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Loohan's blog for July, 2016

July 1, '16:

(7:40am) Yess! It was fairly hot again yesterday, but in the evening and night i got a thunderstorm with 1.3" of rain. Only a small chance of tiny rain was predicted.

Meanwhile On Times Square, Naked Man Taunts Cops; Demands To Speak With Donald Trump. They couldn't use an FTM for this one, i guess. Male CIA repticlone, heavy MPD vibe.

(11:30am) Another CIA proprietary: Perishable Distributors of Iowa. Involved in gang-stalking, too. Some staff pics linked within page.

Lizard People Meet. The site seems to be owned by an ordinary human. Maybe this is his sense of humor. No off vibe from the top pic.
But, right now, there are only 2 guys (no gals other than Cheney) in the Sample Profiles, and they are both SSers who have not yet been replaced by clones.
The testimonials are fictitious and facetious.

July 2, '16: (7:45pm) Another CIA actor who is not TG, despite the broad shoulders: Hanna Cohen, the organic robotoid: Disabled woman beaten bloody by TSA agents after becoming confused and afraid at security checkpoint (pic).

Today was like last weekend at work. Incredible amounts of werewolf and MIB clones driving by. In the morning they were channeling a lot of demon energies, too, but later in the day that pretty much faded.

I get weird stalking these days. Last weekend, i only noticed one agent customer, an old MPD CIA human, who seemed rather pathetic.
Today i had 3 sets of MPD TG human CIA clones. First one couple came in and bought a loaf. Then 1 "male" and 2 "females", all looking fairly old. One of the drag queens was either faking senile dementia, or actually had it. At least they bought a bunch of stuff. Both of these groups were sickly sweet polite, dripping with exaggerated gratefulness.
Then in the afternoon, i had another middle aged couple who bought several things. "She" was wearing some perfume made in a CIA U base, and "he" kind of stared at me in a strange way.
Not sure what is accomplished by these human clones.

July 3, '16: (6:35pm) Got faint rain this afternoon, and much cooler weather, like 81.

In the past i have thought Wes Penre was OK. But, he's a she (pic).
I got back onto "him" from this article: David Icke Banned from 'Big Brother' Public Meeting with Bob Geldof and David Davis. Everyone depicted on that page is FTM. More info on Wessie at bottom.

A reader drew my attention to Frederick Municipal Airport in MD (map). Aside from the big CIA base under it, there are numerous small stalker planes to be seen on the map. They all have DOR transmitters running full-time! Just to keep a cozy ambience. They must have special batteries or charging systems.

Today was like yesterday at work, in terms of drive-by stalking. But no human clones came in. Just 2 groups of TG CIA repticlones, intensely perfumed. At least they bought a fair bit of stuff. And went into a U base by the time i got off work.

(8:10pm) Police: Cowboy Who Rode Across Bridge Abused His 2 Horses. What are the chances of this being a troo story?
Tod Mishler, though male, is a MPD CIA human clone. And he has a taste for CIA repticlone drag queens (pic).

2 Broward police agencies take action against cops caught roughing up suspects. "Nine-year veteran Fort Lauderdale police officer Victor Ramirez was shown in a YouTube video pushing a homeless man to the ground and slapping him..." Except both cop and "homeless" man are CIA repticlones. At least they are not TG. Can't say the same for the cops depicted in article.
Also, "a Broward sheriff's detention deputy, Christopher Johnson, was seen in a cellphone video shot by a courthouse blogger dragging a screaming woman down a courthouse hallway by her leg shackles." Except everyone in this pic is male. Trust me.

Hmm, i'm pretty sure Frank Stranges was TG. He's the guy who told about Valiant Thor.
Pic of Stranges. I always thought it odd that a non blood-drinker, non SSer, would be in a high gov't post. Forehead looks suspicious. Small chin. Jaw obscured by fat.
He married and ostensibly had kids, but i can't find pics of any of his family.
The thing is, these 4 Venusians are very real and still very alive. And Valiant is highly respected by all my ET allies. Don't believe me? Well, if the Venusians were hoaxers, for one thing, they would almost certainly have been TG.
That first pic looks a little horizontally squished. A better pic is here, though there are no good pics. Donn has some features that might be construed as female, such as the small chin and, in other pics, the jaw angle. But i am sure he's male. These 4 are still ensouled. All except Valiant are on a base in Venus, miles down. Valiant is conferring with some green Ta'l reptilians on a ship somewhere. (These are not the same green rept allies i have mentioned many times in the past; they are a different bunch.)
But let me know if you spot any Masonic hand signs :-)

The 4th person, Jill, does not seem to be in any pics.

