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Loohan's blog for July, 2013
July 1, '13: (8:30am) Cool, sunny morning with low chem-clouds blowing over being shredded.

Pic of Thelian craft Bal snapped a crappy cell-phone pic of last night. He says "Wow. They made themselves extremely obvious. My camera is horrible disjustice. Glad to see 'em. Guess they were saying hi? I am 10 miles west of Portland where the Thelians just flew from the north side of town cleaning stuff up?"

Michael Jackson in the news again. A few comments:
His 2 older kids have a real sleazy vibe. The youngest still has his soul. I don't think MJ abused his own kids.
MJ is a good female soul that was forced into incarnation as the son of CIAtanist shapeshifter MPDer Joe Jackson. I think MJ is the only person with a pedo background that i know of that still is a soul.
MJ was probably assassinated by the CIA.
The CIA is also behind Robson's suit, i feel. Robson has a real sleazy CIA-asset vibe. I sense 2 CIAlizards bribing and grooming him. All to generate more "news" for the celebrity-obsessed sheeple. And maybe grab some $$ from his estate.
Oops, these 2 were just in a U base here with 240+ more CIAlizards.

(1:40pm) Update from Bal:
"Norton shores is gifted. Seaway Dr, Norton Shores, MI 49444.

"There were already loads of Sylphs here when I arrived. Doubt it was even needed.. but I went 100 miles out of route to do it. :) Heart got implanted pretty heavily on way over here."

He reports that the chem started getting all ripply right after he gifted.

(3:35pm) I was reading this article Smearing Alice Walker, in which Mossad lizard Gilad Atzmon defends CIAlizard Alice Walker's faux anti-Zionist posturings from the criticisms of the CIA NGC4414ers at ADL [oops, i was thinking of SPLC not ADL, but actually, there are a number of CIA-connected NGC4414ers in ADL, too], and happened across mention of a CIAlizard named Ruth-Claire Weintraub and a link to her site ArcologyCentral. There are pics of some of the celebrants attending the 90th birthday party of Paolo Soleri at Arcosanti. Couldn't detect any Earthlings among them.

Paolo Soleri's soul is still extant. But apparently the CIA has taken over his projects.

Other CIA leads stemming from the article:
National Priorities Project, Monique Shanabarger.
And of course the AFSC is controlled by the Jesuits.

(7:05pm) Huge battle raging all around the Mice Galaxies. Evil dragons from Universe F (teleported from the Mice Galaxies there) vs Alah-kur from Universe C.
The Elites in Abell 2218 don't like me blasting those dragons.

July 2, '13: (8:10am) My impression is, almost all the evil Dragons were wiped out in our Mice, then the Alah-kur, Ta'l, Thelians, and other good guys went into Universe F and are kicking their butts over there.

The CIA version of "Activist Vehicle" Standard Equip. needed for fighting Chemtrails! The video would not play for me, but i could scroll through it. Just saw a bunch of signs to wake people up about chemtrails.
My own Standard Equip. is more low-key that way, but more effective against chem. No signs, just serious orgone.

(3:10pm) Science of Animal Testing Thrown into Doubt: "animal research is now big business. One genetically engineered mouse can cost $100,000 while a mouse treadmill can set taxpayers back $9,600."

Got tipped off about a major MPD op of the satanist CIAlizard variety in Sumter, SC. Sheriff''s dept, hospital, and on the NW side of town, Shaw AFB.
Pretty DORy scene. Stuff underneath whole town.
Related to this was a CIA/USAF U base near the NC beach: here, with 2500+ SSers. Heroin, coke... and more U stuff under Wilmington, centered under the municipal golf course. 1400+ CIAlizards. Wilmington police are also run by CIAtanists. There are 5 DORy ones on board.
And a U base in Colombia with 347 CIAlizards.
And a U base in Ecuador with 221 CIAlizards.
Also a ship here, headed no doubt for the Panama Canal, with 122 CIAlizards aboard as well as coke.

(7pm) I always thought that Rudolf Steiner was an OK dude who had some insights into agriculture, etc. even if he did have kind of a morbid-looking face. But according to this page, about 2/3 down, "Steiner explains that spiritual characteristics are tied to skin color and that non-white skin is a sign of spiritual defects that will be expunged in the coming race war. In order to prevent the victory of these demonic and atavistic powers that people of color embody, there will have to be a cosmic showdown between the white people and non-white people." etc.
The irony is, my mother went to the Odenwald Schule (Steiner school) in order to keep her out of reach of the Nazi Youth movement. Yet it sounds like Steiner was kind of a Nazi in his own way. Of course the Anthroposophists deny this.
I don't detect the signature of shapeshifters, black magic, or MPD stuff in the Steiner movement (except maybe for a little bit of infiltration around the edges). It does not seem that sinister, yet, a bit weird in ways that are not entirely appetizing. And Steiner's soul is gone, i noticed.
Website of interest: Criticism of Waldorf, Steiner and Anthroposophy.

July 4, '13: (8:10am) Clear sky this morning.
I meant to post this last night but forgot:

July 3, '13: Another mild day with hybrid clouds and chem-clouds.

Went to bed last night shortly after 9pm. At that time it felt like the CIA drug boat had made it through the Panama Canal, and had just come out the other side, where 3 Alah-kur craft were malevolently hanging around. This morning i couldn't locate any such ship or the crew anymore...

