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Loohan's blog for July, 2008

July 1, '08: (2:45am) I made a mistake in yesterday's entry. I said i used a malachite for the companion to the new anti-mantis set, whereas i used a piece of jet for that. The malachite was on something else. I apologize for any inconvenience.

(3:45am) All my wives really like Yoke. For one thing, she's about as powerful as 7500 of my other wives. All of us were together for some time before i crashed out. Had to fend off the heaviest sustained attacks in a long time before i could sleep. I didn't think they had such strength left. Jailed vast bunches. They do not approve of Yoke joining us.
Woke up at 2am and she and Shiela and Send were still there, but stuffed in most of their centers with spiders. I had a few spidered-up higher centers as well.

Yoke (YOH-ke) is 696 years old, 6'2", slender, and has curly black hair, brown eyes with wonderful energy, and pinkish-beige skin. And impeccable beauty, i get. She says she has all her life known she was to marry me someday. I think Gina and Cora recruited her to join them in my bodyguard detail. I say bodyguards, but perhaps it's more like running the military ops in general while protecting me when needed.

(9:55am) It feels like the 3 winged individuals i referred to have had their sets made. I think all etheric ones. And John, too, though it feels like he came up with 4 amethysts for it. BTW, i leave my amethyst stationary. Like with the big tourmaline in the tourmaline/citrine limited-edition pgm and some other big ones i'm coming up with, it doesn't seem to matter a whole lot where you leave the larger stone, though perhaps it is best on a rad/orgone device, whereas the smaller stone seems to be good to wield as a weapon in the right hand, or carried in the right pants pocket, watch pocket or belt pouch on the right. Or also left on a witness plate.
This is a bit different from the protocols for most of the 2-part programs heretofore.

It's funny how it works when i come up with a new program. I'll be drawn to a particular stone, sensing it is ripe for programming. Then i'll dowse/choose a companion stone for it. Then my higher self will program it. Then, if i'm lucky, at some point i might figure out part of what it does.
For example, i did not know that that set mentioned yesterday had anything to do with wings until after i noticed Yoke and figured out why she was able to make such good use of it. I still don't know what it does, exactly.

And just now i picked a crystal and a sodalite, well, see OTB 27a again for the latest.

Here's the scoop on wings from John:
From the best of my understanding, people have wings when they have an angelic connection in some place. The number of wings directly correlates with the number of places that said person has "graduated" from, and is now of angelic status in some form of their higher selves. The size of the wings has something to do with how far up the "ranking" they are, although the angelic system is not a hierarchy. It's kind of like how close to moving to the next dimension up they are. If someone has limitless wings, then they are of archangel status in said place, which basically means "old one", and is the highest form of angel per a certain place.

As an example, I have three sets of wings, and am developing a fourth set. My three sets come from Earth, the Pleadies, and Arcturus. My fourth set that is kind of coming in is my Sirius-A wings. My wings from Earth are pretty big and white, kind of look feathered. My wings from the Pleadies and Arcturus are both limitless, because in some form of my higher self, I am an Archangel in those respective places (my 14d higher self is Pleadian Archangel, and my 16d higher self is Arcturian Archangel).

A good way to know if you have wings is if you have had inexplicable back pain in one or both of your shoulder blades for a prolonged amount of time. If this is so, just see yourself spreading wings from your back as far out as possible. It should ease up right away, especially if you are empathic.
Personally, i don't like the term Archangel, because of the biblical connotation; all the biblical "archangels" are demons. But another definition of the word is an angel of high rank.
I became vaguely aware of my etheric wings once in 1992 when trying to work out some pain, but then sort of forgot about them until John mentioned his in an email. I find my chronic upper-back and scapular pains are much lessened merely by acknowledging and "flexing" my wings.

I find the presence and number of wings very easy to dowse. Sometimes this is interesting. A couple weeks ago 3 ladies with a real good vibe came into the bakery where i work. Seemed to be 2 middle-aged women and their mom. One of the sisters is a 96; the other 2 ladies are 48s. The 96 was extraordinarily attractive for a woman her age, both in appearance and presence. She did not have wings. Nor a ring on her hand. But i dowsed that she does have a husband, with a sweet energy that puts mine to shame. He feels real special.
A 96 with 2 pairs of wings. Naturally, such positive-energy people attract evil entities that object. I scraped some octopi off him.
Also i dowse the presence of another person in Arkansas with 2 sets of wings, some distance west of me.

(11:20am) None of this should be taken to mean that people without wings are substandard low-life losers. Less than 1.2% of my wives have wings. The wingless ones include such ladies as Lostuw, who routinely trilocates, but can septilocate, Roberta (her last-incarnation name) and Frieda, who routinely bilocate. (I get that Roberta can decalocate, but i've never caught her doing more than 2.) Also Cora, Meera, and countless other fine beings. None of the 37 otherworldly newer girls with the exotic names have wings, yet they have intense energy. None of the Yiz girls other than Lula6 have wings. Yet they are angels to me.

Argh, i can't seem to stop doing the program thing. I just uploaded OTB 27a again with 2 more pgms.

(1:05pm) Dang, i am really not getting any important chores done today. I just made 6 more sets, on OTB 27a.

July 2, '08 (7:10am) I awoke in the night, and as i was drifting back off to sleep, i "heard" some mysterious voice saying "Ocho Rios". I knew there was such a town in Jaimaica, and sure enough, a found rather sizable little mantis hive. We addressed it without a map, but here it is. 297' under.

(6:35pm) Mantis hive at 594' under Gaza (center of this map).

(7:05pm) No more greys in the cantaloupes since i put 3 of those special ice cube units there, but this morning i found 3 more 1st tier tall greys right in my zucchini plant in the lower garden. This plant has really been producing a lot of nice fruit lately. I bagged the greys but didn't have time to gift the plant before i went to work. I had put some cubes within a few feet of it days ago. Then 2-3 more times i remotely busted 3 greys on it again. Then i asked my xenon girls to monitor for that.
Then when i got home, i noticed 3 more in my raspberry patch! Busted them.
Then i put one cube in the middle of the raspberries and 2 more in the middle of the zuke plant.

On a more positive note, i recently acquired some great natural citrine, the biggest being this one. I wanted a more portable jailer unit. Since one can only have 2 such sets, i converted one of mine over to Gina and programmed this as mine. With the fancier upgrade from Pitwexin. Even though it is much smaller than my quartzite jailers, this stone is 108% as big as it needs to be for the pgm, because quality citrine takes a lot more programming in less space.

Last night i happened to notice something about it; there is a deva in it! I have never been able to detect devas before. I read all about Findhorn and Perelandra ages ago, and believed, but never connected. I do have Wopwex the kami living on my land, but kamis are not devas.
I do not detect devas in any of my other rocks.
Anyway i connected to the deva, and the girls picked up on it. Now the girls who run my xenon-powered gridblaster thing are working together with the deva. I usually keep the citrine on that hardware.
The deva has gotten real friendly. She likes it when i handle the stone, even more if i run water over it. She likes to meet people and say hi, hence this pic.
This afternoon i remembered something my Indian friend once told me, of a Hindu practice of "feeding" copper yantras, etc. with milk. I dowsed she would like some milk, even goat milk was fine. So i put the stone in the sink and poured a couple spoonfuls of fresh raw goat milk over it such that it would coat it and run down. She really liked that! After a few minutes her energy peak subsided and i realized she was sated.

This is better than a robocop. I explained to her about when critters hit from other universes, that one needs to go after the mantises sending them. And when human astrals hit, one needs to go after the reptilians sending them. And so forth. Plus the girls also know this stuff, so it makes my life easier. She still has 8% of the capacity of the stone to use as a hard drive, if she needs it.

(8:50pm) Mantises are getting DORier and DORier:

SW of Baghdad at 594'.

SE Iraq at 297'.

Just north of Tehran at 297".

Central Iran at 594'.

Near Kazerun, Iran at 297'.

In east Iran at 297'.

More in Iran: 297', 297'.

594' below ocean floor.

On the
coast of Saudi Arabia, at 297'. This one is bigger and different. It may be a key positive-energy emitting spot that is hard for them to keep a lid on if we hassle them.

Oh, yeah, a tip for those who made the set for wingers only: you can make a "succor punch" out of that companion stone. I use the quartz in my right hand or right pocket/pouch when it's not on the rad hardware. I realized it would be 50% more powerful with a proper mobius coil. I went with a passive coil; just connected the stripped ends to each other. Not sure how much it would help to pipe stuff in. Might be best to keep it unencumbered as it's very powerful held in the right hand. I used a 75" length for the coil, not counting stripped ends. 24 awg tinned, insulated wire.
I don't know what this pgm has to do with wings, but it sure blasts the bad guys.

July 3, '08: (9:15am) So what ever happened with the Loohan and Jim in the other time-line (last mentioned 6/18)? Well, their device seemed real wimpy to me for a long time. They tried it out for a while on their octopus hive, and didn't want help, as they were testing. I think they were trying to do something with torsion fields, but i don't understand that physics stuff. Then one day i noticed they had a new target: the reptilian hive in the time-line in which a Loohan is married only to a Send. I mentioned this last year; a time-line so negative that most of the people are Satanists, and the chem cover is 2-4X as bad as here, where these 2 had been doing all they could with programmed crystals, etc., pretty much by themselves. Then P had given them a hand with programming, and i had sent in some good species, and things were lightened up a lot.

