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Loohan's blog for July, 2010

July 1, '10: (3:25pm) Well, the ISP technician just fixed my problem. Both plugs at the ends of the cable from the LAN radio were bad.

On the evening of the 29th, Odin visited me to let me know that something was going down on the morning of July 1.
The target is an evil feline race here, the conspicuous galaxy in the bottom right corner. These are physical, 6' long cats, light green(!?) in color. These are the dreaded Anteran felines Thorp is always telling me about; closely connected to those i mentioned on May 18 in LGB-2377. Except that i have the impression the latter are 3' long and light brown. Either my dowsing is goofy or they are a subspecies. These smaller ones are about 60% wiped out in LGB-2377. The larger ones the Valhallans are stomping are about 20% gone.
Normally i have thought of Odin and the Valhallans as non-physical, fighting non-physical entities, but here they are apparently being physical. I don't understand this stuff.
Like Aaron talking about physical Arcturans, or at least them being able to manifest physically. Well, i have a few Arcturan wives that i wish would do that. I could use a back rub.
[update Jan/11: i now find the Anteran felines are jailable! whereas before they seemed physical.]

Those horses are done in. After that, evil physical short-horned goats have been throwing the demons at me. They are in Aquarius right under the "De" on the right edge. These are now about 1/2 gone. Also Marijah McCain (mentioned April 15) was throwing the same kinds of demons a little bit. Be prepared to have your domicile fried on Saturday by my secret weapon, Marijah baby.

(6:10pm) If HSA was really interested in stopping domestic terrorism, one person they should waterboard is David Vitter, because he has as complete a knowledge of what's really going on in the Gulf of Mexico as you're gonna find.
His wife and 4 kids share his religious practice of satanic blood rites, as well.
And, HSA should take a peek inside this bldg in New Orleans, where 6 satanist individuals (4 M, 2 F) work who have a close connection to LA state gov't, though i doubt they are on that payroll. They are close to Vitter, and share his knowledge of, and deep involvement in, oily matters.
And they should also shove some bamboo splinters under the fingernails of the 5 satanist males who share this house in MD, and oversee the activities of the folks in New Orleans.
Not to mention, the satanist man and woman who live here in NW PA, who oversee the 5 guys in MD.

(6:15pm) Hmmmm.

July 2, '10: (8:35am) Sky was pretty clear most of yesterday afternoon, but now it's chem-cloudy again.

Possible suitcase nuke set to go off on the 4th here.
A few days ago i was drawn to check out this spot which seemed to have 220 USAF satanists with a very important vibe, above-ground. They subsequently left.
Last night i had the impression (connected with this) of a suitcase nuke set to go off in PA, but could get no further details. But Mordok found this spot, and it feels right to me. 42' under Market St.

Of those 220, i seem to feel 212 of them here, further west on the Tonopah Test Range. It's odd because they seem to be above-ground, yet it looks like too steep a slope to conveniently build or camp on.
I don't know what their connection is to the bomb, but there is one.

(9:05am) Why that spot in PA? I thought about that a while. Check out how close it is to Three Mile Island. What, maybe 15 miles? What is the range of the bomb? Are the reactors nearing retirement age, anyway?

(9:55am) My latest demon jailer.

I received some hot dope from a reader:
A man in France named Durahmett, working with 3 satanist who are all staying together in a house in Norway, in a town with the first initial "D". A plan to bomb some sort of large political gathering happening soon or already taking place. The 3 men may be captured first, but if it leaks to the media Durahmett will disappear. He has some major players connected to him, and if he is caught he'll give up those names. Durahmett's name may be spelled slightly different, as I heard it rather than saw it.
This man named P. Durahmett(sp?) lives and presently is here in France.
The location i get for the 3 satanists is here. There is a town with a long weird name starting with D slightly to the NE, but this spot is closer to Rindal. And no streets or houses are shown here. And if i zoom in, i just get blurs.
Haven't found the location of the gathering.

(12:55pm) OK, Mordok found that the 3 satanists are headed here where 3 more await them.
And Durahmett is now in this bldg.

(1:55pm) I am amazed that i forgot to give the link of the spot where the nuke is this morning. I corrected it. It is still here.

(3:10pm) Now 2 of those 3 satanists are where we said they were heading at 12:55. The other one is a bit north here.

(6:45pm) Those 6 satanists have all been gathered in that bldg a while.

Meanwhile, Thorp's exotic warrior friend Neca'o is now guarding this spot in DR Congo, which must be a stargate or something, and will kill anybody who tries to take it. He just slaughtered some evil human physical ETs. His energy can be strongly felt in the air above, so i presume he's in a vessel.
400 Rojohy are hanging around there, too.

(7:20pm) Now my impressions are that Neca'o is hanging out there in order to travel somewhere by stargate action in about 20 minutes from now. Possibly to the future. The ETs he killed were trying to prevent this.

(8:25pm) Well, he went through to wherever all right, and found a bunch of evil soldiers to engage in combat with at his destination point.
Then the Golden Draco, Rojohy, and 4 species of animals went through as well. They are kicking butt in some place that has no reference points with our world that i can discern.

July 3, '10: (10:30pm) I get that they are 24% done stomping whoever it is.

Heavy chem-clouds today, and some natural overcast. In fact, i don't think the sun came out except briefly a few times.

Those jokers in Norway are still in their places. It has been difficult to zero in on the intended target. First i came up with this spot in Austria, which is over 1000 miles from those guys in Norway. And it seems an improbable target. I floated this by Elizabeth, who had had the dream, and she found a nearby spot here, which does feel right, too. But then i noticed another nearby spot here, which has an amazingly positive vibe to it, and also feels like a target. Are they making 3 bombs?
I am curious what is up with that last place. The intended date is the 7th, i think.

On another subject, recently an ensouled black woman with 4 ensouled kids was murdered by 2 soulless black guys, probably on crack or something. I can't find a good news story online that doesn't require subscribing to a site, but her name was Donna Woodbury of Crosset, AR. The cops are chasing wrong leads. The perps live here, i believe, and are home now.

That nuke has been moved, i think to here. I presume it is just stored there, at 47' depth. There were also 21 gov't satanists down there as i type this, but i sent in the Draco. Meaning they remotely killed the dumbass perps, but i don't know what will happen with the nuke.
Their higher-ups seem to be here in VA, above-ground. 4 males and 2 females, satanists of no known agency. And their bosses are in Herndon here in a funky setting. And their bosses are here in MD. That cluster of bldgs is the workplace (not residences, though i might look those up later) of 26 more of the same agency. Looks like schoolbusses, but i suspect they are a cover for transporting more people of this agency. Probably some interesting leads to pursue here when i have more time.
Their boss lives here in DC, male.
He answers to 3 males and 2 females who work here in DC, on the 3rd floor. (Always use the green arrow, not the red thing.)
And their boss, male, lives here in DC, on the 3rd floor.
His boss, male, lives here in DC, 1st floor.
And, sigh, his bosses, 3 males, 1 female, work here.
Their bosses, 2 gay males, reside here on the 4th floor of a pricey hotel.
Their boss lives here on the 2nd floor. 1 male.
His boss lives here on the 2nd floor, 1 female who is married to a dupe husband. Why this endless chain of command?
Her boss, male, works here along with 42 other gov't satanists of this same agency.
Above him are 2 females who live here on the 6th floor.
Their boss is in the same bldg here on the 4th floor. I believe a lot of these people live and work in the same place. This bldg is probably owned by NSA, but this agency is not NSA. In fact this National Association of Home Builders has a funky vibe (their website. That bldg has 620 gov't satanists associated with it. I feel 22 HSA clowns, for example.
Above this guy is a male who works here.
Now the trail jumps west to Des Moines, Iowa to a location where no bldg is shown here. I feel 32 satanists of a different agency, also unknown, on the 2nd floor.
Then further west to South Dakota here. I feel 20 satanists of this 2nd agency here, ground floor.
Now we zoom east to Manchester, NH here. A husband and wife live here, 2nd agency.
Aha, finally a U base, and in my state: here in Jonesboro, AR. 62 of the 2nd agency wiped out. And a bigger one here in St. Albans, VT. 321 of the 2nd agency gone bye-bye.
Above them, here in Philly, we have 3 gay males living on the 1st floor.
Next up is 1 male living here in rural Canada!
And above him is 1 male living here in far western Russia! But probably not connected to Russian gov't.
Above him we have a married couple here in nearby Finland.
Above them, 1 male here in Belarus. For some reason i'm not getting a green arrow here, but the red thing is in the right place.
Above him we have an American living in this little structure atop the mausoleum of Mohammed V in Rabat, Morocco, with a gay arab. I lived in Sale' and went to school in Rabat in 1964-66.
Above him, a U base in Spain here with 121 losers. 3 Americans, 2 Isrealis, 1 French, 33 Spanish, 41 Morroccans, 2 Germans, 5 Brits...
Above them, here in Germany, 1 male.
Then 1 male living here in Sweden.
Next up, Italy here; 1 male. This is still all that 2nd agency, BTW.
Then, in Poland, here, a married couple. He's Israeli, she's French.
It's past my bedtime. I'll have to pursue this further some other time. I can't believe this ridiculous chain of command.