Some more "deeply spiritual" shapeshifting repts: Ronna Herman and her staff.

(8:30am) The more things change, the more they remain the same: Adly Mansour is the latest CIAlizard to rule Egypt.

(8:40pm) Triangle UFO Flying Over Fresno. I think these are yet another race of good guys, and they come from the center here.

July 5, '13: (8:25am) Pope Francis clone now replaced by non-clone double: pic. Adjust your blasting frequencies accordingly. Shapeshifter, of course. Sure looks the same: pic of clone who is still alive and probably not retired from duty.

Talk about "controlled opposition": Restore the Fourth. NSA group.

And, it looks like the CIA/Muslim Brotherhood is stuffing old El-Baradei down the throats of tthe Egyptians: He is now expected to take the role of Prime Minister in a technocratic government that will rule until a parliamentary election can be held. That's a July 3 article. Yet, a July 4 article says the Bro'hood is calling for mass protests today, and wants El-Baddy "to become prime minister of the interim Cabinet". Confused yet?

(1:30pm) I updated OTB 40 with more info on making silicone molds.

(4:25pm) Mwahaha, here is my latest remote weapon against evil beings. It is not a CB! In fact, i refer to it as "not-a-CB". It does not fling orgone upwards. It is strictly for remote, non-linear combat. I do not know why the pipe. The pipe is sturdy stainless steel from a discarded kitchen faucet.

Found some more strange ETs. I read about them in an article here. You have to click on the ARTICLES tab, then the High Strangeness article. It has an eery description of an encounter, and UFO pics.
At first i had the impression these were evil ETs, and sent a contingent to their home base, which seems to be in the center of here. I feel them in much of the Constellation Hercules area.
But then i got the impression they're OK. We're not attacking them after all.

(8:20pm) Reptard Police Commandeer Homes, Get Sued. Please, vacate our planet at once.

Imperial Lizard Red Cross caught lying through its teeth; wants ensouled black people to die: LEAKED: Proof the Red Cross Cured 154 Malaria Cases with MMS. I think everyone in the video is ensouled.

July 6, '13: (6:35pm) What is up with Chicago? UFO Fleet Of Glowing Orbs Over Chicago Recorded On July 3 And July 4, 2013. The July 4 vids are of our elephant-faced friends, and the July 3 one is of Ta'l.

Another negative crop circle: Binary Message In Crop Circle Discovered In Italy, July 2013. Evil ETs from the Taurus Constellation.

July 7, '13: (7:15pm) Spiritual Parasite: A Shamanic Perspective Of Abuse, And Its Treatment. A reader sent me a link to that, but, despite my feeling that the author is genuine and the subject matter credible, i was unable to detect these demons, even with all my resources.
Then they made the mistake of attacking the guy who told me about them. I found DORy demons in his aura, which were not the demons i was looking for, but were sent by them. As soon as i traced the source of his demons, the sending demons lost their cloak, and felt DORy. I have been jailing 300/second for a couple hours or so.

July 8, '13: (7:20am) In case you were wondering, yes, of course, the recent atrocity in Nigeria (Islamic extremists burn children alive during attack on boarding school in Nigeria which left 30 dead) was indeed another CIA bloodbath. Yesterday we found the perps in CIA bases west of town, and mopped up a fair bit of underground stuff.
And, of course, Jonathan CIA-clone Goodluck never lets a CIA crisis go to waste when innocent constituents can be brutalized: In Nigeria, 'Killing People Without Asking Who They Are'.

And what about that weird plane crash yesterday? As Spivey points out, "Coincidentally, yesterday (7/7/13) also saw a Boeing 777 Flight 214 (2+1+4=7), crash in San Francisco." I have the impression this "accident" was somehow plotted by the CIA base that was here in MD until a short while ago.
Naturally, the TSA was right on top of things: chaos after SFO plane crash. Some passengers "waited for as long as five hours to be reunited with panicked friends and family."

Ooops, another psyop "overheard" event: Obama on 4th of July: 'I can't believe I have to miss a good day of golf for this crap!"
"You'd think we'd stop celebrating the birth of the worst imperial power in history -but nooooo... we have to do this flag-waving bullshit every year," Obama muttered... Riiight: Obama the anti-imperial activist, who would be our savior were he not always stymied by those nasty republican hawks.

Big CIA shindig Aug. 4: Zeitgeist Media Festival. Bring orgonite.

(4:50pm) Pan Africa News is another CIAlizard op.

People occasionally ask me about monoatomic gold. I have never taken it. It is promoted by some shapeshifters, and i've always been leery. I have a small vial somewhere that someone gave me years ago. A couple times i've been guided to put a pinch in my resin mix.
Anyway, here is an article that was originally posted on an NSA site, but i think the author is genuine: A Message from White Owl: The Dangers of Monoatomic Gold.
He mentions some kind of evil ETs called Enki (not to be confused with anybody else by that name) which he says are Aryan-looking vampire women. I have not located any physical ones, but have been sucking up hundreds of their astral bodies from other galaxies.
Also he mentions that if one takes the stuff for a while, one reaches a stage where one becomes aware of a particular class of negative beings. I do feel at least 5 species of demons there, which i am also jailing some of.

July 9, '13: (3:25pm) Finally finished a new CB. Or maybe i should call it a sky-blaster. It has an upward range of 2500 miles, and a wide conical "spray pattern" with 90 degrees of arc.
It is meant for lighting up enemy craft, and also jailing astral yuck. It is a powerful jailer.

