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Loohan's blog for July, 2015

July 1, '15: (7:10am) Bal is now getting RVed by some greys in the North America Nebula.

And this bldg in DK houses G4S SSers who are messing with a friend's internet to keep her from accessing Spivey's site (?!?) even though she can still access mine. G4S is based in Jupiter, FL and ostensibly managed by these clones.

(7:20pm) Idiocy: Crowdfunded Greek Bailout, courtesy of CIA clone Thom Feeney.

(8:10pm) Bunch of SSers who need to be persuaded to go underground to die: Twice-bereaved family buries son slain in West Bank shooting.

(8:30pm) More CIA clones depicted here: My Journey Inside the Islamic State. Nothing but clones in the still pics. I didn't watch the video.

(10:05pm) Looking back at my greys page i was reminded that grays have snakes inside, making them evil. Even though i had forgotten about this consciously, it is their snakes we've been jailing today, not the grays.

July 2, '15: (1:55pm) Got some rain this morning, and it looks like more headed this way maybe tonight.

Been on a major cleanup of organic robotoids today. Some CIA robotoid responded to a comment i made on a news article, apparently in order to draw my attention to major 'toid U bases in Chicago and north of there, and under Israel, Jordan, all the arab countries and beyond. Way beyond. Actually it is only these turtles that seem able to ferret out the 'toids.
The strange thing is that these bases seem to have mostly just 'toids, suggesting that perhaps 'toids are better suited for some types of U bases than other "life" forms.

(4:50pm) Now that that 'toid is dead, the CIA had a guy of what i call "Another type of artificial human, which I first became aware of on Nov. 11, '12" continue posting under his identity from a U base in Essex, MI 43.079384, -84.652864, which had a bunch of this variety.

Something very odd about this story: Ferry capsizes in Philippines; 35 dead, 20 missing. First i noticed that there are 3 satanist SSers in the Coast Guard connected to the story. Then i watched the vid and was perplexed that all the people in it were real DORy even though all seem human [Actually, Egyptoids].
Then i realized they are all satanist freemasons.
The acting is not bad, though; realistic chaotic chatter.

July 3, '15: (6:20pm) Did get a bit more rain last night, and been getting lite rain at times today.
Also still getting numerous MIB overflights daily. When i say "overflights", well, actually most are not really overhead, but somewhere within earshot, the noisy whining of their little engines always vectoring the irritating energies of the numbered repts.

CIA Clone Blames Whites For Her Menstrual Problems.

Kuwait imposes mandatory dragnet DNA testing after mosque "bombing"...

Aha, the alleged Dylann Roof has an alleged sister with an alleged fiance. Both CIA clones.

July 8, '15: (8:35pm) Still no drought here. It has rained several times since the 2nd. Got about 2.5" of rain cumulatively these last few days.

Just now i head a noise outside like someone slamming a door or something, and looked out my front door to see a medium-sized female black bear nibbling on something on the gravel 30 feet away. She is ensouled and has a sweet vibe, so i said "Well, hello", and after looking at me a bit she shuffled off. Now she is being recruited as a demon-jailer.

What she was eating was some sourdough starter, coffee grounds, etc. i had brought home from work for enriching my soil. It was in a 5-gallon bucket with a lid loosely placed on top, inside the camper shell of my pickup.
She could have just gently lifted up the unlatched back door but she didn't know that, so she somewhat damaged it by pulling on its side. It still closes, sort of.
And she could have just lifted the bucket lid, but instead she chomped on it, leaving tooth marks and slobber.
Apparently she only took out a mouthful, and walked a few feet away to spit it out and investigate it further.

Of course i knew better than to leave compost slop in the truck. Er, years ago i did. But not having seen a bear around here in 4 years, i got complacent.

(9:30pm) Gardasil: I saw this article in which a clone agent disses Gardasil. I checked out the facebook page for the documentary: i think it was made by sincere people. But there was a pic of a syringe with the stuff, and it had an evil vibe! Due to spells performed by "people" who are now dead. At least we can't find them. But we are removing the spells, as Gardasil is bad enough without them.

Also the FB page has a link to a pro-industry article on I went several pages back on their Author Interviews page, and every single author was a clone. Most were undergound.