July 5, '10: (8:10am) Still no Independence from chem-clouds. We need rain.
Weather sure has been cooler though; very pleasant in the mornings.

After i signed off the other night, i had the impression we terminated another 62 U bases connected with this 2nd agency.

Next up the line from where i left off is here, actually a hair below the tip of the red marker which marks the power spot of Lahti, Finland. There should be a house there containing 1 Finnish male.

Next, i get a strong vibe off what appears to be a subway entrance here just east of the city center of Lodz, Poland. Nobody lives or works there, though. However, a ways east of there, is this complex. I get a real bad vibe off the southern 1/2 of it, which comprises everything south of a white line bisecting it. This place is where 32 Polish satanists work for the 2nd agency. It is connected somehow to the tunnel entrance that looks less than 1/2 mile away. The workers (those who drive to work; i get the impression of 3 vehicles used for car-pooling 12 workers) park at the subway, and another 5 walk to the entrance. Perhaps there is a secret entrance to the buildings from there. I notice another subway station (unused by them) closer, to the north of the complex, but no stations at the complex. So i figure perhaps there is a secret tunnel from the central station to the bldgs, with a shuttle or something.
Next i get a strong vibe from this mysterious spot for which google has no good image at this time, east of Dibrova, Ukraine. (Ukraine is a NWO acquisition.) This spot is not on the heirarchy, but it is intimately connected to the last place mentioned. But i don't know what it is, and don't have an impression of people there. By "spot" i mean most of that area covered by those shapes oriented NW to SE.

Next up i get this train station in Brasov, Romania. The green arrow is where i feel the vibe. I right-clicked and chose "What's here?" to find it is apparently this station, which is marked by the red thing google stuck in.
Here i have the impression that 22 Romanian satanists working for this 2nd agency park 6 vehicles to commute somewhere: this spot a few miles SE, where a total of 72 satanists, 62 of whom are Romanian, work. There are also 5 Chinese that are connected to the Chinese gov't. The other 5 are from Greenland.

(8:40am) Oh, yeah, i keep forgetting to post some interesting pics i took on the 2nd:

sylphed chem

sylphed chem

sylphed chem

sylphed chem

(9:25am) The next place i am guided to, though it is not higher up on the heirarchy, is here on a Russian island. Nothing shows on the map, but i have the impression of an above-ground installation containing 31 ETs. Probably a parked spaceship. It may have been here for 27 months, and is probably visually cloaked from the air. This spot is in close liason with the Romanian base mentioned last. These are physical humanoids, probably 7' tall, pale blue skin, green eyes, white hair.
Oops, the Red Draco are taking them out.
Their homeland is in Abell 2218. It's the bright "orange" in the lower left of the cutout. Pic occurs on this page. Allies are attacking them now.

(9:55am) On a little side note, i noticed mention of Francisco Chavez Abarca, a terrorist who got busted in Venezuela recently. The article in the paper said that Hugo Chavez felt he was there to assassinate him.
He is correct. Also, Abarca is CIA. His bosses were underground at 622' here in Suriname. 32 CIAtanists.

Incidentally, Hugo Chavez is also a satanist. This new info rather confirms that he is actually not secretly aligned with the illuminati, however.
And Interpol is illuminati-run, of course.

(10:10am) If Interpol is illuminati, then why did they have CIA agent on their wanted list? Because Interpol probably did not know Abarca is CIA. Compartmentalization.
I found this article because i was wondering why Interpol would concern itself with terrorists who attack Cuba (see also this article on the background).
Interpol is "friendly" with Cuba...

(10:45am) OK, back to that "2nd agency" heirarchy. Next up is here in Sevilla, Spain, again very close to the city center. 1 male Spanish satanist lives and works there.
Next, a U base here in Egypt, with 55 satanists. 21 are Egyptian, 6 Israeli, 1 French, 6 Chinese, 1 Japanese, 3 Canadian, 2 Greenlanders, 1 Russian of the Russian-Israeli Mafia, 1 Iraqi, 1 Swede, 1 Colombian, 2 New Zealanders, 1 South African, 1 Nigerian, 1 Greek, 1 Cuban, 1 Samoan, and 4 others i haven't traced. Now gone.

(11:10am) Needing a break from all this sleuthing, i read yesterday's issue of the David Icke Newsletter. This put me onto something. My feeling is, Cheryl works here, and that is her red car at the NE corner of the bldg. She's there now. She, like her daddy, is a satanist. She might live here, though no house is visible. I think she lives with a satanist man and his young daughter.

(12:10pm) Back to that "2nd agency": next i get this spot in Russia, with no good pics presently available. But i sense an above-ground bldg, 1-story, containing 32 satanists, all Russians. I have an impression that in the Russian gov't there are just 2 old KGB guys who know all about it, but Medvedev and Putin do not.
This base is not on the heirarchy, but is also connected to those ETs from Abell 2218. These Russians were in close liason with the parked ship, and are also in close liason with the base in Romania.

(12:30pm) Next, another blurry spot here in a national park in Italy. Here we have 3 male satanists who are above the now-defunct Egyptian base. Interestingly, these are all officers of the Swiss SIS (Wikipedia) but not of any the listed sections.
Their upline in the "2nd agency" is here, another blur, this one in Serbia. This spot has 1 male and 3 female satanists, all Serbian.
The Swiss SIS boss of the guys in Italy, 1 male, lives here in an other blur.
And his bosses, 2 males, work here and live in Winterthur.
Their bosses, 2 males and 2 females, work here in Bulach.
Above them was a U base here, with 91 SISanists. That's as high up as i can find on the SIS heirarchy.
I came across SIS before on May 25.

(1:10pm) Back to that "2nd agency", the next up is here in NW Russia at 310-415', another ill-fated U base, containing 320 evil people, not all black magicians. Only 302 are satanists. Did they clear them out, knowing i was going to find them and send in the Draco? Of course not.
Zero Russians, 2 Mossad Israelis, 53 Americans from the US, 31 more Americans ("expatriates" that had been living and working in Italy and Belgium for many years), 21 Brits, 3 French, 1 German, 5 Chinese from China, 61 Chinese NSA agents from the US, 5 Australians, 8 New Zealanders, 23 Spaniards, 1 Romanian, 9 Italians, 86 Swiss (but not SIS), 2 Belgians, 8 Romanians, 8 Swedes, 3 Fins, 3 Vietnamese, 2 Burmese, 2 Mongolians, 1 Tibetan... which adds up to a little more than 320, but you get the idea.

