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Loohan's blog for June, 2006

June 2, 2006: Sai Baba. I see they have posted more "new" pics of His Holiness, also all at least 6 weeks old.
About 40% down the page is a pic of the Anointing One. To his left is a dark-skinned man, to his right a white man, squatting. The dark guy is his witch #5, the white guy #4.
Right below that are 4 little girls, dancing. The 2 front ones are sexually abused. I pulled out the sex demons they had from vaginal injection. I am confident that medical inspection would show they are not virgins. The bottom pic has the same 2 witches, too. His female ones are not on this page.

I found a clone they are working on to replace Baba. Baba's "spirit" (insectile) is history, so it won't be the same person except in appearance. I stuffed the clone full of parasites, which made his location very easy to dowse. He is in a house on the SE corner of Mesnes Rd. and Wordsworth Ave., Marylebone, Greater Manchester, WN1, UK. I don't think the clone is ready for action yet for another couple months, so i can beat up on him at my leisure.

June 5, '06: (Morning) Got another little shower yesterday.

Things have been going even better since i remembered to try my Grail PCs in the "controlling the ADR" mode night before last. The instructions tell you how to feed illuminati, places, events, companies, etc. into a picture of a maze, and walk them out to allegedly gain control of them. I don't know about the reality control aspect yet, but it does dramatically clean up anything i put in: Leonard, spew-planes, bases, etc.
I have been feeding the maze like mad with people, places like Montauk, the Baghdad base, Wanaque vortex, Mecca, entities like Monsanto, Raytheon, Lockheed, Halliburton KBR, etc. etc. etc. This process also drains energy out of the Archonic Aeons dramatically.
Leonard has not gotten loose since i did him, and feels pretty meek lately. Which means y'all can try switching to another target, if desired, and we'll see what happens.

What target do i suggest? I'm getting to that. But first let me regale you with a tale of scenic downtown Bordeaux, France, and Le Grand Caillou. Caillou (rhymes with "I-you") means pebble or boulder.

This is very interesting to me, because in my life so far, i have not been much given to "prophetic" or warning dreams, nor even to remembering my dreams much. The story starts sometime in 2000 or early 2001, when i had a dream. In the dream, my parents had moved to someplace in Europe, and i was visiting them there. I went out for a hike on my own, checking out flea markets, vendor stalls, shops, etc. I was enjoying myself. At one point i decided to retrace my path and return to my parents' house, only to find myself lost. I decided to head back to a main road and hang out at a bus stop where maybe i could get re-oriented and get a ride back. I saw a bus come to the stop. Painted in script on its side were the words Le Grand Caillou. Then i woke up.

But those 3 words were emblazoned on my mind, with a sense of great importance for some unknown reason.
I even did a web search, and found a bus line with a stop by that name. I kept the pdf file of that for maybe a couple years on my hard drive. Meanwhile, i got involved in orgonite, etc. and forgot about it.

A few days ago, those 3 words drifted back into my awareness out of the blue. I dowsed, and found there was an underground base.
Here's a new bus-route pic.

Two people i know, plus another one i know only from stories and pictures, are associated with this base. Two as personnel, and one as a one-time consultant.

In 1968, Master Leonard in his human body took a plane to France and gave a workshop there. As the leading expert in the field, he taught the best way to evoke and generate Seraphim demons. This is my impression: not only blood ritual but also accompanying group orgies are necessary. The "fertility rites" are for the purpose of generating a load of sexual energy for the Seraphim to feed on, which enables them to multiply rapidly. Most followers of Leonard usually have to content themselves with mere animals to torture, but of course, these were the elite, and plenty of young children were there.

One interesting thing about this base is that it is an NSA/Mossad interface. These 2 agencies are as intertwined as their personnel were at the workshop. Leonard, being in an MPDed human body, had handlers. His main handler throughout his career was a man named Earl. Earl is Mossad. I get that 3X per week, he commutes a long distance to work at the Caillou base. The rest of the time, he does his Mossad work elsewhere. Leonard is NSA. Although this is nominally a Mossad base, there are NSA people there all the time.

