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Loohan's blog for August, 2011
August 1, '11: (8am) Overcast, heavy chem-clouds.

Here are some pics of people who have been sucked into The Reconnection cult. Even Masaru Emoto now has the same sick, weird cult vibe. And the seminarees of Matrix Energetics have the same vibe. Something spooky is going down. I suspect both of these cults are run from the CIAtanist here in McLean. There is some weird black magic involved that i don't comprehend. But we are working on unraveling it occasionally on the back burner.
Beware of "positive therapies" with hooks!

Aug. 2, '11: (8:30am) Chem-clouds, mostly sunny. Hot and dry.

GOP vows to block military spending cuts. That's one main reason this country is going downhill economically. I even read an article yesterday claiming that many Mexican immigrants are moving back to Mexico, because its standard of living has surpassed ours, at least for poor people.
Ron Paul would never refuse to block spending cuts for something so obscene as our "peacekeeping" efforts. The Tea Party is a treasonous joke.

Like the "opposition". In case you were wondering, neither of the Giffords has a soul.

(9:15) Another one bites the dust. Ted Gunderson dead. Oh boo-hoo. His fellow satanist Norio is red-eyed about it.

Funny how so many satanists die from their own scam diseases. Can you say "goyim"? They told you you would be one of the special elite if you played ball, then they vaccinate and poison you just like all the other human garbage.

July 4, '11: (9:15am) Like the goyim soulless LAPD drones "helping out" the outlaw feds: Citizens Confront Police Over Organic Food Raid.
One fatal mistake of the illuminati is that they won't stay within bounds. There are mobs of people willing to be dominated by nazis, enthused to cheer Will & Kate, happy to eat, drink, breathe, and be injected by poisons. Do the illuminati content themselves with these, chuckling all the way to the bank? Hell no, they want to dominate, in an obviously insane and criminal manner, those who reject all this.

Yesterday was probably the hottest day i ever experienced here. It was 103F in the bakery most of the day. That's with industrial exhaust fan rapidly sucking air through bldg. A friend of mine who says he has an accurate car thermometer got a read of 116 driving on pavement.
My cabin was 96 all evening.
Luckily, humidity was below 30.

Chem-clouds all the time, of course.

(1:25pm) One could see rain clouds just to the south yesterday, and apparently they got rain. And last night one could see lightning.
Today, it was still 88 in the morning, but now has actually cooled to 86 (in cabin with wind blowing through). And we got a smattering of rain. Looked like they got a little more in town.

I don't know how much of a factor it is, but lately i have been attempting to get godlike and make it rain, break up the stagnant system, cool things off, etc.
Just visualization and using my orgone items out in the field, etc. to reinforce the thought-form. And dig what wunderground is saying now:
(pic of raincloud) Numerous showers and thunderstorms. Some thunderstorms may be severe in the afternoon. Highs in the mid 90s. Northeast winds 5 to 10 mph for the remainder of the morning...shifting to the southeast in the afternoon. The chance of precipitation 70 percent. Average rainfall 1/10 to 1/4 inch.
I'm ready for several inches. We need it.

Aug. 5, '11: (8:25am) Never did get more rain here, but the weather was much cooler than the previous day.

Another evil-frying unit has been born. Like the one late last month, this has only a big quartzite and various flavored layers of epoxy.

Fascism in Amerika update: now if you dare to mock the fuzz online, you may be arrested and thrown in jail for "cyber stalking" (article).
I am quivering in my boots.

(7:35pm) Thunder, dark clouds, faint spatters. Heavy chem-clouds. Got up to around 95 in here.

Mordok was just getting messed with by 3 Jesuits here in Rome.

July 6, '11: (3:40am) Now i 'm getting attacked by Sasquatch right in the center of this pic of Abell 2151 Cluster. They don't want to let me go back to sleep.

July 8, '11: (8:05am) Cool morning in the 70s so far! Yesterday and the day before got pretty hot. Wundergound seems to think this will be the last real hot day for the next week. Of course i have seen such forecasts before, and the cooler period kept getting put off and never happened. But then again, sometimes summer breaks around this time. I am guardedly optimistic. Maybe i can plant some root veggies still.

Many, many license plates have recently been spotted around Auburn of ETs from out of state, especially British Columbia! I have many pics not uploaded, in case any researchers want to see license plates.
I have not located any BC enclave yet.

I just did the final pour on another massive and devastating weapon. It really has been too hot lately to pour much epoxy, as it tends to boil unless layers are kept very thin. Nonetheless i have been working away at this. Should have pix tomorrow.

All these new weapons are very helpful in reducing the psychic attack power of evil people.

Meanwhile, daily chem-clouds as usual. 30% chance of rain, and cont'd rain chances for days.

(7:45pm) Did get a small amount of rain, as well as some thunder, darkness, and cool air.

Pic of my latest blaster in 3 different stages of development. The crystal was given to me by Elizabeth years ago.

