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Loohan's blog for June, 2009

June 1, '09: (12noon) Almost no chem here yesterday; just a few stale puffs. The same so far today.

My FL buddy found more stuff:
  • Green Tyhiz base at 320' here in west Russia. Interesting pic.
  • Another G.T. base at 260' in Russia here.
  • And another here at 169' in Russia.
  • And another G.T. base here at 462' in Russia.
  • And another here at 306' below the sea floor.
  • Greys at 160' here in Russia.
  • And here in England at 216' we have a different kind of Green Tyhiz which are non-DORy and involved in mind control.

    A few days ago a reader wrote me asking about this hot music sensation named Adam Lambert who apparently has an amazing personal magnetism affecting a wide spectrum of people despite the fact that he is openly gay and effeminate. I sensed something wrong here, but he is not MPD, FHS, into bood rites or pedophilia, nor can i bag him. He's a 24 in fact.
    I kept thinking he is run by ETs as a mind-control op; evil entities are always wanting to increase the rate of male homosexuality on Earth, probably largely because the loving energy between a man and a woman in a committed relationship is very toxic to the evil ones.
    I put the sheriff onto digging up the connections. He did find a base yesterday while i was at work but i couldn't get online to find the location. I did "key" it and a bunch of toads hopped in. Later when i got home, there were only 10 toads still there, and not enough DOR happening for me to find the base! Now there are only 2 toads left there.
    I appealed to my friend for help. His impression was it was Green Tyhiz, which i felt was right, even though they were not DORy like the other GTs.
    Now he found their base.

    (1:40pm) Another reader sent me a link to The Venus Project. He felt the proponent, Jacques Fresco was a darksider. Well, he's right.
    He is connected to an underground base here in Reisterstown, MD at 140' depth, containing 413 US satanists. I'm not picking up on an agency name.
    I haven't really studied the site. Not sure what the agenda is that would involve so many agents.

    (2:50pm) Saw an NSA sprayer pass over, no stickee.

    Big Tall White base here under Sibiu, Romania, at 220' depth. Got 400 toads there already, munch munch. Also there is a big network of ancient tunnels under Romania. Somebody wrote me about this, plus i've heard about it elsewhere, perhaps Project Camelot. 600 more toads are hopping along down there checking it out. So far have only found the TWs, but maybe my FL friend will find other stuff.

    (4:50pm) The NSA is really spraying up my area now. I get that it's 6 planes going back and forth. My stuff is keeping most of it from sticking overhead, but it's encroaching more and more.
    The order came from yet another underground NSA base, this one here under Jefferson City, MO, at 413-503' depth. 522 NSAtanists.
    I wish the 40' toads could eat 3D people. I don't know what's up with the Pleaidian fleet. They're still around, but haven't downed any planes in days...

    (7:25pm) OK, the 600 toads finally found something in Romania. I keep expecting humans, repts, Tyhiz, greys, but no, they found evil Red Nordics. Here, NE of Sibiu, you can see a sort of ridge with a lot of dwellings on it. Right under that ridge is the Red Nordic base, about with the same contours. 136' down from the ridge top. That's pretty shallow.

    June 2, '09 (8:15am) The toads are also finding some 5D reptilians in small qauntities here and there under Romania. Like maybe 900 so far.
    And my FL buddy has sent me more map links on Romania that i haven't looked up yet. But i get the feeling the toads are already on them and there's not that much. More Tall Whites and Red Nordics, probably.

    NSA is spraying again here this morning. The Pleaidians seem to be focused in some way on the NSA CT base in Idaho.

    The person who told me about Adam Lambert is a big fan of his, and insisted that he would be so grateful for the help i am giving him. I had my doubts about this, so was surprised when he popped up in the astral last night to thank me. Well, i doubt he has conscious knowledge of it, but some aspect of him did. I got the impression he was actually a nice guy with a lot of love for people, and wished him the best.

    (2:35pm) Still chemmy; still the same 6 NSA planes, i think.

    The toads have found 6 Green Tyhiz nests under Romania.
    Incidentally, they grow when they eat. Some of the first batch that arrived are now 120' long, and vastly more massive.

    Last night another noisy plane got my attention. 31 satanists aboard, but it was 4 that got my attention. Had that "important" vibe again. Not sure what they're up to, but they are located here in Mena, AR, in the center building.

    (8pm) My FL buddy opines they are there for drugs. I do get something on coke. I do not detect a DEA/CIA/ gov't vibe, nor mafia, but they must be important satanists nonetheless. They may be there temporarily to score. If so, it must be a big load they are getting. I'll put the sheriff on ferreting out their connections.

    The sheriff just finished finding who is attacking Esterian. Some kind of humanoid, 6' or so is what i get. They are in Sextans A, all around the central region of the pic.
    She sent me links to some vids about who is attacking her, but i don't have the battery time to download or watch them now. Besides i just get a javascript error message. Here's one of them.

    (8:15pm) This complex, cleverly disguised as a junkyard, is where you want to go if you want to score a big load of coke to put on a truck someone is bringing.
    8 CIAtanists. CIA back east has been trying to call them to tell them to clean up and scatter, but haven't been able to get through yet.

    (8:25pm) And here i have the impression are 6 non-satanist criminals that work with the CIA, providing trucks, RVs, etc. for the safe trip home. Home might be Chicago for our 4 boys.

    (8:30pm) Here, just south of Chicago, is where they are planning to take it to. That whole building is the HQ of the people doing this, along with the parking lot to the north. I strangely enough do not get an Italian, Sicilian, Japanese, Chinese, or other exotic mafia vibe.

    June 3, '09: (7:45pm) I had the impression that a few minutes after i posted that, the guys back east got through and warned them. I think they cleared out, nobody contacted the 4 buyers. The latter are gone, empty-handed, i think, back to Chicago.The junkyard presently has 2 CIAtanists there, in a small building or maybe truck out back (see pic).
    The 6 criminals are still at the other place. The building near Chicago has 31 satanists in it; i think there were 34 when i posted last night.

    I think the CIA drug base that warned them is near Chantilly, VA. My browser froze up as i was zeroing in on it. Then after that, i couldn't find it because oddly 11 grey nests chose that time to flare up, obscuring the energy. But that'll pass. I think it's at 318' with 35 CIAtanists in it.

      *   *   *   *
    The forecast said slight chances of light rain. We got 1.75" so far today, and it's still drizzling.