And, nearing the top of the heirarchy of this "2nd agency" seems to be here in Greece. I have the impression of 1 male, who gets his orders directly from Queen Elizabeth. And she works for 2 males here at depth 32' in Vatican City. And those guys answer to the Black Pope. Who, as we learned on June 16, works for reptilians in NGC 7606.
And that species has been under assault, and has been diminished by half so far.
Progress happens.

July 6, '10: (3:25am) Those guys in Abell 2218 have been hitting me. They have a captive slave race that might me monkey-like, and they torture them with electronics to provide energy to feed demons. They' ve been thus empowering the usual 2-bit demons to hammer my heart.
The Red Draco, etc. have been freeing a lot of the slaves as they are able.
I think these evil ETs have only been 16% eradicated from that spot so far.

July 7, '10: (6:25pm) Thanks for the backup. It is helping tremendously. I think that bunch is ~75% eradicated now.

Got ~1/20" rain yesterday, but i heard they got a lot in town. Today there was a brief downpour in town, but virtually nothing here yet. I heard areas south of me got good rain today.

Durahmett is still in his location, as are 3 of those 6 satanists. I am not detecting any immediate plans to bomb anything at this time...

The Texas drought plane, that i have mentioned before a number of times, is still in action.
On Jan. 28 i wrote
i happened to note that the TX drought plane was on the ground. I marked the spot, or tried to, by attacking it. Now that i look for it, however, it doesn't appear to be a landing strip. But something's there in Lufkin, TX. Right in the center you should barely be able to make out a white dot. Which looks smaller than a car. I don't know what it is, but it has the DORy vibe of 3 NSAtanists associated with it. Who are in turn associated with that plane.
Here's the same map with an green arrow added. Now that i look again, it appears the spot might be a protrusion on the roof of a house. A transmitter of some sort.
I also found another house in Lufkin related to this. This house has 3 more NSAtanists living in it.
I found both of these places while attempting to find where the plane refuels. They do have some connection with the drought plane.

My allies and tools stirred up some more hot spots today that are supposedly important.
This post office in Pensacola seems to double as a covert HQ for FEMA satanists. There are 52 of them associated with it.
Related to this is this spot on a bayou west of the New Orleans airport, where i feel 31 more FEMAtanists. Not underground, so i presume there is a structure there now, maybe only a couple months old.
Do these bases have something to do with the oil spill op? I think so.

Aside from these, there are dozens more little bases i need to pinpoint and post. Fun. Later.

(8:10pm) All the following spots are from 1 single federal agency of unknown name, composed entirely of satanists. The agency may be only 4 months old.

62 of them work here.
31 here (lotsa truck trailers).
37 here. Also, a block north, here is another of their bldgs. Also probably those 3 complete blocks shown in the last map belong to them, as well as more stuff around there.
32 here in Plainview, TX. Also, a few miles west of town we have this house, where 12 more of them work and live.
21 here.
There are 10 houses here on both sides of Newcastle Dr. going up to 16th St. in Abilene, TX, which are where 31 of them live, and 44 of them work.
Also, about 20 miles west is this place where 12 more work and live. I marked a mound or hill there that has a funky vibe. I sense 1 ET in there, from a hive in NGC 4038. 6' tall humanoid, medium build, straight dark hair, green eyes.
Oh, tsk, underground, he was.

There are 33 houses here, where 20 of them work. So who lives there, and what do the agents do to/for them?
The agents live on the west side here.

And, in this pic we have another complex which includes everything above the diagonal drive on the left, over to the arrow and down to include the 2 houses to the right of the parking lot. That whole area, which once again has lotsa truck trailers, is the agency's.

30 live and work here.

There are 22(?) houses around here where 4 of them work. Again, who lives there? I think the 4 agents live here north of town, with 11 more agents.

17 live and work here.

This whole area in La Junta, CO is seething with them. 311 of them are connected to this area. 164(?) work here. There was also a sprawling U base east of town, with 10 more of those ETs, and 891 of the ??? beings like the ones they "work with" on the surface, except these were DORy (initiated?)

I am only partway into this task, and will have to work on it more later.

Meanwhile, the storm clouds moved away, chem-clouds took over, and then got all ripply and bubby from demonic scalar effects.
With some difficulty i tracked who was orchestrating this, we attacked them, and the scalar stuff has largely subsided.
The hive is in Galaxy Cluster 1E. I feel them over most of the area of the pic, but their HQ seems to be right in the center.
These are physical, 4' tall, 2-legged, short-furred, green-eyed critters of some sort, i get.

(9:50pm) That was amazing. All the scalar visual effects went away shortly thereafter.

No rest for the weary. I keep getting sucked into side trips.
I noticed earlier that Aaron McCollum had 6 Pisols with him, in an agitated state because of 2 goons that were following him and tracking him via an implant in the left rear of his head.
I blasted up the line about 8 levels until i think i got the top guy. Feels like someone close to Obama. And a central figure of the Washington, DC Deeper Life Bible Church. He does not live at the complex.
That is one filthy, filthy church with chapters all over.

(10pm) Aerial view of the complex. The 3 white houses, the grey house, and the big white bldg all have satanists in them right now. Total 26. 11 are doing some dark ritual right where the arrow is.

(10:20pm) But our guy isn't there right now.
I think his workplace is here and his home a short distance south here. I think he's sleeping right under the green arrow, on the top floor.
Guess what? His workplace (probably more like his business cover) is Nash Hair Design. And there's a pic of him right here. Say hi to Nash. The 2 women feel clean. WTF is up? Even i have problems believing this. Maybe i'm crazy. I don't detect that this business is a cover for other activities, so why would he bother with it?
Gimme some feedback, my psychic friends.

July 8, '10: (7:20am) Yeah! Forecast says "Flash Flood Watch in effect from 1 PM CDT this afternoon through Friday evening...". Maybe we will get a drenching. Hopefully not so sudden that it washes away the soil without soaking in...
Chemmy and overcast.

Nash definitely feels like a major player, but logically, he couldn't be the administrative head. So i am attempting to break through any cloaking as to who his superior is.

(9:50am) Alrighty, Nash's senior is here on the 2nd floor. I am not detecting more gov't satanists in that bldg.
And a mile or so away, here is his senior, on the ground floor. In that bldg and several surrounding ones, we have 320 more satanists of his agency working. I don't think that chapel is part of it. Oddly, they seem clean (staff pics), but everything else in that little area bounded by the semi-circular drive seems to be seething with agency satanists.
Those parking lots below are for the community college, but again that entity seems clean (cleaner, in fact, than a couple CCs i attended in my time), so i presume our "hot" bldgs are not part of the college.

Of course, that heirarchy has more levels. Next up, just a short distance south, is this bldg which has a funky vibe on the 2nd floor, northern part. This is a High's Dairy Store, but i think they must innocently lease space to this agency. There are 32 satanists up there.

Maybe at the same level of the heirarchy is another nearby bldg, here, entirely leased by the agency. I feel 80 of them working there on 3 floors. I don't know what they're doing, or why there would be a need for all this space and administrative(?) staff.
Next up, i found a U base here at 232-310'(?) with 32 of them, and 8 MPDed, ensouled, slaves.
The latter will reincarnate to a better life.
Another U base above that, here at 222-231' depth. Looks like a Metro entrance there. There must be a secret elevator in the subway. 211 satanists, 42 slaves. Bye bye.
Another U base here, 340-410', 51 satanists, 21 slaves. Same heirarchy level.
Another one here, 203-310' depth, 61 satanists, 11 slaves.
Another here, 31 satanists, 4 slaves.
Another here, 21 satanists, 2 slaves.
3 more i won't bother to look up, as they are all history, too.

