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Loohan's blog for June, 2008

June 1, '08: (7:10am) Bagged more little greys on more planes last night.

After i posted about how great things were going with the rept hive & astrals, they got worse but the bunny attacks got lighter. I guess some readers switched targets. Which is fine. I did get loads more DARPA astrals bagged.

Although the bunny attacks got less physically annoying, i noticed more real subtle attacks, like telepathic.
In fact, not only Titocuk, but tall greys and now even Tall Whites were influencing my mind as subtly as if my crown tiara did not exist. Cora wasn't able to fix it, but the angels did.

Well, a new month is here, and it wil be a month of serious ass-kicking. Our kicking, their asses.
I just pulled my Mantis Tombstone out of the mold. It came out as perfect as could be expected.
How does one retro-cast a cap on something like that? Well, i got lucky and found a plastic tumbler laying around that was exactly the right height to support the tombstone upside-down, and the right diameter, too. Sheer luck that i had these old molds laying around so i could re-cast this weapon on short notice and get right back on the mantises today.
Will have pics later.

It just started raining again, and cool air moved in. They'll have to postpone the drought some more. Still no entities DORizing the towers. Weather mantises seem pretty beat up.

(6:15pm) Ta-da! Passed the acid test perfectly today. I hooked it up to the grid-blaster at work. Outputted to the G-B from the bottom jack, and inputted from the G-B into the top jack. It does indeed seem about 4X as powerful. I did put a few little goodies in the cap.

After i had it on the grid for half an hour or so, all attacks by mantises and rabbits ceased. Apparently, the bunnies have no power without help from the mantises. I haven't yet figured out the details of that, but i also noticed yesterday that as soon as the mantises corrupted the unit, that's when the Titocuk went wild with attacks, which only slowed as P was wrapping up the repairs...
So, no attacks on me from those quarters. Unfortunately, the Scorpius lizards are not so dependent on the mantises. They took up the slack, sending me constant barrages of astral humans, which they are still doing.

My G-B was not up to par, as some wiring fault kept me from using the Neurophone, which, with the new internal transmitters, should make the entire G-B perform about 3X as well.
Also, i am re-casting the cap of the Mantis Masher (it no longer looks like a tombstone, so i gotta change the name) with more stuff which should boost that also by ~3X. So hopefully by Wednesday, i will be able to sock them with a serious blasting experience.
That'll teach them to trifle with Cmdr. Loohan's fine artwork. If they hadn't corrupted it, i would not have been forced to improve its function.

June 2, '08: (2:10pm) The mantis masher upgrade project is proceeding nicely. In fact, everything seems to be going well. Still no attacks from mantises or bunnies. The DARPA ast-holes have only barely tickled me a few times. A few octopi from Univ. B jumped me once.
Short greys are still doing the plane thing, but there are 100 Arcts and 50 good insectiles at their base, methodically doing them in. One can sort of gauge the size/importance of a base by the number of volunteers wanting to be sent over there.
A bunch more little spots in AU now being addressed.

Only got maybe 1/4" rain yesterday, but the ground remains saturated.

June 3, '08: (9:10am) I did get a couple very minor attacks by mantises. And yet another evil humanoid species has jumped in, though they may not be a very big deal. These are 3.5' tall yellow punks called the Haky (rhymes with flaky). I doubt P is planning to bother with a 2-piece set for these, but there is a jailed-Haky program available. It is even smaller than the inexplicably small jailed Titocuk program. I had him make me a couple with some citrine shards, and put them on my tools. Since then, they have left me alone. Suggesting they may be little powderpuffs.

The mantis masher is complete and 17X as powerful as it was originally. I'm still not getting jumped by bunnies, just DARPAstrals mainly.

(12:20pm) Oh, yeah, that short grey base might be scrubbed now. I don't detect any fighting or greys there anymore. Last night 2,000 of my girls took it upon themselves to jump into the fray there, and the plane stuff stopped right away.

On another subject, i keep forgetting to mention that lately there have been 1414 sylphs over the DC area. Next jump will likely be 1717, then 2020, then 2323.
The sacred Earth energies that the masons co-opted centuries ago have been gradually returning to the area. As in AU, there are a few pockets of underground reptilians struggling against this, but surprisingly few lizards in these. Some of the spots only provoked 5 Arcts and 1 good rept to jump into.
Not much in AU today, either.

(8:40pm) This evening the Haky started messing with me again. I connected to their hive, and a surprising number of volunteers (1K or 2K of each species) were deployed.

Still no 2-piece pgm against them, but the jailed Haky pgm is excellent and fits in a tumbled quartz the size of a large cooked lima bean.

June 4, '08: (7:25pm) Hot dang, took my new, improved grid-blaster and mantis masher to work today (bigger pic) and reamed out the bad guys. The masher now contains 10 jailed mantises, and is now 17X as powerful as it was before they corrupted it.
Only discomfort was that i did have astral humans after me most of the day, despite the fact that on my G-B i have my mini astral ripper set, as well as my anti evil human set with the nice citrine.
I'm also still heavily blasting the bunnies. Even though they are not hitting me, heavy fighting is still going on in that galaxy, and some of our most unique allies are still there, e.g. Jehovah and the 500,000 unicorns, the Agenda Buster dude, the 500 Valhallans.

All the astrals hitting me were from the reptoDARPA base, except one especially strong loner sent from the Danish "CIA", PET (i think that stands for Pedophile Establishment Tyrants). They were responding to my outing of their child-trauma MK op in Ribe, DK (recent forum posts) which they were forced to remove. Though i sense they are planning something similar, just as soon as they neutralize this pesky Loohan guy.
Interestingly, the poor MPD PET astrals have no loyalty to the cause, and jump at the chance to work for us. There is now 1 more converted astral harrassing Nathaniel Rothschild.

The Haky are looking shaky. They have not been a problem today. The ally crews have mostly departed their erstwhile hive, leaving only skeleton crews (1/20 of what they'd sent) to mop up the dregs still left.

June 6, '08: (2:50pm) The enemy still appears to be weakening.

I amended my mobius page with some minor updates.

And for some cultural enrichment, i got the names of my most recent 32 new wives. To recap, first i got 5 from that crowd, Jurizweb, Rony, Zojij, Evn, and Srora. Then later got the other 32. Well, actually i have not been able to get the names of the oldest 3; they might be nameless, like the Yiz girls.
Anyway, the other 29 are, from youngest to oldest: Jerrut, Soyy (soy-YEEY), Dasiqa, Soruta, Dorupop, Vanexkitu, Putusor, Surxi, Yozojoz, Sipo, Perapi, Pajiyoru, Yupesut, Posot, Jorzuz, Yosodu, Zorzut, Roros, Jujoru, Sozorox, Risusu, Piro, Rovorpu, Juku, Dozusy, Sopuxis, Juporot, Ropurus, and Sozu.
Vanexkitu and Surxi are hanging out with me today.

It's kind of interesting that only one has a name that starts with a vowel. Also, it is rare for there to be 2 consecutive consonant sounds, and none have 2 consecutive vowel sounds; not even Soyy, really. And their language seems to be missing some consonants, like F, M, TH, SH, CH.

