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Loohan's blog for June, 2007

June 1, '07: (8:45pm) Yesterday the octopi had been picking on me real bad, so once i got my stuff set up again, i gave them the brunt of my attentions. Until this afternoon, when the insectiles got real bad, and the octopi seemed pretty under control. Now i'm frying the insectiles. Have been for hours. The octopi feel like they could be about extinct; i can't detect a drop of DOR from that quarter. And i've left them (if there are any "them" left) alone for hours.

Chem is super-bad here now. I just made a little run a few miles east, and the skies are all smeared up, with new trails being laid. But i am confident that at the rate we're going, we'll soon be bumping off these criminals in quantities large enough to make a difference. And remember, barring possibly a few recent recruits, none of the chemtrail personnel at any level worldwide are Earth humans except physically. All were replaced by Lyrans and Pleiadians back before i realized how infiltrated these were. I think only evil ETs ever took the chemmers over. At one time i thought i finally had gotten most of top tier at NOAA taken over by the good ones, but i guess i was faked out again.
So when i notice a chem plane, i scoop the pilot's ET into jail, as well as his senior's and that person's senior. There's usually one more above that. Just to disconcert their continuity a bit.

June 2, '07: Yep, yep, yep. Puttin' a hurtin' on the insectiles. I don't know how big a project it will be to eradicate them entirely from all universes, dimensions, and time-lines, but i'll give it a shot for a while.
Getting rid of the insectile demons would likely result in the dissolution of a major chunk of the world's problems. Things would never be the same.

I still only get the sweetest, cleanest vibe when i try to dowse for octopus demons. I'm half-convinced they're extinct.
And there are still some squid in their other-dimensional spot, but they feel like they are still reeling from the jolt i gave them a couple nights ago. I'll persecute them from time to time.

(9:30pm) It does my old heart good. I posted on the forum about the Bilderberg meeting now ongoing in Istanbul, and now there are 673 people blasting them!
I put all my stuff on it. The insectiles seem pretty weak after some of y'all also blasted them, so i can't pass up this opportunity.

It's 5:30am in Istanbul, and i have the impression that a lot of those guys are on the toilet. I think some joker i know put some Ex-Lax on his trend plate!

(10:15pm) So after a while the guy decides to take off the Ex-Lax, and put on the cayenne. Ouch, Mama! That felt pretty scorching from here. Of course, this guy has tons of powerful mobius devices driving it all home.
Anyway, i just put some cayenne in a small glass bottle and added it to my trend plate. Had to re-set the dials because it made so much difference. Feels astounding.
There are other herbs one can use. Garlic. Ginger. Black pepper. Agnihotra ash. One thing my Indian friend uses effectively to clean up bad energy is limes.
It might generally be best to use herbs, etc. for a limited time at a stretch.

(11pm) The first one finally bit the dust around 10:45pm. Frenchman, has a clone. The 2nd one a few minutes later, a female from New Zealand. Has a double. Number 3 is yet to come.
Carry on, carry on.

June 3, '07: (7:50am) Well, my impression is that 38 out of 68 'Bergers bit it. And little else was accomplished at the meeting. Of course, it won't make any obvious dent in consensus reality, except that things should gradually, subtly, get better.

Amazingly, the insectiles still feel real weak. Also amazingly, i've been awake for over an hour and a 3/4, and no attacks other than a few feeble Lyrans. Last night the CFPs were all over me, hundreds of them, for a while. I'm not sure but, i vaguely had a sense of the CFPs all being used up, and the instructors, Japanese-style, deciding to come after me themselves, having lost all face. Goodbye, cruel world. In any case, no astral attacks yet this morning.
The Lyrans have been a pain lately, so today i think i will focus on evil Lyrans. After i get home from work this PM, i'll probably start in on the G-8 troublemakers, their seniors, the corrupt local cops, and, of course, the scheduled attendees.

No rain at all in the week's forecast here. I got less that 1/2" from that last system, though someone several miles to the south says he got "lots". Much less chem out this morning.

(4:15pm) Now some slight rain chances have crept into the forecast for late in the week. Also some not-so-slight chem has been plastered over much of the sky.
The Lyrans were hitting me moderately hard all day. Only in the last half hour have they seemed to weaken significantly. A lot more work needs to be done on them. One reason is that most of the chem pilots and personnel are run by them lately.

