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Loohan's blog for July, 2009

July 1, '09: (6pm) Most of the sky smeared up with chem this afternoon. More rain chances in the next few days. Cooler today.

Mainly lately i have been getting hit from the M51 Fi octopi. Ironically, we did such a good job of wiping out the greys in M51 that there aren't many there now to counter the Fi.
The short greys are working for us now. I have deployed numbers of them to various places.

(8pm) We found some different kind of reptilians in Area 51. I wasn't sure if they were all that evil. I sent in greys, and they seem to be persuading the repts to be cool.

My buddy found this spot which is a real big nest of Fi at 252' below the sea floor.

(7:35pm) Skies pretty chemmy most of the day. Not so bad now. Did see a few fresh trails of some real sticky formula.

Here is a spot in the jungle of Bolivia. At 351-641' depth is a CIA base. There are presently 3,221 CIAtanists there, and 4,111 slave children. I think all of the kids have been moved there in the last 3 days or so, from some of the places in the US we've busted. These seem to be kids of US parentage.

I thought i'd hunt up the main kiddie base in China. It's here near Hefei, at 121-305' depth. 310 Chinese gov't satanists, 3,522 children up to age 12. I think this is where the Chinese kids in the US came from.

July 3, '09: (11:40am) Some more chem today. It's been the mystery agency the last few days. Looks like a system headed this way from Fayetteville, but it may not be dropping much rain.

Looked for the biggest kiddie base in Russia. Found this one at a depth of 446-715'. 430 Russian satanists. 3,000 kids exactly. Might not be connected to gov't or old KGB types. They do supply the CIA. This is where the CIA got the kids we found in the Cheboygan, MI area.

July 5, '09: (7:25am) Yo, FBI: i think the serial killer of SC has holed up here at a truck stop(?) all the way in Oakley, KS. He must be driving a rig (stolen?).

(7:35am) Only got about 0.2" rain since yesterday morning. Some chance of more today.
It has been pretty chemmy lately.

The M51 Fi octopi have been attacking me a lot. They were causing physical pain yesterday.

(8:10am) About that serial killer, more specifically i think he's right in the center of that map. There are a bunch of truck parking spaces running east-west. I think he is sacked out in the 4th space up from the southernmost one.

(8:20pm) Now he is in a house here, the one immediately west of 1868.

Never did get more rain, and now there is none in the week's forecast.

I made a huge grid-blaster (see OTB 32 for definition, though i haven't put anything about this unit on it yet). It is massive and channeled from The Committee. It is super-effective for taking over the electric grid. I put it on at work today, and blasted most of the USA with it. Seemed to somehow weaken the Fi a lot.

July 6, '09: (7:30am) Our boy is now hanging in the parking lot here. He apparently swapped the truck for a car yesterday. Seems foolish to sleep in a car in a parking lot; a cop could check on him.

Sure is nice and cool here this morning. Overcast. Yesterday had a fair bit of chem clouds again.

(3pm) Gotta love those bunglers at wunderground. All day the weather report has said Mostly Sunny. It has been overcast all day, sometimes quite darkly. I got a few periods of light drizzle (no rain forecast). Haven't been able to see beyond the overcast to check for chem. It's also been unseasonably cool -- yeah!

I was scanning the map, admiring my handiwork from yesterday's 6 hours of grid-blasting, when i noticed a DORy spot west of Laredo, TX, just north of Los Ajos in MX.
But what is it? Not quite sure. Looks like just a crop field, but I get 112 satanist Mexicans at ground level, probably Mexican Mafia. Heroin processing for the DEA? Doesn't make sense that they would have such a big, conspicuous operation in the middle of a wide-open area, but i also get the impression the cops are paid off. 3 of the cops are satanists.

And our serial killer is now hanging out here. Whatever happened to the good FBI that used to monitor my blog? Vacation's over, guys.

(5:20pm) Right here in the heart of Seguin (se-GEEN), TX (been there decades ago), a bit above the last 0 of where it says 200 E. Elm St., there is a white spot. Containing 6 DEA satanists connected to the Mexico opium lab.

And our serial killer is now here in this shed or something. He just pulled up and walked in there.

Clouds parted enough to show some chemclouds behind them here.

