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Loohan's blog for July, 2006

July 2, 2006: Lately the yellow Nordics have been busily making capsules, too, as the blues and greens get depleted. I keep rounding up the naughty Nordics.
Last night it occurred to me to check if they had demonic input into the capsule-making process. It turns out that it apparently requires Seraphim to make these capsules. This astounded me, as that was the first time i noticed the Nordics using Seraphim. Usually it's Enochian and Goetia demons. But this gives me an additional tool to stymie the process: Iguanas can be directed to shred the Seraphim involved. This seems to really slow it down.

Meanwhile i keep shredding the Nordics that have yet eluded my capture.

July 3, '06: And this afternoon, the reds came into play for the first time as capsule-makers. Big-time.
I noticed a lot of activists in California, for example, are also getting nailed. I don't know if anyone else experiences these micro-critters as physical pain like i do. I do know some people have experience psychological stress from these, without knowing the source.

I rounded up phenomenal quantities of Nordics again. Oozing out of timelines of the 6 universes. But there's go to be an end to this eventually, as there was to insectiles.

July 4, '06: I just went on a spree of rounding up all evil Nordics in underground bases. Think i got 'em all for the time being. What set this off is that i realized that these cattle mutilations were being done by blue Nordics. I was unable to take out their 3 craft, as they were in an underground base in NW Italy. So i imprisoned the several hundred Nordics there, and ran the craft, vortex, reactor, tower, etc. through the Grail maze. I don't detect any humans or other ETs there. Then i cleared up the rest of the planet.

Whew! It just started raining hard here. We need it. I have to keep busting the Enochians, Goetia, and Seraphim they keep using to try to mess up my rain.
This (in the US) is all done by NOAA, you know, like the chemtrails. I have been picking on those slimy execs there lately. Enough is enough. Their days of comfort are over.

Now here is an interesting ship; the one of July 27 [error: June 28]. Boeing my ass. That's a huge ship of friendly ETs which i have not yet ID'ed. And 34,000+ imprisoned evil employees of US gov't and industry. It's been orbiting Earth like that a while. I have not figured out the right questions to ask. I don't know what the plan is. Seems the logistics of feeding and dealing with the excrement of such a crowd would get to them after a while.
I asked Al what he thought, he suggested maybe they were taking them to a Soylent Green processing plant. Sounds like a good idea, but that was several days ago, and they're still up there.

July 5, '06: Computer Viruses and Demons: You aren't going to believe this, but i'll write it anyway. PC viruses have an evil demonic vibe. I first noticed that a year or so ago. They are actually black magic constructs. Maybe there are some that aren't, but my experience is very limited. I run a very tight ship ( and maybe had one virus once before (in 7.5 years of surfing and posting on anti-NWO sites) but i was way overdue for a format at the time anyway, and didn't investigate. That was before i was into dowsing much.

Well, for the last few days my laptop has been weird; very slow and a bit buggier than usual. I re-started, did the usual registry clean up and general maintenance, but it didn't help. Then i dowsed the presence of a virus in my PC. The demonic vibe gives it away.

Now, i could have busted the demons on the spell and broken it. But i had another idea i had to try: could i move it into a gov't computer? Why yes, it is now in the most important Windows-based computer of a very noxious agency. Not sure what it's doing there, but at least it ain't in my PC no more.

But it gets weirder. I did the removal while the laptop was shut down a little while ago. I wondered if that would alleviate the performance issues. Well, it seems to have. I have noted none of the symptoms since. Don't ask me for a logical explanation. We'll see what the next few days bring.

Since it had such a bad vibe, the virus was easy to trace. It was in an email from Kneweyes, judging by the vibe. There's a URL link in it with a nasty vibe, although the page linked to is fine.
The virus was tacked on by a couple low-lifes who comprise the 3rd-party company that my ISP subcontracts the email functions out to. The clowns have also been delaying some emails, and who knows what else. Next time i get some slack, i'll do a bit more work on these guys. No sense in complaining to my ISP, as i'm the only one hit. Besides, i generally prefer to take the law into my own hands.

So next time you think you may have a virus, email me and i'll move it into a government computer. Could have a bit of fun with the NSA, IRS, etc. Better make sure your backups are up-to-date, fellas.

Hee-hee, in fact i can vaguely dowse for viruses on other (unknown) computers and move them wherever i see fit. I might be able to cause quite a stir with this gimmick. No shortage of ammo out there.

July 6, '06: Well, i dowse that i moved a bunch of viruses into the computers of evil people, but whether they are effectively lodged in the hard drives in such a way as to cause problems, i do not know. It might take a couple days of incubation if they are.
My laptop seems fine still.

