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Loohan's blog for June, 2015

June 1, '15: (5:55pm) Of course, it rained all last night until about mid-morning today. Got about 0.3".
It finally crept all the way up to 70 F mid-afternoon.

Another interesting bit of historical brutalization of humans by satanist SSers: The 'Battle of the Beanfield'.

June 2, '15: (7:25am) Oh, brother: CIA Clone Hollywood Actor Who Left Everything Behind To Fight ISIS: 'They Need To Be Obliterated'. More self-parody from the CIA. More CIA clones in the Comments section. What douchebags. At least they flaunt the fact that he's an actor.

IS Getting Savvy, Professional. I didn't read the article or watch the vid, merely noted that the "suicide bomber" depicted is yet another CIA clone.

British victim of clerical sex abuse chosen to help root out paedophilia in the Catholic Church may face legal action from Vatican adviser. Of course the clone they chose is of someone whose very facial structure had been distorted by sucking so many boy's penises that he just radiates pederasty.
I realized years ago that there must be a reason why the Vatican-controlled media and court systems keep busting the church for pedophile crimes.

(8:10am) Cool, overcast still.

Too much: Lizard cops party with silicone Earth slut and flaunt pics of event.

(2:55pm) Suddenly getting clobbered from offworld EHETs, repts, NSA, CIA, etc. across the universe right now.

As i mentioned before, the Laser Program "bites" on some seeming human agents (e.g. the Duggar family and Boxer Pacquiao) but not others. I am leaning increasingly toward the belief that these are not ordinary humans. Because Bruce Jenner's mom and siblings, as well as Bruce are all in this category.
BTW Bruce's ex-wife Kris has been replaced by a Sandy Hooker. If you watch the vid, she used to be an SSer, and their kids are SSers; clones now.

I can't find any info about Bruce's dad except that he was named William. The only William Jenner i can find on the web is a deceased repty senator from Indiana, which i think is the wrong guy. Odd.

(3pm) Right as i posted that, a DORy CIA transmitter "plane" (1 of a group of 3 from U bases) buzzed over me.

I just noticed that Jenner and his siblings had sex-appeal spells on them; something normally only seen on SSers (including their clones).

(3:45pm) Someone just made me aware of another kind of very dangerous demon that has heretofore escaped notice. They are giant green-and-black snakes. Right now i am jailing a bunch under NYC area and Copenhagen, among other places. Supposedly "It kills with ULTRA SOUND."

(6:50pm) Someone pointed out there are loads under Norton Shores, MI, which explains a bit about that mysterious town.
Also these snakes are protege's of the #8 repts.

June 3, '15: (9pm) I checked out the newspaper this morning. Aside from Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn Jenner Caitlyn Jenner, it was all about clones. I couldn't begin to cover all the important clone happenings, but a few low spots:
  • "Paris police evacuate hundreds of migrants from tent camp." So why are there only clones depicted in the buses? If you are sensitive, do an image search and tell me if you find any bus riders that are not clones.
  • Enrique Iglesias. Like, what are the chances of an MPD clone catching a drone? Wait, there is video evidence. Damn, those MPD clones will do anything their masters ask. Though it is unclear whether he actually cut himself or faked it. Was it staged? Not sure.
  • NSA clone takes students to clone-run "adult novelty store".
  • And of course, Michael Enright, the CIA clone actor whom i mentioned June 2nd.
On a lighter note, i spotted my first wild box turtle yesterday. I was pulling up some weeds and noticed this dome thing. It was a healthy-looking female Three-Toed Box Turtle. She didn't seem very afraid of me. I noticed she was already jailing demons; my allies had gotten to her already.
I would have given her a lukewarm soak and offered some food, but we have been having soggy weather and she was already damp. And there are plenty of earthworms, pillbugs, grubs, and weeds around, maybe a few snails.
I set her back down after petting her and walked away a few steps. She came up in the astral and gave me a big hug. She's been with us in the astral since.

Then today it hit me: i had met this turtle before! Around the turn of the century, i was walking by a small pond-hole i had had a backhoe dig in a natural seasonal spring. It didn't really have banks; it was more a gouged hole. And there was this boxie trying to get out the almost vertical side. It was almost out, looking at dry land. All its weight was on its front paws. It could not get a purchase with its rear feet to push itself higher. And if it let go with its front legs, it would fall back into the water. No telling how long it had been stuck there, straining futilely.
It did not seem spooked by my presence. I walked up and gently lifted its butt just enough so it could clamber out.
This was the same turtle, 15 years ago! And she remembers me.
Subsequently I had the pond enlarged a bit and made more turtle-friendly.