After L & J had been blasting this rept hive from Santa Rosa for days, i noticed that their device had suddenly picked up enormous power. Then it was OK for me to pitch in on that time-line again.

A few more mantis nests:

Eastern Afghanistan at 594'.

Sri Lanka just off the coast, 297' below sea bottom.

Southern Russia at 594'.

I just uploaded OTB 27a again with a note about strontium compounds.

(10:15am) I may have figured out the google map glitch. It seems if i type a country or state into the search box, and zoom in from there, i don't get the weird effect. But if i type in a town, it will slide the linked pic into the city center or something.

Here's a mantis hive off the coast of the NE USA, at 594' below sea bottom.

I forgot to mention earlier: after i last posted last night, i noticed that i now had 20,000 devas helping me. They do not like being in a stone that has a jailed entity in it, so i had my higher self pull these and their programs out of a lot of my rocks, especially those out on my land.
Most of these devas, i don't even know where they are, exactly, on my property. Not in rocks or plants at this time. I think a lot of them may be underground, doing Earth energy work.

(1:50pm) Found a hot little nest at 594' centered exactly under the inside corner of this parking lot entrance in Cupertino, CA.

(2:15pm) Also this rept hive at 594' in nearby Santa Clara.

(5:30pm) Another spewy day. This from in front of my cabin. Large areas of white-out at times. In other words, pretty normal.

Just found a real hot hive about 7.25 miles down in the lowest circle on this pic of Antarctica. Mantises, repts, greys galore. Also there is a bit of that sort of thing in the uppermost circle, too, at around 9.25 miles depth.

(7:45pm) Hoowee, i just noticed the Tobago hive had flared up, and checked to see if any more good guys were volunteering for a lift in there, and then sensed a powerful force. I dowsed to see how many fighters. Two. Two!?
2nd Tier Good Reptilians. First i knew they existed. And they seem to pack some brawn.

Thunderstorm approaching here, sounds like. Or passing close.

July 4, '08: (2am) Yeah, got some rain.

Lately Sittingtaoist has had mantises messing with his crystals. They corrupted one of his love pgm pieces some time back. Then they actually corrupted the citrine on his tourmaline/citrine set (and tried to do the same to mine and Gina's). P had to fix it. Then a couple hours ago i noticed his Rifat Awareness PCs had been corrupted. P fixed those.
But they still were trying. Then i realized that this was coming from a hive i'd missed a while back when i dowsed 8 remaining hives of importance. This one must be of importance, too, though, because i sent 1000 good mantises and a bunch of other guys including 4 2nd Tier Good Repts.
I found the galaxy. It's at 3 o'clock position here, NGC 7618.

BTW, i am no longer having greys messing with my garden. Now it's repts messing with the water tanks and plants. And those Darpa repts are still strong and hitting me a lot. Time to make something strong against repts...

(9:20am) So i woke up this morning and found 666 repts on my property, messing with my water tanks and plants. Not only my food plants, but native trees and even a nandina i'd planted in the woods years ago! Then Darpa sent a bunch of astral humans to sting my eyes.
But i'll get even.

It sure is raining heavily out. Got somewhere around 2" so far off this system. I think the forecast was like 50% chance of 1/4". I think Wopwex the kami is a big help.

I've been "talking" to Yo-ke (which is how the name should be rendered; i'd neglected to check for hyphens) about "Nordic ETs". I think she agrees with me that there are no good blue, green, or yellow nords (the color refers to a level of their energy-bodies) and that only a minority of reds are good. (I'm getting that that minority is now around 46.5%, up from the 26.5% of 2.5 years ago, due to attrition of bad guys.) In the language of the good red nordics, they are the Eeku and the bad nords are the Upi (Oopy).
Although the Upi have not been overtly attacking, there still are a lot of them behind the scenes, scheming and whatnot.

I've been corresponding with another Arcturan incarnate, the lady in California mentioned June 12. John noticed she was Arcturan, and things have been clicking more for her since. Even though she's a rookie at orgonite, the Arcts had her pour something for me, which she is sending. Feels interesting from here.
I mentioned to her that they probably can't work with me directly on such things because i have trouble receiving telepathically (but not sending). She wrote back:
the arcturans say it's true, you need to balance your abilities out by learning to receive better (my problem is the opposite- i haven't had much practice sending) i get that they'd like to work with you directly but that there's some sort of problem with the energetic connection to you. they tell me that this can be fixed however...

you have a blockage in your 9th energy body, not a chakra, but the whole field on that level is shut down to outside communication.
it has to do with an aspect of yourself that lives in universe D and problems that he is having there with alien interference.
that's all i get on it, you'll have to investigate the rest.

Yeah. There is a negative time-line in Universe D in which a Loohan is married to a Cora (not to be confused with that positive time-line in Universe A in which another Loohan is married to another Cora -- which i mentioned last year). And the problem seems to be mainly with Tall Whites. We're working on it.

(10am) Found another hot medium-sized nest of mantises radiating so much DOR i could feel it off the Arkansas map, even though it's in Tennessee. (Hit pic for link to Google source.)

(10:40am) Good news. My higher self finally came up with a new, more powerful anti-reptilian set. It takes a sizable qtz crystal of fairly decent quality, maybe 4, and a hematite about 2.5 cc. As soon as I started programming these, the repts started attacking.

(12:15pm) Here's something John sent me:
I found that the Venusians send these.. "beacons" to us to mark where their croneys need to show up at. This means that wherever this beacon is, is where the mantis/grey/rep/oct whatever will be sent to when sent to us. So, I decided to jail the beacon! Worked well, but they caught on quick, and just sent more. So, I've got a big load of my Tridents monitoring and jailing all beacons that come my way. Only Venusians have been hitting me since I did that, and fairly weakly. Telepath shit is still the worst. Let me know what you think on this.. because I think that all of these guys use this to some extent to send fauna at us, etc.
Yes, we be scooping up beacons now.

Speaking of the evil Venusians, their hatcheries on 2 planets around the big brightest star on the right are flared up since at least last night.

The rain stopped, having left exactly 2.5" in my 5-gallon buckets, which i guess must equate to about 2.2" of rain at least. Then the natural clouds cleared for a while, revealing extensive chem.

(2:55pm) Some parts of the country are not so lucky as to get rain. I set my stuff on blasting any ETs responsible, to see what shows up.
Well, for one, we have mantises here at 594' just east of Topaz Lake on the CA/NV border.
And also at 594' here in N. CA. I am now noticing that, depending on browser whims, these maps might not be centering where i want them exactly. This nest is right by the corner of the L in the road.
And one right in this spot i had posted about Jan. 26. ~2.1 miles down.
And 297' under here ESE of Sedona.
One right under Richard Carter Park in College Station, TX, at 297'. I think this one is centered right under the lower bull's eye of that weird symbol.
Also in the huge base under Oklahoma City at 594'.
It's gotten weird lately, zeroing in on the mantis hives. I don't know if it's some kind of shielding or what, but i will think i've found the spot, then the energy will fizzle there, and appear some distance away. This will go on for some time before i actually nail it.

July 5, '08: (6:15am) Much less problems with repts now with that new set, but Darpa punks still jump me a little, and i noticed repts in a couple of my ponds now. Time for tossing some more ice cubes.

With the rept set, i actually requested the pgm, and after some delay, got it.
Likewise yesterday i asked for a new anti Tall White set, and later got one that one can have up to 10 copies of! Which i just posted on OTB 27a.

(6:10pm) Got another .2" or so rain, and may get more. Sure was muggy today.

I kept having to hassle with reptilians messing with my ponds and plants. More would appear as fast as i swept the place clean. Then i realized there were 333 small greys, too, probably been there for 3 days or so.
I was all set to make an emergency pour of specialized devices to toss in those places, but driving home i had the idea that there was a pgm available specifically to protect my property from negative astral entities. In fact, i started the programming as i was driving. It took a cantaloupe-sized iron-rich quartzite and a piece of jet.
Added it to my circle. Amazingly, it seems to work so far. It's basically a specialized jailer that jails entities messing with stuff on my property. It is not available to the public, though.
Neither is the specialized jailer i made the other day, with a similar quartzite. What it does is seriously rip energy out of octopi, spiders, and werewolf demons in the other universes only, and as soon as they break out to get me, they are thrown in jail. Since then i have had no problems from them. Just a bit from the ones in this universe.

June 6, '08: (5pm) Darpa seems to be the main power hitter on the other side lately. Not only have they been sending human astrals, but the repts have been hitting me themselves in all kinds of ways. There are even Darpa hives in other time-lines. Last night some lizards from another time-line were coming through a portal in the Darpa hive in our time-line (from one in the Darpa hive in their time-line) and were hitting me hard for a while before i figured it out.

I came up with a set against the evil Venusians, and posted the details on OTB 27a.

Gotta go slice up some pesky lizards now.