July 7, '09: (noon) It turns out our serial killer was shot dead yesterday in SC several hours before i last posted his location in Oakley, KS. So what happened there? I can't figure it out. Both my FL buddy Mordok and myself watched him hop all around Oakley. Now i can't find that alleged person at all. So it's not a case of mistaken identity.
The killer did not have the vibe of an MPD victim or black magician, but because of his evil "karma" and the fact that people were blasting him, he seemed to have strong distinct energy there in Oakley. I bet some of you readers felt him too, and not just because you're overly suggestible.
I certainly didn't expect to find him halfway across the US, nor did i expect him to bop around Oakley all day like that. I couldn't find a logical reason for him doing that. But there definitely was somebody there, sure felt like it anyway, but now nothing.
[Update July 2, '12: I still don't know what was up with that, but i re-checked all those places where i thought i detected the killer, and, with the exception of the house, all had CIA U bases under them!]

So if i could be so repeatedly wrong on that, how many other "errors" (or whatever they are) have i made? I've had numerous people thank me for saving them, and have received several hundred $$ in donations so far this year. It seems i'm usually right about situations involving attacks on people who ask me for help.

The place in Mexico as well as the one in Seguin soon cleared out. But the place i had not yet posted which is the location of the CIA agents who monitor my blog and who informed the people at those places have not. That place i dowsed as being here in MD, but something didn't seem right. It was above-ground but not in a likely location to build on, being on the edge of some kind of campus. But there were like 14 CIA satanists there when i found it yesterday, and now there are 19. But are they really there? If you're sensitive and read this within minutes of my posting it, you will likely also feel their evil vibe there. But i'll bet that very soon they will no longer be there.

And to add to my woes on this full moon morning, a lunatic cardinal has been attacking my cabin since 6:45am. She flits from one window to another, smacking into the glass or clinging to the screen and pecking at it. I can throw T-shirts at her, make like i'm going to grab her, yell at her to go away, but she comes right back in a different window. Never had this happen before.
It's not me she's after, as she attacks windows even when i'm outside.

(5pm) She's still at it. After about 3pm she lost a bit of steam and isn't hitting so often. Maybe she's snacking.
She doesn't just slam the windowpane. She flutters against it, drumming loudly. Hope she sleeps at night, otherwise i won't.

Now Mordok is saying:
Anyway, the energy of who I was following yesterday seems to be here, in Omaha, NE. I thought I sensed him on the road yesterday headed this way. I still get that he is a serial killer. When you brought this up, I never went to S.C. to check there, I started with where you found him, looking for the same energy you found.
And gave this link.
I sense 3 evil non-black-magicians in the 3rd house from the right. I am ambiguous whether one of them is the same guy we were tracking. But i popped a Lyran out of one, strongly suggesting that is the case. Human souls out of the other 2.

But, assuming this guy is another serial killer, why did the sheriff feed me this guy's location at the truck stop when i asked for the other guy in SC? The only logical explanation is that this guy is far worse. I'm not real confident of my dowsing right now, but i get that this one killed 12 people. Numerically, that is not a lot worse. Maybe he has the potential to be much worse.

Funny thing is, none of the 3 are satanists, MPD, or had FHS. Seems slightly unlikely to get 3 scumbag murderers together and none of them are FHS. Same goes for the SC guy they shot.

July 8, '09: (7:45pm) Sure has been temperate lately. Yesterday was pretty cloudy with mostly natural clouds, despite wunderground saying it was "sunny". Not partly sunny or mostly sunny, just sunny. Here is a pic of some sylphed chem straight above my cabin yesterday afternoon.
Today (also "sunny") is fairly cloudy, too, with a bunch of diffused chem as well. Pleasant temperatures. Heavy chem-cover later in the afternoon for some time.

As dusk was approaching yesterday, i had the idea to intimidate the cardinal with my slingshot. Took a few pot shots at her as she hopped from tree to tree, and had no more problems last night. She wasn't in much danger of getting hit, but got skittish from the whining projectiles slicing through leaves near her and slamming branches.
But after i got home, she buzzed a window again. I went out with my slingshot, but she made herself scarce. Now i hear her chirping a few feet away from the cabin.

Mordok has been finding a bunch more stuff related to the serial killer in Nebraska, but i disagree with a lot of his details, and am drawing a lot of blanks. Incomprehensible DORy spots... none of it makes sense to me, but there is something there. E.g. why is the little white square spot here the center of a lot of evil energy? Mordok says the killer visited here today. I find a DORy woman living here, had FHS, but not evil enough for me to be able to bust her. Mordok thinks there are corpses in the house. I can't detect them, but suspect 2 people have been tortured to death at that white spot like 3 years ago.
Also this guy feels like he is one of the evil friends, but if so, why does he seem to be on the loose at this time? Also Mordok thinks the first 4 people listed here are old victims of the guy we've been tracking, but those deaths were 50 years ago.
Yet, i seem to sense a connection. Like i said, it doesn't make sense.