Aug. 9, '11: (8am) That new unit might have some drought-busting applications, too. It is 70F now and has been thundering and raining for hours. Got over an inch. It is still raining lightly now.
Wunderground says "A chance of showers and thunderstorms in the morning. Highs in the lower 90s... The chance of precipitation 50 percent in the morning. Average rainfall less than 1/10 inch."

(8:10pm) The rain stopped around 9:30 at 1.6".

I had the strong feeling that if i wanted to see more rain in the next few days, i had better go visit Greenbrier and Conway again. So i went down there. Had a few errands to do anyway. Did some more serious busting. Now the rain chances are upgraded to 50% tomorrow and tomorrow night.

It looked like they had all gotten soaked down there too. It was still 72F in Greenbrier at 12:40! And dark and wet. But soon the sun came out and baked everything dry.

Aug. 10, '11: (7am) Dark, thunder, rain since before dawn. Real dark out now for this late in the morning.
I looked on the map, and where is the DORiest spot around? Greenbrier. I spent a couple hours there yesterday, but nonetheless, there are still demons there resisting the rain.

(6:50pm) Got another inch, almost. Don't think it made it to 85F in town.
Good rain chances forecast for the next couple days and nights. And more next week.

(2:35pm) Still occasional thunder and sprinkles.

Somebody wrote me to ask about Ascension Energy Program and Bill Kirkland. All their stuff has a freaky vile undervibe of nasty ET tech. Even having the site open in a back window is bothering me and feels dangerous.
So i closed it, but still have some of the same feeling just from this pic of a dentist by the same name in Beaverton, OR. So i presume this is the guy, altho i cd find no pic or location for this CIA satanist on his ascension site. He has a dentist site with location.
Also he has another site, with the same vibe. That link just takes u to an audio recording that takes a long time to load. I had volume muted.

I felt a lot more of that same brand of freaky energy. Here are some apparent CIA associates of his in the Portland/Beaverton area:
  • Kerry Francetich who teaches Jr. High School Bible at the Cor Deo Christian Academy (the rest of the academy does not feel overtly dirty).
  • One male who lives here
  • 3 people here. I think that's 2 women and a man.
  • One male here who might be Kerry's BF.
  • A couple here.
  • 3 males here.
Apparently the CIA is slow to recognize that this is the New Loohan Order, and blatantly vicious ET vibes will no longer be tolerated.

July 12, '11 (9:55am) Another cool morning. Sunny, chem-clouds. Got 0.7" yesterday, and it looks like we'll be getting more tonight.

So many reports of creeping fascism today. Just a few key ones:(10:20am) Do We Need a Militant Movement to Save the Planet (and Ourselves)? Perhaps. But preferably not one given us by the gov't, wouldn't you say?
Derrick Jensen, Lierre Keith, Aric McBay. These people sure are awfully principled and idealistic, considering they have no souls and slimey vibes. Satanists? Only Jensen has that vibe. MPD? I doubt it. CIA employees? Yes.

Remember, Earth First! was founded by the NSA, and heavily infiltrated with NSA and CIA MPDed satanists. And the Unabomber was an MPD victim.

July 13, '11: (7am) Chem-clouds.

I took a drive down local backroads yesterday to bust some demons that didn't like the idea of rain. I saw heavy chem-clouds everywhere. Large portions of white-out. A few straggly old trail segments.
Knocked myself out trying to get it to rain. It worked too; got a whole 0.2".
Now the forecast says 50% today but like nothing after that.

Some Israelis have the right idea. We Americans should emulate this: Guillotine display.

(5pm) Another real creepy black magic group, this one fronting as Sacramento Ayurvedicists: Seeing the Light. That's Suzan and Raymond Dalle, and Inge something-or-other.
And they have some delightful friends like Dr. Paul Dugliss, Nicole Wilkerson, and Jeffrey D. Kauffman, MD. All have this same strong evil vibe.

I also get the feeling they have superiors back east, such as the guy on the 2nd(?) floor here in DC, and the guy here in Gainesville, VA. Both gov't satanists, i think.

High around 90 earlier in town. Many real and fake clouds.

(5:40pm) I just came under sudden intense psi attack from many locations, including from Sensei Dennis of There was a heirarchy of psychics at work. The very top guy resides and presently is here in Jicarilla, NM.

Aug. 14, '11: (7:45am) What happened last night is that i got an email from a friend saying that i was CIA and that
it was Wilhelm Reich who said 50% metal (inorganic) and 50% organic material(resin) but You know this and don;t waste My time anymore!! all Your emails will be deleted unread
all Your shit is way less then 1% metal... programmed resin rotfling [sic]
Now this is a guy who is not normally a stupid moron. In fact, he makes a lot of money and spends a lot of it by hiring people to make literally tons of TBs which get spread around the planet. He has probably been responsible for more orgonite deployment than most of us put together.

But obviously, he is not energy-sensitive, and "they" lead him around like a blind ox. He posts on warriormatrix.