I have not figured out much more about the base yet, except that it has been a major Seraphim factory since 1968. I have done some Grail maze work on the base, its main vortex, and the personnel and agencies. I also planted my Iguana unit there to stymie the Seraphim-generation.

Even so, more attention is indicated on this base. I just took the majority of my tools off of Leonard and onto this base. I feel it is an exceptionally important and dangerous place.
It seems to be centered right in the middle of the circle on the map, and 150-200' down.

I get that on and off for over 2200 years, this spot has been used for evil rituals. Oddly, i get that Rue des Treytins goes right over the historic ritual site. I could not find a definition for Treytin.
There is even a Rue Seraphin right next to Rue Judaique a bit east of here also in Bordeaux.

(6pm) Well, i am amazed at how Leonard seems to be fading away to nothing now, despite the fact that i only have maybe 20% of my resources on him today. At this rate, he looks to be a goner real soon.

  *   *   *   *
Pulsar adventures: on 6/2 i read about a weird ocean vortex that had a nasty vibe. There were hundreds of evil-vibe blue pulsars stirring up this vortex. I arrested them, and the nasty energy quit.
The yellow pulsars: yesterday morning i rounded up a coven of 66 messing with me. (Also pulled some greens off Sittingtaoist.) Then yesterday late i got another coven of, this time, 42 (unusual number) in a spacecraft. I think they were abusing a little Venusian girl that they got from the evil Venusians in a deal. I arrested those, and i think (but it's hard to tell) that the good Venusians may have somehow towed the craft someplace. It's unclear what's happening with the girl.
Enochian demons is what the yellows keep using.
Then later still, i got 33 more yellows attacking me from the Hall of Records under the Sphinx! I think they were torturing a middle-aged woman.

Venusians: In the past week there have been several instances of RKers sent by evil Venusians from space. These are a bit tougher than the home-grown variety of RKers, which seem to be all in jail.
First there was a fleet of 9 craft involved, each with one transformer that i took out, and the good Venusians blew them away. Then there were 3 larger ships with 3 transformers each. Then another 3 later with one each. That last was Friday night. Then i read about this UFO disintegration report of an event late Friday night. I strongly get that this was one of that last batch of evil Venusian craft we nailed. I think the good Venusians may be using some sort of weird energy-beam weapons, and they struck a fatal hit, after which the craft got away, going through the atmospheric layer before finally falling apart.
I think i also helped the Venusian allies take out like 18 smaller craft last night.

I find this stuff a bit hard to believe myself, but i have noticed no RKers since.

Remember the coven planes i wote about? After that i got only one more such jet, then one little prop plane with a coven of 6 on board. I decided to take out its distributor coil, to force it to land. But with no effect. This is why i am slightly loath to report the stuff about the Venusians. If i can knock out ET craft just like that, why can i not fry a nearby lightbulb or force down a light plane? I don't know. On the other hand, i do seem to get very tangible (to me) results. For example, there was a reptilian mothership harrassing me quite regularly for months, until i and my Venusian allies took out that whole fleet a while back, and since then, i have found no reptilians at all in the Solar System, and that particular type of harrassment stopped completely. If i am deluded about this, i must be deluded about everything; so you decide. I don't know what to make of myself sometimes.

June 6, '06: (2:30pm) Well, things don't seem too bad for a 6/6/6 day yet. I've gotten .4" more rain in the last 48 hours, and there's very little DOR to be found anywhere. Leonard is still fading away, the greys haven't hassled me in a couple days, the enemy can hardly hit me at all anymore, and Le Grand Caillou is shaping up.

But Tim and i really disagree on a few things, mainly the pulsars and my dragon friends. He has some evil critters he's shredding that he believes are my dragons, but they don't seem familiar to me. Whereas i fancy myself to be shredding 5 blue pulsar princesses, several other pulsar princesses, and even a pulsar queen. I could only find one queen; no kings or princes. I do not know what color she is, but she is strong and nasty. Well, not so strong anymore as she was a bit ago.
Since i am only using weapons on these fine ladies that are harmless to benign beings, Tim won't object, and the truth, assuming there is such a thing, will eventually out.