    (8:05pm) Took a look at Romania on the map. Lotsa stuff happening. Still got 1000 toads there as well as loads of other allies. The hottest spot now is right under the center of Bucharest (map) at 391' depth. Greys is what i'm detecting. Lots. I just moved Godzilla there from where he was...

    (9:30pm) OK, i watched the vids i referred to last night. #1, #2 (the one i linked earlier), #3, and #4. These are all very short and by the same guy. About short greys. The last one is a device that removes them as parasites. Esterian says it worked for her. Anyway, high truth level in these vids.

    However the mysterious critters in Sextans A that i found attacking her last night are not greys. I get they are 6' humanoids with a 4D vibe, called Hifri and might be blackish.

    As an aside, i just realized the Meru Foundation is a CIA satanist op involving 92 agents.

    June 4, '09: (11:15am) Nothing much has changed with those drug dealers. The 2 junk yard guys are working the junk yard, but chilling out on the dope deals for now, i guess. There are 32 satanists in that Chicago bldg.
    I get that there are 5 CIA-connected satanists in the sheriff's department in Mena.

      *   *   *   *
    A while ago another jet rumbled over with a compelling vibe. 41 satanists aboard. Of these 24 had that "important" vibe. They are heading to an underground base here right under Daingerfield State Park, Daingerfield, TX at 141-303' depth. At this time, there are 521 gov't satanists down there. I get kind of a military vibe, but not picking up any known agency.

    (1:40pm) Reiki attunements removed for free:
    I mentioned to someone that western "Reiki" is for the most part severely corrupt; Takada was a satanist who added her tricked-up symbols. And others added in "Ascended Master" Yellow Nordic crap to their offshoot styles . I offered to have her attunements removed.
    To my surprise, she wrote back
    Yes, I would be happy to have the Reiki attunements removed. I have wanted to do that for a while, but had absolutely no idea how to go about it. I agree with you, this has been a cause of some problems. I've felt for awhile that someone is feeding off of me through the Reiki, without my consent, and also sense this may have something to do with my guides and helpers being blocked from me. Just a feeling, but it resonates as truth, we shall see! So yes, please ask your helpers to remove mine, and give them my sincere thanks.
    So now 2 Sakudas are removing the attunements.
    Write me if you want yours removed.

    (2:45pm) Found a seriously big nest of greys at 340' depth right here in lovely Bohemian Grove, CA.

    June 5, '09: (8am) Super clear blue sky so far this morning. Which has not been the case lately. Lots of stale stuff yesterday. Also there have been reports of heavy chem around the country. I think it is all still NSA. And i still feel the Pleiadians bearing down in some nebulous way on the main NSA CT base in Idaho.

    I just uploaded OTB 34 on the Yejkusti path with some updates.

    (2:50pm) They chemmed things up a little around noon, but now it's real clear again around here. I can see some smear over to the east, though.
    Worse, i now dowse 5,436 NOAA sprayers have taken to the air again. The present control base for NOAA CT ops is now here, east of Moorcroft, WY, at 362-440' depth, containing 273 NOAA satanists.
    The 3D Pleidian fleet have shifted their attention to this base. Again, i have no idea what they are actually doing, i can just sense the focus.
    I am not detecting UNEP sprayers. I think there are 614 NSA ones aloft, though. For some reason, the NSA ones are always harder to dowse.

    In other news, Harold drew my attention to some nasty stealthy 11D demons. I do not have a name or morphology for them, but their hive is Galaxy M84.

    (7:15pm) The NOAA greaseballs wasted no time in getting over here. But now, oddly, i am again dowsing 0 NOAA sprayers aloft. This might be due to something i did that i don't want to talk about yet.
    Getting there are 420 NSA sprayers aloft, no UNEP.
    Been feeling rather awesome this afternoon; vigorous and upbeat. I think it has to do with progress being made wherever the Center Ridge portal leads to. The vibes are pretty wild in the Center Ridge area right now.

    June 6, '09: (6:15pm) Then again, it is also true that i was receiving the Yejkusti attunement while doing the Yejkusti 10-stone layout and also receiving the Yejkusti energy work from on of my girls.

    Heavy, heavy chemclouds all day.
    I've been doing stuff to mess with the spray administrators.

    Just now i got kind of a strong grey attack, not from the usual NGC 4579 guys, but the old M51 greys. But they are hitting me from 3 gov't bases in the central US!
    One is here in St. Anthony, MN, at 150-232' depth. 28 Homeland Security satanists.
    Another is this one i posted on May 28, where those FEMA guys work that were going to the NY meeting. This is a surface base, 161 FEMA satanists there at this time.
    And the other is here, east of Moorcroft, WY, at 362-440' depth, containing 273 NOAA satanists. As i posted yesterday afternoon.
    They are hitting me with a different kind of energy, but i can't figure out what. Give 'em a zing, will ya?

    (6:35pm) Now those seem to be weaker, but one has sprung up here in St. Louis, MO at 152-342' depth. 625 more HS satanists. Feels like these bases have the same type of transmitter, but i can't dowse anything about the tech.

    (6:50pm) Homeland Sec. is on a big trip of disclosing their U bases/ transmitters, evidently. The next one is here in Ipswitch, MASS at 131-251' depth. 442 HSatanists.

    June 7, '09: (4pm) Surprisingly, they had the sense to quit displaying more secret bases.

    Another chem-cloud day. Saw a a few sprayers. Not NOAA or NSA. I think they are grounded today. But there's a 3rd agency spraying in the US. I detected them yesterday, but they are more psi-cloaked, and with all the distraction, i couldn't find their base yesterday. But found it today. It's right here under White Horse, CO, at 136-459', but fairly narrow perimeter. 441 satanists of unknown agency.

    Also found a Tall White hive messing with friends of mine, but can't find much of a pic. It is at 12:00 position about 1/5 of the way down from the top here

    (4:10pm) Earth-sen. What is Earth-sen? That's what Esterian calls a certain phenomenon.
    Weeks ago i was about to fall asleep when 2 entities showed up. They seemed to come from Esterian. They looked like 5' men with the faces of boars. But they had a nice clean vibe. They proceeded to do some energy work on my feet, which felt good.
    The next day i asked Esterian about this. She said they were to protect me against Earth-sen, which is some bad mojo that a person can get stuffed into their feet or anus. Presumably i had been getting it into my feet.