Pleiadians, insectiles, and once even spiders have hit me weakly today. The greys and repts have been quiet. It may be that they are dependent on the insectiles for their energy.
And still no human astrals or octopi today!

I wasn't even aware of Hurricane Barry until last night after it had already made landfall and dumped a bunch of rain. It was downgraded before it made landfall. It had a wonderful vibe -- no demons or ETs messing with it. Some people may have been blasting it, too.

In a few minutes here i'll switch targets to those G-8-related perps for a few hours, then before i go to bed i'll probably revert to persecuting the evil Lyrans.

(8pm) A lot of people out there using a variety of substances in their trends now. Those limes actually feel quite powerful. Some people are using poisons, heavy metals...
I remembered about sulfur. No-one was using that, so i put some in a little bottle and swapped it for the cayenne bottle. Re-set the dials. Maybe that helped nudge things; in any case, a few minutes after that, they started dropping.
I just re-set my SE-5 to send them sodium fluoride 6X.
Several expiring per minute now.

(8:15pm) Haha! I just got jumped by 9 Interpol Cannon-Fodder Psychics. Touchy, touchy!

Let 'em die stoned: one friend of mine is using Hawaiian Baby Woodrose seeds. Somebody else is using Salvia Divinorum. Somebody else has some prescription soporifics. Anybody got chloroform? Chloral hydrate? Sodium pentothal?

June 4, '07: I got hit once or twice more by Interpol CFPs, is all so far. I didn't need to revert to hitting Lyrans, because they were so weak. Did get some more spiders and werewolf demons, but nothing much.

Woke up around 2:30am and found 550-some casualties! But none of these were from the scheduled attendees. So i switched targets to just the attendees, and found i was hitting 28 individuals. Well, now it's 7:35am, and those 28 are still around! But now i get the total death toll at 1,375! Some new people may have joined in on the carnage.
But what kind of reinforcement do the big shots have? I haven't figured that out yet.
But i'm still blasting them. Oops, now it's 7:40 and the total is 1,378.

(10:20am) OK, much better. I don't know what their safeguard is, but i will no longer telegraph my punches well in advance.
21 left of the 28. Total toll now at 1,396, suggesting that a lot of people have switched focus.

(1:45pm) Ain't it great? If you don't feel properly represented by world "leaders" there is something pro-active you can do!
Those 28 are down to 8 now, and the Interpol CFPs are flyin' at me left and right.

(2:30pm) OK, all disinfected now. I'm sure their clones and doubles will appear in news photos, but don't let it fool you.
Total body count 1,423 so far... some stragglers will fade out for a while after being targetted.

Moving right along: there are 13 men doing the work of "god" in Opus Dei at the Vatican. One of their duties is overseeing Mossad. In the New Earth Order, such individuals are classed as "Useless Eaters" because they are a burden on society and the environment, producing nothing of value... and considered dispensable.

(3pm) OK, 13 down. The Vatican is a somewhat cleaner place now. Let us jump to someone else.

I've known for a long time that in the US, NOAA is the chemtrail agency. But we have an international group here, so i'm looking for targets with broader appeal.
My impression is that the global chem agency is in UNEP. And it does not seem to be one of their official divisions. I get that the key administrators are 39 in number; 13 at each of 3 locations. One in Belgium, one in southern India, and one in the Dominican Republic. But all ya gotta do is write "the 39 UNEP CHEMTRAIL HONCHOS" or the like and slap it on your target plate, and we're good to go.

(3:40pm) Excellent. Now, there are 9K+ expendable darkside useless social parasites in the RCP (Chinese Revolutionary Communist Party) but in the interest of brevity, i feel we should at this time concentrate on the 324 worst key individuals.

Oh, yeah, about tropical storm Barry the other night: i realized that the reason it had such a good vibe was due to plenty of Sylphs. So now we got sylphs riding the storms instead of demons and evil ETs; an improvement, i'd say.

(5:30pm) It took quite a while for any Chinese to croak, but then things started rolling along. Probably more orgonauts came along. I did get some astral attackers: 2 whole teams of 9. The Chinese psychics must be quite a force to be reckoned with.
Anyway, those 324 bit it.

Back to the Vatican. You were kind of hoping we weren't quite done with that bunch, right?
I get that there are some 78 particularly scary individuals left in there.