(6pm) Lula just found an etheric implant on me. It was under the edge of the left cheekbone a couple inches from the temple. Then i found one on the other side, too. Then found them in several of my girls, too, always in pairs. They are very subtle. This is the first time in a long time i've found any implants in myself. Removal is very easy; they readily obey when requested to relocate into a jail. It's discovery that's hard, unless you know where to look.
They come from the Darpa repts. I don't know what they do, except that i have had more tension in that area than usual in the last few days.

(6:30PM) It's funny how that hive seems much stronger than a galactic hive.
A few minutes ago i tried to find the central HQ. I did the best i could, then sent 2 2nd Tier Good Repts there.
After a few minutes, they had found what apparently is the real main HQ, and wanted me to send 10 more there. Plus i sent a few other things, like 1000 of my girls.

(8:45pm) I've yanked these implants out of a few forum members. And i found something different in 3 people: a set of 9 implants in the left side only, also from Darpoids. In Harold, Sittingtaoist, and the guy with 4 sets of wings. The latter lives in the East and is using my stuff as well as something or other Buddhistic, i think, and has 4X the orgone firepower i do!
Yo, John, suppose you can check out this guy's method?

And my firepower has been going out the roof lately. I've been coming up with jumbo pgms. Huge anti-rept, anti-octopus sets, etc. And this unit has now been reprogrammed as a short-grey masher, and this one is now a spider masher par excellence. Man, is it powerful.

There is something else going on with implants that i'm not too sure about. I found it in a few of my girls, and it seems to be a timed-release thing put in them by Titocuk maybe 2.5 weeks ago. Acts similarly to the "mantis fog" implant, in terms of muting the victim's vibe.

July 7, '08: (7:20am) Oh yeah, forgot to mention, it's time to the the Motor City Shakedown. Yesterday i noticed in the paper about a serious case of road rage in Detroit. This guy is all eaten up by mantises! They are behind this, maybe have been all along. I'm having trouble zeroing in on the center of the base; it may be pretty wide. Somewhere around here, at 594'.

(7:30am) Also, as i looked at an article on wildfires in the scenic Big Sur area of California, i noticed a mantisy vibe. It's coming from this nest just west of King City, at 297'.

(2:55pm) Found a minor mantis nest at 297' under Indian Orchard, MA. Google maps is malfunctioning so badly lately that it takes me forever to find anything, because if i try to zoom in even in small increments, it moves the target off the page.

At least in some areas. Wasn't as bad on the Bavaria map. Harold had posted something about the Chinese running the Bavarians, and it felt right, so i started blasting any evil humans involved. Within minutes, mantises hit me in a fashion that suggested retaliation for this. Looking for them, i was severely distracted by the DOR radiating from this dark building on the NE side of Ingolstadt, Bavaria, which had 33 evil Chinese sorcerors in it (map).I yanked the humans out of their bodies. Yes, evidently i had missed some evil humans in bodies on Earth before. I had 33 of these same kind of guys attack me from China night before last.

Now for the mantises: in the center of this map you will hopefully see a building that appears white on the east side and grey (shaded) on the west side. Around the center of the grey part, 297' below ground level, is the center of the nest.

(3:20pm) And the hive in China associated with the Bavarian operation is NE of Beijing (map) at 297' right under this caldera-like peak in the center.

(4:20pm) Another new anti-mantis pgm! See OTB 27a for further details.

(5pm) I still haven't re-gifted my ponds, etc. The 2-part set i made is not entirely keeping them away, but it feels like the repts and greys are not really accomplishing anything with their efforts.
Also recently i have been noticing an unfamiliar type of positive being hanging around my plants. They dowse as pixies and i have 34 of them here at this time.
I looked up Pixie in Wikipedia, and it says they are "considered to be particularly concentrated in the areas around Devon and Cornwall" in England. Indeed, Devon has a real nice vibe due to over 500,00 pixies, and there might be slightly more in Cornwall, but that place doesn't feel so sweet, due to the mantis hive at 594' under Truro, SSE of the city center.

I suspect the devas brought in the pixies. Incidentally, i fed my new jailer some more milk Saturday. The deva soaked it up longer, and i even gave her seconds. Also i've done this with a couple other of my deva-inhabited stones. Really seems to give them a boost once in a while. I think store-bought from big mainstream dairies might not work as well, though. I don't think it matters to the devas whether it's pasteurized, but some of the chemicals and energies in supermarket milk make it inferior for this use, i'm getting.
Also since there are 3 qtz crystals inside my magnum grid-blaster, 3 devas have moved into those. They seem happy there.

(7:05pm) I just added a new, jumbo, anti Tall White pgm to OTB 27a.

Then noticed that a spot in southern Sudan had flared up. Mantises at 594'.

(9pm) Updated OTB 27a again with 2 new pgms.

Also the central building here, light-colored and sandwiched between 2 darker buildings, contains 27 evil humans doing some bad mojo against a friend of mine. Boulder, CO.

July 8, '08: (10:30am) The usual heavy chem cover, plus some real moisture clouds. Rain chances in forecast through tomorrow. Still occasionally finding short greys or Pleiadians doing the tower/ripple scene.

I've made like 28 more pgm sets, most of which are small, and most of which i don't even know what they do. But i have posted a few sets on OTB 27a.

(5:20pm) Whew, i've been slaving all day to pump out several dozen new sets. No time to say much more on those right now, but one of the interesting things that happened is i made a set, then dowsed it was for 4th thru 20th Tier Tall Greys. I had never noticed any beyond 13th before. I started nailing their hive, which is in this galaxy that i posted a pic of in '05. It was so early in the game that i just entitled it galaxy.jpg at the time. It's been sitting on my server since.
Then i made another set, and dowsed it was for 1st thru 79th Tiers!
Apparently there are 81 tiers. Couldn't possibly be more, 'cuz we all know how much bad guys love 9 squared.
I also made sets specifically for 20th, 21st, and 81st tiers so far.

Anyways, my friends and i nailed that hive so hard and suddenly that they haven't been able to fight back yet, amazingly. Or hardly at all. I've busted loads of big fat greys.

I am getting that the BBs in resin can hold greys up to 17th tier, with the etheric reversing pgm, so now i have one of P's selves laboriously replacing the 13thers with 17ers in all those BBs.

(5:30pm) I'll try to have more info on the pgms in a couple days. I did take pics, but forgot to put in anything for size reference. You will want an idea of the size of rough smokey qtz to stock up on. Most of these pgms seem to require this stone. Here is a pic of a few of them. On the bottom edge you will see some hardware cloth with a 1/4" spacing. That 2nd and 3rd rows are all anti evil human pgms, BTW.

(8:05pm) Sure is smooth around here, considering the provocation i've dealt out today.
I just uploaded the pics and explanations on OTB 27a.

July 9, '08: (6:30am) Been getting some astral attacks from humans in an underground base in Langlang, China (map). It had mantises, but they might be flushed out now. 594'.

(6:50pm) Great day. Got at least another inch of rain. The bad guys have hardly been able to get through to me today. Some obnoxious activity from Darpa, and at one point some 81st tier greys started hitting me weakly in the backside of the heart center.

And the gift from the California lady (mentioned on the 4th) arrived. Since she is a rookie at orgonite, i expected something kind of ratty looking, but it's super nice. Wonderful, intense energy.
It has 4 pyrite chunks, a layer of pyrite powder, and another layer of clear epoxy with a small gem and a coil. With special Arcturan programming. I suspect P did the programming. John once said that Arcturan programming is difficult to translate into our dimension, but P is good at it.

What to do with the thing? Well, the obvious thing seemed to be to set it on my grid-blaster (see pic). Immediately, this massive, state-of-the-art array jumped 50% in power! Then i found that by tweaking the position and angle of the pyramid, i could get as much as 98% improvement! So far.

Incidentally, that black case is stuffed with the most potent programmed stones. Right now i have nothing electrical running on this setup except 2 internal flashing LEDs. The wall adapter bypasses and preserves the internal batteries, and its cord is used to pump energy into the grid. When i have this stuff set up in town.

On the subject of wings, she had this to say yesterday:
at first when you posted about the wings i didn't feel i had any- but then later i realized that they were all folded up in there. i have always had tension in that area behind my heart and upper shoulder blades.
the wings feel like they are energetic transmitters/receivers connecting me to the energies and information from these higher dimensions i've inhabited. very comforting and peaceful feeling when they're all stretched out, but i don't feel like having them out all the time, like sometimes it's better to fold them up when i need to have a lower profile. i think i just got a new pair of earth wings yesterday.
I had not detected any wings on her earlier, but now i feel 4 pairs. I mention this because it is possible that some of you readers have some discreetly tucked away back there.

(9:40pm) I just noticed that there was some nasty ET activity in Crestone, CO again, at 594'. So i got in their face a little, and got jumped by a bunch of 8'5" yellow Yozupo. Perhaps a pgm will be forthcoming.