Above all these, we have 1 male living here (but probably not for much longer).
Above him, another U base here, 200-320', 120 satanists, no slaves. What were they doing?
Above them, 1 male here.That's as far as i am getting for now.

(11:20am) Back to that other agency that i started on yesterday. They have a lot of bases in NM:

U base just NE of Roswell here. 43 satanists bit the dust.
21 work here in Portales.
U base under Deming; 42 bit it.
U base under Las Cruces: 26 bit it (there were 32 down there yesterday).
Another under Las Vegas, NM. 32 bit it. I seem to feel an above-ground place here (nothing shown) with 22 of them living and working there. Also there are 32 of those mysterious beings there, not yet DORy.

Now for AZ:

U base under Tonto Nat'l Forest. 32 satanists (37 yesterday, so maybe they have been pulling a few key personnel out of some of these U bases). 22 of those other beings.
Phoenix: this entire block, south of E. Garfield, north of E. Villa, east of N. 19th, and west of N. 20th, has 66 (62 yesterday) of them working there.

Other states:
5 live here.
This bldg as well as one on each side, house 42.
4 living here. Well, on 2nd thought, they are working in a U base a bit SW of town along with 12 others, so probably won't be returning home.
Numerous other U bases around the country and one near Toronto in Canada. One offshore under the Atlantic.

That reminds me. A week or so ago i had the impression that the physical greys were leaving en masse, because they knew it was only a matter of time before i found and destroyed their bases. Perhaps 30% of the exiting ones got killed leaving. The rest went back to their hive in ESO 69-6, which has only been diminished by maybe 8-9% so far.
I have not found any on Earth lately.

(11:30am) I finally finished the daunting task of hammering out my ZPE products page.

July 8, '10: [correction: July 9] (9:35am) Still no deluge. My sylphs and other allies struggled to bring me some of the rain that was mostly passing to the north, but i only got 1/10" so far, and it looks like if it doesn't rain this morning, i may not get much.

Last night i heard a very DORy plane pass over with 41 US Army satanists coming from Auburn, AL. What's in Auburn? Well, there's this bldg which presently has 12 Army satanists in it.
There was a U base here at 121-131' depth with 52 more. And an airport.
They were heading to this U base in Death Valley. 354 of them down there as i invoke the Red Draco. Not detecting ETs.

Meanwhile, those ETs at NGC 4038 that i mentioned yesterday have been invoking those 2-bit demons to attack me.

(11:10pm) There is a Quonsett hut here that contains advanced CIA electrical equipment that pumps bad mojo into the Earth via the "yin" power spot it sits on.
I have the impression that nobody goes near that bldg except for maintenance every 3 months.
The house to the west is where 2 CIAtanists live, both female. The structures west of that are home to 5 more satanists who are employed by the CIA.
A bit to the north we have this place, where 3 more CIAtanists live. Most of the people at the other location put in time here, working. On what, i don't know.
More info tomorrow.

July 10, '10: (4:40pm) I only got 0.15" yesterday and the 2 days before put together. Someone who lives a few miles south of me says he got 1.5".
Today i got 1/4" more.
Always chem-clouds are visible whenever the natural cover parts.

Well, i got a bunch more work cut out for me. Lots of stuff related to that Quonsett hut, and also more uplines from Nash have been uncovered. Later.

(6:30pm) OK, this started out because i wanted to trace the CIA upline of these oh-so honest-looking CIAtanists involved with the CIA Venus Project. What i do these days is ask my higher selves, orgone tools, and allies to blast and trace connections so that i can more quickly compile the data. Then a few hours or a couple days later i track all the hot info.
So after a few hours, the first thing they fed me was the Quonsett hut. Fresco does not know about this, i don't think, but it is an important op under his senior's senior.
In the order i got it, here are the rest of the tidbits:

This bldg is where 5 CIA work. One of them is Fresco's direct senior.
Here in VT, resides their senior, male, and 2 other male CIAtanists. No bldg shown.
Here must also be a house. I get this is another junior of the VT guy. But it's in my state. Maybe i should track that some more. The Quonsett hut is also under the VT guy.
Again, no bldg shown, but here in GA is where the senior of the VT guy lives, 1 female, with 2 other male and 1 female CIAtanists.

Now we get into some nice solid buildings. In DC.
The GA guy's senior works here along with 6 other CIAtanists.
His senior works here with 9 other CIA.
And his senior works here, with 32 other CIA.

Now that last link is interesting. The bldg is labeled Annette and Theodore Lerner Family Health, and opens up another big ball of wax. I had never heard of Ted Lerner, but he has a Wikipedia page and website. Real mover and shaker. Satanist strongly connected to the CIA.

Next i was guided to here. The Treasury Dept. office! One female person works at the spot where the arrow is, on the 3rd floor. She is CIA and ties into all this somehow.
Then i was guided here, a bunch of bleachers. U base at 222-311' with 82 CIAtanists and 320 slaves, which may be ordinary MPD humans. They were working on something i'll have to remember to trace later (the work is already done, i just have to do the puter work to get the details). Better luck next time, slaves. 165 of them have souls, or i should say, are souls.

Now to Maryland: here is where 6 CIA live. 2 of them are the guys (male) that are the liason with Lerner.
Their seniors are 2 guys who live here in a gay relationship.
And here is a house where 2 more gay male CIA live (all these CIA on this project are satanists, BTW). One of these is senior to the last 2.

Now, back to DC. Here is a whole row of bldgs seething with CIA. 312 live and work there, and another 32 or so come in from elsewhere to work.
And here, in the Promenade Apts., reside 2 more gay males who are above the last 2!

Those are the places i was guided to last night. More work was done today. The first place i was guided to today was a U base in Ohio with 461 CIA.
Then it's back to DC. This house is where 2 CIA live and sometimes work, both gay males again! And senior to the last pair.
Then a U base here next to a reservoir i busted years ago. 210 CIA at 203-241' depth.
Then here is where 1 female CIA resides who is senior to the last 2 gay guys.
And here is where 1 CIA female resides above the last one. Again, these ridiculously long chains-of-command.
Her senior lives here, 1 male living with his CIA gay partner.
That's as far as that trail leads right now...

(6:55pm) Now, regarding that U base that had 320 slaves, i found another related base here in VA, with 121 CIA and 110 slaves. And another here with 200 CIA and 302 slaves.
And here is a house where 1 CIA female lives, who is very familiar with these 3 bases and what goes on there.
No bldg shown, but i think there's an above-ground installation here with 22 CIA that are connected with the 1st base mentioned (under the bleachers).
Then, another U base here in MD, with 24 CIA and 5 slaves.
Another U base here in VA. 213 CIA, 400 slaves.
A complex here where 6 gay CIA males and 1 male slave reside and work and get kinky.
U base in WV with 201 CIA and 210 slaves.

Odd, next i get what looks like a trailer here, where 2 gay CIA live. The house just west is where 2 local satanists live, man and wife. This is NC, where there are a lot of backwoods satanists (like in AR). This couple doesn't know the jokers in the trailer are CIA. The CIA is infiltrating the local satanists to recruit contractors for something connected to whatever the slaves are working on.
And that's as much as i have on this trail for now.

(7:25pm) Now, to pursue the subject of Ted Lerner:
First, i get this spot in Quebec near the NY border. Above-ground, though nothing is shown. 31 Lerner employees (satanists who mostly don't know about his CIA connections) live and work here. There is a real strong vibe. It's a power spot. There's now a private, paved road going east and a bit south to hit Chemin Napper, is my impression.
I don't know what they are working on.
Next a U base centered here east GA. 111 Lerner satanists working on ??? at 211-242' depth.
And that's all i'm getting on this subject at this time.