At the exact same time that i read his email, i got jumped by hundreds of gov't psychics in many locations. And they were hitting him, too! But he can't discern such things.

Anyway, he is a real good guy, and we will continue to do everything we can to bring good fortune to his enterprises.

Personally, if it were me in his shoes, i would have cultivated friendships with energy-sensitive people. And then before accusing anyone, i would send them pics of any products i am in doubt about, as well as ones i trust, and have them compare and get back to me. Especially have them check out Sensei Dennis' and Carol Croft's black magic-ridden, overpriced, stuff.
But i guess it is hard to think clearly when under attack.

He has also been under psi attack for a long time from a bitch here in Vancouver. I suspect she may be a cashier someplace he shops, because i have the impression she has checked him out at the counter a couple times.

The usual chem-clouds here this morning. Cool, sunny.

(4:40pm) Clear with a few little chem-clouds of the type my orgone stuff munches easily.

Dutchsinse's best friend got shot yesterday. 2 guys in a Hummer with an AK-47. One got caught, supposedly.
I didn't know about this until a reader wrote me about it, because i did not receive a notification like i usually do when Dutch posts. It's on his blog.

Oddly i haven't gotten a vibe off this situation yet. But Gina and 39 of my other girls, plus a few other healer friends are working on this guy in critical condition that caught 5 bullets.

(4:55pm) Didn't get satanic vibe off the perps, but i tried blasting the 1 that got away until he showed up. I think that's him here.
Another guy connected with this lives here. He does not seem their boss, but maybe an NSAtanist who hired them? I get the impression he knows the perps and works with them in some criminal enterprise.

(5:05pm) Open notice to Sensei Asswipe: If your tainted orgone devices are so superior to mine, i would like to see your chem-busting videos. Couldn't find any with a perfunctory search. Mine are here.
In case it matters to any dupe followers of this USN satanist, I get positive results with highly unorthodox orgone devices. Unlike some people's, my creations actually take in filthy energy, and put out sweet, clean, nurturing energies.
Of course to some, this is irrelevant. What is relevant to them is that a lot of my stuff has no shavings. That's important. Not results. Not clean output.

Aug. 15, '11: (11:10am) Extreme chem whiteout here. Even saw some spray-drones earlier.
I'm sure glad the heat of summer has broken.

If you got the feeling that the last few days have been freaky, yes, we seemed to have had an unusually spooky full-moon period. Seems a bit more normal now. Demons were more active for a while there.

I have been working on another large device for remote work. Supposedly, it will be good for breaking remote droughts as well as ripping off evil energy anywhere.

(1:35pm) More blue sky now; not as much chem.

I have been hammering out an explanatory page about the culling of souls. It is still in a draft stage, so email me if i forgot anything or need to clarify anything.

Aug. 16, '11: (7:35am) Cool, occasional thunder in distance. Chem-clouds.

Criminal Charges Filed For Videotaping And Exposing Cover Up Of a Brutal Police Beating. Soulless cops beat the crap out of ensouled black man. "A Massachusetts police officer whose involvement in a brutal police beating was video taped has filed criminal charges against the women who video taped the incident and exposed the cover up. The officer is claiming the taping invaded his right to privacy and was a violation of state wiretapping laws."
Fuck you nazi filth! Die! Now!
I for one do not stand for this shit. Anybody that does please also drop dead at once.

Conference aims to normalize pedophilia.

(10:55am) Cool mid-70s, breezy, chem-clouds.

I have been neglecting to mention that there is some experiential evidence suggesting that perhaps the Strontium-Barium stuff is effective against insect pests [when used radionically]. Experiment. You can even use the ice cubes as radionics devices, if they have been made in the past 6 months or so. The Committee has for some time been able to imbue additional functions into resin. For example, even S-B and VF ice cubes and TBs these days have 99% STQ. So you can just instruct them to work on fleas, garden pests, or whatever bad insects. [Don't expect them to focus on bugs unless you direct them to.]

Mordok discovered this some time ago. He also noticed some kind of tiny non-physical beings that parasitize bad bugs' energy and seem to help a lot. He had some in his place back in FL, and i "imported" a bunch to my place. And he has them in his apt. in Leslie. They seem to do fleas and ticks, including eggs. They like the good orgone. You can probably get them to move in if you have good orgone devices. At least if it's 80 degrees F or more. I think they dislike cool weather. Go dormant.

Aug 17, '11: (6:35am) Yesterday there felt like a stalemate again with local demons v rain. I spent hours again driving the back roads here. Some of the same places i already hit numerous times last year as well as even a few days ago. Afterwards the map felt far better.
Got up a while ago and wunderground was still saying 30% chance, average 1/10" or less. But now it started raining nicely and there's thunder. So maybe it'll amount to something.

Project Camelot is supposed to interview Dutchsinse tomorrow. Should be interesting.

(6:50pm) Yep, got a big 0.15" and now i hear thunder again. Meanwhile we have had chem-clouds and it got hot again this afternoon. But it's supposed to cool off again.