(11:25pm) Oceana wrote me that she thought that Bruce Jenner is a type of synthetic with a crystal (silicon) matrix. And "the body itself is so much more superior and is inhabited by 'aliens'."

Well, i found they actually were full of demons, lots of them, packed in in part to prevent The Committee from programming their matrix. And to hide the fact that they are run by the CIA. But now we have gotten many of the demons (still lots more) (Jenner pics) and Eenya is checking out the possibilities of programming their matrix with programs toxic to demons and SSers.
And i am looking for locations where these things might be run from. First one i found was CIA U base in Gidden, WI. More in N Mississippi... etc.

Don't be surprised if they swap these Jenners out with other types of doubles soon.

June 4, '15: (7:15am) Disgusting. Like we really need a flashy quacking lizard cult for every "disease of modern civilization". Saw an ad for Alzheimer's Association promoted by various clones and SHers. I never heard of these "prominent" jerks; i presume they are TV actors. And just as in their "anti-" cancer cults, they spew misinfo: "Eat a healthy and balanced diet that is lower in fat..." (emphasis mine). Yes, recommendations despite the "fact" that this disease "CANNOT BE PREVENTED, CURED OR SLOWED." Damn, and i had read elsewhere that cell phones help prevent it. I wonder if sitting in front of a TV will help.
But luckily they do have some sensible steps one can take, like u$eful med$ to help cope. But remember: "No one should take vitamin E to treat Alzheimer's disease except under the supervision of a physician."


Generic Brand Approved For Side Effects
donepezil Aricept All stages Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and increased frequency of bowel movements.
galantamine Razadyne Mild to moderate Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and increased frequency of bowel movements.
memantine Namenda Moderate to severe Headache, constipation, confusion and dizziness.
rivastigmine Exelon Mild to moderate Nausea, vomiting, loss of appetite and increased frequency of bowel movements.
vitamin E Not applicable Not approved Can interact with antioxidants and medications prescribed to lower cholesterol or prevent blood clots; may slightly increase risk of death.

And they warn against ineffective quack treatments and suchlike unprofessional tomfoolery, because "Effectiveness and safety are unknown."

So play it $afe and $tick to approved med$ and a low-fat diet! And there is hope. You can "Participate in a clinical trial". And join ISTAART and hobnob underground with other happy clones.

I think i will jump on the bandwagon and "Go Purple". When my sweet rocket seeds ripen, i will harvest a bunch and spread them around my place, as usual.

(4pm) Warmer, 80 F in the shade. Lately i have been getting super-DORy light planes flying over, containing MIBs channeling reptilian energies. One flew over 3 times so far today, with 3 MIBs channeling #4 repts. They just can't stand the positive orgone around here.

A while ago i sensed Bruce Jenner being terminated. I think. He does feel non-existent now in his pics. I suspect a Sandy Hooker version is in the offing. They may have been prepping him in the CIA U base here near Burkeville, TX. If so, they'll have to try again elsewhere.
The others of his kind feel a lot less weird now with the demons gone. Unfortunately they don't take much programming, but they are weakly programmed with the old Arcturan Anti-Evil Pgm, which is pretty ubiquitous already in common objects.

(9:15pm) Latest celebrity news: now a SSer clone has stepped into Jenner's persona. Clones are so blastable and most don't last long and need to be replaced constantly.

(9:25pm) There's a bunch of action happening in Jupiter right now. Lotta jailable ETs. I especially sense a lot of energy near the core. But not much in the core itself.

(11:15pm) I think all the Jenners have been replaced by clones now, but not the Duggars or Pacquaio yet.
Photos of Teens Lined Up to Buy Kendall and Kylie Jenner's New Clothing. I expected to see a bunch of stoopid dingbat Earth girls. But the good news is, they're all slithering clones. The Earth girls are not buying it in droves. Of course, the author is also one. This is how they create "social trends".

June 5, '15: (7:15am) I was reading about G7 protests in Munich (good people have been duped into thinking that policy is made at these distractive clone gatherings) and thought i'd check the map for transmitters. I didn't find any obvious ones, but there is a very conspicuous werewolf enclave in Munich. There must be almost 800 of them living in this area.