    Last night a friend had me help a friend of hers, whom she said was getting some weird phenomena crammed up his anus. I had previously scanned this guy and found implants and grey attackers. That had been dealt with. But i did not detect the other stuff until my friend got graphic. I sent the 2 boar-faced guys and they are still working on him.
    Then i scanned to find anyone else i knew who might be subject to such indignities. The only one i found was Rona, who was also getting it anally. 4 more boar-faced ones have been working on her. So this does not seem terribly widespread, but if you think you might have it email me and/or contact the boar-faced allies.

    I asked Esterian for more info about Earth-sen. She says:
    It comes from that reptiloid thing in Lithuania. It's an alien implant trying to replace the consciousness of Earth. It's also a hive of reptiloids, I call a demon-field.

    What you find up the ass of the humans is the demonic link to a reptiloid in the demon-field. People infected with it get used against their will to facilitate greys controlling Earth. Usually, such people have a spiritual significance in the universe, and the greys use this Earth-sen thing in an attempt to overrule the human. They're trying to make it look (to remote viewers) like the human is an alien, and the demon in the field is the human, using demons and aliens for their facade.

    Try to get The Committee to program up some sodium neutron energies for you. Earth-sen dissolves with it. When you remove Earth-sen from a human, to keep it removed, you must also locate and vanquish the corresponding reptiloid in the demon-field. Melting them down in singularity consciousness, or even your lock-up/meltdown should suffice.
    I am having The Committee generate an anti-Earth-sen program incorporating sodium neutron energies. This is for use on the afflicted human.
    And the demon-field / reptiloid hive is here at 251' depth. 400 really big toads are gobbling them.

    (7:05pm) The new sodium neutron program is awesome. Feels real intense and should be good for a wide variety of anti-evil applications. More about this on OTB 27c.

    (7:30pm) Pardon me, the toads are not eating the reptiloids, they are eating greys. The repts are made of stolen dragon-flesh, which is being restored to the dragons.

    (8:40pm) A while back Kneweyes wrote me about putting cotton wads in the ears. They have to be non-GMO, either older cotton or certified organic. The latter dowses a bit better, but i happen to have old pill bottles with old cotton balls in them.
    What this does, she says, is block a lot of the effect of frequency weapons like microwaves.
    I had never noticed my ears being sensitive that way, but yesterday when they cranked up the transmitters at those bases against me, i stuffed a bit in my ears and it did seem to help a lot.
    Also the nostrils are supposedly vulnerable this way.
    I suppose one could make a headnet or something out of some commercial anti-EMF cloth like sells.

    June 8, '09: (2:45pm) Spraying again today. NSA. Connected to yet another of their control bases, here in Chattanooga, TN at 141-453'. 559 NSAtanists.

    (4:50pm) It doesn't make sense. Every time i see sprayers, i track that they are connected to a different, new base. Never one that we already nailed. This suggests that the sprayers need to be connected to a base that has certain hardware operational, that my monkeywrenching team ruins in the bases we hit. But then why do they continue to spray over my head with planes from "new" bases, knowing full well the consequences?

    Anyways, they are presently spraying me, and it's the mystery agency, and the base is here, just NE of Pittsburgh, PA, at 143-589' depth but very narrow, containing 471 gov't satanists.

    (8:55pm) They were still spraying madly at sundown. Same agency, same base.

    Someone just wrote me complaining of a visit from some evil astral Sasquatch. I haven't run into Sasquatch problems before.
    Their hive is NGC 7742.

    (9:50pm) And this guy's sister had a visit from a hooded figure that was a Tall White from NGC 3310.

    Thought i'd fish around more for more CT bases. Found one right off here in Sikeston, MO, at 165-372' depth. 417 satanists of the same mysterious agency.
    And one here NE of Sioux City, IA, at 238-346' depth. 234 satanists, same agency.
    Another SW of Aurora, CO here, at 237-314' depth under the reservoir bottom. 580 satanists, same agency.
    Another here under Wildwood, MO, at 369-401'. 510 satanists, same agency.

    June 9, '09: (10am) Now NSA is spraying a bit here, but no new bases.

    Found some new demons. These were attacking the mother of a friend of mine in the atlas vertebra, causing migraines. They were extremely cloaked, and it took the sheriff and a bunch of other hardware a while to get enough DOR out of them for me to detect. Their hive is NGC 55. They are 3' long insects, possibly termites.

    (1:20pm) Pardon me, there IS a new NSA CT base here under the Decatur, AL harbor at 567-631' below the river bottom. 352 NSAtanists.

    June 11, '09: (11am) Got another 0.6" of rain last night and the night before, added together. It was sunny earlier this morning, with slight chemclouds. Now it's overcast again, like yesterday.

    More NSA CT bases:
    This one east of Columbus, MS, has kind of a wide diameter; takes up most of the map in my browser. Depth 136-352'. 1,947 NSAtanists -- the biggest human population i've found yet in one of these CT bases.
    On 5/26/9 i posted an NSA base in Elgin, IL. Well, just a few blocks south of that one is another one, here, very narrow. Depth 140-242' with 152 NSAtanists. But there are tunnels heading ENE of there, with more stuff. For example, the entire area around here is a bit DORy at 242' or so. And i sense a bunch of Lyrans, and toads eating the Lyrans. Interesting.
    And one here in Amarillo, TX, at 161-231' depth. 441 NSAtanists.

    (7pm) Holy Moly! Someone from Burbank emailed me for help. Getting hammered by greys. Found a real big grey base here at 297' depth. Sent in Godzilla.

    Only scant wisps of chem this afternoon.

    (7:05pm) Esterian wrote me that the Xso reptilians are not so bad after all. The greys were controlling them. She has been retraining them. I haven't had problems with them in a while, come to think of it. She says
    They are driven by what they call their masterful one, or their Master, and it is their master who got messed up. When their master is cool, so are they. Everyone keeps fighting over who's controlling the masterful one -- I'm trying to set him free and educate him to be a better master to his people. He seems to like that. Nobody's ever tried to give them freedom before.

    One of the things they enjoy doing is copying materials an' stuff. They're really good at making 4th and up dimensional stuff by copying 3rd dimensional stuff. They've been used in the past to copy people, and I've been teaching them that that's wrong to do -- copying stuff is better. You might try utilizing their skills interdimensionally. They really enjoy replenishing materials on other planets. We haven't figured out how to make 3rd with our stuff yet, but we're working on it. I've told them that they can choose who they serve, and that they're not allowed to serve anyone that they don't naturally like. And they're not allowed to serve anyone who mind controls them. They're very interesting -- kind of archaic, but intelligent. It's like they've been taught wrong for millennia, but teach them right, and they pick right up.

