthpieces.
Note how this story also conveniently incorporates the emotionally-charged gay-men-adopt-boy issue.

(9:05am) It may be that Bourque and some of the witnesses are just soulless Earthling actors (although i do think the 3 cops are genuinely dead). Lessee..."One shocked local family caught the gunfight on camera and uploaded the footage to Facebook". Let me know if you find it or who this family is.

There's even already a Wikipedia page.
"police received reports of a man in camouflage carrying two long guns and a crossbow". Sounds mighty cumbersome.
"Bourque ambushed the responding officers with a shootout that left three RCMP officers killed and two other officers shot and hospitalized for non-life threatening injuries." Mighty fancy shooting. Amazing that he left unscathed.
Also remarkable that he just simmered down and surrendered.

(10:45am) Cassiopeia is another stronghold of the #1 Draco.

(5:25pm) Had another dinky thundershower.

The Bigheads have been hammering on me for hours. They also are attacking the dogs of the guy in Holland. And they corrupted another of Bal's pours.
I have been destroying 3 million per second, but that doesn't deter them.

Meanwhile, Mordok found a location for some of those insectoids. Not in the tadpole galaxy itself, but behind it in a broad area centered in this pic.

June 7, '14: (6:40pm) 'Rambo-style' killer was a home-schooled conspiracy theorist with a 'deep hatred for cops': Hmm, the main thing that really jumps out at me is that Rachael Ross is a mpd satanist shapeshifter. And also a RCMP MPD handler. But for whom?
Dave does seem to have a null vibe, but his left pupil looks mighty suspicious. I presume this is a dead SSer. They do love to sacrifice themselves for the greater bad.

Blasting Rachael, all of a sudden SSer U bases light up under Moncton. All under Moncton area and all the way down to St John. So far.
Guess i'll let things simmer down a bit before continuing my investigation.

June 8, '14: (7:30am) Big weather passing just south of me. Cool temps.

Sigh. Houston stadium security detains DORy Satanist shapeshifting Mossad agent for waving Palestinian flag as 'racial slur'.
Gina Rotolo is another one.
Repty staff of BBVA Compass Stadium.
Repty directors of BBVA Compass Bank.

(Eyes raised heavenwards) now they don't even bother to provide details of the alleged parties involved: ANOTHER knife attack linked to Slender Man.

(5:35pm) Getting more rain.

This is a drawing of what i call offworld CIA. It is from this article which i haven't read yet.
The lady is under heavy attack by U CIA right now.

June 9, '14: (8:05am) Just got another strong downpour. Cold.

Another CIAlizard pedo MPD op: Alaska Office of Children's Services.

And another: Saint John Catholic School. This one was also connected to a bunch of U stuff in and near Vanceboro, NC, and especially West Craven High School, another such CIA op.
CIAlizard Craven County School Board.

(10:20am) Unbelievable how every day lately brings some idiotic contrived real or fake shooting by cartoony "revolutionaries". In this case, Las Vegas Shooting Suspects 'Talked About Murdering Cops', they kindly left the lizardly "victims" alive in a U base connected to numerous other CIA tunnels and U bases.

June 10, '14: (7:05am) More about the Madeleine McCann psyop: Irish couple could hold the key to solving Madeleine McCann case. I am unable to find a pic of these Smiths, but i am pretty sure they are also shapeshifting repts.