The Elite Jesuits are displeased with the way things are going lately.

July 11, '13: (7:20am) Lots of dark clouds and thunder yesterday afternoon, but only a few drops of rain here.
A few days ago the rain chances given for today were 70%, but bit by bit they whittled it down to 0.
Some rain chances nextnavigator object week, supposedly. If that doesn't significantly materialize, i will have to conclude that "they" are getting anxious for me to make another serious busting run. And another CB maybe. It's been too dry lately.

CIAlizard liars lawyers "admit" Holmes did something that never happened: Lawyers for Colo. theater shooting suspect say he did it. I haven't found names or pix of the alleged lawyers.

Washington Post's WikiLeaks/Snowden/Greenwald Conspiracy Theory. Hehe. I think Pincus is an ensouled guy co-opted by Operation Mockingbird as a useful discloser; possibly slightly sloppy, but at least asking questions.
The author of the article, Peter Hart, is a CIAlizard. The article neglects to spell out that the deceased Snowden and his clone replacement, Manning, Assange, Wikileaks, Glenn Greenwald, Laura Poitras, and Democracy Now! are also all CIAlizards.

(8:45am) Flying Buildings: that first pic looks slightly dubious, but when i saw it, my heart rate and breathing were affected. I have the imression of good humans from Hoag's Object.
The 2nd image is an admitted rendering, and i'm not getting a vibe off it. It might be a real incident, though, as i fail to get a vibe off most UFO pix these days.

July 12, '13: (7:25am) I uploaded OTB 43 yesterday.

Ah, this Zimmerman psyop. My impression is, a white a-hole killed a black a-hole, and then the gov't couldn't let a nice situation like that go to waste.
DOJ sends secret 'peacekeepers' where Trayvon Martin was killed.
New Black Panthers: "Unrest All Over America" if Zimmerman Acquitted. Wikipedia on "New Black Panther Party". Who is on the NBPP? Nobody with a soul. Something very suspicious about that. Haven't noticed any shapeshifters, but suspect these are CIA stooges.
In a related article, the CIA discloses some interesting COINTELPRO stuff: Racist 1969 FBI Coloring Book For Kids Advocates Killing 'Pig Cops'.

(4:55pm) Chem-clouds were worse than usual this morning, but pretty clear at my place now.

So bizarre, lately, the trend of high-profile shapeshifters conspicuously leaving Scientology. The latest is this revolting slut named Leah Remini. I don't quite buy her reason, either. And if you go onto her website, you get invited to check out her list of recommended lizard "charities". Another service she performs for money, i presume.

July 13, '13: (6pm) Heavy chem-clouds today. Ripples earlier.

Great CIA article: The Reptilian Roots Of Pedophilia.

This guy doesn't ring true: Barrett Brown. "Brown helped discover a secret plan to tarnish the reputations of WikiLeaks and journalist Glenn Greenwald of The Guardian." Riight. Either he was fed BS and doesn't know it, or he was fed BS and does know it. He has 2 greasy CIAlizard lawyers.
There is something funny about his vibe, but i can't put a finger on it. He doesn't feel like a natural human, but not like any shapeshifter i know of, either. And no soul.
[Update 4/2017: whatever this FTM CIA agent was then, she's been replaced by a repticlone.]

July 14, '13: (7:05am) Unbelievable. Yet another contorted government entertainment skit: Aurelia Fedenisn: Is the State Department Above the Law?. Bro-ther. There seems to be only one pic of Aurelia on the web. CIAlizard.

From the good folks at US-Observer: George Zimmerman will be found Not Guilty.
Sure enough, George Zimmerman found not guilty of murder in Trayvon Martin's death. Now, beware the gov't-reptilian "grass-roots backlash".
"The NAACP is calling on the Justice Department to file civil rights charges and is asking the public to sign a petition." And who runs the NAACP? Conveniently, their website says "Service Unavailable -- The service is temporarily unavailable. Please try again later." But the article mentions "Ben Jealous of the NAACP." Who is a shapeshifter. The NAACP was taken over by the CIA some time ago.

(5pm) Former British Intelligence Operative Andrea Davison's Explosive Evidence To The Macur Investigation Into North Wales Child Abuse - An Absolutely Must-Read And Must-Circulate, sez Tavistock. "Former" my ass. If she's so former, why is she such a DORy soulless shapeshifting reptilian?

(6:20pm) Chris Thomas is a very important CIAlizard to be blasting right now. There's some stuff going on.

July 15, '13: (10:40am) Considering using bath salts? Better read this first: 'Bath Salt' Drugs May Be More Addictive Than Meth.

Just got back from a busting run. Lately i've been noticing that a large area SW of me (that i have been busting like mad for 4.5 years) is DORy again, this time with underground CIA mainly noted.
So i turned my wands in that direction, except for 2 i took with me, and did a little 150-mile, 4-hour foray in that direction, with some of my newer stuff. I went through Dennard, Chimes, Hector, Appleton, Cleveland, Center Ridge, Bee Branch, Clinton.
But really the contamination goes much further west and south; especially west. I will have to keep my wands aiming that way for a while.

Rain keeps avoiding me and this area lately. I knocked loose a fair chunk of DOR. Got attacked only by Elites and Bigheads in Abell 2218.