Texas governor orders STD vaccine for all girls. Rick Perry is at it again. Texans, why are you letting this gross pedophile satanist run roughshod over you? If i had a daughter in TX i would shoot any criminal trying to inject that crap into her.
"Perry, a conservative Christian who opposes abortion and stem-cell research using embryonic cells, counts on the religious right for his political base." Perry, a hardcore satanist who opposes abortion and stem-cell research using embryonic cells, has no qualms about inserting his penis into babies during snuff rituals, or injecting innocent girls with health-ravaging filth.

(8:50pm) The lady in Auburn has been attacked a lot lately, plus those same ETs attacked me all day at work, so i started looking for the perps. See, they fire up fresh attackers after we ruin the old ones, and don't seem to mind disclosing their locations. I will post a few new map links on my page for that later. Meanwhile, i wanted to report that i got psi-attacked from this church: Buddhavanaram Buddhist Temple, the monks of which are all DORy half-breeds! (map) In fact, 6 monks have been actively attacking today.

They may have colonies in many lands. I suspect one in India, for example, but haven't found it yet.

(9:10pm) Can anyone out there read Thai? There is a history page on the site that may give a clue as to what town in Thailand has the colony. I saved a copy lest it disappears. I tried a couple online translator bots but they were not satisfactory.

Aug. 18, '11: (9:10am) Last night was too hot, but now it is cool again. Overcast, faint droplets occasionally. Looks like it could rain.

Interesting article: Massacre in Norway: Israel Strikes Back. It says "Over the past few years, the ruling Norwegian Labour party has been taking an increasingly vocal stand against Israeli aggression against Palestinians." Another phony posturing psyop by Jesuit lackeys? Well, i looked up the leader and Parliamentary leader of the party in Wikipedia, and both have viable souls! Astounding. Hmmm.

Plus there is a pic of the second alleged gunman being arrested, who then ‘disappeared’.
Why, i do seem to detect this fellow here, in the company of 2 satanists whom i suspect are connected to the Norwegian Army Academy.

(9:15am) Serbian authentic greenie speaks: Serbia’s Nikola Aleksic to President Tadic: Stop GMO, Stop Chemtrails, Or I Will Call the People of Serbia to the Streets. Hehe, some of us are getting increasingly intolerant of nazi bullshit.

(10:40am) There is a CIAtanist female here in McLean, that attacked me last night.
Also 2 other CIAatanists live there, i think a man and wife.

(11am) I had an interesting interaction with astral greys last night, which i just posted on my greys page.

Aug. 19, '11: (7:10am) Got no rain, just a lot of sylph action. Heavy chem-clouds this morning, sylphs.

Got attacked by some "new" M32ers last night from Seattle. In fact they are still attacking me weakly. Several houses and a business. I posted them on the page.

(7:40am) The blatant forward march of the kleptomaniac corporatocracy:More change we can believe in.

(8:05am) Alright, finally finding some M32ers in Thailand:
  • Here we have a compound of grey-roofed bldgs on the east side, as well as at least 5 houses to the west . I sense 73 M32ers here, including 5 pregnant women.
  • this area has at least 22 of their houses and 43 M32ers, including 1 pregnant woman. Also 1 couple of N204ers.
(9:05am) Extremely suspicious: Pukkelpop storm: Belgian festival deaths reach five.
I looked up Hasselt on the map to see what i could find. I found a DORy university bldg where at least 7 satanists work.
Also this big DORy bldg where at least 35 satanists hang out.
And a DORy house where i sense 4 of them.
All these people seem stirred up and connected to each other. But is there any connection to the storm? I can't be certain, but strongly suspect so. Yet these are all close to the target area, which seems a bit odd. Also i have not detected transmitters.

(11:25am) Free programming offer for people in certain geographical areas only: Arcturan Protective Program Offer.

(1:30pm) Found the India colony of M32ers now:
This house was the 1st i found (green arrow not red A). I feel a full-blood couple there of importance.
A hop south is this place, where i feel 12 more M32ers.
And, the area just SW of there has at least 17 more of their residences. Total i find for this whole colony is 93 M32ers including 1 pregnant woman.

(4:10pm) Very interesting: a rare occurrence. A spray-plane went by that was an actual metal plane with a fleshly driver. US gov't. From a U base here in Nebraska. Which is being taken out. As well as a few others like it.
The chemtrail was very short-lived.

(6:15pm) Ah, i regret that that pregnant woman in India is no longer pregnant. You see, it appears that when these women get near term, they are extremely vulnerable to having their duodenum tickled, which makes them convulse with vomit and induces premature labor. Then the kids are so fragile they die if anyone thinks an unkind thought toward them.

In fact, it was a similar tragedy a few nights ago that made me aware of the India colony; another woman lost her precious baby (sniff).

In fact, 5 little angels died that way that night: 2 in the Auburn area, 1 in India, 1 in California, and one i suspect in South America.