(10:05am) So who all is a clone on this page? The guys in the 1st pic. The couple in the 3rd pic. All the gay cops. Jenner now. Hannah Winterbourne (just caught in U base). Maloney is a SHer.

(1:15pm) Something i just recently noticed about passenger (and other) flights: they radiate energies of various numbered reptilians. They've probably been doing this for some time but they try to cloak it so you have to specifically look for it.
I remarked many years ago that the noise of flying craft is a carrier for evil energies. This is nothing new in itself. This is why they stick us with archaic noisy craft, don't require mufflers on prop planes, etc. To break up the sacred space of the Earth's atmosphere not only with the noise itself, but using the noise as a carrier for negative energies.

So now if i hear a plane i look for and jail the offworld repts transmitting their intent via the sound waves.

(5:40pm) Now i've gone and pissed off the repts. They are attacking me from U bases around the globe.

Much less urgent: feel like blasting some clones just for the hell of it? There are oodles of "psychic advisors" listed on Keen and about 95% are SSer clones.
Or if your tastes run more into celebrities, at least 2/3 of these are clones now.

June 6, '15: (6:35am) The rept attacks gradually weakened (many were coming from offworld too), and i feel great this morning. Last night things felt weird, like the reptilian matrix was getting warpy or something. Hard to explain. But i had to wonder whether this was an effect related to my having jailed (on May 19) whatever it was that was wrapped up in the Earth's magnetic field. Also this morning, things that "should" feel DORy to me feel much less so, for whatever reason.

Got a thundershower late afternoon, and rain through part of the night. About 0.6".

Contemporary urban living in Amerika: Family Raided by SWAT and their Dog Shot, for Being Unable to Pay Utility Bill. If i understand correctly, the assault was not exactly in response to her debt to the gas company, but for not having gas service (as a consequence of being delinquent in payment). Gotta enforce those city codes somehow. A house without gas service is not a trivial matter. Luckily, the city was equipped with a $WAT team with nothing better to do.
Of the 5 cops in the pic, i spot 3 clones. But this pic may be from an unrelated event elsewhere.

(8:15am) Awesome. Passenger jets are audibly cruising over, but NO DORy energy attachments!
Have the reptilians shot their wad, or is this just a lull?

(8:40am) Another "human" who is blastable with the laser pgm: Robert Doggart. The mainstream media is not covering this "event" yet, but the Jesuit "alternative" media is, to make it look like they are an alternative to the BS mainstream.

(9:20pm) Been getting a bit of rept energy off of planes this afternoon.
EHET energy seemed to be streaming more weakly through drive-by clones at work.

OMG, Cute clone injured by baseball bat swung by clone. Lotta clones upset about this. It's a dangerous world for clones. The clown clones in red were conveniently in U base just now.
Lotta clones on the Red Sox team.

Lotta clones in the Usaamah Abdullah Rahim affair. The CIA Rahim family, the CIA planned victim, the cops, etc.
The world would be so boring without clones.

June 7, '15: (7:45pm) Blasting request: there are 2 places in Bloomfield, NM that we have been working on for days that remain mysteriously DORy, although there has been much improvement: Western Refinery, and the Center for Desert Archeology.
There must be something under these places that i haven't nailed yet.

June 8, '15: (10:05am) Still haven't quite broken throught the cloaking under those 2 places, but now i can at least find "pressure points" into which to inject the Laser Pgm.

It's time for another big CIA promotion of "prominent" clones: Infowars reporter Rob Dew gives a Bilderberg update at O'Hare International Airport and challenges everyone to discuss with friends, relatives and strangers the secret elite meeting taking place in the Austrian alps. Stay tuned for complete Bilderberg coverage this entire week at
nnYessir, promote this lame hoax. These clones are actors, not decision-makers or policy-setters. They wouldn't be permitted to pilot a light plane, let alone a country.

(2pm) The base under the refinery has been breached, and allies are mopping it up.
A reader wrote me about a craft RVed at the refinery:
I saw a huge ramp that sank down, and a special, big device was carried out. It's a dark blue color, like tubes set together, not a weapon, it has to do with manipulation of electro-magnetics(?). There is a special room inside of the U complex from where the device is remotely managed. The room is not big, beige color.
This complex is under the refinery, because it has very similar frequency, and thus easy to cloak under. The divice is taken on a craft and returned when job done.
With that info i was able to target it. It was 3 miles down. I don't recognize the ETs but the archeology place has the same vibe. Also i sense numerous of their craft aloft in our atmosphere.

