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Loohan's blog for July, 2017

July 1, 2017: (8:20am) So far, slightly over 1" of rain. More probable over the next 3 days.

Ah, yes, time for another one of these cookie-cutter hoaxes: Mother's baby ripped out of her by woman who 'faked being pregnant after abortion'.
Fortunately, the perp is the same actor as the victim.

July 2, '17: (8:05am) I felt super great day before yesterday, then yesterday got hammered badly all day from WW bases and WW craft. I think we got rid of all the jailable WWs but the solid ones are still very widespread.
They packed some kind of miserable, mysterious black magic into me that took my wives hours of hard work to get rid of.

Chungoids have been laying low, but there are probably many in U bases.
Yesterday we took out a huge Chungoid base under Slovenia. A guy had gifted the area with the Channel Program. Then i could tell on the map that there were some kind of cloaked U bases there. But it took many hours before the orgone could break through the cloaking. So no doubt there are many more such hidden bases.

Someone asked me about It's a load of inventive bunk. I have not found a name/pic of this human Freemason "practitioner" but he demands high prices for his fake work which requires a bit of your own blood as a witness. Trust him.
His "explanation":
In reading energy fields, I use a Quantum Inquisitor.
You can read more and see a demonstration here:
No you can't, because does not exist.
And here he promotes FTM repticlone Mooji, whom i have blogged about before. I had to spend much effort last year clearing all the black magic from her. She was extremely toxic and spell-drenched.

(6:35pm) Last summer i reported that wunderground continually and consistently claimed that "tomorrow is forecast to be warmer (or much warmer) than yesterday" but it almost never happened. Well, this year they are doing the opposite for balance. Almost every day they promise that the next day will be cooler or much cooler, yet they are almost always wrong. This has been going on for a month or two. Plus, lately their reported temps for this area are usually much higher than actual. For example, today ("much cooler", ha) was 86 in town but they say it got to 97.5. Yes, in the sun maybe.
Clone meltdown? I also see so many grammatical and spelling errors in headlines lately.

Elisa Lam hoax:
I remember checking this out many years ago. I could not find anything wrong with the story because Elisa seemed human and there was no particular vibe to the story. But now when i saw her pic i got a freaky vibe. Because she was in a CIA U base near Carta Valley, TX. And a Mason. The U base full of repticlones etc gave her a strong vibe.
Laid to rest now.

Today some more timed-release black magic showed up in me from yesterday and had to be addressed for hours. All left side shoulder, arm, etc.

Lately i have been again noticing that many clones in the media are using WWs for energy-fortification against orgone weapons. And this past weekend at work, many of the CIA clones driving by my workplace also did. They were not drawing on U based WWs but always 3, 6, or 9 (usually 9) surface WWs they draw on. Much of this may be more for protection than attack, but some of them aggressively revved their trumpet-pipe engines going by.
With media figures it is more for protection. Clones with WW backup seem to have a tough, don't mess with me vibe, because the WW backups respond to the orgone.

Of course i love this. I just dowse how many WWs and mentally insert one of these into each individual. I have dozens. They never survive long after that.

(8:45pm) I found another Chungoid: martial arts actor Dolph Lundgren.
"While in Sydney, he became a bodyguard for Jamaican singer Grace Jones and began a relationship with her."

But Grace Jones (pics) is no "her". Rather a CIA MTF repticlone, and very mannish at that.

He also reportedly had a relationship with CIA repticlone and hoax actress Paula Barbieri.
Then he married a MTF Category 1 Egyptoid and had 2 daughters with "her", um right. I thought i'd better check the daughters. I have this curiosity how these all-male couples give birth.
Found great pic. The one on the right feels like she has at least 30% werewolf DNA. Plus MIB DNA and Swiss-Egyptoid DNA. No Chungoid DNA.

The taller one, Ida Lundgren, mystifies me. Not getting much vibe off her at all. She is female and i can feel a physical heart and assemblage point.
You can see great pics of her here. Some mannish, Egyptoid facial features but not too bad. However her legs remind me of mine.