Oh, yeah, the squid demons were attacking me a while back. This time, instead of merely sending mongoose and panther servitors into their realm, i had the idea of sending in good ETs. It seems the good Pleiadians are able to operate there once moved in, and they are doing some clean-up.

(6:20pm) Done! OK, now that we have more oomph, i suggest we re-try the bad guys listed here. In fact, in that whole thread, i think then only ones that actually bit it at the time were the 4 groups of 9 NSA psychics, and the guys hacking Project Camelot's site. So let's re-try the 346 Blackwater guys too.
This time i'm fairly sure it's for real.

June 5, '07: (2:15am) One thing's for sure, and that's that the dark ETs and demons are seriously sucking wind the last couple days. I think by whacking the insectiles and bad Lyrans, we created enough advantage for the good ETs to take things from there. Now the good Pleiadians seem to be really reaming out the squid, too.
I still have to clear bunches of evil Lyrans and Pleiadians from under Tevatron frequently. Likewise this newly-found NJ vortex. And my own property.

But what about the humans we're working on? On the first list i posted yesterday evening, not one of the big name perps has keeled over yet. Hillary's #1 clone bit it early on, though, meaning now they will activate #2. I think these guys have the same reinforcement that the Bilderbergers had, which i still haven't a clue about.
I think more than half of the Blackwater guys are gone.

(8am) Queen Elizardbitch is no more. And the Blackwater toll is grinding on at 213.

(11:20am) Well, crap, seems little progress is being made. No more of the big-name twerps are folding. It's getting a little hard to dowse, but i think all the Blackwater guys may be history. Anyway, the spider demons are crawling all over me this morning, so i'm gonna switch to targetting them a while.

(5pm) Here's what happens when you grow carrots in an orgone-rich environment. I'm cooking her up right now.

Slight rain chances crept back into the forecast, and i already got a little sprinkle.

The Lyrans have been a problem. The spiders seem chastened, and i'm about to switch to blasting the evil Lyrans again.

June 6, '07: The Lyrans still need a lot of work. I just dowsed the following freq against evil Lyrans: 5396.569 Hz.

June 7: Still battling Lyrans.

Did a bunch more work on OTB 22.

June 9, '07: Not bad, considering that on the 3rd i reported that there were no rain chances in the week's forecast: i got 1.2" yesterday morning. Lightning, plenty of healthy-sounding rolling thunder. Plus we have slight chances predicted throughout the next week now. Plus, it had started to get a bit too summery, then a cool front came in with the rain. Still temperate today.
I reckon this is what happens when weather control is returned to competent hands: the sylphs. A friend just sent me sylph pics from Copenhagen. I get that there are 555 of them over Copenhagen now. Evidently they like numbers like 44, 555, 888...

Still working on those Lyrans. Also have had attacks from insectile demons, Pleiadians, greys, tall whites, tall brunets, reptilians, werewolf demons and spiders. But nothing too traumatic.

June 11, '07: Yes. I fired NOAA and hired sylphs, and the weather is much better now. Got a serious thunderstorm yesterday late PM. Measured 2.45". And it's in the 60s again today, overcast, damp, drenched. With more overcast weather and continuing chances of rain throughout the week. The kind of weather i like to see in the Ozarks in June. Potato-growing weather.

Did some more work on OTB 20 with some tips on programming.

(Later) But apparently not all is soaked.
On May 27, i posted about a big battle between evil ETs and sylphs over the SE US. With a bit of help from us, the sylphs won. And a few days later, a sylph-escorted Barry drenched much of that region. Coincidence?
I just busted some evil Pleiadians flying over the droughty West doing something, i don't know what, but the intent was droughtification.

(8:20pm) Tee-hee, a bunch of you have already been able to implement the tech advances, and i just got hit by 27X3 werewolf demons together with 3 CIA teams, and a bunch of other critters, including octopi! They're baaack. Whereas the squid are still trying to defend their own turf from the good Pleiadians.
More werewolves now... I've been getting a lot of groups of 9 and 27 lately, of strong ones. Usually simultaneously with CIA astrals et al.
Hey, thanks for the blast, you down under!
Yoiks, another 27 CIA. Can't we just be friends?

(9:35pm) The bad Lyrans and Pleiadians are all over the green spots on this US weather map.