    They love bacon double cheesburgers from Carl's Jr. Feeding them is easy by the same methods I explained for feeding Alicia and Ray. They really, really love cheese, and vanilla milkshakes. They seem to like Gatorade, too -- orange and fruit punch flavors more than others. They love beer, too. Samuel Adams Boston Lager is their fave. There's a female entity -- I don't know exactly what she is -- who loves Corona. Whenever you go grocery shopping, perhaps you would consider inviting the Xso along to copy stuff while you shop. It's kinda fun.
    I doubt they could relate to my kind of groceries any more than i could relate to theirs. Especially Gatorade is pure poison.
    Well, maybe i can come up with some cheese.
    So if you got any Xso in your jail, you might want to let them go so they can get some junk food.

    (7:55pm) Thought i'd test them out by getting them to fight the greys in Burbank.
    I have to wonder about Esterian's diet. She found all these inconceivable things they like. Never mind that it'll ruin their health.
    Like me, they don't like hot spices or sharp cheeses. They love mild dairy like fresh mozzarella, cream, yoghurt, quark, buttermilk, kefir. Also they are wild about any kind of basil. They like raspberries and blackberries. That's all i've found so far.
    25K Xso are fighting the Burbank greys now.

    June 12, '09: (noon) Esterian says the Gatorade is because the Xso have long been deprived of sodium and potassium, and the beer kills certain parasites.
    Well, i don't see that it makes any sense to treat them differently from a human with the same issues. One wouldn't give Gatorade to a person depleted in elecrolytes. If they are low in sodium and potassium, they will be low in trace minerals as well, a condition the makers of Gatorade strive to exacerbate with their poison.
    So i brewed them up a concoction of grape juice, blackstrap molasses, and Celtic sea salt. And i suspect it's the hops that drives out their parasites, so i added a bit of that, too. And a bit of stout to add sparkly interest.

    Overcast today, but some chemtrails noticeable. It's the mystery agency today, and there are 3 new bases to hit.
    One here, NE of Duluth, MN, at 162-352' depth and kind of wide. 413 satanists.
    One here under Greeley, CO, at 230-314' depth. 140 satanists.
    And one here under Pineville, LA, at 157-314' depth. 502 satanists.

    Maybe i've been wrong about Nibiru. Never could detect squat about it. But Esterian insists:
    I know when you dowse Nibiru, you don't get anything. Supposedly, it's a grey haven on a crash course for Earth. I'm working on crashing it into the sun, instead. Just a little shift in trajectory. Their magnetic field generator is a living being in the 8th dimension, regulating a magnetic field in 3rd. I've gotten in on the being to teach it to crash them into the sun instead of Earth, and the Xso are helping to focus on that.
    Try dowsing it pronouncing it as Nibby-roo, and see what you get. It's heavily cloaked, and I'm trying to clear that off. Thanks.
    Well, shoot, i threw all kinds of stuff at it including Godzilla. And it seemed to stick. Now, hours later, i do seem to be getting a bit of DOR off of it. Godzilla is still there.
    Crashing it into the sun won't kill the greys, so we might as well. Hmm, i just plunged my jailer into it, and it's bagging greys all right. No other species noted.

    On another subject, i updated the bulletin about FHS to reflect the fact that i have found someone who is apparently able to reverse the aftereffects of FHS. This is Jessica Schab who is the best remote healer i have met yet. In fact i have already had her work on a number of you, FHS or not. Some conditions, like someone who has had FHS for thousands of lifetimes, take some time and she's still working on them.
    She works for free but accepts doantions. You can email her with your spiritual travails or that of another person you want her to help. She will get permission from their higher self. But you actually don't even need to email her. You can send her an etheric email, and she will start within minutes, is my experience. She's very psychic and has a lot of helpers.

    June 13, '09: (5:40pm) Of course, Jesus is pretty hot stuff, too, but their skills probably don't overlap that much. In fact Jesus has been working a while to dismantle an old curse on her family. I couldn't do anything with it myself. Only after he'd been working on it a week or so was i able to dowse that the source was the same Tall White hive i posted about on the 7th. At that time i posted it because they have been interfering with Jessica's connection to her deceased father, who is apparently quite a being himself. She is unable to contact him, and i'm pretty sure they are the reason.
    Then a couple days ago i found them attacking her mom. Her mom had been getting attacked by the termites i mentioned on the 9th. I'm not sure whether these bugs are really that evil; i suspect the TWs sicced them on her, then when we nailed the bugs, the TWs attacked Jessica's mom themselves.
    So if you want to help Jessica, you can help me nail that TW hive.

    Another thing. I have for some time felt that Jessica needs to connect with the Plejaran lady named Semjase. Also after reading this page on Fred Bell's site, i got the impression that maybe not all Plejarans are terminally naive anymore, and i asked The Committee to contact Semjase for some programming info. But they have not been able to.
    I suspect it is Semjase who is blocked, and the beings responsible are in a hive at NGC 4921. Took some work to de-cloak the hive. I still don't know what kind of beings are there; some sort of humanoids i've run into in the past, i think, but not lately.
    The Plejarans i suspect may be destined to help us with free energy devices.

    I was surprised yesterday afternoon by a sudden thundershower that brought 1" of rain. For a short while there were pretty scary winds, blowing a lot of water around. It seemed like waves crashing against my cabin. Then today's paper had a story about the storm that flattened buildings across the state. St. Vincent, AR was specifically mentioned. It is about 12 miles south of Center Ridge.
    Today? Mostly sunny with only relatively small amounts of chem-clouds.

    June 14, '09: (3:50pm) Been getting more light rain since last night.
    A "mystery agency" sprayer just passed over, linked to the Ft. Greely base mentioned on the 12th. Except there has been some shifting around of personnel there. There are now 341 satanists down there.

    (6:30pm) Heard a plane in the distance just a few minutes ago. Very irritating vibe.
    Only 6 satanists aboard. All dirty US Navy. Headed to underground Navy base right under the center of Wausau, WI at 322-415' depth. 510 USN satanists there now.

    June 15, '09: (1pm) My friend in NM is now under attack by green Tyhiz in NGC 4874. That's the bright spot to the right. And remember, wherever there are lots of green Tyhiz, there are usually blue ones as well (rarer, 4X as strong).

    (5:55pm) Jessica's mom is under attack from greys. Here is a pic of their region. That whole area might be a bit dirty with short greys. The ones targetting her are in the bright cluster at 1:00 position.