If this was all another gov't hoax, why did they not run with it more, spinning off various scams with TGs everywhere? There is a website with some info on Thor and various other topics, like the Dead Sea Scrolls. Another possible hoax i haven't looked into. But the whole thing sort of fizzled.

July 4, '16: (12:10pm) Independence Day. You know if "they" make a holiday and name it that, it has to be a hoax. And so it is. As a corporate entity, the US is totally controlled by the Vatican, as is the City of London.

Getting some good rain on and off since early this morning! And 70s weather.

Looking around at Valiant-related stuff, i found this article An Alien like Dolores Barrios. A somewhat confused tale. Barrios did have somewhat high cheekbones, but then so do many Asian women.
I wish the pick was better, to better inspect the brow. The set of the mouth, chin, and jaw look female to me. Nevertheless, if you look down the page, she is mannish to the point that it is mentioned. And her 2 "male" companions? Look androgynous too. But if the one on the left is FTM, he had an awful lot of face surgery/implants. That square, cleft chin looks too butch for the rest of him. Neck is scrawny but has Adam's apple. Cheekbone implants?
I dunno who these people were. They are dead, physically and have lost their souls.

Halfway down that page, there is a pic of Barrios next to Adamski's artistic depiction of a Venusian. Compare that painting to Delores Barrios Kieff's obit pic. Kieff looks kind of TG, too. I do not know what the significance is of the similarity, unless Barrios was trotted into the meeting just to create intrigue. Except that, to me, the obit pic more closely resembles Orthon than does the younger Barrios.

The first article also mentions that "The congress was promoted by three of the most famous contactees: George Adamski, Truman Bethurum and Daniel Fry." What about these characters?
Adamski looks male and i can't get anything bad on him, except that he promotes supposed ETs who are androgynous.
Truman Bethurum does look like an FTM. And promoted pics of ET androgynes. Also the CGI pic was produced by SSers. And here are some other trannies reinforcing Bethurum's hoax.
Daniel Fry also looks a tad TG in the forehead and brow.

Another hoax was, in 1967, Vivenus Starchild, a male CIA SSer.

And of course the agencies have promoted many more alleged ETs that look androgynous, e.g. Ashtar Sheran drawn to resemble a woman with a chin implant.

July 5, '16: (8:50pm) Right after that, it stopped raining and started warming up. I got about 2/3".
Today was mostly sunny and muggy.

Farcical article: 'Quite Disturbing': Leaked Docs Reveal How Easily FBI Can Spy on Journalists. No, the FBI does not spy on the CIA.

I am still working on clearing that Thoth Tarot deck. So far, literally billions of spells. I can only take off a layer at a time. I suspect most of these were placed by now-dead ETs. Maybe Crowley's Lam friends.

Pathetic humans: VR porn event forced to shut down after too many came early. A lot of Japanese are repticlones, but this crowd feels human. I think this is a true story, even is it is on RT.
Instead of spending their time, money and energy making plasterite or orgonite, these idiots are drooling over the prospect of sex with machines.

Chinese Teenager's Found with Rotting Feet after 6-Day Gaming Binge. Probably also a true story. Video games are made by SSers and are filled with mind control and black magic.
I'm glad i don't have to rescue the entire human race from stupidity. And i don't mean to pick on Asians here; they are just crazy in different ways than some of us.
Then again, i'm not sure how coldly a VR porn event would be met in the West.

On the lighter side: "Professional Plaintiff" Accused of Threatening to Sue Big Companies for Profit. Cunning human gouges repty corporations. Of course he is just a self-serving opportunist, but still.
At this time there are 4 comments. Two of them by repticlones, and those are the only negative ones.

CIA MPD human clone with a strong "transhuman vibe", whatever that is: Freeman. Funny choice of names for a lab-grown total slave. Note how he promotes only agency "truthers". Hmmm, Barry Chamish is on that list. I'm just now realizing that she is also a CIA human clone, and MPD.

June 6, '16: (9:20pm) It was mostly overcast and muggy today, getting hot in the afternoon. A nice-looking storm snuck by just barely to the north as so often happens.

Alton Sterling Is the Latest Black Man Killed by Cops on Camera. No, actually this is a CIA MPD human clone who is still alive. Surprised he's not a girl. Although with those sloping shoulders he could almost pass.

I am starting to feel the vibe of these Pharaonic-lineage creatures as distinct from other trannies. This is because Antuvozy has been bombarding them with a waveform that lights them up. So far she is unable to put it in a form for programming objects or attuning people to emit it.