More awesome weather here: a morning in the 60s F, almost no chem, just a few faint pastel smears of stale crud. It's supposed to get down into the 50s the next 2 nights. More rain chances early next week.
We need it too; that hard rain a couple days ago was of very short duration, and i only got maybe 0.15".
I haven't noticed dramatically striated clouds since i've been nailing HAARP lately.

There is a Typhoon Erwiniar in the west Pacific, but it has slowed down since yesterday. There is only faint DOR there when i neglect to clear it. These days it is a simple matter for me to simply throw the weather demons in jail, which helps a lot. Also i keep jailing the Enochian, Goetia, and Seraphim demons they use to fuel their feeble transmitters. Someone would like to make a mess of Japan/Korea.
There have been countless earthquakes in recent weeks, especially in Alaska. A couple weeks ago i took out 6 quake transmitters inn that area, and 3 in South America, and there just isn't any significant DOR feeding into the quakes that i can find. Yet they keep happening.

July 8, '06: Al just published another Captain's Log, now claiming that the Rita ships (there were 5, actually) are still floating about making weather trouble. Hogwash. If they were still around, trust me, i would know about it. Not only would they be trying to whip up storms, but they would still be bombarding myself and other activists incessantly when they weren't working on weather.
Nope, they remain dead since the Venusians apparently dusted them.

We do, however, seem to have some 21 other DORy hostile craft around Earth at this time, but i can't figure out whose they are. None of the ETs or humans i can think of. And my Venusian friends don't seem to be around. I think they're at home. So far i haven't addressed these craft seriously, but it looks like i may have to spend more time on them.

(Later) I'm shredding them now. I noticed right away that everything lightened up a bit when i started, like they were interconnected with everything going on.

I'm tentatively calling these Lyrans, as that's what they seem to dowse as. They are light-matter beings, like us, i.e. solid matter, so i can't just scoop them up into jail like most of our problem ETs, which are dark-matter. They are heavily infested with sex demons and dowse as allies of the blue Nordics.

July 10, '06: Well, as posted the forum, we have been working on the Lyran ships, mothership, and home realm. Teach them to mess with Planet Earth.

The weather: Hoping that rain will materialize here. It's been too dry lately, though temperatures have been temperate, and often quite cool in the mornings.
Got 50% chances predicted through tonight, then gradually tapering off after that. Skies have been smeary with stale chem and the rare fresh trail lately. But DOR is damn low. HAARP was slightly active yesterday; i even saw some semi-rippled clouds until i neutralized it.

I keep checking back with the drought map. A few days ago i took out 2 drought-causing transmitters in the northern US, as well as revisited the Big Bend area, etc. There just ain't a lot of DOR being broadcast lately. Yet, weather is still not right.
Here is an article about drought in the US. There's also a link there saying "Scorched West to Sizzle All Summer, NOAA Says" proudly thumping their flaccid chicken-chests. Sounds like a challenge. We'll see about that.
There have been a couple tropical storms in the Western Pacific, Erwiniar and Billis, but still nothing around the Carribean, etc.

  *   *   *   *
Mobius coils: I have a renewed interest in mobius devices since Tim's stuff is compromised. Plus i was able to acquire a gem of a frequency pulser.
Did some dowsing on direction of twist. I have always advocated a twist that is opposite to the direction of screw threads; that is, wound with the drill in forward mode. But now that i am more sensitive, i think that may be a mistake. Although that direction gives a strong output, to me now that output feels discordant and "rough" whereas the opposite direction feels "resolving" and balancing, nullifying of discordancy. Additionally, the wrap of the twisted cable around itself (to make the coil itself out of the completed twisted wire) should also be the same direction. At least these are my impressions just dowsing the "reverse" twist. Hopefully within the next few days i will make such a mobe and try it. And see how it works as an "aggressive" weapon.

I also get that 2 otherwise same mobius coils going in opposite twist directions, one stacked directly on top of the other, should be very powerful.

Proper use of "Succor Punch" or "Power Wand" type devices: In my opinion, it is of no particular value to aim such a device at a remote target. I.e., when shooting at a target in Washington, DC, i do not physically aim the unwieldy PW eastward like i am going to shoot a linear ray through space at the bad guys. That method might make sense if shooting the ground under your feet or the crank lab next door, but otherwise i don't see a value. I just leave the PW standing upright, and mentally lock the target into the crystal(s). Imagine the target, or the name or description of the target being locked into the substance of the quartz. Same as what i usually do with Rifat crystals. The crystal will stay locked onto that target quite effectively indefinitely until i clear the target to insert a different one. Always works fine, in my experience.
Thus i keep all my stuff running 24/7, and can switch targets on the tools remotely miles away from home. The more devices one has running simultaneously, the more power one has.
To augment the effectiveness of my PW when used that way, i keep a nice orgonite disk setting on top of it, energy direction driving downward.