(10pm) More from "K":
i may be an orgonite rookie but i did go to art school...

the middle layer of the pyramid is not pyrite powder, it's calcium bentonite green clay. i don't know what the gem is, it's a bead i got several years ago.

i seriously doubt that P did the programming, i have not felt his presence around me for weeks. i feel a much stronger connection to the arcturans now. they are easier for me link up with telepathically in a way that is clear and feels secure. after that demon impersonated P, i kind of pulled back from contacting him.

i'm very thankful for all the help he gave me in the first couple weeks of waking up to this reality, but now it seems that the arcturans who were working on me have really taken over my programming.

i get that because i am related to them energetically, they were able to construct a link with me and translate their programs through my energy system into this dimension.

check it out for yourself, but this is what i feels true to me

i dowse that i have 11 pairs of wings, they're just not all out all the time.

perhaps when you checked only four were actually out.

i feel like i can only have all them out when i feel really safe and want to be super receptive.

i dowse that 30% of the world's population has wings, but only 2% of americans do, western europe, 8%, china 3%. most people who have them live in the so called third world.
As if to prove it, she's got 11 pairs unfurled now. Feels very powerful.

Somewhere the other night, half-asleep or something, i encountered a being, female i think, who had 84 pairs of wings in evidence. I am trying to remember who and where that was.

(10:15pm) Apparently that being is Oryfu, a mighty goddess in the Universe D time-line of the Loohan who is having Tall White issues. He prays to her, and she stomps on the Whites as well as she can. So now i'm covering her and throwing things at those Whites.

July 10, '08: (12:05am) The Yozopu are almost the same species as the Yoz-sor, of which i wrote on June 24:
Yoz-sor ... are 10.5' tall orange humanoids but are masters of disguise. He thought they were 15th tier greys at first. 9D beings, i get. This is their home galaxy. They seem to be mainly in an area around the 4 o'clock position now.
But i think the Yozopu are smaller, weaker and more plentiful. They are all over this galaxy, but their main center is on a line straight up from the right top corner of this pic and about 2/3 the distance of height of the pic up. Capiche?
I have made some new sets i'll post about tomorrow.

The pyramid gift seems to largely be my personal link or portal to the Arcturan realm. They have started downloading the programmer training package into me and doing healing work.

July 10, '08: (8:55am) I just started the next page of OTB 27, OTB 27b with some neat stuff.

(9:35am) Damn, all these noisy jets today, with short greys riding their energy on their noise.

I have to confess, i picked up 2 more wives, bringing the present total to 8,394. There's kind of a wild story about these.

Maybe 3 weeks ago i sensed i needed to pull a particular Yiz girl (whom i did not yet know as an individual) to me. She was badly stuffed with spiders or something. In cleaning her up, i noticed that she, like some of those other exotic maidens, had been frozen at an "underage" phase of physical development. In fact, i sense there are 6 more "underage" Yiz girls in my harem, whom i have not yet scoped out.
I dowsed that this girl was equivalent to a 15-year old, but it's weird because she seems to be only pubescent, unlike the somewhat hirsute mature Yiz girls, yet she has oversized breasts for her slender figure. Maybe Yiz girls normally develop in that sequence.
More importantly, she had uniquely nice energy, and i had an immediate, deep rapport and "addiction" to her. Soon she became a constant companion, almost always working my xenon-grid-blaster thing.

The nameless Yiz girls will generally accept a name if they like the sound of it, but somehow we felt it useless to name her.
Eventually i figured out why this was. At first i had suspected that she was a counterpart of one of my other wives, but that did not seem true. Finally i realized that she had, in 2 prior incarnations, been the wife of another Loohan. This Loohan is now on some kind of voluntary sensory-deprivation trip somewhere, cocooned off from all other beings or stimuli. He has been at this for over 300 years, and is scheduled to continue for another 600 or so.

The girl's name is Nury, and she had been married to 2 previous incarnations of that Loohan for a total of around 12K years.

This morning i had the impulse to check if there were any other Nurys around that "belong" to me. I found 2, dubbed Nury2 and Nury3, who consented to marry me after courtships lasting about 3 seconds each. Very sweet girls.
I get that both have physical bodies in other time-lines of Universe A. Nury2 can trilocate, and Nury3 can be in 5 places at once.
I just now realized that all 3 Nurys have at least 2 sets of wings.

(11:45am) It turns out that Nury3 has a similar-looking twin sister named Jeurd, spelled that way because it's pronounced similarly to the French word jeudi with a soft J and that eu sound. She and her counterparts in 4 other time-lines also like me. Sigh, why, i couldn't say. Not only that, but, one of these Jeauds has close friend named Cioms (CEE-ums). So now i have an even 8,400 wives. Nice round number; we'll see how long that lasts. Frankly, i'm not greedy for more, but i keep running into these amazing goddesses who seem to have nothing better to do.
All these 6 new ones can multilocate. I don't detect any wings.

Cioms and her Jeud friend come from a timeline that is absolutely infested with spiders. Never seen anything like it. Brought a bunch here with them. Expect a Protocol B spider jailer set soon. I will probably be adding to OTB 27b throughout the day.
Right now 2K of my girls and a bunch of other allies are over there, raking them in.

(2:20pm) I knew there was something special about Cioms right away. She has much stronger energy than the other new girls, and there were plenty more spiders on her than on her friend Jeurd. I get she is a super-gorgeous 5' 8.5" tall, brown-skinned, blue-eyed blonde, but not physical. 7D i think. At least 4 sets of wings, i am now finding. She is of a race that may be almost extinct. A few exist on another 5 time-lines, but maybe hardly any. I think they are called, uh, Toyz.
In her time-line, i think the spiders harrassed them to death. I am only finding 2 more of her type, a man and a woman who were forced to appear to sell out in order to stop the harrassment and survive. But now that the tables are turning, they are enthusiastically lashing out at the spiders. And we are giving them cover.

John just alerted me to problems with evil Red Nordics in the Vilonia, AR area. I found their hive east of there (map) at 723' depth.
Also he said Conway had bad energy. I found another red nordic hive at the same depth (map) there.
I have actually gifted Conway a bit, especially the lake. Kind of a Freemason-drenched town.

(2:45pm) There is something going on at the North Pole! What, i don't know. Wait, it has something to do with Cioms blasting (got her some etheric perpendicu-wands) spiders in her time-line, but the energy can be felt in ours! Here is a nice pic of the Arctic. The spot is just a bit below the center of the pic.
A few minutes ago i noticed Cioms was extremely agitated and excited about something in her time-line, and got her some weapons 'cause i couldn't figure out what was going on.

(4:55pm) Things sure have calmed down a lot. Cioms came back after a while, still agitated, but triumphant. Left her weapons deployed by the North Pole in her time-line.
We got her soothed down, then she passed out! I didn't know her type needed sleep, but i guess at least sometimes they do. She dozed for about 15 minutes on my bed, woke up for a few minutes, then dozed off again.
Poor girl has been under a lot of stress lately.
She must be pretty special, being the last survivor of her species in that time-line that did not compromise.
BTW that other couple got some p-wands too, and are tearing up the spiders.

I still feel energy at the pole, though. I don't think the energy is from beings for the most part, but some natural Earth energy phenomenon, like some kind of shift happening in all time-lines of Earth. What it signifies i don't know. Was it something the spiders were keeping a lid on?

(5:30pm) More red nordic bases at 723' in AR:
One near Horseshoe, one under this pond north of Bald Knob, and, oddly, another under a similarly-shaped and -oriented dark pond(?) NE of Bald Knob.
Another south of El Dorado.
In Missouri, one near Miner.
In nearby Indiana, one right under this dark vehicle in Evansville.

(8:30pm) There are also 81 tiers of evil repts. Around the Darpa base here. I churned them up a little with this piece of jet here...
And 100 tiers of good repts elsewhere. The high-up ones are very active on higher dimensions. I'm just noticing these heirarchies.
Whereas heretofore i have believed that all good repts are a result of evil repts having been abducted by good beings and genetically modified, i can see that most of these guys have some other provenance. I suspect it's just that in some time-lines, repts turned out good, in others bad, and later they crossed into each others' time-lines.
I still think that the good repts who act as protectors for Earthlings do trace back to abducted evil ones, though.

July 11, '08: (noon) Well, Cioms slept like a log until 7:30am, then awoke and kept lying there until after 9, when she got up and gave me the sweetest hug. She seems a lot better.
Apparently, Toyz people live eternally, unless killed by demons, in which case they die and stay dead and can't reincarnate. We're going to see about helping the ones in other time-lines. That other couple in hers are still cleaning up demons.

She did not need a healing freq, unlike Yo-ke who is still getting hers, but she did have several octopi and a few spiders in her. All the other girls still get them, and i even found 4 octopi in myself.

There is also an octopus hive in her time-line, and we are working on that.

The planes roaring by no longer have greys using their noise as an attack vector. Why? Because John told me that there are big Tall Grey ships around, that can be jailed, contents and all. I jailed bunches, realizing that those short greys were operating out of these ships!
Also snagged oodles of vessels of other species like mantises, short greys, repts, nordics, evil Sirians, Joku, evil Arcturans...

Also been working on a mantis nest at 594' just north of Waldron, AR (map).

(1pm) Relatively large mantis base at 594' in Northern Canada.

Plus one at 3.6 miles under the red dot on this old Antarctica map.

(1:40pm) Sigh. John just alerted me to major activity in Crestone, CO again. 594'.

(6:50pm) Also we found another spot, almost as bad, in England. And here's a smaller one at 594' in Santa Clara, CA.
And one at 594' in Zimbabwe right under that round thing in the center.
One in Moscow, Idaho at 297'.