I just heard from my friend in Queens who hadn't written in a while. Offworld CIA are back in action:
Hi Loohan , I am still having intense attacks coming from BHs and Off-world CIA , both Microwave attacks 24/7 and personal invasions at home . Day and night and I get only 2-3 hours sleep a night . They are making problems for me , big time . They are now using a new type of microwave , something stronger , called impulse wave microwave, also impulse beam microwave . Strong , makes my whole body vibrate even involuntary muscle movement . They have hit my heart a few times and think these things may be deadly...
I had a doctor check up last week . Night mare , he apparently had been switched out in recent years , W/ an off-world replacement . I hadn't seen him in a few years but he seemed different . He did a prostate exam w/ the gloved finger up the rectum and put a device , small chips inside . next day , I received intense attacks , microwaves , on my intestines , intense pain for hours , while at work . Felt like they had closed off my intestines . Also , while in the examination room , someone put a transponder device into my back pack . I took pictures and I will send . This thing enabled their ability to start using stronger microwaves , the impulse type I just mentioned . I found it inside my pack the next day , when attacks got worse . The doctor is : Krisczar J. Bungay , MD at 314 W. 14th St. Manhattan , just two blocks from CIA base at 10th Ave and 15th st that you know about
[here] . BHs are still using that base and cloning in the subbasement there . I still find it hard to even plug in my computer while being hit w/ the microwaves . I even just think about writing you and they start hitting me . They are hitting me now so I better go .
The doctor is here, if you click the Medical Providers link. This is a clone with no SSer vibe. [Update 7/'15: that one has been replaced a few times and the present clone has SSer vibe.] Apparently the original dr. was killed and replaced.
There is a small CIA operations center here with 27 CIAlizards who have been running this op.
I am not familiar with this cloning of BHs. Never detected it.
Found some MW transmitters in boats on the Hudson as well as 1 on a roof here, which allies are hopefully deactivating.

(7:50am) Ah, they finally produce the Las Vegas "killers" mentioned yesterday: A look inside the lives of shooters Jerad Miller, Amanda Miller. CIAlizards that were also left alive and stuffed in U base, this one here: a juicy one with 300+ CIAlizards and plenty of tunnels going everywhere.
Video: Coincidence: Las Vegas Shooter Jerad Miller Interviewed by NBC News During Bundy Standoff. Small world, isn't it?
Bizarre Batman Connection.

(8:20am) I am often amazed at the ludicrous, self-parodying ways in which SSers dominate Earthlings: Secret court jails gran who hugged her granddaughter: Pensioner sentenced to three months after disobeying order she should not see the teenager,
Florida Man Fires Four Shots Into The Air And Is Given 20 Years Per Shot To Run Consecutively or 80 Years In Prison.
(Reminder: Jonathan Turley is a CIAlizard.)

(9:50am) Overcast, cool, still; just got brief shower.

More CIAlizards: Mountain Health in California. They even have behavioral health specialists: New Curriculum? Reading, Riting and Recreational Sex.

(12:05pm) Got a bunch more rain, which has quit for now, of course, after the carpenters gave up and left.

Apparently Dr. Clone does not handle orgone blasting well. He is being doctored up here at a CIA apt. by 2 CIAlizards.

(12:15pm) The particular batch of offworld CIA that is presently persecuting my friend in Queens is located in Hydra between Alkes and Alphard.
These are also the main guys i notice hassling Timothy Trespas and his girlfriend lately. He is one severely stalked individual.

June 11, '14: (6pm) Finally got a dry day. Total accumulation for last 6 days was right around 2.5".

More stoopid CIA BS: Armed Citizen Who Confronted Vegas Shooters. This guy was also a CIAlizard, and also was alive and stuffed in a U base. I had missed reading about him in the article i quoted on the 9th, even though he is mentioned.

And we have a fresh fairy tale: Student, teen gunman dead at Ore. high school. I did not spot a single Earthling in either of the 2 videos. The administrative staff of the school are all CIAlizards. The "shooter" was alive in U base here.
Troutdale has loads of U CIA we are taking out.

June 12, '14: (8:15am) Another, trivial example of organized gang-stallking: New Jersey CPS Threatens to Confiscate Pencil-Twirling Student from Dad.
  • Reptilian shapeshifter student accuses (to SSer teacher) Earth boy of twirling a pencil like a gun.
  • SSer principal "decided he should be suspended, and that, to be safe, he should probably have his head examined."
  • SSer school superintendent backs up principal.
  • New Jersey Department of Children and Families SSers issue a letter stating Ethan "was harmed or was placed at risk of harm."
  • So father takes son to SSer social worker to draw (DNA sample) blood and urine.
  • 'The evaluation found Ethan to have no behavioral issues, however the state has persisted in harassing his father, and is now demanding he take him in for an additional screening, or "they will terminate his parental rights and free Ethan up for adoption".'
And this whole thing seems to be largely orchestrated for its media psyop value.