June 12, '07: I still scrape away a few bad ETs from the sky occasionally when I think of it. It's amazing how obsessed they are with the weather, considering they are being eradicated for their troubles. We are slowly taking quite a toll on them.

Chem is pretty bad here today, mostly very old stuff blowing in.

Did some more work on OTB 20 regarding construction of receptive antenna units.
(Later) Also tapping into their grids for info. This seems to be panning out for me. Now my setup is finding those evil Lyrans and Pleaidians at 3 mile altitude messing with the weather, and nailing them a lot better.

June 14, '07:Serious chem today.

It pissed me off so I had to do something.

Check out the new, cutting-edge Lotus Coil.

June 15, '07: Guy de Rothschild just died at 98, i read. As i've said before, the worst 6 Rothschilds were taken over a while back by good ETs. Except for #4, who is still alive. If it were possible to find a list of names, i could name them.
Just checking now, i found #6 under attack by evil Lyrans. In the past i once found several of the "changed" Rothschilds under attack by evil Pleiadians and Lyrans. But i forgot to check back.
Guy was #3. Being taken over by a good ET does not confer physical immortality or health improvement, apparently.

I didn't mention it, but Sai Baba's double died a while back when we were blasting him. But i detected a 2nd double, this one MPD with 2 evil MPD daughters.
So a few days ago when i first installed my disk programs (see OTB 20) i had my RoboCop add the 2nd double to those who get processed on Transmitter Program #2. About an hour later, i get hit by a ghost, whom i IDed as this double. (In fact, i just noticed there have been 6 more casualties since, which i will try to track down later.)
But i am loathe to mention it, because most likely there will be a seamless continuum of appearances with another spitting image in his place. Because there is something else going on that i can't figure out.

The other day i glanced at the Marshall, AR paper and read that Investigator Koppenhaver responded to a crime. Well, i am certain that the original guy by that name is in the Pleiades as a prisoner, along with 47,000+ others, including the original Sheriff Loggins, his 1st CIA replacement, and the other 2 dirty cops that were in the dept. That Pleiadian prison ship that was around Earth for so long returned home months ago.

So there's gotta be an explanation, i figure. But no, i can find none. I can detect almost nothing on this new Kopp. Nothing on: evil alters, ritual sites, agencies, parents, but moreover, nothing on past lives, or ancestry! Nothing on the question of whether he traces back to (the DORy) Adam. I don't know of any other Earth human that does not read on ancestry or Adamic background. But he's not a good ET, either. Also i don't know of any Earth humans who don't have a lot of stuff on past lives. Even those who have done the Big Cleanup (see Jan. 3) have something in the Akashic or wherever that i can detect.
The only thing i have been able to find a vibe on about this guy is people he's met or investigated. But that only starts in Dec. of last year. Like he never met an evil (or energetically-distinctive) person prior to that. Then in Jan. it's negligible, then strong vibes since.
Is he some sort of construct the ETs placed in order not to disrupt consensus reality too much? I get no. So i'm baffled.

Another loose end: months ago i wrote about an MPDed neighbor lady that was part of a ritual against me. The good ETs knocked them out for some time, then she revived in her normal (good) persona, and was so shocked by the scene that she died. Her husband was taken over by a good ET.

Except i realized later that the good ET was actually an evil infiltrator, yanked it out, and it was replaced several times by Lyrans that turned out to be evil, too, before finally getting a good one. Meanwhile, i'd also detected another evil presence in that house: a female run by an evil ET, which i also yanked repeatedly until a good one took over. But i was baffled who this female was. I got that it was not the wife.

But i was asking the wrong question. It turns out it was still the wife's physical body. Apparently, when she unexpectedly died (and did not want to return to that life!) the good ETs felt they had to help her, and she's been in the Pleiades since, not as a prisoner, but in a good space with a great vibe. She's actually a fine person, and i get that she is enjoying spiritual delights of some sort.
They revived her carcass and put a "good" ET in it.

So you see, i can explain away almost everything. But if i'm deluding myself, why can't i simply "get" a pat answer about the Kopp to make all my delusions fit together?

June 16, '07: I just moved the RoboCop info to it's own OTB and added some more info.

I get that 84 Lotus Coils have already been made by readers since i posted about it. Between that and my own augmented power, the attacks aren't able to hit me very hard.