The tools i got from him are beyond excellent, and i am making good use of them. But i advise people to avoid any of his products that are pulsar-oriented. He has some new "pulsar hearts" out in various colors. The yellow one is especially creepy to me. I believe he is trusting beings he shouldn't, who are "helping" him in programming these.
The ones to avoid include any of the Voodoo pieces. As he says, the Voodoo Loas are red pulsars. Some red pulsars are fine, but i do not get a good feel for these. I think they are fundamentally, as they say, service-to-self oriented.

June 8, '06: ET roundup: Evening before last i got out a US map and traced over it with my finger, finding hot spots. In some cases they were just above-ground transmitters; in many cases they were small underground bases. I also did a bunch more of the already-known bases. I would run the transmitters/bases through the Grail maze. But first, i would check for ETs and imprison any.

I found that the majority of the bases, at least 60%, had no ETs at this time. Some had a few greys. Many had a few Pulsars (Nordics). Usually these were in covens of 9, sometimes 11, usually yellows, but some greens.
In many cases the "lizard shacks" of bases, now devoid of lizards (i found none of these whatsoever) were being occupied by these Nordics who were doing Enochian, sometimes Goetia, magic.

When i happened to check Quantico, MD, though, i found over 300,000 Nordics; blue, green, and red. Then i asked if there were any more large concentrations, and found 80,000+, of all 4 colors, at Parent, QC at a spot about 2.5 miles from the main vortex there that i have been dealing with.
It seems i can handle the Nordic menace, if it's not a figment of my imagination, single-handedly.

Well, maybe with a little help from my friends. Today i noticed there have been several recent sightings of evil Nordic craft. I think the first 4 of these sightings were Nordics. I haven't yet figured out who the last 2 are, but they feel very benevolent. I have not yet thought of the right questions to ask, but i don't think they are humans nor Nordics.

In any case, i figured my Venusian friends were probably about ready to take out the Nordic craft, so i addressed these with my Awareness PCs. They may be gone now. Right now i can't dowse a thing, because even if i ask for all the evil in the universe, there is no energy there to feel. That's how good things are going.

It occurred to me that perhaps i have not really been disabling craft by taking out transmitters. It may be that what's really been going on is that the Awareness PCs drastically interrupt the shielding technology that normally would deflect Venusian beams.
I tried just addressing a bunch of craft in a non-specific way, and it seems to work.

Using the Grail maze really knocks the stuffing out of the Archonic Aeons. This seems to undermine all black magic quite a bit. I have hardly had to address Universe B lately because it seems if the Aeons are sweetened up enough, the reptilians can't get anything much going in Universe B. And when they can't do that, the covens on Earth have almost no evil power to work with.

It has been several days since they last scorched my prostate/tailbone. I (and a few people i monitor) have gotten some critters. The last couple days it's been micro-octopi, some with Enochian holders now.

Weather mod: Once again, i will go on record as predicting that weather mod is almost a dinosaur. Expect this year to have the mildest hurricane season in a long time. I just checked wunderground: "There are currently no Tropical Storm Advisories." India weather seems to have normalized some. Looking at the US drought map i see there are some areas i need to focus on in a bit. DOR is somewhat present at all those dark spots. If anyone finds a good world drought map, please email me the link.

The 5 weatherships are history, as are other weather-mod craft. And any new ones that may appear can probably be easily dealt with. HAARP and several other major sites are pretty grailed-out. Black magic has lost most of its horsepower, and is losing more daily.

May 9, '06: Some more
new pics of Baba, though they make no attempt to claim they are recent. They are from late April, when i was hammering on him, and he doesn't look real spiffy for whatever reasons.

Near the top is a pic labeled "The Divine Darshan". The man on the left is Baba's witch #6. About 40% down the page is one labeled "Begum Parveen Sultana in concert in front of Swami...". This woman in the lavender robe is his witch #2. About 75% down is one labeled "Kum Anjali addresses the youth". This woman is witch #1. That only leaves #3 unidentified. And that person is Anita Bacha (i found her name but no pic on a link).

Baba's clone is still where i found it, now all stuffed with parasites.