And that's your celebrity intrigue for today.

July 3, '17: (8:50pm) Got another inch of rain by morning. Might get more over the next couple days.

Been blasting sweet Ida, and she has a strongish vibe now, but i can't read any info from it. I feel a toxic kickback, but get no details. Except that she is lab-grown by the CIA. I can't even detect that she's MPD, although she must be.

Wanna see some real MTF legs? Check out Linda Ashley, wife of Sports Direct tycoon Mike Ashley. (Repticlones of course.)

July 4, '17: Dependence Day (8:30am) And today we celebrate the hoax that the US was ever independent of the City of London / Vatican. To celebrate, i will use little Chinese-made Masonic-American flags as toilet paper.

Getting more rain today.

Swarm of 73 earthquakes hits Chateau d'Oex in Switzerland as CERN breaks new particule collision records. True story or hoax? Are the shakes caused by CERN or something else? I can't tell for sure, but it feels like we got the LHC and CERN really cleared up of toxic, demonic energies. Feels like we hijacked it, actually.

LOL, how many lies can be packed into a single paragraph? FTM CIA repticlone Paul Craig Roberts is credited with penning this which actually was hammered out in some U base:
In the event you have noticed the hullabaloo about Qatar and wonder what it is about, it is about Al Jazeera, a news organization, established by the Emir who rules the oil and gas sheikdom on the Persian Gulf. Al Jezeera is far more professional than any news organization in the West. Al Jazeera's problem is that it covers the actual news and tells the truth. This is unacceptable to the Saudis, the United Arab Emirates, and to Washington.
In the event you give a crap about dumb hoaxes, Al Jazeera has always been Mossad. The Emir is a FTM egyptorepticlone Jesuit hoax actor repticlone. Qatar is Vatican-run just like the Saudis, the United Arab Emirates, and Washington.
Par for the course. They have to churn out endless complex lies to bolster the nation-states hoax.

(4:25pm) Celebrate July Fourth with Photos of {Masonically-led} Protests That Made America Great. Most of these people were dupes. Been there myself.
I just realized Cesar Chavez (mug shot) was Egyptoid. He can be seen doing the Masonic M hand sign here and here.
But back to that article: this pic shows a photographer doing the Masonic M while filming a CIA MTF repticlone. Then a couple pics below that, we get a black woman and boy, CIA egyptorepticlones. The next pic down has your requisite gross butch CIA MTF repticlone. Two pics below that, a CIA FTM repticlone.

July 5, '17: (6:15pm) Got another 1/2" of rain last night, and this seemed to deter the usual "independence" firecrackers around here.
Got a couple brief showers this afternoon.

Meet the First Family of Molossia, a nation within Nevada. No, actually, this is no more a nation than the rest of the fakes; totally Vatican-controlled. Although the people seem like merely human Masons. It has "33 citizens (including dogs)", and one of the pix sports a nice juicy unequivocal Masonic M hand sign.

And in this video, you can see legendary Karate master Mas O Nick Mas Oyama, founder of Kyokushin, doing a kata while doing beaucoup Masonic M hand signs.
Regular human who sold out, i think.

(6:50pm) Mas Oyama had an Egyptoid wife (pic), and their daughter has some pseudo-tranny traits as well as a nasty Yakuza vibe. I get that she has some status.

More pics of MasO doing M's here and more subtly here.

July 6, '17: (11:40am) Got 0.2" yesterday.

More self-deprecating humor from our self-abasing overlords: Vatican police 'break up drug-fuelled gay orgy at home of secretary of one of Pope Francis's key advisers'. Coccopalmerio and Pell are egyptorepticlones, of course.
In March the Vatican was hit with a wave of lurid accusations of misbehaving priests across Italy with scandals involving orgies, prostitution and porn videos.
The claims were embarrassing to the Vatican, which under Pope Francis has attempted to demand high standards of the clergy.
Francis has tried to clamp down on unethical behaviour ever since being made Pope in 2013 and has often spoken out against the pitfalls of 'temptation'.
Oh yeah, i know exactly what he means. Not having moral police oversight allows me to wallow in such temptations in a completely unrestrained manner. It's only human. We are born sinners.
It's a good thing the priesthood is stringently monitored. And apparently the Vatican Police are compassionate about these natural human weaknesses; i read nothing about arrests.