*   *   *   *   *  
Odd coincidence: why are all the commandos depicted here Earthlings? What are the odds of that happening accidentally?
Gun fodder?

June 13, '14: (6:15am) Bigheads just started attacking me en masse from this area.

(8:20am) I don't think they are ETs or anything, but these Maidsafe guys feel like ASIS fronts.

I presume that from here on out we will get daily faked shootings in the US.
Grief, disbelief after Phoenix attack on 2 priests. Again, they left the satanist priest alive in a U base. He felt bizarrely super-zingy from the preparing-for-death dog sacrifice ritual he did a couple days ago.
Is it just me, or doesn't he even just look like a deranged psycho in his pics?
Everybody in the text story is a SSer. Kirsten Duarte had 50 sex-appeal spells on her.
The ordinary people shown in the vid are mostly soulless Earth dupes.

(8:35am) Fake Ukraine op? Blast targets self-proclaimed E. Ukraine leader's vehicle, 2 killed. Pushilin is a satanist CIAlizard.

Also everyone in this video skit of an earlier op is a CIAlizard actor: Ukraine: Pushilin's aide shot dead in Donetsk, even the "corpse". That guy is still alive, but Maksim Petrukhin does feel dead, and non-reptilian. A sacrificed dupe?

(3:45pm) Found yet another species of evil reptilians from this post about a girl seeing a creature in the trees north of Tampa. I found some north of Tampa but now they are stirred up under the whole US SE, and they are probably all over the world.

June 14, '14: (5:20pm) Loads of chem-clouds today.

Right now there is a DORy war going on in constellation Draco. 3 thousand Ta'l and various other allies are fighting #1, 2, 3, 4 repts at least, which are throwing DOR at the allies.
Draco was attacked because #2's there were buzzing Thorp's head with transmitters.

June 16: (9:20am) Officials release identities of teens who disappeared near Hebron. Until a few minutes ago, they were alive in a Mossad U base.

Sandpoint, ID is an extreme CIA hotbed. I have been taking out U stuff for days, including a lot of deep ones.
The Bonner County Daily Bee is one of their instruments. There seems to be a tunnel entrance in the bldg: map.
Warning: still gobs of black magic kickback from area.

(7:40pm) Ugh. There are bunches of Jesuit SSers around the North Star i never noticed before. They threw demons at my friend in Holland.

(8:20pm) They've attacked Mordok, too, as well as others. Not myself yet, though.

June 17, '14: (1:30pm) Reptilian hybrid pedophiles execute useless Earthling: No knock raid ends in father dying in front of whole family.

More lizard madness: Where the World's Unsold Cars Go To Die

The NSA wants you all to know that Pleasant Hill Elementary School in Kissimee, FL, is a NSAtanist pedo MPD op.
To ensure you got this info, 3 male satanists there attacked someone that they know i am corresponding with. If you look at the pics of staff, they too are all NSAtanist lizards.

(1:50pm) Nearby also there is a NSA commercial property complex as well as a small NSA residence complex.

(2:45pm) An awful lot of the presenters at the 2nd Annual Eating Psychology Online Conference are CIAlizards.
Lizard nest: 180 Degree Health.

June 19, '14: (8:05am) Grisly occult vibe from this DORy satanist CIAlizard: Francis Boyle (pix). Controlled Opposition extraordinaire. Three nights ago he partook of snuff rites on an ensouled girl, at a time when almost nobody has access to expendable ensouled children anymore.
He is being promoted by the CIA.

Another CIAlizard front: Susan B. Anthony List, which endorses baby killers, and exists to oppose pro-choice CIA fronts.

Cmdr Loohan certifies this page as being full of blastworthy targets.
Link gotten from European royals killing naked children for fun at human hunting parties.

(12:45pm) Oh crap, yet another type of double they are replacing SSers with now.
There is a business establishment in Marshall that was owned and staffed by a bunch of NGC4414 SSers. They all got themselves killed and replaced by clones. But now the clones have been replaced by some other doubles that feel just like ordinary soulless Earthlings to me. They do have assemblage points, unlike synthetics, robotoids, etc.