July 10, '09: (8:30am) Mordok has found several houses and at least one business associated with the serial killers. Actually, due to some warp factor, he was slightly off in several of the locations -- the actual house would be nearby.
It appears there is a group of 13 cult killers. He claims to have found a lot of corpses around, too; all i know is some areas are inexplicably DORy. He claims to be finding reptilians under these houses, etc. which i am unable to detect.

Here's what gets me. We have 13 perps (a satanic ritual number), we have DOR, murder with no ordinary practical motive, but all this was being done by people who still had human souls.
Last year sometime i sent the souls of all black magicians on Earth to jail, and since then have found no Earth human BMs with human souls. Except late last year there was a pocket of Chinese psi attackers that were satanists and had somehow slipped thru the cracks.
My belief now is that these cultists also slipped through the cracks. I bagged their souls now.
Another extremely odd thing is that i can't detect by dowsing that any of the cultists are black magicians, MPD, or even had FHS. Statistically impossible. It would be very challenging to find 4-5 Girl Scouts together in a group that are that clean, let alone 13 serial killers.
And they all have the same DORy vibe.
And the 19-year-old i posted about, presumably still in jail, as well as the guy shot to death in SC, also have the same vibe and seeming cleanness of MPD, BM, FHS. I am sure there is a connection. Mordok thinks the SC guy had some in-law connection to the cultists.
Are they being directed by some type of reptilian that i can't detect?

  *   *   *   *
Well, i can't say that lately it has been less chemmy here than it was a couple months ago. Also there are reports of increased chem activity around the country. This is the time they would be interested in making droughts, in order to spur hurricanes into activity.
But i no longer detect NOAA chemtrail activities. They seem to have gotten out of the business. Also NSA may be backing off that area, leaving the brunt of it to the new mystery agency that has no blatant connection to known agencies.

  *   *   *   *
And the cardinal from hell has been at it again. She starts every morning shortly after dawn, and continues until nearly dusk, although she takes breaks, sometimes as long as an hour or 2. But she spends a lot of time relentlessly hammering my windows. Anytime i go outside now, she hides.
I thought i'd let her in yesterday. Figured if i trapped her with a sheet and let her cool her jets a while before releasing her, she might reform. If that didn't work, i'd have to trap her again and kill her. The only explanation i have is she must have damaged her brain the first time she slammed into a window.

(8:35am) Oops, i never finished that thought. I couldn't let her in because i am no longer able to remove the screens from my windows without damaging them. It's like the window frames have shrunk so the screens can no longer lift out.

(8:35pm) I may have gotten the bird situation resolved. If so, i'll explain tomorrow.

Heavy chemclouds again today.

Mordok just fished up a fishy building that seems to contain 41 DARPA satanists.

July 11, '09: (7:15pm) Mostly overcast today, despite being "mostly sunny". Much chem, too.

The bird flapped at my window a couple times right after dawn, then nothing since.
What did i do? Recently a friend gave me a very expensive tool, a Heavylight pen, the black version. Supposedly it
... acts to carry away bio-electrical energy from chaotic situations. It could be described as the anti-ego pen, for it strips away the electricity of self-importance, taking chaotic emotional situations like anger and fear, and calming them down.
Yesterday afternoon i nailed the bird with it 3 times. Each time it quickly stopped and backed off for some time. The last time it quit until that brief attack this morning.

Also i have used the pen to quicken the healing rate from the horrible etheric implants i got months ago. There are still 105 healers working on that implant, and 40 on my friend who got similar ones. But mine dowses as 96% healed now. It took a big jump when i worked on it.
Then the other day i let my friend work on herself with it a few minutes (she's a DOM) and she jumped from 83% to 92%.

These pens are ordinary xenon doctor's flashlights like they look in people's orifices with, but they have a band of special metal and who-knows-what around the bulb section. That's what costs the bucks.

  *   *   *   *
For you European readers, i want to plug this orgone crafter/vendor, Orgontech in Romania.
I haven't even talked to the guy and probably couldn't without a translator, but yesterday someone emailed me asking if his stuff is any good. I was real impressed. I realized he is a Pleiadian incarnate, and his stuff all had this same very intense, powerful, crispy, biting programming from these Pleiadians that did not know about me and my allies. So i had The Committee contact them and exchange information. So now a lot of this guy's stuff has taken on some richer, sweeter depth in its energies. It's great stuff.