(3:50pm) American Association of CIAlizard Healers. "All members have to go through a criminal background check before they are allowed to join us! We list only! The very best independent, ethical professionals, and membership is strictly by invitation only!" Translation: Earthlings need not apply.
Another CIAlizard: Distant Healer Susan Grey. And also Ramanprit Sandhu.

Leah Remini (whom i mentioned the 12th) is CIA and was being run from a CIA U base here which we are taking out. This is really strange. She was in Scientology for decades, and apparently made a very good impression on some people: Mike Rinder says:
"I have known Leah for many years. She is one of the most down-to-earth, honest and truly caring celebrities I came across in Scientology. Funny, endearing and abrasive all at once, she does not sit quietly when she knows something is wrong. And she is unwilling to keep her mouth shut when she knows injustices are being perpetrated..."
(BTW I have been scraping OSAtanist-sent demons and black magic off Rinder and his wife for months. He's under constant attack, and not "one of them".)

I'm trying to make some sense of this psyop. Several creepy scio-lizards have conspicuously left the cult lately. So has Katie Holmes. As i have said before, she and her daughter are severely MPDed by ET associates of Miscavige. They run her.

Part of the psyop involves publicizing the scandalous fact that Miscavige has his (soulless Earthling) wife tucked away and won't let her romp outside. Feels like she's here in the vault.
Why are they fomenting embarrassment for their Miscavige clone and Scientology scam?

(3:55pm) Wow, i looked further down that page i linked to with the vault, and there's a pic of the NM CST bldg. Real DORy. Looking on the map, there are bunches of associated CIA U bases around there.

(4:05pm) Unbelievable. For years we've been dealing with mafiosi and CIA in the Lagos, Nigeria area. Now, NSA are attacking people there from local U bases that apparently have been quietly there all along.

July 16, '13: (6:25am) Well, yesterday afternoon we got a lot of nice, natural clouds competing with the fake ones, then a slight sprinkle, is all. I expect to make another excursion in a few days.

Holy crap, more scio-lizard weirdness: Bryan and June Zwan actually have a CIAlizard vibe, too.

Personally i believe Trayvon would probably have been a piece of shit even without "help", but it looks like there is another (occult) dimension to this whole event.
"Trayvon's father, Tracy Martin, is a Freemason-District Grand Master of the International Free and Accepted Modern Masons, Inc. and Order of the Eastern Star."

(6:55am) Zionist clearcutting:
Centuries-old trees destroyed as rainforest is chopped down for Pedophile Lizard Clone.
Palestinians say destruction of olive groves is an Israeli 'terror campaign'

(8:15am) Chem pic for today. We have an Eastern Star lodge in the burgeoning metropolis of Leslie, AR (pop. ~500), and the skies usually resemble this.

I may have uncovered a cause-effect relationship.


(9:20am) I haven't digested all this yet, but one can get a lot just checking out the pix:
Florida Masonic District #006, with pic of Tracy Martin.
How a Miami School Crime Cover-Up Policy Led to Trayvon Martin’s Death.
Trayvon Martin Shooting – “The Bloom Is Off The Ruse”….. The Gang Connections.
Trayvon Martin Shooting – Odd Associations: The Periphery Of Trayvon Martin Attorney Benjamin Crump and Daryl Parks.
These Are The People Behind the Justice For Trayvon Martin™ Scheme Team agenda.

(10:20am) I get a little bit of a vibe off this huge "cube" UFO. I think they are friends of our elephant-faced allies, and are present among the allied species in the U base 320 below the Gulf of Mexico. I think their homeland is in the unspecified colliding galaxies depicted here.

(10:30am) About those last 3 links i gave re: Trayvon Martin: that website is The Conservative Tree House, which gives no info about persons behind it. But, their email is About Also the top banner graphic says "I WANT YOU TO BE ANDREW BREITBART" (a CIAlizard).

July 17, '13: (8:25pm) Heavy spraying this morning, but many natural clouds (as well as the usual) this afternoon.

Another CIAlizard group: Dream Defenders.

HAARP Facility Shuts Down and Will Be Dismantled at Gakona. It does feel pretty inert in the pic. Sweet even, from all the blasting and programming our side has done over the years. Of course the talk about lack of funds is BS. Who knows why they shut it down.
In years past, it was often extremely DORy. And there are still plenty of similar transmitters around. And dissimilar ones.

(8:50pm) Afghanistan court releases men convicted of torturing 15-year-old bride. Ensouled girl brutalized for refusing to become a hooker. "Her husband remains at large" here.

This whole bldg in NYC feels like it's full of CIAlizards.

July 18, '13: (7:15am) Heavy chem-streaks this morning.
Eastern Star, no doubt.

Bal took this pic of a CIA truck. Bal's "real" initials are N.W. Note it says Tracking, not Trucking.
He is still being endlessly stalked by vast gobs of NSA and CIA on the road.

Alaska's controversial HAARP facility closed -- will it come back online? I thought it was supposed to be dismantled because the diesel generators were outdated. Note the disingenuous comments by Ben Lizardbreath: "But if there are no major earthquakes or bizarre global weather events in the coming weeks or months, the folks at HAARP may have some explaining to do..." suggesting that they will try to engineer more disasters during the shutdown, using their myriad other transmitters.