Fortunately Chainy and Antuvozy have more discernment than i do, and can feel the difference between these new guys and ordinary people. Chainy found a CIA U base near Deering, NH, where they were being manufactured. Also is finding many other U bases that have these critters.
And Antuvozy already came up with a new program: the June2014 Program which lights them up. It goes into plain resin, any shape or size. I just poured some.

(1:45pm) Celebrity trivia: i read an article in the paper yesterday about charges against Paul Simon and Edie Brickell being dropped. Paul Simon, of Simon and Garfunkel, has SSer genetics but seems OK. Until recently he was ensouled. Yet Art Garfunkel and Edie Brickell are evil SSers. So are the other members of Edie's band.

There are a few people with SSer genetics even around my home town, who i think are probably clueless about the SSer stuff.
How i tell the difference: an evil SSer (including clones) will always draw DORy energy from U bases for defense/offense when i blast them. The harmless ones do not.

Utah county follows Cliven Bundy's lead, refuses to recognize federal agencies. The county commissioners are also synthetics, like the Bundy's. Whereas everyone else in the local gov't, school board, etc. are the usual SSers.
Question is, were these 3 guys synthetics all along, or were they SSers that have been replaced? Since nobody else around there is a clone yet, i doubt that the original commissioners got killed by our allies. Yet, i do not detect them as being alive, either. The only logical explanation is that these guys were orginally SSers. But then, i also have never noticed SSers being killed by their own merely so that one could replace them, that i recall. It does not make sense.

(7:50pm) Sky largely whited-out with chem, most of it from upwind.

I don't have the patience to watch this: El Paso Releases Video of Cop Executing Handcuffed Man. I watched 1.5 minutes. All the cops are reptiles.

(8:10pm) Satanist SSer Chinese company that produces products with evil ET transmitter stuff in them: Zing-Ear.

Lot of repts of these types in Cygnus are in attack mode against at least 5 people i know.

(8:45pm) Aha! Finally found a pic of some of the critters i posted about at 12:45 today.

June 20, '14: (6:40am) The Smartphone Even The NSA May Have Trouble Hacking Is Made by the NSA. I think Zimmermann is OK, but he's outnumbered.

Zimmermann is currently the president and co-founder of the global encrypted communications firm, Silent Circle.
His PGP is also what is used by Hushmail, and i have not noticed any scrutiny of my hushmail service by agencies. So i am assuming he has not sold out but is duped...

(7:10am) I have updated OTB 27e with a pic of some epoxy with the new pgm.

(8:15am) It is well-known that inverters are sources of very dangerous, dirty, carcinogenic EMFs. These are commonly used to convert DC from solar panels into normal AC output. Likewise they are used in RVs and trucks. You can also clip them onto automotive batteries to get AC for running tools in the field. If you have to use one, it is best to keep it as far away from living things as possible, and to shield it with sheet metal or screening (Faraday cage principle) as well as use orgonite.

Most of these products do not seem to have deliberately added vicious ET tech, but some do. For example Zing-Ear products (mentioned yesterday) and Powerdrive products. Powerdrive is a Roadpro product. Satanist SSers.
And Roadpro, in turn, is a DAS subsidiary. More Satanist SSers.

June 21, '14: (6:30am) My friend in Queens is still under constant attack. There are loads of Bigheads in Orion involved.

Yesterday i had to drive to Mountain View, 35 miles away. Of all the hundreds of moving vehicles i saw on the way there, all had at least one SSer in them. Every single vehicle except mine.
Got a big thunderstorm in the afternoon, 1.5" of rain and lots of healthy-sounding thunder [on the 20th].

June 22, '14: (6:40am) Damanhur and Selfica: There is a community of soulless Earthlings called Damanhur, and one of the things they are into is Selfica. Someone inquired. I was amazed at some of the pix of Selfica. Tell me that whoever makes these did not ever look at my site ;-)
Unfortunately, these things do nothing much that i can detect.
Site critical of Damanhur.