I have located the woman in California here in Bakersfield. 4 half-breeds live in that house. Could've been 5 (sniff).
Some 23 more M32ers live in this neighborhood in at least 9 houses, around Garza Elementary, where their kids attend, and where they have enslaved many more kids.
I think that's all in that town.

Haven't nailed any in South America yet.

I hate to think what this could do to the morale of these people. If every woman knows she will miscarry in the last month, what's the use? Besides, her location will also be revealed.

Aug. 20, '11: (4:40pm) Now, i don't want anyone getting the impression that i lack nurturing qualities, so i put together this big baby bottle to give my enemies something nutritious to suck on. It contains quite a medley of beneficial ingredients.
It seems to pacify them quickly.

But i ain't done with it yet. That little bottom ledge is for holding a coil i will be making...

It got hot again yesterday and today. Supposedly it will cool off some, and there are some rain chances.

Aug. 21, '11: (4:45pm) I did get 0.4" rain and much cooler weather last night.
Then it got pretty hot again this afternoon.
Chem-clouds, as almost always here in The Natural State.

I'm going to be paying more attention to Sensei Dennis for the remainder of his short life. For one thing, he has 42% rept DNA, which i'm pretty sure equates to shapeshifting. For another, there is still some murky psychic mind-control crap out of him and his buddies. Years ago the mantis demons were a key part of this. But even with them gone, there is still something...
Now, Dennis is a fine product of The Citadel, a military college. I scanned the immediate neighborhood on a hunch, and was drawn by this house, which google says is 15 Kenilworth Ave.
I sense dozens of Navy satanists that go in and out of there. It has a weird mind-control vibe. In fact when i first found it, my first impulse was to abandon the chase and go take a nap! I hit some unusual kind of psi shield there. Beware: at this time there's stuff that may reach out and try to grab you.

And right nearby is this bldg which has the vibes of many of the same satanists as have been in the 1st bldg. In fact, about all the satanists that set foot in the 2nd bldg also set foot in the 1st bldg.

Aug. 22, '11: (7:45am) Well, after i posted last, it cooled off a lot and i got almost 1/10" rain.
Then it heated up again. Awoke at 1:30am to hot, muggy unpleasantness.
Sunny, faded chem, 82F this morning.

Dutchsinse's interview on youtube. It's only 5.5 minutes long. One of the more pivotal people of our time.
He mentions a scalar signature from Beebe to Greebrier, AR at the time of that original birds-dying-in-AR report.

I still don't know what was in that house in Charleston, SC. When i was awake during the night, there were still the 4 Fists of God, 20 Annunaki, etc. etc. blasting it, but i never could figure out what it was. Whatever, it was very powerful and mind-control oriented.
The neighborhood feels cleaner now.

(8am) This is a hoot. Some people have no respect for authority: Now, if more Americans would just embody the spirit of freedom and contempt for fascism that used to be associated with our country...

(10:35am) Do i really believe that vendors should be free to set up tacky concession stands or tables by the Capitol if they feel like it? To exploit the foot traffic there and sell a lot of sugar-water? Of course not. Not if we had a respectable government. But we don't. Given the magnitude of Congress's crimes, i think the police would be of more service going after some people inside the building. If we're going to be control freaks, we need to re-prioritize targets.

(11:30am) Interesting synchronicity. Seems a couple days ago (couldn't notice a date of event) the USAF, FBI, etc. raided a Citadel gun shop in Vegas (story).
I don't know what's up with that, but the store owner they busted has a dirty, criminal vibe. I haven't detected any political connection. He may have just been fencing stolen goods.

Aug. 23, '11: (9:50am) Chem-clouds, mostly sunny.

Pic of new sleaze-shredding setup. I made a flat-headed unit to go between Pinhead and Knobhead.
No electricity.

(2pm) There was an earthquake supposedly centered near Mineral, VA around 2pm EST (story). I feel something DORy here at 2 miles down +. I think it's a machine (being taken out now) from the same guys that were doing Fukushima in the beginning of that mess.

Aug. 24, '11: (7:25pm) My friend in northern MD (near the quake) sent me a pic of a chopper that i traced to a U base and some spray-planes from another local U base. Both taken out. These were US gov't.

I got 1.6" of rain in about 20 minutes this morning just before dawn, complete with crispy rolling thunder and lightning.
Cooler today.

I checked the forecast for Lufkin, TX, and now they are saying 40% chance tonight, 20% tomorrow and tomorrow night.
My trio is messing with the local demons in that region, and some are resentful and kicking up some DOR.

(9pm) I have been mainly focusing on the lead Nigerian witch since last night, and, tragically, i fear she has ended up in Providence Hospital just recently.
The poor dear is elderly and suffers from high blood pressure, diabetes, liver problems... It is horrible to envision all that horrid misplaced cholesterol and calcium kinda naturally building up in her vessels until they completely block them.
I hope they pump her full of all kinds of healing drugs.