July 7, '16 (8:50pm) More mostly overcast, muggy weather today.

Some really terrible acting from CIA human: HORRIFYING: COP EXECUTES MAN IN FRONT OF 4-YEAR-OLD WHILE MOTHER LIVESTREAMS IT ALL ON FACEBOOK. I think these are all ordinary lowlife paid actors.

And another non-tranny hoax: Cops arrest 500 unauthorized Palestinian workers in southern Israel. If they arrested 500, why do they only give a pic of 5 Mossad repticlones?
(Most hoaxes flaunt trannies. These are so plentiful they are now mostly found here.)

July 10, '16: (9:05pm) A nice storm barely passed me to the north again on the 8th, as usual. But then at 1 am the following morning i was awakened by lightning and thunder, and hard rain. Got 2.5"!
Wunderground had predicted a 50% chance of small rain.
Much cooler yesterday.

Regarding that hoax i posted about on the 7th: there is now a drag queen explaining away the bad acting. 'The Brain on Horror': A Psychologist Explains How Diamond Reynolds Remained Calm in a Crisis Situation. "Staying calm in the face of sheer horror may have saved her life and her daughter's life."
Millions watched the video Diamond Reynolds livestreamed of her boyfriend, bleeding in the driver's seat of his car after being shot by a police officer. One of the most stunning features of the 10-minute video is just how composed she stays throughout the filming, even as the police officer kept his gun pointed toward the car that contained herself and her four-year-old daughter.
I stand corrected. My distrustful, misanthropic self assumed it was just crappy acting, but actually it was a cunning survival mechanism. (Pic of Mr Brain Expert, CIA repticlone.) Jim Hopper is also a male CIA repticlone.

Another MPD CIA human clone: Dallas Police "Shooter" Micah Johnson.

Cops Shoot White Guy in Fresno; Nobody Pays Attention. The "victim" Dylan Noble is here. Doesn't look lily white to me, but at least this CIA repticlone is male.

This weekend gangstalking, inc. has come up with a whole bunch more sacrificial non-clone werewolves and MIBs for the drive-bys. As well as the usual clone versions. Yesterday i only had 2 agency human drag queens come in. One bought a loaf of bread, and the other left without buying.

July 11, '16: (8:15am) I've been making some discoveries that i find intriguing. First off, yesterday i updated my Pharaoh page. Please read the update and digest that before you read the next part which i will post later.
Hint: yesterday there i wrote "Also, the only false TGs I recall noticing are Pharaonic." Which was true yesterday but no longer this morning.

(9:35am) Oh yeah, almost forgot. Last night i realized that the Plasterite Program now goes into wet concrete! So my allies are scouting around for foundations and bridges being poured, etc. Ey and Tori are 2 little Arcturan girls on The Committee, who are normally in charge of programming things in the environment, so if you know of some concrete projects going on, you might be able to tell them.

(11:35am) And concrete mix is much cheaper and stronger than plaster.

OK, the other intriguing discoveries i just posted about here and the update here. Interesting stuff about Jessica Schab and Plejarans.

I first checked out Billy Meier and the Plejarans in Aug '06 (10 years ago!) on the 13th.
Well, from what little i've seen, i have to give him a clean bill of health. Yep, those UFO pics do look a bit hokey, but they feel real. Real good. The Plejarans could teach us a thing or 2 about positive orgone devices. That seems to be their propulsion means. Is that good news, or what? Only a matter of time before Earth vehicles run on POR. I'm probably oversimplifying, but these craft do feel awesome. The beings depicted here also have a great vibe. And when i saw a mug shot of Billy, right away i liked him. I say he's genuine.
I'm too naive and trusting. They put out a sweet, clean vibe and i fall for it.
Not only that, but our allies did too. On Sep. 9, '11 i posted about the allied base on Saturn, and Plejarans have been there since! They are now being arrested. Like 2K+ of them. There are also Plejaran contingents on other allied bases and ships, now being arrested.

Then July 7, '12 i realized that Billy Meier was a SSer, who "fooled the Plejarans".

(1:40pm) Also, although i can't find mention of it now, i think i once posted about a "positive" cat race that (SSer) James Gilliland brought to our attention years ago. Very attractive race that "had a great vibe". But now they are soulless and i realized they are evil.