    June 16, '09: (9:05am) Jessica's mom has been ill lately. Right now i noticed her being hit by a different mess of Tall Whites. Their hive is NGC 5218.
    She has 12 Draco protecting her. Jessica does not seem to be under attack. They are taking their frustrations out on her mom because she's not as tough.

    Just like the bad guys are hitting my NM friend a lot more than they are hitting me. I had to get her 12 Draco, too.

    (5:10pm) The Draco that have been deployed most recently to guard people are the 10' white ones i let in from another universe. And they seem to be real kung-fuey.

    Lately i have been experimenting on people with my gate key. Bad people. Apparently the key is able to treat their chakras, 6th at least, the same way as space portals. That is, make them unusable by evil dark-matter entities, and usable by good ones.
    Earlier this month i keyed a bunch of evil people. That's what i was doing to the chem administrators, which seemed to ruffle their feathers. Also did Obama, Condi, the Rothschilds, the Queen, Pope, Dalai Lama, Chinese leaders, etc. And Gek-sit took them over. For a while, then they boogied. But now apparently no Lyran or other evil entity can take them over. And their 3rd eyes seem to have a permanent vibe to them. Check it out if you can.
    Of course they probably won't noticeably change in their outward behavior. I do not know what influence the Gek-sit could have on them should they repossess.

    Had about 1/4" of rain over the last few days, including a brief thundershower this morning. Very breezy and sunny now, not much chem today.

    June 17, '09 (3:25am) Around 9pm last night, an Arcturan messenger came by to inform me that the big team was moving to the Tall White hive first mentioned on the 7th. Here is a crop of that pic.
    The NGC 4579 greys they were fighting are still making a bit of trouble, but may be on their way out.

    Shortly before that, another DORy passenger plane had roared over my head (the morons never learn). 41 satanists aboard, including 11 NOAA on their way to the NOAA base
    here in San Jose, at 691-742' depth. 727 NOAA satanists.

    June 18, '09: (8:20am) Yesterday was sunny with moderate chemclouds, and so far this morning it is clear-ish with slight chemclouds here.

    Things definitely seem to be improving as regards astral entities. The NGC 4579 greys still mess with me a little occasionally, but they seem to be weakening all the more.
    I am not noticing people getting hit.

    My Florida dowsing buddy has been feeling quite bad lately with trigeminal pain, in case anyone wants to send him healing energy. I dowsed and am sending him a healing freq:
    141.2068406300010020004030100240585609 Hertz, that can be sent radionically as a trend.
    It's been a long time since i was even able to find a healing freq for someone; usually lately i just draw a blank.

    (8:10pm) Chem was really skimpy today. Maybe a good sign. Last year they probably would not have permitted a sunny day like this to exist.

    As usual, some disclosure-obsessed illuminati scum had the audacity to fly over in a noisy jet that had 45 satanists in it, 5 of which had that real irritating vibe. Air Force brass. I traced their destination to here under lovely Ft. Irwin National Training Center, CA. Depth of base 343-532'. 721 Air Farce satanists, apparently sharing the base with zillions of greys. The greys live in the lower section.

    June 19, '09: (7:30am) My FL buddy must be feeling slightly better. He noticed a Tyhiz nest here, a bit north of the last base. 424' depth.

    (2pm) Once again, things seem to be in a lull where the bad guys are about out of steam. Attacks have dwindled, and most of the protective allies i've gotten other people lately have moved on. I'm only getting occasional weak hits from NGC 4579.
    Is this finally getting near the end of the demon wars? Or will a bunch of new hives and evil species turn up again shortly? I strongly suspect the former, but i have a track record of unwarranted optimism in this regard.

    Give cat-girl Babs a pat on the back. And maybe a kiss on her furry little forehead. A few nights ago she again contacted me to borrow my energy, as she had done with her attack on One Thing. This time she penetrated into the inner sanctum of those Tall Whites we are having trouble with. And she's been tearing them up since with her loving little claws.

    Today The Committee had me put aside a bunch of rocks, coils, etc. for a special orgone device they want me to make for her. It will have some very sophisticated programming.

    (Sigh.) Another DORy jet rumbled over a while ago. 31 satanists. 5 with an "important" vibe. The destination of the latter is here, at 351-502' depth. 571 DIA satanists. Also greys in the same base.

    A few blocks west of there, we have this spot. At 176-301' depth, 310 NSAtanists that work with the DIA guys. Doing what, i don't know.

    (8:40pm) It was mostly clear all day with only small amounts of chem-clouds, but now they started spraying. The mystery agency. Another chem pic just taken. And they have a "new" base they wish to disclose to the public here in the center of Atlanta, at 368-421' depth. 541 satanists. 3 transmitters, one at 141', one at 310', and one at 420' depth.

    Aaaand (eyes raised heavenwards) as i was typing this up a real DORy jet rumbled by, with 82 satanists aboard. All DIA and heading to the base here under the Springfield, MO airport, at 231-343' depth. 410 DIA satanists. One strong transmitter at 203' depth.

    It occurs to me i should start looking into where all these evil passengers are coming from. In this case, here at 141-361' depth near Jackson, MS. 367 DIA satanists. One transmitter at 310'.

    (9:05pm) I seem to have found some sort of pedo op here in the LA area. Right in the center of the map. I presume a building has gone up since the pic was taken. [Update Nov. 2012: i feel a now-abandoned U facility there at 550' depth.] I have the impression it's a place where child slaves are kept.

    (9:25pm) BTW, i feel 6 satanists at that last place. This does not seem to be an MPD op necessarily, and they cater to non-satanist pedophiles as well as satanists. I have the impression of 3 girls and 2 boys there, all between 5 and 7 years of age. I think they get delivered to clients as prostitutes.

    (11:45pm) My FL buddy found 2 more pedo places connected to that one. This one in Nebraska, which i think is at ground level and has 3 satanists, 6 boys, and 5 girls.
    And the white house here in Ironwood, Michigan, containing 2 satanists, 5 boys, 7 girls.

    He also found a U base here a bit east of there in Bessemer, MI. 322-413' depth, 121 NSAtanists.

    June 20, '09: (8:25pm) More relatively mild chem today.

    I saw an intriguing article Work starts on New Mexico spaceport, about a company called Virgin Galactic.
    Why, i wondered, is this company run by 42 satanists? Something fishy going on there perchance? I could not exactly get a gov't vibe off these 42, however, my ever-so-suspicious sheriff seems to think the company has some connection to 3 DARPA bases under Atlanta:
  • Here 131-202' depth. 310 DARPA satanists.
  • Here 241-414' depth. 351 DARPA satanists.
  • Here at 246-528' depth. 512 DARPA satanists.