West Virginia Dismisses False Flag Allegations. Let's see: CIAlizard media says that Nevada CIAlizard governor candidate David Lory VanDerBeerk warned of a false flag event. The CIA is making an admirable attempt to indoctrinate the public with the awareness that it is the govenment doing all these false flag events. That's also why they always make sure to have a "drill" going parallel with each contrived media event. And loads of contradictions and glitches in the official stories.

(11am) Still amazed by this Leah Remini psyop. On the 15th i fingered the CIA U base that was running her. The following day, i got attacked most of the day by more CIA bases in FL, AL, GA, SC; hundreds of them. Er, how could there be a whole 'nother network of CIA bases where we have already cleared out many times? And why would they suicidally attack me just to cause me some minor discomfort for a few hours?
BTW, Leah is married to CIAlizard Angelo Pagan.

Now her DORy big sis Nicole (who had thousands of CIA bases appended to her just now) has come out in defense of Leah. I did not listen to the audio.
The CIA is always building up and tearing down Scientology. I presume largely to create distracting celebrity gossip and other stories.

Nicole is involved in a CIAlizard Hosanna church.
She has a website, whose "bandwidth is exceeded" right now. Er, this is 2013, when even the cheapest hosting services have unlimited bandwidth, but the CIA is so cash-strapped that they found an even cheaper host? Anyway, i can't find a pic or name of her CIAlizard hubby yet.

(7:15pm) Nicole's husband.

Small thundercloud passed over a couple hours ago, bringing a spatter of rain. Cool front.

July 19, '13: (5:20pm) Last night i went to bed early. Got up early and headed out around 4am. Did 283 miles of busting. Went to the nuke plant east [west] of Russellville again, also hitting Russellville. London is on the northwest side of the nuke, and seems to be mostly shapeshifters. Went NW of there to Knoxville. Hit various other areas SW & S of me.

I was last down that way almost a year ago. July 2012 i posted that after using my newly-reprogrammed wand on the cooling tower, the plume shrunk down to a tiny fraction of what it had been, giving rise to suspicion that orgone-sensitive chem was being injected into the steam. Well, it was almost as full-sized as originally, today. And i couldn't reduce it. I suspect they refurbished the plume with orgone-resistant chem.

I had gallons of intense TBs with the newer programs, and some RF balls, and a lot of that stuff went near the nuke, adding to all the earlier deposits.

Immediately after i busted the nuke, the chem got all ripply. It was the Bighead demons themselves, and they kept it up for hours as i jailed them.

I got home around 12:30pm, and it was hot.
The forecast said 30% today, none tonight, 40% tomorrow. The weathermap did not look promising. But i got a shower at 4:30 with some cooler air. And it's still drizzling a bit. We'll see if it amounts to much...

(5:35pm) Raining nicely now.

Yet another shape-shifting "anti"-Zionist: Lib Dems withdraw party whip from MP David Ward over Israel comments.

Terrorism arrests for Walsall and Tipton mosque attacks. No pix of the "perps", but the cops in the vid are all shapeshifters and i get the feeling the "perps" are MI shapeshifters.

(6:30pm) Still drizzling, and it looks like more rain might be here soon.

Tragic news: it appears the lovely Remini family depicted above could not withstand our blasting, poor things. Expect replacements.

(8:20pm) Bal sensed some other ETs underground, which i figured out are another shapeshifting rept strain, this one from the center here. So far i have only found them underground.

(8:25pm) Oh yeah, i realized that the nukesters had put spells on the cooling tower, etc. to counter the good energy. Fo has been removing them.
Cooling towers are set on power spots, and act as negative energy transmitters normally. But this one should be fully re-hijacked soon.

July 20, '13: (7:30am) Now the Bigheads keep stuffing demons around the nuke area. Nevertheless, the wunderclones have upgraded our rain chances through the 25th. Except that today has been downgraded to 30%. And the weathermap does not look promising.

Got ~0.4" yesterday; enough to settle the dust nicely and maybe tenderize the clay/gravel roads. When it gets real dry, the gravel pops up out of the hardened clay and makes for very rough traveling.

Hey hey, i was just looking thru these pix of the Woolwich actors, and sensed some were in a U base here. Got a bunch of them. Pretty sure they were just soulless Earthlings. And some handlers.

July 21, '13: (8am) Many areas around here got much more rain than i did on the 19th. Some even got a fair bit on the 18th, when i only got a sprinkle.
Yesterday evening i got another 1.3". Again, it looked like slightly north of me must have gotten much more.
Now wunderground predicts slightly cooler weather for the next 10 days, with some rain chances through the 26th.
The Bigheads still keep sticking demons around the nuke.

Sad. Spivey is proud to be included amongst shapeshifting agents. Low self-esteem, i guess. Who on the T-shirt is NOT a shapeshifter? Spivey. Bob Marley. And the original John Lennon, who sold out and disappeared from view early on.

Another "anti-vax" CIAlizard slut: Jenny McCarthy.

Celebrity bullshit for today: Kate Middleton Heads To London Via Helicopter, Reportedly To Give Birth. Kate is dead, and this clone is as pregnant as i am.

(8:15pm) Got short-changed again. Got a serious drenching in town for a while, but only about 1/20" at home. But now they say rain chances for the next 10 days, and 50% tonight.

(8:40pm) Adrienne Salinas Missing. I suspect she was killed by a guy who works at the Direct Fleet Collision Center.