July 11, '10: (6:50am) Now i'm getting a bit more info about the Nash upline: this looks like a pole in Rock Creek Park. What's important about it, i don't know.
This bldg is where 23 more CIA work. The last guy mentioned in the 9:50am entry on the 8th oversees this place.

(7:30am) Meanwhile yesterday, a reader brought to my attention an entity named Autec (Wikipedia, Autec's site). I put my resources onto stirring up some energies there.

We found a U base here on Andros, with 211 US satanists, but only 22 seem to be USN. The rest are NSA. 211-311' depth. Also there were 236 ETS from the Sombrero Galaxy, M104.
And another one at 111-130' under this house in West Palm Beach. 24 USN satanists, 23 NSA, 42 of these ETs.
They are now being attacked in M104. They seem to be human-like, 6', longish light curly hair, brown eyes, heavy-set.

(5:30pm) Got another 1/10" of rain.

More on that Nash upline, or rather offshoots therefrom:
Another U base here, with 122 satanists and 32 slaves.
Another was here, with 131 satanists and 180 slaves, like 700 feet under the floor of the inlet.
In fact, 11 more U bases around VA and MD.
The house here in Richmond, VA is where 2 satanists live that are associated with the bases, and familiar with all of them.
2 houses NW of there is where 3 more reside, as well as 1 slave. The next house NW of there has 2 more, and 2 slaves.

Here is a house that has 4 satanists connected with this. The arrow is off to the east of the shown house. I suspect an add-on that is bigger than the original house.
Another house, where 2 satanists reside, connected with all this. I don't know why they have rural houses spread about like this.
Another one here, where 6 satanists and 4 slaves live.
Then a U base here that had 211 satanists and 222 slaves.
Here i believe, must be a house. 2 male satanists, 1 female slave.
A house in DC where 1 female satanist lives.

(5:45pm) I had a Romanian karate teacher write me about alleged electronic harrassment. He suspects the Romanian police. I found a U base here containing 42 evil Romanians (only 2 were satanists). No police vibe, exactly.
Another one here with 217 evil Romanians, none of which were satanists.
7 more Romanian U bases.
He now lives in Leeds, England, and has had continued harrassment there. I found a U base here containing 72 satanists. 52 were British, the rest Americans. Not the usual agencies.
Thus far, i have found no above-ground perps.

(7:50pm) So far, i think the only life forms with enough intelligence to vacate their U bases when i'm mopping up has been the physical greys. And it took them a while to catch on.
Another U base on Andros here, with 211 USN satanists and 52 of those ETs. In fact, 4 more on Andros after that.

July 12, '10 (7:15am) Shortly after dark last night, i was regaled by an inceredible lightning storm to the north. Too far away to hear, hardly, though.
But then in the wee hours here i got a lightningless thunderstorm and a solid 1/2" of rain.

I was reading the latest David Icke Newsletter last night. It's all about the British "social services" who yank children from people for nefarious purposes, and the many excesses of these "services". It names various police districts as well as the "Royal Courts of Justice". Here is a linked article from the Telegraph.
I engaged my resources to ferret out higher-up perps. I mean, we know about the Queen, but who else is high up in this racket?

This morning the 1st place i was guided to was a hospital in London: Guy's Hospital (map). (I don't know how these Brits can name a hospital bldg a pond.) I get the impression that 42 satanists work there who are part of an MPD op involving children, though i'm not sure they are involved in taking them from their parents.

Next place is this bldg, at least the southern 1/3 of it, in south of Dundee. Here i sense 14 satanists and 5 slave children who are probably being groomed for sale. I think these are "social services" kids.

(7:20am) This page names a few names in the trust that administers the hospital. That Porky the Pig character has a horrid satano-pedo vibe.

(5:50pm) Here, on the ground floor, is the workplace of 1 male who is very central to this pedo op. He might be like the chief co-ordinator. I think he lives here on the 3rd floor, with 1 male and 1 female satanist that are also involved in the project.
Next down seems to be here on the 5th floor; workplace of 1 male, 1 female.
Don't know about where on the heirarchy, but here is where 22 more satanists work on the pedo project. 2nd floor, under the arrow.
Here, ground floor, is where another 3 of them work.
Here is where 1 more works, 2nd floor.
Leaving London now, here is where 1 male works.

(6:40pm) Now i feel a female that works with the guy that seems so central. She sometimes works here, 3rd floor, but right now she's here in France with 7 other satanists. 2 are Frenchmen, 1 is a German female, 1 is British male, 1 is Norwegian female, 1 is Italian male, and 1 Swiss male.

The German is connected to a now-defunct small U-base in Blumberg, Germany. The French guys were connected to a U base here at the exact center of Dijon. Deep one. 513-522'. The Italian was connected to a U base in Italy.
There was a big one here in Sweden that our woman and the other Brit are familiar with.

July 13, '10: (9:30am) Wow, just got 4.2" of needed rain in 8 hours.

Meanwhile, the British lady is now here in Germany. Of the listed businesses at that address, the one she is visiting is Rosthoff-Klöckner GmbH Feuerungsbau u. Spritztechnik. Feurungsbau means, well, feurung, according to babylon(!) translators, means "firing, setting on fire, igniting, fuel for a fire, exposing to heat; shooting of a gun ". Bau means "building, edifice; structure; construction". Spritztechnik means -- spritz is a verb meaning "spray, squirt, syringe, inject, pipe, splash, splatter" and technik means "technique, method of performance, technical skill, manner in which technical details are treated".
So, something like "furnace and spraying technique"?
Anyway, she is hobnobbing there with 2 male and 2 female German gov't-connected satanists.

(9:50am) Ah, their site. "Furnace construction and injection technology". If you click on "Company profile" it says more.
The satanists are on the 4th floor (balcony?). But that may be a private apartment.

(2:25pm) This is weird. I've been tracking that woman's connections, and have found and handled numerous U bases in Spain, France, Russia, Norway, China, etc. that predominantly contained a variety of Earth humans i couldn't identify. They are not into black magic, but abduct Chinese children by the thousands and sell them to the illuminati. So why did they have U bases all over Europe, with no slaves in them but hundreds of themselves? I don't know. Possibly to just get away from China.
I finally tracked down who they are. They are of the Dayao Lipo ethnicity, which is a small subset of the category called Yi people of China (Wikipedia). Maybe the illuminati built them these bases in exchange for children. I get the impression of 7K+ chinese slaves scattered around Europe. There are 122 of them working in a gun factory at 230-250' depth here in Croatia. Maybe these aren't young and pretty enough to be desirable sex slaves anymore. I think they are in their 30s and 40s. I think there are only 4 bad guys down there, and they are Dayao Lipo! This base has not been destroyed yet... not sure what to do here.

The guns are sold to insurgents here in Kazhakhstan, that the illuminati are nurturing. According to Wikipedia, this country has a "historical use by Russia as a place to send colonists, dissidents, and minority groups from its other frontiers".
And presumably the illuminati built this U-base for them, depth 200-211', which presently has 100 of them. They are not particularly evil and don't traffic in children. I sympathize with them, but at the same time need to expose them as illuminati puppets to the Russian powers-that-be. No other action has been taken against them by our forces.

Another 170 of these Chinese slaves, and 6 Dayao Lipo overseers are here in Lithuania, depth 112-203'. Another gun factory for the same Kazaks.

Another 126 Chinese slaves and 5 Dayao Lipo are here at 282-304' under a Russian lake! Making grenades, small bombs, etc., also for the same Kazaks.

Another 220 Chinese slaves and 6 Dayao Lipo are here in Spain, at 427-442' depth, making larger bombs for the Kazaks.