    June 21, '09: (7:30am) Happy Solstice!

    Now that the focus has moved off them, the NGC 4579 greys have resurged a bit. I had to redeploy a few Draco to people being hit again, and i have been duking it out with them.

    (6:15pm) I found another TX drought transmitter here in Marlin, TX. Depth 134'.
    And that transmitter is run by satanists here under San Antonio, TX, at 362-402' depth. 321 CIA losers. Don't usually find CIA doing this particular thing.

    (7:45pm) Today has been clear with only very minor chem tufts.

    I uploaded OTB 27c with an update about sodium-neutron energy, as well as a new program called negative-neutral energy.

    (9:30pm) My FL buddy found a weather transmitter/base here just north of Oklahoma City. 360-478' depth. Transmitter at 51'. 106 NSAtanists.

    Here's something weird. For many years my NM friend has been separated from her spirit guides. Jessica has been working on reconnecting them. Just now for the first time i found who is responsible. It was cat people in a black hole in M84.
    I had a hunch maybe these cat people aren't so bad. They are 5', reddish, with a 6D vibe. By contrast Babs is 3'6", tan, with a 7D vibe when in her cat form.
    There are short greys in the hole, too. I gave the cats an ultimatum: they could help us fight the greys that were also in the hole with them, or they could meet the same fate as the greys. While they hemmed and hawed, i started in on the greys. Soon they joined in.

    (9:50pm) My FL buddy found another pedo outcall place here north of San Diego.
    14 girls aged between 9 and 14, connected with Monarch, and connected to your site in LA.
    That seems accurate. I think on the 6th floor. Unlike the others, this does have a Project Monarch vibe. Funny there are no boys. 5 of the girls are 96s, and 2 are 48s. This means they are not just sex slaves, but psi slaves. Sue Arrigo, MD, a 96 victim, talks about how she was used for RVing as well as sex.
    Which means they cater to a more "sophisticated" public than the other places we recently found.
    But this one is connected to that op. One of the people in the other op is running this one, too. A female CIA agent who resides and presently is (with a 13-year-old girl) here on the 2nd floor.

    (10pm) He's hot. Now he found another Monarch center here near Cincinnati. 17 girls, 7 boys, 5 CIAtanists. BTW that last place has 4 CIAtanists involved.

    June 22, '09: (1:40pm) That negative-neutral energy is great stuff. I can put it anywhere with my mind. Maybe you can, too.

    Those pedo places have been cleared out, and that CIA bitch no longer lives in that apartment.

    We've been having Texas weather here lately. Mid-90s, and it never cools off that much at night, at least at my altitude (in the mountains, hot daytime air from the valley rises up at night while the valleys get the cool air rushing in).
    Mostly clear again today, with some small clouds and chemclouds. It amazes me the improvement over last year. Seems like we hardly had a sunny day all summer in '08, due to all the chem. I checked in with Chemtrail Central. Here's the link for chem reports for the last few days. As you can see, most people are reporting little or no chem. Looks like the got WI pretty hard yesterday, though. I think that was the mystery agency.

    (4:45pm) Red Nordics started hitting me from ESO 593-8. They have some kind of transmitter.

    My FL buddy found some more bases connected with Project Monarch.
    One here in the big building in Oakland, CA, containing 34 CIAatanists. 5 kids.
    One here near Vallejo, CA, in this block of buildings in the center. 122 CIAtanists. 52 kids.
    Another one nearby here. Again, a cluster of buildings. 141 CIAtanists. 24 kids.
    One here near Land's End Ranch in FL, at a depth of 136-312'. 436 CIAtanists. 314 children.
    And one here in WV at 141-311' depth. 120 CIAtanists. 341 kids.

    And i found where they took those other kids to when they cleaned up recently: here near Colorado Springs. Depth 140-201'. 201 CIAtanists. Total of 202 children.

    (4:50pm) He found another one here in west KS. The white roof. 31 CIAtanists, 21 kids. This place might only be 4 days old.

    (6:25pm) He found more stuff.
    The dark-roofed house here especially, as well as most of the nearby houses. Near Charleston, WV. I get 22 CIAtanists and 31 children.
    My friend said
    Another PM training site... with CIA all around... I think the dark roofed house is the training center, with other houses having some sinister CIA people in them... And just off to the NW is another bldg that I will zero in on that I think is connected.
    And that building is here. I get 323 CIAtanists associated with it. Neither of us have figured out what goes on there, but it seems related to the kiddie ops.

    June 23, '09: (5:45pm) Sunny, some clouds, almost no chem. Last night was probably the hottest i've spent in this cabin since i moved in in late '02.

    My FL buddy has been at it again:
    He found a real funny complex here in SD. There's a group of 5 dark-roofed buildings south of 8th St. that have an evil vibe. He thinks the top left one is a Monarch training center. But the other buildings also have CIAtanists. Also the 2 round structures to the east. Looks like one was just a foundation when the pic was taken, and the other looks like a geodesic dome. Also the little house just south of 7th St. as well as the white building just SE of that. 357 CIAtanists in the whole complex; 33 children.
    Nearby, this building. Here's what he says, which seems correct:
    This is where the kids are being taken to be "used". I think this is the same scenario as the last pair of sites where there was a training site and another bldg... that other bldg is where the kids are forced to service the special pedophiles, gov. officials and such. While the training site was indicated as new, this bldg has been used for a lot of years... I get that Reagan and Clinton both were serviced here at one time or another.
    I get the training center is about 2 years old, the other 26.
    114 CIAtanists.
    In Colorado, he found this bldg which is real DORy. He says
    "The area under the gray roof is the service area. The training center is diagonally opposite. This is another new site."
    Probably correct. I get this bldg has been in use by CIA since Sept. '08.
    231 CIAtanists, 46 kids.
    A PM training center in rural Maine here at 236-412' depth. 356 CIAtanists, 353 kids.
    And it service center here at 142-210' depth. 101 CIAtanists. Both of these are only about 3 months old, i think.
    Both of these 2 rows of buildings are DORy. Baltimore row-houses. As is much of the block south of it, especially the west row. This complex has 515 CIAtanists, 211 kids.
    This is what he says of the northernmost row:
    The gray roof that is two bldgs left of the two light colored roofs that are separated by a dark roof. This is a CIA holding that has been here a while, but only recently has it started holding/training the children. I believe there is a service area not far away.
    Nearby, this is what he says of this place:
    By the time I targeted the small bottom segment of the large bldg and got ready to post it, they were already clearing out. Of course I got the Cmdr Cora was already there with her people. This WAS the service area for the training are I found. At least that is what I got when I first zeroed in on it.
    Which also seems correct. However, why did they clear out of this one so fast, when with the others they have waited until i posted them? I get that there were 202 CIA, 122 kids there not long ago. That is a lot of kids at the service area. Who was being serviced? I get 102 Navy jerks. From Chestertown, MD. At least i feel a base there, above-ground. Aside from the 102 who are on their way back, there are 421 USN satanists there.