Aug. 25, '11: (7:30am) I no longer detect that witch. She might be dead. In which case, her daughter whom i've been helping will be able to confirm.
The most powerful physical sorcerors i have dealt with so far were this witch and the Black Pope, and now both feel dead. The Black Pope has seemed totally dead ever since Thor, Odin, and i teamed up against the %#@&*^ many months ago. That would be Adolfo down the page here: Wikipedia.
I have been wanting to mention that the previous one, Kolvenbach, may have been dusted off to resume Adolfo's duties. Thorp called this to my attention. Kolvy has not been making himself conspicuous with psi attacks, but i suspect he is back in the BP throne.

Tainted-looking overcast this morning, cool. Scant rain chances in the forecast.
Lufkin is reportedly getting light rain mist now.

(8:20am) I just uploaded to the Auburn list a couple Kent business, 2 Kent houses, and a small colony in Japan of M32ers.
Also we took out a U base of theirs on the Big Island of Hawaii, with 82 M32ers. Many of the undergrounders also were half-breeds, suggesting that breeding has been going on underground.

(9:45pm) In fact, i think they were breeding Japanese hybrids with stock sent from the Japan colony.

Stumbled across a DORy Mormon ritual site: This is the Place. It is run by satanists, and used for blood/sex rituals during off hours. (Wikipedia, map)

Aug. 26, '11: (10:55am) Cool. Sky amazingly clear right now.

I just wanted to report that the M32ers use police harrassment of a subtle sort against the lady i'm helping. For example, this morning she wrote
Loohan, Last night was busy- bad. They were out there with loud vehicles but I blocked it out. So a police car ran its siren short blast out in front of house and no more than that blast. No other vehicles followed like in the case of going to help someone that usually happens. When they can make you hear them there is some kind of attachment made. after that the stuff was worse. Then it quit for a while after I aimed at them. I started being able to feel when the implants were on me...
The cop is a full-blood ET.

So if you are dealing with black magicians that are in proximity to you, be aware that they may be eager to attach special things to you in ways that require proximity. Their techniques may or may not involve hooking your conscious attention.
Also, if they can't get physically close, black magicians and energy vamps use phone lines, e-mail, forums, etc. to provoke an emotional response if possible. This is how they set a hook.

(12:55pm) Latest Dutchsinse video mentions something i also read about here (BTW Graham Hancock is a shape-shifting illuminati kinda guy, but this author is OK and so is Hoagland whom he quotes).
It appears these thingies reduce weather horror. I don't get any vibe off them, but suspect it is good ETs doing it.
The author's extreme naivete is not shared by me:
After what happened with Katrina last year [sic] , could you not see an order coming from high up to deploy and apply this technology to help prevent any future Katrina like events from ever happening. Politically, it would be the smart thing to do.
Say whaaaaat????

(2:50pm) There are 33 M32ers here attacking the lady who lives just south on the other side of the road.
This has become a pastime for them, as they apparently find no greater meaning in life than to hassle this lady at all costs. They seem to be above ground level; 2nd or maybe 3rd floor if there is one.

(5:05pm) We have not been lax at Loohan Laboratories the last couple days. The coils have been upgraded in my Trio of doom. And i poured a bunch of Strontium-Barium stuff.
I had almost run out of my powder mix for that, so my handlers had me make up another 2/3 gallon. The interesting thing is, it contains no strontium or barium this time... yet takes the pgm just fine. The Committee has figured out how to pgm it into stuff without those minerals.

Well, that 2/3 gallon still has some other hard-to-get ingredients. So i pressed The Committee to come up with a simple formula that almost anyone in the world can easily get all the ingredients for. By this morning, they had refined it to just 1 ingredient; unsweetened cocoa powder.

I happened to have a bit left of some stale organic cocoa. I used 1/3 tsp to 6 oz resin, but 1/4 would have been fine. And as The Committee gets familiar with programing cocoa, it will take less and less, probably, over time. Any brand should be fine, and if it's old and stale and has cockroach eggs in it, no problem. And you can put in a lot more cocoa powder if you feel like it. As well as shavings, rox, etc. but for gifting it is usually not worth it, IMO.

OK, now i hope to see a bunch more people in distant lands making this stuff.

Aug. 27: (5:40pm) Unusually heavy spray this afternoon over town. Drones. Saw one pass over the house a while ago, trail being erased as it goes.
Particularly unusual in that forecast rain chances are paltry.
I scanned the US map and felt all kinds of "demonic" energy which seemed to emanate from Fort McCoy, WI. DUMB at 6 miles with 552 ETs from Galaxy M63... and it has something to do with the Hurricane Irene.
We are taking out the base and already the map feels better.

Speaking of ETs, in the last 3 days we have taken out hundreds of Earth bases of grays. Yes, the slippery little physical short grays are baaack, having eluded Antuvozy's prowess and Jmmanuel's awareness.

(5:45pm) I am still finding plenty of demons over the Eastern Seaboard area, though. We should jail these.

(5:50pm) Duder was attacked real bad by the M32ers, implanted, etc. We are reaming them and working on him.