(2:40pm) Now i feel the allies addressing the archeology place, so they must've been able to zero in. The action there is also 3 miles down.

(7:50pm) Yech! Police hunting runaway mother who tortured her two children into inventing fantasy claims about a satanic sex cult run by their father. This sexy stoner couple are MI humans. The "estranged" daddy is a MI SSer.
Go back to sleep. There is no such thing as satanic ritual abuse. It's been debunked repeatedly.

June 9, '15: (8:55pm) It was warm and sunny, with a lot of natural-looking clouds today.
More gov't clones locked in combat with each other: Australian government vilifies human rights commissioner. Aussie tax dollars at work to provide entertainment.
Mystery: who are the human "gypsies" in this article which could have been more informative. These are not the usual Romani-related pedophile repts. What is their background, i wonder, and why did the author not delve into this. They are nothing like what is usually defined as gypsies, yet they seem to have their own culture.
Incidentally, if i do a google image search for gypsies, about all i get anymore is clones.

June 11, '15: (9:30am) I do not like lizard clones. Clones are not nice. Are they really as stupid as they so convincingly act in public? Observing them in daily life, i tend to be astounded at how much they usually totally emulate clueless, worthless humans (just like their non-clone reptilian predecessors did). They seem too stupid to be dangerous. They gobble junk food and have health problems. They clog traffic with their relentless shopping excursions. They pack public events. They act impeccably concerned with the most trivial and mundane aspects of modern life.

Yet every day they shoot humans dead. They lie, steal, rape, and gangstalk.
Just one example of gang-stalking by clones: Oregon Grass-fed Ranchers Face Criminal Charges for Grazing Animals. The sheriff's dept, the lying neighbors, the ALDF, are all 100% clones, working together, maintaining the status quo of their predecessors.

June 12, '15: (2:50pm) The same goes for Sandy Hookers, which are becoming increasingly common on the street.

Meet the Jewish CIA clone grand poobah of the First Church of Cannabis.

Another BS story:
Sudanese migrants Hamad Said and Abdul Fatah. Riiight. What are the chances of Sudanese migrants being lizard clones?
Spivy does a pretty good job of debunking this scam. He does make a couple minor mistakes. Said is not Adelbajo. Adelbajo is a human and IMO doesn't look like Said. Also we are not yet "more than halfway through the year".
BTW there are 3 white SSers in one of the French pics.

June 14, '15: (8:35pm) Got brief showers yesterday and today; probably getting more in the near future.

The Conehead demons are mass-produced in hatcheries in space, by the Bighead demons. All this stuff is jailable, and we have gotten thousands of hatcheries in the last couple days.

June 17, '15: (10:15pm) Got a lot more rain yesterday. None today except a hint of drizzle at moments. Total as of this morning over the last few days was 1.5". Tropical Storm Bill has been tickling me with its east edge. TX and OK have been getting creamed again. And i should be getting some more serious rain starting soon.

Just nailed the whole Duggar family in a U base, as well as Danielle LaVerite and Shona Sibary, whom i mentioned April 16 as also being "humans" who get all vibey when hit with the Laser Pgm. Also the Skelmersdale clowns i mentioned on April 28. And Boxer Pacquaio. And Robert Duggart whom i mentioned June 6. Let's see, who else do i know that... ah, Weatherwar101! He doesn't seem to be in a U base now but maybe if i blast him harder...

June 18, '15: (7:25am) Yep, in the midst of rain which is supposed to last 2 days more.

Nothing to see but clones: 9 Confirmed Dead After White Gunman Opens Fire On Black Congregation In Charleston Church. Except, the "gunman" has a null vibe. I suspect a mannequin. The car feels empty. There are some videos online but i haven't watched them to see whether any show this guy in motion.
More clones and sock puppets: Charleston Shooting: Liberals Call for Disarming All White People.

And satanists Amanda Knox and Raffaele Sollecito have been replaced by clones. Their lawyer is now a Sandy Hooker.

(7:50pm) Yeah, been getting heavy rain at times.

I still get no vibe off this Dylan Roof who kind of looks like a 13-year-old girl in his prior arrest mugshot from this spring. Feels as though he doesn't exist.
Roommate Dalton Tyler, "who said he has known Roof for seven months to one year," is a clone CIA asset, though.