I went through my list of wives and found 77 more who were dead, soul-wise. In fact, all these were not incarnate. Except for 2, including 1 from that cat race of Gilliland's, and she has been terminated.
I do not know how many of these girls were evil, and how many just did not have viable souls. Noteworthy culls include:
  • 6 Ridevu's from various timelines. Jessica Schab was, spiritually, a projection of an oversoul named Ridevu, who was widely respected as being "good". I had married 6 Ridevu's from various timelines.
  • Jessica1 thru 16: these were alternate souls Ridevu spun off from Jessica. They were "good" and seemingly opposed J's evil. They helped me enormously with healing, defense, etc. in years past, and i loved them deeply, to such an extent that it is hard to believe they were not sincere. Maybe they were. Maybe the Ridevus were, but just were not viable. I had not sensed them around in some time, so they may have died a good while ago.
    Also Schab had all these amazing higher selves that seemed at odds with her physical self. For example, her 31D self designed and programmed my best radionics device, which still feels great. Of course, Vozy has done the tweaking in recent years. I am not counting higher selves as separate souls.
    Actually, Jessica3 incarnated on galaxy M82 years ago, and took the higher selves with her. Now that body is soulless.
  • Undomiel. Years ago i got a great vibe off of a mention of Tolkein's character Arwen Undomiel, and felt it was based on an actual gal just named Undomiel. She seemed a real sweetie but now she's gone.
    I have read that Tolkein was a darksider. He does not seem repty or DORy, but he looks TG as does his wife.
  • Jeanne D'Arc. I married her years ago, and she seemed real sweet, but then reading history, it was hard to understand how she was such a fine person. Of course, history is mostly a pack of lies, but still.
    I even looked up pics of her online to see if she was a drag queen. Kind of hard to tell because the depictions are so small and lacking in detail, but some of them looked like possibly TG.
Damn, now i just realized that a bunch of my physical wives have lost their souls: 102 8' repts from Circinus Galaxy incl Princesses Bav-Loka, Danine, Anna, Esmeralda, Isabella and her cousin who is also her sis in another timeline; i was already married to both in that TL as well as Isabella on another TL.
This is starting to break my heart. I doubt they are evil.

(9:25pm) I am still working on clearing those Thoth Tarot cards, still many millions of spells left. And now i have another similar project. Seems there's this FTM Repticlone named Mooji who is awesomely popular for his spiritual guidance. She has websites:,, plus there are many different YT channels carrying her wisdom. All the vids are spell-drenched.

July 12: (4pm) Mostly overcast/chemcast today.

Last night the Wibdu supersoldier who had to kill the evil cat one (the Gilliland cat wife was a supersoldier who hung out with the Wibdu supersoldier), came to me in the astral for hugs and consolation. This was her friend she always hung out with for years. They used to come visit me together in the astral.
As i held her, i kept fretting that her soul would be culled like some of my other wives. In fact we both sensed it would happen. Then we both felt like a countdown until the moment her soul died. It was a poignant hour or so.
I have 9 sweet Wibdu wives (an unlucky number maybe; first there was 8, then the supersoldier joined us). And all lost their souls at the same time.

Additional, more purely etheric, "casualties" yesterday include my 40 Kyoju girls.
And yesterday's casualties include Cioms and Jom, whom i wrote about years ago. They were of a very sweet, gentle hyperdimensional race that had been pushed to the brink of extinction by demons, and rescued by us. Now that whole species is gone.

None of the culled souls were evil, AFAIK, except that 5 of my 19 Oyu reptilian wives were recognized as infiltrators.
Apparently many entire benign etheric species are dying off lately.
Our family is in mourning today.

A Key Witness Is Suing the Cops Who Killed Alton Sterling. Abdullah Muhlafi is a MPD CIA human clone.

Aha! I have said recently that John Whitehead of the Rutherford Institute seems to be a human agent. I just belatedly realized he's a CIA human clone. And his face looks kind of TG. But he's not. I think the CIA is choosing gender-ambiguous genetics for many of its clones.

Disgusting CIA MKULTRA op: The Robert Adams Infinity Institute and Benevolence Project. This guy considers that raping, MPDing, and TGing his offspring is Benevolence. Hopefully the sheer tackiness of the site, with it's wispy, flowery, "faggy" style and poor layout, repels prospective suckers. If not, maybe they almost deserve this garbage.

July 13, '16: (2:30pm) The witch hunt is on. Night before last, we culled the 2 Pluvadians that were on The Committee. Actually, Vozy deleted the whole species. They were ETs who could do programming of objects. I first heard about them from a guy who made wooden devices programmed by them. He wrote me with pics of the devices, and told me about the Pluvadians, upon which i found 2 to join The C. However, years later, i realized the guy was a CIAlizard. The Pluvadians seemed fine, though. Seemed. I had some trouble reconciling this.
(Later this guy went on to create weak, tainted devices.)