July 9, '15: (8:45am) She also left muddy paw prints around on the camper shell.

Got little bit of rain last night and might get more this afternoon. Cool, overcast.

Just nailed these 3 M32er satanists in U base: Detox Trading Super Foods.

(9:15am) Another CIA clone: Mary Ann Wright.

How about this? Baltimore Restaurant Shuts Down For 5 Days To Feed The Homeless Free Food. If you look at Tabrizi's site, you will see that it is clone-owned and normally caters only (according to the pics) to fellow SSer clones.

(9:45am) About that lesbian wedding cake story: i just realized this too, has been a psyop all along. Rachel and Laurel are CIA synthetics! The more compliant bakery, Pastry Girl, is cloney as hell.
Is this clone Rachel's "mother"? Could be; they look somewhat similar.
Of course, Commissar Avakian and the prosecutors are clones.

I think the Kleins are sincere humans [Actually, Egyptoids]. Misguided, IMO. If it was me, i would bake the cake for lesbians. But do we really need heavy-handed govt intervention in this matter?
I strongly suspect that the CIA targeted the Kleins because they already were aware of their bible-thumping ways.

July 10, '15: (5:45pm) Supposed to get a week or so of hot, sunny weather. Lots of chem-cover early this morning.

Paris: Muslim overturns restaurant tables, shouts "People can't eat, it's Ramadan!"
"It's simple: in Muslim countries, non-Muslims must conform their behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities. In non-Muslim countries, non-Muslims must conform their behavior to suit Muslim sensibilities." Er, for those of you who have never been in Muslim countries, i have weathered 2 Ramadans in Morocco and one in Jordan, and it is news to me that non-Muslims were expected to conform to Ramadan or other Muslim practices. I never heard any hint of such a thing. We did sometimes enjoy the Harira soup, though, a peppery fast-breaking evening soup.
The "Muslim" seems to be a human actor.

And, Chanting 'Death to America, Israel,' millions march in Iran on al-Quds Day. Wow, millions marching! That must have been quite a sight when viewed from above. I was once part of an anti-war march estimated to have 10,000 people, and i thought that was pretty huge. And this one was hundreds of times larger! I guess they don't have flying craft capable of photographing in Iran; sure would have made a cool pic.
About 20% of the marchers in the pics are SSers. Of course, many Iranians are SSers. Like the 4 stomping on the flag (assuming those are even Iranians).

US judge compares children to Charles Manson after they refuse to have lunch with father. Daddy, judge, and daddy's lawyer are all clones. The kids have SSer DNA but are not activated. The mother is human. Manson is CIAtanist SSer [Actually, Egyptoid].

Adam Kokesh is getting married to a MPD CIA clone. Adam is one of those few tough lizards that have avoided going underground despite years of blasting. However, this wench will probably have to be replaced often.

(6:30pm) Ah, the news is so thrilling today.

Why Was Dylann Roof Able to Buy a Gun After Being Busted with Suboxone? the author, FBI Director Comey, and the unnamed FBI background checker are all clones. Joe Ventimiglia of Shooter's Choice where "Dylann" "bought the gun", is a SHer.

mala mala celebrates puerto rico's vibrant trans community. I wonder why all these vibrant transies have to be satanist SSers. And why the alleged director is a synthetic.

July 11, '15: (5pm) I did something last night that seems to have crippled the EHETs. I have not noticed them since, except this morning the clones driving by my workplace were feebly radiating EHET energy. Then later one of my turtle friends showed up in the astral to point out some EHETs he tangled with in another universe. So we concentrated on EHETs in other universes. By the end of the day, i was getting no EHET vibe off the clones.

I also did something similar to the Bigheads, and to a lesser extent, the Coneheads. But the reptilians seem less affected and are attacking me now.

A reader wrote me asking about ads on my blog. She says 'Words like "according" and "watched" are now linked to advertisements on your July 2015 blog.'
I have never had commercial ads on my site, so someone must be spoofing my site somehow. I asked her to mail me a copy of the page but haven't heard back yet.

Brand to avoid due to evil freaky ET vibes: HTC. Wikipedia article with pic of bldg and names of head clones.