July 11, '06: By the time i upload this, it will be past midnight, start of a new day.
The main body of a storm is passing to the north of me with lots of spectacular lightning in the distance. I am catching some lesser rain at the periphery.

The full-moon peaked about 3 hours ago here, and i see that some nearby covens made some little messes. Yes, even got some juice out of Satan and Ahriman despite their incarcerated condition. I'm still trying to tighten that scene up.

  *   *   *   *
The Secret Service: Ever give it much thought? Neither did i until this evening. Did a little work on this bunch as they came up in the course of things. Seems to be about as steeped in ritual blood as a US agency can be. Possibly the most steeped of all. I'm thinking like 100%.
Very interesting agency. Here's a little something from Wikipedia:
Radio Frequency/Electromagnetic Radiation-based Weaponry

The U.S. Secret Service, in order to move its protective services into the 21st century, has been putting an enormous amount of time, money, and effort into developing and testing directed energy weapons ("DEWs"), communication systems, and wall-penetrating surveillance and sniper/weapon detection systems, mostly by obtaining the basic technologies from the U.S. military and having the agency's Protective Research Division adapt the technologies to the specialized uses the Secret Service has for them (See: Microwave Auditory Effect, Microwave Hearing Effect, 'Active Denial Technology,' 'Active Denial System,' acoustic weapons, thermal imaging cameras, millimeter-wave cameras, sniper/weapon detection systems, laser & microwave microphones, etc.). Due to the Secret Service Protective Operations and Research Divisions' personnel all having top-secret government clearances, they have access to the very latest military weaponry and military technologies. This class of weapons is excellent for long-range use (over 1000 meters from their targets and because there is no easy way to detect the devices being used (some only use passive detection methods, which are totally undetectable) and all of them can penetrate thick walls and other building materials, they are difficult if not impossible to detect or to do anything about.

Not a particularly urgent target at the moment; just wanted to make people aware of these sweethearts.

  *   *   *   *
Critter news: Were-dogs seem to be waning, but i'm getting more and more of those yucky squid things. Still a few octopi, the occasional grey. Got some Lyran astral warriors, too.
The darkside went a whole day without being able to sling any micro-critters. That happened a couple days in the past week, too. A new trend, i trust.

July 11, '06: Well, i got 1" of rain last night, and now it's raining again more gently.

How is my laptop doing? Well, it died. Just as i was in the middle of responding to an email from a stranger who had viruses he was asking me about. It had been acting weird off and on, so i did make a backup. The weird thing is, the PC was making squeaky noises, so i replaced the HD with an old but good one, and that wouldn't work either. Nor accept reformatting. So maybe it's some other hardware. What that has to do with the virus i had, i do not know.
Luckily, i happened to get a new backup laptop working a couple weeks ago. It's an Apple; we'll see if they can mess that up.

Anyway, that individual should write me again, as i lost his addy in the crash.

July 14, '06: Well, i ended up getting a total of 1.6" from that system. Better than nothing. But now it's starting to heat up, so i hope more rain will be forthcoming one of these days. There is a heat wave in the US, a drought in India. There was an alleged Hurricane Carlotta earlier today at 75 mph, but this evening it has been downgraded to a storm at 70 mph.
There is extremely little DOR being transmitted these days that i can feel. Nonetheless i was able to pick a little bit out of India area transmitters, and i just blasted Carlotta earlier today in case it did any good.

if you've been following the forum, you know that apparently the Venusians are back in action, and took out the Lyran mothership which had ventured to near Earth, perhaps to rescue their big ship which appears stranded on the Moon. The Venusians have not yet nailed the latter.

July 19, '06: Well, Carlotta died out. But the US is in a big heat wave.

Yesterday i learned from a friend that he had established relations with good Lyrans, especially 2 commanders. This is for real; they have strong good energy. I guess i was mistaken about all Lyrans being bad. He said they were willing to help if i asked. I asked that they get rid of the ship on the moon.
But this morning that ship was still there, with it's gnarly occupants. Oh well.

But then mid-afternoon i happened to note it was gone. Well, i don't know or really care about the ship, but the goons were gone.

It is getting real hard to dowse some things lately, due to low DOR levels, but my best guess is that they are prisoners of the good Lyrans. Anyway, i have this feeling we may be working with these Lyrans more in the future.