Pakistan test-fires short-range nuclear-capable ballistic missile. Pretty scary. The depicted ultralite NASR missile launcher has no metal other than a few screws holding together the plywood and lumber boxes that contain the hollow plastic pointy things.

(5:40pm) Another big hoax of the day is the pending "execution" of CIA Freemason William Morva, who can be seen here doing the Masonic M along with one of his series of absurd grimace poses. How can people believe this crap, looking at his unconvincing pics? Seems he killed this CIAlizard, both the whiteface and blackface versions. And what kind of hand jive is Blackface doing?

July 7, '17: (8:30pm) Yup. They done killed the poor schmuck. Says so in black and white, and they would never lie about such a serious matter.
I hope he got to keep his regulation prison hippie hair until the end.
I wonder if there is any significance to the fact that he has, i mean had, so little in the way of cheekbones.

Harmonious Light Foundation has all kinds of nifty free subliminal vids for you; anything you could want to accomplish: neutralize electronic harrassment, develop psychic abilities, get blue eyes, grow larger male organs or boobs, you name it. Problem is, it is run by Egyptoid Masons into Wiccan black magic. We have broken a lot of the spells. All the vids had them. Nasty vibe.

It was hot today. Wunderground claims 103 but tomorrow will be "much cooler", 88.

July 9, '17: (5:05pm) It was much cooler the following morning, after 1/4" or so of showers. Then it got hot again. They claim 97.7, which is again exaggerated.
Then today got about just as hot, but they claim 91, which seems reasonable.

This weekend at work, same thing as last weekend. Lots of CIA clones beefing themselves up with 9 WWs each. But then i remembered, it is not so much about my presence as the fact that the area is super-busted, and they thus protect themselves from orgone whether i am there or not.
Now i've got it on automatic so that the WWs from the drive-bys there get nailed regardless of where i am.
Of course, there were nonetheless a few BRRAAATatatat noisemakers gunning their engines. These seem to be suicidal clones on their way to die in a U base that want to get marked so they don't make the trip for nothing.

I had an oh, duh moment this afternoon. I realized i had posted last month (on the19th) about NGC4414ers being Egyptoid, but the 2 pix i posted are of M32ers! Which are also Egyptoid-reptilian hybrids. In fact many of the new SSer strains that showed up around the time of New Madrid earthquake are probably such hybrids.
There used to be a mess of pix of several such races from different galaxies here but now they seem to have deleted the pix; i tried 3 browsers. It may be a Flash issue, but updating Flash in Chrome or Chromium is extremely difficult as all instructions are unworkable.
I wanted to take a look at these other SSer strains. I suspect most may be Egyptoid.

July 12, '17: (1:50pm) It has been hot lately.

SICK: Viral YouTube Video Shows Parents 'Explaining Masturbation' to Young Children; Disturbing video prompts huge backlash after being promoted by YouTube. Yes, it is pretty sick, what all these CIA human clones are up to. 'Explaining Masturbation' is not even the tip of the iceberg.

Australia cautiously enters medical marijuana market
Barely knee high, it is one of about 50 government-sanctioned "mother plants" to be cloned for future generations of crops for the country's fledgling medicinal marijuana industry...

At least 10 sector-related firms have listed on Australia's stock exchange ...
I trust you can read between the lines.
Then the article shows a feminine male Category 1 Egyptoid blood-ritual satanist, Andrew Kavasilas, with a pot plant, and then a Category 1 Egyptoid girl, Arielle Harding, in need of CBD.

(8:15pm) Japan's 'Black Widow' Confessed with a Masonic M hand sign.

Another CIA proprietary: Wealth Academy, headquartered in Singapore.