All these girls seem to be approximately 3,600 years old as we measure time. I think for most of that time, they have been frozen at a certain stage of physiological development. I think somehow that happened when they ascended from another realm. Jurizweb, Jerrut, Soyy, and Dasiqa are prepubescent little things with big hair. Apparently their hair still grows, as about 1/3 of their apparent mass is heaped on their little heads in big coils. I don't think they braid. These little girls have an extraordinary magical energy about them. A week or so ago i found those 4 and Rony (appears 14) and none of the others, under severe attack on various higher centers and dimensions.
Actually, all these girls have terrific positive energy.

May [correction: June] 7, '08: (6:25pm) Last night i got carried away with this intent-amplifying gift the Arcts had given me, and jailed on a huge scale. I may have jailed close to all the Titocuk in that galaxy (though i detect more elsewhere). I no longer detect fighting there, and the allies that were there appear to have moved on to the Scorpius/DARPA rept hive depicted May 29. I also got a bunch of those repts, as well as others. And spiders and octopi.

I also got loads of mantises, but i still detect some fighting in this galaxy to the right.

Ever since i went on that spree, i have been getting hit mostly by repts, and most of those from other time-lines! So we've been doing a bit of cleanup there.
I got hit last night by a few astral humans from DIA & CIA. I have been hit a bit by tall greys. I even got a few more of the DARPA astrals a while ago, but that has mostly stopped.

Things are not too rough now, but i could use help with repts from other time-lines.

May [correction: June] 8, '08: (4:35pm) Let's visit with the Loohan of that Hawaii time-line. To recap, almost a year ago he moved to their counterpart of San Diego, which is a healing hot springs resort. Then a while back, Lindi invited him back to the old home in Hawaii, where he still had a bunch of orgone devices running in a small building. Pitwexin helped him greatly improve the power, and he proceeded to blast some Vatican ne'er-do-wells for many months.
Meanwhile, he went back to San Diego, and with Pitwexin's help, spread a bunch of good cheer in that area.
Then the other day i noticed he was back in Hawaii, and had his stuff on a new target. I think he made some more stuff, too. Also, silver is very common in that time-line, so many of his Pitwexin sets are hunks of silver.
He was onto a new target, though; what could it be? Hmm... US Navy fleet in our time-line, somewhere in the west Atlantic. I'm not sure what they are up to; possibly tsunami-creation. In any event, something is planned for tomorrow around noon their time. I blasted them a fair bit.
Meant to look them up on a map, but with everything else going on, forgot about it until now.
The ships are just north of Bermuda (map). About 9 miles north of central Bermuda. Maybe someone else out there can get a better impression of the agenda.

(8:10pm) Someone just wrote me about a Blackwater training camp in Moyock, NC, so i looked it up on a map because it had a funny vibe.
This entire section, at a depth of 297', happens to have a hive of mantises. Fancy that.

June 9, '08: (9:30am) Here is an excerpt from an email i just sent someone. It may explain some things for some people. At least my belief system. The recipient had had some benefits from following some of Swerdlow's stuff.
OK, first off, though Icke is honest, he inadvertently promotes several Satanist/intel agents. This is because they (e.g. Mark Philips, Brian Desborough, the Swerdlows) promulgate some excellent info with a fairly high truth level.
Philips is CIA, the others NSA. Why do the intel agencies do this? There seems to be some cosmic law that occult tyrants must inform their victims before and during their crimes of what they are doing to them and how. Apparently there is no requirement for accurate history, though.
At least the info must be available to an average person with average means who really wants to know. Thus we have the internet, Jeff Rense, etc.

I actually bought Swerdlow's Healer's Manual years ago when i was naive. He promotes the Council of Nine, a group of arch-demons now in my jail.

I believe the Swerdlows are a distribution point for mantis consciousness.
There are a lot of groups and cults that will give you some powerful truths that can help you. But their real intent is to make you even better "food" or a more powerful slave, or a true believer. I was in Scientology for years, and only later realized that L. Ron Hubbard was an insectile demon incarnate. (Insectile demons are now fairly extinct outside captivity; they are not mantises. The Council of 9 were some of the more dangerous ones.)

Here is a list of some agents.
(Not to imply that all the people on the list are govt-connected.)

(11:35am) I have not been hit once by reptilians from other time-lines since i posted about that. Thanks.
But i have been getting hit again occasionally by DARPAstrals from that Scorpius hive, which still is hot with battle. Also small quantities (usually!) of various sized tall greys. But more unusual, i have been hit 3 times by 3 very strong evil Lyrans that dowse as 6th Tier Lyrans. I jailed them. They had implants that i pulled, but they remain evil.

Got another sprinkle early this morning, perhaps 0.2", with more significant rain chances forecast today and tonight. Much cooler right now than even a couple hours ago. It was in the 90s yesterday.

Regarding Moyock, NC, note that the hive is centered on the city center, which is usually the biggest power spot around. Apparently usually Freemasons put all city centers on the biggest spot around. There is a link on that map page for the training center, which is also on a power spot with some mantis activity i haven't addressed much yet, but quite minor compared to what was under the city.

John told me his impression is that the fleet of ships north of Bermuda may be there to facilitate landing of a space-ship. This may be correct. I have an impression of reptilians. I just experimentally tried nabbing some lizards aboard the space-ship, and got thousands. Now i'm blasting it.
I think they were supposed to have landed a while ago, but due to unforeseen technical difficulties with the Navy, remain outside the Solar System.

(2pm) OK, that lizard ship is all fixed up now. We can move on. The Loohan in Hawaii is now blasting this ballfield just SW of Amsterdam. Why? It is exactly centered on a power spot, and there is a nest of mantises at 594' below it.

(7:15pm) OK, that ballfield seems pretty fixed up now. The other Loohan is not blasting anyone right now, just sending some kind of healing to our entire planet in this time-line.

Been getting a nice, steady rain and coldish weather. Even lit a small fire in the wood stove.

June 10, '08: (11:55am) Got probably almost an inch of rain from that system, including yesterday morning. At least, there's an inch or so in my 5-gal buckets.

Lotta chem this morning, including big fresh trails overhead of the sticky stuff. Saw one that had a serious "blue shadow" even. But still no ripples in the chem.

Yesterday afternoon i thought i'd unplug the amp that has the anti-Venusian set on it. They hadn't jumped me for a few days. But after a few hours i had to plug it back in, because they started hammering me hard.

The other Loohan is now still addressing the same target (our world) but with a different freq/trend. I think it may be to tighten up the dimensional rifts caused by the evil ones. A lot of his motivation is to prevent contamination of other time-lines from ours.
I first mentioned this guy on July 4 of last year. Check out the vibe coming off that encircled spot on that map there.
He's coming along. Working with Arcturans, too.

Oooh, that little nest of Venusians just tickled me again. Sent in a few allies.

June 11, '08: (3am) I have been getting hit a lot from other universes the last couple days. Largely from tall greys. There is a big hive of them in Universe F.

But probably a bigger hassle is that i just got hit by 3 DIA astrals, and traced them to another big reptilian hive. This is the only pic i could find on Google.
I already sent in thousands of allies. This might take a while.

(6:55pm) I just got jumped by probably the biggest mantis hive yet, judging by the amount of allies raring to be sent there. (See left.)