(9:05pm) Another bizarre CIA front: Romanian Society & Communication Center of 59-19 Catalpa Ave, Ridgewood, NY 11385. I happened across this gem because it had a microwave transmitter blasting my friend in Queens.

In this FB pic of SSer clones, at least 70% are CIA.

(9:25pm) The CIA clone vibe is strong in the complex with the dark roof to the left, as well as the block of 5 connected units to the east of it.
The "cult" seems to live there.

July 13, '15: (10:20am) Still getting numerous daily MIB overflights, but not getting attacked by EHETs. I did pick off some DORy EHET U bases last night, but generally speaking, i am not noticing their energy on the map anymore. It used to be they seemed everywhere, and would move right back into cleared areas. Probably they are still everywhere, but their energy is suppressed, so as a result i notice more demons of other types, whose energies used to be hard to notice due to the noise of the EHETs and Bigheads.

I am also not having much problem with bigheads and coneheads, but my friend in Queens and his cat still are.
Off and on i get rept attacks, mostly #9's from U bases.

Every day (again lately) wunderground predicts it will get real hot, and almost always, it stays several degrees cooler, and at the end of the day, they admit it was cooler but (wrongly) insist that the next day will be much warmer. Now it's supposed to get to upper 90s for the next 3 days, then 100 highs for 3 days, then more upper 90s. We'll see.

Professor's Manifesto: Vegans Must Illegally Overthrow Society to Save the World. Another human [Actually, Egyptoid] MPDed by the CIA, like the Unabomber [who was actually, Egyptoid].
Their manifestos always contain a lot of views i can sympathize with.

(1:20pm) 94 F in the shade.

Another CIA front: Counter Jade Helm, which was purportedly "Developed by DefTech Academy", another collection of clones.

For the last hour or two i've been feeling this odd "vibration" which i believe is the energy signature of EHETs dying off en masse underground. Maybe we finally hit that orgone "sweet spot" where they just can't take it anymore, and disintegrate. After years of being pounded by them, i must say i'm pleased.

(9:50pm) Now that the EHETs are no longer streaming their energy through the clones, i am noticing something else. It seems odd that almost anytime i see a clone in an ad (which is most "people" in ads) they are underground when i see them. I've known for a long time that SSers and their clones usually have a much stronger, more annoying vibe in their pics if they are underground at the time. (Although they can also cloak it.) There is some kind of negative energy they work up through their sex orgies underground, and they deliberately radiate it via their pics. It is another level of mind control and evil influence.
So advertising agencies deliberately put clones in their ad posters, commercials, newspaper ads, articles, news photos, whereupon the photographed individuals then spend a lot of time underground. I suspect that some don't even have surface identities, yet, when they get killed, they still get replaced by a (presumably) identically-morphed clone which steps into the energy construct of the images in the ads.

July 14, '15: (5:05pm) Overcast this afternoon, slightly cooler. A storm passed by to the east, missing me. Might get rain next 24 hours.

The underground EHETs seem to be doing a concerted last-stand attack on me from multiple global locations. Feels vaguely unpleasant, but also makes them show up on the map.

July 15, '15: (6:40pm) The #9 repts have been hammering me all day from offworld. Even had a MIB overflight at work, channeling their energy.
And now, the clones (but so far only the CIA and NSA ones) are channeling #7 rept energies in the same manner in which they were doing with EHET energies until recently.
The underground EHETs have been hitting me very feebly from all over the globe. Odd that they have not hit me from offworld at all recently.

It was another hot day, but late afternoon dark clouds and a cool front rolled in. However, almost no rain here so far. Other areas nearby seem to be getting some.

My sweet armadillo friends came by in the astral today, as they often do, but had the news that their baby was stillborn :-(
I had to console mama dillo. The male soul wanting to incarnate is still hanging out with them, though.

Newsflash: now the Strontium-Barium Pgm no longer requires any additive, not even a pinch of cocoa.
It does tolerate many additives, however, so you can make it even with epoxy putty.

(6:45pm) The #9s are hitting me from all around Camelopardalis.

(7:05pm) Heh. Thor'p wrote me about a big war going on in the Spiderweb Galaxy, and as soon as i saw the pic, i realized i'm getting hit by some other ETs there as well. The #9s were largely distracting me from where the real brunt of the attack was coming from. These guys are giving me a headache.