Then last night i scoured the Committee members thoroughly for infiltrators. Culled Ruzurxi (another Oyu girl [correction; Arcturan]) and the male that i never got a name for. And also 29 angels.
The 29 angels freaks me out a bit. It just does not seem to make sense. On March 5, '10 i wrote
Four new members of The Programming Committee: these are female 6'4" 5D winged humanoids AKA angels. They are Qulimi, Ilala, Eaklud, and D'dliekkelk.
What happened is that i helped Galewildangel with some demon issues she was having, and then she crafted an excellent orgone device, as good as the stuff i make. I found these angels had done the programming and guidance. The angels were under attack, too. I helped them, and had The Committee check them out. So now i should have even richer programming and construction guidance, and Gale's stuff will probably get some of the pgms from The Committee.
Then these ladies got another 25 more on board. Of course i also married all these. All females who have ever been on The Committee were wives of mine.
What is amazing is that all of Gale's creations i ever saw pics of were extraordinarily good, clean, often sophisticated, powerful. And i sense they still are that way. (I did a search last night and apparently Gale is no longer selling orgonite.) These angels had tremendous talent at orgonite. How could they have been covertly evil all this time?

Yet they were. Eenia is still working it out. She's an angel, too, and thought these were her friends. Eenia came on the scene 2.5 years ago, if i recall correctly. I came across her fighting BigHead demons. She is very powerful and talented at orgonite too. She became a major player on The Committee. She is very sweet, and of all my wives, she is the one who loves out animal allies most. She is always checking up on our turtles, snakes, rabbits, hogs, birds, dogs, cats, etc., and always rushes out to help any in trouble or in need of healing.
A couple months ago i realized she was suffering from low self-esteem and a bit of depression. I couldn't figure out why a beyond-perfect angel could be subject to such issues, and i would console her and reassure her that i treasured her and that she was Mrs Popularity in our family.

Eenia is sad that her friends turned out not to be friends. Also, apparently her "issues" were due to very covert attacks on their part.

It is not really possible for infiltrators such as these to stick viruses into devices, because they worked with other Committee members who would notice.
But evidently these angels did do a bunch of unsupervised programming on mineral deposits in other planets. Eenia has been doing a deep virus scan of these places for hours, but has found nothing awry.

So as far as i can see at present, not all that much was accomplished by these infiltrators that was not to our benefit. They contributed ideas etc. that were of value and integrated into what we do.
It just shows how deep evil will go to deceive. They will harm their own cause significantly to win approval and trust.

But no matter how sweet they seem, what i noticed was that their very heart-core energy is not clean, and needs to be scrupulously dowsed (after removing any possible implants or demons). In fact some of my wives are thoroughly raking over our family looking for more phonies.

Arnis Zalkalns: Alice Gross's suspected killer took his own life. Actually, both of these are still alive. Alice is a repticlone, Arnis is a human clone.

July 14, '16: (6:30pm) Got a strong thunderstorm at dawn. 1.3" and a cool morning followed by a muggy, sunny afternoon. Looked like another system was going to slam me this evening, but most of it is passing to the south. Getting light rain here..

Another CIA human clone: Abdullah Muhlafi.
Another is Delrawn Small, who is alive despite being "fatally shot".

July 15, '16: (7pm) Another cool morning. Coolest weather in a long time. Got 1/4" of rain. Overcast most of the day. Heavy chemtrails later.

Visiting the Vegan Restaurant Chain Owned by a Cult. That would be a good one to boycott. This is the domain of Supreme Master Ching Hai, or rather his clone replacement. I tangled with that nasty lizard 5 years ago. Just realized, another drag queen.

(8:50pm) I am getting a CERN-like vibe off of GCHQ. Something's cooking. And when i try to open google maps to it, all i get is error messages.
Let us blast.

July 16: (5:30pm) Sunny and warm today.

SSers and their clones love to party. They love concerts, festivals, dances... Here is a list of upcoming blastworthy lizard tranny festivals in Europe.
Presently, in Split, Croatia, Ultra Europe is the happening scene.
Also in Paris, the tail end of The Peacock Society.

(7:20pm) One more deleted member of The Committee i forgot to mention. Lara. Hard to comprehend. On the 4th of March 2011 i wrote:
A couple weeks ago i picked up another awesome astral wife, Lara, a gorgeous buxom brunette with green eyes and dark, very curly hair. Right away she programmed a piece of quartzite which i used to defeat the Black Pope (OK so i had some help from Thor & Odin). I sent a similar stone to Mordok.