(5:55pm) It was 6 guys here.

(6pm) There was all this demonic energy off-coast so i found a U base here with 231 more of the same ETs. And another a bit south of Bermuda, with 362 more. Being scrubbed.

(6:25pm) See this huge ridgy area of the Atlantic? It is now being mopped up. It is peppered with hundreds of these ET bases. All this is relatively new. Since the incomparable Cmdr Loohan put an end to US mainland hurricane horror years ago, they had to sneak in a bunch of new ETs (to get their dumb asses slaughtered).
I think these ETs are mainly using psi and demons to influence the weather. It was different ETs that did the earthquake machine thing.

(6:40pm) The guy in the Salt Lake area is up against 432 ETs from the center here that behave much like the M32ers. He's been pissing them off by gifting like mad, so they stalk him like mad and mess up his life.
I think they draw energy somehow from their homeland. So one can suck up any energy reserves with proper purifying tools, and also blast the guys out there.
The Auburn bunch also sometimes draws energy from M32, so i try to suck up any reservoirs i can detect.

(7:45pm) I happened to read the name of Marion Cotillard and got a vibe off her very similar to what i felt last Jan. 10 when i read Katie Holmes' name; an exceptional, freaky, MPD vibe.
Marion has a soul.
But who is this handler i feel? Why, it's daddy: (google for Jean-Claude Cotillard). 43% rept DNA, i think.

Aug. 28, '11: (8:05am) Some "HAARP" chem this morning earlier. Cool, sunny.

I was reading this article about earthquakes in Europe, and found DOR emanating from another earthquake machine here. Nice of them to give us warning in advance...

(6pm) Not as chemmy today. In fact it was real clear much of the time. But now, faded crud is creeping over.

Duder was actually seriously messed up. He had seemed so strong lately, always the last in the house to get implanted. But they found a way to covertly get to him.
For a while 70 of my girls plus Jesus and various other powerful healers worked on him. I even prayed a lot.
But he's doing much better now.

And we might have cleared off all the grays that were on Earth. I had the impression a friend of mine out west helped a lot with the blasting/exposing part. We found hundreds more U bases.
Eternal vigilance is indicated with these guys.

Aug. 29, '11: (7:05am) Too much: the US gov't War Against Guitars at least those guitars crafted in USA by companies that have ensouled CEOs.
  • Federal gestapo illegally raid Gibson Guitar factories, arbitrarily confiscate millions of dollars worth of wood used to make instruments
  • Gibson Guitar to fight U.S. probe of its wood imports. Deliberately mistitled article? Why do they say "Gibson Guitar Corp's chief executive said on Thursday he would fight a federal investigation of the legendary guitar maker's wood imports" in an "indirect quote" while offering only the following direct quote about the forthcoming battle: "We will fight aggressively to prove our innocence."
    Is fighting to prove one's innocence now the same thing as trying to avoid being investigated, as though wanting to hide something shady? Lessee, Reuters is Murdoch, isn't it?

    I'm glad the government is unable to find any more important "environmental crime" going on than this. We must be in pretty good shape, then. I can tell by looking at the skyful of ordinary spreading contrails and natural cloud formations this morning.

    (8:30am) Another worthy target, comfortably nestled in a high-rent district that i have busted rather well: Institute of Medicine. At least 22 satanist parasites work there. (article)

    Note that the article mentions Genzyme. On July 27, '10, as i blogged, Genzyme was the only one the Wikipedia list of biotech companies that does not have the illuminati vibe.
    Pics of founder Victor Dzau. No soul, but also i detect no blood-rite vibe. This puts Dzau on the list of people who should be satanists, judging by their acts and connections, yet don't seem to be. This list also includes Obama, Biden, Sotomayor, Kagan, Merkel, Medvedev.

    (10:45pm) Yeehah! Made a breakthrough. It turns out these M32ers, N204ers, and their cats, all did have souls/astral bodies! I just culled them, some 660 quintillion M32ers alone.
    This explains certain phenomena. Their astral bodies did not feel like anything, and were not detectable by the Recyclers, and were not jailable by me. Except with one particular device of mine.
    I will have to edit what i wrote about them in my culls page.

    Now it turns out the bunch in SLC have souls, too. And George Kavassilas' bunch. Etc. Apparently most of these evil human ETs have souls to be culled.
    As do the physical grays.

    Aug. 30, '11: (7:50pm) Despite all this, the lady in Auburn reported things getting unplugged last night and otherwise malfunctioning...

    Heavy chem day. A while ago the sky here was totally whited out. Now there's some blue showing.

    Get Motivated seminars. This intrigues me because they took out countless full-page ads for one event in Little Rock. Did a broad bulk mailing of a colorful glossy brochure. Even invited me, and i'm 90 miles away.
    Charged almost nothing to attend despite all the advertising costs, big-name speakers, and use of the Verizon Arena. What is their motive? They must lose tons of money on this.
    And the speakers prominently advertised in the brochure are all soulless, and include Colin Powell (satanist pedophile war criminal) and Laura Bush and Rudy Giuliani (both satanist pedophile reptilian shape-shifters). What's this all about? The same people responsible for deliberately destroying the economy are giving prosperity seminars.