(8:10pm) On streets of Tehran, Iranian clones celebrate a hoax. The video would not play for me, so let me know if it contains more than a handful of clones like the still pic.

Rev. Richard Kurtz is a clone just like the prosecutors, etc.
His collection of child porn was discovered in 2011 when priests were packing his belongings... Yeah, i'm sure. They were shocked, shocked! to find a black sheep in their midst.

(8:40pm) Thor'p also said
... i Senced ( cought a vague) glimpse of something connected with the Baltic sea(( i still cant get shtt on that other then its connected to a quantum reality or manipulation of this False reality matrix via some interdimentional Transmitter connected to the spider galaxy and also the Tarantulum this os what i got i senced a plethera of ships declocking what i think might have been in the Baltic or off the baltic sea.they apeared to be on route to some area to where i can only guess was the link to the baltic Quantum transmitter.a name that came up was the Spider Galaxy..i was nt sure if earth astronemers even have that catalogued.then i looked it up and the spiderweb galaxy poped up on the link below ...
(He meant the Spiderweb Galaxy, not Spider.) Interestingly, if you look up Baltic Sea on google maps at this time, there is a red marker right about where this point is. After blasting it a while, i started feeling a force field of 200 mile diameter.

(9:30pm) Aren't they tender-hearted "Christian" lizard clones: Undocumented Immigrants Are Hiding in Churches to Avoid Deportation. The churchians are clones. The immigrants in the top pic are humans. Of course, many aren't. Like clone Sulma Franco.

July 16, '15: (6:05pm) EHETs just started hitting me a bit from U bases again. #9s earlier. But not much today.

Sandra Bland, the Black Woman Found Hanging in a Texas Jail Cell. Real story? I think so. I think this is the first blacklivesmatter activist i've seen a pic of who was not a CIAlizard clone. The cops are humans. [Actually, CIA Egyptoids like the MTF Bland.]

Helly Luv Is Kicking ISIS's Ass with Pop Music. Real? No. No Kurds i've seen pics of anywhere else are repty . And these here are CIAlizard clones.

Chattanooga shooting: 4 Marines killed. Real? Hyuk. The "shooter" does not have a repty vibe, but the "witnesses" are CIAlizards [see update July 25].

July 18, '15: (8:30am) Agencies are now promoting an allegedly secure OS named Tails. Sandy Hooker CIA assets wrote this article. The OS is also associated with Snowden-clone and Greenwald-clone. The Tails website has that NSA-clone vibe to it.

Douchebag human Armed Americans Stand Guard Outside Military Recruitment Center. Some people just deserve to be slaves.

Bizarre. There is a white-roofed bldg here that has about 70 CIA clones in it. In an attempt to ID the bldg, i looked at Street View. But Street View only shows a lake in its place.
So i tried looking up Hopeys (across the street) and going from their street view. Same lake seemlessly shows up.
[No, it is a vast expanse of windowless gray bldg.]
Also, google maps gives the bldg's address as 3000 US-70, Black Mountain, NC 28711. But if i google that address, i get the boat place north of the highway.

(6:55pm) More buxom clones. Normalizing moobs. Eat your Monsantos, inhale your perfumes.

Interesting (but gross) vid: Highly Graphic: Rarely Seen Video Of MH-17 Victims And Unexplained Anomalies. Apparently they did let some humans onto the crash site after all. This lady says she was there 20 minutes after the crash. I think she is telling the truth. There was a crash, but apparently rigged full of preserved corpses.

(10:20pm) Is the vid a hoax? I can't detect that it traces to any SSers or agencies...

Here, i've been told is a Russian folk healer: a DORy werewolf!

July 19, '15: (7:45am) I forgot to mention, yesterday at work the agency clones driving by were no longer channeling #7 rept energies; instead, #6. I take this as a sign that the #7's hopefully are hurting.

(4:10pm) Too weird: Reginaldo Haslett-Marroquin is a human satanist pedophile Freemason with lots of SSer satanist friends. I didn't really study the article or watch the vid. I dunno if he's doing much novel that hasn't already been done in Permaculture.

Want to jail some Bigheads? They are all over the Inca ruins.