    All these buildings here in NY State are DORy. Training center, only a couple days old. 202 CIA, 421 kids. Of these, 213 kids have just been moved there from other spots we nailed.
    And the new service center to go with it. Presently 301 CIAtanists in 35 houses all around there. 122 kids. 34 Johns? Also USN.

    In NH, a training center here at 132-302' depth. 331 CIA, 501 Kids. He thought it was the white bldg, but i doubt that's connected.
    Here is the service center. 310 CIA, 200 kids, 24 Johns right now, also USN.

    This bldg, also in NH, went into service as a dorm for kids just today. 210 CIA, 410 kids, 321 of which are from other sites we've busted.
    Some 22 buildings here in Linclon, NE are dirty. 315 CIA, 121 kids.
    The small house just north of the west end of the long bldg seems to be the training facility, but the bulk of the children are being held underground just behind that house. I think there is a service facility just WSW in one of the bldgs in the ballpark.
    Indeed, i get a U base there at 422-604' depth but very narrow, with 12,205 kids! All from China, thanks to cordial relations with our Most Favored Nation. The oldest is 12. 311 are under 1 year of age. Whew. Uck.
    Here is the service area.
    He notes
    Have you noticed that there have been a lot of service facilities close to sports areas? I remember several oval tracks that that could be race tracks of some kind near service areas.
    211 CIA, 323 (Chinese) kids at present, 314 Johns from a base here in Gothenburg, NE, at 350-506' depth. Presently 320 satanists there, unidentified gov't agency.

    And there are several more, but i have to stretch, eat, etc. Stay tuned.

    (6:55pm) Around the time i was signing off earlier, a noisy jet went over with 412 satanists in it! Must be a big jobbie. They were coming from here near Hopewell, VA. 214-324' depth. Still 530 more of them down there.
    And they are enroute to this spot in Granada, CO. Depth 142-305'. Already 312 of them down there.
    US gov't, but i don't recognize the agency. Or what they're up to.

    And dang, just as i was typing this, in fact i still hear it, is another one with 416 of the same guys from the same place, going to the same destination. I don't know why they go to such pains to advertise themselves to me. The sky is still rumbling. Very obnoxious and in-your-face. But why? Disclosure requirements? Gee thanks, how about some pay for me doing your jobs, assholes.

    Several minutes later, they are still blasting me with noise! Are they circling around or what? It has clouded over (thankfully) just recently, so i can't see. Slight rain chances. Some chem, not that much.

    (8:10pm) The plane noise was drowned out right then by strong wind and light rain blowing in from the east. Somewhat cooler air. Not much rain landed. A slight chance of a bit more tonight. It's still and muggy again now.

    OK back to my buddy's dowsing:
    Here in Longmont, CO at a depth of 311-504' are 564 CIAtanists. A new training facility. 422 kids.
    He didn't offer the service center for this place, but it seems to be a bit west in Hygiene, CO on the surface here, although the are looks a bit low-rent in the pic. Several buildings from bottom center to top center are murky. 202 CIAtanists. 41 kids there now, 36 Johns.
    Oops, yes, he does offer a service center: he thinks it's underground, but 6 of the houses shown here between Longmont and Hygiene, are NSA. I don't detect underground stuff here, but get that there are 512 NSAtanists working there, at least part-time, which seems an awful lot for 6 houses. And yes, children are brought here, too. Right now there are 12 child sex slaves here.

    This huge building in Eureka, CA, is NSA. 560 NSAtanists. He says
    The north corner of the white roof seems to be the training area. This is not new, has been used in the past but present operations is new.
    My impression is the base is 6 years old, but i am not detecting pedo ops here.

    And he thought there was a weather transmitter hitting my area from the moon. But the pic he linked was of the far side of the moon, and i find plenty of DORy spots there (marked pic, pic source). I think these are all just Tall White bases.

    June 24, '09: (6:45am) There are a total of 15 TW nests around that part of the moon, which have been getting addressed.

    No more rain overnight. Yesterday's amounted to 0.2".

    I was awake around 4am when a noisy, DORy plane went over. 45 DIA satanists. A non-commercial flight going right over me. Deliberately? Well, i am directly on the route they had to go. They started from a U base outside Austin, TX here at 147-341'depth. There are presently 530 more DIA satanists there. 3 transmitters; 1 at 140', 1 at 302', 1 at 511'.
    They are enroute to Milwaukee, WI here just offshore, at 340-525' below the lake floor. There are 3,172 satanists already there, DIA and CIA. Not sure what's up. Possibly, like the DIA agents i mentioned April 18, they are there to suddenly burst forth as "insurgents" after people supposedly revolt against the gov't.

    June 24, '09: (8pm) The people in town got 1/2" yesterday.
    Clear this morning, moderately heavy chem this afternoon, including fresh trails. NSA.

    My friend found some more stuff:
    Here at 347-428' depth in MO is another new PM training facility. 350 CIAtanists, 222 kids.
    Another one here in that bldg in Cheboygan, MI. Zoom out a notch, and that whole area is peppered with dirty CIA buildings scattered amongst ordinary ones.
    The area has 3,220 CIAtanists and 310 child slaves. He had the impression Filipino or other foreign kids; i think Russian.
    (More Cheboygan detail -- these are included in the foregoing tallies:) All those light-roofed bldgs in the triangle here are dirty CIA. The fat one where it says 500 is the service center for the last training center. Right now there are 114 kids there, 152 johns (some awaiting their turns? doubling up?), and this complex has 425 CIAtanists.

    Another new training center here also in MI. 211-404' depth. 301 CIA. 307 kids. A lot of the CIAtanists are involved in other things.
    The service center is in this bldg. 24 CIA, 23 kids presently, 20 Army johns. Those other blgs to the right have another 114 CIAtanists.

    Evil A-Sirian base here in MO at 297' depth.