    Well i haven't figured it out. But, the Verizon Arena was very DORy on the map, and i needed to bust Little Rock anyway, so i went down there today. Today was the scheduled event.
    I think it's the first time i made it to LR since '05. Back in '05 i put down a lot of what was state of the art orgonite back then for me. Also both last year and this year Earthshaker was at the Little Rock Airport parking lot for 8 days each time. This alone did quite a bit.

    I saw very long vibeless trails on the way down, being left by vibeless drones. I arrived at the Arena at 8:30am. The event was scheduled to start at 8. People were piling in from all over. None with souls that i noticed. Heavily perfumed enough that i had to roll up my window. (It was stop-and-go traffic from south Conway on, and around the Arena, pedestrians moved twice as fast as cars.) Carrying notebooks to jot down the wisdom of the pedophile scammers. All these people (6K is my impression) skipped work to attend. People who obviously don't object to the Fourth Reich. The $10 parking lot was full, and people were parking blocks away at pay lots and walking in. Sorry if i'm pessimistic about "the masses awakening". When the masses have no souls, brains, or integrity, we can't count on them for anything.
    Traffic was all snarled up, which was fine with me.

    I drove around and around with my bustmobile. Also tried to imbue the 2 shapeshifters with the IRS program (Initiate Reptilian Shapeshifting). I don't know if any attendees or "straight" speakers noticed anything (these are the kind of mindless parasites who never glanced at the bizarre, garish crap in the sky above), but every time i did this, within seconds, i would get attacked by gov't psychics. Hmm.

    I also drove all around much of Little Rock, liberating a few pieces of congealed epoxy here and there. Busted a few towers.

    Also visited the M32 proprietary Lumber Liquidators showroom here. I now realize i screwed up, as there is another warehouse just east which is where their site directs you. Or at least used to be; i'm not sure. I did drive down to the end of the road there and didn't notice anything. Now i only feel some demons there. It may be they sold that place, as the place behind the office supply store seems to have a lot of warehouse space, as well as a bunch of stuff outside. At least it was outside today, and this guy was moving it around. Half-breed. (Crappy pic taken one-handed through the car window while driving.)
    I went into the little showroom. It was only laminated flooring and paneling samples. Looked like nice stuff. There was a full-blood male behind the counter, not as thin as most. He was on the phone for the whole time i was in there, so he couldn't see me spreading holy ash over the floor.
    I sensed 2 more males inside, 1 full-blood, 1 1/2-breed.
    Also i loosened some of my items in the vicinity.

    While searching for the lumber place, i got distracted by nearby houses of some of these ETs. One house is here at 6700 Marguerite Ln. I think 3 of them live there, a full-blood couple and daughter. Also 2 houses west, at 6708, i sense 1 half-breed couple. And 4 houses west, at 6512, i sense 1 half-breed male. And if you go east on Marguerite and turn right, the house with the brown roof there is 6420 Bluebird. I sense a full-blood family of 4 with 2 sons. I think the father is one of the guys i sensed in the lumber place. I have not figured out yet where the other ETs in this neighborhood work. This neighborhood is very close to the lumber place, so maybe they used to work for it but downsized due to the economy?

    Also there were 2 houses i found on the map a while back. One was here, and i suspect our forklift operator lives here.
    The other is here, and i sense a half-breed couple and their son here.
    I "visited" all these places. The 1st neighborhood is a nice-looking middle-class area. The 2nd neighborhood and those 2 houses are funky and run-down. The few people i saw around there were black.

    I left before dawn and it's been a long day. If you emailed me recently, it may be 24 more hours before i reply.

    Aug. 31, '11: (7am) The usual sky crap this morning.

    I still have not been attacked at all by the Little Rock ETs, except i just noticed 6 spells on my car. Also yesterday in LR (after hitting the lumber place where i think the forklift driver saw me conspicuously trying to photograph him while blowing him a kiss and a big smile,) twice i almost ran a red light, my mind interpreting it as a green light. The 2nd time i almost broadsided a cop car in NLR. I slammed on the brakes so hard the anti-lock engaged due to sand on the surface, and i slid slightly into the intersection right by the passing cop. Luckily he didn't bother with me.
    Maybe that was the spells at work. This is unlike me.

    (6:40pm) I did manage to get them to hit me for a little bit. 12 of the people and 4 of their evil cats.

    I discovered some new bad ETs in the Pagosa Springs, CO area. There was a base here as well as a large area under and around Stevens Field, especially somewhat south and east. We are taking them out. They are from Galaxy M33. I get a vague impression that they are grey-like humanoids. Not sure of the color, but i think it's very light, maybe pale white. 5'5" tall or so.
    In fact i sense at least 38 more of their bases which we'll take out. They do work with the US gov't.