July 14, '09: (1:20am) Chemmy again day before yesterday, with ripples in the chem clouds. The greys are no longer doing the ripple thing, of course; now it's only Lyrans and Pleiadians.
Got maybe 1/10" rain that day around dawn, then yesterday morning around dawn had a nice thundershower followed by gentler rain -- 1.2"! Yee-haw! Things had been real muggy, but got cooler. Then got muggy as hell. Saw heavy smear when the cover briefly parted.
But then a couple hours ago a very intense thundershower started. One of those with thousands of lightning flashes, and rain driven down so hard you can hear the grass outside getting smashed. I am totally amazed that my ISP is still up. Normally the EMPs or whatever from such lightning knocks it out.
Now it's cool again, and the storm is receeding in the distance.

Mordok asked me about some group that channels an entity named SaLuSa. Puts out a lot of blather about the Galactic Federation of Light and (gag!) Ashtar Command.
It took until now for the sheriff to crack it, but these mantises are behind this. SaLuSa might be a sincere other-dimensional entity mind-controlled by the mantises. Also related to these people/mantises is Sheldon Nidle.

Esterian has come out with an enigmatic substance called Whoop-Ass. All you got to do is place "Esterian's Whoop-Ass" in any hive with your mind. I think i've already infected them all, but more doesn't hurt.

Last night (a few hours ago) another very DORy, noisy plane took its time blasting my ears. This one had 20-some satanists aboard, 14 of which are in some sub-group working for the CIA. They came from a base here in Ft. Worth at 247-400' depth that presently contains 311 satanists under the CIA. Their destination is here in Greensboro, NC, at 311-514' depth, already containing 304 of the same.
It seems to have something to do with a planned terror op for Oct. 2 involving a release of biowarfare agents in this spot just east of there, if i'm not mistaken. They are delivering the stuff, which may have been manufactured in the Ft. Worth base.

(9:50am) A full 2" is what i got overnight. And now it is raining again, lightly, and is pleasantly cool out.

In the wee hours while i was awake after the storm woke me up, i had a visit from an Arcturan messenger. They wanted me to get Jessica to work on the Lyrans instead of the TWs. The TWs are pretty much under control militarily now. Jessica has been having more of a challenge converting them. The Arcts and i suspected the Lyrans might be a lot easier. And it already feels like Jessica has made a difference with the Lyrans.

Jessica started to explain to me recently what she does to flip these species. I didn't fully understand it; something about tracing their awareness up and down their time tracks or something. I could tell it required way more awareness than i have.

But then in the wee hours i realized my higher self could do it. I had my higher self get tutoring from Jessica's. Both 21D, as it happened. And have started in on the Fi, despite the fact that i'm also having to keep full military focus on them. But it feels like i might be making a difference with the Fi already.

Incidentally, for several weeks now, Jessica's 31D self has been working with The Committee, insofar as having them put together a program that does some amazing stuff she can do.
It is a challenge and they are only about 1/2 finished with it, but it's gonna be a doozy.

(7:30pm) Got another 0.2" rain bringing the total for the last 2 days to around 3.4". Not too bad in the summer.
Of course, as soon as the natural clouds cleared away, heavy chem-clouds were seen in abundance.

Mordok wrote me in regard to that post about Greensboro, NC:
I found a LOT of serious satanic and evil stuff here. I also detected some rept hybrids as well. And to the northwest, I picked up on what I think are or were between 900k and 1M repts. Down around 677 1/2' or 678'. There was some real nasty satanic energy right above them, too. This is definitely a hot spot. And while I couldn't detect any energy at the destination spot for the bioweapon release point, I definitely got a feeling something was attached to it, or gonna happen or whatever. But the future is never carved in stone so I hope this can all be prevented.
Well, no way they are going to release it there or on that date after i posted about it.
Maybe there is something to these repts he keeps talking about. I do find something DORy at 631-722' depth in this spot which is hard for me to ID, but may be some kind of reptilian hybrids (3D?) but i detect no evil humans down there.

(8:15pm) Extremely Tall Aliens in Wiltshire. I get these are very good guys, called Mere but the first e is pronounced like in the French "mere", that is, like the e in error. Their home base is here. It is the bright star at 4:00 position outside the donut.

Roseanne is right on. Dig this about Joe Jackson. Totally correct.
Incidentally someone recently asked me if MJ abused his own kids. No, i don't get that at all, though i do get that MJ habitually slept with other boys.