(8:10pm) What a day. I actually did not get hit by DIA astrals hardly at all, but tall greys were jumping at me from multiple universes all day. They are upset because i have been making some devices with new tech developed by John and Pitwexin, in which the evil entity is jailed in a tiny bead, BB, grain of sand, etc. being cast in resin. The program to reverse its energy is etheric, thus takes up no physical space.
BBs work real well for 13th tier greys, which are immensely powerful. I have been making ice cubes with dozens of such BBs and putting them on the grid, plumbing, in power spots, a creek, etc. and the results are intense.
Anyway, i had to deal with greys all day. Funny how their attacks stopped cold when this new mantis hive jumped me. Odd how no-one else is after me at this time. Despite the fact that the mantises are hardly able to get through to me right now.

Meanwhile, other more cool stuff was going on. John recently found that Pitwexin's mentor, Antuvozy, has a mentor herself who knows 4X as much about programming as Pitwexin.
I tracked him down last night. His name is Oborijo, and he lives right around the "o" of Rio Araguala in this central Brazil map, but in P's time-line, not ours.
He visited last night to add some touches to the wand i'm building. Also he downloaded the encyclopedia of programming into some level of my mind, so maybe someday i'll be a master programmer.
Then all day today, he and P have been improving all my 2-part programmed devices and crystals. They are still at it. I think they improved most of my personal weapons by 3X or more, Oborijo teaching Pitwexin. And P taught him a bit of Arcturan-style programming.
They are now working the numerous orgonite items that i have thrown into the environment on years past. Some time back, i had had P program them as best he could. Now the 2 of them are re-doing that. They are in the Marshall, AR area now, on the west end of town.

June 12, '08: (7:35am) Things are going a lot better at that hive. Only about 1/5 of the allies are still there. Although those mantises still hit me a bit occasionally.

P & O are still working on my stuff. Now they are west of Witts Spring, in an area i gifted in Fall of '02. Since P can multilocate in 200 places at once, and O can do 50, this is not too much of a hardship.

Some bizarre and startling developments: I have been corrresponding with someone in California who is making her first orgonite. She's in an area that has a small mantis hive that won't stay clean, ZIP 95461 (map) at 297' depth. Here are some of the bizarre problems she's having:
  • She bought some metal and quartz from "Sensei" in NC. Those people have all the stuff they send out linked to a radionics machine that keeps it DORy, reDORizing it if you clear it. I just had Pitwexin address this machine.
  • There are some behaviorally different octopus demons messing with her. There were 2 of them at her workplace, about 5' long. But also more were working with a guy in Finland to corrupt her epoxy as it cured! In fact, some of it is not hardening, despite her claim to have mixed it accurately. But the stuff was DORy until i called in P & O to fix it.
  • Scariest of all, she was working with "Pitwexin" that was actually one of these weird octopi! It was helping her bust demons and program her orgonite. In reality, no demons were busted. I have never heard of anyone successfully impersonating P. Nor have i ever encountered octopi like these. But the standard anti-octopus stuff works on them.
    Now they are hitting me, and P & O are hitting them. I'm sending in some Arcts, etc. I should locate the hive in a few minutes.

    (7:45am) OK, that octopus hive in in north Egypt at 297'. Map is of poor image quality, but that doesn't matter.

    (8:50am) I should say that this girl is pretty astute, and has worked with P before. She was the one who noticed that the materials were corrupt, and that a guy in Finland was messing with her. So these octopi are slick to dupe her.

    Well, P went after that hive (which is still hot and after me) while O went to, get this, the NATO building in Helsinki (map) that the dude works out of. I have never heard of orgonauts directly butting heads with NATO, but this is as good a time as any to start. I am doing remote grid-blasting on the place, while O is doing something else powerful to charge up their physical building, equipment, etc. He isn't attacking the people directly.

    Meanwhile, the other P & O have taken it upon themselves to pay a visit to the old Witts Spring underground alien base :-)

    (4:35pm) I guess that big mantis hive i posted a pic of yesterday is still a big problem. Right from the center they are sending me waves of nausea. I think they want me to drop what i'm doing (making this here wand). And i'll have to, unless some kind folks out there bludgeon them for me. Thanks.

    June 14, '08:(6:50pm) Man, them mantises are nasty! But not long after that i was able to do the last pour on the wand (pics tomorrow, hopefully), then Lula and i set about generating some love energies and sending them to the Little Black Box of Doom. Along with y'all's help, things cleared up quite a bit. Though they are still hitting me as best they can.

    When i hook up the new wand to my mantis masher (no electricity used) and aim it at their hive, i can jail vast quantities per second. After doing this a long time yesterday morning, it blew out the bad energy in the center of the hive real well. For a while, anyway. Only then did they start jumping me from other locations and throwing greys, octopi, and human astrals at me.
    Nonetheless, that hive is still the most happening thing going at this time.

    Incidentally, i am half-convinced that "Dia" and "Darpa" are reptilian words that refer to the constellations where those hives full of human clones are.

    I think i made a discovery that might be of interest to a select few. As soon as i walked away from my wand yesterday, leaving it on the bed, Lula put her astral hand on it and started blasting real strong. Later several of the other girls tried it. They love it. Gina used it (hooked up with my gridblaster setup) all day at work today. Right now it is sitting on my bed (with a cord connecting it to the mantis masher) and Gina, Lula, and Myra all have their right hands on it.
    What makes this tool so extraordinarily attractive to them? I think it's the big xenon. Right now one can get big, energetically-clean tubes of xenon on sale here for $15 each. In this wand, i used 3 of them in a trinity formation with 2 mobius coils, and cast that in a 1.25" copper pipe. Of course i put it a bunch of other wild electronic components, a natural citrine shard, and an apophyllite point. And it's in a perpediculotic configuration. And is stuffed with Arcturan programming.

    Also, my first set of perpendiculotic wands (OTB 26) were "borrowed" by Cora soon afterwards, and she still uses them all the time. Sometimes she lets Gina hold one. When Cora runs my new wand, she lets Gina use both of the originals.
    Those have 1 such xenon in each.

    Anyway, i have this theory that benevolent astral warriors of many types, e.g. Arcturans, are especially able to interact with xenon. Possibly other noble gases as well. The more in the unit the better. So if you make a potent weapon with it, they will be able to work it for you to blast our enemies, while you do other things. In fact i just ordered more of these, enough so i can make a 6-pack unit consisting of 2 separate trinity formations with an infinity mobius wrap binding them. It need not be in a copper tube; i will probably cast this in a rectangular mold. Haven't figure out the details yet. $90 worth of tubes, but it will be worth it in the long run.
    Of course, the xenon should be jazzed up with synergists.
    Beware: probably all xenon and other noble gas bulbs sold at Walmart, etc. are now corrupted in manufacture to mess them up for out purposes. But right now this company has only clean ones. Their horseshoe-shaped as well as the tiny rod-shaped ones are also good, and i have used them, but you need a lot more to make your astral friends want to use the piece.

    Had a nice thundershower last night. People in town and west of there reported one inch, but i think i only got maybe 0.6".