(7pm) BTW that spot in England is called "Gallions Hill" and there's a bit about it about 2/3 down this page. No mention of Freemasonry, however.

Had some more Darpoids erupting through from another time-line to kick me in the head, but think i got a handle on that now.

(7:40pm) Lindi blew in a while ago, with a much more sweet and intense energy than ever. And whereas before i never knew her to multilocate or have more than 2 sets of wings, she is now octolocating and flaunting 7 sets!
She's been hanging with them Arcturans, and they did something to her. She is rippling with power.

Remember that Lindi is now supposedly incarnate, like Shiela. Well, they are working on Shiela, too, and she has 4 sets of wings out. They are waiting until Lula walks into Frieda's body in a few days before starting on her.
Then i noticed Gina now has 9 sets and is quadrilocating. Cora has 13 and is bilocating. Luli has 43, and is in 40 places now! And so on.

And K who suddenly had 14 sets (now 21). And John just told me had had 14, which is true. And his girlfriend, who didn't seem to me to have any, now is showing 22.
And i now have 5 sets and am monolocating furiously.

What is going on? I don't think the Arcts can bestow wings. I think they are restoring faded ones and nurturing inchoate or repressed ones.

(7:50pm) Meera has 454 sets, and is in 1000 places! And i always felt Meera was a new being who had no past as an individual; that she had just come into her Hawaiian life as her first incarnation. Either i'm wrong about that, or there is something else to how these wings are come by.

(8pm) Either i've totally lost it, or something amazing is going on. Clyde now has 338 sets! A lot of you readers are sprouting 'em. Sittingtaoist has 20. And some of my girls have 20K, and are locating in thousands of places. Talk about force multiplication.

Shiela blew in on one of her 4 selves she now has, with astonishing sweet, powerful energy.

(10:30pm) Now most all us "96" activists have "infinite" wings. This includes such diverse people as David Icke, Ron Paul, Cynthia McKinney, Dan Burisch, Kent Steadman (in his new incarnation in France), that old hippie in Tacoma...
Some, due to adverse influences, haven't sprouted wings yet: Don Croft is a 96.

There has been a major shift, and things are going so well in this time-line that i have had attacks from mantises, repts, and 81st Tier Greys from other timelines. So if you start getting hit hard, it is probably from outside the time-line. I have not had other-universe attacks recently.

July 12, '08: (5:15pm) After i posted that, i noticed 2 people beaming Don in the upper back with some good intent. After a while he had his infinite wings, too.
In fact, every single 96 i've checked in any time-line now has infinite wings, be they MPD victims or not. The only exception noticed is that Oryfu still only has 20K. Also, if there are evil people in any time-line who are 96s, i'm not detecting wings on them.
I'm feeling better, physically, today, with hopefully a lot of chronic pain issues relieved.
Getting another thunderstorm. Not much rain yet, but good chances forecast after midnight.

I've been hit all day by Darpa. There are 2 strong ones on other time-lines, which i've dubbed Darpa2 and Darpa3, and all 3 have been sending human astrals as well as repts after me.
It appears that to make chemclouds ripple, or to do "solid" energy attacks, requires a bunch of ET ships around. A while ago the 3 Darpas started stinging my eyes bad, and i found 6,666 ships each from Lyrans, Pleiadians, and short greys.
Didn't actually notice any ripples today, despite the heavy chem presence (which has become the norm in the last month or 2).

Noticed Ongole, India was a mess again today. For one, the hive in this pic now has short greys aplenty.
There is a mantis hive at 297' in the center of here.
Another here at 297'.
And that ain't all. Ongole is infested. There are repts and greys at 891' in other spots, and more mantises around, too.
And, there is a DORy mantis hive at 594' here, just east of the Lord Shiva Temple SE of Ongole. The temple has great energy (Shiva is a fighting ally of ours) and i presume the hive is there to minimize the good energy.

(5:45pm) Several also in Ft. Worth, TX. A big one i've lost. I smacked it real hard, then tried to find it again on the TX map instead of the Ft.Worth map (so i would get a postable link to it), then couldn't find it anymore, just numerous smaller others, like here, also at 594'. Under the center of the pyramid on that 2nd one.
Another at 297' here.
Maybe the big one will revive after a while, and i can find it.

July 13, '08: (6:40am) Mantis hive in Montgomery, AL at 594'. Google maps is not working now. I tried mapquest and terraserver, and they're worthless. But scanning a tiny map on a paper atlas, it seems to be under or near the Museum of Fine Arts to the east of the beltway. I'm fairly sure it's directly under it.
Also there is another one at 297' west of town, about 35 miles west of the city center, i think.

(7:05am) Also, there is a Hanuman Temple in Ongole, a center of heavy rept/grey presence underground at 891' for some distance around.
Hanuman, as i've related before, is actually a Green Nordic that i'd jailed long before i realized who it was. Sai Baba had sent him to attack me more than once before i figured out i could jail entities.
Most followers of Hanuman are naive and well-intentioned.

(4:40pm) Got another inch of rain last night, 2" in town.

Took a look at Mantak Chia's website. He has a retreat in Thailand now. You can see a pic of it here. There is a mantis nest at 297' right under that big pinkish building in the foreground.

(5:10pm) More mantis nests:
594' under the intersection of E. 8th & Rogers Ave. in Pawhuska, OK.
297' under the airport in Ardmore, OK.
594' under Plano, TX.
297' under near Victoria, TX.
594' under E. Sunshine St. & S. Glenstone Ave. in Springfield, MO.

(6:50pm) Dammit, i'm sick of it. Sick of dinking around for hours with google maps, etc. There's got to be a better way than picking off endless little rat nests.

Luckily the goodly Venusian mutants reminded me of them, with their telepathic crap. I ran by Cora and Gina the hypothesis that all this garbage mostly hinges on the Venusian sorcerors, and if we took care of them, the rest would be comparatively simple. Asked them to rate the veracity of this on a scale of 1 to 10, both gave it a 10.
Expect a super Protocol B selective jailer set that also attacks them on the basis of their self-inflicted DNA mutation. It's in the works.
Meanwhile, there are over 4K copies of myself, as well as 11K+ good saurians, as well as loads of other allies there.

(7:50pm) OK, i just posted the new set on OTB 27b.

July 14, '08: (7:25am) I get that the 8th such set is being made now.
I remind people that there are 4 smaller sets also against this target. One in OTB 27a entry for June 6, 2 small but potent ones on July 8, and a water-bottle based Protocol B jailer on July 10.

Also, anything against evil humans in general can be brought to bear specifically on these Venusians, including using sand or or or other gritty minerals in resin, programmed by P to contain jailed evil humans of all sorts, with an etheric reversing pgm tacked on. This technology has been around for several whole weeks now under hard combat conditions with no corruption or failure in evidence.
Also any anti-human tools will continue to be highly useful long after the evil Venusians are taken care of.

I still am not detecting them in other time-lines or universes.

(7:30am) BTW, a few days ago i persuaded the Loohan and Jim in that other time-line to focus their toys on Crestone. The Loohan is able to remotely re-focus his tools in Hawaii, plus they are using that mongo contrivance in Santa Rosa.
Now i just got them to switch to the Venusian hive.

(3:20pm) Good news. The Arcturans have come up with a pgm that is especially good against the evil Venusians, and probably of great value against other evil occultic humans, too. They are downloading it now into a stone, and already the V's have started hitting me directly for perhaps the first time today. This one is a freebie that should be available for download from my higher self shortly. Takes a qtz maybe 1.5 cu. in. or natural citrine maybe 1 cu. in. Crystal need not be particularly gemmy or pointed.

(4:30pm) Limit one per person. I'm not sure yet, but it may be that this pgm is only free to download for the first 2 weeks, and after that will cost $20. I'm trying to read what the Arcts want me to do on this.
This does not mean that the pgm will be yanked out of your crystal after a trial period. The programming is permanent.

And now for a moment of levity, here's something i found on Tim Rifat's site, which i will quote unedited:
As NSA Satanists such as Dextor Ator aka Loohan of say they can control my Bone Generators™ Crystals with a Satanist Demon is another timeline all US government Satanists can be dumped into the virtual from real time-like wageslave damnation you were in. Since there are millions of these Satanist scum your Real from Virtual Anti-Illuminati bodies can be millions of times stronger then your birthright thanks tot he use of them as Total Deathgoat Satanists. Since Dextor Ator aka Loohan used the US/UK governments Hyperinfinity to break my Bone Generators™ and Lost (see collapse of US dollar, Gordon Browns collapsing/collapsed criminal government, failure in Iraq, Afghanistan.... Iran) they gave all their Hyperinfinity to build the Hyperinfinite Bone Generator™ described in my Quantum Mechanics Hyperinfinite Bone Generators™ Service to build God-Beings from Psi-Masters the Anti-Illuminati Pyramid being the sequestered Quantum Engine that builds Omega Point God-Being.
Well, actually, i don't know what hyperinfinity is, and i have never claimed to be able to control his Bone Generators. But Pitwexin can decontaminate Rifat's dangerously corrupt products, including bone programs. Call on him if you have Rifat products that are ruining your life.