Hmm, just now a plane rumbled by noisily, containing only 5 FEMA satanists, including the pilot. The location they started from is here about 45 miles east of me. There's a small bldg there, presently containing 21 FEMA satanists, i get, though it looks perhaps a bit small for that. Their destination is here in Jefferson City, MO, at 201-341' depth, containing 212 FEMA satanists already. Don't know what they are up to, but it's nothing good.

July 15, '09: (3:10am) An Arcturan messenger just informed me that the Fi have now been flipped to the good side!
I have started in on the Blue Nordics now. I have been hit by Nordics a lot recently.

(7:20pm) Got a bit more rain this morning, and it looks like we have good chances for more in the near future. Very muggy. Since the overcast cleared, extensive chem-clouds have been in evidence.

Someone asked me if anti-Fi, anti-grey programs are now harmful to these entities. No, they only harm evil ones. Since no Fi or short greys are evil anymore, those pgms are inert and can be replaced by other programming. Unless you are cautious in case the entities revert.
Someone else expressed concern that the greys are only pretending to be good. All i know is, my jail will only hold negative entities. I do not have or want to power to bind good ones. Once the Fi were flipped, they seeped out of my jail. Likewise the greys. Right now i am jailing bunches of Nordics which will automatically escape should they convert.
Also any archons, short greys, and Fi that are in jailed-reversed-entity pgms have left, so these particles of devices can be reprogrammed.

This morning another noisy plane flew over. it had dozens of satanists, but only 2 had an important vibe. These 2 individuals came from the Jackson, MS airport here at 228-401' depth. There are still 347 satanists down there. US gov't but i'm not getting an agency.
Their destination is here in Wichita, KS. There are 74 satanist associated with this bldg. I especially get a vibe on the 4th floor, and in the center.

July 16, '09: (10:45am) The amount of rain that fell at my place yesterday was negligible, but then i was awakened at 1am last night by yet another spectacular thunder & lightning display. Not as wild as 2 nights ago, but still impressive. This time it did knock out my ISP for some time, and i got one more full inch of rain.
The desertification of the Ozarks just ain't happenin' no more, no matter how much crap they spray. I suspect my kami Wopwex is a major factor.
And yeah, plenty more smear now that the clouds have moved on.

That crazed cardinal still buzzes my windows a bit occasionally. Day before yesterday she was going after it frantically for an hour or so, seemingly unaffected by the heavylight pen.

(11:05am) The US Drought Monitor is a great way to sniff out transmitters. Right now the US is looking relatively good overall (compared to what was the norm 3-4 years ago), but south TX is still very dried up.

Possibly this spot near the Victoria Regional Airport has a lot to do with that. At 436' depth is a NSA transmitter. No people there.
The NSAtanists connected to the transmitter are hiding somewhat SW of there here. Why they put U bases in such wet spots, i don't know.
313-412' depth, 121 NSAtanists.

(8:45pm) Just had another littler t-shower.

Someone ased me about a French orgone vendor, Orgon'aude. The orgone devices have a nasty vibe; my best guess due to some kind of homeopathic substance. The maker is a satanist connected with 42 more satanists that work in this bldg in Geneva, SW.

July 17, '09: (7:40pm) That was another 0.4" rain last night. Now the weather is amazingly nice with cool nights and mild days forecast for the week. Late July is most often bitchin' in these parts.
There was some chem today, but not that much, and most of it moved off in the afternoon.

Feels like the Blue Nordics might be close to flipping. Then i'll do the Greens.

July 18, '09: (5:20pm) Nice mild day, almost clear skies with scant chem.

Green Nordics from this hive have been hitting me today on the 2nd level of my aura, causing physical pain.

(5:40pm) Had an interesting experience last night. I was visited by, ostensibly, a flirtatious female. "One of my wives?" i wondered. "But why does she look like a mangy, aging chimp? And why does she have a dubious vibe?" I threw her in jail. In actuality, she was composed of vast quantities of DORy Blue Nordics.