(4:35pm) Bizarre camp for clones: Camp Can Do for allegedly cancer-stricken kids. I just caught a bunch of these clone kids having sex in U bases.
Of course all the staff are also clones.

It takes place at Gretna Glen, where, judging by the pics and the DORy headache-inducing map, Earth kids normally go to get irradiated by transmitters. All-clone staff, of course.

(5:25pm) More about the "Another type of artificial human, which I first became aware of on Nov. 11, '12" which i mention on my Doubles page:
Today the CIA/#9's sent in a couple nasty ones to stalk me at work. They can't do energy attacks, but they can drench themselves in horrible toxic perfume made in a U CIA lab right before coming in, and hang around doing nothing as much as possible, with phony smiles. They are immune to the orgone devices i had with me. In fact, i had no devices for them except Havoc, and he can only light them up a bit.

So 'Vozy, Eenia, and i racked our brains trying to come up with a resin pgm against these. No luck yet, but 'Vozy did modify the programming in one of my units to light them up more strongly. (It no longer has any electronics in it but is filled with potent stuff.)
So it has been lighting them up in U bases, especially in Tennessee. Lots of them.
We might come up with more weaponry against them.

(7:05pm) Orthodox clone revolution.


Another psyop: Deranged Former Congressman Michael Grimm Is Going to Prison for Eight Months. If this clone is being treated as a criminal by the establishment, why are there loads of CIA U bases backing up his energy? They put pics of clones in your face on any pretext to shoot negative energy at you. It used to be satanists with demonic implants. Now they have pretty much run out of those, so it's usually clones with sexiness spells underground having perverted sex. Or in rarer cases like this one, above-ground and backed up by U bases.
Of course we will grind the bases away.

(7:20pm) Here it is. Eat this, CIA.

That amethyst pyramid tip is hot with action now.

July 20, '15: (9:50am) Now they've got humans following their lead: Angry clashes in South Carolina as CIA front groups come face-to-face in battle over Confederate flag. Can you spot the clones? They are a minority here (except among the cops). Most are douchebag humans incapable of telling the CIA to f#&% itself.
These guys are definitely CIA clones, though.

Dubious story: Horror on the streets of Detroit: Gang of men 'forced two couples to strip and then raped women in front of their boyfriends'. I get no vibe off this, except for the clone cops. The "witness" seems a tad unconvincing. Is the CIA trying to start a new fad? What's up with this CIA clone Zeek of New Era Detroit? There seems to be no info on this group except on faCIAbook, and i can only see this CIA clone's one pic without opening an account.

And why does one of the "rapists" look like a woman? Wassup with feeding us all these effeminate "perps"? Like "Dylann Roof". Have you ever seen an adolescent boy so utterly devoid of musculature? And then they stick him in an oversize Gold's Gym tank top to accentuate his "physique" in case you didn't notice. He looks like he's never done one push-up in his life.

(6:50pm) Looks like a nice thunderstorm heading this way.
Speaking of storms, the CIA clones are now pushing a Hellstorm video. I haven't watched it, considering the source, but it probably includes a certain amount of truth.

July 21, '15: (8:25am) Got an inch of rain, and a bunch more seems headed in my general direction.

Hoo boy, let's see what weirdness is in the nooz today.

Black Sheriff: Obama Downplayed Chattanooga Because Victims Didn't 'look like Trayvon'. The sheriff is a "colorful" clone. Also we have a pic of the "victims"; all clones.
It used to be that they would leave "victims" alive in U bases so that i could track them down and we could demolish their bases for them. But these days i think they must euthanize them, as they seem dead by the time i get the story.
Like they did with Trayvon (who wasn't even a SSer or clone BTW, and likely not a willing victim).

Also this story just had a real BS vibe somehow: Black Rebel Flag Supporter Dies After Being Ran Off Road. (Note that the CIA can't even spell anymore; twice it says "ran" instead of "run".)
Hervey does not have repty vibe, so i googled his name and found stuff like this, which links to State of Tennessee v. Anthony Hervey. So i wondered, if he was recently convicted of attempted murder, why was he driving around? I searched some more and found this, which shows a completely different black guy as Hervey.
I'm confused.