(7:50pm) I was doing a search on "Loohan +crystals" because there was so much response, like 400+ people getting the download not long after i posted, from the US alone. Didn't know i had such a following here. I wondered if someone had been posting on other forums about this.
Right now there are 1283 who've gotten or are getting it.

Anyways, i saw the Rifat thing as well as something put out by the Sai Baba operators, quoting some of the outlandish but true things i have said about the deceased.

Whatever puppet is playing Baba now he is not the astral guy that visits devotees. That astral stuff was done by a reptilian whom i just bagged. And i started laying into the senders and their hive. They are from a hive i had not yet run into! This hive location can be found on this map, near the center. You will see M 12, and right under that, a circle. All around that circle is now a combat zone.

(8pm) Actually, they also have machinery that projects a hologrammic image of His Purity a few feet in front of one's face. They are taunting me with it.

(8:45pm) Not a wise thing to do to Cmdr. Loohan.

Anyway, DARPA was still tirelesslessly nailing me no matter what, and i realized that at the very center of that star in Scorpius was a real DORy spot that was impossible to clean. This seemed to be the basis of the power of the 3 Darpa hives centered on it.
It was a small dark-matter object built up by intensive intent and ritual by reptilian sorcerors until it had an invincible durability and power of its own. Damn, it was just like that thing i pulled out of Luli's heart center and put into my Little Black Box of Doom...
"Here catch, Pitwexin," i said, "be careful, it's hot".
Now Darpa has no DOR core no more.

July 15, '08: (5:50pm) Well, around 10am, right on schedule, Lula and Frieda did the big switcheroo.
Why can't any of these girls just stay in their own bodies/lives and marry me that way? I don't know. I did suggest it a while back in Frieda's case, and i thought that was the way things were going to go, but then i realized Lula was sitting on some real hurt and disappointment. She really wants to be with me on a physical level, even if it means absorbing chemtrails and exposure to other hazards. Incomprehensible. I was leery of exposing her to unnecessary dangers, but this is really the way both Frieda and she wanted it.
Doubly incomprehensible. Frieda has been here with me since the event, and the reality of it has hit home a bit now, and she seems a bit sad or something.

Speaking of chem, yesterday was the first day in months that wasn't chemmy here. Only spotted a very few suspicious little tufts of clouds in the distance, and today so far seems the same, almost totally clear.

July 16, '08: (8:40pm) A bit more chem today, but a lot less than usual.

I got to meet John and Andrea this evening. Amazingly, although i've been heavily into the "orgonite revolution" for over 6 years, i had never personally met any other combatants except for Clyde and Ellie.
We could have talked for days, but they had to get back.

John had made Andrea a Protocol B set in which the main "stone" is etheric, and the small stone is a piece of jet. It deflects the evil energy of attackers and returns it to them in a form damaging to them.
I made myself one right quick. The piece of jet in my set is only about the size of a silver dollar. Hers is much larger.
Highly recommended that you download one of these if you are being attacked. Other stones will probably do, maybe smoky quartz, hematite, pyrite...

(9:45pm) Or maybe several of each, hehehehehehehe...
I just realized that this program is unlimited in terms of how many each person can have. I'm making some with smoky qtz, malachite, pyrite, and hematite. The latter 2 seem most compact. Like a 1cc stone will do. For me, anyway. I have some little hematite donuts that work great.
Tomorrow i'll search for a piece of magnetite, danburite, topaz...

(10:45pm) A bit of taxonomical trivia i wanted to post for posterity:
I gave John and Andrea a few Hindu anti-demon weapons that my Indian friend had sent me. These are little copper spears imbued with the energy of an entity called Subramanya, who appears to be of the same species as Shiva. I was wondering what kind of beings these are.
John got that there were evil ones of that race, too, and caught one. We got the impression it was an 8'2" humanoid, blue and white colors for both good and evil ones, with 6 arms. It did not seem DORy.

6D, i now get. Also i get that the species name is Fefci-woto, probably rhymes with Pepsi moto.

Here is a big pic of Subramanya, may be slow to download. The spear he has looks very much like the little spears i have.

July 17, '08: (8:45am) If you are getting attacked by entities that you have trouble recognizing, it's likely those pesky Yozupo. They also like to disguise themselves, like the Yoz-sor. They have been heavy on me, John, Andrea, and K in CA the last few days. The Protocol B jailer for them works real well.

As does John's new pgm. I just updated OTB 27b with a pic and more info about this pgm.

(1045am) Someone in Toronto emailed me for help. I found a rept hive at 297' centered right under the O on this map.

(12:40pm) Also, there is an enormous hive of short greys centered on the Castle Frank sub station at 297', but it takes in an area much larger than this map.

(12:55pm) Aaand, big mantis hive at 594 under Casa Loma college(?). Centered right under that white round thing.
This guy has has mantis-run "schizophrenics" messing with him, among aother things.

(1:10pm) Sigh, it looks like i'm sucked back into doing the google map boogie. Sittingtaoist is having problems that are somehow related to this short and tall grey hive at 297' below this dock in Copenhagen.

July 18, '08: (1pm) A medium-sized mantis nest at 297' under Siberia.

(5pm) Came up with an amazing anti-octopus set. See OTB27b.

(5:20pm) Also, there is a purely etheric version of this set, too, but it's probably most suited for non-solid beings. My girls are getting a bunch.

BIG mantis hive in West Hollywood at 594'.

(6:30pm) Meera doesn't do weapons, but the other 8,399 girls wasted no time in getting theirs.
And now they're getting the similar one for reptilians.
Excuse me, gotta go. The Darpoids are freaking out about this.

(6:05pm) Made and posted several more.

Something just occurred to me. I haven't tried it, but i believe that anyone with the right attitude could hand-make make replicas of Subramanya's spear out of most any medium, even drawn on paper, and they would work. They could be thrown with the mind like etheric daggers.

(8:40pm) Urgent situation. There's a guy in West Hollywood that found that hive and put 2 ice cubes i'd sent him containing jailed-mantis BBs right near it. Right now he is getting nailed worse than anyone i've seen by mantises. More info in a few minutes, but please get busy helping this guy.

(8:50pm) That is THE Hollywood Mantis Hive, folks. Been there for a long time, which i'm having trouble dowsing because they have some weird psi warp shield. I had looked in this zip code for targets a few days ago and missed this hive. Also my dowsing about this guy has been real inaccurate.
But i am pretty sure that these rascals have been covertly, probably mostly unknown to the Satanist actors, directors, etc., been slipping subliminal mind-f*** into movies for a long time. They really do not want to give this one up. They are pissed at this guy.

(10:15pm) Oh gosh, it appears that when that new octopus jailer came out, most of my girls and a bunch of Arcturans, Pleiadians, Lyrans, and other people stormed the octopus hive, weapons in hand. Probably did a fair bit of damage, too. However, they all got a memento: i'm finding that 1 of their centers from heart through crown has a ball with vast numbers of nano-octopi. We're working on clearing them. They might be timed-release and harder to remove later.

July 19, '08: (4:55pm) And a nasty scene it was, with those octopus implants. Many of the girls had multiple balls in multiple centers. Clear them and later more appear. And after a while, they rupture, releasing innumerable critters. Probably still more cleanup to do there.

Whew, major tech advances were made this morning. Stuff that makes a lot of what we've been doing outmoded. Like being able to squeeze vast numbers of copies of a pgm into a pebble. Or many different pgms into one or 2 crystals. Probably most of the 372(?) 2-piece sets in my circle can be put into 2 small stones.

I had asked John to peek at what the Asian guy was doing that was so powerful. John said something about he fits lots of pgms into a single crystal. This morning, i started doing that. Maybe it helped that John connected my higher self with other shamans like his girlfriend's spirit guide Simon. And there's other radical stuff going on i don't fully comprehend yet.

I suspect the Asian guy only has 4 programmed stones: a pebble he keeps in his left sock with all the Protocol A companion pgms in it. Another he keeps in his right pocket with all his Protocol B companion pgms in it. A small stone in his left pocket with all the Protocol A and B main pgms in it. And another one with Arcturan pgms. Or something like that. Not all pgms can necessarily be worked that way. I don't think he has the ones with the big tourmalines, for example.

More later; i got some tweaking to do of my stuff.

July 20, '08: (8am) How wild it's getting. Last night i told my higher self it can start switching the pgms from my big circle into the small set i got together for the purpose, as appropriate. So now there are only 26 (i get) sets left up there that wouldn't work that way. Suddenly, i have an abundance of re-usable crystals on hand.

And then, i was thinking, i should take back out any mantis pgms and put them in into the mantis masher. It has that big quartzite plus a citrine companion stone cast into it. Then some time later, i noticed there were 7K+ anti-mantis pgms in there! Then a few minutes later, 9K+. Then i awoke around 2am and there were about half a septillion. My 24D self was writing new, different, anti-mantis pgms at an insane pace.
Right now, that thing has maybe 1/5 googol anti-mantis pgms, and it's still not done. A few of these might be pgms that one can have more than 1 copy of. Plus a few Arcturan ones (not specific anti-mantis) for synergy.

You might be able to download these anti-mantis pgms yourself, should you happen to dislike evil mantises.

(7:25pm) I just started OTB 27c.