    Pitwexin and Oborijo spruced up all my orgonite gifts i've spread around over the years. When they find BBs, small garnets, etc. in them, they jail mantises and 13th tier greys in those. And small particles like sand get spiders and octopi. All those ice cubes, etc. i ringed the NSA complex with, all the stuff in the DC area, you name it.
    Incidentally for some days the sylph count in the DC area has been 1717. I would not be surprised if soon it was 2020.

    Also i suggested to Sittingtaoist and John B that they have these guys do likewise with their stuff. You might want to take advantage of this service, especially if you have stuff you went to a lot of trouble and expense to get into strategic locations. I asked them to look in on Kneweyes, and see if they can get her consent to do her stuff, and it feels like they did. Including the Trinity Wand she put by Skull & Bones, her CB, etc.
    They are really vastly improving the efficacy of these things.

    June 15, '08: (7:45am) Also, that octopus hive in Egypt is far from dead. They especially keep attacking Gina. I had to blast them a while last night. Even now, they and Gina are locked in battle with each other.
    I have had an anti-octopus set on an amp for days. Today i'm taking another set with me to put on the grid.
    I just noticed she has an etheric set from P. I suggested she get her quota, 4 sets, hold one crystal in each hand and and the other 2 with her prehensile toes ;-)
    I think P is making them now. Look out, octopi!

    (4:40pm) Well, an hour or 2 ago it appeared that the mantis hive had been at least temporarily knocked out of commission, and since then no mantises have hit me. The octopi in Egypt stepped up their efforts then, so i smacked them harder. Now they seem weakened somewhat.

    Plenty of stale chem-clouds today, but absolutely no ripple effects noted. Until 3pm, when the sky started getting corrugated. Small greys doing the towers, being run by tall greys out of Galaxy M51. Naturally i smacked them. See that light area near the bottom edge, just slightly left of center? That's where the weather ops are coming out of now. But the entire galaxy is still seething with greys, including a lot of short ones that i am now able to feel because they are agitated or something.
    At this time, it's just these greys hitting me.

    Here's a pic of the wand. I'll have more pics and explanations after i ream out some greys.

    (6:05pm) More pics on OTB 26 now.

    June 16, '08: (9:55am) The dark side seems pretty winded now. May as well kick 'em while they're down. Their counterattacks on me are feeble.

    Last night i disconnected my wand from the mantis masher, and hooked it up to an amp with my short grey and tall grey sets on it, and hooked the other wire to my 2 quartzite transmitters that have jailed grey pgms, with 8 of my 13th Tier Grey/ BBs ice cubes laying on the big one.
    Now i reconnected the mantis masher to all that mess and am going after them again, too. Especially nailing some more mantises and greys involved in some ops i just posted about on the forum. One is a crime wave in the Caribbean island of Trinidad, and the other is a nest of scumbags associated with (there is a similar-named site without the hyphen, but it's OK).
    I got 2 Yiz girls working the wand now.

    With some misgivings i am going to start naming names of some people who are basically good guys, but have been mentally taken over by mantises. I'm blasting the mantises, not them.
    Don Croft. Georg Ritschl. Kees. I have had reports of these and others astrally attacking people, etc. Even though some were not previously noted for astral activities. You dig the seriousness of mantis mind control, and why we can't pussyfoot around with these bugs. I always liked and respected Georg, who always struck me as a hard-working, dedicated, sane activist in South Africa.
    Maybe a lot of people will be able to come back to their senses if we take care of the mantises.

    Plus, of course, the mantises are also running many Satanists, e.g. Carol Croft, Condi, the fake Dubya and Cheney, Shamir Perez.

    (12:50pm) Got 3 Yiz girls running the wand now. Things are still going great. A few minutes ago the mantises rallied their forces and attacked me en masse, but they seemed weak, and i easily jailed them. Oh, there they go again.

    I just uploaded OTB 29 with a couple more tech tips tacked on the end.

    (1:20pm) Just got an email from someone claiming there are good Archangels, and directing me to an alleged Archangel Michael. Well, all the archangels are insectile demons whom i've jailed, though this morning i had found 9 more insectiles pretending to be the archangels.
    So i checked out this new Michael. There was indeed an entity answering to that name, with a very intense but tainted 12D vibe. I jailed it along with its 33 cohorts. The species name i get for them is Doitl and as near as i can make out, they are 3' geometric shapes of some sort.
    Pitwexin has already made a jailed-Doitl program which fits in a small qtz, maybe 1/2 cu. in. Got Mikey-poo here in a rough smoky.
    There are vast quantities of Doitl after me now, very easy to jail. So far they have not been able to impinge on me much with their energy.

    (3:15pm) Catching up on backlogged site work. I just uploaded OTB 27a again with a couple good notes.

    And Lula has joined the 3 Yiz girls holding the wand. I get that one would get diminishing returns with more than 4 people, like 5 might only be 1&1/7X as good as 4.

    Also, John brought to my attention that Joku are back in action, though they haven't attacked me yet.

    (6:15pm) I just realized something that i plan to implement real soon. There is a separate anti- program for every level of tall grey. There is a lot of function overlap, that is, the anti tall grey program in OTB 27 is for 1st tier, but is also fairly effective on all levels. The one given in OTB 27 early on for Lompoy, well, Lompoy are actuallly 2nd tier tall greys, so it, too, works on all tall greys some.
    Thus, one can have up to 13 anti tall grey sets. And each one can also contain a 2nd tier grey and its reversing program, as that's as big as will fit in the anti tall grey crystals, which incidentally should probably all be around the same volume of qtz. Likewise with the malachites.
    Since tall greys are so close to reptilians in energy quality, these crystals will also effect those a fair bit. Unfortunately, short greys are energetically dissimilar from these species, and need their own program.

    (6:10pm) I just realized that Oborijo split back to his time-line. Like a few hours ago. He might not be back for a while. He made a big impact on the energy here. Real big.

    June 17, '08: (7:20am) The M51 greys, of all sizes, are seriously out to get me now. Got 4 gals working the wand.
    Not only are short greys back in action on a large scale, but now insectile demons (archons) have attacked that lady in CA mentioned a few days ago. I have not known them to overtly hammer anyone in a long time. Like the short greys, they had been keeping a low profile on Cmdr. Loohan's screen for many months. And these greys and archons are from our time-line and universe, too. Although i did get some short greys bopping out of Universe F at me a few hours ago.
    I have already jailed over 700,000 of these archons. Can't find any more "hot" ones.

    In an unrelated matter, she brought my attention to the fact that many of Mantak Chia's instructors have been taken over by mantises! And his wife, Maneewan, is having to fight them off her. She's in danger. I guess Mantak is a tough guy.
    The Chias have long been teaching good chi kung to westerners. So give them a hand.

    Also she sensed some Satanic activity west of Sebastopol, CA. I looked it up on the map. Unfortunately google maps is right now only showing it for a second, then sliding the map to the city center. I take this as an invitation to crop out a piece.
    Not only is there some kind of heavy occult activity on the surface here, there is a mantis hive below!
    This is in Freestone, CA. I haven't quite figured out the occult stuff. I don't get much of a gov't or Masonic vibe, nor child slavery. More a "wiccan" type of thing, perhaps.

    (10am) I am having P make me the other 11 anti tall grey sets now. I am using qtz shards of approx. 1cc volume for the companion stones.