July 22, '13: (3pm) Got no rain last night, but a strong thunderstorm hit me at 7:20am. It then rained gently for 3 hours, with the temperature dropping into the 60s.
Then it warmed a bit, and a bunch more rain barely missed me to the north.
It was supposed to get to 95 F today, but i doubt it will get much over 80.
I did get another 1.2", and might get more, although it looks like the next bit will likely pass to the north as well.

More bizarre stuff about the Trayvon incident: GEORGE ZIMMERMAN, THE SHADOW OF HIMMLER, CIA- MK ULTRA AND THE PROVIDENCE OF GOD. It looks like Zimmerman actually has an interesting background. Also he is likely MPD (though not in a way i can detect).
Another interesting link: Trayvon Martin - Who is Brandy Green, really? I do get a distinctly CIA vibe from Alicia Stanley Martin and Zakiya Laurent.

I had initially had the impression the killing was just a random incident that the CIA/media sucked up on, but now it appears it was engineered after all.
The perps don't have a rept vibe; nor is Zimmerman's MPDness obviously detectable on an energy level.

The first article does mention 2 CIAlizards who groomed Zimmerman, though: Mark Osterman and Adam Pollock.

(4:25pm) Whoa! Where has this babe been all my life? Shellie Zimmerman, wife of Trayvon Martin killer is a shapeshifting rept. First i've seen of her.

(9:10pm) And now it comes out that heroic George Zimmerman Emerged From Hiding for Truck Crash Rescue. Yessir. No pix yet of the rescuees, Dana and Mark Gerstle and their two children, but they feel suspiciously like CIAlizards. What a coincidence, of all the people for him to rescue.

And it appears a baby boy has sprung from the womb of Her Royal Highness The Vacuous Clone Duchess of Cambridge. No pix of him yet, but i'm sure he's a darling. And he also responds well to the Kill Clone pgm.
To the left is a Reuters pic of people so stupid and worthless that they deserve to become the slaves they want to be. Soulless Earthlings with nothing better to do than get excited over some lizard clone parasite that their kleptomaniac mass-murdering pedophile clone tyrants have allegedly produced from somewhere, and who will be raped and MPDed very soon in accordance with cherished tradition. Disgusting.

July 23, '13: (5:30pm) No more rain here. Thunder all around, overcast. The weathermap looks like areas near me might be getting lots of rain, but it seems to fizzle as it approaches me, or go around. Coincidence? Maybe. I haven't been able to detect foul play.
At least the ground is moist.

Nazi IDF shapeshifters delight in murder of ensouled activist. And disingenuously refer to anti-nazis as anti-semites.
Get off our planet at once, degenerate nazi phonies. You aren't jews, nor were you invited here.

(7:35pm) Then shortly before 7 i got hit by a short, strong thundershower. After that, i checked the map and realized that there were demons in the landscape for a 400 mile radius, put there by the Elites in Abell 2218, just to persecute little old me. Now it looks like more rain may be swinging in my direction.

July 24, '13: (6:20pm) I did get an inch of rain last night.

Someone took these photos in the capitol city of Slovenia last night, who had recently made her first orgonite (nice stuff with Committee programming). The craft had an evil vibe. I marked 9 such this morning, which were destroyed, but could not track where they came from. But this afternoon i found they are from the Tadpole Galaxy. Not sure of species, but suspect relatively short draco.

And also in Slovenia, someone made a CB, jailer, and other great orgonite, but just south of them is this very DORy complex with the vibe of 50+ satanist shapeshifters coming and going. Don't know what's going on there (aside from blood rites), but it is tainting the region's energy.

(6:45pm) Ah, at last, the moment we have been waiting for: a pic of the precious Royal soon-to-be-buttfucked lizard bastard.
His mom lives here, on about the 3rd floor.

July 25, '13: (6:45am) LOL, anybody looking for employment? Wanted: Investigative reporter keen to attack ex-Scientologists for the Church's in-house magazine. Whether they really are hiring, or merely wish to make the church look even more ridiculous, i am not certain.
I doubt i'll be lucky enough to be among those investigated.

For lack of anything better to do, CIA feigns attacks on its own pedo-lizards: BREAKING: Attempted Set-Up of Stewart Rhodes & Dan Johnson.

(1pm) Heavy chem today. This morning i had expanded trails drifting over, and now it's largely whited out.

Dadgum, there's just been another mass culling of souls in the last hour or so; i think close to 12 million. For example, last year i said that everybody who had ever been in Fleetwood Mac was ensouled. Now, none. And everyone who had been in Heart was ensouled. Now only the Wilson sisters. [Update 6/16. The Wilson "Sisters" are drag queens (pic).

(1:10pm) It just occurred to me, the Royal baby i was blasting a few days ago was a clone, but the one they trotted out with yesterday is a surface-born, sexually-produced shapeshifter. Maybe the clone was a backup in case the other one didn't come out right. I think i just found the clone baby in a U base here.

(2:50pm) And, the "real" boy's mom just perished in a U base here, along with 70+ other shapeshifters.

(5:45pm) When i drew this outline the other day, i wasn't really sure whether that had been a shark-like demon we had already destroyed, or what. But a little while ago i sensed 6 more of them cruising over Russellville! And then, with the help of Ganesh's tribe, i think we bagged the entire species in this universe; astronomical quantities. Now we are working on the other universes, B through XX.