And 325 more Chinese slaves and 10 Dayao Lipo are here in the Ukraine, making large bombs for the Kazaks as well.

I think that's all the weapons factories. No action has been taken.
I think most of the other Chinese slaves are scattered in groups of 1-5 around the aristocracies of Europe as sex objects and housekeepers.

July 14, '10: (6:05pm) Muggy as hell after all that rain. Of course, the usual chem-clouds.

Alright, some more stuff branching off of Nash's upline. There was a U base here with 32 satanists and 21 slaves. Depth shallow, maybe 22' below the top of the mounds, or near ground level. The whole complex has 62 more satanists working above-ground; no slaves. A mine? The mounds are tailings? The slaves are manufacturing something?

A U base in Delaware here had 32 satanists and 4 slaves.
Another one in PA had 34 satanists and 22 slaves.

July 15, '10: (5:50pm) Some thunderclouds passing just north of here. 50% rain chances forecast tonight and again tomorrow.
Heavy chem-cloud day. Very heavy smeary mess. And i even saw a chemmer this morning. Absolutely nothing physical about it that i could discern, other than very convincing appearance and noise.

Did some busting south of here today. I was drawn down a side road by some bad energy, and came upon a most sad and troubling operation called Van Buren County Special School. If you plug those words into google maps, you will get a wrong location. The school is here. The green arrow is on the office bldg. Left of that is an unrelated property. Right of that is the school.
I have the distinct impression of 17 pedophile satanists on staff, 5 of whom are gov't trained MPDers.

David Icke says that kids with Downs Syndrome are particularly desirable to illuminati perverts. (I know the Palin family cherishes their little one.)

(7:10pm) A rumored Cupacabra was shot in Texas (news item).
I found where it came from. This might be the main location of Cupacabras. In this pic of Ursa Minor, there is a B-like symbol by the largest star of the dipper. Just to the right and slightly above the B is a dot. That's the place. 2 planets that go around that star.

Now, that Special School isn't a grass-roots operation, obviously, so let's see what all else is connected to it.
The 1st thing i was led to is this house in North Little Rock. (BTW one can't trust the accuracy of google's address numbers.)
In this house reside 2 female satanists who were involved in training the staff.
Next, a U base here that had 42 satanists who might be state employees. And 2 child victims.
Here is a big bldg where 114 state satanists work. Actually just in the section oriented SW to NE. They are connected with this somehow, but i don't think this is a location where kids are abused.
This little complex, especially the bldg the arrow is on, is where 6 state satanists work. This place has a throughput of children. Several a day are brought here for "special education".
I don't know what this little structure below the arrow is, but 1 satanist occasionally works there. He does not seem to be a gov't employee, exactly. His pay is that he gets to dink around with little boys the state provides. He is not an MPDer. Maybe he is just grossly abusive, and that's who boys get sent to for punishment and attitude adjustment. I think he lives in the house marked with the A here, whereas the green arrow rests on an outbuilding where a boy is kept. I have the impression there is quite a turnover on the boys. They usually stay about 4 days. He does not take them to that 1st location.
Just SE of there is a Schlotzsky's Deli where the guy works, as a server, i think.

Next, this bldg is where 22 state satanists work. Children are also brought here for special ed. The bldg belongs to Fleet Safety Equipment, a totally satanic and gov't-connected entity with 4 locations in the US where children are abused. Addresses and pics on that link.

All of the above locations were in North Little Rock. Now we move south of the river.
Barely. Again, a weird item where that same abuser sometimes works. Except here, he does bring boys. To terrorize them by theatening to throw them in the water?

Next, the state capitol bldg, where 2 satanists work that are high up in this op (which also involves 15 more insitutions other than that school). Those individuals are Regina Wilson and Sarah Ganal of the AGING & LEGISLATIVE AFFAIRS- HOUSE CHILDREN & YOUTH SUBCOMMITTEE. That's the top of the heirarchy as far as the state goes.
Connected with that, at a U.S. level, we have this whole row in MD. Those houses are where 23 federal satanists live. Presently there are 14 abused children there.
At the same level of heirarchy, there is a row of 3 houses here in NC, where 21 fed satanists live. Presently there are 22 abused kids there.
That's all i have for now.

July 16, '10: (8:50am) Heavy chem-clouds.
As i was typing that stuff last night, i got a thunderstorm with light hail. Ended up getting about 0.3" of rain.

A few clarifications about the Arkansas State and US Gov't Pedophile Operations:
  • The other 15 institutions i mentioned were all U bases, i think.
  • The retarded kids at the school all have parents, and are not abducted away. I do not know what value the gov't extracts from that school. The kids can all be put in a alter personality with a few words, so that they will have collective amnesia of anything that transpires therafter. I have the impression of field trips, but not to any shady locations. Rather, shady activities occur wherever they are. I do not sense overnight campouts or the like.
    So what is the value of this? The kids are heavily programmed, but what does that matter to the powers-that-be? It's not like they are going on to be the movers and shakers of the world.
  • Whereas, the other state ops involved non-retarded kids whom nobody seems to miss. Abandoned, orphaned, runaways... Unlike in Britain, i do not sense these are kids taken from parents.
  • Our 2 fine subcommittee ladies have been reporting to 1 female who lives here in that MD row of houses. Also the kids from the AR U bases are conveyed to that row, where they receive further "polish" before being sent on, depending on their different uses.
  • Many end up here. This complex presently has 32 satanist staff and 120 kids being trained as assassins and soldiers.
  • 44 other states also have such kiddie ops integrated into their state governments, which feed kids to the 2 rows of houses i linked. 244 more such state U bases have been destroyed overnight.

    I'm still missing stuff. 15 U bases in 1 state alone. Only a fraction of the kids make it to those rows, possibly only 4%. What are the rest for?

    (9am) Update on the Dayao Lipo supervised slave bases mentioned the 13th:
    They wasted no time in pulling everyone out of the Kazhakhstan insurgent base and the slave base under the Russian river, but the other bases continue on as usual.

    (11:10am) I just saw another "unreal" chemmer laying a trail. Like yesterday, the only life-forms i could detect was a deletable humanoid demon species, but this time i was also able to get a grip on who was behind that. Once again, it is physical animals in another galaxy. Evil 6-7' long (not counting tails) orangeish tigers in MACSJ0717. To the left is the star, cropped from the linked pic. 4 planets around that star have the evil tigers. Don't ask me how animals are able to manifest chem-sprayers.

    (4:40pm) Muggy as hell, with heavy chem-clouds.

    I saw this article with pics of a huge spaceship over Hangzhou. Couldn't get a vibe off the pics, but with the aid of my tools, i believe i have found where it's from, and they're not friendly. I can only find 2 pics, and neither labels the galaxy. One's here. The other is here, the 2nd pic up from the N in INTERACTING.
    Golden Draco are investigating.

    (4:55pm) Hehe, wait, that's the Milky Way. Not sure why other pics of it didn't read.
    I think i found the star here. It's the bluish one at 10:00 position from the center. I think it's in the Milky Way even though it's a shot of M35. Here's the same pic, with M35 designated. Their star is conspicuous to the left.

    (4:55pm) It's also right near the center of the left galaxy in the 1st pic, which is why it read more strongly. Often pics with the target near the center read much more strongly.

    (6:50pm) The Gold Draco have been palavering with them. Now i get the impression they're benign; they were just naturally grossed out by a species that would trash their environment and live in big ugly cities and have such crappy values. Maybe they will turn out to be allies.

    July 17, '10: (6:40pm) In fact, i'm confident they will be important allies.

    Hot, muggy, lots of real and fake clouds.