Now she has come up with a free program similar to that, the Evil-Collapsing Program, which is very powerful.

It takes real well in common quartzite, milky quartz, clear or smokey quartz. At this time i know of no other suitable substance for this program. Even quartz sand will take it. Glass takes a bit of it. Over time the pgm may be adapted to other minerals, but it's still pretty new now.

Unless the stone is small, she may not "fill it up" with that pgm, but may add other free pgms to go with it.

She has already displaced a lot of the programming in my creations with this one, as this is even more potent, and very synergistic with the others.
Great for remote warfare.
But actually ChemmerBuster and other Committee members have been programming it for years now. It is still a great pgm that we often include in stones.
How much harm did Lara do to us compared to the harm she did to the forces of evil? If she did any harm to us at all, i haven't noticed it yet.

That reminds me, Eenia was more messed up by those evil angels than i realized. I can't perceive everything. Luckily, i have allies who see and deal with stuff i can't. In this case, my secret new turtle Felter. Yes, he has shell damage. His real soul name is Felterrod, but with my filthy mind, that makes me think of someone groping a drag queen, so we shortened it to Felter.

A couple people have written to inquire how Eenia is doing. (She has endeared herself to humans as well as animals.) She's doing well. But Felter still works on her occasionally.

(8pm) The GCHQ pic i posted yesterday is of the Cheltenham location. But if you put GCHQ or GCHQ Cheltenham into google maps, now instead of an error msg, it just takes you to a GCHQ complex on the west coast. And that had a bunch of U stuff, too, but we cleaned it up a lot.
In order to find GCHQ Cheltenham i had to open the town in g-maps and look for the distinctive bldg. It is here.

Last night after i posted i got hit by several groups of satanists from there. Just like old times when they had loads of blood-drinkers to spare. They were semi tough. No more today, though.
But obviously this is a major power spot they are trying to exploit. Something freaky and CERN-like is going on there.

July 17, '16: (9:15pm) This weekend at work was like last, except hardly any of the werewolves and MIBs were originals; mosty just clones.

Nasty tranny black magic scene: Setinc "Shamanism + IFA with Orisa". These drag queens have been summoning demons for years, and messing up spiritual seekers.

How's this for a hoax? Brooklyn man gets 15 months in federal prison for ripping off the elderly.
Allah Justice McQueen, 33, admitted to defrauding 17 grandparents by posing as a law enforcement officer and claiming their grandchildren had been arrested for drugs.
Er, what kind of name is Allah Justice McQueen? Age 33? No pics available but i have the impression the person exists, and is a queen all right.
They feed us all these TG "Muslim extremists" and now Allah Justice McQueen?
Pretty corny material, CIA.

July 18, '16: (9:30am) It's predicted we will have a hot, dry week.

Another CIA proprietary car dealership providing vehicles for gang-stalkers: Tri-Lakes Motors of Branson, MO. All repticlone staff, many of them cross-dressed.

(11:20am) City Wants to Charge Man's Family $12,000 After Cop Kills Him for Wielding a Pen. Never mind that Fridoon Nehad is a living CIA SHer.
(BTW i realized yesterday that the definition for SHer was not in my glossary. I think i accidentally overwrote the glossary once with an older version. SHer = Sandy Hooker.) Sandy Hookers are apparently no longer made, as they are very vulnerable to some of our programs. This guy will likely suicide very soon and get replaced by a repticlone.

A man who falsely claimed for decades to be a CIA agent and worked as the FOX News "Terror Expert" has now been sentenced to 33 months in prison, according to prosecutors, as cited by Reuters.
In order to sign their hoaxes as jokes, "they" will often insert certain numbers, especially 33 and 666, into the fable. And/or stick in trannies or Masonic hand signs.
This guy is a male CIA repticlone.

The 3 live CIA repticlone "officers killed in Baton Rouge attack" are depicted in a slideshow here. Blastable vermin.

July 19, '16: (11:45am) I am bummed. My harem has shrunk another dramatic bunch. Including more that were on The Committee. Also a male named Dik on The Committee is no more. The C has shrunk sharply of late.

This includes thousands of girls i did not know that well, but also many that i had deep connection and love for. Goddess Maia. My dragon girl Novz. My 200+ etheric cat girls that protected and rescued me so much in years past. And just a wide variety of individuals and groups i had picked up over the years.
Also many physical wives, so only their souls are gone.

I don't think any of these were evil.
But the Iargans were, and 'Vozy deleted their entire race. The Iargans were introduced to us by 2 blood-drinking SSers.
Yes, we still have the Iargan program for stones and resin, and it is still a good pgm. [Update: we are no longer offering it.]