June 17, '07: Things keep getting smoother. The bad ETs seem to be thinning out more.

Seldom lately do i get much of a vibe from recent UFO pics on the web. But today i saw on cyberspaceorbit
IRANIAN MYSTERY CLOUD "The object started out patchy, shapeless and dim; it quickly brightened and formed a blue-tinted cone with a nose of magnitude -2 or -3," he says. The cloud raced across the sky "moving about 20 degrees per minute."
There was no indication of where Kent pulled this text from, but there were pic links. Don't ask me what scale is used to measure the magnitude of cones.
This is an Arcturan craft containing 74 Arcturans, and has an especially wonderful vibe, as does the spot on and under the ground right under the object.

June 18, '07: (1am) Man o man, things keep improving on the weather front. As i've been posting on forum, the dwindling evil ETs are still obsessed with the weather. But they're losing. At least around here.

The forecast this morning was way better than last night, and sure enough, it's raining and thundering a bit now.
An hour or so ago, i noticed garish scalar phenomena in the sky, and used intent to jail any greys, Lyrans, Pleiadians, and repts responsible for that. Finally got rid of the symptoms. Then a few minutes later the rain moved in. Probably won't amount to much, but this time of year any coolness and moisture is nice.

(2:50pm) Heehee, have something over 1/2" so far, and it's still pouring. The bad ETs got pissed and hit me as hard as they could a while ago. Yawn.

I looked at the N. America weather map and saw this big white cloud, looks like it's on the TX/AR border maybe. It has an amazingly nice, bright vibe. 1,734 sylphs!

Only bad thing is, every time it rains lately, it knocks out my wireless LAN ISP. No telling when i'll be able to upload this.

(5:35pm) Hey, back online already. Got 0.8"! This morning the dramatically improved forecast had said 70% chance, average rainfall 1/10 to 1/4 inch.

And the bad ETs are still at it. I just yanked a bunch from the region in that pic.

June 21, '07: Things are remarkably clean on the map today; only a few evil critters found.

I was blessed with some special skywriting this morning. For those of you challenged at deciphering NOAA-ese, let me translate:
Dear Exalted Commander Loohan,
We do so love that Lotus Coil you made. But the 27 the NSA made to hit you with didn't seem to phase you. Can you design something more powerful, please?
Lovingly, your pals at NOAA.
(Sigh!) So i had to roll up my sleeves and accomodate them. See here under today's entry.

(Many long hours later) Lawdy, what a solstice day it's been! The CIA astral attackers had laid off me for a couple days, but after i hooked up the new coil, they've been hot on my case, 27 at a time. And NOAA is doing all it can to encourage more productivity out of me. I keep yanking the ETs out of their pilots and those who send them, but they keep on. OK, OK, i'll try to find time to make more Lotus Coils soon. Remind me if i forget.

And the bad ETs have been hammering on me, but the fact remains that they seem to be getting pretty thin in the weather arena.

Made a breakthrough on RoboCop antennas (OTB 24).

June 22, '07: Again today, i saw scalar effects in the chemclouds, got rid of the bad ETs causing it by juicing towers (all within 90 miles), and the effects disappeared. Later, a brief storm rolled in and deposited a whole 1/10" of rain.

Added another lotus coil to my setup, and added LEDs (OTB 23) to the copper-pipe pyramid surrounding my RoboCop.

And i popped my little RoboCop 2 out of the mold, slapped together another antenna like yesterday's, and now i have 2 robocops watching over me. Not much gets through, though the evil critters do knock themselves out sometimes trying to outpace my resources.
Still not much going on, in terms of nasty energy spots on the map.

I've been enjoying a certain anonymity in my own neighborhood thus far. Even those people i've mentioned my site to apparently never glance at it. It used to be that i had one blog reader i could detect: the biggest NSA MPD handler around. But i got a good Lyran to take her over. Her soul is in my jail.