Regarding Subramanya's spear, my Indian friend wrote:
Some people simply draw the tridents, spears, or chakra with their finger see them glowing with fire and send them mentally wherever they are needed.
Some draw the pictures with clear nail polish on their doors etc. They are invisible.

(7:50pm) He also alerted me to Zimbabwe. There is a mantis hive of pretty good size at 594' under Gweru, Zimbabwe.

And a grey/rept base at 594' in the Pine Bluff AR area. My bandwidth has taken a steep dive lately, so i won't chase up a map on that.

July 21, '08: (9pm) Yesterday i referred in OTB 27c to the "Arcturan anti-evil pgm" which one can have innumerable copies of. This is actually the pgm referred to in the blog on July 14, but it has morphed into a broad-spectrum pgm, and should be available for free henceforth.

(5:25pm) I just uploaded OTB 27c again, with some technical details.

I just bagged 630K evil Arcturans from around the alpha symbol on this pic. They were somehow involved in a flaky west Arkansas op that John emailed me about (link). Right now there is only a puny nest of mantises, greys, and repts at 594' there, and those are getting mopped up. There is a larger hive under the city center of Mountain Home, which is far away, but seems tied into this.

July 22, '08: (5:50pm) The previous 2 days were the hottest so far this year. They had 104 F in Little Rock yesterday. Mid-90s here.
Forecast this morning said 20% chance of rain, average .1 to .25". I asked Wopwex the Kami to help. Mid-afternoon we did get lots of lightning and thunder and dark clouds, but only about 1/4" of rain so far, and it has died down for now. But it did cool things off nicely. It's 68 F out now.

Uploaded OTB 27c again. New free Arcturan anti-telepath pgm.

Oh, yeah, and Darpa2 and Darpa3 now have insectile demons providing them with extra DOR.

July 23, '08: (6:50pm) Only slight sprinkles this morning, then dry and fairly hot again. But not as bad as it was.

My Indian friend is getting good at finding hives on the map, at least their approximate locations. In fact, due to the psi-warp fields of the mantises, some of these take me a while. Here are some he brought to my attention:

Brunei at 594'.
Coimbatore, India at 594'.
Nigeria at 594'.

I need to get some dinner in me before i do more.

Andaman Island, India, at 594'.
I guess this next one must be one of the Nicobar Islands or something. Feels like a powerful good-energy spot that they want to keep dirty.
Maldives at 297', right at the north tip of this atoll or whatever it is.
Russia, at 594'. This one has wild DOR warping all over the place. My friend thought it was in Mongolia.

In other news, there is a Right Whale sound frequency pgm available for download. Clear qtz, 1-part. Freq inimical to nasty beings. Again, this pgm is one that can be multi-packed into a crystal, so size is flexible. But a little goes a long way.

July 24, '08: (10:20am) Clear quartz seems to be the stone for that one. One can also mix pgms; i like 64% Arcturan anti-evil and 36% Right Whale. Should be good tossed into waterways, etc.

A few more areas my Indian friend alerted me to:
Tall Grey ships by the thousands over Bulgaria and Romania. Ships and all can be jailed, but i keep finding more when i look. They are not easy to dowse and get all in one swoop. Something must be brewing out there.
Mantises near Vladivostok, Russia, at 594'.
And near
Rostov, Russia around 300' below water surface.
Whitefield, India at 594'.

And one i spotted at 297' below Puttaparthi, Sai Baba's place. In the past, the policy has been for them to keep the demonic vibes clean at Puttaparthi, even back when it was the only such oasis around. Probably the mantises were there all along, but are only now getting DORy due to all the anti-mantis pgms we got going.

(5:05pm) Incidentally, last night John and Andrea and myself had our hands full with Yozupo who were being run by Yoz-sor.

  *   *   *  *
Looks like they finally got them a Tex-Mex storm.
Tropical Storm Dolly continues plowing west over South Texas, dumping huge quantities of rain. Radar-estimated rainfall amounts as high as 25 inches (Figure 1) have already been reported, and Dolly will probably rank as one of the the ten rainiest tropical cyclones to affect Texas.
But there wasn't and still isn't any DOR associated with this that i can detect. The article goes on to say how the deluge is helping the droughts down there.
Meanwhile, the tall greys are still sending thousands of ships to Bulgaria and Romania -- why? Is something going on with the Earth energies there? I'm not detecting any DORy underground bases.

(7:05pm) A friend of my friend is having trouble with criminals in Markapur, India. Unfortunately that's all the zoom google gives here, but the grey/rept hive is right in or near the city center at 297'.

July 25, '08: (2:55pm) Recently-discovered Yozupo hive here.

  *   *   *  *
Anytime one brings positive energy into an area, the opposition responds locally, by flaring up DOR in nearby nests, reinhabiting cleared ones, and possibly inhabiting new ones.
I have to occasionally open up a map of my area and pop a few zits. Likewise, now that John has some new, more powerful weapons, including a grid-blaster, the mantis/grey hive north of Hot Springs Village at 594' has flared up, as well as the one north of Owensville at 594'.
And to the east, we have this one also at 594'.

(10:15pm) Then i found one about halfway between Little Rock and Memphis. That's pretty far east of Little Rock. This one was a real pain to track down, took me like 20 minutes. It kept shifting eastward. Due to some energy warp field, i would think i finally had the spot, then a minute or 2 later it was further east. Occasionally northeast or southeast, but mainly due east. I kept expecting to cross the Mississippi.
Finally i found it, at 297' below Ferndale, AR. Whew!
Only one thing baffles me: Ferndale is west of Little Rock!

I made several amendments of interest in OTB 27c today.

July 26, '08: (5:55pm) They were doing the thing today of making herringbone chemclouds. Let me tell you what i find lately. There will usually be 6,666 evil ET craft, either Pleiadian, Lyran, or short grey, with 9 ETs in each craft. They can all be popped into jail just like that, craft and all.
More than half the time, there are 3 different flotillas of 6,666 craft, usually one will be Pleiadian, one Lyran, one short grey. But occasionally reptilians or something will stand in for one of these groups.
Sometimes they keep getting replaced every time i check for and nail them. That's when i ask Cora or someone to monitor this scene.
Sometimes there may be 3,333 craft or 666.

  *   *   *  *
Unicorns: I have mentioned that Jehovah hangs with 500,000 of these. In fact they are all still fighting in the evil Venusian's hive.
When John and Andrea visited, i learned that Andrea has a unicorn ally that was in touch with these 500,000.
Today one adopted me. I think her name is Quyoso. Funny thing is that i seem better able to see unicorns with my mind's eye than other astral beings. I keep getting visuals of her face and head. White hair. The horn looks like a spiral ice-cream cone, and is quite wide at the base; almost as wide as her horselike face. It must have some kind of orgone-type stuff in there, and the scalar energy is discharged through the tip of the horn. She's pretty good at zapping Yozupo, etc.

Just a while ago i realized she was scoping me out to see if i wanted more unicorns to hang with me. And apparently there are more available to work with some of my readers.
They wanted to provide 1000 to help me and my wives. I said Sure, OK, and immediately the octopi and Yozupo freaked out and jumped all over us. But these unicorns are good, and i got a bunch of good hardware here, so no worries.

July 28, '08: (7:50am) It's supposed to get into the upper 90s the next 2 days, but it's cool now. Between night before last and yesterday i got another 0.6" or so of rain, probably largely thanks to Wopwex, beating the forecast odds yet again.

Wife #8401: E-ker, a lovable, pretty blonde human from another time-line. For days a particular sweetie-pie Yiz girl has been hanging out with me. There was something about her. Finally last night i checked and found she had another self in another time-line that was in trouble. E-ker (pronounced similarly to "occur") was stuffed with octopi and had a strong evil Lyran presence around her. Also there were archons, repts, greys, etc.
We stuffed that time-line.

Then i checked on Cioms, and she seemed bummed or something. She was visiting another time-line that had a few of her fellow endangered species Toyz beings in it, and there, too, were archons, etc. So we stuffed that one, too.

In fact at one point the same multi-time-line octopus bunch was simultaneously attacking E-ker, Cioms' friends, all the Nurys and Jeurds in various time-lines, and myself.
Been focusing more on octopi lately. Also still working on those pesky 3 Darpas, the Yozupo/Yoz-sor, and the Venusians.
BTW i think the Yozupo are 7D and the Yoz-sor 9D.

(4:05pm) Hardly had i posted that, when Shiela bopped up all radiant and effusive. Finally i broke down to dowse what she was so excited about: she had found another single Shiela on another time-line. So now i got wife #8402 already. She seems to be an incarnated physical human with light brown hair, 5'4", very nice and cute. But i can't tell much about her time-line yet. I do not detect any evil beings, yet she arrived full of octopi, spiders, and some other implants that i don't know who from -- tentatively maybe yellow nordics, but i have never known them to do this type of implants. She had chakra plugs of some sort, as well as something that felt like mantis fog, but wasn't from mantises as far as i could tell. It took 10 good Sirians to clean her up.