    All these buildings to the west of York St. on the north-side of Denver are dirty CIA. I think the darker roof in the NW corner has a service center in it. And the building due east of it is the training center. I get 210 kids overall. The entire complex has 461 CIAtanists.
    And just south of that, the main "service public" at 305-420' depth here. 467 NSAtanists.

    There's more, but i need a break.

    June 25, '09: (9:20am) A plane buzzed over a while ago. 47 DARPA satanists flying from Houston to Minneapolis. They had to swing a ways east enroute, in order to buzz me for disclosure purposes. People of Earth, they want to tell you this stuff.
    The base they came from is exactly under a major intersection in the center of town. 351-501' depth. 510 DARPA satanists still there.
    Their destination is here at 320-422' depth under the edge of the Herbert H Humphrey Metrodome. 200 DARPA satanists, and a transmitter at 132' depth.

    (10:30pm) The next overflight disclosure is one in which i happened to be right in the flight path.
    31 Navy satanists headed from here, NW of Aiken, GA. Depth 241-413'. 3,201 USN satanists. Which seems funny, as the base is quite narrow. 3 transmitters: 135', 204', 305' deep.
    Destination here under Douglass, KS, at 205-312'. 2,001 USN satanists.

    (2:40pm) Whew, i persuaded my FL buddy to post these things on the forum. Here's his first post on the subject.

    This is huge, "impossibly" so. But also dovetails with other impossible stuff i've dowsed. Namely the impossibly high number of child rapes some illuminati have under their belts. Actually, not only the number of rapes, but the number of different children raped.
    The record i've found was like 11,000, for Jimmy Carter, head guy of Scottish Rite. I don't know how such things could happen, unless someone had access to large numbers of kids for frequent debauched sprees over many decades.

    (4:40pm) Last night an Arcturan messenger came by to tell me that most of the fighting force was moving back to NGC 4579, after having wreaked havoc on that TW hive. Babs is still at the latter, and a few others.

    Somewhat chemmy today. For the moment, some overcast and breeze, though it has been sweltering. Rain chances have increased for tonight. It's still supposed to get hotter in a couple days.

    Those taller cat people i mentioned the other day are still fighting those greys. I've been feeding them raw eggs, cream, and clover leaves & flowers.
    As for Babs, she's doing a lot better since i've been feeding her the only food she wants: creamy raw milk with a certain herbal extract in it. Something a lot stronger than catnip, if you get my drift. On this "health tonic" she's 3X as strong. This is probably largely why things are going so much better with that TW hive.

    June 26, '09 (10:40pm) Something incredible is happening. A few minutes ago an Arcturan messenger informed me that the short greys have stopped fighting. Then a minute or 2 later, i sensed all these greys in my space. But they were removing some etheric junk of theirs i had never noticed before. I think they are doing this to a lot of people.
    What happened is that recently i challenged Jessica to actually convert a demon with her fluffy new-age beliefs. If you've heard some of the stuff in her videos... (shudder).
    She said OK. I rummaged around in another time-line to find an archon, and locked it into Jessica's bed-pillow.
    She worked on it for several days, then i no longer could detect the archon in her pillow. Nor can i detect any DORy archons in any timeline of any universe.
    So then she tried greys.

    June 27, '09: (9:50pm) The main force has been working on that TW hive again. So has Jessica, but no definitive results yet. Sure is nice with the grey opposition removed. I've only been hit by Fi octopi a little.

    Matthew Delooze's site is down for good, supposedly. He has another one, which he says contains the material from the old site, but there does not seem to be a way to navigate the old material. I did a search and found one of the articles i have linked to in the past here but see no "tree" or any way to browse his other articles from the old site.
    If anybody figures it out, let me know. If not, i will mirror his old site (i ripped it) on mine.

    (11:15pm) Supposedly coming to the end of the heat wave tonight. It's supposed to get into the 50s tomorrow night. But we're still going to be in summer with 90 deg. days but 60s nights.

    There were some natural and fake clouds today. I checked Chemtrail Central, and it appears that many people are experiencing a respite. But one guy posted halfway down the page an interesting pic from the 25th over SE Wisconsin. He says
    These are really good examples of what they've been doing lately around here. "Shredding" the bottoms of cumulus clouds so it doesn't rain... Look at the bottom of the clouds and the shapes in the 2nd photo compared to the 1st. I've never seen anything like it.
    It was supposed to rain last night and on and off today, and we didn't get a drop. How can we, when they do THAT?
    Very weird pic. Be on the lookout. I haven't noticed such phenomena yet.

    The Fi that are hitting me are in Galaxy M51, the old Tall/Short Grey hive. The short greys might be fighting them some.

    June 29, '09: (9:40am) Much nicer. It has been cool and breezy since yesterday late afternoon. Fair bit of natural and fake clouds yesterday; a little bit of chem-clouds so far today.

    Found another DORy TX drought transmitter offshore of Corpus Christi here at 335' below the sea floor. Evil Pleiadians seemed to be tacking on the DOR from spacecraft. Etheric ones. I just jailed 3 craft with 9 Pleiadians in each.

    (1:15pm) I got curious as to whose transmitter it was, but that seemed really cloaked. Finally stirred them up here in Kingsville, TX, at 214-426' depth. 450 NOAA satanists. No transmitter there; presumably they wanted to keep a low DOR profile there. 450 people living underground charged with the responsibility of keeping TX droughtified? Seems improbable, but that's what i'm getting. What could so many be doing? Probably involves hundreds of computers.

    Jessica's site is down for a while.
    She's still working on those TWs. So is everybody else, just about. The old good cop / bad cop approach.
    Assassination Agent Babs is now another 5X as powerful due to this large, sophisticated orgone device The Committee had me make for her.
    Things are feeling pretty good to me in general, with the short greys now working for us. They are fighting Green Nordics, etc. in their hives.

    (6:15pm) But a hive of Tyhiz in Arp 147 has been getting rude with me. Could use some help.

    (9:20pm) Sorry! I was so out of it i forgot to mention that the hive is in the bright spot toward the lower left.

    (11:35pm) Now the Tyhiz are hammering me from Messier 82.

    June 30, '09:(6:50pm) A lot of chem-clouds right now, the aftermath of yet another failed attempt (by NSA this time) at droughtifying my area.
    Last night there were no rain chances in the forecast for today. This morning, 20% chance, with average rainfall being 1/10".
    So i got 3 thundershowers throughout the day, each leaving more water behind. Total of 1.9"! Bwahahahaha NSA punks kiss my ass.
    Actually, some allies may have been instrumental in steering systems. This is a pic of the last one passing over me. I'm just 3 miles west of the crosshairs.