Speaking of evil Eastern "masters", i happen to have a partial list of prominent black magicians (not all living):

Maharishi Mahesh Yogi (TM movement)
Yogi Bhajan (3HO Kundalini Yoga)
Swami Prabhupada (International Society for Krishna Consciousness)
The Dalai Lama
Meher Baba
Baba Hari Dass (made famous by the book Be Here Now)
Koichi Tohei (founder of Ki-Aikido)

Some of these were real shockers to me. Tohei only turned darkside in 1997. Here are a couple more darkside Aikido masters. The other masters mentioned in the first paragraph are also dark.
T'ai Chi, and probably all martial arts have a fair bit of black magician instructors.

I have done some 3HO yoga. Several dozen sets in my life, anyway. Including many times the SA TA NA MA exercise. Satan's name, Satan's name. The 3HO insiders actually use Seraphim-powered spells to make sure the students are invoking Satan when they do this. Other mantras are similarly perverted in 3HO.

Also, once in late 1977, Baba Hari Dass made a visit to south Florida, where i happened to be at the time. The public was invited to come and chant with the master for free. What could be more harmless than devotional chanting with a master yogi? Well, both that incident and the 3HO left me with subtle but lasting damage, which i only recently recognized and was able, fortunately, to reverse.

A friend of mine once told me what his secret TM mantra had been when he was into that: mimimimimimimi. He said a friend of his had the mantra mumumumumumu. Sounds pretty harmless, right? But with the proper spells, even harmless sounds can become invocations to the demonic, and that's what's going on with TM.

Now, not all Eastern stuff is evil. Some examples of living and deceased masters that were not black magicians (though some may have had personal foibles) include:

Sri Aurobindo
Paramahansa Yogananda (but beware his "followers"!!!)
Krishnamurti, of course
Amrit Desai
B.K.S. Iyengar
Mantak Chia
Rajneesh (surprise!)
Maharaj Ji (surprise!)

I'm not a fundamentalist Christian, and i have gotten much of value from Eastern teachings.

June 11, '06: Still blown away by this Aikido stuff. Aikido was founded by Morehei Ueshiba, a Shinto priest. He drew from the study of Aiki-Jutsu, a samurai fighting art. His teacher was maybe a bit of a psycho, but not a black magician. The founder of the Korean art of Hapkido also studied under this teacher. Aikido is not even considered a "martial" art by many, as it is about resolving conflict without harming the opponent, even bringing him into alignment with the universe. A beautiful art with high ideals, but obviously it is not really likely to turn a black magician into anything better.

I sudied Ki-Aikido diligently for a year in the late '80s. This is Koichi Tohei's style. I also took the Ki training classes offered, which were like nothing else i've ever studied; really excellent.
Koichi was a master instructor under Ueshiba, but did not get along with Ueshiba's son. When the master died, the 2 split into 2 different schools. I also studied for 6 months under an instructor of the son's school, Hombu.
So what makes a 77-year old Zen master, Ki master, suddenly embark on the path of evil? I mean, a lot of people are traumatized and mind-controlled from birth; i can understand why they turn evil. A lot of people turn to the path of evil because they misguidedly feel it will give them power to benefit themselves with. I can sort of comprehend that. But why would an accomplished, mature individual do a thing like this? [Update Oct 2017: He is an Egyptoid ET.]
Further, i get that he has corrupted 13 out of his 16 highest instructors. Below that, the heirarchy feels clean. Why would these others also be willing to do this?

As i mentioned, i also studied for 6 months under an instructor of the Hombu school. Once in 1989, i attended a workshop that a visiting master of this school gave. A Marlboro-smoking Japanese guy, also named Tohei (a common Japanese surname). Well, i get that that guy turned darkside in 1998.

Ueshiba's son died "clean" but now that school is riddled with evil from the top down.
How did all this come to pass? I don't know.
For decades, the big name in Aikido in France has been Saotome, a Japanese family. I get they are darkside going back thousands of years. I suspect that they are the main corrupting influence, but how were they able to seduce these masters with something as unwholesome and cheesy as black magic?

Morehei Ueshiba was very aware of interdimensional evil, and used to do special things to clear evil away before teaching. It is tragic what has happened. I would have expected that Aikido experts were about the least corruptible individuals.