  *   *   *   *
I mentioned Power wands the other day. After that, i realized it was wiser to keep mine upside-down; even with the crystals locked onto a remote target, there is plenty of overspray to really sweeten up the underground for some distance around and who knows how deep.

I also mentioned mobius coils. Since then i have cast probably the best orgone item i have ever made, with 2 mobius coils that used the drill-in-reverse twist for the cable, and also the same direction wind for the continuous-knot mobius. I am pretty sure that i will make all my mobes that way in the future. In fact i just revised my mobius page with a few details.

July 20, '06: I also revisited scarab coils. Not to be confused with scarab rings, a slightly separate subject covered in the past.
Previously, i had expressed some doubts about the scarab coil when made according to original directions. I liked the feel of it better with the twist reversed. But now that i am more sensitive, i realize that there is nothing wrong with the original coil. It just feels different.
I tried tossing a standard one into Master Leonard, and comparing the effect with that of a modified one (reverse twist). I find the original one markedly weakens the demon, whereas my modified one does not.
Looks like i'm going to have to make more of those soon.

July 22, '06: Well, the rain missed me, but the cool front is welcome. Very nice, 70s at my cabin. Supposed to get down to 60 tonight.

No rain, some storms brewing over the oceans, war in Lebanon, yet the energy is very good. I think the weather will balance out over time. I'm a little more worried about the war jerks.
Pyongyang, July 21 (KCNA) -- A U.S. nuclear-powered carrier flotilla consisting of Enterprise, Aegis destroyer, cruiser, submarine, etc. entered Pusan port of south Korea on July 18, according to press reports. The flotilla has been involved in the large-scale RIMPAC-2006 joint military exercises simulating a war of aggression against the DPRK. This portcall is stirring up the deep concern of the public at home and abroad as it fully revealed the intention of the U.S. imperialists to further strain the situation on the Korean Peninsula and thus realize their ambition to start a nuclear war.
These guys are 100% darksiders, and perform blood rituals on-board.

  *   *   *   *
It amazes me that for at least 2 days, i have not been hit once by Lyrans. No astral attacks, no covens burning my body parts, nothing. I presume the Lyran commanders have something to do with this.

July 24, '06 Still no trouble from the Lyrans.

Recently i have discovered that the evil Nordics seem to be minions of the squid demons (pic source). I have been shredding them and rounding them up as feasible. I think i even jailed Cthulhu himself. Lovecraft was onto something.

My impression is that the Nordics seem to be a lot weaker without squid backup. Now i've gotten the squids all stirrred up, and they are attacking me directly a lot more. They, too seem to have an unseemly fascination with my private parts, causing a pain and negative energy remotely without the use of gizmos, Nordics, or other demons. Cop a feel, go to jail, is my policy.
Of course they also do other areas like kidney, pancreas, K1 point, etc.

Anyway, i could use some help on these squirmy critters.

They are not bilateral as in the pic. They are 6-sided, like quartz, and look like pointy-headed squid, is my impression.

Once we whip these guys, that'll be the end of it. No more weird ETs and demons to threaten us. Promise. I hope...

July 25, '06: I hope you don't hold me to that promise, that is.

Though who knows? It is good for my morale that only the squid are hitting me lately. Except for occasional attempts to build up a stash of capsules, on the part of squid-powered Nordics.

I keep getting the impression that the name for the squid demons is sheef for plural or sheff (rhymes vaguely with the French oeuf) for singular. That is not in the squids' language, but someone else's. The Lyrans' if i'm not mistaken.

  *   *   *   *
A while back i removed some etheric implants from someone and never heard back. Today i checked to find a new one in his right adrenal. Been there since July 3, i think. Before moving it out, i dowsed that it was implanted by reptilians. This is the only evidence of reptilian activity on Earth that i have run into in some time.

July 28, '06: Well, i've still been fighting the sheefle the last 3 days. In that time, i have not been attacked at all by the usual Parent, QC, MI6, NSA, etc. Maybe just a few octopi and a grey or 2. Basically it's only been squid attacking me directly. Often i catch Nordics making capsules and scoop that scene up pre-emptively.

The attacks seem to be getting farther apart and weaker. I am getting some interludes where the universe feels great, and so do i because they are unable to attack even me.
It's as though the evil humans and Nordics have almost no power of their own, and the squid have dropped trying to attack me via them.

Been getting a little rain. So far only 0.6", but some areas around here got a lot more. One guy at the barber shop this morning claimed 3". Anyway, looks like i'll get more in the next day or 2.