I've reconsidered the jail-until-they-turn-good policy. Somehow, i strongly feel it is wrong; that these vicious, vicious perps should be deleted.
Jessica believes all life is precious, but i disagree, and so does the Infinite. Anyway, what i've been jailing in recent weeks pales in comparison to what i have been sending Pa-Paw Shantul for recycling into the Godhead.
The Godhead does not have a problem with deleting nonessential hordes of miscreants. They are not precious individuals. Ultimately there is only the One anyway, in countless guises.
They have been told ad nauseum for ages that this time of purification is not the time to be caught on the wrong side of the fence. If you want to experience being evil, get it out of the way beforehand.
So i am back to melting down my catches for fuel. Oblivion (if not eternal torture) is what they chose for themselves, and oblivion is far more humane that what they chose for us.
In a way, i regret it, as once flipped, they would be fighting on our side as now are the archons, short greys, and Fi.
Yet i am still working on flipping them (the Blue Nordics still at this time) and once flipped, i will consider them friends and allies.
But should they revert to evil later, there will be no 3rd chance for any of them.

July 19, '09: (4:35pm) Thanks for the help with them greenies. Now i'm hardly getting hit by anything. Mantises a bit, TWs, Nordics, but not much.
Furthermore, ever since yesterday evening, i have felt a shifting in the Earth's energy. With the short greys and Fi now working for us instead of generating DOR, and what with everything else that's been going on (like the proliferation of my strontium cubes), the Earth energy is just getting cleaner and cleaner. If i scan the globe, i can find a few pockets where there are 3 nests of nordics here and there, but that's about all i notice.

Another mild day today, mostly cloudy with mostly natural clouds. Supposed to get down to the 50s again tonight. I actually lit the wood stove a bit last night. Good rain chances coming up again, too. My kind of July.

July 20, '09: (10:20am) I just checked up on Project Camelot's homepage. It is disconcerting that they seem to be more and more in bed with NSAtanist David Wilcock. But what i found really interesting is these pics of a chem sprayer, supposedly taken in CO in 2008. Also they linked to this page i had not seen before on Carnicom's site.
I can't dowse anything about the sprayers.
Er, wait. I put the sheriff on it, and he seems to think this DORy spot near Rock Springs, WY contains at present 32 of these vehicles at a depth of 141'. The base goes from 111-227' depth, and presently contains 154 satanists from the "mystery agency".
There might be another 25 of these things airborne right now.
I put the Ky, Pleiadians, etc. onto these things, and now the units in the pics are getting DORy.

(7:45pm) Just had another loud, DORy plane demand my attention. It contained 34 satanists, including 8 CIA with that "important" vibe. They are on their way from here in Montgomery, AL. This whole section north of Key St. up to the treeline is CIA City.
On their way first to the city center of Mentor, MO, depth 180-221'. 111 CIAtanists there presently. From there, they will be traveling on tomorrow to this base just outside Charleston, WV, at 342-612' depth. Four transmitters: 120', 316', 410', 500'. 330 CIAtanists.

It's been a mild, mostly overcast day. High rain chances tomorrow and tomorrow night. They sprayed a bunch this morning before the natural cover hid it.

(9:25pm) Weird. I just had a vision of one of my wives like 50 years in the future, bawling, her face contorted.
She said 3K of my wives had gotten killed by demons. It was the Delk, 8' tall steers. I had a run-in with them early this year, but never found their main hive.
But now i have the sheriff. It is Galaxy M33.

July 21, '09: (4:15pm) Forgot to mention, i had another "chimp" woman show up yesterday evening. Seemed to be observing me. I bagged her. Again, she was composed of zillions of DORy blue nordics. The appearance is of a humanoid with the lips and chin of a chimpanzee.

But the cardinal has not shown herself again since i last mentioned it.

It has been raining non-stop here since dawn. But i heard the Four Corners area was dry.
Found a drought transmitter here east of Cortez, CO, at 652' depth. No people there, but there is a related base here, a few miles SW, that contains 305 satanists of the Mystery Agency at 231-312' depth.

(9:15pm) I got a full 2.5" of rain today.

The good old werewolf demons have been hitting me again lately. Their hive is Galaxy M100.

(9:35pm) Matthew Delooze's articles can be found here. You might want to go to the last page and come forward. Some interesting stuff.

July 22, '09: (6:50pm) Cool day. Heavy overcast this morning, but once that moved off, the skies were laden with natural clouds and not much chem.

Sittingtaoist was doing his civic duty in Copenhagen with strontium devices recently, and:
When I threw a device into the lake in Fælledparken, something invisible hit my hand, and the device flew in a right angle to the intended direction, and my hand was hurting for some time after.
I think the entity that did this was one of those short yellow humanoids like i had a nest of a bit NE of me a couple months ago. I think their hive is here.
There is also a nest of green nordics under the park at 297' depth which is being addressed now.

July 23, '09: (11:40am) Another gorgeous day, slightly warmer and sunny. Not that much chem so far.