I didn't notice the critter until i had looked at the pic on my site several times. Similarly, in '05, it wasn't until i had looked at this pic several times on my site that i noticed this fellow.

I wonder how common such manifestations are, that we neglect to notice.

July 26, '13: (7:20am) 70% rain chance today, 50% tonight, and on the weathermap, a very large mass is headed right this way. Looks like it will hit within 2 hours. Temperatures supposed to stay below 80 today.

Another wacked-out cult run by a Jesuit satanist shapeshifter: Desteni, run by Bernard Poolman. Sunette Spies is one, too. As is Esteni De Wet.

Yuck. Satanic cult blamed for ritualistic killing of Dartmoor foal.
We are comforting his soul. Backing out on the map from Devon Park, i notice this town of Exeter a few miles away, especially the Sowton Industrial Area. I have the impression that this area here is frequented by 19 satanists, some of whom were in the group that killed that pony and ate his genitals raw.
And this bldg also has satanist vibes; i think 5 of the perps are working here. It is 8 hours later in UK i think, so that makes it around 3 pm.

That whole industrial area is full of satanists. The next complex west has a bunch. The bldg with the green arrow has 2 guys with strong vibe from doing a different ritual recently, involving a dog, i think.
That whole area needs to be blasted with orgone.

In Exeter, this house has the vibe of 2 females(?) who also did that foal.

Feels like about 1/2 of Exeterans are shapeshifting repts, and many are into blood rites. So are many of the Earthlings. An image search yields some vibey Masonic bldgs.
There is even an Occupy Exeter, which feels pretty clean. Check out this pic of lizard fuzz (including at least 1 blood-drinker) and the dean of Exeter Cathedral (blood-drinking rept) vs ensouled citizens.

(9:10am) MJ12 Has Decided To Reveal Their Role in Full Galactic Disclosure~THIS IS HUGE!!! A huge CIA disinfo fest.

Just check out the tabs on this CIA site The Galactic Round Table. It has all the "facts": NESARA, Ashtar Command, and other exciting links, such as, where the gullible can spend endless hours reading about Sananda, the Galactic Federation, etc. etc.
Pardon me while i vomit.

(12:40pm) Been getting light, steady rain for a while.

Yet more anti-Scientology lizards; satanists, at that! Kind of historical. Ali's Smile / Naked Scientology. I suspect Ginsburg and Burroughs were CIA. The pdf of this book is here. I haven't read it, but skimming part of it i see Burroughs tends to mention his fellow satanists like Huxley and John Birch (Birch was definitely CIA), and weave the usual scammy CIA world-view of "ideas and people in conflict" when they are actually all in on the same scam.

(4:25pm) Clone saga: U.S. assures Russia Snowden won't be executed or tortured. What a joke. Total fiction from beginning to end. Snowden, Holder, Putin, Soldatov, all died some time back.

Barf. Nothing but manufactured "news". Northern Idaho CIAlizard mom sues president over government surveillance program. Proof that somebody gives a shit about privacy.
Just quit it, and get off our planet at once. You've exceeded your usefulness.

(6:25pm) Only got about 1/4" of rain, but it was over several hours. And it only got to 70 F at my place. This is normally the middle of the hottest time of year, like 95-100 degrees.

Exciting new free resin program Antuvozy just invented. You can get it from ChemmerBuster. For every 24 fluid oz of resin, add 2 tsp cocoa powder (if it's clumpy, break it up first; i use a paper cup and a plastic spoon as a mortar and pestle for old cocoa) plus 2 tsp titanium powder (i use the cheaper grade with impurities). If in doubt, add more of these 2 powders. We will probably call this the August 2013 Program in order to avoid confusion with the July 2012 pgm.
I just poured some a few minutes ago. Should be good for making sophisticated anti-evil devices as well as TBs.

(7:15pm) A couple other people are already pouring this.
BTW, titanium shavings can be substituted for the titanium powder. Of course, you will have to use enough to fill up the space of the pour.

July 27, '13: (7:15am) Well, well. Yesterday evening i checked the map of Exeter again, figuring it would be the wee hours over there, and the satanists would be at home in bed, where i could mark their houses.
But, it was Friday night, and it seems like half the lizards in town were underground! Including, i think, all the perps in the foal case. And dean of Exeter Cathedral, those cops...
We did a lot of mop-up underground, and i expect a large part of the local population will now be responsive to the Kill Clone program.
There is still a bunch of U stuff south and south-east of town being addressed.

On the 18th, i reported that the Remini family of 3 had perished, and advised "expect replacements". Well, a funny thing has been going on. I still detect no replacements. What i have been detecting, several times a day, is U bases getting hit in which the CIA was preparing doubles (sometimes clones, sometimes robotoids) of Leah or her husband/daughter. Has anyone seen Leah in public since the 18th? Her sister Nicole put out a video (which i haven't watched) of why Leah quit the cult. And, last night i noticed that Leah's step-mother Donna Fiore, another horribly DORy CIAlizard, started posting on a thread at the Ex-Scientologist Message Board (the exes have been love-bombing these slimy dead lizards; for some reason most ex-Scientologists seem like the least psychic people in the world).
Anyway, i naturally blasted the shit out of the bitch, and she soon went into a U base.
It's scary how the thread still feels DORy, though. I think these Reptilis were all satanists.