While looking at this subject on the web, i found one site pointing to "The Lemurian Connection" as a source of inspiration for Selfica. Problem is, Aurelia Louise Jones is a satanist NSAlizard, and the site has lots of satanist attack spells that i am still clearing.

(8:45am) Lizard clone allegedly spends voluntarily two DAYS in solitary confinement as he makes plan to reform jails. See? There is hope.

Damn! I just checked the Lagos beach portal (see pic early last month) and Natan was gone but the portal had re-opened for darkside traffic, and a bunch off offworld CIA and NSA had already flooded back into the Lagos underground.
Now Natan and others are working on it again.

June 23, '14: (7am) Extreme pedo scene: UN World Food Programme ("Let them eat semen"). I saw an ad of theirs with a little brown girl who i sensed was being raped by a SSer at the moment! And opening their site, this pic of 2 little black MPD sex slaves is presented.

Satanist SSer who kicked back at me with a bunch of black magic for checking out her site: Judy Hall, author and crystal vendor. We are removing the spells from her crystals.

(6:20pm) Rain approaching.

FCC to spend $2 BEEELLION to install Wi-Fi in US schools. Ain't progress great? And then when the kids get cancer, they'll have ObamaChemo.

Black-eyed ET in NM. On the map, the Gallup area is DORy with these critters, which i think are yet another strain of shapeshifting reptilian. I am also finding them 15 miles west of Grand Canyon, and Death Valley. We are taking out their U bases.

(9:20pm) Been getting a bunch of showers.

Woman called 'Hitler' wanted for attempted murder at Rainbow Family gathering. This is a severely MPD Earthling who has been heavily SRA'ed and done a lot of murderous rituals in alter states. She had 5 spells on her that traced to a CIA U base in Hoosier National Forest, Tell City, IN 47586.

June 24, '14: (11am) Got over an inch of rain.

Another "privacy-oriented" NSAlizard: Jonathan Mayer.

Another negative crop circle which, again, i suspect the EHETs of being behind.

(1:45pm) Bunches of EHETs in the Horsehead Nebula are psi-attacking me.

June 25, '14: (8:30am) More and more it is looking like the #1 Draco are the top guys running the EHETs, Bigheads, etc. and probably the Jesuits.
Every night lately, when trying to get to sleep or back to sleep, i get attacked by loads of remote transmitters by EHETs, Elite Jesuits, Sasquatch, reptilians of various sorts, etc. We take out countless transmitters in other galaxies but they keep on.
Also i occasionally get NSA and CIA planes with transmitters. Last night even a CIA car driving by on a nearby road with a DOR transmitter.

Also, a few days ago, Mordok discovered some insectoid demons that live in the Earth and may be related to this:
A Mysterious Sound Is Driving People Insane -- And Nobody Knows What's Causing It. BTW, i have had a mysterious hum here for many years that comes and goes, that i have been unable to trace the source of. It sounds much like the 2nd clip. I have not heard it since we started jailing these insectoids.
They sometimes attack me en masse.
Not sure if there's a connection, though. This sound was also heard by 3 workers here 2.5 years ago, who thought it was a wood planer in the distance.

All-lizard team of tyrants strike: DHS ransacks Florida couple's home without explanation, strips woman naked.

(8pm) Got more thundershowers this afternoon. Something close to 2" so far.

"Anonymous" NSA proxy search engine: Gibiru.

I realized something about the June2014 Program today: it can be used to make directional wands in the same manner as these as described in OTB 44 as well as these as described in OTB 37, only substituting this program instead. This should provide comparable linear range as the Jan2014C Program when used in wands. For the small dual wands, i am getting that one should use 2 pieces both of this new program. I have not done this yet but probably will start pouring tomorrow.

Also, pyramids and tetrahedrons, made with the new program, will have thrust direction tipwards. How much will vary according to details of angle and size.
I have a pyramid with enough range to "shoot" several blocks. Today i lit up 8 of these new "humans" in my hometown, as well as 9 drive-bys on the highway. They feel really marked now, and as obvious as any shapeshifter.