Another obnoxious jet came by. It contained 136 gov't satanists enroute from here in Emporia, KS. Base at 361-369' (i guess it's just 1 story) and presently containing 249 more satanists. And headed to here near Richmond, VA. Base at 131-227' depth containing 232 satanists. At least that's what i get. But then they must have swung south a couple hundred miles out of their way in order to have me notice and disclose them.

(5:30pm) Still pretty nice skies, pretty clear.

If anyone tells you i work for the NSA, they are telling the truth. Right now the NSA is having me tell you about this base east of Abilene, TX, at 231-302' depth containing 251 NSAtanists there and their transmitter at 200' depth, which is quite intense and being worked on by my ET guys.
And they want me to tell you there are 38 DORy NSA mofoes flying from there to, of all interesting places, Oak Ridge National Laboratories. See those 4 red dots i put on that pic years ago? Those transmitters now are also intense like the TX one. I think they are all at 140-200' depths. Likewise being worked on. And i have gifted the ORNL area many times, and heavily. And we have programmed the buildings, etc.
Right now the energy from those transmitters (including the TX one) is real wild and all over the place on the map.
Actually, i'm right on the route from Abilene to Oak Ridge, so it is possible that this disclosure is inadvertent. Intelligence agencies are not exactly noted for their intelligence.

July 24, '09: (6pm) Mostly clear, some chem. Cool morning, hotter in the afternoon.

Stumbled across a real sleazy satanic group, the International AIDS Society. Montaner is illuminati filth. I get there are a total of 43 paid satanists in this group. Of course they are subsidiary to a bunch more. I get a UN vibe, but not specifically WHO.

(6:20pm) A reader in another state reported an unusual number of low-flying planes. I get that thousands of gov't satanists are now converging on this spot, whatever it is is, in Oakley, KS. Above-ground.
Right now there are 3,201 of them there, with an expected total by this evening of 7,112. Unknown agency. Don't know what they're up to. A major briefing? Vaguely, i think their job has something to do with transportation. Transportation of what? Political prisoners maybe. Maybe people who they intend to fool into a phony insurgency and entrap. Not sure about this.

(11:10pm) Blue & green nordics hassling me a lot.

Had a DORy overflight. I'm right in their path. 41 USAF satanists from the AF base north of Little Rock are heading to this underground base near Springfield, MO. Depth 322-416'. Presently contains 225 USAF satanists.
Just west of there we have 3 DORy buildings containing 47 USAF satanists.

July 27, '09: (9:05am) I haven't yet received official notification from the Arcturans, but the nordics are no longer fighting that i can detect! I think what happened when i addressed the blue nords is that i actually addressed all evil nords because they all turned evil at the same time for the same reasons.
Even last night i was finding 3 nests here, 6 nests there, of evil greens and blues on the map. Now nothing. And no-one is hitting me at all from any species. Except a few werewolf demons i can notice if i really tune in.

Also i had an insight last night that these things will go much more quickly if i gang up with Jessica. I feel the nords are not quite done yet, but when they are i will help her finish up on the Lyrans and then the Tall Whites.

Still having cooler-than-normal temperatures. A bit of chem. Rain chances coming up real soon again.

(6:40pm) Actually, more than a bit of chem. Then it clouded over completely.

The Nordics still aren't completely fixed, but they are behaving. The mantises have been hitting people a bit. There are some DORy Tall White nests in the landscape, but now some Arcturans of the Bird Tribe have somehow gained increased ability to find such things without my help. There are 300 of these new Arcturan dowsers. Takes a load off me.
Generally the Earth's energies are feeling better and better. And i feel like psi-space is much cleaner now and more conducive to psi perception, etc.
The day draws closer and closer to the time when the only enemies we have left are the evil physical humans.

(9:05pm) Yee-haw! An Arcturan messenger came by. The Nordics are flipped to the good side. They are now fighting the Tall Whites, mantises, etc. The blue ones are starting to pull all their sex demons out of people and animals.
I am working on the Lyrans now.

I have been noticing more spiders lately. These are the tarantula-like ones. I found some in Jessica. And i found a big toad ally (from another universe) in my garden who had been feeding on these spiders there. Their hive is here. It's the bright spot just slightly out from center at 1:00 position.