Khirbet Susiya: Israeli peace activists to stage 'sleep-in' protest in Palestinian village to save it from demolition. True story? Yes, and i'm glad they're doing it. I'm glad there are some good people in Israel who buck the system. But, even so, when such things occur, they are subsumed into the zio-controversy-psyop by the media. I doubt the media would promote this if it did not serve "their" ends. In fact, i'm surprised i don't notice any infiltrators or repty organizers.

(7:05pm) Well, that big mass of weather fizzled before it got here, but then around 6:30 it started thundering and raining hard with small hail. Cooled off a lot, too. It was intense for about 15 minutes, then stopped. And there are more little thingies on the radar map drifting this way.

Silly humans looking everywhere but under their noses: Yuri Milner Has Launched a Search for Aliens With Stephen Hawking. Next, fish will be launching a search for water. Birds will be launching a search for air.

Bucharest's Drug-Addicted Roma Are Being Left to Rot. Let 'em rot. Even the chick handing out clean syringes is a satanist SSer.
So now what? We blast them, they go underground, get killed, and replaced by identical clones with identical track marks and addictions. Weird.

July 22, '15: (7pm) As of this morning, i had gotten 2.25" total of rain and light hail. More rain chances soon. Not bad for late July around here.
And southern California finally got some rain recently.

Man 'planned to kill US serviceman and tried to join IS' . There are no photos to be found of this guy and his "uncle", but they do feel like real authentic genuine CIA clones.

Cloud brightening experiment tests tool to slow climate change. There is a handy list of blastable clones at the bottom of the article.

And me, lately, i've been dealing with CIAlizards on another timeline. Bal told me of an evil timeline he sensed that had not been addressed. I noticed there is a Loohan on it! Just a bit SW of where Nairobi is in our timeline.
I have to keep finding CIAlizards underground in that timeline of Earth, using Google Earth, and frying/jailing them. They are jailable. I also found a little pocket of EHETs once.
My hips and lower back keep tightening up, and the only way i can get some relief is jailing these lizards in that timeline.

(7:50pm) Most ludicrous headline of the year? AIPAC girds for rare high-noon showdown with White House.

Poor dupe: In Scotland, a desperate bid to reclaim a long-unknown Jewish identity. Sorry lady, your parents were reptilians. This woman has some serious SSer genes.

July 23, '15: (11:25am) Got a small amount of rain last night.

Yesterday at work, i had one NSA clone drive by that was channeling a bunch of EHET energy. I nailed the EHETs. After that, they were only channeling repts again.

Then about half an hour ago, the EHETs reverted to hitting me from space, around Aries. I nailed those, and now EHETs are hitting me very slightly from all over the universe.

And thanks for the help with the other timeline. I have not been able to find specific bases there since, as the whole planet in that timeline feels stirred up. Our allies have been taking them out, in addition to my own jailing. Apparently the Ta'l, Alah-kur, etc. are capable of physically entering other timelines.

(2:30pm) In March, 2014, i posted about these evil ETs. I just noticed they were all flared up and DORy in U bases all across the 33rd Parallel in the US. Getting a headache from kickback. They do not seem jailable, so the allies need to take them out.

New York protesters slam 'incredibly dangerous' Iran deal. "Organizers estimated about 10,000 people attended the event." Yeah sure. I did an image search, and this was the biggest crowd depicted. And none of them are people; all clones, just like the Iranian, Israeli, and US "leadership".

(3:50pm) The stronghold of those evil ETs seems to be HD 123657.

July 24, '15: (11:10am) I only got about 2/10" more rain the last 2 days.

We got those toxic ETs whittled down a lot.

Man described as a drifter kills 2, himself in Lafayette, Louisiana, movie theater. I get no vibe off the alleged shooter. Of the 5 clone cops in the vid, only the one lying was not in a U base just now.
Everyone in the video here is also a clone, including the newscasters, Amy Schumer, etc. Many were just now in U bases.
I am getting so tired of these lying parasites wasting tax dollars for their little psyops.

More asswipe CIA clones: Impatient protesters begin digging up Confederate general's grave -- themselves!

(2pm) Har har, Chattanooga Hoax? Victim Reported Dead Years Before Shooting. Interestingly, the author is a CIA SHer and the 2 "YouTube researchers" are CIA clones. Also so far, 5 CIA clones in the Comments section.