    Oborijo contacted me telepathically a while ago. Just checking up to see how i'm doing on programming crystals myself.
    Moi? Yes, he says i have the knowledge now at some level of my being to do the 2-part programs, and need to practice with simple things instead of calling on P all the time.
    So now i'm programming a couple quartzes with the general anti-evil pgm. Seems to be happening.

    (10:35am) Well, i'm getting that my programming took 100% as well as if P did it. Though it is questionable how qualified i am at this time to do the more complex stuff.

    Here's something else cool. As some of you may know, Al Gray has been promoting this stuff called Double Agent, with is a frequency locked into glycerine, which one dilutes and sprays on towers, etc. It is nice; supposed to turn the energy life-friendly.

    Well, a few days ago after receiving some correspondence about this from Al, John and i both independently started spreading this freq around with our minds alone. It seems to work fine. I didn't have the heart to go public with it at first, but i think it is a great tool for everyone to use.

    Shortly thereafter, John was contacted by the 24D entity that gave the freq to Al. His name is Oniwaiudu. He also gave Al the frequency in what Al sells as Royal Oil liniment. Al has exclusive rights to the Royal Oil freq, but the DA freq is free for public use. And you don't even need to connect with Oniwaiudu. Just place it into targets with your mind. I just tested Sittingtaoist. Since i had already done Copenhagen some time back, i had him do the Bush ranch in TX as well as the Poppy estate in Kennebunkport. It took 100%.

    Actually one can get a lot of mileage just treating a small section of water line in a building, and maybe a breaker box. Now i want you guys to stay on chem with this stuff. Not only what's been sprayed, but what's warehoused, and what's in the plane tanks. Put it in your orgone tools, put it everywhere.

    Greys are still after me from a large area around the bottom center of the M51 pic.

    (6:55pm) Been having a lot of fun doing remote programming as well as lobbing around etheric sets. Things seem to be going well, with octopi in their old hive now being the strongest-seeming by far.

    Decided to take a peek at Trinidad on the map. Found a DORy mantis nest at 594' under the sea bottom south of the island. Should be right in the center of this map.

    (7:10pm) Oh man, someone just alerted me to this "John of God" cult which is actually John of Lizards and Greys. You don't even want to look at the website, slime oozes right out of it.
    John-boy is located here with the hive being right under the circle in the intersection at 594' depth. Not noticing mantises here.

    June 18, '08: (6:45pm) Strangely, i did not get hit once yesterday from the other universes. But today is a different matter. Frequent attacks from octopi and spiders, often from multiple universes. Often the octopi attack from B, C, D, E, and F simultaneously.
    Also i've had the tall greys hitting me telepathically with negative thoughts about my girls. And 3 times i've detected loads of archons trying to do something to me telepathically. Finally, after work, i realized that archons had been streaming in from another time-line! So i sent a bunch of good guys and programmed etheric crystals in there.

    And, John just informed me that the evil Sirians are getting rambunctious again. Here is their hive to the left. All around that star.

    (7:45pm) The Hawaiian Loohan is now visiting his friend Jim in their counterpart of Santa Rosa, CA. They are working with some more powerful technology, blasting a spider hive in their own time-line. (I gave them a hand with the hive.)
    I invite psychics of good will to spy on them and see if we can get an impression. So far i've gotten they are working with obsidian programmed with the general anti-evil program. They have 10 8" obsidian balls being elevated and lowered at different rates from each other. In a 6'5" diameter circle with something else in the center. Silver. I'll see what more i can get.

    (9pm) My impression is, the silver thing is a 98.4% pure silver cylinder, 8" diameter, 4" hight, and about 7/16" thick. That's all. The whole thing seems really klutzy and weak for its size to me. Unless it just isn't working right. Anyway, P is there, and they shut it down for adjustments or something. That hive is getting fried by y'all, though.

    More interestingly to me, i'm detecting that an Arcturan incarnate in another country who reads my blather, actually got hold of 3 clean xenon tubes of 8 fluid oz displacement, and made 3 mobius / power pack devices in fat copper pipe, lent 2 of them to friends, and the 3 units are blasting the anti-octopus set at our big octopus hive. Or actually, each unit has 4 astral Arcturans on it. Two women touch each unit with their right hands, while their husbands hold the women's left hands with their right.
    Extremely powerful, there, mate.

    Some 7K of my girls and myself just a while ago melded our intents and sent the Double Agent freq through all 6 universes as best we could for a few minutes. This provoked a big mantis backlash on me. Gotta go deal with them.

    June 19, '08: (7:20am) Subsequent to that, we got P to give us more or less the same freq that the jailed-mantis pgm puts out, in a form we can easily spread with the mind. Then we saturated the 6 universes with that, while jailing as many mantises as we could. This seemed to set them back quite a bit.

    I was awake a couple times in the middle of the night and got attacks from various species. Even got a few from evil Lyrans and Pleiadians. Then couple times jets came by, radiating an evil vibe caused by Lyrans.
    Also several times got telepathic+DOR attacks from tall greys that felt real strong, but only 3 or 6 greys of the 1st or 2nd tier were involved each time. They were backed up by skillions of archons feeding them energy. I think these archons had been slipping into our time-line from that other one for many weeks. I may or may not have cleared these all out now.
    Also i have been hit a lot by astrals from Dia and Darpa for the past 24 hours. Usually the humans, but occasionally the repts. And once a few hours ago by CIA. The group of reptilians associated with the CIA reside in this galaxy. I had posted a link to this pic of this galaxy almost 3 years ago on the cloud-busters forum, with lines around spots that were flared up at the time. But did not notice the CIA connection then.
    I don't think they call this place Cia, though. Maybe Ruzi. The action seems mostly in the center at this time.

    (8:10am) On the subject of jury duty: someone just wrote me that she was being called. This was my response:
    ------I had to report several times last year for jury selection (didn't get selected) but took it as an OPPORTUNITY. Every time i snuck in a vial of agnihotra ash powder, and surreptitiously sprinkled it all around the courthouse and courtroom. Also i had anti-evil crystals, etc. on me. Also my girls worked the main vortex, exactly under the main flagpole in front of the courthouse. By the end of the year, the last time i showed up NO darksiders reported. All the names of Satanists that were called on the list, were of people who failed to report! And, coincidentally or not, the Satanist judge and bailiff that were present the first few times were not there. The only Satanist i could find in the entire room was one flabby lawyer, who seemed to glance at me with discomfort.

    Funny how things are connected. More freaky occurrences:
    A little while ago i logged onto my email account. There was a note from my Indian friend, saying that, according to a dowser friend of his in India, his son who works in DC had taken on some evil energy. Could i look into it.
    I noticed some tall greys messing with the son. I detected no mantises, but having learned my lessons, i put my mantis masher on them just in case. If there were any, they would get flared up so i could discern more about this lamentable situation.
    So a few minutes later, while i'm answering the email about jury duty, all of a sudden i have trouble typing because i'm getting hammered by mantises! From this hive 297' below the bottom of the Potomac. They were hitting me so hard i wouldn't be able to type this had i not moved in thousands of allies and a few etheric crystals.