June 19, '15: (7am) Maybe Spivy will get around to this one. A reader wrote me "It's a flip of 1 side of a person's head."
I opened the pic, cut out the right half, duplicated it, reversed one of the copies, and stuck it to the original right half. Compare that to the article's pic.
The reader also said there is other evidence of photoshopping in the pic and video, e.g. "the chin is 'enlarged' by photoshop to look like a male chin".

(3:20pm) Whew, Tropical Storm Bill is done with me. Only faint rain chances for the next week. Luckily it is still cool, low 70s this afternoon. Got slightly over 2.5" over the last 2 days.

Ah, finally a pic of "Joey Meek, a childhood friend of suspect Dylann Roof". Another CIA clone. See pic here. His alleged mother is one, too, as are the women in the pic.

June 21, '15: (8:25am) And Christon Scriven is a Sandy Hooker.

Another particularly ludicrous clone production: Man kills three after ploughing car into shoppers before getting out and stabbing bystanders (eyes raised heavenwards).

In commemoration of summer solstice, i made a little 5-gallon CB. Did the last pour last night. It is mostly epoxy with the March2015B program.
It will take weeks to power up, due to some of the components being programmed. It will probably be several days before it will want to come out of the bucket.

June 24, '15: (7:40pm) Clear and 95 in town today.

On May 19 i mentioned doing some work on the "reptilian web" intertwined with Earth's magnetic field. I linked to this map of the magnetic field. I felt like i cleaned up a bunch of stuff but was unsure how much i accomplished.
Well, recently i was guided to build another complex, large device (simultaneously with that CB), and i just realized it is acting on this web. The map feels like stuff is happening.

June 25, '15: (1:45pm) Another hot, sunny day. Been getting some MIB small plane overflights the last few days.

The Zimmerman saga continues: George Zimmerman is accused of threatening to shoot driver in road rage incident.
Of course, Apperson and Samantha Scheibe (latter pictured on this page) are CIA clones, and Apperson's bitch and the cops are also clones.

More clones generating faux news: Conrad Hilton's hotel mogul father 'was called to the scene by police to help calm his raging son down after he broke into his ex-girlfriend's house'. I am so entertained.
Daddy-clone was just caught in a U base.

(2:15pm) Mossad clone: "blockade-buster" Israeli-Arab Knesset member Basel Ghattas. Let's make him uncomfortable on that ship. Maybe he will dive into a school of sharks.

(8:10pm) Another CIA-clone front: blacklivesmatter.
The CIA is playing all sides of this race war psyop.

June 27, '15: (6:25pm) Got ~1/4" of rain yesterday afternoon and evening. Cooler weather now.

More clones: Tunisia attack: British man has surgery after shielding fiancee from gunman. The German "tourist" too.
Buncha clones got killed by clone gunman there. Clone lizard blood was flying all over the place.
Of course all the "people" involved in the "France beheading attack" are also clones. Except i'm not sure the alleged perp exists. So far i've found no pics of him.

(8:15pm) Two CIActivists Charged With 'Defacing a Monument' After Scaling Pole to Remove Confederate Flag in South Carolina (author is CIA clone, BTW). James Ian Tyson is a clone. Bree Newsome is what i call on my Doubles page Another type of artificial human, which I first became aware of on Nov. 11, '12.

June 28, '15: (8:45pm) This is a NSA bldg full of Sandy Hookers who are involved in coordinating microwave attacks on victims in the NYC area. Eenia found them. I am blasting them remotely with my April2014A stuff.
And 2 Alah-kur ships are blasting them with something of theirs.
And i think in a few hours, Antuvozy will have a new resin program out based on the A-K's stuff, which will be very good against SHers and other bad guys. And it will have directional wand capability.

June 29, '15: (5:50am) I'm fixing to pour some of the new June2015 Program in a few minutes. Clear resin, same type molds as most of the other wand pgms.

Kuwait mosque bomber was Saudi. Yes, i'm pretty sure the guy in the pic was a Saudi... government clone agent. I don't know why they use past tense in the headline. He was still alive a minute ago under Jahra, Kuwait 29.799129, 47.361253.

(4:45pm) Sit up, beg, roll over: clones give obedience training to humans. Check out that Facebook page for some juicy smiling clones.

(7:30pm) I have updated OTB 27f with a pic of some wands with the new pgm.