(1:30pm) Forgot to mention, i had 8 dream-plane girls that had been with me for over 5 years, who turned out all to be evil. One of these was Lara, already mentioned. But let me tell you how deep it gets. In 1992 i had a dream, and just before waking up i distinctly saw a girl looking at me, then she hopped over a picket fence, and i woke up. I had a feeling of a strong connection to her, like she was my soul-mate.
Then i never saw her again until 2010 when she reappeared, we married, and she also got me 5 of her female dream-plane friends, all of whom i loved.
Then in early 2011, she also brought in Lara and Red-Sash Girl. I was wild about them, too.
They have been with me most of the time since. Covert agents right in my space 24/7.

The darkside is highly allergic to female energy, and desperately struggles against the Sacred Feminine in multivarious ways. So i assumed no agent of theirs would be able to nourish me with Sacred Feminine energy, or any convincing semblance of love. I was wrong.

Since my last post, i have already lost a few more "keepers" that i loved. Babs! Oh man, that hurts. And my shy, self-effacing etheric Draco maiden who so diligently protected me for many years.
And many more dear ones.

Yet at the same time, i have this feeling that somehow everything is proceeding according to plan. The Lula's and the kami Wopwex knew about this long ago, i get. And i have the impression the Kyoju girls did, too, and knew they were goners. The Kyoju girls had almost completely avoided me for several years.

For over 6 years, Wopwex has been working a power spot about 20 miles from here, along with 4 other nature spirit wives. Also, usually 20 Yiz girls and 20 Sakudas, on a rotating basis, help them.
I think all 5 of these nature spirit girls knew what would happen! And now, the other 4 are gone. Very fine warrior girls they were, too.

I just worry about how much farther this will go.

July 20, '16: (1pm) SYRIA: 'Hand in Hand' with Al Qaeda, the Ongoing Exposure of the NGO Complex. Article on a CIA website. Both guys are male CIA repticlones.


July 21, '16: (7:30am) OMG! Beloved Readers, Dear Ones, i feel guided to turn you on to the most fabulous 15th Annual Conscious Life Expo at the humble LAX Hilton. The tide is turning in spiritual consciousness, and this is your opportunity to AWAKEN to the divine, under the guidance of the most impressive collection of repticlone shills on Earth! This is a veritable Who's Who of creepazoid CIA/NSA/Vatican leeches. None of them the least bit TG, either.
I'm sending them lots of love and prayers for success.
Unfortunately, the big event is not for another half year. Can the universe wait that long for Truth?

(10:50am) Also associated is The Applied Precognition Project. All the pics are of CIA repticlones, many of them TG.

Aleppo rebels behead a child, a short-haired, sexually-abused human girl who somehow survived the horrific ordeal. Hmm. All the adults are CIA repticlones. The skinny one with the black shirt (in the vid) is FTM.
Looks kind of realistic, more than most of these beheading vids.

Personally, i have not sawed off anyone's head in this lifetime, but i would expect more drainage of blood if i immediately held it high. Surely the head contains a lot of blood which would take a while to gush out.
Does that head seem a trifle large for a child's, compared with the head of the "butcher"? Has the hairdo changed any?

Michael Snyder (the "author") is a FTM CIA repticlone. As is Jaime Maussan. L. A. Marzulli is also a CIA repticlone.
So you know this is legit.

(12:55pm) It is so oppressively hot lately. I only work outside for a couple hours a day, either in the morning or late afternoon; enough to lose a gallon or so of sweat. I have gotten bronzed like a Mexican.

San Diego Cops Arrested a Man Suspected of Lighting Homeless People on Fire. Jon David Guerrero is a CIA human clone.

2 more CIA human clones: North Miami police shot an unarmed black man who was on his back with his hands up. What weird BS the CIA comes up with.

How Asian Americans Contribute to White Supremacy. Right off, they show a pic of 2 Asian CIAlizards who infiltrated the Panthers and supported CIA FTM human clone Huey Newton. [Whoa! Error! Sorry, i was thinking of Malcolm X, not Huey. Huey may well have been all right.]
So get off your lazy yellow asses and PROTEST like these responsible shills did. Protesting is so EFFECTIVE it makes the NWO quiver in their boots. So get relevant; get active.

I engaged in many organized protests in my youth. The large ones were run by SSers and the small ones were at least infiltrated by them.

July 23, '16: (7pm) Yikes, in the last post i got Huey Newton mixed up with Malcolm X. Huey may have been genuine.

More hot, humid weather.