July 28, '09: (9:55am) Here's another satanic outfit i stumbled across. I actually clicked on an ad they had in a news story. The Association of Certified Asset Forfeiture Specialists, administrated by 6 Satanists.
ACAFS and its affiliate,, were founded in 2008 by Charles and Joy Intriago [both satanists], creators of the highly successful Association of Certified Anti-Money Laundering Specialists (ACAMS), an international organization that now has over 8,000 members. Charles Intriago, a former federal prosecutor, previously created Money Laundering Alert and, which are authoritative publications in the anti-money laundering field. ACAFS is based in Miami, Florida. A group of world experts in asset forfeiture serve as the ACAFS Advisory Board and help guide its programs and services.
Oh, how interesting. Do i detect a DEA connection here? Foxes guarding the chicken coop again? "Money-Laundering Specialists" indeed.
Anyway, i'm a great believer in having the gov't forfeit the assets of criminals. Maybe they can start by forfeiting Mr. Intriago's dick that he's been sticking into little kids.

(6:20pm) A bit of chem, even a few fresh trails spotted today. Only got a tiny bit of rain last night.

This building in Long Branch, NJ, contains 18 DIA satanists that were stupid enough to even begin to contemplate a nasty crime against Jessica.
May they never be the same.

(8:45pm) Then i got wind of 92 NSAtanists that are complicit in some way in planning to assassinate Jessica. They are around the bottom right corner of the main bldg in this pic.
Then as i was addressing these jokers, a noisy DORy jet slowly rumbled over. Gov't plane carrying 53 NSAtanists, 26 of whom seemed to know who i am and that they were flying over me! They came from this little NSA Village a bit east of the building i posted about on the 15th in Wichita. And they are headed to this base east of Springfield, MO at 121-200' depth that they likewise crave to disclose to the public. They had to make a major side trip to buzz me. Very strange.

July 29, '09: (7pm) When i got up this morning, the sky was pretty chemmy, and the chemclouds had deep scalar ripples. Who was causing this (sending their evil energy to the cell towers)? The Lyrans, still somewhat. But much more was now being done by the mantises. I had to keep bagging sets of 3 mantis craft each containing 9 mantises for a while before the ripples faded.

Getting more rain. Got 0.4" by the time i got home from work, and now it's raining again, and there are real good chances of significant rain for the next 24 hours especially.
Still no drought in Arkansas. Between my "orgone area control" and my kami Wopwex, they just can't do it no more.

I tried dowsing Wopwex's species name. Sure, the Japanese call them Kami, but what do they call themselves? How are they known in the psi-realm?
What i came up with is Wubikx which i think is pronounced WOObick-cuss, except that u near the end is almost non-existent.
It is odd that the name has the same number of letters as Wopwex, and both begin with W and end with X.

Been getting some attacks from Tall Whites and mantises today.

(9:15pm) In the center of this pic, we have again the Tall White hive we've been fighting a long time. The one that's messed with Jessica's family. The one where Babs and lots of other allies have been fighting.
They have been acting stronger lately, and are hitting my duodenum to make me nauseous.

July 31, '09: (9:40am) Merely got another 1.8" of rain yesterday. And it looks like more good rain likely tomorrow.
Very cool morning. With all this cool and cloudy weather, people's tomatoes aren't ripening much. I have loads of nice green tomatoes on the vine, but have only eaten a very few ripe ones so far. And it'll be August tomorrow.
I'm not complaining.
Pretty clear so far today with hardly any chem.

I was looking for another TX drought transmitter when i noticed this spot in Reynosa, MX just south of the southern tip of TX. At a depth of 220' i detect a transmitter. It was kind of cloaked as to whose it was, but i get the impression it is controlled from this base in Rock Island, Illionois at 158-212' depth, containing 311 satanists of the Mystery Agency.

Generally the US map feels real clean. I am no longer detecting active nests of TWs, mantises, Tyhiz, etc. But TWs and mantises are still hitting me a little bit occasionally.

(11:40am) Of course i hadn't checked my garden in a couple days, what with the weather. I was surprised to find a number of ripe and almost-ripe 'maters. That big one on the right is a Brandywine. Biggest tomato i ever grew; big plant, too.
Orgonically-grown in planters with the help of pixies, devas, and sprites. Protected by elves, as well as giant toads from another universe.

OK, back to the boring stuff: that base in Illinois seems to also be running a transmitter here in South Bend, IN, at 241' depth.
And this one in Houlton, ME, at 120' depth.
And this one in Jacksonville, FL, at 321' depth.
And this one in Madison, WI at 211' below the lake floor. Anyone in the Madison area, you ought to order one of my strontium TBs and toss it on that lake.

That might be all the transmitters run from that base. Notice how all are right in big population centers? I presume that is to supply maximum health benefits to the public.