But recently a lawyer in Marshall, the county seat 7 miles north, inadvertently found out about me and my site. And he has told a bunch of his secret-handshake buddies. Now there are 48 darksiders (other than Loggins' 2nd CIA replacement) in the Marshall area who know who i am.
Hey, guys, yes, i'm the guy who's saved you megabucks these last 5 years in AC and water bills. In fact, i and a few friends are the reason the Ozarks have not been scorched earth nearly as much anymore. Mountain Springs Creamery never would have gotten started. Let alone what would have happened to those cows when the underground base directly between them started radiating Azazel's intense carcinogenic, anti-life vibes starting June 27, '05.
I've done more good for parasitic Satanist scum like you than anyone "on your side" ever will. It makes me puke. Why don't you renounce the evil you were born into? You think you got friends "on your side"? I'm the reason you are still here and solvent and comfy.
So check out the Big Cleanup, Jan. 3 blog. We've all been MPDed Satanists. I was one from 10,000 to 5,000 years ago, 5,000 years straight. It's a disgusting old state of affairs and i mean to put an end to it all forever.

June 23, '07: This universe (Universe A) is getting so drained of dark creepazoids that now there is much increased motivation for them to punch new wormholes in from universes B through F. It only takes me a second to plug them with new traps.
Recently i have mainly been focussing on Universe A, but now it's time to resume disinfecting the others.

June 24, '07: What's the most dangerous life-form in the universe? As far as i have been able to determine, for some reason it's those backward Earth humans who are the most dangerous to demons and evil ETs. I am not aware of any other type of critter that is able to so easily incarcerate vast quantities of them, and otherwise manipulate them with its mind. Even Jehovah, awesome though he is, was not able to simply arrest the 66,666,666,666 tall greys that spent a month dragging him into jail last year. Nor was he able to move himself out of their torture-jail. I was able to easily, once i became aware of the situation, and realized it was possible to pull him out. That's dangerous. And probably a lot of you could do the same, the only problem being you may not perceive the problem in the first place, or whether you did anything to resolve it. Thus you are shackled.
This is why they absolutely need to keep us fluoridated and otherwise poisoned, hypnotized by spectator entertainments, malnourished, addicted, perverted, sick, at war with each other, preoccupied with numerous travails, MPDed, and, if possible, practicing black magic.
Any Earth human who practices black magic is a chump. Except of course for those relatively few who actually are insectile demons or nordics who have incarnated.

Got another 0.2" last night, and again that much today at my place. Here it is late June already, and there hasn't been much terribly hot weather yet. The often-overcast skies keep the sun from drying up the soil too fast, and the frequent rains keep the soil moist.
Lately i've been scarfing wild cherries for breakfast. Wild cherries are much smaller, and more bitter than their cultivated cousins. But after a cool, wet spring, they become plumper and have a milder flavor. These are about 3/8" diameter.

  *   *   *   *
KGB MPD networks in the USA:
Here's more weirdness. The other day i was dowsing around about people i knew when i was into Scientology 1979-87. I realized that 5 of the MPD victims i knew were (unbeknownst to themselves) KGB infiltrators. Four of these were staff members while i knew them; one was married to one. None of these were darksiders, except for one alleged "Clear" who joined the Sea Org in L.A. around 1985 and got turned onto black magic there. (As i've posted before, i also knew 3 CIA MPD victims there, 2 on staff, but these were consciously darksiders.)
They all seemingly had all-American backgrounds. There was no overt Russian connection. I'm not even sure what the agenda was.
In the early '80s, Scn was taken over by government Satanists, who murdered the rival black magician Hubbard. They don't seem to know about the KGB guys still in their midst.

The KGB may no longer exist in name, but it's mainly the same cadre of old KGB Satanists still overseeing this op. I have the impression of an ongoing project involving some 2,344 unknowing MPD moles infiltrated into U.S. businesses and government mostly, especially "tech" businesses. Maybe they were interested in the money-making aspect of Scn.
Yet 437 or so of these are in the DC area.
I'll be on the lookout for more details. I get that this project started in '63 in the US. I think that they just imitated the CIA/NSA standard operating procedure of "buying" already-MPDed children from American parents, who may have thought they were dealing with an American agency. I don't detect that the KGB guys were double agents. I think they found the parents via Masonic lodges they joined. Not Scottish Rite, not Shriners, but Eastern Star and 2 others.

Intriguing.. There are 7 in Clarion, 3 in Apple.. i'll have to look more. I checked several defense contractor type corporations: none in Halliburton, Lockheed, Bechtel, Raytheon, Boeing, 3M... Are the Rooskies not interested, or are the illuminati corporations able to detect the agents? Well, since Scn is run by the gov't, and has e-meters to boot, one would think they could just as well detect them. I don't know why they don't bother. Maybe the victims are more valuable as staff members (slaves) than they are a threat.
I get that U.S. illuminati companies have savvy "handlers" who drug employees and ferret this stuff out. And once identified, that agent is worthless in the U.S. So the Rooskies are very cautious about whom they infiltrate.