    Iran accuses US and UK of supporting group behind mosque attacks. I get a real MI4 vibe off this. Connected also to this interesting bldg in London, which seems to have 220 MI4 satanists in it, 41 of whom are in the loop on this one.
    Also, 203 MI6 satanists, 12 of whom are in on it.
    And 21 MI9 satanists. And 2 MI11 satanists. And 32 more satanists with some other British agency lacking even an unofficial MI designation.

    July 18, '10: (6:30pm) Slightly less muggy today, but still hot. Chem-clouds as usual.

    Mordok found 4 U.S. weather transmitter sites. 3 are above-ground transmitters in bldgs that seem unoccupied. The last is shallow, no deeper than 42'.
    We have also found and taken care of a surprisingly large number of U bases, most of them very small, scattered all over, that seem to be somehow connected with these.
  • Weather transmitter, MO
  • Weather transmitter, IL
  • Weather transmitter, AL
  • Weather transmitter, VA

    July 19, '10: (7:25pm) Another hot day with the usual chem-clouds.

    Today i was prompted to make a busting run to Guy, AR to get to the bottom of some DORy satanic group. Here's what i've figured out:
    In the last 3(?) years or so, there has been an influx into this small town of 340 satanists working for X-Chem, a biotech company.
    A lot of these people bought fancy new homes in a couple subdivisions such as this one next to a well-busted lake. They bought up almost all the homes in this and another subdivision a bit north.
    But they also moved into a bunch of funky places south a bit, largely ancient, narrow, run-down mobile homes. This suggests they have an upper middle class as well as lower class of employees. All are satanists!
    I only found 7 U bases so far connected with X-Chem, in NM, NE, MO, CA, AL, MN, VT. None in AR.
    There is a bldg i missed given here (tho i did bust the hwy driving by). What i saw (which clued me in that it was X-Chem) was a bldg in the industrial park of Guy with the X-Chem logo. I got there were 81 satanists working there (tho it seemed too small for that many). I get that 21 work at the given location.
    Where do the po' folks work? I dowse that 171 work here, tho nothing is shown on the map. I didn't know about that spot at the time, and it's down a private drive, anyway, no doubt, or i would have been drawn down there. I did bust Banister Rd. just north of there.
    Many employees' children are also satanists.
    I found what seemed to be a hilltop hot spot, with 120 of their satanists connected to it here, but it was deserted. I actually drove in there. The barn was wide open. The small rectangle to the right of the long barn is a travel trailer, also wide open.
    Looks like a hay-producing place, is all. But it had the strong vibe of 120 satanists. I think it is a place they have been having "gatherings" 6X a year.
    Note that google calls the Guy area "Greenbrier" most of the time. Greenbrier is a larger town to the west.

    Before leaving this morning, i dowsed that this bldg had 84 of their satanists connected with it. That's part of the high school! Which i busted pretty well. Some middle-class houses nearby are also inhabited by X-Chemmers. I guess those 84 are their H.S. brats.

    No, X-Chem scum, you are not invited to set up shop in my neighborhood with your filthy, filthy technology. No. The nerve.

    They give their corporate address as 100 Beaver Street, Waltham, MA 02453. More specifically, it feels like this is the bldg.
    And just north of there is a big DORy bldg of Interleukin Genetics at 135 Beaver St. 311 satanists work there. Yech!

    (8:45pm) With the exception of Genzyme, all the companies on this list are illuminati, and had U facilities in which experiments were ongoing involving animal-human monstrosities. Funny how so much funding exists for such ways to improve our world.
    Many had only 1 or 2 U bases, but many had more. One had 13, another 33!
    Plus, so far we have nailed another 42 that were not of companies on that list.

    July 20, '10: (12 noon) And it ain't just illuminati & ETs with these underground bases. Some interesting trivia here. Mordok was scouting around looking for transmitters and found a shallow U base in Venezuela where 42 evil (but not satanist) people were refining cocaine for Hugo Chavez. And 2 U bases in Brazil with dirty Bolivian military in them.
    It is easy to think that Chavez and Evo Morales are cool because they tell the NWO to stick it. Indeed, they are not nearly as bad as the Yanquis. But Chavez is still a satanist thug, and Morales is a soulless greaseball.

    (12:10pm) Weighty guests arrive for annual Bohemian Grove. "The most heavily attended weekend will be July 24 and 25."
    I do have a friend in Sonoma County that has gifted the area fairly well last year with my stuff.

    July 23, '10: (8:55am) I turn 56.5 today!

    We have been getting the usual weather. On the 21st there were even fresh trails.

    Here is an interesting article with interesting targets.

    (7:45pm) Clearer and cooler and drier today. Nice breeze. Noticed a FERN growing on my property. This ain't the Pacific NW here. When i moved here i planted stinging nettles because i knew that in such a dry environment they would only grow where i watered. Then along came orgone, and often rain, rain, rain. Ditches that had always been adequate before washed out into deep gullies. The county just re-worked all the ditches around here. And nettles are colonizing part of my property.
    Only a few little bits of chem-clouds here and there today.

    Alrighty, speaking of interesting targets, 2 big-league Jesuits just recently arrived at Bohemian Grove for the festivities.

    For those doing the grid-blasting thing (which requires the free grid pgm to be effective over radio), i found a nearby station with quite the vibe. Go here and click on Listen Live in the upper right of the page.
    Or you might find another station you like here.

    July 24, '10: (5pm) Back to hard summer today. And very heavy chem-clouds. And lots of real ones. Some rain chances crept into the forecast. Thunder in the distance.

    After i posted last night, another Jesuit sorceror, back in the Vatican, started hitting me. I neutralized him and went back to work on the Grove boys. Later another hit me, and several more today. Obviously they are upset about all the orgone happening in the Grove (map).
    I only let them draw my fire long enough to stop them, then go back to the Grove.

    July 25, '10 (5:50pm) Most of the Bohemians have gone home now, feels like. Hopefully with bitter memories of what a horrible time they had, and dreading ever returning. Maybe they'll cancel next year.

    A couple nights ago a Ta'l warrior nudged me, saying he was my new body guard.
    The Ta'l don't seem too worried about the Earthlings harming me, but see the bright orangeish spot here?
    That's where the ETs live that the Ta'l are concerned about. On 3 planets there. I vaguely get an impression of 7' tall hairless humanoids. Can't get his name nor the ETs'.

    July 26, '10: (9:30am) BTW those are physical ETs, which is why the Ta'l get involved. The Red Draco, etc. are hitting them.

    Many years ago a cute brunette in her 30s came into the bakery where i work. She had a very nice personality and was into tai chi and holistic healing. We talked for a bit but i never saw her again.
    Later when i became able to dowse satanists, MPD victims, etc., i realized she was an MPD victim, and a hooker, although she didn't know it.
    She had mentioned something about her boss in Springfield, MO, and i got the impression of a married couple there, both very high level Masons and satanists, who ran an operation. The gal would report to work, do some stuff, then get switched to an alter, service a few johns, get switched back, do some more office work, and go home clueless.
    They also traffic in children, not just prostitution, but sales. This seems to be their main occupation.

    I think they live here. At least i get the strongest vibe from that house. You can double-click on it to get a street view. But also a bunch of other bldgs in that neighborhood have the funky vibe like they are connected to this op.
    For example, it feels like all the bldgs encircled by El Verona on the north, E. Marsa on the west and south, and S. Widan on the east seem to be part of it, as well as the 3 houses to the west of the couple.
    There's more, like this whole bldg which includes Travelnology by a satanist named Tara Fleming.
    Also i get a vibe all over the big parking lot here, like a lot of evil people park there, but i can't figure out which bldg(s) they visit when they do.

    So far i have not figured out where the kids come from. I think they are American kids, probably kidnapped.
    I'm probably missing a lot more that's going on in that neighborhood. Those are a lot of bldgs. I have an impression of 140 or so satanists who are involved in this ring.