July 13, '17: (8:55pm) Murder of Sarah Halimi. Now, i have a question about this. The pic of Sarah Halimi here looks nothing like the ugly MTF version that is everywhere else on the web. But it does look like a younger version of the article's "author" Nidra Poller, a female repticlone. And seems to have the same vibe.
I could find no pix of the young Poller on google.

Captured jihadis are paraded for the cameras in Mosul as US commander warns Iraq must stop ISIS 2.0 emerging from the ashes. Notice something here. In the 2nd pic, a certain CIA repticlone male is made prominent. Then they change his shirt and slap on a fake beard, and presto, he becomes one of the jihadis in subsequent pics.

Another CIA human clone: Ki Kaz. Note the deliberate androgynous look; cheekbones, forehead...

July 16, '17: (5pm) Saudi Arabia executes four men over attacks on police in restive Qatif peninsula. I've commented on the sword in that old pic before. Lower down is a slideshow. One pic has a Masonic M held up high and proud. Some pics have trannies; one has several obvious MTFs.

The porn star in Porn Stars Are Helping Parents Talk to Kids About Sex is another CIA lab-grown fake human of some sort. Female, but no assemblage point or heart vibe.

Another CIA human clone: Justin Bieber's rumoured fling Sahara Ray puts on a VERY cheeky display as she flashes her pert derriere in a white G-string bikini. This creature has a prostate (unlike Bieber) and silicone! Note the Egyptoid DNA.

Another free-spirited Freemason promoted on Vice: I Spent Three Years Living with Runaway Rainbow Children. Second image. I'm surprised she's a human female. Masonic M hand sign.

"Contactee" Jerry Wills is another CIA repticlone.

At work this weekend, i had no repty customers (i think many of them know to avoid me) but most of the people who came in were Egyptoid Masons, none of which seemed aware of who i am.
Also, i am increasingly realizing that various humans in my town whom i've know for years are Etoids.
This is kind of spooky. If almost all the road traffic is repticlones and werewolf clones, and a high percent of the human minority are evil Egyptomutants from outer space, how many normal humans are left? And some of those are also Masons/satanists.
This is not acceptable.

July 17, '17: (5:40pm) State Kidnaps Man's Children, Condemn {sic} Him to Death, For Having THC in His Urine. If you look up pix of this guy and his family, they seem like gender-normal real people. Nevertheless, they are all CIA human clones.

Most deliberately ironic headline of the day? 'Honk against Satan!': Hundreds of Catholics protest Satanic statue in Minnesota. Bunch of CIA repticlones. The video cover image has a CIA egyptorepticlone MTF.

Wow, hehe, i just got word of good news. There is now an anti-Egyptoid program that goes into concrete and plaster!
I haven't even poured any yet, but the allies are already programming it into concrete being poured at construction sites.
Yesss! Program courtesy of lady Eenia.
Bionized sand is good to add but not necessary.

(6:15pm) Also one can put brass in. It gets the Sep2016 Program in a slightly modified form to make it compatible. I will probably pour some in the morning, with brass and bionized sand, when it's cool. It's been in the 90s a lot lately.

Meanwhile, the energy of construction stuff setting up is already streaming through my Channel Program, and outward wherever it's needed, which is about everywhere on Earth.

July 19, 2017: (8:35pm) Another CIA website: For those who know there is something more in life, and believe that CIA Freemasons can provide it. They have a slick ad running on youtube.

I posted a pic of my new hunk of concrete down the page at OTB 27f.

July 21, '17: (12:30pm) Experiencing an endless chain of "much cooler" days around 100 F.

Hit-and-run driver knocks down a cyclist before callously reversing and speeding away in shocking CCTV footage. But they don't show an actual collision. It is faked. The "female" bicyclist is an intact male MI repticlone (like the other actors in the vid).