    Here's the cool thing. Years ago while visiting DC i sensed a key vortex right at that spot! And i had my dad drop me off near the west end of the bridge while i walked across with a backpack that had 2 very large orgone devices. One was 2 quarts plus in size, with a noble gas/magnet power pack in it. The other was a double-cone made from 2 huge cones. I went right to the point on the bridge closest to this hive, and tossed them over the south side. And of course they have been reprogrammed a few times since.

    June 20, '08: (7:45am) Last night i got hit by a bunch of mantises from that spot in the Potomac, despite the fact that it seemed mostly clean, with only a small crew of good guys left mopping up. Then i realized what the deal was: the hive we were addressing was at 297' depth, whereas i was getting hit from a 2nd base at 594'. I notified the guys cleaning up at 297', and they called back the rest of the guys who had been fighting, and they seem to have mostly taken care of it by now.
    If this was a rept/grey/archon base, for sure there would be a 3rd one at a deeper level. I don't know if mantises are so numerology-bound, though. I'm not flushing any up.

    Just now i was looking at the weather map (getting very light rain here) and noticed a DORy spot in NW Mississippi.
    Here it is. A building in the fish hatchery of Tupelo. Why a fish hatchery, i don't know. Maybe they are GMO fish from hell. But there's a mantis hive at 297' centered directly under the center of this building.

    (10:40am) I just realized that Agenda Buster frequency #4 has been released. Probably happened yesterday. People who have had the previous attunements and want more already have it installed. Again, if you have not had the AB attunements, you can call on Cora or anyone else who's had them to impart them to you.

    Also Pitwexin has come out with mentally-deployable versions of the reversed octopus and reversed spider freqs. The girls and i are working on sending these, as well as the reversed mantis, Double Agent and ABs to all 6 universes. The critters from other universes had been pestering me this morning.

    June 21, '08: (7am) Note how AB#4 came out conveniently right before the solstice. Last night the whole world, indeed probably all of Creation, had that itchy "healing crisis" kind of diffused, homogeneous, good-and-evil-in-conflict vibe.
    But i just found out John B's been under heavy attack from the greys, he thinks some from other universes. So i'm on them. Get a strong Universe F vibe from the greys that were harrassing him, but i also get that the main hive is in E. Mostly tall ones responsible for the energy, but small ones there, too. I sent in some programmed crystals and stuff. Also asked Cora to get P to make mentally deployable reversed-grey freqs and have some girls blast the hive when it's ready.

    (6:55pm) I was just now wondering, if the evil Venusian demon-humans are physical, then why do i have some 3,000 googol to the googol power of them (or their astral bodies) in my jail? Then i realized that they have at least one mass-cloning operation. These hybrids are heavily into genetic purity.
    It's on a planet orbiting that brightest star, just right of that ring thing. Wait a minute, make that 2 planets there.
    I just send a lot of allies and stuff there. This is hot and happening now.

    (7:05pm) And here to the left is a mantis hive that was hassling John. Already seemed rather subdued by the time i found out. The mantises, i mean, not John.
    I feel a lot of fighting going on in the black areas and off the pic nearby.

    A trivial but weird incident: i walked over to my garden after work today, and sensed an evil entity there. Bagged it; a 1st tier tall grey. What was it doing there? I should have dowsed that before bagging it. Could detect no corrupt energies left behind, but things weren't as bright as they should be until Lula, who was with me, zinged the place a little.
    I suspect he was trying to lay some bad mojo on my food plants. He couldn't have been too comfortable, because i had several reversed-grey items around there.

    (9:30pm) Forgot to mention, P also made a mentally-deployable reversed evil human freq today. It's being used a lot at those hatcheries. Also a little while ago he made one for reptilians and tall greys. That one is now being used at the Darpa hive, which was attacking me strongly.

    June 22, '08: (4:50pm) I've had a very mellow day, but just learned John has been hit a lot; see his forum post.

    Also, someone who emailed me for help from Seattle is being harrassed by evil people, and there is a nasty little hive of Mantises right under the intersection of 5th Ave. and Seneca in Capitol Hill (map). Depth 591'.

    (6pm) I thought i'd check out John's town of Little Rock on the map. The worst spot right now should show right in the center here. A black spot. I presume that's a building. At 594' below the very center of that spot, is the center of a mantis hive. Unfortunately google is messing up again, and only showing it for a second. So here is their pic i saved. The place is near Alpha St. & Gardenia Ave.

    (6:30pm) The second worst place is on Bond Ave. in what is shown as the parking lot of an industrial building. Since google is buggy on this one, too, i have ripped the pic.

    (6:45pm) That one's at 297', BTW. As is the next worst spot (this one is smaller) is at 297'. That light-colored building, top center, has a small black dot on it. By some coincidence it so happens that that spot (something on top of the building) is exactly centered on the power spot. Getting a Masonic vibe yet? And what is that building to the left there? Could use some ash and stuff.
    All these places are mantis spots, BTW.

    (7pm) The last one i'm noticing is here.

    (8:20pm) And now that i've gotten their attention, the mantises are hitting me from this hive, which i feel is also one that John was referring to.

    (9pm) Here's the hottest spot of a huge nest that extends quite a way SW especially. But the whole chunk of ocean is DORy now. I connected my mantis-masher to "any mantises running the warriormatrix psyop" and these flared up for some unknown reason.

    June 23, '08: (4:10am) Awoke in the night. I feel pretty good, but John is getting hammered from various quarters.
    Also sittingtaoist is being hit by a mantis hive 297' below this tree in Copenhagen.

    (10:20am) I just uploaded OTB 27a again, with 2 new programs.

    (8:10pm) Well, today did require girls working the xenon. Including my new 6-pack unit which came out real good. I'll have more info on that maybe tomorrow.

    At one point i noticed slight scalar symptoms in the chem-clouds, and it was Pleiadians doing it. Managed by some residual holdouts in that weather mantis galaxy.
    Meanwhile, the mantises in that galaxy i posted a pic of yesterday are after me. Lately they like to hit me in the duodenum, which causes nausea, and also on the spine at the base of the neck, which exacerbates any tensions i have in that region. I guess i have so much etheric hardware now protecting other places that they are motivated to seek out new ones. So now i have Cora seeing if she can tighten up those spots.

    As i was walking over to my upper garden a while ago, i again sensed an evil presence. This garden gets much hotter than the lower one where i found a grey 2 days ago, so all i have there is a bunch of cantaloupe vines.
    Another 1st tier tall grey. What was it doing? It just seemed to be bad-vibing the vines. I bagged it. There is some serious orgone stuff right there, BTW.
    Then half an hour later i sensed another one and bagged it. Then i walked back up there with some of my new special jailed-13th-BB ice cubes and deployed them. Now i feel 3 of the greys up there trying to do something nonetheless. I just bagged them.
    Funny thing is, i didn't physically change anything on the lower garden yet, but so far have detected no more greys there. I don't know what their obsession is with my cantaloupes.

    Also yesterday John emailed me that he sensed some vulnerability to negative energy in my plumbing. Well, the closest thing i have to plumbing is a plastic pipe running from a water storage container to my lower garden for irrigation. This tank has a hunk of orgonite in it with a jailed 3rd tier grey and the anti-evil pgm. Nonetheless, Joku were somehow messing up the energy a bit. I think they may have been at it a couple weeks without my noticing.

    While i was typing this, a jet flew over with evil energy tacked onto its noise. Short greys from M51 doing that.