But why is Leah's family getting this intense focus by our allies, to prevent them from "re-materializing"? I have never seen this before, even with important political VIPs.
And another thing, all these double-making facilities so far have been underground.
Anyway, i am keeping my eyes peeled in the media for any "new" Reminis showing up, but i don't detect any on the energy level.
I don't even detect that they've tried to "revive" Donna Fior yet.

July 28, '13: (7:50am) Looks like another cool day. They predict a high of 75. Overcast now.

Here is a pic of some pure Aug2013 Pgm stuff.

Nicole Remini went underground last night. I detect no efforts to replace her yet.
It may well be that the Reminis have been replaced by doubles of a type i can't detect. That would explain the seeming lack of interest in replacing them. I noted no new instances of double creation of the rest of the family since yesterday.

(5:30pm) Cool and overcast.

Bal claims he was attacked by the Dale Watson tour bus.
Apparently, it has always been a CIAlizard band. Never heard of them. I guess they attacked him because they hunger for any kind of publicity.

I was skimming this article about Woody Allen and Mia Farrow. What is the deal here? Both are evil shapeshifting reptilians for whom incest and pedophilia is considered perfectly natural and acceptable. (Woody is a blood-satanist as well.)
I suspect what happened is that she just hated him for some other reasons (he's probably an all-around asshole) and used the legal system to get back at him. Since Woody was dealing with clueless Earthlings in the matter, he couldn't point out that the claims were frivolous because he was just being a normal shapeshifting satanist married to another shapeshifting pedophile.

(5:50pm) Woody Allen and Mia Farrow's biological son Ronan Farrow is a satanist. Their adopted son Moses Amadeus Farrow is also a shapeshifting satanist.

July 29, '13: (8:15am) In the 60s this morning; overcast. Suddenly, they say 40% rain chance today, and 90% tomorrow; but probably small amounts.

LOL, Government Promises to Stop Lying Because of Drudge Report Spotlight
'"When bad things happen, the American people should hear it from us, not as a scoop on the Drudge Report," Little said.'
Er, Drudge is "us"; a satanist shapeshifting NSA asset.

(3:40pm) The Spanish Train Crash: Accident? I had my suspicions about this accident, but didn't get an obvious vibe from it. But, now aware that there may have been an explosion, i deduced that there must have been a person who planted the bomb, whom i could latch onto.
It was rough. I sensed a non-reptilian, hence nobody to provide strong kickback. Blasted him for hours but could not find him. I felt certain he was still in Spain, but his vibe was too weak to stand out.
Finally i found a spot by a pool in Madrid. Was someone sitting at the side of the pool after dark? Anyway, that's not the perp, but the guy who hired him. And he is now here.
The guy who planted the bomb is here. Neither are shapeshifters or satanists or Freemasons that i detect.
I think they were hired by Spanish shapeshifters that were in a U base here.

July 30, '13: (6:55am) Slight sprinkles. Looks like some weather approaching. Most of has gone north of me, but i should get a little.

Cool! Now the enterpri$ing CIA is offering "Spy-Proof" Communications! See, they create the problem, then sell the solution.

Jill Dando murdered by the State to keep lid on elite paedophile Ring. Yep. She's a good soul. And i think the killer lives here.
Her fiance Alan Farthing is slimey, but doesn't feel like a shapeshifter. "Alan has since risen through the ranks of the medical profession and is now the doctor responsible for the birth of Kate and William’s new baby. Was his promotion linked to Jill’s murder?" Sounds like he's in deep.

This man says the killer is "a man with olive skin, dark hair and who looked like he was of Mediterranean origin": Jill Dando murder witness comes forward to claim detectives IGNORED his evidence. I think Barry Lindsey is ensouled and honest. Only one thing about his account doesn't compute. He says "It was louder than a firework or a car backfiring" in reference to the shot that killed her. But, supposedly the pistol was pressed tightly against her head; wouldn't that have severely muffled the noise? Not that i am an expert on such things.
The way silencers work, is by restricting the rate of airflow back into the barrel after the bullet departs. Supposedly, even wrapping a towel over the end of the barrel would muffle the shot. According to something i read somewhere.

Highly implausible CIA horsefeathers: FEMA Insider: A Large Number of Truck Drivers Have Vanished While Delivering Weapons, Grenades, Ammo. As if such shipments wouldn't be full of RFID transmitters. Doh.

(7:15am) More about that train wreck: High speed train crash in Spain NOT POSSIBLE, according to CIAlizard Jim Stone. Intriguingly, he claims "high executives from various companies, and a large number of very important people from the upper levels of the Catholic Church were aboard." Let's see a list of the alleged deceased, already. Sounds like a lot of these would already be long dead and replaced by clones.
Renfe to Lose Billions of Dollars in Business from Spanish Rail Accident.

July 31, '13: (6:15pm) Most of the rain passed to the north yesterday. I got about 1/4". It briefly got up to 80 F or so, late afternoon yesterday.
Then this morning just before dawn, got a forceful shower, ~1/3". Then it was very muggy all day. Lots of healthy-looking natural clouds predominating over the usual crap. Got up to 92 F briefly in town.

Another CIA infiltrator in OPPT: Kelly La Sha. And she's friends with this DORy CIAlizard Helane Lipson. Warning: negative energy still kicking back from this latter site. I doubt she's into blood ritual, but others who are (CIA) have put spells on her site which we are still undoing. Lots of U bases connected to this fine lady.