Back around '85 a staff member told me a story:
He was working/training in L.A. and they found an infiltrator on the e-meter. A guy had joined staff, probably slipping by the e-meter test somehow, like so many others, but at a later time he was checked again, and it came to light that he was a mind-controlled infiltrator. The guy was sincerely disappointed because he liked Scn, and now he couldn't partake.
Of course, his likes were probably dictated. Anyway, i get that this guy was KGB, but neither he nor the Scientologists ever knew that.

June 24, '07: (7:30pm) The big event today is that when i walked up to the garden this morning, there was a box turtle (tortoise) right in the path scarfing down a good-sized mushroom. Never saw that before. It had pretty much demolished it by the time i came along.
I figure that's got to be a good omen. Mushrooms growing in an elevated, sunny location in late June are kind of a good sign in themselves around here. Tortoises are more common.

The other burning issue i want to discuss is this 10X16' slab i had poured recently. I did not put any orgonite under it or wire any to the steel reinforcement like conventional wisdom dictates. All i did was blast it with radionics as it cured, along with the truckload of blue granite gravel under it.
[Actually, i sprinkled agnihotra ash on the metal reinforcement and plastic sheet before pouring.]
I figured that while it was wet was when it would be very amenable to programming. I sent it all kinds of good energies, as well as anti-demon freqs. Although it may not seem all that intense, i have had to repeatedly remove the demon "jars" emplaced to counter it directly under it at 600', etc.
I actually got a bit of work done on the framing today.

There's an idea here. If you know of any concrete being poured anywhere, you can hijack it as an orgone weapon.

And oh yeah, we are now blasting CERN (forum post). This is a community resource. Any evil critter or person bothering you? Mentally connect them to the collider.
I just connected "all wet/curing concrete and all soft asphalt" to it.

Last time i checked the size of our little blasting cooperative, there were like 400 participants. Not too shabby. I remember not long ago when i was delighted that there were 10.
But right now there are 933 of us blasting CERN, many of whom are pretty well-armed. It's become a grass-roots movement. About time.

(9:40pm) Woa, i just stumbled on something so freaky i had to share it.
When i was 20 in 1974, i had a neighbor who was in his 40s and a real bad alcoholic, but nice guy. He once told me he'd killed people in Vietnam, and it haunted him.
I've known for a while he was MPD, but i just delved a bit deeper. His parents, even when i met them in 1975, were the highest you can go in Freemasonry: 180 for the man, and 177 for the woman. And high-level CIA. And they're still alive, in their 90s, kept youthful and supple (no doubt) by blood vampirism a la Bill Schnoebelen. Got them in the collider now.

John, the son, was MPDed by his parents, then by the Army. He was an assassin in usually a team of 9 mind-controlled killers sent to wipe out any opium growers in Vietnam and Cambodia who didn't want to do business with the CIA. That was all he did for over 7 years. He did not have any direct contact with the CIA. He died in '79, i get. I get that he has a Satanist dad in this life, too, and is again MPD but not evil in his normal persona.

As an aside, that got me to dowsing the Hmong people, who did do business with the CIA, and the CIA even kept its word and got them brought over to the US. The Hmong are not into black magic, but they did grow opium for the CIA. They may have provided half the opium the CIA trafficked in from that region in that era.

June 26, '07: Got another 0.35" rain today.

Attacks were very feeble until around early afternoon. Now all the baddies are out to get me. They really don't like what's happening at CERN. I keep removing them from under the CERN vicinity.
They are unable to hit me from other universes; i keep a rad box running just for that, and they just stream into my jail. And they can't hit me very hard unless they somewhat neutralize the CERN scene with a presence under it. Hmm, it just occurred to me to place traps all around there to shunt them into jail as they arrive. Seems to be working.

Came up with an easy variant of the Lotus Coil.

June 28, '07: (8am) Got 0.3" more rain since i last posted. Gobs of chem yesterday, most of it stale stuff, including serious haze.