I really like this new program. It has a nice feel, and nails evil stuff in general. Should be good to add to TBs, etc.

June 26, '14: (1:30pm) I actually got almost 3 inches yesterday, and now i hear more approaching thunder.

More blood-sucking reptilian parasites: Oregon police plan 'no refusal' blood-draws for drivers.

Freaky place: Stull, KS. Sure has weird vibe. Another such alleged place is mentioned, in India. I think that would be Gorera, Rajasthan 345001.

(5:50pm) Got an inch or so already.

At last, some ISIS pix with shapeshifters: ISIS militants produce slick weekly magazine.
The first CIAlizards i spot are the 3 on the pic that says "Savvy:". Then, 2 more on the next pic.
All 5 are blood-drinkers as well.

CIAlizard busted by TSA so that CIAlizards at SPLC can write about it: WND Founder And Birther Leader Stopped At Airport With Loaded Gun. TSA finally nabs a real terrorist.

Exceedingly low profile NSA proprietary at 11600 William Dillard Dr Little Rock, AR 72209. On street view i was able to see that this is Watkins Shipping, which draws a blank in Google. There is a Watkins Printing in Little Rock, but they seem unrelated.
I found this complex by following a tunnel from Rich Logistics, another NSA proprietary, whose agent hassled Bal in order to get me to disclose all this info to you.
After all, a shipping company needs advertising, especially one with no website or Google mention.

(6:25pm) Whistleblower Exposes Alien-Human Hybridization Programs. I think this is real, and the top guys he's talking about are the #1 Draco. Indeed i get the impression they do not soil their paws with warfare. The #2's defend them if attacked.

And i sense 4 million+ of these double-spine drones in this area (the lizard "contributor" does not disclose the names of the galaxies, if they even have any). And i do get that they are slaving for the #1's.

Very DORy satanist ASIS cult: Magnificat Meal Movement of Helidon, QLD is packed with U ASIS SSers we are taking out.

(7:20pm) #1's in the Baby Boom Galaxy have been shoving billions of demons through a small portal near the house of my friends in Lagos.
The big portal is still being worked on.

June 27, '14: (7:25am) Got ~1.4" yesterday. 50% chance of showers today.

Just de-cloaked some "new" ETs that are remotely harrassing the guy in NL with his 2 dogs. They are spread around Taurus. I suspect they are 6' simians of some sort.

(8:20pm) Another NSA proprietary: Capstone Logistics.

In-your-face satanist HS SSers: Walton County Sheriff's Office (pics). And anytime i find a really corrupt PD i also find an equally corrupt local gov't. All satanist SSers.

Another evil underground race: Kroelle Boelle. We are taking some out here. Under that whole island, in fact.

(3:10pm) I have been getting attacked by U CIAlizards over a broad area south and west of Langley. Finally i noticed a DORy U transmitter NW of Centerville, and near it, some CIA bldgs. Note that the address given for the ones by the green arrow is 4600 King St, Alexandria, VA. This is miles away from Alexandria.
But if you click on the 2 long bldgs just NW of those, it says 6001 Bull Run Post Office Rd, Centreville, VA.
Probably tunnel entrances in these bldgs.

(8:45pm) That's going much better now.
Got a small shower with hail.

Yet another reptilian dating site: PerfectMatch.
BTW, anymore, the ads i see for only have clones. Sometimes they try to tempt me with male ads, and those are all clones just like the females. Soon the same will probably hold true for PerfectMatch.
I also often see ads for "Christian" dating sites, also sporting clones.

June 28, '14: (5:15pm) A SWAT Team Blew a Hole in My 2-Year-Old Son. 8 lizards did it. 2 are already dead. Also the intensive care burn unit they took the boy to is staffed by satanist pedophile ETs.

Bizarre: Oklahoma Republican claims congressional opponent is dead, replaced with body double. Here is Murray's clone's website. Lucas is indeed an organic robotoid (NSA) and Murray a clone. I know nothing about the alleged execution in Ukraine.