    (9:35am) Also this bldg, the "MO Career Center - Ozark Region", run by the state of Missouri. I sense 4 satanists who work there who are connected to this op.

    (1:25pm) This bldg seems to have a lot to do with the child-selling activities. 2 male satanists work there.
    And it was really cloaked, but i finally dug up this rural Illinois complex which has 4 more satanists and 21 children. But this seems to be just a place where they hold and program them. The kids seem to be mostly kept in the big white bldg to the west of the arrow.
    3 kidnappers live here. No kids at present.

    (3:30pm) Real heavy chem-clouds yesterday, and some today. But i just got a small thundershower and cooler air.

    I get the impression that there's a house here with 2 male satanists from that child ring. More kidnappers.

    (4pm) Took care of several small U facilities around MO and IL. There must be a gov't connection somewhere.

    3 more male satanist kidnappers here.

    (4:35pm) Hunting for the gov't connections now. Skipped a couple lower levels. I think the 3rd one up the chain is here in DC. 1 male residing on the 2nd floor.
    Next, this house, with 1 female.
    Then this one. I think only the east 1/2 of the bldg is inhabited by two of them, 1 male, 1 female.
    Then another evil couple here on the 2nd floor.
    Then here is where 3 males and 1 female work.
    Then here is where 2 males live and work.
    And here we have 1 male with a hefty vibe.
    Then a small U base just east of DC.
    Then this house, where a couple lives.
    Hit another wall... Stay tuned.

    (5:05pm) Back to outer space. The Ta'l warriors have an enemy race which is hairless humanoids, black but not negroid. They are fighting them in several locations, but the main location might be M86. So big, in fact, that no Ta'l are there yet. Thorp had a vision of a future mega-battle there. I just alerted the Red Draco and we'll see if we can pre-tenderize the joint.

    (5:45pm) Found 2 more U bases of the pedo group on the east coast.
    Then i am led to here in DC, where 1 female lives. And in that same row, a house where a couple lives. Also, one where 1 male lives. And right next to that, here is where 2 lesbians live.
    All these satanists seem to be in the same tier.

    Next, this house. The 2nd floor, rightmost apt., is where 1 male lives.
    Then a U base in VA.
    Then this house in DC, where 1 female lives.
    A U base in NE MD.
    Then the north 1/2 of this duplex in DC.
    U base in east VA.
    Hit another wall.

    (6:40pm) Got 1/3" of rain, and cooler weather. Still overcast.

    Now the Reds at M86 have been joined by the Gold Draco, Rojohy, 100 Ta'l, and others.

    Continuing on the childnapper op:
    A U base in southern PA.
    Next, St. Gabriel's Church in DC. This is where 5 satanists work, programming children. That house directly south is where the pastor lives, yuck.
    And just south of there, Petworth United Methodist Church, where 7 more work on kids. Note the Humpty Dumpty Nursery School. Hope it has a great fall.
    No kidnapped kids at these churches, but this ties in with the overall group.
    Then, just to the east, this house where a couple lives. They work for the Methodist church.

    July 27, '10: (8:40am) Extensive chem-clouds on this cool morning. Those hairless guys are definitely into black magic. I have been dealing with sorceror after sorceror hurling those 2-bit demons at me.

    More ETs that resemble us:
    On the 22nd of last month i mentioned some ETs that were walking around and living in FL as Earthlings. Now we have found a different batch. Thorp had a remote hunch of an evil female presence in the home of an acquaintance. I found a DORy female who i surmise is a housemate taken on to help pay the rent. She is connected to 2 guys here who have the same vibe. 1st floor under the arrow. These beings do not seem to be into black magic, but have an evil vibe and intent.
    Also there were 4 more in an underground location a bit north of town.
    Their hive galaxy is ESO 269-57.
    The Red Draco are cooking them on the back burner. This is not an important target compared to M86. I just thought it was worth mentioning for anthropological interest. I think they all have green eyes and curly hair. They might be a bit on the short side, like 5'4" to 5'6".

    (9:05am) Also of anthropological interest:
    Last night i remembered something from my Scientology daze. L. Ron Hubbard claimed to be of a civilization called the
    Galactic Confederacy (BTW i'm not getting a solid vibe on any of the other places/civilizations mentioned on that page). Well, i tracked them down, and they do not feel nice. Or maybe the citizens are largely OK, but the elite is not.
    They are located in the center of this pic, which was cropped from this Hubble pic.
    Maybe later on the Red Draco will knock out a few of their military bases.

    (9:50am) Incidentally, Xenu was a real being, an archon just like Hubbard.

    I reported years ago how i found Xenu in a U base in S. America, making strong DOR, fighting on the same side as Hubbard. Hubbard had re-incarnated in the Salem, OR area, and i jailed him, too, and eventually destroyed both of these alleged arch-rivals.

    (7:10pm) The archon Xenu once incarnated as Adam Weishaupt, the one individual most associated with the word "Illuminati". And the archon Elron (Hubbard) once incarnated as Cecil Rhodes, illuminatus extraordinaire. Of course Hubbard said that Rhodes was actually a good guy who tried to do the best for Africa.
    I tried looking up Galactic Confederacy in the takes-ages-to-load official Scientology dictionary but it said "Your search yielded no results". I know the Xenu/volcano material is highly confidential because it's so very dangerous to know, but the Galactic Confederacy and revenimus stuff was in the Admin Dictionary, i seem to recall.
    Wikipedia says
    The Galactic Confederacy was the political unit formerly ruled by the tyrant Xenu. It ruled a broad swath of the galaxy, and lasted for "eighty trillion years". 75 million years ago, at the time of Xenu's mass murder, the Galactic Confederacy comprised 26 stars and 76 planets, including Earth.
    But, actually the people who use the emblem the Sea Org adopted came from a faraway galaxy, which they do seem to control. Did they at one time also control a sector of the Milky Way? 26 stars and 76 planets is a tiny piece of our galaxy, hardly a "broad swath".
    And why would they call themselves the Galactic Confederacy, if it was just a modest outpost of theirs in a foreign galaxy? Beats me.
    But i am pretty sure the area i fingered is the real home of this bunch. And it is a real bunch, though i'm not sure of some of Hubbard's claims.
    I have the impression of trillions of decent folks out there (as well as trillions of scum) being opressed by this elite that Hubbard was part of.

    Some people may think Hubbard was anti-illuminati because of his apparent stance against various evil institutions, but that has ever been part of the game.

    July 28, '10: (8:10pm) Got 0.3" more rain last night. Chem-clouds and real clouds today.

    I am itching to dig into Xenu's old homeland, but M86 is a priority. And now another priority just popped up. 6"+ humanoids. You see in this pic where it says NGC 3187 near the middle? Directly below that N, past some quiggly [typo: squiggly] stuff, is a bright spot. That's where their HQ is, but a lot of that whole area, like about 1/2 the area of that map, has their vibe. Kinda spooky how widespread their domain is. Especially when you consider that a friend of mine woke up this morning with bruises that seem to trace to one of the 3 U bases they had on Earth.

    July 30 (2:35pm) Chem-clouds as usual.

    Yesterday i found a transmitter here in Copenhagen in an apt. on the 1st floor, which i tentatively think is a UHF transmitter [error: i meant to say ULF]. Elsewhere i also found the residences and/or workplaces of a bunch of technicians, as well as many other bldgs associated with the perps. I don't feel like formatting all the links, but if anyone wants them, email me.
    It is a company called Sirius IT A/S, and serious it is. [IT means Information Technology, and A/S means that it is a private company owned by shareholders.]
    They seem to have a factory on the 3rd floor here where, as far as i can figure out, they manufacture ELF weapons for UN military.