Things seem to be going real good otherwise. Yesterday the octopi were go-for-broke against me for a long time. Trying to overwhelm me with sheer numbers, attacking my heart center. Like they had been garnering their resources after that last big whipping they got, and were gambling everything on one good attempt. But eventually they ran out of fighters.

Last night before i conked out, i scanned a pic of the Milky Way and surrounding space. Found several skirmishes where bad guys were flared up fighting good guys. E.g. bad Lyrans fighting good Pleiadians, bad Pleiadians fighting good Lyrans, some insectiles, werewolf demons. In some cases the good guys they were fighting were not ones i could identify. Not familiar to me.
Cleaned up all the bad guys i could find, and amazingly, could find no more strong activity this morning. This shows how depleted the bad guys are getting.

I just realized that yesterday was the 2-year anniversary of the day all hell broke loose. Those were extremely scary times when the universe would have turned into a super torture-hell for all all eternity were it not for our efforts.
Now the bad critters are severely depleted, and desperately struggling to stave off their inevitable eradication.
I sure wish i had had the kind of advanced equipment, knowledge, and skills then that i have now. Not to mention the backup. Would have averted a lot of suffering.

(5:45pm) Moderate amount of chem today; no more rain.
No more attacks of any magnitude.
One odd thing about the bad Lyrans and Pleiadians: several weeks ago they started trying to fool me (i guess). The Pleiadians would attack me hard, but when i looked for Pleiadians that were torturing prisoners, i wouldn't find any. Because the Lyrans were doing the torturing, and the Pleaidians were using the resultant DOR to smite me. Or the Lyrans would attack me while the Pleiadians provided the DOR. Well, it took me several seconds to figure this out the first time, but soon i would automatically first check for Pleiadians torturing prisoners any time i got hit very noticeably by Lyrans, and vise-versa. Yet this is the way they always do it, still. In fact, they started up again as i typed this.

Always delightful to see such moronic interspecies cooperation. According to some stuff i read on the web, these 2 are really one species. But actually, in my experience, the Pleiadians (both good and evil) are more powerful than the Lyrans, and have distinctively different vibes.
Of course, the names are a bit of a misnomer, as their central home regions are only the Pleiades and Lyra within our galaxy, and that probably applies mainly to the good ones. These same 2 discrete yet close species, both good and evil, are all over all 6 universes.

June 29, '07: Plant City, FL: Man, i haven't yet figured out what is going on here, but it's "plant city" alright; a high percentage of the people in this town is composed of CIA of the Satanic persuasion.

I got onto this while dowsing about something in my past. In 1978, i attended an Earth Day event just east of USF in Tampa, FL. This was a non-corporate event some friends of mine and myself had a lot to do with putting on. In attendance was a group of 9 couples supposedly from an intentional community not far away. Myself and my friends got into conversation with them sitting on the grass. They had this idea for a cottage industry they were planning to exploit, making sprouters. Rather ingenious: they were under-sink sprouters. You tap into the water line with a fine-tunable little petcock so you can adjust the trickle of water. The water goes into a small tank. When the tank is nearly full, its weight automatically causes it to pivot on an axle, dumping the water on the sprouts.
We were struck by one oddity we discussed later: every single one of the women was gorgeous. It was hot in late April in Tampa, so the ladies were in bikinis, and all had impeccable figures and pretty faces. The men looked a bit more ordinary.

Well, these people were all MPD CIA Satanists!

This evening i tracked them down to Plant City. I got that more than half of these people we met are now associated with a particular building. Doesn't much look like a hippie commune.
I did a search for Plant City, FL intentional community, and found this site which has problems. I tried 3 different browsers on my Mac, and it's hash on all of them. But this place is in another location, run by 2 CIA Satanists that were not at that event.

So i did a general search on the town, and find a real DORy link to the Florida Strawberry Festival which is also a CIA op of some sort.

In fact this whole area has an evil vibe because it is is chock full of evil CIA. Almost 800 agents live there.
The agenda? Still trying to figure it out. It's not drugs, children, porn... Partly something to do with infiltrating alternative people. There are a lot of such ops, e.g. the Skinnerian Twin Oaks in Louisa, VA, Aprovecho Institute in Cottage Grove, OR (both NSA-run; there was even a German Interpol lady at Aprovecho when i visited in '94, and only darkside interns get to stay there anymore), and countless others. Seems like a lot of invested resources. What are the returns?

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