(5:25pm) I just culled Michael Casbolt's soul. This guy is really messed up, and i felt he was OK but just mind-controlled. A couple weeks ago i removed hundreds of demons from him that were connected to his alters and implants. But i got reports that he was still being an evil asshole, so i tried culling his soul and succeeded.
Much of his material that i read years ago had truth in it. Got a lot of U bases, etc. off it.

June 29, '14: (6:10am) I meant James Michael Casbolt AKA James Casbolt AKA Michael Prince.
Note that cullability is not in itself proof of guilt or scumminess.
I only know of about a dozen people in my area who are still ensouled.

Got another substantial thundershower yesterday evening. This morning, heavy fog and light rain.

(6:30am) Buncha DORy SSers, largely satanists: Paradiso Festival. It wraps up this afternoon but there is still time to send some love. This is wildly popular with Seattle area SSers.

(6:40am) Just caught the founder and many other lizard staff of Acana (Champion Pet Foods) dog food in a U base doing a 4-dog satanic ritual.

(6:45am) Ha! And then i opened Prison Planet where there was a big mug shot of satanist Matt Drudge, and he was in a U base too, also doing dog sacrifice this morning. Finally got his ass.
I sense a lot of satanist rituals going on now for some reason.

(3:45pm) Total rain last night 0.8".

Is anyone else feeling a respite from ET attacks? This afternoon 'Vozy was able to "process" the morphogenic blueprint of the #1's. Also the #2's, as it seemed like there was only a slight genetic mutation of the 1's which resulted in the 2's.

I don't know if this means we are permanently rid of them, but right away i stopped getting attacked from EHETs, Jesuits, Bigheads.
The insectoid demons attacked me for a little while, and so did NSA MIBs. For an hour or so, hundreds of these even drove by the bakery. Then things got real quiet.

(5:50pm) Now the EHETs are again attacking me remotely with transmitters. But if the #1's are behind them, i'm not detecting it.

(6:45pm) Somebody asked me about Yoyodyne Industries, LOL. First i ever heard of them. My assessment:
  • No repts or black magic or evil vibes. Nothing but soulless Earthlings, even among all the alleged testimonializers. The only ensouled person i can find is this guy who rants against them.
  • No positive vibes, no orgone feel, no feeling that it does squat.
  • Ridiculous prices.
  • I can't find any forum for users, nor anyone else trying to roll their own. It seems to me that if these things worked, people would be comparing notes as well as trying to make their own similar devices.
  • "We reserve the right to charge up to a 15% restocking fee on any return..."
  • Nobody on The Committee is the least bit interested in reverse-engineering any of these seemingly inert items.
It is possible to make devices that do something using electronic components, crystals, and coils however. But this requires insight and talent ;-)

Rosette nebula is home to some demon birds. Someone in Lagos had a couple placed in her belly by a CIA witch.

(7:40pm) Now the Elite Jesuits in Abell 2214 have resumed attacking me with transmitters. Again, i do not sense #1's.
Anymore, ETs prefer to use transmitters on me because these can't be deflected much with Rolling Force spheres, unlike psychic energy attacks.

(7:55pm) I have updated OTB 44 and OTB 37 with pics of the new June2014 wands. I really like these for general blasting as well as specifically for the new type of "humans".

All the 8 of such individuals in my hometown have suicided and been replaced by clones. None of the ones in Marshall nor the drive-bys that i blasted have yet. Sustained linear blasting with this program really bugs them to death, evidently.

June 30, '14: (1:20pm) Disney using freaky-vibe ET tech devices: video. This guy is not terribly succinct, and i only watched the 1st half, but...

CIAlizard: Jim Nichols, who spouts BS about a Mars colony along with numerous other SSers.
There is no US Mars colony. In the past, we have taken out numerous US military bases on Mars. That was several years ago.

(3:30pm) Parasitic reptilian gangstalkers in need of blasting: Shapeshifters Offer Their Shit (S.O.T.S).

(4:35pm) Another highly repty music festival, this one in the highly repty town of Perugia, Italy: Umbria Jazz. I don't spot any Earthlings in the lineup.

(7:45pm) Ewww, don't spot any Earthlings at either.