(5:50pm) Electronic/DOR stalking example: someone sent me a link to this thread on WimpMatrix. The author is the guy who invented the "induction CB". Despite being a human, and ensouled at that, the Navy lets him be a moderator. It is interesting what he did to counter the weaponized EMFs.

His neighbors were satanist SSers and deliberate stalkers. Their smart meter and flue pipe were both charged up with demonic energy, which we fixed. I blasted the satanists good, and a few hours later they went underground and got killed.

They apparently did not mind, perhaps even liked the EMFs, but could not handle positive energy.

July 25, '15: (7:25am) Last night i was surprised by a bunch of thunder and lightning. Got another ~1/2" or so of rain.

Ken Rohla is a CIA SHer who endlessly promotes other CIA agents. And they, in turn, promote him.

Somebody told me about an ancient Hawaiian diety named Kaneikokala (pic of statue he anchors into, which is in a satanist museum). I get a real good vibe. He seems to be checking me out, and my turtle allies like him.

(8:20am) Now i'm getting the same tight-hip syptoms, but this time it is caused by underground EHETs in this timeline.

I said on the 16th that the "witnesses" to the Chatanooga shooting were CIA clones. I may have been overly hasty. Sometimes everybody starts feeling like a lizard clone. Actually, some of these are ordinary people. Now it's starting to look like (see article) Abdulazeez was a real guy, and fairly OK guy, who may have been set up. [Update: actually, CIA Category 1 Egyptoid doing Masonic hand signs.]
Interestingly, all of the blanket media coverage from the day of the shooting was focused completely on the Marine Recruitment Office located at the strip Mall. This gave viewers the distinctly false impression that the victims were shot at the Mall -- in a public space. It wasn't until 48 hours later that we began to hear that the victims were actually shot and killed inside of a secure Navy Reserve Training facility located some 7 miles away. Was this to keep the media and public focused on the Shopping Mall, and not Navy Reserve Training facility?

The incident at the Mall seems almost pointless. No one was actually shot at the Mall, and there is still no CCTV footage to prove that the same shooter who sprayed the recruitment office with bullets also shot the 5 servicemen at the Naval base 7 miles away. One woman, who we're told worked at a Mall restaurant next to the Marine recruiting office, told CNN:
"I looked out of our window and I seen the guy in his car, a silver Mustang, drop top, a white guy and he had a high-powered rifle and was just firing shots into the Air Force, Navy and Marines office," Gina Mule told CNN. "I don't even know how many shots he fired, but it was a lot. (...) After he got done opening fire, he pulled out really quick."
(8:30am) But make no mistake about it: most "people" in the nooz are clones. Like these Iranian "Jews".
In my area, most of the "people" on the streets also are clones Their vibe is so ubiquitous that often i start to mistake innocents [actually likely Egyptoids] for clones. Then i have to stop and re-check and realize i made a mistake.

(6:45pm) I was in a hurry this morning, having to go to work. But now i just took the time to re-read the original Chattanooga article, and none of the civilian witnesses are clones.
One has to be careful because innocent people, when in the presence of SSers, will often take on their vibe. They had CIA-asset clone cops and reporters questioning them, and that is probably where i picked up that vibe.

Kaneikokala's vibe sure has picked up. It was very subtle when i first checked him out.
I don't think he realized he was held by evil beings. Jesus didn't realize that 3 of his apostles were satanist SSers.
We are toying with the notion of me making Kaneikokala an epoxy body if his present "incarnation" becomes untenable.

July 26, '15: (4:45pm) On the 16th i mentioned the Sandra Bland incident. Because she was not an SSer, and the cops are humans, i took the incident at face value. But once again, there was hidden stuff below the surface which i missed. [He might be CIA too, though, as he mainly reinforces their hoaxes.] The Black Assassins guy wrote some stuff worth checking out: SANDRA BLAND, SISTERHOOD OF DEATH & ILLUMINATI SACRIFICE. He has the unfortunate habit of mistaking clones and Sandy Hookers for misguided "brothers" or compromised "Negroes", yet, his research often points me to stuff i had missed. Same thing happened with the Trayvon Martin incident, which i also took at face value initially.
Sandra was MPD, something i did not look for. [Not to mention MTF Egyptoid]. And involved in a CIA-connected lizardly sorority.
The cop Encina is a Mason which i neglected to check for.