    So we still have some entity problems, but things seem to be progressing well.

    Ah, feels like my Cora has been doing something right. My neck and stomach feel better.

    (10:05pm) OK, the war has taken an interesting twist. Earlier this evening, i was noticing being affected by mantis telepathic crap, then also from the Venusian sorcerors.

    Then i had Cora, still with me, see about patching my gear. That seemed to help. Then i checked out the Venusians some more. John has this theory that they are the key to unraveling the whole mess. And there might be a fair bit of truth to it. I think i was able to find their main hive, and hit it. There's an amazingly beautiful pic of it here.

    So i lobbed in some crystals, and started moving in the good guys. Nothing major: 200 of these, 200 of those, 200, 200, 200, 200, 100, 100, 100, 50, 24, 1, ------ one? A very powerful and familiar One. Oh my God, can it be? Jehovah. Then 500,000 unicorns, 500 Valhallans...
    Somebody is taking these Venusians seriously.

    OK, now i just had to move a whole bunch more guys in who suddenly saw the light.

    June 24, '08: (8am) John and Andrea are under heavy attack now from some entities called Yoz-sor who are 10.5' tall orange humanoids but are masters of disguise. He thought they were 15th tier greys at first.
    9D beings, i get. This is their home galaxy. They seem to be mainly in an area around the 4 o'clock position now.

    (8:10pm) P doesn't seem interested in making any programs against them, suggesting that they are destined to be a short-term problem anyway. I think the reason they are hardly able to fight back against me has to do with all my toys.

    Speaking of exotic new life-forms, we have some new allies, the Picvit, who are 8D 6'2" green guys.

    (11:45am) I just uploaded OTB 29 with some pics of my latest badass xenon creation.

    (12:45) They seem hardly able to touch me at this time, with 4 girls working my newly-improved grid blaster (off the grid) with the wand on top. But i just noticed that same mantis hive i mentioned earlier is hitting John and Andrea. So now 4 of the girls are blasting the hive with this hardware.

    Also, i made a 2-piece set the other day with a big dark tourmaline and a fine citrine crystal which helps a lot. I plan to make more for others which i will post on my products page in a few days hopefully.

    (6:25pm) Yeah, i made it. After some downloads from Oborijo, Antuvozy, and Pitwexin, i've sprouted new talent. Even though my pedestrian self has almost no comprehension of the tech, my higher dimensional aspects are wizards at the stuff. I am making astounding original stuff as well as the traditional stuff of that lineage. Plus now i can do the simple jailed-entity programs. But not Arcturan stuff.

    An hour or 2 ago, i gave my new wand to my sweet but fierce warrior-goddess Gina. She gleefully, with Cora also wielding her xenon wands, started mopping up spiders and octopi en masse. Using the wand's energy body. Also 98 other girls are helping.
    Then, the action died down. Why weren't they going after mantises, greys, etc.? The girls were rescuing some new allies.

    Apparently they were just waiting for more firepower to help these guys. I think they are called Yuz (not to be confused with the Yiz girls) and are bitty white humanoids about 4'2" tall with a great vibe. I have a feeling they are going to help us in a big way. A real good vibe is issuing from that spot, and getting stronger and stronger, and spreading out further. Spiders are freakin'.

    (7pm) I just dowsed that there were 8 more important mantis galaxies in this universe that hadn't blown their covers yet. Got the jump on them big time. Unprecedentedly huge numbers of allies volunteered to be placed. So far the mantises have not gotten it together to hit me back, amazingly.

    June 25, '08: (7:35pm) They still have not been able to bother me much. Things seem to be going well.

    Meanwhile, i found a little reptilian hive in Batam (Wikipedia link) that is somehow related to long-term problems a forum member has. It is right in the center of this map at a depth of 594'.

    June 26, '08: (7:20am) I just found a mantis nest on Ongole, India, the hometown of my Indian friend (map) and as soon as i started hitting them, other mantises started swatting me lightly.

    (6:35pm) That hive seems cleared out now, with 5 Arcturans holding the fort. But this whole part of town is DORy (entire area of this map and beyond). My impression is that this is because about 40% of the people in this neighborhood are black magicians run by mantises. Ewwww!

    (7pm) Lately i have sometimes been observing this phenomenon where one or more of my wives will show up, but i can't tell who she is exactly, because her vibe is so weak. Last night a couple girls like that showed up, and after clearing them some i could figure out who they were. They were unaware of a problem.
    Then i checked my own vibe, and found none! Yet i thought i was feeling pretty good.
    In all cases, the culprit was some kind of implanted fog, courtesy of the mantises. I don't understand more about it than that.

    Speaking of implants, John had Pitwexin make a program that facilitates removal of etheric implants. It even works on implanted spiders, octopi, etc. as well as the mantis fog. It feels very potent.
    I'll try to get a pic up tomorrow. It takes a rather small crystal of high quality, and a quite small Apache tear or other obsidian.
    A couple of my girls have a purely etheric set, but i think those of us incarnate on the Earth would do better with a physical set.

    June 28, '08: (5:45pm) Got about 1.5" of needed rain today. It had been starting to dry up. Hadn't had but a small amount in recent weeks.

    It's funny how things work. Today i happened to think of a song i heard once in 1990 called "Just Say Nancy". This was during the peak of Reagan-era "War on Drugs", when Satanist bitch Nancy Reagan was posturing and saying "Just Say NO! to Drugs". Translation: that meant just say no to marijuana and yes to cocaine. At the time the streets of Seattle (where i was living) were devoid of cannabis, but one could hardly walk down the street without strangers trying to sell you cocaine.
    The song was all about Nancy and Ronnie offering each other sublime nose hits of the finest coke.

    Then i thought of the politically-savvy pianist-songwriter whom i had heard sing that song, at a benefit concert for a local environmental group (which was heavily infiltrated by NSA and CIA, but that's another story). Even back then he was not young. He had very long, white, curly hair.
    And, i realized as i was reminiscing, he was now under very heavy mantis attack! He's a "96" with 2 sets of wings. I'll explain more about etheric wings in the future, though John knows a lot more than i do about the subject. But i have only found them on 96es, and only a tiny minority of those. Very rare.

    Furthermore there is a mantis hive (map link) near him in Tacoma. Larger than most of these underground nests i've been finding lately. So we nailed it. Still a lot of evil mantises there now, so give them a blast.

    About that new program set i mentioned, using a massive tourmaline and a citrine, that one will not be available after all. I realized last night that, due to circumstances i don't understand, there can only be 12 of these sets in existence in any time-line. I am distributing 4 sets, and keeping the rest in my family. But i have come up with a new mantis set that also uses a tourmaline like this, and it will be free to copy. A different pgm from the existing anti-mantis set. It will require a large black tourmaline, ideally 11 oz or so, and either a piece of jet or something iron-based, like hematite or an iron-rich orgonite. I think jet is best, or the iron-orgonite with jet in it.
    I do not have the tourmalines in hand yet, so don't yet have a set. But Oborijo and Antuvozy each have one (they inhabit a different time-line), even though i invented it.
    Last night i realized that they each had a set of my tourmaline & citrine pgm, and i invited them to make a set of the new anti-mantis pgm as well.