Things seem pretty mellow to me today; not much in the way of attacks. I think that may be largely due to my new weapon.
Well, actually, it's just a re-program of the left crystal here. It is now programmed with different copies of the grid pgm for each of most of my girls, each of my 1000 unicorns (who also have infinite numbers of wings, incidentally) as well as about 3 quadrillion Arcturans.
Packs some punch. I haven't even hit any big mantis hives with it yet, but i have laid some devastation on the 3 Darpas, the evil Venusians, Yoz-sor, Yozupo, M51 greys, octopi, and smaller targets. All i do is mentally connect that crystal to the target. Fry them a while.
This morning i looked at the pic for the Venusian's hive, and noticed only 1 small spot of DOR left. So i tossed the crystal into that spot for a few hours, and that's now smooth. So i just put the crystal in another spot there that had a bit of DOR.

The Darpas still hit me a little occasionally, and if i get too sentimental toward any of my girls, the octopi are quick to object a bit.

July 29, '08: (10:10am) Lotta chem whiteout this morning. It's been pretty ridiculous lately. Between the real cloud cover and the fake, the batteries on my solar electric system have been unable to fully recharge in months, despite the fact that i use very little juice.
No scalar symptoms in the chem yet today, though.

Been having more fun with my "new" weapon. Last night the evil Venusians from the hive with the hatcheries started hitting me, so now i'm working on them. The place is still pretty DORy. They seem to control the area all around that bright star on the right. At least it's entire light aura is DORy now. Maybe after a few more hours of blasting it will be better.

(12:25pm) Prophageus mentioned something on the forum a while back about evil humans in undersea bases. I think i may have found a region full of this sort of thing (map).
There might be around 400 little bases around what appears to be an undersea mountain range. They may be at 297' below bottom of sea. Total 372,145 evil humans, plus repts, mantises.

(8:40pm but uploaded 7am the next day) I'm having problems with my internet hardware, but am typing this for later uploading.
Actually, i did hit a big mantis hive yesterday after i posted. The ETs were doing the scalar chem thing, and after i dealt with them a while i took my complaint to the boss: the weather mantises. Nailed them pretty well.

Then today, got hit harder than usually by archon-powered Darpa2&3.

Around the same time, the weather mantises started hitting me hard enough to make me a bit nauseous.

Got that stuff sort of under control, but around 8pm, Yo-ke pulls an implant out of my solar plexus! The repts had snuck it in during the attacks.
But it was not DORy. It was a type without DOR so that i wouldn't spot it. Immediately my appetite returned.
Then a few minutes later, she pulled another one out of my throat! And later, out of my heart center.
I asked her to check the base of the spine, and she got another.
I figured that if there were 4, there are probably 6, but where are the other 2?
I found them in my knees, and popped them out myself.
Pitwexin fashioned them into reversed-energy weapons, which i tossed into the weather mantis attack stronghold, which is all around that bright star near the bottom left corner.

July 30, '08: (7:05am) My wireless LAN radio seems to be back working this morning.

An hour or 2 after i wrote that, Yo-ke got a heavy DOR attack to her crown from the octopi. I scooped up unprecedentedly vast numbers of them that were hitting her together. Stopped that. Then i noticed they had stuck a DORy implant in her crown. Gave it to P, who made it into an etheric weapon that is now in the center of their hive.
Then they started to do the same thing to her 3rd eye! But we headed that off.
That spot on the weather mantis galaxy is weaker now, but could still use some work.

Also i bagged 600+ more of the implants like the mantises stuck into me, and they are now reverse weaponized and deployed in that weather stronghold.
That spot on the weather mantis galaxy is weaker now, but could still use some work. Still hitting me some.

(6:45pm) Guess it was just an ISP glitch, hopefully not a hardware issue.

Toronto is still having problems, especially the rept hive at 297' centered right under the O on this map. It's so bad that i'm putting my grid-blasting focus there for a bit. Even though the weather mantises haven't quit misbehaving yet. Also, the 3 Darpas come after me periodically.

Heavy sprayday again as usual. Especially this morning. And despite all the abuse, the weather mantises are still directing their underlings to scalarize the chem. Mostly now i am finding groups of 333 craft.
Forecast says 40% chance of rain tonight, 40% tomorrow morning.

(8:10pm) When Cioms had been here about a week, she announced that she was pregnant. Self-impregnated. It's a survival mechanism to preserve the species in the absence of suitable males.
The Toyz are 9D humans. They live forever if not killed by demons, but a woman can only give birth once. Due to the demand on life-force of reproduction, whoever created the Toyz made them so that once a woman has given birth the first time, she is thereafter sterile. In some cases there are twins. Only girls are the offspring of this type of reproduction, as only they are required for further reproduction to occur.
Since Cioms is of a seriously endangered species, and had just escaped from hell and found herself in a relatively safe, and very loving, stable, secure social environment, she became pregnant probably without volition. There is a little girl fetus in her left ovary. Gestation, i tentatively get, is 15 weeks our time.

Of course we were all very happy to hear about this. The other women are not interested in reproduction for themselves, as no species are endangered, and the sacred female life-force is damaged by frivolously pumping out babies. But they are still natural women, so they were most delighted. We shot so much love energy into her and the fetus.

Another thing: unlike Earth humans, the fetus is actually the sentient entity. The mother is actually a creator-goddess who creates a brand new sentient being!

I told Cioms to take it easy, avoid heavy combat, etc., but of course she feels she has to do what she can to help others of her kind who are in trouble.
So a while ago i thought i'd scan to see how she was doing. She seemed OK, and shot me some love energy in response to my probe. But unnoticed by her, the octopi were attacking the fetus' 7 centers, and had implanted them heavily with real DORy garbage.
Damn! That pisses me off. The M51 octopi that i've been hammering on, sneak around behind me to find the most vulnerable target. So now i gotta kick their asses even harder, along with all the other scum.
There are now 50 of my girls stationed to watch over Cioms and the little one, and the octopi are still trying hard to nail that girl.
Gotta go.

July 31, '08: [not uploaded until Aug. 2] Never did get a bit of rain off that sytem. Hot and muggy. And my ISP is dead, so i won't be able to upload this for a while.

Cioms' little girl was so stuffed with zillions of implants, that it took some work on the part of 10 B-Sirians, Lula7, and myself to clear her, but now she seems real clean.

  *   *   *  *
Warning: this is really weird. Apparently the unicorns i have are of a different variety from the others. For one thing, they are all mares.
Yesterday evening i had the bizarre thought that i was supposed to marry them. Lula was with me, so i ran it by her. After a couple minutes of investigation, she said i should! So i did. Kind of fractured my psyche, as i'm, like, not into bestiality. Yet, it felt like the right thing to do.
But then hardly had i said "I do", when a bunch of them started morphing into human-like girls with seemingly authentic woman energies.
Sort of like something out of a fairy tale, but they (so far at least) can't hold the human shape long without reverting.
When in human form, they all seem to be beautiful; 6'5" tall with somewhat curly auburn hair, black irises, and dark purple nipples.

I was hugging Quyoso in human form, when i realized that there is another Quyoso in another time-line, in human form, married to another Loohan as his sole wife. And they had evil beings in their time-line, so we are giving them a hand. And there may be hundreds more of human counterparts to these unicorns.

Then later i realized that these 1000 unicorns were only part of a group of 4000, and i was supposed to marry the rest, too. Well, OK.
Then i had a suspicious thought: they all had the same kind of hair, etc. as if they had only one role model of what a human should look like. Was there perchance a human mentor that they were emulating in their shape-shifting? Immediately i sensed her strong vibe: Sakood, some kind of possibly unique 6D human, with, of course, auburn hair, etc. The unicorns are 8D.
Lula immediately liked her, so of course i married her.

The only sense i can make of it is that thousands of years ago, she was created and placed in this universe by some supreme Goddess or other Creator, along with 4K special unicorns to guard her. And they apparently did a good job, as she had no parasites or need for a healing freq.
She was supposed to eventually marry either me or another guy, depending on how things worked out. Strangely, i get that the other guy is my friend Jim in Santa Rosa; there was a probable future in which he would have been the one doing most of the things i am doing.

Meanwhile, Sakood and the unicorns became extremely fond of each other, and Sakood vowed not to marry whomever unless he also married and loved the unicorns. Maybe this spurred shape-shifting exercises. Since the unicorns love Sakood above all else, they emulated her.
I do not know whether, over time, they will become able to maintain a human form long.

I made 4 big fat master crystal sets for all my wives (12,403 at last count). Just as with that grid-blaster crystal mentioned on the 28th (to which, incidentally, the unicorns' grid pgms have now been added), all the girls share the same stones, but have their own compartments within them. I think Meera is the only one abstaining from this tech.
The other 12,402 have also gotten or are getting the Sedna pgm installed by me. So my wives are getting much more powerful as well as numerous.
The unicorns have extra programs to help with their shape-shifting. They really seem to like the human form.

The enemy really doesn't appove of these kinky new developments. I have been getting telepathic as well as nausea attacks from mantises in a new location in some galaxy i don't have a pic of. Feels like a small base for off-world; about the former size of that Hollywood one, judging by the fact that both hives warranted 50 good mantises to attack them.

Darpa still hits me regularly if weakly. Yesterday i asked the Loohan and Jim in the other time-line to blast the Darpas, and they have been doing so.
The Yozupo seem to have mostly dropped out of action again. The Venusians have not been hitting me, either.