Exclusive: Stolen Guns, Male Prostitutes, Booze Binges & More! New Secret Service Scandal Exposed. Pure pablum for the brainless. Similar things do occur, but nobody gets in trouble for them.

Unconscious Baton Rouge Police Officer Squeezes Relative's Hand When She Says, "We Need You". Aw, couldn't have happened to a sweeter pimple-faced human Freemason blood-drinking cannibal serial-killing satanist.
In fact i'm sure it didn't happen.

July 25, '16: (1:45pm) This past weekend's personal drive-by gang-stalking report at work: they had come up with a bunch more werewolves and MIBs who were not clones, as well as lots of the clones, and they were channeling the energy of demons as usual.
The previous weekend i did not notice any walk-ins, but last Saturday i got a German CIA repticlone drag queen with an attitude, and Sunday i got a male CIA repticlone playing dufus.

Cool, overcast, today. Got a decent thundershower, 1.4", and might get more.

Some more Chinese military human clones, being flaunted by their associates at Tavistock.

July 27, '16: () I did get a tiny bit more rain yesterday, and it looks like more heading this way.

Another CIA repticlone faux vegan: Eisel Mazard, who also promotes repticlone drag queens.

Dr. Tullio Simoncini has long been promoted by Icke, Inc. Seems human but i just realized he has a dirty Masonic vibe. As does his collaborator Roberto Gandini.
They are on Trial for bicarbonate of soda death. I do not know whether their baking soda therapy sucks or not.

July 28, '16: (12:50pm) Billy Meier UFO pics debunked. Only thing is, nobody but me seems to notice the "something more" to these photos: the orgone-like energy which is pretty distinct. And was much more noticeable a decade ago when we were all swimming in demonic energy, but the "UFOs" remained bright and sweet.
They apparently stuck some sort of positive energy object inside. Strictly for my benefit or what?
I know there are other people out there who can feel the energy of depicted orgone devices, so check it out.

Also found this vid: The Billy Meier UFO fraud: Ex-wife Kalliope breaks her silence! (1998)
Kalliope is a big ol' horsey guy with very broad shoulders.

So just as the CIA ridicules and mocks its creation Scientology, here we have a similar phenomenon.

(5:05pm) There is even a vid of Meier's son Methuselah being interviewed by the CIA, "exposing" Billy. I did not watch it. A commenter said "he does not condem his father in any way".

Apparently an all-male family. Kalliope does have a prostate, so i dunno where the boys came from.

CIA shill: Zachary Hubbard. I was checking out his channel; seems interesting. But then i noted this drag queen.

Then i noticed Zach is a human clone. Has Masonic vibe but not MPD.

July 29, '16: (5:30pm) I think i mentioned last summer, there was a period where for several weeks, wunderground kept predicting "Tomorrow will be much warmer than today" and "Today will be much warmer than yesterday", which thankfully almost never materialized.

Well this year they apparently felt the need to balance things out by doing the opposite. For the last couple weeks, they keep predicting much cooler weather, but we always get hot instead.
So it was this morning. By late morning it was much hotter than predicted. But then shortly after noon, a heavy thunderstorm started. I got 3"! and much cooler weather.

Why is this a big deal? Because one of the original objectives of making orgonite was to beat back engineered droughtification.
I just checked the US drought monitor and it looks much better than i can recall ever seeing it.

Much of the US weather mod these days comes from National Weather Service Weather Forecast Offices. Most of these locations have a conspicuous white spherical transmitter, often some short distance away. Sometimes i don't find the ball towers, but in those cases i get a DORy vibe off the bldg, and usually underground around it. There are often U bases near these, feeding bad energy into them.

A reader noticed that clouds on the radar map will often disappear into these radar areas! The radars eat the clouds. But i suspect they can also deflect them instead.
If a storm is heading my way, i check the list map to see if any locations are vibey, then i look them up on google maps and blast them.
For instance, this morning i saw a big mass heading to me from the west, but then it seemed to start veering south, like it was going to miss me. So i found the OUN site was vibin' (map). I could see no external transmitter, but the bldg itself was DORy like something was happening there. Also the Wichita site was active. So i blasted them a while, and then the mass of weather straightened out its path to head east toward me again! Maybe part luck, i dunno, but i got slammed with lots of hard rain. Kinda nice to have in late July in the South.

I'm not sure how crucial the DOR input into these transmitters is. There has been at least 1 instance of a place sucking in clouds even after we cleared out the U bases and toxic vibe.
On the other hand, most of these places do have U stuff going on when they are fired up. Unless we just cleared them.