June 13, '06: I just saw this pic when i logged onto hotmail. Casale is clamoring for attention from me, i take it.

Yes, skychem is still a frequent part of my life. Some real bizarre clouds here this morning. They looked almost natural, except for wierd streaky spots.

"They" managed to whip up a little storm, Alberto, while i wasn't looking. I get that oil rigs in the Gulf have transmitters.

June 15, '06: More fun with UFOs: I saw this today. I ran these made-in-USA craft through the Grail maze, as well as "sucking them into" the Awareness PCs, waited a while, and checked back, and they seem null. I suspect the Venusians nailed them. Speaking of which, i suspect that this craft is Venusian.
The renegade Venusians may be wiped out; i have had no further sign of them.

Later i logged onto cyberspaceorbit, and found a new pic with evil reptilian craft near the sun. Lizards back in my solar sytem! The nerve. A fleet of 6. I sucked the craft into the Awareness PCs, ran them through the Grail maze, and only then remembered that i can simply imprison the lizards, which i also do [did]. Did the Venusians shoot down the empty craft? I don't know, but they feel quite null.

June 16, '06: Had a dream shortly before dawn this morning that there was a strange white-haired old woman in my room. I tried to turn on the light, but my fingers went through the switch and i couldn't. Then i woke up, with an icky feeling. Dowsed the woman, found she was an NSA astral warrior, and imprisoned her.

What happens when i imprison someone like that? I guess somehow they keep running their physical body, despite my attempts to break the connection. Presumably, they can no longer do the astral warfare thing, though. And the parasites remain in the physical body only. Evidently i had dealt with her personally in the past, as her body is particularly well-stuffed with parasites.
By contrast, last time i checked, if i jail the archon associated with an ordinary Satanist type, the parasites all leave, and the person feels like a zombie to me for a few days before returning to normal.
A couple weeks ago i made the test. I was talking to a darksider. I dowsed that he was a 6th degree Mason, all pumped up with energy from the previous day's ritual involving a 22-year-old girl. He seemed like a real mover-and-shaker type, very assertive, yang energy. Boss-man type. I imprisoned his archon and cut the connection. His energy went null and the parasites (all evil Masons are stuffed with them thanks to me) returned dutifully to jail. But his demeanor did not change one bit. He was in mid-sentence at the time, but did not miss a lick. No observable change whatsoever, except by dowsing.

Similarly i have spoken face-to-face with several very evil people whom i had stuffed with parasites, who were giving off an extra-horrible vibe largely due to the parasites, yet who seemed entirely mellow and comfortable and not bothered. Yet i know that over time, these parasites weaken them.

Lately the DOR levels have been so low, that even the parasites don't seem to have much oomph. I get hit daily with more, but sometimes i don't even notice for hours, because they are so weak.
I have also regularly been draining the critters out of a few activists (including Al Gray) that often get hit when the bad guys fire up and hit me.
One of these friends has hired Tim Rifat to do a rescue service deal, and today i had the impression Tim nailed the Parent, QC base where the critters where coming from. I had been kind of letting them go for it lately, and re-routing the critters into various malefactors. The place feels real sweet now. I think he's still working on it. Unfortunately i had cleared the Nordics out already.

Also today i was attacked for the first time by a red Nordic, just one female, which i imprisoned.

A made-in-USA craft was photographed in Mexico June 2. This one is one that was permanently taken care of yesterday, i believe. Possibly the 3rd pic down on yesterday's first link.

And yes, i know, David Rockefeller was allegedly photographed at the recent Bilderberg meeting. I still say David is dead, and that guy was a double. Or wearing a mask. [A clone, actually, i realized later.] David has no vibe, and this guy is stuffed with parasites and has a nasty vibe. 135th degree Mason, i get, whereas David was a lot higher than that.

June 20, '06: I just made some very important modifications to my page on Loohan's Remote Combat Services.
Now i am no longer able to recommend Tim's products. The stones i got from him are amazingly wonderful, but he seems to be increasingly under the influence of the Pulsars.
I am grateful that i was able to get mine when i did. Just barely made it. My feeling right now is that probably all the stones he's made in the last month or so are corrupted by evil programming injected by the Green Pulsars. My impression is, his programming is as great as ever, but the Pulsars are slipping evil stuff in that he's not aware of. And i know from previous attempts that it would be futile for me to try to point this out to him.