Bland's sister, Sharon Cooper, is also MPD.

July 27, '15: (6:55pm) Someone asked me about Kepler-542b. At first i didn't get an obvious vibe of any beings on it (or in it) so i blasted it a while, and it started feeling dirty. It has many varieties of the numbered repts, and various other evil critters including SSers and EHETs.
Soon, perhaps in response, i came under much heavier attack from EHETs under Africa, and when i blasted these, under our whole planet. It was kind of intense for a while, and i had to upgrade one of my powerful devices to deal with it.

July 28, '15: (4:10pm) Hot, sunny.

Cobra makes DORy inverters which CIA trucking companies install in their trucks.
This DORy bldg contains 5 CIAtanist MIBs who have not been caught underground yet.

(5:55pm) Actually, many other brands of inverters have ET weapon capabilities built-in. Almost all brands. Morningstar does not seem to. But i have some other Morningstar products and was less than satisfied. When i had a solar setup going in my old cabin. And my tech support guy had a satanist CIAlizard wife.

And here are some other goodies that come in a typical CIA company truck. Also weaponized and tending to radiate inputs from NSA U bases. The large object on the right is a camera aimed at the driver. It is also the strongest black-magic transmitter.
For those few drivers left who are humans.

July 29, '15: (5:55pm) Yawn. Another CIA clone: Harlem Suarez. What's with the one-eye selfie?

(7:25pm) Another clone: Ursula Haverbeck. I found her handlers in a U base in Zurich.

Kaneikokala started going after EHETs in earnest this afternoon. He's outfitted with etheric jailers etc. now.
Driving home from work i realized my lower back was all tweaked out, worse than in a while. I am finding U bases causing this, but now just #9 repts again instead of EHETs. (For a while recently my hip/back issues were tied in to EHET bases.)
Tentative conclusion: there is something they are doing underground that causes this. The EHETs are again unable to do this, so the #9s take over.
I doubt they are deliberately targeting me in this manner; more likely whatever they are doing adversely affects me as a side effect.

(8:40pm) It has something to do with the reptilian web mentioned May 19. They are trying to preserve part of it, maybe.

July 30, '15: (9:20am) I just opened a map of my area and found that bunches of EHETs had moved back in underground in numerous places nearby.

Also i have come across online satanist SSer vendors of "magickal" trinkets with evil spells. A person i've been helping has a non-satanist, non-SSer family member that shops online for such junk to attack people with. And it works.
Except now we will fry them, they will go underground, get killed, and their clones will not have magick powers.
Starting with 3 witches at Creepy Hollows, and then exploring Best Paranormal Sellers. No doubt many more can be found with web searches.

(9:25am) And of course we will break the spells of any trinkets we find, and bust any demons. Another link: Paranormal Collections (site had 6 spells that hit me immediately).

(10:25am) Now the EHETs have started attacking me from offworld again. But not real strongly.

And, of course, David Daleiden is another CIA clone. The abortion issue is one of those that SSers love to play all sides of. Dr. Deborah Nucatola was another SSer who is now replaced by a clone. Likewise Cecile Richards.

(12:05pm) Then again, maybe the U base stuff that makes my back ache is a deliberate attack on me, after all. The reason i say this is, because suddenly the pain came back on, and i realized the EHETs had stopped hitting me from remote space locations, and now are hitting me(?) from U bases again. U bases that also have DORy #9 repts.
When they were hitting me from space, i did not have the lower back symptoms.

July 31, '15: (11:25am) Cool morning. Yesterday was refreshingly cool too, maybe the high in the low '80s (my outside clock broke) but today is supposed to be "much warmer". Wunderground always says that. Hopefully they're wrong as usual.

Norman Finkelstein is one of the very few voices on the subject of Zionism who seems sincere. Most of the rest, regardless of their professed position on the subject, are CIA, Mossad, or other Jesuit SSer fronts.
Note that he disses (CIA front) Amnesty international.

New resin program from Joe, the Hexagon Program.