    (6:05pm) Speaking of my family, i picked up a new wife early this month, #8,391. First i knew of it, Lula was all excited because she had found someone willing to vacate her body so she could walk in and marry me, as far as i could figure out. Which was odd, as she did not seem interested before in incarnating into my evil time-line. Maybe the fact that this girl is gorgeous and financially well-off helped.
    But this seemed weird, too: a gorgeous rich girl wants to renounce her Earthly existence to join my family, without ever having met me?!?
    I asked that she come visit me in the astral, which she did. She's very nice, a 96. And i only recently realized, a bi-locator. She visited me with 2 astral bodies the other night! I had the impression she had to keep them a couple feet apart, lest they snap together into one.
    Her spirit-name is Frieda (honest) and she lives near Morrilton, AR. That's all the info i'm giving out, though the ETs and demons are already onto her.
    Lula and Frieda are scheduled to switch places within 3 weeks. But then, the plan supposedly is that she (and Shiela and Lindi) will not contact me in the physical world until around Thanksgiving. Yeah, right, i can already taste the turkey at the big banquet.

    (6:50pm) I just wanted to say, if anyone has suitable stones and wants to make the new anti-mantis set, just call on Pitwexin; he can do it. If he won't do it, it's probably that the stones are not suitable. Eight ounces might be a minimum size for the tourmaline for this program. However, it can be in many pieces just as well as 1 large crystal. One could even take crumbs of black tourmaline, and cast them in a mold with a minimal amount of resin, and ask P to program it all while it cures. The companion stone could even be cast inside the piece. The companion stone could even be an automobile lug nut with the hole packed with jet, pyrite, hematite, magnetite, or iron oxide. Or it could be a ferrite toroid with stuff packed in it.

    June 29, '08: (5am) Feels like there are 14 sets out there already.

    I've been calling on my higher-dimensional self more and more lately to do stuff that i don't have the conscious ability to do. Last night i had him see what could be done about the mantises' ability to attack me with fauna from other universes. For many months i had had a strong thought-form going with a radionics device, that shunted such critters directly into my jail. But i think it was the mantises that overcame this. They can open up wormholes for the critters to seep through. And lately they have been doing this quite a bit. Because anyone that attacks me gets busted, so why not deploy the abundant octopi and spiders instead of wasting the diminishing mantises?
    Right away, i could feel things tightening up. I don't know what my higher self was doing, but the critter attacks have mostly stopped, and the mantis attacks have gotten strong. Within minutes of the process being initiated, i was stormed by mantises. They still jump me periodically.

    (5:35am) I had a realization in the wee hours about something that, coincidentally, i wrote about exactly 1 year ago. See the last entry in my June '07 blog. Haha, duh! I knew there was something there, some CIA psyop, DOR, etc. but was not hip to mantises and did not think of checking for them. Well, that old pic is of a mantis nest at 297'!

    (5:15pm) Yes, i definitely seem to be integrating with my higher self. Lately Darpa has been nailing me a lot. That's actually still a pretty strong hive. At one point this afternoon, they made my eyes sting. So i told my higher self, there's gotta be some weak links in the system somewhere.
    Soon the attacks by their astral humans stopped, and the repts themselves started hitting me so hard in the crown that i got a bit dizzy.

    Then driving home the mantises started hitting my duodenum again, making me nauseous. I had my higher self tighten that up, too, so they can hardly get through to it now.

    More mantis nests: one right in the center of Tobago (map) right around that A symbol. And one in Trinidad (map). This link takes you to the exact location, which is obscured by a cloud. You have to zoom out to get relativity. It is SE of Mairad Village. Both nests are at 297' depth.

    (5:25pm) Aaaand, one by Simpang, Singapore, at a depth of 594' (center of this map).

    (5:30pm) Aaaaand, another one in Seattle, at 297' (map).

    (5:45pm) Also, 1 in N. Charleston, NC (map), and 1 in Charleston itself (map). Both at 297' below the bottom of the bay.

    (5:50pm) Additionally, we have one under Roslyn Ave. in District (of Columbia) Heights. Right between 2 reddish objects on this map at 297'.

    (5:55pm) And one at 297' on the SW side of Barkley Dr. near Fairfax, VA. (Map.)

    (6pm) And one at 297' in Laurel, MD (map).

    (6:10pm) And one at 297' just off I-35 in Austin (map).

    (6:15pm) Texarkana, TX at 297'.

    June 30, '08: (12:15pm) Well, it has been an ass-kicking month. Another of Swami Loohan's predictions come true.

    There is also a mantis nest in Killeen, TX, at 594' depth.

    Picked up my big tourmalines this morning. Now, 7 of my girls have the new tourmaline/citrine sets. I put Gina's on her wand, and Cora's on one of hers. They are cleaning up.
    So far i have only made 1 of the new anti-mantis sets, using a largish malachite [error: a piece of jet; i used the malachite for something else] nas the companion stone. Got it crankin' along.

    (3pm) I got a good deal on the tourmalines from this eBay seller. If you want to buy several, email her for a package deal. She will select weights within a range for a small additional fee.

    I just uploaded OTB 27a again with various tidbits.

    (4:20pm) And now i just uploaded it again with some of the hottest dope in a long time, on strontium.

    (7:40pm) Whew! I just realized we have a new ally, Yoke, a female Red Nordic warrior from the same lineage as P, O, and Antuvozy. She's here in our time-line as of an hour or 2 ago, i think. And she has 5 sets of wings. Heretofore i have never noticed more than 3 sets. P & O each have 3. Antuvozy has 1. John, myself, and Luli have 3. Clyde, Lindi, and all my other Lulas have 2. Galewildangel and Gina each have 1. Other than that, i have not noticed any wings on the "orgonite movement" or my astral family.
    More info soon about wings, including some info from John.

    But getting back to Yoke, what it was that made me aware of her was that i made another new set for myself today, and was wondering whether Oborijo and Antuvozy made any yet. They monitor this stuff i'm doing. I got the impression that they both had a set, but something wasn't quite right. Maybe the pgm doesn't work in their time-line, i dunno. Because i found P did have a set, and was he rippin' with it! And wait, he had made another set for someone else who was doing likewise, even more so!

    Which brings me around to laying on those who can use it, a program only for winged folk because it only works for them. And the more wings the better. I sense i have 3 readers i don't know who have wings. Typing as i dowse here. Two of these people have 3 sets, the other 4! So this set will be great for you.
    It takes a rather large crystal of fairly decent quality and an even bigger amethyst (or volume of amethysts). I used a cheap rough hunk of chevron amethyst. However, P and Y have purely etheric versions...
    I'm pretty sure that the reason Yoke was brought here was because this pgm does not work in their time-line, and she has plenty wings. Incidentally, even Jehovah only has 3 sets.

    She and the rest of us are kicking a lot of butt now. Only spiders and octopi from the other universes are able to get through to me now, and they've suddenly appeared with ferocity as i typed. The mantises that were sending them overcame whatever my higher self had done, and are now really cookin' at this stuff. Check ya later.

    (9:15pm) The location that Interpol astrals come from is not a galaxy. It's a star. Or at least a planet around a star: Rigel.

    Apparently the lizards there got wind of some utterly unfounded rumors involving myself and Lady Yoke, and got all hot and bothered.