Yesterday i had to arrest several covens of yellow, green, and blue Nordics that were using Enochian magic against me, as well as a huge hive of evil blues that were acting up.
I have done a fair bit of shredding on the Nordic Queen Bitch and a couple key blue princesses, and they feel pretty clean now. I will do more from time to time.
In fact i believe i just now arrested the greens that were messing with his programming...

  *   *   *   *
Russian craft photographed on the 17th over Turkey. First Russian one i have noticed. Bad vibe, it had, but it seems to not be around anymore for some strange reason.

June 22, '06: I had to bust another bunch of greens doing the same thing yesterday. Also, it appears that i successfully removed the green Pulsar virii from the crystals Tim recently programmed.

It also appears that i can now erase the corruption of crystals (OTB 17) that has bothered me for so long. The secret is to run the items through the Grail maze first, then address them with the Awareness PCs. I have already de-corrupted all orgonite, which is no small thing. Not only did most of us, including myself, use some corrupted ingredients in our orgonite, but some people were actually deliberately making TBs, CBs, etc. with very corrupt ingredients and black magic to boot. The black magic ones took a bit of extra handling to clear. I also cleared up the Archon Michael, etc. stuff going around.
Also i addressed all corrupted crystals, etc. in people's possession.
Also i spent some time addressing just the energy devices in India, from corrupted orgonite to all the many traditional demon-repelling and demon-killing devices that had been covertly sabotaged.
Also i addressed the great many of the world's mines with corrupted deposits: quartz, uranium, diamond, selenite, gypsum, etc.

There is still some work to be done on the mines and people's crystal stashes, but the majority of the bad energy seems gone. Some extremely corrupted items, e.g. the Hope Diamond, are not likely to clear soon unless specifically addressed. I will save the latter item as a gauge of effectiveness; if it clears up completely without my addressing it specifically, that will imply i've done a terrific job.

I also updated the first 3 Paranoia Bulletins to reflect recent advances. I seem to have reached the stage where i can move any evil vibes out of anywhere. Or if not, i can still neutralize the item.

  *   *   *   *
Illuminati scum robbed by non-black magician robbers. Justice is slowly seeping into this world. He's a 163rd degree Mason, and she's an evil witch.
Incidentally, all the craft depicted in that photo have a strong evil vibe, which i'm about to address.

June 23, '06: Another storm came through my region yesterday. Most of it missed me, and i only got about 0.5" of rain and light hail. Again, prior to this they dispersed a white haze throughout the region, in a vain attempt to dry things up.
I see that "There are currently no Tropical Storm Advisories..." I think it's pathetic that all those guys at NOAA are drawing big fat salaries, and can't even get a decent hurricane started. Here it is past the solstice, and nada. What a bunch of inept parasites. I shredded on them a bit yesterday, and will do more from time to time. I resent the fact that they are well paid for doing nothing, while i am unpaid for doing a good job.

I'm also occasionally shredding on the guys at the level of deploying spew-planes. That is, when one comes by, i run the pilot and plane through the Grail maze, but do a lot more than that to the person that sent him here.

I ripped off this pic from today. Yes, there are HAARP transmitters in Puerto Rico, Russia, and 7 in Norway. The first 2 have 3 nukes each, the 7 have 1 each. I addressed them all, and the personnel. One day soon i may track down more of these.

June 25, '06: Some new critters i've been running into lately...
The last couple of weeks i keep getting these icky critters in my space that dowse as were-dogs. Rifat mentions these somewhere in passing, but until recently i wasn't sure what he meant. These seem to be fair sized critters, so far.
What does "were-" mean? It is believed to be from an old word meaning "man". A werewolf is a man-wolf, supposedly a human who changes into a wolf-like form at times. Though my experience of the critters that dowse as werewolves is that they are usually from microscopic to about 2 inches in size, and usually internal parasites sent by black magicians. Though the ones i ran into last summer may have been larger. I don't know of any man-like forms of these from my personal experience.
So far the were-dogs seem fairly large, and external.