Things have been shifting lately for the better:
  • My orgone stuff has been boosted about 300,000X over the last week due to programming tweaks, which energy of course is now streaming through Channel Program pieces everywhere. Plus some other people's stuff has been getting boosted, too.
  • This is not even taking into account the boost from the powerful new concrete program.
  • I have been working on a super badass Luke-coil device which is nearing completion, and makes a big difference by itself.
  • And, one of our operatives has penetrated the Big Sphincter from which all Masonic BS flows: Vatican City, and gifted it heavily with the Channel Program. Not only channeling my stuff, but also pieces to channel the devices from 2 other crafters. Major power spot.
July 23, '17: (7:30pm) Still getting "much cooler" days. Today was supposedly 103. Tomorrow will be "much cooler" too as usual.

Palestinian teen with a razor blade arrested in Hebron. How dumbed down are people, really, that the media gets away with such absurdities?
The title seems idiotic enough, but then they show a rectangular piece of something which only vaguely resembles a razor blade, but doesn't even contain any metal. Pic. Looks like a cracked slab of concrete to me. ---->

A reader asked me about this Schumann pyramid product. It had a pretty nasty vibe. Nowhere on the site is any name of anyone involved, but i sensed 5 WW satanists. They are now dead and replaced by clones.

Adorable Baby Boy Born With Grey Hair. Well, actually he is a boy (with some Egyptoid traits) but also a repticlone, and clones are not born, so the story is a hoax.

July 24, '17: (1:35pm) Yup, they lied again as usual. Close to 100 again already.

A reader asked me about this site Unleashing Natural Humanity run by yet another type of ET which has no intention of unleashing us, Eric Raines (pic), Freemason. These ETs have their own underground network and have been hammering me from SC so far. The usual headache, backache stuff.

July 25, '17: (7:50pm) They claim it got to 106.3 F yesterday, a mere 15 degrees above what they predicted. Of course today was much cooler, 103 they say, only 10 degrees above predicted.
Henceforth, however, we're going to get much cooler weather.

Those new ETs, we might have taken out most of their U bases on Earth. Also the allies are nailing them around the universe. Right now they no longer seem like much of a pressing issue. But there are some walking around on the face of the Earth, and no doubt still many more in other places.

July 26, '17: (5:20pm) And today they say it only got to 100 instead of the predicted 93. Henceforth, however, it will be much cooler.

The Rainesoids i mentioned 2 days ago have resumed attacking me from myriad space locations.

Pope shuts off Vatican fountains for first time in living memory as Rome hit with drought, right after they were busted. Good luck with that. Maybe a few little items will wash down the drain to work elsewhere, but it wasn't only fountains that were gifted.

There has been much rain in dried up parts of Italy since the busting.
Also i just saw this article Incredible photos of huge storm clouds that have plunged Venice in to darkness.

July 28, '17: (2:40pm) Yow! Yesterday actually was much cooler, 80s. Also, got awakened by hard rain and thunder at 3am this morning. Got 1.5"! They had only given small chances for small rain. It had been dry and parched for several weeks and we needed it. And hopefully the heat wave has been broken.
Muggy as hell but not very hot today.

They must have absurd-headline contests at CIA parties. Twenty-Time Deported Illegal Alien Arrested For Sexually Assaulting 65yo Woman in Portland. Sergio Jose Martinez is a CIA repticlone. Funny that in all his front-on pics he looks very Egyptoid, but when he turns his head slightly, one sees the cheekbones and male jaw, the brow ridge becomes obvious, and he suddenly looks macho.

July 31, '17: (5pm) Spooky. Day before yesterday at work i had about 40 customers, and every single one was a white, non-repty Egyptoid. A few were blood-ritualists. One couple was TG. Also i saw a few more walking around the street.
Then yesterday morning the first people who walked in were 2 Etoid biker chicks.

Stacking hoaxes on top of each other: Thieves Stole a Solid-Gold Replica of Neil Armstrong's Lunar Module. There is no gold whatsoever in that thing. Nor can i detect any thieves.

Vice broadens our cultural horizons: I Left Christianity for an Ancient African Faith: Yoruba. The Yoruba people are Egyptoid-reptilian hybrids as are the clones credited with authoring and illustrating this article. Yoruba are some of the nastiest black magicians around.

(6:40pm) To end off the month, here is the device i have been working on for weeks. It has 2 Luke coils and a bunch of other weird stuff in it.

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