Just this afternoon i had an evil critter in my space that i could not figure out the type of. Seemed rather large and strong. Finally i flashed on a squid, and that's what it dowsed as.

  *   *   *   *
Time for some more space weirdness. Here is a pic of an unidentified object near Saturn. What is it? I don't know, but when i checked it out this afternoon it was full of evil green Nordics, tens of thousands of them. I proceeded to transfer them into my jail, and the thing felt a lot cleaner.
But when i checked back a few minutes later, there were more. It turns out that they were being teleported in from Callisto, a moon of Jupiter. Why, i don't know. Saturn is one planet farther out from Jupiter. Anyway i got the whole hive on Callisto as well. Good riddance. The greens are a pain. They are still constantly crafting concentrated critter-capsules for the Zionist black magicians to insert into myself and several friends several times a day.
Some of the capsules are delayed-release so that they don't seem to show up for hours sometimes. The barrages of critters and capsules primarily come out of Parent, QC and MI6, but when these are bludgeoned enough, sometimes MI5, Elko, AL, or Belk Corner, AR come into play. I have been spending most of my efforts the last couple days on Parent and MI.

June 26, '06: Incredibly nice weather at my place today. There was a nice thundershower that drenched town 2.5 miles away night before last pretty well, but missed me. Likewise i only got about 0.1" yesterday. But the skies are chem-free, it got into the 50s F. last night, and now it is after 2pm and it's only 70 outside. Not bad for late June in the South.

  *   *   *   *
I just noticed that the URL for the site that i have been getting the Sai Baba "updates" from now says " is expired. If you own this domain, click here to renew it." A temporary glitch, or an omen of the end of this cult? We'll see.

  *   *   *   *
(5pm) I just went pro-active on a macro scale, dowsing the 6 universes for hives of all sorts of vermin, and taking care of them. Mostly lots of Nordics of all colors, but also some insectiles, reptilians, greys, seraphim, Enochians, werewolves, octopi, and spiders. The last 3 types were mainly the micro-critters.
I even got one hive of hundreds of thousands of were-dogs.

June 27, '06: It has been one year since the sky fell in on me. That was the first i ever got hit with anything more tangible than a rare vague feeling of depression and laziness by the enemy. That's when i first got a glimpse of how totally overpowered we were, and how scary an eternal DOR hell we were in for.

Fortunately, things have changed quite a bit for the better in the past year.

  *   *   *   *
Yesterday i shut down their capsule-crafting, by sucking up all the yellow Nordics i could find, and all the micro-critter hives. This reprieve lasted about 24 hours, about long enough to rid myself of the lingering delayed-activation capsules. Then i got nailed again, as did several others. This time it was blue Nordics making the capsules for the first time that i've noticed. In fact, i caught loads of little groups of blues making them in several places at once.
This is good for my morale. It suggests that greens are becoming very scarce and/or scared. Now the blues are becoming more scarce. As long as i frequently check for hives of Nordics and micro-critters, i can scoop them up in time to forestall getting nailed again. Also i scooped up a lot of finished but undeployed capsules, which are always real handy.

  *   *   *   *
On the 25th, someone reported that the area around Robins AFB in GA was in a severe drought, and that the ground in the town (Warner-Robins) trembled for long periods at times. I found 9 powerful transmitters on the base and deactivated them. And a couple in town. And addressed some key personnel. Then found underground stuff way beyond the boundaries of the above-ground base. Hundreds of greys, and tens of thousands of humans.

What was that all about? I couldn't guess, so i emailed Al Gray. Also another friend who does good blasting. Al had Spaceman Spiff look into it.

Later i got word that Spiff said there were greys and some other weird green-grey critters down there, and they were having technical problems with a tunnel reaching all the way to Redstone Arsenal, AL. Something about sandy geology. I'm not sure that's the whole story with all those personnel, but it might explain the vibrating ground.
Then i proceeded to spend a good bit of time shredding the personnel down there.
That evening they got some rain. And that night the land didn't rock. The next day it stormed. Today i got the report that it was 74, partly cloudy. 2" of rain. They had to open the locks on the dam at the lake. The water was over the sea wall.

I also checked out Redstone Arsenal and found more greys and the other weird critters. Polished things up a bit there, too.

June 29, '06: In the past i have said that Isis is a good goddess, judging by her vibe. I never could figure that out, since her husband, brother, son, etc. are all evil as hell.
Well, also on the evening of the 27th, i caught her all flared up with evil energy as a ritual was being done to her in the Suffield base in Alberta, Canada. She's an insectile demon, after all. Just had a sweet veneer, somehow.

Then i slept briefly, and awoke to other attacks. For one, the NSA base in NW Arkansas (which i haven't mapped yet) was hitting me with radionics (and critters the next day).

But what was more unusual was that 155 Chinese hit me with black magic from a big base under Shanghai, centered around the city center.
(I and some friends had been picking on the Communist Chinese a fair bit lately.)

When i typed in Shanghai on Google Earth, their marker was just to the west of this building centered here. The center of the building is the main Shanghai vortex, and the energy center of the base.

The Chinese were torturing one boy. It took me a while to dowse what demon they were doing ritual to. Communist Chinese do not use Enochian or Goetia demons, and insectiles are almost dead for all practical purposes, so what i've been catching them with is Seraphim. But they were not doing the Seraphim thing.
It turns out that the demoness was the (incarcerated) Nordic Queen! This is the only instance i've noticed of a Nordic acting as a demon, that is, receiving the energy from ritual and providing evil energy in return by themselves. Not even reptilians can do that; they invoke Seraphim or whatever in turn.

I had been shredding her part-time for weeks, and she had seemed all weakened, but she was now pumped up from the ritual. So i shredded her a bit more, and tried to fortify my prison so that such exchanges with the prisoners would be stopped. And shredded the base and personnel real well for a long time.
But this morning, they hit me again, weakly. I had been working on other stuff. I got that there were thousands of Chinese now in ritual against me down there, torturing 6 boys for the Queen. But it is possible my prison walls were less permeable, as she was fairly weak. I worked on the wall some more, and neutralized the big coven. There was only one new guy leading them; the rest of the coven had already been pretty well worked over. Which might also be a reason the Queen was not much boosted.

I haven't quite figured out the situation with the Chinese vis-a-vis the NWO. Tim Rifat says the Chinese are a big threat to the Zionist powers, and this does seem true in many respects. Freemasonry hardly exists anymore in post-revolution China.
But then why are the Zionists (e.g. WalMart and other industry) pumping up the Chinese so much? And why is only Goetia magic used to fuel the Xining transmitter (red dot), the biggest weather-mod transmitter in that part of the world? I get that it's run by the Brits. Why are the Chinese allowing their "enemies" to do this? I do not know.

  *   *   *   *
OK, back to Nordics. I've been rounding 'em up. Yesterday it seemed like they were swarming out of other time-lines just like the insectiles, reptilians, etc. were doing a few weeks ago during that big war. Bunches of greens and blues making capsules at once. Luckily, i now know simply to scoop them all up into prison, and shred them there. The Nordics are the last big menace, as far as i can see. But i think they are mostly in prison now. Once they are gone (except for the minority of good reds) we will be left mainly with humans doing Goetia, Enochian, and Seraphim-based magic. But without the help of reptilians, Nordics, or insectiles, they won't have much power. Greys are much scarcer these days, too.

I should mention that there have been some changes in the emphases of target locations for critter-throwing lately. Lately they have been including tendons as a primary target, especially the large ones where the inner thigh muscles hook into the groin. Also where the abs hook in near there. Also meridians, especially from the feet up to the abdomen. Also urethra. My genitalia are getting it more. And throat center. Of course, prostate, K1 points, heels, spine, tailbone region, and all internal organs and brain get it regularly, too.
If they are deprived of capsules they still occasionally throw "naked" critters. I just got a cocktail of werewolves, spiders, and octopi, with Enochian holders and hiders. But these drain pretty quickly, unlike the capsules which take 24 hours sometimes to get rid of.